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tv   Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo  FOX News  November 24, 2019 7:00am-8:00am PST

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he has been a big supporter of the president so we'll talk about that and impeachment. >> it will shake up this campaign. >> just when we got thanksgiving week might be boring. have a great sunday. >> happy birthday ♪ ♪. maria: good morning, everyone i maria bartiromo, listen to sunday morning future, they kick off the 2020 and congress has gone back home for thanksgiving week. we have to defend the last month. while families gather around the table expect to see in advertising which is republicans spend big money on anti-impeachment messaging. we are zeroing in on the 31 district the president one in 2016 have democrat representatives next year. former white house chief
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strategist steve bannon is here. this is after the president's chance for reelection and impeachment trial. plus she has one of the republic can use his critics, we are taking on intel adam schiff near congresswoman coming up. plus the cost of impeachment or what peter navarro calls the opportunity cost. the white house trade advisor will have it all. also coming up david nunez, the man at the center of the patriot trial, the ranking member of the intel committee, join us for representative nunez coming up. all of that and a lot more on sending running future. >> we will begin with what is official michael bloomberg has officially entered the 2020 race for president. top advisor telling fox news that bloomberg announced iran this morning with this $31 million nationwide ad. steve bannon calls that month
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ago on this program meanwhile growing concern about democrats seeking reelection in districts with president trump at 2016 and when the time comes for the full house to vote on impeachment. >> i would imagine i would vote no. there is something new, something we have not heard, something that really rises to above all of treason or high crime, that would be different but we don't see that. >> of course that was jeff van drew on this program last week, he said not only is he voting no brother democrat also have concerns to representative andrew about knocking anything done in the face of the impeachment hearing. joining me former white house strategist also hosting a radio show, more room impeachment and he is the one who called on the program month ago that michael
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bloomberg would enter the race. it is great to have you this money. i want to get to michael bloomberg in a minute. but let's talk about this week they kick off her 2020, this is your sentiment initially. >> it's been a tremendous reversal, the president said a couple weeks ago, he tweeted out unity in substance. so as a democrat brought to the nation with this impeachment hearing and broadcast tv and cable nonstop, the rains of fox were off the charts, they had low information voters that are not politics all the time came in to the story it was a flop. if you see the numbers of independent and you see the shift of the last two or three weeks, it has been pretty amazing. this is what the president said. his call was perfect but he was elected to be president of the united states. he wants people to get more into the granularity and more into the substance of what went on.
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as you saw the unelected bureaucrats, the patriotism, they went up they in and day out under the withering cross-examination by people of congressman stefano. nothing came of it. people are looking at the independent and what are we doing on usmca, what are we doing on opioids, drugs, infrastructure, the business of the nation. vanity fair went into a political morning counsel pool and the numbers are stunning. by 3 - 1 independence one away were doing this. impeachment ranked last among their interest. even over the wall which is not hyper independence. across-the-board there sitting there going what are you doing, why are you not focused on the business of making the country better in the economy better. people have little time. donald trump is put everybody back to work so everybody is busy and they can only watch certain sentiments.
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i think adam schiff did the president great services week by having these hearings and letting people see was going on and now you see in the 31 districts that many of these congressmen have to go home and defend this. it'll be a tough freak for democrat. >> let's talk about this district, you are so spot on when nobody was talking about michael bloomberg, when you said i'm expecting him to enter the race because you did not think anybody on that stage could take on donald trump but let's talk about the 31 districts were referring to and where the member billions. these are areas that donald trump wanted 2016 but the democrats are running for reelection and congress. >> obama when these districts twice, trump on them and 16, the democrats did not when them and 18. in nancy pelosi handed these candidates. in staten island in up in new jersey. these are hand-picked veterans and people working with the cia, handpicking candidate spring hunter. talk about healthcare, jobs,
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national security. an out-of-print quandary. those 31 are where they are. it's nancy pelosi risking her speakership by continuing to press on and have an impeachment vote which looked inevitable and still adam schiff, nancy pelosi in the media, the inside but we would democrats and the media are so invested but she is going to risk her speakership because a guy named anthony was interviewed local tv and said i'm neutral right now. this is after going through a week of hearings. or two weeks of hearings. these democrats who are absolutely central have independent to vote for them. these districts are president trump won, they are now in a quandary. made him believe if they actually vote for the articles of impeachment later in december they believe they can be signing the political death warrant and that's why it's so critical and
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i think it's a lot of softness and you see a lot of second guessing and backpedaling on the democrats as president trump continues to say and warmer substance and one thing they look at as a potential senate trial where it's on the show three weeks ago i said not just hunter biden but senator joe biden has to go before the nation and make the case of why he's not above the law. why did he try to bring american capitalism into the most corrupt nation in europe and the third most corrupt nation in the world. i think these democrats are third in the third one district and say, if more details come out on trump side and troubles on offense, it's only going to make her job tougher. maria: on the one hand you have democrats who may very well vote no and an impeachment if it does go to the floor for the full house. >> let's go back to unity in substance, yet the republican party as it was the rebels and the republican party more united than it's ever been even in the
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run-up to the 16 election. you have been saying, this is unacceptable, unfair that this man was elected and we will not let this project on overturned the 16 election happened, everybody is coming together pretty of unity. look at heard who is outlier on the committee. he has said, i am not voting for impeachment, you have the republicans united in on the democrat side you had a member of leadership, now you have the 31, lot saying i'm neutral right now, i think you could have up to a half dozen democrats that will vote for this which is not a partisan vote but a highly partisan vote. we never had on any impeachment. a highly partisan vote to try to impeach the president. that to me kicks off 2020 and a great way for the president. >> the other thing we said, should this go to trial, then lindsey graham and company are going to be getting people to testify and lindsey graham says he wants michael horowitz to testify, you say hunter biden will be there.
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this will open up a can of worms. >> the substance, you will have later on your show congressman stefano. she basically was able was able to get some of the testimony that trump question that demanded simple answers. if you think you go to a trial he calls it is affirmative defense. when trump was on offense, it is tough and i think you'll see guys call and witnesses brought up that are going to dispose the democrats in including a huge effort to have joe biden come before the senate and give testimony as why vice president, forget running for president, white vice president he allowed american capitalism which everybody's been fighting to get involved in in the script situation in ukraine and i think it was one of the reasons you
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had zelensky, because of what joe biden did and i think he's going have to answer that and if your answer to these 31 districts, they don't want anymore that, they've seen enough. >> were talking about the democrats who are explaining to their constituents what they been doing for the last two months, there also can help to explain why nothing got done. in a few month minutes will speh peter navarro and he basically put the list together what he's called opportunity because in all the things that have been left on the cutting floor in terms of what they did not get. >> fox and friends on friday president trump talks about this, he talks about the opportunity clause in usmca. it is democrats and economists say this could add up to 1% to gdp over time. that is manufactured jobs for working-class people, many of whom are democrats and that's where the going to have to explain, we basically put the country to a constitutional crisis over the holidays and were not true prescription drugs, not passing usmca, which
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is focused on this. >> we went to get to devin nunes and a few minutes because he was there in the room and the ranking member of the intel committee and he will be with us in a second period we come back i got to get your take on michael bloomberg. you called it, he is now in the race officially, does he have a shot to take the president trump, where was steve bannon after the spring. stay with us. ♪ (kristen bell) does the sloth come standard? (kristen bell vo) looking to buy? enterprise makes it easy.
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bloomberg was sent of the heap at $180 million in 18 to take the house back. michael blumberg knows how to fight capital as politics. people should understand he's been working on this for a while heap at $180 million in 18 and he 30 committed -- democratic party have a tough time committed he has committed $3,100,000,000,000 and it's also going to go into some of the district free bloomberg has apparatus, every town in the usa, i think actually on a grassroots basis a stronger apparatus in the democratic party, michael blumberg will put the chess pieces in place knowing how to apply capital and knowing where the pressure points are in a grassroots apparatus, they should not discount him. when you look on the state and people should understand the ratings for the hearing drop every day as middle class americans to not. the ratings for the democratic
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primary are also dropping. it is not just about no star power, they are not really having a serious conversation, it's a group hug you dusty tensioner drama are peepin or pg each other on. there's no democrats calling him out on china or ukraine or what happened in the south china sea. calling him out on the globalist trade issues. that's why someone like a bloomberg was inevitable. as air comes at a joe biden and people to believe that mayor pete, a mayor of a small town in the midwest can really compete against donald trump, the centrists are going to have a boat and i think your boat is going to be now the bloomberg's and, the worst case he will do is make them tougher. he will force a real conversation on the economy and all this crazy far left stuff they have been talking about her bloomberg will challenge them. whatever you say is like a personality. he is a very successful
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businessman in a very savvy person applying capital. maria: two thanks, applying capital, the hundred million he used in the house last year, he was successful, the house one the majority and if he's in the race is not going to be able to give $100 million to the house, maybe this is a positive for the gop. >> he's worth 28, 30, $50 billion. he has told people he's going to commit 2.5 - $3 billion in this race. the only person right now that can be donald trump is donald trump. there is not another person out there that matches up with him one-on-one. also michael bloomberg does not match up with him at all. and changed the dynamic of the race on the democrats it will definitely change the dynamic. >> will michael bloomberg resume? look at what happened to the centuries that trade into this race. they did not pass, look at howard schultz, look at tim ryan from ohio, the democratic party did not want this. will they give him to keep going
7:18 am
and will he designate places like wisconsin, not you nork? [crowd boos] they never giftwrap credit, he does not speak in a political and acumen. they still talk and potable speak. donald trump talks in a very hard, tough time, he is a tough guy but he talks to cut through all the nonsense. it hits the working class exactly where they live and that's with a resignation with him. bloomberg does not have that. it's not a lack of charisma, italia action communicate as a mask munication. no one on the democratic party has that. there is no one there that can actually be him. what i do think bloomberg does is reorient the campaign and the scent just to have a say so and bloomberg is sophisticated on policy and it makes a lot of difference if you don't have to go on fundraising but if you could put billions of dollars to work in this campaign, i think you will have a lot of chips,
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they've had a very difficult time raising money can strum. i think bloomberg's money will have a lot of markers. >> the next few weeks will be critical because of articles of impeachment and judiciary then to the senate and the ig report coming out, what is your take on the whole operation to frame donald trump in 2016 and what we will learn from the camilla investigation from john durham in the ig report. >> we don't know forget to durham's room enoug soon enough. this is committed to summer night and there are delinking us to get ahead of it. maria: here's the headline, russian inquiry views such a decisive fbi but robust claims of biased acts. >> that's how nervous they are. when there with leaking a report to a half or three weeks in advance and try to get ahead of the story, nothing to see, let's move on, that is not going to wash. what donald trump aside from the beginning in your particular talking about fisa advisor course, those courts have secret
7:20 am
courts essentially about the war on terror. they are supposed to be at the most pristine level. to understand, it is not going to wash, combing mek have good to be on cnn and it will not wash the institutionally, this is a lawyer at the fbi that they were able to tamper with with documents and evidence and go to a fisa court. i don't care how much they leak now, and say nothing to see here and nothing to do at the top, there's going have to be a full total investigation and i think by the senate is going to have to have the commission they had in the 70s to review the fbi in the cia and what their involvement has been in domestic policies. maria: lindsey graham was in that investigating. he said dead on arrival this impeachment if we do not interview the whistleblower. you were a whistleblower in the white house. >> there were a number -- the nsa had gone so big there were 450 they were so big, what we wanted to do is make sure that the obama detail lease were
7:21 am
removed. we avoided a lot of the problems that we've got today if they had got sent back to the agencies. maria: great to see you. will listen to radio show. coming up next devin nunes. stay with us. they answered 410 questions in 8 categories about vehicle quality. and when they were done, chevy earned more j.d. power quality awards across cars, trucks and suvs than any other brand over the last four years. so on behalf of chevrolet, i want to say "thank you, real people." you're welcome. we're gonna need a bigger room.
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maria: welcome back sources tell
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fox news how democrats can draw or articles of impeachment against president trump. they would include the abuse of power, bribery, contempt of congress and obstruction of justice. they are moving forward with the process unclear let's bring in the key figure in the public up each may hearing this last week. ranking member devin nunes joins me right now on the telephone. it's a pleasure to have you. thank you so much for being here. >> great to be with you. >> i want to talk to you you were there in the room i member in intel in these hearings, i want to get all of that in a moment and let's get to the attacks on you, there's a lot in the mainstream media saying you had meetings in ukraine with the prosecutor, what to say about that? >> i have been used to this for the last three years, the house intelligence committee republican, we continue to
7:26 am
expose democrat corruption over and over again. and what always happens is right when we expose them, what today do they go out to kill the messenger. so this week another fake news story, the problem with this week fake news story, then we actually caught him. and we caught them badly and also involves criminal activity and so what we are going to do, i gave a statement on friday night, we are going to take both cnn and the daily likely into federal court right after thanksgiving and we hope to cooperate because were also going to be working with the appropriate law enforcement authorities because it is not okay to work with someone who is been indicted on serious federal crime to build a media narrative and dirty up a member of
7:27 am
congress, you've seen it, the american people have seen it over the last three years, we out them and then they, with the media narrative to try to dirty up the people who are doing the work on behalf of the american people. we hope that cnn and the daily will cooperate with the court, they should comply with the subpoenas once we file this and go through different depositions. maria: this is a story which comes from a former associate of rudy giuliani who says you met with the prosecutor in vienna. bottom line, were you indiana v. >> i want to answer all these questions and i promise you i will come back on the show and into these questions but because there is criminal activity, or
7:28 am
working with the appropriate law enforcement agency, we are going to file this and everyone is going to know the truth and all the facts but i think you can understand that i cannot compete by trying to debate this with the public media 90% of the media is totally corrupt. and because this is committal in nature and because it is so bad, so slanderous, we have all the facts on her side and we are going to file in federal court because i'm not going to sit here and try to compete against the media that i have no chance of winning. i will win in court in the home a chance to cooperate and they will have to show how they work with somebody who has been indicted which is likely conspiring to obstruct justice. >> i want to be clear before i move on, i want to get your intake on the impeachment hearings, just to be clear your
7:29 am
suing cnn, you can assume daily beast, i know you sued twitter in the past, do you think this is going summer, you're telling me that cnn committed criminal activity? >> it is very likely. order an accessory to it. so none of this is true, when i said my statement is we will get to all the facts when we file the report. somehow they are either witting or unwitting of listening to somebody who has been indicted and not only that, but it is their lawyers, you're talking about third and fourth hand hearsay to do what, to dirty up the leader of the republicans on the intelligence committee that just destroyed their complete narrative that they have been pushing, the new ukraine hoax they have been pushing for the last two months. i think the american people see through it. the sad part is, i'm alaska that wants to go into the court but
7:30 am
the media has become totally corrupt that they're willing to actually engage and help with criminal, indicted criminals. these people are sick and the only way they're going to be held accountable is through the court system. it's only chance i have two get the facts out for the american people because they cannot lie to a court. maria: let me go back to the impeachment hearings, in a few minutes will speak with your colleague elise stefanik, republican from new york who is emerging as a star within the party after she took on adam schiff, tell me where we go from here and what your take away is after you and the republicans got what they wanted, i assume public hearings out in the public. was it what you expected? >> the good thing is all the network covered, not just the cable news network's but all the networks. the house republicans got more airtime in less than two weeks
7:31 am
then we've gotten in the last two decades. so for the first time the american people have been able to see the house republicans are not only serious legislators, more competent and probably the first time that many americans especially independent who watch the major network and don't watch cable news, it's probably the first time that they actually realize the whole russia thing was a hoax. in the ukraine thing is a hoax. and the democrats are a joke. this is a disaster. and they got to see -- the house republicans obviously on the leader but i'm proud of what they've done over the last three years. we have done really tough work working in the trenches with the media running cover for the democrats and they got exposed over the last two weeks. this was nothing but a total disaster for them and i hope
7:32 am
they have more hearings. if they want to do it more and give us more time on network tv, i'd be glad to let elise stefanik and john ratfliffe and other great members on the committee actually speak directly to the american people. maria: is good to see her. thank you very much. we will see you soon. elise stefanik coming up on the house until committee coming up next. stay with us. their story. give the gift of discovery, with an ancestrydna kit.
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>> i just recognized --
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>> another member of congress. >> that is not accurate. >> that is accurate. ambassador tran11 want to thank you for being here today. >> is not recognized. >> this is the third time you've interrupted members of congress. >> you not recognize we will suspend. we control the time and customer of this committee whoever controls the time can yield to whoever they wish, for members of the congress who has a few questions and seems appropriate would be able to let her ask her question. maria: the exchange during house impeachment inquiry nine days ago, elise stefanik into the national spotlight, congressman stephani joined me right now, she's the youngest one ever elected to congress and it's
7:37 am
wonderful to have you this money. >> great to be with you. >> you took on adam schiff, what was that like, give us your sense of what went on in the exchange. >> the american people can see firsthand how partisan this process has been from the start. adam schiff in the rules we were conducted were unprecedented. members were not able to yield time to other members which were allowed to do on the house floor and every other committee except under adam schiff secrecy. the american public has outpoured support for me and they want to hear from members of congress and i'm proud to have the asked the best questions of impeachment proceeding and adam schiff will continue to silence republican members who he does not want to hear from because he does not want to hear the truth and the american people are interested in hearing the truth about the important matter. maria: one of the first questions you ask and you tweeted, you wanted to know when if they did meet with the whistleblower, you wanted to know if adam schiff had in fact
7:38 am
known who the whistleblower is since a whistleblower is a reason were at these hearings. >> that is right. when i asked that question i was the first member of congress to do so, i was ridiculed by the mainstream media for asking them question. it turns out is the really important question to ask because we now know the adam schiff democratic staff did meet with the whistleblower before the whistleblower complaint was even issued. that means there was a nation ahead of time and i also highlighted the adam schiff was adamant from hearing from the whistleblower until he came out to the public to know that he according it ahead of time. the american people are smart enough to know this is been partisan and all of a sudden adam schiff wants to refuse to hear from the whistleblower. we need to hear from the whistleblower, he needs to be our witness and of course he should be protected from retaliation or firing but this is what started off the entire appeasement process which is taken up two months of work in
7:39 am
the intelligence committee. >> lindsey graham was here couple weeks ago and said this is dead on arrival when it reaches the senate unless he could question the one person who brought the charges forth and that's the whistleblower. walk us through what's taken place the last two weeks, tell us about the case you have made and the democrats have made in terms of the president doing something wrong. >> it's longer than two weeks, prior to this we had two months of closer deposition where there was no press, no public and i remember of congress was able to have access. this is better) from the start. it's been unfair and unprecedented leaks. under severe pressure democrats finally rea were forced to caste resolution setting up the rules. this is only democratic support and bipartisan opposition. this exploded into the public consciousness as we have the app onto the past two weeks of public hearing. it's been confusing to the american public as they follow because there's no impeachable offenses. my question is the facts, i've
7:40 am
been very gracious to every witness and asked almost every witness, do you have direct evidence of quid pro quo. do you have evidence of bribery, do you have direct evidence of treason. each and every witness says no. i think those facts are very important for the american people and that's why i think you see a shift as independent support for impeachment continues to fall because they see the truth for the first time. maria: where is this going now, were expecting writing articles of impeachment to get to the judiciary committee and from the judiciary committee to the senate but does the judiciary committee also do hearings and bring witnesses down? >> they are writing the rules as they go, adam schiff has made this up. as the intelligence committee over impeachment proceedings. this was unprecedented and really by adam schiff. the last public hearing that has been announced this past week we do not anticipate in public hearings the week of
7:41 am
thanksgiving and we will see what happens, adam schiff has kept open to call more witnesses but i think every single day that the american people are able to tune in they see this as a partisan process and a complete waste of energy, so much important work we should be doing and congress, when the intelligence committee is finalizing their partisan report, i anticipate this ago to the judiciary committee and we will have more public hearings in the judiciary committee and ultimately there will have to be a vote on the house floor based upon speaker policy she said that may happen before the end of the and then we go to the senate, support for the viewers to remember that the viewers control the senate so we cannot anticipate will support as a witness in the senate needs to call adam schiff does witness so he's forced to answer questions with the with the poor. >> do you think that's realistic, when he testified under oath. >> he is not under oath right
7:42 am
now so he could go and make up stuff that the president said into and never met with the whistleblower in a house no arrest or perjury or breaking the law because is not under oath like the witnesses are. >> he should answer questions under oath. he has functioned as the judge, jury into prosecutor and also functioned as a counsel to the witnesses giving advice to the witnesses when they should and should not answer questions. as these hearings exploded into the open, the public was able to see the and the american people are understanding this is a partisan process from the start and i been really overwhelmed by the outpouring of support for my district from across the country of people who want to focus on the facts and the truth. maria: not everybody has hollywood very upset. as soon as you made the splash by taking on adam schiff your people like george conway, rosie o'donnell, kristi teagan, chelsea handler come out and attack you, i don't even want to
7:43 am
say what george conway said about you. it's horrible, how are you dealing with all of this? >> were showing the tweets on the air from kristi teagan until they handler who have attacked you, these are women who say there for women. >> absolutely, it's been disgusting and despicable but the good news is my district is with me. we've got three to one positive calls from constituents and my district. every day of the week i choose the north country over hollywood liberals like christie, teagan and chelsea and rosie, hollywood liberals have millions to support my far left opponents but the american people are fighting back and if your viewers are interested in voting donate to fight to help make sure were seated up for the truth and i'm able to stand up for my district. but again my opponent is tinseltown what i have support
7:44 am
across new york. >> you are fighting back with a # and we will look at the, it is good to see you. thank you so much. congresswoman elise stefanik. we are with peter navarro knox. stay with us.
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7:47 am
maria: welcome back impeachment proceedings may have had the biggest impact on the american people this past week. nancy pelosi says there may not be enough time to pass usmca by the end of the year. peter navarro is the assistant for trade and manufacturing policy and it's great to have you on the program. >> we have the seinfeld impeachment, nothing but. >> you've tallied it up, what can you tell us in terms of the opportunity cost. >> opportunity cost is a great concept of not doing something to the extent the plosive ways
7:48 am
the legislative calendar on impeachment, she's not doing a bunch of things so let's run to the numbers coming start with usmca, that's the greatest brilliant trade on american history and they all pass it, it's about 200,000 jobs, its gdp growth, also performers like you had elise stefanik, the great congresswoman in her district she had the wisconsin dairy farmers going to get hammered. that's a big cost, drug pricing, this one is huge senior citizens getting hammered by nancy pelosi impeachment focus. it's about a trillion dollars in savings over ten years that are available if they can pass a drug pricing deal. infrastructure, the president wants $1.5 trillion infrastructure bill over ten years, what would that do it would generate 1.2 trillion dollars in gdp growth and
7:49 am
recover $200 billion in federal tax revenue. that is a winner there because all the benefits of having roads, bridges, airports that actually work and one of my focus at the white house at the industrial base, what the congress has been doing instead of passing a budget, there passing the continuing larger aleutians which go month-to-month and add tremendous impact, shift building which is a passion of mine i'm trying to help the shipyard and shipyards around the country, when they do the crs they said they're going to lose about 50% of their workforce because they cannot start building new ships and it's appalling what they're doing. maria: you're right because the military got crushed from frustration. we need to have updated ships and we don't. thank you very much for that.
7:50 am
>> figure for the iceberg by the way. >> you didn't op-ed on it's about counterfeit goods. as we go to the holiday season, you are talking about the counterfeit goods and keeping them out of the united states. >> as people shop morgan mark online, they need to be fully aware they have a very high probability of getting counterfeit goods back in april they moved along the process. one of the things we been doing my custom and border protection sent july is running was operation the operation mega floods, this is news for you because this has not gone public until your show. but what we have done is look at the packages in small parcels, 25000 packages, there is about
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815% of these packages coming in to break a law or regulation, half of them are counterfeit and the other half contain made in china fentanyl. >> we have to go to a short break. we will be back with more. stick with us. not what's easy. so when a hailstorm hit, usaa reached out before he could even inspect the damage. that's how you do it right. usaa insurance is made just the way martin's family needs it - with hassle-free claims, he got paid before his neighbor even got started. because doing right by our members, that's what's right. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. usaa
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maria: welcome back i'm here
7:55 am
with peter navarro who wrote an op-ed on fox news about counterfeit products. a lot of these products are coming from china, right? >> the vast majority of the counterfeits are coming from china and the problem for your viewers and third-party online marketplaces so you go on a platform like amazon it connects you on a website in china and the next thing you know you have a counterfeit good, apple estimates to over 90% of the stuff online is an apple brand that's counterfeit. what i would recommend to the viewers to protect your family, go to the website of a trusted brand that you want and the stuff is really dangerous, prescription drugs, people are desperate enough to buy these online, there's a high percentage chance that you can really harm yourself and maybe
7:56 am
even die when there is counterfeit over 80 people from china. maria: let me switch gears. the bill is now being sent to the president desk to support the senate version of legislation in support of pro-democracy protests. which was approved by the house. will the president signed the bill? >> it was not sent directly to the president desk, here's what i know, it's going to the process with the white house legal counsel and the president was eloquent on friday about the situation and i agree with him, i think the president should get the nobel peace prize for hong kong, iran in the korean peninsula. maria: they are going to retaliate if the president signs it will he sign it. >> the president said if it were not for him they would have 1 million soldiers in hong kong
7:57 am
and it be over in 14 minutes. on the korean peninsula we don't have icbms going in the air and bombs going off. maria: we have to go. >> let's see what happens is the president's decision. when you're looking for answers, it's good to have help. because the right information, at the right time, may make all the difference. at humana, we know that's especially true when you're looking for a medicare supplement insurance plan. that's why we're offering seven things every medicare supplement should have. it's yours free just for calling the number on
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howard: on our buzz meter this sunday, the media call it a major bombshell, and president trump says it should end the investigation. >> was there a quid pro quo in. >> as i testified previously with regard to the requested white house call and the white house meeting, the answer is yes. >> what sondland did today was guarantee that the house of representatives are going to impeach the president of the united states. >> now we know that every fantasy about how corrupt this administration was is actually true. >> he took out the bus, and he ran over president bush, vice president pence, mike pompeo, john bolton, rudy


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