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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  November 20, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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because, well, no one showed up. wow. eric swalwell must have cleared it out beforehand. shannon bream, "fox news @ night" team next. ♪ >> shannon: we begin with a fox news alert tonight for the top 102020 democrats facing up for the fifth time in atlanta. the first time since mayor pete buttigieg is by skyrocketing numbers, confronted by his lack of experience. the progressive versus moderate divide on display on taxes and health care. tonight, the end of day two oakley two of the house democrats' marathon impeachment hearings. a key witness when pressed admits the president never told him anything was hanging in the balance for ukraine. so tonight, president trump called victory and so do the democrats. real debate. hello and welcome to "fox news @ night." i'm shannon bream in washington. let's kick off with peter doocy
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life from atlanta. hi, peter. >> joe biden made it about an hour and 45 minutes tonight before one of his democratic rivals tried to land a really big bunch of matters when talk turned to civil rights issues, and cory booker came at him with this. >> i have a lot of respect for the vice president. he's a hero. this week, i hear him literally say that i don't think we should legalize marijuana. i thought you might have been high when you set it. but i do think it makes sense, based on data, that we should study what the long-term effects are for the use of marijuana. >> mayor pete buttigieg was in his first debate tonight since rising to the role of iowa front runner, and in the primary voters from across the country, what he is so popular in early states. he can appeal to trump any other
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democrats extending to his left and right. >> i don't even golf. as a matter of fact, i never thought i would be on a "forbes" magazine left but they did one of all the candidates by wealth and i'm literally least wealthy person on this stage. >> another one of the nights which is confrontations came when kamala harris argued that tulsi gabbard is -- and gabbard shot right back. >> it's unfortunate that we have someone on the stage who is attempting to be the democratic nominee for the president of the united states who during the obama administration spent four years full-time o on fox news criticizing president obama. by the way -- >> senator harris is doing is unfortunately continuing to traffic in lies and smears and innuendos because she cannot challenge the substance of the
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argument that i'm making. >> the gabbard offensive continued toward the end of the show, she challenged mayor pete about which one of the two veterans, they are the two veterans that are running, has the best understanding of the foreign policy. shannon? >> shannon: peter doocy, we'll check back with you in atlanta. thank you way to the impeachment hearings now another marathon day wrapping up, shortly beforee began, correspondent gillian turner has victory as both sides are claiming victory tonight. >> i want to do nothing. i want to know quid pro quo. >> president trump giving his take shortly after his e.u. ambassador gordon sondland testified publicly in front of the nation today. behind closed doors two weeks ago, sondland claimed the president specifically told him there would be no quid pro quo with ukraine. today, though, sondland making a sharp reversal, saying he believes the president did withhold military aid because he wanted ukraine's president to
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investigate the bidens. republicans pressed him on that point. >> no one on this planet told you that president trump was tying aid to investigations, yes or no? >> yes. >> you were just assuming all of these things that you are giving them the evidence, they are running out of doing press conferences and cnn's headline saying that that you are saying the president of the united states could be impeached because he tied aid to an investigation and you don't know that, correct? >> i never said the president of united states should be impeached. >> sondland repton vice president mike pence, secretary of state mike pompe mike pompeo, and white house chief of staff mick mulvaney into the impeachment rate. >> everyone was in the loop. it was no secret. was there a quid pro quo? as i testified previously, with regard to the requested white house call and the white house meeting, the answer is yes. >> sondland claims he told vice president pence that ukraine military aid was conditioned on launching political probes into the bidens in the 2016 election. the office denies the whole
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thing and says the "alleged discussion recalled by ambassador sondland never happen." evening testimony turn to defense apartment official david hale and laura cooper from the state department. democrats lose it or not president trump's claim that he was focused on battling corruption in ukraine. >> this anticorruption president who cares so much about rooting out corruption in ukraine, did he ever call you after he put the hold to say, ms. cooper, what is going on in ukraine? >> no, sir. >> ambassador haley, did he ever call you to ask about an update on ukraine corruption? no, sir. >> on the other side, republicans push the witnesses on the point that president trump did ultimately deliver the aid, including lethal weapons assistance, something the obama administration declined to do. and there is more to look forward to tomorrow morning, shannon, we will hear from two other ukraine policy folks, leona hill. she served as president trump's top in-house advisor on russia and europe over at the
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white house before leaving that job this past summer, and david holmes, who had a top job at the u.s. embassy in gifts. she ended? >> shannon: very interesting rounds of testimony. i know you'll be watching two. our two top stories tonight, they were out of house democrats marathon impeachment hearings on the hill on the 29th of democratic presidential tonight, facing off in atlanta. bret baier joins us. he is fox news chief political anchor and host of "special report," staying extra late after an early day so we can talk about all of this. let's start with the debate. the vice president has been leading until recently and most of these polls but he was a key figure. >> they started with the impeachment, and the debate as well, shannon. at 3:00 p.m. this afternoon, vice president's team sent out a fund-raising letter, and it said, did i make you proud? just leaving the path democratic debate right now. obviously, a misfire. but actually, vice president biden overall, despite that exchange with cory booker at the
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end about marijuana, had a pretty solid debate if you look at it. he was asked about impeachment to begin with, he was not asked about even the appearance of a conflict of interest with his son, hunter, being on the burisma board, wasn't asked about that. was asked about impeachment and what he took from the day, take a listen to his answer. >> you have to ask yourself up there, who is most likely to be able to win the nomination in the first place, to inactive residency in the first place, and secondly, who was most likely to increase the number of people who are democrats in the house and in the senate. by the way, he learned something about these impeachment trials. i learned number one that donald trump doesn't want me to be the nominee. >> joe biden had some stumbles, he always does. but less in this debate and frankly, made his points about why he may still be leading in the national polls. >> shannon: of course one of the issues where he has really split from the field is the issue of health care which again got a lot of discussion. >> was fascinating.
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elizabeth warren has clearly been strong by talking about $52 trillion for medicare. she's backed off. she has a phased plan which she tried to talk a little bit about tonight. this issue, biden jumped in, sanders jumped in. it is the issue in the democratic primary. >> and the third year, when people have had a chance to taste it and play with it, we are going to vote and we are going to want to medicare for all. >> senator sanders, let me bring into this conversation -- >> thank you, i wrote the bill. >> the fact is, the vast majority of democrats do not support medicare for all. it couldn't pass the united states senate right now with democrats. it couldn't pass the house. >> and that was basically with mayor pete said as well about not overshooting when it comes to health care. bernie sanders, by the way, is saying that basically elizabeth warren is backing off and he is full steam ahead. medicare for all in the first week. >> shannon: as we noted there,
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vice president biden's income he got to be realistic about what can pass on the hill. we can promise all kinds of things. there was this discussion about who has gotten things done on the hill. the vice president wanted to claim that mantle but there is someone else challenging him. >> senator amy klobuchar for minnesota saying that she's gotten a lot done. she made her elevator pitch. she overall had a pretty good debate. social media said that she wasn't shaking at times. i think it was perhaps her haircut. we'll see. it was a message that she made basically that she is the person on the stage who can unite the party. >> i think what matters is that if you are smart, confident, if you get things done. i am the one that has passed over 100 bills as the lead democrat and that gridlock of washington and congress on this stage. i think you have to win and i'm the one, mr. vice president, that has been able to win every red and purple congressional district as a lead on a ticket every time. if you think a woman can't beat
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donald trump, nancy pelosi does it every single day. [cheers and applause] >> a number of good lines. she has had other good performances in debates. she is a factor in iowa. she's kind of maybe fourth, fifth. other people who have good nights, i think andrew young. he really feels like he looks comfortable in his skin. when he answers something, he feels like he is selling it. he obviously has a lot of young supporters, and he's making these debate stages so he still in the mix. >> shannon: he will be up with later on the show. we will talk about how he thinks his performance was. she talked about how much money she raised affects my friends and her first fund-raising campaign running for the scent, talking about how hard that is. >> mayor pete did not have the best night. i think he kind of -- >> shannon: a little flat. we'll see. the polls are great for him. let's talk about the other big story. we want to put up for the president was getting ready to speak about the impeachment just after gordon sondland, the
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ambassador, started his testimony, the president had his own notes. he knew exactly what he wanted to say. you can take a look. he was basically quoting with the ambassador said about their phone call, and he said that if the end of it. so after this today, two very different takes. "the washington post" headline was "sondland bombshell testimony leaves trump's of republican allies and scrambling." mark meadows, congressmen, conservative in support of the president, his suite was, "interesting to see how the bombshell highlights running from sondland's testimony are basically from his opening staty collapsed under questioning. it got exposed as almost entirely speculative." again, i don't know if any minds are changed. >> listen, the opening statement was shocking because i don't think republicans knew what was coming. i do think that in cross-examination, there were some pointed questions about did he hear it from president trump, was it tied directly to the aid, did anyone on the earth tell him it was tied directly to the aid, and he had to say, no, it was my presumption.
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but when you lay it all out, the call that he makes to president trump where he says, i want nothing, no quid pro quo happens on the day that the house intelligence committee launches its investigation based on the whistle-blower. so that context has to be -- you have to look through that prism. overall, there is a back and forth. again, it's the blue dress gold dress, people looking at the same thing. i think overall, sondland was not a great witness for president trump. he really kind of hurt at the beginning, republicans feel like they got it back on track at the end. you are still at numbers, swaying numbers, and how many g.o.p. senators are going to be affected by what is happening. >> shannon: speaking of numbers, a new university law school poll out of wisconsin, very interesting, showing how people feel. registered voters i believe, whether he should be impeached or removed. the president. there is now a 13-point split there, yes, 40%, 53% said no. those are embers moving in the
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president's direction since they pulled this back in october before the hearing started. good news for the white house on that front denied. >> that is what matters. are people observing this and how are they absorbing it? these marathon hearings are interesting, they get a lot of people tuning in. fewer and fewer over time. as it kind of drags on, people are like, wait, what is she -- you need a whit whiteboard. i think at the end of those, they are going to have to make a compelling articles of impeachment sale. you're probably going to see along party lines able to. >> shannon: another day of this tomorrow. we will be watching and covering it and we watch as well. thank you for staying up late, bret and being up early again. some of the media today accused of rushing to judgment on ambassador sondland's testimony with hours of questions still had of him. because this testimony is incredibly damaging. >> i can't emphasize how explosive this is. >> very explosive.
8:14 pm
>> so explosive. >> completely devastating. >> is a problem for the white house. >> gordon solomon's testimony today changed everything. >> every fantasy about how corrupt this administration was is actually true. >> shannon: let's break it out fox news media analyst and host of "media buzz," howard kurtz. thank you for staying up late without spray the start of impeachment. what do you make of the media coverage that we have seen thus far? >> some of the media would like donald trump to resign yesterday. i don't think we can jump the gun because the first break in the hearing came, after the democratic questioning. even on fox news, there was a lot of talk about how gordon sondland's testimony did not help the white house because he is, after all, a trump appointee talking about a quid pro quo, saying everyone was in the loop, talking about his contacts with rudy giuliani, talking about how he briefed mike pompeo. of course, the republicans did underscore the parts of the testimony where he made
8:15 pm
assumptions, that the president never told him to do this, but as of how we put two and two and four together. i think it may not have been a make a bombshell that some of the media have portrayed his testimony as being but i also think that he kind of give a gift to the democrats today in the hearings. >> shannon: both sides are celebrating and finding things they think are positive based on what they heard and with the witnesses as well. let's also talk about tonight what you saw, what stood out to you as for -- i guess it's around five of the latest democratic debates. >> this was the lowest energy democratic debate of this season. very few fireworks, very few sparks, lots of talking points. i looked at the questions, people like rachel maddow, networks ultraliberal post, her very first question to elizabeth warren was, will you try to convince your republican colleagues to vote yes on impeachment. andrew mitchell going to elizabeth warren, do you need to bring the country together to achieve your goals. i think the reporters on the
8:16 pm
panel, msnbc's kristin whelchel, "washington post" ashley parker, much more aggressive. it seems to me that they didn't break much new ground. they delivered their stump speeches, and they all agreed that donald trump is a horrible president. they are for day care and against climate change. >> shannon: okay. with that in mind, pete buttigieg went into this thing is a front-runner tonight. you think you got tough questions are not? let me play a little bi bit of t andrea mitchell asked him and then we'll get your analysis. >> why should democrats take the risk of betting on you? >> because i have the right experience to take on donald trump. >> shannon: how he went on from there to make his case, lay out his resume. what did you make of his performance? >> i thought it was a reasonably good question to say you had only 11,000 roads in writing as mayor of south bend. all appointments said that because he had surgeon a diverse place, he would take a lot of flak, he would be on the hot seat. all the pundits, and i did not happen. one of the reasons was that the
8:17 pm
moderators do not really challenge him very much, as they didn't with most of the candidates. the other candidates with the exception of a couple of the lower tier people, did not really mix it up with butitigieg either. i thought he kind of skated. i also thought it was a missed opportunity not just for msnbc in "the washington post" but perhaps for buttigieg. because the way you break out of the way you connect with people who are not supporting you, may be the african-american community or other groups were he need to do some work, is by hitting major league pitching. if when the balls are coming straight over the plate, he did not have the opportunity to break through. he does find in every debate. i think he did fine. nothing that creates a big headline. >> shannon: i want to play a little bit of some of the sound that you referenced earlier and then we will ping off of that. >> will you try to convince you republican colleagues in the senate to vote the same way? >> do you need to bring the country together if you become president to achieve your goals? >> only about 1% of americans a server in the united states military right now. should that number be higher?
8:18 pm
>> shannon: not first place in a couple of states but she got a lot of attention, senator warren. >> she got a lot of the questions. for a while there, joe biden wasn't getting very many. i agree with bret baier, he may have had is most solid performance with the fewest symbols but by 10:00 tomorrow morning, no one is going to care because everybody in the media will be back to impeachment. look, those questions indicate that basically the moderators teed up a lot of questions with a few exceptions to enable the candidates to talk about all the social issues. they really weren't very adversarial, as i think they should become a democrat or republican debates. that is why i think it fell flat, leaving aside the fact that it was utterly overshadowed by the impeachment hearing today, which went on endlessly. >> shannon: i did. tomorrow, we'll do it again. howard kurtz, thank you so much. the president says the democrats impeachment case fell apart today. the democratic congressman eric swalwell says, no way. he joins us next. ♪
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♪ >> i just noticed one thing, and i would say that means it's all over. what do you want from ukraine? here is my response that he just gave. ready? do you have the cameras rolling? i want nothing! that is what i want from ukraine. that is what i said. i want nothing! i want to know quid pro quo! >> shannon: president trump declaring tonight the impeachment "witch hunt" is over, those are his words. a far cry from what democrats are claiming it tonight. let's bring one of the main party democratic congressman eric swalwell, who sits on the house intelligence communities are using and questioning these witnesses in recent days. congressman, thank you for being with us. >> of course, shannon, thanks for having me back. >> shannon: the president's
8:24 pm
recounting ambassador gordon sondland's testimony by the phone call they have done my cat. the ambassador did not include the phone call in his opening statement. we've heard from a lot of people, hearsay, second, third hand. why wouldn't the ambassador include that? that is a conversation with the president. >> the ambassador testified to that during the deposition. shannon, as you just played that clip, to remind me of something we've all gone through. you get pulled over by a police officer for speeding at the officer says, did you know you were speeding? and imagine if, instead of saying, no, i didn't know, or yes, i did, you said, i did not rob the bank. what bank are you talking about? i did not drop the bank. the president was not asked by ambassador sondland is there a quid pro quo. he said, what do you want from ukraine? for some reason, the president said there is no quid pro quo. what ambassador sondland did not know when he made this ask of the president was that just days before, the president and the white house has learned that it was a board was alleging that indeed there was a quid pro quo. >> shannon: for president, one he was asked repeatedly because
8:25 pm
the ambassador today said there were so many different things going on with ukraine, i wanted to know what he wanted. i asked him point blank what do you want. the president made it very clear, i just want him to do -- meeting president zelensky -- what he campaigned on, essentially rooting out corruption. there was no mention of burisma or biden or anything else. he point blank said no quid pro quo. i want to play a little bit of questioning that the ambassador had with congressman turner today on that point. >> no one on this planet told you that president trump was tying aid to investigations, yes or no? >> yes. >> so you really have no testimony today that ties president trump to a scheme to withhold aid from ukraine in exchange for these investigations? >> other than my own presumpti presumption. >> which is nothing. >> shannon: congressman, you and i are both attorneys. as presumption enough in this case if you're going to remove a sitting president? is that enough? >> if it's a reasonable presumption, yes.
8:26 pm
to back up, it was a reasonable presumption. everything ambassador sondland knew about the president and ukraine was that the president was conditioning a white house meeting on the basis of the ukrainians investigating the biden's. so everything else he was hearing was the security assistance was also on the line. i use the example with the ambassador that if someone walked into the hearing room wearing rain boots or rain jacket and umbrella that had water on it, you don't need to have direct knowledge and look outside the window to see that it's raining. you can deduce or have a presumption that it's raining parades of the circumstantial evidence is very, very strong. >> shannon: we are talking about impeachment, something that is very divisive for the country. that is an issue, laying a foundation of proof that convinces not only a bipartisan membership group, which i'm hoping -- i think you guys are helping to get there in congress, but the american people as well. jim jordan said today, as he continues to say whenever he is asked about this and get the part of the microphones, he said the facts have not changed. there was no announcement of an investigation, there was nothing that ukraine did in advance of
8:27 pm
getting the aid and the conditions for the meetings and those kinds of things, so where does that take you with a quid pro quo argument? >> he's wrong. one, the facts have changed and two, the president got caught. the only reason aid was released was because of the whistle-blower came forward. but the new fact that we learned today from ms. laura cooper at the department of defense, because i have heard this defense from the republicans all along, no harm, no foul. if the ukrainians did not know there was a hold, were they really under pressure and ms. cooper testified today that on july 25, the same day that president trump made that shake the on call their of ukraine, on july 25, ukrainians were inquiring -- let me finish. the ukrainians were inquiring on that very same day through their embassy as to what was going on with the assistance. that is the same date, that is a direct link. >> shannon: you call it a shakedown call but let's or member that president zelensky has publicly said numerous times he felt no pressure, did not feel l
8:28 pm
that would amount to pressure, bribery, to a. no matter quid pro quo. as to ms. cooper's testimony, you were there, congressman ratcliff went back and said, there are headlines that are saying what you said is that you got emails about the hold that day. he walked her through those emails, she read them verbatim, quote from the text, said, there was not a presumption that there was a hold and that is what they were asking about. when she clarified that, it doesn't match the headline. >> no, it matches exactly what was going on, they were expecting assistance on the same day the president is putting pressure on the ukrainians to investigate president -- vice president biden, they are learning that security assistance as an issue, and also, just to back up a little bit, to your point, president zelensky, as ambassador sondland said, was in an awful position. he was a new president who needed a meeting with the united states and people in ukraine were dying every day that they did not have that assistance. so he certainly was under pressure under pressure. >> shannon: that is something that there will be a factual
8:29 pm
dispute about because there's testimony as well that there was no gap in the aide. it was going to be produced by september 30th, that was the hold, that was the plan. there wasn't a point where the aide wasn't there and people actually died. i mean -- >> that is false. >> shannon: there is testimony about that. >> ambassador taylor testified that "undoubtedly ukrainians were dying because of not having the assistance that they needed." he said i couldn't tie a single death to a lack of aid but undoubtedly come without security assistance from the united states, it was a life-and-death matter. >> shannon: it was due by september 30th, got there before that. everything else around it not will continue to be debated. it's a good thing that these things are public. every american needs to watch for themselves. congressman, thank you for your time. >> my pleasure as always, thanks, shannon. >> shannon: check it out, ed henry here with brand-new breaking details on ukrainian efforts to investigate burisma. you don't want to miss that her part. plus, extended debate covered
8:30 pm
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and the potential for problems for biden's sons hunter, and his dealings in the country. chief national correspondent is here to testify lie with. >> joe biden, you heard a few moments ago, a pretty good night but he had a gas before the debate started. his team sent out an email from the former veep declaring, i just got off the stage, the debate stage, that i make you proud? a few hours before the beginning of the actual matchup. they had to send out a correction. msnbc was not really pressing biden about his son, hunter, and burisma, and this is not really a hot topic for democrats to hit him on but soon, they may have no choice because while this debate was going on, there were these reports that ukraine has a new prosecutor general and he's expanding the investigation of burisma to find out if one of the founders of that energy company impels old state funds.
8:35 pm
now these reports are potentially really bad news 400 biden, as you mentioned, he sat on the board of burisma making over $80,000 a month. there has been no accounting on what qualifications he had to get that post in what he did to earn the money once he was on the board. while it may not be center stage of the democratic debates, is coming up repeatedly at those impeachment hearings you were talking about. gordon sondland today with the latest of several witnesses to say he thought hundred biden sitting on that board was a big conflict of interest when joe biden as vice president was running ukraine policy for barack obama. republican elise stefanik has basically been asking every one of the witnesses, getting them on the record under oath, to say, is this at least the appearance of a conflict of interest. sondland was elated to say, clearly so. remember, diplomat george kind testified at the beginning of these hearings that he went to the vice president's office in 2015 and told joe biden's staff this was a big problem, what did they do? he says they never really followed up. they blew it off.
8:36 pm
after talking to senior republicans who privately say they have been gathering evidens that there were a lot of phone calls between joe biden and various ukrainian officials around the time burisma started facing investigations, back during the obama administration. they want some answers on that, shannon, deceived why was joe biden so interested in the burisma investigation when it a. >> shannon: also waiting for answers on the inspector general report, the doj, michael horowitz. we have some days, information that we think -- >> finally. this fisa abuse report is coming. now lindsey graham, the republican chair is telling us flatly that monday, december 9th, there's inspector general report on fisa abuse, problems at the fbi, potentially cia, james comey, john brennan under the microscope, that is coming out monday, december 9th, and then the following wednesday, december 11th, michael horowitz, the inspector general, will testify under oath before lindsey graham and a senate judiciary committee. why is this important? of course, there are a lot of
8:37 pm
people wondering about accountability, that would be phase one, phase two is john durham, the u.s. attorney who has been tasked by bill barr, the attorney general, to actually potentially prosecute people. the ig report is going to look at wrongdoing. but the prosecutor would actually bring some criminal charges. that is big. the final point to make here, shannon, think about this, if this report is finally coming out in early december, what else is going on? these impeachment hearings eventually may be kicking over to the house judiciary committee for articles of impeachment. all of a sudden, it is not going to be center stage, what's happening just on impeachment it's going to be competing with what could be some major revelations about james comey, john brennan, and others. revelations we've been waiting and waiting and waiting. lindsey graham says, december 9th, knock it -- mark it down, circle it on the calendar. >> shannon: the news cycle is 24/7, what is past 24/7? >> it will get more interesting. >> shannon: somewhere in there, the holidays will come.
8:38 pm
>> we will have a four-hour special special. >> shannon: all night. you'll get sick of us. we will be here all the time. >> we'll be up late with you. >> shannon: thank you. sarnoff -- timeout for other odd loans headlines.leland vittert takes t some other headlines that may have got lost in the shuffle. >> some of these things would have been lead stories and any other day. the president headed to austin, texas, for the opening of a new apple computer plant. he got a tour from tim cook. remember, he once referred to him as "tim apple." >> strongest in the world. >> tariffs on chinese goods took center stage, including whether the trump administration would grant a waiver for apple products that are still made in china. all right, we don't have that sound bites. prince andrew moving on, ask the queen if he could step back from
8:39 pm
public duties for the foreseeable future. "i continue to continue lead to regret with jeffrey epstein. his suicide has left many unanswered questions and i deeply sympathize with all the victims." this comes after an interview that left many asking more questions than answers about his relationship with the disgraced pedophile. >> you were staying at the house of a convicted ex-offender. >> it was convenient place to say. >> prince andrew says of the queen has agreed to his request to take a step back. >> shannon: probably good to let things cool off as the dust settles on that story and those cases continue. thank you so much. stick around. our power panel on deck is on on deck with the winners and losers. ♪
8:40 pm
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the one time now for some debate winners and losers of power power panel. let's bring in fox news contributor jessica tarlov jessica tarlov, marc thiessen, and mollie hemingway. this is the is the trifecta of star power to break this down. welcome to all of you. [laughter] >> shannon: you are with us in spirit. let start with you, jessica. we'll go for the winners, who you picked in the debate that you thought had a good moment or two. >> first-time winners for me, all polling very badly. [laughter] amy klobuchar -- >> shannon: may be a changes after tonight. >> amy klobuchar, cory booker, kamala harris have the strongest nights. amy klobuchar had some of the best lines beyond raising $17,000 from ex-boyfriends, her senate campaign, she made a really pointed case for why she is the most electable, going back to her record and a number of purple and red districts that she has won. there is a bit of a race to occupy that second choice divided in the center lane and that is what pete buttigieg was
8:45 pm
doing, and amy klobuchar threw it down and said, hey, wait a ms actually accomplish these things. she had the great shadow to nancy pelosi. cory booker i felt was full of personality, some great lines about marijuana at the end with joe biden, i thought his personality was really radiating out of him and kamala harris did what she did in july, has not been able to since then. obviously, made up for her dealings with tulsi gabbard, going after her really hard. her focus on the importance of black women to the democratic party was crucial there, and highlighting systemic challenges that they face and american society was spot on, and we owe a lot of our big election wins to black women, and i love that she did that. >> shannon: she's got to make that case. any of the contenders who want to get the nomination have to make that case. mollie, they seem more relaxed. a smaller group, a better chance to get a feel for them. a lot of them, this is the fourth or fifth time they have
8:46 pm
done. they did seem a little bit more at ease. >> they seemed more relaxed. they were a lot of high points for various people. you still got a feeling that may be the eventual nominee was not on the stage. while i think i agree with jessica on who she highlighted, and other people had a strong night, some good issues raised, i think the winner might be a candidate that has not yet -- >> shannon: hillary clinton? [laughter] >> you never know. >> bloomberg? deval patrick? >> shannon: obama, i don't know. >> oprah. >> we are all getting indications including deval patrick, who would have some strengths, of the type we were just talking about. >> shannon: marc, bloomberg is in five states, officially signed on to run. he's not yet on the stage. i'm sure he will get there quickly. what do you make of the folks we did see? >> biden won. also, here's why. biden is a front runner and no one laid a glove on him. he did not have any gaps, he didn't really stumble. he -- the two hour format versus
8:47 pm
a three hour format works in his favor because they don't get sundowner's and the third hour. he had a good moment when he went after warren on medicare for all. even the majority of democrats wouldn't vote for medicare for all. he has the right strategy, which is, promote unity. he indirectly defended trump say, don't lock him up, we need civility, we need to work together. that is the right message, the problem is he's the wrong candidate because he is so fragile. the fact we are looking to see whether he could get through two hours, this is not a guy who would go mano a mano was donald trump in the fall. >> shannon: we don't have much time but i want to run through who you thought your loser was, who headed up the night. jessica? >> i thought everyone who should not be on the stage at this point, tom steyer, tulsi gabbard, andrew yang, who i find really adorable and had that great singer about talking to vladimir putin, really shouldn't be there. i would like it to get down to the candidates who have a real chance of winning the race and i
8:48 pm
feel like a lot of the voices polling in the two, three, four present area will be able to rise to the top. i would like to see julian castro back on that stage. i don't know why we need tom steyer when mayor castro is available. >> shannon: i will ask tom collier's that when he is with us in a moment. >> don't say that i said it. [laughter] >> shannon: he's watching. mollie and marc. >> people were expecting a lot of people to go after pete buttigieg, and instead, a lot people want after tulsi gabbard. this indication of punching down. kamala harris had a good night as jessica was talking about what she went after tulsi ende did not go particularly well np pete also had a run i did not go well. >> i agree on pete buttigieg. he was getting into fights with the lesser animals of the forest, which is never helpful when you are sort of close to getting the frontrunner status. i think frankly everybody else was a loser because joe biden is the leader right now and if you don't take out the leader of the
8:49 pm
pack, you are coming in second and second place is not good to be president. >> shannon: power panel, if you will stay where you are because we want to get your winners and losers from today's impeachment hearings. that is next. hi honey, we got in early. yeah, and we brought steve and mark. ♪ experience the power of sanctuary at the lincoln wish list sales event. sign and drive off in a new lincoln with zero down, zero due at signing, and a complimentary first month's payment. they can save you these. in fact, if you had a dollar for every time they said it, you'd have a lot of dollars. which makes it hard to believe, especially coming from a talking lizard. pip, pip, cheerio! look, all i, dennis quaid, know is that esurance is built to save you dollars without skimping on service. and when they save, you save.
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>> shannon: who were today's
8:53 pm
winners and losers of the impeachment hearings? honestly, people are watching the same thing and calling it two different ways. let's bring in the power pentacle for a jessica, marc, and mollie. mollie? >> a crazy day. it started out looking like it was a disaster for republicans, who had this prepared testimony from sondland saying there was a quid pro quo, and then it completely crumbled under questioning from republicans where he admitted that he didn't actually know of any quid pro quo, he assumed it. he didn't have any evidence to support this central charge. this is the star witness for democrats and it did not go so well. the loser might have been the media for over reacting to initial testimony before it crumbled upon examination. >> shannon: jessica, tonight, they are sticking to the narrative. democrats are saying this is a big won. basically, time to get the articles drawn up and get this thing over with. >> ken starr started, also, saying that adam schiff would be moving on it quickly. i did not think that gordon
8:54 pm
sondland's testimony -- my two losers of the day were republican questioners devin nunes and castor, the republican council. rudy giuliani, who has been right about very, very little in recent memory, was right when he tweeted today about how terrible castor is doing his job and a number of democrats were saying he's essentially doing the work for us here. my winners for the day, though, everybody who has already testified before gordon sondland, who backed them up and also confirm how important it is that we honor those who serve our country in the foreign service. like bill taylor, marie yovanovitch, i do think that is a very important message should be sending as trump and his allies continue to slander people like lieutenant colonel vindman, calling into question the dual loyalty to the ukraine and such, that is repulsive behavior. that is why the winners are everyone who has testified and told the truth about this presidents quid pro quo with ukraine. >> shannon: marc, it seems like the republican questioners have tried to be very careful and being respectful -- almost
8:55 pm
darting all of their questions with, thank you for your service, thank you for what you have done. quickly wrap up. >> the president has not done that in his tweets. [laughs] "thank you for your service, marie yovanovitch, you've left everyplace worse than you found her." here's the reality, the democrats hav have a problem tht their bombshells aren't exploding. every bombshell that we thought we would have, marie yovanovit yovanovitch's testimony, being a jerk is not an impeachable offense. the overheard phone call, okay, let's say the overheard phone call. there's literally nothing in my phone call that is different than the transcript for the president himself said that i asked the president of ukraine to do the investigation. so there is nothing new in that bombshell. this is -- the democrats have the burden of proof. right now, polls show that most americans think donald trump is something wrong and i think they are right. they don't think trump should be removed from office. in blackjack, tie goes to the dealer, impeachment, tie goes to the president. >> shannon: with that, marc,
8:56 pm
we'll let you wrap it up, marc, jessica, thank you so much. "fox news @ night" special live except extended coverage of the fifth democratic debate. we are on for another hour live next. ♪ for america. it's 5g ultra wideband-- --for massive capacity-- --and ultra-fast speeds. almost 2 gigs here in minneapolis. that's 25 times faster than today's network in new york city. so people from midtown manhattan-- --to downtown denver-- --can experience what our 5g can deliver. (woman) and if verizon 5g can deliver performance like this in these places... it's pretty crazy. ...just imagine what it can do for you. ♪ it is nice. his haircut is "nice." this is the most-awarded minivan three years in a row. the van just talked. sales guy, give 'em the employee price, then gimme your foot. hands-free sliding doors, stow 'n go seats. can your car do this? man, y'all getting a hook up and y'all don't even work here. don't act like i'm not doing y'all a favor. y'all should be singing my praises. pacificaaaaa!
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♪ >> shannon: welcome back to "fox news @ night" live special expended coverage. i am shannon bream in washington. this year you will hear from some of the 2020 democratic presidential candidates themselves as the fifth primary debate is now in the book spread climate change and health insurance, top topics. defense, not so much. the progressive-moderate divide was on the debate stage as contenders jockeyed for support from the lab. plus, day two of weak two of the house democrats marathon impeachment hearings. the left side today's hearing is game over for president trump. the president said ambassador sondland exonerated him, and we wrap up the latest, in his words, witch-hunt. how is this playing across america? brand-new poll numbers. we begin with


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