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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 22, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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sean hannity is necks from new york. have a great weekend with the ones you love. see you monday. ♪ >> welcome to the special edition of hannity. i'm jason chaffetz in tonight for a sean. the democrats impeachment charade rages on in the washington swap. a real investigation into real crimes and real corruption has finally concluded. monday, december 9th, the inspector general's report on fisa abuse will be released to the public. the findings should be damning for michael horowitz has reportedly discovered serious examples of misconduct at jim comey's fbi. at least one official is
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reportedly facing a criminal investigation for falsifying key materials in the lead up to a fisa warrant against a trump campaign associate. that individual has been identified in reports as a truncating lawyer at the fbi named kevin kleinsmith who has since left the government after a review from the inspector general's office. including one example shortly after the 2016 election when he texted a colleague, the crazies won finally. also bashed trump's asked whether he planned to stay in government under president trump, he responded "give allowed resistance." some anonymous sources in "the washington post" tonight are playing down the upcoming report, playing down at the fisa process was totally aboveboard. i guess they are forgetting
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testimony from andrew mccabe when he said, no dossier, no warrant. today, president trump predicted the inspector general's findings will be historic. watch this. >> what you are going to see, i predict, will be perhaps the biggest scandal in the history of our country, political scandal. but i guess that's the biggest. what's more important -- >> what do you mean by that? >> they are going to be things that are incredible, a fisa report that comes out. it's a story, that's what i hear. if it's a story, they are going to see something. >> jason: joining me is sara carter and the author of "witch hunt: the story of the greatest mass delusion in american legal history." from our fox news legal analyst, gregg jarrett, thank you for pointing us. i want to start with you because donald trump is on the phone, "fox & friends" for an hour.
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talking about this upcoming report. suddenly, less than eight hours later, magically "the new york times" and "the washington post" suddenly come out with this story. is that a coincidence? what's going on here? >> i don't think this is a coincidence. once the president spoke about the president is privy to a lot more than we are right now. i'm sure that attorney general william barr has maybe briefed him about the upcoming report and the people that have been interviewed by horowitz are trying to get ahead of everything for that's what they are doing, jason. they are trying to get ahead of the narrative. they wanted to be there narrative before the report comes out. this is something that's done in washington quite often, especially when someone like kevin clinesmith, who really isn't a low level at the fbi -- she's with the national security division. he is with the applications that are taking out with american citizens. if he altered that application in order to be able to
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surveilled carter page, an american citizen, and violet's for the moment rights, that is a huge piece of malfeasance that horwitz found and that's why he moved it over to durham and that's why it's basically a criminal probe and expanded to that. not just because of this but because of other issues they found along the way. >> jason: you make a good point because clinesmith needs to have the highest security possible to be engaged with this for "the washington post" as saying that this is some low-level person. these articles are also erroneously, gregg, trying to claim that even if he did altered documents, which is the allegation on the articles, i altered these documents, they still would've had the justification in the world in order to do these fisa reports and they discount the idea of what mccabe testified to.
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>> this was not aboveboard by any stretch of the imagination. i do not know what horwitz is going to find, but the people who are at risk and in jeopardy legally are not clear simply because he doesn't make criminal referrals. because john durham obviously has his own independent investigation, wider jurisdiction, greater authority, subpoena power, so forth. there were at least six falls or presentations that were made to the fisa court, the most notorious of which was they had verified information from a reliable source. christopher steele wasn't even a sore spirit he was a purveyor of hearsay information from anonymous sources. it's not enough to say that i've got a reliable source. you've got to verify the source information itself. they didn't do that. and without christopher steele, there would've been no fisa warrant applications -- that's not just the testimony of andrew
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mccabe. that's the determination of the senate judiciary committee and the house intelligence committee. >> jason: to try to claim that this is some low-level person, remember, this is the same person who was involved and engaged with the fisa abuse, involved in the clinton email scandal, and he was dismissed from the mueller investigation. so being what "the new york times" and "washington post" try to characterize as some low-level person, he certainly was working on the biggest cases that are out there. gregg, sara carter delma, i wish i had more time with you but thank you for being here tonigh. carter page is the former trump campaign associate wrapped up in the fisa abuse scandal. his phone calls and emails were attacked by his own government at the height of the election because evidence that was suspect at best. he appeared on "mornings with maria" on fox business and had this to say about the upcoming report. take a look. >> my reaction this is more the
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same. they been falsifying documents and providing false testimony in the court of law, in the courts of law for years now. they have just been putting false information out there to the media. the democrats and their allies in washington -- they are in washington in the media constantly pushing lie after lie. finally, this gets picked up by a court, gets picked up by the comey-mccabe fbi, the got a fraudulent school warrants, i believe, to spy on myself as a way of getting into the trump campaign. >> jason: amazing. recently, attorney general barr warned against this kind of corruption inside our own government. this so-called "resistance." remember this? >> immediately after president trump won election, opponents inaugurated what they called "the resistance." they rallied around an explicit strategy of using every tool and
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maneuver to sabotage the functioning of the executive branch and his administration. resistance is the language used to describe insurgency against rule imposed by an occupying military power. this is a very dangerous and indeed incendiary notion to import into the politics of a democratic republic. >> jason: could this be a preview of what we are about to learn from the fisa and durum probes? joining me now is charlie hurt. you also worked on the senate judiciary committee. you are involved in the writing of these laws regarding fisa. has altered evidence, altered an email, injected his own thoughts into the email and projected it
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as somebody else's thoughts mow what kind of criminality could that potentially lead to in terms of a charge? >> well, when carter page said it's more of the same, i would beg to differ in this way: it's actually worse than more of the same. the fisa court is the highest level of government power. remember, everything that is presented to a fisa court judge has to be vetted and has to be screened, and it goes as high as deputy attorney general and the attorney general of the united states. so at issue, when you misrepresent to a fisa court judge, not only are you lying to a federal officer, which is a criminal violation, but you're also obstructing justice in a very significant way with the most important tools that we give law enforcement. >> jason: without having all the details in the case, what are the potential charges, breath >> so you have obstruction of justice. you have what's called a 1,001
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charge which is lying to a federal officer. think about this, jason, very few people know that conspiracy is itself a criminal violation. if he is part of a concerted effort, a resistance, a group of people that are working together with a common goal to deceive a fisa court judge, to issue a warrant, when it shouldn't have been issued, to attack and go after a sitting president without a sufficient basis for that warrant -- i mean, think how preposterous it is that instead of working on criminal justice reform or a fair chance act that's ready to be passed, congress has to be reviewing and looking at the fbi and whether or not they are exercising the powers that congress have given them. >> jason: charlie, when you hear the attorney general of the united states talking about the resistance movement in washington, d.c., he's in a perch, he has a view that most others don't see.
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how real is that in washington? >> i think it's very real and i think all of the evidence that has come out along these lines of, you know, the fisa abuse lines up right behind that and proves the point. god bless the attorney general for putting such a fine point on it. i also think this "new york times" report about the falsification of the fisa, that's a very serious, hugely enormous serious issue. the attempt to downplay it is utterly meaningless to me. at the end of the day, what we are talking about is the previous administration spying on political opponents at the height of a presidential election during an election. that's something that does not happen in a free republic. the idea that even that is seen through some partisan lands, the democrats or liberals are outraged by that, is truly
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shocking. can you imagine if the bush administration had spied on barack obama's campaign during the 2008 campaign? everyone would be and should be outraged. could you imagine if the clinton administration had spied on the bush campaign during the 2000 -- it didn't happen, but if it did, i think there would be bipartisan outrage. the idea that democrats are just turning a blind eye to the notion that we are going to weaponize the federal government, weaponize the most powerful espionage agency in our government to go after political opponents, and not just spy on them, but in some cases punish them, it's shocking. >> jason: look, for "the new york times" and "the washington post" to essentially come out with the same article at the same hour within -- less than eight hours when donald trump starts to talk about this is a little suspect to say the least, but we'll hear a lot more about it when the report is released. thank you so much.
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let's turn to a brand-new report. our friends at judicial watch has just obtained documents showing yet another example of the very special accommodations that were made for team clinton during the investigations into her private server. joining us now is the president of judicial watch tom fitton. as the former chairman of the oversight committee, no one did better work than judicial watch and tom fitton. tom, explained to us what you just uncovered in these new emails that you've been able to see? >> these are struck page emails, emails that we've been getting . and they showed that the fbi during the clinton email investigation, general counsel baker was working, basically eating out of the palm of the hand of the lawyer for cheryl mills and heather shane the two lawyers for hillary clinton who helped her delete all the emails. trying to figure out ways to get
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them to testify in places where there won't be media stake outs. the documents showed they were giving them a heads up press stories. and even peter strzok gets fed up with the gamesmanship. he notes that they get two laptops where they have the 60,000 emails or what used to be the 60,000 emails because half of them were deleted. it's interesting we are getting them now. this is in-your-face obstructi obstruction. at the same time, you have to remember that while they are taking care of the hillary clinton -- they are working with her campaign and bending over backwards later ine year. you've got fbi lawyers it looks like authoring documents a target trim. what an outrage. it's one more piece of evidence that would in my view to reopen the criminal investigation into this whole issue. >> jason: look at part of the
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emails in a meeting with mccabe. i remember, it was mccabe's wife who was ultimately running in a race to help the clintons do a fund-raiser with that money ultimately ends up in his wife's pocket for a political campaign for and how convenient. that is a whole nother hour and segment. tom fitton at judicial watch, you do great work and thank you for joining us on "hannity." up next, president trump fighting back hard on the democrats' impeachment witch hunt. and new polls that spell disaster for the democrats. we will be right back as the special edition of "hannity" continues. ♪ ♪ experience the power of sanctuary at the lincoln wish list sales event. sign and drive off in a new lincoln with zero down,
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>> jason: welcome back to thi "hannity" special, trump versus the resistance. trump gave a phone interview on fox and friends this morning morning and only express his support for a chance to defend himself and also named several witnesses whom he would like to testify. let's watch. >> there's only one person i want more than where is hunter, and that's adam schiff. i want to put that guy with his way. >> what your first question for adam schiff? >> i almost said something that might've been slightly controversial. look, i want to see adam schiff
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testify about the whistle-blower who is a fake whistle-blower. but i want he want the whistle-blower who put in a false report to testify. who i want to testify most is shifty schiff and i want to know why he made up my statement, he is a corrupt politician. why did he make up my statement? >> jason: good question. meanwhile, independents are siring on the impeachment inquiry. according to an npr-marist poll, 50% of independents do not support impeachment and moving trump from office. house freedom caucus chair congressman andy biggs, house judiciary committee or congressman tom mcclintock, and senior advisor to the trump 2020 campaign jenna ellis. i think andy, all three of you, but in the end, i served with in congress previously but i think all three of you for joining us. i want to start with you.
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congressman mcclintock, you were on the house judiciary committee and if the democrats, and i think this is questionable whether or not they move forward, but if they were to move forward, the rules are different. and you get to call people. the democrats will get to call people. who would you like to hear come testify before the house judiciary committee? >> i'm hoping we could get viktor shokin. he's the ukrainian prosecutor general that biden had fired just as we were looking at the corrupt relationship between biden's son and burisma. that it be a very interesting conversation to have. obviously the so-called whistle-blower who concealed his relationship with adam schiff would be very interesting to hear from. i think that he has ties to the whole cabal that dreamed of this russia collusion hoax to begin with. that would be a very interesting conversation. the fact is so far the democrats have -- we've only been able to hear from their handpicked preventive witnesses and even
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so, the audiences leaving them and the real jury, the american people are turning against them when they can call defense witnesses, that will spell disaster for the democrats. >> jason: jenna, you're part of the trump campaign, i understand that. when you look at this indication of what's going on here, jerry nadler back well before this even came up, he was preaching and saying that there was going to be impeachment in judiciary. how do you see america looking at what has transpired over the last two weeks with this schiff show. >> america is not being bamboozled. they see the impeachment circus for what it is and this is just the #resistance that is undermining the president at every single turn they possibly can get. this is the next line in the hoax of trying to get him to remove him from office in the way that's not american, not legal, not constitutional.
6:23 pm
i think the american people see that. president trump was totally vindicated through the impeachment hearings this week because we just saw speculation and opinion from these witnesses who think that they can set foreign policy and they have better opinions than the sitting president of the united states. that's shameful. i think the american people see through that and we see that even a third of democrats now are saying that they would like the bidens to be investigated for potential corruption. they are seeing that president trump is working on behalf of the american people. they see that he loves this country. i was so proud of him for what he set on "fox & friends" this morning saying, bring it on. i want to hear from all of these witnesses that were denied from the chairman schiff and i think that if it does proceed the senate trial, which it shouldn't, they would be even more full exoneration. >> jason: congressman bigs, you are their day in and day out with your colleagues. but do you really think that after what adam schiff and the show that he put on, the hours and hours of testimony from people who have no direct relationship to what's going on
6:24 pm
there, did they move any republicans over into the democratic camp to vote for impeachment? >> absolutely not. in fact, i think what happened to them the last two weeks is they've actually move some democrats over to vote against impeachment. and right now, it's going to be nip and tuck for them, if they've put it on the floor whether they get the necessary 218 votes to impeach the president. they have really botched this thing up bad, jason. and what's happening is when you see the independence cratering on this issue, it means that members of congress are going to crater on this issue as well for the don't want to get him elected because they take a bad vote on impeachment. >> jason: i think nancy pelosi has her hands full to the nancy pelosi will poll this and do focus groups, go like this, put her finger to the wind. this support is not there. they'll have to come up with a new game plan for that's my
6:25 pm
prediction. congressman, jenna, thank you so much for joining us. coming up, then the liberal media hit new lows in their bid to help democrats take down president trump. we will play the tape. plus the ladies of "the view" clash over adam schiff's impeachment circus. next on the special edition of "hannity," trump versus the resistance continues.
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6:30 pm
lock him up, put him in handcuffs. this is done for the problem is there is a distrust including from people like me who to believe in this point. i believe we have to have a crime committed by the president himself. we aren't there. [cross talk] >> he didn't commit a crime -- >> if you watch these impeachment hearings, there is a crime. >> why not vote them out in november? >> impeachment is provided in the constitution! >> jason: this week as the public impeachment hearings were happening, the mainstream media did their best to smear republicans and sway public opinion. watch this. >> when you could have a mob behind the president, when he's calling out the whistle-blower and you see the anger in their faces behind him, intimidating witnesses. >> he closes ranks around him, his word is law.
6:31 pm
everybody else basically submits and risked their safety if they defy him. >> i can say this. the intel committee, they are putting their party above their contrary. it's plainly obvious. >> the republicans are trying to play a political game. >> today was a graveyard for public and talking points. >> jason: joining me now is made a reporter for the hill, joe concha, and correspondent jeffrey lord. thank you for being here. joe, your joining here on set. when you see what you saw in the media, you look through the lens and analyze the media. what did you see? >> i saw a continuation of two years of the mueller investigation, all the media hyperbolic reckless speculation and declarations, bombshells, this is explosive, the beginning of the end for the president, the noose is tightening, the walls are closing in, beginning of the end and so on. when you hear that for two
6:32 pm
years, it tends to lose its effect. think of russia collusion and the investigation with mueller as "caddyshack." great movie. and the ukraine thing and we saw with impeachment where nobody knew who the witnesses were in the body understands the story in the body can define what the crime was, that's "caddyshack 2," a movie that should never be allowed on the air again. by the time you got the last day, you had 11 million. over one week of impeachment hearings, 3 million people gone and who suffered? democratic presidential candidates because they had a debate on wednesday night, msnbc got a little over 6 million people, 6.5 million people. do you know what the first debate got in june? 18 million. two-thirds of the audience gone! people are fatigued. they don't want this anymore. 246 days to an election, most americans will tell you, let people vote president trump out if they think he did something wrong.
6:33 pm
otherwise show me a crime and a crime can be shown. >> jason: you are right about your analysis of "caddyshack." at one point, people like joe scarborough said the republicans "lack of love country." their attacks on republicans, to go after them personally, not being able to defend and even direct to facts that would make this case was pretty stunning. how did you see it? >> i thought it wasn't shameful. what if, jason, if somebody said joe scarborough was more interested in sticking up for swamp corruption because he's more interested in media money from the swamp then he is in love of country? i imagine all joe would be pretty furious at that. this is just such a reckless thing to say about people who are doing their jobs. jason: joe, going back to you, there are two things here.
6:34 pm
one is the criticism of republicans process and the other was the fax but where are the facts, the first-hand knowledge of information? there was little and none of that. >> the people watching at home, i don't pay attention to what republicans think our democrats think but in dependence, places like wisconsin, 77,000 votes the president won by. impeachment by independence, emerson college bowl, 34% support impeachment. that's one-third of the country. if you are speaker pelosi, you see why she's reluctant to go into this because there's no slam-dunk. with nixon, there was a slam-dunk. republicans and democrats joining the impeachment process -- >> it grew. >> impeachment hearing for watch by 71% of americans. this thing looks and smells exactly like it should. it looks political and it smells rancid. >> jason: we've only got 15 seconds here, so where do you think this goes next?
6:35 pm
>> i imagine they'll take their impeachment vote over to the senate. the president is a former reality tv show host. i can't wait until we get the whistle-blower and these other folks up there. adam schiff, he's going to love every second of it. >> jason: in the be fastening the see how it plays out. i personally, nancy pelosi, don't think she pulls the trigger because she knows that her mental it will be. the numbers will continue to dwindle. >> jason, by the way? americans have to go during things given and they have to explain why they haven't done anything on the opioid crisis, on trade, infrastructure, prescription drug prices, they got nothing on this regard. republicans are willing to work with an president from particular with pelosi and the democrats. >> jason: joe, thank you so much for coming in happy things given coming up next week. coming up, some on the left are panicking about the weak 2020 field. former president obama telling people to reportedly chill out.
6:36 pm
that's not a good sign for it matt schlapp, herman cain, and austan goolsbee up next as the special edition of "hannity" continues.
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especially as far left socialism becomes a party's new litmus test. but barack obama is flying,
6:40 pm
trying to quell donor's concerns, telling silicon valley donors that they need to chill out and be ready to rally to whoever secure the nomination. meanwhile, elizabeth warren experiencing campaign growing pains as school choice protesters called out during an event in atlanta yesterday. take a look. >> as a white woman, i will never fully understand the discrimination, the pain, the harm that black americans have experienced just because of the color of their skin. >> [chanting] >> jason: panic may be setting in for the joe biden campaign as he's embarking on a cold day iowa bus trip starting in december as his numbers
6:41 pm
continue to lag in the hawkeye state. join me now for reaction is matt schlapp along with the new voice ceo herman cain, our favorite, and former economic advisor to president obama, austan goolsbee. thank you, gentlemen, for joining us here tonight. there is a lot happening out there. but, matt schlapp, one barack obama is out there having to beat the pavement and say, chill out, we are okay, we are okay, what does that tell you? >> it's been amazing to watch barack obama. he and joe biden were pretty good partnership it when you see joe biden called every name in the book and a supporter of segregated schools and obama has been completely quiet. the other thing that's interesting is barack obama, we are told he was a popular president. actually, his approval ratings were never much higher than what we see with president trump. his approval ratings are so low question mike that's not true.
6:42 pm
you know, jason, nobody according obama to get his endorsement. that's what's telling me, these numbers are troop it as left-wing as many republicans think barack obama was, the dems moved even further to the left. it's all about the squad. it's all about socialism. it's all about bernie and elizabeth warren. these new names in these new faces, and i think it's sad that barack obama is trying to peek in and be relevant again. >> austan, you work with president obama. we respect your opinion, but when you have governors like deval patrick joining the race in the last second and drawing a crowd of, like, two, and you have michael bloomberg saying i'm going to go out and spend my billions of dollars however i want, it's his right to do that, entering the race, it's not like they are coalescing around a particular candidate. is it fair to read it as a bit of a panic at this point? >> i don't think i would call it a panic.
6:43 pm
i mean, before any votes have been cast, there is always a scramble of people saying, well, why not me? i should be the president. whether it's mayor bloomberg or deval patrick or others, look, my view is to let everybody try to run. it's clear, nobody has a coalition built yet to get the nomination. that is not that unusual. we are not even to the iowa caucus. you remember in 2016 the republicans were back and forth for months, and they said, oh, ted cruz will never come around after what donald trump said about his wife, and ben carson will never come around when he was likened to being a child molester. and yet they endorsed and backed president trump. 2008, you saw the same with the democrats. i think president obama's message is probably a good message. i do not know if people can receive that message yet, which is, guys, just don't say
6:44 pm
anything that will make the other side so angry that they can't come around and join up in the whole thing is done. >> jason: i think they already ticked off americans. herman cain, you've actually been there. you've actually done this. you have been there. i haven't seen anything like i've seen with donald trump. he could go to anywhere from las vegas, you name it, there would be tens and thousands of people showing up. this last debate, the democrats didn't even talk about the economy. i think they almost are going to see that points to donald trump. how do you see what's going on with detainee 20 democrats going down? >> i think that 2020 democrats are all socialists and the matter who emerges with the nomination, it will not matter because the american people are not stupid. the other thing, jason, is that the lens of the media showing washington, d.c., and these democrat candidates, that does
6:45 pm
not represent real america. i hear it and they see it all the time. so austan may not call it a disaster. he may not call it panicking. but let's just call it total disorganized chaos. that's why no one candidate is getting any traction. for once, i agree with president obama. just this once. >> jason: mark this day. >> the need to cool it on some of this other stuff. just this once, i agree with president obama. >> jason: fair enough. with less than 75 days before iowa, barack obama was running, you could actually feel the undercurrents. you could feel the excitement. you can feel -- i don't see anybody in that field having that same type of level of excitement. certainly it's not there for gentlemen, thank you so much for joining us tonight. up next. there are still more questions than answers surrounding the
6:46 pm
death of jeffrey epstein. attorney general bill barr said it was "a perfect storm of screw ups." trace gallagher and emily compagno have the full report next. that and much more in the special edition of "hannity" continues. biopharmaceutical researchers. pursuing life-changing cures in a country that fosters innovation here, they find breakthroughs... like a way to fight cancer by arming a patient's own t-cells... because it's not just about the next breakthrough... it's all the ones after that.
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>> jason: welcome back to the special edition of "hannity." there are still a lot of unanswered questions. fox news' chief correspondent joins us live from our west coast newsroom with the latest. >> good evening. attorney general bill barr said he was very suspicious of jeffrey epstein's death and what was supposed to be a prison with top-notch oversight. but now barr tells the associated press that as the fbi and department of justice continue their investigations
6:51 pm
into epstein's death, he believes the suicide was the result of "a perfect storm of screw ups." the ag also trying to tamp down conspiracy theories by those who question whether epstein took his own life. bill barr's comments calmed down after two prison guards were charged with falsifying documents to cover up their behavior instead of checking on epstein every 30 minutes, the guards allegedly shopped online and slept. in the wake of prince andrew's disastrous interview on the bbc concerning his relationship with jeffrey epstein where he gave bizarre reasons as to why he could not have had sex numerous times with a 1 17-year-old, his alleged victim virginia roberts who is 35 will tell her side of the story. in an interview with the bbc set the air next week. >> jason: trace gallagher, thank you very much. attorney and fox news contributor emily compagno who is joining us here in new york. thank you for being here.
6:52 pm
you watch this case closely. i have no reason to doubt the attorney general, but how do you read the situation? >> if i can add a couple of points to what trey said to your viewers, these guards were also seeking conspiracy charges. i want to highlight the this is a blackeye on the dopa. this is true. there are a lot of inmate deaths under custody that deserve our attention and this is one of many. also that he said to stay tuned. it will not end with simply these guards a parser is prosecution. >> jason: my understanding is at this particular facility, it's the second time in 40 years that someone has been able to commit suicide pure that's a little suspect, isn't it? >> that's why he talks about it as the perfect storm. in essence that there were all of these little things that added up to that tragic, frankly, circumstance of someone being able to kill themselves and evade justice. >> jason: prince andrew gave this interview to the bbc. it did not go well.
6:53 pm
now he's being pulled back -- i don't really care what happens to the prince, but i do care what happens to this young woman who was now married and what we are going to hear from her monday on the bbc. what do you expect to hear and see in this part and prince andrew actually will do an interview with the fbi? he said he would. >> this remains to be seen. we have an interest in him in terms of what information he can provide about the larger investigation into potential other defendants that right now are yet to be named, right? obviously, epstein is dead but are there others? there are likely bigger fish that no more than prince andrew, that being said that's why the fbi would be interested in him. frankly in terms of being composed, the only other obligation he'd have is our relationship with the royal family and great britain in general. it is unlikely that the london office of foreign affairs would actually compel them to participate in an ongoing preliminary investigation when
6:54 pm
there is no criminal trial. will have to answer to that woman. >> jason: publicly he said he would comply, answer questions but we'll see. coming up, rush limbaugh spreads the democrats lie about trump and ukraine. that and more as the special edition of "hannity" continues. stay there. i am totally blind. and non-24 can throw my days and nights out of sync, keeping me from the things i love to do. talk to your doctor, and call 844-214-2424. hi honey, we got in early. yeah, and we brought steve and mark.
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>> jason: welcome back to this special edition of "hannity." the great rush limbaugh is exposing the ukraine hoax pushed by the democrats. listen to this. >> there's no question that ukraine meddled in the trump election, the trump campaign. whether the russians did or didn't either, the ukrainians did. trump knows it. so they elect a new president, zelensky. remember all through the obama years we didn't give them a dime. this is another thing. here's all of these witnesses
6:59 pm
including fiona hill. ukraine now has defensive aid because of one man, donald trump. your guy, obama, denied them everything because he didn't want to tick off putin. this stuff is maddening. so ukraine wants the money that obama never gave them. trump says essentially, what are you going to do for it? we're not passing out u.s. dollars anymore willy-nilly. that's not what i campaigned on, that's not what i believe. we're only going to give money to people that want to help us. >> jason: unfortunately, that's all the time we have left tonight. as always, thanks for joining us. if you like tonight's show, pick up a copy this holiday shopping season, a power grab. the liberal scheme to undermine trump, the gop and our republic.
7:00 pm
sean hannity, thanks for allowing me to sit in the chair. it's an honor and privilege. have a great weekend. god bless the men and women away this thanksgiving. let's them about them in our prayers. "the ingraham angle" starts right now. >> laura: i'm laura ingraham. this is a special edition from washington tonight. last night we told you the pending horowitz i.g. report, inspector general report, will reveal how a former fbi official manipulated a document in order to obtain a fisa warrant. the subject of the warrant, carter page is here to respond. former fbi assistant director chris swecker explains how out of bounds this act was. tonight, two 2020 democrat town halls, two internal protests. we'll take you inside some of the most raucous out of control biden and warren