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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  November 23, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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>> are you afraid, mister mayor, that you could be invited? >> oh, wow. how long have you known me? >> several years. >> think i'm afraid? >> i don't know. >> think i get afraid? i did the right thing. i represented my client in a very very effective way. i was so effective i discovered a pattern of corruption the washington press has been covering up for 3 or 4 years. >> rudy giuliani saying in an exclusive fox interview that he did nothing wrong when it comes to his work for donald trump
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involving ukraine. welcome back to america's news headquarters. i am kristin fisher. rob: one thing to say that in a news interview and another to say that the federal prosecutors. the wall street journal say they are looking into rudy giuliani's behavior. the president wants a trial in the senate if the impeachment goes forward -- he has no witness would list. adam schiff is number one. mark meredith with more on all of that. >> reporter: the white house is not worried what is happening on capitol hill with the impeachment inquiry the president has been focused on other issues but as you mentioned there has been so much talk about what would happen if the house were to impeach. the white house insists if this were to move to the senate it believe the president has the upper hand. the white house had a chance to
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invite republican senators over to speak with the president and there has been a lot of talk about the timing of what could happen with the impeachment inquiry. if it carries over to the senate what it could mean for the 2020 presidential election. white house aides say the president remains confident. >> it has been so amazing to see the republicans so united. that is one of many ways this will backfire on the democrats. republicans are so united behind the president i think the country is united behind the president. >> reporter: despite demands from so many lawmakers on capitol hill to make democrats on capitol hill, the white house is not allowed some white house aides to go up and testify. we heard from some people behind-the-scenes involved, about what was happening with for aid to ukraine and one of those people is the outgoing energy secretary rick perry who spoke with ed henry and here is what he had to say. >> not once was the name burisma or the bidens mentions to me, not by the president or rudy
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giuliani or gordon sondland and if anyone is saying anything different they are surmising. >> reporter: that was one thing we heard from the white house, that they wanted to hear from people who had a chance to speak directly with the president, people like rick perry. nothing on the public schedule but he is expected to head to florida next week to kick off the thanksgiving holiday. leland: we will watch any news out of the white house. kristen: now that congress wrapped up schedule public hearing there are lingering questions of what will come next in the impeachment inquiry. to walk through all the possible next steps, garrett tenney. >> reporter: there are a lot of possible next steps but it is important to remember democrats want to wrap up the house side of the impeachment inquiry before the end of the year so there is a time crunch if they are going to do that. next is for the intelligence
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committee to put together a report to the judiciary committee on what the investigation has found so far. judiciary members expect that to happen after the thanksgiving holiday. after that the judiciary committee want to hear from a key witness, national security adviser john bolton who described other administration efforts to lunch investigation into the bidens is a drug deal. bolton could factor into the timing of what comes next because on december 10th a federal judge will decide if bolton should follow the white house's instructions not to testify or adhere to a congressional subpoena. if there are no more witnesses or hearings the judiciary committee will write of the articles of impeachment for the house to consider around christmas. the potential impeachment articles, bribery, abuse of power, contempt of congress and obstruction of justice with white house efforts blocking witnesses and documents
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subpoenaed by investigators. if the house approves articles of impeachment we then go to the senate for a 2-week trial. republicans are already preparing for the possibility book called several witnesses including the whistleblower, hunter biden, nelly ohr and adam schiff. folks on capitol hill say us in a trial would be in january or february which depends what is happening, but if that happens the crucial iowa caucus, february 3rd could have a big impact on the democrats in its, acting as the jury. >> they have to be there and won't be able to go door-to-door and meet those voters in that crucial early voting state. leland: impeachment having a crucial impact on the 2020 race and the crucial impact on fundraising, this from politico.
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democrats watching in horror as gop impeachment, they lose their district back home. that takes a lot of many. some of those groups sending the story out citing proof their efforts are working. are in see fundraising in comparison to the dnc in october, 25.2 million-9 million from the dnc. to break down the numbers, gop financier and donor dan palmer. appreciate it. what do you make of the difference between the republican numbers and democrat numbers? >> republicans are united whether large donors or small donors they are motivated by attacks on the president is when they see the likely nominee even urging out of the democratic primary. that's not the case on the left. there is complete division between large donors and small donors and also between strategic large donors who might want to hedge their bets and ideologically driven large
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donors who are going all in. leland: what do you mean by that? >> establishment donors was on the left people who typically get behind hillary clinton or joe biden, don't have a horse, it is unclear if buttigieg will occupy that lane or amy klobuchar but the real large money is established interests, they are sitting on their hands because if it is elizabeth warren - leland: if it is elizabeth warren, we look at the dnc rnc numbers, almost three times for the rnc versus dnc that doesn't count the money raised for donald trump's reelection campaign in the hundreds of millions of dollars. how many of the gop donors are donating out of fear? i would rather give money to
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donald trump or the rnc even if i don't agree with them rather than give it to the government under elizabeth warren's tax plan? >> that is motivating a certain portion but also the momentum of the status quo. we know what trump presidency means for technology, trade policy and so forth. we are less clear what the effect of a warren presidency would be. financial interests and people with long-term plans have a hard time with uncertainty. warren is trying to make the case in silicon valley and wall street that she's not to be feared but people are pretty skeptical. they are more likely to put a hedge bet, donate to her inauguration committee or if she wins the nomination, give her money to show they weren't completely absent but they are not serious. >> no matter how much you donate you are not getting an ambassadorship. if that changes anything, at least stefano who rose to national prominence during the hearings, she tweeted out this, thank you to all my supporters
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who raised 500 k in two hours. i'm honored and overwhelmed by your support but continue to stand up for facts. join me and donate today. that doesn't have much to do with the district but it is a different point. these small dollar online donations that revolve around a moment in the hearings people push out these tweets they donate more. does that make a difference in the big money game or is it more something to talk about? >> small donors are more significant than large donors. large donor money is important to build a small donor platform but small donors stick with you through thick and thin and represent a lot more money. if somebody sends you 25 bucks they will show up and vote. it is a level of commitment. small donors are very sad and
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that is why when you see big operations they are about collecting email addresses, cell phones, fill up your inbox, target you on facebook, find a way to communicate with you so when someone like stefanik has a breakout mom and your inbox is filled with a lot of prominent people asking your support for that particular individual and that is why those numbers are generated. leland: dan palmer, appreciate it. fundraising continues. it is noteworthy what dan said about big data and how much effort the trump campaign is making on that. kristen: that interests me. good to point out. moving on, this california man is appearing in court on tuesday on several weapons charges after he and a 13-year-old boy were arrested on suspicion of making criminal threats against the south los angeles middle school. christina coleman has more and there are a lot of disturbing
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details in terms of what these people are accused of doing. >> reporter: day those suspects are in custody after there was a possible school shooting, deputies say they had a hit list map of the school and access to an ar 15 style rifle. kids at charter middle school south of downtown los angeles, they overheard students threatening to carry out a school shooting yesterday. deputies say the student was in a fight on campus thursday. he was arrested and charged with making criminal threats. deputies found a semi automatic rifle with a high-capacity magazine with 100 rounds of ammunition. now investigators are trying to figure out the origin of the rifle which is not registered. a 19-year-old relative was also arrested for possession of an unregistered firearm on a $35,000 bond.
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>> we ask residents that if they see or hear something to say something. in this case the fact that people stepped forward and said what they heard led us to prove a tragedy today. >> reporter: the supported attack comes one week after the shooter died in santa clarita, california. deputies said they received info on another school shooting threat just northeast of santa clarita where student was detained after concerns surfaced about threat on social media. kristen: christina coleman, thanks. leland: the vice president is on his way back to the united states after an unannounced trip to iraq visiting troops right before the holiday season, lisa tomlinson. >> reporter: it was a rare visit to iraq where he made two stops. >> the american people are thankful.
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to the armed forces of the united states. a great honor to be with all of you. the president, the first family, and every american family, happy thanksgiving. >> reporter: most americans were sleeping, mike pence made his first trip to iraq to meet previous business to iraq and congress. pens receive the classified briefing in western iraq, the same base the american assault was launched to kill abu bakr al-baghdadi. the vice president was accompanied by his wife, karen. they both serve the thanks giving meal to the 5000 us troops, the visit comes weeks after another partial withdrawal of us forces to northeast syria. many lawmakers criticized the decision to retreat calling a betrayal to the kurds. the vice president was asked about the criticism in kurdistan's capital. >> i don't think there is any confusion now among the leadership in the kurdish region
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that donald trump's commitment to our allies in iraq as well as those in the syrian defense forces, the kurdish forces who follow alongside is unchanging. >> reporter: with an eye on iran earlier this week the uss abraham lincoln entered the persian gulf for the first time since arriving in the region in may. without knowing the vice president was in iraq france's defense minister criticized donald trump for disengaging from the middle east. in iraq 340 people have been killed in widespread protests in baghdad and southern iraq. pens spoke to iraq's prime minister about the issue. >> not much happens in southern iraq without iran having something to do with it. we will talk about that and more with general bob scales coming up in just a minute. thank you very much. kristen: a new warning from
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health official involving romain lettuce grown in salinas, california. the cdc says this lettuce could be the source of at least 40 recent e. coli related illnesses in 16 states. officials believe this is tied to previous outbreaks including the one from last thanksgiving. watch what you put in your shalit -- salad over thanksgiving break. joe biden is trying to rally support in iowa where he is lagging in the polls. allison barber is following has campaign and moves from one cornfield to what appears to be another cornfield in iowa. >> reporter: biden has been behind in two consecutive holes in iowa but in spite of that he is not worried. he is in iowa today, so are we. stick with us.
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>> 75 days until iowa's presidential caucuses, joe biden making a couple stops in the hawkeye state but not a top in the polls. allison barber in one of the many cornfields. hi, allison. >> a lot of choices in terms of joe biden. he has fallen behind in a number of polls in this state, three polls in recent weeks, people to judge ahead of the pack. let's look at the numbers here. 25% of likely democratic caucus goers said they support buttigieg, elizabeth warren and bernie sanders and joe biden are clustered together all behind
11:21 am
pete buttigieg by 10 percentage points. buttigieg looks to take over the moderate language biden has dominated in iowa. the former vice president has seen recent polls but says he is not worried. >> every major iowa election caucus has been determined in the last 3 to 5 weeks. if you look at those polls, i'm not running on the polls but they said the most important thing they need to beat donald trump, when asked who is most likely to beat donald trump. >> reporter: in des moines biden got a "from former iowa governor tom villesack who said biden can bring the nation together with the progress of the practical vision and give democrats their best chance to win the necessary battleground state and beat donald trump. we are hopping between cornfield because we expect biden to make another stop on his way to another event. the owner of a local farm is
11:22 am
expecting biden to make a stop and visit their farm. that owner said they talk about how farmers can help in regard to climate change. we are up in this cornfield. leland: the challenges on the road and staying warm as well. let us now with ethanol comes up in a discussion with the farmer. >> we will bring in our political panel, managing partner of the dc democratic state committee, kevin, democratic strategists -- sorry. i got this totally wrong. i butchered this intro. on the democratic side, kevin chad is under the republican side gianna caldwell. thank you for coming on. don't know what happened. let's start by talking about something allison barber said in her report, joe biden isn't worried about his standing in
11:23 am
iowa in the polls. i will start with you. he said he is not worried but should he be? >> he absolutely should be. i'm glad his numbers are reducing. it is a smack in the face for black americans to have him polling in the top spot when he is the one who created the mass incarceration generation via the 94 crime bill. joe biden shouldn't be the leader of anything. people that love and affinity before him due to his connection with barack obama is misguided. this is an individual who allowed for laws that broke up the black family and so despicable that democrats, knowing they receive 90% of the black vote in this country for them to have someone like him at the top of their ticket or someone they hope would be there nominee. >> does biden have a problem in iowa in the wake of buttigieg's
11:24 am
rise in the polls? >> the way the system is set up we have iowa and new hampshire, states with very little black population voting in them. let buttigieg when iowa but biden will be okay as the primary start, where he has a strong foothold. the criticism about the crime bill, amazing how one member of the senate, one out of 100 can get all the blame for the crime bill. >> the judiciary chairman? >> donald trump -- >> the same trajectory of this country especially around black history. make no mistake, this is an individual, and individual going to jail given judges more consideration, the flexibility when it comes to that. >> the crime bill -- why doesn't bill clinton get the blame? >> the black community in a positive way more than any president in my lifetime.
11:25 am
let's be clear about it. democrats continue to push these narratives about trump. when he from a policy standpoint, you don't start. kristen: you have a few seconds. >> he's not been most impactful. it is a flawed statistic with circumstances with the labor force. nothing about policy. >> right now, 1.3 million jobs added to the black community since trump has been in office. >> what kind of jobs? >> a thing with the fact. >> what kind? low wage jobs? >> know. kristen: time out. this could take up the entire segment but i've got to get to something else. i want to show a clip from cnn last night. joe biden talking about lindsey graham's decision to launch an
11:26 am
investigation into the former vp and his son hunter biden. joe biden responded to that. >> lindsay is about to go down in a way i think he will regret his whole life. lindsay, i just, i am just embarrassed by what you are doing, for you. kristen: he is fundraising off of this. do you think joe biden's role in the impeachment inquiry will help or hurt him in the 2020 primary? >> from the most corrupt state in the country, illinois. to have his son benefit from a position of his father is unbelievable and for democrats in the senate i'm embarrassed by them. if you are going to have a true and honest impeachment inquiry you need to bring in hunter biden, joe biden, open up, the
11:27 am
situation does not seem right for anyone being honest. kristen: do you think this impeachment inquiry hurts biden or help him? does the fundraising help or hurt him? >> it does hurt him to have his name associated with alleged corruption but it is not grounded in evidence. people talking about hunter biden, what about ivanka trump working in the white house talking to heads of state or jared kushner, mountains of nepotism and cronyism. the issue has been researched, no fact to it, no evidence. kristen: it is hard to hear you when you talk over one another. let me give you 20 seconds and then to you.
11:28 am
>> don't the where my partner is getting his facts, clearly from the daily onion because that was hilarious, to say joe biden, we shouldn't have an investigation and bring up ivanka trump, are you serious? the senate. set on a board with no experience and made millions of dollars only because his dad is who he was so if you think it should be investigated i don't know why you're here. kristen: respond. >> no experience, yale educated lawyer, i was more qualified. if we are going to qualify that standard we have to hold everyone to that standard. we can't give them a pass because we like him. that is not acceptable. kristen: got to leave it there. thank you for your spirited discussion. i didn't need to be for this, could have let you take off. kristen: i would have to be at that thanks giving to do. leland: tesla ceo elon musk has unveiled his company at newest deal. it did not go as planned. he is not as busy as kristin fisher on what went wrong. has dropped by over 31% -
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videos i'm embarrassing you because you didn't do your job. i will bring out a paper play scheme in the obama administration that will be devastating to the democrat party. i expected the moment i heard biden's name i told my colleagues they will try to kill me because they will kill the messenger. the mafia couldn't kill me, your colleagues are not going to kill me. kristen: rudy giuliani speaking with ed henry who accused and and the rest of the washington press, i guess that includes you and me of covering up corruption by the bidens, giuliani claims he has the documents to prove it. leland: a top us commander with an alarming news, kitty logan following the news and what the iranian's have to say.
11:34 am
>> reporter: they believe the threat from iran is continuing to increase, the point of steady buildup of us forces in the region since earlier this year. there are 2000 additional us troops in the persian gulf but military commanders believe that is not enough to deter iran from carrying out some kind of attack those forces. over the strait of lose, the military says that drone was in international airspace, that was disputed by iran and the incident caused tension between us and iran and that decision to send those additional us troops into the region. for the iranian government there are other more pressing matters to deal with. there have been violent protests the past 9 days and huge
11:35 am
increase in fuel prices and become. 100 people have been killed and authorities are denying this. as many as 1000s were arrested. this is the worst violence the country has seen in many years. at least for now the internet - for 5 days to prevent antigovernment activists from posting content on social media, donald trump criticized iran's government for cracking down the government, the us government imposed sanctions on iran. iran -- foreign enemies and mitigating the us and industrial -- israel, heating of these interests. iran is under enormous economic pressure these days particularly in states hard-hit by us sanctions. rob: they use brutal to texts to end those sanctions.
11:36 am
leland: let's bring in robert scales. kristen: i want to ask about these warnings from the head of us central command, kenneth mckenzie who says it is my judgment that iran will attack again. what do you make of that? >> a typical iranian response. they've been doing it for 40 years. whether it is income bar towers or damascus or lebanon, anytime they get their back up against the wall they do two things. they blame the united states and israel. number 2, they find some way to deflect attention away from their own population and just sort of crow about a victory. it could be a barracks, an ambush, an airstrike, shooting down a drone. this is typical behavior. as tension rises inside iran
11:37 am
they almost always look for some way to deflect attention. kristen: when you look at these protests that started over gas prices, how much more when you see those protests. how much more does that pressure in the iranian regime. it happened 40 years ago. the revolution against the saw was totally spontaneous but was driven by the rise in religiosity inside iran. you have the rise of a secular state. 50% of the iranian population is less then 30, it is a western oriented internet savvy use of iran. the great fear among the ayatollahs is these things go from a tinderbox into a conflagration. the great enemy is the
11:38 am
revolutionary guard. i saw something year where they killed 200 innocents in iran. the great fear is this will blow up in their faces as they did in 1979. kristen: he was meeting with kurdish leaders. one of the most notable things he did was meet with kurdish leaders. >> welcome the opportunity on behalf of donald trump to reiterate strong bonds forged in the fires of war, the people of the united states and kurdish people. peaceful and prosperous future. >> how about mrs. be received by the kurdish people given the fact the president's decision to
11:39 am
withdraw us troops that are not led to the invasion by turkey? >> better now than it would have seemed two months ago. the president has backpedaled. he is committed to guarding oilfields in northeastern syria, about 800 troops to stay there, 150 in the southern syrian border. he mended fences with the kurds to the degree he can but you are right, there is still this sort of latent distrust against the united states, sense of betrayal among the kurds but the kurds don't have many options. and long-term ally the united states, when it is all over particularly on the syria turkish border, it would she mended. kristen: how much does the vice president of visit go toward
11:40 am
bridging that divide? >> i was delighted see the vice president visiting the troops and serving turkey. the officers and their wives always serve - pence going to the region is important for two reasons. he was there five weeks ago and start the process so the kurds and iraqis have familiarity with pence and it is a reinforcement of the recognition of the presence of american soldiers in iraq. an important message to make not just on iraqis in the iranian's but the american people that were still there. griff: to all those men and women in uniform to have the vice president there serving them turkey a few days before thanksgiving, thank you. leland: jussie smollett back in the center of attention, this time he is suing the city of chicago. we will let you know why and what the city had to say about
11:41 am
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leland: jussie smollett will not give up. 's epicenter of controversy once again. he has filed a lawsuit against the city of chicago for malicious prosecution saying police released false information that led the media to report jussie smollett had orchestrated that attack against him that he called the police about. think about how this began, he wasn't happy with his position on his show empire, so he allegedly staged this attack, people in mag a have to beat him up, widely discredited. you might think it some point he would stop doubling down. >> weren't the charges dropped? leland: at some point may be just let it die for a little bit
11:46 am
but he is not. the other person at the center of this, huge another negative coverage is kim fox, the da in chicago who dropped the charges against him. very controversial. she is running for reelection and this is one of her ads. >> every day my office is under attack from a president who uses the city is a punching bag. he will do anything to undercut progress including attacking me personally over the jussie smollett case. the truth is i didn't handle it well. i own that. kristen: she admits she didn't handle it well. leland: you make a good point, will that help her or not and you have this idea of a special prosecutor appointed to look at these things. one could think there's more to this story, shannon bream and others made a good point about jussie smollett which is
11:47 am
discovery in this, this is a civil suits. the amount of discovery on what jussie smollett have lawyers get what chicago's attorneys will get from jussie smollett and his attorneys will be significant. kristen: we know this is not going to go away anytime soon. just when we think we are done talking about it. leland: he comes back. you know what else we will not stop talking about that is not going to go away, your favorite person in this video. to say tesla's latest revealed is not a smashing success, no, no. elon musk has some choice words. kristin fisher has away to get elon out of this. quit slow turkey. along with support, chantix is proven to help you quit. with chantix you can keep smoking at first and ease into quitting.
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leland: two astronauts just figured out a 6 hour, eight stainless steel tubes, carbon dioxide from an old cooling pump which is in space, hard to do. they will continue the repairs during another spacewalk after thanksgiving so they will have time to recover. kristen: it was supposed to be a
11:52 am
big day for tesla. they were unveiling a new cybertruck but things did not go as planned. elon musk had employed test the truck, unbreakable, bulletproof windows. >> tried to break those. >> you sure? >> yes. [bleep] >> maybe that was a little too hard. >> reporter: you can hear him say omar [expletive] >> what do you do when the first time doesn't go well? give it a second try. >> another one? really? oh, man. it didn't go through. kristen: i am a big defender of
11:53 am
all things elon musk, but that one is hard to defend. i don't understand how you have this big rollout and don't tested but in his defense he said they did test it and he doesn't know what happened. >> we looked through the glass. i don't know why it broke. leland: i love that he is standing in front of the broken glass. is good to understand the other side. trying to figure out what kristin's defense of elon might be as an elon musk enthusiast which i found the defense you didn't use. tesla's stock price, way back up. kristen: that's a great defense but i want to be honest and usually i do defend elon musk
11:54 am
but that -- leland: you have lost one of your biggest fans. disappointed one of your biggest fans. kristen: the guy that hit the window was one of the lead designers was what happens to him? leland: that would be an interesting discussion with hr. you cannot see this car but it -- the cars driving around, it is a dog who is driving. kristen: now it is not. leland: use it is. more on this rough ride when we get back. ♪ i wish i could save faster. you're making good choices. you'll get there. ♪ ...
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text on america's best 4g lte networks for $20? unlimited talk? i like that! because on sundays you know i gotta talk to mama, then on... this is your wake-up call, people. the new tracfone wireless. now you're in control. kristen: if you have not seen this, stop and watch the video. of a young boy getting a chance to see the world color for the very first time. jonathan was born colorblind and the school percival who also happen to be colorblind let him use a pair of glasses that
11:59 am
allowed him to see color so he could see jonathan grinning and crying. you have to imagine what it must feel like to see the world in color for the first time. it has to be overwhelming. leeland: you can see it on his face there. leeland: . kristen: and their cool looking glasses. leeland: let's get on to the dog who drives. there was a rough ride. only in florida, right? port saint lucie, florida. the police stopped a road car sitting in reverse for nearly one hour. the only thing that was inside the car was a black lab. apparently, the dog's stepped out of the running car when the dog then knocked it into reverse. the police stopped the joyride punching the pass code into the driver's door and we are told thankfully no one, including the dog, was hurt. as you pointed out there are lots of -. kristen: there are a lot of
12:00 pm
holes in that story. i can't even see the dog in the car. leeland: i was going to say you had yogi the bear and now max the dog and dare i say smarter than the average dog. even the average lab. journal editorial report is next.


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