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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  November 28, 2019 3:00am-6:00am PST

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with my hands. jillian: thank you for being here and helping us with us. todd will never let us live this down. to you at home, thank you for joining us and have a happy thanksgiving. i'm trying to keep a straight face. i can't. "fox & friends" starts right now. bye-bye. ♪ ♪ ♪ celebration ♪ we're going to celebrate and have a good time ♪ it's time to come together ♪ it's up to you ♪ what's your pleasure. lisa: he is jamming over here. pete: as we should be. dean: celebrate. yes. pete: my favorite holiday on the calendar. happy thanksgiving to you and your family. thank you for joining us. look who is here, lisa booth. lisa: hi, guys. pete: and dean cain. lisa: this the is first time
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we have been on since we were here for new year's eve a couple years ago. dean: it was so cold. pete: best thing about thanksgiving you don't go outside unless there is a turkey bowl. under the covers, tv slow-rolling the morning. take it easy and slow-roll. dean: some people are up making birds. pete: if you are, email us s what are you doing for thanksgiving? what's your family doing? are you talking politics? are you giving a smack down to your uncle who disagrees with you politically. we love photos. if you can get us in the back ground. lisa: super. what are you doing for thanksgiving? obviously we are here. dean: we are here. it's happening right now. dean: i'm going up to connecticut to see my son. he is at his girlfriend's house. my son is 19. this is the big first -- will be block family thanksgiving.
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i hope it's great. i hope you are watching. lisa: make the dinner good. pete: just football and food. easy. very straightforward and family. it will be great. the president is down in mar-a-lago. he will be giving a call to the troops later on today overseas who we, of course, think about. we are grateful for this nation and those who defender it. we are also grateful for a booming stock market. if you were watching yesterday, a lot of people scooted out of work early, so you may have missed it, another stock market record yesterday and the president tweeting about it. new stock market record today again, congratulation congratulations, u.s.a. if you are going to eat turkey with your family and wallet is thicker. that strikes me as a good thing. lisa: it does strike me as a good thing. everybody wants to make money and keep their hard earned money. a lot of it comes down to the tax cut law that congress passed and president trump as well. families are able to keep more money that they have earned. rightfully so, right? unless you live in new york city. then you don't get to keep any of it.
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dean: california we have tremendous tax hikes. just the same. pete: they should locate all the media hubs to middle america that would solve a lot of problems. i wish bit coin was up. i have a lot of the money in bit coin and it's been struggling recently. [sighs] pete: speaking of struggling, democrats struggling to move their impeachment inquiry fourth degree. but, at the same time still revealing what happened in 2016. rightfully. so horowitz, the inspector general at the justice department. looking at what happened. surveillance of the trump campaign in 2016. the report is due to come out on december 9th. but, as always happens, people with motivations are deciding to leak to their friends in the media. in this case the "new york times" yesterday got ahold of what they say is a preview of the inspector general report. here is a review. russia inquiry review
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expected to undercut trump claim of fbi spying. and so it's. solis is a you know how it plays. a few people talk to a few people and it ends up "new york times" report. lisa: spying. talking about stephon halper and tucker. turrk. displaying a semantics game here. mark meadow had this to say about it. there is no doubt the id report will be scathing and hopefully mark the beginning of a change in procedure to make sure the improper behavior never happens again. >> the "new york times" report indicating informs were not placed inside the campaign is a red herring and attempt to diminish the seriousness of improper activity that did occur. dean, what do you think of this? dean: i think it's good this isn't a boat because we would sink. it leaks so much. you always hear all these leaks and so much news before the report comes out. everyone is trying to stake
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their claim and have their narrative together before it comes out. being a normal person sitting there watching it every day. strange to watch it unfold until you actually see what it is. and then it ends up being either a nothing-burger or something substantial. pete: exactly right. trying to set the table. the author of this piece in the "new york times" goldman hasn't seen the report he has heard from people who have seen the report. read the next paragraph. you make a great point. let's plate next paragraph game. report expected to debunk the fbi relied on info from the steele dossier. next paragraph, the fbi did site thcite the dossier to some extent. fbi cognizant as being seen as interfering with the presidential campaign. they didn't want. to say next paragraph, yet, agents had informs like steven halper approach page and paparazzi because they were with the campaign. friendly to the democrats like adam goldman is at the "new york times" you will frame your arguement in a
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way that makes them look good all before the report comes out. you could have written this entire "new york times" article the other way around. depending on your political motivation. dean: and sounded differently. lisa: it's a semantics game. one thing people are not talking about which i find concerning. phone in a hill mentioned shfiona hill mentioned: search t getting to the bottom of russian interference you think that would be a focus. yet, no one seems to be focused on that. dean: that's not what they're concerned with. pete: no, it's not. matt whitaker former acting attorney general the deep state might be trying to frame things up in their perspective. >> what i think is that there are those that have been given parts of this report because they are named as doing something wrong. and so it appears that their lawyers or those on their
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behalf are going to the "new york times" and sharing what they know in a hope that they can front run the story essentially convince the american people the report isn't as bad as they think it's going to be. i expect this report will showed negative light on folks involved in carter page. and maybe the fisa process generally. pete: we will white wait to see what comes out when it comes out based on the report written by the ig. lisa: also, there is another piece of this as well. you still have the ongoing investigation from u.s. attorney john durham who is also looking at all of this. it's not just this report from the noorg. there is also that piece of it. pete: overarching all of, this of course, a group of people that want to try to replace president trump and be the next commander-in-chief. lisa: large group. dean: evergrowinging. pete: evergrowing and one of which is michael bloomberg announced mull it will--million-dollar ad blitz announced in the
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following markets, thanksgiving and christmas holiday, los angeles, houston, tampa, st. petersburg, sarasota, dallas-fort worth. a quote from the spokesman. whatever it take tones sure that donald trump is not reelected. so millions and millions and millions. i'm usually watching the fox news channel. last night it felt like a local new night. it's a holiday. turn the channel. and three times over the course of a half hour local news break i saw michael 2020 ad. the amount of burn that it takes in a new york market and elsewhere to be running these ads over and over again he is spending ago ton of cash. dean: whatever it takes to make sure trump is not elected. not whatever it takes to make sure bloomberg is throwing more mud against the wall and something can stick. lisa: to put the amount of money he is spending into context. president obama had formerly had the most money spent in just a week alone.
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it was almost 25 million, bloomberg is spending over $30 million. checkively as a whole, the entire 2020 field has spent about 50 million on tv ads, he spends over 30 million as one individual. what he is really hoping is that no candidates catch fire after the first four early states. because he has the money, it doesn't really matter if he doesn't win one of those early states. is he trying to come in on super tuesday with all of this money and look at those delegates in states like california and texas. so it's an interesting strategy it. work for giuliani previously, but he also had more resources than anyone has really had before. pete: he is spending $3,000 a minute. now, let's see where that puts him in the most recent poll. cnn came out with a poll just recently, saying who is your top choice for the 2020 dem nominee? pretty standard folks at the top, biden, sanders, warren, buttigieg, and bloomberg bursting onto the seen with a mighty 3%. he has a whole media company
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with his name on it and run all these millions of dollars of ads. we will see if he can crack the big 3% threshold moving forward. dean: media company can't investigate him. that's just annual odd thing lotion his when does the rest of the media do deep dive on democrats anyway. elizabeth warren sings the october debate has seen a big decline. we are seeing there that the quinnipiac poll that recently came out in october she was at 28%. now she is at 14%. you guys, you remember when she was just getting pummeled for medicare for all and really couldn't explain how it would work, you know, in practice. and that was a problem for her. pete: she says don't worry about it. watch. >> quinnipiac poll has you down 50% from where you were a month ago. i know you don't really poll. [inaudible] trump. >> it's the same answer it's
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always been. i don't do polls. i'm out here fighting every day on behalf of working families. pete: it's always what politicians say when they are losing. don't follow the polls. it doesn't matter. lisa: the one they use is the only poll that matters is election day. dean: dropped in half from where you were before. um-huh. um-huh. that's bad news. pete: it's thanksgiving so it's fitting that we have a little pocahontas at the end her poll numbers are not doing great. we will move onto the 93rd annual macy's thanksgiving day parade set to kick off hours from now in new york city. lisa: team coverage all morning long. stay with us. carley shimkus out on sixth avenue. before we begin with her, we will see adam klotz who is live from the start of the parade route. hey, adam. how is it going?
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adam: good morning guys. i'm thankful for. happy thanksgiving to everybody. the really big story at the beginning. so balloons way back behind me those big giant character balloons they cannot fly if winds get up to gusting 34 miles pe34 miles per hour. it's been breezy off and on. that's something we will be watching throughout the morning. a lot of really fun people on the floats. i will try to grab some of them and have conversations coming up later in the show. pete: bewill see how good you are grabbing people. dean: where is carley? she is not. pete: she is on sixth avenue. hey, carley. lisa: happy thanksgiving. carley: hey, guys. happy thanksgiving, one of the best targets of working thanksgiving we have a front row seat to the thanksgiving day parade and all of these fine folks came from all over the country and they are watching it right in front of our building. are you guys excited? [cheers] carley: official stuart of holiday seasonal. what better than that?
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we will talk to some of these people and see why they came here to watch the parade braving the cold when we continue after this. we will be out here and we will talk to you later. pete: are you going to be asking people what they're thankful for and what they're grateful for in this great nation we look forward to hearing. maybe we will. later, that's a tease. lisa: we have to turn around. pete: serious stories we will be covering 13 minutes after the top of the hour. still ahead, she was deported for killing four children in a school bus crash. how does she end up back in the united states? the outrage on that coming up. lisa: former president obama admitting his old vp just doesn't have it. there is more bad news where that came from for joe biden this morning. stay with us. >> ♪ don't forget about me ♪,, don't, don't, don't ♪ don't you forget about me ♪
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joe biden isn't getting much of an assist from former president obama. according to politico. listen to this quote from obama. he said -- he pointed out that during his own 2008 campaign, he had an intimate bond with the electorate, especially in iowa. that he no longer has. it's an acknowledgment. and then he added and you know who really stunt have it today? joe biden. joining us now policy director conservative partnership institute rachel bow bart. thanks for being here. happy thanksgiving, good morning. >> good morning. >> for the former president to say that joe biden just doesn't have it, that seems devastating to me. >> you gotta feel bad for joe biden. a couple of months ago he was literally tweeting out barack and joe friendship bracelets and now his former boss is throwing him under the bus he can't compare with voters. if you compare this from obama's senior advisor david action sell roaxelrod's campaige
3:19 am
joe magoo. it's clear he is not a fan of joe biden and that will hurt him move forward. pete: if you rant run on the legacy of president obama being his v.p. for 8 years. you might want to turn to the left and speak to the activist base which is more prominent in the democrat party today. is he even having procious as well. one of his top latina advisor has now quit because she reportedly doesn't believe she can connect with the base again from politico. she felt the campaign wasn't heeding her advice on immigration as she tried to reach out to the latino groups that have longstanding concerns with the former vice president's rhetoric and record stemming from the obama administration. >> this is reflective of the huge problem that joe biden has with his immigration record, particularly from the obama administration. and he hasn't had to answer
3:20 am
for this really. the last two democrat debates have not even discussed immigration. but, if they did, joe biden would have to answer for the 3 million families that were either separated or deported under president obama. who also locked up kids. we have seen this in the numerous pictures that have -- the mainstream media has tried to portray as under trump. we are really under obama. this is something that joe biden is going to have to answer for. he wants to align with obama in every way, probably, except for this one. pete: except for this. there is other issues he has changed his stance and his tune on a lot of things to try to move to the left. another of which is marijuana, november 6th. normer vice president talks about his stance on marijuana. listen. i don't think we have it. go ahead. >> there has not been enough evidence that has been acquired as to whether or not it is a gateway drug. it's a debate. and i want a lot more before i legalize it nationally i
3:21 am
want to make sure we know a lot more about the science behind it. pete: now he saying he doesn't think it's a gateway drug because the majority of the electorate on the left side wants to legalize marijuana. >> joe biden's positions on marijuana have gone up in smoke as it were. remember, this was the guy who was the architect of the 1994 incidencing law. he cracked down on illegal drugs including marijuana. now he says well, i don't want to decriminalize it or i do. or legalize it. is he not really sure. again, to your point, 8 in 10 democrats support marijuana legalization and this is just another area where joe biden has a hard time keeping up with the democrat base. the party is changing and is he not necessarily there. pete: a rough moment. his former president says he doesn't have it. his campaign manager calls him mr. tha magoo. >> thank you. pete: a world war ii hero and d-day survivor and our
3:22 am
own jillian mele got a chance to sit down with him. if you think you have a lot to be grateful for today? just wait until you hear the rest of this story. > jillian: and you would have passed that day. >> my brother said to me and i hope we both get through this time. if we didn't, one of us would take care of the other one's family. jillian: and you both came home. >> we both came home. our members shop a little differently.
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♪ lisa: now for quick headlines. we begin with this fox news alert. north korea firing at one least unidentified projectile overnight. south korea military confirming the launch but not confirming what kind of projectile was fired or where it landed. comes as they stare down a year end deadline for nuke already negotiations. and there is also this, extreme weather wreaking havoc for millions of thanksgiving travelers. hundreds of drivers strand near the california-oregon border stuck in a blizzard with two storms sweeping across the country. hundreds of flights and thousands of people were grounded at our nation's airports. as you can see there about 55 million people are expected to travel this week. that's a lot of people. and i will be taking the train.
3:27 am
pete: good luck with that. ray lambert, the 99-year-old world war ii survivor. dean: jillian got to sit down with ray, the amazing ray, to hear all about his life, what is he grateful for and the fateful day behind his new memoir "every man a hero." jillian, sounds great. jillian: so great to talk to him. i'm grateful and honored to tell his story. the reason ray is speaking out now and he didn't for a long time he realizes there are so few men left to tell these stories and he wants the future generations to hear it. so here is ray. >> the skies were kind of dark. the waves were splashing up. some coming into the boat. very cold. and damp. i felt a lot of concern for my men. jillian: you would have passeapacket
3:28 am
pact on that day. >> right. my brothers in the service and hoped we would both get through this. if we didn't, one of us would take care of the other one's family. jillian: and you both came home. >> we both came home. and i just knew in my heart that some us were not going to make it. as we got in further, we could begin to see some smoke. i could see bodies all along the beach laying there. i could see more fire power coming from the west of us. which was a machine gun up on the side of the hill and then mortars come in. of course, then i again to see the waves that i was in losing people. jillian: you were hit, right, with bullet and shrapnel. >> something hit me in the left thigh and knocked all of the flesh out right to the bone. i went under water to get a guy that a mine had gone off and crip 3e8 crippled him.
3:29 am
i took a guy on out. i looked to see if i could find any place that we could protect him. jillian: rock. >> yes, i saw this look like a rock in the water. we got many behin patients behid that rock and saved them from being killed. jillian: you went back to normandyy recently to mark the 75th anniversary of that day. what was that like to be there and have the president honor you. >> ray is with us here today with his fourth purple heart and his third silver star from omaha. ray, the free world salutes you. >> it was an exciting time to think that finally after all these years i was now getting the ultimate chance to be honored by the president of the united states. [applause] got permission from the state of france to put a
3:30 am
plaque on that rock. they wanted to just have ray's rock. i refused to take any part in it unless they put my men's name on it. because my men were the heroes. they were the guys working. they worked their heart out that day. i want young people today to know the history of what happened and the difficulty it is for a man to go overseas to protect his loved ones. jillian: he is so wonderful. he has a book out now. i have it here it's called "every man a hero" a memoir of d-day. a memoir at normandy. when we wouldn't wrap up he said you are not leaving until have you my favorite drink with me. it was a glass of reiss ling. nice, myself, ray, we sat down at the bar and had a glass of reiss ling because it's his favorite.
3:31 am
to jillian thanks for the drink. it was funnel. hope you enjoy the book small part of my life love ray. lisa: on thanksgiving we are thankful for him and his service. pete: don't put my name on the rock. lisa: beautiful story, love it. jillian: thank you, ray for letting me tell it and thank you for your service. lisa: coming up, it's the million-dollar questioned today. the macy's parade balloons blown up. will they fly? dean: no clue thousand cook a turkey like me? no problem. kurt the cyber guy is here with how your amazon alexa can help. pete: oh boy. ♪ ♪ i got a new attitude ♪ i'm ládeia, and there's more to me than hiv. there's my career... my cause... and creating my dream home. i'm a work in progress. so much goes into who i am. hiv medicine is one part of it.
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♪ [turkey gob bling] pete: one of my favorite graphics. your photos are already pouring. in one from 13-year-old samantha who baked her first apple pie from scratch. lisa: that is way better than anything i have done. this is from samantha and her husband and her daughter sydney cade, that's the daughter at her thanksgiving program. what a little cutie. dean: she has turkey hat on. john of baby gia who is ready for her first thanksgiving. pete: baby gia is up early which makes parents unhappy. taken over the kid's table. dogs currently taking over the table. dean: i don't see any food. >> there this is what i don't have proof of. this have s. from this thanksgiving. that's a little unsatisfactory. just like in a hostage
3:36 am
situation. i'm proof of the moment. which is why i feel like the future photos that come in need to be taken with our show in the background to prove that they were taken this morning on this thanksgiving. so we is see your family right now. you are seeing us right now. i want to see you right now. lisa: for the folks at home he was not kidding. during the commercial break. i hope the program in the background. we want more -- we love your photos that you have sent so far. please keep them coming. pete specifically wants the program in the background. i don't care. i just want photos. pete: hold the newspaper from today up as well. our show is a little easier. send them. in big colonel this morning for the 3rd annual macy's day parade wind. dean: could snoopy peek a picacu be grounded? lisa: adam klotz is live at the start of the parade route to answer these questions. adam, what do we need to
3:37 am
know? adam: good morning and happy thanksgiving. the wind has been the big story out here. standing out here, the wind hasn't felt horribly bad. at times picking up. by and large not horribly windy. not the case everywhere. 3.5 million people will be along the parade route. 50 million people watching around the world. 8,000 people walking in the parade. it takes 90 people to hold those big 16 character balloons that everyone is so excited about. the threshold would be 23 mile-per-hour sustained winds or 34 mile-per-hour gusts. we have already been able to see some those winds. take a forecast graphic now. these are thacross the northeas. right around that threshold. looked at a number mid to you were 20's for a wind gust. that's still beneath it does still seem like a game time decision. they will wait all the way to the last manipulate to finally make that decision. guy, there are a couple new ones out here. one right behind me we have got snoopy, the astronaut. that's one we will be talking about and hopefully,
3:38 am
jillian as i toss this back to you it gets in the air it. does seem like we're kind of leaning that direction that the balloons might still be on schedule to be up in the air at 9:00. jillian: going to crush a lot of people's dreams if that's the case, adam. adam: don't put that on me. i'm not doing it. jillian: i know. you are just the messenger here. thanks, adam. let's get you caught up on headlines you are following and begin with this. he was sent to prison and then deported for causing an accident that killed four children. now he is under arrest again after sneaking back into the country. taken handed over to immigration officials. >> in 2008 driving a minivan and ran a stop sign before slamming into a school bus. authorities say she has been using fake identities to get work. woman caught on camera to chase workers off her property in a green onesie. cheryl reigns says the robbers had targeted her california home before. when she heard someone opening her storage locker, she jumped into action.
3:39 am
>> i hear like an opening sound. i'm like and this was nothing really on. so i just threw everything down and just ran after him. jillian: he did get away. cheating controversy against the new england patriots. you be the judge on this one. someone presented their case on youtube. take a look at the first down marker. this is when the patriots were on defense against the cowboys on sunday. you can see right there the marker matches up. it lines up easily with the white and yellow lines. then this shot shows where the 1st down marker actually wound up. what do you think in the fan claims an official moved it further away. making it more difficult for the cowboys to get a first down. yahoo sports seems the issue seems to be a mistake with the original placement of the ball. okay, america has vote you had. picking this christmas classic as its favorite. >> aren't you going to laugh at my nose, too? >> i think it's a hand some
3:40 am
nose. jillian: rudolph the red-nosed reindeer named the best special. a charlie brown christmas and how the grinch stole christmas tied for second place. so what do you think? email us that's a look at your headlines. time to go outside where we are getting help from alexa. pete: yes, we are. my vote would be a christmas story. we will get to that later. dean: this is a classic. pete: we are not talking about that yet but we will try. dean: stay with us here. alexa makes the perfect thanksgiving turkey. lisa: i don't know. take commands of your grill from the couch with the world's first smart grill. dean: here with the tech kurt the cyber guy. kurt: good morning. happy thanksgiving: i promise you will not make a turkey inside your house ever again few it this way. i have tried this twice. over the last two weeks. and all you do, first of
3:41 am
all, you source from a great source. your holiday meats, omaha steaks were so nice to send us three turkeys to test. okay? a bunch of beautiful meats for the holidays, spiral ham. they have cha chateau brioon. if you go with the code word friends 20% off steaks today. >> combine it. make sure you put it on the bird and grill 300. this is a train this turkey comf perfect. lisa: do anything or alexa? >> alexa will tell you when to take it off. you use the app. and set it for 160 you bring it off and let it rest for 20 minutes.
3:42 am
it will get up to 165. then you carve it. you will have -- this is a beautiful whole 10-pound roasted turkey from omaha steaks. pete: not how they tell you to do it. lisa: is he cutting the whole turkey. you have 3 to 4 hours for a typical turkey. >> you are doing it wrong. pete: i know. we have not been taught. lisa: i want the leg. you can have the leg or beautiful slice. >> i cook bacon and pie. lisa: move in a studio apartment in new york. >> i'm just telling you now: pete: go to your uncle's house. lisa: awesome, guys.
3:43 am
>> you don't need a fork. is it good? pete: very good. >> really genuinely will not make a turkey another way. whether alexa is your turkey friend or not. you won't go wrong putting on the grill. i swear this recipe will work and it's online. lisa: i trust you. >> happy thanksgiving. pete: chew and talk. no evidence of spying on the trump campaign that's what the failing "new york times" is reporting. lisa: had you to get that in. plus have you house oversight chairman jason chaffetz says not so fast. he is with us. >> looking good. ♪ i need a ride.
3:44 am
3:45 am
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3:47 am
♪ ♪ pete: welcome back. the long awaited ig report on fisa abuse allegations set to be released in less than two weeks. lisa: the media is jumping on the "new york times" report that says the review will find no spying by the fbi. >> this is sticking a knife in one of those conspiracy theories the president just threw out there out of nowhere very early on. >> conspiracy theories pedaled by the president and his supporters for the last several years. >> ig did a report and it's simply not true. surprise, surprise. dean: here to react is former chairman of the house oversight committee and fox news contributor jason chaffetz. well, congressman, what's going on? >> true to script, the democrats are out there pre-spinning. this by its very definition a fisa application is a warrant to spy on somebody, this person, carter page, happened to be on the trump campaign. so the mere fact they are try to discredit that says a
3:48 am
lot about the weakness of their cases and their allegations. but the reality is this happened and the inspector general, this will be his fifth, fifth report that he has come out with regarding the fbi, the highest echelon and let's also remember. they didn't spend 18 months working on this to say hey, everybody went swimmingly at the department of justice. lisa: congressman, this was in the article itself. i'm going to read this and i want to get your reaction to it. this is what it says it. says mr. horowitz concluded the fbi was careless and unprofessional in pursuing the page wiretap and he refused his findings in one instance to prosecutors for potential criminal charges over the alteration of a document in 2017 by a front line lawyer, kevin clinesmith, 37, in connection with the wiretap application. what strikes you about that paragraph from the report right there? >> well, despite the talking heads at the beginning of this introduction, yes, there was this application.
3:49 am
kevin clinesmith, according to the article, also worked on the hillary clinton email scandal. he worked on the mueller report, kicked off of that involved in this fisa application. you have to have the highest security clearance they give at the department of justice. and this one guy just happened to work on all of these types of reports? are you kidding me? so i hope he is not just the scapegoat, but he is the attorney that's assigned to go through and the allegation and article is that he manipulated the evidence, changed the documents to achieve a political outcome which was to spy on the trump campaign. pete: just, we know their play playbook. the hasn't seen the draft document he just talked to people who saw it. giving them all the right information and exactly what to emphasize. >> exactly. it is the corner stone and key flashing light that says they have something to be worried about. if they are two weeks out and they are spinning this, look out, and let's see what
3:50 am
actually happens when it's released on december 9th. dean. pete: you are here on thanksgiving. what is jason chaffetz thankful for. lisa: not "new york times" article that. >> hone baked ham. you don't get a body like this by missing hone bake you had ham. i'm so blessed to live in this country. very blessed to have this wonderful, beautiful family. and i really do think a lot about the troops this time of year. i think of all the men and women, first responders, people that are away from their families. when i was in congress, i used to be able to go out on these ships. i went out as you see here and serve thanksgiving dinner to these sailors that are out there 14 miles off the coast of iran. one of the great privileges of my life. there are people doing that right now here today protecting this country. one of the greatest moments you have my life to be able to do it. lisa: we are grateful for them and for you being here today. happy thanksgiving to your wife julie who i love. dean: deep trying your
3:51 am
turkey to perfection inside your home. our friends at bass pro shops and cabela's will show us how and i want to know because i really want to know ♪ woman: i'm here, and suddenly my migraine takes me somewhere else, where there's pain and nausea. but excedrin pulls me back in a way others don't. and it relieves my symptoms fast for real migraine relief.
3:52 am
♪'cause no matter how far away for you roam.♪ys.♪ and it relieves my symptoms fast ♪when you pine for the sunshine of a friendly gaze.♪ ♪for the holidays you can't beat home sweet home.♪ the united states postal service goes the extra mile to bring your holidays home. teen #1 : he sounded super depressed... teen #2: i felt like i was the only one... teen #3: one thing goes wrong, then another thing goes wrong... teen #4: until you just feel like you could burst... teen #2: has anyone tried to reach out to him? teen #4: we should be there for him.
3:53 am
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3:55 am
♪ lisa: welcome back to "fox & friends" all morning long bass pro shops and cabela's are here to help us celebrate thanksgiving. dean tone to kick things off, they will show us how to deep fry a turkey right here inside the studio. pete: do it indoors and show us how. if you are thinking you can't do that inside, think again. our friend leukemi luke insiderw us how. >> we are open today. just to be clear. and the big manual is in the house. santa, free photo with the guy. we do it up right at bass pro and cabela's. pete: black friday coming up. >> we will open tomorrow at 5:00 a.m. today what we are going to talk about on this first segment is butter ball and indoor turkey fryer. dean dean so excited.
3:56 am
>> four minutes a pound. drop this thing in there. indoor. do it easy. never use a frozen bird is the key to this thing. other than that, you know, it's pretty auto pilot. we brought you guys some sample. >> this is going to go in right now. ease it in there nice and easy. dean: i will stand behind you lisa,. lisa: great so i take the heat literally. dean: hard to screw this up. lisa: you are strategically. pete: has to be much faster than the traditional oven. >> what he didn't hit on all the juices, you are going to inject. this. dean: i was going to do it. i was prepared. pete: because of the time of tv we weren't able to do it. >> so much faster. >> 4 minutes a pound. >> cook a turkey in 44
3:57 am
minutes. lisa: perfect. pete: check it out. bass trump the champ. the tweet everybody has been talking about over thanksgiving table today, we will break it down ♪ ♪ geico makes it easy to get help when i need it.
3:58 am
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you take dayquil severe liquicaps and crush it. dayquil severe. the daytime, coughing, aching, stuffy-head, fever, sore throat, power through your day, medicine. floats heading down there in two hours. we turn around and see the parade route. dean: we have all of this turkey. lisa: we have been on top of that we have already eaten turkey. we have been asking for your photos all morning long. we want to see how you and your family are celebrating thanksgiving. pete specifically wants the program in the background. dean and i don't care as much. we just want to see you having fun with your family.
4:01 am
so you did send us some photos and thank you for that we have got this one from chad. and he is thankful for his family. he says that the greatest day of my year is this one. pete: absolutely. lisa: look at his own beautiful family. no proof that photo was taken today. pete: great photo we love it. this is a photo from darrell says his son is home from fort benning. all the family is sleeping but the chef. he is up cooking early. lisa: program is still on in the background. dean: that's how it works. one from leah says they are up watching "fox & friends." [cheers] dean: cooking that turkey see us in the background. lisa: pete is very happy about that. we have also got this photo from johnny, yes. another one. all right. so johnny says that his turkey has been in the oven
4:02 am
singsings3:30 this morning. they are the winners because they have the program in the background. pete: that is one of the wonderful things -- first of all, it's an american holiday. it's all about gratitude and thankfulness. you just wishing people a happy thanksgiving is a beautiful thing. and then the smell of the food and the morning and slow rolling of the morning, a little coffee and a little bailey's in there just do your morning the way you want. to say. >> that's how it should be. a little football and family. a lot of f's. football, family and fun. great day. lisa: thankful for my family. going home after this. see my niece tomorrow. i'm so excited for that keep hearing from you. keep emailing us your photos, specifically with the background but who knows? at we would love to hear from you and see how you and your family are celebrating. pete: we will be covering thanksgiving all morning long. lisa: it's awesome. dean dean it is awesome. pete: because it happens in
4:03 am
all 50 states just as we know the issue of immigration is now an issue of all 50 states as well. the president has made the crisis at our southern border something he is focused on a great deal. well, on this news program, we got the rio grande valley sector chief was on recently talking about progress being made at the border. and the numbers of people we are seeing there here is a quote from what he had to say. he said the number of people we are holding here in that facility in the summer was 9,000. if you look through the entire sector now we have only a thousand people in custody. it shows how numbers have steadily declined primarily because of the assistance we have received from mexico. but, also initiatives like mpp that have reduced the flow, that policy of mpp migrant protection program is more complonly known as the remain in mexico program. if you come here as a refugee or asylum stay in mexico while your claim is adjudicated. staying here, slipping into the country and never showing up for a court date. all of those things add up to a serious focus on the
4:04 am
border. it's not just those policies it's the wall, progress there as well. lisa: asylum issue was a fugitive issue. we saw people taking advantage of the system, gaming the system. passing their initial interview and not showing up in court or the ones that did show up in court ended up getting -- a lot of them ended up getting denied because they didn't have that credible fear threshold. dean: majority of them. the progress on the wall, i guess 86 miles completed. 150 miles under construction. 273 miles in pre-construction. used to hear about this all the time. the shots of all of these people always in the news. you don't hear anything about it these days. pete: you turn the channel to another network on this thanksgiving of course you won't hear any progress on the wall. desm going tory about immigration which we'll get to in a moment. if you listen to the campaign prom mismisses of the president. i want 4450 miles of wall by the end of 2020. and when you consider the obstruction that he has faced a do-nothing congress.
4:05 am
do-nothing democrats won't help him. courts and others have tried to block him at every turn to see that it's already been built that the foundations are being laid. construction, preconstruction, gives hope to his supporters that man this wall thing really can happen. lisa: face a lot of criticism used it effectively. pete: good point. lisa: putting pressure on mexico to step up their game with dealing with illegal immigration. it has ended up being hugely successful. part of that was waving those tariffs in front of them look, we can do this to you if you don't help us out here. dean: they helped out and look what happened. pete: absolutely. as the race goes on, we have seen additional candidates, many of them, get in on the democratic side. one of those is michael bloomberg who is throws tens of millions of dollars at initial ad buys. his first move before renouncing his candidacy of course going to brooklyn here and apologizing for the stop and frisk policy that made him famous in new york city and help keep the city safe. well, he is continuing on
4:06 am
his move further and further left as he tries to find a base in the democrat party. here is michael bloomberg, presidential candidate, talking about immigration yesterday. >> this country was built by immigrants, and we need an awful lot more immigrants rather than less. we have to go out and actually try recruit immigrants to come here. we need immigrants to take all the different kinds of jobs that the country needs. i think what donald trump has done are ripping kids away from their parents is a disgrace. dean: that talking point is going poof. pete: why? dean: nobody is getting ripped away. less people coming across. that doesn't happen as much. you don't hear that anymore. it just doesn't happen anymore. you don't hear it. lisa: bloomberg had originally said if i jump in the race i will have to apologize for all these different things and low and behold he is apologizing for different things like symptom and frisk. he is really hoping that no candidate catches fire in the first four early states and he can come in as
4:07 am
superman tuesday and use all that money. he has over $50 billion, the guy sex extremely rich. which would be amazing. but not quite there. [laughter] he has all this money to throw at it and hoping to buy the election. pete: first of all, the whole thing comment braced on a lie we are ripping kids away from their parents. this is a policy that took root in the obama administration. it's also recognizing that lot of kids are being trafficked and identify who their parents are and who they are really with. no seriousness in the argument they are making about kids in cadgesz. dean: emotional argue: pete: mike bloomberg is not wrong robust immigration is important. get people are from overseas that can help our economy. not the same thing people running across our border trying to seek fake asylum. coming here with skill sets president trump has always supported that in fact, he has talked about it. is he trying to get a foot hold in folks that believe open borders by talking code talk. lisa: saying the they are
4:08 am
against legal immigration. look we have illegal border crossings and encourage the flow of illegal immigration which is a problem there is a lot of things for people to be thankful for at home. a booming economy right now. a lot of jobs for hard-working americans who want them. and we have also seen, you know, the stock market just jump off the charts, which is another boost for americans all around the country. pete: sit at the thanksgiving table today look back at 401(k) and the markets and say never been higher. the dow, the s&p and nasdaq all hit record levels at the end of trading yesterday. a reflection that all the noise, all the impeachment, all the things they are trying to throw at this president not rattling the market, they don't see these things as ultimately serious. here is consumer confidence in november. 125. one of the record highs. we are seeing things in this economy that president trump said he would deliver. and here they are. they are here. 100 percent. dean: 730 billion in sales.
4:09 am
up roughly 4% from 2018 which was a big year in itself. everything is moving up, up, up. it's gotten to the point now where a new record of the dow e oh, again, another record. it's becoming old hat if you will, which is great. lives his tomorrow is black friday. i like to do it all online because it terrifies me just to be sur rowrntionded by people. dean: cyber monday? lisa: here's the thing. this question weighs asked to people, should stores stay open or should they be closed on thanksgiving? today not black friday tomorrow. and they said 55% are opposed and 29% support it. they say that they are opposed to store. pete: i'm confuse you had. lisa: hold on. pete: should they stay open or closed oppose or support. lisa: maybe i have been set up here. pete: clarify whether they are opposing the closing or open. dean: i like all those
4:10 am
videos where everybody just brawls. lisa: i have a proposition then. you are on the show tomorrow. i think they should send you. pete: those happen on friday morning. dean: i will be here. pete: sorry about that. tough luck. pete: i think to tie it all together. if you are mike bloomberg trying to get a foot hold in the democratic party. booming economy and people that support what the president has done for them. and you are saying am going to fix the economy? what's your fix and what's your indictment of the president? dean: so low unemployment we need more people. [laughter] lisa: all right. well, we also have -- as we said throughout the show, we have got team live coverage of the thanksgiving parade that includes carley shimkus who is amazing. she is outside on sixth avenue talking with people who are waiting for these big, big parades. carley, how excited are people and what are they excited for this thanksgiving? >> people are really excited, right?
4:11 am
is everybody excited? y., i know. and the amount of people that came here since this last hour is amazing. it's like tripled. this is shannon and jason and they are great kids. they are here for a very special reasonable. what is that? >> our daughter is performing with the spirit of america as a cheerleader. and we are so excited. go pv. carley: what are you most thankful for this thanksgiving? >> this trip to new york and my family. carley: that's awesome. what a great kid. what about you? >> family always. >> family and friends. hi back home. carley: going down the line what are you thankful for? >> um,. >> good. carley: oh my gosh a woman after my heart. gail, who are you representing? >> we where pride of the mountains university from western north carolina. carley: we got to get that in there. your daughters are going to be performing as well. we will be out here covering the parade all morning long. happy thanksgiving, everybody.
4:12 am
[cheers] carley: all right. i will send it back to you in the studios. pete: making friends out there. lisa: i'm also thankful for food, turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing and pour the gravy. pete: you and rest of america. jillian has more headlines for you. jillian: i do. i will have a plateful of mashed potatoes and stuffing in a couple of hours. i can't wait. jillian: people might have a hard time getting where they are going because of this weather. wreaking havoc for millions of thanksgiving travelers. hundreds of drivers stranded near the california-oregon border stuck in a blizzard. two storms sweeping across the country. in ohio gusty winds leaving utility poles swaying back and forth. leaving feel ground the at our nation's airports. >> sleeping on the floor, wherever they can sleep. it was ugly. jillian: about 55 million people are expected to travel this week.
4:13 am
stay safe if you are. overnight, firefighters rescue a teenager stung stuck in a chimney. the girl and friend locked out of her home in phoenix. she tried to climb through the chimney to get inside. she was stuck for about 45 minutes before firefighters safely lifted her out. a cop has a hilarious run-in with a wild sturek turkey whilen the job. watch this. [laughter] [gobblgobbling] >> get a ticket. jillian: the officer getting unexpected surprise issuing a driver a ticket in california. it appears the turkey's act work because the officer let the driver go. lisa: what would do you if you had a wild turkey running up now.
4:14 am
pete: drink it. seems like obstruction of justice that turkey might need a pardon. dean: who are the top political turkeys of the year? [speaking spanish] lisa: there is more where beto coming up. ♪ big time ♪ r own way♪ copd tries to say go this way i say i'll go my own way with anoro. ♪go your own way once-daily anoro contains two medicines called bronchodilators that work together to significantly improve lung function all day and all night. do not use anoro if you have asthma. anoro won't replace rescue inhalers for sudden symptoms and should not be used more than once a day. tell your doctor if you a heart condition, high blood pressure, glaucoma, prostate, bladder or urinary problems.
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4:18 am
♪ ♪ lisa: welcome back to "fox & friends." this year has been stuffed with politics. see what we did there? pete: um. our next guest says that bird in your oven isn't the only turkey this thanksgiving. he has a whole list of political turkeys for 2019. lisa: i don't know what we have time for it all. here now to break it all down is political humorous. we start with beto. give us a glimpse into this one. >> let him do the talking first. this guy. roll the tape. lisa: roll it. [speaking spanish] >> there's the magic right there. not so much beto pandering to the people. it's the look.
4:19 am
it's the astonishment on warren and booker, i got to learn me some spanish. lisa: that face, he does a lot of those looks like even when biden said he was endorsed by the only female african-american senator. he is like, what? >> golden. and, again, that close up, that zoom in on those two realizing that moment for them. pete: we just mentioned biden. he could have had all five of the leading ones on this turkey list. here is one we chose. >> we have this notion that somehow if you are poor, you cannot do it. poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids. >> remember when we all thought that aoc it was going to be the queen of the gaffes and forever and forever shall be. joe biden says hold my metamucil, i'm back in this game. he came big with this one. he turned back the curtain on identity politics and what old liberals like him
4:20 am
think about people of color that showed a lot of leg. lisa: we have more like this one from senator kamala harris. >> there is this whole conversation coming up about electability. focused on our campaign. is america ready for that? >> no. >> oh, yes, they are. lisa: say are they red for me? and she said yes. she was rocking and rolling and all of a sudden, the first rule of being a lawyer is never ask a question you don't know the answer to. they threw her a curve ball. i give her credit though. she stuck with it and she said well, yes, they are. yes are they are. still, again, one of those moments it was a gaffe because they did not give her the answer she wanted. pete: justin dutr trudo trudeaua rough year.
4:21 am
>> i dressed up talent show and sang gail with makeup on. >> not once, not twice but trice he was caught in different modes of black face. and that -- the only thing that could make that worse is to have to admit that you were in makeup and yes, i sang. go back gaggle of press and i sang dayo in makeup. that's an awful moment in anybody's life. it was whole world stage. lisa: thank you. happy thanksgiving to you. >> happy thanksgiving. pete: all right. as 2020 dems ramp up their attacks on michael bloomberg, many candidates are rushing in to insist think are not irish. >> i grew up in oklahoma in the ragged edge of the middle class. >> i you grew up blue collar family. >> every single day of my life i knew what paycheck to paycheck life was all about. lisa: they are all rich. what's wrong with success?
4:22 am
we have tammy bruce on tech to talk about it all ♪ ♪ ♪ - [narrator] meet the ninja foodi air fry oven. make family-sized meals fast, and because it's a ninja foodi, it can do things no other oven can, like flip away. the ninja foodi air fry oven, the oven that crisps and flips away. and you know what they isay about curiosity. it'll ruin your house. so get allstate and be better protected from mayhem, like meow.
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♪ pete: welcome back. time for news by the numbers. thanksgiving edition. first, $48.91. that's the cost of the average thanksgiving dinner for 10 people. the american farm bureau estimate is up one penny from last year. 10 people. that strikes me as a little low. if you do it on a budget, good for you. next, $181,000. that's how much you will pay for the world's most expensive thanksgiving dinner. in addition to turkey for 12. new york city steak house will throw in 7 day cruise, shopping spree and trip to
4:26 am
the super bowl? dean: that's not dinner. [inaudible] pete: there you go. you heard her. you will hear from her soon. 30. how many miles you will have to walk to burn off turkey dinner. can you also run for four hours or swim for five. dean is going to do all of them of the average thanksgiving meal 3,000-calories. dean: that's a lot of work. lisa: 30 miles? dean: as 2020 democrats ramp up attacks on new rival and billionaire michael bloomberg. many candidates insist they are not rich. >> i grew up in oklahoma on the ragged edge of the middle class. >> listen, i grew up in a blue collar family. >> every single day of my life i knew what paycheck to paycheck life was about. >> growing up in a middle class neighborhood, the last thing i liked was people telling my family and me what we should know. >> i never thought i would be on a forbe's magazine list but they did one of all
4:27 am
the candidates by wealth and i'm literally the least wealthy person on this stage. pete: play the game of who is the poorest? why do democrats feel the need to hide their wealth and down play the american dream. lisa: fox news contributor and independent women's voice tammy bruce joins us now with perspective. why is being rich a bad thing to the left. >> it's not. it's thanksgiving. everyone should be grateful for being in this country where we are all on the same road. some people are further ahead on that road to success and wealth than others. and we can choose how fast we want to go on that road. it's a magnificent thing to wake up in this country. democrats want to hide it, because it would expose their hypocrisy. they effectively row manhattan size not doing well. they romanticize. they have to explain why what they represent can be better than what's happening in this country, what the conservative ideal brings. which is personal freedom. free market, capitalism and
4:28 am
the ability for us to be financially independent. it doesn't mean that you have to be super rich but that can you live where you want to live. you can send your kids to the schools you want to send them. to say you can be in a relationship because you want to be. not because you have to be. all those sing things that we want that now a good economy brings us. democrats also rely on class warfare. all, about of course, gender warfare, racial warfare. guiding and congress corresponding. this is that dynamic. they have nothing else to offer but this kind of rhetoric about why everybody else bringing you success and saying we should excel in business is a bad thing. they need to demonize it because they can't match it. dean: look at the worth of some of these people here. michael bloomberg 3.4 billion. tom steyer 1.6 billion. john delaney, i don't know who that is 200 million. michael bennett, i don't know who that is 15 million. elizabeth warren 12 million? how did she make that? >> we still wonder how do you go in to public service
4:29 am
and get rich? some of those individuals, of course like bloomberg and steyer made their money in business. that's fabulous. i want us to have as much money as wo we can. even the bidens, a public service and becoming multimillionaires. extraordinary dynamic. we shouldn't, you know, bemonebemoan it all. they should be proud of it. a person would say let me help get a country where you can excel like i have excelled. we are going it to tell you our plan for you instead of asking what you want. >> senator, senator, senator, all of which are millionaires and people look around and saying if you didn't make it private sector you made it through connections that you have. dean: i thought it was serving. lisa: what do they want to do? they want to go into government and dictate to us and lecture us about what we
4:30 am
should be doing with our lives when they did it through the frequent and free m. pete: they are running against the guy who ran because he is proud of being in a billionaire. >> exactly. pete: people like that. >> elevating the individual. the president wants to take the shackles off. wants to open these doors and to have us move forward. the democrats, frankly are doing the opposite. lisa: president trump said i want all of you to be rich too. pete: thank you very much. we love having you. >> happy thanksgiving. we have a lot to be grateful for. pete: we are thankful for american made products as well. our own tv's todd piro visit the wisconsin factory to see hour pierce fire trucks are made by proud american workers. lisa: and it's the million-dollar question. the macy's parade balloons are blown up. will they fly? dean: we will check back in with adam klotz at the parade route next. i thought he was at the beginning
4:31 am
♪ ♪ (grandson) wow... (grandfather) that was me, seventy years ago.
4:32 am
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move past the pain of psoriasis. jennifer up very early watching "fox & friends." look at that in the background. lisa: a happy camper. we have got this one from libby who says she is grateful for our friends at talks. we are thankful for you as well. pete: up early beautiful little one. the little ones don't care if it's a holiday. they are not sleeping in for you. >> like did i last night you put them to bed a little bit
4:35 am
earlier you have your own time at night that means they get up earlier. we put gwinn to bed at 7:00 last night. i went to bed at 7:450. it was a great 45 minutes. lisa: what did you do with it. pete: i watched jack ryan. lisa: i have seen all of it. pete: it's pretty good. thank you for sending your photos get the screen in the background you get extra points. big concern this morning for the 93rd annual macy's thanksgiving day parade. dean: could snoob snoop fromy ar balloons be grounded? lisa: adam, are they going to fly? dean is dying to know. adam: he this are still calling it a game time decision. a decision they make up until 9:05 when this thing starts. all indications are we are leaning towards these flying. again, those are 16 of the
4:36 am
giant balloons. there is a lot going on besides the balloons including clowns and marching bands and we have a marching band here right now. university in baltimore. have you guys done this before? >> first one. adam: this is your first time. what's it like to be in the macy's day parade? >> very exciting. we are very -- having a great time. students are having a good time. been an exciting time for being here and being a part of this. adam: you are going to be in the parade today. is there thanksgiving plan for the rest of the day or what are you going to do in the new york city? >> rest of the day we will go this afternoon our alumni prepared a nice thanksgiving meal for us. so we are going to go eat with our alumni this evening. adam: that's incredible. director miles, thank you for talking to me. can you play something for us. we will be talking. can you jam for us for a minute? adam: yeah, you guys can do? let's do it. 20 seconds here, guys.
4:37 am
adam: let's do it. ♪ ♪ ♪ pete: that was not something for me to see. they do want to see jillian. jillian: can you see, todd, when we start the 5:00 a.m. show he is dancing every single day. he dropped down, i thought he split his pants this modern. he didn't, though. jillian: not to my knowledge. let's start off with this
4:38 am
story we are following right now. 60,000 people forced out of their homes this thanksgiving after a massive chemical plant explodes in texas. we i brought you this video yesterday. take a look. this is video taken overnight as the plant in port neches fire is still burning more than 24 hours later. the flames causing the plant to collapse setting off a giant fireball. jillian: then there is this doorbell footage showing the exact moment the explosion blew doors open and shattered windows. three employees were injured in the blast. they are all okay. a father and son are under arrest after posting video of a drag race crash on the internet. watch this.
4:39 am
crash happened in february in the lincoln tunnel. investigators made the arrest this week. the men face several charges, including leaving the scene of an accident. ice agents arrest 90 additional illegal immigrants at a university in michigan. the university of farmington set up by dhs was advertised as a graduate business program for foreign born students. a total of 250 students, mostly from india have been arrested since the school was first shut down in january. many have been deported. lawyers for the students are accusing dhs of setting a trap. a school reverses their decision barring a student from playing joy to the world for an assignment. the pianist was originally told it was too religious. a school official suggested a more cultural choice like jingle bells. the california charter school will let the student play the christmas song after her mother threatened to sue. send it back to you guys. lisa: thank you, jillian.
4:40 am
she should have played baby it's cold outside. dean: that really would be racey. pete: thanks, jillian. the white house put a spotlight on pierce manufacturing at the first ever made in america showcase. dean: now we are spot lighting the wisconsin company today. lisa: i love wisconsin. todd piro joins us with more of that. todd: i won't be able to follow up the dancing comment. i will bring this story important story. not only make products in america but those products save lives. take a look. [sirens] ♪ todd: you may have seen their fire trucks rolling down your street. welcome to pierce manufacturing in wisconsin that make fire trucks right here in the good old us of a. what's it like as a kid growing up loving fire trucks to be working in the fire truck industry? >> to be honest with you it's like a little kid in a candy store. every day come to work. work with an awesome team.
4:41 am
>> 250 team members. todd: show us how it's made. >> this the is foundation of the fire truck. todd: what happens after this. >> we will go through another paint process. todd: who knew. i thought there was only one fire truck red. >> 750 total colors we can offer. todd: weekend warrior with a brush. you have a guy in a full hazmat suit. right here we are actually doing -- >> we paints everything by hand. >> as a kid you always want to build things. right now we are about to really build a fire truck, but this isn't child's play. >> absolutely. this is a critical part of the process. we are going to pick up this cab slide over and put it on. >> at this point in the process the body has been welded, formed and painted and ready to pick up by our team and sat onto the chasey. it will become a fire truck. todd: you and i aren't doing the lifting. >> we will let the team take care of that. todd: he knows not strong.
4:42 am
body, and we have the cab. now it looks like a fire truck. what's so interesting to me is that here at pierce this process is unique for every single truck because you guys make custom trucks. >> it is. every single order we produce is a custom order. they are looking for safety, reliability, innovation, we offer all of that. >> we have over 10,000 firefighters come never year to do their truck and pick out the things that they want on their truck. we want to give them exactly what they want. todd: we have a beautiful american flag grill here. why is made in america mean so much to pierce? >> taking care of the communities, the firefighters, the great mental and women that protect our nation. todd: pierce makes this made in the u.s.a. seal on every truck that rolls out of here. >> let's you know getting quality product made by good strong hard working people put their blood, sweat and tears into this truck. >> made by the best people there is and hardest working people there are. >> it's good for the country. it's good for everybody. it's good for employment.
4:43 am
>> made in america means pride. >> very proud to work here and help out our firefighters of america. go out in the field they can focus on making sure they -- todd: amazing how technologicallied ly advanced. dean: they are like works of art. pete: each individualized. dean: amazing. did you know decades ago adam schiff wanted to be a screen writer. did i not know that what kind of end is he working on? impeachment push. he got to play one in life. pete: comedian michael loftus. loftus ♪ singing this will be the day that i die? ♪ this will be the day that i die ♪
4:44 am
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♪ pete: welcome back to "fox & friends" on this beautiful thanksgiving. we will check back in right now with adam klotz live at the macy's parade route where he is with adena manziel. is that true? what have you got? >> i have a treat for you. she is a well-known star on broadway. the younger generation knows her more from frozen and frozen 2 and what's that big song let it go? the whole world knows. that is that what you are going to be doing out here today. >> no i'm doing slay ride from my holiday album that's out. so i'm really excited about it. it's a big band holiday album. lots of jazzy. great energy. there is ariana grande is on it. yeah. we got billie porter and josh gad who plays olaf. my husband sings i'll be home for christmas with me. very excited. adam: frozen 2 is out now. is that going wonderful.
4:48 am
>> apparently everybody is going out to see it. that's great. we're really proud of the movie. adam: kids everywhere love. this how do your kids feel about knowing that you are elsa? >> my son very complicated. he loves the movie but hates mommy singing. i'm always embarrassing him. he thought the movie was great. adam: i love this. what are you thankful for? >> oh my gosh, i'm thankful for my family. i'm thankful for all the people in my life that keep it real and that support me and that make me laugh. adam: awesome. thanks so much. thanks for stopping and talking to us. toss it back to you guys. >> happy thanksgiving. adam: happy thanksgiving, guys. dean: she can sing. no get about it. lisa: i cannot. dean: we will find out later in the show. pete: bet dean can sing. dean: not a chance. speaking of things you can't do president trump or the champ? the commander-in-chief tweeting this picture of himself as rocky.
4:49 am
lisa: naturally the internet went wild with not sure what to make of it. isn't trolling part of the president's style? pete: i think it is. comedian and founder of the loftus party joins us now to react. the president set the internet on fire yesterday when he put the image out. people might know know part of it is the reference to what he said at the rally the night before. take a listen to what the president said. >> why would i wear a tie? [laughter] if the first thing they do is say take off your shirt, sir and show us that gorgeous chest. [laughter] pete: then we get the picture and the internet explodes. >> it's fantastic. and this is -- it's wonderful on so many levels because trump is rocky bow boa, he is. he is the scrappy underdog. hillary clinton was the apollo creed. she was supposed to win the big fight in 2016. but trump outworked her.
4:50 am
he outhustled her. he won. now he just -- he is standing there melania. melania. [laughter] lisa: i wonder if he has been on the keto diet? he is looking riff there. young congressman adam schiff had hopes of being a screen writer. i didn't know. in today creating a real life screenplay on impeachment. we have seen that in the hearings. will there will be a plot. what is this background and tell me why it's applicable to now. >> adam schiff, i think it's hilarious that he wanted to be a screen writer and it didn't work out. because i think his movie probably promised a lot and then there was no twist. underdelivered. like a courtroom drama but, guess what, the guy who is on trial is innocent. that's not a good movie. that's terrifying. when adam schiff is judge and jury and you are innocent, that's a nightmare.
4:51 am
it needs a twist. it needs a cool twist. pete: according to the story schiff read -- go ahead. >> he rips off mask and one of those aliens from mars attacks. that would be great. tiny body and big head. pete: thank you for joining us have a great thanksgiving. thank you, mike call. >> you guys too. pete: more "fox & friends" on the other side. with advil liqui-gels, you have fast-acting power over pain, so the whole world looks different. the unbeatable strength and speed of advil liqui-gels. what pain? sleep number 360 smart bed. sleep number event on the can it help keep us asleep? yes, it senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. save 50% on the sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed.
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♪ pete: not thanksgiving without bass pro shops and cabela's here at "fox & friends." dean: today the latest on all the holiday products that you won't want to miss. lisa: here with the exclusive deals with luke snyder. what do we need to know? >> thanks for having me and happy thanksgiving. dean: happy thanksgiving. >> we are open today. bass pro and cabela's nationwide and canada. dean: i could live in those shops by the way.
4:55 am
>> we try to do it right. we have great sales going on. santa's wonderland. the big guy is in the house. free photo, we do it up right. dean: that's cool. pete: what kind of products as you walk us through. >> hoodies for the whole family, 10 bucks you can't beat it. thin lady's fleece over here. under 40 on the other side there. >> aha. the men's is under 40 as well. biggest deal garmin g.p.s. unit. it does it right in the avionics boating world. normally 350 and get it for 170 bucks. lisa: dean has been playing with these trucks. >> rc truck under 506789 don't forget the cabin. my daughter has one of these in her room. you will get that. no tools necessary. this is always a fan favorite. lisa: tell us about the deal you buy it and get 10% off. >> hard-to-buy person in the family, go in there buy a gift card and get 10% off
4:56 am
100 bucks get it for 90. pete: very nice. still focus on thanksgiving, folks. pet peeve of mine. do thanksgiving before or after you go visit santa's wonderland store near you bass cabela' lisa: can you do it all. dean: you need a picture on santa. >> normally in the past we didn't offer it online. it's in-store or online. thank you. pete: lisa, do my read. lisa: huge efforts still ahead on this thanksgiving day. joey jones and terry bradshaw both here live. pete: terry bradshaw? amazing. lisa: and joey jones. ♪ ♪ i never knew ♪ surprise! a new buick? for me?
4:57 am
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♪ ♪ >> we are celebrating here because it's thanksgiving. >> it is, shot of snoopy being inflated. flags waving right there. is it going to be too windy, some evidence that we might be rolling because right behind us in curvey couch is sixth avenue. >> picachu is going up. >> lisa, superman, you can't beat them on this thanksgiving. >> so much to be thankful for.
5:01 am
>> we live on the greatest planet on the planet and they said let's thank god and for the bounty that we were given, take moment and prayer to reflect on that, read the first thanksgiving proclamation from abraham and george washington. >> i'm thankful for my family, i will see my baby niece tomorrow which i'm super excited for and thankful to be with you guys because we have been having so much fun and we have been asking for everyone at home to be sending photos of how you're celebrating this morning and today, this one is from judy and she says that they're watching "fox & friends" and wishing you happy thanksgiving. >> grandma is reading to our grandson while you guys play in the background. >> bingo, might be distractive.
5:02 am
coda from georgia says happy thanksgiving, we have doggy. >> it's a hat. >> i see her in the background. >> we have this one from nancy who says happy thanksgiving "fox & friends". >> bring that to us. we ask for proof of viewership and you have been taking your photos next to us in program. keep them coming in. >> we are sitting right outside of sixth avenue, guess who is out there with all those people, carley shimkus. she's making friends. >> hello. yes, i am. it is the most wonderful time of the year. it is the official start to the holiday season, the turkey, the shopping, right now it's all about parade, hello, what's your name?
5:03 am
>> i'm jim from constituency -- kansas city, there's nothing better on thanksgiving. >> are we till friends if i'm a michigan fan? >> we are thankful for family, tradition, thankful to have this little baby as our first, sam is 9 months old, happy to be here to celebrate with everybody. >> it's amazing, where you're from? >> state college. >> everybody needs to stop, can i get a michigan cheer? that's right, everybody is happy, everybody is thankful and i will send it back on into the studio with you guys. >> go big blue, that's right.
5:04 am
>> i will say go -- [laughter] >> well, speaking of somebody else, sorry, speak of someone else who is very thankful on this thanksgiving, eddy gallagher, 3 navy seal officers involveed in case of eddy gallagher. >> the secretary of the navy explaining decision as former secretary slams president trump for getting involved. >> we have ellison barber who is live in washington, d.c. as we are hearing from both sides on this debate, ellison. >> hey, guys, the acting navy secretary says that he directed the chief of naval operations to stop for 3 navy seals who supervised eddy gallagher, any failures the officers exhibited in conduct, performance and judgment should be addressed in administrative measures, nor the seals nor the navy should continue with negative
5:05 am
distraction, quite a few twists and turns, eddy gallagher acquitted of murder charges but convicted of taking body of isis fighter and president trump stepped in and reversed and gallagher could have been expelled from the seals, the military justice system should resolve gallagher's case but president trump gave an order for gallagher to keep tridant. richard spencer says he doesn't know what that means. shocking and unprecedented and intervention in low-level review and remind they're the president have little understanding what it means to be in the military, to fight ethically or governed by a uniform set of rules and practices.
5:06 am
lisa, pete. >> thank you, ellison. >> it was unprecedented op-ed by richard spencer and a lot of sour grapes in there because he was fired by the commander in chief and what richard spencer forgot like so many in the navy the american people in 2016 sent president to office, obama did it a certain way, freeing people like bradley manning and things like that that everyone looked sideways at, president trump i want to crush isis and unleash the war fighter and if people are wrongly accused regardless of how low level they are, i'm going step in to make sure their leadership has confidence with them. >> ii want to share with you gus at home headlines that's being covered, we have cbs news and this is what their headlines says, 3 more navy seals escape accountability.
5:07 am
trump's meddling derail reforms inside commando units, do want a word? >> reuters said 3 more navy sealed -- isn't he the commander in chief? how does he meddle? >> basically say do navy commander have reason to disobey president trump, president trump as we established is the commander in chief, so to undermine him is wrong and disobeying the chain of command, right, pete? >> of course, that's why they should resign if they don't agree, that's why spencer did and was pushed out. not just guys like eddy gallagher, other cases, spared review and meddling as you point out, dean, no, this is a different view of how we support the war fighter, you talk to the
5:08 am
guys pulling triggers, right now in the dirt for our country on this thanksgiving away from their families they are so grateful to have commander in chief who they know will have their back when they're killing the bad guy on the battlefield where we went sent them. >> another big story that we have been talking about all morning, the new york times article and what it talks about is the upcoming report we will see from the inspector general michael horowitz and this is what it says, it says russia inquiry review is expected to undercut trump claims of fbi spying, so that's the headline from this, we've been talking about it and what's interesting, you get into this heart of the story and it actually talks about how these informants were used to spy on trump campaign, ultimately what happened informants to get to george papadopoulos and individuals on the campaign, i don't know how you say that other than spying.
5:09 am
>> they weren't spying, they were pretty much spying, that's in the next paragraph, that's how that worked, jason chaffetz was here this morning. >> the democrats are out there prespinning this, by definition of fisa application is a warrant to spy on somebody, this person carter page happened to be on the trump campaign. the mere fact that they are trying to discredit that says about the weakness of the case and allegation, the key flashing light that says, you know what, they have something to be worried about, if they have spinning this, look out, let's see what actually happens when it's released on december 9th. >> consider the source, it's "the new york times", consider the fact that the report hasn't gone out yet, won't be out for 2 weeks, the reporter for new york times has not seen draft report and heard from people that are leaking portions of it. maybe they are leaking portions that are helpful to them or the clients but as you pointed out,
5:10 am
dean, there's a paragraph gain and the report expect today debunk that the fbi relied on steele dossier. so don't believe "the new york times", wait for the report to come out, horowitz has been working hard on this and hopefully we can get to the bottom of it. >> yeah. >> this was bought and paid for by hillary clinton and the dnc as well, also i was trying to make the point that congressman chaffetz did but he did it much more articulate than me. [laughter] >> that's what i do all of the time. i don't know what to say. i will say this, the white house is pushing back right now because there's been so much push on impeachment, so much talk about ukraine, all the things happening in washington, d.c., they are trying to remind folks, hey, in the last two months we have done a lot of stuff, they have put the president's accomplishments, two
5:11 am
trade deals with japan, multiple circuit court judges appointed, hey, the leader of isis al-baghdadi was killed, that's a big deal, but for transparency and healthcare drug pricing, even do the do-nothing democrats won't do anything with them, they want to implement progrowth policies, stock market records, you can add the border and what they are trying to do there, a lot of frustration that nancy pelosi was supposed to be elected in 2018 and all they have done is gone for impeachment since the beginning. >> and not moving forward with the usmca, jillian mele. jillian: happy thanksgiving, let's talk about the weather because all eyes are on the forecast if you're traveling, recking havoc for millions of thanksgiving travelers, even california, hundreds of drivers stranded here california-oregon border stuck in blizzard, two storms sweeping across the
5:12 am
country, dash cam video in utah capturing crash on many slippery roads, in ohio utility pole and power lane swanning back and forth in gusty winds, that's a scary scene. hundreds of flights and thousands of people grounded at our nation's airports, about 55 million people are expected to travel this week, so if you're one of them, make sure you stay safe. well, police are putting out new information about a possible abduction captured by a doorbell camera, this is really chilling, watch this. [screams] >> someone help me. somebody help me, please. jillian: i mean, instant chills, the incident happened earlier this month, a white man driving the car carrying the screaming woman that you hear in the video, we release a picture of the vehicle, white toyota matrix
5:13 am
police are hoping it generates new leads, a man under arrest accused of supporting isis and encouraging lone wolf attacks in new york city, zachary clark posted propaganda like this online and accused of putting instructional manuals on the internet including one call, quote, make a call on kitchen, these newborns are taking the phrase cute enough to eat to a whole new level, 6 sweet infants tat women's hospital of texas dressed up as traditional thanksgiving food complete with turkey, sweet potato casserole and even a chef, they were born this week and congrats to all the new families. >> very cool. >> appreciate it. >> some of the sound was just chilling. there's so much to be thankful for and as americans gather to
5:14 am
reflect what they are thankful for our next guest says one thing that he with can be grateful for is freedom. >> joey jones joins us with powerful thanksgiving message next. about vehicle quality. and when they were done, chevy earned more j.d. power quality awards across cars, trucks and suvs than any other brand over the last four years. so on behalf of chevrolet, i want to say "thank you, real people." you're welcome. we're gonna need a bigger room. it also has the highest growth in manufacturing jobs in the us. it's a competition for the talent.
5:15 am
employees need more than just a paycheck. you definitely want to take advantage of all the benefits you can get. 2/3 of employees said that the workplace is an important source for personal savings and protection solutions. the workplace should be a source of financial security. keeping your people happy is what keeps your people. that's financial wellness. put your employees on a path to financial wellness with prudential.
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5:18 am
>> certainly in iraq and afghanistan, retired marine corps technician jerry jones has witnessed sacrifice firsthand. >> in a few op-ed on he explains why he's thankle for america this thanksgiving f memorial reminds us of cost of freedom and independence and struggle to obtain it, let thanksgiving remind us why. >> he joins us now with more, joey, i want to read this line to the people at home and i thought it was a beautiful line, it wasn't my choice to have prosthetic legs to stand on but the choice to stand again was 1 is -- 100% our choice. tell us to what brought you to
5:19 am
writing the line? >> well, the truth is i've never stopped loving the country and 100% the people in it and that's what gets lost, i've been in politics for a long time and passionate about certain issues or outlook on life but that stems from love of other people and when people ask how i recovered, the first answer is responsibility, add responsibility to my family, 1-year-old son and you can't do that laying in the hospital bed feeling sorry for yourself, if you have a responsibility to the people around you in the country maybe you will treat them better and argue less today. >> you also talk about how we have a super power, explain that. >> you have a super power, when i was in hospital bed, a nurse said, don't worry, hun, you'll walk again, that's the first thing she said, that's exactly
5:20 am
what i need today hear when i need today hear it and her voice was in my head throughout my recovery, hey, this stranger believed in me at first sight, why can't i believe in myself, you have the ability at home to tell somebody what they need to hear and when they need to hear it and so before you know worry, everyone is word about that people will argue over politics at the dinner today, talk about politics, people should know what you're passionate about, it's what you're doing it for, the purpose behind your motivation that stopped you from arguing and getting hateful, go into it knowing that you care about other people and only reason that you care about politics to begin with. >> joey, you are a super hero, my friend, i saw your op-ed. >> superman yourself. >> you are, my friend, great job, great op-ed, fantastic, hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving and giving us
5:21 am
something to be thankful for. >> thank you for your service, joey. >> always, democrats and the media enabling trump to run as an outsider again in 2020, coming up next. - [spokeswoman] meet the ninja foodi grill.
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5:24 am
>> food thanksgiving morning for you, quick headlines, fox news alert, north korea firing two unidentified projectiles overnight, announcing the launch towards the north eastern waters, but they have not confirmed what kind of projectile was fired, comes as the u.s. and north korea stair down deadline for nuclear negotiations, protestors are gathering with american flags after president trump signs two
5:25 am
bills backing their efforts, china's foreign ministry now promising firm countermeasures, the president says he signed the bills, quote, out of respect for president xi, china and the people of hong kong, pete. >> the media going all in and attacking president trump ahead of 2020, of course, with headlines like that, but will their attacks end up enabling him run to run as outsider yet again in 2020, here to weigh in turning point usa spokesperson rob schmitt, one is from usa today, economic whoas not impeachment could doom trump, dictator like trump attacking the value, the way they attack him makes it look yet again the system doesn't want president trump. >> well, it does, i think that the craziest thing how the media has treated the president is if they just covered him neutrally, covered him like they would any other president, i think that a
5:26 am
lot more people would kind of have a more critical view but they have gone so in on trump derangement system and they have gone so in on fake stuff that people see it and i think that that emboldens the support and does allow him to run as outsider. >> the resistance from the beginning, the coup. >> the day after impeachment. >> nancy pelosi gets elected to speaker of the house, yet what we have seen so far impeachment hearings and inquiry and they have done nothing, the do-nothing democrats stick, you had your chance to govern, you have come after me, it's a compelling case to voters. >> it's a compelling case, if you look at democrats they can't run on bad economy, they don't really have any ideas to run on, they are running on the idea that impeachment sham, fiasco is going to move the lever for people who want to vote for democrats and i don't think it's
5:27 am
happening, also there have been so many good things that happened on the administration, record black unemployment. >> one of the strongest suits of the president is the economy. let's say even the economy were to soften in 2020, the president could turn around and say i wanted to do usmca and you don't want to do it, i've been wanting to do more on the economy, you won't work with me. >> right. >> even if if he's not perfect on election day, he hasn't had a unwilling partner on the other side. >> i think people say that, even if it does soften before the election, the left have no ideas for the economy, they are pushing socialism, free healthcare, free college, all of the free stuff, they don't have any ideas for the economy, even if the economy does soften in advance of 2020, i still don't think that's enough to elect
5:28 am
democrats. >> such an interesting point by overplaying their hands so much, mistreating him in the media, resisting him from the beginning in capitol hill, they created phenomena. maybe that's why he tweeted the rocky photo yesterday. >> i think so. not only left but republican establishments as well. >> happy thanksgiving. >> you too. >> you got it, coming up nfl hall of famer carrie bradshaw has football predictions here on "fox & friends", love that gearing up for black friday, bass pro shops in cabella's are giving us sneak peek on hottest deals.
5:29 am
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5:32 am
>> you know it and you love it, the shot of the morning the president as the champ. >> why would i wear a tie if the first thing they do is they take off your shirts and show gorgeous chest. [laughter] >> president trump spoking about recent trip to see his doctor. >> in hate trump not everyone enjoyed the obvious. i tell you this. >> he's on the keto diet. >> i think he's on the mcdonalds cheeseburger diet which he
5:33 am
professes to love. the way his supporters view him, the way the media is coming after him is rocky, still fighting the media, he tweets with the photos and they take the bait. >> oh, god, they take the bait. can you believe he tried to pass this off as real. >> which is why he does it, he sees everybody be crazy and laugh. >> all right, well, someone who can read some heck out of some headlines is jillian mele. >> good morning, guys, happy thanksgiving, here is what you're missing if you're just turning on tv, sent to prison and deported for causing accident that killed 4 children, now olga franco is under arrest again after sneaking back into the country, she was taken into custody in minnesota and handed over to immigration officials, in 2008 driving a mini van and ran stop sign before slamming into a school bus, authorities say she had been using fake identities to get work.
5:34 am
a couple frantically calls a police after scary road rage incident with toddler in the backseat, watch this. >> hey, chill out, bro, i have a kid. i have a kid. i have a kid. [inaudible conversations] >> i have a baby. he knocked him off the bike. >> that is scary. >> the driver armando hitting motorcyclists after swiping the couple's car, this is in texas, thankfully no one was seriously hurt, he's facing several charges. >> a woman caught on camera chasing robbers in a green onesie, when she heard someone opening her locker, she jumped into action.
5:35 am
>> this with nothing really on so i just threw everything down and ran after. >> the robbers did manage to get away. i like that. america has spoken, this is the country's favorite christmas classic. >> aren't you going laugh at my nose too, i think it's a handsome noise. jillian: rudolph the red nose reindeer is holiday special, we asked your favorites and we've gotten some pretty good responses, glenn writes by far the best christmas special, it's a wonderful life, jenny says a christmas story 100%. >> i will go out on a limb, the christmas special that's coming up on fox nation might be the best. >> it is coming up in fox nation, an all-american christmas might top all of
5:36 am
those. [laughter] >> enough of christmas because today is thanksgiving. >> yes, it is, tomorrow is the biggest shopping day of the year. >> so that's why we have bass pro shop and cabella's, it's here with all of their best deals. >> you have deals, other stuff, what do you have? >> we sure did, black friday is a big thing, we are open today, black friday starts at 5:00 a.m. bright and early tomorrow, crazy deals, you will see a theme here when i get through it. >> gift card, if you want a discount, you buy a gift card and 10% discount. >> if you get a card for 100 you get it for 90. >> that's a god deal. >> this is new this year. outstanding, this is a 90, available for a kid 12 and up,
5:37 am
so tomorrow you come in -- you put a deposit on this thing before you purchase they hand you 200-dollar gift card off the bat. >> that's cool. >> i got my daughter one last year in pink. these are always popular, i don't think you will find better jeans, 130 books, bird-watching if you're not a hunter, big-game hunting, you can take in the field, comes with nice bag. >> what about right here in the parade? >> that's right. >> there it is. >> 10 bucks, men's flanel shirts 10 bucks. >> 10 bucks? >> those are steals.
5:38 am
>> black friday 5:00 a.m., you have to get there early. >> get after it. >> all the other deals you can take advantage of online. >> good stuff. >> outstanding. >> luke, thanks a lot, appreciate your time. i will get outed away from the mannequin so i can see the prompter. you can't have thanksgiving without football, we will bring you the all-time greats to break down today's game, carrie bradshaw. >> #sports. [laughter] (client's voice) remember that degree you got in taxation?
5:39 am
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at bass pro shops and cabela's. i'm wishin' for deals so good-- they'd make santa jealous. i want the kids' faces to light up when the big gift comes out. can i just say, i want it all? (male announcer) hurry in for the season's lowest prices on great gear throughout the store. like men's and ladies' lounge pants for only $5 each. this redhead insulated beanie and glove combo for only $7.50. and vortex diamondback 10x42 binoculars for under $130. doors open at 5 am. >> i love that little turkey. >> it's wonderful, happy thanksgiving everyone at home. you guys have been sending photos all day, thank you for that, we have been covering the
5:42 am
macy's thanksgiving parade all morning long and we have team coverage include ago dam clots live from 93rd macy's parade with country star chris young, very cool, adam. >> yeah, very cool, i have good news first, off, i talked to chief of police, they say we are going to be good on flying the balloons, the balloons will fly, the other good news, yes, i do have country singer chris young, you'll be on south dakota quote, you'll be singing christmas song, that's controversial, is it too soon for that, it's not really christmas? >> you know, i never in my house after having thanksgiving and the earliest aisle ever sing christmas song, it's a way great to kick start it. >> what are you thankful for? >> i have my family here, it's been incredible year for me, this is the first time at the parade, really thankful i get to be a part of. >> great, thanks for stopping
5:43 am
and talking to us, back to you. i'm thankful for him being here. >> and we are thankful for you bringing that and dean very excited about hearing that the balloons are going to fly. all right, so what you're seeing there, watching football on thanksgiving is a tricky day tradition as we all know. >> today the chicago bears set to face off against detroit lions at 12:30 p.m. on fox, what can we expect from the big game. >> here with predictions nfl hall of famer, fox ford host, you know him you love him terry bradshaw. >> good morning especially my 90-year-old mother who is watching. [laughter] >> her name is novas janoah. my brother craig and donna they are taking care of her today. >> terry, first of all, i've always wondered this, it's always the lions and the
5:44 am
cowboys, why is that? >> when they both came into the league, in the nfl decided hey, let's have a thanksgiving game, nobody wanted it, lions say they will take it and dallas says we will take it, they gave it to them and never gave it back. they never gave it back and it's a prime time game featuring the two great franchises and it's a pretty cool but that's how, simply nobody wanted it. >> also dallas playing on thanksgiving for r always. >> you have added -- nfl added a third game, wall to wall football which makes me very happy. [laughter] >> you are a hall of fame quarterback from pittsburgh steelers. >> you're superman. [laughter] >> couch of greatness. >> i lasted 15 minutes with buffalo bills. >> there you go. >> jason garrett was my
5:45 am
quarterback in college and one of my great friends, i played for buffalo, dallas cowboys, one of my best friends is the coach, i have to root for my buddy. >> dallas, i would think that's a good pick. buffalo is 8-3, hard to beat, they easily could beat dallas, but i would say today at homecoming off a horrible loss in new england, dallas will be ready to play and they'll play well at home and they'll win. >> first game that's on fox at 12:30, bears and lions, who do you like there? >> chicago. the lions are down to third quarterback out of perdue undrafted. >> what happened to driscal? >> he's out, so we have blao, we've got a mess. [laughter] >> the great quarterback, he's out with broken bones in his back, i really we wanted to
5:46 am
watch him play, but the bears, their quarterback under a lot of turmoil there, but the bears are too solid. >> especially on defense. >> terry, a lot of people at home, it's thanksgiving, we have been talking about what we are thankful for all morning, what are you thankful for? >> they asked me that and there was so much i wanted to say. i'm thankful for so much, i picked one thing out and i said it already. i'm still thankful that my 90-year-old mom is still here, still here and in great spirits and sweet, pretty good-looking gal. >> very unique name. >> novas. >> yeah. >> well, thank you. >> i don't know that that's always appreciated but -- [laughter] >> yeah. >> so your coverage on fox, you'll be taking over fox square. >> i'm familiar with this because i do thursday night with michael strahan right here, that'll be easy for me, jimmy will be here, holly and the
5:47 am
parade comes right by here. >> can we get free passes to watch it with you? >> sure you get passes. [laughter] >> what else -- what else could you add? >> super bowl tickets? >> i want that. >> i have suites in miami. you name it. >> is this -- this is on record, i'm not sure if this counts. >> you too. >> there it is. >> can you hook me up? >> i'm in. >> i want to go. >> fox definitely has the super bowl this year. >> you're the best. >> thanks for having me, enjoy the day, everyone, to everyone in america, god bless you. i always get my cameras screwed up. >> look wherever you want. [inaudible conversations] >> have a great thanksgiving.
5:48 am
>> there it is. [laughter] >> over here now. >> when it is red that's -- i've had to learn this too. >> identify not figured out in 40-something years. >> terry, that camera. camera 2. >> got it. >> i have to read on that one. >> terry will help us out. [laughter] >> terry -- >> master butcher shows us to cut turkey, we are all compete ing in a -- [laughter] [inaudible conversations] >> america's favorite guy. i will be the judge. [laughter] >> i'm just a cutie. [laughter]
5:49 am
♪ ♪ man #1: i am a veteran.
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♪ ♪ >> it's official, the macy's parade and balloons will fly, live look at parade start, however, they can pull them at any time. >> look at snoopy up there. >> let them fly. >> he doesn't want to come down. >> yeah. >> of course. >> cookie doesn't have wings. all right. [laughter] >> well, look, if you're hosting thanksgiving dinner at your home today, we have the tip that is you need to help you carve the perfect turkey. >> here to show us how it's done, everyday meat guy, venecia. >> venecia.
5:53 am
>> help us out, i've been carving turkeys and been doing it wrong. >> first and foremost you want to let your turkey rest so it doesn't run all over your cutting board. >> you want to make sure you use cutting board, right? >> cool enough that you can use your hands and not pierce it with the fork and if you want aha moment, let everybody see it, back to the kitchen on cutting board where you can cut it straight and flat and not bones, you start with the legs, you go where the leg and breast is, you pull a little bit, it'll start coming apart, it allows breast to continue to cool and as butcher you are opening up the space, nothing is in your way. you will go right through the joint, you can't cut through the bone, where it connects, that's where you're going to go, go to leg drum and separate the drum inside which the next --
5:54 am
>> wow. >> the next joint and that comes off, then you will want to take bone out of the thigh. you will take the first section off again, you are making space. [laughter] >> maybe because it's tough. >> we have a chain. >> most important with the breast, you want to take the breast off in one full piece. >> okay. >> cut it correctly and against the grain. the bone runs in the middle. you will open it up and, again, you get your hand in there and pull a little bit and this bone goes round and follow it with the tip of the knife as you're lightly pulling and you will come right down and take it off in one piece. >> never works that way. >> the reason you will do this not only do we get more out of it but allow you to slice the breast the correct way against the grain. >> against the grain.
5:55 am
>> watch the way the lines run on the breast, you will cut across that, big side, squeeze a little bit so slice against the grain, quarter to an inch thick too thick it'll dry. you want the juice to stay in the meet. >> you can master this now? >> it will come right apart when you bite down on it. >> let's get it on. >> we all got a turkey. i'm going try. >> ii don't want to get them a started turkey, that's not fair. [inaudible conversations] >> dean go. >> give us a play by play. no. >> i see a mess right here.
5:56 am
[inaudible conversations] >> these have to go too. >> these go. >> there you go. >> right against the bone. you can get your demand there. >> no doubt. >> look at pete. >> no, no, we need proper evaluation. we are coming right back.
5:57 am
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>> heavy snow, grounding fligh flights, mama cyclone slams its way into the west coast. they say good morning and happy thanksgiving. filling in today for bill hemm bill hemmer. >> i'm in for sandra smith. a winter storm blamed for at least one dead that no dropping heavy snow and parts of minnesota and wisconsin. forces closure of every weight near the california oregon border. more than 17 hours.


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