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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  November 22, 2019 10:00am-11:01am PST

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postproduction. that's not how that works! >> katie: you are filling in for hannity tonight, correct? >> jason: yes, 9:00 tonight. >> katie: think you for joining us. we are back at noon eastern. now, up to harris. >> harris: we begin with this fox news alert, president trump sounding off of the impeachment inquiry today as in every week of the tents public hearings has come to a close. you're watching speech 26. marisol faulkner they say house democrats look like fools and that he's prepared for us in a trial if it goes that far. this is fox news has learned the democratic lawmakers could draft for possible articles of impeachment as early as next month. on "fox & friends," president trump took aim at the man at the helm of the hearings, house until chair adam schiff. >> he's a sick puppy. he is so sick. i've been going through it for two and a half years about russia. he made up my phone call. he made it up. he made up a phone call, and
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then when i released it everybody was embarrassed. and crazy nancy pelosi, who is going to go down as the worst speaker in the history of the house of representatives. >> harris: they say there is clear evidence of a quid pro quo ukraine and abuse of power. watch. >> what we've seen here is far more serious than a burglary. we are talking about the withholding of recognition and that a white house meeting. the withholding a military to an ally at work. that is beyond anything nixon did. >> harris: joining me now, chris stirewalt. fox's politics editor and a host of "i'll tell you what" podcast. good to see you. you and i were doing some of the coverage, and i heard you say something. you said, "there was no smoking gun, people can agree it was wrong...
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">> the president do that. he did what he was accused of. he did it in public. remember, he did know mike went out after the transcript was released and he did it again. "i'm glad they went after biden and i wish china would too." that part is not in debate. the matter of debate is, should he be removed from office for doing it? the overwhelming number of americans disapprove of what he did, but are there 20 republicans in the senate who had hoped to remove him for it? no. is there even one republican in the house who would vote to remove him for it? i don't think so. >> harris: you are looking at the real clear politics pulling today, and you are seeing a differential of plus six on the side of impeach and remove. you bring up such a good point, because what we looked at in the early polling was impeachment. people were kind of cloudy, maybe on that meant. some people thought it meant
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automatically removing the president. that we know those things are separate, and especially when you pull for them, people don't think that what this was, potentially, equals removing a man who was elected by the people. be you done next week of the biggest challenge the democrats have, with an election coming up so soon, voters get to have their say. this will be fairly litigated in the election. it will be discussed, i'm sure, from penn to post. it'll be much discussed. that is a remedy that the presidents can say that maybe we wish he didn't act the way he did. but let's decide whether he deserves for more years or not. that will sound a lot better to let more people than the idea of going through this removal, right in an election year. the timing starts get pretty tough for democrats. >> harris: the president says he wants a full senate trial, and revealed who he wants to hear from the most. watch. >> the one i want to testify
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will most is shifty schiff. why did he make up my statement? i want to find out. why did schiff, a crooked politician. he's a corrupt politician. why did he make up my statement? >> harris: your reaction? >> people say stuff all the time for the presidents of the stuff all the time. trump has got to get to the point where he lets republicans off the hook so that they can say, "we are i wish he wouldn't have done it, but i don't think you have to be removed." that's the simplest way. they should follow the rule book the clintons laid out. >> harris: i don't know about that. whatever they're doing seems to work for the president. have you seen the latest gallup poll? he's kicking up again in approval. we are now at 43%, and when you go back to the real clear politics, democrats are underwater when you ask people across the country, do you want the president to be impeach and remove? its 41-50. that is taking up. there is a percent differential
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there. >> i don't want to get down in the weeds on the poles that go in there and all that stuff. the countries pretty evenly divided on this question. the simplest way to look at all this is donald trump remains in the low 40s. that's where he lives. that's his space. he doesn't go up, he doesn't go much down. his ceiling as flora pretty close to each other. that's probably enough. it's good enough. on the question of impeachment being more popular less popular in this poll, by that day, by the other day, whether it's 50% one week on the next week 47 want them removed, it goes the other way, we are divided. the nation is divided on this question. it's not like these hearings, unless something else comes to light, unless something else comes forward, it's not like these hearings are going to resolve things. we know for a fact that most americans come in the recent poll 70% of americans said nothing would change their mind about this. people are dug in, and it starts
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if you like kind of a waste of time. >> harris: as we are seeing, it appears no house republicans were swayed to back impeachment inquiry. even retiring republican will hurd, who is not a fan always a president trump, he says he is seeing no evidence of bribery or distortion. extortion, excuse me. if you can't take off will hurd, this is what some of the argument is. how do you go after two dozen potentially, other republicans? >> they would have to have 20 republicans in the senate. if they come out with not one republican vote, not even a little window dressing, and they will loosen democrats when the vote happens, they -- >> harris: who do you think they will lose? the same ones on inquiry? >> two or three, something like that. from very red districts. people like collin peterson, who basically vote the public and a lot of the time. he is from a very trumpy district in minnesota. so they will lose a couple few.
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but then you get to the senate, and the key is without any bipartisan support and makes it very easy for mitch mcconnell. he walks up on the green and he is 2 feet away. they are talking now about two weeks of hearings. it goes pro forma. it probably doesn't move anyone's opinion about anything in any way. on with the show. >> harris: it's interesting, that poll he brought up. 70% of people said there isn't anything that really could change their opinion. we don't know what their opinion is because the nation is so divided. again, as you look at all of this, we have more to come. where does this put where we are at the beginning of the 2020 new year, leading up to a presidential election? does this become a reason for people to go to the polls are not? >> that's a key point. how do you -- let's say you are the democratic contenders. you are joe biden, elizabeth warren, pete buttigieg. you are in the next. you are coming right down to the wire in iowa. you are coming right down to the wire in new hampshire. how are you talking about this stuff? that we are in an overlay.
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you are looking for attention. you are looking for a way to get into the discussion, but everybody's talking about what's going the senate. i think for joe biden the less attention people paints the democratic race the better it is for joe biden. that's good. >> harris: wow. >> the status quo is good for the front runner. if you are the front runner you want things to stay the way they are. except in iowa. but if you are pete buttigieg and you got a chance to turn this race on its head, it becomes frustrating if you can't get the eyeballs that you need to change the dynamic of the race. >> harris: especially in iowa where pete buttigieg is ahead of joe biden. chris stirewalt, have a great weekend. thank you for starting us off. happy friday. president trump stepping in amid the showdown over whether eddie gallagher will be kicked out of the navy seals. this, after he was convicted of posing with the nicest terrorist corpse, but acquitted of murder. plus, new reports that a former fbi attorney falsified a document related to the
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surveillance of the former trump campaign official in 2016. the president today stepping up allegations that the doj is legally targeted his campaign. >> this kind of crap wouldn't have happened in the just as the primitive rudy giuliani was attorney general. i believe bill barr will straighten it out, and it straightened for good. ♪ limu emu & doug
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>> so, this was taking root with comey, who is a totally disgusting human being. by the way, if i didn't fire comey, i would have been in some trouble right now. >> maybe you should have done right away. >> they were looking to take down thdown the president of the united states.
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>> he doesn't agree. >> harris: president trump saying he expects the doj inspector general's report on a ledge surveillance abuses during the 2016 campaign to be historic. this, amid bombshell reports that ig michael horowitz will reveal a former fbi lawyer falsified a document related to the surveillance of former trump campaign advisor carter page. page today said officials misled the public for years about the president, and his teams russia ties. >> they have just been putting false information out there to the media. the democrats and their allies in washington, and the media. constantly pushing lies after lies. >> harris>> harris: let's checkh david spunt on the story for us in washington. >> good afternoon, republicans and democrats have been champing at the bit for months, at least six months, to find out when this report will be released. guess what? we know it will be released on
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monday, december 9th. there've been a lot of questions about it. many reports out today saying a low-level attorney at the fbi may have changed some wording to obtain that warrant. that fisa warrant. we know that i did change the overall part of that warrant. i want to read some reporting from "the washington post" this morning, harris, that says the justice department inspector general has found evidence that if your employee may have arced on michael to document connected to court-approved surveillance of a former trump campaign advisor. that did not affect the ability of the application. inspector michael horowitz, who came in under president obama, is conducting an independent investigation. he will testify before the senate judiciary committee on december 11th. that's two days after the report comes out. senator lindsey graham, the chairman of that committee, says he is anxious to read the report. >> i think he has had a lot of time. he's been thorough. i trust his judgment. a lot of people are out for
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revenge. i'm not. i don't know what he found. i am ready to listen to his recommended to take action. i hope it'll be stronger after his report. >> harris, you are sitting on the couch with donna brazile, a former dnc chair, an hour ago on "outnumbered." she says democrats have as many concerns and are just as eager to read the report. >> the ig is looking at the fbi, whether they follow the proper protocols, rules, issuing the pfizer report. as a democrat, i want to know -- there is so much i want to know. >> that report, harris, comes out two weeks from monday, december 9th. followed by mr. horowitz, the inspector general, testifying in front of cameras, in front of the american people, to read through that report on wednesday, december 11th.
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harris? >> harris: david spunt, thank you very much. let's bring in the power panel. marc lotter, director of strategic medications for the term 2020 campaign. zach friend, former spokesperson for obama's 28 campaign. great to see you. i will start with you, because they just took a little snippet of our conversation on the couch last hour with donna brazile, former acting chair of the dnc. what do you make of what she says? that many democrats also want to see the report? >> i think it's important -- actually, i have two's contradictory thoughts. the first is i think it's important that this comes out. i think it's important the american public have some sense of transparency of what led to this, so they can have some sort of faith within not just the underlying information but american institutions in general. the second component is, ultimately, i don't think anybody will change their mind. things are so baked in as far as opinion goes. across the american public, not just on the russian interference but in regards to the impeachment. i just don't think when all is
10:18 am
said and done it will change anyone's mind. be when would you say -- one more quick one before i go to marc -- would you say many democrats feel the way donna brazile and we were expressing, to see more of this pfizer report item of the testimony on december 11th? that drops on the ninth? >> i would agree with her on that. i would agree that people just want as much information out there as possible. i think realistically it just isn't going to change anyone's mind. >> harris: marc? >> that's a pretty sad and cynical statement. i would hope the democrats would find it appalling to know that the previous administration weaponized to the fbi, the department of justice, to launch an investigation into a political opponent. we now are on the tip of the iceberg of finding out whether it wasn't just russia and ukraine that meddled but also possibly rogue elements of the fbi. this is not in a vacuum. this is not just about some low-level lawyer. let's remember, you've also got
10:19 am
comey, strzok, mccabe, page come with all the evidence we already have out in public. it will be shocking to see what the inspector general report contains. >> harris: hold on one second. i you twice and they want to make it even. senator graham said a lot of people out for revenge. i'm not, he says. but a lot of people out for revenge. what does he mean by that, marc? >> i think a lot of people think it's about getting revenge in terms of how this all started. i think it's about getting the facts out in the public. if you have the police powers of the united states government turned on a political opponent, that is something we need to know, and americans can't stand for that regardless of the politics. >> i'm curious, what mark is saying that this is really nonpartisan. everybody should care about this. we should get to the bottom of it. >> marc is saying verbatim about what we are saying about the impeachment inquiry and the president of united states. >> harris: i do notice that. >> i find the ironing and i appreciate the fact that he and
10:20 am
his administration care about this issue, because i think that also speaks to how hyperpartisan this is. people on the right side are only looking at this as a democratic intervention and a political process. people on the left side are looking at the exact same thing on that phone call. that is what goes back to my point. i wish it weren't cynical. it is just the reality of where we are. the overwhelming majority of people in the united states right now have already made up their mind about the actions of the president of the united states, for right or for wrong. the one this is something different. this isn't about whether or not you approve of impeaching and removing the president or doubt. this has to do with, do you care about potentially an arm of the government was able to look into a political campaign? an arm meaning the justice part. the law enforcement part. the fbi. >> that's what this is about. >> i agree. it's about finding out if the police powers -- if the police powers of the united states government were weaponized for
10:21 am
political purposes. we can't lose sight of that, because we already know at the highest levels there were some members of the justice department and the fbi that were talking about insurance policies. the reason why the president calls it a witch hunt, if it was started with falsified information, then we need to know that as an american people to have confidence in our institutions again. >> harris: it was my fault that you guys ended up stepping on each other. go ahead and finish it out, za zach. >> i am with mark on that. as somebody who used to work for a law enforcement agency come of this matters to me very personally because it should be a nonpartisan affair. especially within the justice department, the fbi, and law enforcement in general. that should be one of the institutions we should have complete faith in. the inspector general saying this information doesn't change anything. realistically, the faith in institutions is what is being damaged across the entire system at a cross both parties. hopefully we can work to rebuild that with the next election. >> harris: zach and marc, september 9th is when it drops.
10:22 am
we will be riveted as we read it. want to know. thank you both. britain's prince andrew is in some major hot water. why lawyers for jeffrey epstein's victims are demanding he talk now with the fbi. the prince talked to the fbi. plus, president trump over overg the navy. how one tweet may have gallagher in the navy seals. ♪ billions of mouths. billions of problems. dry mouth? parched mouth? cotton mouth? there's a therabreath for you. therabreath oral rinse and lozenges. help relieve dry mouth using natural enzymes to soothe and moisturize. so you can... breathe easy, there's therabreath at walmart.
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>> harris: president trump has forced the u.s. navy to head a pause button on the review into navy seal eddie gallagher. gallagher was convicted of posing with the body of a dead isis fighter, but acquitted on murder charges. he was at risk of losing his trident pin, effectively kicking him out of the navy seals. then the president tweeted this yesterday. "the navy will not be taking away war fighter and navy seal eddie gallagher's trident pin. this case was handled very badly from the beginning. get back to business!" that he responded with a statement. "the navy follows the lawful orders of the president. we will do so in the case of an order to stop the administrative review of soc gallagher's professional qualification. we are aware of the president's tweet and we are awaiting further guidance." joining me now, captain tillie simpson, former u.s. navy dog officer. he's also senior legal fellow at the heritage foundation. good to see you. right on time with your
10:28 am
expertise. first of all, if you are looking at a case that has already been adjudicated, acquitted of murder, guilty of posing with that picture, the president steps and, he gets the ultimate say, as i understand it, is it double jeopardy to have that review? >> no. remember, it's a criminal law concept or you can't be tried by the same sovereign twice for the same crime. this is an administration review that the navy was going to do, to decide whether they would pull his trident pin. you saw the president's tweet, that that is not going to happen. he's the commander in chief, he certainly has the lawful ability under the constitution to stop that. because he runs the military. >> harris: right. i understood the difference and i just wanted to have you put it out there, because now i can ask my next question. that is, if this was not a legal proceeding, was this in some way -- or could it be looked at as maybe that the navy didn't really like how things turned out in terms of the
10:29 am
investigation? even though you were found acquitted of murder, we still don't like it. >> what happens in the criminal justice system routinely, harris, let's say bob or susie is court-martialed for something. if they get convicted, we suffer the criminal punishment. if if they get acquitted, oftentimes because of the misconduct to find somebody guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, it's lower than the misconduct to decide whether to fire somebody from the navy or army or air force. military service then conducts an administrative hearing, where the standard of proof is lower, to fire them. here, the navy was simply engage in what they wanted to do, to have a review board of whether he deserved to continue to wear the trident. so with that administrative proceeding. these things happen all the time, even after an acquittal and a court-martial. >> harris: that when the navy response is they follow the lawful orders of the president, what does it mean that they are waiting for guidance now? the president has already weighed in.
10:30 am
what's the next step? >> typically presidents to issue orders via tweet. so i think what they are saying in their bureaucratic way is that they are waiting to get a direct order, not via tweet, from the commander in chief. probably through the chairman, to halt the proceedings to remove the trade in. so they are waiting for the official word. of course, trump is unorthodox, a different type of president. this is an unorthodox thing for a president to do. it's unsettling for some people. a lot of people in the military are cheering this. they think gallagher shouldn't have been prosecuted. there are others who think he should have been. this is unsettling, because you rarely see a president reach all the way down to the military and do something like this. >> harris: you say reach down. he's the commander in chief. just real quickly, captain, thank you for joining me. what will this do for the morale inside the united states military? that's in some of the criticism one way or the other. you say a lot of people like it. some of the critics are saying,
10:31 am
"no, it takes a punch at morale." last thought? >> i'm speaking for heritage, not for the navy, of course. i think it remains to be seen. it's a one-off. this president is unique and different. future presidents will probably follow the standard way of doing things and let the military take care of their own justice issues. >> harris: captain, thank you. good to see you today. after days of hearings, new polls show a potential shift in public opinion on impeachment. i was talking about this the top of the show with chris stirewalt. we will dig deeper. there are some warning signs for democrats. plus, new calls for prince andrew to speak to the fbi, as his ties to convicted sex offender and predator jeffrey epstein face more scrutiny. a former top federal prosecutor will weigh in. ♪ i am totally blind. and non-24 can throw my days and nights out of sync, keeping me from the things i love to do.
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>> harris: the jeffrey epstein case is far from over yet. his accusers reportedly are demanding prince andrew talk with the fbi about his friendship with a convicted predator. this amid reports that the prince did not voluntarily step back from his royal duties, but was fired by the queen. david lee miller has more from the fox news room. david lee? >> harris, a royal legal battle could be in the works over prince andrew's relationship with jeffrey epstein. lawyers for some of the women who say they were abused by epstein are calling on andrew to be interviewed by the fbi, and an attorney representing alleged victims. earlier this week andrew announced he was stepping away from his duties. reports say his mother, the queen, ordered them to step down. in a statement, he said he is willing to help in the appropriate law enforcement agency with their investigations if required. the prince is accused of having in 2001 with then 17-year-old
10:37 am
regina roberts giuffre. she says she was the victim of sex trafficking. in the interview can now consider to be a public relations disaster because of the claim can possibly be true. the defense, although giuffre described andrew as dripping with sweat on the dance floor, he said a medical condition of the time prevented him from perspiring. a published report in the london telegraph says buckingham palace believes a subpoena calling and enter to speak with u.s. investigators is imminent. an attorney representing some of the women is calling on the prince to tell what he knows without delay. >> to begin to repair his damaged reputation, would be to sit for an interview as soon as possible. with the criminal investigators, for the southern district of new york. there is no need to wait for a golden-engraved invitation.
10:38 am
>> to date, 16 women have filed lawsuits against epstein's estate. attorneys for the estate have proposed setting aside money for an out-of-court settlement. appearing before a judge in january. a u.s. attorney general, william barr, says that despite some initial suspicions of foul play he now believes jeffrey epstein took his own life in a new york city jail cell. he told he succeeded press, and i quote, "it was a perfect storm of scrubs." >> harris: david lee miller, thank you very much. i want to bring in former federal prosecutor, doug burns. you heard what david lee said. i want to talk to you about this compensation fund. only an attorney like yourself would see this to have both positive and negative. >> positively, i think it's a good move the right thing to do. he had put money on trust and people were protected, they stepped up to the plate and said, "we will create a font to come in sick people." the synnex might say, "they're only doing that to limit
10:39 am
liability," so on and so forth. but i view it as positive. there are a lot of lawsuits, as he just mentioned. so this will crystallize it, and on one fund to compensate everybody. so i think it's good. >> harris: use of the negative is there trying to get out in front of the lawsuit? >> and ostensibly limit liability. that gets in the weeds and so on. the common consensus will be this is a good thing. from the public relations standpoint, to have -- >> harris: will they see that money? i guess there's always a bottom line. >> it's a great question. the reason it's so good as they will get a faster, certainly, than if they have litigation. >> harris: let's talk about the two people now arrested. these prison guards. you've been to the metropolitan correctional center. they call it the mcc here. >> i have. >> you been to that part they call the shu. >> the special housing unit. i've said it over and over and i will repeat it now. it's been incredibly tight. >> harris: so what happened? >> just multiply that point
10:40 am
times ten, when you have the highest profile prisoner in the entire bop. what happened is hard to decipher. back to a very good original question -- >> harris: hold on -- >> can these guards cooperate? >> harris: three doors down, reportedly, was el chapo guzman. >> and he has been handled fund, which is a good point made, and you've made it. common sense and human nature is that when you have jeffrey epstein derek he is much even closer. these guards have been charged with falsifying paperwork. i've been into coke of these cases, when in federal court and one in state court. the point is, will they cooperate? i can't give a crystal ball answer. the second question is what would they cooperated out? was really just a follow-up that they fell asleep? or is there larger story. spew and you heard attorney general barr, that it was a perfect storm of screw ups. i want to move on to across the pond. can the fbi compel the
10:41 am
prince andrew testify in the cases that witnesses say, and victim say, "you got to bring him in the making talks the fbi?" because here's the breakdown legally. if they ask him to be interviewed, he can decline that. he's under no obligation. they can force them, though, was compulsory process by way of a subpoena. this starts getting confusing. then it's like, "wait a minute, you can't serve a subpoena across the pond." an analogy to what we are seeing in ukraine, we have mutual legal assistance treaty spirits of the united states could ask england to assist them and they can testify. but that starts into diplomatic stuff more than technical legal stuff. >> could we ever see it for the first time, potentially? i don't know if it's the first, but certainly in the open air that i know of. it would be rare. can we see it knowing what we know now, that he stepped back from his professional and public duties? and maybe the queen fired and? we don't know. >> has mother fired him, as you
10:42 am
said. >> harris: the palace intrigue there. >> i will make a prediction. the reason is much more diplomatic and u.s. british relations than technical law. under a mutual legal assistance treaty between the u.s. and england, could technically legally happen. as a fact of the matter, i don't think it will. >> harris: use that as a p.r. nightmare. >> it is, harris. >> harris: doug burns, thank you. good to get your legal expertise today. two female candidates' refusal to hit back hard at 12020 rifle during this week's debate. sparking some questions about a double standard for women in politics. we'll get into it. plus, john bolton speaking out in a new tweet, next orlando isn't just the theme park capital of the world, it also has the highest growth in manufacturing jobs in the us. it's a competition for the talent. employees need more than just a paycheck. you definitely want to take advantage of all the benefits you can get. 2/3 of employees said that the workplace is an important source for personal savings and protection solutions.
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>> dana: hi, everyone. i'm dana perino.
10:47 am
president trump unloading on the impeachment hearings and reports that a former fbi lawyer may have altered a document in the russia investigation. republican congressman michael waltz is here to talk about all of that, plus 2020 democratic hopeful senator michael bennet. what will he do if impeachment ends up in the senate? and airlines are telling parents to pay more if they want to sit with their own kids. is that fair? tyrus gives us his take. that's coming up today on "the daily briefing." >> harris: this has just happened. former national security advisor john bolton, whose name has repeatedly surfaced in the impeachment inquiry hearings as a witness to key events, has returned to twitter today following mysterious absence. today he said he was happy to be back and tease that he would have more to say. moments ago, during the last commercial break, here's what he said on twitter. "since resigning his national security advisor, the white house refused to return access to my personal twitter
10:48 am
account. out of fear of what i might sa say," he asked, "to those who speculated, i went into hiding. i'm sorry to disappoint!" let's bring you now jenna ellis rives, senior legal advisor to the trump 2020 campaign. ethan bierman, liberal radio host of left coast news. great to see you both. jenna, you recently joined the campaign in the last week or so. so i'm going to start with you. john bolton, if he gets into the mix on the hill, what does that look like for the president? >> i have two responses. first, so what? the second, who cares? this is someone who has made no secret of the fact that he opposed the president's foreign policy, and he resigned accordingly. this is yet another speculation and opinion. we can all talk about our opinions on foreign policy, but that's why we have a duly elected president who has the final word on that.
10:49 am
everyone including bolton serves on the pleasure of the president. i go back to so what and who cares. he's looking for his 5 minutes of fame, to simply go back and oppose president trump because he disagreed with his policy. that really doesn't matter. >> harris: i want to tell everybody, too, you've been a guest on this show previous to your new job at the white house. that you were also a constitutional attorney, so you look at this from both those lanes. ethan, i want to get your response on this. because john bolton has been someone democrats have said they love to see testify. some key witness points. they don't want to subpoena and because they don't want to get caught in a protracted court battle over whether or not he would talk. now he's back on twitter. >> there is a guy who called rudy giuliani a hand grenade, se brave enough to jump on that grenade for a republic, as somebody who has, while i disagree with him on many political things, understands his fidelity and responsibilities to our
10:50 am
constitution. the rest of us don't believe in this executive theory, that the president and the attorney general seem to believe in. that the president can do anything he wants. congress has oversight rights. they have the tax and spend because, they allocated the money for ukraine. the president held up that aid money. this is a very clear violation of the separations of duty. ambassador bolton hold the key to a lot of the secrets. >> harris: we may or may not hear from him before his book comes out. real quickly, trump impeachment and removal from office, among independents right now, trending no, 47 to 41%. just in the last few seconds, why is it going in the direction that more independence now believe that the president should not be impeached and removed? jenna? >> the reason for that is because we are seeing very clearly that president trump was actually wise in waiting for the disbursement of the aid to make sure that it was consistent with anticorruption and national
10:51 am
security interests. we are seeing that president trump did everything right. he did his job perfectly. this is also consistent with the internal polling, that the voters come over a fitter democrats, want to see biden investigated. they don't want to see president trump impeached. has the highest approval rating since that impeachment began. people are seeing through this. >> harris: gallup has about 43% today. thank you very much, good to see both. new questions about a double standard in politics after two female senators decided not to attack i was front runner pete buttigieg at the last debate. are they right to be cautious? ♪ apparently we come from a long line of haberdashers. we chose eleanor. it was great-grandma's name. so we're in this little town near salerno and everyone has dad's eyebrows. help your family discover their unique story, with a gift from ancestry.
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10:56 am
back. senator harris wouldn't bite despite some big stumbles by mayor pete on issues of race. watch. >> that's a question that related to a stock photograph that his campaign published, but, listen, i think that it really speaks to a larger issue, and i will speak to the larger issue. i believe that the mayor may apologize for that. >> when asked if a woman with mayor pete's experience would ever be considered a viable presidential candidate. senator klobuchar praised him and pivoted to her own experience. this is a good example where he has said the right words but i actually have the experience and leading 11 of the bills that are in that house passed bill you just referred to. and i think this kind of experience matters. >> harris: howie kurtz fox news media analyst and the host of media buzz.
10:57 am
there is this push of well, women aren't going to beat up on men and is that a double standard or was there something else at play here? >> there is no question that kamala harris and amy klobuchar both pulled their punches they failed to repeat to his face what they said about him on the trail. call that a whiff regardless of gender. kamala harris certainly shown she is willing to mix it up as she did against joe biden against that early debate. i can't tell you since they are women they may have decided pete buttigieg sungt that much of a long-term threat and nobody was throwing punches on that stage including very few challenging questions in the msnbc nod der rarts kind of a kum ba yah debate. >> harris: it's interesting. the take i had when i first saw the amy klobuchar was she did kind of slam him. let me show you what experience looks like. she did it doing a light touch. maybe that works well for her style. i happen to think it was a mistake for senator amy klobuchar who say sexism is
10:58 am
at play for him being ahead in iowa. running a better, more media savvy campaign. it is true women are often judged more harshly than men, called shill, their voices, their clothing are critiqued in a way that guys never have to worry about. they do have to walk a fine line. >> harris: these strike me as strong women and when you are running for president well, have you got to do what you have got to do. cnn chris cuomo getting mocked on botched media claiming that he could overhear a phone call between ambassador trump and sondland. cuomo called his mom on live tv. >> can you just say hello? mom? she probably can't hear me. >> hello. >> mom, can you hear me? >> yes, i hear you when you talk to me, i hear you. >> i'm talking to you. say hello to dana barb. >> hi, mrs. cuomo. how are you?
10:59 am
>> harris: then they put her on speaker. that helped. >> media reporter for the hill joe concha cnn's cuomo trying to prove can you hear a conversation on another person's cell phone while on speaker, mind you, is the most i will advised thing we have witnessed on live tv since marcia clark had oj try the gloves on. and you say what? >> i say that chris cuomo was responding to a presidential tweet about this whole thing. it was a bit of a stunt. and when it works, it's great. when it's falls flat like that not so good. treated as a light-hearted moment but i'm sure it doesn't go in the highlight reel. >> harris: chris cuomo asked a lot of good questions and his mom sounded sweet unfortunate for him. before we go we are looking at a tighter senatorial potentially if we get that far impeachment trial. your quick thoughts in covering all of this? >> the republicans have to make a decision, which is do they want a long trial in which they can make the case
11:00 am
for president trump and possibly screw up the democrat schedule by delaying this well into their presidential campaign or do they want it done real quickly and get it off the table? >> harris: howie kurtz, always gait to see you. have a great weekend. i'm harris. here's dana. >> dana: president trump sounding off after a second week of impeachment hearings. hello, everyone, i'm dana perino and this is the daily briefing. ♪ ♪ >> dana: three days and nine witnesses and that was just this week. and now president trump telling democrats to bring on an impeachment trial. >> frankly, i want a trial. you know, i think i could have it. >> brian: you want a trial? >> oh, look, number one, they should never ever impeach. that phone call was totally appropriate, okay. totally. but, assuming these people are as sleazy as they're, and nancy pelosi is totally incompetent, she has


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