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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  November 28, 2019 1:00am-2:00am PST

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get $4,107 below msrp plus $1,000 bonus cash plus 0% financing for 60 months on the 2020 pacifica limited >> a live look at sixth avenue on this thanksgiving morning. i believe that is a giant turkey because today is turkey day. rob: i love that we began
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today's show with you saying -- >> still unclear if that is sixth avenue or not. >> get ready, good thursday morning, you are watching "fox and friends first" on thanksgiving morning and we should say this is the first live show to kickoff your holiday season. ainsley: that's right! thanks for starting your day with us. very happy thanksgiving to you. if you are getting ready to prep your turkey this morning, we've got you covered with a butterball expert. everything you need to know. rob: the level of seriousness we are providing this morning but we want to share what we are thankful for and i am thankful for my wife, she continues to amaze me each and every day, a strong beautiful woman and i could go nowhere without her. carley: she's an awesome person. i'm thankful for my grandma, 96 years young, i usually - a great
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thanksgiving wish. also thankful for the food that "fox and friends first" provides us. todd: why not take a picture of grandma? carley: i'm grateful for the viewer who sent me this picture of you chowing down on some pizza. i appreciate that more than you know. todd: get ready for the next two hours. send us your thanksgiving pictures along with what you are thankful for and we will share them all morning long. >> you should really be thankful if you're staying home for the holidays, extreme weather wreaking havoc for millions of thanksgiving travelers, hundreds of drivers stranded near the california oregon border for 17 hours stuck in a blizzard. dashcam video in utah capturing a crash on one of the many slippery roads. todd: multiple storm sweeping
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across the country, check out this in ohio, gusty windss leaving utility pole swaying back and forth. that scene repeated throughout the country including on my drive to work, hundreds of flights, thousands of people grounded in our nation's airports. >> leave it in their. it was ugly. >> about 55 million people expected to travel this week. in new york city a big concern this morning for the 93rd annual macy's thanksgiving day parade. >> could snoopy, pikachu and those incredible giant balloons be grounded? live at the start of the parade route, good morning, happy thanksgiving. >> my favorite assignment every single year, 31/2 million people will be out here for the macy's day parade, 50 million people watching around the world, 8000 marchers and the star of the
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show, those 16 giant character balloons. the question will continue to be will the winds stay low enough to let these things launch? 20 mile an hour consistent winds, gusts up to 34 miles an hour is the threshold. higher than that and they cannot go. look at those winds across the northeast and we are getting up in that range, new york city, central park, we saw consistent winds gusting into the upper 20s and that is getting closer to that threshold. look at the next graphic and that will be the forecast across the entire country. it is just about that wind. if you're in the west, still big heavy snow will linger through your thursday forecast. the middle of the country a dry, sunny, not too bad and in new york city temperatures are going to be a lot of sunshine along the parade route today so i think the forecast is going to look pretty good. it will all come down to these winds, something we will watch
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through the rest of the morning and of those 16 character balloons there's a handful of new ones, spongebob of being one of the new ones but we got a sneak peek behind me, astronaut snoopy is one of the new balloons just over my shoulder. i know you are really excited about astronaut snoopy, you were telling me. >> if he does not fly today my thanksgiving will have been ruined. >> i feel the same way. >> clearly the balloons are inflated, we just need to know if they can fly. we will check in with you later. >> there is politics, the president spending the holiday at mara lago we will have call american troops serving overseas. >> what could be included in the doj inspector general fisa report. allison barber live in washington with more on what is reportedly included in those findings.
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>> reporter: the justice department inspector general is expected to say the fbi never tried to place undercover agents or informants inside the trump 2016 campaign, that according to a report in the new york times. this is one of several by inspector general michael horwitz that undercuts conservative claims that the fbi acted improperly in investigating several trump associates starting in 2016. the fbi obtained a fisa warrant to survey a page, former trump campaign advisor because of alleged ties to the russian government. the times says inspector general horwitz found fbi leaders did not take politically motivated actions in pursuing a wiretap on mister page but there are reports the inspector general discovered in fbi lawyer alternate email officials use to get court approval to renew the wiretap. it is said to be december 9th expected to criticize efforts of pursuing those, the wiretap as sloppy and unprofessional. once the report comes out mark
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meadows tells jillian turner republicans intend to call for the resignation of adam schiff. they think the evidence in the report is so damning it makes clear adam schiff is failing in his oversight duties of the intelligence agencies, that could be a tough argument to make because republicans, not adam schiff or democrats were in the majority at the time of the alleged offenses, suggesting republicans will try to argue he had insight into how the fisa application process was being managed by officials and the obama administration. shannon: big news even when washington is home for the holidays. a fox news alert, north korea firing at least one identified projectile overnight. the south korean. announcing the launch but not confirming what kind of projector was fired or where it landed. it comes is the us and north
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korea stare down a year end deadline for nuclear negotiations. if they don't come up with a plan we could see a huge uptick in missile testing in the rogue regime. >> another fox news alert, china's for ministry promising from countermeasures after donald trump signs two bills backing hong kong protesters, the president vowing to protect activists from president xi on "fox and friends". >> we have to stand with hong kong but if it weren't for me hong kong would have been obliterated in 20 minutes. 1 million soldiers standing outside of hong kong that aren't going only because i asked him please don't do that, you will be making a big mistake. it will have a tremendous negative impact on the trade deal. >> those bills were signed as hong kong's pro-democracy protesters continue to clash with police. >> in the us, 60,000 people forced out of their homes after a massive chemical plant explosion in texas.
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this video was taken where the intense fire is still burning. 24 hours later planes causing the plant to collapse setting off a giant fireball. doorbell camera footage shows the moment the giant explosion. doors open and shattered windows. the tpc says three employees were injured in the blast, their thankfully okay. >> the us ambassador to the eu slamming sexual harassment accusations, gordon sondland said it is meant to influence proceedings. he testified in the impeachment inquiry. >> donald trump or the champ? the president tweeting this picture of himself as rocky
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after saying this one day earlier at his florida rally. >> why what i wear a tie, if the first thing we do is say take off your shirt and show us that gorgeous chest. >> donald trump joking about his recent trip to see his doctor but not everyone enjoyed december, some outlets and this is important to note, quick to point out that this photo was doctored. that is not him. >> i just assumed he wore that. >> they pointed out it was doctored, don't want to confuse anybody. time, 10 minutes after they are, michael bloomberg's plan, the president's immigration policies will reveal he wants more immigrants but is that a good idea? kristin tate says bloomberg must've forgotten what happened in 2016, the reality check next.
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>> [speaking spanish] >> we are talking the top political turkeys of 2019, beto makes the list but who else? >> you have been sharing with us what you are thankful for. raymond says he's thankful for his family and friends. >> patrick is grateful to serve his south carolina state guard unit and for his wife. keep sending your pictures, we will be sharing them all morning long. ♪ i've got plenty to be thankful for]
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>> this country was built by immigrants. we need more immigrants rather than less. we have to go out and try to recruit immigrants to come here. we need immigrants to take the different kinds of jobs the country needs, what donald trump has done, ripping kids away from their parents is a disgrace.
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>> michael bloomberg slamming donald trump for his immigration policies. the former new york city mayor calling for increased immigration. >> i the president's border promises a major reason he was elected. >> the other how do i text thee, kristin tate, good morning, thank you for joining us on a holiday. let's get straight to it, how do you feel about what michael bloomberg had to say about immigration? >> americans on both sides of the aisle tend to be compassionate reasonable people who think immigration makes this country a better place but there are many who are concerned that our compassion has been taken advantage of and we have been stripped of the right to decide who can and cannot come into the country. the conservatives i talk to and i know are not necessarily against more immigration as a general principle but they are concerned the country can't afford to absorb millions more people for net consumers of taxpayer-funded services.
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in 2017 the group fair found illegal immigrants cost taxpayers $116 billion just that year alone. if you taxpayers are on the hook to provide services like medical, justice, education and all these services for illegal immigrants in the country and millions of children. there are real concerns here and a lot of democrats including michael bloomberg just refuse to acknowledge them. >> isn't this just another example of a politician conflating purposefully illegal immigration with immigration when we are a nation of immigrants, we were founded by immigrants and illegal immigration is much different than regular through the proper means immigration? >> exactly right. most americans agree with these principles, this is easy stuff to get your flight around. we are a nation of laws. we want more people to come to this country to contribute to america, that is what makes this place so great but you need to
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do it the right way and follow the law and the rules on the books. >> from michael bloomberg to elizabeth warren we go and some polls including recent quinnipiac poll shows that her campaign is in a freefall down 14 points over the past month and she responded to that. take a listen. >> the same answer it has always been. i don't do polls. i'm out here fighting every day on behalf of working families. i'm talking about what is broken in this country and how to fix it and building a grassroots movement. >> elizabeth warren so she doesn't do polls. should she be worried? >> she should be worried. people are starting to wake up to the fact that elizabeth warren has been lying about how she's going to pay for her big government programs like
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medicare for all. it is laughable to suggest you're going to put these trillion dollar big government programs in place and not raise taxes on the middle class. even bernie sanders has been telling supporters that he put in place medicare for all, for everyone making $30,000 a year and elizabeth warren so she can do this with a wealth tax. that would bring in $2.75 trillion according to her own advisers. that wouldn't even cover three years of current deficits let alone free college or medicare for all. people are starting to wake up to this and realize problems. >> could be aside for biden and buttigieg. could be moving a little more to the center. thanks for getting up with us on turkey morning. carley: thanksgiving is a day set aside for showing gratitude but how do you remain grateful all year long? pastor robert jeffers with a message all-americans need to hear next.
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heather: flightgate 2.0, a new video some say is proof the new england patriots are cheaters. "fox and friends first". devices are like doorways
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shannon: good morning and welcome back on turkey day, thanksgiving is a day for showing gratitude to those who mean the most in their life much of the act of giving thanks only be reserved for once a year? >> joining us to explain how showing appreciation every day can better our lives, senior pastor at the first baptist church robert jeffers. happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanks giving to you all.
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>> what is your thanksgiving message this year? >> thanksgiving doesn't have to be reserved for one day a year celebration in which we gorge ourselves on turkey and football. it out to be aware life. there all kind of studies that show that people who express gratitude regularly have a 35% decrease in depressive symptoms, they enjoy a 25% increase in quality of their sleep, they even tend to exercise more than 40 minutes more a week than others which is important especially after today and to make gratitude a regular part of your life there are three things you can do. first of all before you drift off to sleep at night just meditate on two positive thing god did for you during the day,
1:24 am
there was a great study that showed people who focus on positive things rather than negative before they drift off to sleep have better quality-of-life. secondly, send a note or a text every day to somebody who has done something good for you just to express gratitude. finally i would say today after the food and the relatives are gone just sit down by yourself for ten minutes and make a list of everything in your life to be grateful for and that gratitude list can be something you go back to regularly throughout the year. chesterton said life is easier when you take your life with gratitude instead of taking life for granted. >> what most americans are thankful for, 88% said family, 77% said health, personal freedom and friends. what would you say to somebody watching at home that is thinking about this and is going through a rough time thinking i can't think of anything i'm particularly grateful for? >> a lot of people say what am i
1:25 am
supposed to do today if i don't feel grateful? i always tell people right feelings, follow right actions. it is a lot easier to act yourself into a feeling then feel yourself into an action. the fact is if you start to act grateful you will feel grateful. there is a reason we call today thanksgiving rather than thanks feeling. >> we believe it there but first let's take a look at some members of your family. what do we have here? i see three little ones. >> our three triplets grandchildren, they are truly a miracle from god and we are going to celebrate their second birthday next week and i'm truly grateful to them. >> that is the cutest thing that you will see. you have such a beautiful family. good for you. thanks for coming on early with us, we really appreciate it.
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happy thanksgiving. >> 25 after the are. america's economy booming under donald trump and today stores are open for business but should they be? the hot debate next. >> we have this notion that somehow if you are poor you cannot do it. poor kids are just as bright and talented as white kids. >> we are breaking down the top political turkeys of 2019, joe biden made the list, who else? >> here is our production assistant anthony thankful for his job here. and the support of family. >> connie is thankful that he is not dinner. i'm sure he is. keep them coming.
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>> it is a party ♪ party. >> ball center according to our -- you are looking live at the greatest city in the world, new york city live on sixth avenue and that is a turkey. that turkey will be making its appearance in the annual macy's thanks giving day parade in just a few hours, the big question all morning long, will pikachu and olaf get off the ground? we don't know the answer, we will find out soon. >> after the parade the thanksgiving dinner of course and shopping, a sneak peek of all the sales and deals you need this morning. >> putting your bird in the oven, that woman is going to help, an expert from butterball. she's going to answer your last minute questions.
1:31 am
>> like what is crime? >> all about the prime this morning. >> we were just talking about extreme weather wreaking havoc for millions of thanksgiving travelers, two storm sweeping across the nation, even california is digging out, hundreds of drivers stranded near the california oregon border for 17 hours. stuck in a blizzard. dashcam video in utah capturing a crash on one of the many slippery roads, thousands of people grounded by flight delays and cancellationss across the country, 55 million people are expected to travel this week, that's a lot of people. >> set of data store we have in the following, human remains found in alabama confirmed to be those of a missing college student, the stepdaughter of ufc fighter walt harris. the 19-year-old has been missing for over a month after she disappeared from another and gas station. it is unclear how she died. over and police arresting these three men in connection to blanchard's disappearance, police say they could face additional charges.
1:32 am
>> and angel mom takes on bernie sanders after the presidential candidate vows to end the deportation of illegal immigrants. sabina derman coulter's only son dominic was hit and killed by an unlicensed illegal immigrants in 2012, that man sent only 35 days in jail before he was deported. bernie sanders, how about you meet with a few of us who already know the terror of losing a loved one. come on, be man enough to look into our eyes and tell us that our -- tell us who are face, contact me and let's do this. sanders has not responded. >> lightning it up for a moment, a new cheating conspiracy, carly is so concerned she has been reviewing the tape against the new england patriots. you be the judge. someone presented their case on youtube, the first down marker
1:33 am
right there on the 5 yard line. >> the patriots on defense against the cowboys on sunday. you can see the marker lines up evenly with the white and yellow lines but this shot shows where the first down marker actually wound up. the fan claims an official moved it further away making it more difficult for the cowboys to get a first down. yahoo sports point out the issue seems to be a mistake with the original placement of the ball which means they did not sheet. >> your tape review, you're into it. >> i got a head set on and talk to tom brady about it later. >> home for the holidays, not everyone. a handful of stores will open their doors on thanksgiving. >> with a booming economy heading into the holiday season more people are expected to shop till they drop this year. >> is this person one of them?
1:34 am
are you? >> this is my favorite topic. what you believe you can start shopping at 6 am today before you even have that bite of turkey? best buy, jcpenney, target, walmart, big-box stores all opening up today. walmart even offering workers a thanksgiving meal as a sign of gratitude for making their employees work, people want to shop, 165 million people will hit stores this holiday weekend, 39.6 million will shop today alone. low unemployment and a strong economy could be moving factors in this, all 3 major indices closed up at a record yesterday. these are things the president is taking credit for. >> americans have so much to be thankful for. the economy is booming, wages are rising, crime is falling, poverty is plummeting, confidence is soaring and america is stronger than ever before.
1:35 am
we have created 6.7 million new jobs. >> not everybody loves the idea of making employees work on a holiday, stores like costco, nordstrom, will be closed today. >> 2019 has proven to be a year filled with political gaffes but which blunders surpass them all, here to break down the biggest political turkeys of the year, jane mccormick. happy thanksgiving. beto spoke spanish at the first debate and things of not gone well since. >> [speaking spanish] >> that is something else. >> zoom in and see the look on booker and elizabeth warren's
1:36 am
face, that is them thinking i got to bone up on my spanish and the beginning of the end of beta because you start pandering like that and people smell it and it was bad. >> give credit nbc news for the footage, we thank them for giving us humor throughout the year. a lot of people say we can step on the statement with joe biden. we picked one, poor kids are as the brightest white kids. >> we have this notion that if you are poor you cannot do it. poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids. >> this time last year you and i were crowning aoc queen of the gaffes and joe biden heard us and said hold my beer, hold my metamucil prune juice, he said i'm back and better than ever. this guy just raised the level. it was absolutely -- there are americans bracing for the arrival of their joe biden at the dinner table today, mister gaffe is alive and well and killing it. >> nothing more to say.
1:37 am
donald trump making the list on this revolutionary hero is taking over the airports. >> our army ran the airports, ran the ramparts, they took over the airports, did everything it had to do. >> it was a blunder on the teleprompter, we know he meant to say something but he said airports and it was funny and i'm sorry, a gaffe is a gaffe is a gaffe. i would hate to be the guy in the west wing responsible for loading the prompter that day because he ain't there no more. >> kamala. is america ready for her presidency? >> now, listen. >> this conversation about electability. focused on our campaign. is america ready for that? >> now. >> the affair. he is they are. >> the first rule of being a
1:38 am
lawyer is never ask a question you don't know the answer to. the former attorney general of the state of governor got an answer she did not expect and she was so cool and confident and plowing right through that she did not expect that answer and the polls are saying the same thing as the crowd, she's on her way out. >> a jeb bush clap moment. sorry to bring that up. happy thanksgiving, we appreciate it, all biden all the time. 30 minutes after the hour. a special delivery, ups drivers busted in a drug ring. how do they pull it off for a decade? a question about how to cook your thanksgiving turkey. stick around, this is not, this is a butterball topline expert with all your answers to your turkey troubles when we return. they can do all sorts of things in your name.
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>> ice agents arresting 90 illegal immigrants at a fake university in michigan. the university of farmington was advertised for business program for foreign-born students even though no classes were being held. 50 students for many have been arrested and shutdown in january. carley: arrested for running a drug trafficking ring for a decade. ups drivers and supervisors in arizona, accused of smuggling drugs and counterfeit vaping oils from mexico, and cardboard boxes and bypassing security. investigators found 50,000 counterfeit vaping pens in one man's home. todd: time to talk turkey. if you are tripping, if you're not sure what to do with your bird you are in bad shape.
1:43 am
carley: the best experts here with answers to your top turkey troubles. i commend you for not diving into that turkey. you have more self-control than i do. a question from william from milwaukee, wisconsin. what is the best way to defrost a turkey? >> thanksgiving morning. if you are in a position your turkey a lot of people are today. what you are going to do is a cold water message. put the turkey breast side down in your sink or cooler, submerge completely with cold water and refresh that water for fresh cold water every 30 minutes to start to get that turkey thawing. ideally it takes 30 minutes per pound but if you don't have enough time to father turkey completely don't despair.
1:44 am
any amount of thawing you do is helpful and will help get your turkey cooked faster. >> you don't recommend putting it in your dryer. >> you don't want to break your dryer. >> you shouldn't put them in your microwave? >> not your microwave. will start or dry out the meat before it actually goes into the oven. the coldwater method is easy, it is food safe and going to be faster than doing the microwave. >> you want me to ask the next question? tiffany from princeton, new jersey asks how do i know what size turkey to buy? a great question. >> really great question, happy thanksgiving. we suggest a pound and a half per person to have generous portions during your thanksgiving dinner and send people home with leftovers. if you have a party of 10 for example that would be a 15 pound turkey. >> i'm such a giver i want you to ask the third question. >> i want to know what lily from
1:45 am
brooklyn new york asked how do you brine a turkey? what - >> that is a great question. it is a really salty water solution. think of the salty is the ocean water you have ever tasted. if you're trying to brine your turkey, know that you need 45-60 minutes a pound for the brine to be effective so if you're trying to bring your turkey today you might want to go ahead and skip that step but if you are submitting with your family later there's plenty of time to brine. >> there is still plenty of time to brine is my new motto. >> shirts that say it. >> we will check in with you in a couple minutes. coming up, tomorrow is the biggest shopping day of the year. you work off that turkey at the mall and we have the scoop on all the steals and deals you need to look out for. >> more thanksgiving photos, ricky says he is thankful for
1:46 am
this good boy, william. >> "fox and friends first," cara says she's thankful for her family. >> matt is thankful for these two adorable yankees fans. we are all thankful for adorable yankees fans. "fox and friends first" returns on thanksgiving morning.
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>> millions of americans will set their alarms tomorrow for the busiest shopping day ever. carley: with the best deals available consumer and money-saving expert andre, you
1:50 am
have a lot for us. >> ramping up black friday, lots of deals, closing items from jcpenney opening doors today at 2:00 at 2:00 pm. they are giving out amazing coupons, 10 or more, 100 off of 100 or more, $500 off of $500 or more. and the sweater was originally 20. >> a trim hooded -- now on sale for $18. and some really great clothing, and great coupons as well. >> what if you are shopping for your kids for christmas or what have you? >> i brought some toys, they released hundreds of sales every
1:51 am
day, 70% off of great brands, lego is a hot item, looking at 70% off of those deals, this one the marvel avengers on sale for $47 and 99, educational learning resources. educational insights coding robots -- what is so great about this is, the lowest price compared to competitors. >> this is a swedish company with some great devices. the first klinzing device that combines great technology with - >> say no more. >> it really gets customized deep clean, that was originally
1:52 am
199 on sale for 169. it is a compact version, you are getting it for $90 if you choose the pink and white -- they are great and a klinzing mass, a great deal. >> a 52 piece kitchen set, originally on sale for $59.99 or $39.99 to mail in the rebate. i love that deal there. todd: the rebate deal? >> i'm not a cook so this will get dusty. >> the ultimate handheld steamer, to steam just about anything in seconds. todd: you have one of these in your office? >> know i don't.
1:53 am
>> on sale for 40 at target. and one outfit is the flip shopping apps downloaded to your phone and a savings tool. you can compare all the deals to plot out your black friday shopping strategy to see who else the best deal on the items you want and recommend downloading that and not feel overwhelmed. todd: how much? for the time to bride? >> don't know if there will be a lot of good deals out there. >> a good stocking suffer for all of us. that was so helpful. we will be right back. is that ireland...1953?
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todd: the ceo of soul cycle stepping down because of defending attendance was melanie wheeling out after eight years. the company was slammed over supportive donald trump. todd: ross held a fundraiser, and supporters in her goodbye message on social media. she will stay on as an advisor in the transition. a school reversing a decision to reject the student from playing joy to the world for being too religious. ♪
1:58 am
jillian: the charter school will let the student play the christmas song after her mother threatened to sue for racial discrimination. todd: officials adjustable cultural voice that wouldn't be construed as religious such as jingle bells. carley: time for the good, the bad and the ugly thanksgiving addition was a heartwarming holiday tradition to honor heroes, a group of veterans setting up shop at the denver airport to offer rides, cars and meals to servicemembers. >> a way of showing veterans who are active today that somebody cares for them. >> volunteers will be back on christmas eve. todd: the salvation army's red candles are red-hot targets for peace. couple robberies twice the last week alone.
1:59 am
>> i have no words was the ugly. you might want to lace up for that turkey trot after all. to burn off a thanksgiving meal, you will likely have to run, swim 5 hours or walk 5 miles according to a doctor at the american council on exercise. the average american eats more than 3000 cal today. todd: if you want to know what is good, bad and ugly, carly, rob and todd are going to carve turkeys in the next hour. jillian is going to judge. it will be something, don't go anywhere, "fox and friends first" continues.
2:00 am
todd: what did they do? in the studio. carley: i thought he was going to split a fan. todd: apologize in advance for whatever this next hour is going to be. jillian: happy thanksgiving and thank you for starting the day with us. are you getting ready to press your turkey this morning? we got you covered with a butterball expert. rob: we want to thank the family,. i will head there after the show.


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