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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  November 25, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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when you have women who got out of the race not long ago who might have a little bit more name recognition. >> i don't think there is any indication >> we will see. thank you. i am harris, here is dana. >> dana: fox news alert, president trump will welcome the bulgarian prime minister to the white house just moments from now, the two leaders set to meet and we will monitor that to see if the president makes any news and if so, we will bring it to you directly. i am dana perino and this is "the daily briefing" ." meanwhile, the war of words heating up over the weekend between california congressman adam schiff and president trump as house democrats prepared to advance their impeachment inquiry. john roberts is on the north lawn with the latest. it feels like i just had you in here in new york talking impeachment. >> if the president makes any news, we won't know about it because the events are closed, so there won't be any cameras
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inside. but the president is already looking ahead, wouldn't say he is looking forward to it, but looking ahead to the possibility that impeachment is going to end up with a trial in the senate. the president indicating that if that happens, the intelligence committee chairman adam schiff will play a prominent role. adam schiff will be compelled to testify should the democrats decide despite the fact that my presidential conversations were totally appropriate and perfect to go for with the impeachment hoax, have now turned very strongly against impeachment. on sunday morning tv, adam schiff sounded an awful lot like a guy who has already decided to go down the road of impeachment, but also appeared to hedge his bets just a little. watch here. >> i certainly think the evidence has been produced overwhelmingly shows serious misconduct by the president but i do want to hear more from my constituents and i want to hear more from my colleagues. this is not a decision i will be
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making a lone. >> on fox news this morning, lee zeldin said he believes he has already made up his mind, listen here. >> adam schiff knows exactly what he wants, he wants to remove the sitting president. he has people in his own conference who have taken the position that they need to impeach the president and that he will get reelected. when he says he has an ironclad case, i only think he has an ironclad imagination. >> president trump tweeting this morning that support for impeachment is dropping saying "support for impeachment is dropping like a rock down into the 20s and some polls. dems should now get to work and finally approve usmca and much more. not sure which pulls the president inciting, we haven't seen anything with support for impeachment is down in the 20s, a quick survey which has some good averages shows that the current support for impeachment is 46.3%, down four
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points from a high of 50.3%. those against almost even at 45.4%. certainly, it changes haiti .3% of democrats believe the president should be impeached, 41.2% of independents believe it down a little bit and republicans, 12.0% so not sure where that 20 number comes from but it does seem likely that this is going to go to the judiciary committee when congress comes back from the thanksgiving break, it is not a certainty, but it does appear to be heading that way. >> dana: john roberts at the white house, thank you. with the reactions of the latest impeachment developments, let's bring in marc thiessen, follow what the american enterprise institute and fox news contributor. i want to read to you today, she writes of democrats walk away from impeachment now, his enablers well not just have egg on their collective faces, but they will have an entire omelette. want to get your take on this because there is going to be some pressure from the democrats
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that despite this evidence shows impeachment is moving away from them that they want to keep going and keep going pretty strongly. >> the reality is after two weeks of hearing, they failed to make their case to the american people. the polls show that a super majority of americans come upwards of 70% think donald trump did something wrong but only a minority think that he should be removed from office for it, so their job was to convince the american people that his conduct rose to the level of an impeachable offense and they failed to do that. you look at the swing states, there were pools right before the impeachment hearing started that showed that by a 52 to 44% margin, swing state voters opposed to impeachment but since the hearing started, a marquette poll shows that opposition to impeachment expanded from a seven-point margin to a 13-point margin in wisconsin. as we get more polls coming out soon, i suspect we will have a
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similar result they are. >> dana: of the reasons is we have some headlines just from across the media here with vulnerable democrats by the impeachment onslaught, the left shrugging at impeachment, regretful democrats, democrats are fretting, and that the impeachment strategy is an unforced error by democrats. one of the things that is going to happen this week and i was just looking at some of these numbers, the republicans are awash with funding. plenty of money to go around and they are deciding to spend a lot of money on ads this week targeting those democrats in the house that represent districts that president trump won 2016 and they are pretty well overspent. they are not going to be able to handle this onslaught, so they are telling their leadership we are under major attack and we are going to war with very little money. >> that's exactly right.
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impeachment has been a boon for republicans that it will turn out when we look back on this in a year and a half from now, an absolute disaster for democrats because there are 31 of these freshman democrats who were elected and trumped districts. the going to go back this week being barraged by ads saying they are focused on impeachment rather than on doing the job for their constituents, going to go to town hall meetings and what they're going to be asking them is not why having you impeach trump yet but why haven't you done what you promise, why haven't you done something about health care why not about drug prices or infrastructure, the usmca, the trade agreement and they will have no good answer because i haven't done anything because they are focused on impeachment at the expense of those issues so i think it's entirely possible that nancy pelosi may not have the votes of those freshman democrats get cold feet. >> dana: if republicans thought this was bad for them, they wouldn't be talking about an extended trial in the senate but is there some sort of way for the democrats get this this behind them that would satisfy
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some on the left but allow them to move forward? >> what they should have done from the beginning has instead of impeaching the president, they should have censured him. center would've put the political calculus hurts democrats more than efforts republicans, center would be the opposite because republicans would've had to argue not just that the president's misconduct doesn't rise to the level of impeachment but that there was no misconduct. would take away the republican argument that the democrats are trying to invalidate the votes of the american people because center doesn't remove him from office and it would have been bipartisan because a lot of republicans would've come over to vote. the problem for democrats now is if they switch from impeachment to censure, it looks like a week move. >> dana: i am working on my sports analogies. marc thiessen, appreciate having you here, happy thanksgiving to you. >> happy thanksgiving to you.
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>> dana: a shake-up at the defense department. u.s. defense secretary firing navy secretary richard spencer for his handling of the war crimes case of navy seal eddie gallagher. president trump now getting involved for storing gallagher's rank in the wake of his acquittal and conviction on the lesser charge. jennifer griffin is live at the pentagon with the details. this all broke over the weekend. >> that's right, and after trying to convince the president to allow the navy seal review board to forward, defense secretary says the president gave him an order this weekend to halt the process. >> i spoke to him on sunday, he gave me word. absolutely. >> in the end, the president got what he wanted from the pentagon. since last night, there have been competing narratives about navy secretary richard spencer's abrupt termination. according to esper, spencer went behind the backs of defense leadership to try to negotiate a deal with the white house. promising that he had
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essentially fixed the results of the navy's trident review board to ensure gallagher remained a seal and kept his rank if the white house didn't interfere in the process. >> i lost trust and confidence when i found the secret proposal was happening, the fact that we had all agreed had supported the process that he was willing to undermine this process, that getting consummated if you will. they would have to compromise their integrity in the chain of command and i wasn't willing to put that on anybody. >> spencer's letter following his termination suggests otherwise. "i know longer share the same understanding with the commander in chief who appointed me in regards to the key principle of good order and discipline. i cannot in good conscience obey an order that i believe violates the sacred oath i took to support and defend the constitution of the united states. most senior pentagon leaders felt that the navy trident review board was appropriate since gallagher had been photographed holding the head of a dead militant in the
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>> decided to run because i think it's time for a change at the top and the white house. donald trump has not been a good president, he needs to change that and also this country is being pulled apart. we need to pull it together and make sure that we help everybody across the country share in the great american dream. >> dana: former new york city mayor mike bloomberg explaining why he has formally launched is 2020 bid for the presidential nomination shortly after making it official, "bloomberg news,"
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the media company that he founded made this statement regarding their coverage of his candidacy. "we will continue our tradition of not investigating mike and his family of foundation and we will extend the same policy to his rivals in the democratic primaries. we cannot treat mike's democratic competitors differently from him. for the moment, our team will continue to investigate the trump administration has the government of the day. howard kurtz is the host of media buzz and a fox news media analyst and as he when i speak, mike bloomberg is from norfolk, virginia, and had his first campaign event, going to take some questions from the media but presumably that will not include anyone from the company that he founded, what do you make of all this? >> it is a major misfire that satisfies no one. "bloomberg news" says it will have a reporter covering the boss, give speeches, policies, poles, but nothing that would require any kind of investigation and as you read
11:16 am
there, it is okay to give mike bloomberg a pass, bloomberg, bernet, biden, anyone who is a democrat doesn't get this kind of extra scrutiny but they are going to continue to investigate the man whose job all these democrats are running for, president of the united states. so i think this runs the risk of undermining the journalistic independence of this giant company. >> dana: if you remember back in 2016 when she resigned over it because she thought this would be an impossible thing to pull off and if you are a young reporter, you work at bloomberg and all of a sudden you find out you are not going to be able to cover the biggest news story of your lifetime so far, this 2020 democratic primary, you might be a little bit frustrated. they also said they will not do any unsigned editorials, typically media company is like a newspaper has editorials in the back, not going to do those at all.
11:17 am
>> it is more than that. the two top editors of the bloomberg opinion section are taking a leave to join mike bloomberg's campaign and they won't accept any outside off beds on any aspect of the 2020 campaign. i interviewed her back in 2016 when they tried this before. this company has always been squeamish about covering mike bloomberg during his 12 years as mayor, these kind of restrictions but it is absurd when you're running for president and by the way, lots of media companies have to cover billionaire owners or corporate parents, it comes up all the time. >> dana: it's a big piece of thread in a really small hole on the needle. i want to listen to some of the other candidates because they are not being shy about weighing in on bloomberg's late entry into the race. watch this. >> elections should not be for sale. not to billionaires, not the corporate executives. >> i just don't think people are going to buy it. they are not looking for the
11:18 am
richest person, the guy constantly talking about how much money he has. >> we do not believe that billionaires have the right to buy elections. that is why a multibillionaire's like mr. bloomberg are not going to get very far in this electio election. >> dana: the bloomberg story is pretty interesting, how he's going to go about this but the natural constituency within the democratic party right now for mike bloomberg? >> it is hard to see how a billionaire plays to the progressive politics that i'm a great dominate democratic politics. they initially overestimated his chances here because so many journalists know him from his tenure in new york and he was a good mayor but he had to apologize for his stop and frisk police policies as mayor because it targeted many minorities which are a key voting block and also used to be a republican so it is not a natural thing. >> dana: rate there is a firing offense.
11:19 am
that strategy was tried before by rudy giuliani and that didn't work. but it's interesting, we will see what happens and we will have you back to talk about it. thank you. a surprise appearance in the rose garden today, the horrific military dog who was injured during the raid that killed isis leader visiting the white house where she was awarded a medal. the president praising conan in front of all of the reporters. >> the dog is incredible. actually incredible, spend some good time with him and so brilliant, so smart, the way it was with the special forces people. >> great to be here. >> dana: vice president mike pence on the first lady melania trump also on hand for the ceremony. the reporter asking mr. trump if conan might become part of the first family. >> do you want to adopt the dog?
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>> dana: no such luck, conan has already returned to active duty. we are grateful for her service. the two jail guards charged with falsifying records in the jeffrey epstein case are back before a judge today and we are live in federal court next.
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>> dana: the two jail guards who were supposed to be keeping an eye on jeffrey epstein the night that he killed himself getting a trial date, plus new reports that epstein's former girlfriend and accomplices ready to work with the fbi. live federal court in manhattan. >> good to see you, the two jail guards appearing in court briefly today, tova noel and michael thomas. and the judge setting their trial date for april 20th 2020. supposed to last about two weeks, both guards pleaded not guilty last week and were released on $100,000 bond. after court, a lawyer for one of the jail guards and said today they don't deserve to be sent to jail for epstein's death even if they did perhaps nap during their shift. the lawyer instead leave the guards and employer for running a short-staffed flaw in federal. >> does anyone else think that throughout the united states these are the only two guards that may have taken a nap overnight on their shift?
11:25 am
i highly doubt it. yet these are the only two guards and the whole system who are being charged with the crime and being asked to go to jail. >> the guards are accused of falsifying records indicating they were checking on epstein every 30 minutes as required when they really were not. as a result, epstein went unchecked for eight hours a night that he died. prosecutors say surveillance video shows guards napping for approximately two hours, shopping online, and walking around the common area while epstein's sl was just 15 feet away from them. all of this as pressure is mounting across the pond for prince andrew and the alleged madam. the fbi is now reportedly looking to speak to the duke of york about his friendship. prince andrew has said that he would speak to investigators. meantime, maxwell is reportedly looking to come out of hiding. hasn't been seen since all of this happened and is either going to speak to the fbi
11:26 am
reportedly or give some sort of statements the media. all of this is another woman is accusing the duke of york of groping her when she was just 21 inside jeffrey epstein's new york city mansion so we will see how all of that turns out. >> dana: thank you. now for a legal reaction, former district attorney and host of the podcast sworn, and trial attorney and adjunct professor at the school of law. let's start with the two jail guards, what do you think of the case of the government is bringing against them? >> i am not a big fan of everybody else does it so you can't prosecute us because we do. i am not a big fan of that defense at all. i don't think that jerry is going to buy it and it may not be the best route for these defendants to take but back to his death, let's look at it like this. through this prosecution of these cards, i want to say right now for the whole world to hear very clearly epstein did kill himself.
11:27 am
occam's razor says the simplest explanation is usually the right one and in this case, the simplest explanation is that it was a suicide at least from the objective evidence, we know from video evidence for example that no one else was there when he died and reported to be a homicide. by definition, you've got to have the presence and participation of at least another human being so if no one was there, then it must be a suicide. >> dana: what do you think will happen with the guards case? >> i think the guards case will be really interesting because if i am the defense lawyer, i am absolutely pointing my finger at everybody else and trying to turn this into a garbage storm. i agree, the $64,000 question is whether this is simply a parade of tragic mistakes or whether there is something more nefarious that has taken place but doesn't it seem like something is rotten in the state of denmark? a whole bunch of unanswered questions in this case. how come he was left alone for so long, how come his cellmate
11:28 am
was moved out one week before and sometimes as hard as it is to believe, sometimes our government lies to us. remember with iraq, they have weapons of mass destruction, all i'm saying is we don't know what the story is and we won't. we are probably in inning two right now of a nine inning game. i'm >> dana: we can have that conversation another time. let me go to this question of elaine maxwell. do you think it is possible that she is thinking about talking to the fbi and if so, what does that mean? >> let's just say if she does talk, she needs to have an ironclad immunity agreement in place in the same holds true for prince andrew. he needs to be quiet. he needs to start going on television, needs to stop giving interviews and unless he has got some kind of ironclad agreement beforehand, he has no business talking to the fbi. he may just talk himself into an
11:29 am
indictment and worst-case scenario, look at bill cosby. he hadn't talked, he would never have been prosecuted because they would not have had a case so he really needs to be quiet and get a good lawyer. >> dana: the victim still remain out there looking for answers and i am interested in this whole piece about maxwell and whether she would be willing to talk to the fbi immunity agreement or not. she probably has a lot that she could tell us. >> absolutely. often, they know exactly where all the bodies are buried, they know everybody has engaged in. i can tell you right now there are some extraordinarily well-connected politicians, billionaires, and other famous people right now that are really hoping that she doesn't speak because once she does in that yarn because untangled, it can get really ugly for a whole lot of powerful people. >> dana: when might we know more about that? >> these talks, if i had my
11:30 am
guess are probably under way right now and the fbi has a tendency to do things under the radar if they are having these kind of talks and really good at keeping it quiet. but if she does decide to talk as there is a meaningful movement in the investigation, i don't think it will take too long. i wouldn't be surprised if it was taking place right now. >> dana: we will bring the two of you to talk about it now. thank you so much. dozens of climate activist storming the field on saturday delaying the harvard yale game for almost an hour and now the protesters are paying for their actions. brian kilmeade is here to weigh in next. .
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>> dana: ruth bader ginsburg is recovering back at home after she was recovering from what was described as chills and fever. fever. joins us live from washington for the latest on her recovery. >> a spokesman for the
11:35 am
supreme court says justice ginsburg is back at home and doing well after being treated for a possible infection. she spent two nights at johns hopkins hospital in baltimore where she received an iv with antibiotics and fluids and she was well enough to return home to washington on sunday, but it's been a tough 12 months for justice ginsburg. she's phased several health scares over the past year. she had surgery for lung cancer in december. in august, she underwent radiation therapy for pancreatic cancer and in november, had a bad stomach bug forcing her to take a rare absence from a public session of the court. at 86 years old, she is the oldest justice on the supreme court and to say that her health is mostly monitored would be a pretty big understatement because another supreme court vacancy would give president trump the opportunity to appoint a third justice to the high court, pushing it even further to the right, and there was little question that senate republicans would work very quickly to try to confirm a
11:36 am
third trump appointee to the supreme court even if it is near the very end of his first term. >> dana: thank you. 2020 democratic candidate pete buttigieg is's urging in iowa, a double-digit lead over the rest of the pack and today he got the endorsement of a congressman and home state. peter doocy is in iowa grade i have never been to that lovely spot of iowa. >> you nailed it. and today, for all the talk about a billionaire michael bloomberg joining the race, it is a candidate who likes to brag about having the least personal wealth in the democratic primary field who is sharing a very personal story about talking to a social worker right before his dad passed away this year. >> the social worker patiently explained to my mother that the best option might be to just spend down everything that she had it until the family qualify
11:37 am
for medicare because that would be the only way to get support on long-term care. i remember sitting back and thinking is that how the greatest country in the world approaches long-term care? >> even though he had to spend parts of this year explaining to potential caucus goers how to pronounce his last name, he has managed to leapfrog joe biden in recent polls, a politician who has been nationally known for decades but now everybody in the shifting field is trying to figure out what is going to happen with bloomberg and his billions challenging them head on and elizabeth warren just let off your first event of the day here with a shot at the newcome newcomer. >> so i am here on day two of michael bloomberg's $37 million ad by. michael bloomberg is making a bet about democracy in 2020.
11:38 am
he doesn't need people. he only needs bags and bags of money. >> bloomberg does not complain to compete here in iowa but warren and mayor pete both do. they are shaking hands and taking selfies with democrats who like when candidates come to shake their hands and pose for slp. >> dana: brian kilmeade sitting here and we had a question for you, do you have somebody there who accuse the ducks to swim right behind you as you start your hits they are? >> i must have some crumbs or a biscuit or something on me. but no, we don't. it's a nice effect. >> dana: it is very effective, looks great. peter doocy, thank you. elizabeth woman caught in another campaign controversy, the democratic presidential candidate is now accused of lying about her children's education telling voters in atlanta last week that her kids attended public school when it turns out her son went to private school.
11:39 am
here now is brian kilmeade, cohost of fox and friends and author of a "new york times" best seller. there is no problem with sending your kids to private school, a lot of people would like to be able to do that but if you say they went to public school and they didn't, that looks bad. >> they found a picture in a book from a few years ago that shows her son alex at a private school in texas, close to about $18,000 and not saying he went there all the years but found he might've gone to a private school in pennsylvania so when someone asks you, your kids go to private school, don't say they go to public school. you can say for two years they did and for most of the years they didn't but don't be against vouchers because you could afford $18,000 but that would allow people in low income situations to go to that same school which by all accounts is associated with an outstanding school so don't stand against vouchers and give people the opportunity to get that
11:40 am
education and at the same time not tell the truth about your kid but going to private public school. looks bad. >> dana: do you think the other democratic candidates will call her out again? >> if you start bleeding again. you would do the math, only when she moved up in the polls. we still don't know the situation she talks about. i was pregnant, i was a teacher. when i told them i was pregnant, i lost my job in 1971. they also said you resigned from your position so he leaves problems. >> dana: i'm going to ask you about this because harvard and yale, did you know they played a football game or try to? what happened? the students getting busted now because they shut down the game. >> at halftime in an effort to get yale to divest themselves from fossil fuel energies decide to storm the yale harvard game at halftime and they stayed there for 45 minutes. delaying the game which was long
11:41 am
anyway because i got to play defense was 51-48. it's over 45 minutes, they stated when they wouldn't leave, they arrested 43 dozen, 42 overall but they just got misdemeanor tickets and were allowed to leave. >> dana: they were out there so long that it got dark and the stadium is not lit so how are you going to win? >> it is unbelievable and i will say this, whoever indoctrinated these kids, whether it is 100% right or 100% wrong, i have never seen one issue is militarized or radicalized a generation like that one. >> dana: this last one, duane haskins is the quarterback for the washington redskins, juan williams team. he missed the last play of the game, why is that? >> he took a selfie with a strange man. not strange, but look strange pray to someone he didn't know. he decides he won the game already and turns out they were another play left. released as number for the rookie first-round draft pick to
11:42 am
use was when just saying this is inexcusable. the coach says i'll get over it but says it is going to be addressed. is just a lack of discipline with the washington redskins overall and by the team is terrible, the stands are half-full and why they are asking for another stadium and a quarterback that finally got a win in the season that has been a total washout. this just adds to the humiliation. >> dana: as for a rookie mistake, not so bad because they did win. >> i have never heard of this before. i have never heard of missing a play, this is incredible. >> dana: what happens if you miss a hit if you don't show up to your hit on "fox & friends"? >> you have to run a repeat. they have the best of. >> dana: would not have a great show, we love having you, thank you. traveling with kids is hard enough but being separated from them while flying is even tougher and one high-ranking lawmaker is demanding this never happens again. we have that story next.
11:43 am
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>> dana: let's check in now with trace gallagher. >> good to see you, we could know the identity of the anonymous author who wrote the book of warning about what he says is going on inside the trump administration. we will talk live with the possible writer in the next hour and i will ask him straight out, is he anonymous. that and the rest of today's news coming up on fox news reporting. with that, back to you. >> dana: i am not going to be able to leave my seat. i'll be there watching. thank you so much. president trump is speaking now. president trump did bring the pool land, going to have that in just a minute but in the meantime, we have susan li with us because uber is hitting a major roadblock in london. lost its license in one of the
11:48 am
biggest cities in the world really cracking down on uber. is it fair? >> what they found was widespread on authorized drivers and with tragic cases here in the u.s. as well, not a good thing to do especially with that college student that got into the wrong lift car and ended up dead, they don't want that to happen in london so the regulatory agency that oversees these right hailing companies cited are five reasons for what they did which was defending their license. unlicensed drivers, suspended drivers, cars lacking proper insurance and you can imagine uber says if they are going to fight this and they say this is extraordinary and wrong, we will appeal. the london transport commission found it fit and proper and we continue to go above and beyond so this is not the first time that they have had their license suspended in london, have been back in 2017. got two extensions. this time around, 21 days to appeal this and they can operate
11:49 am
during that time but uber feels they are being singled out here because european rivals like a bolt continues to operate in london and they point the finger at the mayor of london who jumped into this as well. he brought up a quote saying i support this from the licensing officials today and completely understand why the decision was taken, keeping london are safe is our number one priority but several reports have come out pointing to a lot of campaign contributions from antitumor and pro-black cab unions you can see on that screen so you wonder if there are politics involved. >> dana: that is a story that plays out over and over across the world and uber has to deal with them and obviously people need to get what they want to go and if there is not a private -- public transportation. >> it is cheaper than black cabs, so do you give your customers a choice and an option to save money? since we know there is a bill in
11:50 am
california which wants to make contractors employees and that is deadly to get the economy operator like uber and left. >> dana: you got us through the tape. >> we have a great friendship, they are great people. you have a lot of people from bulgaria that are in this country, live in this country, they've become citizens of the united states. we are going to be talking about the visa programs as per the request of your prime minister. we have a very good relationshi relationship. i think what i am doing is sticking up for our armed forces and there has never been a president that is going to stick up to them and has like i have,
11:51 am
including the fact that we spent two and a half trillion dollars on rebuilding our armed forces. so very unfair things were happening. you let sergeant go, you let others go including the young gentlemen, now a person who president obama let go who stole tremendous amounts of classified information. and you let that person go, but we just lost another man who went after, he died last week that he went after and was paralyzed from the neck down and he died last week going after sergeant, so when you have a system that allows that sergeant to go then you probably had five to six people killed, no one even knows the number because he left and he gets a slap on the wrist if that and then you have a system where these warriors
11:52 am
had put in jail for 25 years, i am going to stick for our warriors. thank you very much, everybody. the person i'm talking about is chelsea manning, by the way, if you had any doubt. chelsea manning who after chelsea manning was i assume pardoned by president obama, chelsea manning went around and badmouth president obama on top of everything else so when you have chelsea manning who stole classified information and did many things that were not good and it's pardoned or whatever happened and you have a sergeant bergdahl who gets virtually nothing, a slap on the wrist and they want to put these warriors in jail for 25 years, one of them served six years in jail and had many years left as a fighter. we are not going to do that to our people.
11:53 am
i don't know. rudy is a great guy. he covered that himself, you know that. rudy is the best mayor in the history of new york in my opinion, the strongest mayor, the best mayor. rudy is a great crime fighter, corruption fighter, probably the best in 50 years when he was here and also when he was at the u.s. attorney, he was phenomenal. rudy is a great person and i think that the press is not treating him very well and i think that's unfair but rudy was a great mayor and a great crime fighter. thank you very much. i might come, it is a country where we have a lot in common and we have a prime minister that we like a lot, so that could happen. thank you very much, everybody. thank you.
11:54 am
by the way, usmca, it is sitting on nancy pelosi's desk. usmca, that is the trade deal, the great trade deal for the farmers, manufacturers, workers of all types including union and it is sitting on nancy pelosi's desk. she is incapable of moving it. she knows it's a great deal, she said it. she keeps saying she wants to get it done but we are talking about many months sitting on her desk, no votes, and they are going to vote for it, most of them and i guess all of the republicans are going to vote for it. but the way the system works, she has to put it up for a vote. and she hasn't wanted to do it because i understand a couple of the unions are asking her to hold it for a while because it
11:55 am
makes trump look bad but i get a lot of votes out of there except for the top who i actually like, nice guy. but nancy pelosi should put it up for a vote because at some point pretty soon, you're going to have canada and mexico say what's going on, send the agreement back, let's not make the deal and i wouldn't blame them at all and that's okay, just blame nancy. got to put united states, canada, mexico trade deal, a phenomenal deal for our farmers and for everybody, it is a great deal for a country. he replaces one of the worst trade deals ever made, and that is nafta. she has to put up for a vote. doesn't have to talk to anybody just has to say we are putting it up for a vote immediately. and a lot of time is being wasted but you're going to have mexico and canada pull it pretty soon and if they do, it is her fault, not mine. is her fault, and has to get
11:56 am
going. she is really traumatized. thank you very much. thank you very much, everyone. >> dana: that was president trump in the oval office there with the bulgarian prime minister defending his decision and explaining it about restoring the trident to the navy seal eddie gallagher who had been convicted on that lesser charge, said that rudy giuliani is being treated unfairly by the press, said that he might go to bulgaria because he always gets asked to go while these countries but putting the onus on speaker nancy pelosi to try to pass that usmca bill which is running out of time. so that from the president just now. first lady melania trump welcoming the official weight house christmas tree today. the douglas for making its way from pittman pennsylvania and arriving in a horse-drawn
11:57 am
carriage, former larry snyder had the honor of providing the tree after winning the national christmas tree association's annual contest. will be featured in the blue room of the white house and is quite an honor. in addition to their arrival of the white house christmas tree is a capitals christmas tree also arriving today. the 60-foot blue spruce making the 2,000-mile journey all the way from carson national forest in new mexico to the u.s. capital, the cross-country tour included 31 stops across nine states from a professional truck driver delivered by capital tree today. he joins me now. that was quite a trip, had precious cargo you are carrying. >> i sure did. >> dana: how did you get selected to do this and what does it mean to you? >> wilbanks was selected through insurance companies, i heard about it last spring, and then we selected out of our company three drivers selected out of our management team is what we ended up doing and we used a
11:58 am
supervisor over our cranes, a supervisor over our truck pushers and then myself and sails and just over what people have done in the past and having the knowledge to do what we've done. >> dana: nice to bring a bit of christmas cheer to the capital which we could probably use it, right? nice to bring some christmas cheer to the u.s. capital. we could certainly use some. mack from new mexico, the route we've taken, it has been exciting. this is coming from red river new mexico, and i know the state of new mexico is really excited. our company, it's just awesome for us to be part of this and it traveled all the way down through texas and back up through louisiana, alabama going across the course of mississippi and into georgia and up through
11:59 am
tennessee and virginia. >> dana: and then you dropped it off and everyone is going to have a great christmas. i understand your wife loves christmas. you might guess, she does. >> dana: merry christmas to you and thank you for coming on the show and for delivering that beautiful tree. thank you. the movie "frozen 2" received anything but a chilly reception. with $130 million domestic debut at the box office, the disney film follows fan favorite princess as elsa and anna if they go on an adventure to find out why elsa was born with magical eyes powers. the first is still the highest grossing animated movie in history with it take of $1.3 billion. thank you everyone for joining us. i will see you on "the five." trace gallagher, are you still there with us?
12:00 pm
he is going to have an amazing interview with you today, he says that he might have the author of anonymous, so everyone stick around and watch trace. here he is. >> trace: we begin with breaking the news. is this anonymous? the former communications director and one-time defense secretary mattis also a retired naval commander. we plan to talk to him about the turmoil in the u.s. navy's leadership and now the new republic is reporting he could be the anonymous author who gives a call to arms to the so-called resistance in a new book and at least on twitter, he is not denying it tweeting a short time ago this world continues along with a link to the new republic article about him. we'll join us live in his first television interview since that report broke and we will ask him point-blank are you


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