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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  November 26, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PST

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that's a conversation. stephen hayes, thank you so much for being here. the whole house, great job. we are back here at noon eastern tomorrow, but now, here's harr harris. >> harris: we begin with this fox news alert. president trump defending his decision to intervene in navy seal eddie gallagher's case that ultimately led to the firing of navy secretary richard spencer. this is "outnumbered overtime." i'm harris faulkner. president trump is now saying he was right to order the navy not to kick out eddie gallagher from the navy seals. after he was convicted of posing for photographs with a fighter's body, of the enemy. the president telling reporters he was defending the military when he criticized spencer, who was fired over his handling of the case. watch. >> what i'm doing is sticking up for our armed forces. there has never been a president that is going to stick up for them, and has, like i have. >> harris: now, spencer is
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blasting the president's move to prevent the navy from reviewing gallagher's case, saying "it will have a negative impact among the rank and file." >> i don't think he really understands this whole definition of a war fighter. what do i stand for a secretary of the navy? order and discipline of the united states navy. that's a prime tenet. this in fact erodes that. i cannot, in my conscience, do this. >> harris: national correspondent jennifer griffin following the latest on this from the pentagon. jennifer? >> harris, we expect a student from the navy today that it is canceling the navy tried interview board for the three seals who were caught up in the eddie gallagher case. the board was set to review allegations the seals were involved in the trophy photos taken of a dead iraqi militants. to be clear, those photos do not show gallagher holding a severed head. they do show seals, including gallagher, posing with the corpse. in one of those photos, gallagher is holding a hunting knife. the navy does not feel that the three seals can get a fair
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hearing at this point in the wake of the president's order. meantime, the ousted navy secretary, as you mentioned, richard spencer, spoke about his determination to cbs as he left the pentagon monday. he had this to say about president trump. >> a war fighter is a profession of arms. and a profession of arms has standards that they have to be held to, and they hold themselves to. >> spencer was asked about why he went to the white house behind the defense secretary 's back, promising the president that if he allowed the review board to go forward spencer would assure that gallagher wasn't punished and kept his pin. this is the recent defense secretary esper says he fired the navy secretary. >> i lost trust and confidence when i found that the secret proposal was happening, that somehow the fact that we had all agreed and supported the process that he was willing to undermine this process. if that do you have been consummated, if you will, someone would have to compromise their integrity.
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>> spencer was not pressed about the allegation that he offered to essentially rig the navy seal board process. he was asked about the president's decision to get involved in this case. >> well, what message does it send? >> that you can get away with things. we have to have good order and discipline. it's the backbone of what we do. >> the pentagon officials say they are ready to move on from this case. harris? >> harris: jennifer griffin at the pentagon, thank you very much. i will bring in rob o'neill, the retired navy seal who we know worldwide as the man who killed usama bin laden, and author of "the operator." you tell me still when you hear that when it feels a little out of body for you. >> was almost to the point where i know what happened but there's no way it happened. that's one of the things -- >> harris: we are grateful to you as a nation. let's talk about this conversation that is going on very publicly. my one criticism has been if we are going to have these conversations, good lord, can we do them in private so our enemy doesn't see us grappling over
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things with our military? i want to first get your thoughts on the first reaction to what has played out. >> we have the former secretary of the navy complaining about a lack of chain of command, when he is going behind his boss's back it -- being the secretary of defense -- to go white and don migrate to the might of the metal he has no business doing. with the president pardoning eddie gallagher's army sticking response will be off of that affirmative defense, saying, "this is the end, that's how it should end." it should have been that way. so many people are involved in this for personal gain. everyone from the prosecutor sent to the ncis is trying to get gallagher in prison. i don't know how this got so big in the first place. >> harris: i want to get a reaction to a couple of items. remove us criticized the president and for getting involved in the case, saying none of this would have happened if the president stayed out of it.
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watch. >> if this president had not completely inappropriately, wildly inappropriately, inserted himself into this case, none of this with a be happening. this is a direct result of him reaching down, throwing the military justice system out the window, throwing responsibility and accountability out the window, and fundamentally disrespecting and dishonoring the seals and all our troops. >> harris: rob, what do you say? >> it's odd that secretary may best doesn't realized the top of the chain of command is the commander-in-chief, president trump. he can do what he wants. if you want to insert himself, he can do this. it's wildly inappropriate for a lot of these high-ranking civilians in certain spots in the pentagon just -- it's almost like they are #resist people. i don't understand. it makes us a laughingstock. not just to our enemies but our adversaries. people are watching this ridiculous stuff going on. it's unnecessary. >> harris: second item i want to get your response on,
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politico today reporting that the president's strain inside the pentagon inspires the talk potentially more departures. here's a quote. "a handful of the pentagon's highest ranking officials have been debating just when they would feel compelled to resign over what they see as trumps regard for the chain of command." your reaction? >> fire them. good. we need this. if you want to use a war, get lawyers, politicians, and four-star general involved. it's all politics. fire the person saying that and fire their boss for not keeping people in line. >> harris: it's interesting what you say. some of the criticism about the president getting involved, rob, has been that he is making this about politics. what you are saying is that maybe politics were already there? >> the politics of the problem. again, a lot of great civilians and get officers. i'm not trying to say fire all of them. what i'm saying is they insert themselves to the point -- what's important is when it gets the level of what u.s. grammarian string a corner, daylight in falluja, he has half
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a second to make a life-and-death decision on who is going to shoot. he's wondering, "well i go to jail if i shoot this back argument" it's a lot of the swamp, to be honest. a lot of the bureaucrats in d.c. >> harris: we want to get to syria, where he reengaged here. as a former navy seal, how do you look at this is whether gallagher should keep his trident? it's difficult. >> where he keeps it doesn't matter. i would even say on twitter that i will give him mine, his legacy will go down as it is pretty will be navy seal chief gallagher forever. he's retiring very soon. become a central battle the white house, from admiral green. because i just can't, for some reason, except what's going on in washington. it's mind-boggling to me. we should be concentrating on the remainder of isis, what al qaeda is doing, what's going on, all the nonsense in the swamp. >> harris: you bring up a good
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point. let's do that. the u.s.-led coalition has announced it is resuming large-scale operations against isis, as you were just talking about, and was in syria. nearly two months after the president ordered to withdraw troops from the region. my big question today, the president said we had defeated isis. what is happening? has something changed? >> we were going to withdraw 2,000 troops from syria, went back to about 1,000 troops. we still have 500 troops east of the euphrates. >> harris: can they get the job done? does not imperil them more? >> we have troops in iraq, people who can do it. we have to avoid -- what we do is we have a tendency to homestead and make huge pieces. we call it the self licking ice-cream cone, is there to support itself. >> harris: can we contain a group of enemies that has metastasize in 14 countries previous to this? >> we can, but it'll be like nailing jell-o to a wall. if we keep a big force in syria they will move to egypt. they will move to somalia, to yemen.
10:09 am
they will be there. >> harris: we were supposed to protect the oil fields there. >> that's to keep from funding bashar al-assad's regime and iran paid this is complex. i could spend the whole hour discussing best. [laughs] >> harris: you know i would like that, because military is my jam! >> trying to keep turkey, separate the wedge between nato. it's a very busy place. we should be able to pay attention to stuff like that instead of what we doing in washington. >> harrisspew on your right this our attention. >> our intel committee should be worried about that are not trying to impeach the president. >> harris: thank you for your service and for being here. happy thanksgiving. >> any time, harris. >> harris: the fight as the president weighs in today on this controversy. what the court's ruling means for the power of the president overall. plus, senator lindsey graham doubling down on his push to investigate hunter biden, son of joe biden. why he says he has to do it, despite his longtime friendship with joe. ♪ there's a company that's talked to even more real people
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>> harris: new development in the impeachment battle. president trump says he would love for top administration officials to testify, but that he is fighting for future presidents. this, as his administration is appealing to a federal judge's ruling that former white house counsel don mcgahn must testify. however, democrats say they won't wait on new testimony, as the intelligence committee chair adam schiff says they will have a report ready for the house judiciary as soon as next week. the top republican on the house says they will be ready with a counter report. >> schiff came forward with a letter saying he will send a report to the judiciary when we get back next week.
10:15 am
the republicans in the minority. we will have a report as well to go forward. it will be very interesting if the democrats can hold enough votes for it. >> harris: our correspondent mark meredith now in washington. mark? >> good afternoon. lawmakers are not working in washington this week. however, when members get back to town, all eyes will shift judiciary committee, expected to take the next apps in the impeachment probe. the chairman of the intelligence committee, adam schiff, he's expected to send a report to the judiciary committee after thanksgiving. the judiciary committee would then lose the report to consider which if any articles of impeachment they would like to draft up. members tell fox news they expect even more hearings to take place. >> it has to go to the judiciary committee first. they will have some hearings, also. we have a way to go yet before our decisions are made about impeachment. >> the question remains, who could testify next? a trump administration says it plans to appeal a judge's ruling yesterday that said former white house counsel don mcgahn
10:16 am
must comply with congressional subpoena. now many are wondering whether other administration officials will soon make that truck up to l. >> the president tweeted a short while ago that he is encouraging you, essentially, to testify in the impeachment investigation. is it something you are considering? >> when the time is right, all good things happen. >> it is unclear what new testimony from white house officials could mean for lawmakers who are considering impeachment, as many lawmakers tell us they are still contemplating what to do next. harris? >> harris: mark, thank you very much. he set me up for my first question with my next guest. i appreciate that. let's bring in tom dupree, who served as deputy assistant attorney general under president george w. bush. great to see you. who could testify next with a reporter's question? i would further that with, is there pressure on other people to testify next? >> i don't think it's ruling from the federal judge creates a huge amount of pressure for other witnesses. the decision only really applied
10:17 am
to don mcgahn. it doesn't apply by its own terms to other officials. the other thing is of the justice department has made clear that they are going to fight this tooth and nail. they are going to appeal this judge's decision to the court of appeals. i suspect it could be some time before we have a final resolution as to whether john began to testify, let alone other witnesses. >> harris: what about this idea of the white house not letting people testify up with this broad usage of executive privilege? what is executive privilege in terms of how broad it can be, or has it been stretched beyond what it was intended? >> well, there is no question that the president, by asserting executive privilege, is fighting for the right not just of himself but a future presidents. all presidents -- democrat and public and the like -- typically will make strong assertions of executive privilege. the law is very undeveloped in this area. it's pretty rare for courts to dive into what executive privilege covers and what it doesn't cover. in this case it would be a
10:18 am
mistake to assume the only reason president trump is asserting executive privilege is because he's worried about the testimony that people like don mcgahn or john bolton will give. >> harris: but that could be part of the reason. >> that could be part of it, but i'm saying it's not the only reason. if you go back in history and look at presidents obama, bush, clinton, they've all inserted executive privilege because of protects the right of the president without worrying that a conversation to become public record in congress or courtroom. >> harris: that's complicated. we've seen so many leaks from different levels in different areas of government, is there a place that would be sacred for the president's? my question would be, wouldn't that person have to have some sort of legal relationship in terms of, "that's your lawyer?" forgive the schuylkill turn, could it be a familial relationship inside the warehouse? >> i think executive privilege would be at its strongest when you're talking about the
10:19 am
presidents white house counsel or people who serve in a very close capacity. cabinet officials or things of that line. the case for executive privilege gets weaker the further out you get from the white house. it would be a stretch for a president to find some random person in the federal bureaucracy and assert executive privilege. but the people the democrats are focusing their aim on our precisely those advisors who are closest to the president. indeed, that's exactly why they are particularly interested in hearing what don mcgahn or john bolton has to say. >> harris: before i let you go, the g.o.p. now saying he will have a rebuttal report after adam schiff makes his report to the house judiciary next week. what is your reaction? >> i think it's a smart idea, harris. you don't want the schiff report to be the only story in town. as we've seen, all americans can take away very different things from the hearing that we heard during the impeachment testimony. so i think for the republican's essay, "we want to put a slightly different spotlight on this, we want to highlight pieces of the testimony that in all likelihood congressman schiff's report will not want to highlight and present a counter narrative for the american
10:20 am
people to think about and to consider, rather than only having the atom schiff version of events." >> harris: tom dupree, great job you on the program. thank you. emails show new yorkers are poorly the going after governor andrew andrew cuomo. saying he got played by alexandria ocasio-cortez. did he? plus, michael bloomberg fighting back against criticism from his democratic opponents over spending millions on his campaign. what he is saying, next. >> i don't need anything from anybody. i don't have to go to new hampshire or iowa. i don't have to meet people. but what i'm going to do is take out my wallet. maybe i will spend a billion, i will do it on tv commercials. ♪ i'm your 70lb st. bernard puppy,
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i was lucky enough to build a successful company. it has been very successful, and i have used all of it to give back to help america. i'm using my money to do things like turning virginia from red to blue. both houses are now blue, and a lot of it was because of the moneys that we provided on gun safety. >> harris: 2020 candidate michael bloomberg defending his decision to spend big cash as he enters the democratic race. that happened on sunday. rivals bernie sanders and elizabeth warren again going after him for throwing all of that cash into his campaign. watch. >> michael bloomberg is making a bet about democracy in 2020. he doesn't need people, he only needs bags and bags of money. >> what he believes -- and this is the arrogance of billionaires -- "i can run for president because number $55 billion."
10:26 am
>> harris: the bloomberg campaign sticking up for the former new york city mayor, saying he needed to get into the race. >> the general election is in six states per that's it. it's in wisconsin, michigan, pennsylvania, north carolina, florida, and arizona on a payless general election. right now donald trump is winning. mike was doing everything he could from the sideline and he finally decided it wasn't enough to sit on the sidelines. he needed to do what he could alter that dynamic. this we will try to do. >> harris: for dnc deputy press secretary jose aristimuno, regular on the show. always good to see you, jose. you heard kevin cheeky there, his campaign manager, saying trump is winning right now. is he right? >> i don't think so, it's too early to tell. i am happy michael bloomberg is in the race. i think it goes against the narrative that trump has always said, "i've got all the money, i can make america rich again." >> harris: but trump didn't have to use his money against holy clinton. she spent a lot more. >> and that's right, but he could if you wanted to. i think part of the reason he didn't do it is because he
10:27 am
doesn't have as much money as he would like people to believe. michael has real money. $55 million. i would like to see him in the race. he can spend it as he would like. he should. he needs to compete in the primaries. he needs to go to the states that are going to be to super tuesday and beyond. if you can match his money with support, he is going to do just. let's see. let's see how he does coming up in the primaries. >> harris: it's interesting, why would you think michael bloomberg would be the answer in your political party, where so many are leading toward the more populist and also socialist-leaning policies? medicare for all. what does he bring to the table in that sense? or is he a lot more liberal than we know? >> you see him, where he stands on climate change and gun reform. it's pretty progressive, pretty democrat. i don't think he is as left as
10:28 am
bernie sanders or elizabeth warren. i think that's a good thing. let me be clear, not necessarily saying he's the answer and he's going to be the nominee. >> harris: but he is saying he is. >> every candidate is going to say that they are the answer. that's part of a political campaign. what i think is he is a net positive for the party. i think he will bring a lot of interesting points of view. he can actually speak. this -- there is a silent majority in america who are a lot more moderate than elizabeth warren and bernie sanders would like you to believe. money is not a bad thing, it's a good thing. we want to make sure that america is level either. we want to make sure they have a level playing field. i think democrats have a better way of doing it than republican, because we care about people. we will see. the voters will decide who will be the guy or girl to go against donald trump. >> harris: or woman, since they all over the age of 18. former massachusetts governor
10:29 am
and now 2020 candidate deval patrick had this warning to your fellow democrats. watch. >> i don't think you have to hate republicans to be a good democrat. i don't think you should hate conservatives to be a good progressive. to be a good social justice warrior. >> harris: what is your reaction? >> i think that's exactly right. i've said that from the very beginning. you can be pro-business. you can be pro-america. you can work with republicans. that's -- compromising is a good thing. we remember the republicans of the past. john mccain, however. we were about working, democrats on the republican sitting at the table and getting things done. unfortunately donald trump is not that type of president. >> harris: can i ask you something about your particular candidate pool right now on the democratic side? are you saying, president trump, just to flip it a minute. who among the group -- talk
10:30 am
about those men and those women -- who among the group do you think has no chance to go forward such that you nee need o deval patrick or michael bloomberg to go in? what are they looking at that maybe other democrats don't see among those candidates? look at that wall. there are a lot of people there. >> particularly, harris, i think people like bernie sanders and maybe elizabeth warren, think of the nomination, it is going to be tough. it's helped on like like uphill battle for us to win the election. that's my personal opinion. i'm not speaking for the party or democrats as a whole. i think there's a silent majority that would want something like joe biden, maybe even michael bloomberg, or whoever else. but not as left. it's more center that the people in the media and elizabeth warren and bernie sanders would lead you to believe. >> harris: v9 aristimuno, always good to see you. >> thank you, likewise. >> harris: some americans getting a white thanksgiving, but it could be a travel nightmare for many. a historic storm is brewing, and
10:31 am
20 million people have brutal weather headed their way. more polls show the impeachment inquiry hearings not changing voters' minds, and now one house democrat is going back and forth on the issue, suggesting she now opposes impeachment, and then walking it back. but then the voters will decide. keep watching. ♪ orlando isn't just the theme park capital of the world, it also has the highest growth in manufacturing jobs in the us. it's a competition for the talent. employees need more than just a paycheck. you definitely want to take advantage of all the benefits you can get. 2/3 of employees said that the workplace is an important source for personal savings and protection solutions. the workplace should be a source of financial security. keeping your people happy is what keeps your people. that's financial wellness. put your employees on a path to financial wellness with prudential. hi dad. no. edon't try to get up.
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>> harris: a potentially historical with a storm is moving toward oregon and california, and we understand hurricane-force winds are part of this mix. parts of the rockies could see up to 3 feet of snow. the northeast is expecting high winds and heavy rain, which could ground those famous balloons in the macy's thanksgiving day parade right here in new york city. we will have to see. meteorologist adam klotz now from the fox weather center with more. adam? >> hey there, harris.
10:36 am
we are talking about multiple rounds of storms that will be firing up and sweeping across the country. this first storm already dropping snow across portions of colorado and running into the upper midwest, getting into the plains. this will be the first system we are paying attention to. everything in front of it, those are big thunderstorms because the air is too warm across portions of the midwest currently and running into the south. this is the area where really paying attention to. it's that system stretching all the way up into the upper midwest. everything there in the red color, that is a blizzard warning, all the way across the west are winter storm warnings, watches. we could see as much as 3 feet of snow and some of these locations. this would be a big system. use your future radar. we have this first round of the upper midwest later today, and another round of snow that just continues to linger across the west. that's what allows it to become such a big snow maker. obviously when you talk about this they will be areas where there are delays. i want to get you to one last thing before i send you a way, those are those wins. thursday morning, you talk about those balloons, winds getting up to perhaps 30, 35 miles an hour.
10:37 am
that will be just borderline whether or not they fly those floats. it'll be a game-time decision but it's something we will be watching. >> harris: thank you very much. after five days of hearings and 12 witnesses, a new cnn poll finds no change in the public view on impeachment. 50% of americans say they believe president trump should be impeached and removed from office. 43% are opposed. the numbers are exactly the same as they were last month. meanwhile, democratic congresswoman brenda lawrence of michigan appeared to be expressed second thoughts about the proceedings. watch. >> we are so close to an election. i will tell you, sitting here and knowing how divided this country is, i don't see the value of taking him out of office. but i do see the value of putting down a marker, saying his behavior is not acceptable.
10:38 am
>> harris: she seemed to later walk back those comments, saying today that she supports impeachment. the power panel slides in. judy miller, adjunct fellow at the manhattan institute for policy research, and a pulitzer prize winning journalist and often. dan henninger, deputy editor for "the wall street journal" editorial page, both fox news contributor's. good to see you i can only imagine the pressure on brenda lawrence. >> [laughs] yes, with nancy pelosi and adam schiff saying, "what's that again?" this was always the conundrum for the democrats. this was always the problem. was this too close to matter? would only further polarize the country? the democrats decided to go ahead against nancy pelosi's advice and desire, and what you have is no change. >> harris: we hear pelosi and maybe a few others, dan, talking about censure today. which would be what
10:39 am
congresswoman lawrence is talking about. that sort of punishment, if you will, but not removal from office. >> it is really hard for me to imagine doing this. this impeachment process is kind of like launching a ballistic missile. you can't call it back once it's in the air, and they have done that. can you imagine what president trump will do if they back off impeachment and merely censure him? he will beat them with that from now until next november. >> it's not going to happen. adam schiff wants this. it's very clearly will move ahead, even though they could get other witnesses they have wanted. they are not going to be delayed -- >> harris: but that delays the process even further. >> but they want it done by christmas. >> harris: wow. >> i think it's clearly going into january. the trial, it's going to -- in the senate, impinge on these democratic candidates. but this was all predictable. nancy pelosi was right back last summer when she said she didn't want to go down this route.
10:40 am
but here they are. they are going to deal with the consequences. >> harris: with the remaining amount of time we have, i want to switch to the 2020 race. the union representing some employees at "bloomberg news" is calling on the company to reverse its decision not to investigate any of the 2020 democrats amend michael bloomberg's presidential campaign. the union statement reads this way in part -- "we are extremely alarmed by management's decision to silence the journalists we represent at bloomberg industry group." i spoke up on this quite heavily yesterday. now i have a pulitzer prize-winning journalist next to me. if you were not going to investigate one side, you are going to say "not bloomberg, not democrats," we need to do both for the republicans, too?" >> you definitely do. there are 2,700 journalists who work for bloomberg. are they really going to sit on their hands during this election? this is absolutely ridiculous. it's a double standard to do one and not the other. i know it's -- >> harris: who makes a decision like this?
10:41 am
>> this is supposedly the editor in chief. it is make a white, not bloomberg. because he is supposedly recusing himself from news decisions while he is running for office. if you believe that, i've got a bridge i want to sell you. >> harris: you said 2700. if you're one of those 2700 journalists at bloomberg, does this mean they don't trust you to get your job done? >> it means something like that. they should take it that way. i think john micklethwait and "bloomberg news" should reverse the decision. it's causing more trouble than they bargained for. >> harris: how can we take this seriously if they won't cover -- >> cover bloomberg, governor of the democrats. act like honest journalists. this will damage the brand on the new site. >> it's a formidable news organization. it will be terrible to have it out of the game. >> harris: you're not out of the game. that i paid senator lindsey graham says this is not about friendship. why he says congress needs to look into hunter biden's
10:42 am
business dealings as he takes criticism by joe biden head on. watch. ♪ >> all of the sudden when i asked questions that a lot of republicans want to know the answer to, that every american wants to know the answer to, all of the sudden i'm the bad guy. ♪ va mortgage rates are near 50 year lows. my team's working overtime to make sure every veteran can refinance now to save $2000 every year
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>> dana: hi, everyone. i'm dana perino. we'll be bread or butter? the presidential turkey pardon, top of the hour. plus, a country music star opens up about dealing with diabetes. that's all coming up on "the daily briefing." >> harris: senator lindsey graham is now saying his push for an investigation into joe and hunter biden, he says he loves the former vp. he says hunter's work for a ukrainian gas company "doesn't pass the smell test." he had more to say on fox news radio. >> my friendship with joe biden, if it can't withstand me doing my job, it's not the friendship i thought we had. i'm disappointed in him. he wants to play the game where i work with him to make sure trump gets -- but all of the sudden when i asked questions that are just a lot of republicans want to know the answer to, i think every american would want to and the answer to come all the sudden i'm the bad guy. >> harris: senator graham was responding to joe biden who went
10:47 am
after the center last week are pushing to investigate. watch. >> i'm disappointed. quite frankly, i am angered by the fact he knows me, he knows my son. he knows there is nothing to this. trump is now essentially holding power over him that even ukrainians wouldn't yield to. lindsay, i am just embarrassed by what you're doing, for you. my lord. >> harris: the power panel stayed. julie miller, dan and anger. dan? >> harris, as somebody once said, "politics tainted beanbags." [laughter] it is rough-and-tumble. all this was protectable from the beginning. we knew that joe biden and hunter biden were involved. hunter biden was involved with burisma. if they went forward with impeachment there would be a trial in the senate, and while it would be suppressed during the hearings in the house as it was, it was going to come out in the senate for sure.
10:48 am
undoubtedly it would do damage to joe biden's candidacy. >> harris: i saw you kind of go back and restate that it was hunter biden who was at burisma. does anybody think hunter biden did anything wrong, it was a hunter biden who exacerbated his circumstances but going on that interview and saying, "my dad's name, i've used it." >> he didn't do it. the conflict of interest was known at the time he was representing the obama administration. they were aware of that, and they had to be aware that it was going to come up again if he ran for president. and here we are. >> a couple of the witnesses mentioned it during the impeachment hearing. their discomfort with that. i have to point out that there is a big difference between the charge about hunter and joe biden. because no one alleges that there is evidence that joe biden did anything untoward or wrong, whereas there is evidence according to those 12 witnesses that the president did something wrong or instructed his people
10:49 am
to. nevertheless, lindsey graham, joe biden, you want a friend in washington, get a dog. that's the old saying. [laughter] >> harris: let's talk about how the friendship kind of got here. with this look back, joe biden's comments from 2013, lindsey graham's comments from 2015. rule eight >> if you can't admire joe biden as a person, you got a problem. [laughs] he is the nicest person i think i've ever met in politics. >> is that right? >> he is as good a man as god ever created. >> senators i know well who are assembled here, including my buddy lindsey graham, i told hil come to south carolina and campaign for them or against them, whichever will help the most. [laughter] >> harris: not beanbags. >> not at all. we have been talking for weeks about a patient. what lindsey graham doing is all about the effort to impeach donald trump as president.
10:50 am
trump derangement syndrome. the democrats should be running against donald trump's policies as president of united states. instead they have chosen to run against his person and to try and get him impeached on that. but now, as a result, joe biden and his past and his son are being pulled into the debate, too, because it's about impeachment and not public policy. >> harris: my grandmother, god rest her soul, used to say -- he had a relationship and a job most people couldn't get. certainly without the right credentials. he got it. have the right last name. it was a big paycheck every month. >> between $50,000.80000 a month depending on who's counting that is what doesn't pass the smell test. but there's a difference. >> harris: that's what senator graham said. >> senator graham is right. there's a difference between alleging that joe biden did something wrong or did a favor for his son. there is no evidence of that. >> harris: you know who is going to decide? the american people. good to see you. dan, judy, thank you. a new trove of emails reportedly
10:51 am
showing new yorkers accusing democratic governor andrew cuomo of getting played by congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez over the collapse of the amazon deal. well, did he get played? carley shimkus will break it down. i love the walk-on. hey, girl! ♪ there's a company that's talked to even more real people
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>> harris: new york democraticgg pushback after plans to bring amazon's second headquarters to new york collapse. "new york post" has obtained 2,000 emails sent to cuomo that show presidents accusing him of getting outsmarted by liberal congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez. one person says "aoc has played
10:56 am
you swiftly. wow." another writing you also afraid of aoc and screaming stupid protesters who don't understand economics 101? that is not nosed trashed your big deal." i'm quoting hear, hear. cuomo told the post that ocasio-cortez had nothing to do with the decision saying that it was done by the state senate. i want to bring in carley shimkus, reporter for fox news headlines 24/7 on sirius xm. you've been doing some reporting on this. >> they say the person in charge gets all the credit when things go well and gets all the blame when things go south and this is an example of the latter. i think this is total misplaced anger. governor cuomo was negotiating this deal with amazon and with thing started to get a little hairy, he was trying to broker a meeting between amazon executives and union leaders. it sounds like some of the people who wrote him letters were trying to get them to step
10:57 am
in and stop the protest taking place. he can do that. that is freedom of speech. the blame here lies squarely on the shoulders of alexandria ocasio-cortez and some of the local politicians governor cuomo mentions. >> harris: my said residents were taking exception, these are voters. let me say that more plainly. when she's accusing him of getting played, what do voters say? >> at the time, a poll was taken and people placed blame equally on alexandria ocasio-cortez and governor cuomo and bill de blasio. people were really angry. >> harris: a lot of money any lot of jobs. >> 70% of black voters, 80% of latinos, 53% of union workers also part of being amazon going into long island city and we were really upset when they found out the jobs and the tax incentives have gone away.
10:58 am
>> harris: meanwhile congresswoman okay joe cortez is going after critics of our policies like tuition free college and medicare for all. watch. >> people say it's about free stuff. it's not about free stuff. it's the public good. [interesting] the term "free stuff" ever aga again. some of these -- trying to -- [indistinct] >> we just talked about alexandria ocasio-cortez. if you want to know why she is still so popular among the left-wing of the democratic party, look no further than this. she said to remove supporters all the stuff i want to give you is not free stuff. it's not a handout. you deserve it. this is your right. nowhere in her speech as she talk about who's going to pay for it or that is going to raise
10:59 am
taxes by an astronomical level. she's bringing people in and yes, she is promising free stuff to a group of people but another group of people are going to have to pay for it. >> harris: i was mesmerized by the people in the room who seemed to be mesmerized. why does this work? >> it works because it feels really good to know that this is something that they deserve. she talks about public good. public goods are roads and libraries and airports. a public good wouldn't be health care because that would be you paying for my health insurance. that doesn't benefit you at all. it's not a public good. she is trying to lump all of that in together. >> harris: we see elizabeth warren on the campaign trail really struggling to say how she would pay for medicare for all. but ocasio-cortez, it's not real free stuff. >> every time you bring up the poll numbers and you show after people find out medicare follow
11:00 am
increased taxes, the support for it does go down. >> martha: i wonder if sooner or later she will also have to show how she will pay for. nothing in life is free. thank you for spending your valuable time with us. happy thanksgiving to all of y you. >> dana: on the president's pardon and a whole lot of politics. hello, everyone. i am dana perino. with all the noise coming from our nation's capital, we are about to get a bit of a break. president trump about to pardon the national think ceiling turkey. will it be bread, butter, or maybe both? we will take you to the turkeys when it starts. even the holidays can't stop the impeachment news and where that house intelligence committee chairman adam schiff will send his report to the judiciary committee soon after the thanksgiving recess. the fight over witnesses continues with president trump now saying he would love for his folks to testi


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