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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 27, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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>> welcome to the special edition of "hannity." my jason chaffetz into night for sean. for over three years democrats have thrown everything but the kitchen sink at president trump. yet the president remains unfazed. his rallies are as massive as ever and his poll numbers are getting stronger and he hasn't lost his sense of humor. today, he tweeted out this image depicting himself as a rocky balboa members of the media mob fetch their pearls. like rocky, president trump knows how to take a punch and persevere and fight back.
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and the president was on offense so, watch this. >> democrats are trying to rip our nations apart. first it was the russia hoax, a total hoax. and, think of this. impeachment. a witch hunt, the as before. they are pushing that impeachment and a lot of bad things are happening. everybody said, that's really [bleep]. the radical democrats are trying to overturn the last election because they know they can't win the next election. it's very simple.
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>> jason: the president's right, the democrats witch hunt is turning to a major political disaster. yet another poll come this one from quinnipiac shows support for impeachment declining. some democrats and others in the media are starting to see the writing on the wall. take a look. >> talked to some democratic voters as i have and, they are talking about, it's not this. they don't believe this is a winner for them in november. >> this is sort of a warning sign for them. if they are not able to move public sentiment at all with those five hearings with a dozen state apartments or nfc officials coming forward and testifying against the president, that's a problem. >> i think i worry a lot that we are setting ourselves up here for impeachment, acquittal, and reelection. it's not helping in the places where this election will ultimately be decided. but if you are in one of these districts today, almost all of them would tell you today that
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these impeachment hearings are threatening their reelection. impeachment proceedings are making the president's reelection more likely, not less likely. >> jason: not only does this impeachment charade was the president's reelection campaign but it also shines of bright light on joe biden and his son, hunter. by now you've heard a lot about hunter biden's sketchy ukrainian business deals. connected to his father's so-called diplomacy in ukraine but keep in mind, hunter biden also struck a lucrative multimillion dollar deal with the country of china. all while vice president biden played a prominent role in the obama administration's asia policy. according to a report," and that analysts pointed to the plethora of ethical challenges of hunter doing such deals in china while his father was in the white house. so long as joe biden remains in the race, this issue will not go away. no matter how much the media mob
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hopes and prays. joining us now with reaction this house judiciary member kenneth buck. along with the author of "witch hunt." and fox news legal analyst at gregg jarrett. and of the author of "guilt by accusation." it's a brand-new book, fresh out from harvard law professor alan dershowitz. i got it right here. congratulations, this is well-timed and will be a great book. >> thank you. and everyone should read it because it could happen to you. how do you protect yourself from false accusations? and how do you win? >> jason: i look forward to reading through it. let's start with gregg jarrett. he's got real problems, created real problems in the united states and china as well. >> the government is america's racist competitor and if it
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don't make adversary china goes into business with the sun. and at the same time, joe biden is put in charge of u.s. and china policy. it's not just the appearance of a conflict of interest, it is a legitimate egregious conflict of interest. and the investments are troubling. and that is nuclear power investing in china investing. i guarantee you. if democrats are foolish enough to impeach the president, the trial of the u.s. senate will not be a trial of donald trump, it will be a trial of joe and hunter biden as well as a trial of adam schiff and his suspected collusion with a fake whistle-blower to create the impeachment illusion.
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>> it does not meet the standard laid out by the founders. and there will be a hearing next week, and is it fair as jared laid out for the present to reject and talk about and bring the allegations against hunter biden into the mix? >> i know joe biden, he's a terrific guy. if this goes to trial in the senate the first witness they will subpoena will hunter biden to prove that the president had a legitimate basis for asking for an inquiry about the corruption. whether there is corruption or not, i don't know. but it will come out of the trial. if they democrats go forward with impeachment there will be a real trial with the impeachment. >> now congressman doc, i have been to serve in congress with
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you. but you as a prosecutor, and being on the house judiciary committee, rules or difference t here. who is at the top of your list, who do you want to hear from if jerry nadler is foolish enough to continue with this impeachment charade in the house judiciary committee. >> i doubt jerry nadler will let us call any witnesses but i want to hear from the wood whistle-blower. i also want to hear what kind of corruption was going on in the ukraine. i think it's all wide open and i agree with your other two guests today. at the democrats have controlled the narrative to micah so far in the house and they haven't moved the needle at all convincing the american public to impeach the president. when the republicans control and narrative in the senate, it's all over. the witnesses and the embarrassment that will be caused by the democrats, they better find a plan b awfully
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quickly. >> now there's a real opportunity. the nation's house has not been paying attention to anything in the intel committee and now it will be envelopes into the house judiciary committee where this will be all-consuming in the few days that they have left. nothing else will get done. >> these representatives and senators to some extent will get an ear full from their constituents, especially over the holidays. you are accomplishing nothing except trying to remove president duly elected by the american people less than a year before we have a chance to reelect him or not. it's a people's choice absent some egregious bribery, treason, high crimes and misdemeanors and i'm sure that alan dershowitz would agree, that has not been stained with any level of proof yet. >> after democrats two weeks did the democrats hand gets stronger
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or weaker? >> much, much weaker. i should hear from experts as to what the appropriate constitutional ground for impeachment are. and congress is not about the law. you can't listen to maxine waters who says there is no law. whatever the house says is impeachable. there ought to be testimony by experts as to what the framers intended as a peach impeachable and offenses come up but the criteria are and how they can be met. so far that we haven't heard testimony about that and that's the appropriate role of the judiciary committee to tell us what the world law is and with the constitutional rules are. and congress is bound by those constitutional rules. >> in that professor ought to be called. >> he ought to he would be away great witness. you are actually on the house judiciary committee, what do you see playing out next week as we go through the rest of december? >> exactly what your guests are
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talking about, we will have expert witnesses come in. we will talk about what the standard is for an impeachable offense and i hope that professor dershowitz joins us for that. >> happy to do it if i'm asked. >> gentlemen, thank you. happy thanksgiving and i appreciate you joining us on this beautiful wednesday night. the much-anticipated fisa abuse report will be released on december 9th. and already the deep state as an action. in one report after another, anonymous bureaucrats and even their attorneys are desperately trying to frame the upcoming report with selective leaks and political spin. they also found that the ig's report will find that call me his fbi was, and according to the same article, they are
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identified numerous errors and omissions in the pfizer application gets carter page. it even created a chart to track all of the mistake. some call the mistake, some call them mistakes but i wonder if they are just some coincidences. the deep state leaks this much, they know something big is about to happen. joining us now, you see this temple pick up "the new york times" and "washington post," but that's not a coincidence. where do you think this is actually coming from? >> what i think is there are those that have been given parts of this report, as they are named because they are doing something wrong so it appears that their lawyers are those on their behalf are going to
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"the new york times" and sharing what they know in the hope that they confront run the story. and essentially convincing the american people that this report won't be as bad as it's really going to be. i expect this report is going to shed some really negative light on folks involved in that carter page fisa and maybe the fisa process genuinely. there is obvious the great men and women that work hard every day at the fbi and i was proud to serve with them. but there were a few involved especially in the pfizer process that appears to at a minimum, cut corners and may be even worse. >> i want to remind people that this will actually be the fifth thing that the inspector general has been put out because you've had for other reports, one of them is one page and another is 500 plus pages so this will be the fifth thing that comes out implicating from the director of the fbi and the deputy director
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of the fbi and the deputy assistant director. saying it's a very low level person and a very low level attorney that was manipulating and changing documents. i don't know if you ca can shedy additional life light on that but you are -- >> if you are involved in that process, and you are doing anything but the investigative work at the very low levels, this is not a low-level person. i noticed right away when that story popped that this particular attorney was given less credibility than probably was appropriate. that goes back to something that we've talked about before and that's a culture that jim comey created at the fbi with some of the top people, where they would have a cultural relationship with the media and share information on the background or off the record.
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and that would shape these stories. like you mentioned, one of the previous pfizer reports, as to sharing information that should have never been shared. it goes back to the culture that jim comey are created when he was director. as you know the current director is not talking to the media and that frustrates people because i know he's doing a good job right now. >> jason: i hope so because people want to see justice in america and until they start to see people in handcuffs it will be hard to convince them that there's been an equal application of the law. >> the american people deserve accountability. >> they do. one shadowy figure who is should play center role in the upcoming pfizer report i dossier author christopher steele. john solomon, and also tonight judicial watches are reporting the discovery of yet more
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clinton emails. it seems like we do the story every night. joining us with more on each of these reports is fox news contributor john solomon, judicial watch tom sutton and fox news contributor sara carter. i want to go to your first. tell us what you found in your latest reporting. >> in the time frame when he was working with the state department, christopher steele is providing intelligence with the state department and working with the fbi, having conversations with bruce ohr, and it turns out to be the lawyer for the ukrainian oligarch. he is it relating back to the ukrainian oligarch, and what he's learning from the american officials about the u.s. and russia thinking about what's going on that he had a political bias and political client with
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hillary clinton, and he benefited from his interactions with the u.s., fbi and state department. i suspect that will be a theme that comes out over the next couple weeks when the ig report comes out. >> and i think they continue to highlight who is funding and paying for all this because democrats can spew all they want. but let's go and follow the flow of money, that says a lot about what's happened. tom sutton, thank goodness for judicial watch and what you personally done on this issue. you found there were even more clinton emails out there. >> we thought you got them all or all at the fbi that we were able to find and then we find out from the state department that the fbi's sent them over another batch of documents. they only recovered 5,000 of the 33,000 that hillary clinton deleted and so while the fbi is paying christopher steele they are losing clinton emails. i don't know whether they found
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them in comey's office and on the phone, but it highlights that the fbi was lackadaisical to put it charitably, and i'm helping him shirt try to avoid the press as their witnesses, who help hillary delete the emails and are being questioned by the fbi. this was a compromise investigation and it needs to be reopened by the justice department. >> this is classic deep state, i saw it through my years. and here it is, and during the holiday season they drop these things thinking no one will be paying attention sara carter, but the three of you are following it about as much as anybody. >> you are absolutely right.
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what we've discovered here once again, on how they treated hillary clinton and president trump and his campaign. two completely different ways. it's really disheartening because when you think about it, this is the system that american people might rely on. both the fbi, federally armed agents of the united states government. they have a lot of states in what we do and what they still do. and how basically it's a senior official who created a culture of corruption. i think what tom sutton has discovered and what john is discovering with the christopher steele dossier that keeps pouring out everywhere is the fact that there is this different system, the imbalance in the fbi. if something doesn't change, the american people are going to be
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disappointed in the system altogether. >> jason: account me is already there because i appreciate the great work and the insight that you are giving but i have to tell you, in the obama biden white house and administration they were handing out immunity agreements like candy. you never see that happen in the trump administration but you do see it within the obama and biden administration and something has to change there. tom, john and sarah, have a wonderful thanksgiving. president obama has been assessing the democrats and he doesn't like what he sees. what type of problem that the democrats are having the 2020 race. man: sneezes skip to the good part with alka-seltzer plus. now with 25% more concentrated power. nothing works faster for powerful cold relief. oh, what a relief it is! so fast!
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>> jason: at welcome back to
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the special edition of "hannity." tonight the radical democratic socialists are in complete disarray. their impeachment fantasy is turning out to be a nightmare and the field of 2020 candidates is remarkably weak. even former president obama has reportedly has stinging views of many 2020 democrats. according to politico, obama and his closest advisors discussed doubts about kamala harris' appeal to african-americans. he was also "deeply skeptical" about the election prospects of mayor pete buttigieg. he also plans to speak up if needed to stop bernie sanders from getting the nomination. and obama apparently has some serious concerns about his former vice president. obama thinks biden really didn't have it. by the way, another candidate who really doesn't have it as of late is massachusetts senator elizabeth warren. her poll numbers are in
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free fall and, in fact a recent quinnipiac poll shows the left-wing senators numbers have been cut in half, in just one month. from 28%, up to 14%. no wonder that 20 chief mike bloomberg expressed his view is that mike is poised for a 2020 victory. joining us is kayleigh mcenany, nationally syndicated radio host larry elder and bloomberg 2020 campaign poster doug show and is joining us. just a couple days ago, kaylee gave birth to her first baby girl. pictured here, all three of you look amazing. congratulations to you. amazing blessings coming into thanksgiving. >> it really is.
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thank you. >> you've now joined the bloomberg campaign, the campaign manager for bloomberg is saying that trump is poised. he's on a trajectory to win the nomination. >> he said and i agree, appeasement particularly in swing states among swing voters has become a negative for democrats. a lot of democrats, men and women who were elected in the wave of 2018 are jeopardized. >> is that because they are going so far radical left? >> they are losing issue focus and it's all impeachment, all the time. no health care, no education, no job creation. frankly the president's numbers and swing states like wisconsin have stayed remarkably strong, and the mainstream media as we have seen is so focused on only
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impeachment seems real and imagined that they are missing a huge story. what's your take, kaylee? >> how can you argue with the trump economy, the stock market making records, and simply act case that might be made if the economy is strongest in modern history. what that says to me is he knows he can't survive, and every person on that stage is further left than president obama, including michael bloomberg who cannot succeed unless he does what joe biden does in a brace brace is that great new deal,
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embraces the public option in a brace is the new policies. >> if those reports are correct about president obama's take on it, he is deeply skeptical. reportedly he won't run again in 2020. he does not feel he has eight. obama is looking at the same thing that bloomberg is and looking at the screw of 12 people, he's underwhelmed. they are about ready to elect or nominate someone who is unelectable that cannot be trump
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and is scared to death. >> does he think he can just spend half a billion dollars and kind of buy his way into the polls giving the election in iowa is literally just over two months away. >> the case is a different one than any of the other democrats running. the unique experience, the mirror, business leader, job creator and philanthropist have gotten a lot done on till health care and job creation, education, and he has an agenda of change that is inclusive, who is not a socialist, not a radical, somebody i think could bring the country together. >> what does the president need to do between now and when the election heats up next summer? he's holding the biggest rallies
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they are. >> he is and he needs to do what he's done all along which is focused on the issues, focus on the economy, focus on health care. he is undeterred as the impeachment numbers go south and the democrats are exposed for putting to forward a coup against the sitting president. they advocated to this policy that was very successful and now he is -- the guy was a republican, and democrat, and >> jason: who is your guess the day before thanksgiving? >> it's irrelevant. if donald trump can meet all of them, it doesn't matter.
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>> thanks all of you, i have a wonderful thanksgiving and kaylee, congratulations on the new baby. up next, you won't believe what an internet comic msnbc analyst said about trump supporter's. we will play the tape, next.
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>> jason: welcome back to the special edition of "hannity," trump versus the left. we are only halfway through a holiday week but the left is already in full meltdown mode. you won't believe the recent attacks on president trump and his supporters. first actor robert de niro slammed the president with another outrageous claim, listen to this. >> just like living in an abusive household, you don't know what's going to happen next or what crazy thing is going to happen next, and you will wonder
6:36 pm
what is going on. >> what do you mean by that? >> because everything fake because he knows he's fake. because he's projecting. >> it's not just the hollywood elite who are out of touch. the mainstream media just doesn't understand american voters at all. here's a clip of cbs panelists dumbfounded that americans don't care as much about impeachment as they think. watch this. >> one thing we asked the diners about was her opinion of the impeachment saga and, almost to a person. they are not quite sure where it's headed, and the voters don't bring it up. that's health care and education. >> not to me, it's not a winning
6:37 pm
issue. >> exactly. finally on msnbc, i contributor malcolm nance actually compared trump supporter's to the terrorist organization isis. have a look. >> the behaviors that i'm sitting there and this is anecdotal are very similar to the way that isis members are. they are true believers and this is their reality and they will not surrender it. they are dead enders. >> jason: here to unpack all of this leftist hate is jeffrey lord, media reporter for the hill, joe concha. and women for trump national cochair gina loudon. thank you all three of you for being here. joe, i want to go first to you. you are sitting here in studio with us. outside the beltway, in the media bubble that is there, it's so different in real america.
6:38 pm
>> it's so different. >> and it's the story that everyone missed in 2016. think about where political media, almost all of it nationally is located. either in washington were president trump out 4% of the vote or here in new york where he didn't get much more than that. so there is that mentality that's around that. so impeachment in those states that cbs went out to, wisconsin, michigan, pennsylvania and ohio, people are talking about it because people don't care. full show that it is vastly underwater in wisconsin alone, the state that hillary clinton didn't even bother campaigning and income of 53% of people there and oppose impeachment. that is the loser. and from malcolm nance to say that on national television that trump supporter's are just like those who support isis, that means that we have 63 million isis thinking people in this country because that's the number of people that voted for president trump. >> i think part of it is, not only did they not care but they
6:39 pm
were given all the latitude to make the case. and it yet when they made the case it was exposed that there was nothing there. i give credit to ed o'keefe there at cbs for calling it like it so i do. when he went out and talk to real voters across america nobody cared because there was no evidence there and they wanted to talk about real issues. how do you see that? >> absolutely. they live in a bubble and they have always lived in a bubble and have seen this, going back to the last election when everybody thought hillary clinton was going to win. we watched their faces that night and the utter, complete shock and disdain over the fact that this president really wanted. i was at the rally last night and i have to tell you, we packed that stadium in a county that hillary won almost 2-1. we registered 31,000 new voters last night, almost 30% of those people were democrats that we
6:40 pm
registered and almost 30% of them, i believe it was about 27% of them were hispanic voters that we registered last night. no wonder the trump derangement syndrome is off the charts in the democrats are freaking out because the democrats have done nothing. they've become known to the voters as the do-nothing democrats and they are getting more desperate by the day as our president grows more popular as voters by the day. >> they are out there some. it is given a national television audience and he goes out and compares trump voters to isis supporters. what do they think is actually going to happen, to the millions, by the tens of millions of people that actually support donald trump. >> is the one that's the dead enter. you mentioned robert de niro, i go back and forth trying to figure out whether robert de niro is a political turkey on the eve of thanksgiving or whether the superb actor he is,
6:41 pm
you secretly on president trump's payroll. he has no clue that when he goes out like this he's actually helping the president. as is this guy on msnbc. people out in america see this shake their heads and they are disgusted. and i talked for instance to a diner owner in central pennsylvania, he says he doesn't care about impeachment, he wants to know what's being done. and when you see national polls, ignore them. in new york and california, you can run up the score. in six states, florida, north carolina, michigan and ohio, that's where things are decided. and by the way robert de niro said living in this country is like being in an abusive
6:42 pm
relationship? while he would know because his former employee -- his former employee is female and is sexist and psychologically abusive. listen to the tapes right now. it's crazy. >> jason: all right. thanks to the three of you, i wish we had more time. have a wonderful thanksgiving. president trump is blasting the left for questioning his decision to pardon several members of the military. sean hannity recently interviewed one of the soldiers who received clemency from trump. he shares his story, next. ♪ (music building) experience the power of sanctuary at the lincoln wish list sales event. sign and drive off in a new lincoln with zero down, zero due at signing,
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♪ >> jason: welcome back to this "hannity" special. at last nights president rally, president trump defended his recent position to pardon several members of the military
6:47 pm
accused or convicted of war crimes. take a look. >> president trump: just this week i stuck up for three great warriors against the deep state. and you know what i'm talking about. i had so many people say, sir, i don't think you should do that. people have to be able to fight. these are great warriors. they can't think, gee whiz. if i make a mistake -- they wanted to put them in jail for 25 years. people can sit there and air-conditioned offices and complain, but it doesn't matter to me whatsoever. they are out of that field and they are doing a job for us like nobody else anywhere in the world can do. >> one of those soldiers pardoned his army first sergeant clint laurent's. he spent six years in prison for
6:48 pm
second-degree murder. over his ordering troops in afghanistan to fire on three men he says were television members. embers of his unit testified the afghan men were innocent, but critics said there were serious irregularities in the case. recently, sean sat down with him and his attorney. watch this. >> you are there 72 hours. that you came to taken the mic over a platoon where a bunch of tele- band of motorcycles had killed members of that platoon and took out the leader severely injuring him. these guys past the checkpoint and didn't stop. sounds like exactly what had happened just before you had gotten there two weeks earlier? >> absolutely, happened all the time over there. >> m your job is to make sure tt these men come home.
6:49 pm
how many seconds did you have to decide whether or not they were like the ones that killed and injured the last fit platoon leader and killed others. >> . and these are responsible for not just the americans on the ground, but the young 18-year-old soldiers from around the country. also that responsible for the reputation of the united states. we are also responsible for the partnership between the afghan forces. we are looking at a million different things and we had a couple of seconds to make the decision. >> so it was a war against taliban. that platoon i just experienced death injuries because the guys on a motorcycle. then after your case we found out that in fact, evidence, physical dna evidence. right? literally was on ieds for the
6:50 pm
very guys that you ended up rightly killing. correct? how did this happen? >> the army hid the evidence. they wanted to protect mama's rules of engagement. the rules were set to place the lives of the taliban above the lives of american. so he took out this approaching motorcycle that threatened his man. he fired within a period of about 15 seconds. they wanted to push an agenda so they hid evidence. >> so in the obama years they had rules of engagement that actually said you can't shoot unless you are fired upon. so, maybe you will die first or somebody gets injured first and then you can fight the war? >> the battlefield will lawyer will come you can't fire and show hostile intent until you feel hostile threat. but usually by the time that happens you are blowing up, up and you are shot.
6:51 pm
the president has taken a bold step to end out and we are grateful for it. >> sean: i can't believe this. if we are going to do this to guys that we sent to war, we can't send them. >> right, absolutely. the way i look at it, if you are not willing to fight the way you need to fight to win, then don't send the united states military comments on the state department, or the cia. >> what about those guys in the air-conditioned offices that want to judge your opinion. what recourse counselor does he have. because i would want to sue a lot of people. >> i think the best thing that could happen is that congress take action to end these suicidal rules forever so, this is personally my son as a young paratrooper in the president is now taking action to show that he has a box of these trips.
6:52 pm
we have to codify it so that never again has this ever happened. >> sean: you don't seem angry. i would be very angry. i would be one postop person that lost six years of my life. >> that doesn't do me any good. when something like this happens you get really good at making lemonade. so there is only one way to deal with it and i just -- that is to get past it and put one front foot in front of the other. january 20th, 2017, you know, my life changed forever. because i knew i had hoped that day and i knew with president trump getting elected, i was going to go home. it took a little while but he's a busy man and being attacked from all sides, even from our own sides.
6:53 pm
>> i followed your case for six years and i mentioned it to many people including the president. in an interview. anyway, we are glad you are ho home. >> i appreciate it. >> sean: the country owes you an apology. because i don't want an apology, i just want to fix it. >> i want one for you, you deserve it. and it's happened to other people, too. >> it doesn't make any sense that we are willing to go over there and drop bombs with drones and in yemen and things like that, every single day. when you have an infantry man on the ground making impossible decisions, we send them to prison because of what, some general gets embarrassed? it makes actually no sense. >> sean: welcome home, shoulder. soldier. of >> jason: when we come back, some liberals have a big problem with thanksgiving. we will show you how
6:54 pm
president trump is responding. also trivia time. what animals did president calvin coolidge pardon ahead of the thanksgiving feast? here's a hint, it wasn't a turkey. we will be right back.
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>> ♪ >> sean: welcome back. thanksgiving is tomorrow. and in true 2019 fashion, liberals are trying to turn it into another counter-culture casualty. thanksgiving is no longer about being grateful or spending time with family and friends. according to nbc's joy reid, a problematic food holiday where families fight over politics. climate change activists hop on the anti-turkey bandwagon saying travel and eating meat are
6:59 pm
detrimental to the environment. have no fear, president trump is sticking to tradition. listen to this. >> as we gather together for thanksgiving, some people want to change the name thanksgiving. they don't want to use the term thanksgiving. >> [booing]. >> that was true also with christmas. now everybody is using christmas again. >> [cheers and applause]. >> now we will have to do a little work on thanksgiving. people have different ideas why it should not be called thanksgiving. everybody in this room loves the name thanksgiving and we are not changing it. >> sean: back in 1926, president calvin coolidge was gifted a raccoon to eat for thanksgiving dinner. but he kept the beloved raccoon
7:00 pm
as a white house pet. that's all of the time we have this evening. check out my new book. the left may want to cancel the holiday all together, at "hannity" we wish you a wonderful thanksgiving especially the troops overseas. raymond is in for laura ingraham. >> happy thanksgiving to you. i am in for laura ingraham on this special edition of the "the ingraham angle" from new york city. we have an amazing show. dan bongino takes on the new bombshell reports that undermine the president's impeachment defense. then victor davis hansen explains why polls show americans turning against the impeachment of the president. should democrats be worried about trump's surging support among african-americans? and