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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  November 21, 2019 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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it is outrageous with these people are doing. >> sean: will never be the media mob. let not your heart be troubled. thank you for being with us. laura ingraham. >> laura: it is backfiring big time. fantastic show laying it out. >> sean: great job every night. >> laura: thanks so much. i'm laura ingraham and mrs. cnn reporting that an fbi official is under criminal investigation for altering a pfizer document related to the surveillance of former top aide carter page. however ironic that we are learning this effort to bar trump from the presidency is democrats attempt to remove him from it. we are going to have much more on these developments throughout the hour. it's unbelievable. also democrats held their final impeachment hearing today is the public is turning against it.
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andy mccarthy, john easements here to weigh in. also why are the left and the media lying to you about ukrainian efforts to hurt trump the head of 2016. they call it a russian conspiracy theory. we are going to shed light on why a lot of that is wrong. tom fitton, lee smith, victor davis hanson having answers. you might've missed this that last night's democratic debate attracted the smallest audience yet and revealed the democratic candidates weaknesses. horace cooper and mike huckabee explain at all. first, impeaching the bureaucracy. that's the focus of tonight's angle. watching the latest star witnesses testify in the ukraine impeachment hearings, i couldn't help and ask myself how did we let our government get so big and so powerful that mid-level federal employees not elected to anything act like they should be the ones making every decision
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and setting every policy. >> i am a senior member of the embassy's country team paid >> my background and experience. i was asked to join the national security council in 2016. >> i lead the political section. >> i built a career as a nonpartisan, nonpolitical national security official. >> foreign policy official. >> they are important presentations. ronald reagan's warning about the government when he quoted former president coolidge. >> must bureaucracy is constantly resistant, it brings down representative government and overwhelms democracy. it's the one element in our institutions that sets up the pretense of having authority over everybody and being responsible to nobody. >> laura: responsible to nobody. those last three words are especially apt given what we've learned over the past three years about deep state-ers and
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others in the foreign policy establishment. these individuals were shocked when donald trump won the presidency and horrified by his america first policy. they never thought trump was legitimate or respected his instincts. he was asking questions no one had asked before. challenge their theories on foreign aid and endless and literary intervention. he vowed to drain the swamp, and they took that personally. they called the president a russian asset, defamed his family, accused him of collusion and obstruction but in the end, there impeachment fantasy went down in flames but they weren't about to give up there. same end goal, different set of flimsy facts. but like the russia hoax, it was a setup from day one. only now the phony dossier has been replaced by a phony whistle-blower. the dossier was of course linked back to the clinton campaign and
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fusion gps but this time, democrats knew that they couldn't allow the whistle-blowers links to democrats to be exposed. that would blow up their already very wobbly case. >> the intelligence community has 17 different agencies. what agency was this individual from? >> if i could interject, we don't want to use these proceedings. >> it's our time. >> we need to protect the whistle-blower. >> laura: there is plenty that democrats do not want you to learn and we all know why. when pelosi was pressed today about her own evolution regarding her prior beliefs that any impeachment needed to be bipartisan, her irritation and frustration was evident. >> reporter: there is not bipartisan support. >> the republicans are in denial about the facts, if the republicans do not want to honor their oath of office, then i
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don't think we should be characterized as partisan in anyway because we are patriotic. what's your question? >> laura: say what's your question. who is questioning others patriotism? democrats have tried to inoculate themselves and their witnesses from scrutiny by merely citing their patriotism or invoking their moving biographies and their expertise in the region. >> they have shown enormous patriotism. >> sharing your facts with the american people. patriotic diplomats and public service. >> laura: state department officials like fbi agents or cia officers remember, patriotic, not patriotic. most are patriots probably. they don't determine policy. they work in the executive branch and they are to carry out the president's policy. it doesn't matter if they have a military rank or a phd or
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thank languages. if they want a different role, than they should run for office. but today the media was happily allowing the lines to be blurred. >> when that realization hit her, it must've been a horrible feeling. the thing she had been working for, her area of expertise. this thing that we were doing for the ukrainians allegedly have been taken from her. >> laura: difficult for her? for fiona hill? you would think he was talking about president, not dr. hill. for weeks we've been telling you why this impeachment here stands a position and feelings about poisonous and preposterous. today only further illustrative that point. the whole thing should be shut down. it's ridiculous. shouldn't be brought for vote. the explosive witness wasn't even present for the main action. >> by the time there was the july 25 call with president trump and president zelensky, you are no longer on the nsc.
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>> i was not physically in the building. >> you are not on the call. >> i was not on the call. >> the first time you read the transcript of the call was when it was released to the public. >> correct. >> laura: they had to establish her relevance to the proceeding or her credibility in a different way. via alex jones. >> we here at info wars. this is roger stone speaking. first identified fiona hill, the globalist leftist george soros insider who had infiltrated mcmaster's staff. i assume you're not a globalist leftist sorrows insider? >> leftist perhaps not so much. the left in europe is different than the left ear. >> laura: i like that. different definition in europe. when you criticize unelected government officials or george soros, remember you can
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never have legitimate criticisms. they will just call you an anti-semite. >> these conspiracy theories that have been targeting you basically have a tinge of anti-semitism to them. >> when they evolve george soros, they do. that was created for political purposes. it's an absolute outrage. >> laura: okay, just so you understand, again, you cannot question the assumptions, the suppositions, the opinions of any of these witnesses and you also can't question left-wing billing or george soros again. if you do, you're an anti-semite. does that sound familiar to you? if you question open borders policies, your anti-immigrant. if you question affirmative action, your racist and so on and so on. democrats, you have to conclude they don't like free thought. they pretend to like it. they want to make all the decisions for america here and
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in places like ukraine. this smug, self-satisfied, snotty, intolerant approach to governance is not working for them. meanwhile, president trump's numbers are growing up. the latest emerson poll has his approval rating up five points from last month. the public faith and interest in this impeachment stuff is waning. it's obvious. the same emerson poll also found that more people now oppose impeachment been subordinate. nice going, adam. no wonder the white house isn't in a rush to get this over with anytime soon. the democrats are impeaching themselves. and the bureaucracy they love so much. and that's the angle. joining me now, ken starr, former independent counsel, fox news contributor. andy mccarthy. also with me, john eastman,
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senior fellow at the claremont institute and constitutional scholar. adam schiff, i've got to go to the end of today. he ended the hearing on this, he desperately tried to revive the interest of the public on impeachment. >> they were silent when the president said that. no quid pro quo. what do you want from ukraine? no quid pro quo. where is howard baker? not using metaphors about balls and strikes. when the founders provided a mechanism in the constitution for impeachment, they were worried about what might happen if someone unethical to the highest office in the land. that's why they put that remedy in the constitution. >> laura: is that why they put it in the constitution? that was quite the emotional send off today's festivities. >> it was a last resort and alexander hamilton, federalist
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65, warned about what's happening now which is everyone just lines up based upon their partisan views. you're so right. bringing attention to this clash of visions which i think is what we have. these public servants. i have a more favorable view of people who dedicate themselves with point is they had a soaring vision about the ukraine and u.s. foreign policy. the president didn't share that vision and the president is the ceo. that's our constitutional system. that's exactly what all the founders including alexander hamilton had in mind in terms of the separation of powers. investing authority in the executive ultimately the president of the united states. >> laura: nancy pelosi, she keeps saying that there is no decision impeachment yet. but then she kind of gave it all away today. watch. >> we see a violation of the constitution. we had no choice but to act.
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the evidence is clear that the president, the president has used his office for his own personal gain. >> laura: andy, is the evidence clear that the president abused his office, as pelosi claims? rising to some level of impeachable offense? >> the evidence isn't clear. i appreciate that you played what schiff said at the end of the hearing because i think it's an interesting book and to the way he started the public part of the hearing weeks ago when he had the director of national intelligence into testifying. that was the day that he famously gave his parody version of the schiff -- i'm sorry. the zelensky-trump conversation and in that parity have always thought it was very telling that he says that trump essentially
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told zelensky i want you to make dirt up on my political opponent. i've always thought that was very telling because that's along the lines of what you might actually need to get in the ballpark for impeachment. the president is asking them to fabricate something about the bidens out of whole cloth. of course what we know is that what he was asking for was an investigation where there's reason to believe there may have been corruption and the tell is that schiff had to reach for the stars in this parity version because the evidence he has doesn't come close to it. when you get to the end of it, whether they have a technical violation. i don't think they do. of the bribery statute but it is such a gulf from what they proved. >> laura: we've got to get to john.
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i think the whole thing has become a parody. >> it is. i'm in town in taxis. taxi drivers think it's a parody. it's laughable. the main thing is there's nothing there other than perfectly legitimate investigations that the president wanted to launch to make sure that our hundreds of millions of dollars going to ukraine wasn't going to a corrupt regime. >> laura: share my frustration to put it mildly with these unelected bureaucrats with a lot of letters after their last na name. it's doctor. that's right, you are a doctor. i think you did asked me to call your doctor once and i said no, i'm not going to. once you have a stethoscope around your neck and you are ben carson doing 12 hour surgeries. unless you call me j.d. self-satisfied, i'm an expert in the region. so many experts had screwed up
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their assessments of u.s. foreign policy since forever. >> one of the things that i think it's going to backfire. the american people, those few who are watching are going to discover how many millions of millions. our foreign service starting to act as though they are representatives of the country they are supposed to be representing the united states in. instead of trying to get more money for their country out of us. i think there's a reason the state department was put in foggy bottom come in the swamp. i want to get back to what nancy pelosi said today about not going to court. she had her press conference in the morning. it was about whether she could compel mulvaney and all these other people to testify. watch how she handled it. >> reporter: do you think the house should do everything it can to acquire testimony from people like mick mulvaney, mike pompeo, john bolton, before
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moving forward? >> no, we are not going to wait till the courts decide. we cannot be at the mercy of the court. >> laura: [laughs] ken, u.n. john and andy and i have talked about it. if they feel strongly, this is so important for the country. mulvaney has the key or whoever is the key. why wouldn't they go to court. she sure seems like she is in a heck of a rush to vote to impeach the president. why might that be? >> for political reasons, that's for sure. it was an assertion, a bold assertion of parliamentary supremacy. we don't care about the courts. that means ultimately you don't care about what chief justice john marshall said in the iconic case. it's our job. it is emphatically the province of the judicial department to say what the law is and that's what the courts are for. they should litigate these issues.
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if they want important testimony than it clearly is, they should be willing to take the step to use the court system but they are not willing to do it. they are in a rush to achieve this foreordained conclusion. >> laura: andy. >> laura, can i say one thing? aside from what ken said which i emphatically agree with, how crazy is this. what they are saying is we have a crisis in the regime. somebody who's unfit to be president who is in the office. every second he's in the office he's endangering the country and we are going to take care of it right after we get back from our ten day vacation. [laughter] for thanksgiving. by the way, we can't go to court because we don't have time for that. >> laura: we've got to get to christmas. skip to the next holiday. it's not just about thanksgiving. it's about christmas and
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new year's and the parties. let's hop to the senate. pat cipollone a, white house counsel met with senators according to politico tonight. republican senators and it was kind of a bold proclamation. that they don't want the senate to move to dismiss articles of impeachment. it's kind of bold sticking your chin out and saying let's litigate. i want to put this whole thing on trial. >> they can call other witnesses. they want to call witnesses. hunter biden, devon archer. people forget who he is. the chief -- he is central to this after john kerry becomes secretary of state and there's an extra hundred million dollars added to state department funding for ukraine. we want to get all of it. schiff and pelosi want to add an obstruction charge for the president claiming executive privilege without ever challenging it in the court
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which is what we give them the possibility of obstruction. >> laura: they were never serious about that. i love this today. ken, take a swing at this. congressman stewart who called out the democrats' photo per fullness and solemnity. >> we hear these crocodile tears from some of my colleagues who are heartbroken because they finally have to impeach this president. there is no heartbroken. there's no peripheral tears. they are giddy. >> laura: he was right on because here's how adam schiff looked after today's hearing. hopefully going close to him. you see the smile? is getting a big smile. yeah. we did the freeze-frame. lots of smiles. backslapping, nice job. congressman stewart nailed it. it was a joke in the end about the prayer fullness. there is the smile. we've got it. your reaction to the faux
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solemnity. >> i wish there were solemnity. i wish there was the good old days of president clinton and president nixon. where people in the house of representatives on both sides of the aisle who said we really do want to know the facts and make a really sober judgment. here it's a rush to judgment. a four-day and conclusion. we are going to impeach this president. even though there's not the slightest indication of a bipartisan move in that direction. that has to be in they all know this. a national consensus that the president has to go. they don't have the slightest indication of any consensus. >> laura: no. completely partisan. andy, the news, we don't know a lot but reports that the fisa abuse with the way the document was altered to surveil carter page. looks like one person is under investigation. people are calling it a preemptive leak so that weeks later they will say we've already handled it. your thoughts on that report. >> it clearly is a preemptive
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leak and i would expect that we will hear more between now and december 9 when the report is supposed to come out. we did hear a few weeks ago that the durham investigation had converted from whatever it was before to something that was strictly a criminal investigation. i think we are probably starting to get a peek into why that's the case. >> laura: gentlemen, thanks so much. great to see you as always. democrats and the media say the ukrainian election meddling as a conspiracy theory. why are there so many news reports about it then? lee smith and tom fitton expose the left's willful ignorance, throwing dustin arise, but what really happened in 2016.
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>> laura: your intelligence and diplomatic bettors want you the american people to know ukrainian effort started the trump 2016 campaign are a total fiction. >> there's no basis for the alleged ukrainian interference. it's ridiculous. it's just a distraction. >> he subverted u.s. policy for this fictitious theory about ukrainian meddling. conspiracy theory propagated by russia. >> they are harmful. even if they are for purely domestic political purposes. >> laura: russia paranoia is so all-consuming that these so-called experts chose to ignore its been rightly reported for years. for example, the financial times reported in august 2016 that ukraine's leaders campaigned against pro-putin trump. months later, politico published "ukrainian efforts to sabotage trump backfire." late last year, the paper of record noted ukraine court rules
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paul manafort disclosure caused meddling in u.s. election but now that it counters the narrative, it's a crazy conspiracy. lee smith. tom fitton, president of judicial watch. why are the experts in the region, like the witnesses we saw today, so vehement in their denials of any ukraine problem vis-a-vis 2016? >> they need to keep it focused on russia to maintain their russiagate theory. once you start poking around ukraine. it's been reported, widely kno known. the thing is a lot of the interference ukraine is responsible for was solicited by clinton campaign 19c officials. once you get to ukraine, you see the real problem is not for interference. the real problem is clinton interference. what the fbi did at the behest
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of the clintons to spy and smear -- spy on and smear the trump campaign. >> laura: was interesting among many things. people didn't know anything about fiona hill's knowledge about the dossier. devin nunes did a line of questioning that was fascinating. watch. >> you stated in your deposition that a colleague had showed you the steele dossier before was published. who was at colleague? stick with it with one of my colleagues at the brookings institution. >> who was that? >> the brookings institution president had been sent a copy. the day before it was published in buzzfeed. >> laura: she is quite connected, this expert, who doesn't know what never trumper means and didn't know the yanukovych story. the person she mentioned is of course a longtime friend of the clintons. tom, why didn't the g.o.p. put
7:29 pm
more on this? >> i don't understand because the state department was a key resource for the clinton campaign in getting the dossier disseminated. writing in an op-ed that he helped write parts of the dossier. the state department was shepherding and pushing material out on russia after trump was inaugurated, calling the political officer at the russian embassy among before -- a month before trump's election in ukraine was a fulcrum for which they hoped to get trump on russia. it's amazing to me that we're supposed to get that paul manafort was targeted as a result of his connections in ukraine. his work with pro-russian parties. the ukrainians butchered out -- pushed it out through nellie ohr. the associate -- >> laura: she was really sneering today about this idea, looking down her nose.
7:30 pm
you people who spread putin's lies. it was very hoity-toity. we are supposed to say she's so learned. she has a phd. she has a cool accent. >> i think we got great information out there today. she said yes i believe i read a report that the dnc paid for. the clinton campaign. not so sure i heard of that. how is it possible these our our ukraine and russia experts. it touches on intelligence community stuff but no, she's never heard of it. it's very helpful. >> laura: this was a phenomenal week for this president. and for the country because as reagan said, the bureaucracy must be resisted lest the bureaucracy overwhelm us and start making decisions for us they were never elected to make. the fbi is investigating one of
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its agents for allegedly altering a document used to spy on carter page, the former trump campaign advisor. now he's going to join us tomorrow night exclusively. the bombshell finding is expected to be in the ig report that's coming out in early december. here's how cnn's preet bharara saw it. >> it's an alarming bit of news. if there was an fbi agent sworn to uphold the constitution who can be proven to have altered a document in connection with the legal proceeding, including the obtaining of a fisa warrant, that's really serious. he doesn't get more serious than that. >> laura: he hates trump. >> i'm glad he said it. sources that spoke to me for my book show, provided documents that show that the steele dossier itself is a forgery. so i think we are not just talking in the long run about one piece of information. it was a forgery to ge get a spy warrant on carter page.
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>> laura: scary. they are talking about russia? this is what corrupt dictatorships do. they are saying trump is colluding with russia? are you kidding me. they are always guilty of what they accuse conservatives of. >> you had candidate trump targeted with these fisa warrant and they were signed during his presidency. you have them spying on president trump and we have further confirmation there was criminal evidence of criminal activity spying on president trump. no wonder they are trying to push these coup hearings. >> laura: i mean, we are going to have you on so much in the next several months. unbelievable. two of the best people out there on this digging for real truth and real information that our old objective press, i guess they are bored by it. the left is attempting to redefine patriotism and it's no longer love of country of a hatred of this president. how much do you hate the
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president? that's their metric for measuring patriotism. of course, what your commitment to take him down? >> this morning's hearing, you heard from two patriots. >> i call them a parade of patriots. >> that's with the american people need to see. the parade of patriots. >> great patriots have defied his direction. >> laura: victor david hanson. these wild developments. victor, what are we seeing? is it the inoculation of individuals who should be answering a lot deeper questions from any scrutiny or any criticism? >> we, the american people, four days of adam schiff, 30 hours, have radically turned against the impeachment inquiry and he started out with a bang and is ending with a whimper because he gave us a lecture about the permissibility, the use of
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hearsay. we know what the amendment is. he's doing that because these witnesses are so patriotic, they are going there facing the american people and saying i think, i assume, i presume. the reason they are doing it is because they have no evidence at all. what schiff is trying to tell the american people is i don't have a special counsel or special prosecutor like watergate or ken starr in the clinton matter. i don't have a white house tape or a blue dress. i have nothing. all i have is conjecture and hearsay. hearsay now is permissible. when you get to the ideology of the whole impeachment, that trump is somehow anti-ukraine and pro-russian and interfering with the jurisprudence in the ukraine, it falls apart because we learned that obama and fiona hill, of all people, didn't want to give -- >> laura: she wrote a piece
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about it in "the washington post"! she wrote a piece about it. >> trump took the courageous step of giving them javelin missiles. that's an edgy thing to do on the border of russia. he didn't. everything he's done has proved he has been the toughest president since ronald reagan on russia and he's been the most favorable to the ukraine. he hasn't interfered at all with any prosecutor. joe biden had one fired by leveraging -- so that entire narrative is the linchpin of this, it just collapsed. when you're at the final component that this whistle-blower the nancy pelosi and adam schiff have told us were going to hear very soon, he can't, there's no way of the world he can testify. the first thing he did was work with schiff. he is a partisan. when lieutenant colonel vindman said he ran out of a call in the first thing he did was probably call the whistle-blower and leak a confidential call, that can't be released. i thought the whole issue of time has changed. we started this with the idea that they were going to lead
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trump of 1,000 cuts and it was going to go on. i don't true now. -- i don't think that's true n now. >> laura: they did a fantastic job. >> they are saying bring it on. they are tanking in the polls and we have durham and horwitz circling and we have swing state candidates that are one termers in the house. the long-term macro picture, it's not good for democrats. >> laura: do you know what i say? victor. yeah, all these republicans. we are out of time. all these republicans who announce their retirement and getting over, it's going to be really bad. you know, again, you see the people fighting in the arena for the truth here. and then these people are running to retirement. >> we have a whole array of new heroes, don't we? they were wonderful. >> laura: it's impressive. it's what people needed to see. >> making a travesty and a
7:37 pm
mockery of the constitution and these people have no evidence and they have befuddled and lied to the american people. boy, adam schiff, as i said earlier, the whirlwind. he has no idea of the reaction building against the way he conducted. >> laura: we've got to go. where way over. thank you so much. great analysis. up next, you know there was actually -- they told me there was a democrat debate last night that the democrats don't have a front runner. they don't have a unifying message. they are seeing this impeachment thing tank them but they are very woke on the issue of race. is that enough?
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>> laura: believe it or not, we are 74 days out from the iowa caucuses. we will be there. the democrat field is in total chaos. there's no clear front runner, no unifying message from any of
7:42 pm
the candidates. except their hatred of president trump. what's really telling us that the most illuminating moments from last nights democrat debate all revolve around race. not so much in a constructive way, especially for joe biden. first he got into it with cory booker. >> i don't think we should legalize marijuana. i thought you might've been high when you said it. the war on drugs has been a war on black and brown people. >> i think we should decriminalize marijuana period. anyone who has a record should be left out of jail. i was picked to be vice president, it was because of my long-standing relationship with the black community. >> laura: then he forgot kamala harris existed at all. >> i am more people supporting me the black community because they know me. they know who i am. three former chairs of the black caucus. the only african-american woman
7:43 pm
who never been elected to the united states senate. a whole range of people. >> the other one is here. >> laura: joining me now, horace cooper. scott bowman, attorney and former chair of the d.c. democrat party. scott, what does it say that those who were most talked about, most talked about moments from last night involved the face-off on the issues. >> it was a conservative debate. i think there is a unifying message behind the democrats. health care, education, closing the wealth disparity. >> laura: they are savaging each other on health care. >> that wasn't part of the debate last night. >> laura: let's get back to i it. focus on biden, he's the front runner still. maybe not in iowa but most other places.
7:44 pm
he was slammed relentlessly last night on race. >> i think biden brought that on himself. the narrative that he started to spin, he started off with marijuana and then he started to talk about his black voter support and obama. he has these gaffes in the gaffes are embarrassing. they weren't laughing with him. they were laughing at him. he brought that on himself. to be the face of the democratic party, he's got to get rid of those gaffes. i don't know what's causing it, if you will, buddy brought it on himself. he's got more black votes in anybody. that's what's going to get him the nomination but he needs to stop talking about is at least because every time he talks it seems that he says something wrong or there's a gaffe. >> laura: horace, i think trump next year is going to say you might not like every tweet but i am delivering results. they have a lot of rhetoric. they don't like me. they don't like who i am. they don't like what i've done but here are the result i've delivered. how does that play out? >> one, i think trump has a very
7:45 pm
good record to run on. there are a lot of americans who happen to be black for going to look around and say hey, there's more money in my checking account. yes, absolutely. $5,000. $5,000. 8%... >> okay, i give you your chance. they're more black americans are going to go home for thanksgiving than we have seen in the last 13 years. >> laura: more money in their pocket. >> more black americans are going to have pickup trucks and we've seen the last ten years. >> how do you know that? >> if you read my book, you'll see the data on this but the point is he has a good record to run on. the other side should be trying to come up with a good record but instead -- >> laura: they are impeaching the president. i want to get to this. mayor pete tried to compare his struggles. this pete buttigieg moment is fascinating. he tried to compare his own
7:46 pm
struggles as a gay american to those of black americans. >> i don't have the experience of being discriminated against because of the color of my skin, i have the experience and sometimes feeling like a stranger in my own country. >> laura: kamala harris saw an opening and seized on it. >> we know that it's important that we not compare struggles. what he did is just not productive and i think it's a bit naive. >> laura: how did you take his comments? he must've been talking about his own -- >> it's never good to compare the struggles of african-americans or jewish people or gay people. they are very different. 400 years of and segregation and jim crow isn't something you are they want to compare or discuss with african-americans. >> laura: what's his problem? he has a problem with african-american voters. >> he's not talking about issues
7:47 pm
important to them and is not -- until he connects. >> laura: he's going to win iowa and new hampshire. he's going to win iowa and he could win new hampshire. >> the energy in the democrats, they are with this new idea, lgbtq. all of the identity politics. blacks get to the back of the political boss. >> laura: vary per -- very provocative. we've got to go. i adore both of you but we have to go. speaking of last nights debate, rachel maddow wanted to know whether the candidates will pursue donald trump after he leaves office. will the maniacal left ever stop pursuing the president and his family? governor huckabee next.
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>> how central should the president's conduct uncovered by this impeachment inquiry be to any democratic nominees campaign for president. senator warren, you've said that you've seen enough to convict the president and remove him from office. will you tried to convince your republican colleagues in the senate to vote the same way? would you support to potential criminal investigation into president trump after he leaves office? >> laura: so i guess we know what rachel maddow wants in her next president. revenge. this is what the democrat platform will be. get trump even if they win. here, mike huckabee, 2016 g.o.p. presidential candidate and fox news contributor. it seems like it's a pathological affliction suffered by the democrats. >> i think it's worse than that.
7:53 pm
rachel maddow first of all is about as objective as i am. i don't pretend to be a journalist. i don't play one on tv. i have a point of view. she does too but she pretends to be a journalist. this idea that they are going to come after the president even after he's out of office, they're going to have to wait five years for that so get used to it. by then, a lot of them will be so utterly discredited normal pay attention. but beyond belief, the idea of saying i have seen enough. i don't even want to hear the other side. i'm ready to convict right now. oh, my gosh. that's amazing to me. >> laura: i need to go back to what we spoke of at the top which is this democrat needed, in the absence of unifying message, they need in their impeachment quest to build up their witnesses biographies in the absence of facts. watch. >> i understand that when you were 11 years old, there was a schoolboy who set your pigtails on fire and you were taking a
7:54 pm
test and you turned around and with your hands, snuffed out the fire and then proceeded to finish your test. is that a true story? >> it is a true story. >> laura: that's a lovely story, governor. what is the relevance of that to impeachable conduct? >> i tell you what i learned, if my hair ever catches on fire, i sure hope to heck i'm sitting next to dr. hill. it shows she's a remarkable person. i will stipulate that but it has nothing, it has nothing to do with why we ought to undo an election from 2016 in which donald trump was elected president of the united states, in which the deep state can't accept it and they are doing everything they can to not only destroy his presidency but in the course, destroy this great republic and of course destroy their own crude ability. >> laura: governor, tonight andrew yang told cnn this is not working. when he goes and talks to people.
7:55 pm
we won't play the sound bite but he talks to people on the trail and no one is mentioning impeachment and he said i don't think this is helping democrats. we should be focusing on what we are going to do for the american people. i kind of like him. he and tulsi gabbard are the only two that i can stomach for very long. that was an interesting and devastating point he made. >> he's so honest about that, they are probably not going to allow him back on the stage ever again. they don't like honesty. you asked what was the unifying message? they've got one. it is that they hate the president. they hate him. they hate him more than they love the constitution of the country, and that's going to be their undoing. >> laura: governor, thank you so much. great to see you. moments away, i reacted more of your emails.
7:56 pm
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>> laura: it's time for the ingram inbox. the first email is from stephen michael brown. he says, i'm going to send you a roll of invisible tape so you can keep your ear rings on. all...
8:00 pm
well, they have a tendency of falling off at the most inopportune moments. with the vice president's be sure to send your ques, that's all the time we have tonight. shannon bream and the "fox news @ night" team take it all from here. shannon? >> shannon: speak of important moments, we were doing your christmas show last year, both of my earrings fell off the segment, flew across. i got new earrings for christmas so it all worked out just fine. >> laura: there was just more christmas cheer. flying all over the place to have a great show, shannon. >> shannon: thank you. fox news alert. news tonight, republicans revealing new plans for the next phase of impeachment as it appears the democrats rest their case, for now. at the republican hearing, democrats take the next step to relevant articles of impeachment. bolstered by new polling, the g.o.p. things a senate trial but ultimately hope t


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