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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  November 27, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PST

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excuse because -- >> drown yourself with an extra cocktail. heather: thank you for joining us. i hope everyone has a great thanksgiving. i will be back next week to stave off the family. "fox and friends first" continues right now, goodbye. kim jong un chemical plant explosion sending huge fireballs into the texas sky overnight. people waking up to what looks like an apocalyptic scene and mandatory evacuation orders. jillian: details on this active scene. back to back storms could threaten your thanksgiving as blizzard likes now wreaks havoc across the rockies. rob: we will tell you why experts say now is the worst time to travel even if there is no winter weather in the forecast. >> they have a sick puppy, shifty schiff, we will take back the house.
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we are going to take it back. jillian: donald trump rallies the sunshine state by tearing -- the democrats impeachment push. rob: highlights from his first home state rally is a florida resident. "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪ heather: that will wake you up. rob: get you in the holiday spirit. heather: get all ahead. if you weren't awake, now you are. good morning. you are watching "fox and friends first" on wednesday
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morning. rob: thanks for getting up early with us and straight to a fox news alert, three people hurt after a massive chemical plant explosion sends flames shooting through the air near beaumont, texas. look at this. jillian: then there is this doorbell camera footage that shows the exact moment the exposing happened involving a processing unit. the giant fireball rocking homes from miles near the tpc chemical plant which produces chemical and petroleum products. rob: three employees were taken to a local hospital and there could be more injuries. homes within a mile of that are being evacuated and you have to think about air quality. jillian: we will keep you updated when we get new information. donald from rallies thousands of supporters in his new home state
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of florida. >> the economy is booming, wages are rising, crime is falling, and america is stronger than ever before. >> given your change of registration, welcome home to florida. rob: a very interesting location for this rally, doug luzader joins us with the moment. >> reporter: close to home. the president began this rally last night in his newly adopted home state of florida by talking about the issue he hopes will lead to his reelection in 2020. >> the hottest economy anywhere in the world and it is not even close. unemployment has reached its lowest level in more than 51 years. in the last 12 months, florida has seen the second largest
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payroll increase of any state in the nation. people are making money. >> reporter: this campaign event was in sunrise, florida, less than an hour from the president's mara law go home. in 2020 said republicans would win back the house and retain the senate and the white house. not exactly a shock he spent part of his time taking shots at democrats over impeachment, specifically california congressman adam schiff. >> they've got a sick puppy, shifty schiff. he made up my statement to the ukrainian president. don't even know what they are talking about. it is a scam. it is a hoax. >> reporter: the president went a step further specifically targeting former vice president joe biden and his son hunter. >> if you want to see what corruption looks like, then take a look.
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no further than slow sleepy joe. his son received millions and millions of dollars from the ukrainian energy company despite knowing absolutely nothing about energy. >> reporter: the trump campaign called this a homecoming rally. the president officially changed his residency from new york to florida. there is no doubt florida is going to play a big role in 2020. heather: jillian: thank you. democrats pushing ahead with the impeachment inquiry a against donald trump, the house judiciary committee taking over next wednesday. donald trump's legal team will have the option to participate. the witnesses have not been announced yet. he comes as the intelligence committee wraps up their investigative phase of the inquiry. the report expected to come out next week.
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the economy seems to be unfazed by the democrats impeachment drama, socket record highs following positive development in the us and china trade talks. all three major averages end tuesday in the green. the dow jones rising 55 points. the s&p 500 increasing twee 7 points with the nasdaq gaining 15. this was the 100th record close since donald trump took office. rob: a new report claims former president obama has strong opinions about the 2020 democrats especially his former vice president. todd pyro in studio with why he fears biden may not be able to win in 2020. >> reporter: the political report sites extensively form a close advisor to the president, one of the many meetings obama has been having with potential 2020 democratic nominees and one quote in particular raising eyebrows this morning. former president obama pointed out that during his own 2008
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campaign he had an intimate bond with the electorate especially in iowa, that he no longer has. then obama added you know who really doesn't have it? joe biden. this revelation coming amid a response for biden when asked why president obama had not yet endorsed his own vp. >> why hasn't president obama endorsed you? you serve together eight years? >> i want to earn this on my own. >> did he offer to endorse you? >> know, we didn't even get there, i asked him not to and he said okay. he thinks it is better. >> reporter: another shocking claim, the lengths to which president obama and his team would go to keep bernie sanders from the 2020 nomination. listen to this quote. sanders seems more of a threat than he does now. obama said privately if bernie running away with the nomination obama would speak up to stop him. there is this.
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if bernie were running away with it, i think maybe we would all have to say something. these comments likely to revive claims from the sanders camps similar to those in 2016 when the dnc is accused of working behind-the-scenes to make sure hillary clinton about sanders was the democratic nominee. sanders is pulling second behind pete buttigieg and iwan fourth behind elizabeth warren, buttigieg and biden in new hampshire. that is shocking because he is from vermont. rob: extreme weather causing headaches ahead of the record-breaking travel weekend snowstorms push across the united states, tracking nightmares from the northwest all the way to the midwest. jillian: heavy snowfall in denver leading to hundreds of flight cancellations and at the oakland airport a power outage during a heavy rainstorm left passengers in the dark for hours. 55 million people are expected to travel this week. for that we bring in senior
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meteorologist janice dean. it is pretty crazy all over the place. >> we will see a lot of reporters airports today. rob: we will see that story. >> pack your patience. drink every time somebody - happy thanksgiving. we will have delays. there will be some places where you will not be able to get where you are going. plan ahead. you might have to stay home. we have a couple storm systems. the first is moving across the great lakes, the trailing cold front across the mississippi river valley, the southeast, a lot of snow in the upper midwest. our next storm system is in the west and that will move in as we move across country the next couple days. what are we dealing with? a lot of rain, a lot of wind, thunderstorms and snow on the backside of this. people are wondering what about the macy's thanksgiving day parade? this will be a close call. this will be a gametime call.
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the last time they grounded the balloons was in 1970-something and we will be close to that. we might see a grounding of the balloons. we hope that will not be the case but it could be. whether travel delays, a lot of red and orange and yellow. it will be difficult to travel today. the next storm system will impact us this weekend. people are wondering about those balloons. there is the criteria. let's go back. criteria and we are really close. they have police on scene. every balloon has a wind gauge. they will decide tomorrow at 9:00 am. jillian: 1971. >> almost 50 years ago and it could happen tomorrow. goodbye, happy thanksgiving.
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rob: if you are one of millions of people hitting the road for turkey dinner timing is everything. jillian: according to google maps the worst time to leave is today between 3:00, and 4:00 in the afternoon. the best advice, consider waiting until 6:00 tomorrow morning. if you are an early riser. rob: today is the worst time. coming home much the same. the worst time is 3:00 pm sunday. if you can, google trends suggests heading out early friday morning, heading home early - jillian: you miss all the black friday shopping wherever you are. rob: saturday 11:00 at night. jillian: it is 11 minutes after the hour. milania trump buddha before speech on the opioid crisis. the outrage growing over that welcome. rob: donald trump slamming the
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impeachment push at his first homecoming rally in florida. our next guest says the nightmare republicans promised impeachment would be has come to fruition. ♪ - [narrator] meet the ninja foodi air fry oven.
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make family-sized meals fast,
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and because it's a ninja foodi, it can do things no other oven can, like flip away. the ninja foodi air fry oven, the oven that crisps and flips away. >> democrats are trying to rip our nation apart and they are pushing that impeachment witchhunt and a lot of bad things are happening to them because you see what is happening in the polls, everybody said that is really [bleep] >> donald trump thinking democrats for helping to seal the deal on his second term, pointing to recent polls that show impeachment losing steam with voters in so many words. >> is there a way for democrats to out these numbers, these odds in 2020? we will show you in a second and
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here it is joseph opinion. the interest in impeachment, look across here, democrats down 5%, all the way across, numbers are the same for all three, independents a big one, they are losing interest in the impeachment inquiry. why do you think that is? >> democrats have exceeded the president's wildest expectations, they made america hate impeachment again. you had adam schiff telling people people are going to have a chance to see what terrible stuff happening, we have concrete evidence of collusion, turned out they dragged a bunch of this in front of congressman of whom said donald trump engaged in a quid pro quo as far as aid, in exchange for investigations ultimately democrats have lawmakers running for the hill, shackled to would
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like poor people in the bottom half of the titanic when the boat is going down and the band is playing. jillian: why independents and those numbers? i get republicans, i get democrats wanting to look at what is going on on both sides but independents have another year to figure this out and for a lot of people they don't know what they are going to do. >> democrats, that tired love song, it will be different next time. they are tired of hearing it. they are out of time and out of love for nancy pelosi and adam schiff, next time is going to be the thing that brings down donald trump, next time it is going to be the russian collusion, next time it will be quid pro quo, by the time they get to wednesday it was obstruction. people are out of time and patience. >> michael bloomberg things democrats have a lot to be concerned about in 2020. here's his campaign manager. >> mike is getting in this race because he thinks donald trump is an exit is a crisis and he
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thinks he will pass the victory. donald trump is winning. it is tough for people who don't live in new york or california to understand that but that is what is happening. rob: if you are not in new york or california it is hard for you to see that, the progress he is making in the country. >> last week was the clearest example in my adult life where depending on your source of news consumption, doomsday for the trump administration and independents looking at the same hearing saying what are we talking about? you see somebody like bloomberg, one thing you can't say, frivolous or wasteful. he's planning on spending that amount of money because he sees a pathway, democrats want to talk about republicans but democrats are fractured and broken like we have never seen. shannon: democrats want to talk about police wealthy of the bunch and this is a battle between pete buttigieg and joe biden. listen to what they have to say.
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>> the poorest men in congress. in congress and as vice president. >> i never thought i would be on a forbes magazine list but they did one of all the candidates by wealth and i'm the least wealthy person on the stage. jillian: i think a lot of people didn't hate what pete buttigieg had to say in the last debate because on some level it makes them relatable to a lot of people but when you start to battle it out that is where people lose interest. >> we have a long history of for individuals working-class who had to work their way through college. great deal of wealth from president obama, we have had this history. the issue is we have joe biden pretending he is a poor black child born outside chicago or the fact that my son made millions in ukraine, pete buttigieg trying to get people to say i'm just like you. i don't have a lot of money.
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rob: isn't this a product of the anti-willful rhetoric from the left, this is what it comes down to, bragging about who has the least amount of money because of you have money or evil. >> job creation is terrible, big off the government is a virtue. we got to the point people can't -- democrats in particular can't say if you don't see americans don't hate well, people who abuse the system, individuals use the immigration system, we can't just get around the fact we don't want to have american opportunity for everyone. rob: thanks. thanksgiving day getting slammed on campus. >> aware that the privilege you had. rob: instead of being thankful college students are saying no thanks. jillian: forget the hugging family, it could send the wrong message. carly shimkus with reaction to the warning issued to parents. - [spokeswoman] meet the ninja foodi pressure cooker,
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rob: college kids saying no thanksgiving this year claiming americans are generating genocide. >> thanks giving is unnecessary. >> be thankful for the things you have but be aware of the privilege you have and how you got it and the wrongs that were taken to get there. jillian: carly shimkus with serious xm with the reaction the video is getting on social. a lot of people say this is the one holiday that is not about giftgiving, it is about family. >> giving thanks, spending time with loved ones we do campus reform reporter went to the
2:25 am
university of florida to see how students feel about turkey day and a majority of respondents who appear in that clip feel thanksgiving glosses over the genocide of native americans and has racist undertones. we asked our viewers how they felt and the majority of you are pointing one thing out, let me guess, they still want the time off. another person is to graham, johnny, saying they will gladly take the weekend off, always thought they weren't fact in college, not garbage, this is garbage. it started with columbus day and now some folks feel thanksgiving is also a celebration of white privilege or demonstration of it. jillian: we are not allowed to hug anymore? >> the girl scouts are warning parents not to force their daughters into hugging relative saying it could cause them,
2:26 am
little girls, not to set boundaries later in life. the organization posted a reminder, she doesn't know anyone a hug, not even at the holidays. this reminder sparking mixed reaction on social media. marty on twitter says my children tell me she wants to eat ice cream for breakfast every day as well. here's a great parenting tip, kids don't make the rules and should hug their grandparents. another twitter user saying to keep our family safe we must refuse to hug our loved ones. it is the only way. charlotte on twitter chiming in say no one should be forced to show physical affection. a great debate taking place over this very topic. rob: hugging your grandmother. come on. jillian: 26 after the hour. first lady milania trump bull before speech on the opioid crisis.
2:27 am
>> this kids don't know what they are protesting. shows respect for the first lady. jillian: joe conger calling out the blatant disrespect, why he says these students are misguided. >> i appreciate that. >> come from a family of democrats and i can't take the swamp anymore. rob: the president firing up a big crowd at his hometown rally. pete hegseth is voting with voters in florida. ♪
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rob: the president firing the crowd at a homecoming rally in florida. >> the economy is booming, wages are rising, crime is falling, poverty is plummeting, confidence is soaring and america is stronger than ever before.
2:31 am
america is winning again and america is respected again. jillian: what do the voters think? pete hegseth talked to some of them at the flashback diner in boca raton, florida. >> reporter: some folks here early, we will be here all morning on "fox and friends," we had a chance to go to the rally last night. sometimes you have to step back. it is a tuesday night in broward county which went two thirds for hillary clinton. you've got an arena packed with 21,000 people, 3000 outside at least. that is larger than the crowds any democrat can muster anywhere else on the trail. even blue country. when we talk to folks it was amazing how many had never been to rally before and how many were former democrats. take a listen. >> we came here because we are supporters of trump.
2:32 am
i grew up a democrat but i am not a democrat anymore. >> i love him and it feels nice to be surrounded by like-minded american people. >> he is doing so much for our country and i appreciate that. >> i come from a family of democrats and i just can't take the swamp anymore. >> he is giving us money, giving it back to the americans. >> he supports the military. people like us. >> the guy loves firefighters, loves cops, loves the military. >> he is for the american people. one of us. >> reporter: under a year away from election day and people we spoke to said their enthusiasm for the president is deeper than it has ever been, then it was on election day and they point to
2:33 am
what is going on in washington dc, they won't accept a 2016 election. it is an amazing political phenomena and like we may never see again and put the president in a darn good position when it comes to 2020 especially in a state like florida. rob: he loves to going into hostile territory, broward county, minneapolis. >> reporter: he does the the ability to muster a crowd, sold out in places like that. find me any politician on the planet who can do that, don't care who you are, whether you like him or not, that is incredibly formidable. it is something they are using to target voters going forward. rob: we appreciate it. jillian: quite the opposite reception for milania trump in baltimore. look at this. rob: the first lady met with boos in a speech about the opioid crisis.
2:34 am
>> reporter: the first lady was speaking to a group of middle and high schoolers on opioid awareness, fighting addiction, her best campaign. there is the audience being noisy through much of her speech but the first lady pressed on. >> fight with you and fighting for you. addiction and drug abuse are universal, they do not discriminate, be part of the solution. if we work hand in hand i know we will be able to achieve amazing things. >> he didn't appear to be phased but these kids don't know what they are protesting.
2:35 am
>> these kids don't know what they are protesting. what does it mean when you are booing the first lady of the united states? are you pro opioid? show some respect for the first lady, she showed nothing but class just as michelle obama did and laura bush before her. for the first lady to be blue like that -- >> really pissed off. >> we live in a democracy. we have a serious crisis in our country and i am committed to educating children on the dangers and deadly consequences of drug abuse. he will donate his third-quarter salary to fighting opioid abuse. >> she has been a strong fighter. rob: have you started prepping for tomorrow? >> we have you covered, holiday hacks to get you through your big thanksgiving feast coming up next.
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heather: you do that live shot. rob: turkey day is tomorrow. if you've not started prepping have no fear. jillian: live with the holiday tips to get you through thanksgiving. let's start the turkey, the obvious one. >> if you have the roaster that you put underneath, what you can do is take aluminum foil, wrap it up and twist it into a circle. as many as would need to fit under the turkey creating a barrier between the roaster and the turkey. jillian: if you don't have
2:40 am
serving platters -- >> i did this last year for thanksgiving. i have broccoli but two different kinds. i made a divider in the center with butter and two different dishes. rob: look at all these pies. >> in the freezer section i got pumpkin pie and peak on by. what i did was point the direction and press down onto it and then they come up with little ties and all they do is put whipped cream on it and look how nice. >> the crust is one of the best parts. >> i love the crust.
2:41 am
>> p con pie, all you do is take it out of the freezer section and then a delicious pie ready to go and his homemade. so now you have gravy and want to keep it warm. pour the gravy into a service container and then write before it starts it is nice and warm and you didn't have to start microwaving. rob: nice for your commute to grandma's house. with the stuffing, when it is done, made them into little bite sized, take it and spray into the center. >> you can put the mashed potatoes on. that is a good way to do a cupcake and last but not least a
2:42 am
way to keep the food warm. it is nice and warm. rob: you have the mac & cheese on the end of the slow cooker. >> if you want to measure a good way to do that you spray cooking spray and it comes right out. rob: we are ready for thanksgiving and we will be right back. >> a world war ii hero and the d-day survivor and i sat down with him. >> my brother said to me, i hope we both get through this but if we didn't, one of us would take care of the other one's family. >> and you both came home. rob: if you think you have a lot to be grateful for wait until you see the rest of the story. jillian: you want to see that.
2:43 am
another incredible man, steve doocy. >> i love the way rob tried to do a commercial. >> you wanted to eat that stuff. whipped cream on stuffing. are you crazy? >> the ultimate bachelor pad. whipped cream. >> it looks delicious. >> i will eat it during the break. i am not doing it. >> we have 15 minutes. jillian: coming up on "fox and friends" the day before thanksgiving, trying to eat whipped cream. we have a great lineup. sarah sanders, lawrence jones and mark meadows from north carolina and tunnels for towers
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rob: toys "r quote us making a comeback in time for black friday. the company is reopening its first store new jersey in the midst of bouncing back after filing bankruptcy two years ago. a second store open in houston with target to relaunch the target.
2:48 am
jillian: the trump campaign and rnc accusing google of voter suppression, getting blasted after deciding politicians and campaigns cannot target specific groups of people with ads. in a joint statement the trump campaign and rnc says google's latest arbitrary role changes are blatant attempt to suppress voter information, knowledge and engagement in a 2020 election. democrats issued a similar statement. >> ray lambert, the world war ii veteran and d-day survivor honored by donald trump in normandy is telling his story. >> we think about what we are thankful for and of this thanksgiving i had a chance to sit down to talk about his life and the things he is grateful for. >> the skies were kind of dark, the waves were splashing into
2:49 am
the boat, very cold and i had a lot of concern for my men. >> what was your packed? >> i said to him we have enjoyed being brothers in the service and hope we both get through this but if we didn't we would take care of the other one's family. >> you both came home. >> i knew in my heart some of us were not going to make it and as we got further, we see some smoke. i could see bodies on the beach lying there. i could see more firepower from the west and mortars coming in. i began to see the waves that i was in, losing people. >> you were hit. >> something hit me and knocked
2:50 am
it all to the bone. i went underwater, the mine had gone off and crippled him and i took the guy on out and looked to see if i could find any place, i saw what looked like a rock in the river. we got many patients behind that rock. >> he went to normandie to mark the 75th anniversary of that day. what was it like to be there and have the president on are you? >> raise with us, with his third silverstar, the free world salutes you. >> it was an exciting time to think after all these years i was now getting the ultimate
2:51 am
chance to be honored by the president of the united states. got the mission - they wanted to just have wraps rock and i refused to take part in it, putting my men's name on it. they worked their heart out. i want people to know the history of what happened and the difficulty it is for a man to go overseas to protect himself. >> he started to talk about it recently, not many men left who can. and he has a book out called every man a hero, a memoir of
2:52 am
d-day and the world at war. that was one of the greatest moments being able to share his story, he's 99 and you would never know it. before we were done filming he would not let us leave. you have to have a glass of my favorite wine. and this is the moment i will never forget. >> we love that. are you expecting family tension over thanksgiving? most of us are. the card game releasing a nonpartisan version in time for the holidays. >> we will see if it works next. i need a ride. here hold this. follow that spud. [ tires screech ] the big idaho potato truck is touring america . .
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♪ hey now ♪ hey now ♪ hey now ♪ >> hey, dallas, hey, atlanta. look at the airport. hartfield, jackson, already busy rob ron one of the busiest in the country. >> that's where from. that's. jillian: dropping the knowledge. going to be a really busy holiday. set records. nasty records. a lot to pay attention. to say pay attention to fox
2:57 am
all day long. jillian: there was a limited edition nonpartisan deck to keep thanksgiving dinner politics-free. rob: we decided to put the game to the test just ahead of turkey day. if you are wondering how is uno political to begin with? just the colors. no red or blue cards. todd, why don't you kick us off and play uno. jillian: we didn't cheat a little bit. to the personal to her left goes first. todd goes. he matched the number, now you go. i will match the color. i'm going to bring the wild card. >> did anybody think we would actualliable good at this? jillian: just for that, pick up four cards. >> i thought would were friends. >> put down anything or the one before. still go purple. >> you can go any color
2:58 am
she's. rob: so she went yellow. i'm putting down whatever that is. yellow something. >> you have to have yellow not the number. >> get even with jill. >> fair enough karma. carley: we have an array of snacks. jillian: i can do anything i want then? carley: okay, yellow. i am going with another yellow. i have like 100 cards in my hand. rob: producers are asking if we're stressful. carley: we would go into a usually when people uno deep dive into the impeachment flirk and whatever geopolitical event is hang. not with these cards. carley: symbol or green? does anyone feel like they are missing out on the red and blue cards? that goes back to carley.
2:59 am
carley: i'm having a very good time. this game is fun. i forgot. rob: are we reversing? todd: oreo. carley: todd. jillian: did your family get all tense during the holidays? carley: no. mine does not. we don't really talk about politics that much either. rob: back to me now. todd: i think most of my tease ahead to foam. tomorrow is when we attack a turkey on tv. not a live one. it's actually cooked. carley: could you imagine if it was live running around the studio. jillian: who is going to win? we have 30 seconds left. carley: i don't feel like i'm killing time. jillian: go ahead. speed it up. todd: okay i'm going to put three cards down for tv time. uno, i win. carley: at the end of the game you shout uno when you
3:00 am
have one card. jillian: we got to go. thanks for watching. tomorrow morning we will be here. rob: happy thanksgiving. ♪ ♪ i bet my life ♪ i bet my life for you ♪ brian: how many people in this group again? steve: imagine dragons or down in broward county? i think thousands. there are four in imagine dragons. you are absolutely right, brian. donald trump waking up at mar-a-lago. last night he went to sunrise, florida. actually that's the most democratic part of the state of florida where hillary clinton won 66% in that county for a big homecoming rally. emily: welcome home to the president. the new resident of the state of florida. interesting in that county though it, has, i believe, the second highest quantity of registered republicans. it


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