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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  November 25, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PST

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>> yes, it comes from p.a. all right bill hemmer, that was monday. >> happy thanksgiving. >> we will see you right here tomorrow morning by the way, "outnumbered" starts right now. >> harris: a fox news alert, dramatic new to veltman's in the war crimes case of eddie gallagher, the navy seal that president trump has defended. defense secretary mark esper a firing navy secretary richard spencer saying he had lost confidence in spencer and alleging that spencer went behind his back to try to negotiate a deal with the white house. according to the pentagon, spencer promised to fix the results of navy's review board to ensure gallagher kept his seal, rank and trident pin. if the white house did not interfere in the process. the defense officials tell fox news, he rejected the offer saying no, we are done. he said i cannot in good
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conscience obey an order that i believe violates the sacred oath that i took the presence of my family, my flag and my faith to support an defended constitution constitution of the united states. now gallagher will be allowed to retire as a seal at the end of this month at a current rank following the direct order of president trump. changes must be made so it never happens again. >> we want the inspector general to come in and figure out exactly everything that went along in this case, and take corrective action so that nobody else has to suffer what eddie gallagher suffered. >> melissa: this is "outnumbered," and i melissa francis. harris faulkner, and here today jessica tarlov, and it joining us the couch, chris stirewalt. thanks for joining us. what's your take on the story, how's it swirling around inside
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d.c.? >> chris: look, the lesson here is let trump be trump, don't try to be trump yourself. you got a guy who works outside of channels, he's going to do this, that and the other thing and it blows up on him. right? it doesn't work out. he should have worked through channels and stayed in his lane and not done what he did. then the company's statement about not obeying this order and not doing this, that ended the other thing would have carried a lot more weight at the end. >> melissa: so this is eddie gallagher blasting his superiors yesterday i believe it was. >> this is all about ego and retaliation, it has nothing to do with good order and discipline. just recently we have come up with more evidence that will be exposing next week that the secretary of the navy was actually meddling in my case and trying to get organizations not to support me when i was incarcerated.
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>> melissa: and so it's hard to know what goes back and forth inside the navy. it mirrors a lot of how president trump feels about different situations and he will take the side of the soldier in the field versus the general who is more a part of the establishment to commit the same way he sympathizes with the working man versus the rest of washington or wealthier culture. what do you think? >> harris: i can't really weigh in on that but i can tell you when it was time to send those tomahawk missiles, they were equally yoked, it was time to do that and you would carry out the order so i don't know that i would make the determination that the president was pressing against the leadership in total. i think what you are talking about is someone going around it channels into trying to backdoor a deal. if you have an issue o with this president, it seems like he has an open door policy. and >> melissa: were not just go and say, i don't know what the
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right thing to do is but clearly the navy had messed up in some ways. you hear leadership saying how can we do the navy better? so why not just talk to the white house? >> chris: that was his mistake. his superior is the secretary of defense. secretary of the navy reports to the secretary of defense who reports to the president and working with the president, i don't know who on the white house and of it was -- b3 you go to the secretary of defense and say, can you carry this message for me, and they talk at that level because he is the commander-in-chief so it's not like -- he absolutely did make this call and as melissa is pointing out, are there any politics to be had along the w way? now what you have to get rid of a guy that's back channeling. >> the balance is, in a civilian
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prosecution with a pardon or a commutation, the constitution grants him the extraordinary authority in the area but at the same time president needs to let the system work so that people have confidence in the system. as they commander-in-chief they are always trying to balance those two things. >> melissa: but the argument from them is that the system wasn't working. if you look deeper into the ca case, you've done things, and they wouldn't be fitting of the military. >> jessica: i understand that there are critics of them military justice system. but we have a justice system for this purpose. obviously the secretary of the navy tried to back channel, and if you wanted to end up with the optimal outcome that you are looking for. president trump intervening in this, and because he saw a lot
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of coverage because eddie gallagher and pete hegseth, that's where the president started to know about the case. you have to consider that in all of this, this is someone he became attached to because they were a tv person, and i'm not particularly comfortable with out myself to have risen to the level of this now front page news of "the washington post" and all of that. >> melissa: but kennedy let me ask you, whether they are advocating for victims or -- that's kind of the whole thing. you bring stories up that you are being overlooked and someone needs to look at this as a travesty of justice, that's a lot of the media's job. >> kennedy: sometimes we have hyper focus on things. we pay so much attention to this and you have to stand back and say, where does this get us? how does it make us better and how does it make it better for
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people who are serving in the military and how does it make it better for people who are following this from afar. as a civilian. i don't know that my opinion matters as much as the people who have actually served and i spent a little meant more time talking to people who are either actively serving in the military right now. or who have in the past. and they have vastly different points of view about this. >> melissa: from each other? it's been a >> kennedy: yes, from each other. it's more interesting, and if we are going to focus on something i think that we should be focusing on getting veterans the care they need because while we are talking about this, there is still such a logjam. and there are so many tools that people who have been overseas who've been in wars and have been wounded and suffer from ptsd, they can't get access to things like medical cannabis. that they absolutely should have access to. >> melissa: to your point earlier. i wonder where we are in terms of this president's relationship
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with leadership in the military. and there are places where he thinks that it needs challenging or showing up. that's a question for the president and i would challenge somebody to ask him that, maybe at the highest level because he does seem to have an open door policy. he might just tell you. meantime, you talk about members of the military. i wonder what this does for the chain of the command. i wonder if it signals what the enemy picks up when you we argue about rules, whether they be engagement or whatever they are regard to our rulers. warriors. these are conversations that i wish we could have out of the purview of this reality tv setting. >> chris: and certainly we would want to never send the message that it's okay to take trophies and pose with dead bodies on the field. >> that's what i'm talking about. just the conversation itself.
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>> kennedy: eddie gallagher was turned in by nine members of his troop. it's not something that came from above his name. >> melissa: dozens of climate change protesters disrupting the harvard field at halftime. did it help or hurt their cause? plus when the words to world's richest man to enter is the 2020 race making a record advertising value. and a drawing instant attacks from some democratic rivals. >> election should not be for sale not to billionaires or corporate executives. we need to build a grassroots movement. musica♪ i'm finding it hard to stay on top of things
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>> melissa: the white house christmas tree has arrived.
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in fact trees from pennsylvania and new jersey will be throughout the president and vice president's residence. look at this, first lady millenimelania trump receiving e tree. we are told it is between 16 and a half and 23 feet, a douglas fir. they were still unwrapping it so we are getting some guesses on that. it's from a farm in pittman pennsylvania and the owner was interviewed by the associated press. so, he won an annual contest held by the national christmas tree association. and, this officially kicks it all off among the evergreens. they are bringing in a lot in these farms in new jersey and pennsylvania. is this douglas fir that will become the white house's official tree featured in the white house is blue room? we got to take a tour and see
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it, i did it as a kid. >> kennedy: i realize you are all suffering from cosmetolog cn bias but the best christmas trees in the world come from oregon. >> chris: an egregious error, they come from west virginia. >> melissa: i love the fact that we can fight over where these christmas trees come from because it's such a special time each year. >> chris: i just said that these fingernails needed to be seen. christmas fingernails are out. they are everywhere, it's going down. >> melissa: we don't have time. [laughs] happy holidays everybody, thanksgiving kicks it off and then we head right into the christmas zone. the tree is here! fox news alert, the billionaire former new york city mayor michael bloomberg formally announced as 2020 presidential campaign. positioning himself in the moderate lane among democrats. just a few years ago come
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bloomberg spent millions on the week of tv ad buys. that's reportedly the most money a candidate has ever spent on a single week of tv ads. they slam the spending and accused bloomberg of trying to buy the election. watch. >> i understand that rich people need to have more shoes than the rest of us, more cars on the rest of us, they have more houses but they don't get a bigger share of democracy. >> melissa: you may remember just last week that bloomberg dropped a hundred million dollars on digital anti-trump ads and critical battle ground states. is he really is the moderate? just because we have some physical panic, connection with the, he is a centrist if anything. he was a guy who was invented, was a democrat, and -- >> he was
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a new york politician. and you have to be pretty good. present company excluded. bloomberg, and it's a great foil for her because he's a billionaire trying to buy the election. here's joe biden, can michael bloomberg spend a hundred million dollars and peel off 5% of joe biden's vote? can he take something away from joe biden to get elizabeth warren back in the game? she's down five points on average and is losing traction. can bloomberg help her? >> melissa: here's what i think it is ironic about this. he's a centrist and i do think he would be a good president.
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he did balance the budget, and most people never know who he is, and it's one of the tragedies of our current political system. >> what does this say about the current field? amy klobuchar is pretty upset and elizabeth warren doesn't look too thrilled either. what is he saying when he gets into a race at this late game and plays it completely differently than anyone else because he's got cash and is making it rain? what does that say about anybody else who's been there the entire time? there's a huge disconnect between democratic elites are feeling and what voters on the ground are feeling.
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we have 75% satisfaction amongst democratic voters with the current field. you have 18 candidates to choose from and there someone in there that you like, even if it's a tulsi gabbard, cory booker or people at the top of the heap. michael bloomberg is an extraordinary statistician. >> melissa: was not a compliment? >> i mean it in a totally laudatory way. if you look at is opening out it was fantastic about being a job creator and an advocate for things like addressing climate change and but i think it's a valuable voice to have a conversation. >> kennedy: if money could buy your presidency, hillary clinton would be president right now. she raised more than twice than what donald trump raise and ported into the election she had to. that's a tremendous ground game
9:20 am
and that also was an urban political myth. michael bloomberg don't forget is going to be set up the mic 78 years old in february. turns out he's not young. and they have some moderate candidates, and they've been through the debate process. >> melissa: i'm coming to first after this. meanwhile, the editor of in chief of "bloomberg news" wrote a note to the company that they will not investigate its founder or any other democrats running for president for that matter to avoid conflict of interest questions. my head just blew up. >> kennedy: they want investigate? >> melissa: bloomberg's opinion action will also forgo publishing any editorials. an editor tweeted this "it's truly is staggering that any editor would put their name on a memo that bars an army of unbelievably talented editors
9:21 am
and reporters from covering crucial aspects of one of the defining elections of our time. staggering." kennedy? >> kennedy: talk about the muzzle that you are putting on your reporters. and that person is absolutely right. i believe that was megan murphy. this is going to be a staggering election. we are already so separated from one another, you are talking about a president who could be impeached in the next few weeks and could still very much when the reelection. there is no historical precedent that guides us right now and is therefore we need objective reporters to get us to that point. >> chris: what a terrible insult to pay to your own reporters to say we don't think it's within you to do your work fairly. therefore just don't do any of it. >> melissa: is that what they are saying or are they also saying they are going to back off of this? are they also not going to
9:22 am
investigate or do anything with republicans or the president? >> that's just it. this starts -- while we can't cover this because it might -- this is a lose. 's before you wake up today and there's a bloomberg reported that travels on air force one. it's a terrible position and i think that something they could have thought of in advance and come up with a good solution. there has to be a way to divest in some way to keep that going and of the campaign. >> melissa: quick thought? >> absolutely. i agree 100%. >> chris: the sauce is weak. >> melissa: i adam schiff is calling the case against president trump "ironclad" but is refusing to see whether the president will be impeached. what to make of that and could all of us backfire on democrats? it's musical♪
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>> melissa: the leader of the house until inquiry it says there is overwhelming evidence that president trump committed wrongdoing. but he wasn't so direct when asked if he will vote to impeach the president. >> i want to discuss this with my constituents and my colleagues before i make a final judgment on it but a couple of really important things we need to think about. the case in terms of the ukrainian misconduct is ironclad. but, so is the case of the president's obstruction of the congress. >> harris: this as an op-ed writer says democrats have unintentionally united present comic republicans around president trump it, allowing him to run again as an outsider, despite three years in the white house. and calling the "impeachment fiasco" a gift from democrats to the president. kennedy, lots of good points in that article. they say that, one, democrats have been misled by the media,
9:28 am
cheering adam schiff's coming every day while the rest of america if you look at independence in opposition to impeaching president trump, that number leapt from 37-47 over the first week of hearings. so independents are saying, no. >> kennedy: and those are people that people have to be mindful of because election will rest on them. i don't think they are doing as much damage to the president as they think they are and again, there is this coalescing factor and we talked about it here a bunch of times. and the risk is if you bring everyone together and you are only trying to politically wounded at the president, yet not kill his political life, and i know i said in an earlier block, you could see a president who is impeached and reelected. part of that is because he's going to make the case. i've had two arms and a leg tied
9:29 am
behind my back, very, but still have been able to deliver economically and spite of this nonstop onslaught. >> melissa: so what is this thing that i've heard at least 20 times from people who don't necessarily like the president? he's getting up each so can't be reelected. they can't possibly be running on the democratic side and they are disengaging because they think is been taken care of. >> i would put it above 50% odds that he gets reelected, and i live and breathe this stuff. it's hard to unseat a seated president going for a second term especially if the economic indicators are good. what's happening right now, and i'm in favor of impeaching the president because i do believe the case is ironclad, this is exactly what people were asking nancy pelosi about. it is this going to be a political mess for democrats in the end. she ended up saying we need to
9:30 am
move forward because we serve the constitution above all at else and it's worth losing the house. there are tons of democrats across the country who are in those districts that could actually lose who are may be saying right now, look at this. the wisconsin numbers from marquette were terrible on impeachment for independence. the margin went from 22% supporting independents on 211. and that's just in a week. we have to be careful about this, we need one believer of power going into 2,020. >> is it a mess? >> we would say we are in a constitutional crisis but we say we are i in the constitution. this is, as little mr. madison told us, ambition must be made to counteract ambition so it's all good. i wonder with schiff, i find interesting, his censure on the table. is he the dash because the real political coup for nancy pelosi
9:31 am
could be if she could get her conference to swallow the idea of dropping impeachment and bringing forward a vote to censure the president, that would be a political gold mine. they kill with that. and let her people out. >> is she? what do voters take away from that? and the most simple terms. >> chris: the same thing they did with bill clinton which is the president did something wrong. >> melissa: impeachment mean something to everybody. >> that's a point that i was making over the last few weeks. when you pull impeachment along with removal from office, that's when you see almost the complete split in the nation right now down party lines. people think, impeached. doesn't that mean removal? oh wait, there's a split hair? well we started to see a convergenconvergence.
9:32 am
>> i guarantee you if you were to poll, what do you think about censoring the president? >> that does put republicans like will hurd, and that gives something to nancy pelosi, too. she could say we chose to do it this way because republicans in the senate, so we stopped right here. so what happens to him. he gets a little asterisk by his name. >> chris: with andrew jackson. >> melissa: all right. we are following to jail guards on duty the night that sacks predator jeffrey epstein killed himself. they are appearing in court today amid reports the fbi is looking into how it can interview witness prince andrew about his relationship with epstein. details, next. ♪ he wanted someone super quiet.
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>> melissa: new developments now into the investigation into sacks predator jeffrey epstein. right now, the two jail guards on duty that night that epstein killed himself are back in court facing charges of conspiracy and filing false records. meanwhile, the fbi is looking to interview britain's prince andrew wit over his friendship with epstein, according to the british newspaper the times. epstein's accusers have been pushing the duke of york to cooperate. and it just last week he announced he is stepping back from his royal duties. or was he pushed back? >> and the queen canceled his birthday party in february on top of it. >> melissa: what? you know all things british, what is this? [laughs] >> jessica: hold on. >> melissa: okay, so the
9:38 am
president is here, let's watch and listen. this is the rose garden. >> president trump: he came over from the middle east and just arrived with some of the great people from the special forces. it was a flawless attack. and al-baghdadi is gone. that was a flawless attack and i guess they got quite a few of them. we just gave him a metal and a plaque. i think conan knew exactly what was going on. but a dog that is very, very special. maybe you can say something about the type of dog.
9:39 am
they were going to put a muzzle on the dog and i thought that was a good idea, but then again, even more violence, but the dog is incredible. we spent some good time with it. so brilliant and so smart. the way it was with the special forces people that have worked with him, for obvious reasons that can't be out in front of the media. they did a fantastic job and conan did a fantastic job. we are very honored to have conan here and to have given conan an a certificate and an award. >> it's great to be here mr. president, i know you just finished meeting with some of the very same special forces who completed the successful raid and it took down the leader of isis. but as i recall mr. president, you made the decision right
9:40 am
there in the white house. and it has been described to us about the fact that they had dogs that could go in, in the event that al-baghdadi had on an explosive vest. you put the premium on the safety of our special forces, and this dog was there. i suffered some injury. we were able to complete the raid without any american casualty. i think having the special forces here today, who have a slight can't come out in the public but also having this extraordinary dog here today is a reflection of our armed forces and the great job that they do. conan is really here and it's a real joy to help bring him to the white house. >> president trump: conan was very badly hurt as you know, they thought maybe he was not to recover. recovered very quickly and has since gone on very important
9:41 am
raids. as you know we captured 100% of the isis caliphate. when i took office, we had almost nothing, as though they were just forming again and now, it's 100%. and since we have had that raid, certain important things have happened. we have really done a good job. you've all done such a good job and this is a special time for conan. i was told about the breed and i was told about conan himself. conan is a tough cookie. and nobody is going to mess with him. i asked one question. i got to see how fast conan can move. i said what chance would a strongman have, a really tough
9:42 am
fighter, what chance with this person have against conan? without the guns? what chance? and i guess the answer pretty much was known that, he would have no chance. so that's amazing. and you yet see how beautiful and calm they are in situations like this. you're lucky he's not in a bad mood today, jeff. i want to thank you all, thank you very much and it's a great honor to have conan here and a great honor to have the special forces here. conan is not retiring yet, conan is prime time. i asked them, about six years like an athlete. they start, they like to get them at one and a half or two years old and they go for about six years from that time. after that, it happens where it may the reflexes aren't quite as
9:43 am
good, you know, things like that happen. the dog's prime time is six years after two, and they are very special dogs. they are very hard to get, this particular dog. this is the ultimate fighter, the ultimate everything. ultimate in terms of sniffing drugs. we have -- we spent a tremendous amount of money on drug equipment at the border. and so to the people i said, is there anything better than this equipment? no, sir. the only thing better is a dog, this type of dog. because it's a certain type of dog. it's pretty amazing. we had a case where we had drugs in the cylinder of a car and it was undetectable by this very expensive machinery which is very amazing machinery but it was undetectable. the dog came in, jumped on the hood, pointing. it opened the hood and it knew
9:44 am
exactly. it's incredible, sense of smell or whatever it may be. they are incredible animals. thank you all very much. >> that last question from reporters, much friendlier than use usual. melanie, do you want to adopt that dog for baron? that dog was instrumental in capturing the isis leader al baghdadi and ultimately his demise. out here receiving a metal and a plaque, and president trump said he wasn't really sure if the dog knew what was going on during the ceremony. i think you could tell who among that group was a dog person and
9:45 am
who maybe wasn't. mike pence was snuggling up to that delicious conan and president trump was a little bit further away. not saying anything. clearly he loves the dog. but you saw his body language. >> chris: he admires the dog. he talked for about the dog is an athlete and a killing machine. sniffing, ultimate fighter, many adjectives that he had for the dog but one of them is not "buddy." but pentz loves the dog. >> melissa: no. vice president pence can't get enough of the dog and first lady melania trump was asked if she wanted to adopt it. that's an interesting topic. we have these other topics in the military as we bring out this hero dog. >> harris: i don't know if you could knit a sweater with all the different topics, but we now definitively know the dog's
9:46 am
name. kennedy? >> president trump: i think the president has two aces up his sleeve. one is a tariff deal with china and the other is the metal of warning to conan. so you've just seen one ace which derails -- you heard them talk, and also 10% impeachment because hero dogs who kill awful hell bound terrorists deserve our affection. >> melissa: hero dog in the rose garden received a medal and getting his due. is no place safe from politics and protest? why protesters jeopardize the outcome of a great tradition. and why they got cheers from some of the 2020 dams. ♪ 5g experience for america. it's 5g ultra wideband-- --for massive capacity-- --and ultra-fast speeds. almost 2 gigs here in minneapolis. that's 25 times faster than today's network in new york city. so people from midtown manhattan-- --to downtown denver--
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a >> melissa: quite a scene at one of football's most hallowed traditions. climate change protesters storm in the field at halftime of the harvard yale football team saturday demanding the schools divest from fossil fuel companies. 42 charged with disorderly conduct for delaying the game for over an hour. the yale bowl has no lights and the game ended in near darkness but yale still one. the ivy league saying in a statement that it's regrettable they orchestrate a protest came during a time when fellow students were a pleasure
9:51 am
participating and collegiate career defining contest and an annual tradition for thousands gather from around the world to enjoy and celebrate the story traditions of both football programs and universities. kennedy, you have some feelings about this? >> kennedy: first of all, this is not one of the story traditions and all of football. ohio state-michigan, that's the game, that's coming up this saturday. the iron bowl is a football tradition that we can all invest in but yale and harvard? >> we do have a harm harvard alum here. [laughs] >> but why a stadium that doesn't use fossil fuels? >> melissa: if there is something to that. i don't know how many times i've gone into the stadium during the game, may be zero but obviously tailgate in the parking lot. these games are not a huge barn burners as it is, as kennedy
9:52 am
said. but i do think, take away from everybody going to the games. they set themselves up for all kinds of jokes about check your privilege at the door. this is not it is a storied tradition. this has big history and is important to the people that are playing. as her kids to get to go to ivy league schools on scholarships because they are good at what they do. they played for more than a century, this is a thing. >> okay. >> chris: but if it's too much for you to have a football game, if you can't handle that, if you are triggered by this and protesting that, get it togeth together. >> jessica: "the wall street journal" editorial board at blast of the process calling it a stunt designed to get immediate attention and get harvard and yale to change the policy no matter the inconvenience to
9:53 am
large numbers of people who wanted to enjoy fun weekend with friends. maybe someone should tell those self entitled moralist to check your privilege. [laughter] >> are you all right? >> that is kind of rough though. >> kennedy: it's obviously an american tradition to be able to protest. >> chris: let them go play football. >> every once in a while, why can't we just do a thing? >> i remember when fun was spelled with ph. so there has to be other ways to cut back, and can't they figure that out and still keep fun. let me tell you. tell your people. >> melissa: those aren't my people running on the field, my people are out on the parking lot still having fun a
9:54 am
and, to me it's also so disrespectful to the players because like you said, there are a lot of people that work really hard. and that's an interesting conversation. that's the largest endowment i think in the world and the money that they make, everybody that gets in will go. the most generous scholarship program of any university, because they can afford it. if you have a serious conversation about money, that could be down in campus. >> they set i support students demanding accountability enclave climate action and more. climate change is an existential threat and we must take bold action to fight this crisis. it doesn't surprise me that you would weigh in this way but when you have young people feeling so passionate about a cause -- >>
9:55 am
you know what's interesting about the points that i think you might be getting too? if you do something like this do you take the air out of the balloon or people who really want to look for serious solutions. i don't know, it's just a question. >> we are not even talking about solutions. we are talking about a bunch of blowhards wasting time and potentially affecting the outcome of the game. if i were one of the harvard athletes and i were iced for an hour waiting for these dumb dems to be escorted off the field, i would be upset today. >> i don't know what else we can say now that dumb dumbs has arrived in the conversation -- >> or dingbat, i use that twice. >> we will be back in just a moment. -year lows. newday usa can help you refinance your mortgage and save thousands a year. newday's va streamline refi makes it fast and easy
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