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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  November 22, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PST

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heather: all of these, thank you very much, can't believe it is the end of the year already. thank you so much for joining us. have a great weekend, shop till you drop, "fox and friends first" continues right now, goodbye. jillian: it is friday, november 22nd, final two witnesses at the public impeachment hearings coming out swinging against the white house. a breaking report shining a light on the so-called deep state. rob: how does it tie together and could it prove what the democrats call ukraine fiction after all? live in washington. >> a hunger strike still hungry for change.
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i hope nancy will put forward an official declaration of a climate emergency. rob: a hunger strike for climate change on nancy pelosi's doorstep. jillian: things got heated when the cops were called in. wide receiver didn't just leave his heart on the field, he brought it to his mom. rob: the incredible story behind that moment. "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪ ♪ it's a beautiful night ♪ it's a beautiful night ♪ i just want to be here ♪ rob: todd doing night at the roxbury. jillian: you can play anything
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and you can bet todd will be dancing to it. rob: have taught on the show too. jillian: i think we are. rob: you are watching "fox and friends first" on this friday morning. jillian: let's start here. republicans may be preparing for a fool senate trial is hearings wrap up on capitol hill. rob: griff jenkins joins us from washington as nancy pelosi warns the house is not finished with impeachment yet. >> reporter: decision time for democrats. not clear what is coming next. hearings have concluded that democrats want to hear from more witnesses like john bolton. >> we aren't finished yet. you never know what testimony of one person might lead to testimony of another. >> reporter: this after fiona hill testify the president was pushing people to work outside normal lines of authority. >> when you put up on the screen ambassador sondland's emails,
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these are people you need to know, absolutely right. he was involved in a domestic political errand. we were being involved in national security foreign-policy. >> reporter: when the gavel came down the chairman was convinced of evidence against the president. >> in my view there's nothing more dangerous than an unethical president who believe they are above the law. in the words of my great colleague, we are better than that. adjourned. >> reporter: of number witnesses are called things will move to the judiciary committee where sources tell fox news articles of impeachment would include bribery, abuse of power, contempt of congress and obstruction of justice. republicans are blasting the process. >> putting the country through this is not helping particularly 11 months before the next election based on an anonymous whistleblower with no firsthand knowledge, bias against the president who works with joe biden the we don't get to bring in front of us. >> reporter: the white house maintains the president has done
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nothing wrong saying if it comes to that, the only chamber they are can get fairness and due process. jillian: if it comes to that we will be following it, thanks so much. rob: a former fbi official reportedly under investigation accused of altering a document related to surveillance of the trump campaign staffer in 2016. jillian: the alarming headlines are preview of an upcoming report from the doj watchdog. todd pyro joins us with details. heather: the allegation is contained in a draft of inspector general michael horowitz's report analyzing the fbi russia investigation. the post explaining, quote, the justice department inspector general has found evidence that an fbi employee may have alternate document connected to court-approved surveillance of a former trump campaign advisor but concluded the conduct did
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not affect the validity of the surveillance application. that campaign advisor according to multiple reports is carter page. the only call, to obtain warrants on page under the foreign intelligence surveillance act in an effort to surveillance him. cnn reporting the fbi official in question is a lawyer for the bureau who admitted to the change after being confronted by horowitz's team, adding fuel to claims by the president and his supporters the fbi abused its power to the detriment of the trump campaign. >> i support attorney general william barr's efforts to investigate the foundation that was laid to start this investigation. i am proud the system is beginning to focus on that and i'm confident we will get to the bottom of it. >> reporter: inspector general horowitz expects to release the report december 9th and testify before the senate judiciary committee two days later. horowitz allegedly gave the change document to john durham
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who is leading an investigation into the origins of the russia probe. if you thought things would chill out before christmas, not correct. rob: the administration got slapped around for a couple weeks and we will see how this plays out. we appreciate it. jillian: the trump administration pushing back on claims the president demanded ukrainian investigation into the bidens when the company hunter biden served as a board member. rick perry is setting the record state in an exclusive interview with ed henry. >> not once, not once was the name burisma or the bidens mentions to me, not by the president, not by rudy giuliani or gordon sondland. if anyone says anything different they are surmising. jillian: an exclusive interview with perry will air on american news headquarters saturday and sunday. rob: the white house appears to
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be gearing up for a senate trial in the event donald trump is impeached in the house. jillian: is what the president wants because it will give americans the chance to see the so-called sham process play out. >> reporter: the president was wrongly investigated for 21/2 years, he was spied upon in fact. his campaign was spied upon, we deserve to know how and why that happened but rudy giuliani has the right is the president's personal attorney to find out what happened to his client. the president did nothing wrong. he wants that plane and clearly explains to the american people. he says if the house moves forward with this sham and continue to push these fake and legitimate proceedings on the american people then he wants it to go to the senate and he wants of trial. rob: if there is a senate trial the white house wants adam schiff, the whistleblower and the bidens called to the stand. jillian: a former boston college
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student charged with manslaughter in her boyfriend's suicide is due in court today, accused of thousands of text messages including some saying go kill yourself. he took his wife hours before his graduation in may. 's legal team claims other messages will show she tried to stop him, what are you doing? if you love me, stop, if you ever loved me, stop. rob: prosecutors want and accused serial killer to face the difficulty, robert hayes is charged with murdering three women in daytona beach, florida between 2005-20071/4 murder. dna recently linked him to the crimes. he has pleaded not guilty. a woman who claims she survived an attack will be a key witness in that case. today the president will meet
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with vaping executives and health advocates pushing for a federal ban on flavored e-cigarette to tackle the epidemic. more than 5 million teenagers use e-cigarettes in the united states, report 47 people have died from an illness linked to these devices. the american medical association calling for immediate vaping band. jillian: the texans take first place in the afc south after being in the nailbiter. >> a chance for the colts. can he pick it up? he cannot. rob: texans win 20-17 thanks to a late fourth-down stop and two touchdowns from hopkins. i am not religious about it but i like to see him win when they can win. i can't get into it. wants to talk about the weather? >> happy friday. rob: you have a reputation as a thief around here.
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she hadn't stealing food. >> not a lot of time to go over that. what happened yesterday, you can go to my twitter feed, things were left on the table. i did replace them. a long story. you can find out,@janice dean on twitter. current temperatures, let's talk about the weather. we have a cold front moving through the ohio and mississippi river valley. along that front we will see potential for heavy rain, maybe snow in the wintery next, setting up the scenario as we get into next week. that means potential for travel trouble into thanksgiving. here is the past 24 hours. you can see the heavy rain over tennessee river valley areas, ohio river valley and that will move eastward and bring potential for heavy rain across the northeast on sunday.
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behind that we see a little snow. forecast, precipitation through the next several days into wednesday, we will see quite a bit of snow across the west, higher elevations and the potential for severe storms and flooding potential over parts of the deep south, the midsouth, mid-atlantic to the northeast. we could have a not great travel week next week. keeping you posted. and keep your cookies in your desk or somewhere i can't see them because the potential of stealing cookies is pretty high. rob: thank you so much. >> happy friday. jillian: i will share. rob: 11 minutes after the hour. the final witnesses at the public impeachment hearing tearing into donald trump's ukraine claims. >> some of you on this committee appeared to believe russia did not conduct the campaign against our country. for some reason ukraine did. this is a fictional narrative. rob: are these witnesses and
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democrats ignoring real evidence of ukraine's meddling which has been documented in multiple news reports? john malcolm said yes. he joined us next to explain why the proof shouldn't be hard to find. .. ♪ jillian: a daughter find out the hard way to follow the rules. the viral punishment now going viral. we are coming right back. ♪ this, and even this. but i don't have to clean this, because the self-cleaning brush roll removes hair while i clean. - [announcer] shark, the vacuum that deep cleans now cleans itself. for your worst sore throat pain try vicks vapocool drops. it's not candy, it's powerful relief. ahhhhhh! vaporize sore throat pain with vicks vapocool drops.
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ukrainians recoil at the thought of playing a role in us to mystic politics or elections. >> some of you appear to believe russia did not conduct the
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campaign against our country. for some reason ukraine did. this is a fictional narrative perpetrated and propagated by the russians. rob: one last fiery day of public impeachment hearings, both witnesses attempted to down claims of ukraine meddling in the 2016 election. jillian: is there evidence to support the president's push for answers during the phone call at the center of it all and is it being overlooked? former deputy assistant attorney general in the doj criminal division john malcolm, thank you for being here with your insight. now that this has wrapped up what do you make of it and do you think the president is right? >> i think the public's mind were not changed by these impeachment hearings one way or the other with respect to specifically the allocation about election interference by the ukrainians. no question that it happened to at least some degree just not as pervasively or effectively as what the russians did. during the campaign, the
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minister of internal affairs tweeted out donald trump was a clown and dangerous misfit and even bigger danger to the united states and terrorism. the ukrainian ambassador to the united states wrote a critical article in the hill magazine, former prime minister also said damaging things about donald trump. more particularly the ukrainian court has come to the conclusion that a former ukrainian legislator at the head of the anticorruption bureau illegally released the so-called black letters, documents showing payments to paul manafort from a pro-russian ukrainian party specifically with the intent to interfere. rob: let's look at these examples. you got one of them here, potential evidence of meddling. ukrainian officials reporting the obama administration encouraged them to investigate paul manafort and went after a
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trump campaign official and in 2018 ukrainian court concluded what you said, two officials meddled in the election. that is a big thing. nelly ohr, talk a little bit more about that. if it ukrainian court that we did this. >> two officials did this for the purpose of interfering in the election. ukrainian american, democratic national committee, alexander children i have a lot of connections in ukraine and was trying to dig up dirt on donald trump and paul manafort. this isn't a secret. right after the president won the election politico had an article that ukrainian efforts to sabotage backfire, key officials scrambling to make amends with the president-elect after quietly working to boost clinton. there were lots of people in ukraine who were against donald trump probably because he was
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too close to the russians so they tried as the president said to take him down. jillian: nelly ohr was a fusion informant. where does this go? >> it will be tied up in election interference, talking to alexander chulupa, they will talk to them, probably talking to fusion gps since they work for the dnc and the clinton campaign, digging up dirt on trump. rob: the new york times wrote reports about ukrainian meddling and one of those reports were retracted, they still stand. they are viable even if the dems say this is a conspiracy theory, news reports. >> they are caught up on the idea whether ukrainians rather than russians hacked the dnc. there is no question there was ukrainian -- rob: one last thing, a big deal,
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cnn reporting former fbi lawyer, we don't know who it is but talking about a doctor related to carter page, something on the document, tried to cheat that a little bit. >> we get a long-awaited report from michael horowitz. it will come out descender ninth. he is looking at potential abuse into the fisa application process. all the reports are very thorough. whether you agree with his conclusions he laid out the stats. it will make interesting reading and we will clearly understand why john durham's probe has turned into a criminal probe. i suspect this will change the narrative. people will talk about impeachment but there is something else to talk about too. jillian: scheduled to testify about the report december 11th that will be released tonight. rob: thank you, appreciate it.
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jillian: we will be right with us.
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jillian: congresswoman ilhan omar announces a radical new housing plan. >> i am excited to introduce an act which will fulfill the promise of a home guaranteed by building 1 million new public housing and private permanently affordable rental units. jillian: the $1 trillion proposal would repeal a 20-year-old law which bars federal government from building more affordable housing. omar say how she will fund the plan the claims the new housing units will be available to illegal immigrants. rob: a hunger strike leads to 9
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arrest after activists storm nancy pelosi's office, the group demanding action on climate change. >> i hope nancy will put forward an official declaration of a climate emergency, that at least one branch of government can seem like it cares about the earth we live in. rob: the hungry protesters fed up with pelosi's refusal to meet with them so they barged into her office and that is when the arrests started. it is unclear if pelosi was inside at the time. jillian: congress demanding answers from online tickets companies on potentially deceptive practices. rob: tracy carrasco joins us as lawmakers slam hidden fees and lack of transparency. >> reporter: at the congressional committee, wants to look at deceptive and unfair practices is what they are calling them of live ticketing event companies so they are investigating 6 of the major
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ticketing companies, live nation, vivid seats. they want to know how they determine the fees for these tickets, how they disclose these prices, how they present all this information to customers but most importantly how customers can have a fair chance at getting tickets at face value. a lot of people to tried to buy tickets to a sporting event or concert that is the biggest complaint, paying way more than face value of the tickets. they are asking for the documents, they want to meet with them eventually to go over all this, stub hub saying we support this and applied their decision to look into this and provide a better experience for fans. rob: stub hub is excited about this. jillian: i'm looking on amazon for dyson, i don't see a deal on black friday deals as yet. >> black friday deals with amazon starting today.
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they are starting early this year. we are way ahead of schedule with black friday. they have eight days of sales, adding new sales, lots of brands. adidas, kitchenaid, calvin klein, all brands on sale offering discounts on a lot of amazon product. a lot of echo devices, amazon music, audible, 50% off toys, legos, hot wheels, we have six fewer shopping days from thanksgiving to christmas which is why you are seeing a lot of retailers starting their black friday deal earlier. rob: you and your dyson. i got a crappy vacuum cleaner.
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27 after the hour, donald trump and the first lady paying their respects to two soldiers killed in afghanistan. we remember their service and sacrifice on a tragic day. jillian: you will no longer see political ads in your twitter feed. google says it is ready to police political speech too. if big tech's failed attempt to rig the election, live next. ♪
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yahoo to resign, charged with fraud and breach of trust and accepting bribes in three controversies, first time a sitting prime minister has been charged with a crime in israel. netanyahu denies the accusations calling them a witchhunt. rob: the president will host ncaa champions at the white house honored, should be a fun day friday after a busy week. jillian: the president and first lady honor two american soldiers killed in a helicopter crash as their bodies return to the us. rob: the dignified transfer coming hours after two air force pilots lost their lives in a training accident. aishah hasnie has more on a somber day. >> reporter: a tragic day for the military. the air force, an aircraft mishap killed two air force pilots at vance air force base in oklahoma. the crash happened just after 9 am while two aircraft were performing a training mission. two airman aboard one of the t 38 talents were killed. their identities have not been released.
2:33 am
this happened hours after donald trump and first lady milania traveled to delaware to pay respect and participate in the dignified transfer of two us soldiers killed in afghanistan, 33-year-old chief warrant officer david neil and 25-year-old chief warrant officer tim kirk, the two soldiers were killed on wednesday when their helicopter crashed while providing air support the ground troops. the president must return -- turn his attention to two more grieving parts, corey simmons of the 71st training wing choked back tears as he described the vance air force base as a close knit community. >> our biggest priority is caring for the family and friends of our fallen. we are a close-knit family and when tragedies like this occur
2:34 am
every member of us armed forces field it. >> reporter: thursday's crash is the second incident involving a t 38 training just in oklahoma in the past 15 months. rob: big tech making big moves terrain in political advertising, twitter's ban on political ads goes into effect today. >> google unveiling its own restrictions saying it will no longer about campaigns to target voters based on politics. >> the director of communications for donald trump's reelection campaign joins us now. they are trying to figure out what to do with major internet companies and policies. >> this is google and other tech companies going straight after donald trump. they know donald trump is the
2:35 am
big dog in online communications, they are best added in the world right now and no secret big tech, silicon valley is full of bunch of liberals in these companies and can't stand the idea of donald trump communicating with voters and helping his way towards reelection and must be stopped and this is an effort by big tech and silicon valley and google as we are talking about today directly 2020 election. voter suppression, trying to limit political speech and communication with president supporters and when it was barack obama at the cutting-edge of political communications online they put his people on the cover of wired magazine and celebrated this as breakthroughs in online communication and when it is donald trump who is best in the world at it this is dangerous and has to be stopped. jillian: a number of things here, the audience targeting to age and gender -- clarifies
2:36 am
policies to prohibit claims that expand state-level ads on federal and state parties. is that enough? >> let's talk about what is being stopped, something called first party communication, information people have voluntarily given when they fill out a survey, donated money to the campaign and attend these rallies. they have given their informational raised their hands, that is the way we tailor our ads to communicate to -- to be communicated with. google says can't do that. the voter file which is available in the states, something the rnc had a decade and an enormous advantage over the dnc and all the democrats - heather: some people argue i am
2:37 am
see ads i don't want to see a never asked for this and click on certain things and being targeted. a lot of people would say i want that to stop. >> i think you are talking about something else entirely. people raised their hands, i wanted this information. if you donate money to a campaign and volunteer to be a volunteer on the campaign or build a survey and register for a rally these are people who raise their hands. i want to make another point. this is absolutely targeted at donald trump, democrats should not be celebrating this. bernie sanders and elizabeth warren for the democrats are pretty good at online communication. rob: it is going to affect everybody. especially those who are good at it. >> trying to rig -- rob: google's position on this, an important part of democracy
2:38 am
and no one can sensibly adjudicate any political claim. we are doing so for clear violations. we appreciate your time this morning. jillian: 38 after the hour, impeachment inquiry, a slowdown on a deal. >> you know what matters? the electoral college. jillian: the heated exchange over the president. rob: president obama sending a chill message to his party in the 2020 race, carly shimkus joins us with social media reaction coming up.
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>> if you think this impeachment hearing, the cast of characters, if this is enough --
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>> you know what i would like to see? i would like to see these people into the subpoenas, giuliani -- >> you know what matters, the electoral college which is what you want to be focusing on right now. rob: fireworks eroding between megan mccain and joy theheart. jillian: carly shimkus has the reaction, that wasn't a pleasant moment. carley: the public hearings portion of the impeachment hearing likely drawing to a close. the conversation is shifting to what is happening next, democrats said donald trump should be nervous with republicans feel there isn't enough evidence, no direct link between aid money in the investigations, that is what megan mccain was echoing.
2:43 am
shelley says she is 100% correct, i hope dems keep down this ridiculous trail, he will win easily and she will literally implode. another twitter user says she is not correct. it isn't about how it affects the dems, it is about our country and our constitution. a lot is being made of what texas congressman will heard said, he is a moderate democrat, trump critic and not running for reelection in 2020 and he is not on board with impeachment. the republican party is very much on board altogether on the no impeachment front. rob: they are all sticking together. what does obama think of 2020? carley: he is telling everyone they need to relax, he said this to a room of donors. everybody needs to chill out about the candidates. the turnout of people who agree with us completely on everything which is why i am always suspicious of purity tests during elections. the country is complicated.
2:44 am
he is getting a lot of flak for this was one twitter user says urging barack obama to allow us to practice our democracy, our vote is not to be taken for granted. are part is part of an extended dialogue. let the lecture stop and we are not your children. don says no biden endorsements, telling another twitter users, we need you to sit this one out. what he is saying is perfectly reasonable, talking big picture, supporting who the nominee will be. talking about veering towards more moderate candidate as well. rob: moderate man of reason. it is wild. the robin hood of chicken nuggets. >> a man after my own heart. cody is going viral for tweeting i worked at mcdonald's for 2 and half years and put 11 nuggets and almost every item i made, some people calling him the
2:45 am
robin hood of chicken nuggets. it even inspired the chicago tribune headline the robin hood of mc nuggets make customers happy and without customers is there such a thing as business? business lesson as well. one twitter user says not all heroes where capes, just nametags. someone doing the math on that one. if you are happy maybe you will come back. rob: thanks so much. we are going to check in what comes up on "fox and friends" now and if my eyes don't deceive me. jillian: a great show. donald trump is going to join us live, we will talk to him about the fbi investigation for allegedly falsifying fisa document and ask about the ig report on december 9th, the
2:46 am
inspector general on december 11th and diamond and silk will be here, tom homan, judge janine will be here with her amazing personality and geraldo. >> in my office, dying laughing. rob: see you soon. >> happy friday. if you have moderate to severe psoriasis, little things can be a big deal. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. it may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting.
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♪ ♪ ♪ jillian: try this a second time. good morning. i prematurely said good morning while the music was playing and nobody heard me besides everyone in the studio. good morning to you. rob: i heard it. jillian: good morning to you at home. thanks for joining us on this friday. covington catholic defamation lawsuit against nbc universal can proceed. nicholas sandmann sued for $275 million accusing the network of being negligent and covering this interaction with a native american man outside of washington memorial. the it went viral accusing the teen being racist: sandman has also sued cnn
2:58 am
and "the washington post." rob: climate change activists aren't just hitting the streets. they are hitting the internet and everywhere pretty much. oxford dictionary naming climate emergency, its word of the year for 2019. oxford says usage of the word has surged for man 10,000% in the last year. dictionary defines it as a situation urgent action is required or to reduce or halt climate change and avoid potentially irreversible environmental damage resulting from it. jillian: time for the the good, the bad, and the ugly. first up the good. wide receiver getting a lot of attention for a special separation. >> pass caught, hopkins for thed to you. >touchdown. >> giving his mother. lost her sight and recently shared that her son's success gave her the courage to cope with her struggles.
2:59 am
that's powerful. rob: great story. next the bad perfect christmas tree will cost a pretty penny. >> dad, didn't they up vent christmas tree so people wouldn't have to drive tout nowhere and waste a whole saturday? rob: great movie. christmas tree shortage could drive christmas trees up and through the roof. recent hot and dry summers and lack of seedlings planted a decade ago. jillian: get the fake ones. it's easier. finally the ugly, dad punishes teenager daughter by taking over social media pages for two weeks. look at this. >> dang, dang ♪ dang dang ♪ because i got a name jillian: oh my goodness. this is hilarious. can you imagine? by the looks, by the way larry sumpter is enjoying every minute of this.
3:00 am
i would love to hear what his daughter has to say about this. rob: she is going nuts. i guarantee that. >> thanks for joining us this morning. have a great weekend. rob: busy week. have a great weekend. "fox & friends" starts now. see you later. jillian: bye. ♪ that's the way ♪ um-huh ♪ i like it ♪ um-huh um. brian: i know this song not from kc and the sunshine band, hustle 76 that knock al-jaafari band, one cover band sings all the top songs and it was out there. steve: k tell. brian: i think that's was. kc and sunshine band do it second best. steve: i know kc and the sunshine band because i was in college i was a dj disco. it was played every fifth


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