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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  November 27, 2019 3:00am-6:00am PST

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have one card. jillian: we got to go. thanks for watching. tomorrow morning we will be here. rob: happy thanksgiving. ♪ ♪ i bet my life ♪ i bet my life for you ♪ brian: how many people in this group again? steve: imagine dragons or down in broward county? i think thousands. there are four in imagine dragons. you are absolutely right, brian. donald trump waking up at mar-a-lago. last night he went to sunrise, florida. actually that's the most democratic part of the state of florida where hillary clinton won 66% in that county for a big homecoming rally. emily: welcome home to the president. the new resident of the state of florida. interesting in that county though it, has, i believe, the second highest quantity of registered republicans. it's a really interesting
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county politically. a tonge fans excited about him last night. brian: sure he will be excited the city of florida. a welcome basket for him. major part of that community, eventually. either in one year or four years when he is done. meanwhile, the president has got a message, too. he took on impeachment with the turkey pardon. and he took on impeachment at the rally. let's listen. >> will the president of ukraine declared that there was no pressure put on me. he is the only one that matters. it's a scam. it's a hoax. the radical democrats are trying to overturn the last election because they know that they cannot win the next election. it's very simple. because i'm fighting for you and because we're winning. very simple. in cheers] >> and fupght to see what corruption looks like, then
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take a look no further than slow sleepy joe. the crazy democrats are going down in a landslide. americans have so much to be thankful for. the economy is booming. wages are rising. crime is falling. poverty is plummeting. confidence is soaring. and america is stronger than ever before. [cheers] >> big crowd there big ovation. he says the dem's sinister plans are failing. being revealed. he won solidly he said the last two weeks. he claims the polls show more support for him than the democrats. and, of course, regarding impeachment, right now the intel committee is writing up their report and then the judiciary committee is going to open up hearings on wednesday december the 4th. emily: right, despite that fast pace. dragging on for a lot of
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americans. the president when he cited the fact that public polling has remained basically unchanged. going into the impeachment inquiry and right now the support for really is the exact same percentage. it suede apparently no one. brian: a couple of things happened. he gave an interview to bill o'reilly last night. one of the things he said is, i don't know what rudy giuliani was really doing in the ukraine. that was on his behalf. he had other clients, too. i know he was going to go to the ukraine. then he called one of them off. so he seems to be distancing himself a little bit off of rudy giuliani's investigation. also, it turns out that two omb officials resigned after the delay in the release of the funding. so, that was given in testimony that was released yesterday in transcripts. >> over the last week or so we have been talking about how there have been many different suggestions from people on the political left on more envirmingtsfully friendly ways to celebrate. thafing. last night the president was talking about somebody who was apparently talking about
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changing the name of the holiday? watch. >> as we gather today for thanksgiving, some people want to change the name thanksgiving. they don't want to use the term thanksgiving. that was also with christmas. now everybody is using christmas again. buff now we are going to have to do a little work on shifing. people have different ideas why it shouldn't be called thanksgiving. everybody in this room i know loves the word thanksgiving and we are not changing it. brian: i don't think there is a huge push to change the name of thanksgiving, is there? steve: i think it was in 2015 there was a rumor that barack obama wanted to change the name of thanksgiving. but that was debunked. so, perhaps what he is talking about is just all these stories about, you know, your core bon footprint and the amount of energy you use to travel over the river and through the woods to grandmother's woods. brian: skype her and not show up at all. steve: grandma wants to see you. she wants to go like that.
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you're such a big boy. brian: mostly italian. grab a cheek and twist. steve: that is a universal grandma. emily: in that name we're expressing gratitude and whatever historical call con connell: notations. give thanks and gratitude for our loved ones. brian: maybe this will be the loved one cranberry sauce that didn't retain the shape of the can. steve: i have a cookbook. brian: new one coming out. steve: not for a year. you are thinking about the last one. you are having a flashback. pete hegseth is at the flashback diner in boca and you talk to some of the folks at the rally last night. right? pete: later in the program talk to some folks in here. we were at the rally. sometimes you have to step back. here we are a year away from
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the election in a deep blue county on a tuesday night in a stadium that packs 21,000 and they were packed with 3,000 outside. and we talked to folks inside the rally for a couple of hours. what struck us is over and over again these are people that have not been involved in the political process before. they don't go to political rallies. a lot of them are former democrats and they love this president. here's what they had to say. >> i used to be a democrat once upon a time. and i see that they did nothing for us. he does everything for america. >> support him more today than when he was elected or where has his response. >> i think his support has gone further up. >> he has energized america. i love what he is doing for this country. >> he wants to make this country great for people. >> 401(k) has gone up. the dow is up. >> i support president trump. and i care that he is really loves america. pete: because he speaks the
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truth. is he honest. is he genuine. pete: over and over again we heard he speaks for us. if you are a democrat in this 2020 field and you look at that there is not a democrat in america that could even fill the overflow of what the president did last night in a blue part of florida. an amazing demonstration of political strength. especially with all the nonsense going on in washington, d.c. we will talk to folks later on in the program. steve: all right. pete. i'm noticing you are wearing a t-shirt. i'm thinking it's probably because you got a brand new tattoo. pete: it is true. i got a brand new tattoo. it hurts. i can't wear a jacket. sorry, guys, you being stuck with this all morning. brian: how long does it hurt for. pete: it hurts for a couple days. it's got to heal. t-shirt time. thanks, guys. emily: people attending says he speaks to us.
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comes off the heals this week -- the heelsthose who supd trump are a cult. there is a disconnect between identifying it like that and recognizing that people feel ignored and people feel disenfranchised people running this country. they do feel someone is finally listening to them. steve: trying to marginalize the people who support him. brian: you mention listening. comes to the democratic party. president obama goes on a listening tour. outside tulsi gabbard and i believe andrew yang. every democrat who is running for president or was running for president, visit president obama. he says my door is open. emily: except for biden. did he not. brian: they had a chance to talk. the president last time they talked was at elijah cummings funeral a couple weeks ago. politico magazine fascinating things came out about president obama. is he waiting to find out if someone is going to emerge. if something did happen and
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bernie sanders emerged, he was going to take action. he also pointed out something about joe biden that was significant. look at this quote. obama pointed out to another candidate, not to joe. that during his own campaign in 2008 he had an intimate bond with the electorate. no doubt about it. especially in iowa that he no longer has, which is interesting. then he added, and you know who really doesn't have it? joe biden. wow. that is a body blow to the biden camp. steve: keep going. back when sanders seemed like more of a threat than he does now, obama said, according to ryan lizza of politico, if bernie were running away the nomination, obama would speak up to stop bernie sanders. no love loss there between those two, barack obama and joe biden. 2008 when barack obama swept the iowa caucuses that's when joe biden dropped out. now suddenly it starts to make sense. on his first day when he returned to pennsylvania, rather delaware to announce
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that he was running for president in 2020. joe biden was asked a very simple and logical question by our political reporter. he's very tall. used to live upstairs at my house. and listen to the answer joe biden gave and now it makes perfect sense. >> if you are the best choice for the democrats in 2020 why didn't president obama endorse you? >> i asked president obama not to endorse. answered doesn't want to -- we should -- whoever wins this nomination should win it on their own merits. guys, guys, welcome to delaware. steve: i asked president obama not to endorse me. come on. who is going to believe that? he stood by his side, joe biden did, for eight years. that's a logical thing. hey, i'm going to run for president. can you endorse me? emily: you saw that when he entered the campaign there was a measure of uberous. he assumed obama would support him and he assumed the rest of the democratic party on that basis. we haven't seen that yet.
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and clearly now it seems like there is a fisher. brian: doesn't surprise me that president obama didn't endorse. remember, you don't have to do this, joe. david axelrod and david plouffe the people around the previous administration don't seem to be at all by biden's side. they don't go out of the way saying nice things without endorsing and don't join his staff, which is birsz. steve: that's why obama did not endorse bide. because he does not think he can win iowa. all right. more on that a little later on. jillian joins us on this day before thanksgiving. jillian: good morning. we begin with a fox news alert now. at least three workers are hurt after a massive chemical plant explosion incident is flames shooting through the air near beaumont, texas.
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this camera shows the exact moment the explosion happened at the plant. the giant fireball rocking homes for miles. this is a look at the massive fire still burning four hours later. homes within a mile of the plant are being evacuated. loved ones and officers say final goodbyes to a georgia deputy killed in the line of duty. narcotics investigator ridly shot and killed conducting a routine patrol at a von screen yens store in augusta. he spent 17 years with the richmond county sheriff's department. he was an army veteran, father and grandfather. hester is charged with murder. second suspect is charged with evidence tampering. 38 police officers have been shot and killed in the line of duty this year. now let's talk about extreme weather that's causing headaches as millions of americans hit the road for thanksgiving. as snow storms push across the u.s. traffic nightmares from the northwest all the way into the midwest overnight.
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look at that hundreds of flights cancelled in denver yesterday. and at the oak land airport, a power outage during a heavy rainstorm left passengers in the dark for hours. and finally reports overnight of tornadoes touching down in louisiana and mississippi. janice dean is tracking august all of this and she will have that for you throughout the morning. now to this, upset of epic proportions in college basketball. top ranked duke stunned on their home court. time-out. they don't use it. yes. the lumber jacks have done it. >> this has got to be the biggest win in program history! jillian: unranked steven f. austin state university with a buzzer beater in overtime ending the blue devils 19-year winning streak against nonconference opponents at home. the lumber jacks celebration spilling over into the locker room as they doused their coach can gator aid. that is one for the record
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books for that team. that's pretty incredible. >> i love the underdogs. steve: i wonder if they can do it again. congratulations. brian: now those kids are back in class this morning. steve: not today. brian: still ahead on our show, bernie sanders and elizabeth warren both pushing socialist policies on the campaign trail. what do voters think? the new polls showing bad numbers for democrats except for elizabeth warren. she is still smiling ♪ you can't always get what you want ♪ ♪
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>> to those that would try to impose the horrors of socialism on our country, i say again tonight, america will never be a socialist country. ever. steve: well, not on his watch. there you have got president trump making that vow at his rally in sunrise, florida. according to a new poll most voters are rejecting socialism. when asked would you vote for a candidate who identified as socialist. 50 percent said no. 26 percent said. 24 percent said not sure. justin has kin joins us now. the author of socialism is evil. so i guess we know where he
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is going to come down on this. justin, when did this whole thing start where, you know, even though the number is 26% say yes, that's a quarter of the country think that that's a good idea. >> yeah. a quarter of the country thinks it's a good idea. i think this began in 2016 with a lot of people who were frustrated with hillary clinton beating bernie sanders they feel like hillary clinton sort of represented the establishment ring of the democratic party. and they needed to have a purest, a pure socialist candidate take the mantel and that's what we are seeing in 2020 all these socialist candidates gaining lots of popularity within the democratic party even though they don't have that much popularity outside of the democratic party. steve: bernie sanders is clearly -- is he a democratic socialist he calls himself. but then you have people more in the middle and they support the green new deal
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and they support medicare for all and support all those ideas that 10 years ago people thought that's never going to happen. >> i would actually argue that the vast majority of the presidential candidates right now are socialist candidates. they may not call themselves socialists they are in fact endorsing socialist policies. if you co-sponsored the green new deal and many of the presidential candidates right now who are running in the democratic party co-sponsored it, including elizabeth warren, you are a socialist without any question whatsoever. that is a socialist policy. most americans do not want socialism. outside of the democratic party, 50% of independents said they would not vote for a socialist. and even one in three democrats said that they would not vote for a socialist in this survey. so americans don't want socialism. they just don't know that the green new deal and medicare for all and those kind of policies are socialist policies. steve: ultimately, justin, a socialist and the party elders realize this on the left, a socialist cannot win
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the presidency at this point in history. >> absolutely not. there is no chance a socialist will win if -- there is a big if here though. only if the conversation becomes a question choice between socialism and free ernestenterprise and socialism d free market. if that's the question then absolutely donald trump will be very successful in 2020. steve: that's why he framed it last night that way in his home state of florida. justin, sir, thank you very much. have a nice thanksgiving. >> thanks, you too. steve: first lady mum melania trump was giving a speech and this is how she was greeted by students. [cheers and boos] steve: tomi lahren said that would not happen in michelle obama was on stage.
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some things are too important to do yourself. ♪ get customized security with 24/7 monitoring from xfinity home. awarded the best professionally installed system by cnet. simple. easy. awesome. call, click or visit a store today. ♪ brian: quick headlines now. overnight the white house fires back after a federal judge block as rule requiring imgranted to get
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health insurance. would have denied visas in immigrants could not prove they have access to insurance. stephanie grisham says quote we look forward to defending the president's lawful action, closed quote and dot dot dot border agents find a teen hiding inside the dashboard of a car california check point. there it is. 17-year-old from mexico taken into custody for processing. it's the second time this year he has been caught trying to enter the country illegally. the adult driver and the passenger both arrested. they were both u.s. citizens. emily? emily: first lady melania trump spoke at youth summit on opioid awareness in baltimore yesterday. this was the reaction she got from the middle and high school students. [cheers and boos] hello, everyone: [cheers and boos]
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steve: okay. that was yesterday in baltimore. joining us right now from the west coast we have tomi lahren, fox nation host. tomi, there was a lot of cheering in baltimore but it sounded like and according to news reports there was a lot of booing, too. >> well, yes. i think this is not only because, of course, she is melania and her last name is trump. but this is also just a lack of respect from young people. but where do they learn that from? where do they learn that disrespect? where do they learn it is okay to boot first lady of the united states? well, they learn that because they don't believe that they have to respect melania or anyone with the last name of trump because the media and congressional leaders and democrats have told them that they don't have to. that it's their moral right to do those things. so, this is an epidemic in this country. not just of people not liking anyone with the last name of trump. but just with young people being completely disrespectful. typically typically i thought she showed her grace too. look you are fighting with me but i'm fighting for you
3:28 am
there the office releasing a statement as well on the opioid summit saying we live in a democracy and everyone is entitled to their opinion. but the fact is we have a serious crisis in our country and i remain committed to educating children on the dangers and deadly cons sequences of drug abuse. your thoughts, tomi, on that? >> she handled it very, very gracefully. but she always does. this is the first lady who always shows immense grace and immense class every time we see her and especially when she is confronted with any type of disrespect. but, again, can you imagine if this were michelle obama or can you imagine if melania trump was a democrat or married to a democratic president? she is an immigrant and she is a woman. the first thing she would say if an immigrant woman was booed on stage is that is racist. that is sexist. that is anti-immigrant. that is bigotry. that is intolerant. because it's american melania trump, people feel as though they get a pass. it's wrong despicable. young people need to learn a lesson in this country, you just respect people. brian: whether she is first
3:29 am
lady first year or one more year. citizen as international model. she should be on more covers than jennifer aniston. she is virtually egg northward. then she is booed on stage knowing that every camera is there. but instead of speeding up and getting rattled. she keeps her calm, stays composed. is able to come bang and mee-come back andmeet up with ta little later on. everyone is pumped about your latest episode of no interruption on fox nation. with your permission, because you do have the rights, do you think so, tomi, i could play a clip and we could all watch? >> let's play it. steve: okay. here is scherie murray who is going to be running against aoc here in new york for congress. it was a slap in the face to all of the constituents when we saw aoc deliver socialism to america in her endorsement of bernie sanders for president. we need someone who is more focused on the policies that
3:30 am
better the quality of life than the limelight. and that's what we see in the current representative. >> i can't hear you. steve: we heard that tomi. apparently we have lost west coast connection. but, there is aoc at the gigantic rally. when her name was attached to bernie sanders rally on a saturday morning here in new york. 25,000 people showed up. so clearly, she is helping bernie. emily: watch all the rest of that interview and details on tomi's interview on fox nation. tomi, you can't hear us but happy thanksgiving. steve: that's right. brian: meanwhile, coming up straight ahead. peta has a brand new target they are going after the university of georgia bulldog. why they want the iconic mascot sidelined for good ♪ that kind of music just sooths the soul ♪ i reminisce about the days of old ♪ with that old time
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>> it seems the democrats are accusing me of being too soft on turkey. they have already received subpoenas to appear in adam schiff's basement on thursday. bread and butter, i should note that unlike previous witnesses, you and i have actually met. [laughter] steve: he also at one point mentioned vultures. it's your shot of the morning. president trump couldn't help but sneak in some jokes and jabs at the democrats in the annual white house turkey pardon. as you can see in the rose garden. brian: something tells me knicksen didn't handle it the same way. emily: met with laughter and applause from guests. brian: spared from thanksgiving dinner table. living a happy life blending in and looking like any other turkey i have ever seen. emily: all down hill after that amazing night at
3:35 am
ahotel. steve: willard. i think they go to virginia tech, i believe. meanwhile, go down to the flashback diner in boca are arearotan. pete is wearing a t-shirt because he got a new tat and it hurts. there are people that you are going to ask about the rally. pete: that is exactly right. live people eating real food. both of these gentlemen sitting next to me had steak and eggs. they are hitting it hard. i'm having pancake dippers. i already had one. back into this i'm getting into it. both former democrats, dr. edison walters, you were at the rally. you actually once ran as a democrat. now you are running as a republican. a legal immigrant. what is it about the president that you support. >> for years in the democratic party, i advocated for self-employment tax for small businesses. these are small businesses
3:36 am
in minority communities. your barbershop, your uber driver and so on that are self-employment tax would really help. and the people in the democratic party told me i sounded like a republican. they are not really interested in doing things that help uplift the community. and, you know, for the first time in my lifetime we have a president that understands small businesses and understands that if you empower small businesses, in minority communities, that they can create opportunities and solve some problems for themselves. pete: it's called the american dream and that's what you are talking about. absolutely. doctor, thank you so much. i appreciate your time. brian, you are a criminal defense attorney. >> yes, sir, here in boca, former democrat. >> correct. pete: when you look at the trial we have seen of what adam schiff has been doing. >> first of all, honey, happy birthday, i love you. i got that out of the way.
3:37 am
absolute what's going on double hearsay, triple hearsay. personal feelings. this is nonsense. but if the democrats want to keep on going forward with the impeachment disaster, the polls are starting it turn, you have certain democrats that are starting to splinter off, good luck. keep going forward. pete: as a former democrat, what is it about trump that draws you to him. >> common sense point a to point b in a very logical way. pete: brian, have you got us here in a very logical way. thank you very much. >> thank you very much. pete: i appreciate your time this morning. move over here to david. how are you doing? >> good morning. >> you are an investor. support the president. you saw the rally last night. what's your reaction? >> i just think he is doing great. his energy level, i think he is getting to -- defections from the democratic party stuarting to come in because i think his message is starting resonate. the horowitz report is coming out soon. lay a foundation. i think his kids are great and the entire platform is great.
3:38 am
pete: it was stark last night how many people first political party. a lot of them are former democrats. why are they switching? >> the overwhelming evidence is just his production. is he doing just such an incredible job. look at the list of things he is doing. where the stock market is unemployment rates. i think the trend for black voters is getting better. a lot of democratic defections right now. i think it's going to be a landslide. pete: turns out when you keep your promises people actually like that. thank you very much, david. now to silea. how are you doing? >> great. how about yourself? pete: celia is 80 which gives us all hope. you are fantastic. >> not until april but thank you very much. you look beautiful. it's been wonderful to have you at the diner this morning. >> thank you. pete: why are you a supporter of the president? >> well, first and foremost, i want to thank you for your service, pete. that's number one. pete: thank you. >> number two, i think people under estimate trump completely. his love for the country and what he has done for the country. and i think most people that
3:39 am
don't like him, they hate him more than they love this country. and that's a very sad thing. pete: very well said. your husband is cuban as well. >> yes. pete: he knows we don't want socialism in this country. >> exactly four tries to get here. on the fourth. he made it. i met him on the ca boat. steve: are you going to be asking everybody their age at the diner. brian: unbelievable. why would you do that? pete: i won't live that one down. she told me and we saw her and she is defying age. brian: seen around the world. steve: that's all. pete: now everybody knows how lovely she is. steve: we learned a lot. we also learned your second guest has sent a message to his wife. happy birthday. pete: it's family day on "fox & friends." steve: thanks very much for the live report from the
3:40 am
flashback diner. brian: we won't give jillian's age but graciously toss to jillian. jillian: 37. i'm not ashamed to admit it. brian: you should be happy to be 37. jillian: thank you. good morning, guys, get you caught up on this story we are following. a school bus driver is accused of chugging a beer while picking up students. this shocking surveillance footage shows the illinois woman drinking from two different cans on her morning bus route there were as many as 32 kids on board. another video shows her buying beer from the gas station. the clerk notified police after he saw her get in the bus and drive away. she is facing charges and no longer works for that bus company. a pennsylvania man is accused of defrauding the v.a. federal prosecutors say richard moleski claimed to be a navy seal prisoner of war and silver star recipient. they say he stole $300,000 in medical benefits. meleski is accused of seeking benefits for ptsd even though he never served
3:41 am
a day in the u.s. military. he could serve 68 years behind bars. animal race group peta slammed. the organization blasting the treatment of uga tweeting he looks miserable adding quote animals are not mascots. uga athletics must retire uga immediately. it turns out uga lives a pretty lavish life. flies first class. has his own room, car and hotel suite. so it sounds to me like he is doing all right. brian: it's a beautiful dog house he has at the game. steve: he travels like the thanksgiving turkey. emily: exactly. i'm personal to dogmas scotts. i went to the university of washington. hunkies. the more dogmas scotts the better. i'm all for it. brian: i had a pioneer who dressed like daniel boone. [laughter] hi, janice dean. janice: hi. something about daniel boone? brian: not important. janice: good. hi, how are you? happy birthday nanny bib.
3:42 am
what's your name? >> anna lee. janice: where are from you. >> south carolina. janice: happy birthday, thane. >> what's your name. >> kealy, what's your name. >> wyatt. >> where from you? >> north carolina. janice: see balloons? right at the threshold where the balloons might not happen on thanksgiving. we are crossing our fingers. take a look at the maps. going to be travel delays all across the country. storm number one is moving across the east coast with heavy snow across the great lakes and northwest. our next storm system, that one is going to be a troublemaker across the west. look at thilook at the high wind advisories. balloons and parades. there are your travel delays across the country. we will cross our fingers. it's nice to have everyone here today. wave to emily and steve and brian. emily: good morning and happy birthday. thanks for coming, guys. brian: remember, if you are blowing up on a balloon.
3:43 am
you have got to keep the balloons in the parade. steve: they are going to figure out whether or not they go up 50 feet tore 10 feet. each of the 16 balloons has a different flight risk based on the size. brian: if you are carrying a balloon and it gets windy, let it go. steve: it's a good thing you are not in charge of the parade. meanwhile, coming up, an msnbc contributor and a retired naval officer exarsz president trump's supporters to terrorists. >> you know, the behaviors that i am seeing here and this is antidotal are very similar to the way that isis members are. brian: david webb is here with a reality check on that. i think he is going to push back. right? ♪ ♪ i need a ride.
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here hold this. follow that spud. [ tires screech ] the big idaho potato truck is touring america telling folks about idaho potatoes. and i want it back. what is it with you and that truck? >> he will go down in
3:47 am
history. his obit will be trump. why do they do that. >> i have seen a lot of phenomena in my life and operations. the behaviors that i'm seeing here and this antidotal are very similar to the way that isis members are. they are true believers and this is their reality and they will not surrender it. you know, they are dead enders. >> malcolm, i love your attitude as they say in philly ati-tude. brian: tough guy. steve: naval officer compared president trump's supporters and people who stand by him as isis terrorists. brian: relate check on fox nation. you were shaking your head while it was rolling. unbelievable. insulting 60 million people and everybody who works for the president. >> think about the size of this cult as they are now calling it. it's a new buzz word in the democrat quarters. so 63 million americans are
3:48 am
cultice. i did a little digging last night when we got the topic. he has a book out mall con nance has a book out forward written by 9/11 truther martin sheen and trying to promote it book has failed. i looked for sales numbers. unlike your books, brian, his books don't sell. ranch it up go. sensational when you don't have any substance. attack 63 million americans it makes file good for a moment. it's an insult to people's intelligence. emily: when do you think they will understand all that rhetoric does is galvanize the other side even more? >> hopely right after the 2020 elections. we need a moment of honesty in this country. the bthe binary choice is bad. far right, far left. most americans sit here in that window on the middle on different issues we vary for different reasons. religious, social, cultural, political, constitutional. why not appeal to those people. let them go as far as they want.
3:49 am
let the american people see this march towards socialism for some. dragging others even closer to worst leftist policies. let them keep going. after the 2020 elections they can all cry again. they can all start a new resistance. 63 million americans may well improve in number for president trump. steve: that part we just watched is the only part i have seen. but, knowing msnbc. you know, they are all in on this president should be impeached because he did all these things that are completely illegal. >> look. they are going to drive this again. this is adam schiff 2017 with chuck todd. i have clear evidence of russian collusion. there are all these points along the way. and they haven't delivered. so who do we care about for belief? i care about the american people. they don't buy it anymore. brian: here is what they find frustrating. they did this -- adam schiff lays thought case. jim jordan and others lay out their case and in the end nothing moves. they are so frustrated and you saw with adam schiff almost in tears in his
3:50 am
concluding sentence. they said the only thing we could do is say it's a cult. they are unable to understand the new information that we are able to understand. they can't rationalize any other way. >> how dare you, america, not think the way we tell you should think? this is what it is all about. they do a poll about black support, for example, rasmussen and i forget who the other organization is, and anna navarro comes out and says it must about v. been held in ben carson's home and sheriff david clarke and those two spandex ladies. speaking of diamond and silk fox nation. put you in a box and dare to step out. whether you are black, hispanic woman, older, younger, no matter. what and that, frankly, is going to be their downfall with americans. emily: you had such a good response to twitter on that. why can't you have the independence, the autonomy to speak for yourself? why is it that you need to be told how to think or how to vote? >> i have more faith in the american people.
3:51 am
we do think for ourselves and we will make our decision. steve: check him out over on fox nation. thank you very much, david. 400 years after the historic set sail for america. recreate the journey ♪ the ninja foodi grill, the grill that sears, sizzles, and air fry crisps. instead of using aloe, or baby wipes, or powders, try the cooling, soothing relief or preparation h, because your derriere deserves expert care. preparation h. get comfortable with it.
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3:55 am
brian: 400 years after historic mayflower sets sail vessel same course this time. the ship inspired by the add venturers in 1620. the director of the autonomous ship himself is here. bret, where did you get this idea. >> it came to us. i do this kind of work general robotics under sea. we were talking with the city of plymouth and they were looking for ways to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the sailing. there replica. there already is one. i said let's building is that speaks to the next 400 years. build autonomous ship ai piloted. brian: no one on board. 1 days. original journey two months. >> 12 day days is everything goes well. the ocean will have something to say about it. brian: what do you plan on fueled by solar power. >> solar wind and biodeville. learn about the ocean and learn how b. how this kind
3:56 am
of technology artificial intelligence in all its different forms can be deployed at sea to enus do research and understand the environment. brian: does it blow you away with all you are able to know. >> the magnitude of that undertaking, that new beginning was incredibly hazardous. modern people don't have any way to really appreciate how difficult that was. what we're doing is difficult technologically. in terms of just pure grit, it doesn't come close. brian: how are you funding this? what are you learning. >> a nonprofit company connecticut. funding the construction of the ship. i sit on the board. the ibm is providing all the know how. we couldn't do it without them. brian: it's going to be a special year. how many people were lost in the original mayflower journey. >> none. unbelievable. brian: hopefully this time next year we will have a lot of the celebrations. great to see you. >> thank you very much. brian: fantastic. coming up straight ahead over the next two hours.
3:57 am
sarah sanders going to be here live. mark meadows set his alarm. and lawrence jones. don't move. camera goes up ♪ ♪ billions of mouths. billions of problems. sore gums? bleeding gums? painful flossing? there's a therabreath for you. therabreath healthy gums oral rinse fights gingivitis and plaque and prevents gum disease for 24 hours. so you can... breathe easy, there's therabreath at walmart. i am totally blind. and non-24 can throw my days and nights out of sync,
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4:00 am
>> the radical left democrats are trying to rip our nation apart. first, it was the russia hoax. and then you look the mueller deal. you remember that mess. and now, the same maniacs are pushing the deranged impeachment, a witch huntington. the same as before. and a lot of bad things -- because you see what's happening in the polls? they have a sick puppy. shifty schiff is sick. he made up my statement. [crowd boos]
4:01 am
>> to the ukrainian president. he made it up. nancy is on track to go down as the single worst, and least productive speaker of the house in the history of our country. steve: well, there you have got the president of the united states. it was a homecoming rally for him. first time he has gone back down to florida. he was in sunrise and broward county sings he declared that he would be a legal resident of the great state of florida. once he retires from the white house. brian: i mean, it's going to be pretty interesting because now jerry nadler is going to take the ball on tuesday when everyone comes back from thanksgiving. and now the judiciary committee is going to have. this doug collins, ranking member. and then you are going to see the president is going to send representation and invited the president to testify if he wants to. steve: they continue variety him, of course. emily: last night at that rally he got a lot of supportive fans and big welcoming to florida's newest resident. we heard today from pete hegseth who got a lot of comments who said the
4:02 am
president spoke to he was honest. he spoke to exactly how they were feeling. they felt he was representing them. they were supporting him in every way. steve: let's bring in sarah sanders. former white house press secretary joining us from little rock the day before thanksgiving. sarah, good morning few. >> good morning. great to be with you guys. steve: one of the things the president said last night is he said that essentially he has won the last two weeks of public opinion as the democrats rolled out their case against him impeachment wise. how does he say that? >> look, i think he has actually won more than the last two weeks. i think that the country is winning under this president. by any standard, that you want to look at, any measurement the country is better under donald trump than it was before. i think americans are sick and tired of the democrats coming to the table with no solutions and just simply trying to attack the president. as we have seen over the last two weeks. their big star witnesses didn't witness anything.
4:03 am
it just seemed like a ridiculous charade that adam schiff was parading all of these people in front of the cameras. and, frankly, i think people are tired of it. they want to see something get done. and they see that happening under the president and they don't see that happening under democrats in congress. i think it's a great contrast for the president. and i think it's the reason he is going to continue to do well. brian: do you think when he said i'm encouraging secretary of state mike pompeo to testify and mic mulvaney to testify, do you think he means it or is this a chess game? >> look, i don't think the president cares if any of thinks people have to go up and testify because he knows that nothing happened that was any wrongdoing on behalf of the administration. the president has been very upfront. he has been completely transparent throughout the process. they have put out the transcripts of the interactions that the president has had with the leadership in ukraine. and i think this is kind of a done deal and it's time to move on. and adam schiff has shown,
4:04 am
once again, that these fake investigations and these ridiculous shams he keeps trying to push on the american people are not going to work. emily: sarah, we wanted to get your thoughts on something trump said as well. on fighting the deep state he was standing up for three great warriors. take a listen. >> jewels this week, i stuck up for three -- just this week i took stuck up for three great warriors against the deep state. and you know what i'm talking about. i had so many people say, sir, i don't think you should do that. people can sit there and in air-conditioned offices and complain. but you know what? doesn't matter to me whatsoever. they are out in that field and they are doing the job for us like nobody else anywhere in the world can do. steve: so, sarah, you know, i'm talking about, i'm a little confused. when he is talking about the
4:05 am
deep state that he is stuck up against, is that the deep state at the pentagon? is it richard spencer who was fired before he could quit? what's he talking about? >> look, i think this is an example of the president's love of the people who serve on the front lines of the military. i got to watch so many interactions that the president had with the men and women out on the battlefield. this is the heart and soul of the country. the president credits them for all of us getting to live in the greatest country on the face of the planet. and he has such a deep respect for them that he wants to make sure that we're doing everything we can to protect those people, to preserve their right to go out and do their job. and i think that's what the president is trying to do in his action and his involvement in this case and in this process. steve: who is the deep state? >> that's a question you have to ask the president.
4:06 am
he has several people he has in mind. i don't want to assume who he is talking about. my guess is it's the people that work at the pentagon. that he feels, you know, aren't the ones out there serving on the front lines that may be sitting in offices over there, trying to make these decisions from afar. again, i think the end of the day, the point the president is trying to make, in the -- i think idea behind it is the president's love for the men and women who serve on the front lines and he wants to make sure that we are doing all we can to protect those people. and allow them to go out and do their jobs that allows us to have the freedom to live in america. brian: so we understand, too. the market was up again. the dow scored another all-time high. a lot of it. steve: 100th. brian: china said -- reached consensus on properly resolving issues. again inviting robert lighthizer and steve mnuchin to beijing. this is different tone from china. you know the president is a
4:07 am
negotiator. he is now laying back a little bit. the market likes this optimism. do you believe the president is going to be on board with a phase one deal? >> as long as it is a big enough phase one. i don't think the president is going to take some, you know, small level deal. it has to be -- include a lot of the big pieces that we saw in the original deal that went back to april. it's going to have to have some of those kind of key pieces that aren't just the trade and the monetary part of that. but, certainly have some of the protections against the abuse that we have suffered from so many years of china. i think it's got to have some of that accountability in there. brian: intellectual property theft. how do you legislate against illegal activity? >> look, i think you have to be willing to step back from the table if china doesn't hold up to their end of the deal. the president has shown he is actually willing to do that. unlike anybody that's come before him. they have simply allowed china to run all over us.
4:08 am
this is a president who has decided to stand up to china and say, look, america is going to continue to be the leader on the global stage. and i think a lot of other leaders before him thought that they could do that without challenging china. and this president, i think, is smart enough to know that either america gets to lead or china gets to lead and under him it's always going to be america. brian: they understand our system. i'm just wondering if china is reading that they think the president is going to win and they can't wait him out. i wonder if that figures at all into this new conciliatory gesture. >> maybe so, and he has made clear if they don't make a deal before and after he does win, which i think by any account right now he is going to run away. it will be a whole lot worse for them. i think they see how bad it already is and how tough he has already been that they don't want to take that chance. steve: yeah. >> switching topics now. tomorrow is thanksgiving. we understand that you have quite a large family
4:09 am
gathering happening at your house. and what are you most thankful for. share with us and viewers. >> i'm most thankful for my family and i will be able to sit down with them tomorrow and enjoy living life in america and getting to spend that time with them. it's been a crazy and wild few years. and so it's nice to slow down and get to have that time and we're really excited all to get to be together. don't worry, steve, i'm definitely making the pecan pies and i will have to pull my hammer out and get those pecans ready to go here later today. steve: that's right. sarah's world famous pecan pie which she took heat for from the white house press corps because it looked so perfect she uses a premade store bought crust. i'm going to reveal that she actually crushes the pecans with a hammer. right? >> yeah. trust me. it's the secret to the success because it makes it
4:10 am
a lot better on the top. and i think it also helps me involve my kids because my boys love to do the pecan crushing. that's their favorite role. steve: do you let the boys eat the pie? in your recipe you do put quite a bit of bourbon as well. >> i usually make two. one that the kids get to eat and some of my family members who don't like the bourbon in their pies and i make one that has the bourbon in there i balance it out. everybody comes away happy. emily: that sounds delicious. has been thanksgiving, sarah. thanks for joining us today. steve: before we go, are you going to run for governor? there was stories this week you were running for governor. >> look, we will see. we have a long time before we will even make that decision. our governor just got reelected in 2018. right now i'm enjoying being part of the fox family and spending time with mine.
4:11 am
brian: sarah sanders thanks very much. >> thank you, happy thanksgiving. steve: get out the hammer and bourbon. emily: headlines. jillian: i want to try that pie so bad. steve: it's so good. it's in our cookbook. jillian: you should make it and bring it. steve: i will. jillian: begin with a fox news alert. a live look at a massive fire at a chemical plant in texas. at least three workers are hurt after an explosion sent flames shooting through the air near beaumont. you could see it there. take a look at this doorbell camera footage, showing the exact moment the explosion happened at the tpc chemical plant. it was felt miles away. homes within one mile of the plant are being evacuated. still an active scene there also breaking right now, dozen of airline workers are arrested overnight as they protest across the country. airline catering workers are
4:12 am
demanding better pay, medical care and respect. the demonstrations happening as millions of holiday travelers flock to airplanes all around the country. the protesters briefly stopped traffic at lax in los angeles. and in just a few hours, the nypd will lay out the security plan for the macy's thanksgiving day parade. bomb-sniffing dogs. sand filled dump trucks and cement barriers will be used to keep millions of spectators safe. it's still unclear if those people will actually get to see the 16 balloons fly in the parade. officials will ground the balloons tomorrow if winds reach over 23 miles per hour. that's only happened one time in 1971. janice has been tracking. this says we are pretty close. we will keep you updated. how about this? oh baby. one single hospital is caring for 12 sets of newborn twins at the same time. it's a record for saint luke's in kansas city, missouri. >> having this many sets of twins has definitely been a different dynamic that we have not experienced.
4:13 am
jillian: all the twins in the nicu were born 5 to 15 weeks early. nurses say it's been very busy. makes you wonder what's in the water out there. steve: it's a great hospital. jillian: congrats to all of them. steve: indeed. lots of kids to keep track of. which one is bobby, which one is billy again? brian: doesn't matter. [laughter] meanwhile, president obama and joe biden campaigned together for years. new reported says president obama thinks joe doesn't have it for 2020. lawrence jones says. steve: this is really bad news for joe biden. as you can see, he is next on "fox & friends." ♪ ♪
4:14 am
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4:17 am
brain brian most democrat hopefuls seeks the advice and guidance from former president obama making what politico calls pilgrim knowledge to meet with him saying his door is always open. doubting his own form are vp with one candidate he pointed out during his own 2000 wil2008campaign he had an e bond with the electorate,
4:18 am
especially in iowa. that he no longer has. do you know who doesn't have it? joe biden. you were an obama supporter early. what's going on here? >> i think he likes being the king maker. but i think when you have a bunch of candidates on the stage, and this has been a former obama supporter. thinking that they can back the president, anti-obamacare, they are so progressive. who is there to support but joe biden. joe biden is a train wreck. he can't complete sentences. this is a guy that flip-flops on every position. he is not electable right now. and so when you look at the field, you think of the best person to take on donald trump. and the most moderate. you say joe biden. but the guy really can't take fire. he can't pivot and talk about the issues that matter to most americans. so, obama is like i'm staying out of this. he told him in the last time how he really felt about him because hillary clinton got in the race. he ended up supporting her very, very early. and he didn't support joe biden. he didn't push him in to
4:19 am
being -- it run for president. and now this time right now, you hear joe biden saying i asked the president to not endorse me? come on, that's not really how it happens. the sources say joe, you really don't have to do this. brian: right. we is seen so far he has been less than stimulating. on the national poll and i know you win state by state. is he up. elizabeth warren loses by 8 points. buttigieg is up again. who is closest to carrying on his legacy? if it's not his vice president, then wh who? >> the only personal is joe biden. he is a train wreck. it doesn't take that much to distinguish yourself from the field right now. all of them are so far left. again, joe biden is still a moderate. when you look at it. but when you have a bunch of democrats that are on the stage that essentially saying they are anti-obamacare? do you think president obama is going tone doors a candidate that when it gets his signature legislation, no matter how terrible it was? brian: also when you talk about what's happening at the border. you don't like what president obama is doing. those cages were made during
4:20 am
the obama administration and talk about decriminal riding and taking down that wall. president obama is sitting at home going what are we doing? >> not just that but giving them healthcare as well. raise their hand -- oh, okay. despite all the many americans right now. we can't even get it right right now? for average day people? my momma has lupus and the healthcare insurance keeps going up and up. obamacare was supposed to fix that now you have democrats saying look, we already went through this with obama saying if you like your plan you can keep it. they are saying that now. you can't do that with socialismized medicine. sorry. brian: they thought they had that in beto o'rourke. he fell flat on his face. now do you believe that david axelrod and company, the coaches behind the obama double wins, do you think they are behind mayor pete? >> no, i don't think so. and the obama coalition has always been split. have you some of them that with kamala harris, you still have some of them with joe biden. have you something with o.o. o. some of them with pete buttigieg. it's a messy bunch. they fight each other.
4:21 am
axelrod has been holding his fire. if you look at his analysis lately. he is still talking about joe biden. and i think at the end of the day, the obama coalition, they will go behind joe biden because there is no one in the race right now. brian: just said mr. magooing it. david axelrod. >> it's bad. it's really bad. brian: lawrence jones, you are never bad. you are always good. >> thanks, brother. i appreciate it. brian: sometimes bad can be good. i'm not comfortable with that. you are really good. if you want to see more of lawrence, watch his show, keeping up with the joneses and man on the street. you see him all over with sean hannity, especially. all right, lawrence, have a great thanksgiving. meanwhile, three gold star families getting mortgage free homes for thanksgiving and our viewers help make it happen. how can you help those families even more. that story coming your way ♪ know you're not alone ♪ we're going to make this place your home ♪ ♪
4:22 am
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>> tunnel 2 towers is showing gratitude to families this thanksgiving by giving away three mortgage free homes. two of those homes have already been dedicated this week thanks to your generous
4:26 am
donation. brian: this morning sergeant hinton's family receive a new home. he sadly was killed in a crash during trach in may of 2017. steve: joining us with more on the gold star family home project is ceo of tunnel 2 towers frank siller and gold star widow and tunnel 2 towers ambassador mecca nelson. let's start with you. this means so much. when frank and the organization are able to help these families who have lost so much, how much did it change your life. >> it changed my life tremendously. i went from paying rent to having a no mortgage home. being able to actually save more money and do more things with my daughter. steve: had you not received the mortgage free home, what would have happened? >> i would have still been moving a hustle. steve: scraping? >> moving a hustle. not able to save as much money as i wanted to and do as much as i wanted to. now it's doing a lot for my daughter especially because,
4:27 am
you know, she is 16 and, you know, they are not cheap. [laughter] steve: you are right. emily: tell us about your husband sergeant mario nelson who served this country and died in the line of fire in iraq? >> yes. he was amazing. he was a real standing-up guy. he did a lot of volunteer work. you would think that because he was so tall and like all about his job with being a soldier, you know, that he wasn't a sweetheart. he was a real sweetheart. he was real humble. he did a lot of charity work. brian: the demand doesn't stop here. it continues with law enforcement and everything else you are doing. so what else-what other announcements do you have today? >> just that we are very grateful to rush and catherine limbaugh without their donations and their listenerrerlisteners to russia'w donated $4 million unbelievable, right? stand up for betsy ross t-shirt. i was watching the patriot last night there is a scene when he is coming over a hill on a horse and american
4:28 am
flag, you know, attacking cornwall also a, the british. it's betsy ross flag that he is coming over with. it just stands so much for our revolutionary war. brian: they sell apparel including this fleece. >> he has a whole new line going out for christmas. he wants to raise more and more money for us. and we can't do it without -- once again, without their money, we would not have been able to deliver these athlete three mortgage-free homes this year to these great heroes. steve: okay. so let's talk about the homes you have been able to deliver. it has been a very busy week. on monday, i understand a home went to a family in tennessee. >> yes. caitlin and billy, private first class billy anderson, it's incredible what these families go through after he died in the line of duty, their young child ended up -- had cancer. steve: oh my gosh. >> it's incredible. herself, caitlin had to take care of her baby. and they had chemo, like 26.
4:29 am
steve: sure, so you changed their lives yesterday. you were in florida, a home to crystal blazio -- and tell us about the home today? >> well, we are blessing terrence hinton gave his life for his country. he had multiple tours in iraq and average. and when they i do for us, -- we for us, protecting this country. we better care for these families to put their lives on the line so we can have our thanksgiving with our families because of these heroes. least we can do. asking everyone to go to tunnel 2 donate $11 a month i always talk about. without the $11 a month we can't deliver all of these homes. we have so many more homes. mecca got her home. theist three great heroes got their homes. we have a waiting list like this. it's not exaggeration. steve: what would you like to tell the people that are watching right now how important it is if they can
4:30 am
to get involved with this organization. >> you was reading my mind. i was ready. wait a minute. i would like to tell the families to donate to tunnel 2 towers. they are doing so much work. let them do the work that he this are doing because they are doing good work. you don't have to worry about where the money is going. the money is going in the right places. i'm a witness to other families are a witness. you know, it's very powerful work to see that they care. so, please donate go. to tunnel 2 towers just $11 a month. you know, if you want to do more, do more. rock star power right there to you. much love, peace and blessings. >> now you know why we love her. steve: or can you go to rush and take a look. >> men, women. steve: stand up for betsy ross t-shirt. a whole line of fleece. >> men's and women's. you have got it. t-shirts. steve: is that rush's signature? >> yes. he has been remarkable. him and catherine. emily: thank you so much.
4:31 am
happy thanksgiving and to your daughter me a thank you for joining us today. still ahead, congressman mark meadows and dana loesch both here live. steve: plus, pete hegseth is down in boca. he's having -- he is probably on his second breakfast for the day. with reaction to the big rally as you can see. he is mr. coffee, live from florida. we, the people. ♪ i'm ládeia, and there's more to me than hiv. there's my career... my cause... and creating my dream home. i'm a work in progress. so much goes into who i am. hiv medicine is one part of it. prescription dovato is for adults who are starting hiv-1 treatment and who aren't resistant to either of the medicines dolutegravir or lamivudine. dovato has 2 medicines in 1 pill to help you reach and then stay undetectable. so your hiv can be controlled with fewer medicines while taking dovato. you can take dovato anytime of day with food or without. don't take dovato if you're allergic to any of its
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4:34 am
>> i think i might have been in washington 17 times in my life. and i'm riding down and i look at the first lady and i say, melania, do you believe it? i'm president. [cheers] >.[. steve: that's right. the president and the first lady are waking up this morning down in mar-a-lago in florida and that's where we have dispatched the guy who loves pan cakes.
4:35 am
it's pancake pete. [laughter] pete: why, thank you, steve. yes, we are at the flashback diner, listen, you guys made funnel of my t-shirt in the last hour. so i'm wearing my t-shirt outside now to point out the fact that we are in florida where you can have your diners outside. you guys are stuck in new york city in the cold. so, we get the last laugh here. the group is rowdy and happy. a great group here in boca at the flashback diner, many of which were at the president's rally last night just down the road. we are going to talk to a few of them about how they feel about the president right now. ma'am, what's your name? >> my name is ismeldra legal immigrant from peru. >> i like him because he is real. and i think he loves this country like i do. when i came to the united states 50 years ago. i love this place, you know. it gives you so much freedom. and and i don't know,
4:36 am
everything is perfect. i love everything. >> freedom and perfection. i like it. thank you so much. appreciate it. i'm going to talk to these two gentlemen now as well. what else your name? >> john fisher. pete: you are a firefighter. you were actually near the front of the stage last night and a gentleman almost fainted and the president called you in to help. >> absolutely. i was with a group of firefighters. we had our helmets on that's how president trump recognized we were firefighters. a gentleman almost passed out. president trump looked over at the guys can you help out and we went into reaction. >> you are a first responder that supports the president. what is it about the president that has you at a rally up in the front. >> first rally and he whipped us into a patriotic motivational fervor like i have never experienced in my life. all-time in this country we need that so much right now. it was perfect timing. pete: sir, what's your name. >> my named is david, i'm a former auto dealer. semiretired. on the way to the trump rally. 4:00 i saw so many people
4:37 am
going into it i decided i would never get a seat. i actually turned around. i support president trump. the reason is there is actually so much corruption in the democratic party that how can you vote for that? i mean, there has got to be justice somewhere and i'm hoping our new attorney general will do something about it. pete: i appreciate that. well-said. move onto the back real quick. bypassing so many wonderful people who we will eventually speak. to say sorry, we will get to everybody if and when we can i have got to talk to these two guys. i was out in the parking lot and pulled up in their truck and scared the heck out of me. hey, can we talk to you. they were both at the rally last night. tell me why you were there and why you support the president. >> well, we were there in support of the president. and incredible thing is seeing the diversity of people that were there coming together in support of our great president. what he has done so far in the past three years is just the most impressive thing we have ever seen as far as a president goes. pete: how about you? >> we were there for support. it was the best crowd we have ever met in my life.
4:38 am
nice. i would do it again. tonight, if they would have it. [laughter] pete: i will tell you this. these guys are absolutely right. if you look out in that crowd. 21,000 people in that stadium. it was one of the most diverse crowds i have ever seen. it was a lot of people whose first time was ever going to a political rally. let alone a lot of which was the first time going to a trump rally as well. so new voters in blue country in florida. and a fired up crowd here. all right. back to you in cold new york. you know you wish you were here. steve: no, absolutely. and janice, pete has been talking about how there are these two winter storms coming throughout the northeast and the midwest and you look down there at boca and it's like why aren't we there? emily: we are warm on the inside. pete: okay. can you have your warm insideness and i will take it warm outside. emily: thanks so much, pete, thank you to everyone in the diner. steve: that was great. brian: he seems nice. steve: pete? brian: yeah.
4:39 am
steve: you should talk to him sometime in the hall. good man. jillian joins with us a major mix up. jillian: here is the mixup. hospital admits they gave a kidney transplant to the wrong patient. officials at hour lady of lords in new jersey both patients had same name and similar in age. the hospital accidently gave a kidney to the patient who was lower on the donor transplant list. of the good news the other patient was able to get a successful transplant six days later. both are doing well. after a public dispute with the trump campaign, the mayor of minneapolis has a new proposal to re-shape how political rallies are paid for. democrat jacob frey now pushing to block rallies that use city funds. he says the campaign still owes the city half a million dollars for costs associated with an october rally. federal law does not require campaigns to reimburse local costs and many do not. a man punches an officer and immediately sees why it was a bad idea. stop what you are doing and watch this.
4:40 am
>> all right. thank you. >> he just punched him. oh, what the [bleep] oh, i'mup stairs in the studio i hear emily and steve and brian going crazy over that video that's canine lee jumping on the suspect as the officer restrains him in new york state. witnesses say he was acting erratically before the attack and seemed to be on drugs. he facing several charges. guys i'm a whole floor above you and can i hear you. brian: incredible. steve: first off you don't mess with police officers and you don't mets mess with police officer's dog. emily: so calm and collected walked back and opens the door meet my friend. brian: conan. janice dean on fox square.
4:41 am
whenever i talk to her she will change the subject. janice: look at this crowd, brian kilmeade. [cheers] janice: i love it. are you sure you are here for "fox & friends"? [cheers] janice: okay. i love it. what's your name. >> lara. >> where are you from. >> north carolina. >> and what's your name. >> joshua. >> where are you from. >> pennsylvania. >> are you seeing the parade tomorrow? >> yes. janice: cross our fingers that the balloons go. take a look at the maps. i love you guys. here are current temperatures. two storms. the first one is going to move across the east coast over the next 12 to 24 hours. we will see if the balloons are going to fly tomorrow. have winds close to 40 miles per hour. that's right at the threshold where they have to decide what they are going to do with those blinsz balloons. we are still going to have a great day in new york city tomorrow for thanksgiving. there's that storm that moves through and then the next system is across the west. bringing very heavy rain and mountain snow. here are the balloons flying limits. sustained winds 20 to
4:42 am
24 miles per hour. gusts up to 40. have to watch it but make sure everyone is safe. are you guys happy to be on "fox & friends"? [cheers] oh my gosh. amazing. what a crowd. what a crowd. brian: they are a good-looking group. meanwhile, real quick, thanks to everyone who is getting sam houston alamo avengers opened up number three and went to two. i'm goin going to vero beach bookstore. hope to see everybody there. only book ends, you know it, new jersey. steve: i would invite you. brian: thursday. see you up there. and the rest of the tour i got two more weeks after that. hopefully go to brian and see me there. steve: fantastic. walter always does a good job at bookends. brian: two floors. usually go downstairs to the bottom. steve: congratulations on the great success. not too early, just to remind you, it would be a
4:43 am
great stocking stuff. just saying. brian: donald trump jr. doesn't have to stay at number one all the time. steve: have you been triggered by him again. brian: i know. it's a great book though. steve: straight ahead. media going wild after a judge ordered former white house counsel don mcgahn to testify. >> this is a huge win for democrats. >> this is really significant. >> this changes the dynamics of impeachment. steve: well, really? former acting attorney general matthew whitaker says it probably won't really matter. he's going to talk live next. not what's easy. so when a hailstorm hit, usaa reached out before he could even inspect the damage. that's how you do it right. usaa insurance is made just the way martin's family needs it - with hassle-free claims, he got paid before his neighbor even got started. because doing right by our members, that's what's right. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for.
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4:46 am
i receivelize travel rewards. going new places! going out for a bite! going anytime. rewarded! learn more at the explorer card dot com. steve: the media was in a frenzy as the federal judge nominated by president obama ordered president trump's former white house counsel to testify. watch this. >> a federal judge just ruling that former white house counsel don mcgahn must cooperate with the impeachment investigation. now, this is a huge win for democrats. >> this is really significant. >> this changes the dynamics
4:47 am
of impeachment. steve: okay. does it? here to discuss as you can see right there former acting attorney general of the united states of america matthew whitaker. matthew, good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: did it really change that much? >> it doesn't. there has been so many headline grabbing district court opinions that ultimately are overturned or modified by the appeals courts. and i don't think this case is going to be any different. i think the american people need to understand that especially obama judges are very partisan and their opinions are oftentimes, especially here in the district of d.c., are against the trump administration for really partisan purposes. and this is one that's going to play out and it's very important, actual principle for future presidents. and if i was anybody in this democrat primary or anybody that's ultimately hoped they were going to be president in the next decade or two. i would not want this opinion to stand. steve: i just don't get what he would add to it. he left the white house before the president made the phone call.
4:48 am
>> yeah. what they are really trying to get don in on, mr. mcgahn. i know him well so i refer to him as don. they are trying to get him in on the attempted obstruction of justice as part of the mueller report. we are still doing that the american people need to understand that congress has so much other important work they could be doing. instead they are spending their time not only on the mueller report but on this trumped up other case. steve: you know, i have heard from people in washington that the democrats are in a pickle because they see that the polls are going south for them regarding impeachment. rather than impeaching the president, the house is thinking about the censuring him. >> censuring. steve: what would happen if they se censured the president, it's what. >> it would just be -- steve: and we justesen sured him. i apologize. it looks like we just had a problem with our satellite. matthew whitaker, we thank you very much for joining us on the day before.
4:49 am
take a look at this. as we move on. school bus driver caught on camera, drinking a beer out of a brown paper wrapper while picking up students. more of the shocking video and what happened to her coming up. hey i need a ride! here, hold this. follow that spud! the big idaho potato truck has been touring america. go right! no, your other right! it's been telling folks about america's favorite potatoes. heart healthy idaho potatoes. and making donations to local charities. oh man. always look for the grown in idaho seal. so do i get my license now?
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♪ >> we have checks and balances like the u.s. government. my job was to set up the weapons, the pilot would then release the weapon and i own the terminal guidance on the weapon. steve: that is cool. that was a quick preview of jet girl. caroline johnson's first hand account of flying a fighter jet into enemy territory. that's just one of the things you can watch on fox nation this week. emily: what an incredible woman. now we are joined by incredible other woman fox nation casey mcdonald here with the previews. tell us about these exciting things that we can look forward. >> to i love how coordinated we are. i missed the green memo. steve: i'm sorry. >> that's fine. caroline is a rock star. she came in and spoke to us. she is a weapons system officer. a former weapons system officer. she talked about the first time in a fighter jet what that felt like. what it was like to be in enemy territory. she is an avid skier. she said she was looking at these mountain ranges and thinking oh my gosh these
4:54 am
people can't ski on these mountains because they are so oppressed here. and the feelings that she experienced were so raw and so real. and so it was really cool getting inside of her head on that. and also being a female in a male dominated career was also neat to hear about. steve: just the images that we are looking at. not just the little go pros on her. how do you get that picture? >> it's phenomenal. absolutely crazy. have you ever flown a plane before. steve: no. i'm not a pilot. did you. >> yes a small plane. steve: jets like that but i have never flown. emily: quickly after i had controls of the t-34 the pilot says i will be taking it back. >> and we are done. >> what does this big red button do. >> really good and feel good. if you haven't had a chance to pick up the book yet. i plan to read it this weekend. super quick. steve: that's jet girl. >> jet girl. steve: on fox nation. also how to impeach a president is out. >> there i don't know if you have heard. it's been totally flooding
4:55 am
the news last week, this week, too. so you have firsthand accounts from some folks who were there during the impeachment process of president bill clinton. so you can hear from them. that one is 14 minutes. you hear from ken starr as well. and members of that counsel. that is available right now. super quick. you can watch that immediately. and i don't know if you know, this but we are celebrating a birthday today. steve: we are. it's an anniversary. >> fox nation first anniversary. so, in light of that in light of black friday and cyber monday and all the deals everybody is about to get. you can save 35% right now if you subscribe for a 1, 2, or 3 year subscription. use the promo code celebrate. that runs now through cyber monday. emily: casie congratulations on the year. it's been exciting year. we are exsited to have you here to tell us about it. steve: if you don't have fox nation yet, you should think about it. a lot of times you are away from the television and you are a super fox news fan.
4:56 am
>> it's on your phone. it's everywhere. steve: you have all sorts of stuff. you have the "fox & friends" after the show show. you have got live events. you have our christmas special that's coming up. >> right. you are taking a cruise somewhere. throw it on the back of the cab. it's easy. steve: all right. very good. so happy anniversary fox nation. if you would like more information go to and read all about it or go to smart app. on smart phone and download it there. have a wonderful thanksgiving. >> you as well. thank you. steve: straight ahead. house democrats down in washington scheduling new impeachment hearings next week but will we actually learn anything new? congressman mark meadows here with reaction coming up ♪ little town in a great big land ♪ ♪ nouncer) don't miss huge black friday savings at bass pro shops and cabela's! i'm wishin' for deals so good they'd make santa jealous. i want the kids' faces to light up when the big gift comes out.
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steve: in front of the world headquarters. coming up, john mack is making a free special thanksgiving. emily: looks food. welcome to the last hour of "fox & friends." to be situated with you two before thanksgiving. brian: veterans day, columbus day, thanksgiving day parade, people across the country. they come here. when you travel the country you realize the fox following. as opposed to new yorkers that just walk by. so that -- steve: they have places to go. if your travels bring you to new york city, stop by 48th, 6th avenue, janice is out there every morning. we'll be out there in about 45
5:01 am
minutes. the president of the united states, remember last couple weeks he declared when he leaves the white house he will officially be a florida resident. they had a homecoming rally how they billed it down there in sunrise, florida. the president spoke for 90 minutes. it was packed to the rafters. he said stuff like this. >> the president of ukraine declared there was no pressure put on me. he is the only one that matters. it's a scam, it's a hoax. the radical democrats trying to overturn the last election because they know they cannot win the next election. it is very simple. i'm fighting for you, and because we're winning. very simple. [cheering] if you want to see what corruption looks like, then take a look, no further, than slow, "sleepy" joe. the crazy democrats are going down in a landslide.
5:02 am
americans have so much to be thankful for. the economy is booming. wages are rising. crime is falling. poverty is plummeting. confidence is soaring and america is stronger than ever before. [cheering] brian: it was kind of interesting, the president walked right by the press to get to marine one, air force one, not usual. maybe something simple as telling melania, listen, do you have to stop? can we just get on the plane? i could see him just listening. number two, i had enough. i know how you feel. i'm about to go visit 21,000 feel who feel exactly opposite. steve: rather than talk to the press for five minutes before he gets on the chopper, he talked to the people for 90 minutes in florida. however he felt we heard about it. there was a great sound bite last night on the "hannity"
5:03 am
show. keep in mind the intel committee in the house is writing up their report. then the house judiciary committee will be opening their hearings regarding the next steps i believe on tuesday and wednesday of next week. there is a great sound bite from doug collins from the great state of georgia. he puts it so succinctly. listen how he does this in the chat with sean last night. >> it is now time for jerry nadler to make chicken salad out of the schiff show. i don't see how that will happen. they have to take presumption, they have to take hearsay, nothing of quid pro quo, nothing this president did wrong, make it into some viable articles of impeachment to show the american people that he has done something wrong. what impeachable offense, is not everything from adam schiff and democrats attack ad successful president simply doing the best job for america. we'll start next week. get ready. brian: it is going to be
5:04 am
interesting, doug collins is watching us on the treadmill at this moment. steve: mr. collins. that was a great sound bite. making chicken salad out of the schiff show. brian: everyone was scared on the buzzer, ready to jump. emily: what did the american people think about, the new florida residents think about president trump's new neighbors? what did they think about it? pete hegseth is at the flash back diner getting voter reactions to the exciting rally last night. good morning pete. >> we're here at the flash back diner. we're talking to the folks later this hour. many were at the rally. so were we. step back a moment. we're a year out from the election. it's a tuesday night. it is district broward county clinton won two to one in 2016. you might think it would be a thin crowd. no, it was packed. 3,000 people outside while 21,000 inside hearing the president's message. we talked to the folks there.
5:05 am
why are you here? so many former democrats. so many people never been to a political rally before. a incredibly diverse group. here is what they had to say. >> we came here, a i'm a staunch supporter of trump. i grew up a democrat. i'm not a democrat anymore. >> i love him. i like to be surrounded by like-minded american people. >> he is doing so much for the american people. i appreciate that. >> come from a family of democrats and i just can't take the swamp anymore. >> given us money. he has giving it back to the americans. >> supports the military. he supports the people like us. >> the guy loves firefighters. he loves cops. he loves the military. i'm ex-military. a lot of ex-military. >> he supports the american people. he is like one ever us. pete: guys, that was a small sample of the same answers we
5:06 am
got time and time again. we didn't cherry-pick those. that was 100% representative of the people we spoke with, excited to be there. passionate about the president. even more so than voted for the first time. democrat looking at a rally in a blue county, you see the size of that crowd, that is some scary stuff. this crowd is pretty fired up to. they don't listen. i tell them to stay quiet. it doesn't work. brian: still hear you clear. good job, pete. we'll check with you at the bottom of the hour. steve: he made a good point. that particular county, broward county went to hillary, 66% versus 33% i believe. "new york times" with an item in the paper today, with sienna college. they did a poll. 2/3 of the battleground states they surveyed. the people there, 2/3 of the people in the battleground states who voted for donald trump in 2016, but then in 2018 voted for a democrats, now say they're going back to
5:07 am
trump. the poll also says that 7% of those who supported hillary clinton in 2016 now say they approve the president. brian: something else interesting came up in "new york times." it looks like peter king's retiring. my congressman. looking lara trump or donald trump, jr. to run for that seat. so i assume he would be loyal to trump as well. steve: you would think so, we'll see. meanwhile let's talk about 2020. one person who seems to be concerned about the field is this guy named president barack obama. a lot of people go to visit president obama. in fact every candidate and there are 17, not counting the ones that dropped out visited president obama, all except tulsi gabbard and andrew yang. they go and visit. they talk. he wants to know their mission, what they are going to do. he gives them advice what the trail will entail. i was shocked to two things that came out of that conversation in
5:08 am
"politico" magazine. steve: the article by ryan lizza, titled, waiting for obama. these are things that are getting all the attention. president obama pointed out that during his own 2018 campaign in iowa he had an intimate bond with the electorate. that he no longer had. then he added as he is talking to the candidate, you know who really doesn't have it? >> biden. that is extraordinary. brian: unbelievable. >> ryan continues to write, back when bernie sanders seemed like more of a threat than he does now, president obama said privately, that if bernie sanders were running away with the nomination, president obama would speak up to stop him. and clearly the conventional wisdom is that a democratic socialist cannot win the presidency. so if he was going to be it, president obama was going to, sounds like try to short-circuit it. brian: again, like hillary
5:09 am
clinton did and dnc to stop bernie sanders. i don't blame them. >> that was rigged. brian: if i'm in the democratic party, wait a second earn any, you're not in the democratic party, using our apparatus, system, money, ewing our ideas, run as independent. number one. number two, with joe biden this is another disto his running mate. joe you don't have to do this. convinced him not to run again hillary clinton last time. hasn't endorsed him this time. how will joe biden spin that statement today? emily: for a former president largely reticent for the entire field, for spy things to come and say that is tremendous. speaks to the fact joe biden entered the race. he had a sense of hubris, assumed everybody would support him, association with the obamas, served as vice president. that falls flat. lawrence jones, fox news contributor and "fox nation" says biden is a weak candidate.
5:10 am
obama is staying out of this one. take take a listen here? >> who to support joe biden. joe biden is a train wreck. he can't complete sentences. this is a guy who flip-flops on every position. he is not electable. if you look at the field, best person to take on donald trump, the most moderate you say joe biden, the guy can't pivot and talk about issues that matter to most americans. obama is like, i'm staying out of this, he told him last time how he felt about him. joe biden i asked the president not to endorse me. that is not how it happened. the sources say joe, you don't really have to do this. steve: because you would extrapolate, former president obama doesn't think joe biden can win. emily: bloomberg entering the race, there are clearly larger, stronger forces at power here especially the donor class of the democratic party worried
5:11 am
about the pool and. brian: he went up again, leading with 24% of the vote, followed by buttigieg with 16. warren dropped precipitously, down to 14. i know it is primary by primary. it shows a trend. steve: that is politics. we turn to headlines. jillian joins us. jillian: a live look at a massive fire at a chemical plant in texas. at least three workers are hurt after an explosion sent flames shooting through the air near beaumont. they were just focusing the camera a little bit. this shows the exact moment the explosion happened at tpc chemical plant. it was felt miles away. homes within one mile of the plant are being evacuated. extreme weather causing
5:12 am
headaches as millions of americans prepare to travel for thanksgiving. maybe you're one of them. this is what you're in for. this is the atlanta airport people have been steadily moving through all morning. as two snowstorms are pushing across the country. hundreds of flights were canceled in denver yesterday. in minneapolis, people are dealing with the biggest november show storm in nearly two decades. between six to 10 inches of snow falling overnight, causing flight delays and cancellations. janice dean is tracking it all. daughters of the late maryland congressman elijah cummings are endorsing his long-time staffer instead of his widow for the say can't congressional seat. they support hairy spikes because he embodies the same spirit that they valued. maya cummings was the step another. she is one of 24 democrats and 8 republicans vying for the seat. now this, a sight police officers don't ever want to see.
5:13 am
a krispy kreme truck toppling over and spilling doughnuts on to the road in georgia. cops found, quote, total carnage. even though the response time was stellar. they were unable to beat the five second rule. nearby department sent krispy kreme donuts to the officers, with the message, quote, sorry for your loss. emily: five second rule. i would do a couple minute rule. a whole box of doughnuts on the ground. jillian: some on top of each other, didn't hit the ground, perhaps. brian: if anyone saw you dump it hit the ground. if no one sees me. steve: it was in a ditch. you're going to eat that doughnut? that is is being you doughnut want to ever see. emily: warming up at the 8:00 block. brian: let me tell you what is straight ahead. house democrats scheduling new impeachment hearings. it will happen next week. what do they expect to uncover this time around? we will ask congressman mark meadows live next.
5:14 am
steve: plus. merry mitchmas, how much will it cost to put mitch mcconnell under your christmas tree. ho, ho, everything. ♪. ♪ experience the power of sanctuary at the lincoln wish list sales event. sign and drive off in a new lincoln with zero down, zero due at signing, and a complimentary first month's payment.
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♪. brian: welcome back, everybody, the house judiciary committee announcing the next step in the impeachment process as it schedules a first hearing next week. in a letter to the president, committee chair jerry nadler says, the hearing will quote discuss whether your alleged actions warrant the house's exercising its authority to adopt articles of impeachment. now they're advising the president to participate but what do they expect to uncover with more hearings? gop congressman mark meadows joins us to weigh in. we're talking during the break. you said there will be four witnesses, three on the democratic side, one on the republican side. what are they going to say? >> well i mean what we do know is they're going to try to lay out the case for impeachment. really not talking about factual evidence. it will be more like a law class. they will come in and say the president's actions warrant impeachment. we'll hear from three democrat witnesses. only one republican witness. so they're talking about a fair process. i don't see anything that is
5:19 am
fair. one of the things we do know. the democrats have now issued more subpoenas than bills signed into law. that fact won't change. when you see what is happening they're not focused on things american people care about. we have a transportation bill. do you know how many transportation bills they put forth? zero. next time you hit a pothole, don't worry about it. i have a subpoena from the democrats. brian: that and usmca. prescription drugs we thought you agreed on. you haven't funded the government. that is a bit of a problem. >> you're exactly right, all the things the american people really are focused on, the things that we were elected for, the things that the democrats ran on they haven't been focused on that at all. they're talking about impeachment. they're talking about bringing in professors, having a history class. listen the american people are seeing through it. the polls are moving toward the president's side of the ledger
5:20 am
and ultimately what this comes down to is, the american people are tired of it. you are tired of it. i am tired of it. but what we understand is, in november of 2016, they elected donald trump to be president. they get to go to the polls in a little less than a year. why are they involved in this sham process? brian: so, we, if it does get to a vote, if there is a vote, for impeachment, you would assume it is going to pass to get over to the senate side. we'll see where that goes. how long do you think this portion of the hearings will last? you have one day you hear from four and then what? >> they will probably have another hearing with the actual report that adam schiff and his team are right now drafting and putting forth. they will give that to the judiciary committee the week of december 2nd. then you will have another series of hearings, probably impeachment vote right before christmas but really there is
5:21 am
not any new evidence. in fact the new evidence that keeps coming out is actually supportive of the fact that the president made the right call on ukrainian aid. brian: lastly, what about censure. democrats say back off, we made the point, let's move on? >> we started to hear that some. i still think the vast majority of democrats are going down the impeachment rush but as they start to get back home and listen, they start to see that really the case that was supposed to be the smoking gun was really not that. and the american people are saying listen, don't remove this president. brian: hard to imagine getting 67 votes in the senate anyway but do they want to be on the record with the impeachment? mark meadows, thanks so much. have a freight thanksgiving, sir. >> thank you, brian. happy thanksgiving. brian: meanwhile, 21 minutes after the hour. congresswoman tulsi gabbard telling fellow democrats not condemning hillary clinton after she suggested that the 2020 candidate is a russian asset.
5:22 am
>> that was, that was the response, really, it has a chilling effect on our freedom of speech in this country. brian: is that true? dana loesch here to react. but i don't have to clean this, because the self-cleaning brush roll removes hair while i clean. - [announcer] shark, the vacuum that deep cleans now cleans itself. you have power over pain, so the whole world looks different. the unbeatable strength of advil. what pain?
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some things are too important to do yourself. ♪ get customized security with 24/7 monitoring from xfinity home. awarded the best professionally installed system by cnet. simple. easy. awesome. call, click or visit a store today. ♪. emily: good morning.
5:26 am
time now for the news by the numbers. first, six, that is how many times in a row an accused drunk driver went around this round-about. the michigan woman was pulled over and arrested after crashing into a curb. next, $25 that is how much it will cost to wish your friends a merry mitch-mas his re-election campaign is selling wrapping paper with his face on it. finally number one, fox news is the most watched cable network for 41 straight months and counting. "fox & friends" marking 217 month as the number one cable morning news show. for that, we say, thank you. emily: thank you indeed. thanks, jillian. that is incredible news. hillary clinton still under fire for these comment about democratic hopeful tulsi gabbard. >> i think they have got their eye on somebody who is currently in the democratic primary and are grooming her to be the third party candidate. she is a favorite of the russians. they have a bunch of sites and
5:27 am
bots, other ways of supporting her so far and, that is assuming jill stein will give it up because she might not but she is also a russian asset. steve: that was a little over a month ago. tulsi gabbard reigniting the feud, calling out hillary clinton again. watch this. >> the danger here of what she did and how the media responded and how almost every single other candidate for president refused to comment, refused to denounce what she said. the fact that that was, that was the response is really, it has a chilling effect on our freedom of speech in this country. steve: here to weigh in, nationally syndicated radio show host dana loesch joins us from texas. dana, she makes a good point. the fact that none of the other democrats and denounce what hillary said just makes it
5:28 am
possible to smear somebody and you know, there doesn't seem to be much pushback. >> no. and i think that's right, and happy thanksgiving to everyone too. isn't really also anybody whoever criticized or opposed hillary clinton basically are a russian asset at this point? this really demonstrate how horrible a tactician hillary clinton is and tulsi gabbard, even though i want to remind everyone, some conservatives like to celebrate her, she is super far left. we have to remember this. this is good strategy for tulsi gabbard. for the most part she was sidelined after the debate she took out kamala harris. she was on the sidelines until hillary clinton brought her back in, accused her a veteran being a russian asset. now tulsi gabbard is looking to get herself back in the headlines. it's a good strategy. she realizes she will not be the party's nominee. she can't really take on trump but what she can do, try to
5:29 am
build her base further on the left and go after who the left sees at establishment candidate which always to them was hillary clinton. emily: right. she can highlight the fact not only is that party going through a civil war. but essentially, you know, how unpalatable it is to the average voter, see someone who served our country, regardless of their party come unattack from their own party, from quote, unquote the leaders in that establishment. >> right, emily, that's right. the media focuses when it happens on the right but don't pay that much attention to it when it happens on the left and i think it is more important because what we're talking about is the fight for the soul of the democrat party. this is not the jfk democrats anymore. we're seeing full-on socialists that are taking the lead in the democrat party. it will fundamentally, irrevocably change the nature of the party from here on out. you can't undo it once it is formalized. ultimately what tulsi gabbard is
5:30 am
doing here, she is not just going for 2020, but what happens to the leadership of the party once they lose. i believe democrats will lose in 2020. once that happens, what will happen to the leadership? barack obama's influence is starting to diminish. hillary clinton is kind of laking stock within the left. so what happens to the leadership at this point? people like tulsi gabbard are ones going for the reins. steve: stay tuned. dana loesch, thanks for joining from us texas. have a wonderful thanksgiving. indeed. meanwhile, kids, have you heard? toys "r" us is back. we'll take you there live to that location next. emily: and what are voters in florida saying about president trump's big rally last night? pete hegseth is having "breakfast with friends" in boca raton. we'll check in after the break. ♪.
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i'm a verizon engineer, and i'm part of the team building the most powerful 5g experience for america. it's 5g ultra wideband-- --for massive capacity-- --and ultra-fast speeds. almost 2 gigs here in minneapolis. that's 25 times faster than today's network in new york city. so people from midtown manhattan-- --to downtown denver-- --can experience what our 5g can deliver. (woman) and if verizon 5g can deliver performance like this in these places... it's pretty crazy. ...just imagine what it can do for you. ♪
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♪. steve: okay. that is the wrong animation. toys "r" us is making a come back just in time for black friday. we needed the 2020 toy animation emily: bouncing back after filing for bankruptcy two years ago. brian: jackie deangelis is from our sister network fox business. we go to the same christmas party but just different logos. she is live at the brand new toys "r" us are opening this morning in new jersey. jackie, how excited are you? reporter: good morning, guys. i'm excited and jeffrey the giraffe is making a come back. he looks pretty good. this is big deal for this store. this store went into bankruptcy roughly two years ago. the comeback strategy is a little bit different. you can behind me this is experience store. this is the real geoffrey he is
5:35 am
here to create people before the launch on saturday. this is experience. you come in here to play with the stores, toys, rather. remember in the old days, toys "r" us stores were really big, 40,000 square feet. this one a little bit under 6,000 square feet. what is happening here, true kids partnered with bata, they're trying to bring the experience, bringing toys, brick-and-mortar technology with technology. this is all happening in 2020, 2019 and 2020, ahead of this black friday shopping frenzy if you will. so what we'll see today, as we go through the store is what these toys are like as people coming in. the kids are playing with things, how they feel about it. remember there is so much competition with the amazons of the world, walmart. when toys "r" us was in bankruptcy, it has a partnership with kroger and target. this business modell is completely different. it will be interesting to see
5:36 am
how it resonates with consumers going into the holiday season, guys. steve: that's right. it starts right now. live report from paramus, new jersey. brian: part of the fun of toys r zoo is the zoo, just to see us let alone stuff you buy, you get a sense of christmastime. emily: i have so many memories going into toys "r" us, the barbie section, i remember the sears roebuck catalog. how few things i got the. emily: sears roebuck catalog. dating yourself. steve: brian, you're having a flash back. speaking of flakbacks, there is diner in boca of that name. pete hegseth is in a t-shirt. he is talking to people down there. it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood. >> this is beautiful day in the neighborhood. i have image of brian looking at toys in the magazine and getting none of them.
5:37 am
i will share the joke with the audience. brian an architect in the area you were at the rally last night. >> it was wonderful. took my 14-year-old son. it was energetickic. republican base down here is growing strong. we had a good time. >> when people think about broward county, hillary clinton won the count ii to one. did you expect 21,000 people to pack the arena on tuesday night a year away from the election? >> absolutely not. i was so impressed with the number of people. there wasn't an empty seat in the place. when we went outside, was still a lot of people out there. >> what was your 14-year-old saying? >> he loved it. he is a big trump supporter. my sonic last is really into it. >> thank you, appreciate it. we have couple folks we're talking to. sir, what is your name, what do you do? >> i'm ronnie joseph i run a security company. >> you run a security company. we were talking. you hire a bunch of vets. we appreciate that you used to be a democrat. now you're a republican.
5:38 am
you support the president. why that change, why do you support president trump? too for me really quite simple. about family values. being a patriotic american t just comes down to being honest and truthful who you are. that is it what i put, that is what i value. family values an honesty, integg bring, character that is everything that president trump represent. >> you feel like he delivered on the promises he made? >> absolutely. absolutely he has. >> ma'am, if i may, what is your name, where are you from. >> i'm debbie. formerly from new jersey. i'm down here three years. i'm happy to be in a red state for sure. >> new jersey definitely not a red state yet. your reaction to the president's message being here in florida? >> i absolutely love him. i think he cannot do anymore than he has done. he promised everything. he fulfilled everything. how can you not love him? i just don't understand. >> there is a lot of people on capitol hill don't love him, trying to impeach him. what do you say to that? >> they're all crazy.
5:39 am
crazy and insane. i watched this, i was like, when are they going to get back to working for what they got hired for. we should be able to get rid of them. we should be able to fire them all. >> there is election coming up in about a year where you could under fire them if you want to for sure. who am i talking to next? here, this gentleman right here. how are you doing. >> how are you today? >> good. what is your name? >> ed marks. >> ed, you used to be an independent. you voted for barack obama. now you're a supporter of president trump. talk to me how president trump earned your vote, how you came in that direction. >> i found obama was a talker and really good one but i find trump is a doer. he is a ceo that gets things done. i think that is it what is important for our country. >> as far as getting things done, someone who moved from a different party, what you do like he is doing specifically? >> i like the promises he made. i like the things he is taking care of. i like support for the military and police. i like the fact that he is
5:40 am
building a wall to make crossing into our country immigration legal and that is important factor. >> thank you very much. from folks as well. legal immigrants in south florida. they say i want people to come here the right way. i support president trump. [applause] thank you guys. for being here. what a great crew. send me to more outdoor diners, to warm places. way better. steve: get on a plane. come back, because you're needed on the couch tomorrow morning on thanksgiving. >> yes. okay, i'm going right now. see you guys. brian: that was easy. steve: straight to the airport. brian: he isn't going to the airport. he has his own plane, i'm sure. steve: does he? he doesn't travel like you. emily: thanks to all the diners. brian: thanks to everyone has a diner or went to a diner. steve: 19 minutes before the top of the hour. jillian has the video is the most disturbing video i've seen
5:41 am
all day. jillian: really is. here is the story. a school bus driver accused of chugging a beer while picking up students. look at the shocking surveillance footage, showing the illinois woman drinking from two different cans on her morning bus route. there were as many as 32 kids on board. there is another video showing her buying beer from a gas station. the clerk notified police after he saw her get in the bus driving away with the beer. she is no longer working for the bus company. a woman stole baby jesus from the nativity set. a texas couple finished putting up the 1000-dollar display when the woman stole jesus out of the manger. >> so sad. everybody was looking down. s. >> is sus was gone. it was so sad. >> we decided she needed jesus more than we did. jillian: police are offering 1000-dollar return for the return of baby jesus. a woman has a close
5:42 am
encounter with the black bear. watch this. the mammal behind a group of tourists, standing up on the behind legs before stroking the woman's hair. did you see that, the people around her, at a park in mexico. didn't even flinch. pretty wild. steve: that is not a person in a bear suit. that's a bear. jillian: yes. that's what i thought the first i saw that. emily: they were so calm. brian: you know my theory? bears are so bored in the woods. they are hanging out with us now. they have nothing to do. steve: scratch your back? brian: saying what is going on? i want to do anything. i will eat peanut butter. hang out in your backyard. come in your house. steve: that stuff they have done. scratch you in the back. emily: i would pet the bear than the bear scratch me. brian: nobody to scratch in the woods. that is the problem. steve: janice dean from fox square. janice: you have to see this, right down the block. holy moly you guys.
5:43 am
happy thanksgiving to all of you. i'm so excited you're hire. happy birthday, what is your name. >> anna lee. janice: where are you from? >> south carolina. janice: are you excited for thanksgiving and fox fox and friends. >> yes. janice: thank you, guys. storms next 12 to 24 hours we could see some of the balloons being drawn down or even canceled but we're hoping it is not canceled but the winds will be quite strong. i don't know why -- our maps are working now. across the eastern third of the country, we'll see delays of course. that next storm across the west will bring some travel troubles unfortunately to the central u.s. and the next part of the weekend. here is the parade forecast. temperatures will be warm. winds about of thing in excess of 25, 30, 30 miles an hour. right on the cusp as we go into the thanksgiving day parade. cross our fingers. a lot of weather forecasters will tell us what the forecast will be for the balloons. are you ready for some barbecue.
5:44 am
[. [cheering] janice: john is here with barbecue. it will be a wonderful thanksgiving. steve: i hope we have enough for everybody. brian: name tags, put them around the table. millions of americans are hitting the road to the thanksgiving day destinations. we have a live report from chicago on the obstacles you face traveling to this holiday weekend. steve: that is live picture right now. there's a company that's talked to even more real people than me: jd power. [cheering] about vehicle quality. and when they were done, chevy earned more j.d. power quality awards across cars, trucks and suvs than any other brand over the last four years.
5:45 am
so on behalf of chevrolet, i want to say "thank you, real people." you're welcome. we're gonna need a bigger room.
5:46 am
5:47 am
steve: they refer today as the busiest travel day of the year. millions getting out of town and heading home for the holidays. brian: aaa predicts today will be the worst day to hit the road. so that is exactly where we send
5:48 am
grady trimble from fox business. he is in the rush. there to observe. he is driving around chicago right now. grady. reporter: all dressed up, nowhere to go. we're driving north. things on the highway not too bad. a few miles up the road we saw pretty bad traffic down there. aaa estimates 49 million americans will be on the road this is holiday season that is up 2.8%, compared to the same time last year. part of the reason people are out on the road this is holiday, because the gas prices are low. economy is good. the national average right now is 2.59 per gallon. so not bad, the most expensive place as you could guess to get gas is california. the cheapest place to get gas is louisiana, mississippi, and texas. as far as worst times to hit the road, the worst times for chicago area, 4:15 to 6:15.
5:49 am
for you guys in new york, 5:15 to 7:15. basically rush hour. one thing a lot of people across the west and midwest will hit as they're driving or flying today is some pretty rough weather on the roads, guys. back to you. steve: grady, thank you very much. we see grady's face, what he is looking at out the window. brian: the problem, grady, you're not in traffic. steve: that is good news. brian: good news. a little weird. steve: speaking of thanksgiving. forget the oven, we'll make dinner in a smoker. we're heading out to fox square. that is coming up next. there is john macklemore from master built. e crispy on the oue and juicy on the inside. the ninja foodi pressure cooker, the pressure cooker that crisps.
5:50 am
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but excedrin pulls me back in a way others don't. and it relieves my symptoms fast for real migraine relief.
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>> good morning. happening thanksgiving everyone. a couple big stories we're watching for you this wednesday morning. an explosion in a chemical plant in east texas lighting up the night sky. the latest on the developing situation there. plus thousands of airline passengers stranded on the busy travel day ahead of thanksgiving. an update on your travel. and president trump soundings at a rally in florida last night. we'll have brand new reaction. join us live from "america's newsroom," the top of the hour. ♪. emily: get ready as we celebrate
5:54 am
thanksgiving. [cheering] steve: they know it is time to eat. you know who dinner without making dad gum good. brian: cook your entire meal in a smoker, cookbook author of dad gum that is good too. john macklemore and his son john, jr. >> we're so glad to be here in new york. the weather has been so good. for thanksgiving, you might have wind advisories up here, down in georgia, we'll cool it and cook up amazing food, folks. i want to show you. steve: this is brand new from masterbuilt. >> this is brand new from masterbuilt. this is gravity series, char cosmoker grill. steve: smoker grill. >> grill you use charcoal on. we have turkey. we have pork tenderloin. we got a little bit of meat candy.
5:55 am
[cheering] so we'll show you how to take the gravity series grill, make your food and reverse your food. available at pick it up, it is amazing grill. we'll show you -- brian: how long are you cooking in? >> 225 degrees. we got here at 4:00 this morning. 4:00 this morning. we smoked this for four hours on the gravity series grill. what is amazing, we cut it up into tomahawk steaks. we're going to show you how to take it off. and reverse sear. brian: like a sabertooth tiger from early man. >> basically smoking your food. that is so hot. then you reverse searing it. brian: here is in new york. steve: john, jr., does the marketing. how is this changing the way people grill?
5:56 am
>> so charcoal for the last 100 years has been old school, open flame. we have added a new generation, my generation, bluetooth wi-fi. digitally controlled. takes charcoal. takes guesswork out of charcoal. you load the charcoal. don't think about it. brian: don't have to get it gray? >> no. don't have to worry about how much charcoal. brian: don't have to worry about match light. >> we've got past it. we have got your turkey, pork, rib-eye, we smoked and reverse seared. we have corn. tomatoes. smoked mac and cheese. you can put your pies on this grill. brian: wow. >> you can smoke at the low temperature. brian: get rid of our kitchen. steve: have him come to your house. thank you very much. >> thank you. steve: we'll be right back. ♪
5:57 am
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♪ >> a big crowd on this, the day before thanksgiving. if you would like more information, go to the website. happy thanksgiving, everybody. >> sandra: happy thanksgiving, everyone. a fox news alert this morning. massive explosion that we are watching at a chemical plant. blowing out the windows of the nearby business. it happened overnight. all personnel, we are told, has been accounted for. residents within a half of a mile of the facility have been evacuated. we are going to have more on this developing situation with a live report. but first, 50 million americans taking to the roads, rails, and airways on the busiest travel date of the year as a powerful storm barrels coast to coast across the country.


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