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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  November 24, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PST

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next week that the secretary of the navy was actually meddling in my case and trying to get organizations not to support me while i was incarcerated. ed: that does it for the garbage thank you, jackie. he's waiting for the next step. ♪ arthel: michael bloomberg making it official formally launching his presidential campaign today with the tweet and lots of commercials in multiple markets. welcome to america's news headquarters i'm arthel neville. eric: hello, thank you for joining us for it i'm eric shawn with bloomberg late entry into the race comes after weeks of speculation. the former new york mayor and multibillionaire has already filed to run on the democratic primary in several states. christina is live and are less angels burrow following mr. bloomberg's entry into the race. hello, christina. reporter: today bloomberg made the announcement with an ad
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touting his middle-class upbringing and record of jobs created with this in light of the attacks from fellow democrat candidate over his billionaire status. forbes ranks bloomberg as the ninth richest person in the world with a net worth of $54 million for he is launching his campaign with the report of 30 million-dollar ad buys and that is just for one single we got ads. bloomberg's announcement ad takes on the trump administration directly as well as the gun lobby and touts healthcare reform and better jobs. bloomberg says he's here to trump and rebuild america. >> i stood up to the coal lobby and the altar right denial of this administration to protect the only home we have from the growing menace of climate change. now we see a different kind of menace coming to washington so there is no stopping here. because there is in america ready to billy rebuild. reporter: the new addresses bloomberg's unique set of experiences and business, government and philanthropy will enable him to win and lead but
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no reaction from the trump administration says bloomberg adjoining the race late is a sign of a shaky democratic fie field. >> and means the democratic field is underwhelming even to someone like michael bloomberg with their 18 democrats still running for president of the united states. with another ten or 12 dropped out of the race. as michael bloomberg coming in saying i don't think any of you can beat donald trump. reporter: critics from the other side of the aisle are not the only ones weighing in. elizabeth warren slamming bloomberg's ad on twitter and touting her proposed wealth tax aimed at billionaires like the former new york mayor. eric. eric: christina, former three term mayor who took over from rudy giuliani. thank you. arthel. arthel: president trump is launching new attacks on house speaker nancy pelosi and california congressman adam a shift in a tweet today that while saying that swing state voters are turning against impeachments. kevin cork is at the white house but hello, kevin. reporter: there is some polling
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data that suggest in places like wisconsin that the majority of likely voters do not want to see impeachments happen. and very selective swing states like wisconsin, for example bird democrats say they are not worried about the polls because they are doing what they believe is the right thing to do. polls beat down to if believe the president should be impeached that is exactly what they will continue to push for. as you mentioned the president is not standing by idly and the white house strategy to aggressively combat house democrats rolls on including a tweet and i want to share this with you. nancy pelosi, adam shift, aoc and the rest of the democrats are not getting an important ledger station done. hence, the do-nothing democrats. u.s. mca, national defense authorization act, gun safety prescription drug prices and infrastructure are dead in the water because of the dems. you may have heard the president say on friday that in his opinion intel committee chair adam schiff is running an unfair
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process with this impeachment inquiry. he says the record people are on to him. >> remember this, shift, he makes it all up that he is sick. the something with him. he made up my phone call and made it up. he made up a phone call and then when i released it to everybody was embarrassed and crazy nancy pelosi who, by the way, will go down as the worst speaker in the history of the house of representatives. she has not done anything. reporter: speaking of the house speaker this week she reiterated her charge that the president has abused the power of his office and she says democrats have no choice but to move forward. still that is a profoundly risky proposition according to a familiar trump supporter. >> nancy pelosi is risking her speakership by continuing to press on and try to have an impeachment vote which looks inevitable but still there are
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so invested in a straight adam schiff, nancy pelosi and the media. inside the beltway democrats and the media are so invested. reporter: what is the goal here cannot cost a regret site and would like to see a report wrapped up completed in the intel committee and sent over to the judiciary and then they will see if they have the votes to move forward with impeachment and that would lead to a senate trial. a lot could still happen between now and christmas and beyond. arthel. arthel: thank you. eric. eric: on capitol hill house democrats are preparing to advance their impeachment inquiry. even lawmakers are returning home for their recess for the house intelligence committee a good report or gave its report to the judiciary committee after the things giving break. that committee would then again proceedings of its own. the republican could challenge any findings but their own report. more on all this mark meredith is in washington. mark. reporter: house intelligence when he has not scheduled anymore impeachment inquiries but that committee chairman says
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it's possible that more witnesses could be asked to testify after thanksgiving. >> we view this as urgent and have another election in which the president is threatening more foreign interference but at the same time there are still other witnesses and other documents that we would like to obtain. reporter: the intelligent committee is excited to file a report detailing its findings and the report would then go to the judiciary committee where members could choose to draft articles of impeachment. house speaker nancy pelosi says they're still no guarantee the house would vote to impeach but fox told there are articles of impeachment being considered including bribery, abuse of power, including intimidation of witnesses, consent of congress and obstruction of justice. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says of the house does impeach the length of the child could last several weeks but the timing of the trial could also have a major impact on the 2028 presidential race and this as gop senators tell fox news they are ready for whatever comes next. >> i do not think that the
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allegations will be summarily dismissed. i think there will be a trial. i am in favor of doing it in a accordance with due process and let everybody offer whatever they want to in terms of evidence. reporter: president trump says he welcomes the trial in the senate although the white house has complained that impeachment is preventing congress from working on other issues like trade. the president recently met with gop senators and discussed how impeachment may play out. eric. eric: thank you, mark. arthel: for more on what could happen should the impeachment trial had to the senate let's bring in politico congressional reporter, andrew. thank you for being with us. look, this is a pivotal point for the house democrats. they presented strong testimony last couple of weeks especially last week but did they move the needle on their case for impeachment? >> democrats are feeling increasingly optimistic and confident about the case they have built against the president but one key barometer they have
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failed on witches getting robbed again support. you will recall earlier this summer speaker pelosi when she was resisting impeachment proceedings said one of the key barometers for her was strong bipartisan buy-in but of course at this point it's not looking like any republik in ob supporting impeachment and the party as a whole will be unified coming out of the house process. the best data point to support that, arthel, are the fact that congressman will hurt, republic and from texas who is retiring was initial considered as a potential swing vote on impeachment but he announced the final hearing on thursday that he would not be supporting impeachment so it's difficult to see other republicans would end up supporting impeachment especially if someone like congressman hurd was viewed as a bellwether for that moderate revolt again crowd is not going to be backing impeachment. arthel: where to the house dems go from here? how crucial is the direction they take? >> the next step is the judiciary committee will start after thanks giving holding a series of hearings on basic
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issues like number one, what is an impeachable offense and number two what is the president defends here and another hearing will give adam schiff and the intelligence committee a chance to present their case to the judiciary committee and finally the committee will end up writing articles of impeachment that will then go to the house floor for consideration in house democrats tell me they expect to wrap up the process by christmas. arthel: meanwhile, lawmakers are at home for things giving and no doubt they will get feedback. how wide-ranging might the cornucopia of complaints be back how much will party, andrew, determine voters appetite for impeachment? >> all along party has determined voters appetite for impeachment. most of the people who tuned in to the hearing this week probably had already come in with their minds made up. it was probably difficult to sway people in the middle and that is the nature of how the process has played out. look, before we got into the pub gary's democrats were going to
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impeach the president right after the hearings they are still going to impeach the president. now it is up to republican senators and in concert with white houses to look ahead to the senate trial and give the president the best chance to present what he views as exculpatory evidence and try to clear his name. that is mobile be important for the white house going forward. especially with the senate controlled by republicans and on their turf. arthel: if that will be the direction through the rubble begin party who are gop senators likely to call and testify? will hunter biden beyond that list? if he is, what is the damage and for whom? >> the rules and the parameters of the senate trial have not been established yet. the way it will work is all senators will have to vote and will be a simple majority on a resolution opening up the procedures for the trial. during the bill clinton impeachment trial of course, they voted 100-zero to open up the procedures and i have a hard
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time believing all 100 senators will agree on the parameters here but mitch mcconnell and chuck schumer will have to come to an agreement on the parameters of the debate including how long it will last and what the procedures will look like. after that point, republicans will be able to choose which witnesses they want to call and certain senators have expressed interest in acting hunter biden to show up for testimony but it's unclear if they will do that because the decision has yet to be made from a leadership level. arthel: if president trump is ultimately not impeached will there had been a point to all of this? will dems have to eat crow? or will they remain steadfast that they presented the american voters with serious food for thought? >> look, it's basically 99% of foregone conclusion that the house will vote on articles of impeachment at this time. if you hear democrats after this week of public hearings they are confident in the case that they had built and they say essentially we are not concerned
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about the potential political ramifications but look, it's in their best interest for this to wrap up before the iowa caucuses and before democratic primary voters head to the polls to choose who they want to go against president trump. obviously impeachment is a black mark on any president. no president wants to get impeached but for democrats this could end up backfiring depending on how the political ramifications shake out in 2020 as we go in the primary process. arthel: yeah, so much could happen. we just really don't know but andrew, congressional reporter for politico. thank you for joining us. eric: the suspect accused of killing an alabama sheriff is now in custody. eighteen -year-old william chase johnson surrounded law-enforcement shortly after mid night. he followed a four hour manhunt. police say he took off after shooting and killing sheriff john williams senior at a convenience store in haynesville but he was known as big john, a respected law enforcement
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official well known throughout the state. williams was a marine corps veteran and he spent nearly ten years as a sheriff. coming up here and america's news headquarters, exclusive investigation of what happened to jimmy hoffa. the step of the suspects will join us and happens to be a noted hoffa law professor and a top official in the ministration of president george w. bush what he said could surprise you. ♪ >> i am feeling person that knows the location of his final resting place. ladies and gentlemen, your attention please. geico would like to take a moment to say thank you to our military service members at home and abroad
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for all their hard work and sacrifice. we all sleep easier knowing you're out there keeping us safe. and on a personal note... sfx: jet engines ... i just needed to get that off my chest. thank you. geico: proudly supporting the military for over 75 years.
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eric: us-led coalition and kurdish allies carried out a joint military operation against isis this weekend. that reaffirming vice president mike pence promised during his recent visit to iraq. the u.s. is committed to working with kurdish forces in the region. trey is live with more on this from our jerusalem bureau. reporter: eric, good afternoon. a lot happening in syria this weekend also another major event in the syrian city. a car bomb exploded, killing nine people. that event or highlighting the regional instability the country is facing. there is video showing the aftermath of that explosion. it also injured dozens of people but no group medially claimed responsibly for the attack read that is being controlled by
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turkish troops and turkish back fighter. these forces arrived following an invasion into northern syria that took place this fall after president trump's pullback american troops to prevent such an annexation from occurring. a separate attack along the turkish border in western syria happened last week killing more than 16 civilians at a camp internally displaced people. that missile strike is being condemned by the united nations today as a regional coordinator is calling for an of education into who is responsible for meanwhile, in eastern syria on saturday u.s. central command ordered 500 troops to resume the anti- ice's campaign. vice president mike pence did visit with america troops in neighboring iraq this weekend and discussed the megan presence in both countries. >> we will continue to maintain a presence in syria and of course here in iraq that reflect the strong and enduring partnership that we have with the iraqi people, including the kurdish people in iraq and in syria. reporter: there are a lot of
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moving parts in syria right now. you also have millions internally and externally displaced. a lighter u.s. presidents will leave the door open for countries like iran and russia to fill a power vacuum that has unfolded in the region britt eric. eric: trey, thank you speak to for more on international securities concerns we bring in strategic analyst, and retired four-star general, jack king. always good to have you here. i will get to trey's reporting and moment but i want to start here in iraq. with the intensifying protests there in iraq or excuse me, iran and the crackdown by the regime is this situation headed toward a military conflict? >> i don't think we know the answer for that. what we do no, arthel, is that there never has been this kind of pressure put on the iranian regime in 40 years. this is widespread, intense demonstrations across the country and the entire social fabric of it over 100 cities in
10:21 am
what today demonstrate against? they demonstrate against high on employment and the fact that the economy is being squeezed by the u.s. sanctions and that there is food shortages, skyrocketing prices for all commodities with the most recent 50% increase in gasoline, certainly this trigger that demonstration prayed everybody in iran except for the elites are suffering through a degree they never have in the 40 year history of the regime. what is interesting about this, arthel, they know the united states is imposing the sanctions but they believe the sanctions would not be there if it were not for iran's aggressive behavior in the region. that is very interesting. arthel: basically the people are getting fed up. the folks at the top have money, resources and food and the people are now saying we are fed up and we will retaliate against the government. so, that in play, should the
10:22 am
u.s. put even stronger sanctions in place of their in iran? >> you and i think alike. i agree totally with that premise. now is the time not to back up come up with sanctions on those who are leading the counter protests because the iranians from the second day of the demonstration, arthel, had began to kill the demonstrators. there shooting from rooftops and helicopters. amnesty international reports 100 dead and the locals are in excess of 200 and i have a tendency to go with them. hundreds have been wounded and thousands who are now being arrested and tortured as a result. here is something else, arthel. the iranians are on the ropes. the lebanon backed regime that the iranians are backing thousands of demonstrating against it and the war in syria is still being opposed rather significantly and not giving into the iranians and the russians. hundreds of thousands of shiites demonstrate against iran in iraq
10:23 am
because the iranian backed regime have not delivered the goods and services that they want. a civil war in yemen is still going on to know on satisfaction. huge significant pressure on this iranian regime. arthel: boy, there is a lot there. we like to follow-up with you but i want to move on to trey's reporting. american led forces in hundreds of their syrian kurdish allies have carried out their biggest joint operation against isis in syria since president trump ordered a pullback of u.s. forces there. in operation captured dozens of militants. what does that tell you? >> it tells us that we will keep our foot on the throat of isis and syria. isis we took the territory away from them but they are still hiding in the territory, as a terrorist network. we've got to stay focused on them. the syrian democratic forces, 60 or 70000 strong with the syrian
10:24 am
kurds make up the largest portion of our our eyes and ears but they are closest to what is happening there and we have troops who week ordinate for airpower. this i think important there is don't let the radiance take the oil field. the president made that decision already but if they were able to do that they would use the money from that, arthel, to reduce the impact of the sanctions that are having such a devastating effect in iran. i think the policy the administration is executing is a sound one and i hope we continue with it and i think we will. arthel: i have to squeeze this in a period president trump deployed vice president mike pence to iraq in part to reassure america's kurdish allies in the region but what form of real surgeons or rio surgeons is most effective and can make a ministration put humpty dumpty back together again? >> best outcome we want in iraq is a stable government capable of protecting itself and we are assisting those fighting forces there.
10:25 am
we have a little over 5000 troops providing assistance. we are not leading the fight ourselves. i think that model is a good one. it takes time and requires patients on the part of the american people to understand what we are doing great we have long since pulled out the hundred 50000 combat forces. same same thing in syria. less than 1000 troops in syria, they are pushing against isis and doing the fighting. they are locals and syrians. we are doing the same thing in afghanistan with a modest commitment. yes, i think this model of using local fighters to deal with the radicals and the united states assist with a modest commitment as a wave of the future. arthel: i want to follow up but i can't because in the case of the syrians or the kurds they are not sure who to be loyal to at this point. i am told i have a hard wrap. general kane, i love talking to you. i wish i had more time. thank you as usual for your analysis prayed.
10:26 am
>> good talking to you, arthel. eric: 26 people have been killed in the congo today as a plane crashed into homes. shortly after takeoff. first responders have seen shifting debris in the residential area of goma. the ministry of transportation says seven people on the ground were killed and those in the plane, 17 passengers, two crewmembers were also killed. that aircraft was operated by an airline called busy bee. arthel: supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg is resting back at tobit she spent time in hospital for what the court described as chills and fever. we have more right after this. ♪ in manufacturing jobs in the us. it's a competition for the talent. employees need more than just a paycheck. you definitely want to take advantage of all the benefits you can get. 2/3 of employees said that the workplace is an important source for personal savings and protection solutions.
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hopkins hospital in baltimore paid gary tenet is checking her recovery. reporter: justice ginsburg is now back home and doing well after spending the last couple days at the hospital. they tell us she was omitted friday night after the exterior tina chills and a fever according to the courts in age and recent health struggles doctors kept her for further evaluation and treatment of any possible infection but with intravenous antibiotics her symptoms have abated. this is the latest in a series of healthcare scares as justice kim bergen last year alone has had two bouts with cancer. in january she missed arguments for the first time in more than 25 years that she recovered from surgery from lung cancer and in august she completed three weeks of radiation for cancers on her pancreas. a couple of weeks ago justice ginsburg missed oral arguments due to a stomach bug. despite those health concerns the leader of the courts liberal
10:32 am
wing has long said she will stay on the court as long as she can do the job bull speed. here is what she told npr this summer. >> i think it was after the pancreatic cancer where they announced with great glee that i was going to be dead within six months. that senator, whose name i have forgotten, is himself dead. [laughter] i'm very much alive. reporter: the 86 -year-old said she would like to stay on the court until she is 90, if not longer. for years there has been constant. >> elation about her potential exit and while she has dismissed that talk about begins are salivating at the idea of president trump been able to appoint a third justice to the high court and further expanded conservative majority. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell has said if there is any vacancy before the 2020
10:33 am
election he will quickly move to phillips. something he refused to do with president obama's nominee in 2016 arguing it was wrong to fill a vacancy on the high court during an election year. arthel: politics aside, we wish her well. garrett tenney, thank you. eric: now to our exclusive vaccination investigation of what happened to jimmy hoffa. there are two main suspects in the '90s with a five disappearance who are still alive. one is chucky o'brien who is now in his 80s, living in florida. he was long called the foster son of the labor leader and grew up with the family and was very close to hoffa for decades until they had a falling out. investigators have long thought it was chuckie who drove hoffa, perhaps unwittingly, to the suspect of mom beating where hoffa was murder. here are some of the television news coverage of chucky from back in 1975. >> chucky o'brien came with on that first night when jim accused him of knowing something about his father's disappearance.
10:34 am
o'brien stormed out always claiming his innocence calling himself a foster son of the hot fuzz. >> chucky o'brien was interviewed twice by the fbi and told a different story each ti time. >> you can only hope someday they can tell about the disappearance. eric: chucky's stepson has written a remarkable honest and forthright book and saying he was wrongly blamed from day one and had nothing to do at all with the disappearance. that book is called in hoffa's shadow, stepfather. a disappearance in detroit in my search for the truth. the author is jack goldsmith who joins us now from boston. jack, you're not only chucky's stepson but i want to get this outbreak you are the prominent professor of law at harvard university and the number three official in the justice department's of president george w. bush and in charge of betting the legality of enhanced interrogation against other issues. you had quite a respected and heavy legal background at the highest levels of our governme government. why do you say the fbi has been wrong?
10:35 am
>> thank you for having me on, eric. the main reason i say they have been wrong is because they now acknowledge to me many of them on the record in my book that they made a mistake about chucky 40 years ago. the reasons they think they were wrong is they concluded that it was practically impossible for him to have actually been at the red fox to pick up hoffa. at the time he was alleged to have done so but the circumstantial evidence would seem so probative at the time now seems to be the opposite. the idea he would use the car of the son of the leading suspect to pick up hoffa and the idea he would actually cooperate with the fbi unlike all the other suspects and a lot of the circumstantial case fell apart. they found reasons to think he could not have been there and developed a different theory of the case and different evidence that pointed in a different direction but those are all some of the reasons why they concluded and i concluded and more importantly, as i explain my book, chuckie was not there that day. eric: what has this done to
10:36 am
chucky for the past 45 years? >> it's been terrible for him. it ruined his life basically to have been accused from the beginning and for it to be accepted in the public mind he was the person that picked up and took what was effectively his father the man closest to in his life even though they had a falling out recently but it's been devastating to him in terribly dishonorable. it ruined his reputation and has not been good for him. eric: there is a movie, the irishman, and as you know i broke the story on the fox news channel. back in 2004 he claimed he shot hoffa. sharon claims chucky was driving the car that sharon was sitting in the passenger seat when they picked up hoffa. how would you respond to that? >> there is absolutely zero evidence for that. what this year and it is his compassion was to take the early theory of the case which put chucky in the car and basically insinuated himself into it. i wrote a long law essay explaining why the claim of
10:37 am
sheeran was preposterous and i have another long as he coming out but the bottom line is there's no evidence to support it and a lot of reasons that sheeran could not have been involved. the many fbi investigators who over the decades covered the case and i spoke to agreed he could not have been involved. eric: robert de niro says he believes - say that again. >> a fictional confession. eric: what you say to those who say he told the truth and robert de niro says he believes it and people who go to this film and now we will see your stepfather drive jimmy hoffa off to his death. >> rights. i can't do anything about the film but dinero has been circumspect and has stepped away from standing by the truth of the sheeran's story but he said several times he is trolling his own story and that it does not depend on the actual truth of sheeran that they graded a different character. they've begun to back off the
10:38 am
truth of the film and say it's not important but it's the idea and the psychological element of had this killer been torn between the mob and his loyalty to hoffa. eric: and how do you clear your stepfather's name? is that possible? >> i don't know how i clear his name other than writing a book and everyone who has read it believes i did a clear hundred the fbi claims that they believe it. there was a time when the fbi promised they would send a letter to chucky and the wanted to a knowledge and he was not a target and exonerate him but they decided not to do that for political reasons as i discuss in my book. it was a bait and switch on the part of the government. i hope the argument will be consider in light of the book and in light of i hope they clarify what they think about the sheeran movie and the sheeran book. they have a lot of information that is never been made public and could bring a lot of clarity to this case. i hope they reveal it. eric: we been reporting on the claims of philip moscato, son or
10:39 am
brother masato who is one of the suspects who has been said to have been buried. chucky knew him and you knew them. what are your thoughts on moscato and finally what are your thoughts on the hoffa family? >> right. moscato i'm skeptical because i doubt that they would have taken the body across the country like that. it would be dangerous for the fbi looked thoroughly into the moscato matter and semi- five, 76. while your reporting has been excellent i don't think there's new evidence in that evidence is pointing him to being there rather than hearsay. that said i don't have evidence to disprove it and if you find the body that would be great and help bring closure to the case. as for the hoffa family, i feel terrible for the hoffa family but they've had to deal with this case and the circus around this case and the accusations about the case for 44 years.
10:40 am
it's been brutally difficult for them, i am sure. i'm sorry they still have to go through it. eric: we are trying to see if we can finally get to the true thread i have called for the release of the fbi files by the government and i assume you support that mac very much so. i've asked for the same thing but it would help chucky and bring out clarity to the case. as i say in the book, the fbi knows more than what they reported. eric: get a crowbar and we'll see if we can do something to get more of the truth out. jack goldsmith, not only are the most respected law professors and constitutional experts in our country up at harvard but served his country at the top levels of our government but also the loving and very dedicated stepson of chucky o'brien. jack, thank you. again, take a look and here is the book. in hoffa's shadow, stepfather, disappears in detroit and research for the truth. for more on the jimmy hoffa case go to fox nation to see our
10:41 am
special. we had two programs called riddle: the search for james r hoffa go to the streaming service fox nation. those shows are both on fox nation right now or go to fox nation .com and search for them, riddle: the search for james r hoffa on fox nation and reporting here in the fox news channel. arthel: new reports about the case of navy seal eddie gallagher but while we are learning about the future of the disciplinary case against gallagher. ♪ 448,134 to be exact. they answered 410 questions in 8 categories about vehicle quality. and when they were done, chevy earned more j.d. power quality awards across cars, trucks and suvs than any other brand over the last four years. so on behalf of chevrolet, i want to say "thank you, real people." you're welcome. we're gonna need a bigger room.
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10:46 am
thanksgiving day. meteorologist adam is here in the extreme weather center with a look at the holiday park expert hello, adam. >> we will talk about rounds of systems bringing snow across the country and currently we are watching a system lingering across new england running up and down the mid-atlantic rate this will be here today before he moves out. you can see it's grabbing cooler air and settled across portions of the midwest and that is what you're looking at tempter is currently sitting in the 40s. this is the system i'm talking about but if you are upstate higher elevation this has brought snow for you right along the coast. this is a rainmaker but we runs out the dress of the day and eventually able to move out and for the rest of us sunday is looking pretty good. this is your current radar across the income entire country big light snow across the midwest but by and large it's looking mostly clear. we have one system that clears out before the day is over so it runs you through the rest of your sunday, clearing on monday and then we have a clear on monday. temperatures will set us up
10:47 am
where we are talking about colder air bundling back in. you will see warm air and cold air bumped together and that is when you see a cold front and more systems. here you are for monday with large portions of the country chapters in the 60s with this frontal boundary coming together by tuesday but it lingers into wednesday and will be right along that frontal boundary we are tracking our next possibility for snow. this next system is tuesday and you see that strong frontal boundary back behind it snow but out in front of it heavy rain and this is something we will watch tuesday into wednesday. guy's there will be snow off and on across the country something to pay attention to speed. arthel: we want everyone to be safe when they are traveling to see their loved ones. adam, thank you. eric: new information coming in on the case of daisy navy seal, eddie gallagher made possible disciplinary action against him. we have an update on the latest news, straight ahead. thousands of women with metastatic breast cancer,
10:48 am
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10:49 am
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10:51 am
eric: pope francis honoring the people killed by atomic bombs in world war ii when he visited hiroshima peace memorial park today. the pope, as you can see, let a reef at the site and said a few
10:52 am
words about the use and possession of nuclear weapons. he called him a quote, and moral but he also visited nagasaki yesterday and this is his first trip to japan as the pontiff. arthel: there are reports this afternoon that the white house will allow disciplinary proceedings against navy seal eddie gallagher to move forward. let's go to jackie heinrich with the latest. jackie. reporter: yesterday navy secretary richard spencer denied that to step down over the presidents directive which came over twitter. eddie gallagher was acquitted of several war crimes during his iraq diplomat including shooting civilians, murdering and cap devices fighter with a hunting knife and threatening to kill seals who reported him. the only charge he was convicted of was posing with a dead body of an isis teenager. the navy had been demoted gallagher until president trump reversed that demotion the same day he pardoned two other armed
10:53 am
servicemembers accused of war crimes. thursday he reaffirmed that move between the navy will not be taken away war fighter and navy seal eddie gallagher's trident pinprick this case was handled very badly from the beginning. get back to business. gallagher this morning explained on fox and friends what he thought trump might mean insane, top military brass are being insubordinate and ego driven. gallagher claimed they retaliated against fellow seals who does defended him at his trial and he's alleging corruption at the highest level. >> we just filed an id exposing all the corruption that has been going on during my case, starting with crying craig miller all the way up to admiral greene. just recently we've come up more evidence that will be exposing next week that the secretary of the navy was actually meddling in my case and trying to get to organizations not support me while i was incarcerated. reporter: that new admiration from the white house saying that they will not be intervening in
10:54 am
the navy's process. spencer said the navy would comply with a formal order but there was reportedly concern among defense officials that kind of intervention would infuriate military leadership and upend long stand doctrine. arthel: jackie, thank you. eric: annual harvard yale football game was interrupted by hundreds of climate change protesters but they stormed the field at halftime but will their message get across to school officials? ♪ is about to become your problem. ahh no, come on. i saw you eating poop earlier. hey! my focus is on the road, and that's saving me cash with drivewise. who's the dummy now? whoof! whoof! so get allstate where good drivers save 40% for avoiding mayhem, like me. sorry! he's a baby!
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- [woman] with my shark, i deep clean messes like this, this, and even this. but i don't have to clean this, because the self-cleaning brush roll removes hair while i clean. - [announcer] shark, the vacuum that deep cleans now cleans itself. this is the epson no more buying cartridges.. big ink tanks. lots of ink. print about... this many pages. the epson ecotank. just fill and chill. eric: we are looking at hundred offense climate change protestors yesterday in new heaven, the action getting delayed for nearly an hour as students and alumni remain on the field, police had to make some arrest for disorderly
10:59 am
conduct and players joined the 500 or so demonstrators on the grid iron, they all were joining in campaign to get harvard and yale to stop investing endowments in the fossil fuel industry. the 136th edition of the game, after that was over, yale won 15-43. arthel: by sure to stay right here after our newscast for fox news sunday chris wallace, exclusive interview with republican senator from louisiana, john kennedy, that is up next, stick around for that and also i know you want to tell us everyone something but i want to remind them that we will be back at 4:00. eric: we are. well, also be sure to go to fox nation, our special jimmy hoffa investigation is on. we call for the government to release fbi files, something that we heard professor, the
11:00 am
hoffa family, president of the teamster, they support the release, let's get the truth out about jimmy hoffa, go to fox nation. chris: i'm chris wallace, inspector general report awaited for months is expected to find the fbi investigation into russia and the trump campaign was not politically motivated. ♪ >> this is spying on my campaign. this was an overthrow attempt at the presidency. chris: justice department's top watchdog is expected to sharply criticize lower-level fbi officials, but he reportedly finds no political bias in launching the original trump-russia investigation. then democrats wrap up their impeachment hearing blitz after two weeks and 12 witnesses, what more do we know?


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