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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  November 22, 2019 3:00am-6:00am PST

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i would love to hear what his daughter has to say about this. rob: she is going nuts. i guarantee that. >> thanks for joining us this morning. have a great weekend. rob: busy week. have a great weekend. "fox & friends" starts now. see you later. jillian: bye. ♪ that's the way ♪ um-huh ♪ i like it ♪ um-huh um. brian: i know this song not from kc and the sunshine band, hustle 76 that knock al-jaafari band, one cover band sings all the top songs and it was out there. steve: k tell. brian: i think that's was. kc and sunshine band do it second best. steve: i know kc and the sunshine band because i was in college i was a dj disco. it was played every fifth song.
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ainsley: it would have been fun to live in that time period. we have a huge show. steve: that's the way i like it um-huh. ainsley: not every day we get to talk to the president. today we do. he will be calling into our show barring any other emergency. he has committed to our show at 8:00 today. brian: he used to call in once a week. he had to wind down because he got a different job. steve: exactly right. anyway, we have plenty to talk to him about. ainsley: yes, we do. steve: kind of a busy news week. listen to, this we got a fox news alert. didn't see this coming. a former fbi employee is reportedly under criminal investigation accused of falsifying documents tied to the surveillance of 2016 trump campaign staffer, that man in those images, carter page. ainsley: the alarming development, perhaps a preview of the upcoming report by the doj inspector general. brian: griff is in washington on the latest with this breaking story.
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griff: this revelation according to the "the washington post" is part of the probe inspector general horowitz has been leaning into fisa abuse. we will all see his final report which is coming on december 9th. here's what the post uncovered. they write the justice department inspector general has found evidence that an fbi employee may have altered a document connected to the court-approved surveillance of a former trump campaign advisor but has concluded that the conduct did not affect the overall validity of the surveillance application. and fox news has not confirmed but multiple reports say that campaign advisor is carter page how will recall the fbi obtained and renewed several surveillance warrants on him, which is part of the genesis for the muller investigation. unclear what the employee changed to this so-called document it. appears it may have been substantial. this all as former attorney general jeff sessions is speaking out. >> i support attorney general barr's efforts to
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investigate the predicate, the foundation that was laid to start this investigation. i'm proud that the system is beginning to focus on that and i'm confident that we'll get to the bottom of it. griff: now, after horowitz releases that december 9th report, he will testify two days later before the senate judiciary committee and it is possible we could see some of this information in this latest revelation surfacing in prosecutor john durham's criminal probe which you know is in to the origins of the russia probe. it will be fascinating, guys, to see what the president has to say about this in a few hours. ainsley: john durham's investigation has turned into a full-fledged criminal investigation. is that why they discovered this law manipulated key documents. griff: that's a good question. we don't know for sure if that's why. it's not surprising to see it surface in what durham produces. it's going to be a very busy time in december. brian: usually i have to get coffee right now. can i hold you for one more
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question? griff: sure. brian: thanks. this person worked underneath peter strzok. that was left out of the "the washington post" story, wasn't it? >> well, listen, there are multiple news organizations reporting on this. as you know, this is a town that leaks a lot. that one of the things being alleged and that certainly would bring mr. strzok's name back into this long-running story. ainsley: it's interesting. "the washington post" originally reported that he did work under peter strzok or he or she did and then they retracted that a few hours later around midnight. steve: so we don't know. maybe it was wrong. ainsley: correct. or incorrect. steve: at the same time attention is being brought to this person who is a low level fbi lawyer according to the "the washington post" story that is still up on their website. we have had -- that's one thing. we have also had members of congress who have suggested that there is growing evidence that people at the fbi changed the 302 witness interview forms as well. that could be something that
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mr. durham is looking into as well. geraldo was on with hannity last night and said this news about the fbi, bombshell. >> if it is true, that they have an fbi agent, who has altered documents, supporting the fisa warrant, on carter page, this is huge news that cannot be under emphasized. this james comey's fbi. this is the conspiracy theory that has never been told, except on this network. here's an fbi agent sworn officer, constitutional officer going to a fisa judge and lying, essentially, altering a document to get the warrant to begin the surveillance of the trump campaign aide carter page. this is huge news. this is explosion.
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brian: obviously will geraldo's face like no one else's. we expect horowitz's report a few days earlier. this is the churenel of the other story line that we have been trying to follow. we are trying to get out of the blocks. meanwhile the big story yesterday was the last day of week two of the impeachment hearings. featuring david holmes and fiona hill. david holmes was able to overhear both ends of a conversation with the president and ambassador sondland. so he came forward last weekend. he said such compelling things, he was front and center yesterday. along with fiona hill stage left. steve: right. keep in mind, what he said -- what he simply shared his impression of what mr. trump was pushing for as he overheard. and, yet, the only time he overheard the president mention investigations was on that phone call. and here is a lit of the back and forth between
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texas' john ratcliffe and the guy who overheard the phone call. watch. >> you said you heard president trump say is he going to do the investigation and ambassador sondland said he is going to do it, he will do anything you ask him to. is that right? >> yes, sir. >> what did president trump say next? >> he said what about sweden. >> he said, what? >> sir, i'm sorry, i need to look back where we are in the middle of the conversation here. where are we in the testimony? exactly. then he turned to the sweden conversation. steve: that was about the rapper. brian: who he got out. the president tweeted wanted to get the exact tweet out eventually saying never heard anyone who can hear both ends of a conversation on a cell phone. ainsley: that's not on
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speaker. brian: that's not on speaker. and for whatever it means, lindsey graham had walked into the radio studio twice talking to the president. i had no idea who he was talking to. and i assume he wasn't whispering. so from what i have seen, i have actually never heard clearly both sides of a conversation unless someone was doing this. so the president had some credibility, some questions about that. steve: part of the testimony was that he -- gordon sondland was holding the phone a little away from his head because the president was talking so loud. that was in his opening statement. ainsley: he didn't seem very familiar with the conversation. he had to look down at his notes. it wasn't a very long conversation. then elise stefanik was exposing fiona hill. remember fiona hill left the nsc before this conversation took place on july 25th. listen to her questioning fiona hill. >> by the time there was the july 25th call with president trump and president zelensky, you were no longer on the nsc. >> i was not physically in the building. >> and you were not on the call? >> i was not on the call,
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that is absolutely correct. >> and the first time you actually read the transcript of the call was when it was release to the public? >> that's correct. steve: okay. so that's interesting. you know, so, that wraps up 12 witnesses. this is all they have scheduled so far that could have been yesterday adam schiff's closing argument yesterday. brian: he looked like he was going to cry. steve: he was really revved up. we will play some of it for you if you missed it. there were no bombshells during the entire 12 witnesses because the democrats had leaked all the good stuff out ahead of time. no one had direct evidence that the president of the united states did anything impeachable and no one heard him specifically ask for quid pro quo. something for something. ainsley: right. nancy pelosi said yesterday that some of these testimonies might lead to more testimonies. so even though we do think this is the end of their questioning witnesses, it might not be based on what she said. she was also asked about remember in march she said this needs to be bipartisan if you are trying to impeach a president you need to have support on both sides like
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every other president who has been impeached in the past. she was asked about it and she was frustrated. listen. >> the republicans are in denial about the facts. if the republicans do not want to honor their oath of office, then i don't think this should be -- we should be characterized as partisan in any way because we are patriotic: what's your question? brian: we got the question. the other thing is the emerson poll shows support for impeachment is dropping. so i don't know if that's going to factor into and the money for the dnc is dropping. so i'm not sure how long politically it makes sense for nancy pelosi to keep pushing. that's not up for us to decide. here is my take away with fiona hill. fiona hill's most telling statement was that the russians love. this that if hillary clinton had won, they would have easily done the same subversion to make it seem like she won illegitimately forcing the other party to go at it. they are benefiting from all this churn and all our divide. my hope is that we can pull back and see how the puppet
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strings are being pulled on us by the russians. ainsley: so what happens next? democrats could draw these articles of impeachment. bribery, abuse of power, contempt of congress, obstruction of justice. g.o.p. met yesterday if it you will does go to the senate and it looks like it will probably, then they have a full trial. and it could be a long trial in order disrupt 2020 primaries. steve: they suggested two weeks. nancy pelosi is in a pickle. she needs to send it to the senate. because she has got all these people on the left flank of her and they are threatening to primary leadership and whatnot. and so she has got to have a vote in the house sending it to the senate. and that way when the senate and she knows there are no votes there for the senate enough to get it there. ainsley: she can say at least wee did our job. they stopped us. steve: that will be her argument going into 2020. brian: jillian never drops the ball. jillian: president trump and the first lady participate pavement in the dignified
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transfer for two american soldiers killed in a helicopter crash in afghanistan. they are now identified as chief warrant officer to david nadal and chief warrant officer to cuccinelli jr. he was awarded the bronze star. he least behind a wife and two kids. married 8 months ago his wife remembering him as a strong courageous soldier and loyal husband. killed while their helicopter crashed providing air support to ground troops. the navy is pause ago review of eddie gallagher to see if he should lose his seal trident. the navy will not be taking away war fighter and navy seal eddie gallagher's trident pin. this case was handled very badly from the beginning. get back to business. the admiral was considering removing eddie gallagher's pin after he was photographed with a will
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will terrorist body. attest that so-called unbreakable windows didn't go as planned. watch. whoa, maybe that was a little too hard. [laughter] >> yikes. tesla ceo elon musk trying to save the moment saying that metal ball did not actually go through the window. the truck will cost about $40,000. send it back to you. steve: you think they would have worked that out ahead of time. >> you would think. steve: thank you, jillian. brian: say it ain't show the victoria secret fashion show is cancelled. i will bring you the carnage in a moment. do you have concerns about mild memory loss related to aging?
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are sore throat, diarrhea and pain in the arms and legs. ask your doctor about once-daily anoro to start treating your copd. ♪ go your own way save at ♪ ♪ ♪ >> part of an effort to legitimize an alternate narrative that the ukrainian government and the ukraine not russia attacked us in 2016. >> certain ukrainians did work against candidate trump. some with the dnc. and if that's debunked, why isn'is it mr. schiff denied alexandra chalupa from testifying to debunk it. >> fiona hill clashing with next guest interfered in the 2016 election. here with more ohio
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congressman brad wenstrup. congressman, did you ever get an answer to that? >> not directly. she got to say some things at the end, actually about much of what i said. she surprised me because she said that i said things very eloquently and i finished with saying that it's time for this democrat led publicly announced coup to come to an end. i never got a direct answer. i do think she understood that this is a narrative that she has heard from adam schiff. this is not coming from us. we did the report. devin nunes held up our report. but what we are saying is that ukrainians did,en more than one country can try to interfere in our elections and we were just making that point. i think she got it at the end of the day. brian: she wrote a great book on vladimir putin. no one doubts her intellect. i don't think political agenda. no one should put her down at all. in the big picture, she came out and accused you guys of denying that russia, house republicans that russia interfered in our elections. you guys never said that you know russia did. >> we never said that.
3:19 am
no, we never said that but adam schiff has said it over and over and over again. and if you look at her narrative, in that -- in her opening statement she said it's come to my attention through these hearings that you -- some people on this hearing have denied that. well, the only place she has heard it is from adam schiff and it's just one more of the many things that he has done. when i first got on the intel committee, three terms ago, i thought he was a decent guy. but we have just seen too many things happen over and over and over again where he is just playing. this and i think america is tired of it. but, unfortunately, she is an expert. don't get me wrong. i love her expertise, but she was mislead on that and i believe by mr. schiff. brian: watching a lot of that and listening to a lot of it, 12, 16 hours over the last three or four days over the last two weeks they tried to get will hurd, retiring sometimes critic of the president cia agent they didn't. according to his comments didn't love rudy giuliani's
3:20 am
work in the ukraine but not impeachable. your thought? >> well, i thought that that was very key. you know, we know where will stands on so many things and that's fine. we all have varying opinions. but what we all agree is this is not an impeachable offense here. and at the end of the day, every allegation they make, quid pro quo, bribery, extortion, nobody has any of that it's very plain to see what they have been doing for the last three years. it doesn't help their case right now when you look at what they have done for the first two years two and a half years and now we have the reports that there is criminal charges coming out of these investigations involving the fbi. it just backs up what we have been saying for a long time. this is orchestrated attempt to take down a duly elected president. brian: lastly, i think america now knows how important it is for us to back the ukraine. they are the block against russia. and it seems to be -- president zelensky seems to be the right guy at the
3:21 am
right time and hopefully at least we are getting educated on that fiona hill pointed out you how the russians are manipulating us against each other and hopefully we will be mature enough to pull back soon. congressman, thanks so much. >> you got it, thank you. brian: you got it. straight ahead. impeachment has a hot topic during this week's democratic debate. lowest debate of the season so far. are americans already tuning out the 2020 race? diamond and silk are ready to sound off. ♪ ♪ with moderate to severe ulcerative colitis or crohn's, your plans can change in minutes. your head wants to do one thing, but your gut says, "not today."
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steve: i have quick headlines for you on this friday morning. president trump will meet with vaping industry executives and public health advocates. the president is pushing for a federal ban on eflavored cigarettes he has said in a past as a way to tackle the youth vaping end. epidemic. for man 5 million american teens use big cigarettes. that's a big number. vaping could soon be banned at public universities in the state of arizona. state board of regents is proposal outlaw vaping and the sale of tobacco products on the university property. ecigarettes are already banned at northern arizona university. arizona state, and the
3:26 am
university of arizona. and that is some of the news. ainsley: okay. thanks, steve. as house democrats wrapped up a marathon of public hearings. the topic of impeachment took center stage during that democratic debate. watch. >> well, first of all, we have a criminal living in the white house. no one is above the law. we have a constitutional responsibility and we need to meet it. >> we are absolutely going to confront this president for his wrongdoing. >> this is impeachable conduct. >> donald trump doesn't want me to be the nominee, that's pretty clear. brian: least-watched and lowest rated of this election season. so are voters sick of the impeachment talk? steve: let's talks to fox nation personalities diamond and silk joining us from diamond and silk world headquarters. ladies, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> good morning. steve: so why do you think the ratings are going down on these democratic debates? >> because people are tired of hearing the same old same old from democrats. they all talk and they are no action. and then when you hear them talking about impeachment,
3:27 am
calling our president a criminal, you know what's criminal? when you have these democrat candidates standing on stage talking about impeaching a duly elected president based off of hearsay. >> that's right. >> presumptions and assumptions. that's what's criminal. >> that's right. >> okay? and then how are you going to impeach a president that have the unemployment levels at all-time low? >> um-huh. >> historically at all-time low? he done brought back jobs. he is giving more money to hvcus than any other president in history. the opportunity zones, the first step act. y'all want to impeach that. >> that's right. >> then you see kamala harris on stage with her southern accent upset with the democrat party, the party that she represents because they don't do anything for black people even though black people are the backbone of the democrat party. but black people are tired of being just given a bone. >> that's right. >> they are tired of y'all talking about oh, i have a plan. why don't you implement your plan while you were in the senate. they are tired of y'all
3:28 am
talking about i'm champion for this. i'm a champion for black people every now and again a champion do win. black people are tired of losing in this country. >> that's right. >> thank god we have president donald j. trump that have us all winning and that's who we choose to stick with. that's why we are tuning out these democrat debates. >> that's right. ainsley: ladies, why do you think it was the least watched and the ratings were not good? is it because there is no momentum in the democratic party and people are mad because they are trying to impeach the president or is it because we are about a year away from the elections. steve: too early? ainsley: yeah. >> there is no momentum. you calling the president of the united states a criminal. but if you look on stage and you see quid pro-joe. what about that quid pro-joe? let's talk about that. >> that's right. >> there is no momentum and they're liars. people are tired of this foolishness. they pushed this russia witch-hunt that didn't go nowhere and that failed. >> that's right. >> now they are pushing
3:29 am
impeachment witch-hunt. we are tired of it. >> that's right. >> there is no momentum what they are doing. they can just go away we already have a president. >> it's waste of time go somewhere and sit down. only person able to beat donald trump have not been born yet. brian: right. so not mayor pete. >> oh, no, no, no, no, no. pete but edge edge not going to be able to beat donald trump. >> look at the city where he represents what has he done for black folks there? absolutely nothing. come up with all of these plans they haven't implemented any of these plans. they won't do nothing for americans. they have already shown their hands. brian: diamond and silk thanks so much. ainsley: have a great weekend. brian: we will watch you on fox nation. steve: have a great thanksgiving as well. ainsley: confronted about deportation policies and he wasn't happy about it. >it. [shouting] >> 12 million people deported and separated from their families. >> you should vote for trump. you should vote for trump.
3:30 am
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♪ steve: music from midnight cowboy, we believe he won an oscar for. it's your shot of the morning oscar winning actor john voight dances to the podium to accept the national medal of arts in the east room yesterday. brian: wow, they are buddies. midnight cowboy. called vote one of him one of the greatest living legends. certainly one of the greatest actors. ainsley: the president handed out national medal of arts and humanities medal four in each category. allison cross in the background too. she got an award.
3:34 am
singer. steve: meanwhile joe biden is out and about and had some press availabilities yesterday. he took some questions and town hall. ainsley: south carolina greenwood lander university. steve: that's right. somebody in attendance had a really important question. felt very strongly about the obama administration and deportation. ainsley: exactly. he asked a question about obama's record. joe biden didn't like it. listen to his advice. >> because of the deportations were so high under the obama administration, it is hard for me as an immigrant to trust you. and i want to know if you were to be president will you stop deportations on executive one under executive action umpleght no. i will not stop deportations. i will prioritize deportations. only people who have committed a felony or serious crime, number one. number two, to compare president obama to this guy is outrageous. >> 2 million deported and
3:35 am
separated from their families. >> well, you should vote for trump. you should vote for trump. brian: wow, that's stunning. by the way one of the things he tried to say listen, if you commit a crime, you don't want anyone deported even if you commit a crime no, they shouldn't be. ainsley: angry response didn't like the question. fine, don't worry about me. vote for the other guy. but, when you are running and you are in the right spot and you are you feel confident. wouldn't you at least argue why they should vote for you? why isn't that why you are on the stump out there trying to convince people? steve: sounds like the case he was making is if he is elected president it would be a continuation of the obama era deportation. ainsley: i understand what the guy was asking him the way the presidential candidate joe biden responded. brian: just remember it was those restraints thought children were in to separate them from the general population that people like to call cages. there was a surge of unaccompanied minors during the obama years where people
3:36 am
looked to solve that problem as opposed to blame president obama but they chose to blame president trump when people surged to the border. there is a big difference. ainsley: think about this though. if he becomes the nominee, president trump is going to use that. even joe biden says vote for me. [laughter] steve: i wonder if the biden camp is going to come out with the vote for trump bumper sticker. brian: maybe. steve: probably not. brian: i vote to toss to jillian. jillian: thank you very much. we are following a number of stories. begin with this. a former boston college student charged with manslaughter in her boyfriend's suicide is due in court today. accused of sending alexander text message. he took his life before graduation in may. other text messages show she tried to stop him including one alex, what are you explicative doing. if you explicative love me. if you ever explicative love
3:37 am
me stop. packed plane flames shoot out. >> what's going on. i have never seen fire come out. >> black smoke trailing the philippines flight as it turns back to los angeles. it landed safely and thankfully no one was hurt. high school defamation lawsuit against nbc universal can proceed. ruling coming from a federal judge in kentucky. nicholas sandmann sued for $275 million accusing the network of being negligent in covering this viral interaction with a native american man in d.c. sandman's legal team says he did not confront or block the man like the network reported. he has also sued cnn and "the washington post." well, sorry, guys, it's official. the victoria veto fashion show is cancelled. the move comes after last year's runway soloest rating
3:38 am
since 1995. it has been struggling with declining sales. top executive of victoria secrets parent company also come under scrutiny for his ties with jeffrey epstein. send it back to you. steve: all right. thank you very much. 22 minutes before the top of the hour. janice dean is outside on fox square where, as you can see -- janice: look at this crowd already on a friday. incredible. whose birthday right here what's your name. >> levi baker. >> where are you from. >> north carolina. janice: welcome. thank you for coming to "fox & friends." what's your name. >> annie baker. >> janice: are you his sister. >>iest yes, ma'am. >> are you going to have fun today. >> yes, ma'am. janice: high five. that was good. what's your name. >> rich. janice: where are you from. >> phoenix. anna: what's the birthday. >> 5-00. janice: yeah, it's happening. we do have some cold weather moving in back of cold front potential for showers, thunderstorms. could see snow across
3:39 am
portions of the plain states as well. first of three storm systems we are going to watch over the next couple of days that could effect thanksgiving travel. if i could, i know that brian kilmeade has a book. but i am going to be promoting my book as well at the miami book fair. that is happening on sunday, the 24th at 4:30 in miami, florida. ainsley, you want to come with me. ainsley: yes, warm weather and get to meet the folks. i love it. janice: i know brian has a book tour as well we want to talk about that as well. brian: no, no. i want to talk but. janice: do you? ainsley: all four of us need to took our books on the road and do one giant book fair. janice: that's fantastic. would you come and see brian kilmeade and steve doocy and janice dean sign their books somewhere? [cheers] janice: all right. let's do it. steve: they are thinking we could do it right here because we are right here. we wouldn't have to leave town. brian: by the way, going to the super bowl in miami. ainsley: we are. brian: janice, just stay there we will meet you in january. janice: i would love that.
3:40 am
ainsley: janice, i prefer you to come home. steve: look at all of those people outside. why are they? ainsley: christmas tree lightings? thanksgiving next week. steve: a lot of people already have the time off. and here to see the "fox & friends" world headquarters. brian: fox square. ainsley: watch us interview the president. steve: coming up in an hour and 20 minutes the president is going to call. in meantime congresswoman ilhan omar unveiling her plan for affordable housing. how affordable? well, it will cost over 1 trillion taxpayer dollars. brian: genius. she calls it a human right. is that really the best solution? we are going to discuss it next. zoom out. ♪ good, good, good ♪ good to be alive right about now ♪ good to be alive right about now ♪ ♪ ♪
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jillian: good friday morning, welcome back. myles garrett's suspension is upheld. that means he will miss the rest of the season for ripping off and hitting steelers quarterback mason rudolph over the head with his own helmet. garrett appealed the punishment. and thursday night football action now the texans take first place in the afc south after beating the colts in a nail biter. >> might be the game right here. a chance for the colts can he pick it up? he cannot. jillian: texans take this one 20-17. thanks to a late fourth down stop and two touchdowns from deandre hopkins. steve: thank you very much, jillian. congresswoman ilhan omar has announced radical new affordable housing plan. >> i'm excited to introduce
3:45 am
thhomes for all act which will fulfill the promise homes guarantee by building 12 million new public housing and private permanently affordable rental units. steve: wow, well, that plan could cost pairs about a trillion bucks. joining us right now to discuss is the vice chairman of the center for urban renewal and education marc little joining us from l.a. mark, good morning to you. >> good morning, steve. it's so good to be with you. i'm upgraded. i'm now the chair. steve: congratulations. she is now talking about affordable housing. the big question is can we afford it? >> steve, the reality is that we are dealing with a status. a big government status. we have gone from a 52 trillion-dollar universal healthcare plan by elizabeth warren and now 1.2 trillion-dollar program by ilhan omar. it is both of these plans are really designed to
3:46 am
bankrupt america. big government leads to less freedom. reality is ilhan omar is calling it a human right. a basic human right. we have to listen to the language. the reality is that human rights are natural rights as described by john lock are not dependent on government. and they are guaranteed by god. what she is really talking about a legal right, which is dependent on government and can be revoked. if you just look at our friends in hong kong and iran, they are under government given rights and they are being taken away and they want what we want. had which ilhan omar is very much trying to take away. with a slight of hand, i might add. steve: okay. well, we heard in that soundbite she is talking about 12 million new affordable housing units. do we -- there is a need for affordable housing, right? >> there's absolutely a need
3:47 am
for affordable housing that's typically built by developers in communities where regulations promote the ability for developers to do that using tax credits and other things and particularly in california, the redevelopment agency has been shuttered and now affordable house something very difficult to build in california. steve: mark, you know, we have heard from the political left, a lot of big plans, have very large price tags, that's just what they are talking about right now. ultimately, in 2020, you know, if -- when it's time to pick the next president, people essentially it will be a referendum on whether or not the country as a whole wants stuff like that. >> well, you are absolutely right. that's the status agenda and many ways our schools are indoctrinating and we are experiencing a rise in conversation about socialism. the reality is the answer is hard work, school choice, education. when you do those things, you can then afford the basics in life.
3:48 am
steve: all right. marc little joining us from los angeles today. mark, thank you very much. >> thank you, steve. steve: all right. 12 minutes now before the top of the hour. black friday is just one week away from today. today is friday. but you don't need to wait in line for some deals. how about, and this is my favorite. i'm looking at it right there. it's a beer machine and it's 30 bucks. and ainsley is interested in it as you can see. she just came running. kurt the cyberguy has some special offers for "fox & friends" viewers and that's coming up next. ♪ ♪ hey bartender ♪ ♪ without my medication, my small tremors would be extreme.
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ainsley: we are one week away from america's biggest shopping day the day after thanksgiving black friday. brian: kurt the cyberguy knows that he is here with the biggest deals to look out for. show me what you brought. >> these are the categories you want to look for this holiday. very best sports game this year that came out a 3 the big gaming conference this is efootball ps 2020. this is a brilliant soccer game that has -- it takes soccer to a whole new realm.
3:53 am
and this is 50% off. it's normally around $60. it's 50% off for black friday. and this right here. steve: where all these things available? >> i will show you at the website. they all have separate links and you have to look at the dates of when they go on sale. some are right now and some are just a few days from now. all right. so this right now is the mini genesis. this is from sega. remember the genesis? steve: absolutely. >> they did a mini console a collector's edition. 55% smaller. comes with 42 games built. in even have petras on this one and comes with the controllers, this right now is going to be $30 off for this and it's a great, great item. it's just brings nostalgia back for old time gaming. ainsley: good one. >> they are all built. in. steve: they don't need things to plug in. >> they have three different products that they put on for black friday. if you want the super clean
3:54 am
skin, it's like, you know, sonic care toothbrush? they use t sonic waves that vibrate 8,000 times per minute and leave you with super clean skin. this new one that just came out which is the luna 3. and they discounted that one off. steve: substantially. >> substantially. steve: 15 to 35% off. >> this one is 15% off. and luna 2 mini is 25 to 35% off depending on colors wells the ufo that's for a mask. steve: we have been polite. now we want to know about this. >> this is from hop is i. sy dot beer forward slash fox black friday. they will send you this machine for free if you buy the 29.9 collectible glass
3:55 am
pair. steve: wow. ainsley: a full keg or whatever it is called. >> the entire machine. this is called a subcompact. ainsley: super bowl kitchen and your guests can have draft beer. >> we did taco tuesday. we put this on the counter. huge hit. different beers from regions around the country from hundreds of different breweries. it is a hit at a party and let's you have your own chilled ice cold beer any time you want. you just walk up and pull the tap. it comes with a six pack inside of it. ainsley: select any beer. restaurants coordinating with the company. >> different breweries are inside of that. ainsley: bring this to your house and pop it in there and six pack of beer. >> really easy. ainsley: that's a lot of fun. >> just a limited time we will have that this right now is available. so hopsy beer forward slash fox black friday. these are the hottest things we showed you earlier,
3:56 am
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♪ steve: all right. live from new york city and the white house, as we zoomed in, i suppose the camera guy thought that is on the other side of that window the room that the president will be sitting in when he calls us, one hour from right now. we don't know which of the rooms he is actually in. ainsley: maybe from the oval office on the back side of the white house. brian: we know this tense week president is trying to do his job, flying to austin, doing just about everything. steve: right. brian: same time trial days on wednesdaytuesday, wednesday,d thursday. and wednesday it went to 7:00 at night. steve: trial days? brian: not like you can say i'm not interested because it's about him. steve: but it's not really like a trial. that's why i bring that out. there was no due process and what was revealed last night apparently he met with six
4:01 am
different republican senators. he had his white house counsel. he had jarrett in the room. they figured out their strategy going forward. it's in the paper this morning including when it goes to the senate. ainsley: they have a full trial. steve: they willable able to call all sorts of witnesses that the republicans want, including. ainsley: and they could drag it out so it interferes with the 2020 primaries. it might backfire on the democrats. that's the point. brian: can you call adam schiff? steve: do you want to? brian: yeah. ainsley: is he welcome to come on our show. we would love to have him on our show. today we have the president. starts at 8:00. he is going to talk to us for about 40 or 45 minutes. steve: you never know with him it could be a full hour. ainsley: get to a fox news alert. another category. different story. former fbi employee reportedly under investigation accused of falsifying documents tied tout surveillance of the 2016 trump campaign staffer carter page. >> this alarming development coming just weeks before the
4:02 am
release to the doj inspector general's report. that should come out on december 9th. brian: griff jenkins heard this story. he is covering it this morning. hey, griff. griff: brian, ainsley and steve, good morning. accord ing to "the washington post. inspector general michael horowitz leading that probe into fisa abuse. we will all see on december 9th found that an employee at the fbi modified that fisa document and falsely stated that he had documentation to back up a claim made in a fisa application. here is what the post writes. the justice department inspector general has found evidence that an fbi employee may have altered a document connected to court-approved surveillance of a former trump campaign advisor but has concluded that the conduct did not affect the overall validity of the surveillance application. fox news hasn't confirmed this but multiple reports say that is carter page hot fbi obtained surveillance warrants on, you will recall. it's unclear exactly what this employee changed about this document. but the post also reporting that the employee has since been forced out of the
4:03 am
bureau. now this as former attorney general jeff sessions is weighing in. >> i support attorney general barr's efforts to investigate the predicate, the foundation that was laid to start this investigation. i'm proud that the system is beginning to focus on that and i'm confident that we'll get to the bottom of it. griff: and there is more. horowitz will testify before the senate judiciary committee two days after he releases his report on december 9th. it's possible, guys, that this fbi's employee's conduct will find its way into prosecutor's john durham's criminal probe into the origins of the russia investigation and we may also find out a little lesser detail. but the post apparently removed peter strzok's name from their earlier reporting. remember, strzok was the former fbi agent running the russia probe. the post initially saying this employee worked under strzok so a lot more to this story to come yet. i'm sure the president in just an hour will have something to say about it.
4:04 am
guys? steve: you can bet on that. ainsley: thank you, griff. "the washington post" to just add to what he was just saying. "the washington post" put the story out saying this fbi lawyer worked underneath peter strzok who was fired from the fbi because you know those text messages. steve: right. ainsley: and they. steve: they removed it. ainsley: they removed it. steve: and we don't know why. ainsley: hours later maybe it was incorrect. steve: we don't know. brian: a lot of the these things happening now just beginning. coming front and center lindsey graham's committee and horowitz report coming out a few days prior. now you are seeing things to the effect of well, john brennan, james comey disagree on who really was emphasizes the does dossier. fiona says one of the first people to get the dossier. yeah i got it from strobe tall better. all these other stories peoplnetworks arechoosing to ige coming front and center. steve: core story. before bad news, some news
4:05 am
outfit will get a heads up hey, there was somebody at the fbi who altered a fisa application. but what's interesting, is this "the washington post" and cnn story made it very clear, despite that, the application was still legal. so it's like okay, there is a fire over there, but we are going to put it out by saying it's still legal. jason chaffetz says this ig report that's going to come out from horowitz is going to be bad. >> 8 and a half years when i was on the oversight committee and as chairman, i learned that when people are going to be on the receiving end of some really really devastating news, where there is potential for criminal prosecutions, they would go out and try to drop this ahead of time. it's something you have been talking about for a year plus, but suddenly it drops out. it's more evidence that this report that horowitz is coming out will be devastating. that's justth precursor because durham has got to do his work and go put some handcuffs on some people. steve: the horowitz report will come out.
4:06 am
it just makes recommendations, things that he observed. and then horowitz would actually because he is at the department of justice be in charge of figuring out whether anybody will be charged. brian: so the president ran on trying to re-do these trade deals and rebalance them. one of the first things he did was get the usmca passed and canada signed off on it. and mexico signed off on it. and nancy pelosi, robert lighthizer led the negotiations, been meeting constantly with democrats. word is they had some worries about labor rights when it came 20 mexico. they solved it. they met with the unions. now, nancy pelosi for some reason does not want to put something up for a vote that would indeed pass. and, yesterday, just to underline the frustration because you are talking about hundreds of thousands of jobs. and wage growth, she said this. >> we have a responsibility to drastically improve the situation. that is to say to make it real. not just nafta with sugar on
4:07 am
top but a change the fundamentals of it. we certainly have to make progress today. again, i keep telling the freshman class, this is about legislating. and it takes time. i'm not even sure if we came to an agreement today that it would be enough time to finish. but just depends on how much agreement we come. to say. steve: well, that makes perfect sense when you think about it. she does not want to give the president a win while she is also trying to kick him out of his job. ainsley: america is not stupid. they are watching this happen. it's weeks and weeks of impeachment. and they are screaming, please, we want gun safety. we want usmca. we want the national definition authorization act. we want prescription drug prices to go down. we want infrastructure. steve: all those things then the president would be able to say look, i was able to work with the democrats even though they were trying to throw me out and we got stuff done. kevin mccarthy, who is the
4:08 am
top republicanned in the house had this observation about nancy pelosi and the fact that she does not want to go forward with it right now. >> and not only would our economy be stronger, we would be stronger as a nation when reneg united states with china who has now become our number three trader when mexico and canada is number one and number two. but, no, we are weaker today in that negotiation simply because the speaker won't bring this up because she is too busy with impeachment. today we're waiting on the senate to pass another -- brian: see, now what it is is legislation is perfect for nancy pelosi because she could honestly say i went in there. i tweaked it. i had a say in it, i put it up for my house and my house passed it and then it goes to the senate. they are ready to vote for it. the president signs it and you don't even have -- it doesn't have to be a big signing ceremony it. just gets done. the big picture, i think she is going to have a hard time turning around saying. got to say to herself do i
4:09 am
want to turn around and say did i nothing. i passed a bunch of bills that had no shot in the house or turn around and say i did a trade deal and gave us a lot of jobs and grew wages? ainsley: she and adam schiff are walking out of capitol hill every day and getting pats on the back from all these democrats. keep going, keep pushing. thank you for doing that push impeachment. she hears that she thinks that's what they're supposed to do. middle america, you have the independents. people who haven't made up their mind how they are going to vote yet. they are listening to this. they are watching. steve: you have to figure political calculation is. this she doesn't want to give president trump a win. she needs to impeach him in the house, send it to the senate so she can say listen, the senate didn't pass it. ainsley: we did ours, right. steve: that will play out over the next couple of months and then the run-up to the 2020 election the democrats are going to have nothing to run on. look, we did this. but, at the last minute she will say you know what? let's pass that and then she and the president will both get credit but right now she does not want to help him out. ainsley: that's right. okay.
4:10 am
jillian is here. she has more headlines for us. jillian: good monday morning. we begin with this story. two air force pilots are killed during a training mission in oklahoma. the commanders of the 71st flying training wing choking back tears discussing the aircraft mishap at air force base. >> our biggest priority at this time is carrying for the family and friends of our fallen. we are close knit family. and when tragedies like this occur, every member of the u.s. armed forces, feels. this. jillian: second incident involving a training jet in oklahoma. the victims have not been identified. new calls for israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu to resign. he is now formally charged with fraud, breec breach of trut and accepting bribes. this is the first time a sitting prime minister has been charged with a crime in israel. netanyahu denies the accusations and calls them a witch-hunt.
4:11 am
supporters and critics held dueling protests in jerusalem. new ban on political ads coming to news feed near you. giving users a taste of social media without politics in the mix. crackdown targets ads for political figures and groups with restrictions on certain types of paid political messaging. and now let's go to this. a live look in outer space, astronauts kicking off a space walk to repair a cosmic particle detector on the international space station. american andrew morgan is joined by italian astronaut luka. this is fix instrument that nasa says is used to unlock the mysteries of dark matter. send it back to you. steve: that is cool. thank you very much. steve: meanwhile, using your money to tear down the border wall that's being built right now. elizabeth warren has a plan for that if elected. listen. >> would you ask taxpayers
4:12 am
to pay to take down any part of the wall on the nation's southern border? >> if there are parts of the wall that are not useful in our defense, of course we should do it. brian: retired ice director tom homan is here to sound off as well as his big night last night. that story next. steve: look at that. ♪ ♪ you can tell everybody ♪ you can tell everybody ♪ go ahead and tell everybody ♪ i'm the man ♪ i'm the man ♪ i'm the man ♪ yes i am 1200 watts of power. easy twist design. optimum control. introducing the all-new nutribullet blender combo. one blender with endless possibilities.
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4:16 am
>> would you ask taxpayers to pay to take down any part of the wall on the nation's southern border? >> if there are parts of the wall that are not useful in our defense, of course we should do it. the real point here is we need to stop this man made crisis at the border. trump is the one who has created this crisis. steve: well, some 2020 candidates fight to stand out on that crowded debate stage in atlanta. progressive elizabeth warren dropped a bombshell on immigration as you have just heard. brian: yeah, she has a plan for that presidential hopeful vowing to tear down some of the border wall using taxpayer dollars. isn't that interesting? ainsley: joining to us react retired ice director and fox news contributor tom homan. everything you have worked for she wants to destroy with your tax dollars. >> she has proven she is not very smart. why would you tear down the wall when the data clearly
4:17 am
shows where they built a border barrier, illegal immigration went down, drug smuggling went down. already paid for, sitting there. a tool the border wall wants and uses and successful. like her taking the front door off her house. would she do that? this is a tool that's valuable. look, numbers are down 65%. she can't fight that. steve: what she said was she would not take it down if it's needed for our national security, our defense. >> it's all needed for our national security because what's going on with these family groups and uacs, border patrol 50% manpower no longer online. if you are somebody in this world that wants to come here and blow something up, you will come across the border and that's what makes this a humanitarian crisis a national security crisis. brian: the president has talked about with jared putting camera 24 hours a day and see the border wall being constructed. what could you tell us is happening? >> i think it's a great idea. the false narrative being pushed by dems there is no new wall.
4:18 am
there is new wall going everywhere. media plays it you are replacing old wall. not new wall in new areas. the president is doing exactly what the border patrol wants them to do. he is replacing some old wall because the border patrol says we need that wall replaced because this is where the traffic is coming through. the wall is being built on prioritization of the experts on the border. the president has answered their call. he is doing the right thing border patrol. they are loving him for it. steve: going to be binary choice simple 2020 do you want somebody who is doing that on our southern border or somebody who says i'm going to take down the wall or their point of view regarding immigration? >> no doubt in my mind the president is going to kick some butt in 2020. america loves a secure border. he has 65% decline in illegal immigration because of president trump. the congress hasn't offered up one idea, one fix. the courts are fighting him every step of the way. just think for a moment, if coming would have come to the table and said you know what? border secures is important to us and work with you. we would have this crisis out. he did it 65% because of him. he is a great president.
4:19 am
that's why i love the guy. brian: talking about great. yesterday a great night for you. tell us how you were honored. >> i was honored as the man of the year by the blue magazine brothers before others and moment of silence all three organizations that really support local law enforcement. i have gotten a lot of awards: officer of the year two years ago. this means a lot to me. because this came from the cops. this came from the street cops. and i started my career as a patrolman in upstate new york. so for the men and women standing on the front line taking a incredible beating right now to honor me because i have been out there fighting for law enforcement. i was one of them. brian: can we hear an excerpt from your speech last night? >> maybe. brian: take a look. >> i want to talk about the greatest president i have ever worked for, donald trump. [cheers] >> i first heard about this award. do you know hot first guy that called me was? donald trump. this president loves law enforcement. steve: this president loves law enforcement, he said. >> do you know what? he loves law enforcement.
4:20 am
he has had their six. when he became president. i sat down with a bunch of cops nypd bernie kerik told me a few stories and patrolmen told me a few stories before he was politics he had their six. he invited cops in restaurant to eat. whenever he saw a cop out front he made sure they had bullet proof vest on. i heard stories how donald trump treat you had patrolmen: he lost the police. proven it. given them the back. he has their sixth. as soon as i mentioned their name they went nuts. you have a thousand cops who love this president. i love him because what he is doing for law enforcement and first responders. these cops love him. steve: congratulations, tom. >> thank you, we appreciate it. brian: we are glad you are with us. straight ahead. 20 years since the olympic park bombing in atlanta when
4:21 am
richard julie warichard jewel wy the media. steve: new book clear his name the author is joining us live coming up next. ♪ before nexium 24hr mark could only imagine... a peaceful night sleep without frequent heartburn waking him up. now that dream is a reality. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn?
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steve: now time for news by the numbers. 4.6 billion -- should say viewers according to nielsen media research lowest watched debate this election season. next, 52%. that's how many workers admit to using company time to shop online. is that all? survey from staffing firm robert hack technology finds workers are filling up their cart on company devices. and finally, $48 and $91, that's the average cost of a thanksgiving meal this year. the american farm bureau bases the price tag on turkey, sides, and pumpkin pie for 10 people. it will cost you just about 50 bucks. all right. brian. brian: more than 20 years since the centennial olympic park bombing. new movie exposing the fbi and media's rush to find the culprit ultimately accusing an innocent man of that crime.
4:26 am
>> jewel fits the profile of the lone bomber. >> the frustrated white man who is a police wannabe who seeks to become a hero. >> we're running it. >> accusers doing the most powerful forces in the world. >> the united states government and the media. brian: wow, the movie's creators relying on stories from those who worked the case reaching out to the authors. new book called "the suspect" the fight to clear richard jewel's name. kent alexander is here, former u.s. attorney in georgia in 1996 and kevin salven who ran the southeastern coverage for the "wall street journal" at the time. kent, first for you, how did you get this case? this came across your desk. >> i was the u.s. attorney at the time. the olympics were going on. bomb went off. i was woken up and went to the park that night. the fbi is doing the investigation and i was the prosecutor. brian: you are the prosecutor on this case. as you see it unfold, as you try to reconstruct 1996, this is prior to 9/11.
4:27 am
where people might think what were you thinking? >> well, i was thinking that this was a remarkable case of a man being wrongly accused. and a remarkable case of a man who is truly an unsung hero and i wanted to figure out why that happened. steve: wrongly accused is richard jewel. did funky things that made people believe he might have been the culprit. >> centennial park where this bomb went off 50,000 people in it. he asked if it would stand a blast. he said he was going to be famous. take a picture of them. said something big was going to be in the park and he would be in the middle of it. there are just odd things that he said and other things that just came together. brian: but what happens, kevin, when someone is wrongly accused? don't you think we can learn something like this where the momentum and belief convict somebody that turns out to be innocent? >> yeah. 1996, actually is, a fascinating year in media. because while cnn is already up and running, fox news channel starts that year.
4:28 am
msnbc starts that year. the "wall street journal" and the "new york times" go online that year for the first time. all of a sudden the pace of news really accelerates and in many ways it's very much a presocial media social media story. the risk here, of course, is that someone like a richard jewel gets caught up in the swirl of all of this. brian: and he did. and here is richard jewel. this is him october 1996. watch. >> i am not the olympic park bomber. in its rush to show the world how quickly it could get its man, the fbi trampled on my rights as a citizen. in its rush for the headline that the hero was the bomber, the media cared nothing for my feelings as a human being. the fbi and the media almost destroyed me and my mother. brian: set the scene there, kent? >kent? he is desfratly prying to despey
4:29 am
trying to tell everyone i didn't do. this two days after the clearance letter he got. he wanted to tell the world i didn't do it. also he wanted to tell the world a little bit about himself and his mother as we do in this book. is he a fascinating guy. really fun guy. i love richard jewel. the guy that's the reporter and fbi agent. suspense and turns through it. but a lot of it ended here and then the story keeps going because there are a lot of things that after him afterwards. brian: you helped with the movie. >> we did. we had the opportunity to work with warner brothers and clint eastwood. it was a terrific experience. brian: you like the movie you saw it last night. >> phenomenal, just great. brian: pick up the book. can you do both. called "the suspect" richard jewel the man who got caught in the middle. >> thanks brian. brian: president trump will join us live at the top of the hour. i have got to think of a question. i know i have one. it's on the tip of my tongue. president trump's energy
4:30 am
secretary sounding off about the impeachment fight when they brought up his name. >> he will muscle right on through. this he is an extraordinary individual. i don't see the american people buying in to this thing. brian: ed henry got the interview. he is going to be here to preview it for his weekend show this weekend. ♪ nothing but a good time ♪ ca ♪ i was diagnosed with parkinson's. i had to retire from law enforcement. it was devastating. one of my medications is three thousand dollars per month. prescription drugs do not work if you cannot afford them. for sixty years, aarp has been fighting for people like larry. and we won't stop. join us in fighting for what's right.
4:31 am
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♪ this is how it starts ♪ lightning strikes the heart ♪ goes off like a gun ♪ brighter than the sun steve: i just noticed the president of the united states was in that building right now tweeted out he is going to be on "fox & friends" in 28 minutes. we have got another slow news week. we have got plenty to talk to him about. brian: meanwhile, bring in ed henry all pumped up to do his show over the weekend. >> saturday and sunday
4:34 am
12 p.m. eastern. brian: perry went to the inauguration zelensky. we haven't heard much from him since. >> he was fired up. rick perry told me in his first real comments on this, look, i don't know what ambassador sondland is talking about. i never heard the word burisma come up either from rudy giuliani or the president. i was in general, he was there for in ukraine as you say. he said there was no there there and so he pushed back hard. now democrats are going to say he should come in under oath. you should say that the white house doesn't believe that this is a serious, fair investigation. so they are not sending the cabinet secretaries up there. a big picture. rick perry was so forceful in saying this president will not be removed from office. why is this modern? rick perry ran against the president in 2016. in 2015 i reminded him that he had said that donald trump was a cancer on conservatism. he said, ed, rereminds me of this all the time. this president never let's me forget that i have seen him upclose. he has done great things for
4:35 am
the economy. on fracking perry go out there and unleash. this liquified natural gas. get more american jobs. great job as president. there is no way he will be removed. watch. >> i think the president will -- he will muscle right on through. this he is an extraordinary individual to stay focused and disciplined from the standpoint of, you know, we got a mission here. and we're going to get through it and we're going to make it happen. you know, i don't see the american people buying into this thing. ed: do you see any chance republicans removing him from office? >> lord no. not even close. ed: he said not even close that republicans would support removing this president from office. by the way, we're going to have this on the show. he gave the president a month ago a one-page memo. and what is it? it's old testament kings who were imperfect he told me. rick perry very serious about his faith he gave this to the president. old testament kings imperfect sent by god to do great things. ainsley: king david had an
4:36 am
affair with bathsheba killed husband. saul who became paul. >> all imperfect rick perry told me. he is doing great things. i said, look, you are talking about all the great things they energy department you wanted to removie it in that debate one of the things you wanted to eliminate. he joked about it oops moment. i have learned, come here and done great things. this president pulled me aside he said perry, you need to do what did you in texas on energy. do that in europe. now we have over 30 countries around the world buying liquified natural gas from america. brian: russia doesn't want. ed: russia doesn't like that. he said the president pushed back kilmeade did you see his special? steve: on alamo. ed: kilmeade pitched me to come on my show on the weekend and bailed on plea. long story, scheduling conflict. anyway, secretary perry i didn't see it. i guess we are in the same boat, ed, i hear he did this book and i wanted to read it. i heard about the special and i you wanted to watch it. how could kilmeade, this is a true story, secretary
4:37 am
perry. how could kilmeade do something on alamo and sam houston and not bring me? so you need to do part two. i'm not joking. he said call his office. brian: do it for fox nation. by the way if you want to see me rick perry meet me in st. louis tonight i will be there and on saturday the 7:00.ges at 1:30 in the this is relatively new the writers block bookstore and sunday jacksonville southern as well as at 9:30 in the morning. i guess they are brewing beer from 9:30 to 11:00. sam houston and the alamo avengers. thanks, everyone. the book -- ed: i love you turned an exclusive with secretary perry into a plug. brian: that's great producing. ed: so much news from him break it up both days saturday and sunday noon. ainsley: doing four hours in the morning and then. ed: after "fox & friends weekend" stick around. maybe brian will come on. steve: jillian joins us
4:38 am
right now looks like somebody has the flu. jillian: suspected neurovirus outbreak cancels classes for 20,000 students in colorado. all 46 students will not open until after thanksgiving break. cleaning crews are disinfecting classrooms and some getting sick. highly contagious virus been reported more than 400 times since october at the u.s. air force academy in colorado. a high schooler's defamation lawsuit against nbc universal can proceed. nicholas sandmann sued for $275 million accusing the network of being negligent and covering this viral interaction with a native american man in d.c. sandman's legal team says he did not confront or block the man as the network reported. sandman has also sued cnn and "the washington post." climate change activist aren't just hitting the streets. they are hitting the internet. oxford dictionary naming
4:39 am
climate emergency its word of the year for 2019. i guess that would be a phrase of the year. oxford says usage of the word has surged more than 10,000% in the last year. dictionary defines it as, quote: a situation in which urgent action is riders to reduce or halt climate change and avoid potentially irreversible environmental damage resulting from it. and the real noah's ark may have just been discovered. experts claim they have underground images of a mysterious ship shaped object hidden in the mountains of eastern turkey it's long been believed that the biblical ark is buried somewhere in that area but not everyone is convinced. geologists convinced the lumpy ground is irregular mountain formation. i guess we still don't have actual proof. brian: i thought we found noah's ark in the 70's. >> that's what wasn't it. brian: why didn't you tell me? ainsley: we are telling you now. there is that big replica of noah's ark.
4:40 am
brian: all do you is break up a piece of wood and test it how hard is that. steve: hard. ainsley: please pray for brian. steve: out on fox square janice dean joins us. janice, i guess because we are getting close to the holidays with thanksgiving less than a week away. ainsley: i'm being told noah's ark is in kentucky. got to take the kids. janice: hi, everybody. what are your names? >> liz. >> paul. janice: you are celebrating? >> being alive. janice: i love that what's your name? >> maizey. >> where from you? >> florida. >> are you having fun so far? janice: what are you celebrating? >> my birthday. >> happy birthday, girlfriend. what's your name. >> casey. >> and you are celebrating a birthday. >> yes i am. janice: where are you from. >> katie, texas. janice: thank you for coming to "fox & friends." do the weather. we have temperatures in the 40's here in new york city. we do have a cold front that's going to sweep on through and bring the potential for showers and
4:41 am
thunderstorms for the eastern third of the country this weekend. that's number one. this is the first storm system then we are going to watch another one later on early next week. and then the next storm system moving in for thanksgiving, we think. so that's something we are going to have to watch over the next couple of days. make sure you are paying close attention to your local forecast because it is the biggest travel weaning oweek ofthe year. happy birthday. >> happy birthday. brian: fox square. janice: fox square is happening. ainsley: thanks, janice. we have a fox news alert. president trump is about to take action on hong kong as the region braces for new protests this weekend. we are live on the ground next. so you only pay for what you need. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ you may have gingivitis. when you brush, and the clock could be ticking towards bad breath, receding gums, and possibly...
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tooth loss. help turn back the clock on gingivitis with parodontax. leave bleeding gums behind. parodontax.
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most people think of verizon as a reliable phone company. (woman) but to businesses, we're a reliable partner. we keep companies ready for what's next. (man) we weave security into their business. virtualize their operations. (woman) and build ai customer experiences. we also keep them ready for the next big opportunity. like 5g. almost all the fortune 500 partner with us. (woman) when it comes to digital transformation... verizon keeps business ready. ♪ ♪ jillian: good morning to you, welcome back. quick headlines now. you want to see this. lightning appears to strike a plane twice as it sits on the tarmac. this happening during a storm in new zealand. the imritz plane was not actually hit and no one was
4:45 am
hurt, thankfully. frontier headlines causing a different kind of panic overnight. sending holiday travelers are the subject line there has been a change to upcoming flight. no other details. turns out 2 was a glitch. frontier has apologized for the error. ainsley? ainsley: hong cock preparing for new protests over the weekend. steve: prepare for first election sings the pro-democracy demonstration started. ainsley: jonathan hunt is live in hong kong with what to expect. jonathan? >> ainsley and steve good morning. it has been already obviously a long, violent and difficult week for hong kong. in particular for the pro-democracy demonstrators who essentially lost their battle against riot police at the hong kong polytechnique university. all week we saw their pleas for help writ large on the halls of building, on the campus spelled out in signs
4:46 am
on the grounds of that campus. so there will be a modicum of relief from them, even a touch of celebration if, as seems likely today, president trump signs the hong kong human rights and democracy act. but the chinese government is furious at that prospect as are its supporters among politicians here in hong kong. among them executive council member regime that. listen here. >> once have you done that. hong kong will be driven more toward leaning or relying on mainland china. >> now, there are district council elections as you mentioned scheduled here on sunday. they are not for powerful positions but it will be a deeply symbolic election. essentially a referendum on the pro-democracy movement and leading pro-democracy
4:47 am
activists. joshua yong told us today that it is time for everybody who supports these protesters to make their mark at the ballot box. listen here. >> time to have the protests to express our anger to the crackdown. >> but there will be a large number of riot police on duty, we are told throughout the city. in fact, all 31,000 members of the hong kong riot police force have been cancelled all leave. they will be out on the streets in force. the pro-democracy activists say that will have a chilling effect on those who might want to go and vote in favor of the pro-democracy candidate but might be scared off by the presence of those riot police. it promises to be a very tense weekend here in hong kong. steve and ainsley? steve: and understatement. john hand hunt live in hong
4:48 am
kong. ainsley: makes you grateful to be an american. you have freedom here. steve: a lot going on over there. ainsley: president trump joins us live at the top of the hour. steve: meanwhile a prison guard charged in jeffrey epstein's death says she will cooperate with the feds. what happens next? a former federal prosecutor joins us with the questions she wants answered. billions of mouths. billions of problems. sore gums? bleeding gums? painful flossing? there's a therabreath for you. therabreath healthy gums oral rinse fights gingivitis and plaque and prevents gum disease for 24 hours. so you can... breathe easy, there's therabreath at walmart.
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4:52 am
jillian: good friday morning quick headlines for you. today president trump will meet with vaping executives and public health advocates. pushing for a ban on eflavored cigarettes as a way to tackle the youth vaping epidemic. more than 5 mr. teens use ecigarettes. could soon be banned in alabama. weighing proposal outlaw vaping and sale of products on university property. ecigarettes are already band at arizona university, arizona state and the university of arizona. ainsley? ainsley: all right, thank you, jillian. new questions surroundings the death of jeffrey epstein. the fbi is investigating whether a criminal enterprise played a role. now a prison guard charged with falsifying prison records says she is willing to cooperate with federal investigators. so what happens next in this case? joining me now is former federal prosecutor francey headaches.
4:53 am
hey, francey. >> hey. how are you? ainsley: i'm good. thank you. what does happen next. >> next i suspect really there are two things. one, i think the fbi in london, they have a fully staffed office there, the fbi does in london and lots of cooperation with local police at the met new scotland yard. i think they will talk to prince andrew. he may very well have information on the broader conspiracy case that is still ongoing in the investigative stages with respect to people who may have been collaborating with jeffrey epstein. and then, two, i think the prison guard will probably be coming in for what's called a proffer. she will come in and do a proffer with her lawyer. telling the u.s. attorney this is the u.s. attorney what she knows. and then we might see a fast plea deal so they can lock in her story and possibly even have her testify at grand jury. as far as what happened, that prison, the day jeffrey epstein died. answer answer what do you think happened inside the walls of the prison. >> ainsley, that's a great
4:54 am
question. it's really hard to know. we certainly have heard at least reports that the cameras were not working but we also heard that it's been verified that one approached his cell in eight hours. so during that eight hours, presumably, he was either dead or killed himself and was unfound and unrescued. and it's really hard to understand why the guards failed in their duty. they were supposed to check on him every 30 minutes. every eight hours they didn't do so. is that standard practice there are they always falsifying their records? that's why we have heard talk of this criminal enterprise. ainsley: what exactly are they trying to find out here? are they trying to find a paper trail just in case there was more to this stor story? >> i think that you could be looking at a case where the guards might be held responsible for some sort of negligent homicide of somebody in custody. they didn't rescue him. they didn't do anything affirmative to prevent his death when it's clear policy
4:55 am
that they do so. any will be looking for false find logs that they are charged with false phiing. they will be looking at other cameras and the policies and procedures. is this standard practice for them to ignore their duty how high up does it go? were supervisors aware of it? was the warned aware of it. all things the fbi is investigating now. ainsley: in your experience if anything like this has happened do the guards talk? do i worry about their safety, too. they are dealing with prisoners. we don't know what happened before all of this. why they fell asleep. why they were shopping. why they never checked on him. why he didn't have a cell mate when he was on suicide watch. why the cameras were turned off it. seems very suspicious to americans. >> well, it is suspicious. it's easy to make it seem like a conspiracy and it might be. it might be a conspiracy to not do their job. i don't know whether it was a conspiracy to commit murder or possibly a conspiracy that just was
4:56 am
going to allow them to commit suicide because of who he was. they didn't care. so they backed off knowing he had already made one attempt and they didn't care if he succeeded at the next. ainsley: thank you so much, francey, hopefully we will get some answers. have a good weekend. >> you too. ainsley: busy week in politics. debate, trade negotiations. up next we will talk to president donald trump live. ♪ ♪ this is our country ♪ ♪ ♪ - [woman] with my shark, i deep clean messes like this, this, and even this. but i don't have to clean this, because the self-cleaning brush roll removes hair while i clean. - [announcer] shark, the vacuum that deep cleans now cleans itself.
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♪ steve: live from new york. very shortly the president of the united states willing calling from that building. sounded like adam schiff made closing argument yesterday as we
5:00 am
heard from the final of 12 witnesses in the public portion of the impeachment inquiry. ainsley: adam schiff believes that the president believes he is above the law. we'll ask the president about that. brian: emotion he struck me. how red his face was. he looked almost ready to explode, out of frustration, i'm not sure. he was two weeks ago, kind of surprising called the president a charlatan. basically the resistance has turned, turned into a movement. ainsley: democrats in favor of it. republicans say this is all theater. steve: if, sounded like a closing argument essentially we don't know of anymore scheduled witnesses. that could be it. where does it go from there? we'll talk to the president about that in a moment. we have breaking news. former fbi employee is reportedly under investigation accused of falsifying documents tied to the surveillance of that
5:01 am
man right there, carter page, who worked on the trump campaign. brian: the alarming development coming weeks before the doj inspector general's report. ainsley: griff jenkins live in washington with the latest on this breaking story, griff. reporter: we're working to fill in the details. according to the story which began in the "washington post," michael horowitz is leading a probe into fisa abuse we'll see the report on december 9th, that an fbi employee falsified a fisa document. falsely claimed he had evidence to back up a allegation. the justice department found court approved surveillance after former trump campaign advisor but concluded that the conduct did not affect the overall validity of the application. fox news is working to confirm all those details. multiple reports say it is carter page the advisor who the fbi obtained surveillance
5:02 am
warrants on and renewed them. unclear what this employee changed to the document. the employee has since been forced out of the fbi. all this coming as former attorney general jeff sessions is weighing in. >> i support attorney general barr's efforts to investigate the predicate, the foundation, that was laid to start this investigation. i'm proud that the system is beginning to focus on that. i'm confident that we'll get to the bottom of it. reporter: ultimately we'll all find out because horowitz will testify before the senate judiciary committee two days after he releases that december 9 report. it is possible that employee's conduct will find its way to prosecutor john durham's investigation of the russia probe. brian: this could be a beginning of the story line that has been on ice for months as we await
5:03 am
for john durham's report. you pointed out cnn had a story. fbi if they know bad stuff is coming they try to trickle it out in friendly outlets. steve: draft report circulated to people involved and some of the information has made it out there. we're joined by right now, great pleasure to welcome the president of the united states donald trump calling in. mr. trump good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: good to have you on "fox & friends" today. as you said in your tweets another slow "newsweek." start with the fact that the story griff brought us, sounds a former fbi lawyer it sounds like was doing something with the fisa application. that person got removed. and this goes to your argument that somebody at the fbi was out to get you, right? >> well it certainly does. they were spying on my campaign and it went up to the top and
5:04 am
everybody knows it and now we're going to find out. "bull durham" is supposed to be the toughest i never met him or spoke to him. he is supposed to be the smartest and best. he works for bill barr a great attorney general. we may have ended this thing a lot sooner had he been there originally but you have some people that are great people now. patriotic people, they love our country. and this was spying on my campaign, something that has never been done in the history of our country. this was an overthrow attempt at the presidency. they tried to overthrow the presidency. this is a disgrace. i'm not surprised to see it. it is just starting to come up. i think this is nothing compared to what you will see next couple weeks. these people are sick. ainsley: they say the fbi lawyer altered key documents to the warrant application so they could get permission to surveil carter page. he was on "mornings with maria"
5:05 am
a few moments ago. he says it's a coverup. listen. >> they have just been putting false information out there to the media. the democrats and their allies in, washington and the media, constantly pushing lies after lies. finally this gets picked up by a court. it gets picked up by the comey mccabe fbi and they to the a warrant, a fraudulent warrant i believe to spy on myself as a way of getting into the trump campaign. there has been a continued coverup to this very day. we still don't have the truth but hopefully we'll get that soon. ainsley: how does that compare with what happened with the ukraine conversation? democrats want to impeach you because of that conversation but this looks pretty bad? >> so my conversation was a perfect conversation. the ukrainian president said, what are they talking about? they must think we're nuts in this country. this conversation was flawless t was appropriate. it was perfect. it was nice.
5:06 am
it was everything and they even said that. they came out and said it. compare that, as they try to impeach. by the way they looked like fools over the last five days. these interviews, these were their witnesses. this was the best they have got. adam schiff is a sick puppy. he is a, it has been incredible. what you're going to see i predict will be perhaps the biggest scandal in the history of our country, political scandal but i guess that is the biggest. what's more important than political when it comes to that. brian: what do you mean by that? >> i think you will see things that are going to be incredible if it is done right. i purposely stay out. i tell bill barr to handle everything. i wouldn't have to. i could get very much involved but i purposely don't. i haven't, and you know what? it is better that way i guess. i don't have any obligation legally to do that but i have let them handle it. you have a fisa report coming out which the word is, it's historic, that is what the word
5:07 am
is. that's what i hear and if it's historic you will see something. perhaps even more importantly you have durham, coming out, shortly thereafter. he is the u.s. attorney and he is already announced it is criminal. and we'll see what happens. but i'll tell you what, you have a lot of very, very bad people. you know a lot of people say deep state. i don't like to use the word deep state. i say they're really bad, sick, people. steve: mr. president you say it could be historic. you have suggested in the past this might go much higher than the department of justice or the fbi. during the obama administration. are you suggesting it could actually go up into the west wing of the obama administration? >> what you're dealing at the highest levels of government. they were spying on my campaign. this is my opinion. i said it a long time. remember when i put out a tweet and i talked about the wiretapping in quotes, meeting modern-day version whatever wiretapping may be.
5:08 am
and all hell broke loose. steve: how high did it go mr. president? how high did it go? >> i think personally it went all the way. steve: to barack obama? >> for brennan, clapper, all these losers that you had over there. i think it is impossible for them to be doing things and let's see what it all says. it's impossible -- susan rice the person that worked at the united nations who went after fisa reports and went after reports like she ate them for lunch. look at the previous administration they went like a few. she was getting them at levels nobody even imagined before. it had nothing to do with her. no, i think this goes to the highest level. i hate to say it. i think it's a disgrace. they thought i was going to win. they said, how can we stop him? they wrote up the phony, fake dossier, the phone disgusting
5:09 am
fake dossier. to show you how incompetent they were? they paid millions and millions of dollars and hillary clinton and democrats. a lot had to do they say with ukraine. it is very interesting, it is very interesting, they have the server from the dnc. democratic national committee. brian: who has the server? >> the fbi came in, told them get out of here. we're not giving it to you. they gave the server to cloud strike it is called and a company owned by a wealthy ukrainian. i want to see the server. the fbi didn't get a hold of that server. steve: are you sure they gave it to ukraine? >> that is what the word is. that is what i asked in as you know. i ask thed point-blank. we're looking for tremendous corruption. we're looking for corruption. why should we be giving hundreds of millions of dollars to
5:10 am
countries when there is this kind of corruption. if you look at my call, i said corruption. he said it to me. he is looking. he got elected on the basis of corruption. also by the way, going back to that, why isn't germany putting up money? why isn't france putting up money? why isn't all the european nations, why aren't they putting up? you have the european union, they're benefit ad lot more by ukraine than we are. brian: mr. president can i ask you -- >> why aren't they putting up money? how come always the united states that puts up money? the suckers, why is it always the united states? these are the questions i asked. i continued to ask them. brian: that's true. mr. president, best you can, i know you said that from day one about wiretapping, you felt as though the previous administration basically seems to have set you up to really struggle for the first three years. who is your source, what are your sources that are telling you that the obama
5:11 am
administration was out to really hurt your administration? >> well first of all, brian, i haven't struggled because i've done more in the percent 2 1/2 years than any president in the history of our country and almost everybody admits it. between rebuilding our military, the biggest tax cut in history. brian: okay. would you say they have been in your way? would you say they have been in your way. >> supreme court -- wait a second, two supreme court justices. within a few weeks we'll have 182 federal judges. it's a record. i have done more than anybody ever had in the position in a short time. they haven't made it pleasant. bad people. they hurt a lot of innocent people. people came down here got served subpoenas by mueller and crew. they went through 2 1/2 years. found nothing. when you say that, i think we've had the most productive presidency ever for the first 2 1/2 years but it doesn't mean that it was pleasant. brian: i know, maybe i should have been clearer. my point is this, i know you have had the point of view and some things are coming that direction to prove it but who is
5:12 am
your source that's telling you this? >> i can't tell you that. i can only say that we have a lot of information that a lot of bad things happened. when you look at strzok and page with the insurance policy where, you know, the two lovers, the two great lovers from the fbi, where he is saying, oh, she is going to win 100 million to nothing, just in case she loses we have an insurance policy. that means, you know, we're going to take him down. we'll take down the president. you wouldn't even believe this is possible but the insurance policy, that was a very big find, finding that text. the only reason we found it because they didn't want to use their private servers for a very bad reason, okay? they used public server. they used the fbi server. here is the thing, we have some, regardless of what is coming out, okay, the information that we have now is beyond belief already. but what they have coming out i
5:13 am
hear is is historic. that is the way it was explained. it is historic. now, of course. ainsley: mr. president -- >> the fake news will try and down play it. i don't think you can down play it. democrats and fake news, they are one in the same. they will downplay it. when i see the hearings, we have a great day, pick up the phony "new york times" which is a phony total paper i don't read he it anymore. you can't read it. it has no relationship to the truth. and you read a story that took place and they don't tell you what happened. they only put in the bad, they don't put in the good. same thing with "washington post." it's a phony paper. we don't even have it in the white house. we saved a lot of money. ainsley: when we're watching those closing arguments yesterday, adam schiff, democrats love it. i'm sure he getting patted on the back every time he walks down the halls in washington people are saying keep pushing keep pushing we want impeachment but if you ask republicans we'll
5:14 am
play a sound bite of the close arguments. they shea this is all theatrics. watch this. we'll get your reaction. >> okay. >> it came down to the fact that the day after bob mueller -- testified, day after bob mueller testified, donald trump invited russian interference, russia if you're listening come get hillary's emails, later that day they tried to hack her server. the day after that, donald trump is back on the phone asking another nation to involve itself in another u.s. election. that says to me this president believes he is above the law, i don't know accountability. ainsley: mr. president, was there quid pro quo, extortion, bribery? >> no, not at all and let me tell you he is a sick puppy. he is so sick. this guy, i've been going through it 2 1/2 years about russia. i've been tougher on russia than
5:15 am
any president in history but for 2 1/2 years i had to listen. this was their talking point, trump and russia. if you take a look at it, just look at the facts. even look what i've done for ukraine by giving them tank busters, giving them stuff, obama would send pillows and sheets, he wouldn't send anything else. the whole thing, now, schiff, remember this, he makes it all up. he's sick. there is something wrong with him. so he made up my phone call. he made it up. he made up a phone call and then when i released it, everybody was embarrassed. crazy nancy pelosi, who by the way is going to go down as the worst speaker in the history of the house of representatives, she hasn't done anything. all she, she is like paralyzed. she cannot do anything. steve: mr. president -- >> i predict she wouldn't do usmca. richard trumka, good guy, big union guy, only cares about a union.
5:16 am
richard trumka has her mortified. she won't do usmca. everybody in the country wants it, farmers manufacturers. richard trumka plays her like a fiddle. i predict she won't even do it. she has such pressure on her to do it. all she has to do is put it to a vote. she is holds it on her desk six months, there is dust on. mexico canada, where is our agreement. steve: mr. president, couple days ago your ambassador to the eu, mr. sondland, in his opening statement said that there was quid pro quo. there was quid pro quo he said because you wanted an investigation into corruption in exchange for a visit to the white house or something like that. >> yeah. well, that is total nonsense. i do want always corruption, say that to anybody, why should we give money to a country known corrupt? it's a very corrupt country. i love the people ukraine.
5:17 am
i know ukrainian people. they're great people, but known as being the third most corrupt country in the world. now with this guy, who by the way i hardly know him, okay? brian: sondland? >> i have spoken to him a few times. how about the guy with the telephone? i guarranty you that never took place. he was listening to me. i spoke so few times to him. the guy yesterday on the telephone, david holmes, yes i heard the conversation. i have really good hearing. i've been watching guys 40 years make phone calls and i can't hear, you could be two feet away i can't hear people making calls. i can't hear the other side. the phone is up in the ear unless you have it on speaker phone you can't do it. brian: right. >> that was a total phony deal. that was a phone -- call it deep state. call it anti-trump people. steve: mr. president, your ambassador said there was quid pro quo, because you wanted
5:18 am
an investigation into corruption but it involved joe biden and hunter biden. then it becomes like look, he is going after dirt on the bidens because joe biden could be his opponent. in 2020. >> first of all that's not true. number one, it is absolutely not true. then you have to say -- steve: which part? >> you have to say joe biden is corrupt. it is not true what he said. now what he said also is, there was no quid proquote. i want nothing it was trending number one, i want nothing, he said that when he was questioned. check out his lawyers, they are hillary clinton lawyers. they are hillary clinton lawyers, democrats. brian: sondland. >> sondland. he is there with clinton lawyers. they're passing him notes all the time. he didn't put the most important phrase in his 22-page statement that he read. the most important phrase was, i
5:19 am
want nothing, twice i said it, i want nothing. i want nothing. i want no quid pro quo. have president zelensky do whatever's right, something to that effect. and they didn't put that in. that was the end of him. i said turn off the television. that is what he said. now, with all of that, of course you have to look at corruption. are we going to be sending massive amounts of money to a country and they're corrupt and they steal the money and it goes into everybody's bank account? so you have to look at that i'll tell you about joe biden, but i never said it specifically on him but i watched joe biden with the prosecutor, who a lot of people said was a great prosecutor, they took him off, he was prosecuting that company. and the kid who never made 10 cents in his life, all of sudden is making millions of dollars the day he, i mean you tell me, this is a guy who got
5:20 am
thrown out of navy dishonorably, he gets thrown out of the navy, shortly thereafter -- made no money. went through made no money. all of sudden his father becomes vp and he is making millions and millions of dollars not only from there but china. but -- brian: mr. president, the accusation is this, that you're using aid, taxpayer dollars to attack a political opponent in joe biden and you say you do say i wanted to hold up the aid because of corruption but you also phone call -- >> no, no two reasons. brian: okay. >> for corruption it's known, i want to make sure the money is going to be spent properly, but there is another reason maybe is most important. brian: which is? >> why is germany, france, european union, why aren't all those countries in europe paying? why is it always the united states the sucker? i got elected on that. brian: they do give aid.
5:21 am
we give more. we always have. mr. president you decide rudy giuliani, your long-time friend, mayor, prosecutor, you send him into ukraine. i want you to hear what ambassador sondland said, pretty consistent by state department workers. looks like rudy giuliani was getting under his skin. >> that's rudy. brian: i known him for a long time too. let's listen. >> secretary perry, ambassador volcker and i worked with mr. rudy giuliani on ukraine matters at the express direction of the president of the united states. we didn't not want to work with mr. giuliani. we all understood that if we refused to work with mr. giuliani, we would lose a very important opportunity to cement relations between the united states and ukraine. brian: why was it necessary to put rudy in the middle of the ukraine, a country he knew little about as opposed to let
5:22 am
the people do their jobs there, give them the same mission? >> okay, first of all, volcker, i don't know him, don't know him. this guy, sondland, hardly know him. i had a couple conversations with him. i see him happening around when i go to europe but he was really, the european union ambassador. all of sudden he is working on this, asking about that. rick perry, i know him very well. frankly i would like rick to make a statement, rick would make a statement. he is a great guy. i think he already made a statement, great guy. rudy is a great crime fighter. rudy is the best mayor in the i history of new york city. rudy giuliani is a very legendary figure in our country. rudy was the u.s. attorney. he also worked at the justice department. believe me this kind of crap wouldn't have happened in the justice department if rudy. >> was the attorney general just like i believe bill barr will straighten it out and straighten it out for good but
5:23 am
rudy giuliani was one of the great crime fighters of all time. he is a friend of mine. he is a great person, a iconic figure in this country. for two reasons he was the greatest mayor in the history of new york. he was the greatest crime fighter probably in the last 50 years. when you're dealing with a corrupt country if rudy giuliani, he has got credential as as youbecause of his reputation. when you hear rudy giuliani goes there, it means a lot. brian: the sources are indicted in jail. those are two of his sources. one of his other sources is looked as a corrupt figure. so in the end it seems like you had state department and rudy giuliani working against each other and then the accusation comes in that your ambassador was being tarnished by rudy giuliani. >> ambassador, the woman, she wouldn't put up, she is obama person, why are you being so kind. well, sir, she is woman. we have to be nice. she is very tough.
5:24 am
i heard bad things. by the way when i was talking to president zelensky, right on the phone, you can read it, he didn't like her. he brought up her name and he didn't like her at all. how do have an ambassador the new president was, she was so wedded in. ukraine hated me. they were after me in the election. they wanted hillary clinton to win. and when i won all of sudden they became so nice, they were doing, they had to make up. there were many articles you know, get to be friendly because we're like a gravy train for them. we're like their gravy train. they were totally in favor of hillary clinton. but this ambassador that you know, everybody says is so wonderful. , she wouldn't hang my picture in the embassy. she is in charge of the embassy. she wouldn't hang it. it look a year-and-a-half, two years to get the picture up. she said bad things about me. she wouldn't defend me. i have the right to change an ambassador. rudy didn't say good things, he
5:25 am
wasn't crazy about it t wasn't like a major topic but i have the right to change. this was an obama person. didn't want to hang my picture in the embassy. standard that you put the president of the united states picture in an embassy. this was not an angel this woman, okay? there are a lot of things that she did that i didn't like and we will talk about that at some time. ainsley: okay. >> i want to let you know, this was not a baby we're dealing with. ainsley: there was one woman who was in all of these testimonies this week, who was sticking up for you, congresswoman elise stefanik asking her questions, doing her job. she said her constituents want to get to the bottom what happened with the bidens and that investigation. she questioned tim morrison and kurt volcker on capitol hill. listen to this. >> okay. >> the truth is the facts are indeed not complicated. i am going to close out with two questions for the both of you. did ukraine open investigation into the bidens, mr. morrison. >> not to my knowledge, ma'am.
5:26 am
>> ambassador volcker? >> not to my knowledge either. >> did either of you have any evidence of quid pro quo, mr. morrison? >> no, ma'am. >> ambassador volcker. >> i did not. >> any evidence of bribery? >> no, ma'am. >> no, ma'am. ainsley: she has been raked on the coals for that. kellyanne conway's husband was one that called her trash. >> first of all, she has become a star. you know, every time you do something, you have guys like jim jordan, meadows, all these guys they have been around and they're stars but they have been stars. every once in a while you meet a new star. i know a lot about stardom. i know a lot about it, i made plenty of them but i tell you what, this young woman from upstate new york, she has become a star. her way, you can never define exactly what it is, you understand that. you're a star, okay? why, hot hell knows, but you're a star. there aren't many of them. but what happens is, she has become a star. her mannerism, her way of
5:27 am
talking, her -- brian: right to the point. >> just the whole thing. it just works. she, she's a tremendous person. she was fantastic during the hearings. turner, so many people, they were so great but you know what? the bottom line is, all of those witnesses, they're all shifty schiffs. don't forget there was no due process. you can't have lawyers. we couldn't have any witness. we wanted to wall the whistleblower. you know who i want as first witness, frankly i want a trial. brian: you want a trial? >> oh, i would, look, number one, they should never, ever impeach. this is not -- i watched, i watched five people on your network yesterday say there's nothing here. andy mccarthy, how about ken, special prosecutor. brian: ken starr. >> special counsel. ken starr, he was fantastic, he said there's nothing here. so ready?
5:28 am
number one, there should never be an impeachment. this is not an impeachment. that phone call was totally appropriate, okay, totally. but, assuming these people are as sleazy as they are, and nancy pelosi is totally incompetent, she's lost absolutely, lost, she doesn't know what she's doing. she hasn't done anything. she can't get anything approved. everybody is working on this they just got blown away. they put their witnesses up. we're not going to get usmca because of -- brian: so you want a trial. >> farmers and everyone will vote against democrats like you've never seen before but if they do put it up because they're crazy, adam schiff is a nutjob. listen to this. adam schiff gets up before congress and he made up my statement. brian: right. >> who made that statement? he made it up. then after he got caught, three days later he started saying parody. the thing i did that was right, brian, the thing i did that was right, i released the transcript of the call immediately.
5:29 am
had i not done that, i would have had a big problem. a big problem because they all lied about my call. my call was perfect. if you heard adam schiff's made-up version of my call, i mean it was the worst thing i ever heard. i said how could that be possible. you know the sad part? because he made it in the halls of congress he has immunity. i can't sue him. the republican party can't sue him. one other thing before we get off, the i know we could keep this going all day, right? it's easy. the republican party has never been more unified. both the senate and the house, mitch, lindsey, i could name 20 names up there. i could name, they have never had, look, we won 196-0. that never happens. you know, i always say the democrats are lousy politicians. they have lousy policy but they stick together, and they're vicious. they're more vicious frankly. but the republicans they have tendency, they break up.
5:30 am
they don't, the republicans i have never seen anything like it sticking together. steve: mr. president, we understand there were six republican senators, a perfect transition to this question that talked to you yesterday. along with the white house lawyer, i know jared kushner was there you're trying to figure out some sort of strategy going forward, does look like nancy pelosi her back is up against the call. she will have to proceed with the impeachment vote. it will wind up in the senate. you say that you, to your earlier point you want a full trial because then you will wind up with according to the story, due process, which you feel you did not get with adam schiff, which means you can call your own witnesses and you would love to see hunter biden in the chair to answer all those questions about ukraine? >> well there's only one person i want more than where's hunter, and that is adam schiff. i want to put that guy with his, with his way. steve: what is your first question for adam schiff.
5:31 am
>> i almost said something that might be slightly controversial. i'm learning. see, steve, i'm learning of after all these years i'm finally learning. i want to see adam schiff testify about the whistleblower, who is a fake whistleblower because the whistleblower report was about my conversation with the president of ukraine. it bore no relationship, it said, there were seven or eight quid pro quos, there were none. it bore no relationship to my call. nobody brings that out. whistle-blower in my opinion a political operative just like his lawyer who is one of the worst people in washington. brian: do you think you know who it is? >> i know exactly who it is. everybody does. brian: is he still there? does he go to meetings? does he go to meetings? >> by the way you know who the whistleblower is too, otherwise you're not doing your job. everybody knows it. if the whistleblower were on the other side they would have revealed the whistleblower two months ago but the democrats and their machine, the media machine, the fake, corrupt
5:32 am
media, they protect but you know who the is whistleblower is, so do i know it. but i want the whistleblower who put in a false report to testify. i want to know why did the i.g. put in the report, you have an ig, right? why did the i.g., instead of saying let me take the report, let me now go, go to the white house, ask the president to declassify his conversation so that it has to match up. he didn't do that. so what you do you have a whistleblower with a fake story, just like, just as fake as schiff's story. that is why a lot of people think schiff is basically is essentially the whistleblower. he told the whistleblower what to do. his whole story he doesn't know the whistleblower, if he doesn't, he is the only person in washington that doesn't. it already has been acknowledged that his staff met with the whistleblower, okay? probably more than his staff. brian: go made. >> the one i want to testify most is shifty schiff, i want to find out why did he make up my
5:33 am
statement? he made up my statement. i want to find that out. why did shifty schiff, a crooked politician, a corrupt politician. why did he make up my statement. he made up my statement and i'm -- ainsley: they didn't think you would release the transcript? >> that's right. where the whole thing fell apart, where frankly the republicans become so incredibly unified after they read my statement everyone of them, only ones a little off of my statement people that haven't quite read it. well this is isn't impeachable -- ainsley: if you read it, if you read it, democrats will say it was quid pro quo. if you're conservative you will say no it wasn't. >> can't be. ainsley: they're saying it was. >> adam schiff says what i said too and it was totally different. ainsley: but the bottom line is this impeachable offense? did you do anything they can impeach you for? >> there is nothing there. brian: right. >> in fact they asked these terrible witnesses yesterday. again i don't even know these
5:34 am
people. you know i come to washington, so you've had bush and you have never-trumpers and you have bush, you have clinton, you have obama. so you have 24 years of people in positions, right? then i come in with no experience, which is the good thing but i know life and i come in and i end up with thousands of people that are never-trumpers, clinton people. brian: right. >> sometimes never-trumpers are worse than the clinton, obama people, really. it is an amaze phenomenon. don't forget, brian -- brian: yes? >> listen for a second. with no experience at doing this but i've had a lot of experience in life, and we're doing great as a country, we're respected again as a country, and we were not respected, with no experience i come to washington. i defeated the clinton dynasty. i defeated the bush dynasty, and i defeated the obama, whatever
5:35 am
you want to call it, right? the three biggest. i defeated them all at one time with no experience. the tread is incredible. i have to deal with crazy nancy. she is crazy as a bedbug. she is nuts. what she's doing, she's not talented. she is highly everyrated, all she is doing is sitting. she is not doing any work for the people and now it turns out the whole impeachment thing is a scam. brian: gotcha. >> an on top of it, on top of it, you're starting to get feedback that the ig report is coming out and i think that will be biggest political scandal in the history of our country. brian: if we could switch, let's talk a little bit about 2020. steve: let me interrupt for a second, mr. president, you said you know the name of the whistleblower. we've seen names on the internet. we have no idea who the whistleblower is. brian: right. >> steve, no i don't believe -- can i tell you -- brian: all right. >> i don't think steve has ever
5:36 am
told a lie, ainsley and brian in his life but that one i'm sort of thinking. come on. i'm always telling people i watch your show in the morning. i don't watch the other garbage, the other garbage. have me on -- steve: we don't have any verification. brian: it doesn't matter anyway -- >> you don't need verification. you know exactly who it is, steve. i like that you say that. brian: mr. president, you expect an impeachment vote, you expect to get impeached would you say you embrace the idea. >> i don't expect it i don't expect it. brian: you don't expect democrats will vote for this? >> it is hard for them to impeach you when you have absolutely nothing. i expect -- okay, ready? you've seen the polls over the last week. i'm going through the roof. in wisconsin i'm way up over every democrat. brian: you are. >> the swing states which is the important one, you have two elections, you have electoral college, you have popularity. i like to go for the electoral college. for me to win the popular vote
5:37 am
would be much easier. electoral college is much harder to win, much harder. you have to go to many more places, et cetera. if you look at those swing states i'm way up in every one of them because of the impeachment thing and it's crazy what is going on because the people get it. it's a hoax. this is a continuation of the witch-hunt which has gone on from before i got elected. if you look at the, we talked about the insurance policy, right? you know, we've got an insurance policy just in case she loses, right? this was a text between the two great lovers. if you look at that, that was long before the election took place. brian: right. >> so this was taking, you know, root with comey, who is a totally disgusting human being. by the way if i didn't fire comey i would be in sufficient trouble now. they were coming after me, i wouldn't have known he was a phony and strzok, and page, all of these people, mccabe, the
5:38 am
whole gang of them we wouldn't have been able to find it out. turned out to be the best move i ever made firing comey because they were looking to take down the president of the united states. brian: he doesn't agree. john bolton has gone back on twitter. his account was frozen for two months. did you guys freeze his account? >> no of course not. of course not. i actually had a good relationship with john. we disagreed on some things and some methods but i actually had a good relationship. ainsley: mr. president, let's talk about 2020. we saw the last democratic debate and the ratings were really low. i don't know if that is indication it's too early or people are not interested in these candidates. maybe that's why some of these other guys are talking about jumping into the race. elizabeth warren says she is going to use tax dollars to take down your border wall. risen to this. >> would you ask tax payers to pay to take down any part of the wall on the nation's southern border? >> if there are parts of the wall that are not useful in our defense of course we should do
5:39 am
it. the real point here is we need to stop this man-made crisis at the border. trump is the one that who has created this crisis. ainsley: tom homan said the reason the numbers are down is because of the wall. what do you say? >> absolutely. we built almost 100 miles of wall. it is going up fast. army corporation of engineers is it. we have funding, i took it out of the military. i rebuilt the military. that is another thing we've done, when i took it over -- we took out isis and defeated the caliphate. we took out al-baghdadi. i don't want it, frankly, if obama took out al-baghdadi, biggest terrorist in 100 years. it would be a two year story. with me i got a day. not that it matters. it was a tremendous thing. we defeated him. but let me just tell you about the wall. without the wall, tom homan is a great guy, without the wall it would be a disaster. if she took down the wall, you
5:40 am
need the wall. they want to have drones, drones flying around up and down, this and that. that is all just a waste of money. we have drones flying to see if anybody is trying to break through the wall. if you have a bulldozer or heavy blowtorches and things you can break through. we have the wall electrified, if anybody touches it we know exactly what is happening we can get there in minutes. brian: you electrified the wall? >> we're building a fast tanfantastic wall, and without the wall -- it just means she is going to lose. one of the issues i won on last time was border security and you see where the numbers are. until i got the wall built i got mexico, we're not allowed, we have loopholes, they are called loopholes for a reason because they are loopholes. i could end those loopholes in 15 minutes with crazy nancy pelosi and schuler, i could end those in 15 minutes because they don't want to meet about them because they like trouble because the more trouble
5:41 am
we have, they don't care about the country, the more trouble they have the better it is for them, they think the worst it is for me. i got the wall built despite them fighting me. i got so much mon my for the military, one thing they wouldn't give money for was the wall because they thought that was very good thing politically. if you don't have a wall we don't have a country. if we don't have a border we don't have a country. brian: elizabeth warren wants to take it down. who do you think right now is likely to be your opponent? mayor pete is evidently moving up in early state. joe biden wins most national polls. elizabeth warren is still among the leaders. who do you think it is going to be? >> i don't know if joe can make it mentally. he is off, there is no question about it. i don't know if he want make it through mentally. if he can make through it without cracking up which many people have asked the question. people have seen his name for a
5:42 am
long time. pete i call him alfred e. neuman. it reminds me of "mad" magazine alfred e. neuman. i don't see him dealing with president xi. i don't see him dealing with kim jong-un. i don't see him winning against any of them. i think biden maybe has the advantage. pocahontas came up from the embers. i hit her too early. i came up with the name that seems to have stuck very nicely. they don't use it. brian: bloomberg? >> i don't see him. i know him pretty well. he finished very weak in new york. he tells you what you can drink, what you can do, no, i don't see it. he desperately -- i'm sure he is going to run. he is going to spend, he has got the money to put on a great campaign. i don't see it. i think his time has come and gone. steve: it would be hard to believe a new york real estate developer or billionaire could ever be president.
5:43 am
just kidding. you know, the stock market hit another record this past week. >> right. steve: clearly that is your strong suit going into 2020 because, you look at the polls, people feel better about their money situation right now. >> right. >> going forward, toward november of next year, how will you make sure everybody understand what is you have been able to do over the last then four years? >> by talking to you. that is all i have to do. everyone is listening right now. nobody is listening to any other show. but look, strong suit. my strong suit i rebuilt the military. the vet, for years you would turn on your television and every night you would see a story about the vets how badly they were treated it is a horror show. you don't hear that anymore. i got veterans choice. that means they can go see a doctor, don't have to wait online. they see a doctor. we pay the bill. unbelieve ann what happened. i have veterans accountability,
5:44 am
for 50 years, they were trying to get because they were union or civil service. if you had somebody beating up vets, stealing from the va you couldn't fire them for any reason. brian: certainly something to run on. they are appreciative. >> but, listen, rebuilding the military, all of the things i've done, plus, we've had peace. you know we're polling way down in afghanistan. we're working with an agreement with the taliban. last time i was supposed to have an agreement. they thought when they came over they thought it would be god to kill people so they could negotiate from a position of strength. they killed 12 people in order to show they're tough guys. i canceled the meeting. that is not what we're dealing with. i'm pulling back. i just pulled out of syria except i kept the oil, if it was okay with you. brian: you kept 600 guys there. president xi just said this, we want to work for a phase one agreement on the basis of mutual respect and equality with the united states. where are you at?
5:45 am
you were kind of down on a deal and the market kind of dipped on this. where do you stand right now with the trade deal with china? >> very good. we have a deal, potentially very close. he wants to make it much more than i want to make it. i'm not anxious to make it. we're taking in hundreds of billions of dollars in tariffs. we never took in 10 cents. we're not paying like, you know they fed the line, the media fed the line about us paying. normally you would pay for tariffs but -- brian: you just said, mr. president, he wants to do a deal. i very rarely see that. we want to work out a phase one agreement. >> i didn't like his word equality because we started off so low. we lost $500 billion a year for many, many years. we rebuilt china. i give him a lot of credit. the ones i don't give credit are our past presidents specially the last one with his crummy vice president. china took us to the cleaners. he didn't even know that.
5:46 am
biden in the first debate said they're wonderful people. sure they're wonderful people. we're giving them 500 billion a year, 500 billion. that is not including theft of intellectual property et cetera. i told president xi this can't be like an even deal, because we're starting at floor, you're already at the ceiling. we have to have much better deal. the bottom line we have very good chance to make a deal. ainsley: not to mention with what is happening in hong kong with the pro-democracy. >> that is complicating factor, no question about it. if it weren't for me hong kong would have been obliterated in 14 minutes. he has a million soldiers standing outside of hong kong, are not going only because i asked him. please don't do that. you will be making a big mistake. it will have a tremendous negative impact on the trade deal. he wants to make a trade deal. brian, one thing before i get off, i want to say one thing. we have the strongest economy in the history of our country. we have the best unemployment numbers, african-american,
5:47 am
asian-american, hispanic-american. we have the best in history. bet unemployment numbers in history. more people working today than ever before. listen to this, we now have the greatest economy we ever had. we increased by $20 trillion. china has gone down by 30 or $35 trillion. if crooked hellory had won, china would be largest economy in the world. they were going to surpass us, expected to in the second year of the presidency. right now, they are -- brian: farmers do need relief. >> they will never catch up. brian: farmers were hoping for that huge purchase. looks like they want to do a deal but -- >> brian, they haven't. wait, one thing. they haven't because i said, how much have the farmers lost because of china? targeting them. sir $16 billion, 12 billion previous year. i gave them $12 billion out of of the tariffs. at tens of billions left over. i gave them 16 billion out of the tariffs. tens of billions left over that went into treasury.
5:48 am
brian the farmers are doing great. signed a deal with japan, $40 billion they're buying from the farmers. signed a deal with south korea. a tremendous deal. we're making tremendous deals. you have to understand, these deals with china they are taking advantage of us for 25 years. it is hard to understand it will not happen anymore. brian: they're calling on you to veto legislation, calling on you to veto legislation coming out of the senate that supports the hong kong students. what are you going to do? >> well i'll tell you we have to stand with hong kong but i'm also standing with president xi. he is a friend of mine he is an incredible guy we have to stand. i would like to see them work it out. we have to see them work it out. i stand with hong kong, i stand with freedom, i stand with all the things we want to do. we're in the process of making the largest trade deal in history. if we could do that that would be great. china wants it. we want it. i will say this. if it weren't for me, thousands
5:49 am
of people would have been killed in hong kong right now. and you wouldn't have any riots. would you have a police state. but thousands of people. the only reason he is not going in because i'm saying it is going to affect our trade deal. you don't want to do that i speak to him. ainsley: so you're running in 2020. and many people we all just assumedded vice-presidential nominee would be mike pence. we're reading headlines about kellyanne conway's husband saying nikki haley is fighting for that position. i'm a south carolinian. nikki haley was our governor. did a good job as the ambassador. who will be your running mate in 2020 no. >> first of all kellyanne is great. she is married to a total whack job. she must have done number on them. i don't know what kellyanne did to that guy. i don't even know him. i met him for a second. has got to be some kind of a nutjob. she must have done some bad things to him because that guy is crazy. but you know what? mike pence is a great
5:50 am
vice president. he is our man 100%. nikki will absolutely be involved. she is a friend of mine. she did a great job at the u.n. she is in the private sector. i assume she is doing very well. nikki will be back in some form because she is great. she is my friend. mike pence, i've seen this rumor that keeps popping up. nicki would be great but mike pence has done a phenomenal job as our vice president. he is our guy, he is a my friend. we have a great team. very strong team. brian: mike pompeo going to the senate, are you going to push him to do that? >> so mike has done an incredible job. i have an incredible cabinet. we don't get enough credit. mike graduated number one at harvard law, number one at west point. he is incredible guy doing a great job in very complicated world. doing a great job as secretary
5:51 am
of state. they auld said, brian i would be in world war iii my first day. they're saying wow he is much more moderate. i rebuilt the military to a level nobody will play games with us. but if we don't have to use it that is a good thing not a bad thing. mike would easily win in kansas, a great state. it's a trump state. he would win easily. if i thought they had somebody out there that couldn't win. mike really loves what he is doing, but if i thought somebody out there that, he came to me look, i would rather stay where i am but he loves kansas. he loves the people of kansas. if he thought that there was a chance of losing that seat, i think he would do that. he would win in a landslide because they love him in kansas. steve: i am from kansas. you're right. it's a great state. mr. president moment ago you were talking about rumors. i'm sure you saw there was rumor that you went to the hospital
5:52 am
last week. it wasn't on schedule. obviously something is really the matter with you. so can you tell us what is the matter with you? >> well a lot of things are matter with me. number one, what did i do this for but i love it? one of those things. we had some free time. my doctor calls, would you like to do something, because i will be slightly busy in 2020, january an february, especially if nancy pelosi would do something nobody every would think she would be doing. watching interviews of shifty schiff and why he made up all this stuff, and made all these statements doctor goes, would you like to go out, i have three hours, would you lying to go out to walter reed do the first part of the physical? i said yeah, go ahead. let's go. we go out. i go there. i meet with parents, one in particular, i meet with the wife and family of a young soldier who was being operated on, lost his arm, lost a leg, horrible
5:53 am
thing and i spent time with them. anyway i do very routine part of physical. get in the car come back. on the way back i'm hearing that i'm in the hospital. and, by the way, just so you know, like literally many, many cars go. not like -- they have a press van following when i go. i would love to go like the old days, get in the car, close the doors, lock them up and drive. that down happen anymore. but we have a press van. you know how that works. we drive out to walter reed. greatest doctors, greatest everything, greatest place you ever seen what they can do. i start my physical. go see soldiers. go see families. did a little tour of the building. get back in. on the way back i'm hearing rumors i'm in the hospital. then i'm hearing rumors that i had chest pains. then i'm hearing rumors i had a massive heart at that time being. then i'm hearing rumors i'm not coming back. i'm staying at walter reed overnight and maybe for a long time. and i say, i come home, my wife
5:54 am
says, darling, darling, are you okay? i said okay from what? they say, they have cnn, mostly cnn but that stupid msnbc which is just as bad, can you imagine i made them so much money on "the apprentice. that is the way. anyway those two. they started a false narrative. brian: all right. >> it was this. so the doctor gets on, no, no just -- didn't matter no matter what we told them they were going with it. it got worse and worse. steve: mr. president, your health is fine? >> well let me tell you this. i just got back from austin, texas, where i was with tim cook. he is going to be building a one billion dollar facility to make whatever he he makes, that's apple. he will build this incredible facility. we toured another facility where they the mac pro. which is phenomenal. it opened that day, all the mac pros all over the world they're making them in austin, texas.
5:55 am
i left early, got home very late. i did many things in between. i was joking to the people, that is not bad considering these people had me all washed up an finished a hospital and i just get back from a 14 hour day. brian: yeah. >> it's a disgrace. let me tell you what it really is. it is fake, disgusting news. i will let you know, nothing wrong if you're not feeling well especially -- steve: not on schedule. people thought there must be something wrong. >> no the doctor, said, sir, i'm not blaming him, would you like to go in knock off half of your physical? i said you know what, that is not a bad idea. i had three hours. between that and watching a football game i didn't want to watch, i had three free hours, and he said would you like to do it? here is the thing, it is so disgusting what they do. they knew it wasn't true. they went with it. after we certified with medical people. we had three medical people call them up say it is not true. they went with it anyway.
5:56 am
you couldn't kill the story. because they're bad people. they are fake corrupt news. brian: it is good for your health. i'm not a doctor, if i write a prescription, calling in every week to update the country about what is happening might be good for your health. that ising to consider. you have the phone number. >> you know i've been doing it for years with your group, i've been doing it for yours. brian: stress release. >> if it was up to me. it is up to me. we'll do it more often and we have fun with it. we get the true word out. here is the true word. our country is doing great. we're respected again. our military is strong. we have the number one economy in the world by far and china is never going to catch us as long as we have a smart person where i am they will never catch us. they have had the worst year in 57 years. we had the best year we ever had by far. so it is good. i get the word out on your show. i love your show. you people are great. ainsley: thanks for being with us. brian: president trump, thanks so much. >> thank you. brian: good-bye.
5:57 am
steve: good-bye. we went 57 minutes without having a sip of water. brian: i know. i'm getting mine. ainsley: didn't think about it. so fascinating. a lot of news breaking. no quid pro quo. mike pence will be his running mate. steve: he made a lot of news. we'll step aside. come back to recap it. brian: ran the pillow comecommercial last hour. steve: producers what are we doing? brian: wrap up in the beg tick you are he said a couple things. when it comes to china they want to make a deal. i don't know how the market will react to that but they didn't close the deal. he didn't say he would or would not veto legislation coming out of the senate that supports the students. he said if it wasn't for me the students wouldn't be in a lot of trouble. they don't want to get on the wrong side of america. he also said he is very angry. ainsley: said he wanted an peach pooch trial too. steve: he did. he confirmed a number of senators, republican senators when to the white house along
5:58 am
with white house counsel yesterday and jared kushner and they talked about how the president wants a full trial with the senate with affirmative defense that would enconclude and has been reported this morning, calling hunter biden into the witness chair to talk about burisma and ukraine but the president revealed, this was new, he said that he really wanted his first witness to be adam schiff because then they would be able to in the senate, not the house, ask adam schiff about the connection and coordination with the whistleblower. these are things that were never asked in the last 2:00 weeks. brian: i would like to bring up the way the interview started. seems like yesterday, but the way the interview started he firmly believes at the highest level that the obama administration was spying on hem and he felt as though, taking out the bushes and clintons and the obamas he said created a lot of enemies. goes back to your original point, when president obama took over, he told every ambassador here is your pink slip, i'm putting my own people in.
5:59 am
this president didn't do that. he feels with the ambassadors and other peoples in the region weren't working in his best interest. ainsley: the i.g. report comes out december 9th. horowitz testifies on december 11th. we're getting word the fbi lawyer manipulated key documents to allow them to get approval through the fisa courts to surveil carter page. steve: apparently fudged that and then there was apparently an email that this person altered. this has been our top story until the president called in and talked about it. you're absolutely right. he said big things are coming with horowitz investigation about to drop on december the 9th. then that will be followed by he referred to him as bull durham, the prosecutor from connecticut looking into criminality. . .
6:00 am
>> sandra: he said democrats looked like fools this week during the impeachment process and he called his phone call


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