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tv   Scandalous  FOX News  November 24, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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giveaway for christmas. that's it for today, have a great weekend. happy thanksgiving and we'll see you next fox news. mark: before we start they have to prove to you that they are noble, courageous and beyond approach. let me give it a try, the new york times likes to refer to me was a right wing radio host. my grandfather, my mother's father served in the united states marine corps.
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he joined the marine corps after we were attacked by pearl harbor produced 34 years old, he reached a limit. he fought at guam in nea hirosh. he fought a guaido can. my father was 17 at the time. again after we were attacked at pearl harbor, he joined the army and later the army air corps. 17 years old. my father as a young man grew up in a very poor environment, they lived a mile away from a cigar factory and after my dad would go to elementary school he would go down to the cigar factory because the family needed money per he enjoyed the assembly line when my mothe his mother my grar
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sarah. >> my ancestors came from russia and ukraine. so that either means on bipartisan or suspect. i do not know. i have no particular love for either country, i have a love for this country. now, i served eight years in the reagan administration. several years at the highest levels of the government. i graduated from college, i graduated from law school one or 22 years old. the new york times refers to me as a right wing radio host. this right wing radio host wants to unravel the attack on our society, the attack on our constitution, this attack on our president. i want you to understand some buddy who has studied the constitution, american history in impeachment for decades. unlike any legal analyst or journalist on tv today.
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what the democrats are doing to this president has never been done to another president in american history. to prior presidents who were impeached and found innocent never had to face this. the federal judges who were impeached, not all convicted, only eight were never treated like this. let's take a look at our board and re-point ourselves with western civilization, due process since 1215 and thereafter, the right to confront your accuser, the right to cross-examine your accuser, the right to call witnesses, the right to cross-examine witnesses, the right to present evidence. the right to counsel, the right to a public trial, this is basic stuff i hear people say is not a criminal trial, the sixth amendment does not apply the fourth and fifth do not apply. i said due process and thereafter, what do you think
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the framers of the constitution got the idea for the fourth amendment, the fifth, the sixth. they did not manufacture. hundreds of years of reformati reformation, of civilization, progress have been killed in the house intelligence committee by the democrat spring no president, and fact nobody facing impeachment has ever in american history been treated this way. let's hook the impeachment cause, he of individuals quoting gerald ford this i says anythin. the president should be removed from office in treason, bribery or other high crimes or misdemeanors. keep it there. does essay gerald ford said, no. does it say simply and political process, no. and they can cite that all they want, hamilton does not say that either. the motivation may be political, the motivation may be mob like.
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the constitution does not give the house of representatives illimitable power, it does not give any branch of government a liminal power. that's what gives it. treason, bribery or other crimes and misdemeanors. now has the president committed, all the bureaucrats, all the civil servants, all the never trumper's, all the democrats, although journalist in the bony legal analyst, has the president committed treason, bribery or other high crimes and misdemeanors. let me take something else with all the former federal prosecutors and judges, when this language was written there was no criminal code you to go to the code to look at bribery or misdemeanors. they were looking at english common law and the practices of the parliament. and they borrowed language from
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them. this was considered a higher standard. when george mason said james mattis got up and said no, that means a president of the united states will be owned by the house of representatives. which is what the house of representatives are saying today to the democrats on this committee. we issue a subpoena you better abide by. we want documents you damn well better give it to us. we don't care about separation of powers, we don't care about checks and balances, where the house of representatives and we democrats control it. this does not matter. separation of power does not matter. >> it damn well does matter. the president of the united states has not committed high crimes and misdemeanors of any sort. here is a testimony, from witnesses who are really not witnesses to anything in one witness who is a witness to something. look at the testimony of the democrat witnesses. go. >> i had a trip scheduled to
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visit president zelensky on september 5 this year. the day before or couple days before i heard that the president was considering or upholding military support which by the way he provided that mama owed did not provide, he's provided this in the past, anyway i put in a request to talk to the president any call me back on the following day on august 31. i was trying to convince the president in that phone call to give me the authority a few days later to say the support is on its way. andy talks the president into it. once again the president was incredibly consistent, you know how corrupt of place this is. so he made that point and humored on the lack of european support. i asked him why don't you fund these things, and he says he tells me because you guys will. he said were smocks, that was the reason he gave me, i then
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brought up this rumor i heard, is there something in the works, does zelensky have to do something or ukraine have to do something in order for the support to be released and that's where he made the adamant denial. again i described as excellent and deleted, no way. i would never do that, who told you that. mark: extra former ambassador marie yovanovitch who is upset as an obama holder that the president of the united states would accuse some videos to replace it. she was hostile. first we have ron johnson, no offense he says, now marie yovanovitch i will call her hostile opinion witness. >> ambassador, i do said before very simply and directly, do you have any information regarding the president of the united states accepting any bribes? >> no. >> you have any information
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regarding any criminal activity that the president of the united states has been involved with at all? >> no. >> we have two other witnesses. ambassador volker and mr. morrison. mr. morrison served on the national security council, their testimony on whether or not the president effectively committed and impeachable offense. go. >> i want to start with a july 25 call between president trump and president zelensky. you were on that call and there was no mention of withholding aid on the call, correct? >> that is correct. >> and no quid pro quo. >> cracked. >> no bribery. >> cracked. >> notes torsion. >> cracked. >> i presume you got a readout of the call. >> yes. >> in this readout of the call ambassador from the u.s.
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participant, was there any reference to withholding a? >> no there was not. >> bribery? >> another was not. >> any reference to quid pro quo or extortion. >> no there was not. >> and i presume you got feedback on how the call went. >> today mentioned withholding of aid. >> no they did not. >> today mention quid pro quo or bribery. >> no they did not. the day after the call he met with president zelensky on july 26 and in that meeting he made no mention of quid pro quo. >> no. >> he made no mention of withholding the eight or bribery. >> no. >> the fact is ukrainians were not even aware of his hold on aid is that correct? >> that is correct. mark: the next witness is ambassador sondland what did he have to say. >> ambassador when did it happen?
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>> when did what happened. >> the announcement. >> when did president zelensky announce the investigation will hop on page 14 you said was there quid pro quo in your opening statement as they testify previously with regard to request an white house call, yes they needed to be a public statement from president zelensky when the chairman asked you about the security assistance you said they needed to be a public announcement from zelensky. i'm asking you a civil question, when did that happen? >> never did. >> they got the call july 25 and the money on september 11, when did the meeting happen again? >> it never did. >> who's in the meeting? >> which meeting. >> the meeting that never happened who isn't it. [laughter] you know how zelensky and allstate, diddy tweeted, press statement, press conference, do you know how that happened? >> you got all three of them wrong, they get the call, the meeting, the money.
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it is not two plus two, it's over three. mark: more from a direct witness sondland as he's questioned by radcliffe. >> tell me if there is anything sinister or nefarious and invest. about corruption of calls on the ukraine, five minute call you do not remember is significant but the primary purpose was to discuss a wrapper, a call that the president said i want nothing i want no quid pro quo i want you to do the right thing, i want him to do what he ran on and him telling you to go to congress the truth. anything sinister about any of that? >> not the way you presented. >> that is a truth as you presented. >> none of that is hearsay, none of that speculation, none of that is opinion. that is direct evidence. and ultimately that is what this
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proceeds to the senate, they will care about unlike this proceeding which is been based on speculation and presumption and opinion, this is direct testimony and direct evidence. mark: every witness, even the witnesses that did not witness anything, every single one has had no impeachable offense. you have to read the impeachment clause out of the constitution to try to impeach as president. we have a lot more. we'll be right back. ♪ i'm your 70lb st. bernard puppy, and my lack of impulse control, is about to become your problem. ahh no, come on. i saw you eating poop earlier. hey! my focus is on the road, and that's saving me cash with drivewise. who's the dummy now? whoof! whoof! so get allstate where good drivers save 40% for avoiding mayhem, like me.
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the pressure cooker that crisps.
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mark: welcome back america to the special edition of "life, liberty & levin" democrats up the creek. the impeachment clause has nothing to do with the from federal criminal code. when this nation was founded there was no such crime is a misdemeanor. high crimes and misdemeanors, a very grave offense. very grave offense. the president of the united states is only person who are elected by all the people, the whole nation. they are well aware of the possibility that you have a mob like we have today which is why they senate the senate for two
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thirds of conviction. michael turner was interviewing and questioning and gordon sondland and we want to take a look at this of the impeachment clause. >> after you testify, chairman schiff ran out and give a press conference and said he gets to impeach the president of the united states because of your testimony and if you pull up cnn they say sondland ties trump to withholding aid. is that your testimony today that you have evidence that donald trump tried the investigation because i don't think you thin saying that. >> i said repeatedly i was presuming, i also said the president trump -- >> not just president giuliani, illini, pompeo, nobody also this planet told you that donald trump was tying aid to these investigations, is that correct? >> i think that he testified.
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>> answer the question, no one on this planet told you that donald trump was tying this aid to the investigation. if your answer is yes then the chairman is wrong in the headline on cnn is wrong. no one on this planet told you that president trump was tying aid to investigation. yes or no. >> yes. >> you really have no testimony today that ties president trump to a scheme to withhold aid from ukraine in exchange for the investigations. >> other than my own presumption. >> which is nothing. do you know what hearsay evidence is, hearsay is when i testify what someone else told me. you know what made up testimonials, when i presume it. you are just assuming all of these things and giving them the evidence that they're running on during press conferences and cnn and headliner say that the
5:20 pm
president of united states should be impeached because he tied aid to investigations and you do not know that. >> never said the president of the united states should be impeached. >> you've left people with a confusing impression that you are giving testimony you did not. you do not have any evidence of the president of the united states was tied to withholding aid to ukraine for investigations. mark: representative turner with ambassador volker. go. >> you had a meeting with the president of the united states and you believe the policy issues that he raise concern were valid. did the president of the united states ever state to you that he was not going to allowed aid to go to ukraine unless there were investigation into bre's mama, the bidens or the 2016 election. >> no he did not. >> did ukrainians tell you that they understood that they would not be the meeting with the president of the united states military aid or foreign aid from the united states unless they undertook investigation of burisma in the bidens of the 2016 election. >> pretty much you took apart their entire case.
5:21 pm
mark: they had no case. what is the case of putting having witnesses if they won't listen to the bottom line of what the witnesses have to stay with it comes to impeachment. let's get an actual fact, we heard the testimony from the bureaucrats who said they really care about ukraine and they were really upset because donald trump was going in a different direction with policy despite the fact that 2017 he gave them the money and in 2018 he gave them the money they asked for, donald trump knows what's going on with russia and ukraine, it's donald trump up with the most severe sanctions on russia, ukraine was invaded during obama's ministration in crimea was obama's ministration. where are the beer cuts, journalists, impeachment hearings then. over and over they said the president made it clear he did
5:22 pm
not give a damn about ukraine. >> then what did obamacare about, and the washington post written by fiona hill who was a witness and i might say a pretty pathetic witness. and she wrote an op-ed, the united states is on a dangerous protection with russia. this is february 5, 2015. a nuclear superpower that believes itself to be under direct threat, u.s. officials and top think experts release the report calling on the west to provide military support to ukraine. the logic of sending weapons to ukraine seems straightforward in the same of the logic for sanctions. to change the calculus.
5:23 pm
increasing ukrainian army fighting capacity, the thinking goes to kill more rebels in a backlash in russia forcing the russian president to the negotiating table. she writes, we strongly disagree, the evidence points and a different direction. if we follow the recommendation to this report ukrainians will not be the only ones caught in escalating military conflict with russia in the jargon of geopolitics the escalation dominance in ukraine. whatever moviemaking can match and go further. she writes a long and passion op-ed in the washington post that somehow notices adam schiff tennis democrats, strongly opposing aid. the obama doctrine in ukraine says in part, as regards due to role conflict between ukraine and russia, this is march 2016. president obama said ukraine is a court interest in a way that is not for the united states. he noted since ukraine does not belong to nato it is vulnerable to russian military domination and we have to be very clear about what her court is and what we will do to go to war. it is hard to dispute these points except that the president
5:24 pm
set up a strawman, that president being obama. the united states could've done more, resist the kremlin's with war with russia. here we have the new york times, this is dated june 2015. with the peace process and violent escalating in ukraine at a bipartisan coalition in congress is defined obama and european allies for pressing the administration to provide weapons to the embattled nation. to push for lawmakers to arm ukraine's legal armed forces, threatens to open a risk between the united states and allies. especially germany and france. germany, ring a bell? what's the president say, germany needs to step up and help pay two. at a time when the obama administration is working to demonstrate unified support for european economic sanctions. legislation to authorize legal military aid is going to the white house before. but mr. obama has not acted on it. they whine about 55 day delay would trump, obama blocked
5:25 pm
legislative efforts to help ukraine. obama had no interest in effect in 2014 after russia in crimea and began eastern ukraine with tanks, armored vehicles and the rocket launchers, ukrainian president came to washington, he played for weapons to defend this country and was turned down. all the democrats care about ukraine, they don't care about ukraine, they don't even care about america or they would not be turning our constitution inside out. inside out. i we'll be right ♪ when the food you love doesn't love you back, stay smooth and fight heartburn fast with tums smoothies. ♪ tum tum-tum tum tums more exciting than than getting a lexus... giving one. this is unbelievable! >>it really is. the lexus december to rembember sales event lease the 2020 rx 350 all wheel drive for $419 a month for 27 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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...ask your doctor about piqray. >> "america's news hq", and washington richard spencer is out as navy secretary, pentagon chief mark esper has asked for his resignation over the handling of the case involving navy seal eddie gallagher who was acquitted of war crime. president trump restored gallagher's rank but he is allowing the navy to press forward with an internal review, as for him he has lost confidence in spencer due to his lack of tender in private conversation with the white house. vote counting is underway in hong kong after a massive turnout in district council election. more than 4 million people went to the polls, the record number is seen as a barometer of public support for pro-democracy protest that of rock the city for months. early results show a dozen
5:30 pm
pro-democracy candidates headed toward victory. now back to "life, liberty & levin". ♪. mark: we have established the president has not committed any post with the impeachable defense. we've established that obama was choking the ukrainian government of the arguments that they needed fighting off congress and its owner ministration, no complaint in the state department, no hearings by adam schiff in his own party and no demand for obama's head and he was to find the will of congress, no problem. while ukrainians were being killed. remember, russia invaded ukraine on his watch. now it's funny how the transcript of the conversation between zelensky and president trump is really used at these hearings, in addition these witnesses and so-called witnesses call their president,
5:31 pm
our secretary of state, therefore administer have also had no quid pro quo, no bribery, no extortion, nothing of the sort. in the document that has been released to the transcript proves the point. even vindman who says don't call me mr. vindman, we citizens can called thcan call you mr. vindmn mr. vindman. he said the president did not commit any offense as far as he could tell. this is from the transcript, i would like you to do us a favor because our country has been through a lot and ukraine knows a lot about it, i would like you to find out what happened with the whole situation with ukraine, they say crowd strike, i guess you're one of your wealthy people the server they say ukraine has it, there's a lot of things that went on, the whole situation, i think your surrounding yourself with the same people. i like to have the attorney general call you or your people and i would like you to get to the bottom of it.
5:32 pm
as you saw yesterday the whole nonsense ended with the poor performance by robert mueller and a lot of it started with ukraine. whatever you can do it is very important that you do it fast. the media, anderson cooper, all of it, this is a conspiracy theory, don't bother with it, none of the democrats on the committee have wanted to look into this. not one of them. what is the president talking about, why is he focused on 2016. stick with me, politico left-wing written by others kenneth vogel, so-called journalists, ukraine efforts to sabotage trump, that's their headline and this is from junior 2017, ukrainian government officials try to help other clinton and undermine trump the publicly questioning and also disseminating documents implicating corruption and suggested they were investigating the matter only to back away after the election. they helped clinton's allies research information on trump
5:33 pm
and advisors and political investigation. ukrainian american operative who is consoling for the dnc met with top officials in the ukrainian embassy in washington. an effort to expose ties between trump top campaign in russia according to people with direct knowledge of the situation. fiona hill who dismissed all of this. who dismissed all of this. there ukrainian efforts had an impact on the race helping the resignation and the narrative that trump campaign was deeply connected to ukraine's east russia. it goes on the politicos investigation found evidence of ukrainian government and the race and appears to strained diplomatic protocol dictating the government refrain from engaging in one another's elections. it goes on and on and on and they bring up a woman that the republicans have to have as a witness and adam schiff said no. alexander to luba, she had worked in the white house office in the clinton ministration it
5:34 pm
was consultant to the dnc she was paid $412,000 from 2004 to 2016. a daughter of ukrainian imminent since who remain strong ties in the u.s. embassy in ukraine, a lawyer by training, and it goes on and on, why is she important. why she important, she should've been called as a witness to figure out exactly what her role is. there's a number of articles about this woman and what she was doing with the dnc, the hillary clinton campaign and the state department and several times of the white house with the so-called whistleblower. what is that all about. i don't know were not allowed to ask about her, the whistleblower, were not allowed to ask about hunter biden, not allowed to ask anything so we bring in bureaucrats who don't know damn thing to begin with. hunter biden, trump once in about 2016, new york times ukraine for donald trump's
5:35 pm
campaign. they had a black ledger and people in the government were leaking it to news outlets in the united states for the purpose of embarrassing the president, the president let his campaign manager go and they were digging as much dirt on his consulting for business over there in leaking out and leaking it out to the new york times, the associated press and others. for example, the near times is very long, headlines of mysterious payments, it has offshore companies, there is more and more. there is a disputed investment as ukrainian governors try to affect the american election pretty is the follow-up by the new york times, ukraine releases details for trump aid, paul manafort, ukrainian authorities under pressure for assertion that once secret county documents show cash payments from a pro-russian political party for donald trump's campaign manager, some for
5:36 pm
millions of dollars, the russians did interview with our election, the obama administration interviewed without election, the fbi, cia, fisa court interfered with our election, the media interfered with our election, but so did the ukrainian government on the side of hillary clinton. here's another one financial times, ukraine's leaders campaign against trump, they hated trump, they wanted to take him out. here's another one, the nation a hard left magazine, the full scope of ukraine impact on the 2016 election has yet to be examined. look at this, we have an actual court decision out of ukraine. ukraine court rules made a fort because meddling in the u.s. american election. an actual court finding. that is why the president of the united states wanted to get to the bottom of 2016 and find out what happened. hunter because the congress did not want to look whether the
5:37 pm
center of the house intelligence committee, the fbi did not want to look, the cia did not want to look but the president of the united states wants to know what happened in 2016 and we the people of the united states have every damn right to know who. i we'll be right back. they answered 410 questions in 8 categories about vehicle quality. and when they were done, chevy earned more j.d. power quality awards across cars, trucks and suvs than any other brand over the last four years. so on behalf of chevrolet, i want to say "thank you, real people." you're welcome. we're gonna need a bigger room. saturpain happens. aleve it. aleve is proven stronger and longer on pain than tylenol. when pain happens, aleve it. all day strong.
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unless your doctor tells you to. tell your doctor if you have a parasitic infection or your asthma worsens. headache and sore throat may occur. haven't you missed enough? ask an asthma specialist about fasenra. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. mark: welcome back. what about hunter biden that the president mentioned in the phone call, he says in the phone call, i heard you were a prosecutor that was good and shut down and that is unfair. a lot of people are talking about that the way they shut down your prosecutor and had very bad people involved. mr. giuliani is a highly respected man the mayor of new new york city. i'd like him to call you and oscar mccauley with the attorney general. rudy knows what is happening and he's a capable guy, the former ambassador for the united states, the woman was bad news
5:42 pm
on the people she was dealing with in ukraine were bad news. i just want to let you know that. there is a lot of talk about biden's son and a lot of people want to find out about that, whatever you could do with the attorney general, that would be great. biden went around bragging that he stopped the prosecution and if you can look into it sounds horrible. if he is breaking the law he's also talking to the attorney general. what is the president talking about, he wants to interfere with an election? i dug deeply. may 13, 2014, you know who else wanted to interfere with the potential election, apparently abc giancarlo giancarlo. >> hunter biden is with the largest oil and gas company in ukraine in the dirty concern about the appearance of a conflict there to the vice
5:43 pm
president. >> i saw those reports that hunter biden and other members of the biden family are private citizens and where they work does not reflect an endorsement by the ministration. or by the vice president or president but i would refer you to the vice president's office. mark: did they go to the vice president's office? is at the end of it. he was so focused on this and he did not know anything about his son and nbc news knows about it, peter knows about it, everybody knows about it apparently but joe biden. slow joe biden. and here's the video of joe biden subsequent to the flashback. >> give you one concrete example, it happened to be that was the assignment i got, i got all the good ones so i got
5:44 pm
ukraine and i remember going over convincing our team and others to convince him that we should be providing for loan guarantees and i went over the 1213 time to keep and i was supposed announce that there was another billion-dollar loan guarantee and i got a commitment that they would take action against the state prosecutor and they did not. so as they were walking out i said i'm not going to give it. and they said you have no authority or not the president, the president says that. and i said call them. i said you're not getting the billion dollars. i'm going to be leaving here in six hours and i said i'm leaving in six hours and if the prosecutor is not fired you're not getting the money. well son of a bitch he got fired. and they put in place someone who was solid.
5:45 pm
>> it's all sleazy how biden got on the board and paid $83000 a month. some say millions of dollars, were so super ten joe biden does not know anything, joe biden knows all about it and abc knew all about. and here we have ken vogel a leftist and a co-journalist on a piece in the new york times may 2, 2019, biden faces presses that are right trump analysis. the pressure campaign, that is the firing of the prosecutor that eventually worked, it long at targeted criticism from lenders. it was voted out month later by the ukrainian parliament. among those who had a stake in the outcome. the time was on the board of an
5:46 pm
energy company by ukrainian with a fired prosecutor general. hunter biden. in the roles and the second ukraine had been known for some time, the former vice president campaign said they always acted to carry out policy without any activity that he had never discussed the matter with hunter biden and learned of his son's role with ukrainian energy company from the news reports. state department official flag hunter biden in this book when when they were preparing for her testimony to be confirmed as an ambassador in the q&a state department put together the appearance and reality of conflict of interest. george camp a career official of the state department, fox news tollhouse investigators that he raised concerns about hunter biden service on the board of ukrainian natural gas company, burisma and he said 2015 he
5:47 pm
became aware that hunter biden was on the board of ukrainian burisma while his father joe biden was on the ukrainian government. the vice president grieving over the passing of his older son. so nobody brings up the vice president, nonetheless the vice president intervenes. the democrats like theories and like to connect the dots. you guys in journalism pay attention to. maybe they put hunter biden on the burisma board which is one of the largest companies in a upped company even though he had no background for anyone. maybe they wanted to buy influence with the obama administration because remember the obama administration would not give the ukrainian government the military ornaments necessary to defend themselves against the russians. why don't they look into that, it sounds like a perfectly logical point. when the president of the united states said you might want to
5:48 pm
look into it, what in the hell is wrong with that. he also said you might want to talk to the attorney general about it. he's going to commit a crime and bring the attorney general into it and remembered the president of ukraine said i do not feel pressure at all and they did not launch an investigation against biden and no link to military and in no link to a meeting and no announcement of any kind. what the hell are we doing here. i will be right back. ♪ constipated? set yourself free with fleet. gentle constipation relief in minutes.
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mark: ladies and gentlemen so significant in 2016 the russians interfering with the election and the hillary clinton campaign, the dnc, the obama administration colluding with them putting spies on the trump campaign, ukraine's colluding with hillary clinton campaign and the state department and the obama administration also to sabotage to use politico's word, the trump campaign, criminal investigation underway but even more september trudy 52019 washington examined the justice department revealed john doran pick by the attorney general into the trump electio investign
5:53 pm
whether ukraine was involved in the 2016. department of justice led by john durham said is separately explained the extent to which a number of countries including ukraine and the counterintelligence investigation directed at the trump campaign during the 2016 election, a spokeswoman said the attorney general is yet to contact with this investigation and ukrainians that are not members of the government have volunteered information. i guess they will not be able to look into joe and hunter biden because we know the committee is not. delectable woman you're not allowed to investigate them because the democrats don't want to do no what is going on in the democrats don't want to investigate 2016 in ukraine. despite other propaganda. let's look at the board, the irregular diplomat channels, you've heard about them over and over again, they're not a regular, president of uses all the time and use all white and the impeachment hearings, the president has long-standing bureaucrats he's trying to get
5:54 pm
around, the triangle as well, the bureaucrats who have been in the state department forever cold warrior, i believe i'm a cold wire in many ways. they're trying to handicap the foreign-policy. look at the list a diplomat channel, george washington, and rudy giuliani, woodward wilson, warren harding, james logan, franklin roosevelt, richard dixon, next jimmy carter, ronald reagan, william wilson, bill richardson, barack obama, donald trump, rudy giuliani. there are many, many more. ladies and donovan don't forget almost every weeknight you can watch me on levintv, give us a call at 844-levintv to sign up, 844-levintv or go to we'll be right back.
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mark: under the whistleblower statute, the whistleblower is not a whistleblower, the so-called whistleblower is not covered by the statute, the phone copy putting the president is not covered by the statute, the president is not covered by the statute in the so-called whistleblower is not an ominous under the statute. and yet they treat them like the unknown whistleblower. this is the greatest tragedy in american history that you try to destroy the president of the united states for all the reasons i have said in your main witness isn't even a witness. do not forget most weeknight you can join me on levintv. it was a call at 844-levintv. 844-levintv or go to blazetv/mark, we would love to have you there. ladies and gentlemen that is are special for tonight. thank you for joining us.
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see you next time on life liberty and the van live-in. ♪ >> good evening and welcome to "the next revolution" i am steve, this is popular positive. with me tonight look at this we have sarah sanders, katrina piercing, if we can't have a conversation with these communicators we are not with the money we are paid. we are joined by laura trump, and we are breaking news on the cash for gas corruption scandal. here we go. over 6 million americans have gotten jobs in the last three years, close to 6 million are still unemployed. household income games on printed under president trump and obama and bush ministration but millions find it hard to make ends


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