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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  November 26, 2019 3:00am-6:00am PST

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as cheyenne paying him to break her ex-boyfriend's heart over the video cameo. the breakup now going viral. rob: when it's over. ♪ that's the sign i'll fall in love again. jillian: have a good day. wow. ♪ that's right. ♪ got to love this american ride steve: right down that street on thursday is going to be the thanksgiving day parade brought to us from macy's. in front of our building right now, we have cracker barrel's new york city size store. that's going to be in the parade for the first time ever. that will be in our parade. brian: will the winds keep the mini cracker barrel away from the parade.
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emily: even gale force winds couldn't move it. i can't wait to get outside and see the christmas trees: brian: you are filling in for ainsley. as you heard of my idea of dragging the balloons on belly. steve: i. did you. brian: terrible idea? emily: it will destroy everything. brian: put under shirts on. steve: so much more to thanksgiving parade than just the balloons. have you marching bands, the cracker barrel new york city store. you have all sorts of stuff. you don't need just a balloon. people need hot air, they can turn to us. brian: absolutely. in fact, let's start with our talking points now. meanwhile, the president. steve: we are? brian: talking points, it is pretty much our a block if you are scoring, if you have a rundown at home. the president of the united states was pretty busy yesterday. he is not backing down from backing up eddie gallagher and two others who he exonerated for their work at war. and feels as though they
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were getting a raw deal. especially eddie gallagher exonerated seven of eight charges. only charge stuck with him after they hacked into his attorney's email, was the one that said he shouldn't have held up an isis fighter, isis terrorist after he was killed. he has an argument with that havingside that the president looked at his case, saw how much time he spent in jail and saw the whole process and set i'm exonerating you. they tried to bust him and take away his trident he said enough. the richard spencer is the exsecretary of the navy. emily: what people don't understand they are being fed the questioning of the commander-in-chief. what's being overlooked in the story is all the prosecutorial misconduct. all of the issues with that process that resulted in them literally receiving awards which the commander-in-chief took away because he saw the bigger picture. he saw restoring the honor to this war fighter. steve: watch this. >> i think what i'm doing is sticking up for our armed
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forces. there has never been a president that's going to schtick up for them and has like i have. when you have a system that allows sergeant bergdahl to go and you probably had five to six people killed. nobody even knows the number, because he left. and he gets a slap on the wrist, if that. and then you have a system where these warriors get put in jail for 25 years. i'm going to stick for our warrior. i will disi stick up for the warriors. steve: there is the president saying he will stick up for the warriors. the guy who is gone richard spencer he sat down with david martin the pentagon chief correspondent for cbs yesterday. and he said, yeah, by the way, i didn't resign. i was fired before i could resign. and he said okay, yeah. i had a secret back channel deal where i went to the white house lawyer and i said eddie gallagher can retire with all of his stuff, but the president has got to butt out.
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well, the white house lawyer has come back an hour later and said the president is not going to butt out. sorry. >> what message does that send to the troops? >> well, what message does it send? >> that you can get away with things. we have to have good order and discipline. it's the back bottom of what we do. >> i don't think he really understands the full definition of a war fighter. a war fighter is a profession of arms. a profession of arms has standards that they have to be held to and they hold themselves to. emily: the questioning of the commander-in-chief is again that kind of fracturing of the process that our american citizens are subjected. to say almost seems personal to the president. he brought up, for example, the death of master sergeant mark allen who has died of his injuries sustained while looking for bergdahl, right? and he talked about the commutation of that sentence and said where is the fairness in this? where is the respect for the decisions being made on this? brian: i think the former secretary of navy is missing
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he should follow orders, too. this is the commander-in-chief's decision. so do it. there was a way to do this behind the scenes when he walked behind the back of the secretary of defense. he had no choice. did he dismiss he didn't keep esper in the loop. he thought esper knew what he was doing. he said esper, the secretary of defense was out of town. is he gone. they are moving on. they will be looking at the other two that were exonerated and the other branch of government. there is going to be another crisis of leadership there i the president circumvented the process. he has a right to look at these guys in this case and find out if he feels as though overcharged or charged wrongly. and he made his decision. steve he did, indeed. in the meantime he said out of town, the president is out of town from washington, d.c. he is heading down to sunrise, florida, because he recently declared himself and filed paperwork, florida resident. they are actually building this as a homecoming celebration for the
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president. the bb&t center. 21,000. i was on the website donald j. there are still tickets available. you have got to figure what he is going to do tonight, he is going to talk a lot about the impeachment thing. talk a lot about how you look at nancy pelosi and you look at how she has kept him from getting anything passed, in particular, the new trade deal with canada and mexico, we will talk a little bit about that in a moment. but, first, really all he can do is stuff he can do himself. when you look at the rundown, his agenda for yesterday. yesterday president trump did these things. he honored conan the dog who helped kill baghdadi. also, he signed. brian: preventing animal cruelty and torture act. steve: thank you very much. >> commissioned women's suffrage commemorative coin. ininteresting. also the stock market surge. emily: our economy is 70% driven by consumers. what does that tell you? that the confidence in the economy that the confidence
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of the average american is high. they are not bogged down by the impeachment inquiry. that's kind of being driven by a select few people that really aren't connected with what matters most to everyone which is the kitchen table issues. steve: by the way the names of the tuckerys. have you got nancy pelosi. talk how the impeachment thing up as to be back firing on the democrats. the polls are turning the other way, now republican republican aligned groupings are running tv ads in tv markets and distribution. those drackets who ar democratsn those directs going to nancy pelosi you have got to do something. you don't have our back. in the meantime, all they have to do is pass some bills. that's what the president was talking about yesterday. >> usmca i can tell you is sitting on nancy pelosi' desk. that's the great trade deal
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for the farmers, the manufacturers, workers of all types, including union. it's sitting on nancy pelosi' desk. she is incapable of moving it, it looks like she can't. she keeps saying she wants to get it done. but we are talking about many, many months, sitting on her desk. no votes. and she doesn't have to help with the democrats, because they are are going to vote for it most of them. and all of the republicans are going to vote for it. but the system is the way the system works. she has to put it up for a vote. brian: there is some optimism. by the way is that guy in the back invited he seems to be lurking. nancy pelosi said yesterday the democrats say it's within range. she says i just need to see what we discussed robert lighthizer in writing. the word is they are dancing around the edges. this thing is done. they are -- another reason why the market surged yesterday was rumors that we're getting closer and closer to a phase one deal with china. i know they are famous for switching at the last minute. having said that people in
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the know yesterday believed it. the stock market went up 190 points. steve: brian, don't you think nancy pelosi is not going to bring the usmca thing up for a vote until she has done what she is going to do for the president? whether it's impeachment orson sur. not going to do anything ledges laivelly until that is cleared. brian: i believe i have to see how many ledges laivel dates are left. i believe it will get done before 2019 is done. steve: usmca? brian: yeah. steve: wow. you are optimistic. brian: now it looks like impeachment goes over to nadler's desk, which is fascinating because doug collins knows nothing about it. he is going to say -- schiff is going to say here's my case. you take it because i'm a little confused unless something else comes out. nadler is going to go i don't know what to do with it. we will figure out if it's censure, impeachment and the senate seems to be saying make my day. we have some idea how the trial is going to look.
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not going it look anything like you did. steve: they will follow the rules, the senate. brian: they will also bring up their own people and the other side of the story and the hunter biden side of the story. steve: you mean due process? brian: right. steve: that's something new. brian: see witnesses the republicans want to see to round out and give the complete picture of the story. senator lindsey graham made that clear yesterday. emily: john voight actually says there is something wrong with the impeachment process. >> i think it's a way of exposing the truth. will it's here we have these people in bad behavior. i will say. i look at the statements of nancy pelosi. >> i look at this fellow adam schiff, i say it's pretty clear, there's something wrong here. these people are not well. and the audience is seeing the bottom line. just as they are seeing the bottom line with the base. one ridiculous statement after another.
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that's hot democratic party is? and they are getting a view of it. steve: ultimately, what a lot of observers feel is the democrats think that donald trump, who, you know, you look at the economy doing really well. if the election were held today, he would probably win, right? when you look at the people who are running in 2020, bernie yesterday was not taking shots at donald trump. he was taking shots at michael bloomberg. all that money undermines democracy. and elizabeth warren said regarding michael bloomberg, he doesn't need people, he needs bags and bags and bags of money. brian: condemning all the money he spent as of yesterday. $150 million. is he not going to compete in the early contest in new hampshire i don't think is he competing in south carolina. he is not competing in iowa, comamp, nortnorth carolina new hampshire. i'm just going to run ads
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against donald trump. steve: supposed to go to the little states first. emily: to jillian for headlines. jillian: it is tuesday. los angeles county deputy in critical condition after being hit by a suspected drunk driver. the 25-year-old officer was chasing another suspect who had attacked her inside her car when she was hit. that driver and the original suspect have both been arrested. a florida man is under arrest accused of trying to recruit isis to attack colleges. he had been kicked out of. prosecutors say salman ar rashid wanted to obama miami-dade and broward colleges. he was suspended from miami-dade for stalking another student. the first of three storms making its way across the u.s. the west getting slammed with heavy snow overnight. causing hundreds of car crashes in utah alone.
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the truck tipping over on a snowy road. thankfully nobody was hurt. in colorado the snow bringing traffic to a crawl and canceling more than 500 flights at denver's airport. the ravens embarrassing the rams on monday night football. defense smooth terring as jackson stole the show on offense. [cheers. [. in pressure on lamar to the end zone. another touchdown pass. this time willie need. jillian: jackson throwing five touchdowns in the game. baltimore cruising to a 45 to 6 win. the ravens are on a seven game winning streak. 45-6. brian: they scored the first sings times they had the ball. steve: lopsided. jillian, thank you. meanwhile on this super tuesday, kinda. stock market surging new high. what does this mean for your 401(k)? brian: i don't know but
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free dental care and eye exams, and free designer eyewear. go ahead, take advantage. a more secure diaper closure. there were babies involved... and they weren't saying much. that's what we do at 3m, we listen to people, even those who don't have a voice. we are people helping people. steve: well three hours and 14 minutes from right now the stock market is set to reopen after historic record high close. emily: next guest says president trump's winning economy means a massive boost for you and your
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wallet. brian: stuart varney from fox business varney and company 9 to noon. >> new numbers. the value of american business, our national wealth if you want to put it that way is up $11.3 trillion. since president trump was elected. the value of all stocks, all companies in america, publicly traded companies gone up that much in value. we all share in that. all of us have a piece of that. are you shaking your head, brian? are you going to say huh? the rich get richer? they get all the stock. what about us? is that what you are going to say to me, brian kilmead kilmeade? brian: i didn't do anything like that. >> let me destroy your argument before you raise it. we all gain. we are in the middle of a
3:19 am
terrific year-end rally set new highs across the board. steve: stuart, 20 minutes ago on the "wall street journal." story china's congress ministry reached a con says success on properly resolving issues regarding the tariffs and everything else. that's a really good sign it? >> is a good sign it. is a positive. now, why is the market going up so much in number one, in my opinion is, the president is not going to be removed from office. he may be impeached in a vote in the house. but he will not be removed from office. investorinvestors do not want te this president removed from office. trade positive signals. number three, consumers have money to spend and they are spending. again, low interest rates no. inflation. the markets going up. emily: increase in value. how is that offset by the increasing deficit. for the average viewers how are those two things related and why would the deficit keep increasing as our value
3:20 am
does too. >> that's a good question. we should not be increasing the deficit at a time the economy is growing. steve: washington is still sending too much. >> two sides not frankly directly related. brian: i'm not going to say anything and you so easily distracted. >> 55 million americans who have a 401(k). urge them, enup your account before thanksgiving. you are going to smile. you are probably up 30% or 40%. 35 million have an ira. open it up before thanksgiving. you are going to be up 30% to 40%. that's the value of the stock market to all of us. steve: stuart, you are saying happy days are here again. >> not quite. but these are prosperity times. brian: so you saw what nancy pelosi said yesterday. she says we're on track. it looks like. if you put the changes, robert lighthizer and she discussed put that in writing. you put it to a vote. the usmca will also impact,
3:21 am
right? >> yes. that's another positive. brian: the other thing, beijing has invited our guys over to beijing to sign this deal. we have not said anything. if what steve said pans out and white house makes an announcement we are going to beijing to phase of the market. what would that do for the market. >> it's not a negative. it is a plus. let's be honest about it. emily: how do you address the warning signs that people have been mentioning that sometimes in hindsight have led to a recession. what do we tell the viewers, too, about the red flags, if any? steve: what red flags? >> use vernacular there ain't no recession on this horizon. not in the future. i can't wait. sure things. brian: meanwhile presidential historian getting death threats just for writing about president trump. it will not stop him.
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6.4 magnitude quake causing several buildings to collapse transportation some people in the rubble. strong aftershocks still being felt right now. and we will destroy you, iranian officials issuing that warning towards the united states overnight. the rogue regime accuses the west of insta gating deadly protests over skyrocketing gas prices. and, like something straight out of a movie, ax wielding thieves caught on camera breaking into a german museum once described as secure as fort knox. the daring duo escaping in a matter of minutes with over, get, this over a billion dollars worth of precious gems. and that is some of the news, brian. brian: change gears and talk 2020. billionaire michael bloomberg back democratics over record as he enters the 2020 race. stop and frisk to tax hikes on the rich and even his political party.
3:27 am
will this rebrand help his image? here correspondent for the federalist david. you see a problem with the flip-flops, right? >> absolutely in particular stop and frisk. question part gets left off. brian: tough on terror, tough on crime. >> yes. brian: here's a listen of mayor mike bloomberg and now candidate mike bloomberg. >> today we have fewer guns, fewer shootings and fewer homicides. there is no question that stop, question, frisk has saved countless lives. >> i got something important really wrong. i didn't understand that back then. the full impacted that stops were having on the black and latino communities. brian brian what are we to believe? this was only months ago. >> clearly the only thing that changed is that he is now running for president and a party that finds itself somewhere to the left of whoopee. brian: whoopi goldberg. >> bottom line we need
3:28 am
political leaders that will support our police, not throw them under the bus to kowtow to political correctness which is clearly what he is doing. brian: 77 years old he wants to change his resume. at least run on how are. for example in politico in 2012. taxing the rich is as dumb a policy can i think. the 1% pays about 70 percent of all the taxes and super rich pay about 50% of all the taxes. why would you do that? now watch. >> over the course of this campaign i will tell what you i will do as president and how i will do it. i will outline plans for creating good-paying jobs. raising taxes on wealthy individuals like me. >> go along to get along. trying to buy the presidency. if you are going to run as a democrat first thing going to say tax the rich and that will solve everything. brian: i don't understand he saw that stage. he saw the socialist bernie sanders leading the charge, authentic. others say medicare for all.
3:29 am
baby bucks. $1,000 for everyone for automation. and instead of saying i want to be different, he says i want to be like them? >> in this democratic party this is different. the moderate a listen the democratic party today is what the progressive lane was in 2008. brian: i just think you actually get into -- you put down the acumen of the voter to think you are going to buy. this for example, are you going to buy that he is a republican? because before 2001 he was a democrat. between 2001 and 2007, thanks to rudy giuliani's endorsement, he became a republican mayor. and then he was an independent from 2007 to 2018. and now, drum roll please, a democrat. >> look, his political party is whatever he thinks is going to help him. when you talk to as i do g.o.p. officials locally in new york city. what he did by abandoning the republican party in 2007 it destroyed the party and the city. it still hasn't recovered. bloomberg's loyalty is to
3:30 am
himself and he will run whatever he thinks he needs to run as. brian: he will run his ads against trump as if it's him and trump. number two is almost everybody in the democratic field outside of joe biden say i welcome him, is against his presence. he has a lot of head winds. >> absolutely. brian: we will read the federalist as usual. thank you so much. >> thank you. brian: battle between millennials and baby boomers is considering it's raging all over social media. there is another generation facing a fight. that story is next. plus, on a lighter note, cracker barrel is rolling into the fox square before they roll down sixth avenue in thanksgiving day parade. we will talk about it. we put janice outside and gave her a complimentary host. ♪ we'll have a good time ♪ it's always a good time. ♪
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brian: shot of the morning, the airlines seemingly impossible security question going viral. >> from jetblue. a woman screen grabbed a question. what is the name of your favorite child it says right there. emily: emily obviously. the actual question reads what is the name of your favorite childhood friend. the whole question was cut off. that's hilarious. steve: i will tell you what, the internet pretty much got a hole poked into it. emily: just in time for thanksgiving, mom, what's your favorite child? moving gears here a clash of generation, millennials and baby boomers making waves, battling over ideals on social media. brian: brand new op-ed general x own battle struggling to stay relevant cynical and disconnected politically. steve: here to weigh in is spokesperson and host of the instagram show at politics.
3:35 am
>> at poc at >> good morning how are you. almost thanksgiving. >> thank you so much. you have got baby boomers and then came genx and then millennials. there seems to be the generationed in the middle. genx having a crisis of identity. >> this is a thing. why are they acting upset about that now. that's their whole schtick. that's the thing about genx. they wanted to be the grumpy like oscar the group of people. they are the grunge music generation. do you know what i mean? they're the latch key kids. coming home from school. both of their parnghtsz were working outside of the home. they had to take care of themselves. they had it entertain themselves playing with other kids in the neighborhood and liked being loaners. when you think about the breakfast club think about
3:36 am
their personalities their whole thing is i don't care. now all of a sudden i want to care. i say listen, karen, why i couldn't not caring when mtv didn't want to show music videos anymore. we would have loved to hear from you then. brian: exactly. emily: i'm genx. i appreciated flying under the radar as everyone picks apart millennials and z. i'm glad to the knob in the spotlight i will say. i'm probably the minority of my generation. so, it's our understanding that you have some great suggestions as to how celebrate thanksgiving with leftist relatives if you feel differently. tell us about that. >> actually, i talked about this in my episode yesterday my show on instagram. the very first thing i want to say do you want to find some common ground at thanksgiving dinner with your leftist relatives. admit you both want hillary clinton to run in 2020. steve: that will bring the table together. that's it. that's all have you got to
3:37 am
do. steve: alex, should you even bring up politics during something like that because it's one of those things where you know somebody might have a different point of view. it's just going to bug them and it's going to bug you and leave a bad taste in your mouth? >> yeah. but you know that it's never, it's never the conservatives that try to go there during thanksgiving dinner. it's always our aunt who, you know, has the pink cat hat. that's who it is who is bringing this stuff up. we don't have to worry about that. we have got -- if they do do it, we have got to be ready and prepared. we can also ease their tensions by suggesting that, hey, do you know what's great? is that this year for thanksgiving dinner we are not going to be serving any zoo animals like socialist venezuela because america will never be a socialist country. brian: pass the seeabl zebra. real quick, alex. that movie no safe spaces features liberals and conservatives upset about the lack of acceptability of people's free speech. and the political correctness culture.
3:38 am
so maybe we can agree that political correctness is destroyindestroying america. how about that? >> i love that actually over 75% of people do agree no matter what race, background, whatever. most people do agree that political correctness sucks. so there's that. emily: thank you so much, happy thanksgiving. brian: and you don't suck. >> thank you. neither do you guys. brian: thank you, appreciate it. neither does jillian. you don't suck either, jillian. jillian: thank you. wow, this got weird. we start with this story. a carjacking at a chick-fil-a ends with a deadly police shooting. watch this. [gunfire] >> those shots didn't stop the machete wielding carjacker from we are freezing the video when the officer. that's when another shot shot and killed the suspect. the officer was that injured
3:39 am
will be okay. the gun owner fighting to make his town a assessment sanctuary. >> you cannot legislate the evil out of man's heart. evil exists and no law is going to change it. jillian: virginia beach rngt vincent smith working on a resolution that would tell the general assembly more gun laws are not the answer. and they won't spend new resources gun laws unconstitutional. interfere with the healing process in virginia beach where 12 people were killed in a shooting in may. joe biden's campaign hitting another snag. his most senior latino staffer quit. politico reporting national coalition director vanessa left over what she felt was a lack of input on immigration and outreach to hispanic voters. she had been with biden's campaign since it launched in april. she now lists herself as formerly with biden on her twitter bio. biden has since declared he is making hispanic outreach a priority of his campaign.
3:40 am
then there is think a chihuahua goes for a joy ride. jumping on the gas pedal while their owner pumps gas. the suv went in reverse across four lanes of traffic before coming to a stop. the owner was slightly hurt while trying to chase down the puppy, a mechanical failure was found in the car. allowing it to change gears without pressing the brake. that's scary. brian: that really happened? there was a dog in the car moving the car backwards? elm. jillian: a chihuahua. steve: do you think she is making the. brian: how did it go in reverse. emily: mechanical failure. that's like race car status. jillian: i will follow it closely. steve: meanwhile let's follow janice dean in front of our world headquarters with a very special attraction for the big thanksgiving day parade. >> >> yes. we are going to talk about cracker barrel new york city sized home for the
3:41 am
thanksgiving day parade. let's talk about the weather. it is going to affect millions of people across the country. temperatures are cold enough for snow especially across the rockies and central plains. that's her first system. could bring the potential for severe weather and some very strong winds across the west. so this system is going to move in to the eastern part of the country on thursday, perhaps affecting the macy's thanksgiving day parade. so we will have to watch for that speaking of this. the macy's thanksgiving day parade and cracker barrel, we have got janella escabar from cracker barrel to tell us all about what is happening for thanksgiving. >> hello. thank you for having us. we are excited to be in new york this week. it's our 50th anniversary year. cat scan. janice: 50? >> this thanksgiving cracker barrel is celebrating all of the elements of our brand with our debut in the macy's thanksgiving day parade and by bringing a tiny cracker barrel to the big apple. janice: this is like a replica. show me. but this is not the one
3:42 am
that's going to be in the macy's thanksgiving day parade. >> it's not. our home sweet home is the float that's going to be in the parade. this float will be in the day before thanksgiving spreading southern hospitality to visitors alike. symptom on by get coffee, cracker barrel treats and tour our store. janice: i will be 50 next year as well. >> congratulations. janice: later on in the program we will take you inside. look at all the folks who came to see us today. say hi, say hi to all the folks in the studio today. >> hi. brian: janice dean packs them in. emily: i love cracker barrel we were talking about how much we love the store and the food. now i'm hungry for business cuts and gravy. brian: only probable you can't get a beer there. steve: it's breakfast time is that a problem? >> you can't have a beer but you can rock.
3:43 am
meanwhile, we are going to switch gears. this is disturbing. a presidential historian getting death threats just for writing about president trump in a new book. but he says that's not going to stop him. he joins us live next.
3:44 am
3:45 am
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3:47 am
threats coming. >> from they don't know. the fbi had four theories about it. but the last one came last night when i checked in to the hotel where i'm staying, which i won't mention they are tracking it. the first letter warned named each of my children and where they lived and details about their life and my life and said blood will flow. a lot of gory stuff you wouldn't want to hear about if the book is released. my publisher said in 40 years, second largest publisher in the world in 40 years they have never seen anything like this or had this happen. they asked me, you know, i could keep my advance and they would withdraw the book. steve: sure. >> my kids, everybody said no we believe in free freedom of speech. anonymous. i have written a book about president trump that's on the record his story needs to be heard, too. >> let's talk about this
3:48 am
book. >> last threat came last night. steve: extraordinary. let's talk about the book that somebody doesn't want america to be able to read. >> right. steve: what's it about? so you had a lot of exclusive chats with the first family? >> yes. steve: for instance, do you debunk a number of stories that are out there. one of them is the claim that the president and the first lady are estranged. and you have done the research and as it turns out the answer, we got it right there, it's not true. >> it's false. yeah. they are a great couple. they love each other and they are very playful. the kids are filled with very funny stories about how they tease each other totally different. steve: tiffany trump is not supportive of her father's campaign. going over to the big board, that's false, too? >> that's false, too. i was the first person and only person that's interviewed tiffany since her 235er won the election. she is adorable and wonderful. she saw the white house for
3:49 am
the first time in her life when she crossed the threshold. i said wait a minute, you stayed at the blare house the night before you could have looked across the street. yes, there was scaffolding up on pennsylvania avenue for the parade there were prefabricated buildings on the north lawn. she never saw the white house until she crossed the threshold with her dad who is president. steve: that is something. tell us one thing that people don't know about the trumps. it's such a publicized family. is there one thing that sticks with you like you found it out and you go wow, i had no idea. >> there are so many but i will tell you one thing that was most fascinating of all came from the kids about their parents. kids travel all over the world. jared takes the kids. pulled into private meetings heads of state throughout 2017 and 2018. they will say please go home and tell your father we are so sorry he is going through this russian collusion
3:50 am
nonsense. around the world. i'm hearing this and i'm thinking well, of course, i never had that pervel before. but if you are the president of france or the prime minister of the u.k. you are a dictator somewhere you have to know by 6:00 p.m. tonight. you can't wait two years for the mueller report. there is 120 intelligence agency notice world they all knew the answer to the russian collusion within hours. steve: and here we are. the real story of his presidency. thank you. stay safe. >> thank you. steve: president trump called conan the military dog a tough cookie. vice president pence was the one getting all the dog love. carley shimkus with the social media reaction to the hero's welcome at the white house. ♪ we dream as big as we want to ♪ we all get a chance ♪ everybody gets to dance ♪ only in america ♪
3:51 am
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and nobody is going to mess with conan. brian: canine conan receiving a hero's welcome at the white house. budding bromance that stole
3:55 am
the show. steve: here with reaction social media fox news headlines 24/7 reporter carley shimkus it. looked like mike pence was the hero. >> is he still a dog likes to get his head scratched. the vice president was giving him a lot of above yesterday. when these dogs aren't working they are pretty much like your average pet. when they're given a task, all bets are off. we got to see the nice conan yesterday. and a lot of people on social media were talking about it. doug on facebook says good boy, conan, you definitely deserve the purple heart and many other accommodations and a great big steak. i'm sure that would be his favorite part. kim on facebook says what a special dog that can serve with valor. yet be friendly and happy with strangers. god bless you conan and all canine who serve. >> hero dog conan has obviously taken a special liking to vice president mike pence and bonded with him. conan receives a medal and a
3:56 am
plaque yesterday. did not receive the purple heart because they are not eligible. that award only goes to humans. it is a very if he has been time at the white house tree was delivered turkey pardon today. the untrending nationwide on social media get to two funny tweets here. put nyquil in the cran bury sauce. that's not good. we can relate to this one. drunk uncle. i saw another tweet that said ways to ruin thanksgiving two words ask how are voting for and one that would word the thanksgiving at the shimkus household say you are out of wine. that would be a bad thing. steve: party over. i said there is so much stuff going on four hours. put nyquil in the thanksgiving sauce. thanksgiving is one of the best days of the year. >> it is. brian: turned negative.
3:57 am
carley: i'm just delivering the news. don't kill the messe messenger. steve: still ahead on this tuesday. kellyanne conway, charles payne and newt all here live. employees need more than just a paycheck. you definitely want to take advantage of all the benefits you can get. 2/3 of employees said that the workplace is an important source for personal savings and protection solutions. the workplace should be a source of financial security. keeping your people happy is what keeps your people. that's financial wellness. put your employees on a path to financial wellness with prudential. most people think of verizon as a reliable phone company. (woman) but to businesses, we're a reliable partner. we keep companies ready for what's next. (man) we weave security into their business. virtualize their operations. (woman) and build ai customer experiences. we also keep them ready for the next big opportunity. like 5g. almost all the fortune 500 partner with us.
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telling folks about idaho potatoes. and i want it back. what is it with you and that truck? ♪ slay bells ring ♪ are you listening ♪ in the lane ♪ snow is glistening ♪ a beautiful sight. steve: breaking my rule, one holiday at a time. sorry michael ble buble we are not supposed to play this until friday. we have cracker barrel here. their tiny home away from homemade its way -- and that's inside. that's going to be at folly square as of tomorrow to welcome visitors to new york city. their home sweet home from cracker barrel will join the macy's thanksgiving day parade on thursday for the first time ever.
4:01 am
brian: those are a bunch of happy people. they are extras that we have been auditions throughout the week and they made the final cut. playing our janice dean is janice dean. brian: can't cast anyone like him, they broke the mold, fox news contributesser newsletter at newt get out of the christmas spirit and talk impeachment talk. do you believe the president is right to have done what he did with eddie gallagher or do you side with the now deposed secretary of the navy who said we have a process? >> well, both are true. but the president is ultimately the head of the process. there is a reason he is called commander-in-chief. and i think in his case, look, is he making a very clear statement to the men and women in union form that --. that the days of the obama administration valuing warriors over fighters and crippling beam tying their hands and giving us rules of
4:02 am
engagement that make no sense are over. and that when we are in a war we should fight to win the war. brian: yep. >> if you have somebody who has given his entire life as a seal, you ought to have some respect. brian: eight tours of duty. >> i think the president was legitimate. i understand the secretary of the navy is a friend of mine. i like him. i do think in the end and he had every right to resign rather than execute the order. but the president equally had every right to issue the order because he is the commander-in-chief. steve: absolutely, newt. apparently and he was interviewed by cbs yesterday. apparently he said he didn't resign. he was fired before he could resign. he also said yeah, there was back channel secret thing. i went to the white house lawyers and i said that eddie gallagher could retire with all the navy seal benefits. buff the president had to allow the navy process to work itself out. in other words, the president has to butt out. here is more of it. listen. >> what message does that send to the troops? >> well, what message does it send?
4:03 am
>> that you can get away with things. we have to have good order and discipline. it's the back bottom of what we do. i don't think he really understands the full definition of a war fighter. a war fighter is a profession of arms. and a profession of arms has standards that they have to be held to. and they hold themselves. to say. brian: right. they got to be standards that are plausible and reasonable. steve: so the president doesn't understand the war fighter, newt. >> well, look, that is a question of bias and emphasis. my dad spent 27 years in the infantry. and i think he had a pretty deep sense from world war ii, korea and vietnam of being a war fighter. and part of the question is a matter of bias. here's a guy who dedicated his entire life to defending his country, who represented one of the most elite units we have. let's say he made a mistake. the question the president is saying is that a big enough mistake to take away his symbol. the try denting, of being a seal and in effect have him retire in dishonorable which
4:04 am
it would have been among his colleagues. brian: yeah. >> or can we overlook this one thing because this guy gave us years of very hard service in very dangerous places? trump comes down in favor -- the president wants to favor the morale of the war fighter over the morale of the bureaucrat. very straightforward question. brian: he had two bronze stars on top of that we saw how unethical the prosecutor was. you think they would stand down rather than make a public show it. seems to have been personal and it cost him his professional career. so, we will see where that goes. emily: newt, we want to get your thoughts on the impeachment next. specifically that the democrats are watching horrified. >> and happy thanksgiving to you, too. steve: exactly. emily: we are ending on a thanksgiving note. i promise. we want to get your thoughts on how democrats are watching who are horrified as republicans air ads in swing states. is nancy pelosi hanging them
4:05 am
out to dry? >> well, i think the person who hung them out to dry is adam schiff. i think schiff was so dishonest, so blatantly arrogant, so patently unfair that he turned -- he personally turned the tide. and if you look, for example, among independents. there has been a huge swing from the independents saying yeah, maybe we should impeach to independents increasingly saying no, we shouldn't. i think as that conversation goes on, you just saw, i think it was a michigan democrat yesterday, who has switched her position and said, you know, maybe we don't need to impeach. maybe we can just vote censure. i think more and more democrats are going to come back -- brian: let's refer to lawrence out of michigan. that's a district that the president thinks he can get back. >> we are so close to an election. i will tell you sitting here knowing how divided this country is, i don't see the
4:06 am
value of taking him out of office. i want him sene censured. i want it on the record that the house of representatives did their job and they told this president and any president coming behind him that this is unacceptable behavior and under our constitution, we will not allow it. steve: so, newt, as these lawmakers are in their home districts over the thanksgiving holiday, do you think they are getting an earful of people going why are you wasting your time on that. you know it can't pass the senate. why don't you actually pass something like that trade bill? >> i think that's part of it. even that's more political than people are. as you know my wife calista is from wisconsin and so is my son-in-law paul lovers. i guarantee you the average wisconsinite spending more energy on what happened with the packers and 49ers than
4:07 am
they are either the trade bill or impeachment. for most americans this impeachment stuff is washington junk. it never reached the level of being real. they think it's just politicians jammerring at each other. the big loser here has been the news media where over half the country believes the news media is on the side of the democrats and has nothing to do with the news anymore because they are a propaganda arm. i think the energy is going to be available to try to impeach the president is going to go down every single day of the vacation. and i suspect by the time they get bake, a lot of democrats are going to be saying to nancy pelosi, gee, can't we find something like censure and just get this thing over with and go home? brian: because it swichts, as you know, you lived it. when it goes to a republican astronaut, this thing is going to change dramatically, especially if it keeps losing momentum like it now. supposed to be in jerry nadler's lap shortly. doug collins says i don't know what's going on.
4:08 am
i asked jerry nadler, he didn't know it. sounds chaotic. meanwhile, the other big story -- go ahead. >> i was going to say and frankly if lindsey graham follows through on his promise and the first people that they bring in to the senate are hunter biden and joe biden, i think the democrats will roux the day they started this dance. brian: adam schiff, too. steve: let's move on to michael bloomberg. emily: insuring the michael union recalled the decision not to investigate 2020 presidential candidates. we heard from the former washington bureau chief meghan murphy. she said it was staggering the notion of essentially keeping back what she called an army of really amazing reporters from researching, from giving viewers. steve: from doing their job. emily: exactly. from getting access to information. your thoughts, newt? >> well, i think the biggest turkey this thanksgiving is michael bloomberg. i think the idea that he could set aside his media empire, issue them instructions -- i didn't realize. this but they apparently
4:09 am
have always had instructions to never investigate bloomberg, his foundation, or his family. they have always had that instruction. but, also remember, bloomberg, more than any other american billionaire has openly supported xi jinping the general secretary of the chinese communist party has openly said it's not a dictatorship and the reason is simple. when they started to investigate corruption in china, the chinese communist said to them, do you, this we will pull out every single bloomberg device in the country and it's going to cost you like a billion dollars a year. and bloomberg caved instantly. if my choice is investigating corruption or getting richer, i pick getting richer. so, i think his running will be a very exciting brief moment in personal history. and i think he will discover that being rich the way he is rich and being as arrogant as he is, is not a very good way to try to govern america. brian: for democrats, his money flipped about 21 seats. he did very effective that way. >> sure. brian: it hasn't stopped the
4:10 am
president's candidates from going after him because they actually want the nomination. steve: newt, let's talk a little bit about the big day, two days from now is thanksgiving. what do you and the gingrichs have to be most thankful for this year? >> well, i think the biggest thing is just good health. we are very fortunate. we have a grand daughter now in college and grandson who is the president of his senior class in high school. the whole family is pretty healthy. we lost calista's mother this year. we miss her very much and thanksgiving was always a big time with her. that's going to be, i think, the one painful note this thanksgiving. but we have a lot to be thankful for. and because calista is the ambassadors to the vatican. she will spend thanksgiving day running around rome reading the presidential proclamation on thanksgiving. so, she works on thanksgiving day. sharing what the american president has sent out as to why we are celebrating thanksgiving, which is not a european holiday.
4:11 am
steve: right. >> they look at all of this with a certain amount of confusion. steve: where do you go in rome to get a good turkey with dressing and pumpkin pie dinner? brian: olive garden. [laughter] >> no. wee actually end up at the north american college seminary for priests here in rome. they do an annual thanksgiving event. which includes, by the way, seminarians some of whom performed on broadways before deciding to become priests. they have in-house imament. they have a great dinner they serve. it's a wonderful moment of real fellowship. emily: that sounds amazing. happy thanksgiving to you and your family, newt. >> thank you. emily: enjoy rome have. a special holiday. >> take care. emily: now in time for our headlines. we have jillian. what's going on this morning? jillian: get caught up on the story we have been following. we now know the some of an alabama sheriff killed in the line of duty witnessed his father's murder. the some of lowndes county sheriff big john williams
4:12 am
was inside a gas station shopping when his father was shot outside. 18-year-old william johnson is charged in the murder. he is the some of a chef's deputy in a neighbor county. police say johnson shot williams after the sheriff told him to turn down his music. williams walls a marine veteran and served as sheriff for nearly a decade. a grim discovery in the search for ufc fighter walton harris' missing stepdaughter. police believe they found the body of aniah holly blanchard in the woods in alabama. it comes as police make a third arrest in connection with to the case. david johnson jr. is charged with hindering prosecution. two others are also charged in blanchard's disappearance. the college student was last seen at a gas station last month. the emerald city wants more green. seattle passing an uber and lyft fee overnight hoping to raise an extra $25 million a year to board affordable housing. ride share companies will add extra 57 cents to every trip.
4:13 am
cincinnati wants to raise ride share minimum wage to $15 an hour by next summer. a thanksgiving tradition happening today at the white house. one of the tuckerys will be pardoned by president trump. and the whowls i white house is asking you whether it should be bread or butter. don't worry, both birds will be spared. the turkey from a north carolina farm arrived in d.c. sunday and living their best life at the willard hotel which is a five star hotel. looks pretty cozy there. steve: just a block from the white house. i have a feeling they will pardon both. emily: i think they will. brian: thanks, jillian. we owe you favor. straight ahead former navy secretary richard spencer defending handling of eddie gallagher case. lippold says there is no excuse for what spencer did. he joins us next. steve: a bitter message to one of his fans from a girlfriend. ♪ >> you mean the world to
4:14 am
her. but she is having difficulty staying in this long distance relationship. we love you, brayden. be positive, bro. ♪ put your arms around me baby. ♪
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4:18 am
emily: overnight a navy spokesman reveals navy seal eddie gallagher will retire from active duty and won't take part in navy review board. steve: defending his handling of the case and taking aim at president trump. >> i don't think he really understands the full definition of a war fighter. a war fighter is a profession of arms. and a profession of arms has standards that this have to be held to. and they hold themselves. to say. >> well, what message does it send? >> that can you get away with things. we have to have good order and discipline. it's the back bottom of what we do. brian: all right. is that true? >> here to weigh in is former "u.s.s. cole" commanders kirk lippold. friend of the show. we thought you would be the perfect person to talk to to referee this battle. where do you fall. >> good morning, brian. when i look at and it i listen to what secretary spencer says, number one, you have a commander-in-chief that made the decision in the chain of command sought to undermine it from the beginning. when you look at what secretary spencer did, it, in fact, lacks integrity and
4:19 am
ethics. when you try to take and create this sham of a review board, go over the chain of commands secretary of defense directly to the white house and say, look, we will hold this board, but we will come to a preordained conclusion. that way we can have a veneer for the american people that we're enforcing good order and discipline. by the same token, he will get to keep his trident. that lacks ethics. at the end of the day, when lives are at stake, we need military leadership on both the military and political side that has integrity. that was lacking in this case and for that alone. i think secretary spencer should have been fired. steve: and secretary spencer did not tell his boss, the secretary of defense the deal he was trying to cut with the white house, which essentially was to say, okay, eddie will be able to retire with full navy benefits, but the president has got to butt out and we're going to go ahead and do our little review. >> look, whether or not the president should have
4:20 am
intervened, that's a moot point right now. what you have to look at is the process was playing out. the decision was made that he was acquitted of the murder charge the president intervened. the chain of command. as far as i'm concerned, when you look at what the secretary did, every officer, especially the admirals, that condoned that unethical process of a review board that was about to be convened, their retirement paper should be on the desk as well. we can't afford that in the military. i have lived with the consequences of political decisions affecting a career. so i'm probably a little more sensitive than most. at the end of the day, we have to have good order and discipline, but we have to have leadership that exhibits integrity. emily: commander, obviously have you that perspective from the leadership role. how do the war fighters feel? how do the boots on the ground feel. >> i think when they are looking at it, they want to know that the chain of commands has their back. yes, you have to be war fighters. yes, we have rules of
4:21 am
engagement we have to follow. yes, we have standards of conduct that must be adhered too. at the end of the day, when you have those kinds of mistakes, you can have a disciplinary process. it shouldn't become so public as it did. because literally, there are tens of thousands of good order and discipline nonjudicial punishment and court-martial cases that happen throughout the military every year. these three cases that the president intervened in were problematic from the beginning. the fact that they chose to now make this a public fight between the department of defense and the secretary and others, i think is very unfortunate. brian: it is. just another big distraction. and these admirals are so in to command, what don't they get about the commander-in-chief giving a commands? you have to take orders as well as give orders. >> one of the great corner stones of our democracy is civilian control of the military. those civilians tend to be political appointees or elected officials. and at the end of the day, if you disagree with what they're doing, get out
4:22 am
commander lippold, thank you so much we appreciate. >> it absolutely. brian: stop the crisis at the border and the new acting director of the homeland security is here to talk about it. chad wolf here live. stow 'n go seats. can your car do this? man, y'all getting a hook up and y'all don't even work here. don't act like i'm not doing y'all a favor. y'all should be singing my praises. pacificaaaaa! with employee pricing, get $4,107 below msrp plus $1,000 bonus cash plus 0% financing for 60 months on the 2020 pacifica limited
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brian: the new acting head of homeland security taking illegal immigration head on. the dhs secretary was in north carolina yesterday raleigh to be specifically to tackle sanctuary cities in that state. his visits come months an governor vetoed a bill that would have required sheriffs to cooperate with immigration officials. you think it would be incumbent on the position. joining us now exclusively in his first tv interview since assuming the post acting secretary of homeland security chad wolf. mr. secretary, congratulations. why is this your first area to attack? >> thank you, brian, for having me this morning. i think sanctuary city policies endanger communities. they make the men and women of ice their job more difficult. so they are not protecting communities. they are endangering the communities. i thought it was important in my first week to call that out and to stand with the men and women of ice to do so. brian: some of the things you pointed out 480 ice
4:27 am
detainers law enforcement of late face wall year 2019. that's a problem. you want to present. this you want to stop this practice primarily because it's a magnet. >> absolutely we heard from sheriffs. we heard from elected officials. most importantly we heard from angel families yesterday on the devastating effects the sanctuary policies have. part of my job is to make sure that the american people hear about that. the north carolinaens hear about that on what certain officials and jurisdictions in north carolina are doing when they talk about sanctuary policies. and these are magnets and these are hastens for criminals, and they make those communities less safe and not more safe and it makes the officers of ice, makes their job more difficult and puts them in danger. so we need to call it out and describe what it really is, and that is it is causing these communities to be less secure and more dangerous. brian: right. the other area, you have a huge portfolio. but one of which is the border wall. and a lot of controversy with it.
4:28 am
we know that the president was able to re-purpose defense spending money and start building it. are you building new wall or replacing old wall? >> we are building new wall, brian. under president trump's leadership, we built 83 miles. we have another 153 under construction and we are on track to build between 450 and 500 miles by the end of 2020. i hear this fallacy that we are replacing wall. we are not building new wall. i would say if you are going to tear down a shack and build a five or six bedroom house you don't call that a replacement shack. you call that a new house. when we are building and tearing down 7 to 8-foot shanty landy mat wall with an 18 to 30-foot wall. that's new wall. it gives the border patrol, the agents at cbp new abilities they have never had before. new wall, new construction and we're getting on with it. brian: there is talking about putting that you log type camera on the wall to watch the construction being
4:29 am
done so you can tune in at any moment. are you for that? do you see that getting done? >> i'm for -- i'm letting the public -- i'm for having the public and anyone look at our wall construction. i think when you talk about wall construction, there is two phases. there is the land acquisition which we are doing in texas and others. and actual construction of the wall. anyone that wants to take a look at that wall construction is happy to do. so there are certain things we have to keep in mind and considerations. there are certain operational aspects of having cameras along the border, making sure we don't get the bad guys a view into how our agents operate along the border and the type of construction that's going on. so we have got to make sure that we balance letting the public see what's going on with the operational considerations that our agents need on the border. brian: right, not a matter illegals coming here. you also worry about gangs. >> absolutely. brian: with gangs comes illegal activity. where are you at confronting. this what has been done in the past where you think you can nuances with a different
4:30 am
approach? >> so i think at the department we are going after the financing of these transnational criminal organizations. weave look at the enforcement posture that we have with the government of mexico. our partnership there has increased under president trump's leadership. we are also signing a number of agreements with our central american partners. the border security agreements. biometric agreements again that are stopping these dangerous cartels at their source. and then we have a number of agreements and policies in place should they actually get to our southern border that, again, is stopping this flow. the flow is what fuels these tcos. so if you can cut off their financing, can you cut off their deadly -- the results of what they do. brian: real quick, is it true that you will start sending those weld up in mexico back to honduras and central america? >> absolutely. again. we have agreements in place with honduras, el salvador and guatemala on asylum seekers. we started our first flights
4:31 am
last week. and we will continue to push progress. giving folks the ability to seek refuge closer to home and that's really the goal that we're trying to do here. brian: best of luck, he has one of the hardest jobs in washington. acting dhs secretary chad wolf. thank you very much. >> thanks, brian. brian: imagine looking out your plane window and see thsmght the moment sparks fly. forget the war on christmas. the left is now going after thanksgiving. how they are trying to ruin your dinner to safe the environment. and, we have a special. pint sized cracker barrel store on wheels, on fox square. come join in the fun. play checkers. ♪ i am all about living joyfully. ♪ hello. the united explorer card hooks me up.
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i've lost my will to live. all the time i suffer alone wit and pain. your help is urgently needed. please call right now and make $25 that will rush food and essentid to an elderly jewish person str survive. every gift helps keep them alive and show's your love to god's p. for over 35 years, the international fellowship ofs and jews has been bringing christian and communities together. and it's only with your help that we can meet this challenge basic essentials like food boxes to the elderly t most. inside each food box we put a hanukkah holiday note letting t recipients know that this is a gift from christ jews who love them. it means so much to me. your help will bring food to th and much needed peace into thei
4:34 am
whether you can help one time o month you will recieve god's blessings when you bless these children o. i pray that god will speak to y now. we need your help more than ever before. >> she wants you to know that you mean a lot to her.
4:35 am
you mean the world to her. but she is having difficulty staying in this long distance relationship. she wants to be friends right now, bro. the long distance thing is a little difficult. but she wishes you nothing but the best. all the love in the world. and do, do do, do your best on that thesis, man. brian: wow. it's your shot of the morning mark mcgrath telling a woman's boyfriend it's over. steve: cheyenne paid him to break her now ex-boyfriend's heart over the video app. called cameo. emily: this is now going viral with thousands of views. brian: michael loftus the comedian founder of loftus party has a big heart. he knows what it's like for him to have a woman break up with him too much. what's your reaction to this. would you want a famous person to let you know that a woman is over and done with you? >> no. no. this is a horrible idea you
4:36 am
are like wow, mark mcgrath has a message for me. dude, she hates you. that's horrible. that's like having nickel back break your heart. [laughter] emily: there is nothing worse. >> i don't want that. no. steve: i got news for you, michael, now that this has gone viral, there will be thousands of people who hire different faces from that company to do different things for them now. >> some day, i want it to be me. like i don't want to be the victim of it, but i will definitely record the video. dude, it's you. your breath stinks. she can't handle it. she wants to see other people. i would be brutal. i would have no mercy. steve: meanwhile, let's switch gears. tell people forget the war on christmas. now, some say thanksgiving is under attack. first "the huffington post" told everybody their thanksgiving dinner is ruining the environment. emily: "time" magazine
4:37 am
jumping on board urging to go meatless. benefit in the name of climate change. brian: yep, that's not all. uno pulling a wild car removing red and blue cards to keep the holidays politics-free. michael, what are your thoughts on this push. >> i'm tired of it. like, if you want to celebrate veganism and all that other stuff, get your own holiday, leave thanksgiving and christmas alone. they are perfect. we don't need your help. kiss my giblets i want my turkey i'm tired of these vegans try to ruin everything. yeah, vegans i'm coming at you hard. i'm not worried about fistfighting a vegan. they ball up their fist, they almost pass out. it's a miracle they don't all have scurvy. brian: you are not recommending we all fight vegans. >> you don't have to fight them. you just make funnel of them and they just pass out. you need protein. there is a reason we eat turkey on thanksgiving. it's good. it's wonderful. you are not going to get that from a brestle sprout.
4:38 am
it's not stop lying vegan. they tell you have this chocolate chip cookie it's vegan. it's good. no it's not. it tastes like sawdust, lies and tears. [laughter] steve: you feel strongly about this. >> i do. steve: some people just don't like tradition. and they are moving on to something new. >> well then start your own thing. like do it on earth day. but don't expect me to sit down to a steaming bowl of kale soup and be happy on thanksgiving. no, thanksgiving is about turkey. it's about family. it's about pie. and instant potatoes and cranberry sauce that comes out of a can and then later on throwing around the football, which is pig skin, which is recycling. we invented that. brian: what do you mean pig skin -- they give up their skin and live? steve: no, he means it's meat. brian: what do you mean recycle? >> no, brian. they live. they are just chilly. knit a sweater. emily: my message is on you
4:39 am
delivering any message from cameo. i think you are pretty effective. steve: michael, how much bacon do you eat in the course of a day. >> i eat 7 pounds of bacon. >> bacon! brian: is your organ working? do you need a plunger. >> they take out a blood sample and they get pork rinds. brian: fantastic. mike, let me ask you something. you are writing for a sitcom in new york and won't come into the studio. are you that big of a star? >> no. they knew -- they had to keep me away from the cracker barrel outside. because they knew i would lose my mind. i love thanksgiving. i love cracker barrel. i would be out there with that little triangle golf tee thing trying to get it down to one. that game drives me crazy. brian: live shot of fox square. live shot camera there that's how much power you have. steve: have great thanksgiving. we have great holiday. live in the best country. a lot to be thankful for. double up on the stuffing,
4:40 am
you guys. brian: and if you want to break up with someone, michael loftus would love to do it for you. deliver the bad news. >> i will totally do it. brian: don't do it directly. why text when you can use loftus. steve: thank you so much. >> i will go full bongino. [laughter] steve: now you are talking. let's switch gears now jillian joins us with a rebuttal to everything we just said. brian: sorry about that. jillian: i'm not vegan. brian: have you plenty of energy. jillian: i'm not vegan. i'm vegetarian. vegans don't eat dairy, vegetarians do. i still don't eat turkey i eat mashed potatoes and stuffing and love it. get you caught up on this because there are so many more important things to talk about than what to eat on thanksgiving. sparks fly during a plane emergency landing. passengers capturing terrifying moments. engine on boeing 737 scraping the runway in colombia. landing gear malfunctions.
4:41 am
everyone walls evacuated safely. no word yet on what led up to the equipment malfunctioning. a woman is thanking to two strangers from saving her from a burning car. one of them bursts into flames. theresa gray was unable to get away from the fire but two men driving by swooped her to safety. >> there are still good people in the world. and to have them do what they did, to save her life, you know, and keep her with us is rare. jillian: the woman was rushed to the hospital. her sister continues to ask for prayers. this is a quote. got outsmarted by a bartender. that's one of the hundreds of emails mocking new york governor andrew cuomo for caving to alexandria ocasio-cortez. angry emails over the confirmation to plans to
4:42 am
build a giant amazon headquarters. one person adding, quote: with amazon leaving sanity has left the state for good and i will be leaving soon, too. that's the headlines. steve: that's the cover on the ne"the new york post." 18 minutes before the top of the hour, janice dean is outside where even though it's not quite thanksgiving it looks a lot like christmas. janice: it does. this is the cracker barrel tiny home that's going to be on display just up the street. of course, they are going to have a float in the thanksgiving day parade. hi, my friends, let's talk about the weather. i'm a little bit concerned about what's going to hand here in new york city for thanksgiving. we have two big systems. one is moving across the rockies, bringing quite a bit of snow. that's going to extend up towards the great lakes. that's our first storm system. then we have one behind it. so blizzard conditions will be possible. it's going to be a mess unfortunately over the next couple of days with both of these systems. and those balloons are going to have to watch on thursday because it might be too windy. they will have to bring the balloons down a little bit, we think. say hi, everybody.
4:43 am
>> hi. >> ♪ it's beginning to look a lot like christmas ♪ [laughter] janice: they didn't know they had to sing on camera. steve: it's thanksgiving. janice: stay with us we are going inside next hour. brian: we are going inside or going outside? steve: we have to go outside to go inside the little cracker barrel. brian: got you. steve: on on our square. another drug king pinel. how is he infiltrating small town america. brian: that's our logo. ♪ macramé!
4:44 am
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4:47 am
this drug cartel is responsible for 1/3 of the drugs entering the united states. now a career journal investigation finds the cartel is infiltrating cities and towns across america with the presence in at least 35 states. joining us right now is a former dea agent and the author of the book "the dark art" my undercover life in global narco-terrorism edward falls. good morning to you. thank you for joining us from st. louis. tell us how this drug lord he will mencho has infiltrated the united states. ellel men choo taken a different business model guards of fame of the last four years relies on transportation business models to bring big models to distribution points throughout the west coast wholesale distribution
4:48 am
points. and subsequently distributes throughout the midwest, the northeast, and the southeast regions of america. is he completely turned it upside down. steve: he has. over on the big board we talk a little bit about his empire. 5,000 members across the continent except antarctica. buying properties in mid size cities like kentucky and kansas city. he snuck into the united states at least three times. and there is a 10-million-dollar bounty on his head. edward, explain how he has infiltrated places like lexington, kentucky and kansas city, kansas with his group. >> he has bypassed supplanted the network of old distribution models. taking his minions, operatives you from the new generation cartel and dispatched them throughout the midwest, northeast, and southeast regions of america where there is this
4:49 am
appetite, there is this addiction. there is suburban rural desire and market for the retail market. steve: right. >> whereas the old guard focuses on the wholesale. is he taking it right to them and principally taking a model that the old guard is not accustomed to dealing with as well as now infiltrated all those with thousands of operatives who have engaged those markets and principally owned them in a low profile nontraditional approach. steve: right. i know you say he traffics in coke and heroin and meth. and he gets the fentanyl from china. so, he has got a lot of drugs at his disposal. what about, you know, with el chap poo he was known as, you know, killer got his way
4:50 am
whale el merge choo. >> he was the patron, the father figure. kept order in the old guard, the federation model. with his arrest and they are abit adrift not adapting well, el mencho model taking fentanyl, cocaine, heroin, the various products that they bring right to the market. a walmart, don't mean to be that in a derogatory manner, retail sales direct in the customers in the recipients faces. steve: it is completely different than what we have seen in the past. his book is called "the dark art." edward follis joins us. thank you very much. >> thanks, steve. steve: "the washington post" is calling him a
4:51 am
conservative. president figaro has worked on bernie sanders campaign. she has a warning how far left the democratic party is moving and that's coming up. ♪ ulls me back in a way others don't. and it relieves my symptoms fast for real migraine relief. doprevagen is the number oneild mempharmacist-recommendeding? and it relieves my symptoms fast
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>> former president barack obama is a conservative,
4:55 am
says "the washington post," arguing this is why 2020 democrats are having such a hard time discussing his legacy. this, as democrats reportedly re-think the obama coalition formula that led to his historic win. according to politico, a contest that has been largely defined by ideology is being reframed around questions of race, and identity. our next guest, a democrat, has a warning for her party. tezlyn figaro served as the social justice director for the 2016 bernie sanders campaign. she joins us now. welcome. thank you. >> thank you. emily: so, tell us your thoughts on this. >> well, you know, if barack obama is a conservative, then rush limbaugh is a liberal. you know, shame on "the washington post" for pushing that foolishness and promoting it. it's that type of tribal politics people are sick of. cult-like politics to say if you support any conservative position you must be a conservative. that's ridiculous. it's called being a moderate and understanding that the reality of getting policies put forward is to be able to have some consensus in the
4:56 am
house and the senate. you know, i'm not a barack obama sara gatt. surrogate i'm not here to take up for him. me personally it is the reason why it has moved me away from the party and many others have now become independents to say that, you know, agreeing with some of the policies that conservatives have, like being pro-business. me being a small business owner, doesn't mean that i am a conservative. so it's absolutely ridiculous. emily: tezlyn, quick final question. do you think these fissures are permanent or do you think that the democratic party will prevail in the 2020 election? >> we will see. you know, clearly most candidates on stage are far left. the obama coalition was paris hilton off of mod democrats. it was built off the center-left policies. clearly the democrats know they are in some type of trouble which is why bloomberg got in the race because they see joe biden's candidacy increasingly becoming weaker by the day or let me say by the debate. so, in order to really move forward and win the general election, they will have to get some more moderate
4:57 am
positions and candidates. period. emily: thank you for joining us. more "fox & friends" next. copd makes it hard to breath so to breath better i started once-daily anoro. ♪go your own way . . rs that work together to significantly improve lung function all day and all night. do not use anoro if you have asthma. anoro won't replace rescue inhalers for sudden symptoms and should not be used more than once a day. tell your doctor if you a heart condition, high blood pressure, glaucoma, prostate, bladder or urinary problems. these may worsen with anoro. call your doctor if worsened breathing,
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♪ ♪ it's beginning to look a lot like christmas, toys ♪ brian: christmas. steve: johnny mathis singing. emily: torturing steve with the christmas music. steve: i want to get through thanksgiving before i hear christmas music. emily: i love it. cracker barrel is with us today. inside of the store looks amazing. i can't wait. brian: janice dean is out there. steve: that particular store will be in foley square to watch people like these folks on "fox & friends" at 48th and 6th avenue on this tuesday. brian: i went to the parade couple times on 7th avenue. i never seen it down sixth.
5:01 am
we can see it from our building. steve: turn around you can see it. emily: brian idea of dragging floats -- brian: on their belly. on their belly. you cannot, kids come to the parade for the floats. you have to drag them down, hold on tight. don't worry about the winds. steve: deflated. brian: so you lose a few balloons. if the wind blows away from a few balloons. emily: those balloons are like sta-puff marshmallow. they are not normal balloons. brian: take a plane? steve: no. if you remember a few years ago one of the balloons hit a lamppost and -- brian: that's different. steve: really? brian: just, listen, if you were carrying a balloon today, let go. don't hold down. emily: i have faith winds will die down. janice is on it, it be a great
5:02 am
celebration. steve: michael michael bulle and johnny mathis can sing. president will be down in florida. they're referring to it as a homecoming. the president has changed his legal residence to florida. he declared that. you have got to figure he will be talking a lot what is going on with impeachment. also got to figure out he will be talking about the the economy. look at things he was able to do just yesterday. he honored the dog that helped kill the leader of isis. he signed the preventing animal cruelty and torture act. emily: he commissioned a women's suffrage commemorative coin and acknowledged the stock market surge that continues to break records. i believe the 10 or 11th record of this year alone. consumer driven economy. everyone is feeling good about it. stuart varney saying earlier, it is prosperity time. brian: for coin collectors getting suffrage coin will be valuable. grab it early. it will be good. so having that coin will be
5:03 am
great. now that women can vote. i think that's great that women can vote. emily: thanks. steve: one of the things he will talk about, he will talk about impeachment. he will say, because we heard him say this before. he said this on our program on friday, that the democrats have been so focused on impeachment. they're not getting anything done. there is this new trade deal between the united states, canada, mexico. it's pretty much done. all nancy pelosi has got to do is say okay, we'll vote on this. it was passed but because she is so fixated, the president says, on getting him, she is not going do do -- to do it. >> the usmca i can tell you it is sitting on nancy pelosi's desk. that is the trade deal, the great trade deal for the farmers manufacturers, workers of all types including union. it is sitting on nancy pelosi's desk. she's incapable of moving it looks like. she keeps saying she wants to
5:04 am
get it done but we're talking about many, many months, sitting on her desk, no votes. she has to help with the democrats because they will vote for it, most of them. i guess all of the republicans will vote for it. the way the system works, she has to put it up for a vote. brian: by the way, that is the bulgarian translator. i think elected not to translate that. the bulgarians don't care about the usmca i wouldn't think. more about that later. turns out pelosi signaling according to the hill, it is within range, close quote. we're within range. substantially improved agreement. now we need to see the progress in writing that she and robert lighthizer discussed. as you know, steve is doubtful but i say, with the legislative days left between thanks giving and christmas i think it goes up for a vote. steve: i think that would be great ultimately. she will hot do it before the end of the year because it would
5:05 am
be giving the president a win at the same time that she is trying to impeach him. brian: if you want win, don't you want to win when no one is looking? people are focused on cracker barrel, christmas, did usmca pass? who deserves credit for that. that is my hope. the other thing, to keep in mind too, is that we are waiting kellyanne conway. she will provide some color. steve: she is getting wired up on the north lawn of the white house right now. emily: excellent. we had development lighthizer came to with china. that is a step forrd. brian: it is not done yet but optimistic. emily: a step forward. even though democrats are preventing development on the left we have developments on the right. steve: speaking of democrats, "politico" had an item yesterday or day before, talked about how vulnerable democrats, you know what? let's bring in kellyanne conway. she is wired up in the press briefing room. let's talk to you a little bit.
5:06 am
i'm sure you saw the "politico" item talking about how vulnerable democrats are watching in horror because a republican aligned group is running tv ads in their home districts, it is really impacting the public perception what is going on regarding impeachment. the democrats are going, hey, nancy pelosi and company, you know, somebody has got to have our back right now because we're being left out to dry? >> increasingly that is what is happening and that will continue to happen as i predict as they are home for the thanksgiving holiday and constituents logically ask them what have you done lately? the answer is i'm busy impeaching the president. they recognize that as adam schiff's ego trip, not a serious exercise. look what happened overnight. congresswoman brenda lawrence, heavily democratic district, hillary clinton carried 60% of the vote in 2018, changing her mind from october 4th. i'm not there for impeachment. maybe i will go for censure but i'm not there for impeachment.
5:07 am
yesterday a freshman congresswoman from iowa said the same thing. she is asked what are you doing there? why are you doing this? this is before the articles are being drafted. this is after two weeks and 12 witnesses and 30 hours of testimony and a big nothing. the american people know, they see the split screen. impeachment over here and what's important to them over there. you know what is important to them? the president receiving a foreign leader yesterday. applauding conan the dog that was there when al-baghdadi, the world's most wanted terrorist was taken out and detonating the suicide vest that killed children, this animal. yet the media was criticizing the way the president received conan the dog, much the way they criticized him taking out baghdadi afterwards. you know what american people think? they see a president that stands up for america and american national security. yesterday in the oval office he signed two pieces of legislation. one is the centennial coin, to
5:08 am
commemorate the 100 year anniversary of women's suffrage, which the celebration will carry into next year. he turned around and signed into law the prevent cruelty act. no president had ever done it. president donald j. trump makes it a felony to torture or crush or kill an animal for no good reason. today he will sign an executive order on missing or murdered indigenous women. we have 5000 native-american women, alaska native women are missing or murdered. the crime rate there, the trafficking rate there, drug rate is so significant. this president is taking action. people see the split screen. the stock market hit another all-time high yesterday. so this is why the democrats and not just the ones beginning with the not just the ones any longer in the 31 districts that trump-pence carried in 2016. democrats won in 2018. it is actually metastasized beyond that. brian: kellyanne, i was saying "the hill" has a story today that nancy pelosi said the usmca
5:09 am
is within range of a deal. >> oh okay. brian: what they need robert lighthizer to put down in writing what they talked about a couple days ago. what do you hear? could you shed some light on that? do you think there is enough legislative days if nancy pelosi wanted to to put that on the board? >> nancy pelosi is under enormous pressure to make good on her stated promise they would get a vote on usmca quote, by end of the october. last i checked the calendar, november 26th we're at end of november. superseding circumstance is the impeachment ego trip for democrats in safe districts like her and schiff. she should do this. the usmca would be great for farmers, great for auto manufacturers, great for buyers, great for auto workers. it is great for the american economy. just yesterday, mexico again was urging nancy pelosi to, speaker of the house, to put it to a vote. how embarrassing is it to america, mexico and canada long ago approved the usmca deal for
5:10 am
this continent, this hemisphere and they're waiting on the u.s. congress? they turn on the tv or flip on the internet seeing this is the way you are spending your time? pelosi is under enormous pressure to have wins, other than impeach the president or resolution to condemn a tweet. we're on one-year anniversary of her becoming speaker and she and the squad have squat to show for it. she is under enormous pressure to pass usmca. president is here pen in hand. ambassador lighthizer works every day to work on it. i think she is under pressure to do it. the law has been ready over a year. infrastructure, drug pricing. drug crisis, first lady will be in baltimore this morning speaking to large group of youth about a drug-free life. we continue to push forward. you had chad wolf, the acting dhs secretary on earlier. we are pushing forward on president's promises. brian: what do you think about the first stage of the china
5:11 am
deal that they are making positive statements about? are you ready to send your delegation, mnuchin and lighthizer over to beijing? do you know how close the yes in is? >> we have received china here many times. we continue to negotiate but the forced technology transfers, theft of intellectual property, the trade imbalance of half a trillion dollars a year with the world's second largest economy, china, makes no sense to people. president wants a deal. but president trump always waits for the best deal. he could have had a deal last may. he left it on the table because he felt the chinese changed terms last moment. we're getting close. first phase is significant. the president wants to do it in phases, interim pieces. it is a large historic trade deal. look what happened with korea, what happened with japan and china. china is buying chicken. china agreed to start buying our beef and pork. all of that continues. we feel that deal is going to happen. we continue to work arduously
5:12 am
toward that. emily: kellyanne we have question about the events that unfolded yesterday. former navy secretary richard spencer says the president does not understand the full definition of a war fighter. brian: let's listen. >> what message does that send to the troops? >> what message does it send? >> you can get away with things. we have to have good order and discipline. that is the backbone of what we do. i don't think he really understands the definition of a war fighter. war fighter is profession of arms. profession of arms has standards they have to be hold to. they hold themselves to. brian: there he was talking about the eddie gallagher case. the president said, essentially, this guy will end up with a his retirement -- and mr. spencer said, okay, apparently he was dealing with the white house lawyer and he said, let's do this. we don't have to tell anybody but we'll have a secret back channel way where he will get his retirement but we will also have a review board. ultimately the president fired him before he could resign.
5:13 am
>> secretary of defense mark esper also, he fire him by saying, excuse me. you can't try to make back deals and side deals on matters such as this. so i'm sure it hurts to lose your position but the president stands by his decision and he was there. he didn't do this i impulsivelyr gingerly. he did it after a full review and i think mr. gallagher has been on tv many times, as his wife. they have stated their case. the president stands by his decision. the president this morning retweeted something i think america sees full on with he will always stand behind our great warfighters. what this president has done for the military and for veterans is truly unprecedented. it is part of why he ran in the first place. he would tell us on the campaign trail, certainly on the white house, ladies and gentlemen, and that he can't believe veterans were literally dying waiting for care in arizona over five years ago.
5:14 am
look all he has done with with a mission or choice act. 2.2 million veterans since june 4th accessed private care through the va choice act we're told by secretary of the va robert will key. we have the 24/7 va hotline. whistleblower protection act. 8,000 people in the va fired for cause since president trump came into office. the vice president serving in iraq with the second lady. this is pro-american, pro-military president. he looked at the cases made a decision. steve: he will have plenty to talk about when he goes to sunrise, florida. >> happy blessed thanks giving. steve: what is coming up? emily: bernie sanders unveiling his plan to pay for "medicare for all." >> what we will do, is have a 4% tax on income exempting the first $29,000. brian: fantastic. those who make $29,000 have so
5:15 am
much extra income. charles payne did the math. it doesn't add up. emily: good morning. i'm a work in progress. so much goes into who i am. hiv medicine is one part of it. prescription dovato is for adults who are starting hiv-1 treatment and who aren't resistant to either of the medicines dolutegravir or lamivudine. dovato has 2 medicines in 1 pill to help you reach and then stay undetectable. so your hiv can be controlled with fewer medicines while taking dovato. you can take dovato anytime of day with food or without. don't take dovato if you're allergic to any of its ingredients or if you take dofetilide. if you have hepatitis b, it can change during treatment with dovato and become harder to treat. your hepatitis b may get worse or become life-threatening if you stop taking dovato. so do not stop dovato without talking to your doctor. serious side effects can occur, including allergic reactions,
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5:19 am
>> a 4% tax on income exempting the first $29,000. [applause] you're better at arithmetic than i am. what that means, if you're average family in the middle, makes 60,000 a year, that means we'll tax you on 31,000 at 4%. brian: that sounds fair. bernie sanders confirming his plans to raise taxes on anyone earning more than $29,000 a year to help fund his health care agenda and other things. brian: they don't want to be able to buy three meals a day. here to weigh in, host of "making money," fox business's charles payne. does that arithmetic add up? >> the arithmetic adds up but the plan doesn't. it's nuts. again we start the things off you give bernie credit throwing it out there. imagine your threshold for higher taxes begins at $29,000. it is absolutely mind-boggling.
5:20 am
and i tell you, everyone else is starting to put some numbers to their stuff. even warren is coming down at 250. if you live in new york, you're combined taxes will be 67%. these numbers are outrageous. they really are. you cannot grow an economy this way. i think only thing we would be sharing is misery. brian: you realize new york is six billion in debt? six billion overbudget, being highest taxed state in the country. what are we thinking? >> you make these promises. you make these promises. you make these promises and you can never pay for them. you just keep raising taxes and you keep going further and further into debt. steve: one thing for a politician to say i'm going to do this, without giving details much like elizabeth warren. now that you have the number, people will go, i make more than 29,000, how will that impact me? >> exactly. all four top democrat contenders
5:21 am
talking about raising threshold on social security, effectively another tax. instead of 133,000 cap, it will go up. you may be out there with the pitchfork and fork, be careful, going mansion to mansion you may go in front much your own house. wait, i live here. you have to be careful cheering some of this stuff on. you know what i'm here to share with you guys this morning? three companies reported their earnings this morning, three retailers. steve: okay. >> best buy, burlington coat factory, dick's sporting goods. all three are higher, much higher this morning. sales are phenomenal. you know why they are higher? this quarter they say this quarter will be phenomenal. christmas will be phenomenal. this is where the folks shop, let people earn money, put it into society, create jobs, create wealth. this is what the american system is all about. it is on full display. we'll see more when the market opens. steve: beautiful day in your
5:22 am
neighborhood. >> a beautiful day in our neighborhood. it is called the united states. steve: the reason i mention that. he is america's favorite neighbor. mr. rogers' legacy is being honored on the screen by tom hanks.
5:23 am
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5:26 am
♪. emily: he was america's most beloved neighbor. >> it is a beautiful day in this neighborhood a beautiful day for a neighbor. would you be mine? could you be mine? brian: mr. rogers legacy is being honored big time in a new movie, called, ""a beautiful day in the neighborhood"." >> i think the best thing we can do is to let people know that they, each one of them is precious. steve: how great is that. joining us one of mr. rogers sons, john rogers joins us from orlando. good morning to you. >> well, good morning to you. it is good to be here. i hope it's a beautiful day in your neighborhood. emily: that is incredible. steve: i was lucky enough to meet your father the day his red cardigan was put into the permanent collection at the smith sown gran years ago. how did you, the reason they did
5:27 am
that, the impact your father had on america. explain it. >> the impact is beyond explainable to me. i, i talk about sometimes shelf life and, it's hard to believe that 16 1/2 years later, his work still is, just, it just keeps coming out and coming out. i didn't prepare for this interview but he, really was such mon monumetous person. we're happy about the movie. i thought it was wonderful. i thought tom hanks portrayal of the movie was just fabulous. when i heard that tom was going to do it, i said, in baseball terms, well that is a grand slam home run. brian: of course. >> of course in football terms
5:28 am
that would be a caught hail mary pass. brian: one of the key moments of vehicle, of the movie, i have not seen it, but i will, meet as journalist in real life. >> correct. brian: here is moment from the movie. i want you to comment on it? >> sure. >> mr. rogers, here to interview you. >> so nice to meet you. >> are you okay? >> i met mr. rogers. >> [inaudible] >> this will be about heroes. do you consider yourself a hero? steve: i believe he was esquire writer doing a magazine piece the movie was based on? >> that's correct. steve: what was it like to have mr. rogers as your dad? >> to go back to the movie, that was wonderful. that would be tom geno, that they used a different name in the movie. and their relationship and how
5:29 am
my dad really, pretty much transformed his life after that. he did that for so many people. as myself, he asked how, it was, to grow up with mr. rogers. of course i had no other father to compare to. brian: there you are. >> my father but it was wonderful. dad was very loving, very kind, very forgiving. everybody knew that about him. and he was himself. what, what you see in mr. rogers is himself. he, he was, he wasn't acting. he was just trying to love us all, through our lives and just, was so interested in child development and helping children grow and learn and mold them into good people. there i see myself there on the
5:30 am
show. emily: your father had tremendous impact on some, including myself and my family. thank you so much. we're excited to see the movie out now. its an honor and a pleasure. >> thank you so much. great to be with you all. happy thanksgiving to you all. emily: happy thanks giving to you. >> i will be up in your -- pittsburgh, pennsylvania, feeling cold weather i hope. brian: it's coming. >> john, thank you for joining us from orlando. >> thank you. brian: okay. meanwhile straight ahead. one man broke into the home after 80-year-old woman. she is no ordinary grandma. >> i had really did a number on that man. i'm alone and i'm old, but guess what, i'm tough. brian: no kidding. the body building grandma will join us live. emily: alexandria ocasio-cortez wants things like tuition free college. just don't call it free. >> this is not -- second of all -- [inaudible] emily: this is bad sign for the
5:31 am
left. he joins us next. steve: janice dean getting a preview of cracker barrel country store on wheels. she is on the plaza. brian: where did you come -- ♪ ahh no, come on. i saw you eating poop earlier. hey! my focus is on the road, and that's saving me cash with drivewise. who's the dummy now? whoof! whoof! so get allstate where good drivers save 40% for avoiding mayhem, like me. sorry! he's a baby!
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5:34 am
♪. brian: the crowd fills up. cracker barrel is here. mark steyn in the house. >> i only came in to hear janice sing, it is beginning to look a
5:35 am
lot like christmas. the only reason i'm here. emily: mark, thank you for joining us today. >> my pleasure. happy thanksgiving, guys. steve: indeed. emily you start. emily: we would like your thoughts on the fact that now democrats are kind of raising their heckles as they back away from impeachment and they are seeing that probably the effect of it is fracturing their party. they can't get their act together and there is nothing being accomplished in the interim. brian: handing off to judiciary. >> who doesn't see this coming? that cliche about turkeys voting for an early thanksgiving is over used but when these guys voted for this so-called impeachment inquiry. that is actually what they were were doing. it doesn't, it doesn't do anything for them. if you wanted perfect way to energize the trump base, impeaching him less than a year before the election, nullifying a election, less than a year before the next election when primary season is underway, is
5:36 am
the perfect way of doing that. brian: especially coming out of the mueller report. people are so fatigued. democratic congresswoman brenda lawrence. she is from michigan. listen to her. >> so close to an election, i will tell you, sitting here knowing how divided this country is, i don't see the value of taking him out of office. brian: wow. >> i want him censured. i want it on the record that the house of representatives did their job and they told this president, any president coming behind him that this is unacceptable behavior and under our constitution we will noll allow it. brian: will democrats get behind censure? >> i think that is such a public humiliation to them, that it is difficult for them -- you know, he was doing very well when he was holed up in the scif, adam schiff.
5:37 am
it was all like top secret, top secret. then it comes out of the scif and boring policy difference basically and it is not a policy difference on health care. it is a policy difference on immigration. steve: right. >> it's a policy difference on ukraine. in that lady's state you can count on the fingers of one hand if you have lost four of them in a saw mill accident, the number of people who care about a policy difference on ukraine. steve: tv ratings started to go down after the first of the impeachment hearings. public polling apparently not going the democrats way as well. now looks like the republicans are fighting back. because when they released the report from the intel community to judiciary, probably next week, apparently the republicans will have their own report kevin mccarthy says. >> right. steve: apparently republican aligned group is running tv ads in all these vulnerable democrats districts and they're going, hey, wait a minute, we're getting .ed and nancy pelosi
5:38 am
isn't helps us! >> actually the democrats who have a competitive primary. so if you're mcconnell, the thing to do is to schedule a trial that runs from a week before iowa to whenever the guam primary is, whenever the last one is, just tie up all the democrat candidates in this nonsense. you know, i, when you say those ratings slid off a cliff, steve, i'm trying, because i'm professionally bound to pretend to be interested. steve: you have to watch. >> some guy in a bow tie talking about how he, somebody told him that somebody told him that somebody told him that there was this dinner in a restaurant in kiev and somebody over -- i'm excited. if that is what turns you on but that actually is a very kinky fetish to impeach a president over. brian: it should be used in a way, it should be very measured and very deliberate and now i
5:39 am
think it is very muddy. meanwhile, let's change gears. everybody was talking about the squad. they're not going anywhere. two of three members of the squad are in campaign finance trouble. aoc is not one of them. yesterday she wanted to clear up the record. stop telling me i'm giving stuff away. don't use the word, new stuff, free stuff. >> first of all this is not free stuff. second of all they're public good. they're public good. [applause] hear the word or term free stuff ever again. brian: really? okay. we've been warned. we've been warned. steve: she is unloading on the neoliberals. >> god bless her, she is more effective. you can see why they're not enthusiastic about joe biden and mike bloomberg after seeing her. what i love about her, by free stuff, she is, essentially she wants everybody on the planet to be able to come here.
5:40 am
so that is freeboarders. steve: free health care. >> free health care and fry college. she wants 7 billion people able to enjoy what in the 19th century would be the life of a younger son of a middle european grand duke at the cost to the u.s. taxpayer. and she says, but don't call that free stuff. god bless her. this is where all the energy and charisma and talent is in the democrat party because, the moderate wing, both with hillary and with the bidens is in the hand of these corrupt kleptocratses. steve: bernie sanders is lucky she is in his camp because when she had a rally with him here in new york city, 25,000 people showed up. >> no. bernie has lost a step or two since four years ago. i loved his tax plan. why don't he one paper form tell me how much you earned, make it
5:41 am
out to the united states treasury. that is -- brian: take the whole thing. >> that's it. it is free stuff as long as you give all your money to the government. emily: mark steyn, thanks so much for joining us today. now we have -- steve: we're going outside. brian: are we really? steve: janice has a special weather report, right? janice: it is beautiful here in new york city. just in time for the unveiling of this wonderful, tiny cracker barrel house which is like an exact rep -- replica what you see in 700 cracker barrels across the country. we'll go inside. come on in. here we go. are you here? >> i am here. janice: how are you. >> welcome to the tiny home away from home, janice. janice: tell me about everything here? >> this is 269 square feet of every element of a true cracker barrel experience. starts in the front porch. we're in the retail exist shop
5:42 am
that features everything from unique finds, perfect gives. women's apparel. do you know we sold almost four million pieces of women's apparel last year? janice: i believe it. you guys are celebrating the 50th birthday. whoo-hoo. >> here you have a fireplace in the dining room just like every cracker barrel. what is important and significant about this one, this man tell and hearth area made with reclaimed wood from the original cracker barrel that opened 50 years ago in lebanon, tennessee. janice: where will people see this place when i dig into one of your pies? >> tomorrow at foley square, 9:00 to 3:00. we'll give away warm beverages, cracker barrel pies, in advance of our debut in the macy's thanksgiving day parade. janice: i love pie. you guys will come out? i will save pie for you in this tiny beautiful, cracker barrel house. emily: definitely save some pie,
5:43 am
please. that looks amazing. staff staff after pot roast, i love the meatloaf. emily: that is what thanksgiving is for. we give thanks and we dig in. brian: really? steve: we're coming out there shortly. brian: no plates. steve: millions of americans are about to fly someplace for thanksgiving but travelers and major airports will have an unexpected delay to deal with. what is it? live at a big airport, chicago next. the unbeatable strength and speed of advil liqui-gels. what pain? if you're on medicare, remember, the annual enrollment period is here. the time to choose your medicare coverage... begins october 15th and ends december 7th. so call unitedhealthcare and take advantage of a wide range of plans with a variety of benefits...
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make family-sized meals fast, and because it's a ninja foodi, it can do things no other oven can, like flip away. the ninja foodi air fry oven, the oven that crisps and flips away. ♪. jillian: good morning. some quick headlines now. the grandfather charged in his granddaughter's death on a cruise ship is speaking out for the first time. salvatore recalling 18-month-old chloe slipping from his arms holding her up a window. >> one arm around her and knocking on the glass. >> at one point. that is the point where she
5:47 am
slipped out of me. it is your fault and it was a disbelief. jillian: cbs news reported surveillance that he held chloe above and over the railing before she fell. he heads to court in puerto rico next month. alarming details in the working conditions at the amazon fulfillment center in new york. >> justice, when do we want it? now. jillian: workers wasting no time speaking out. conditions they claim are more dangerous than coal mines. leaked documents obtained by gizmodo, injury rates at that facility are triple the average across industry. amazon says the fulfillment centers are safe and the injury report is misleading. back to you. steve: thank you, jillian. thanksgiving travel in full swing. brian: oh, my goodness. >> millions of americans head
5:48 am
home for the holidays. brian: grady trimble from our sister network fox business is live at o'hare airport with a first-hand look at some of the challenges today. grady? reporter: this is one of the busiest airports in the country on any given day. today it is even busier. the airlines are expecting 32 million people to get on planes during the 12-day thanksgiving holiday travel period that would be a record. it would be up 3.7% compared to last year. this comes at a time when airlines are growing, offering more flights, more seats and and as a result 93,000 more passengers each day are expected to get on airplanes compared to last year. two things to keep in mind as you get ready to travel by plane. the first is the weather. we're expecting a wicked winter storm moving from the west to the midwest. that could cause delays. none here right now. i'm seeing a lot of them out of denver this morning. another thing you might see, hundreds of subcontracted airline catering workers protesting at 17 airports across
5:49 am
the country. they're protesting for better pay and benefits including health insurance. they say tear purpose isn't to disrupt holiday travel. they want to call attention to those demands. one thing to keep in mind if you're traveling this weekend in particular. the busiest travel day at least for air travel, in history, will be sunday, more than 3 million people getting on an airplane that day. guys? steve: let's hope the weather cooperates. grady, thank you very much. live shot from o'hare. one man tried to break into a house. he didn't know a bodybuilding grandma was inside. her story next. brian: if you are okay with this, i want to check in with bill hemmer, i i want to find ot what he has on his show. >> have a great thanks giving. i'm traveling on wednesday. i'm not afraid of weather. did you guys leave or what? brian: turn the off our microphones. >> anyone paying attention. happy thanksgiving. emily: happy thanksgiving.
5:50 am
>> breaking overnight, new warning from iran. at home are democrats changing tune on impeachment one year out? how does the chair of the rnc see the election in 2020? ronna mcdaniel in live. senator kennedy responds to his critics on russia. he got played by a bartender. what is behind that story? three hours stacked with me and sandra start in seven minutes. see you then.
5:51 am
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5:54 am
♪. >> laying down already because i had really did a number on that man. i'm alone and i'm old, but guess what? i'm tough. emily: tough indeed. an 82-year-old, award winning bodybuilder turns the table on a home intruder, literally picked up a table and beat him with it. steve: that woman, willie murphy joins to us tell us what happened. she joins us from rochester. willie, thursday night about 11:00, you hear somebody, banging on your door. eventually he breaks into the house, right? tell us what happened next. >> no. he wasn't begging. he was ringing, ringing, ringing the bell. when i went to the door i have a double-door, i went to the screen door with the chain
5:55 am
locked and, he was all doubled up. and he was saying help me, help me, help me. i've been shot, i've been shot. call 911. and i'm looking at him, and i said, oh, my god, oh my god. so i am running to get the telephone. steve: right. >> i am dialing 911. all of sudden i heard a crash and what it was, he had broken the chain lock and he was in the living room. and i dropped the phone and i ran and semidark, but the tv was on. and i said, get out, get out, get out. i was cussing, i can't say what i was saying but i used a whole lot of f-words and get out, get out, get out. and he lunged at me. i had a small tv table, i picked that table up and, it is about
5:56 am
maybe five inches thick. it is wooden. and it had metal legs and i wailing him, wailing him, wailing him. and he was really dumfounded. steve: absolutely. so you were able to detain him. the police came. they all took pictures with you, because it is such an amazing story, willie. >> no, sir. what had happened while i was hitting him he fell backwards and i had the shampoo i just bought at the dollar store. steve: all right. >> i hurried up i put it all in his face so he couldn't see. steve: exactly. it is an amazing story. we're glad you're okay. willie, thank you very much for joining from us raw chesser to to tell what happened -- emily: thank you so much.
5:57 am
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and if you're pregnant or planning to be. ready to treat differently with a pill? otezla. show more of you. get the perfectly grilled flavors of an outdoor grill indoors, and because it's a ninja foodi, it can do even more, like transform into an air fryer. the ninja foodi grill, the grill that sears, sizzles, and air fry crisps. doprevagen is the number oneild mempharmacist-recommendeding? memory support brand. you can find it in the vitamin aisle in stores everywhere. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. >> we're back with a fox news
6:00 am
alert. right now the white house and the capitol are on lockdown. we'll continue updates on this story as it develops. i'm sure "america's newsroom" will carry it the rest of the way. >> bill: appreciate it. 9:00 here in new york city, washington, d.c. we're getting word the white house is on lockdown. don't know the reason for it. could be something or nothing. some reports an aircraft has flown into a restricted airspace and that may be the reason why some of the capital buildings are on lockdown including the white house. updates when we get it. working through our reporters and producers down there at the white house. stand by for more on that. meantime from overseas a top iranian commander threatening to destroy the u.s. and middle east allies accusing them of stoking the most anti-government violence iran has


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