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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  November 25, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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in 344 days to get to fix all that. we will never be that media mob and will always pursue the let not your heart be troubled and don't forget to set your dvr for the show because laura ingraham is up next. >> laura: hannity, it is not surprising in the slightest that they took a sweet little story about this amazing canine and turned it into an attack on trump. these are the most unhappy bitter people on the face of the planet. the rest of the country is doing really well. liberals are on a really negative train ride right now. >> laura: i would actually give the dog a medal, but maybe i'm just old-fashioned. >> or a milk-bone. >> do you have a fluff ball dog? >> sean: no, mine weighs 116 pounds. >> laura: the other dog you had was really cute, like f cotton ball. >> sean: i have a bernese mountain dog, it's huge.
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>> laura: but when you walked that other dog it was so cute. >> sean: i never walked that dog, i just said, go out and come back when you're ready. >> laura: i love all dogs. have the democrats already lost the impeachment fight? in moments, my angle will provide key answers. then we have dershowitz congressman lee zeldin and theyw will react. and it was quickly through discovering and dinesh desousa explains why the party of obama is officially dead. also tonight, antipolice protesters, this is particularly disgusting. they launched a vicious attack on new york's finest, even comparing them to the kkk. brady kerrick is here with the fiery response. and hollywood a-lister jon voight joins us in an exclusive.
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he tells raymond arroyo about receiving the national medal of the arts and what he thinks of the impeachment battle. stay for that later on in the show. but first, lessons learned, or not. that's the focus of tonight's angle. first, a message to the democrats. i tried to warn you that if you allowed leftist radicals to become the face and brain trust of your party, you'd end up regretting it, after nothing but impeachment talk, democrats are seeing headlines like this even liberal "vanity fair." it's hard to read this as anything but a warning. the democrats impeachment pushr. could alienate key voters, oops. remember, long before they ever heard of wilensky or a vindman. >> we all know that the tweets
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are just a continuation of the racist playbook. we can either continue to enable this president and report on the vial of garbage that came out of his mouth, or we could hold them accountable to his crime. >> laura: they are not looking out for what is in the best interest of the united states. they often don't know or don't want to know either of the relevant law or facts on important issues from immigration to now impeachment. who cares? if it raises your profile, you don't give a flip whether what they are advocating is good for the country let alone good for the party. from the moment they were sworna into office, aoc plus three have enjoyed being showered with accolades and appearances on late night tv. fencing themselves as trump slayers, they have dined out on far left policies and nonstop advocacy for impeachment. despite pelosi's earlier words of caution. >> if and when the time comes
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for impeachment, it will have to be something that such a crescendo in such a bipartisan way. >> laura: remember that? the cool kids on the democrat b walk rejected that out of hand. they got a boost from the impeachment hungry person adam schiff. eventually the speaker relented. the democrats committed themselves to this convoluted idea of impeaching a president about withholding aid to theg ukraine, aided that the ukraine would eventually receive. for a few weeks they did feel like they had the wind at their back. >> i think that our committee has done a lot for the american people. >> the ones the american people have affirmed from, there is something wrong with the president asking for a political favor. >> i think the american people have had a good week and i think
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truth has had a good week and patriotism has had a good week. and i think the constitution is not a good week. >> when the hearing went from secret to public, american views started shifting toward the president, especially among independent voters in those all-important battleground states. how many people think the impeachment process will hurt president trump? >> i think it's a sham. >> i think it's a waste of time and they are a bunch of lunatics . >> i think we have done nothing from one president to another. fair-minded people of foreign policy and national security officials, not as evidence of impeachable conduct but as of policy disagreement with the president. trump ran on the idea that we
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were going to reorient some of our foreign relationships, including even with russia. the war hawks did not want him to do that and that's perhaps against china which is our biggest threat. remember billions of dollars of foreign aid were also on the line with trump's new approach. most people in washington are doing their jobs. they are helping the president and his team carry out the's that he ran on. but there are some rogue actors in the intel community and in the geopolitical space who refuse to do their job. and, they considered it a noble calling. the voters however are a lot more skeptical, especially with the election less than a year away and a booming economy.
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democrats are losing interest impeachment themselves, and an emerson poll reveals that more americans are opposed now to impeachment. this is all happening as trump has a 52% approval of its handling of the economy. 95% approval among republicans. and now after allowing themselves to be corralled with their radical fringe, more mainstrea democrats are beginning to feel the heat, especially in the swing districts. and of brutal vicious case of buyer's remorse is affecting the party, or that now some are urging them to drop the impeachment vote altogether in t favor of the milder censure? >> do you think president trumpr should be impeached? >> i want to discuss this with my constituents and my colleagues before we make the final determination.
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he seems more like loosey-goosey . he is not playing dragons. he's playing his own democrats. i don't want to give advice to the democrats and they have to find them backbone to take on the squad. that would also mean taking on sanders and elizabeth warren an alienating people who are a angry and very energetic. that would take real guts. my prediction, pelosi and schumer try to move to the meta but in the process, they tried to placate the left with more radical's proposals and they ma even investigate the president before the election. that of course leaves trump a free lane to run on results. democrats, what are they going to run on?
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revenge? and that's the angle. later on, four thank you for four special people. hint, schiff will vehemently disagree. joining us now, alan dershowitz harvard law professor emeritus and author of the new book "guilt by accusation" and congressman lee is salesman. lots of stuff to get to for both of you. alan, after these two weeks could democrats really move to drop their impeachment crusade given what we are seeing in some of these pretty key public opinion surveys? >> it violates the constitution and congress seems to forget that they are not above the law either. they can't make it up as they go along and they haven't found any offenses as defined by the constitution that would authorize impeachment. so if they are smart, they would marginalize those who were trying to impeach, bring the
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center back and say, let's move on to health care and other issues that would affect americans. let's put impeachment aside. will they do that? i don't know. i don't know how much pressure they will get from the squad and others demanding impeachment but if they are sensible they will move away from that because it's a gift to the republicans and a gift to president trump. >> laura: congressman, adam schiff is still trying to give it the old college try. i want your reaction to something he said over the weekend, watch. >> the public support for the impeachment has grown dramatically in the last few months, so whether it is now essentially at a plateau or whether it will continue to grow or shrink, i don't think it's really the question we should be asking. >> laura: we have seen the exact opposite trend over the past three or three and a half weeks, even over democratsve losing interest.
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>> his imagination has grown. he certainly wants to be able to sell this fairy tale, he wanted to be a screenwriter, and he is relying on second, third, and fourth hand hearsay and covering this over the course of the last couple months. the facts aren't on his side but he's desperate to sell this and he said he has to go talk to hi constituents as of his mind is that made up, i thank you for the clouds to go forward with impeachment. what's really interesting going forward if president means anything, ken starr as the independent counsel during the clinton impeachment presented his report under oath. but let's see how much adam schiff believes in the report he's about to turn in about a week from
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will he be willing to show up at the house judiciary committee under oath and answer questions? will he face cross-examination not just from republicans but also from the president's council?m let's see if the prosecutor, the judge and the jury can answer those tough questions. he is way ahead of this speech and i think he's going to pay a huge price. i don't know if the democrats at this point can rollback from impeachment because -- >> laura: let me say this, the squad is going to go totally nuts on this one. they are not going to be satisfied with the censure. but they could say we appreciato you all, but we have to do this for the good of the party in tho country. hold on, i have to get to some breaking news. very important. earlier tonight, obama appointed federal judge cut tonja brown jackson has ruled that former white house don mcgann has to comply with the white house subpoena.
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the doj already said that they are going to appeal. it's also should be noted that our competitors were -- -- to admit tonight that if upheld at the d.c. court of appeals, he could show up at congress and ask as many questions as he wanted. your response to the hyperbolic reaction to this, one federal district court judge in d.c. one this question of mcgann? >> the big winner is over. because he will have to get into his car and go over to the capital, the judge went out of her way to say i'm not ruling on the issues of privilege and all i'm saying is he has to say is i will show up. the president has the power that kings have never had it. he's a very powerful walk office and the framers wanted at that
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way. very strict criteria it to be met. we don't live in a parliamentary democracy. this position decision itself has no big impact. people have to show up and then they can invoke the privilege. >> the reference to the king wa kind of a giveaway on this judge .th the court distinguishes this issue from the very question that the high-level presidential aide may be asked to provide in the context of such questioning can be held from the committee on the basis of volatility. so it only goes to the specific question of whether he must physically present himself. and congressman zeldin, contrars to the measured analysis of
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dershowitz, this is what neil keitel said on msnbc who was solicitor general for a short period of time. >> these arguments are so silly that i don't think the supreme court is likely to take them in the end. barr has said that something that no responsible constitutional scholar in our history has ever it's king george the third plus which is basically what he is advocating for. these kinds of views are written in cran, not any sort of analytically sophisticated or accurate way. >> laura: congressman bar versus -- they were relying on that general janet reno precedent. >> as i'm listening to that, there's only one alan dershowitz. i wish there were more beingly able to weigh on that on the issue, it's obvious lee going to
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be appealed to come up that ruling. it was an expected ruling for the ruling had even come out and you can guess that this is where it was going to go. and two executive privilege, i can tell you during theou closed-door depositions that took place this was one of the problems with not allowing the white house council present in the room. if someone was going to ask a question of one of these witnesses being deposed about a conversation with the president of the united states there was no one in the room to exert executive privilege. if that witness -- >> that's an interesting point. it is not something that struck you as well? why didn't the white house counsel get to go to those closed-door sessions? >> absolutely. that goes to the president and the presidency. mcgann has no right to answer questions if the president invokes the privilege, then it has to go to court. then, there has to be a determination of whether -- and this was the way the case would be decided.
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the difference would be split and they would have to go over and make an appearance but they would have to question by question determine whether the privilege applies and, it's a white house counsel of has to invoke the privilege. >> laura: they are going to show boat in front of the camera and that will be there celebratory moment.t fantastic analysis and thank you to both of you tonight. during the chaos of a 24-hour cable news cycle, it's pretty easy to forget that house republicans over the last few weeks stood up to the democrats and confronted the dems and media cronies who have been pushing the entire impeachment a scam on the public. i try to hold both sides accountable but now that we have seen things in their entirety as they have shaken out, i think we should take the time to point out four members of congress who absolutely tonight deserves special recognition.
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first up, congressman mike turner. >> no one on this planet told you that president trump was tying aid to investigations. tyes or no? >> >> you really have no testimony today that ties president trump to a scheme to withhold aid from the ukraine in exchange for these investigations? >> other than my own presumption. >> which is nothing. >> i think that could have been my favorite line but that was a moment the whole quid pro quo narrative came crashing down. second, there was a congresswoman who adam schiff could not silence. breakout g.o.p. star congresswoman elise stefanik. >> ambassador yovanovitch, i want to thank you for being here today -- >> congresswoman you are not recognized. >> this is the fifth time you have interrupted. >> laura: she just kept going it was terrific. the third person who should
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become graduated and speciallyly recognized, house intel ranking member devin nunes who has been out at this for some time and he perhaps sums it all out. here's what the impeachment sham is all about. >> what you've seen in the last two weeks is a show trial. the verdict was decided before the trial ever began. when the russian dossiers and investigations failed to do the job, they moved to plan b. minority are in the dark about what this committee will bee doing when we return. and so is america. >> laura: i loved it, great sum up. and finally congressman jim jordan deserves thanks for his tireless efforts to debunk. the democrat narrative. >> you not only didn't go to her boss, he went straight to the lawyer and the lawyer told you not to go to your boss?ye and it was an extremely busy week.
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>> you talk to your brother, th lawyers, the one guy that adam schiff what let you tell us who we years. >> laura: jim jordan, the entire group, they weren't cowed or bowed, they made their case pointedly, and without fear. it's not easy to do this day in and day out and republicans i think are finally learning fromn trump, don't stop punching back. and they can also turn out to discredit most of what the democrats have tried to argue. they succeeded in the political case from the beginning and the star witness had policy differences from donald trump. they remain intact because of their efforts.
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so this thanksgiving week we are thankful for all of them. coming up, why is joe biden having so many problems with the latino voters now? and what does that have to do with barack obama? mercedes schlapp and dinesh desousa on the woke backlash that you won't believe. back in just a moment.
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>> people were deported and separated from their family. >> you should vote for trump. >> if you have the power, and i want to hear you say that. >> i will not stop all deportations. >> he is such a squish. only if you commit a crime
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everyone else can stay. but that's not the only problem biden is facing, the woman in charge of his latina outreach charge of his latina outreachna her name isn't vanessa cardenas, reportedly quit in frustration. reason she stated, biden lacked compassion when talking about immigration. he would only deport criminal aliens or felons to make it specific and that went too far. joining me now mercedes schlapp, the 20in campaign dinesh desousa. former president obama just told his party to ditch the old purity test. so what's going on here? >> obama on the left was
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tethered to reality and, there's one thing to say that you have people who are aliens that are clearly breaking the law. but there's a special category of lawbreaker, and this is the guide that is the drug dealer or murder. and it to say that that guy should not be deported would be political lunacy. so obama never went there. the fact that we have a democratic party taking this kind of stance considering the deportation, and this gives you an idea of how this has become unhinged from reality. >> i say this quite often, trump has been like an astringent across the political skin of the country. you kind of see where everybody
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is -- the real faces and their real sensibility. and now we know. the democrat said for years, we are for border enforcement but we are actually not. they are not for border enforcement and everyone comes and gets to stay, even aliens who commit crimes, they get to stay. that's the truth. and that's what they believe. >> not only that but they have done nothing to get through and pass common sense immigration reform that would include securing the border and really it is because they are so tied to that liberal base of open borders of demonizing our i.c.e. officers and what they have to realize is that they are the protect ms-13 numbers and many who end up killing taking lives, those criminal aliens should not
11:29 pm
even -- they should absolutely be deported. so i think that you have found a party, and they don't help those immigration officers do their job. it creates more crime in these cities. >> but they don't care. >> it's a moral crusade. the latinos, i was just on an event with latinos for trump with 500 latinos and they want secure borders. they want to make sure that they don't have these criminal aliens in their communities. >> laura: there was another moment for biden that was tricky to say the least. he apparently has a list of potential vp mix, but then he struggles a bit. watch. >> i could start naming people but the press would think that's who i picked. but there's an incredible number of people.eo
11:30 pm
the former assistant attorney general that got fired. the woman who should of been th governor of georgia, she would've been very good. >> i mean the pandering project doesn't seem very sincere god bless them. but he doesn't even know their names. >> and he doesn't who they are. he admires them so much that he just can't remember who they are . i think when this started, it really looked like these were gaffs. i think now we are dealing with something beyond that. reagan had alzheimer's but that was after the presidency.. i think with biden now we have such a pattern of stumbling and bumbling that i think democrats have to ask, is this guy even capable of operating at the highest level and with the pressures of the presidency? >> laura: i think we should be
11:31 pm
careful, dinesh, unless you've gotten your medical degree inap the last appearance to make a dementia diagnosis. but i think as people age it will happen to all of us, you are not as quick. u that's life. you are not as quick. mercedes, that's a tough deal for the democrats and they need him to appeal in the south and in some of those battleground states and he is struggling. big time. >> no kidding. winning iowa and winning new hampshire, normally -- >> and that's pete buttigieg or bloomberg. great to see you both. and in moments, we explore what america would look like under democratic rule.
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an anti-cop protests over the weekend, did you see any of this? it's just a little, little window when the left takes control. bernie kerik is here with a warning, next.s boom! get free next business day shipping or ...1 hour in-store pick up shopping season solved at office depot officemax or ( ♪ )
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>> the mta is doing 500 additional. that has been a dramatic increase in crime. felonies are up, assaults are up and robberies are up. i have been talking about this for years. we are spending $50 billion to improve the subway system and if it's not safe people won't use it. >> laura: that team announcement to crackdown on subway, and that was a taste that just went down. >> this is only the latest in the string of antipolice action
11:37 pm
starting with videos of hoodlums dumping water on the officer so i viral the summer. with me now is bernie kerik. did you ever think that you would ever see people behaving that way over a very mild plan to make the subway, but necessary plan to make the subway safer? >> laura, listen. these people are anarchists. what's interesting to me and what i really would like to know, who pays them? who puts the money behind these protests, whether it's these protests were the ones the subway earlier this month where they were protesting the police and arresting someone that did something without a permit? these are laws on the books and laws that should be enforced the governor is right, there is a major spike in crime in the subway system and best transit system and if there is, they
11:38 pm
need more police to deal with it. what's going on here is completely insane. these people are anti-cop anti-law and order. but i will say one thing anybody that has watch these protests, watch these kids, they have to jump the turnstiles because, -- oh, they are vaping. and i guess that's all free. >> it's completely ridiculous. >> so this is a window into what life is like under democratic rule. chaos, no respect for law and order. and i used to ride the subway but i won't ride the subway now. now it's like people don't want to read the subway. >> this goes back, and when i see this i think of the david dickens days. i think of the days when there
11:39 pm
were 2400 homicides in new york city, when mothers were putting their babies in bathtubs to protect them from random gunfire. when you see videos like this that should scare every american, every new yorker everybody that comes to visit live and work, go to school inam new york and if the mayor doesn't clean it up it's only going to get worse. >> laura: well de blasio was running for president to come up too busy to do anything else. so you know, it's pretty easy to track who is paying for all this, whether it's foundation or something going on. and if we had actual reporters and some of these local newspapers that would be interested, they might find out some fascinating facts about who is behind it all. thank you for all you are doing and all you are saying, not just for new york but across the country.
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also coming up, president trump gets a lot of flack for not finishing what was perhaps the signature campaign promise, the border wall. there was some kind of structure but nothing that was going to keep people out. despite that, they will be ableo to accomplish a heck of a lot. the president's groundbreaking deal with salvador and honduras have helped reduce border arrest 73% from their peak in may. and that's not all, trump has put up a bureaucratic wall. now, denials for h1b visas have doubled in the last two years which has helped wages stay up in the united states. wait times for citizenship doubled and the average processing time for all kinds of visas. so what's the result? the u.s. admitted 70% fewer immigrants than the year before. the biggest declines were among people from latin america and asia according to the brookings
11:41 pm
institution and of course, they bemoan that fact unless youo think it's about the southern border trump immigration policies which have also blunted communist china. they have curbed the number of chinese students allowed at colleges and university. and despite all the progress of the border, america still saw as increase of all hard and narcotics in fiscal year 2019. they produce it faster and cheaper with higher purity. joining us now, the market. we the success of the border this is still a burgeoning drug trade. a friend of mine said to me, we tried a lot of different things.
11:42 pm
and they are producing it and it's being smuggled in and being purchased and killing people. both the humanitarian crisis and the national security crisis. we were spot on. every town, city and state inur this country as a border town city and state. if you have a meth problem anywhere in the united states it came from the southwest border from those super labs that we >> one of our security guys that's worked for local police and he is always telling me stories. it's heartbreaking, you just want to ball crying. like a mother to would hurt her own child because she thoughtba her child was something else. having complete delusions because she's a meth addict. fentanyl coming from china, and
11:43 pm
yet we are treating china, oh we can work with china. they are killing our people with their drugs as well. >> 68,000 lost their lives to drug overdoses. 68,000, every american. they should be an alarming statistic. so we talk about, for example, the border wall. the border wall is not just to address illegal immigration it's to stop bad people and bad things from coming in. and laura, that's just what we caught. thousands and thousands and thousands of pounds more are making their a weight in the back country every day. >> when you're dealing like -- that's in large part in narco state. what do we do? i'm just asking you because i find this to be so disturbing on so many levels. no one seems to have an answer. >> it's definitely challenging
11:44 pm
but we've been in discussions with the white house. w right now, we are looking at this as the same thing, same approach as we do counterterrorism. we need to approach this from a whole government approach. not just domestic law enforcement as well but we need to come together with the same ferocity and same intensity and same commitment that we have tackled counterterrorism in this country. that's how we will make the debt to go after the hotels.he >> laura: i have to get your thoughts also want to really disturbing thanks ray counties right on our doorstep and we had to six illegal immigrants charged with serious felonies. here is a list of the suspects. charges included assault, child abuse and first-degree federal agencies name and shame these localities, anyone who is killed, or abused by these illegal aliens, they are just acceptable collateral damage for the great promise of open borders.
11:45 pm
>> this is -- let's forget about the politicians. let's go to the average america citizen and get them. i have to believe that we are talking about another law enforcement agency that has the murder in their custody and we are not going to work with ice. >> laura: montgomery county maryland. all these counties that push the sanctuary's, there is blood on their havens. >> i can tellfo you that the ci is much less safe because up it. >> laura: thanks so much. coming up, receiving the national medal of arts, actor jon voight weighs in on a heck of a lot including the impeachment inquiry with raymond arroyo, coming up next.
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be two john captures the imagination of the audiences and dominates every single scene. jon voight, you are an jon voight, you are an amazing artist and a beloved icon of the american film. congratulations on receiving the national medal of arts, that's a tremendous, tremendous achievement. and you deserve it. >> laura: actor jon voighton received the national medal of arts and days later the hollywood a lister sits down with raymond arroyo to discuss what receiving the distinguished award means to him. his support for trump and his thoughts on the impeachment side.. >> what did you think of that moment? this is the highest medal and award that the united states government bestows.
11:51 pm
i'm very humbled by the whole thing. look at the grace with which he presented my name.te it was wonderful to be with allison and to have that wonderful host. he is a wonderful host. >> and that kind of situation you don't know if you standing in the right place. he makes everybody comfortable. >> now there was a moment where it felt like a living room where the music from midnight cowboy played and this happened. why did you jump up like this? what happened there? you were inspired, you were going with it. i thought "dancing with the stars" was auditioning, you were gone. [laughs]
11:52 pm
>> i was doing it because -- he's playful. so i was warned that, you can never tell what he will do so just go with it, whatever it was. and when he started playing the music, and i don't know how many people identified that, but when it played it, it played for some length before i got up. i don't do it right away but i thought, i better do something because -- >> they are all looking at you! >> so i got up and i didn't know what i was going to do. but then i just tipped it a little bit by doing a little playful something. >> evoking the character of joe buckle, we will talk about later. >> then i sat down and -- you know, to embrace it. certainly it showed that i don't
11:53 pm
take myself that seriously. >> when you see bobby dinero coming out and telling the president to go blank himself or madonna saying that she has fantasies of blowing up the white house, you think what? >> well, i think -- you know back in the 60s, i was not that extreme. but i was attended toward that thought, that kind of thinking which was nice to be a revolutionary iconic class when you are a young person. you think you are doing something brand-new and you don't know, you don't look at the real results of all of this. there is all this energy, arrogance. i've been there. so when i hear them those two that you mentioned and others, i know -- and in this lifetime perhaps they will come to an
11:54 pm
understanding. but that's wrong. >> what do you think of this impeachment inquiry? >> it's a lie, as i have said to. it's the culmination of the commitment to take down this president. >> but as a performer, how is the audience receiving all of this? >> you know what i think? i think it's a way of exposing the truth. here, we have these people in bad behavior. i look at the statement of nancy pelosi and i look at this -- adam schiff, and i say it's pretty clear, these people are not well.he the audience is seeing the bottom line, just as we have seen the bottom line with these debates.
11:55 pm
one ridiculous statement after another, and that is who the democratic party is. and they are getting the view of that. >> laura: raymond will have more of his interview with john voight when he guest hosts for me on wednesday so don't miss it.. up next, an isis sympathizer arrested and charged for plotting what would have been a shocking and brutal attack. in moments. a i am totally blind. and non-24 can throw my days and nights out of sync, keeping me from the things i love to do. talk to your doctor, and call 844-214-2424. the medicare enrollment deadline is only days away.
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♪ >> laura: shocking news from florida tonight. federal prosecutors >> shocking news from florida federal prosecutors charged a man who calls himself the next rifle countless plotting to bomb the dean's at miami-dade and broward colleges. solomon rashida asked a confidential fbi informant to get isis to take revenge on the colleges from which he was
12:00 am
expelled. his facebook page was full of complaints against jews and moderate muslims, called for overthrowing democracy and establishing islamic law. fbi's criminal complaint showed growing hatred of america, democracy, secular muslims. of convicted he is in jail for up to 20 years. shannon bream and the fox news at night team after breaking developments from here. shannon: i am shannon bream in washington. we begin with a fox news alert. two critical court rulings for donald trump with implications for the democrats impeachment push. there is no value in removing the president now. the federal judge ruling top lawyer at the white house must show up after being subpoenaed by house democrats. there is a lot more to that ruling


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