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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  November 22, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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allowing me to sit in the chair. it's an honor and privilege. have a great weekend. god bless the men and women away this thanksgiving. let's them about them in our prayers. "the ingraham angle" starts right now. >> laura: i'm laura ingraham. this is a special edition from washington tonight. last night we told you the pending horowitz i.g. report inspector general report, will reveal how a former fbi official manipulated a document in order to obtain a fisa warrant. the subject of the warrant carter page is here to respond. former fbi assistant director chris swecker explains how out of bounds this act was. tonight, two 2020 democrat town halls, two internal protests. we'll take you inside some of the most raucous out of control biden and warren events that
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reveal a democrat party outgrowing its tent. plus, the biden family's latestt edition and what did chris cuomo and elon musk have in common? raymond arroyo has more on that in friday follies.ha first, after five days, a dozen witnesses and 30-plus hours of testimony, the impeachment hearings ended up a total bust. despite public opinion turning against them, the democrats are so far out on the ledge, that i think they feel as if they can't back away from moving forward. now, they're likely considering the following articles of impeachment. the first is the generic abuse of power. >> the focus remains on the president's stunning abuse of power that relates to his pressuring a foreign government to target a citizen for gain. >> laura: none of the witnesses that the democrats produced
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actually had direct evidence of anything approaching stunning let alone an abuse of power. >> president trump never told me directly that the aid was conditioned on the meetings. >> the president didn't come after the bidens or any investigations? >> no. >> did you ever talk to president trump in 2019?ig >> no, i have not. >> you were not on the call? >> i was not on the call. >> laura: second, democrats could charge bribery. >> my colleagues seem to think unless the president says the magic words that i bribed the ukrainians, that there's no evidence of bribery. >> that is soliciting a bribe. that is an impeachable offense.e >> the devastating testimony corroborated evidence of bribery. >> laura: there's no evidence oc bribery. it's patently absurd. even congressman will hurd republican, who is retiring?-- t he's not a huge fan of the president?-- rejected that argument in yesterday's hearing. >> an impeachable offense should
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be compelling, overwhelmingly clear and unambiguous. it's not something to be rushed or taken lightly. i have not heard evidence briefing the president committed >> laura: it's laugh if it h wasn't so bad for the country. p the third potential article of impeachment, contempt of congress. >> article 3 in the nixon impeachment articles, contempt of congress. donald trump goes way beyond richard nixon. >> laura: it's hyperbole. were it in an olympic event, he would be draped in gold right now. it's contempt for congress, not contempt of congress at this point.s trump's been more forth coming to congress than obama. of course, when he was under the spotlight, more press events made himself more available sent out more tweets.
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ridiculous. finally, democrats could try to charge trump.em this perhaps is my favorite of the faux charges, obstruction of justice. >> they keep taking it to court. no, we're not going to wait till the courts decide. we can't wait for that it's a technique. it's obstruction of justice. t >> laura: this, again, is perhaps the most pathetic charge of all. it's another sign that the democrats are just out of steam. a president invoking a time-honored privilege like executive privilege. his legal right is obstruction of congress? if so, then everybody out there you better buckle up because politics is just going to get uglier and uglier as time goes on. devin nunes perhaps said it best. >> when the democrats can't get any traction for allegations of quid pro quo, they move the goal
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posts and accuse the president of extortion. then bribery. at least resort, obstruction of justice. >> laura: none of this isuc working. deep down schiff, pelosi, and their impeachment backup singers, they know it. but in one final desperate effort to win over a weary nation, the chairman of the oh so bored did his best to belt out a grand finale. >> they were silent when the president said that.t. no quid pro quo. what do you want -- no quid pro quo. we can't just get over it. where is howard baker? not using metaphors. i think we need to consult our conscious. i resisted going down this path a long time. swe're better than that. >> laura: i love the gavel atlo the end. makes it really persuasive except it doesn't. does that sound like a man that is confident that his hearing
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did the job? really persuasive? seem to you like it was a? performer begging the audience for applause? joining me now, robert ray former whitewater independent cancel and harmet dillon, donald trump campaign advisory member. the white house is of the mind that the house might not even vote on impeachment. but i think they're pretty far out there on that ledge to back away. where do you see this going? >> i do, too, laura. i think they're out on the ledge. the only exit ramp would be consider of a possible censure resolution. that's one that has often been discussed in connection with impeachments throughout history. but generally speaking, there doesn't seem to be an appetite for that. here the democrats are too far a out on a limb appealing to the interests of the progressive wing of the party. i think speaker pelosi has
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signalled that she has to go down this road for fear if she doesn't, she jeopardizes her speakership after the 2020 elections. >> laura: harmet, when you hear charge after charge, the goal posts shifting when they weren't getting the public opinion polling that they wanted, they focused grouped it at one point in the dcc, democratic campaign committee, they were focus grouped determining what the proper article of impeachment should be. so is there any surprise that adam schiff is desperately trying to conjure up this emotion to close it out yesterday? >> i'm not surprised. there's no facts to support this effort. you think he would have learned from jerry nadler's belly flop in the mueller investigationseem and hearings that you have to be prepared and make sure witnessea can deliver. his witnesses went after writing checks, that did not deliver on the impeachment promise.
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so if i'm nancy pelosi tonight i'm feeling worried about my prospects because she has painted herself in a corner. she has to do something or she will lose her position and the party will lose at the polls.l it's going to be a dud and dead on arrival in the senate. >> laura: robert, i want to go back to that issue of obstruction of justice. again, they're frantic in their efforts to tie this back to nixon. people think, oh, if it's like nixon, it has to be bad and he will resign and we'll be happy. oh, it's obstruction of justice. he would invoke an executive privilege to not appear before the committee. how dangerous a precedent would that set moving forward, robert? >> it's horrible. this is an intrabranch dispute. since when is filing a lawsuit ever be considered an act of obstruction of justice? that is a ridiculous notion.
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that's an appeal to the -- to another branch of government, ao court, to make a determination as to whether or not a privilege applies. you can argue about whether or not it's appropriate to file a lawsuit, but the contention that merely by filing a lawsuit that that is obstruction of justice is a ridiculous notion.t >> laura: nancy pelosi made it clear that she's not going to court. oh, we don't have time for that. if it's such a critical issue s for the country to wrestle with, for congress to wrestle with, she would go to court because she would be confident she would win and want the legal precedent, would she not harmeet? >> the court system is part of our government and part of the due process system. so i think she's just whistling past the graveyard, laura. she knows she doesn't have the goods. they would kick her out. there's not the evidence to support what they're trying to
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do here. laura, this is a political process. that's how the founders made it. all of these democrats need to be thinking a couple steps ahead to what happens when the voters clearly bored, turned off or otherwise, you know, revolted at this prospect of these democrate spending their time on this and not on the people's work. who will be held accountable? it's not donald trump. >> laura: robert, republicans now say, the white house is saying to the counsel's office and various reports that they want a senate trial. >> these proceedings have been anything but fair. the senate has an opportunity to fix that.. i'm confident they will. i look forward to them completing the job that we could have done here.e >> laura: now apparently the president is saying i want at trial. but robert, is this something that the gop itself should want? >> i don't think so. look, i think that the trial in the senate is mostly about a deliberation over whether or not the president should be removed from office. the evidence is already in.
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i could foresee lindsey graham through the judiciary committee subpoenaing hunter biden and getting deposition testimony. but recall the clinton impeachment. there wasn't live testimony before the united states senate. there were a limited number of depositions. the evidence was shared with the senators. mostly an impeachment proceeding before the senate is a trial proceeding, a deliberation. the president would present a case in the sense that there would be statements as would the impeachment managers that would act on behalf of the house. but live testimony is not what i imagine that we would see before the united states senate. i think finally, after a couple of weeks of this since the republicans have control of the chamber, i would imagine a motion to dismiss would be properly filed and considered. we would end this in short
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circuit it without the president even having to put on a defense. >> laura: harmeet, talking about lindsey graham opening this probe, a probe into biden burisma. he's demanding the state department turn over the communications among former vice president biden, hunter biden and the ukraine. this is all in response to these allegations that biden pushed to fire that prosecutor general mr. shokin just to end the investigation of the company that employed his son that paid him $80,000 a month. here's how biden reacted to this. >> i'm disappointed and quite frankly angered by the fact. he knows my son. he knows there's nothing to this. trump is now essentially holding power over him that even ukrainians wouldn't yield to. lindsay is about to go down a way that he will regret his life. >> what do you say to him? >> i'm embarrassed by what
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you're doing. >> laura: harmeet, joe biden who talked about punching said he's embarrassed for lindsey graham. >> lindsey graham will stand up to the president when he feels appropriate. you can see the soap opera playing out to know that there's something fishy about that guy getting $80,000 a month for anything. you know, biden is -- i don't think he's thinking clearly about how this looks from afar. that brings me back to the senate. these senators have a conflict of interest, a lot of the democratic senators will be grandstanding for the cameras and having nothing to do if this is -- >> laura: hold on, harmeet. this is an important point. isn't it true that the senatorsa cannot speak at the trial? they don't speak. they sit there like potted
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plants. >> in the trial. not outside.e. >> laura: yeah, yeah. >> it's all going to be mugging for the cameras -- you're right. >> laura: but robert, during the proceeding they don't say anything. >> largely this is a t deliberative proceeding to arrive at a verdict about whether or not to remove the president from office. >> laura: preposterous. >> the democrats don't have the vote. so what are we doing? >> laura: they think it's good for them. >> everybody should have their eyes on the best interests of the country. >> laura: great to see you tonight, robert and harmeet. and i mentioned, the public sentiment moving against the democrats.t this is what the real clear polling average looked like november 10. that's the week that the hearings started. 51% started. 42% opposed. a nine-point spread. this is the average. 48% support and 45% oppose. closing the spread to three points. so the democrats explosive show
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actually seemed to turn people off. that probably is why nancy pelosi and cnn are holding a town hall. should a news network be advancing the case of impeachment of a president? shouldn't they give jim jordan his own town hall? joining me right now from real clear politics, tom, can pelosi salvage impeachment by going on for an hour with chris cuomo or wolf blitzer? >> i doubt it. one thing that we've seen, you just mentioned -- the numbers have moved against the democrats here since impeachment proceedings started. that's mostly among independents, right? democrats are locked in theirr position 85% for it. republicans are locked in their positions against it. independents are moving against the democrats. those are national polls. when you look at where we
11:16 pm
actually have state polling information, wisconsin marquette law school, it's 40% approve or support of impeachment, 53% against. 13 points against in one of the key swing states in 2020. >> laura: i saw something where it's 70% of people that voted for obama and then switched to trump, they're approving of the president's handling of the job. so his job approval among key voters, it's not everything butk key voters in certain battleground states. it's not bad. you're in the middle of an impeachment deal and the president is looking at the numbers. obviously the economy ishe soaring. best in the world. speaking of cnn, i have to bring this up. they once again fail to find swing state voters. they've been in search of them who is supporting impeachment. here's how one of the reports summed it up. >> the vast majority of voters h
11:17 pm
that we spoke to in pennsylvania say they don't believe the president will be impeached or removed from office. but the key is they think the 2020 election will decide his fate. >> laura: so tom, they did the same thing in wisconsin before that poll came out. so i have to imagine this is how most americans are feeling. they want the election to happen, vote their views and that's it. everything else is white noise.h >> i generally agree with that. this impeachment proceeding, one of the polls showed, 80% of the people have their minds made up before any testimony at all. and they haven't moved. so this is what the democrats ultimately their problem is. there was no smoking gun, there was no direct testimony linkage. so even voters think that trump did something wrong or unethical don't think he should be impeached for it. there's no getting around that. pelosi is on this track now and i don't know if they'll can unwind it.
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they don't look like they can move it forward generating public support. so they're stuck. >> laura: tom, you think as they go back to their home districtso their states and feeling squirrelly, given what the s public is saying to them or what their field offices are saying that something could change before that mid december vote? >> the only thing i think that would change is if the 24 democrats that just won in trump districts, if they go to pelosi and say look, you can't do this. we cannot do this. we're all going to lose. we have to pull the plug. we'll vote for censure but not impeachment. that's the only way she would go back to her caucus that 70% only whom are gung ho think it's a done deal.nk it's not. that's the only way they get out of this. >> laura: a fascinating theory. thanks, tom. coming up, the real bomb shell that dropped this week. the justice department inspector general has reportedly discovered that an fbi staffer manipulated evidence to surveil trump campaign adviser carter page.
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reaction from carter page himself, the first on fnc next. ♪
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>> laura: as democrats worked t> conceal the whistle-blower at the root of this impeachment scam, we now learned shocking new details about the genesis of the russia hoax. while the justice department special general mike horowitz has evidence that an fbi lawyer changed a key document that led to the surveillance of former trump campaign adviser carter page that joins us now. his first appearance on fnc. carter, do you feel vindicated by this news? >> it's more of the same, laura.
11:24 pm
these people keep saying the same information. we've known about this hoax for so long and the wrongdoing. unfortunately, it's -- there's been no real action to address these issues. it's a positive, but it's not anything, you know, amazing. >> laura: carter, "the washington post" tried to down play the inspector general's reported findings saying the conduct did not affect the overall validity of the surveillance application according to u.s. officials. the person under scrutiny is a low-level lawyer that has been forced out of the agency. to me ultrasounded like a preempted league. so by the time the report comes out, they'll say oh, we already covered that. it's all water under the bridge now. did that surprise you to hear the post report on it this way? again, kind of?-- yeah, it's not
11:25 pm
good but it didn't really affect the validity of the underlying warrant. >> i've seen this coming a mile away. these people -- i have had zero input. i have had privacy act of 1974. i know you've had privacy act issues with things that have been done against you related to these ukraine issues. unfortunately i've had zero information. they have this big -- many hundreds of pages of a report and i've had zero ability to review any of it or ask for any corrections. t meanwhile, these same people apparently who are leaking are having all kinds of input. it's a complete disaster. >> laura: the mueller report everyone has to remember what it stated about you, which people forget. tie investigation did not establish that page coordinated with the russian government in its efforts to interfere with the 2016 presidential election. that should have been the end of the story.
11:26 pm
i say to every american watching tonight, carter, they see you tonight on tv. but this could happen to anyone. if they can target someone with zero basis based on set-up meetings and phony?-- saying hi to someone at a convention suddenly you didn't tell us the truth about this. they did this to general flynn and tried to do it to you. it sends chills down my spine and everybody else watching. maybe people think i'm being hyperbolic, but i'm not. >> you're understating it. they weren't just spying on me. they spied on all the people ihe talked with during the trump campaign, during the trump transition and into the early months through september apparently of 2017. so all of my interactions with various people. they swept up all of that. meanwhile, as we again saw today in the articles you cited they're just dealing with their friends in the media andnd undermining the president.
11:27 pm
>> laura: you were the conduit obviously. you were the way to get at trump. that's understood. by the way, the guy that "the new york times" is flagging their theory, kevin klinesmith is the guy that altered the report. he's not found -- but he's not found politically biassed actions by fbi higher up. he was flagged before for bias. this same agent. so how deep does this guy? if a low level guy thinks he can do this, he's not getting signals from the higher ups that it's kosher to behave this way? >> this is how far we are from the truth right now. i had communications with mr. klinesmith in early april of
11:28 pm
2017 when all of these criminal leaks were happening. you know, all of these people were trying to undermine the president's administration. and telling him -- the primary thing i was asking for the fbi is to deal with the death threats that i'm getting. i flagged that for him and did nothing. >> laura: of course. carter, i want to thank you for being here i'm sorry for what you've had to go through financially, the concerns about your reputation.h it's everything. so many people have been unfairly targeted. it's like a police state targeting american citizens that are innocent to get at president trump or candidate trump. i appreciate the time you've taken. thank you. >> thank you. >> laura: the media running for cover for the official alleged in doctoring this evidence. "the washington post" quietly removed from its reporting that the man in question worked under peter strzok. that former high-ranking fbi official that was fired for his anti-trump texts last year. joining me now, chris swecker the former assistant fbi director.
11:29 pm
if you can, take us through why blaming this on some low level action isn't right and isn't accurate? >> yeah, sounds like someone is in foul p.r. mode here trying to mitigate the damage. the fisa process goes through three systems of review. starts at the field level and the evidence is being developed goes through the field hierarchy. then they go to headquarters and a level of review there. that's when the lawyers at headquarters kick in. that's probably where this later came into the picture. reviewing for legal sufficiencya reviewing for compliance with all laws, rules and regulations is a very important part of thee review. it's a critical part of the review and can't go across the street to the justice department until that lawyer signs off on that fisa along with everybody up to the director of the fbi. f so this is a critical part of
11:30 pm
the review that takes place. no one can argue that knows anything about the fbi that this is some meaningless low levelss player. having said that, i hope -- i'd be very disappointed if that's all that horowitz finds. iff think there's more there. >> laura: chris, former deputy m fbi director andrew mccabe was tight lipped last night when he was asked about it on cnn. >> my understanding is this. andrew, you can't talk about it. you're restricted from discussing the >> that's right.t. i'm currently -- i reviewed the report and i've agreed not to speak about it in any way until the process is over. >> i'll respect that.'vut >> laura: this is why you can't having those people working for your network. we know mccabe is facing criminal charges in a separate case. but does his answer show that it involves him as well? >> likely so. he has criminal exposure.
11:31 pm
he lied under oath three times and lied in the worst ways he can lie as the deputy director of the fbi. w he blamed it on others. he pretended said he didn't get questioned about the leak when he did. they had two pages of notes and had him sign the article and initial it. he got exposure. i don't wish anybody in the fbi ill-will but we have to clean up the fbi inner circle and make sure the political investigation never happens again. >> laura: it has to happen. thank you. your voice is so important. up next, congratulations are in in orderer for joe biden. chris cuomo looked foolish on air and why woke movie remakes are falling. raymond arroyo is next. ngs a faster laptop could help. plus, tech support to stay worry free. worry free...boom boom! get free next business day shipping or ...1 hour in-store pick up
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they use all the services of the post office only cheaper get a 4-week trial plus postage and a digital scale go to and never go to the post office again. >> live from america's news headquarters, i'm aishah hasnie.
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an estimated two at the 2,000 people marched in the capital friday. three demonstrators were killed. g24 ministers posing for the family photo. the minister -- the main topic facilitating trade and investment. and the future of russian participation in next summer's eight olympic games in japan ar still up in the year. the septic world anti- doping agency recommended brush it be declared noncompliant game. the group committee meets to take action on that recommendation on monday. i'm aishah hasnie. now back to "the ingraham angle." >> laura: it's friday. you know it is. that means it's time for friday follies. chris cuomo phones home and some
11:37 pm
movie reboots go down in phrase. here's raymond arroyo. you have breaking biden news? >> his son, hunter, was sued in august by a woman that claims she had a relationship and a child with biden's son. she was a student at george washington university when they met. hunter denied the relationship and paternity. the results of a court-mandated dna test are in. for this, we go to our special field correspondent. >> you are the father! >> every child is a blessing laura. joe biden didn't seem to pleased when peter doocy asked him about his new grandchild. >> wondering if you have a comment out of arkansas that your son, hunter, just made you a grandfather again? >> no. that's a private matter. no comment.
11:38 pm
only you would ask that. you're a good man. classy. >> classy? if i were joe biden i wouldn't be throwing classy around when hunter -- i love that. he denied the relationship and ever meeting her. so now -- >> not only did he meet her, he had a child with her. >> laura: if you can't trust hi- on his own flesh and blood, how do you trust him on i didn't speak to my dad at all about burisma? >> the bidens have been trashing trump for being a reality store. looks like they're doing it. during the impeachment hearings david holmes that worked at the u.s. ukrainian embassy testified that he overheard a conversation between the president and ambassador sondland. he claims he could hear the president's voice despite the fact that the call was not on speaker phone.
11:39 pm
the president said my hearing has always been great. never have i seen a person making a call that was not on speaker phone and be able to hear or understand a conversation. i tried it to no avail. try it live. so cnn's chris cuomo tried it live with his momma. >> very interesting theory fromv our president. he's never been able to hear a phone call when it wasn't on speaker phone from anybody. so let's just play with that for a second. mom, can you hear me? i'm with dana. did she just said hello? mom? i can't hear your mother. >> this is across the table. >> he couldn't get confirmation. if you're going to pull a stunt like this, test it out first and make sure everybody can hear. by the way, he had his phone on speaker. that is not what the president said. so it's -- this was a disaster for chris cuomo. >> laura: i keep thinking the glove with o.j. and didn't fit.
11:40 pm
kind of like that. >> marsha clark. >> laura: oh, wait a second. >> mrs. cuomo is like when they're listening on the radio. >> laura: but it's hard to hear it. >> it is. you're not listening to the phone. >> laura: and i like when moms and dads come on shows. mine are no longer with us. but at some point it does become a little -- he could have done the same thing with dana or hadd a producer call in. this is a little like daytime tv. >> cuomo might consider a second career as a product demonstrator. elon musk at tesla might have a job for him. musk unveiled the new cyber truck. its armored windows and walls are bulletproof musk insisted. go ahead. throw something at it. >> oh, my [bleep]. maybe that was a little too hard. [laughter]
11:41 pm
>> try the other one. really? >> oh, man. >> didn't go through. >> he said they're going to fix it and post. >> laura: this is another thing another experiment in real time that you haven't product tested before. >> you have to rehearse these things. this guy, by the way, musk lost $720 million as a result of that. >> laura: drop in the bucket. didn't the kardshian daughter make $600 million or selling that in her makeup company? she's all right. there's been a string ofri flame-outs at the box office in recent weeks. they all seem to involve reboots. now, what is going on? this has been happening for some time. it only picked up steam in how bad they're flailing. >> the audience may be tiring of these endless remakes and reboots. elizabeth banks second charlie angels reboot with kristin stewart cost $50 million to
11:42 pm
produce. it had an opening weekend of $21 a flop. part of the reason is this was awoke feminist charlie's angels. you remember the original. it was a show that guys could watch. action, beauty. this new iteration was different. >> women can do anything.di >> just because they can doesn't mean they should. >> we've heard that so many times. >> director elizabeth banks explained her vision for the reboot this way. >> i was in love with the ideahe of watching these professional women at their job. this is not about the boyfriend that they don't see enough, the dog they're not feeding, the mom they're not calling. >> laura, audiences don't want to be talked down to or men attacked, which is what this franchise did.
11:43 pm
it runs afoul of the original vision and the movie, which was beautiful women who could defend themselves. but they were part of a team but they used their beauty and wiles to get their way. not only throwing 300-pound men through plate glass window. >> laura: should i reveal to the audience that we have our own laura ingraham angels. >> hello, angels. >> it's fun. >> it's tommy. i'm bosley. >> laura: yeah. tommy is like don't say anything about that.ab it's the p.c. thing, just ruined cinema. it ruins it. >> ruined the new "terminator" reboot. that was a feminist invention. bombed lost hundreds of millions. >> laura: great to see you raymond.
11:44 pm
the debate mate it clear that the democrats have an identity process. how are the voters respond something we'll debate to ruckus town halls next.
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not my thing. >> laura: 2020 democrats running in to trouble on the trail. in some cases with their own voters. now, the case in point, just yesterday school choice advocates crashed elizabeth warren's campaign in atlanta while she spoke about the contributions of african american women. >> no one is here to quiet you. but when these women have been ignored this long, this is their moment and we are going to hear the story.
11:49 pm
>> laura: an interesting look for warren and ayanna presley. shouting down black women that want choice. i first saw the signs and is this about a portion? no. this is about school choice. they want to send their kids to top schools like everybody else. joining me now is charlie kirk founder and president was turning point u.s.a. and leo turley. d that did not look good for senator warren. >> looked great. a tremendous support. those protesters -- let's be honest -- they were funded by the walton family who should be paying living wages and they have nothing in common with choice. that were paid protesters laura. i challenge anybody to dispute that fact. they were funded by the walton family. the walton family has nothing to
11:50 pm
do with the education in california. by the way, laura, i went to public schools. they did pretty well. i'm on the laura ingraham show. >> laura: the cato institute's p report on this, charlie, shows most african americans want school choice and the waltons have done a lot to advance quality education for all children including minorities across the board. i thought that was a telling moment. >> yeah, leo, i'm stunned by that comment that you're invalue dating legitimate concerns of working black women in the inner cities that they're sending their kids to failing schools -- >> good play, charlie. >> there's a reason why in new york city, there's a lotterye. literally a lottery where they pick at total random individuals and families to get a chance to go to better schools. in florida, for example
11:51 pm
governor desantis won the election by promising and running on school choice and black women supported that. senator --ro >> laura: let him finish. >> he was?-- she was later confronted by a protester and she said you sent your kids to private school. she denied it, which is a lie. she did send her kids to private schools. why can elizabeth warren send her kids to private schools when the black women can't. >> i'll say it again, that group of protesters were funded?-- >> laura: you're repeating yourself. we don't have time for the repetition. first of all, the left has made a cottage industry out of paying protesters. didn't look like they were paid to me. i don't know. but planned parenthood canvasses all over washington d.c.c. pays people minimum wage to hold
11:52 pm
out clip boards saying sign this for abortion rights. don't tell me about paid protesters. the left has done this on the boarder, on the abortion and everywhere else.e. i don't hear you complaining about that. >> i'm saying this. charter schools -- >> laura: african americans want school choice and you don't. warren was not alone yesterday. immigration activists heckled joe biden over deportations during the obama years. watch. >> you should vote for trump. you should vote for trump. >> you have the power as a f candidate to commit to stopat deportations and we want to hear you say that. >> i will not stop all deportations if you have a?-- if you commit the crime, it's a felony. >> laura: but if you have four or five duis you can stay in the country. the timing is interesting. obama just warned the democrats about these devices. this is a test on whether or not
11:53 pm
you're open borders enough. charlie. >> it's stunning how the democrat party seems to be going in the direction of want to cater to foreign nationals. joe biden says something that would be extreme in the democrat party saying i don't want to stop all deportations and gets protesters. political advice for joe biden. never recommend anyone to vote for your opponent. that's not going to work. trying to completely dismiss it doesn't make sense. it's amazing how the democratic party is saying we want open borders and no limitations. >> can i get in here? joe biden is trump's worst nightmare. according to everyone, the democratic talking points, the democrats want open borders. joe biden does not. joe biden is contrary to thehe position of open borders. those crazies that are there when it comes to the general election, they'll vote for joe biden over trump because trump i has a problem with minorities. >> laura: really? that's why everybody has to run
11:54 pm
around calling donald trump a racist, donald trump is a -- this is all they have. otherwise they have to talk about the economic record or otherwise they have to talk about what he's done for criminal justice reform. they don't want substance butal they want to brand people to shut down conversation. people are tired of it, leo. people want to get to some solutions. i think they're fairly reasonable. maybe people shouldn't tweet so much, trump and everybody else.. in general, people want the country to do well. i think that. i think the left is way off point here. i do. >> i hope trump heard what you said about not tweeting as much. i have news for you.we you can't talk about the economy because trump injects himself in every social issue. >> laura: then why are the democrats so paranoid, charlie? every week it's another person getting in the race because they know that this is flat-lining in the battleground states. they're not moving the needle. pete buttigieg won't be president. south bend, indiana mayor won't
11:55 pm
be president of the united states. maybe down the road. not this time. >> that's right. in a recent poll shows that donald trump is up against everu major democrat in wisconsin and doing well in states like florida and north carolina. >> laura: we have to go. thanks so much. i don't meet to cut you off. we'll be right back. the special announcement about monday's show. this is a good one. don't go away.
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>> laura: we have a special treat for >> we have a special treat for you on monday. tell our viewers what it is. >> we will do a sitdown interview, and exclusive interview with john voigt. he is on ray donovan, the showtime program, it will be something special. >> monday at 10:00 pm.
12:00 am
i don't know what happened. i have not gotten any sneak peaks. that's all the time we have tonight. thanks for watching the ingram angle. daymac welcome to fox news at night, breaking right now we got a huge document from the state department. a watchdog group led by former obama administration officials sued for ukraine related records. we are reading through them right now. we will bring you latebreaking news, one of our nuggets might be there. we are awaiting the public release of two reports of bias by fbi agents during the investigation during the presidential campaign. new allegations coming from one of those reports. we will go to leland who


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