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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 20, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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♪ [female narrator] learn why the american academy of pediatrics now encourages doctors to write kids prescriptions for play. go to the genius of play dot org. washington. ♪ >> tucker: good evening, welcome to the show tonight, looking like the never ending impeachment endings just ended the period of like a hr meeting convened in hell, the whole impeachment saga is boring, hard to understand and apparently it goes on for eternity. and never ends. washington endured and the rest of america ignored yet another round of this today. the hearings consumed every hour of wednesday's available daylight. the current ambassador to the european unit. in contrast, sondland wasn't
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hostile to the administration, he was appointed by president trump, who is a major trumpet donor. he was opening statements, it look like a complete disaster. >> i know members of the committee frequently frames the complicated issues in the form of a simple question. was there a quid pro quo? i testified previously, with regard to the request of white house call, and the white house meeting, the answer is yes. >> tucker: that's how the morning back end, the answer is yes, there was a quid pro quo. not only that, he explained, pretty much everybody knew about it. >> everyone was in the loop. it was no secrets, everyone was informed via email on july 19th. days before the presidential call.
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>> tucker: holy smokes, a moment there it looked like case closed. the final ignominious pride and and they being confidently predicting day after rachel days for more than three years. the last meltdown, the hindenburg finally bursts into flames and cable news contributor struggle to hold back tears of joy. adam schiff took the microphone. schiff, the ringmaster, was determined to bring it to its final the theatrical close. of tell us, adam schiff, about president trump's deal about the ukraine in return for foreign aid. the moment democrats have been waiting for. if when it finally arrived, sondland would not read from the script. speak out there was no quid pro quo, he made it clear to you in the call, president zelensky had
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to quote clear things up and do it in public. you don't have a reason to dispute. >> i don't have anything to dispute and cleared up in public. when i'm trying to be very clear about his president trump never told me directly, that the aide was tied to that statement. >> same conversation you had to him about the aide, quid pro quo, he told you that he told you that president welinski had to do that in public. >> he did not have him -- a conversation with him as referenced in my text about qui pro quo. >> you were discussing over the aid, correct for? >> no, president trump, when i asked the open ended question i a test i previously. i want no quid pro quo. that's all i got from president trump.uo >> so they pushed him and they pushed him and they pushed him
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again. he was not at into the talking points. why not? maybe they didn't have any evidence that it was true. deals struck with ukraine word mostlyru on assumption. >> nobody set that president trump wass? trying this investigation. >> no. >> you've really have no testimony today that tides president trump to a scheme to withhold aid from two great and exchanged to this investigation. >> other than my own presumption . >> which is nothing. >> this is tiresome. we apologize for it as we have the past. a presumption. presumptions are correct, other are wrong. one that isn't is evidence. you can't overturn an election
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based on a presumption. you can't face of impeachment o presumption. you need back to do that. the president had told him explicitly that he didn't want quid pro quo with ukraine. >> he said to the president of the united states, what you wan from ukraine. the president, i want nothing. i want no quid pro quo. i watch zelensky to do the righ thing. why didn't you put that statement in your opening statement. i think you said you couldn't fit it in. is that right? >> it wasn't purposeful, trust me. they had a 23 page opener. >> so why wasn't that back, it is not a small point.
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why wasn't that point included in the opening statement. we don't know really. here is one. the statement was light played drafted by the legal team. and all four of his attorneys the turns out art democratic donors. that would be a man called robert luskin. he also represented that the informants during the russia investigation while ago. could teaching public enemy number one 22 he and his family had been under intense politica pressure and in some cases scary . protesters have swung them in
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public. boycotts push boycotts. livelihood. otherwise the left has been working the left and that shouldn't surprise you because for the left this was total war. and again this one case, it did not work. and we are back right were before when ukraine circus started back. we are back for hoover on on , 2016.r 9thdi a lot of people in washington despise donald trump, but still to this moment, nobody -- as for the present but they are celebrating this hand. everye fantasy about how corrup this administration wasve actua do live coverage of the testimony this morning from gordon sondland turned turns ou to be the eye-opening testimony.
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>> as he said, taking it looked urged to every defense that was offered. we don'tdo say this very often anymore because it is really true, but i think today change everything. >> you heard it, bombshell, blowtorches, it sounds like it is taking place in isys territory. but really telling line comes from a legal analyst. >> so think about what he's telling them. all of the deficit that the press has held that, from another person that has got evidence. remember the russia collusion story? your member stormy daniels and the insane elliott allegations invented and promoted and used to affect elections.
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they are telling us that all of them were true because about presumptions. eyut that's the thing in all of this. at the beginning, washington had presumptions about what the new president was like, about the policies and voters were allowed to choose. voters weren't allowed to end foreign wars, or put america first or secure america's borders. that's not on the table, those a aren't menu options. this is not a real democracy according to the people who administer the democracy. that ought to make you nervous. you go to washington and sing in charge of our democracy and nobody believes that? he showed up in detroit, and it makes you nervous?em it would. and what they're saying toto voters is, you can't make changes to american policy. all you're allowed to do is rubber-stamp the current status quo, the one that enriches private equity managers, and that and that,
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bureaucracy, the donors and friends. other than that, shut up and obey. that's the program and maybe it will succeed and maybe it will remove the president. okay, what then? washington will celebrate, of course. will they have learned anything from the exercise, will the 2016 elections have changed their minds or the priorities at all in any way? or do they continue to convince themselves this is some weird operation run by russia and racism in the heartland. something that they could safely ignore and return to a kind of arrangement that looks very much like 1978, for that matter. we know the answer to that. the people in charge are capable of learning anything, the country would not look like it is today. congressman matt, the floor the key watching carefully today, if
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you were to sum up what we learned today from these hearings and they were touted throughout the day as pivotal. a bombshell, ied, blowtorch! what would be your summary? >> donald trump is skeptical of foreign aid and washington loves foreign aid because it allows politicians and ambassadors and government bureaucrats to do our favorite thing, give away other people's money. donald trump was especially concerned about the ukraine because it was the third most corrupt country in the world. of course, everybody in washington wants you to believe that russia is always our enemy and ukraine is the friend when the reality is far more complex than that.s republicans do their best work today when they drove a wedgeha between that which sondland presumed in the wisdom as part of the diplomatic world in which he actually heard and saw. i think that mike turner, johni radcliff, jordan did a good job showing that the only direction that ambassador sondland got from president trump is that president trump did not want anything, he just wanted zelensky to fulfill the commence in the campaign to clean up the
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country. they just did not sit well withd permanent washington and that's why the show goes on. >> tucker: so would you say that's really the take away? this is a debate about the policy? cloaked in a lot of high-minded language, designed to hide the ball from the rest of us. but really they don't like what donald trump wants to dobu with american policy towards ukraine and russia. >> it's the worst kind of groupthink, the show's an enemy of. you see an element merge, and all of a sudden, you get the sense that all of their beliefs are then the president's beliefs and they can go, say, well, i surmised some conclusion on the global stage and because some weeks ago, i spoke to the president, in fact, it's my belief that this ought to be the case in the administration standpoint. reality is far different. i think gordon sondland, you see
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someone who is an inter-meddler who is a bit out of his lane and someone who never, ever, got direction from the president or anybody else in the administration to direct in the quid pro quo for a debate of the media, what they do, they try to conflate what someone's feelings are or the belief is about policy and compared to what they actually observe and be admissible when you try to scrutinize evidence.he it's something as serious as getting rid of the duly elected president of the united states. >> tucker: thank you for joining us tonight. >> thank you. >> tucker: so while walking to air force one today, department washington, president trump reenacted his phone call with ambassador gordon sondland. here it is. >> i say to the ambassador in response, i want nothing, i want nothing, i want no quid pro quo. tell zelensky president zelensky, to do the right thing. here's my answer. i want nothing.
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i want nothing. i want no quid pro quo. tell zelensky to do the right thing. then he says, this is the final word from the president of the united states. i want nothing. >> tucker: it's like a old-fashioned radio play. former acting attorney generalal of the united states, joining us, thank of so much. so you watched carefully, and you're perfectly situated to assess the legal aspect of all of this. was a crime demonstrated today? >> no, in fact, it continues to be in impeachment in search of facts that prove any kind of wrongdoing by the president. you saw in the clips they are in the beginning, how the left and the american people have to be scratching their heads, they watch this, the folks in the media tried to tell them something different happened than actually what happened. it's almost a schizophrenic moment to watch some of the
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folks on cnn contort themselvesn around facts that don't exist to try to convince the american people that something wrong is happened. fundamentally, tucker, we talked about this before t it's what the majority of the house believes is an impeachable offense, there's no burden of proof, no standard, and it's whatever they vote to impeach the president on a partisann basis and that's a >> tucker: as a constitutional matter, as to say the matter of the founders intent, this was supposed to be a political process and not necessarily a legal one. >> there is no doubt impeachment is a purely political process and what each founding father f determined when they created the constitution and the high crime and misdemeanor standard. it's sort of up for debate, i know a lot of the left are convinced what the founding fathers where thinking.
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it's fundamentally what the democrats in congress believe it is, whether it's the presumption of guilt, beyond a reasonable doubt, there's no standing. whatever the majority of them and then a house belief, it's a shame that use this purely to weaken the president and purely to undo the 2016 elections. >> tucker: yeah, it's not a precedent they want to live at that i believe that. thank you for coming out today. davis cofounded the, boy, was he on from dawn to dusk watching every twist and turn of the hearing. as somebody who was essentially, right about this all day long on twitter, if you are to summarize what you learned what would it be? w >> i think we learned that democrats are quite convinced they need to keep going with the watergate cosplay, we learned that the the same thing we hear, over and over and the same acting and the only thing i
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learned is that these people are committed to running the process to the very end. nobody's watching this because they wanted to, i tell you what it's a bit masochistic have to sit through that. the whole ordeal. >> tucker: you get the sense having power taken from them in 2016 was the pivotal tragedy in their lives and they never got over. >> yeah, that's the central crime of donald trump's presidency, he had the audacity when she was about to be ordained and coronated as the next leader of the free world. they said, day one, impeachment begins. they tried it with the russia collusion, they tried it with the 25th amendment nonsense that failed and now we are in the third version of their impeachment passion play that we are having -- that we are being forced and held hostage to watch. >> tucker: i think you're
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right to call it that, there iso clearly a religious quality to all of them. faith-based quality to all of this. to skip ahead a year, i'm starting to think all of this is making it more likely the president wins reelection. if he does, and these people voters they're going to stop big orange in his tracks and he can, he gets reelected, what happens then? seriously. >> oh, goodness, look at we have upcoming, we're going to go through impeachment and we have an election. we may have a supreme court if they can see, we saw how they acted after 2016. they concocted the bogus crimes out of nowhere, and smear men who didn't do anything. if they're going to lose their minds and i know it's a short trip given the current state of where they are but they're going to lose their mind if trump ende up winning and i don't know if you saw, a whole lot today in wisconsin, a huge flip in favor of trump since the impeachment
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proceedings began. he's beating all the democrats. they're going to be in a tough road if this continues. >> tucker: and of trump is reelected, they're making it much more likely he will be. if someone responsible on the left stands up and cools the temperature a little bit, were going to be in trouble if nobody does not. >> you would hope so, thank you. >> tucker: you would hope so. thanks a lot. an army of bureaucrats is ready to rise up the president tries to change america policy. also talking about impeachment there's other things going in the complex country and we will bring the stories to you as well ahead. ♪ when it comes to using data, everyone is different.
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during xfinity mobile beyond black friday. plus, you can save up to $400 a year. click, call or visit a store today. ♪ >> tucker: well, a few w ♪ >> tucker: well, a few weeks ago, "the new york times" published a piece celebrating the deep states, they told us it was protecting america from the harmful effects of democracy. it turns out, most americans don't like being told they are ruled by unelected bureaucratst and that their votes mean nothing. b no matter what they do, no matter how assiduously they organize, they cannot change policy at all. so even as an army of bureaucratic termites try to impeach the president, cn and is busily ushering americans they are definitely -- there's no establishment agenda in washington, you're racist if you think otherwise. >> i think there is the fantasy that there is this resistance in
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the organizations like the fbi and the cia. >> the state departments, and my experience are not exactly left wing outfit. >> of course, no deep states, no resistance within the bureaucracy across the government agency pushing against the president. >> tucker: there is no deep state! there's no resistance! everything is totally -- what are you watching? what does it mean when people tell you lies that are so implausible that they must knowl that you know that they are lies even as they tell them. what is not about? i tell you exactly what it'sut about, what you are watching is the people in charge losing control. i could not the internet, for all the downside of the internet, the upside of the internet you can't control all the information on the internet. average person knows more than ever before. if people, like the ones you just on the screen, basically a monopoly on control over the country for a very long time
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all of it and are are losing it. they're panicked. they're freaking out. so the redoubling their efforts to lie to you, clamp down speech, to above all, make sure that you shut up and stop asking all these questions. tom makes a living and improving the country by asking obvious questions and insisting on the answers. he's joining us tonight. so, you just saw cnn assuring us, scolding us for daring to believe that there was a kind of unchanging permanent agenda in washington. you lived in washington, what do you think? >> there certainly is, you see this what the debate where the president's own political appointees are opposing his campaign promises that he was trying to implement the hold back on foreign aid and be skeptical of it. andrew mccabe is a classic case. we had a document written by andrew mccabe to come under the foia where he is talking about wearing a wire on the president of the united states. we have confirmation and we are
10:26 pm
talking about invoking the 25th amendment to lawlessly remove him. he tells us, there's nog resistance, they don't like the republicans generally in office and not the type of republican donald trump is. they post policies, it means breaking the law to do so. in this case of the impeachment leaks that classify the information that ended up and adam schiff's office. then he later lied about. i just cannot believe the officials are so oblivious -- well, i guess i can. so oblivious to the arrogance that they exude as they substitute their own will and try to substitute their own will for the will of the elected leader of america. which is donald trump, it's unbelievable. >> tucker: it's unbelievablenk i'm thankful that they're not really smart or they be turning
10:27 pm
out effective propaganda. as it is, their lies are so transparent that nobody is fooled. nobody stuck in an airport has their mind changed by cnn, thank heavens. a >> andrew mccade is waiting to hear from the justice department where they're going to the prosecuted four times about the leak. james comey stole trump's fbi file to go after him. >> tucker: thank you, tonight and always. one unquestioned assumption appears to be shared by most people who work in washington in fact, that fighting russia is crucial to america's interest. by the way, they don't believe this at all, but everybody in d.c. thinks that fighting russia, whether it's ukraine georgia, latvia, it's essential and that americans should be forced to risk their lives spend billions of dollars, keep russia out of those countries.
10:28 pm
but as noted, every survey of the subject shows the same thing. the public doesn't agree. here's a new one, and it found what the rest of them found. even after russia outright invaded, only half of americans would favor a military response. joining us tonight, mark thank you so much for coming out tonight. so why is it, your survey, it tells us what i think previous surveys have told us, why is it that nobody in washington catches and don't care what the public is saying? >> i think you heard a couple of these foreign art service officers that there's this conspiracy for the public debate around the topic of the ukraine policy and i don't think that when washington talks about the public, they're not talking about ordinary americans are talking
10:29 pm
about think tank type and people and to foreign policy journals. i don't think that they understand, frankly, are that if we were called upon to live up to the nato treaties, article five, or we have to attack and help analyze an attack on ourselves. there is very little willingness to actually respond militarily. that crosses generational boundaries, partisan boundaries that's not a partisan issue. >> tucker: yet, just quickly the people who got us into the wards who diminished america's power abroad are still the ones making the decisions about foreign policy. how is that? >> to some extent, yeah, you're a diplomat and you're going to continue to work going for the national security apparatus. it seems that both parties are falling over themselves trying to make a case, you know, and
10:30 pm
expansive foreign policy in that part of the world whether it's democrats were talking about democracy promoting and ukraine russia increasing the influence come america influence go down. even republicans are talking about, well, under trump we give them more javelin missiles and we give them more lethal aid they're trying to out talk each other when that's not what they want everyone to promote democracy, you have to be sensitive to the popular will here at home. >> tucker: why would we promote, the whole thing is like nuts actually, and if you say that, you're a russian agent. mark, thank you for joining us. the left was once the group, and the part of this, they want to preserve america's natural beauty. good for them. that's a laudable goal and an essential goal, but it favors unlimited immigration from abroad. environmentalism, the saddest things to happen in the country
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'cos whatever you grow', will save a bro' learn more at >> tucker: at one of the >> tucker: at one of the greatest blessing we have as americans is the amazinge pristine beauty of our country. it's incredible. why is that? even with 320 million people living here, and the upcountry is still not particularly crowded. that's the key, the old environmental movement understood that and that's why they campaigned for a lower immigration levels because of crowded countries are never beautiful countries. the modern left and modern environmentalists care much more about it than politics than the actual physical environment.ha so they're pushing for open borders. kevin lynn, executive director of progressives for immigration reform. kevin, thank you so much for coming on tonight. so, for some reason, they are incredibly touchy when you
10:36 pm
point it out, that they don't care about the environment anymore. it's true. how did that happen? >> well, tucker, first thank you so much for having me on this evening. in 2008, when we created progressives immigration reform, the whole idea was to have the discussion with our brothers and sisters to the left of the political spectrum on the consequences of unbridled immigration. one of the consequences, as you said, to come of the i have a belief, tucker, that if you believe anyone, any person matters, you have to believe that numbers matter. and, a colleague of mine said it best, when you're looking at the immigration debate, you really have to answer three those three questions are number one, what should the number be? how do we arrive at that number? should it be 200,000 people we let in a year? 1 million? 2 million?
10:37 pm
the next question, tucker, how do we decide who makes up the number? do we do merit-based? skills-based? do we have a beauty pageant? the third, of course, once we come to the conclusions, how do we effectively and humanely enforce the immigration laws? >> tucker: if you really cared about the natural world, this would be a major concern for you. if you really care about the nature, some of us do, but they don't seem to care. >> absolutely, i think they care, but most people i found through the years are very good-natured.el and, when you look at the american experience, my experience is very close to that as an immigrant's tradition, my mother was born and raised in
10:38 pm
another country, 1952 was an immigrant. i think a lot of people feel that were particularly blessed to be here, and got here and so it's difficult knowing that we are blessed in that respect andt we have to tell some people no. however, tucker, we have to because 1 billion people would move to the united states if they could. 2 billion people of the world is almost 8 billion people earn under $2 a day. they are hungry to come to the united states. so when you look at the impact -- i'm sorry, please, go ahead.d. >> tucker: we're out of time i agree with you completely, and i think you make a fair point that i made.e people do care, they have not thought it through. i would end by saying, no more strip malls, enough, we have too many. b exactly. thank you for keeping the tradition alive. >> thank you very much.
10:39 pm
>> tucker: thank you. cnn and the justice departmentnt colluded to humiliate roger stone. republican senators try to find that when it happened. but did he? we need to hold the elected representatives responsible for the promises they make especially the ones that they make on this channel to us. we are doing that after the break. ♪ ennsnene carolyn: you are not your diagnosis.
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with differences is the right thing to do. ♪bring it home ♪brother let me be your shelter♪ that was the inspiration behind my non-profit "score a friend" educating people to include the people with differences is so important because when jacob's included he feels like he can succeed in life and he feels like he actually has a purpose. ♪..home >> tucker: the beginning of this year, long timeme donald trump advisor ronald stone was dragged from his home for a thoroughly nonviolent crime of lying to congress. in order to increase the human -- humiliation, the military style arrest was broadcast livey on cnn. question, how do they know to be in stones of neighborhood when
10:44 pm
the fed showed up? the same way anybody knows anything. they were tipped off by an interested party. a cnn being cnn, they shamelessly lied about it. they went on television to pretend that the network somehow knew to send a camera crew to a particular residential double lament at fort lauderdale on 4:00 a.m. on january 25. reporter's instinct he explained, entirely straight face. please. federal prosecutors abuse their power in the most grotesque way for political reasons and cnn eagerly help them do it. that's what actually happened. conservatives were justly outraged.y as he often does, he claimed to be the champion of outrage conservatives. graham fired off a letter to the director of the fbi demanding to know who tipped off cnn to the stone raid. he bragged about the letter and the press release as well as on twitter and then came on this channel to brag about it some more. >> this seems to me over the top, i don't know what the message was being sent, but i personally did not like it.
10:45 pm
i'm sending a message to them. you are accountable to the congress. they better answer my letter. >> okay. >> if i were them, i would. >> tucker: they better answer my letter.r: graham said to the camera, if i were them, i would. t it sounds pretty tough. whatever happened to all that? it turns out, nothing. we called graham's office to follow up, which we rarely do and the staff explained to us met in person with a deputy director who told graham that he "did not think it was an fbi agent who tipped off see an end to the stone raid." did you catch that? the fbi wasn't sure, but, did not think they did it. the fbi had nothing to say about the doj or the special counsel office, both of whom asked about the letter. they ignored that part of the
10:46 pm
question and never responded. nine months later lindsey graham appeared not to have done anything to press the fbi further or to get to the bottom of the mystery. the staff seemed annoyed to be asked about it as it promises were not meant to be taken seriously. the theatrical events stage for the voters at homes breed of conservative noises to help the republican primary back in south carolina. no one in washington expects you to do anything real when you get off the air. they know the deal, it's a performance that dummies back home. pretty cynical. a lot of united states senators are pretty cynical even the republicans. unfortunately for them, their voters are starting to figure it out. the clinton foundation used to be one of the biggest charities in the world, believe it or not. the revenues have collapsed though, why? hillary. what does that tell us? we will unpack it after the break. ♪ my parents never taught me anything about managing money.
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: hearing a lot about quid pro quo recently's in washington, at least when the allegedly fought the president. but that's not the only quid pro quo going on, in fact, par for the course in washington. hunter biden, one giant quid pro quo, persistently ignored in
10:51 pm
2016, expected to be the next president, the clinton foundation took massive donations around the world. one of the largest charities anyway. three years later, its revenues have collapsed. why is that exactly? peter schweizer would know because, boy do they, he's right here. thank you for coming on. it's a public service to get a regular update on you and how the clinton foundation is doing. how is it doing? [laughter] >> it's not doing well, tucker just consider this number. the past year, the clinton foundation literally raised 10% of what it did in 2009, the
10:52 pm
first year that hillary was the secretary of state and the international numbers were even worse. they had all the money flowing in when hillary was the chief diplomat, and in light of the testimony the number one country for giving was not great britain, it was ukraine. w all the money is dried up literally, the clinton foundation had a hard time raising money because they don't have influence to sell, they sell. now, i think, it's the primary evidence for what the clinton enterprise was all about. >> tucker: what about the women and girls they were empowering? [laughter] >> yeah, i mean, look, they still have the programs and the clintons have a lot more time than they did in the 2015 and 2016 to spend building up the foundation. but it just hasn't happened and look, one of the most interesting things that came out of the emails a few years ago
10:53 pm
it was an internal review that the clinton foundation data actually, on chelsea's behalf. they hired the law firm to kind of look at the clinton foundation and what they found is high dollar donators had expectations of quid pro quo. that is the word of simpson thatcher in the internal review. you are quite right, all the discussions in washington and the impeachment hearings, it'sn remarkable to me that there is no interest in the clinton foundation. of consider the testimony of gordon sondland and the issue of the meeting in the white house between the ukrainian president and donald trump, it was linked to them announcing the investigation. a classic example of access. she did that every day when she was secretary of state. >> tucker: here at the national's capital, you know better than most. i hope you come back.
10:54 pm
it won't be long. jussie smollett now suing for being prosecuted at all. we will be back with that. ♪
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>> i want to believe that there's something called justice, if i stop believing that, what is it all for? thank you, chelsea. >> tucker: beautiful, >> tucker: beautiful, jussie smollett was hot lucky to have powerful friends are like that is giving felony charges for the hate crime last winter. that's not good enough, he suing chicago for prosecuting him. t trace gallagher has all the details. >> hey, tucker, despite overwhelming evidence against him, jussie smollett maintains innocence, now seeking $130,000
10:59 pm
to cover the cost of the investigation. he's filed a 130 page counterclaim, accused malicious prosecution. while he was maliciously prosecuted, his claim does not name the prosecutor. kim foxx, experts do not surprising considering that he and the high controversial move dropped the charges.ri the determined he fabricate the entire hoax. you know, the ones that confessed to helping small smollett fabricate, now the brothers were simply trying to avoid criminal charges. tucker. >> tucker: now, that's chutzpah.. trace gallagher, thank you for that.
11:00 pm
what a country it is, we are honored to cover back tomorrow, the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and groupthink. have a great night. sean hannity is next. >> shannon: we begin with a fox news alert tonight for the top 10 2020 democrats facing up for the fifth time in atlanta. the first time since mayor pete buttigieg's skyrocketing numbers, confronted by his lack of experience. the progressive versus moderate divide on display on taxes and health care. tonight, the end of day two of week two of the house democrats' marathon impeachment hearings. a key witness when pressed admits the president never told him anything was hanging in thee balance for ukraine. so tonight president trump called victory and so do the democrats. we'll debate. hello and welcome tosi "fox news @ night." i'm shannon bream in washington. let's kick off with peter doocy live from atlanta. hi, peter.


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