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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 26, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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tonight. tune in every night. every night of the week. 8:00 p.m., the show that is the sworn and totally sincere enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and groupthink. set your dvr if you can figure that out. good night from new yorkrk city. sean hannity is next. ♪ >> sean: this is a fox news alert. moments ago, president trump wrapping up another massive rally. asis time in broward county, florida. by thehe way, look at this. supporters stood in line all day to get a spot inside this packed arena. which has a capacity of over 20,000. what democrat can do this? the big rally,an do this? bill o'reilly interviewed the president on his radio show. and bill has given us an exclusive clip from the one-on-one interview. great question and a great answer by thee president. you will want to hear that. needless to say, the democrats impeachment charade has only solidified the president's base and is now turning into an unmitigated political disaster for the left.
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remember all last week, while the media mob telling you that trump is finished, a bombshell. bombshell, disaster, disaster. well, they were again lying to we, the people, as they have been for three long years, four if you include the election. according to multiple polls, support for impeachment with independents, look at this, it has dropped. look at the emerson pole, double digit swing among s independent. as opposition for impeachment is up, oh, a whopping 11 points meaning, bye-bye. people don't like it. a marquette university poll concluding support for impeachment dropping by four points in the swing state. the important state of wisconsin. a politico poll showed support for impeachment is declining nationwide. interest in the impeachment charade has even dipped among democratic voters. look at your screen. the 31 members of congress now representing those swing close attention. those names right there, that
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the president carried in 2016, these guys are in full panic mode. as republican groups now plan to plaster these districts with multimillion dollar ad buys over the thanksgiving weekend, you know, when football is running et cetera. so-called moderate democrats they are begging their party leadership for help. here's the great irony, though. in all of this, the schiff show, ironically, they actually helped pay for these ads as americans showed that they have had enough from this compromised corrupt congenital liar. and a they have been donating record amounts of money to help the president and help republican candidates. he is paying for this. thank you. i guess we have to say thank you to the congenital anonc lawmaker telling politico "it's like somebody taped our arms to our side and punched us in the face." over the weekend, democratic lawmaker from michigan, once supported impeachment, now says
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she doesn't see the value of kicking trump out of! by the way, this is the same district. take a listen. >> you can censor. you don't have to remove the president. y so there are different levels of activities that you can take under the articles of impeachment. we are so close to an election. i will tell you, sitting here knowing how divided this country is, i don't see the value of taking him out of office. >> sean: get this, congressman brenda lawrence has noww recantd thosee remarks and is now fallig in line. we can tell you why, probably immense pressure from the democratic leadership, the squad,cr and yes, the compromisd corrupt congenital liar. make no mistake, this is not looking good for the democratic party. they are helping the president win.
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are starting to take note. look at jonathan swan, axios said this has not been encouraging from a democratic point of view. look at this, over there on the conspiracy tv channel, area 51 rachel maddow, yes, rozwell rachel, and chuckie todd, who by the way, he is never going to be anywhere near as great as tim russwick, conceding that the schiff show did not clear the political bar, and made some dumb analysis about the legal bar, but he does not know what he is talking about. was he listening to his lunatic colleagues on the conspiracy channel msnbc. one reporter says, the pole should be a very clear warning to the democrats. take a look. think at this point, it is sort of a warning sign for them. if they are not able to move public sentiment at all with those five hearings, with the state department, and a dozen coming forward and testifying
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against the president, that is a problem for them. it should be a high point for them in terms of making a case for the voters. >> sean: tonight it is not just the polls on impeachment that should concern the democratic party. ju p a look at your screen. "the new york times" headline reads "they voted democratic, now they support trump." what they areth referring to is new data showing that democrats did okay in the 2018 elections, donald trump did not do anywhere in the first well midterm election as say, obama and clinton. but, anyway, the two-thirds of the battleground state voters that chose trump in 2016, but selected democrats and the midterms, they are going back to trump in 2020. whoopsie daisy. if "the new york times" says two-thirds, it's probably 98%. meanwhile mpresident trump also seeing a groundswell of support among african-american supporters. these numbers, six separate polls are huge. new polls, 16%-34% of african-americans and voters
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approve of the president. keep in mind, he only garnered 8% of the african-american vote in 2016. we will give you all of the analysis of why this is happening in just a minute. and also be joined by ben carson. specifically we will ask, how has the president, how has he helped minority communities more in three years then the destructive policies, and by the way, inordinately, the impact on the minority communities of biden and obama.those policies. it is now perfectly clear, ukrainian impeachment, the coup attempt is now ale political dumpster fire. we, you, the american people, you are not buying the b.s. that democrats have been selling now for three long years, we have had enough. and the wheels are already in motion. so, today, just as we predictedt the schiff show is now headed to the jerry nadler schiff show and the judiciary committee, so that he canmm turn this flaming pilef garbage and crap into ant
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official impeachment proceeding. good luck on the hearsay, he said, she said, and turn it into evidence. the one witness that can actually testify without offering opinion or hearsay that one guy, sondland on what that presidentd actually said. he is on record saying i heard the president say, what do you want for ukraine? i want nothing. no quid pro quo. that is not going to work out well in the senate when the rules of evidence, the federal rules of evidence are applied. of course, nadler will try his best in the witch trial, the coupst attempt will continue. remember 1998, this is the same jerry nadler, that guy right there, railing against impeachment saying it was in undoing of a national election. that votes were being ripped away from the american people. nadler did not even want the starr report, which the independent counsel statute required to be released to be released. maybe because it listed 11 specific grounds for impeachment including real felonies against
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his fellow democrat bill clinton. remember >> mr. starr is transmitting in his transmitting a letter to the speaker in the minority leader made it clear thatte much of ths material is federal material material by law, unless contravened by vote of the house must be kept secret. it's grand jury material. it represents statements which may or may not be true by various witnesses, salacious material. all kinds of material that would be unfair to release. >> sean: now nadler is in a -- is going to spearhead an impeachment proceeding against donald trump where there are no specific grounds for impeachment whatsoever. he paid a hell of a lot of money to paula jones at the end of the day, the level of hypocrisy in the democratic party and the mob and the media knows no bounds. of course keep in mind, this is all much to do about nothing because the senate will never
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vote to convict. onand instead will follow the federal rules of evidence, which means no hearsay will be admitted. no opinion witnesses will be heard, that means nobody we heard from in the schiff show. this is very important. president trump will finally be able to mount a defense. that is huge. and w earlier today he easily jt ripped apart the democrats faulty narrative during an interview with bill o'reilly. this is on his radio show. take a listen to this. >> if you had to do the phone call with the ukraine president again, would you mention joe biden? >> well, it was mentioned as just very unimportantly, and as you know, joe biden's son became rich as soon as joe biden became vice president. and, in my way of thinking, that is totally corrupt. we have to look for corruption. we are sending them tremendous amounts h of money. we don't want to be sending it for corrupt purposes. and the other thing that bothers me is why isn't france and germany and, you know, nato, you could say, why aren't these
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other countries and institutions, why are they not paying somer of the money? why is it alwaysys the sucker the united states? >> sean: bam, the president is on offense. at this point the democrats don't even know if they have the votes for impeachment. to those 31, well, democrats in trump won districts in 2016 they face peril. the president has withstood three plus years, the country has withstood three plus years of what is an unprecedented political onslaught. no prior administration, no prior president has ever faced this level of hatred, rage psychosis, and vitriol. and yet this president has fought back every step of the way, including tonight during another raucous fun rally. this time in florida. take a look. >> the radical democrats are trying to overturn the last election because they know that they cannot win the next election. it is very simple.
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on election day 2020, the crazy democrats are going down in a landslide, and that landslide is going to start right here in the great state of florida. >> sean: joining us now with reaction, house judiciary committee ranking member congressman doug collins. who appoints the senator who replaced johnny isakson and who i have known for many years, congressman, before i get to this? >> that would be the governor of the state of georgia.he gets th. >> sean: i would like the governor to appoint you. you have turned into a rock star. a republican with a backbone, a republican that -- you went out there and you released transcripts, and no other congressmen would release. that is the type of leadership that we need in the senate. i would urge the governor to appoint you. i think you would do a great job. i hope that happens. ov g if offered?t >> yes, sean, i would.we believt
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would be great for georgia but to be there for the president, and fight back for what the democratic force has been all year. we are well-suited for that. i appreciate your endorsement. >> sean: you have been a rising star. there are a few voices that have emerged in the ar, andd i applaud your courage. let's talk about what we have heard here. i've never seen a president go through this. the democrats have done nothing to the american people in three years except hate this president. where does this go, in your opinion? >> well, it is now time for jerry nadler to make chicken salad out of the schiff show. i don't know if that will happen, what they would have to do is take presumption, they would have to take hearsay, they would have to take nothing of quid pro quo, nothing the president did wrong, you make it into a viable article of impeachment to show the american people that he has done something wrong. buthihi you know how i know they don't have anything? the b next hearing they are goig to bring academics in to tell us what an impeachable offenses. i will tell you what an impeachable offense is not everything that we have seen from adam schiff and the democrats for the past year as
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they have attacked a very successful president who is wsimply doing the best job he n for america. and that's what we are going to start. next week, get ready. i've said this before, judiciary show, the lights are going to come on, get the popcorn ready. it's now time to get down to business to show what the schiff show looks like in person. >> i know some people, maybe they don't like the president's style because he fights, but he fought to get the biggest tax cuts in history and get rid of more bureaucracy than any other president in the last 100 years. and he found a way to get the border wall money. and he kept his promises on judges and trade deals, and look at the economy. who do you think gets it on the democratic side? and do you think democrats are in a panic? are they telling you secretly anything about how they really feel? >> they are. i'm listening to several democrats and i am working with democrats across the aisle. here's something interesting. at the t hearing we will have nt week, it is supposed to be the first opportunity for the president to actually be able to
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mount any kind of defense as far as answering questions. but there is no reason for the president's attorney, frankly to be a part of the academics. what they believe in the constitution says. this is a total abdication by jerry nadler who has become basically a figurehead for nancy pelosi and adam schiff to tell him what to do. andha that's what is going to happen next week. well, we have to have, number one, adam schiff has to testify. he claims to be a special counsel or prosecutor like ken starr. ifto ken starr can come become before the committee and actually take questions,if let's see if adam schiff can. maybe he can do better without the gavel in his hand telling the truth and be truthful to the american people about what his involvement was in thehe whole thing and where is going to go with his plan. but we also have members of the committee that are coming forward and saying, and if we don't make this fair, if we don't let the president have a defense and ram this through then the american people are seen through it. t sean, you brought it up tonight, we have members who had the audacity to say that we should do something other than impeachment on the democratic side, but really i guess got pressured into submission to
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say,ho no, i did not release, mn that we have to impeached him this is how sad they are coming into thanksgiving? >> sean: two of the best years of my life living in the hestate of georgia. i was the mc the night that newt gingrich became speaker the house. thank you for your fight. you are out there. i hope republicans are learning from guys like you and jim jordan, and turner and nunes. ratcliff. you guys have done a great job. thank you. and i guess you would call it a promotion. i hope you get that promotion. anyway, as the impeachment circus is playing out on capitol hill, you have to keep in mind that on december the 9th, that would be two weeks from yesterday, the inspector general flies fisa abuse reported by michael horwitz will be released breaking tonight, investigative reporter john solomon out with a brand-new report with even more damning evidence against the dossier author who does not stand by his own dossier, christopher steele. paid by clinton, russian lies. according to solomon, just as steele's's unverified
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hyperpartisan evidence made up the bulk in the fisa application warrant against the trump campaign. steele was also peddling other "so-called intelligence to the highest bidder."st including, ironically, an oligarch. you can't make this up. here with more, investigative reporter, fox news contributor john solomon. okay, just like you can't believe russian interference, you have a dirty dossier. you talk about quid pro quos, none for trump, but quid pro quo joee for zero experience hunter being paid millions. you don't fire him. you don't get the billion. you've got six hours. tell us about this. >> this is very important part when the ig comes out and we have the hearing was senator graham, one thing we will here be on the stuff we talked about. we talked about ad nauseam he had a political bias against trump. he was working for hillary clinton's opposition research firm. he had a deadline. he had on cooperated information that could've been russiania misinformation. but here's another thing that the fbi struggled with, and that is that he had the private intelligence clients. sometimes when he is talking to
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the fbi and the statefb state department officials, he is getting information from w tm that he sells to his clients. i have the anecdote right in the "times" when he is talking with bruce ohr, remember his buddy at the department? christopher steele since the dossier to the lawyer for ukraine oligarch, the guy is under indictment. his lawyers trying to help him themawyers trying to help him information about the u.s. government and sources are telling him about the case in the u.s. priority is in ukraine. these are the sort of things at the fbi has not been held to account. and we will learn a lot more about christopher steele. he will be the star witness or the star figure when the fisa report comes out. >> sean: fascinating. let's go back and let's stay in ukraine for a second. because we know about the millions for zero experience, we know why joe was involved in a real quid pro quo and shook down, and said i'll give you a billion if you fire the guy investigated my son, which did happen. but i also want to ask you specifically about, was their election interference? the ukraine?
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because a january 11, 2017, politico tells us great detail about alexandra chalupa, the paid dnc contractor, leading in the ukrainian embassy with the purpose of colluding to dig up dirt on donald trump and associates, and there was a court decision, who told the audience about it that that stated ukraine was involved in american election interferenceo. but your friends in the media they don't like you. they say that you are lying. they say that this is a conspiracy theory. they say oh, there is no evidence of wrongdoing with hunter and joe. really? i'm not buying their lies. it was interference? >> it's because they also said there was russia collusion, and there wasn't. who are you going to trust? we have to trust the facts, not the spin. in this case, there are three known episodes of ukrainian interference in the election. the sort of packing that we saw with russia, but very different stuff. ukraine ambassador to washington writing an op-ed slamming trump
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in the middle of the election. we talked about the court ruling in the release of manafort evidence by the ukrainian officials designed to force manafort out of the trump campaign.el then, the ukraine embassy dealing with alexandra chalupa where she was looking for dirt on trump. she had a very specific plan,ac. if she got enough dirt for the ukrainian, she was going to spring a congressional hearing in the fall of 2016 designed to harm donald trump's election chances. those are three cooperated -- nothing is in doubt about it. here's another thing.the embass- i'm going to draw a blank on her name, but w testified last week, she said emphatically, ukraine bet on hillary clinton, and they lost. and there were members of the ukrainian government trying to influence the election. that is her expert analysis, not mine. >> sean: by the way, the interviews of the prosecutor are generally the equivalent of her attorney general, they say something on videotape, that would be called news. blame the person that said it don't blame the messenger. anyway, john solomon. thank you. despite this unprecedented level of resistance against president
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trumpre from the media mob democrats, members of his r own party, even weak republicans, the deep state, the president's agenda is working in aa huge way, all voters, all backgrounds, races, religions we are one american family are benefiting. in particular,ac let's look at african-american voters. they have seen historic economic gains. one after another. look at the unemployment rate at its lowest level in history at only 5.4%. by the way, there has been recordrd after record after recd low unemployment for african-americans, hispanic-americans, asian-americans, women in the workplace. increased by overse 1.2 million. that is awesome. incomes, african-american families up. poverty had fallen to record lows. 300,000 people lifted out of poverty since president trump cameme into office.median incomn households up significantly.
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the percentage off african-american households earning over $150,000 a year? record high last year. according to multiple new polls, president trump is seeing his support in the african-american community rise significantly. this is important and great for our country. you see this, keep this in mind. the president only garnered 8% of the african-american vote in 2016. look at rasmussen, has his approval among african-americans by the way, rasmussen got closest in 2016. look at this, 34%. emerson, 34.5%. look at economists, yougov, they have him with african-americans at 16%. gallup has his approval ratings among nonwhite voters at 21%. npr pbs poll, 33%. democrats might just be losing a critical part of their base because the president's agenda is bringing real results helping our fellow americans, real families, people that have been
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left behind under the disastrous policies of biden and obama. one such crack congressman maxine waters.impeach 45. she recently said that she gouged that the secretary dr. carson has the intelligence to do the job. wow. one of the greatest brain surgeons in the country. one of the brightest guys i've over met and happens to also be a friend.renowned surgeon dr. b. i won't even go intoyo the story about how you do what you do. you are one of the best at what you do. but i will give you a chance to react to that madness. >> it is very interesting. first of all, you know, the statistics that you were just mentioning with the lowest unemployment rate with poverty improvements, these are wonderful things. but you have to recognize that this president believes that a rising tide lifts all boats, so he does not engage in a lot of identity politics. he just says, let's fix this whole thing. and that is the best thing you can do.
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but, look at some of the other things that he has done that african-americans, i think, are noticing. and you know, he brought hbcu office back to the white house so it could get appropriate attention, now getting record amounts of money. you know, he got an award from jesse jackson for opening up opportunities for blacks in new york. when he went to palm beach, he was on the forefront of integrating the clubs that excluded jews and blacks. opportunity zone so that people capital gains into that people areas where traditionally has been neglected economically. the first step, the second step, prison reform. people talk about it, he is actually getting it done. african-americans are not to be taken for granted. they are actually opening theirk eyes and looking and they are saying, do i want to deal with somebody that is getting things
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done and helping me, or somebody that talks a good game? and representative waters got a little upset because i pointed out to her very vividly after she sent ale scathing nasty letr to the president that shamelessness is being a 30-year politician and having all of these homeless people in your district and trying to blame it on somebody else. and she won't even meet with me. i have offered meetings for the last couple of years. she does not even want to talk about it. i want to get her people out of poverty. we want to get all of these people out of poverty. and one of the big things that we have done at hud is reorient getting people away from programs, to getting them out of programs and in a self-sufficient way. we want people to rise. >> sean: i want to say, we have become friends, probably hurt you if i say that, but what you have been doing to help people, the story, your life's story. your mom, your family. i 've got to tell you, and what
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you have done to save people's lives is beyond anything i have ever seen. thank you for being with us. thank you for the great job you're doing. dr. ben carson. when we come back, president obama reportedly really worried about the failing democratic field. we will tell you what he said next.
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>> sean: democrats in desperation mode going into 2020, and they are spinning it in a million different directions.full parch i can, fu- full panic, fueling more lies discouragement, conspiracy theories, hoaxes. all to distract the country from success. and get this. it sounds like even barack obama is sounding the alarm about the schiff show that is now hitting the entire democratic party and the prospects for 2020. especially when it comes to his
10:30 pm
former vp, sleepy, creepy, crazy, uncle joe, 330. according to a new piece, obama told the candidate, and you know who does not really have it. joe wasn't hard to fig, referencing the enthusiasm gaffe in iowa, and obama sounding terrified about comrade bernie sanders.ri obama said privately, if bernie were running away with the nomination, he would speak up to stop him. wow, even the unannointed one himself barack obama does not seem to want anything to do with this new unhinged crop of radical extreme socialist. and it was pretty awful himself. and it is even getting worse for team biden tonight. look at this, new york post, page 6 reporting that hunter suspected of smoking crack at a d.c. strip club. the only reason i bring this up is it was at the same time that he held that seat on the board at burisma holdings. wow. wow.
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dollars for doing nothing. maybe you feel guilty and have a lot of free time and waste it. now the constant democratic struggles is why deval patrick michael bloomberg are making a last-ditch bid for the desperate democratic party, because they know that trump is on the path to victory. by the way, michael bloomberg's campaign manager just flat out gnmitted it. take a look. >> and, if you look at the polls, and people can't focus on this, the general election is in six states. it is in wisconsin, michigan pennsylvania, north carolina, florida and arizona. that is the whole entire general election. and right now president trump is winning that election. it is very tough for people who do not to liveve in new york and california to understand that, but that is what is happening. >> sean: in 343 days, you, we, the american people, you get the final say. wouldn't it be cool to shock the world again? just shock the mob and the media. how great would it be on
10:32 pm
election night when they have to say donald trump is reelected the 45th president of the united states of america. they would probably crack under the pressure. here with reaction, the former white house press secretaryand a sanders. -- contributor sara sanders. 34.5, and 34% african-american communities, six separate polls the lowest one had the president had doubled the number he had in 2016, if that number holds to me, my analysis, that would mean game over. it's done. president has served the minority communities better than the eight years of biden-obama. record low unemployment for african-americans, asian-americans, hispanic-americans, women in the workplace, youth unemployment. i guess the narrative that republicans are racist, sexist homophobic is not true, is it? >> not at all.puex
10:33 pm
certainly not this president. i'm just glad to see that therei would say this, sean, but i think finally one of the democrats figured it out. michael bloomberg's campaign manager actually got something right. and admitted it. donald trump is winning. and all of america is winning. and that's why his numbers continue to go up. it is just amazing to see that somebody from their side is actually admitting it and talking about it publicly. and i think that if those numbers, say, hold where they are even as a baseline, it's not just game over, but this is a landslide victory for this is a great thing ak america -- >> sean: i think the plan is that the obama, i don't know, supporters, they have the, i guess, their own littlee institution, though supporters of his. they are coalescing around deval patrick, and i say that for a lot of reasons. the support, the comments are
10:34 pm
too extreme. now the more recent comments, do you believe that they are now desperately trying to support him in a last-minute push here?e >> i think they are desperately trying to find somebody who can actually run a real campaign. so far, everything we have seen out of the democrat field does nothing but make every republican in this country extremely happy, because it is clear that donald trump is going to win reelection. i anybody who is painfully set and watched each of the democratic debates knows that joe biden is an incredibly weak candidate. and he is their front runner. he is tied up in corruption scandal after scandal, and he is still considered the front runner. and he is a terrible candidate. and everybody knows that including former president obama, who had a massive vice president for eight years. i mean, it is a sad day when you can't get that guy to help support you. >> sean: are you making pies for thanksgiving? becaus i remember the mob in the media doubted if you made pies. and you actually made them some
10:35 pm
and they did not deserve it. except maybe if you accidentally -- i'm kidding, i'm kidding. >> never would have done thate but i am definitely making more pies, i'm hosting thanksgiving at my house this year. sean, i will be sure to tweet a few of those out for you. >> sean: we live in the greatest country god gave man. we have the greatest military defending us. and thank you, and i wish you and your family and your dad a happy thanksgiving. and your mom. >> thank you, we have lots of great things to be thankful for. happy thanksgiving to you, too. >> sean: happy thanksgiving. when we come back, i am really pissed off. the first lady of the united states attacked today l while speaking at an event for opioid awareness. lara logan, joe concha up next. and i will tell you why i am so pissed. straight-ahead.
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>> sean: the left lunacy knows no bounds. our first lady melania trump appeared at an event in baltimore to raise awareness about the opioid crisis. by the way, she has done a number of them around the country, losing 300 kids and adults a week. 300 people dying a week! she went out with our former colleague, our friend, eric bolling, to a number of them. kids are dying because of this. watch the appalling reactionse from some members of this audience. it is repulsive. take a look. >> it is my pleasure to introduce to you the first lady of the united statesr of america! [mixed crowd reaction]
10:41 pm
okay. first lady. >> sean: kids are dying. this is so shockd soul. booing? she is trying to lower the number of people dying in the country. and, by the way, the boos came on the same day as her husband donated his third quarter salary to fighting the opioid epidemic. the fatalities from opioid overdose is skyrocketing. this is our american family dying, up from roughly 25,000 a year in 2013, nearly 50,000 in 2017. and nearly 300 a week. all of this going on. the media can focus on his impeachment.
10:42 pm
networks covered nearly all of the trump impeachment circuits. 75 hours, compared to a mere fraction of the clinton impeachment hearings, according impeachment hearings, according here with reaction is the media reporter from the hill host wor. no contract, as well as award-winning journalist, part of the fox nation show. we welcome her, lara logan. lara, it is like that jackass jimmy kimmel, who is not funny and has low ratings, mocking the first lady reading to children. now, if any republican, especially men, ever treated michelle obama this way, what do you think the reaction would be in this country? >> well, the obvious answer to that, sean, is it would be that, sean, is it would be you would be accused of doing it because you are racist. which is, you know, there are a number of tactics that are used in this country that make it difficult for anybody to talk about these things. because, if you say one thing,
10:43 pm
you're a racist. if you say something else, you are a conspiracy theorist. have you noticed how convenient some of these terms are in shutting down any kind of conversation? and, as a journalist, i feel that every single day in the work that i do. because we have to be so careful just aboutut the subject that yu choose, about the people that you talk to, the conversations that you want to have. because there is a form of social justice here, and punishment for journalists and for people in this country for leaders. companies are cutting off ties left and right because they are so afraid of what is going to be said about them in public. because the enforcers of these terms and these tactics are really shutting down freedom of speech. they are shutting down our basic freedoms. and they encourage a kind of behavior that i think anyy reasonable person can look at that and say that it does not
10:44 pm
make -- i was not raised that way. it does not make me feel good. but that is my personal feeling on it. >> sean: saving kids' lives reading to children, and you know ratings in late-night, jimmy kimmel mocking the first lady. he can barely speak one language. melania speaks five, english is number five. there is such an insane hatred even if you are trying to read to kids or stop people from dying. this is how people act now, joe concha? things have changed since, say, oh, 2016. >>el absolutely, sean. and look at, in maryland, the opioid crisis is particularly horrible. in baltimore, particularly bad. she went to the place where it is impacting people most. let me share with you some stats. in 2010, just 650 people were killed from unintentional intoxication deaths. most of those opioid deaths. that number has increased to four times, nearly 2400 in 2018. this is a crisis.
10:45 pm
and here you have the first lady of the united states trying to tackle what i think has been one of the most under covered stories by our broadcast media in the country, and that is the opioid crisis. and, look, that speech did not take place in too far from camden yards. that place holds about 46,000 people. you can filled out the capacity and still be a thousand short in terms of the number of people who were killed by a drug overdose and opioid deaths in this country. and the bottom line is these kids do not even know what they are protesting. what does this mean when you are booing the first lady of the united states who wants to do something about this? are you proit opioid? does that make you pro drug addition? they are not educated on what they are booing here. and for the administration to not even say, look, show some respect for the first lady. she has shown nothing but class and she has come into office even before that just as michelle obama did and laura bush before her. for a first lady to be booed like that at an event like
10:46 pm
that yeah, i would be pissed off too quite frankly. >> sean: i am really pissed off.great points, both of you. lara logan, we are honored to have you. thank you for joiningthth us.wh, oh, coming up, congresswoman ocasio-cortez trying to defend her liberal policies. and you will not believe how she tried to spin out of this one. she does not want anybody talking about free stuff. i have come up with a new name. also, the two biggest hollywood jackasses of the day. we will get to that but first, dan bongino geraldo straight-ahead.
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10:50 pm
>> sean: the squad's leader congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez coming out swinging at her critics who have called her out for herr endless authors of government handouts. everything free, free, free
10:51 pm
whether you are willing or unwilling to work. free stuff. take a look. >> people say this is free stuff. this is not about free stuff. this is for the public good. the public good. so if you hear the word or the term free stuff ever again. >> sean: here with reaction dan bongino, fox news correspondent at large geraldo rivera. all right, i think she does not like the term free stuff geraldo. we just had the schiff show. why don't we say free schiff. how is that? everything is free. you get schiff for free. >> you know, it reminds me when president obama said, you didn't build that to business people. what he meant, he did not mean that businesspeople did not build their own business buo he meant people take advantage of the great wealth of the country, the highways, the infrastructure, the school system, and so forth.
10:52 pm
i think that's what she meant by that. i am still a fan of hers. i obviously don't agree with her socialist policies, she is a great role model. >> sean: a fan of what? the world is going to end in 12 years. she wants to spend 94 trillion in 10. if we are all going to die in 12, let's have one hell of a big party if we are all going out. spend the 94 trillion on a party like there is no tomorrow. because there won't be. >> she makes you so angry.if shd have to invent her. she is a perfect foil for conservatives. and tremors of fear in established democrats. it's terrific. >> sean: all right, i'm going to concede to her point, she does notdo want to say free stu, we have the schiff show. i'm going to say that we will give away free schiff. >> [laughs] >> sean: works for me that way. schiff happens. schiff happens.
10:53 pm
somebody please, on the conservative side -- >> sean: let's see, oh, about 8 minutes. go ahead. >> somebody on the conservative side should get a pool together to buy her in econ 101 textbook. listen, public goods are generally understood to be, when you talked about economics and government, not excludable things. the military, things you cannot prevent people from accessing, the court system. what she has done is somebody told her this buzzword, of course. maybe she picked it up somewhere and she went after it. now she is including things like well, what about a free higher education? that is a public good. no, it is not. it is a private good that may generate some positive public externalities. but if i have to pay for my neighbor's kid's college education, even if my neighbor makes the same thing i make, then that is not a public good. as a matter of fact, it is the opposite of a public good. it is silly, less than first grade economic analysis. we aresi only like idiots clap
10:54 pm
for it because they have never read anything about it. they don't understand how any of this works. >> sean: can some buy her an abacus or maybe a calculator and do the math. >> but city college was basically free. city college of new york was basically free. free traditionally. and now you have to pay still a below market rate of tuition. but it was basically free. and it generated some great leaders ca sydney college, leaders a came out of sydney college, sydney university. >> sean: how will we pay for it, geraldo? now he is offering free schiff. >> geraldo is making a big mistake. just because a government can do something does not mean the private sector won't do it better.t everythings. the government touches, it wrecks. a bankrupted social security and destroyed public education. it burns everything to the ground. >> i love the spasms of anger she causes.s. >> the high schools in baltimore, not a single kid proficient in math or reading. you can't screw it up that bad.
10:55 pm
all right, this is turning into a schiff show. thank you, both. two hollywood jackass liberals are villains of the day. up next.
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♪ >> sean: hollywood liberals are back doing what they do best, attacking the president. this time, robert de niro, over the hill, horrible actor, boring at this point in his life, he supposed to be promoting a new movie, on the late show donald trump is all they could talk about. no wonder their ratings suck listen to this. >> it's like living in an abusive household, you don't know what's going to happen next, what crazy thing is going to happen next, what is going to make you say what the hell is going on? he's a fake president.o [cheers and applause] >> what do you mean by that? >> he calls everything fake because he knows he's fake. he's projecting.
11:00 pm
>> sean: you act, you fake who you are, every day, you would know. robert de niro is not the only one slamming the president robert redford placed the president on tv, trump is a dictator, let not your heart be troubled. god bless you all laura ingraham. >> laura: happy thanksgiving are you deep frying it again? >> sean: i'm deep-fried my turkey, i'm doing two this year. i've got my butterball turkey fryer, the greatest invention ever made. you can get it at home depot lowes. >> laura: didn't that blow up in one of your neighbors complained because a drumstick went flying over the roof? >> sean: i put on my website facts to deal with the liberalnt insane never trumper relatives so you don't end up throwing turkey legs at each other. >> laura: i'm trying to have a funny conversation and hannity this is why you are number one in this business by leaps and bounds.