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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  November 27, 2019 6:00am-9:00am PST

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>> a big crowd on this, the day before thanksgiving. if you would like more information, go to the website. happy thanksgiving, everybody. >> sandra: happy thanksgiving, everyone. a fox news alert this morning. massive explosion that we are watching at a chemical plant. blowing out the windows of the nearby business. it happened overnight. all personnel, we are told, has been accounted for. residents within a half of a mile of the facility have been evacuated. we are going to have more on this developing situation with a live report. but first, 50 million americans taking to the roads, rails, and airways on the busiest travel date of the year as a powerful storm barrels coast to coast across the country.
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>> a bomb cyclone, heavy snow hitting the northwest. with another from the rockies to the great lakes. hit with almost 3 feet of snow, crippling denver's very busy airport. >> are airlines canceled flights in advance to space out the storm. you can see all around us, really heavy winds, low visibility. just for the safety of our passengers, the airlines decided to do that. >> sandra: following it all from chicago for us, the busiest airport in this country. good morning. >> good morning, sandra. so far, everything is running rather smoothly. there are those two major storms forecasted to create travel nightmares across the country, so right now, millions of americans are really weighing the costs of traveling today into tomorrow. heavy snow, rain, powerful winds from california to chicago and the upper midwest.
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weather alert here in chicago today. wind gusts forecasted up to 60 miles per hour. we'll have to see how that impacts air travel. some of the worst weather nationwide is expected at peak travel times. the national weather service says a bomb cyclone is headed for california and southern oregon. perhaps not seen in 20 years for years. los angeles expected to get up to 2 inches of rain. lax is now urging domestic passengers to give themselves three hours to get to lax and check in. international travelers, four hours. endeavor, 1,000 people were already stranded in the airport this week. now blizzard and winter warnings are ascending across the midwest into the great lakes region. even into new england. so far, the passengers we have talked to at o'hare say they are giving themselves a few extra hours. we want to show you a live look at the arrival board.
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only one single cancellation. otherwise, the board looks pretty clean, which is great news. there is no sugarcoating it. thanksgiving travel is never a pleasant experience, so give yourself a lot of time. speak to a lot of people are crossing their fingers. thank you. >> jon: breaking news in the next phase of the impeachment probe. the white house responding moments go to chairman nadler's letter, inviting president trump to testify next week. meanwhile, the president firing off 20,000 followers on what he calls a sham process. >> the radical left democrats are trying to rip our nation apart. now, the same maniacs are pushing the deranged impeachment -- think of this. impeachment. impeachment. witch hunts. they are attacking me because
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i'm exposing a rigged system. if you want to see what corruption looks like, then take a look. no further than slow, sleepy joe. we are replacing the catastrop catastrophe, if nancy pelosi will ever sign it and send it. nancy is on track to go down as the single worst and least productive speaker of the house in the history of our country. the radical democrats are trying to overturn the last election because they know that they cannot win the next election. it's very simple. >> jon: kevin corke is live in west palm beach, florida, with warrants. kevin. >> john, you mentioned the white house trying to respond to the committee, their idea that
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maybe they can invite the president to answer some questions or at least sit in or have his counsel's office actually respond to their latest. they have until sunday at 6:00 p.m. let me share what i have thanks in part to my colleagues, john roberts and other. she is talking about this idea of responding to the judiciary committee. "the white house is currently reviewing chairman nadler's letter. what is obvious to every american is that it comes at the end of an illegitimate sham partisan process. the president has done nothing wrong, and the democrats know it." meanwhile, as he pointed out last night, the rally was sort of what we have come to expect. campaign style rhetoric, at or near-capacity crowd. once again, about 20,000 people over here in south florida. a familiar refrain from the president is something else that we have heard, jon, in respect to ukraine. i have done nothing wrong. >> all i'm saying is that it's a
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terrible hoax. last week, he testified that i told him "what do you want from ukraine?" and i said i want nothing. i want no quid pro quo. >> part of a continued aggressive push back against the democrats narrative. jon. >> jon: "the new york times" is reporting that the president knew about the whistle-blower complaint at the time that he released that aid package to ukraine. what is the white house thing about that? >> yeah, very interesting. they are actually citing a pair of unnamed sources. these are two people were familiar with the process, and they know how this all went down. again, this is from "the new york times." he claims of the president was aware of the whistle-blower report before giving aid to the ukraine. this can speak to the president's "mind-set before sending aid." that is from "the new york times." the former employee employee
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actually quit over this issue. very interesting. we don't know when he will be able to move today, although that could be soon. for now, jon, bac back to you. >> jon: kevin corke, thank yo thank you. >> sandra: meanwhile, brand-new polling showing some big moves in the democratic field. surging into just second place. but senator elizabeth warren dropping to third place. joe biden retaking his lead. joining us right now, deputy editor for "the wall street journal," fox news contributor. good morning to you and happy thanksgiving as we had the middle of the week here. the quinnipiac, for the presidential nomination, joe biden is still clearly the front runner. pete buttigieg skyrocketing to 16%. that is up six points from a month ago.
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but elizabeth warren getting attention. her lead was cut in half to 14 points. bernie sanders shortly behind. what is happening there? >> well, i think this quinnipiac poll is very significant in this whole race that has been going on for a while. what it signals to me is that the progressive idea is beginning to decline out there with the american people, and the moderate democrats are beginning to rise. and this is s such a switch. two things. one big thing that has happened here. elizabeth warren chose to run on all these plans and all these details. recall, when she laid out the details for medicare for all, which was kind of a nationalized health care, it allowed a lot of analyst to go in there and study it. there was this very interesting university of massachusetts study that says this could probably cost 2 million jobs.
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just this week, politico had a story out of pittsburgh. pittsburgh was hollowed out bylaws or manufacturing there. it has been built back up by the pittsburgh medical center. tens of thousands of middle-class jobs are attached to places like the pittsburgh medical center, the cleveland clinic. in new york city, the hospital systems. these are all democratic strongholds. democratic professionals look to medicamedicare for all. it's a job killer. the last debate that they had, they never mentioned the green new deal. not once. so it suggests to me that progressives are beginning to wane, joe biden in pete buttigieg of all people, in second place. >> sandra: very interesting because her proposal itself helped propel her to temporary frontrunner status, but the details came out, and voters soured. unwelcome news therefore elizabeth warren. now to iowa, where
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pete buttigieg is the top there were 24%. support for him in that state in recent months. why is he emerging as not frontrunner and i latest i will poll, dan, do you think? >> he has spent a lot of time and i was. he spent a lot of money there. and he is proving to be an extraordinarily articulate defender of his position. he reminds me a lot of some previous democratic candidates. bill clinton, john kerry, barack obama. young men who people knew all their lives were going to run for president. that is what pete buttigieg is front say about him. back in 2016, after donald trump won the election, barack obama even interview in which she was asked where are the young democrats? he said we have a lot of young democrats. kamala harris, tim kaine, michael bennet. one more person he named. pete buttigieg. three of them are running for
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president. >> sandra: lastly, how judiciary committee hearings will continue next week. they are reviewing the letter. he says he is giving trump the option to testify. the ranking member of that committee, we have been hearing a lot o from him. >> do you know that they don't really have anything? they are going to bring academics and to tell us what an impeachable offense is. what it is not as everything we have seen from adam schiff and the democrats from the last year. they have attacked a very successful president who is simply doing the best job that he can for america. next week, get ready. >> sandra: get ready. a year turkey. come back. hearing starts wednesday. what you expect? >> i expect jerry nadler to run the same kind of show that adam schiff ran. this is again beginning to make professional democrats nervous about whether this whole impeachment narrative was a good
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idea. and people are beginning to worry that if they vote on impeachment in the house, significant numbers of democrats who are running in those address exceeds are going to vote against impeachment. that would be a huge embarrassment for the democratic party. and i think we saw donald trump there talking about the things that he had done there. it is beginning to look to me, first on the russian collusion narrative to take down donald trump. now, the ukrainian impeachment narrative, when they should have been running against his policies. >> sandra: many of them on the show this week. they still feel that they are building that case. >> they want to run against his policies, not his person. >> sandra: dan henninger, thank you. good to see you. >> jon: adam schiff and jim jordan repeatedly clashing during hearings last week. >> you have said, even though no one believes you, you have said
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that -- >> this is your time for questioning. you can use it anyway you like. your questions should not be addressed -- code >> jon: now, new transcripts from behind clow just how nasty things got. howie kurtz wa weighs in on impeachment drama. >> sandra: brand-new report claims president obama said that joe biden "just doesn't have it." does this spell trouble for the biden campaign? >> may be because he doesn't think that he can get across the line. maybe because they dealt with him in the obama administration, and while they have a great deal of affection, he doesn't think he has what it takes to become a presidential candidate. aetna takes a total approach to your health and wellness
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the obama team is everywhere across the field, and you don't get the sense that there is a lot of love and enthusiasm for joe biden as a candidate. >> jon>> jon: new reaction from karl rove, with the claim that he doesn't think that joe biden can connect well with voters. juan williams, cohost of "the five." let's find out what he thinks. >> well, i think that this is a story that it is obviously an anonymous quote attributed to no one, simply stating that president obama was having talks with potential nominees for the 2020 democratic presidential nomination. he dropped this thing about how he had a tremendously intimate connection with voters in iweb. he won the iowa caucus in a big upset. we said you have to see that on the part of joe biden. i question whether or not that is real. i do think that obama is tremendous political giant.
6:18 am
when you look at the numbers, and you did in the previous segment, you see that biden still holds locally and nationally. according to all the polls, the best numbers against president trump, which is i'd be end-all for democrats. beating president trump. three when is pragmatic enough. sort of unseasoned senator from chicago, from illinois if you're not even a full term in the u.s. he runs for president. he chooses joe biden because biden's weight inexperienced and foreign affairs credit. what happened? it is fair play. it seems like he would be ready to return the favor to joe biden, and he hasn't endorsed him. >> i think it is too early in president obama's mind. you have to realize -- and he said this the other day. he said chill out to everyone. i came directly from him.
6:19 am
there is lots of turning going on. but what he said is that democrats really know that they have to get behind that candidate eventually. so it's too early for him, and remember, it's so ironic. he is now more to the right in terms of the democratic party, given the rise of bernie sanders, elizabeth warren, and the like. for him to step in and say i peeked joe biden and anyone else, that would open him up. he is the establishment, the old guard. >> jon: the former president spoke about bernie sanders specifically. he is coated, quoted in this politico article. he says "back when sanders seem like more of a threat than he does now, obama said privately that if bernie were running away with the nomination, he would speak up she stopped him. asked about that, spokesperson for obama pointed out that he said he would support the campaign for whoever the democratic nominee is.
6:20 am
but it sounds like bernie sanders doesn't necessarily win the price from barack obama's point. >> jon: so now you can make fun of me because i think this has the ring of authenticity to it. my sense is again that if you start talking about people who want to bring radical change to the american system, social policy and the like, that is when you see barack obama say hey. he literally said this the other day. we donated radical disruption of the american system. the voters don't want it. you want incremental change and gradual progress. and he says that's all we should be looking for in a candidate. we don't want to alienate voters. >> jon: but look at the top five candidates in the real clear politics average. joe biden is on top at 20 to 20% bernie sanders, number two. then elizabeth warren, pete buttigieg, kamala harris. >> again, i think you have seen,
6:21 am
and a dan henninger's send this earlier. the rise of the moderate democrats. you will consider a moderate and conservatives, more than 50% of the party. what we have seen with the rise of the left in terms of elizabeth warren and bernie sanders, but again, what you see is president obama saying that metal has got to be given a chance to succeed. >> jon: warren and sanders, numbers here, eclipsing joe biden. we've got to go. nice to see you. >> happy thanksgiving. >> sandra: an explosion rocked the tiny rural community. we are live on the ground in texas. plus, 10,000 illegal guns taken off of the street in chicago by police this year alone. that is one every 48 minutes. so what impact will not have in stemming violence in the windy city? >> truth is chicago has a gun problem, which goes hand-in-hand with the violent crime in the city. one.
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go to to get started. >> sandra: well, the chicago police department announcing this week that it took more than 10,000 illegal guns off the city streets there so far this year. that is about one every 40 minutes. joining us now is chicago's police, kevin graham.
6:26 am
we have been following this story with you for quite some time. first, how did you do this? >> you know, the men and women of the chicago police department do an amazing job. they have done this for the last two and a half years without a contract, not enough manpower, not enough equipment. not only have we taken 10,000 guns off the street, we have also gone up on our arrests by 3%. 205 last shot people this year, versus last year. and they are working their tails off to try to keep the people of the city of chicago save. >> sandra: so as far as the improvement the city has seen as far as taking those guns off the street, last year, i believe it was one every hour that you were able to take. this year, one every 48 minutes. so, can residents of that city expect to see real change in terms of the violence that we
6:27 am
see? >> certainly, we have a long way to go. we have a prosecutor who is not cooperating with the police. and that is certainly a problem we are going to be facing very shortly. we also need more equipment. more manpower. so there is a long road to go. the current superintendent of police is retiring at the end of this month. we have an interim superintendent. i do not know what his plans are for crime reduction. certainly we have made some suggestions, but we have done this all while officers are having a difficult time getting time off. as i have already stated, they have not had a contract in two and a half years, but every day, they suit up, they go out, and they protect the people of the city of chicago, and they do an amazing job. less than a week ago, we had an officer shot in the head. he is recovering in the hospital, and hopefully, he is
6:28 am
going to have a good recovery. >> sandra: we have to protect our men and women in blue, especially as we had to another holiday weekend. how is the city of chicago preparing for the holiday weekend? >> i do know that we are going to have increased manpower in certain areas. additional officers on michiga michigan avenue and some of our high crime areas. there are overtime initiatives to have more officers there. so i do think that we are going to be prepared, but it's a holiday weekend, a long holiday weekend. certainly, the weather has a factor in that. so depending on whether it is going to be good or bad weather could determine whether or not the crime is going to beat up or down, no matter how hard they are working. >> sandra: it is a great american city. you do a lot to try to protect the people who live there. we hope that you have a wonderful holiday and wonderful holiday weekend. >> have a nice thanksgiving.
6:29 am
>> jon: now, this fox news alert. 50 million travelers trying to get home for the holidays. bracing for a powerful coast-to-coast storm sweeping the nation. live details on that straight-ahead. >> sandra: plus, they will not investigate its founder or his rivals in the election, but what about president trump and all of this? >> jon: newly released her testimony shows i nasty war of words between two prominent lawmakers and a closed a closed-door deposition. howie kurtz joins us to sound off on all of this. >> what is happening is not good for our culture, not good for our nation, and yet the democrats do not care.
6:30 am
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6:33 am
go out to share substantive comments, yet you did that just yesterday." if stomach "no one has appeared before the cameras more than you during these proceedings." "no, you have, you have." "i think you have well outdone me, mr. jordan, and will continue to do so." millions watched witnesses over the impeachment hearings. what is going to happen next? howard kurtz joins us now, host of "media buzz." how we, i did my best to try to reconstruct what must have been very tense, interesting exchange. it just goes to show that the tragedy that we missed all of those exchanges in the closed-door hearings. >> now, you have, you are worse than me. i am shocked that they would be arguing over who gets more air time. there was another incident where
6:34 am
adam schiff called it a hallway press conference for the republicans were steamed. jim jordan does have a point about them leaking the testimo testimony. and i think that is what robs the public hearings of a lot of their drama by the time we heard these explosive phrases like drug deals and hand grenades. we did not hear them many times before because of the leaks. >> jon: does not mean that democrats were wrong in holding the closed-door hearings? where they have been better off if there point is to generate public interest and maybe even excitement? should they have held that hearings and public? >> i don't have any problem with closed or hearings, but then you keep it secret. if you leak everything, and of course, they ultimately put out the transcripts, then you are doing the made for television version. that is part of the reason that their rating started to go down during that two week process. >> jon: speaking of ratings
6:35 am
going down, we have more impeachment hearings from the house judiciary committee. do you get the sense that the public appetite is therefore more? >> i think it's dwindling, and i think this particular hearing, it is going to b.s. news where the public in the media. constitutional lawyers coming into debate the standards for impeachment. the only thing that would inject it with some drama, jon, would be if the travelers accept the invitation to come in and argue their side. from the point of view of political objects, jerry nadler, the judiciary chairman, will be back in charge. back in the spotlight. there is a reason that nancy pelosi sidelined him and put adam schiff in charge of the intel committee here. the committee that he cheers. nadler, who was siding with donald trump while before the president was in politics, just comes across as more heavy-handed in his partisanship. now of course, he will be back. >> jon: he has invited him to
6:36 am
appear in front of this impeachment inquiry or committee. as our president is a big television drought. does nadler really think that that president boyd responded in the affirmative to that kind of an invitation? >> i think he felt he had to give out the invitation. the president has been on twitter. "i'm strongly considering it." not holding my breath. i don't expect him to see there. he has his own megaphone, as you know, and uses it every day. in the meantime, we know that mike bloomberg is now running for president. he made his fortune in large part by inventing "bloomberg news." >> jon: the "bloomberg news" agency says this about covering their candidate. they say we will continue our tradition of not investigating mike and his family and foundation, and we will extend the same policy to his rivals in the democratic primaries."
6:37 am
i suppose the question is does not go for the president and maybe republicans as well? >> it does not, and that is the reason that breaking news has gotten absolutely pummeled on this. rightfully so. they say we are not going to investigate mike bloomberg, the boss, his family, or his foundation. but we will continue to investigate president trump because he is ahead of the government. obviously, this looks very limited. and it also undermines the "bloomberg news" reputation for dependence. it is unfair to the thousands of journalists who work there. what is he afraid of? let's say they did a couple investigative pieces about his record as mayor of new york city. so what? he is going to have to withstand a lot worse than that. i think the damage done to the global news organization is going to last far longer than his candidacy. >> jon: yeah. let's see if they maybe change their policies on that regard. howie kurtz, good to have you want. happy thanksgiving.
6:38 am
>> sandra: massive explosion, injuring at least three workers there. at near the louisiana border. residents with an a half of a mile work evacuated. joining us live from the facility. >> good morning, sandra. the one thing i can tell you is that the fire is still burning. however, not nearly as bad as i was earlier. it seems to be simmering down. you can somewhat see that it is very toxic. going to the southernmost edge of port neches. about 15 to 20 miles per hour. people who lived in that area where the smoke is actually blowing, they are effective. what we are seeing gives us hope in relation to the fire and when it could be completely evacuated. evaporated, if you will.
6:39 am
but right now, it is still burning. tpc plant released a statement on their current status. it hasn't changed. if you take noises that it had 175 full-time employees, 50 contractors. they all work evacuated. only three personal sustained injuries. one was actually taken to houston for treatment. it produces chemical and petroleum-based products. during the explosion, windows on homes several miles away were blown out. we did see some of those homes that were damaged. we also know that the schools are nearby. the middle school as well as the high school nearby. the good thing is they are all on holiday vacation, which is a great thing. no problems there, but we do have lots of damages to homes here in the area. sweet you nee griffin with an update on the ground there. thank you. >> jon: big holiday favorites,
6:40 am
macy's thanksgiving day parade, but high winds code grounds are larger than life character blends this year if sustained winds have gusts over 34. snoopy and spongebob and friends will have to stay home. the forecast calls for 22 mile-per-hour winds. gusts of 39. officials will make a game-time decision tomorrow. the only time the balloons were ever grounded was 1971. wow. >> sandra: we are going to get an update at about 20 minutes now. it wouldn't be the same, right? >> jon: no, never the same. >> sandra: we want everybody to be safe. we will see what their decision will be. >> jon: let snoopy flight. >> sandra: you mean well, what he is now blaming the u.s. for being part of "conspiracy in tehran." we will explain. >> jon: plus, president trump and florida, fairing up 20,000 supporters last night.
6:41 am
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aetna medicare advantage plans call today. we'll send you a $10 visa reward card with no obligation to enroll. medicare annual enrollment ends december 7th. >> sandra: president trump firing up supporters in florida last night. the first rally he has elders and sufficiently changing his residence. touting his success ahead of 2020. >> democrats want to raise taxes, have open borders. to me, i don't think that plays well. what the heck do i know this? on day 2020, the crazy democrats are going it down in a landslide, and that landslide is going to start right here in that great state of florida. [cheers and applause] >> sandra: joining is now, joe
6:45 am
gruters, florida's republican party chairman. joe, good morning to you. quite a rally last night. what was the overall reaction to that within your party? >> well, certainly. it was electric. he had more people there than elton john did just a couple of months ago. people are so fired up here in florida. we are so excited to have the president here. but certainly, it is not -- you know, this has always been his second home. he has made many trips around the state. this is obviously the critical battleground for the country here in florida, and we are ready, we are prepared. we are going to make sure that we deliver the 29 electoral votes that our president needs to win the election. >> sandra: fascinating to see that was not a choice. even the president said they said i was crazy to do this in broward county. you look back at the results for donald trump and hillary clinton
6:46 am
in 2016. donald trump, 31%. the campaign manager told the audience at the arena that this was close to our 20,000 capacity. what does that say that the president had a packed house in that county? >> really, we shocked the world in 2016, winning places that we should not have. we may never win broward county, but presidential election cycles, we have hit 77% voter turnout. with those voters and 300,000, it is our opportunity to go out there. last night's focus was but a registration. making sure that we are turning out as many people as possible because a 10% swing for us is 25,000 votes. the reason that is so important for florida, we are the holes my prize. the president needs to win florida. in 2018, we had an 11,000 margin
6:47 am
of victory for rick scott and a 33,000 margin of victory for senator ron desantis. ron desantis, the best thing about last night was having america's number one governor, ron desantis on stage with him. he has been on fire since he has been elected. and actually think that governor ron desantis will be a big reason why donald trump is so successful. they have tackled environmental issues, hurricane cleanup and recovery efforts. they have really gone above and beyond the call of duty and at an amazing job together. that's why in a race that is going to be as close as this is -- >> sandra: the economy has done well in florida. that is going to have a big impact on what we see it, come 20. i want to throw the election results up on the screen. we all remember, to hillary clinton's 47.8%. i thought recently you sat down with the head of the democratic party in the state of florida, and while there was all that you disagreed on, there was a lie you both agreed on.
6:48 am
a lot hinges on the sunshine state. you were predicting the highest turnout in state history. i want to hear more about that. still, and i had to have match up the current front-runner for the democrats, joe biden, it does show that he would be the president, should not happen. that is the real clear politics average. the latest air. your reaction. >> yeah, forgot about that. donald trump is going to win florida because he is one of us now. we are going to deliver. forget about all the paul mackler last. our internal polling that the party shows him up. the democrats have 20 candidates, adding candidates by the week. florida is completely behind the president. we are going to make sure that we have the resources, manpower, and the team. you have the rnc. the donald trump were present campaign. you have a streamlined
6:49 am
organization, we are going to make sure that we are prepared, and we are going to win the state. >> sandra: all of this is happening, joe, as the impeachment process continues. the house judiciary will begin on wednesday. inching closer to 2020, and that is the backdrop. final thoughts for you. speak up less and, who cares about the impeachment stuff? it doesn't matter if it's russia, mueller, fill in the blank. they have always been focused on removing that president. they don't have a candidate that can win. florida loves the president. we are going to deliver. speak to a lot of people do care, they will be watching that election ever so closely. joe gruters, we appreciate your time. >> thanks.
6:50 am
happy thanksgiving. >> jon: one solution might be importing drugs from canada. we will take a look at that id idea. >> sandra: but first, jeffrey the drive is back as toys 'r' us reopens just in time for the holidays. ♪ - [narrator] meet the ninja foodi air fry oven. make family-sized meals fast, and because it's a ninja foodi, it can do things no other oven can, like flip away. the ninja foodi air fry oven, the oven that crisps and flips away. nyquil severe gives you powerful relief for your worst cold and flu symptoms, on sunday night and every night. nyquil severe. the nightime, sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, stuffy head, best sleep with a cold, medicine.
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6:54 am
>> jon: well, if you don't want to grow up and still dream of being a toys 'r' us kid, you could still be in like. the iconic toy store is back after going bankrupt in 2017. we are live in new jersey, where their first store has reopened. jackie. >> reemerging out of bankruptcy, toys 'r' us closed all of their stores in june of 2018. this is the first one to reopen. so, geoffrey the giraffe is back. there was a life-size geoffrey walking around. the stores are a little bit different. it's not the same toys 'r' us. this is an experience. for as well, they are smaller. just about 6,000 feet. if you're a member, when you were a kid, they were about 40,000 square feet. what is really cool as you can touch the toys.
6:55 am
you can play with them. you can sort of try and see what it is that you want to buy, which is something that consumers really like, right? you have to make the brick-and-mortar experience really interesting to get them in the story. that's because retail has become so competitive. a lot of people are saying that while geoffrey was asleep, you have retailers like amazon, walmart, target eating his toy lunch, if you will. we were able to talk to the ceo of true kids. and he says there's two people to this. consumers who are a member of the toys 'r' us brand, so that will resonate with them. at the same time, he wants to incorporate technology and all the new strategies to kind of bring this brand back to life in a different way. just moments ago, there was a ribbon cutting here, and the store managers on got to cut the ribbon, so that was exciting. the employees feel energized about this, and they are excited to be a part of it.
6:56 am
but what is even more noncoincidental, i will say, the fact that the store is launching before black friday. before that shopping extravaganza begins. we will see how the foot traffic is today. back over to you. >> jon: toys 'r' us, back open again. >> sandra: fox news alert here appear the white house responding to an invitation to participate in impeachment hearings. newt gingrich is here. he joins us next. people were afraid i was contagious. i was covered from head to toe. i was afraid to show my skin. it was kind of a shock after... i started cosentyx. i wasn't covered anymore. four years clear. five years now. i just look and feel better. see me. cosentyx works fast to give you clear skin that can last. real people with psoriasis look and feel better with cosentyx. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx.
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>> sandra: new york city gets ready for tomorrow's big thanksgiving day parade. nypd going over safety and security measures and keeping a sharp eye on the weather. forecasters are predicting a windy day, threatening to ground the prince famous balloons. police will have the final say on which balloons can fly, making safety a top priority on the holiday. and this is a fox news alert. holiday weather, a major concern as millions hit the road and take to the skies with storms threatening to ruin plans nationwide. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom." happy holidays, everyone. we are officially there. >> jon: i am jon scott in for bill hemmer. powerful storms stretching from coast to coast today. forecasters warning to brace for more intense weather and dangerous travel conditions. >> we have got warnings issued all the way from colorado and
7:01 am
wyoming for minnesota up to upper michigan. and for heavy snow and strong winds, so we are looking at eight to 12 inches of snow. the winds may be gusting to 30 or 40 miles per hour. it is going to come down hard and fast. >> jon: meteorologist adam klotz in the extreme weather center if you do you have your hands full. >> we certainly do. there are two big storms that we are tracking. going through the upper midwest. this particular system. the other that we are paying attention to, that has become a bomb cyclone. it is not going to move a whole lot in the next couple of days. it lingers from now, running all the way into thursday and friday. again, not a lot of movement. that is a big winter storm. it begins to pilot. these are where most of our storm watches are. higher elevations where you could be getting up to two feet
7:02 am
of total snow. the other system that is moving to the east. that is a big window maker that people are going to be paying a lot of attention to. gusts getting up to 30 or 40 miles per hour. the advisor is, this is going to work its way towards the mid atlantic, towards the northeast. that is when it starts to become a problem for perhaps the macy's day parade. some of those close to 50 miles per hour in chicago. in louisville. again, this entire system is slowly drifting off towards the east. you need winds to be below 23 miles per hour or gusts of 3. our forecast for tomorrow morning getting right into that range. it is going to be a real game time decision, whether or not they will be able to. it is going to be partly sunny. i think a really nice thursday. really nice day for the parade. it is going to be at all about those wins. skies.
7:03 am
>> sandra: adam, there was a turkey behind your shoulder. that's great. all right, a lot of whether to watch there. >> jon: we have got the animation. >> sandra: president trump rallying in the sunshine state. >> one year from now, i will join voters across the sunshine state, my home. as we head to the publics, together, we will win back the house, we will hold the senate, and we will keep that beautiful, beautiful white house. >> sandra: there he was, the president rallying in the sunshine state as a new poll shows a possible shake-up in the democratic field. he is at the top of the race as the rising mayor pete buttigieg, and a drop in support for senator elizabeth warren. we have complete fox coverage for you this morning. house speaker newt gingrich is our headliner. first, we go to peter doocy come
7:04 am
alive and i want. morning, peter. >> good morning, sandra. joe biden holding steady in first place, but elizabeth warren with half of the support that she had a month ago. in october, she had 28 points in the poll. today, just 14 points. she has not fallen into third place behind the mayor pete buttigieg, who steady rise continues. >> we've held it on the ground for some time. encouraging that that is being reflected. as the democratic field shuffl shuffles, president trump is campaigning against all of them. keeping most of his attention on the top and joe biden. >> what business are you in, s sir? oh, do you know hunter biden? do you know sleepy joe? because it is national
7:05 am
quinnipiac poll finds that billionaire michael bloomberg is towards the bottom with 3% national support, which ties in with kamala harris, trying to get support in iowa by celebrating thanksgiving with her family at a local family here in iowa. >> a lot of people try to avoid talking politics at the thanksgiving table. how do you avoid that when kamala harris is coming over for thanksgiving? >> i think it will. it is about family. it is about friends. just how is everybody doing? how's life? senator harris had sweet potatoes and collard greens in her carry-on bag. so, ingredients from multiple states will be represented i thanksgiving dinner. >> sandra: peter doocy, thank you for that. newt gingrich joins us now. and for more of him, you can check out thank you for being here.
7:06 am
>> good morning. i am still reflecting on the idea that a california new york senator carrying greens from south carolina to thanksgiving table in iowa, is somehow going to turn her campaign around. nice gimmick, but it doesn't strike me that it is going to get hurt anywhere except through present. >> sandra: well, they have stumped you. next week, after we all finish our turkey and the dishes are cleaned and put back in the cabinet, we are going to see more impeachment hearings. shjerry nadler has announced tht these will begin on wednesday. we don't know a lot about these. but it looks like this is how they're going to proceed. speaker. >> well, from the white house perspective, you have to ask are all of the interviews that were secret now going to be made available to the white house? you can just pick and choose.
7:07 am
you interview lots and lots of people and then terry pick a handful of courts. so from the white house perspective, this is a moment for access to everything, which adam schiff god and his secret kangaroo court approach. then you have to make sure that they set rules for them to bring their witnesses to jerry nadle jerry nadler's earrings so that they don't have the kind of one-sided genuine kangaroo court that adam schiff was running. >> jon: doug collins told sean hannity that he thinks that democrats don't really have anything. they haven't come up with impeachable acts by the president. here's what he told sean hannity. >> but you know how i know they don't really have anything? because the first hearing, they are going to bring academics into tell us what and impeachable offenses. i will tell you what it is not.
7:08 am
it is what we have seen from adam schiff. they have attacked a very successful president, who is simply doing the best that he can. >> jon: you were involved in the impeachment hearing against president clinton. is it all that difficult to come up with the definition? >> no, this is chairman nadler desperate to get some attention from tv. he has been sitting there i think it's very upset because what should have been the judiciary committee was given by speaker pelosi to adam schiff and the intelligence committee. never been done before. totally wrong. so this is nadler's moment to finally shine. and i think they are stumbling around. nadler earlier had some disasters, and i don't think he is very confident in his ability to run these hearings. but first of all, i think collins had a very effective defender of the president. and i think he will be very
7:09 am
effective on the committee hearing. but there is a deeper part of this. when we impeached bill clinton, we started with an independent counsel report. they used of the word guilty on 11 different counts, including perjury, which is a felony. now, they had a report out of mueller. despite two years of effort, he didn't use the word "guilty ones. so the standard that adam schiff has been running, and what we did, they are just radically different. and i think we also followed basically peter rodino, we followed his rules for bipartisanship. what they have done is totally one-sided. and i think it virtually guarantees that no republican in the house or senate is going to vote to impeach. >> sandra: on that note, there
7:10 am
is this democratic congresswoman from michigan who made a lot of headlines yesterday. she was a democrat that's obviously voted yes in the house where the impeachment inquiry. she then said and made headlines that they did not see the value, moving more towards the suggestion of censure. she must have received a lot and her party yesterday because she seemed to change her stance. here she was yesterday. >> i have enough left, but i was trying to bring some reason to the republicans. at minimum, you must say that this president has some accountability for his actions. they flipped it and said something that i didn't say, and for the record, i am 100% convinced by the facts, the investigation, the hearings, and all this that has been presented in this very thorough investigation, that president trump should be impeached.
7:11 am
>> sandra: so she seemed to clarify that what she had originally said, censure, not impeachment. at minimum, censure. >> the left wing of the democratic party, basically to the point where it is a pathology. they hate trumpets. they know he is guilty of something. they don't know what it is. i get up every morning, they say he's really guilty, we really got to get rid of him. what she actually said the other day if i was pretty intelligent, which was not about guilt or innocence. we are now within a year of an election. let the american people to cite this. the idea that i handful of professional politicians sitting in the u.s. house are going to take the presidency away from someone who will have 63 million americans voted for him, to do so on the edge of an election i think is a very, very dangerous idea. i thought she was trying to say hey, maybe this is not all that
7:12 am
clever of you know of course, she also serves now is a real example. you back off, and your left-wing is just going to be you and you the ground. and that's why in the end, pelosi is probably going to have to move impeachment, even though she knows it's stupid. she knows is not going to go anywhere in the senate, and she knows it is probably going to get a bunch of her marginal members defeated. >> jon: then why did she get bullied into doing it? she was very reluctant to bring impeachment forward and somehow got pushed i guess by the more liberal wing of her party. >> well, have you looked at people like aoc? these are fanatics. the intensity of their emotional commitment to being destructive is really quite remarkable. it and you go to the stiers and to the activists out in the countryside, my guess is if you went to the average democratic meeting anywhere in america today, you would have a three or
7:13 am
4-1 representation of people who are passionate of getting rid of donald trump. the reason is they have never accept us beating hillary clinton. they cannot believe that he has now gone 165 federal judges who are conservative. they deeply despise him. they deeply dislike his policies. it really is a pathology. this is not politics. this is a psychological condition. and every day that he tweets, he reminds them. >> sandra: who can they put forward that can be president trump? here is the latest poll from cnn that shows that elizabeth warren is falling behind, which we have seen another reason for my playlist. but this one does show mike bloomberg pulling top five. your thoughts about him jumping in the race? [laughs] >> look, i think bloomberg ought
7:14 am
to be smarter than to do this. he is the biggest apologist to the chinese dictatorship that we have. he actually gave an interview three weeks ago saying that it really wasn't a dictatorship. and i think it would be great to have bloomberg out there debating it. the truth is in the end, unless he is prepared to spend four or five or $6 billion, four or five or $6 billion, he is not going to be a serious candidate. no, there is a dollar value where you can hire every teenager in iowa -- every teenager to help you with the precinct caucus. if bloomberg is willing to go into that heavy, i think he could become a serious candidate, but i don't think he will. what he may do is he may contribute to getting to a brokered convention, although i have to say as much as i thought biden would fade, he does just keep plugging away, and you have
7:15 am
to say that the party is moving away from the left, moving back towards buttigieg, who is sort of a moderate. biden is sort of a moderate. this is by democratic party standards. i think it is very hard to see how bloomberg finds an avenue to get to be the nominee in that context. >> sandra: newt gingrich, always a pleasure, sir. happy thanksgiving, sir. >> sandra>> happy to be here. >> jon: what is causing those mystery illnesses? the number in the u.s. rises to 2300. >> sandra: in florida last night, he said he has a plan to do just that. so, when will that happen? our doctor is here next. speak out do we have an avenue to let people buy them in canada? it is about a third of the price. everyone said no, you can't do it. i met with the president. he said no, no, we are doing it.
7:16 am
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7:20 am
>> we are working closely with your governor to bring drug prices down even more here in florida. and other states, if they want it, they all well wanted. i say go to canada, buy them. and it will change. watch what happens. watch what happens. >> jon: president trump touting his role in lowering a prescription drug cause. he says there is a way to get prices even lower. part of a new plan he is getting ready to an ounce. dr. marc siegel is a fox news contributor, professor of medicine at nyu. why canada? what is it about canadian prices that would make it cheaper to
7:21 am
import drugs from there? it's because they are lower. the reason i think he is choosing canada is because he will have less of a pushback from people who say the fda cannot insure quality if you bring prescription drugs back from other countries. with canada, it is easy for them to look them over. i will take the oath take the secret here. drug manufacturing is now a worldwide market. it is not the way it used to be where all drugs were made in the united states. we are having problems with generics that are made in india and china and maintaining quality. but the drugs in canada are fairly easy for the fda to look over. b6 is saying that a lot of other things they are doing too, jon and sandra, increasing price transparency, getting more generic drug alternatives approved. and that is as opposed to the uploads a plan, is saying that
7:22 am
the federal government in the form of medicare for some of our most expensive drugs, negotiate those prices to bring them down. it's complete collusion of culture appeared pelosi's approach. more choice and competition. >> sandra: got it. reading more specifics from the president's plan. obviously, we have policies out there as well. moving on, we have been talking a lot about the vaping crisis and the related illnesses. 47 vaping related deaths. the cdc has some new information and evidence linking the use of anything related illnesses. >> it is occurring with thc in marijuana products, they are oil products, but manley marijuana type products. they are finding vitamin e
7:23 am
acetate. and all the times that they test, they are finding that vitamin e link. this is not the vitamin e that you would use and cream or even in a supplement that you take. vitamin e added to cause the oil. it is toxic to the lungs. they are finding this in all cases studied. this looks like the holy grail. this looks like the ingredient we were looking for. it is also an illicit bootleg product. it must >> jon: there are a lot of people who took up vaping because i think it is safer than cigarettes. >> i think it is safer than cigarettes, but there are two different stories. one is vaping with water-based product or juul. this is even more dangerous. vaping marijuana or oil-based products with a vitamin e. neither of these are safe. i am still not to the point where i'm going to say that this is more dangerous than tobacco, which has tar and it appeared i think tobacco is the worst. but we are finding more and more
7:24 am
health risks. people are getting sick. >> sandra: it's final thought on flu season. it appears to have come early this year. go out and get your flu shot. >> you know what we are seeing that we have almost never seen before? influenza b. it only affects people. it is milder, but we never see at this early in the season, and it affects children. we are particularly worried about it. what i'm going to tell people out there is to get your quadra veil and shot. it covers four different strea streams. strains. speak to someone who hears that, is that the typical shot? could you walk in and say i want the flu shot? >> you better ask for that. most of the time it is the shot you receive these days. it takes about two weeks for your flu shot to work, so i would say get it now. we are going to try to figure
7:25 am
out how to get your children -- >> sandra: we need some tricks. good stuff. that was a lot. we appreciate you. federal prosecutors launching a criminal investigation into opioid makers and distributors. will legal action helps our growing crisis quadra makes? >> jon: plus, political waters have been waiting to see whether president obama would endorse anyone for 2020. the former president claims joe biden "just doesn't have it." our a-team is he around that. >> there are many elements of his foreign policy that i admi admire. the fact that he was opposed throughout to the iraq war and sought to bring that to a close. when liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. wow. thanks, zoltar. how can i ever repay you? maybe you could free zoltar?
7:26 am
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aetna medicare advantage plans call today to learn more and we'll send you a $10 visa reward card with no obligation to enroll. medicare annual enrollment ends december 7th. >> jon: president obama weighing in on the current crop of 2020 democrats, offering a private warning. let's bring in our a-team.
7:30 am
judy miller, pulitzer prize-winning author, journalist, and at david as men, host of "bulls and bears" on the fox business network. if you were to see this piece in "politico," an extensive peace with barack obama and what he thinks about this crop of candidates. he is not particularly kinder to his former vice president. >> we talked about obama being that kingmaker. you have to kiss a lot of frogs to get a prince, and i don't think there is a prince in the place. typically what you do, while mama sits there and receives candidates. i don't believe he has received anybody yet. certainly he has not spoken kindly about joe biden. >> sandra: what does that tell you? >> he is trying to be very aloof, but at the same time, be
7:31 am
engaged. and he wants to influence this nominee. >> well, patrick is very close to barack obama. he acknowledged that they had actually spoken on the phone about his decision to enter the race. i don't think that someone like deval patrick enters the race unless he gets that kind of unofficial blessing. it is no secret that obama is very worried about the democratic party being pulled too far to the left. he wants another stronger centrist candidate, but he is just not willing to get into it. i think that is an appropriate position, and i think he is doing everything he can from the sideline. >> i think she is right. obama has this fear of the far left, but has he become a moderator? he was the most progressive president in the history of the united states, and for him to be worried about the leftward tilt of the democratic party says that either as he gets older, he
7:32 am
is becoming a moderate, or that there is very far tilted to the democratic party. clearly, the country is catching up to this as well. it is not just barack obama. he is worried about democratic chances if they continue because we see, by the way, elizabeth warren star is falling. of the quinnipiac poll that came out yesterday, she is now trailing mayor pete. biden is up a couple of points, but she has fallen very badly. i think it is because of the fact that she came out with these really socialist policies that not only worried me about apparently word barack obama. >> years i had line from politico. "waiting for obama," it says. "the democratic establishment is counting on obama to stop drop and perhaps stave off burning as well, but can cerebral politics still galvanize voters in an age of extremes?" it goes on to say that over the next year, he is going to sort
7:33 am
of a merge and taking more of an active role in the process. do you look forward to that? >> barack obama happens to agree that the democratic party i do not think that it is recognizable. >> i remember during the obama years, we use to say that about the clinton era. he was just part of the left of clinton. now the democratic party as far to the left of obama. >> he would not offer a public spending option i and his insurance plan. >> sandra: dana perino went on to tucker carlson last night to respond. she says he has one shot at that's. >> he has one opportunity to be a kingmaker, right, at the convention, or a peacemaker. only one opportunity. if he blows it now, it's a little bit too early. >> very interesting. you remember this moment when
7:34 am
our own peter doocy a-lister joe biden why he hadn't received the obama indoors when he had, and this is how he answered. speak out if you are the best choice for the democrats in 2020, why didn't president obama endorse you? >> i asked president obama not to endorse, and he doesn't want to you -- whoever wins this nomination should win it on their own merit. >> sandra: we remember that year that was several months ago now. he has one opportunity to be a kingmaker. >> i think the opportunity comes after the nominee is chosen, to bring the party together. so i think barack obama has made a choice. he is going to do what traditional close programs have done. that is to remain neutral. you have to be selected by the party before you are by the people. i think barack obama's role if at any time would be at the convention and through the
7:35 am
conventions. >> mike bloomberg is in the race now race now all of a sudden. does not suggest that the democrats are out there looking at this current field and saying wait a minute, we don't want to go the way of a bernie sanders or elizabeth warren? >> exactly. that's exactly what their entry means. it means that the center, which actually carried the great democratic victories in the house in the house of representatives. it is being ignored. it feels left out. and if those people don't vote, donald trump gets another four years. therefore -- >> and i think it's very simple. they are looking around at the candidates and saying we don't have somebody that can be trump. it's not the left and right thing. these people don't have the charisma of donald trump here they remember the polls, saying that he would never win. some of your republican leaders saying he will never get the nomination. and of course, he always be
7:36 am
thought and the democrats are worried that he will do it again. >> jon: we had up poll up, and the control room can put it up again. joe biden is the only candidate at this moment in time that be president trump and not had to head matchup. >> joe biden isn't where the the party is. if we ever get to the people, the one thing that donald trump has is our record. the economy is doing great. he has created $10 trillion worth of new wealth. talking about $50 trillion worth of spending. >> the senate trial is not going to bode well for democrats. >> come on. 50% of americans already believe that donald trump with his great record and economy should be moved from office already. >> we mentioned it before. they also pulled on impeachment, and most people do not want the president to be removed.
7:37 am
again, the senate trial will be very different than from what we have seen so far. when this is like hunter biden, adam schiff himself. this is not going to bode well for democrats. >> sandra: i want to bring in senator chris coons on that point. >> from what i have heard publicly and privately, i don't think that there will be the votes to remove him if this does come to an impeachment trial in the senate. it removes guardrails on presidential misconduct. >> absolutely. the bottom line is we know the ending of the story. that has been repeated many times. when you know the ending to the story and it doesn't look good for your side, you don't push that ending. that's why nancy pelosi has resisted for so long. i still think there is a chance, a small chance that she is going to try to pull this baby out of
7:38 am
the hot, boiling bathwater before it gets put in there and get scalded because there is a chance if she is able to get enough democrats and maybe a couple of republicans saying some kind of censure is what we can do instead of an impeachment, i think that would be better for the democrats. i don't know if that would work, but i think the impeachment trial in the senate is going to be bad for democrats. >> jon: all right. we are going to have to leave it there. interesting politics the day before thanksgiving. to get home to your thanksgiving tables. >> sandra: are not. federal prosecutors now opening a criminal investigation into the role that drugmakers played in fueling the opioid crisis. the six major pharmaceutical firms. >> hi, that billion dollar question that federal prosecutors are looking at now is whether big pharma purposely allowed opioids to flood
7:39 am
american cities and neighborhoods, ultimately taking the lives of about 400,000 americans throughout the nation. prosecutors are treating this matter as criminals according to the journal sources, and they are relying on laws that target some of the country's drug dealers. whether they violated the federal controlled substances act. it is a law that prosecutors have used earlier this year to go after other opioid manufacturers. those companies now on the firing line. johnson & johnson, neil pharmaceuticals. all six have confirmed that they have been hit with grand jury subpoenas from the u.s. attorney's office. about 2500 city and county governments, plus all 50 u.s. states have not filed lawsuits targeting various companies responsible different points along the opioid supply chain. president trump in june said he was shifting his focus to coming
7:40 am
up with alternatives to opioids from americans who suffer from chronic pain. this investigation, though, if it does ultimately produce criminal charges, would likely become the largest single case involving about pharma drug companies themselves. we reached out to all six of these companies. four have not gone back to us and so that they are cooperating with the subpoenas and will continue to do so. we will keep you updated on that. >> sandra: big story. julian, thank you. elon musk's companies circulating footage. ford was a rematch. >> jon: what can you expect after the record-breaking close? >> the stock market just hit another all-time in history high, meaning 401(k)s and jobs.
7:41 am
7:42 am
7:43 am
7:44 am
7:45 am
>> sandra: a record-breaking day on wall street out of the gate this morning. here's a look at the down now, down 26 points. yesterday's record close, that is grabbing the headlines. it is hard to talk about our record breaking day when we are down right now. >> wall street uses the s&p 500, the nasdaq is also what. so those stocks are down -- >> sandra: so -- >> it is just absolutely remarkable. the day after the election when the markets exploded higher, we unleashed those animal spirits, and the enthusiasm being met with the promises of lower taxes, lower regulations. all that stuff i think was bent in for a long time.
7:46 am
it just exploded. back to where we have been, what distinguished america versus all of these other countries in the world. why we were able to surpass them all. we are back to that innate american spirit. >> jon: what do you suppose they are saying inside the center's campaign and the warren campaign today? those two campaigns do not like corporate america. >> they don't like corporate america, and the only thing you can say and what they have kind of tweaked their message in a two-pronged way, yes, things are going great, but it is unevenly distributed, and yes, things are going great, therefore it's we should be giving more to those who don't have enough. it is not even feasible to suggest -- michael bloomberg did come out of the gate saying that he's going to rebuild america. if you're going to be realistic, how do you go to people who are looking at their paychecks and sing the best income -- the best wage increases that they have seen in over a decade, telling
7:47 am
them things aren't good? >> jon: the numbers that president trump took office, the dow is up 53.4%. the s&p is up, and then nasdaq is up -- >> sandra: you and actually going up after he was elected in anticipation. >> i always believe that they should judge the presidents the day after the election. it is a forward-looking mechanism. >> what we are seeing is, i think it is great news. that is the housing market. the household formation, people getting married again pure and millennials now hitting 40, living out, having families. we saw a new home sales erupted to the upside. new home sales, housing permits. they are at multiyear highs. we were worried about new-home sales yesterday. in the 200,000 to $300,000 ran
7:48 am
range. that is doable. that is middle income, middle america. 54%. it is just absolutely phenomen phenomenal. the housing stocks have been on fire. homebuilder index is up 54% this year. >> sandra: wow. hey, can we get to the video of the morning? do we have that? the tesla. remember that tesla's pickup truck that we talked about last week. they threw a ball at it and it broke. it is coming back full force. they've got tons of orders for this thing, by the way. they put out the video of it towing and f-150. kind of like ha-ha, look over here. this is how ford responds. "hey, elon musk, send us a tracker, and we will do it for you." they claim -- >> four-wheel-drive versus two wheel drive. the tesla truck started moving before the ford truck did.
7:49 am
i tell you what, elon musk is laughing all the way to the bank. 254,000 reservations for it. >> sandra: look what he tweeted back. "bring it on." >> free publicity. he is the modern-day pt barnum. whether you love him or hate h him. it would have embarrassed anyone else. who are we talking about almost a week later? >> jon: i'm not buying it. >> forward is only worth $36 billion. >> sandra: what did they say? room for improvement. >> a few other things. >> jon: charles, thank you. it is not the reaction she expected when she took the stage at a youth summit on opioids. [cheers and applause] how first lady of trump is responding to the chorus of bo boos. up next. team at newday usa y
7:50 am
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>> jon: well, first lady melania trump getting a rude reception when she took the stage at a youth summit in baltimore. they started booing the first lady. carley shimkus, 24/7, serious channel exam. you don't traditionally boot up
7:54 am
first lady. >> i think the most important thing to remember is that she was at the summit to talk about the opioid epidemic, a crisis that is affecting millions of americans. she was trying to help. if you are a trump critic, maybe you think that this moment is great. the president has said bad things about baltimore, so she deserved it. but i think this is jarring to a lot of people because like you said, jon, we are not used to seeing the first lady gets treated like this. i remember as far back as 2015, a first lady would walk into our room, and he would go on my gosh, she's like a celebrity. so it is the shame that they feel like it is acceptable to treat a first lady in this regard. boy, did she keep her, during the boos. all throughout her speech. she has been treated like this
7:55 am
throughout her time as first lady. a couple of weeks ago, she was at a hospital in boston to raise awareness for babies that are born addicted to opiates. hundreds of hospital workers walked out. >> jon: "we live in a democracy, and everyone is entitled to their opinions, but the fact is we have a serious crisis in our country." >> i just wonder what is approved to boycott somebody like melania trump when she is actually trying to reach across the aisle and talk about a nonpartisan issue? it sort of makes her seem more strong in the face of adversity. i think they would maybe try to do the exact opposite and talk to her if they were smart. >> sandra: all right, carley shimkus. great to see you. happy thanksgiving. a brand-new report about the whistle-blower complaint and the temporary hold up.
7:56 am
we are live at the white house with a brand-new report on the straight ahead. >> at no time was there any mention or anything that they were feeling any pressure in return for military aid. our members shop a little differently.
7:57 am
so we reward every purchase . let's see what kate sent. for you. for all of us. that's for me.
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8:00 am
>> sandra: fox news alert on getaway day, storms making a mess for millions of america's set to hit the road and the skies for their thanksgiving holiday. welcome back to "america's newsroom." >> jon: i'm jon scott, and for bill hemmer. a bomb cyclone and massive snowstorm bringing snow to minnesota and moving east. >> is going to be bad. the snow is going to come down hard. it's going to come down fast. visibility will be very, very poor during the height of the snowstorm. >> sandra: the storm threatening to disrupt holiday plans for lots of people all over the country on one of the
8:01 am
busiest holiday travel days in the country. how are things going there so far, casey? >> well, sandra, so far smooth sailing here in dallas-fort worth other than just being pretty cold. but according to folks over at aaa today, wednesday is the day it's really supposed to be the worst because that is when most americans get out and hit the road to get to where they've got to go, and the road so far, boy, they have been jam-packed. take a look at this video last night in the los angeles, california, area. some people thought they were going to maybe beat the rush. it was an absolute parking lot on a lot of major freeways. brake lights as far as i can see. so, most people just sat for hours. i really didn't move. a major storm moving into the western united states is going to have a big impact on a lot of
8:02 am
their routes. you have problems in arizona with the rain and wind. then in colorado, look at this. we've been talking about the snowfall in and around denver, because i not only problems on the roads but problems at the airports as well. local law enforcement and all of the areas asking for folks to pack their patients, saying it's going to get worse before it gets better. listen. >> just want to let you know that we have got warnings issued all the way from colorado and wyoming through minnesota, few upper michigan. and for heavy snow and strong winds, so we are looking at eight to 12 inches of snow. winds may be gusting 30 to 40 miles per hour. >> back out here life, you are looking at a major interstate that runs right through the dallas area. so far, it looks like things are going pretty well. smooth sailing.
8:03 am
we've got a pretty heavy flow in the opposite direction on the way out of town. so again, so many people will be out. about 5% more than last year. lower gas prices. more expendable income. the economy doing well. aaa attributing all of those reasons to why folks are getting out more to celebrate the holidays, sandra. >> sandra: everybody trying to get to friends and family. happy thanksgiving to you. casey >> , thank you. >> jon: a stunning new report claims that president trump knew about the whistle-blower complaint before he released a military aid to the ukraine. before telling the investor that there was no quid pro quo involved. meanwhile, slamming the democrats probe to thousands of supporters in florida last night. >> and they are pushing the impeachment witch hunt. a lot of bad things are happening to them. he said he was happening in the
8:04 am
polls? everybody says that's really [bleep]. >> jon: kevin corke live in west palm beach, florida, with more. >> jon, that report suggest that the president knew about the whistle-blower complaint. by letter of law, they didn't have to release the money until september 30th, which obviously did happen. let me tell you more about that report. it cites two unnamed sources. it apparently familiar with the process. they claimed that the president was aware of the complaint. that could speak to the president's mind-set before sending that aid to the ukraine. from the white house's office of management and budget told impeachment investigators that two staffers left the agency after expressing frustration about the unexplained hold on ukrainian aid. but republicans say that the key testimony was left out.
8:05 am
"mark sandy is a dedicated crew public servant who came to the basement bunker to answer other alt why there was a hold on the usa it to the ukraine. he said the definitive answer was entirely about the president's desire for other countries to contribute more." thus no quid pro quo appeared over on capitol hill, the judiciary committee is giving the white house until sunday at 6:00 p.m. to answer his questions about the administration's possible participation in the upcoming hearings on the hill, about which stephanie grisham wrote this: "this letter comes at the end of an illegitimate sham partisan process. the president has done nothing wrong, and the democrats know it." last night, the president echoed that sentiment massive really. speak up when i have a perfect
8:06 am
phone call, with all of the horrible things they have done, with the president of ukraine, they tried to claim that it's an impeachable offense. nancy is on track to go down as the single worst and least productive speaker of the house in the history of our country. >> so far, are relatively quiet day. visit to his own club. not sure if you will get around in or not, but he steps in front of a camera, we will have it for you. >> sandra: i thanks to kevin there. fox news contributor, good morning to you. >> good morning. same to you. >> sandra: first, reaction to that report, that he was briefed on the whistle-blower report itself before he them really sign ukraine aid appeared what did you think of that? >> i've got two reactions.
8:07 am
the first is whiplash. the whistle-blower was important at the beginning when he refers to surface, then so important that he didn't need to be called or questioned by republican republicans. we didn't need to know whether or not he had contact with adam schiff or his staff before he put his complaint and, et cetera. now the whistle-blower is important again. so i am having a little bit of whiplash. then i am not certain that i get what this is all about. if the president's concern was i want other countries to increase their assistance to ukraine, i don't want the united states to be the only one, and of the president then hears about the whistle-blower complaint, he may have decided it's just not worth it. let's go ahead and release the aid. no matter what rudy giuliani wants to get done or what i want to get done, it is not worth the kerfuffle. let's get the a it out.
8:08 am
again, as kevin corke pointed out, they don't like it was not obligated to be released -- >> sandra: we look forward to when the house judiciary will start holding hearings. we spoke to newt gingrich at the top of the 10:00 hour. he has a suggestion for republicans as we head into that. >> this is a moment to negotiate for everything, which adam schiff does in his secret kangaroo court. then make sure that they set rules that allow the white house and house republicans to bring their witnesses to nadler's committee hearings so that they don't have the kind of one-sided genuine kangaroo court. >> sandra: still awaiting more details about how this is all going to play out. at least for now, we don't know who are what witnesses have been called. >> exactly. this is further evidence of how
8:09 am
partisan this is. i agree with the speaker. we just had a moment, we just had an incident a few moments ago that indicates how biased the process is. lee zeldin, a member of the intelligence committee has to in essence reveal testimony that was in the secret room in the basement of the capital about the omb representatives rapport on what the president was holding that a it out for, which was we want to get more aid from other countries in europe to match ours. that was a detail that was important to have a known in regards to the whistle-blower. but he had to leak it because we were not aware of what that testimony was all about. that's how biased this process has been. not like the impeachment proceedings in either 1997 in 1998 or in '73 in '74. you know, the president and the
8:10 am
republicans are about ready to enter a process, i think the speaker is absolutely right, but let's not kid ourselves. the goal of schiff and now there is not an impartial process that will gain the confidence of the american people. alexander hamilton and number 65 of the federalist papers born exactly l this instance. "if impeachment is brought abo about, party against party, designed to gain political party, not to gain the truth." >> sandra: he invited him to testify, and we got word this morning via stephanie grisham that they are going over the letter. they will update everyone on what the president decides on all of this. chris coons is a democrat. he was asked about the chances, if this is now off to judiciary. and impeachment trial in the senate, what would happen. here is chris coons. >> from what i have heard publicly and privately, i don't think there will be the votes to
8:11 am
remove him if this does come to an impeachment trial in the senate. to me, that is disheartening because it removes guardrails on presidential misconduct. >> sandra: final thoughts on that? >> he is setting up the excuse. i bet that there are more democrats who vote not to remove him. what he is setting up is to say well, this was all the republicans fault. we should have removed the president, and now all kinds of bad things are going to happen in the future, and it is all because republicans didn't believe that the president's actions were impeachable. shifting the blame, trying to shifted onto the republicans were doing the right thing. >> sandra: no two questions about elizabeth warren, who had some temporary front runners status. some questions about her timing and bad timing at which she peeked in all of this. former lieutenant governor patty judge weighed in on this, her slipping stock.
8:12 am
"you have to wonder whether state acted too soon. in iowa, she is wearing thin. she established her endorsers and delegates, and that is all there is. you have to wonder if sheets picked it too soon." did she, karl? >> i don't think that's the right question. is the answer did she make big mistakes? yes. what happens in the presidential primary is the oftentimes authenticity. she already had an authenticity problem. was she an american indian or not? was she a real true democrat, having once been a republican. some questions underneath the surface, and along she came. earlier this year in the debates, she said i'm with bernie on medicare for all. i'm with bernie. then it turned out that she wasn't with bernie because bernie said i'm going to tax the middle class, and she said i'm going to tax the billionaires. it turned out she couldn't carry that off. the people realize that price tag was too high. she couldn't finance it without
8:13 am
tapping into the pockets of middle-class america. her response was to say i'm going to delay the implementation of medicare for all. i will start with medicare for anyone who wants it, then medicare for all. it ate away at the authenticity. are you really with the hard left of the democratic party or not? i think these mistakes that she makes, then several more, where she has been caught saying my children went to public school. well, no they didn't appear they went to private school. as incidentally she did when she went to high school. i had a funny conversation in which she told me that he seconded her nomination to the hall of fame at the request of a friend. you grew up, you went to the little tiny high school. she pretended like she had. shhe later found out she lived there but went to high school at a private school in oklahoma city. he said you knew my friend, and
8:14 am
he knew her from elementary school. she pretended like she had been there. she has an authenticity problem that just keeps coming up and up. >> jon: thank you for your analysis on all about. the federal government zeroing in on the ob food in this country. demanding from countries that made or distributed opioids. >> sandra: federal courts blocking the trump administration from denying visas to have a current who cannot pay for health insurance. tom dupree will weigh in on both of those stories, just ahead. >> i will not allow our immigration system to be used against us. i will not allow political correctness to put our families in danger and our communities at risk. aetna takes a total approach to your health and wellness
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>> sandra: fox news alert. the governor of massachusetts signing allow moments ago banning the sale of all flavored tobacco and vaping products. that includes menthol cigarettes. yesterday, new york city becoming the first major city to approve a ban on e-cigarettes. the second vaping related death in new york. >> we have seen a significant amount of reluctance on the part of the white house and the fda to create a ban on these flavors. the governor's executive order is currently being challenged in court. new york cannot and will not wait. >> sandra: the number of anti-vaping protesters rallied before the vote. >> jon: meanwhile, new developments on the opiate crisis. as federal prosecutors launch a
8:20 am
criminal investigation into at least six major pharmaceutical companies. joining us now, criminal defense attorney. it is fascinating when you read the names of these companies. we have the list. johnson & johnson. teva. these are some big, big operations. operations. >> names we all know. if you think about it, they have now cast this and that pretty mouth as wide as i can go. not just the back alley. now going after that manufacturers of these opioids to determine whether or not they are fully complying with the controlled substances act and how that is contributing to a crisis. it is a crisis. i know you have people on one side to say i can't live, i need to manage my pain. then people on the other side who have managed to find their way and because of this crisis.
8:21 am
this is something that i think needs to happen. >> jon: there is an element of personal responsibility. it is not all the drug companies fault, right? >> now, but are that but really aggressively these drugs? how does it happen that you can get a prescription, which could be to manage your pain, and then i have an does you get legit prescription, it gets cut off, but your addiction does not. so then what happens to that person? they go on the street, and then people are dying in droves. 400,000 americans in the last 20 years have dropped out from opioids. it is a crisis. >> jon: again, isn't it a doctor's decision whether somebody needs their percocet prescription refill? >> they are not beyond reproach either, and again, if the doctor decides to cut to cut somebody
8:22 am
off, we have an additional problem to add to this next year going to the manufacturers to determine what role they play, it probably should have been the start, not the end, but here we are. >> jon: one major drug company has already declared bankruptcy. purdue pharma. if these investigations keep going, we are talking about liability, civil case is not far behind. >> you can bet. class action civil suits. what will the fate of these companies be? what will be the fate of the people on these opioids? is there some alternative so that we can stop the race is moving forward and still have people manage their pain? these are all questions that we will not get answered right away. >> jon: the medicines are affected. this is not entirely a bad news story here. >> the medicines to help people, but because we don't know where
8:23 am
the problems, where are emanating, we have to figure that out. to go to my manufacturers to take a look, how many people are going to end up in jail because of this? that's a great question. i don't know. maybe not, for all we know. it is something that they should have started looking into a long time ago. too many people are dying. starting out with legit prescriptions, ending up in the grays here are not good. >> jon: 400,000 opiate deaths. >> that is a lot. >> jon: good to have you. >> sandra: shocking accusations from iran supreme leader, who he is now blaming for those protests over rising fuel prices. >> jon: growing concerns over cyber attacks after tens of thousands of hacking attempts in one state alone. look, this isn't my first rodeo...
8:24 am
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8:27 am
>> sandra: fox news alert. claiming that protests are part
8:28 am
of a conspiracy involving the united states. we are live in jerusalem on th that. >> sandra, good morning. that's right. the world is getting a glimpse into what exactly happened during those nationwide demonstrations just last week. a video shows crowds of people running from security forces who are firing live ammunition. there are new images of citizens being arrested and detained. more than 140 demonstrators were killed last week as protests erupted over gas prices and at least 20 different iranian cities. that according to a human rights group. they are different from the 1979 islamic revolution since the current regime has support and loyalty from security forces and the army. the regime has a tight grip on the population, and many have been deterred from going to the streets, making it difficult for the movement to gain widespread support. the united states sanctioned them responsible for cutting the
8:29 am
internet. putting the property under u.s. jurisdiction. the decision to take down internet access was unacceptable but not unexpected. iran supreme leader is now blaming the u.s. for the death of their citizens, saying america encourage "thugs" to kill people on the street. >> it was deep, extensive, a very dangerous conspiracy. they want to use an opportunity to carry out the smoke, which was an act of destruction, murder. delivered under the pretext" -- >> no evidence that any country other than iran carried out murders of its own citizens. >> sandra: trey yingst in jerusalem for us, thank you. >> jon: in a blow to president trump's immigration agenda, a judge is blocking the administration from denying
8:30 am
these as two emigrants who do not buy health insurance when they come into the country. let's talk about that with tom dupree. so, the law, the requirement that the trump administration's proposed set if you're going to enter the country, you have to buy health insurance with -- i think it's 30 days, and it can't be subsidized insurance. it can't be obamacare type of insurance. it has to be a legitimate funded insurance policy. a federal judge in oregon, a barack obama -- a barack obama appointee threw that out. he says the administration is overstepping its bounds and crossing constitutional lines. what do you make of it? >> i think from the white house's perspective, they basically are very conscious that they say we don't want any of these illegal immigrants coming to the united states on a visa to really beat a public charge. that they would drain taxpayer resources and that they would
8:31 am
have no health insurance. they united states taxpayers would have to foot the bill. he thinks that the white house exceeded its powers. he was clear in his opinion. i am not taking a position one way or the other as to president trump as a policy, but this exceeds his power. if the white house wants to make a change of this magnitude, they really have to do so through legislation. they have to get congress to change the immigration law. >> jon: what i remember correctly, you are already required if you're coming into this country as illegal immigrant, you are required to be self-supporting, right? so why is this requirement so onerous? >> i think what that's judged it is he looked at this law through a microscope. congress hasn't spent some at this particular aspect of the public charge rule. he says that the president, by inserting what the judge viewed as a new requirement or new
8:32 am
interpretation of the law, basically went too far. and again, i think from the judge's perspective, what was going on here was really just a magnitude of what the white house is looking to do. and this judge's opinion, he thinks that if the white house wants to enact a change, they can't do it unilaterally. it has to go through congress to make the change. >> jon: that is where the separation of power argument comes in. the judge cited that in his ruling. >> that's exactly right. he pointed out correctly that the constitution does give congress the authority to establish a uniform rule of naturalization and basically the terms in which people can enter the united states, become citizens, that kind of thing. we shouldn't lose sight of the fact that presidents have bent given fairly broad authority to interpret the law, the law that they make their regulation. it is kind of a fine line. what the white house dad was too far on the other side of the line. >> jon: here is a quote from the judge's opinion.
8:33 am
he writes "the proclamation is anticipated to affect 60% of all visa immigration applicants. the president offers no national security or foreign relations justification for this sweeping change in immigration law. "does he have to? just from a u.s. budgetary standpoint. again, isn't it required that immigrants be self-supporting? >> right, and i don't think the president had to offer a justification for what he did. interpreting the lines that you just quoted, the oregon judge basically saying maybe it would be a different situation if the president have offered justification for what he did, but the only reason the white he offered was simply to avoid a drain on the public, at least in the opinion of this judge, that was not efficient. >> jon: here is the response. "congress plainly provided the president with broad authority for it limitations and
8:34 am
restrictions on the entry of aliens into the united states. he may by proclamation impose on the entry of any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate. he does head up the administrative branch." does the white house have it right here? >> we all know that this is just the first round and what i suspect will be a longer battle. this is a single judge in oreg oregon. this does temporarily shut down the white house, but keep in mind that i expect they will fight this thing, to get up to the court of appeals, they will find it out and go on to the supreme court if they have to. from the white house's perspective, this is a question vindicating the president's authority to interpret the laws and impose from the white house's perspective. >> jon: another topic, we will get more impeachment hearings. from the house judiciary committee, we know that they
8:35 am
want to talk to white house officials. so far, the official witness list is not public yet. what are the chances that jerry nadler's committee can compel testimony from those folks? >> i think now there and the democrats face a real uphill battle there. we know that they are fighting and multiple courts, trying to get testimony from them and others. the fact is that i don't think they will be able to get a court order in time to bring people into the white house in the next couple weeks. we saw it come out the other day. we also saw that it took on a matter of hours. in federal court, asking that order be stated. assuming it is granted, which i think it will, that is going to push all of us off by a matter of weeks. potentially much longer than this. they want them to testify, take them to court. it is quite another thing to get a federal order from the judge.
8:36 am
>> jon: all right tom dupree. former deputy assistant to the attorney general. thank you. speak to you before the big 2020 election, growing concerns about cyber attacks. the threat is not said to be worse than ever. washington state alone has seen thousands of hacking attempts. we are on the lie from seattle this morning. >> trying to improve their security ever since the electi election. congress has spent hundreds of millions of dollars, but they say many are so vulnerable. the hacking attempts keep coming at an alarming rate. increasing the role of them, adding firewalls to the voter registration websites. hackers cannot get in and change routes. many other states don't have what's called two-factor authentication, which makes it almost impossible for a hacker to enter the database.
8:37 am
yet hacking at times have only increased since russia meddled in the 2016 race puritans of thousand in washington state alone. >> we have seen activity from ip addresses that we suspect it foreign actors, and we now are partnering with agencies more actively than we were in 2016. >> the digital crimes unit at microsoft detected a massive attack, to get a personal email one month period. among the victims, conservative think tank and the trump campaign. they have taken note 17 botnets. among the nations using these, and other democracies, china, russia, north korea. >> they would have successfully infiltrated these email accounts of these key individuals.
8:38 am
from there, they can extract information. just ask. just espionage. or they can use their control to launch attacks on others. >> there is a battle in congress right now over how much money to give the state so they can upgrade their systems. 11 states still don't produce a paper trail. democrats sponsored bills that would modernize them have stalled in the senate. republicans say they have already appropriated $380 million to the states, and much of that money still hasn't been sent. sandra. >> sandra: dan in seattle, thank you, dan. ♪ >> jon: so, thousands lining up for the mississippi lottery's first of scratch off sales. more than $2.5 million in game tickets in the first 24 hours. $570,000 of that expected to go to the state. a 65-year-old man was the
8:39 am
biggest winner, taking home $2,000 from a scratch-off ticket. the powerball and mega million tickets go on sale in that state in late january 2020. >> sandra: that's a lot of money. do you play with a lot of? >> not really. >> sandra: every once in a while, do you feel compelled to buy a ticket? a lot of people are devoted to doing just that. >> jon: the true meaning of the american dream and how you can achieve it, i had. >> sandra: listen up. what if there was a way that you could keep your electronics and liquids in your carry-on bag all the way to security. the tsa may have an answer to that. rpose is not just closing a loan. we want to do whatever's best for the individual service person. we want to be known as america's mortgage company for veterans and active-duty service people, and they and their families.
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8:44 am
it is titled "the american dream is alive and well." the author is carl roth and a former investment banker appeared she joins us now this morning. how is the american dream to find today? >> i think the american dream is based on freedom of choice. everybody thinks of it as just a numbers term, but the reality is people are doing just what they need to do, doing what they want to do. you can pursue that big house, or you can follow your passion, or you can consume out unparalleled levels, and the choices are all available to you under capitalism and under the american dream. what people forget is that sometimes you need to sacrifice, make tough choices, and prioritize. and you don't get to have all of those things at the same time. we are so spoiled and unfortunately someone grateful nowadays that people don't realize that. >> sandra: you write about the american dream being alive and
8:45 am
well, but you also asked the question can we do better? what's the answer, carol? >> we can always do better. focus on wealth creation, focus on letting people pursue the things that they are most passionate about, certainly got the government out of the way in interfering with the american dream and free markets in areas like health care and higher education. i certainly think we can do better, and we should strive to do better, but that doesn't mean that we should be angry at capitalism or angry at where we are at today. if we come to read from a place of gratitude and understand how good we do have it, all of the opportunities that are available under the american dream, capitalism, freedom of choice, that is a great place to start and address the problem from the right place. >> sandra: all of which i know you are a big fan of. it has been called into question in recent years because of the talk of the entitlement
8:46 am
generation. people are willing to sacrifice to save as they work hard. yoyou and this piece, "the american dream is alive and well," it is not a fairy tale. as one of my twitter followers pointed out, it's not a guarantee, either. >> no. do you think about it, back in my grandparents generation, they took the bus. my dad took the train to work. now everyone wants to take ube ubers, which are more expensive. delayed gratification. the best predictor of financial success. if you want to achieve financial success. if your american dream is to just enjoy every moment and not worry about the future, you have the choice as well. but it is not a fantasy. you don't get to do all of those things, and is not a guarantee. but if you put in the hard work, the american dream can be yours. that's why people all over this world are risking life and limb to get into the country so that they can take part in the freedom and choice that we have
8:47 am
here. >> sandra: i know you are a fan of both of those things, although life can take some unexpected turns. it's a great message ahead of the thanksgiving holiday. carol roth. >> happy thanksgiving. >> jon: twitter is about to pull the plug on some users. how to know whether your account is at risk. - [spokeswoman] meet the ninja foodi pressure cooker, the best of pressure cooking and air frying now in one pot, and with tendercrisp technology, you can cook foods that are crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. the ninja foodi pressure cooker, the pressure cooker that crisps. i need all the breaks, that i can get. at liberty butchumal- cut. liberty biberty- cut. we'll dub it. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> sandra: here we go, tsa testing new technology to better detect explosives and speed up those long security lines. brett larson is here. so many people are heading to the airport right now. the technology they are now testing was already in place. >> some people might come in contact with some of it, they are being tested at the las vegas airport. the technology is still in the stages of beta testing. a digital dog knows it is going to be able to sniff out explosives. sometimes when you go through security, you see the dogs
8:52 am
there, but they can only be trained to smell specific things, so to have a digital dog knows, be able to have it quickly scanned people in a short amount of time, that would be -- >> sandra: this is interesting because it could speed things up. it is small. they are going to put this on a drone and fly at around the airport to do its job. >> which is a great idea. it is about the size of a cell phone. if it is airborne or if it is mobile or even if you could place it throughout the airport, and the area where people come into the airport, the places that aren't secured, you could put it in the screening area so that you are having a constant check. this is all real-time information. it is definitely going to speed things up. ct scanners for our luggage, which would mean we know longer have to do the shoe removal.
8:53 am
no longer taking that out. don't worry about the liquids because they will be able to see much of the same way when you go have a ct scan done on your bo body. is this shampoo, or is this something -- >> sandra: i can already hear people say what does this due to my privacy? what if there is a drone flying towards me? >> look, with every new improvement in technology, you go and you hold your hands over your head, they take a full body x-ray, there is definitely some security concerns. they keep those people behind the closed doors. the average probably can't see. they just get up box where there is concern on your body. >> sandra: there is also this gel that they have created. it would allow -- what do they call it? the digital dog nose.
8:54 am
they say that it works better than a bomb sniffing dog. a chemical agent. they could/freeze it. >> it so gel that they put over it at that freezes it. i am not laughing at the process. i think it is kind of a funny name. it becomes inert. it -- what happens in these situations at the airport, when they find stuff like this, when they think there is an explosive or someone has gone through security with a weapon, they have to shut the airport down, and it becomes total chaos. they have to rescreen everyone. the point is to keep the lines moving quickly, and if something happens -- >> sandra: keep everybody saf safe. they hit an innovation task force that says they are about a year out from all this. the digital dog nose, pairing up with them --
8:55 am
>> that has uses outside as we well. >> sandra: this is a glimpse into the future of what security is going to look like. >> soon they want to even need your boarding pass. to me, it makes sense. >> sandra: you don't need a physical boarding pass today. >> i have it on my phone and my watch. >> sandra: so that i.d. will be included as well. happy thanksgiving. >> jon: now moving to the house judiciary committee as president trump rally supporters and battleground florida. how they are responding to the president towo testify. ask. the lexus december to rembember sales event get 0 percent apr for 60 months on all 2019 models. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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>> so i'm responsible for the pumpkin pie tomorrow. i did the whole thing. the canned puree does a great job. >> and you don't have to do all the work. >> how about you? will you be in the kitchen?
9:00 am
>> i will be doing a little of the work. whatever you do, go out and have a safe and a happy thanksgiving. >> thank you for joining us here, have a wonderful holiday. "outnumbered" starts right now. >> melissa: fox news alert, president trump ripping into the democrats impeachment push at a homecoming rally in battleground florida. his new official home state. the president calling the provo scam, making the case that he's being attacked for exposing a rigged system. >> i now the same maniacs are pushing the deranged impeachment -- think of this. impeachment. a witch hunt. the same as before. the radical democrats are trying to overturn the last election because they


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