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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 21, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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>> tucker: [laughs] the governor's brother. he went to yale, unlike you. hilarious. pretty great. we are out of time. we will back tomorrow. they showed that as a sworn enemy of lying come, verbosity , smugness, and groupthink. sean hannity, fly from new york. >> sean: thank you. we start with a fox news alert. four major breaking stories that we are covering. none of this is great for the democratic party, the deep state, or the mob media. i guarantee you that this was leaked on purpose to get ahead of what is coming. that is a huge crisis, because breaking just moments ago, another blow to the democrats' impeachment trade. b there is a report at this hour that an fbi official is now under criminal investigation for altering a document related to the 2016 surveillance of the trump campaign advisor, carter page.
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now, remember, the fisa warrant against the trump campaign, remember, that was the back door to get everything into all things trump campaign, trump transition team, trump presidency. now these reports bearing out. that would be called the fisa abuse, exactly what we have been exposing on this show for a very, very long time. and now, finally, after years of waiting, thanks to the horowitz probe now at an end, justice iso about to be served. clearly, this is being leaked in advancee to try to get ahead of the report that lindsey graham confirmed to us last night, right here on this program. the fisa report will come out on december 9th. borowitz will testify before the senateor judiciary, that is lindsey graham's committee, on december 11th. we will continue to monitor as this developing story throughout the hour, sara carter will break more news on this in a minute. we are also tracking four other
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big stories. get this, including another. disastrous day for the schiff a pinch meant to attempt. it was even worse, believe it or not, than yesterday. no information surrounding the new information surrounding the bidens thanks to a letter from senator lindsey graham. we have that letter. we also have a great new video. you are going to want to hit your record button tonight and get this for decades to first, we start in the washington swamp. more hearsay, more conjecture,on more opinion, more arrogant bureaucrats. an overheard phone call in a busy restaurant, are you ready for this? it was not on speaker, contradicting the person that was actually on the private call and the person who was at the other end of the table. this is how bad this schiff show has now become. so bad, he even presented a fact-witnessed today with zero facts. none whatsoever. this was the schiff show grand finale. this was his closing argument.
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today, the hearing was supposed to tie everything together. instead, again, this blew up right in schiff's face and the democrats' faces. here is what jim jordan said, the perfect summary of the known case of the democratic party against the democratic -- >> july 19, he told him about the upcoming zelensky call. july 20th, sondland told taylor what sondland told taylor to tell trump. july 20th, morrison told taylor what happened on the trump-zelensky called. august 16th, volker tells --lo martha doctor taylor. september 1st, morrison told taylor what someone toldem morrison about what your h,michael's holland september 7th, morrison tells taylor what sondland told trump and september 8th, sondland tells taylor what trump told
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sondland. >> sean: you follow that? because that is the democrats' case. that is it in a nutshell. that is supposed to be their t compelling evidence. that is why they want to hurt this country, bring this country to the brink of impeachment because they never got overs the fact that donald trump won the election, they never saw it coming. the two witnesses today, utter train wrecks. one, a diplomat named david holmes. he actually claimed -- this is not -- i'm not making this up, that he overheard president trump on a phone call talk about an investigation on the other end of the phone call with ambassador sondland while this guy was sitting across the table from aon sondland at a bu, loud restaurant, and the call wasn't even on speaker. wow. super hearing now. holmes did not hear the entire conversation. his testimony contradicts what the guy actually on the call said.
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that was supposed to be yesterdays' star, gordon sondland. that is what the schiff show is now reduced to. the other witness from today's hearing, zero, i mean zero relevant facts. it wasn't even totally clear why she was there. the opening statement falsely accused republicans of ignoring russian meddling and also falsely accused republicans of pushing aus conspiracy theory about ukrainian election interference.rf will somebody please give her the january 11th, 2017 report at about ukrainian election interference? somebody please needs to give her the ukrainian courts own findings that ukraine did, in fact, interfere in the 2016 elections to help hillary clinton and her hurt donald trump. thankfully, and a powerful moment, this was really powerful, congressman wenstrup, welcome he said the red wow record straight. take a look at this.
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>> 1998, i voluntarily joined the united states army reserve because i saw our country under attack time and time again. bill clinton was the president. i didn't vote for bill clinton. but he was my commander in chief. i was grateful to live in a country that gets to legitimately elect our leaders. i've been to places where people don't get to. it's not pretty. doctor hill, i'm sorry, i have .to say, you said based on statements you have heard that some of this committee believe russia did not conduct a campaign against our country is false. that's mr. schiff's narrative, that's where you have heard it. we did a whole report on it. and we agree that russia has done this since the soviet union. and they've actually gotten better at it. that's a problem. but at the same time, certain ukrainians did work against candidate trump. some with the dnc, and if that is debunked, why is it
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mr. schiff has denied dnc operative alexandra trooper from testifying to come forward and debunk it? >> sean: politico reported that he was the dnc operative, remember, she worked directly with ukrainian embassy in washington. she went there to collude, to dig up dirt on hillary -- four hillary clinton. and to smear donald trump and members of his campaign team. that would be called in my mind collusion. but today's witness, a so-called ukraine expert, knew nothing about it. reporter sharyl attkisson formerly of cbs news pointed out the idea that some of our top experts on ukraine are closed minded to this information and at least once said she was entirely unaware of it but were making important decisions could be considered disturbing. yeah, you think? this was probably the biggest revelation out ofnk the hearing. it has nothing to do with president trump, and without a doubt, the schiff show is a giant failure died.
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don't d take my word for it. just listen to former independent counsel ken starr. he thought yesterday, this was going to be really a bad day for the republicans, for president trump. he is changed hishe mind. >> we are not in trial, we are in a fact gathering mode but what are we gathering facts about? was there a crime, and then let's weigh this gravity and seriousness of thishe crime. does it reach the level of treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors? my assessment of the evidence thus far, nowhere close. the evidence is conflicting and ambiguous. >> sean: conflict doing, ambiguous, nowhere close. this is an absolute, unmitigated disaster now for the democrats. you have even a compromised, corrupt, coward congenital liar, adam schiff, the guy that has lied to us for three years, he knows this is a disaster, and he showed his anger. republicans defeated the schiff
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show sho so badly, as the charle daniels said, "the devil went down to georgia, he knew he had been beat, he laid the golden fettle at donald trump's feet in this case. he lost, he knew it, and by the way, you know before we show you this, you have to remember, this is the guy, the only person on tape ever caught colluding with somebody that he thinks is a russian ticket compromising materials on donald trump. this isn't the first time this guy got caught lying, like he lied about, oh, i have no idea who the whistle-blower is. i should have been honest about it but now i don't know about it. by the way, one of my favorite tapes of all time, the very thing accusing donald trump up with russia, he was guilty of. compromising materials. listen. >> the day after bob mueller testified that donald trump invited russian interference, hate, russia, if you aress
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listening, come and get hillary's emails -- >> do you have something you can't reveal? >> i can't reveal that. >> the other defense is the president denies it. >> we have not spoken directly with the whistle-blower. >> donald trump is back on the phone asking another nation to involve itself in another u.s. election. >> what's the nature of the kompromat? >> there are pictures of naked trump. >> putin wasla made available of the material? >> we will be back in touch. >> we cannot rely on with the president said in the call record. with >> i will say this only seven times so you better listen good. i want you to make up dirt on m political opponent, understand, lots of it. >> sean: compromised corrupt congenital liar. he's lied to the country for three years, three long years, and schiff's closing remarks showed his rage. i'm sure if it was up to him, he
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would just try to bring in more hearsay witnesses, opinion witnesses for, i guess, additions, depositions, and then hearings. i think pelosi probably won't let him. remember, she didn't want the schiff show to begin with and it's been pretty clear her priorities to get the hell out of this mess as quickly as tpossible, through it to the senate as quickly as possible, placate her radical basis so she can urbane speaker in name only. if democrats, they want to vote on the house floor before christmas, that doesn't leave the compromised congenital liar schiff much more time to do much more investigating. i have to make a prediction tonight, i would say that schiff spends next week, he will draft ridiculous articles of impeachment, and send this whole flaming bag of dog crap to the judiciary committee around thanksgiving weekend. good luck turning that garbageuc into something usable, jerry nadler. on the side note, look at this.
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maybe schiff's ukrainian fantasy come i can't believe it, might have been cooked up during his taste of ukraine fund-raiser. that's right. the compromised congenital liarh yeah, he had a fun riser with a ukrainian businessman. you can't make this up. at this point, democrats, the top allies in the mob and the media, they are desperate. these people are the same people, same liars, same conspiracy theories, same hoaxhe spreaders, if you will come with been lying to become of the people, for three plus years. one hoax after another, one conspiracy people after another, russia, russia, russia, and peach, impeach, impeachable month after month, every second, minute, hour of every day, day, protecting this is the president's demise, that is the president's demise, this is a game changer, breathlessly, dramatically crying wolf for four years. now you may want to hit the record button now because you are going to want to show this to your friends. three, two, one, go.
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>> i have not seen anything like this is october 20th, 1973, when president nixon fired archibald cox. >> richard nixon. >> watergate. >> echoes of watergate. >> a giant step towards impeachment. >> impeachment. >> impeachment. >> impeachment implications are now in the air. >> the president will be removed from office. >> bombshell. >> bombshell. >> bombshell. >> bombshell. >> bombshell. >> bombshell stories dropping seemingly every day. >> he will resign the presiden presidency. >> warming to the idea of his resignation. >> resigned. >> the presidency. na>> the walls are closing in ad he's lashing out. >> the walls are closing in. >> closing in. >> even feel the threat being pulled. you can feel the clothes coming off the emperor. i believe at the beginning of the end. >> donald trump is done. he's done. there is no question about it. >> sean: 2016 after the election, all through 2017, all
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through, and 2019. who would ever trust these people? what's nacho shocking tonight as americans, they have now had enough of this. they've seen this completely. look at this new poll. a double-digit spring among independent voters, opposition for impeachment is up a whopping 11 points. marquette university poll shows the support for the impeachment has dropped in the great swing state of wisconsin. political poll shows that voter support for impeachment is declining nationwide. now there are 330 million americans, just a tiny, welcome a minor fraction have tuned into this schiff a sham show and these hearings and for good reason. here is a reaction to all of us, new york, new york, congresswoman elise stefanik, by the way, she comes out of these hearings in my mind a new star of the republican house of representatives. >> thank you. >> sean: minority whip
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steve scalise. congresswoman, i bought a few of these hearings come i do not know a lot about you. i got to say, phenomenal job, and thank you for all that you've done. >> thank you. >> i have focused on these facts. it is clear with every day that goes by that democrats' case for impeachment is grumbling. adam schiff has been an abjectch failure, and again, the facts remain the same. ukraine got the eight, there was no quid pro quo, and there was no investigation into the bidens. in fact, the only investigations into burisma was under the obama administration but yet adam schiff continues his regime of secrecy. because i have been such an outspoken advocate for the fact, i have been attacked by the hollywood left who have dumped millions into supporting my far left democratic opponent, which is why i need the american people to step up, donate at closedweb to help me fight for the american people in my district. >> sean: good for you for standing out for dinner time you step out, you take a risk.
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congressman, what i said this to kevin mccarthy last night, i will say to you. being part of the housebroken leadership, i don't think i have ever -- i've been very critical of republicans. you've heard me. when you guys don't have a backbone that you are weak and you are lies and feckless, i think i'm pretty loud on my criticism, this was republicans at their best. this week. they did their jobs and they were prepared and they fought it out in the won. >> i can't be more proud of my members of the intelligence committee, who ask the tough questions, who focused on the facts. that is what this has been about from the beginning for us. for adam schiff, it was about impeaching the president. it had nothing to do with facts. of course, you look, he vetoed our witnesses, he shut out of those hearings. when i brought a few of my colleagues, matt gaetz and others, down to the schiff skipper we were trying to just find out what was going on, he literally ran out of the g back room with a witness. what has he been trying to hide?
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i think we've seen that. he's got no case. there literally is no evidence that there was any collusion. i thought so many of our membe members, what at least at heroically come asking tough questions. that makes her a target onon the left. that site she is talking about, i think people are fed up with the bullying, the intimidation that is coming from the left. the people that are claiming quid pro quo, they are the ones who are out there, frankly, it started with joe biden. he was the original quid pro quo, where he literally said, i am leaving in six hours with a billion dollars of your and my taxpayer money if they don't fire the guy looking into a son and they fired the guy. joe biden wants to ride off into the sunset and impeach donald trump for that. there is no impeachable offense. every witness, every star democrat winters made clear they saw nothing. even the hearsay, not one person. sondland was going to be there star and mike turner asked the best yesterday when he said, is anybody on the planet drawn a connection between
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president trump asking for money in exchange for investigations and not one person. the ukrainian foreign minister said it never happened. they got the money. >> sean: to have your star -- the only witness, so sondlandne yesterday, he said this is just my opinion, conjecture, did you ever talk to the president? yes. you after the president what does he want, he says, nothing. i don't want to quid pro quo. i want him to do the right thing. congresswoman, you had a very, welcome a famous exchange with a congenital liar running the schiff show, and it was interesting because you were calling for fundamental fairne fairness. republicans have asked for witnesses toir come forward, thy have not been granted that from up high on schiff mountain. >> that's correct. that is how unfair this process has been. i was the first member of congress to ask the question, when did adam schiff talk to the whistle-blower? i was ridiculed by the
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mainstream media but it turns out that it is clear that there was coordination between the whistle-blower and adam schiff's democratic staff. the one witness that adam schiff won't call is the whistle-blow whistle-blower. they started off this entire impeachment process. in addition, adam schiff refuses to call hunter biden. every single witness was asked the question, is there potential appearance of a conflict of interest -- >> sean: zero experience hunter? no experience, paid millions, whose dad, when he found out was being investigated, shut down ukraine and said, you're not getting a billion dollars unless you fire the guy investigating my zero experience son paid millions? at one? >> hunter biden is the witness that adam schiff will not call. it certainly, when it comes to my district, my constituents want to hear from hunter biden. the good news, sean, despite this incredibly partisan, unfair process, republicans controlled the senate and i am hopeful they will run a fair process, call adam schiff, call the whistle-blower, and call hunter
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biden to actually get toow the llfacts and really focus on the corruption. >> sean: 348 days, the american people get the final say, and if, welcome a steve scalise becomes -- what would you become at house majority leader, then i guess that could happen, couldn't it? thank you, both. congressman and congresswoman, thank you very much. now that the house intel committee hearings have ended, okay, where does the impeachment jam schiff show go? joining me now, fox news senior producer, he offers the hitchhikers guide to all things on capitol hill. chad pergram is with us. chad, what you got tonight? >> good evening, sean. it's decision time for the democrats. democrats believe they have enough evidencee already to impeach president trump. they haven't ruled out more public hearings by the intelligence committee, or are democrats waiting to see if they can score perhaps the most important witness yet?er former national security advisor john bolton.
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former nse aide fiona helped us divide today that told lawmakers that bulletins suggested he thought something bad was goings with ukraine policy and believed rudy giuliani was volatile. if the intelligence committee is done, it could start to right the impeachment report and sent it to the house judiciary committee. the judiciary committee could dhold its own set of impeachment hearings. remember, the resolution authorizing the inquiry grants republicans and the administration more rights to defend president trump against the democratic charges. for the judiciary committee could begin to right articles of impeachment. fox installed the democrats would focus on vocal potential articles, bribery, spelled out in article two, section four of the constitution, contempt of congress, obstruction of justice, and abuse of power. that one could deal with what democrats see as an effort by mr. trump to intimidate witnesses. we are also waiting for the intelligence committee to release transcripts. the state department official phil raker and mark sande of omb. but here is the biggest thing to
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watch. where it is public opinion go? the house is now for thanksgiving, and expect lots of debate and may be arguments about impeachment over turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie at dinner tables around theey cou country. sean? >> sean: got to be careful. don't throw the turkey legs that your liberal relatives. have a peaceful thanksgiving.iv last thing, 31 democrats that are in districts that donald trump won, many of them. dominantly, 2016. any feel for where they are at this hour? >> this is going to the decision that democrats are going to have to make. this is where people have to gauge the public opinion polls and see where they are. that resolution that they passed a couple of weeks ago, all but two democrats supported that. we don't see any movement yet. there is a flip side to this for republicans, sean. some republicans may be in trouble, standing four] the president, there are vulnerable republicans and swing districts out there, and that .could be an issue as well. two sides to this going. t we should know more in a couple of weeks.
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>> sean: i think the american people are weighing in veryng loudly this point. thank you, chad. we appreciate it. we do have the other breaking news, as we mentioned at the top of the show, this is huge. look at this. cnn now reported all over the place, fbi official under criminal investigation for allegedly altering a document. this is related to the 2016 buying on carter page that back toward them and to all things trump campaign transition team, and yes, the trump presidency. the evidence reportedly has been turned over to the prosecutor, john durham. this looks like a major preview of coming attractions.g remember, senator graham on this show last night told us definitively of the inspector general report on fisa abuse will be out on decembe december 9th. michael horowitz, the inspector general, will be before senator graham's committee on december 11th. according to our own investigative reporter sara carter, the durum probe has expanded to the same pentagon
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office that reported multiple contracts, that's right, to the spy step on how appropriate her to react to this and much more, utx news contributor, investigative reporter sara carter. this, to me come with c got lead because they know it's coming out anyway because now the horowitz report, anybody that is mentioned it it is getting an opportunity to see what is in it. >> that's right, shawn. that's what i've been told by a number of sources that release games from witnesses that had a chance to review the report. remember, only those witnesses can review the report. i did contact carter page, i did speak with him tonight. he said he has not been allowed to access anything in the report. he had not been interviewed. he is just a part of the report. he says he's going to wait and see and he is not jumping to any conclusions yet. another big development was multiple sources confirmed to me that john durham has expanded the probe into the pentagon,
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sean. this is significantly important because this deals with the office of net assessment. this is the office that basically contracted stuff on helper to do reports. stuff on helper had four major reports that totaled about $1 million that the inspector general at the pentagon basically had no information on. they couldn't exactly see during an audit what stefan halper did, why het received this much mony it became very clear to senator chuck grassley with a finance committee that there needed to be more investigatio investigations, and in july, he contacted the pentagon and said, we need more documents. we need to see these documents, we need to meet with you, we need to know what's going on here. i found out also, just recently, the pentagon, after waiting months and months, the committee actually got the documents that theyaf had requested, that was just recently within the last week, and now charles grassley's tmmittee is reviewing those documents on stefan halper.
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>> sean: unbelievable. sara carter, this is a preview, what we known has been coming, what we've been reporting, interesting on twitter, did not see a lot of comments from nople, oh, fake news and cnn is shocked. i'm like, people are writing, if you follow "hannity," john solomon, sara carter -- not going to have time to mention, you would have known about this a couple of years now. great work. ow thank you. >> sean: thank you for the update. this is justt the beginning. buckle up, stay tuned, we will have all the details and we will be proven right, every bit of reporting we have done on this program has been fully vetted, accurate, and true. premeditated fraud on a fisa court. for the purpose of spying on a presidential camp tell my candidate, then his transition team, and, yeah, than a president. it's that bad. there is going to be more, oh, outsourcing spying to allied countries. while max, you can circumvent american laws. yeah, we'll be hearing aboutha that soon too.
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the boomerang of justice is dressed in full swing tonight. senate judiciary committee iachairman nancy graham, he has officially sent a letter to the secretary of state, mike pompeo. we have obtained a copy. senator graham requesting he documents surrounding the vitamins and burisma holdings. tonight we are learning even more about hunter biden shadyha dealings. look at this, new records looked at by th the "washington examin" hunter biden linked rosemont capital, that he needs a partt of, they got a sweetheart $130 million of special federal loans. during the 2009 bailout. joe biden was the vice preside vice president. a vocal backer of the financial bailout. these are real scandals, real stories, yep, worthy of real investigation. we have a real quid pro quo with joe. i am leaving in six hours, if the prosecutor is not fired, they are not getting the billion
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dollars. if you fire the prosecutor, well, who is investigating his son, who is being paid millions with zero experience, yeah, i will give you the billion. the son of a -- they fired the guy. by the way, that is not bogus, that is not hearsay, that is not opinion, that is not part of the ukraine hoax, the russian hoax, axthe conspiracy theory. that actually happened. we are also learning tonight it was more partisan, more corrupt than we thought. listen to robert mueller's pitbull, remember a guy we talked about a lot, andrew weissmann. read sidney powell's book, "lights on to lie,," but withholding exculpatory evidence, prosecutorial abuse, e talked about all this. he's not trying to hide his antitrust bias. where is he working? of course come at the conspiracy theory channel, ms dnc. let's take a look. >> here, the question is, why
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was the president and ambassador sondland worried about the fact that the russians would undoubtedly and you can be able to hear this conversation? >> why wouldn't they be? speak of would be because if you are sitting there thinking, i don't really care because the russians are going to be siding with me, and is 120 election, then you are all on the same team. >> sean: wow. robert mueller, how could you hire that guy? his record was known to everybody. that is a disgrace on you because that is astounding and that should shock the conscious of every american because he is the guy that was actually running the mueller investigation, wasn't he? because you didn't even know what fusion gps is. you did not even know that you hired hillary clinton's attorney, jeannie rhee. how could you not know that? obviously, he does wow despises the president and now is working
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at the conspiracy channel, area 51, braswell rachel maddow's channel, msdn c, promoting more russian hysteria. here with reaction, author of the best-selling book "witch hunt," fox news legal analyst, gregg jarrett, and author of "paragraph," jason chaffetz. we have a lot to getod to. this is blowing up in their faces. what do youu make of this new report? obviously leaked ahead of the pending, well, horowitz report on fisa abuse? >> eight and a half years when i was on the oversight committee, as chairman, i learned that from people are going to be on the receiving end of some really, really devastating news, where they were potential for criminai prosecutions, they would go out and try to drop this ahead of time. so here we are, two and half ekweeks or so before the horowiz report comes out and magically at cnn and "the hill" come of the story comes out about this fbi agent, we don't know what this person's name is.
10:31 pm
altering documents that are related to fisa abuse. it is something you have been talking about for a year plus.. suddenly, this drops out, it is more evidence that this report that horowitz is coming out will be devastating. that issue is the precursor because durham has to do his work and put handcuffs on some people. >> sean: gregg jarrett, you've been part of us from the beginning. this is not a surprise to us on this program, and he what we have learned tonight.he let me ask you first about that because i think that congressmad is dead on accurate. they drop it, now that horowitz has to spread out the information.ou he's done a good job keeping it in-house come hasn't been any leaks. people now that are being warned about what is coming, they are leaking ahead of time to get c ahead of it, so your thoughts on that, your thoughts on how this has now blown up and the democrats' face with the schiff show? >> first, as to the fisa report coming out of my horowitz, i to findu are going criminal referrals out of that.
10:32 pm
but i also agree with jason. i think we are going to see several news drops to get ahead of it over the next two and half weeks. remember, the horowitz report is about 500 pages, about the same length as my book. maybe they just copied it. i don't know. butt, there are going to be corrupt acts identified by fbi, cia, state department, and maybe the department of justice itself. brace yourself. impact is coming. >> sean: we literally could be in the middle of something pretty amazing, pretty amazing moment, congressman jason chaffetz, that would become at the samehi time, they are not following this ukrainian impeachment coup attempt with hearsay, not admissible evidence, and opinion witnesses, and the one guy that talked to trump saying, yeah, he said he didn't want anything and he said specifically no quid pro quo. it's game over there. that can be happening while simultaneously, we are learning about real about real premeditated fraud on a fisa
10:33 pm
court for the purpose of spying on the president, and probably likely the outsourcing of intelligence gathering and illegal spying on americans and maybe even a president to allied countries, oh, like, let me see, just guessing, maybe italy, australia, maybe great britain. they did it so they could circumvent american law. is that likely what you think we are going to find out, congressman? >> i think we are going to be involved with lots of different agencies, just as gregg jarrett laid out. i would add the department of defense because there is some evidence that that may be happening now, as sara carter has talked about. there are some of us that believe that the reason they are rushing through this impeachment is in part so that they can distract from the idea that horowitz and durham and the department of justice and the attorney general barr, they have known for a long time that this is coming and that is a good distraction. so look for what the democrats
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particularly in the house are going to try to do the week of the horowitz report because i think they are going to go out there and try to drop some distractions out there and try ato get people looking over at this other new shiny object as opposed to the fact that horowitz has been able to gather. >> sean: gregg jarrett, amazing work. you are about to be vindicated in a major way, jason chaffetz, same with you. think you can both pray before we get to the great one , and he is on fire, i talked to him today, always on fire, we do have election news to report on and our election watch 2020. the democrats, of course come on capitol hill, pushing yet again there ukrainian impeachment coup attempt. you had the new extreme 2020 radical socialists, they were in atlanta, my old hometown from a busy competing for who can be the most radical, the most out of touch, the most disconnected from you, we can with american people. now it was an especially really rough night for sleepy creepy crazy uncle joe, 30303 oh, who
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says, he had a few unfortunate choice words and lied about them. take a look. >> no man has a right to raise a hand to a woman in anger other than in self-defense, and that is rarely ever occurring. so we have to change the culture, period, and keep punching at it and punching at it and punching added. i really mean it. >> i heard you literally say that we should not legalize marijuana. i thought you might have been high when you saidid it. >> everybody gets out, record expunged. secondly, i am part of that obama coalition. i come out of the black community in terms of my suppo support. three former chairs of the black caucus. the only african-american woman who has ever been elected to the united states senate, a whole range of people. >> that is not true. the other one is here. >> the first.
10:36 pm
>> thank you. >> the first. >> no, you didn't say the first, you said the only. of course biden's constant blunders, they pale inth comparison to the democrats destructive economy coming agenda being championed by, yep, the socialist, oh, excuse me, minority, native american, elizabeth warren, and of course conrad bernie sanders, the angry socialist. last night while bernie was spreading more climate change alarmism, warren was ramping up her pitch for medicare for all. okay. member nancy pelosi? you need to pass it, see what'se in it, no. we got it to a whole new level last night, saying, yep, elizabeth warren, we need to just -- sometimes you feel it and tasted, medicare for all. you can't make this up. take a look. >> i want to lower the age of medicare to 50, and expand medicare coverage to include
10:37 pm
vision and dental and long-term care and then in the third year, when people have had a chance to feel it and tasted and live with it, we are going to vote and we are going to want medicare for all. >> we don't have decades. what the scientists are telling us, we don't get our act together, within the next eight or nine years, we are talking about cities all over the world, major cities going under water. the way, the fossil fuel industry is probably criminally liable because they have lied and lied and lied when they had the evidence that their carbon products were destroying the planet and maybe we should think about prosecuting them as well. >> sean31 oh let's sue the comps that give us the lifeblood of our entire economy, the world's economy, let's go after them. we only have -- i'm sorry, eight to nine years. by the way, medicare for all, you got to feel it. you got tasted. asgot to live with it to
10:38 pm
appreciate it. and i thought, well, you got a passage and see what was in it as bad. it's even worse for democrats, you, the american people are tuning out, ratings for last night left debate. freak show, the lowest so far. president trump's poll numbers are on the rise. that important key swing state, orlike wisconsin, let's be totay clear, what they are proposing, remember, $94 trillion for the new green deal. $52 trillion, medicare for all. that is unsustainable as we only taken around $4 trillion. ten years, oh, $150 trillion, we only taken 40 trillion. even democrats are taking notice, which is why properly, you know, comrade bloomberg iser apparently entering the race. obama protege deval patrick launching a last ditch effort but, by the way, he could not have been off to a worse start. look up to -- look at this
10:39 pm
photo. deval patrick had a event at morehouse college and a whopping two people showed up. joining us now, he is the author of the number one "new york times" best seller, "guilty by reason of insanity," david limbaugh, along with michael best, la president, former white house chief of staff, reince priebus, and fox news contributor charlie hurt. david limbaugh has done every contract in my career. sorry. thank you, david. okay, david, we'll start with y you. that freak show, could any of them went back? i don't think so. >> i think they listened to president obama, their former hero, when he advised them to be tacked on my pretend to be centrists. there was a lurch to the center last night and everybody but bernie and booker -- everybody but bernie and warren got the memo. they didn't get the memo. warren is talking about uniting the country through a wealth t tax. going to engage in class warfare
10:40 pm
and unite the country because she is going to tell the wealthy that they did not build that. that the workers did, so that will make them them fall in line. then you had booker talking about -- booker channeling reagan talking about growing wealth. i mean, what is this? a bunch of socialists pretend to be capitalists. you think the public has any idea what these jokers stand fot today? >> sean: unbelievable. reince priebus, you've been around us like a little bit, not our first rodeo. i've never seen any group of people this radical, eight or nine years, or it's over. 150 trillion in ten years we are going to spend. you have to feel it and tasted, you can't have your own insurance anymore. no more oil and gas. we will sue those companies.ue >> it's just wild. there's not enough money in print and that's not just a joke. there's not enough money to pay for it, what elizabeth warren is proposing. to the other problem the democrats have, though, this
10:41 pm
debate last night is completely boring. they have a lot of candidates that are actually building on the theme of boring. the idea of the return to normal, boring theme that they are placing all over the country, and it's not working. you look back in 2016, we come too, had a 16 person wild race. we had all the momentum, we had 20 plus million people every week watching our debates. we had all the excitement, we had trump. was he going to get along with the rnc? what's going to happen at the convention? every week was something exciting and 2016. they've got 6.6 million people watching this primary debate, nobody's paying attention, and donald trump's numbers are the best they've been since he took office. t>> sean: all right, charlie hurt, you know this game well. nobody predicted you were one of those real believers, like me, that he had a very good shot at winning at 2016. how do you see this race shaping
10:42 pm
up? >> quite frankly, i see the exact same sort of patterns today as we saw four years ago. among those people who realizes this is nancy pelosi herself, which is why she didn't want to do anything with this impeachment. she wanted to just focus on the campaign, focus on the primary, focus on issues that democrats care about. i talked to real democratic voters all the time who don't like donald trump and they continue to have good reasons for not looking donald trump way they look at these impeachment hearings, and they say, what in the world is up with these people? adam schiff and these people, they are so completely, utterly out of touch with the people they have beenut lying to for three years. literally lying to, setting expectations up, that they were going to be able to remove this president, and now it's crunch time. they are not going to be able to remove the president. he's not going to be removed from office. they will have been lied to for the last time.
10:43 pm
if you think those people are going to show up at the polls next november enthusiastic for democrats, i don't think so. >> sean: all right, charlie, thank you. david limbaugh, reince priebus, thank you all. you were all right tonight. here with moore, author of the number one "new york times" best seller, "unfreedom of the press. i call him the great one. his new time, sunday nights at 8:00 p.m. by theat 8 way, through the roof the ratings on sunday, your new time, also a nationally syndicated radio talk show host because i insisted on it, one personal story. great one, these are serious times. this is what you do. this is your wheelhouse. constitutional law. you have a lot to add to this national nightmare they areig creating. >> i'm still getting through the mueller report we spent years and years on the mueller report, the $40 million,
10:44 pm
congressional hearings, mueller, they connected the dots and they found all kinds of -- i'm still on page 397 in the mueller report and then they throw ukraine at us. it's hard to give up, sean. anyway. after we were attacked at pearl harbor, and admiral from japan said, i fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant. and fill him with a terrible resolve. you know, adam schiff, you are, in some ways, this admiral. you just awakened a sleeping giant. you through everything you had at the president, at the republicans, at 63 million voters who voted for this president and this is the best you have? this is the best you have? you have nothing! and you controlled everything? you control to the witnesses, you control the information, you enter after the republicans, yoh had control over the hearing
10:45 pm
room, control over the rules and the timing at the press events. and you'll have control over the charging documents. you are the democrat parties yamamoto. even now without the control you have out, all the positive press, all the clownish legal analysts and the rest, and the propaganda that they are pushing, they are celebrating, the polls for donald trump are going f up. now once the senate has control over this, there is no more adam schiff control. there is no more nancy pelosi control. there is no more of the mobster types that we saw in the democratic party, preening and beating their chests, and the american people, they revere their constitution. they cherish their franchise, and they demand fairness from the representatives. let me tell you something, democrats, you screwed up big
10:46 pm
time. this was the weakest conga line of handpicked witnesses i've ever seen in any hearing at any time. there is no smoking gun! overwhelmingly hearsay, basically, what did we have here? a small cabal the state department and nse bureaucrats who didn't like trump for his policies. yet, every single one of them, when pressed by the republicans, had to admit, no bribery, no extortion, no quid pro quo, no impeachable offense, and theen media thought, wow, with headlines that are incomprehensible. not a single -- not a single witness could or did accuse the president of criminality.ri only a single witness had directly spoken with or met with the president about any of these issues, and he said, no, the president didn't do anything. he didn't do anything. we look at ukraine, we get in these lectures from the witnesses, the democrats,
10:47 pm
ukraine needed the aid. they needed offensive military aid. we dated for geopolitical reasons. there witness today, fiona hill, she was just -- i can't believe the president did this. look at what he's doing, he's empowering the russians, the russians -- and she wrote a few years earlier a long op-ed saying, don't give the ukrainians the military aid they are asking for. as a matter of fact, the democrats and their great leader, barack obama, he refused to give ukraine the offensive military weapons they were looking for! so despite all of these bureaucrats testifying they couldn't get the weapons that ukraine wanted under obama, there were no hearings, there were no headlines! esit was trump who got ukrainias the weapons that they needed! it was trump who stopped the russians! it was trump up at the most severe sanctions in modern history on the russians! it was obama who appeased the
10:48 pm
russians! it was obama under whose presidencies the russians invaded ukraine and annexed crimea! if you want to impeach, then we need to retroactively impeach obama! now thisto will move to the united states senate! let'sl let the republicans, for once in their life, grow a spine! i want to remind the republicans, including the half-dozen or so who cannot reveal the whistle-blower, read your damn law! you wrote it! the so-called whistle-blower is not a whistle-blower under your lot! the so-called whistle-blowers complaint right here is not covered by the statute that you wrote! the phone call between president trump and president zelensky is not covered by the statute you wrote! president trump is not covered by the statute you wrote! the so-called whistle-blower is not anonymous under the statute! is he? so the president's lawyers will finally get a shot at the whistle-blower. who never wrote this complaint,
10:49 pm
and they will get to ask him, they will get to say, i know his name, i'm not allowed to say, are a know all about him, i'm not allowed to say, it's time that chime comes to an end. the president gets to confront -- the president gets to confront the person who challenges him. now here are some of the questions for mr. whistle-blow mr. whistle-blower, who was involved in writing the complaint, who advised him fti o use the whistle-blower statute to create this false protection? that he speak to adam schiff or nancy pelosi or any democrat members of congress? directly through surrogates? what that he discussed with schiff's staffers? that he speak -- we want to know yes or no, lieutenant colonel dash or mr., may i say, vindman, or not? we want to know all about this, whistle-blower, because the whistle-blower wants to bring down the presence of the united states. moreover, we want hunter biden! we want hunter biden not because of anything in our imagination or right-wing conspiracy theory, because you folks at politico in "the new york times" and other
10:50 pm
places, you've told us about hunter biden. you've told us about the bidens. don't we have a right as the mega people to know if the individual who may be nominated as the democratic nominee for the president of united states as a core? is that the only family in american history who is not to be investigated? i don't think so. one other thing, this is the so-called whistle-blowers complaint. this has been adam schiff's playbook from day one. adam, did you write this? adam, were you involved in writing this? because adam needs to be a witness, too. we want to know all about -- we know he's a liar. but we need to put them under oath under penalty of perjury. when you go through this complaint, you can see this with adam schiff's playbook from day one, page after page after page. you know what this was? this was a shadowy exercise by schiff, his staff, this whistle-blower, the lawyers, and the democrats to bring on the president. >> sean: the great one mark levin. his new show, his new spot,
10:51 pm
8:00 p.m., sunday night. joining us now, fox news correspondent at large geraldo rivera, author of the best seller "exonerated, fox news contributor dan bongino. i don't know how you guys talk that but h he is right. all that is true. he's been a disaster, geraldo, for the democrats. >> it has been but i think it's the b story tonight. he's great, eloquent, and passionate. but if it is true, that they have an fbi agent who has altered documents supporting the fisa warrant on carter page, this is huge news that cannot be underemphasized. this is james comey's fbi. this is the conspiracy theory that has never been told except on this network. here is an fbi agent sworn officer, constitutional officer, going to a fisa judge and longing essentially, alteringuda document, to get the warrant to
10:52 pm
begin the surveillance of the trump campaign aid carter page. this is huge news. this is -- >> sean: geraldo -- >> atomic explosion. >> sean: i will throw this to dan. we talked about this, we have all the evidence. they were warned. they were warned repeatedly that michael steele hated trump pray that out of it is verified. hillary paid for it. they should not trusted. they used it anyway, dan bongino, that is called premeditated fraud on record. for a divider to, you didn't, geraldo, the great lawyer he is, could not get us out of jail. >> sean, the only area i disagree with geraldo, and he's right and aa lot of he said, ths is all the same story. the same obama administration that sat on its ass and did nothing while ukraine was added to invaded, the same obama administration where president obama was caught on a hot mike talking to the russian president saying he would have more flexibility after the
10:53 pm
election, the same obama administration that are nothing but on the warm fuzzy blankets while they were being attacked, the same obama administration that kiss to russians collective butts to get them on board for an iran deal that the dia director hated. the same obama administration, by the way, that targeted president trump via its law enforcement and intelligence apparatus, the same obama administration network with hillary clinton's team has money streams going to fusion gps onthrough a law firm, that used, by the way, ukrainians, yes, ukrainians, to feed information to go to a court to spy on trumper. this is not two separate scandals. ukraine gave you spygate -- ukraine and the spygatexa are te thing. democrats have been covering the whole thing. >> this is the end of impeachment. this is the end of impeachment. >> sean: while side. it's over. >> the president says, i apologize for russia first. this is the end of it. >> sean: well said. thank you both.
10:54 pm
taking a break. rush limbaugh on today'sin disastrous hearings. has take next. straight ahead. ♪
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♪ >> let's listen to rush limbaugh dissect how the democrats political stunt is backfiring. take a look. >> the democratic party has done more to destabilize american elections in vladimir putin could have dreamed. fiona hill saying that the russians are engaged in doing the same thing in 2020. they can't let it go. in the process they are trying to convince as many americans as possible that the upcoming election is already invalid. it's already hopelessly tarnished.
11:00 pm
it is outrageous with these people are doing. >> sean: we'll never be the media mob. let not your heart be troubled. thank you for being with us. laura ingraham. how are you? >> laura: it is backfiring big time. rafantastic show laying it out. >> sean: great job every night. i'm watching. >> laura: thanks so much. i'm laura ingraham and this is "the ingraham angle." cnn reporting that an fbi official is under criminal investigation for altering a fisa document related to the surveillance of former top aide carter page. however ironic that we are learning this effort to bar trump from the presidency as democrats attempt to remove him from it. we are going to have much more on these developments throughout the hour. it's unbelievable. also democrats held their final impeachment hearing today as the public is turning against it. andy my,