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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  November 28, 2019 12:00am-1:00am PST

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intermingle staff, to laura for letting her sit in her chair, all of us for joining us this thanksgiving eve. thanks for watching this special edition of the intermingle. shannon bream and the fox news team, take it from here, happy thanksgiving. shannon: good to see you tonight. hello and welcome to fox news at night. we begin with a fox news alert. breaking tonight an appeals court weighing in our house democrats efforts to get done began to testify. a new deadline looming for donald trump set by congressman jerry nadler. the white house seriously considering participating in the next phase of public hearings, the latest on that. conflicting leaks from the long-awaited justice report on the fbi's look at the russia investigation. we will separate fact from fiction.
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the fox extreme weather center, a bomb cyclone hampering travel for much of the country and when you get to thanksgiving dinner we will show you how to for have a friendly and civil debate. is a possible? david hunt with the latest around the doj watchdog report on the russia probe. >> we been waiting for this report for months. one week from monday on december 9th is when the department of justice inspector general michael horwitz will release his report into alleged surveillance abuse of the 2016 trump campaign, the new york times reporting that horwitz found the fbi never tried to place undercover agents or informants inside the campaign. the times also reporting former fbi director james comey and his deputy and are mccabe did not act with political bias against the trump campaign. this is carter page, a trump campaign advisor in 2016, the fbi obtained a pfizer warrant because authorities believed he had connections to russia.
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there are reports that horwitz did discover and fbi lawyer changed an important document to apply for the fisa warrant but it did not change the overall validity of the application. and fbi attorney was fired. congressman mark meadows on capitol hill told jillian turner that republicans will call for the resignation of house until chairman adam schiff after the report comes out december 9th arguing that schiff was in cahoots with obama era officials working on the fisa process. he has denied such a claim. he was not even the chairman at the time the fisa application was under review. donald trump in florida for the thanksgiving holiday, expect things to be busy on the impeachment front. his personal attorney rudy giuliani is defending himself after a report by the wall street journal tells the story of giuliani almost excepting half $1 million to work for the ukrainian government. and the end giuliani said he declined to do that work, never accepted the money.
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republicans and democrats are back in their home districts getting your fulls about impeachment. here's a townhall with new jersey congresswoman mikey cheryl, she is a democrat, listen. >> when you listen to the witnesses nothing has been proven. >> that is just a taste of where this country stands on impeachment. some very much in favor, others totally opposed, hard to find many people in the middle. very polarizing issue. >> tough for the thanksgiving table. the new york times, the doj inspector general michael horwitz's report, is it game over for donald trump supporters claiming the report into alleged fbi abuses would be damning? joining his republican congressman andy eggs. good to have you tonight. let me read you something, we
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don't know if it is a full drafting justice department inspector general found no evidence the fbi attempted to place undercover agents or informants in the campaign, the finding is one of several that undercuts conservative claims that the fbi acted improperly. your response tonight? >> it is coming from the new york times. the new york times has been so reliable how could we disagree with that? the new york times will spin this anyway can to undercut what happened which was the fbi was spying on members of the trump campaign. that's why you have fisa warrants, carter page being looked at, george papadopoulos being looked at. i find that intriguing that they are spinning it and always gets back to who is leaking this stuff. i always find it interesting as well.
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shannon: our understanding is people are called and if they have been witnesses or part of this, their attorneys are called in, they are allowed to give reactions and we have been hearing about that process but they are supposed to sign nondisclosure agreements, we don't know if there is a violation, we don't know but it is coming december 9th, what is true and what is not. we just reported a short time ago that there has been a breaking development in the house democrats efforts to correspond mcgann from the white house counsel to come to the hill and testify. he hasn't been the white house counsel since the ukraine, which is what we are told the impeachment situation is about but now it appears democrats may reach back to the mueller report. a couple headlines from the washington post, democrats are debating whether articles of impeachment should include obstruction of justice allegations details and
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mueller's report. house democrats are still considering an article of impeachment that accused mister trump of obstruction of justice of what we are hearing is they are interested in having mcgann testify so not only the ukraine call but the mueller report in the impeachment -- you remember the judiciary committee, you have a hand in what happens, what do you expect? >> they are trying to put abuse of power that certain justice which is why they want to get done began in there. you are exactly right on that. i would be surprised if he comes in and testifies. the direction when you ask what's going to happen next we are going into a hearing next week in the judiciary committee where you just get a bunch of law professors coming in to lecture us on what we have heard and why it constitutes impeachable offenses. that's not really important because we are looking at the case, we are the ones to determine whether there's impeachable offenses and we are also the ones who determine how to apply the law to it, not law professors. the question ultimately will be how much rope does nancy pelosi
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give jerry nadler. >> folks at home as you are for the thanksgiving holiday and many of them are hearing from constituents, will that move the needle at all because most polls we have been tracking seem to indicate as the hearings of played out numbers for impeachment have gone down. >> i was at an event last night and i will tell you the passion against impeachment is really high but i have a district where that is going to be the case. where you will really see this develop is in those 31 swing districts were donald trump won. that is where people are getting and earful and where the support is quavering so those people are the ones who will decide whether this really becomes an impeachment or something else or they put it on the floor and it doesn't get enough votes. we will see how that plays out. that is where the real rubber meets the road in this district. >> we will all be watching the committee hearings, you are part of that next week.
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great to have you. >> happy thanksgiving. >> according to the new york times, there is some bad news for the fbi and that includes evidence that and fbi lawyer manipulated a key investigative document in the process of applying to get a warrant for surveillance on the trump campaign staff are. let's discuss this with deputy assistant attorney general harry litman and william jacobson, founder of the legal insurrection website. good to have both of you with us tonight. the new york times reporting on what they say is in the horwitz report saying this, to talk about the fact that there's actually some wrongdoing by the fbi. but mister horwitz will sharply criticize fbi lawyers for their handling of the investigation in some ways, and honest errors and omissions when they applied to the wiretap, a draft contained a chart listing numerous mistakes
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in the process. is that going to sway anyone? >> i don't think so. people have made up their minds on what has happened not just with regard to the investigation of the trump campaign but with regard to impeachment and other things. this is been going on for three years was the fact that there are leaks coming out trying to set the stage and spin the narrative i don't think will make a difference. let's wait till the horwitz report comes out, let's see what it really says but i don't think at this point three years into the effort to remove trump, three years into fighting over the mueller report, three years into the russia collusion allegations i don't think minds are being changed at all by any of this. shannon: not on either side. the fbi -- horwitz is the fbi did not plant undercover agents or informants in the trump campaign, we are debating distinctions without differences here.
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the fbi didn't fire them, they just sent people to glean information. from those who were with the trump campaign without them knowing they were working for the fbi. words have no meaning if you believe any of this drivel? >> words have a lot of meaning. what this means is lawful surveillance based on lawful predication and was an incendiary surprising charge that there had been people inserted into the campaign. what they did in the absence of that is what they are supposed to do. they have predication and follow it through. a huge difference between acting lawfully and acting unlawfully. shannon: it is based on a leader who has seen a draft. we will now december 9th. there are those who think differently about how we have seen impeachment play on the hill. for the president or against the president he pending where you're coming from. in opinion piece, impeachment
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itself, the cases been clearly made. what will the senate be left doing? how will they hold lengthy trial for a case this clear? >> in many ways the democrats are the dog chasing the car, they found it and don't know what to do with it. what are the democrats achieving? is close to no likelihood that 20 republican senators will vote to remove donald trump unless something completely startling were to come up in the next couple months but they will not move trump. based on all the polling they are not achieving their political objectives. they are not convincing people to vote against trump, not convincing people to back impeachment. what are democrats actually doing? what they are doing is they wanted to impeach donald trump since the day he was elected and they are there now and it is not working for them. shannon: newt gingrich says this about how democrats have handled
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this. >> what they have done is totally 1-sided and virtually guarantees no republican in the house or the senate is going to vote to impeach. >> do they run the risk of a totally partisan exercise at this point? >> i don't know but it is deeply wrongheaded to talk about this in terms of the 30 people and what politics are. this car professors says democrats of got is a solidly constructed car based on facts but you have it is a bicycle. there is a reason to not acknowledge the fact. the important thing is for the american people to see the facts and be able to judge and it is really wrongheaded to think of this in political partisan terms. in terms of gingrich that is hard to understand.
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from the start the republicans have been more involved here than in clinton where they received a complete product where clinton's side had no participation in that was only in the senate. here he's offered the chance to participate. >> they would argue now but if it moves to the senate it could be a different game but we will see how it plays out, great to have both of you and thanks for joining us. shannon: check this out. rounds of explosions a chemical plant in east texas rocking the small city of court beaches. firefighters have been battling the blaze for hours, no word what caused the initial blast but all the people who were heard and taken to the hospital have been released. a chemical used to make synthetic rubber, the blast sparking mandatory evacuations
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from miles, you seem blown out windows and doors. some of the reports are that happened miles away from the plant leaving families picking through broken glass and debris in their homes as they prepare for thanksgiving. donald trump delivering what many see as a rebuke to china signing legislation supporting pro-democracy protesters in hong kong. us policy toward hong kong directing assessment of the political development and prohibiting us exports to specify police equipment to hong kong. in a statement donald trump set to sign the bill out of respect to president xi, china and the people hong kong adding he hopes they will settle their differences amicably. another record-setting session for the stock market, the was economy topping expectations, growing at 2.1% annual rate over the summer faster than first estimated. the dow gained 32, the s&p 500
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finished and 13, nasdaq rose 57. are you planning to talk politics around the thanksgiving dinner table tomorrow or not? the dues and don'ts of how to navigate topics from impeachment to whether or not you might be a cult member.
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♪ >> shannon: some of the democratic presidentia >> some of the democratic presidential candidates are spending the thinking holiday week far from home. [deccas and the first caucus state of iowa. one of those, california senator kamala harris. peter doocy chat with her tonight. >> reporter: the holidays are here which means the caucuses are getting closer. >> thanksgiving in iowa, kamala harris will celebrate thanksgiving in iowa where she did grocery shopping in another early state. >> the airport last night with
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my bags. >> from south carolina and sweet potatoes in south carolina. >> he was tied with tom stier, andrew yang and michael bloomberg, the leaders are joe biden, bernie sanders, elizabeth warner and pete buttigieg who gained the most in the quinnipiac poll released yesterday. >> in the early states, encouraging the "national review". >> reporter: buttigieg is pretty worn for records from her time as a private-sector lawyer with corporate clients. >> is she going to release the tax returns or not? >> i hope she does. >> reporter: warren doesn't appear eager to do that. >> 11 years of taxes and also online all of the legal work i could put my hands on. >> reporter: donald trump is running against the whole field but focusing mostly on the bidens. >> what business are you in?
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you know, under biden. >> reporter: he is in his new home state for the week as one democrat is in her home away from home. >> a lot of people avoid talking politics at the thanksgiving table. how do you avoid that when kamala harris -- >> i think it will come up but it is about family and friends. >> reporter: joe biden hasn't had any public events all week but it thanksgiving he is sitting here for eight days on the first bus tour of his campaign which is team is calling the no malarkey bus tour. in des moines, iowa, peter doocy, fox news. shannon: on the other side of the ledger donald trump under fire from the mainstream media this time for promising to defend thanksgiving. >> they don't want to use the term thanksgiving and that was true also with christmas but now everybody is using christmas
12:22 am
again. remember? but now we are going to have to do a little work on thanksgiving, people have different ideas why it shouldn't be called thanksgiving but everybody in this room loves the name thanksgiving and we are not changing it. >> let's turn to ethan baron and fox news contributor katie have which. welcome to you both. the president getting blasted for this you seriously thinking about doing something to lockdown the name thanksgiving to you reaction has been a little bit much. >> it is ridiculous. i wrote a letter to my wife from the front on the war on thanksgiving the other day because it was cold and rainy. it is a ridiculous notion. nobody is attacking thanksgiving. there's nothing partisan about thanksgiving. we get together with our families, we celebrate family, we celebrate humility and community, we get together with people from across the political
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divide and others who are not necessarily part of the immediate family because that's what america is about, the model of the united states and it is not what donald trump is demonstrating. >> there are people writing tweets and everything else today basically blasting the president for the statement last night. >> the left does have a history of tearing down american traditions in this country and they said thanksgiving is a holiday that represents colonialism and materialism and we shouldn't be celebrating it so that is something, peter had a war on thanksgiving for many years the we have all been trying to fight but i would agree with ethan it should be a time we all come together and the question is whether families or friends to talk about politics when it comes to the thanksgiving dinner table. i say we should be grateful and celebrate the we live in a country where we all have the ability to speak freely and speak our minds about our political believes. >> i can drive and own property and all that stuff.
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here are some thanksgiving headlines. how to win every economic and political arguments with your family this thanksgiving, how to talk about the truth and trump at thanksgiving, serious about bringing americans together it has to start with their own families. here's how to fact check your family at the thanksgiving table cow how to prevent disagreement with trump loving family members. everybody is worried about these discussions this year so dos and don'ts, how to handle tomorrow. >> the most important thing, i also wrote an article in another publication on this exact topic. first off, love the other person. we are fellow human beings. if it matters we care about another person we want to listen to them and hear them out, take seriously what they have to say so consider what somebody else is saying whether they are pro-or anti-trump and consider that before responding and be cordial, listen to them and respond with facts and information and remember love in your heart, we are getting together as fellow humans. >> what not to do?
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>> stop with the name-calling, stop with with you are pro-or anti-trump using adjectives and invectives to attack the other person, don't go low and call names and stop with the personal attacks, keep it above board and talk about what is important to one another. you don't have to talk politics at all if you don't want to. it will create a lot of crisis. shannon: my dos are then complaining, this is a day of gratitude and being thankful and my dos are talk about your pets and things that bring you together. it is easy to go around the dinner table and ask each person to talk about what they are grateful for because being a grateful person brings happiness to everybody not just yourself and other people talking about the things they are grateful for. a really good way to have a wonderful thanksgiving dinner with politics or without them. shannon: as we discussed during the commercial we are all grateful for our dogs. i want to read what when
12:26 am
etiquette expert had to say, how to deal with tomorrow. one tactic is sequestered the debate. in los angeles etiquette coast, a room away from the dining table, a snack for people who want to talk politics and suggested designated a calm family member is a combination moderator/peacekeeper. i might be able to play that
12:27 am
role. would you guys be in the snack room with the debates or will you pass on it? >> we are overthinking this completely. if you want to talk about politics do it in a civil fashion, bring up things you think you have in common with people at the table, the idea we have to have this whole plan to sequester certain people in certain areas of your home or not to bring up certain topics, why are we censoring ourselves kick you politics are a big part of american life, we all have the ability to debate and talk about them but i don't think we should necessarily censor ourselves simply because someone might be uncomfortable. if you're that uncomfortable talking about it you shouldn't go to dinner in the first place. >> maybe keep an eye on adult beverage consumption. >> exactly that. stay away, limit the alcohol consumption if you're going to engage in politics which i recommend and in any way. don't drive if you're drinking. >> have a wonderful thanksgiving each of you. right now wicked weather blanketing the country, live update with brand-new details and how it could affect your travel. we made usaa insurance for members like martin.
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(danny) after a long day of hard work... have to do more work? (vo) automatically sort your expenses and save over 40 hours a month. (danny) every day you're nearly fried to a crisp, professionally! (vo) you earned it, we're here to make sure you get it. quickbooks. backing you. >> shannon: have you already completed your thanksgiving journey to grandmother's house? >> have you complete your thanksgiving journey over the river and through the woods to grandmother's house? if not you might want to plan around the bomb cyclone ripping through parts of the country and will balloons be flying at the iconic macy's thanksgiving day
12:32 am
parade? high winds mean could be a gametime decision. if they are ground it would be the first time since 1971 so let's check in with the fox extreme weather center with an update. >> once you're there and eating, we will have worse travel friday, saturday sunday and tomorrow on the east looking good. we've not had any delays across the airports today, a little around newark, still around san francisco but overall that is the worst we've seen for the most part and two storms we had been watching eddie rispone around the great lakes, still bringing windy conditions, 53 mile an hour wind gusts in detroit, still windy. that's the wind that is going to be in the morning across the northeast which is making us a little worried about those balloons for the most part i think they will be okay but just be tethered really low down so they will not fly as high as we
12:33 am
see sometimes. that is the one storm that is exiting across parts of the east. then we turn our attention to what is happening across the west end this will be a massive storm for us, the bomb cyclone gains pressure really rapidly and it happens before the center came on shore and oregon overnight, winds over 100 miles an hour. this is future radar, how this looks over the next couple days, towards the planes a lot of rain across southern california and arizona for thanksgiving day will cause some flooding and by friday evening in the central plains. across the country, i did not show you anything for florida because florida the peninsula will not get rain for the next few days. one spot looking beautiful, the rain across the eastern part of the country good, it is raining in chicago, snow, take a look at this in the west. massive snow by sunday, great
12:34 am
for skiers, something to be thankful for but coming not exactly at the right time. shannon: you are cooking so have a wonderful thanksgiving. correspondent matt finn shows us how the weather is complicated things for some. >> winter storms are expected to create travel headaches for millions of thinking travelers from california to the upper midwest. states like colorado, minnesota and michigan could be hit with up to 8 inches of snow and white out conditions. >> is going to be bad, the snow will come down hard and fast. visibility will be very poor. >> at one of america's busiest airports, chicago's a pair flights are running smoothly wednesday. >> better than we thought. >> but arrivals and departures could be impacted at any point. chicago is under an extreme wind alert with gusts as high as 65 mph.
12:35 am
>> get on time and get out safely >> in oregon and northern california a bomb cyclone, a weather event not seen in 20 years is expected to create hazardous driving conditions and impact their travel. los angeles is forecasting several inches of rain beginning wednesday into thanksgiving day. lax is urging domestic travelers to give themselves 3 hours to arrive and check in the foreign travelers four hours. warning about this holiday traffic gridlock that are ready developed on tuesday and could worsen. in denver the airport is again bracing for nasty winter weather after just 1000 passengers were stranded this week because of snow. >> as long as we have good visibility on the airfield we are moving. >> after one of the storm sweeps across the midwest it is expected to bring wintry weather and high wind events into the northeast just in time for macy's annual thanksgiving day parade in new york city where
12:36 am
officials will be forced to decide whether to ground balloons of winds go above 23 mph. >> they will do a lot of decisions. >> thanksgiving travel is seldom an easy experience in this year there's a lot of nasty winter weather out there. if you are traveling, give yourself some extra time. >> you aren't lying. a hollywood star says you should vote for women with you like the policies are not because of a lot of american men hate women. we will explain next.
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>> in the wake of the deadly cartel ambush in mexico the left nine american women and children dead donald trump says he wants to designate mexico's drug cartel is terrorists. mexico not happy about the plan.
12:41 am
>> donald trump grabbed the mexican government's attention leslie when he said in an interview with bill o'reilly he is planning a crackdown on the country's drug cartels, first of designating them terrorist organizations. he said i have been working on that for the last 90 days. designation is not that easy. you have to go through a process and we are well into that process. the president says the move wasn't the first choice pointing out your he tried the nice guy approach with mexico's president but it didn't work. i offered him to let us clean it out and he rejected the offer. we are losing 100,000 people a year to what is happening and what is coming through on mexico. they face intense scrutiny from government agencies and increased sanctions. mexico's president says it is up to his government to deal with the cartels. mexico's for mister out in a tweet today they will do
12:42 am
whatever it takes to defend sovereignty and our own decisions. donald trump's decision to slap a terrorist label on organized crime rings is unusual but not unprecedented. george w. bush and obama consider the idea of ultimately decided against it due to trade concerns. the move also comes on the heels of the november 4th massacre in a more a, 56 miles from the border that left 3 american mothers and 6 children dead and sent shockwaves across the nation. authorities suspect one drug cartel operating in the area is responsible for the massacre. donald trump says that is act deep and his conviction that border security is the optimal solution. >> america is winning again and america is respected again and the wall is happening, it is getting built rapidly and that is a real wall. >> white house sources are telling fox news donald trump is handing increasing responsibly for the wall construction to his son-in-law, jared kushner who is holding biweekly meetings in the west wing to monitor progress on contracts, funding and even the construction itself. shannon: an update on the border
12:43 am
crisis, the border detention facility exclusively with new acting homeland security secretary chad wolf in texas, a major change with apprehensions in the rio grande valley sector in this particular facility down from 9000 migrants over the summer to 1000 now. according to a reporter, adam shaw, plenty of resources available, clothing, food and drink. the quality of care is improved. police and federal authorities say they busted up a group of ups employees for allegedly running a massive underground drug shipping operation for decades. four ups employees have been charged with drug trafficking and courts show two ups supervisor drivers arrested and numerous other charges. the team reportedly involve moving thousands of pounds of marijuana and counterfeit vaping oils across the us. banks and business owners facing
12:44 am
a conundrum over the increasing popularity of legal marijuana. many financial institutions not willing to handle funds let funded by a legal generated companies, most marijuana use is not legal under federal law. >> of the 10,000 banks and credit unions in the united states only 700 currently do business with the cannabis industry. >> you spend a lot of time looking over your shoulder? >> i do. i have come to be very paranoid as to who is watching and why wouldn't they. >> reporter: cindy had one of the first credit unions to allow marijuana companies that would otherwise operate cash, place to deposit and withdraw funds in colorado alone marijuana is a $6.5 billion industry. most financial institutions avoid publicity because the drug remains illegal under federal law. >> the very definition of money-laundering is taking proceeds from illegal activity and making it appear legal.
12:45 am
the very acceptance of the deposit by a bank does that. >> reporter: why take the risk? under federal guidelines issued in 2014 cannabis companies that midstate compliance could seek a bank account if they found a willing institution. most banks refused. there is no guarantee against prosecution and any guidance could be rescinded with a new administration. >> the process of everything the dollar is pretty complex compared to normal consumer banking. >> reporter: other credit unions and banks, also works with cannabis businesses to not get on the fed's bad side. >> no business should pay its employees in cash or pay his taxes in cash as they should be able to pay like anyone else. >> reporter: the us house of representatives agreed when it overwhelmingly passed the safe banking act which protects financial institutions. it now awaits action by the senate. idaho republican senator mike crapo, chair of the banking committee said the timing of this could be delayed should
12:46 am
there be an impeachment trial. >> thank you. shocking news tonight about a group chick-fil-a has donated 2. thought it was a joke but we looked at it and it is true. the real news roundup, donald trump tweeting a photoshop photo of his face over sylvester stallone's body from the rocky movies so some see it as a reference to comments he made on tuesday night about his gorgeous chest but plenty of people melting down over it calling us unpresidential. nine student arrested for immigration violations after they enrolled in a fake university set up by the affirmative homeland security. the total number arrested from january is 250. federal agents say they created the school to catch scammers looking to provide a phony basis for immigrants to stay in the country, no classes or curriculum so several recruiters working to get fraudulent academic records to then trick immigration officials, they are facing criminal charges. jamie lee curtis calling on
12:47 am
voters to vote for more female candidates saying other countries have done a much better job at this than america. she writes unfortunately right now we live in a misogynistic society and a lot of men hate women. harvey weinstein's upcoming trial has been denied by a new york judge. the former movie mogul has been accused of sexual misconduct by nearly 90 women, charges he denies, the trial is set to begin january 6th. legacybox is, with over half a million satisfied customers. visit today, and get 40% off. they use all the services of the post office only cheaper get a 4-week trial plus postage and a digital scale go to and never go to the post office again.
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♪ >> shannon: chick-fil-a and >> the culture were spotlighting again. ivers records reveal a 2017 donation to far left christian organizations as hate groups called southern poverty law center. for the latest developments, a new children's book called donald drain the swamp. welcome to fox news at night. your thoughts on chick-fil-a? >> chick-fil-a is dead to me. we expect horrible things from corporate america. if you're a traditional person,
12:52 am
you expect corporate america to be basically cowardly and to do whatever the woke culture tells them to do but when chick-fil-a does it it is a nightmare. it is a benedict arnold betrayal. people like me who have gone far out of their way to eat at chick-fil-a because they were presented the corporation that was not willing to cave to the woke left. when they did what they did it was devastating. unless they rescind what they have done, change things and make it very clear i will never eat there again and i hope no one who used to eat there because they loved them won't do it anymore. that is my hope, they deserve to suffer for what they have done. it is truly horrible betrayal. shannon: i want to read something about corporate
12:53 am
responsibility, the executive director saying we don't want our work to be encumbered by someone else's politics or culture war. if something gets in the way of our mission that is something we are mindful of and cognizant of. >> it was written by a lawyer. those are called legal words in case you're scoring at home. >> i told people there is a miraculous story about thanksgiving, a native american man who at some point in the early 1600s was kidnapped, sold into slavery in spain but bought by monks of care about him, eventually freedom while he was gone from america. is an diatribe was wiped out by epidemic but he got back years later and played a critical role in helping the pilgrims. what's this about? >> truly one of the most amazing stories in history. when i discovered i said this can't be right. how come aren't people saying, this is called a miracle. it is in my book if you can keep that i write about it at length but the bottom line is he was kidnapped in 1608 by traders coming down the coast of north america.
12:54 am
he was sold into slavery, somehow, insanely, makes his way to london where he works as a stable boy for five years and this is what is nuts. he somehow manages to get on a boat as a translator to go back home so 10 years after he has been kidnapped he managed, like being stranded on the moon and i want to go home. he gets home, is all by himself, his whole tribe has been wiped out, but the pilgrims have settled in the exact spot where he grew up, they are dying like flies, basically thinking we're going back home, this is not working out, praying and praying and praying, walks out of the woods, he walks out of the woods speaking perky perfect english and knowing every detail of how to survive where they were not surviving, they adopt him, he has nowhere to go. he dies young and says he wants to go to the englishman's god in
12:55 am
heaven and bradford, the governor of plymouth says that god used him in a miraculous way. when you know the details and i'm giving you the top he or. it is one of the most amazing vehicle stories ever. they would have gone home, they stayed and here we are. shannon: speaking english and helping them through the worst winter and knowing, he was a total answer to a prayer and we told people this is a store you can use around the table tomorrow to put politics aside. >> if you look it up on my website, all the details are there. it is out there. it is totally true, a real miracle, happy thanks giving. >> great to see you. thank you for that story. check out our midnight hero, 6-year-old boy in los angeles to make sure no kid goes hungry this thanksgiving. he saw a picture of the homeless child and was inspired to start his own turkey drive, he raised
12:56 am
money on social media and got 600 pounds of turkey, all of this to be donated to homeless shelters in the las vegas area, keep up the great work, you inspire us, you are our midnight era, most-watched, trusted, grateful you spent the evening with us, happy thanksgiving tonight from washington, i am shannon bream. tide pods with upgraded 4-in-1 technology unleash a foolproof clean in one step. aww, you did the laundry! but you didn't fold it. oh, that wasn't in the note. should have sent a text. #1 stain and odor fighter, #1 trusted. it's got to be tide.
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