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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 28, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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lying, pomposity and groupthink. ♪
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because you know what?
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we are investigating corruption and i actually heard gregg jarrett and numerous people the other day say i have an obligation to do that. that's not a question can i do it or don't i do it? they have an obligation and that's what it was buried in my opinion that's what it was, corruption. and if ukraine would know something about it. you have to give that information. i hope they would give the information and everybody agrees with me, they're all saying you have an obligation to do that. i think -- you know, i have a friend who is a very good lawyer, he read that conversation. it's not a letter, it's a conversation taken down and transcribed a perfect conversation. >> sean: you know people -- >> president trump: he actually said that. did you know this was going to be like a document that's going to be analyzed? i said, no, but you have to understand -- i assume there are many people. it's either being taped or they either have stenographers or
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taping -- i think they don't like to tape world leaders and i can understand that, so they have stenographers and people who take this down, transcriber transcribers, and it was a perfect transcription of a perfect conversation. the other thing is, what i'm talking to somebody, world leaders, almost anybody, i assume that state department -- i think mike pompeo was on, i think many people were on, many, many people on, do you think i'm going to say something wrong when i feel that there's 25 or 30 or two or ten or something, but there's a lot of people on these calls. some i think listen for educational reasons. some listen because they are members of the state department. there are many people listening to these calls and to think they took that call now, the big thing i did with that call, sean, the biggest thing is immediately released it, because the whistle-blower came out and said horrible things about this call. i think they said there were seven or eight quid pro quo's. it was really a terrible call.
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all these terrible things about this call. i said that wasn't a bad call at all. now what else happened? the president of ukraine came out and said that was a perfectly fine call. there was no pressure. there was no anything. one of his top people, i guess, one of his heads of state came out and said this was a perfect call. there was no pressure. they didn't even know what we were talking about. to think that they're using that. now they don't talk about that anymore because that letter was so good, so they don't talk about it anymore, sean. and the reason they don't talk about -- there's nothing to talk about. >> sean: the reason -- the next thing you say though, i think, makes her point. you say, as you saw yesterday, the whole nonsense ended with a very poor performance by a man named robert mueller. but they say a lot of it started with ukraine. whatever you can do, it's very important. as my question -- >> president trump: and it did. it ended with a very poor performance. this was after more than two years of an investigation where they spent $45 million, or
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something like that. if they had 2,500 subpoenas, 500 witnesses, all because probably hillary clinton said, just like she did with tulsi gabbard, just like she did with jill stein. she said jill stein is a russian asset. i don't know jill stein. i know her as an environmentalist, okay? and probably a good woman. the last thing she is is a russian accent. i don't know tulsi gabbard, but i know one thing, she's not an asset of russia. these people are sick. there something wrong with them. we want to want to show you this. i will put it up on our screen for people at home. ukrainian efforts to sabotage trump backfire. this was january 11th 2017. you weren't inaugurated yet. this article talks about how ukraine worked with hillary to influence the election. they give chapter and verse on how they did it.
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don't you, as the president, do you feel there was foreign interference in election -- we spent two and a half years hearing about trump-russia collusion. ignore the dossier and ukraine admitting that they helped hillary? >> president trump: well, the dossier was a disgrace. the dossier was totally fake and now it's been proven to be fake. people know how that was done. our track record now you know as well as everybody else, i guess they're doing an investigation but i think before you even do the investigation -- so they do affect dossier. they tried to release it before the election to affect the election. i don't know how they did it. it's probably the only thing i respect about the president, they refused to put it in before the election because it could have had a little impact. maybe could have had more than a little impact so they do affect dossier that was probably meant to get out -- i think definitely meant to get out before the election so that they could affect the election and look at the people that wrote it. and look at where they came from and look at the wife of the man
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that works -- i won't even mention names. at the department of justice. and she's on the payroll of the company that robert mueller never heard of during his testimony. >> sean: fusion gps. >> president trump: think of it. never heard of the company. they say do you know fusion gps? they didn't know what was going on here. that's after spending 45 -- >> sean: didn't know that hillary clinton's attorney at the clinton foundation was on his team. >> president trump: look, the whole thing was a disgrace and they destroyed a lot of people. they ruined their lives. >> sean: but i want to go to the double standard again. whether it's the dossier, whether it ukraine helping and interfering on our elections, whether there is no quid pro quo, then you can add hunter biden and joe biden on tape bragging about using taxpayer dollars to demand the firing of the ukrainian prosecutor. hunter biden, no experience, ukraine and china. no experience in oil, gas, energy, or private equity. millions of dollars.
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>> president trump: thrown out of the navy. okay? hunter biden was thrown out of the navy. >> sean: why was he given that money? was anybody else given that money? >> president trump: it's a payoff. in my opinion it's a payoff. why else would it be? hunter biden, with no experience -- i hear the number is 160,000 and heard they got a $3 million -- >> sean: split between him and another guy. >> president trump: $3 million payment and all of this. and that's corruption. that something that has to be investigated. that's what you have to look. but i watched this crazy anderson cooper the other day during the debate. i apologize for having to ask the question. i apologize. if that were me -- >> sean: he declared innocence. >> president trump: if that were my sons that took $168,000 from his very questionable company, an energy company, and they knew nothing about energy -- he knew nothing about energy and he has a bad record, bad track record, including getting thrown out of the navy and even the way he got in the navy is interesting. in his position.
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if that were done, jr., if that were eric trump, who are very outstanding young men, it would be the biggest story of the century. >> sean: what does it say about the media? i agree with you. >> president trump: the media is corrupt. not all media. i know some great people, including you, but i know some great journalists. look, they give pulitzer prizes to people that got it wrong, okay? all these people from "the new york times," which is a fake newspaper, we don't even want to than white house anymore, going to probably terminate that in "the washington post," the fake. but you take a look at "the new york times" and you take a look at the kind of reporting they do, it turned out to be all wrong. and after the election, "the new york times" apologized for their coverage because they were covering me in such a way so when i won, he actually apologized to their subscribers because they were losing thousands and thousands of subscribers. at new york times wrote an
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apology, nothing else. they're saying "well it wasn't really an apology." it was, because they covered me so badly and then what i said, sort of interesting. i think, i hope. said the good news is now i will be covered fairly again. and you know what happened? i got covered works. i got covered worse. but that's okay, you know -- abraham lincoln. i heard the one person used to be five or six, now it's down t. if they say he got the worst press of anybody. i say i dispute it. speeone's of democrats already jumped out of the plane -- can't go back. do you see a scenario where they will impeach you, there will be a trial in the senate and then the people get to speak, without be the ultimate revenge, which is your reelection as the people speak? >> president trump: everybody tells me it's going to be great for us as a republican party if they actually impeach me because the 40 seats, and there are many more than the 32 -- 40, 45
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seats, where i won or did really well were very close, those people are going to get hammered, meaning running in congress. so i don't know if that's true or not. i do say this -- and i can see it because -- i mean, look at our fund-raising. money has never come in like this. my poll numbers have been like the highest. i was in dallas the other night, we set a record in a stadium. i don't know, it's got to be an arena. it's got to be 20 years old. >> sean: three layers. >> president trump: thousands of people outside watching on big screens. they've never seen anything like that and it's that way at every place. that was dallas, which we love, which was great, they did a great job, great place, but if that we are in place. look at louisiana. louisiana the other night the governor was at 66, he couldn't get 50% and now you're going to have a runoff with a really great republican candidate. look at north carolina, great state, great people. two races that were going to be lost. i went in, made a speech, let
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everybody know i really respect these two guys and they're going to be great. they both won. they both won. by good margins they both won. so i think the public is seeing it actually. >> sean: let me ask you, 2020 is here. use a publicly don't think joe makes it. drudge says elizabeth warren starts to lose, you got bernie, mayor pete, kamala harris, then you look at their positions. top marginal tax rates, 70%. >> president trump: much higher. >> sean: 90% corporate tax rate. the new deal, 96 trillion, medicare for all, no private options. you come to running against one of those? >> president trump: i don't want to talk about it because the last time i took on elizabeth warren i feel like she was gone. embers, burning embers down -- >> sean: pocahontas. >> president trump: pocahontas. there's only one. and it's not her. so what happened -- and she rose from the ashes and i give her credit for that, but i don't
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like talking about it. as far as i'm concerned the green new deal, it's fine. all of its fine. paying 96% in taxes is all fine. to keep talking about it and when it's time to run, i'll run, but i don't want to talk about it, it's too early to talk about. can you believe were getting down to 12 months? can you believe it? when i first went right in a corner with that beautiful building and i was in the first night with the first lady and i'm standing in an area where abe lincoln was, all of them were and that's the way it was, and i'm standing there and i say, for years, that's a long time and here we are, were almost coming up, we have tremendous support. we cut taxes, we cut regulations, we have great stock markets. you know we have over 100 days -- and that's in a fairly short period of time -- much more than 100 days, when the stock market hit an all-time high and it's about to hit it again. we are doing great and we are
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beating everybody. all over the world, china is not doing well. china is having the worst year they've had in 57 years. and we just made a deal for 40-$50 billion worth of agricultural products are going to be bought by china and are going to start now before we even sign the agreement, they've already started but we've done things that nobody else has done and to go through this on a perfect conversation, you're going to be impeached -- to me, impeach is a very ugly word. it means a high crime and misdemeanor. that letter is a perfect conversation with a man, congratulations on your win. in two impeach over a letter like that -- but they don't mention a letter anymore and they don't mention whistle-blowers and they don't mention any of these people and more >> sean: let me ask you more about 2020, record low unemployment since 1969. when you ran, you said what have you got to lose when you speak to minorities. now you have a record low on
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employment. >> president trump: historic. >> sean: asian-americans, african-americans, youth unemployment. what is your message to minorities in 2020? your base looks strong. you see at the rallies, what do you say to the people that maybe he didn't vote you last time? >> president trump: african-american, hispanic, asian american have all set records, the lowest on employment in the history of our country. not just look for 50 years, we have 51 euros for the country we are going to end up topping out number. that will be historic too if we keep going the way we are doing and i think we will. a household income is so incredible. the median household income. but if you look, african-american, asian american, hispanic-american. in the history of our country that the best on appointment numbers and they have the best employment numbers. today it was announced that we have the most people working in a history of our country, almost 160 million people. how do you beat me in a debate on those numbers? they are the best numbers.
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poverty numbers are the best right now for almost all of those groups. poverty numbers, meaning a positive sense. the best numbers in the history of our country. there's another number that just came out and it came out i guess with the moody's report saying that i would won easily. the moody's report was very interesting. median household income under eight years of obama was up $975. that's eight years. under eight years of president bush, president obama, 975. president bush, $400. eight years, eight years, $400, $975. me, two and a half years, it's up to $7,000. $5,000 plus $2,000 for the tax cuts that everybody got, so you have the 2002 the five. so you've got one up a thousand,
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$975, the other is up 400 -- but that's over eight years, each one. i'm only here to and a half years. and i beat them by many times in two and a half years. what's that percentage like proportionately? so it's up $5,000 plus two, so it's up $7,000. median household income. that's a record. there's never been anything like that. and then i say, oh, let's impeach the president. give me a break, sean. i don't think the people will stand for it. i really don't. i don't think the people will stand for it. as to whether or not it helps, it might. >> sean: don't they have the last word document in the year you're running -- >> president trump: it's supposed to be high crimes and misdemeanors. a perfect conversation. >> sean: mitch mcconnell said i have to do this, six weeks on a trial, for what? without a transcript? >> president trump: i can't imagine that -- i can imagine that -- i can't imagine. i can see it being very bad for 40 or 45 people that are democrats in a district when i
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ran i won substantially in many cases. a won by a lot. and i don't think those people want to see this. it's one thing if you commit a real crime. this was a conversation. it wasn't even a big deal. hey, how are you doing, blah, blah, blah, this is a conversation. it was so perfect. people say it's like a perfect conversation. speak to lindsey graham, speak to all these people that have read it. impeachment is high crimes and misdemeanors. i think is a travesty for our country. they're doing such a bad thing to our country. and that's because the democrats are vicious and they stick together. for instance, when you do a censure vote on adam schiff, what did he do? he made up my conversation. like fiction. it was fraudulent. he made it sound -- he took that conversation, he made it sound -- now, he didn't know about that conversation, so he went up and he made up a phony conversation, read it to congress, read it to the american people and i release that that was the real conversation.
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so he then said "i don't know." >> sean: it was already out. he >> president trump: it was parity, it was parity. so this is a corrupt politician. he should be impeached. and nancy pelosi should be impeached. if they not allow this. possibly going to help from the standpoint of winning election -- i don't know. they say it's going to help a lot with respect to winning the house back. but it's not the right thing. >> sean: known you for a long time. you thrive on a battle, you thrive on fighting. you said to me privately and publicly you want your promises fulfilled and that's what reelection is going to be about. all this impeach, impeach, do you care? would you care at all what they do as long as he win in novembe november? does it matter to you? except what you said earlier about it hurts the country. >> president trump: look, we've done a great job, the economy is the best it's ever been. ever been. and you look, again, china has
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gone way down. hillary clinton had gotten elected, right now china would have the number one economy in the world and right now they're not even close. they're way behind. we picked up trillions of dollars worth and value in china has gone way, way down by trillions and trillions of dollars. when the head of china spoke to me recently and even the vice-premier just left, just left this office right here last week, he said congratulations, mr. president on the incredible job. he said we would never have expected this to happen. don't forget, china is paying us tens of billions of dollars now in tariffs and it's had a huge impact on china and it hasn't cost us anything, because they devalue their currency and they poured money and it hasn't cost us -- they've eaten that. they've eaten it totally. but he said congratulations on the job you've done with the economy. had hillary clinton got in, right now we would be the number two economy in the world. we are so far in front of china
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that we have smart people sitting right in that chair right next to us, it will never happen. >> sean: coming up on this special edition of "hannity, my one-on-one interview with former ambassador nikki haley as we continue. ♪ [sneeze and sniffles] are you ok? yah, it's just a cold. it's not just a cold if you have high blood pressure. most cold medicines may raise blood pressure. coricidin hbp is the... ...#1 brand that gives... powerful cold relief without raising your blood pressure.
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♪ >> live from america's ms. headquarters, i'm aishah hasnie, happy thanksgiving to you and your family. president trump making a surprise visit to afghanistan making his first trip to the country there. if troops were served a traditional dinner by the president, who also spoke and joined them for the meal. the president also announcing that peace talks were back on with the taliban. they were called off back in september after a terror attack
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killed 12 people, including a u.s. soldier. mother nature let up just a little bit today after winter weather caused many issues for a lot of the country. snowy and icy conditions making it a mess for those taking to the roads and the skies. several major highways -- flyers were left stranded at airports because of cancellations. the release though won't last long with forecasters seeing the bad weather could return this weekend. i'm aishah hasnie, now back to "hannity." ♪ >> sean: i recently had a chance to sit down with the former u.s. ambassador to the u.n., former governor of the great state of south carolina, nikki haley, to talk about her new book, "with all due respect." take a look. >> sean: how are you new mexico good to see you. >> sean: because all of these books are short, you do give a great life story that i really want people to read. i don't know a lot about you. i found out things about you that i found quite inspiring actually end your rise to be the governor of south carolina.
6:28 pm
then u.n. ambassador. what has gotten a lot of people's attention is the conversation about an hour, rex tillerson, general kelly. and i guess tell that story and out of it, i was wondering why did you not to feel -- or did you at any point feel a need to tell the president, hey, this is what these guys are doing? >> well, i did tell the president. keep in mind, sean, this is one page at a 250 pages of the book. but i did tell the president and i did tell the national security advisor, h.r. mcmaster and there were others that knew of my concerns in the process and let's keep in mind, what i have said is this wasn't that these guys thought this was a rogue president. this was that these guys disagreed with his policy. they disagreed with us getting out of the paris climate agreement. they disagreed with us getting out of the iran deal. if they disagreed moving the embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem, so when the president was charting a different course
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and really giving us a strong hand for american and for our friends, they just thought that he was going in the wrong direction, so when they sat me down that day, they were attempting to tell me that if i would work with them, they were trying to save america and keep people from dying, but we saw when the embassy moved from tel aviv to jerusalem, the sky is still up there. it didn't fall and we didn't see casualties. what we saw was a courageous moment by the president that many presidents have tried before that was very successful and it acknowledged a fact, which jerusalem is the capital of israel. >> sean: let me -- you know, it's very interesting as i look at your relationship with the president and on one hand it seems great, trump and i understood each other. you talk about how much freedom he gave you to do his job and what his mandate was in his governing style was one that you liked. when you were first asked about the impeachment issue, you said that's like the death penalty for a public official, but you commented you didn't think it
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was a good practice to ask a foreign country to investigate an american, period. i want to take a little issue with that part because i read this transcript, america has read this transcript and we have -- the president has an oath to faithfully execute the laws of the land. ukrainian court said ukraine interfered on our 2016 elections. the president is asking can you get to the bottom of it. we also have joe biden on tape basically bragging about well, a quid pro quo. if you fire the guy, you get a billion dollars coming up six hours, a guy that he knew was investigating his son. to me, that sounds like a crime. what does it sound like to you? >> well, i've said before, if you look at the transcript, it's very clear that the president wasn't demanding that this be done. the ukrainians didn't do the investigation. the president released the aid, as he should. i in practice don't think it's good for us to ever ask foreign governments to investigate americans, but i think it goes
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to the fact that americans should be investigating americans and americans should be asking the questions of joe biden and asking the questions of his son and finding out exactly what was going on with that situation and get down to the bottom of it. there've been a lot of investigations that have been very one-sided against the president, and they haven't been looking at the other side, which is all of the other issues, and whether it was the russian situation, i'd like for them to go back and say what was president obama's role in that situation in the fact that all of that stuff happened, and this situation, what was joe biden's role in what was hunter biden's role in that process as well? so there's a lot of questions that need to be asked. >> sean: as you look at the dash as we now had into this 2020 election and you -- you know, you talked about a lot your relationship, seems like mostly you had a good relationship with the president when he worked for him and to look at the democratic candidates and you talk about trump the disruptor but yet he
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always listened to you and you would tell him how you felt, but that's the person i've known for over 25 years. do you think that the president is misunderstood? >> i do think is misunderstood. i can tell you from the first day to the first day from the last day that it worked for the president come he always listened, he was always conscious of hearing other voices, allowing people to debate out the issues and then he made his decision. he is a disruptor and this is the time in our country where we needed a disruptor. but there wasn't a time where i called him and said, look, i think we should look at this another way for he didn't say how do you see that playing out and we had a great discussion over it. i still consider him a friend today and i will tell you that that's what's been so hard, as i think they've been trying to impeach him since the second he was inaugurated, and i think that if you look at the results of what this president has done, you're seeing record unemployment, you're seeing an economy that's booming, look at the stock market from last week.
6:33 pm
what you're seeing real hard decisions that were made. getting out of the iran deal, moving the embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem. getting us out of the paris climate agreement, which was an unfair situation. getting actually kim in north korea to come to the negotiating table. there've been some really tough, courageous stands that have been made and in all scenarios i saw a president was very thoughtful, looked at all of the issues, made decisions, and it was a pleasure and honor to work with them and i will tell you that it's not what people portray. this was someone that the reason we got along so well is because i told him the truth. and he was always willing to listen to that. i think it's too bad that a lot of people don't want to see that what you see on tv is what you get, what you see behind the scenes as someone who really cares about america and wants to do everything he can to strengthen it. if you when you know it's funny because disruptor i guess in today's language for a politician means actually keeping our promises, which i think will be a big part of his reelection campaign.
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congratulations on the book, ambassador, thank you for being with us. and up next i spoke with donald trump jr. after his explosive interview on the view. that's straight-ahead. ♪
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♪ >> sean: donald trump jr., well, he bravely went on the view recently to promote his brand-new book, "triggered." by the way, which also happens to describe the epic scene surrounding his appearance with the ladies of "the view." take a look. >> the discourse to his level, which is horrible for this country. even if people are working, we don't want to have a country like that. you understand that? >> wait, wait. we've all done things that we regret. we are talking of bringing the discourse down. joy, you've worn blackface.
6:39 pm
will be -- >> i'm sorry. >> you said roman polanski -- it wasn't rape rape when he raped a child. >> sean: joining us now, he's in birmingham tonight, the president's son, executive vice president of the trump organization. donald trump jr., you got to tell everybody and eddie says hello. >> donald: hannity says hello, guys. how is it going, sean? >> sean: so i'm watching this thing today and i'm like, why? why did you even bother? why? speak to you know what, every once in a while you've got to try, you got to try to speak to everyone. hopefully they listen. in that case they didn't because they think if you're invited on the show and a build it up and they're giving you three segments, you think if you were there to promote a book, they'd ask you one question about the actual book, sean, but they didn't do that, but i guess it's a little bit about why i wrote "triggered."
6:40 pm
i think the title speaks for itself because they were obviously triggered. >> sean: i used to do all of those stupid shows. i think the last time i went on that show, rosie o'donnell was hosting it and lost her mind and poor barbara walters couldn't control the chaos. you know, but the reality is, look at this whole media thing. okay. there's a quid pro quo -- there's no quid pro quo. your father is faithfully executing the laws, but there was a quid pro quo and that's joe, who knew his son was being investigated. you fire the prosecutor, you get a billion -- you don't fire the prosecutor you don't get a billion. would -- quid pro quo, don. >> donald, jr.: and he's on tape in front of everybody saying it that way. there is no ambiguity, there's no nothing. he was in control of it. hunter biden is getting boards and languages he can't speak -- why are you there, hunter? i never really thought about that. i know why you're there. i think everyone in america
6:41 pm
knows why you're there. so we are having a good time here, doing a little bit of a triggered tour but got dumb i glad we could get these guys in there because i think they're all in agreement with us. >> sean: by the way, i started -- 90 miles north of birmingham i was broadcasting in huntsville, alabama. had a great two years there in the newspaper wrote an editorial when i left, goodbye to the talk show host from hell. i was very proud of that. but i will say this -- >> donald, jr.: that sounds like my average day, sean. >> sean: i think were in the same boat. the thing is if the kid were in a mega hat results in what they did to nicholas sandmann and the lies, breath management, libel, slander, the smears, i don't think there's any low they won't -- i think the next 362 days is going to be a war every day to destroy you, your family, your dad, with lies, because they've been lying now for three
6:42 pm
years. >> donald, jr.: well, that's exactly right. you saw what happened to me yesterday, i literally retweeted an article with the name of the supposed whistle-blower in the title of the article and there's outrage. donald jr. outs whistle-blower! like it was on drudge four days ago. it's an real clear politics, it was in breitbart. it was in a couple other place -- and i'm like -- he's in danger of his life. i'm like this is a cia operator in danger of his life. i wish they would have shown a little bit of the same amount of outrage when my family opened up a white powder substance and an exporting envelope that showed up at my house. these guys are full of it, sean. and the thing is, they are not outraged that he was outed, there outrage that now that his name is out there, everyone's able to realize this is a guy that's tied to brennan. this is a guy that's tied to susan rice. this is a guy that works for biden with ukraine nonsense and this is a guy whose lawyer has been tweeting since january '17, the coup has started. impeachment is next, we are going to trump out of there.
6:43 pm
this is just a joke and they realized they got caught in the act again because they wanted this innocent public servant whistle-blower whose doing the right thing instead of just another one of the coup cabal of those clowns that have been doing this for three years in the reality is, the american public gets it, sean. they see through this nonsense. they're sick of it, as i am, and they should be, because of its going on here in america, in 2019 we should all be ashamed of ourselves and they're trying to overthrow a duly elected president because they didn't get the results that they wanted and they want to promote their socialist leftist policies and that's the only thing that matters. that's disgusting. if this was going on in a banana republic would be outraged. it's going on here in america right now. >> sean: and when we come back, lawrence jones and his interview with kanye west. to stay with us as the special edition of "hannity" continues. ♪ with the freestyle libre 14 day system
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♪ >> lie from america's news headquarters, i'm aishah hasnie. happy thanksgiving from new york. president trump making a surprise visit to the troops in afghanistan. air force one arriving at the airbase in the dark. the president thanking the troops for their service saying there was no other place he would rather spend his thanksgiving. he also sat down for a traditional thanksgiving meal with them and also post for some pictures. it later on he confirmed that the u.s. has been back in peace talks with the taliban. the weather cooperating in new york city today and the balloons were allowed to fly at the annual macy's thanksgiving parade. the balloons however were kept at a lower level than in years past. crowds at some points during the route were standing six deep to watch the four hour spectacle.
6:49 pm
i'm aishah hasnie. now back to "hannity." ♪ >> we send our special 2020 correspondent on the road, investigative reporter lawrence jones. he's been crisscrossing the country, reporting exclusively for the show. he's been the trump rallies, area 51, and he went to kanye west's sunday service at joel o'steen's church. take a look. ♪ >> sean: larry supporting president to >> because i have common sense. >> so tell so tell me, why supporting the president? >> how do you feel about the impeachment nonsense going on? >> it's all a charade, it's all a joke. they know if the report coming out, and all these reports are coming out, it's going to be, but just try to get ahead of it. it is an absolute joke. >> lawrence: do you think it
6:50 pm
will backfire on the democrats? >> absolutely. the american people aren't stupid. ♪ >> anybody knows anything by the constitution knows this is not going to go nowhere. it's just smog. >> it's a witch hunt, that's all it is. they are looking for something to convict him of an they're looking for three years and haven't found anything. >> will they be victorious when it comes to this impeachment -- do you think it backfires on them in the next election? >> it backfires 100%. >> lawrence: are you buying any of the impeachment talk that is happening in washington right now? >> i do not. >> lawrence: do you think it's going to backfire on the democrats? >> i hope it will. i think it's just a distraction. >> lawrence: why are you so fired up to support trump? >> i'm a big trump supporter. i didn't really get into voting until trump became president in 2016 and i'm just excited to go mud my first rally. i wanted to come out and support and, i'm really proud of everything is doing i hope is able to keep it up, four more years. >> i like the way the economy
6:51 pm
has been an ally with the market has been doing. >> tax cuts. okay, he's building a wall. okay. he's draining the swamp. he's cleaning house and we are backing him. >> lawrence: why are you supporting the president? >> i believe he says what is going to do and i believe he does what he says what he's going to do. >> lawrence: do you think the people of texas are buying into it? >> no. we are too smart. in texas. that's why we're here. >> i think it's a waste of our time and money. we are paying for it. >> lawrence: all the politicians, do you think they're going to suffer a heavy -- >> absolutely. >> that's all they got. >> absolutely not! >> all this impeachment -- >> not at all. not at all. >> if i thought that -- i'm the first person -- i don't want a russian spy in office, but they have improved anything. >> do you think it's ridiculous? >> i think it's just ludicrous.
6:52 pm
>> lawrence: why are you here? is there a scientific reason? >> for scientific reasons we are here for the aliens. or you know i want to hear about the aliens liberal agenda. they put out some good talking points. >> lawrence: what did you first discover you are an alien? >> 1982. >> [inaudible] >> this hat is to protect my mind from interference of any kind. >> lawrence: any actual aliens yet? >> not yet but we are hoping. >> lawrence: you bars going to storm? >> hopefully. i want to. >> lawrence: have you guys had any interaction with the outside world? >> today, no. yesterday, also no. kind of. we had some weird dreams the
6:53 pm
night before. ♪ >> i know that god has been calling me for a long time and the devil has been distracting me for a long time. even for someone who is professing god and saying "this is going to be a gospel album was quote, the devil is going to come and do everything he can to distract people from knowing how to fully be in service to the lord. >> lawrence: how did you feel about the sunday service experience? >> i thought it was amazing. it's so cool to have somebody that you looked up to musically to come here and see their life transformed. >> i know td can make a lot of things look better than what it is sometimes but i think he's staying the course and he is walking his walk. >> lawrence: how are you handling people seeing this evolution -- you've always talked about christ but in this
6:54 pm
new way? >> now i got the ultimate security guard and that's god and is to secure my mind and my spirit, because the main thing that people try to do is use comments, naysayers, to throw you off your course and distract you. and we are keeping our eye on christ at all times. it's always in service and that removes this fear. >> lawrence: do you feel liberated? >> kanye: absolutely. liberated in service for the name above all names. >> lawrence: do you believe this new kanye? >> absolutely. >> i want to transition so i believe that we can go through it as one of the first rappers was actually been able to cross over to gospel and actually make it. >> lawrence: i've been trying to get sean hannity to listen to hip-hop forever. now he's listening to kanye's new album and texting me through the service saying that he's a big supporter of kanye. how does that make you feel that
6:55 pm
you have people have never been able to -- and now just different lyrics, the same kanye, different lyrics? >> kanye: just praise god for the anointing and talent and what he's given me since age five, me pursuing the arts, going to art school or even the scholarship he gave me from the art institute of chicago, have a phd. all of these things he gave me, these platforms at the grammys, the visual arts, live performances, now i can be in service to him. >> more of this special edition of "hannity" right after this break. ♪ days and nights out of sync, keeping me from the things i love to do. talk to your doctor, and call 844-214-2424.
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motor? nope. not motor? it's pronounced "motaur." for those who were born to ride, there's progressive.
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>> sean: unfortunately that is all the time we have left this evening. before we go, i would like the way she you and your family a happy thanksgiving. no fighting over the
7:00 pm
thanksgiving table, no throwing turkey legs or pies. don't forget, set your dvr so you never miss an episode. don't forget let not your heart be troubled, a lot is coming. have a great night. ♪ >> laura: welcome to the special edition of "the ingraham angle," i'm laura ingraham. there are currently more than 2 million people behind bars in the united states. every year, 600,000 more enter the prison system. as the rates for 2020 ramps up, criminal justice reform has taken center stage. >> we have laid out will we think is perhaps the boldest criminal justice reform act in the history of the united states politics. speak of the system as a whole is a cancer on the soul of our country. >> our criminal justice system isn't working. >> laura: