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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  November 28, 2019 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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great job to jude. congratulations to his proud parents. thank you for watching "special report." happy thanksgiving. i'm mike emanuel in washington, and a special treat tonight, charles krauthammer in his words. ♪ >> tucker: good evening, and welcome to a special final exam edition of "tucker carlson tonight." over the past couple of months,e jesse watters distinguished himself as a final exam legend. we are not overstating that. he beat susan lee, emily campana, kennedy, benjamin hall, dr. marc siegel, even lisa booth. tonight, we open with a look at some of jesse watters' best moments. watch. >> first question is multiple-choice. wait for all options before answering. this is a tricky one. the president just met with the president of poland at the white house. the two signed a new defense agreement. what is the name of poland's leader?
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is it a, novak, b, tetrov, or c, duda? >> it is c, duda. >> as in zippity. if that's your guess, we will see if it's right. is it duda? >> critics complain that president duda has been backsliding on democracy. president trump said he has no concerns about the strength of democracy in poland, but the leaders did part ways on duda forcing more thanac two dozen supreme court justices into early retirement.ay >> perfect. president duda. president trump was embroiled in a fake controversy during his visit with japanese prime minister shinzo abe, a couple of years back. the media attacked trump for dumping a whole box of food into animal enclosure? >> that would be a koi pond, tucker. a koi pond. >> a koi pond? don't be coy with me, jesse. was it a koi pond?
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>> with a k, yes. >> tossing spoonfuls of fish food before emptying the entire box. >> so how do you know -- just before we get into it, how do you know all of this? >> i knew that because cnn deceptively edited that videono and that was one of those fake news items that we like to talk about. >> tucker: ah. good memory. there was a parade in new york city this week for the u.s. women's soccer team. it was interrupted by a presidential candidate who tried to steal the spotlight for himself. greedily. he even led the crowd in an awkward chant. which presidential candidate did this at the parade? >> hey, my buzzer. >> it's got to be mayor bill de blasio. >> i always forget he's a presidential candidate. was it bill de blasio, the nation's worst mayor? >> i want to hear onee more deafening roar because of what
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they stand for. let me hear you say, usa, equal pay! usa, equal pay! usa, equal pay! >> all right. >> nancy pelosi, speaker of the house, gave mitch mcconnell a new nickname. it sounds unflattering, but apparently mcconnell loves it so much he put it on t-shirts. what is the new nickname? jesse. >> i think it's the grim reaper. >> oh. >> the grim reaper. is it the grim reaper? that would be hilarious. >> speaker pelosi has a new nickname for senate majority leader, mitch mcconnell, the grim reaper? >> she's got it right. for the first time in my memory, i agree with nancy pelosi. the grim reaper create a [laughs] >> amazing.
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there are over 20 democrats running for democrat, so they're finding all kinds of ways to gea people's attention. whichba candidate just releaseda political ad in which he changed a baby's diaper? >> eric swalwell. >> that's too embarrassing even for eric swalwell. i don't believe you, jesse watters. let's see if it's true. >> eric swalwell is alsoc struggling to make the debate stage, so now he is bringing in his infant to help. ♪ >> yeah, that's not actually good. by the way, good job. it's not true that just because you can change a diaper you can run the government. i happen to know. >> in our match against thailand this week, the american women's soccer team won the most lopsided games in the history of the world cup. what was the final score? insse watters. >> 13-0. >> 13-0.
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was it really 13-0? >> tonight, u.s. women's soccer team is on defense, after that historic world cup win against thailand, 13-0. speak when there is another! >> facing blowback, not just for the record number of goals scored, but for celebrating every last one. >> very impressive.. both your answer and the victory. 13-0. of course, we are being criticized for running up the scores. good for them. >> first meeting with political leader kim jong un. he traveled to singapore with a very unusual item, an item he refused to be without. was it a -- >> didn't say it was multiple-choice. >> was it b -- a multiple-choice. toilet? we said it was multiple-choice. or was it c, a pet peacock? >> i don't really have to answer this because he buzzed early but
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i will. we are going to go with a portable toilet. b. >> i think it was the pet peacock, but the tape will reveal the truth. what was it? >> north korea's leader kim jong un brought his own toilet to singapore for his summit with president trump to prevent intelligence agencies from using the sewer to get information on his health. the intelligence agencies, we are just going to go ahead and guess bad, then? [laughter] >> disgusting. this is multiple-choice, by the way. a town in israel with a population of just 10 people is getting a new name. it's named after the american president. what is the town's new name. is it a, trump town, b, trump heights, or c, donald's cove? jesse. >> it is b, trump heights. >> i strenuously object.
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>> i kind of like that. are you ready? are you right? is it trump heights? >> israel's prime minister has named the settlement after president trump. benjamin netanyahu inaugurated uma summit in golan heights on sunday, rebranding the area trump heights. they hope the we name may spur a new wave of residents they are. they are currently just 10. >> nice. this is a multiple-choice. keep in mind, multiple-choice. there's a new social media challenge a lot of people are apparently doing online. it has people attempting to unscrew a bottle cap with their foot while doing a martial arts roundhouse kick. doubtless both of you have done this. what is the name of the challenge? is it a, the bottle cap challenge, b, the water bottle flip challenge, or c, the high kick water cap w challenge? >> the answer is a, the bottle cap challenge.
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>> that's what i think. >> jesse watters, you sound very certain of that. i have no idea if you are right. are you? let's go to the tape. >> there is a new social media challenge, it's all the rage online. smitty has tried it and the entire family has as well. yes, he has. the bottle cap challenge.. oh, that's pretty good. good job. that takes some skill. >> it's not like it's all the way off the bottle. >> wow. >> jesse watters, ladies and gentlemen, for yet another win. have you done it? >> i did, but i didn't successfully kick it off. i tried. >> this is a multiple-choice so you have to wait until all the options have been listed. here it is.s. apple, the company, just unveiled the latest computer, the mac pro. immediately, it was mocked online because it looks very much like a certain kitchen appliance. what does it look like? a, a toaster, b, microwave, or c, a cheese grater? >> she buzzed early! >> i did not!
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>> she buzzed so early! >> our judges are saying susan rang in early, and so it's going to jesse watters. >> cheese grater for the win. >> is it a cheese grater for the win? >> what do you think that is? what do you think that is? that is the new mac pro, and it caused an internet sensation, because a lot of people think it looks like a cheese grater. >> we were wondering. jesse watters -- susan, you are being penalized for being so fast, which in most contexts would be the winning quality, but a little too fast for us. congratulations. jesse watters, a win for you. very impressive. we are going to send you the coveted erik wemplee mug. there it is right there. by the way, we have gotten so many requests from viewers who want an erik wemple mug that it is now for sale. you can get your own, made in america. go to and
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get your own erik wemple mug. it's delicious. it honors a guy on the website. great to see you both. congratulations. >> tucker: it was an impressive string of victories but it wasn't quite on par with the legendary shannon bream, though close. later tonight, we will show you who put an end to his winning streak, but up next, a very special edition of final exam in which we pit the married couple against one another in a quiz about food. diabolical. ♪ [ electrical buzzing ]
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[ dramatic music ] [screams] elliott. you came back!
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♪ >> tucker: welcome back to our final exam special. congressman sean duffy and his wife, fox news contributor, rachel campos duffy, one of washington's most recognizable couples. they've got eight children together. then we decided to bring them on for a special, food-themed edition of final exam. hope their marriage is able to survive what happens next. >> is there any way to win this? >> tucker: there is literally no chance no chance breadwinninn doesn't actually get you a victory. that's another show entirely. according to the rules laid up in the national game show commission, all of today's questions must be either about food or animals. the first question is this, please listen carefully. president trump says he doesn't care what lawmakers call the border wall and offered a food related suggestion. which name did he suggest? was it a, quarter pounder with cheese, b, pancakes, c, peaches?
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i think it goes by a definition to your husband. i'm sorry. the judges have weighed in on bthis. >> i'm going to go with c, peaches. >> you are going to go with c. is it peaches? >> whatever you want to call it, it's okay with me. name it peaches. i don't care what they name it. we need money. peaches. >> peaches. you both knew that. >> i did and i thought the question was -- y >> tucker: you knew it too well. okay. we can do at this time, i know it. costco, the store, says it has sold out of 27 food tub of food that has the shelf life of two years. what type of food was it? >> it was macaroni and cheese. >> tucker: i think you have to hold it down. was it macaroni and cheese?
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>> everybody loves macaroni and cheese, but now you can get 27 pounds of it. it apparently has a shelf life of two years. >> tucker: you obviously need to invest in that, because that's really pretty good. i'm getting that for myself. [laughter] remember, your official position on trapping is that's crazy. question three. another multiple-choice. a world record was set this week for the most liked instagram photo ever. the picture doesn't feature a famous person or exotic places already nearly 50 million likes. it's a plain, boring photograph of what? a, a banana, b, lemon, c, an egg? congressmen.
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>> i'm going with kylie jenner, and c, and egg. didn't she tweet the egg out? >> tucker: i have no idea. i'm not a member of congress. is it c? >> an account with that very name posted this single photo, a picture of an egg. the egg currently has 26 million likes accounting -- >> tucker:ll either you live in this country our whole life and you still don't understand it. >> they are getting a bonus on this one. >> tucker: poultry lobby is behind it. >> that's probably >> tucker: question four. one last multiple-choice. >> i'm winning, though, right? it's 2-1. >> tucker: it's not for me to keep score. the viewers are watching. chaos hit flagstaff, arizona, on monday when a tanker truck looked over spilling 3500 gallons of which liquid all over the highway? was it a, chocolate, b, coffee, c, beer? rachel. >> beer. c.
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>> tucker: was it c, beer? >> 3500 gallons, that's how much liquid chocolate spilled on the interstate. a chocolate river, they described it. forming after a tanker carrying -- >> i figured why would chocolate be on a truck? >> tucker: you doubled down. i admire that. all right. >> she is from wisconsin. of course she guessed beer. >> tucker:or final question. the crimson tigers invited to the white house for a candlelit feast to celebrate the recent victory over alabama. what typeec off food to the president serve the team? >> i was there this morning. mcdonald's. from the mcdonald's the food came from, i was there this morning. >> tucker: was it mcdonald's? >> we have pizzas, we have threaded hamburgers, many french fries, all of our favorite foods. i want to see what is here when we leave.
9:19 pm
because i don't think there's going to be much. >> tucker: it wasn't exclusively mcdonald's, but mcdonald's was represented. you're right. you still win because mcdonald's, wendy's, and what was the last one?e >> i was going to say fast food. >> tucker: burger king. so it was an ecumenical. >> i just know carlos owns the mcdonald's that gave the food to the white house. >> tucker: so impressive. >> it's been a shutdown, he's got a lot -- i've been home with the kids. of course he knows. >> tucker: it's a shared victory. we are pro family this show. it really is a victory for your family. our erik wemple commemorative mug is awarded to you, rachel. congratulations to you both. >> i went and watched the episode that you had with him on it. it's great. >> tucker: when i am feeling sad, i pull out that file. the national game show
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commission located in lovely downtown billings, montana, has demanded a roundup of our best animal-related final exam questions, and of course we had to oblige. that's next as our special continues. ♪ and because it's a ninja foodi, it can do things no other oven can, like flip away. the ninja foodi air fry oven, the oven that crisps and flips away.
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♪ >> die from america's news headquarters, i'm aishah hasnie in new york. president trump giving thanks to u.s. service members by making a
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surprise visit to afghanistan on thursday. troops celebrated thanksgiving with the commander in chief with a meal with all of the fixings. the president also announcing that peace talks were back on with the taliban. they were called off back in september after a terror attack killing 12 people, including a u.s. soldier. in the meantime, a little easier for people to get around and part of the u.s. today. snowy and icy conditions making it a mess for those taking to the roads and the skies. several major highways saw pileups, while flyers were left stranded at airports because of constellations. but the relief won't last very long before mack. forecaster saying the bad weather could return this weekend. i'm aishah hasnie. now back to "tucker carlson tonight." ♪ >> tucker: welcome back to our final exam special. mark steyn, you know if youu watch this show, probablyl. our favorite guess on the program.
9:25 pm
also an excellent guest host and a brilliant writer, but how did he perform when put to the test on final exam? he did it against pete hegseth and had to answer questions from record-setting "jeopardy" contestants to exotic birds blocking runways. here's what happened. >> tucker: question one is a multiple-choice. you have to wait until the buzzer.. scientists have moved beyond creating useful robots and now are building machines that you completely useless things. a robot in japan has been trying to do something related to sports. is it a, hit half-court >> ice skate. >> tucker: is it ice skate? has the robot been trying ice skate? >> you went with your canadian bias.
9:26 pm
>> tucker: it's not curling. > that is the old james name smith. >> tucker: the traditional japanese sport of basketball. okay, question two. this one, another multiple-choice. this week on the other is liberty quiz show, "jeopardy," a contestantnt set a number for the most money won on a single episode. how much did he win? pete hegseth. we are going to give it to you. >> i'm being dainty here. i'm going to go with c, $110,000. >> tucker: $110,000. is pete hegseth correct? >> congratulations are in order to a "jeopardy" contestant winning a record amount of money on yesterday's show. watch. >> a new one-day record. >> he wins another $400,000 and
9:27 pm
he could bribe his kids into usc. >> tucker: all right. you've been watching game shows. okay. yet another multiple-choice question. this is about a plane in spain that could not take off in the rain. passengers were stuck on the tarmac because a bird was strutting down the runway. what type of bird was it? was it a, a pigeon, b, a crane, or c, flamingo? mark steyn. >> i've got to go with a crane in spain. >> tucker: was it a crane in spain that held out the plane? >> despite honking horns and>> impatient pilots, it took its sweet time starting down the tarmac. the airport crew tried to scare it off, and at one point, it did fly away, but then it flew back in a matter of seconds. the flamingo finally left -- >> oh! >> tucker: flamingo. this goes to my theory there is an inverse relation between iq
9:28 pm
and human performance. p >> i was thinking to laterally. >> tucker: it was worth losing. okay.. this is our daily double. it's a two-point question, per our judges. some fans of bernie sanders are angry at him this week because he confessed to something they consider controversial. what did he confess to? >> being a millionaire. >> tucker: being a millionaire. is that right? >> senator bernie sanders says he is a millionaire. the vermont senator has denounced millionaires for year. >> i wrote two books on this. one of them was a best seller in "the new york times" and wasua translated to five or six languages. >> tucker: did he put his pinky to his mouth when he said billionaire? millionaire? >> what languages did bernie's book get translated into? one language.
9:29 pm
green, mark. estonian. >> tucker: a final question. also a multiple-choice. astronomers have captured the first ever image of a black hole and some say it looks like a doughnut, others say it looks like a dragon's eye. how far away is this from earth? is it a, 2 million light years away, b, 50 million light years away, or c, 100 million light years away? >> i'm going to go with o 2 million light years away. >> tucker: 2 million. twice as far is bernie is rich. >> the famous donut hole of all time, the first image of a black >> i never believed that this black hole was as big as people said, until we saw that. >> eb-87 is over 50 million light years away. >> oh, you took the risk.
9:30 pm
>> the black hole of my career after this performance. >> tucker: you didn't only lose, mark steyn, you lost spectacularly and floridly, en fuego in your loss. congratulations to you for doing so, so memorably. pete hegseth. he won. erik wemple mug from jeff bezos website in the mail. may you treasure it with bourbon. >> he's good earlier than lisa boothe. >> i do. every time "the titanic" plays, i cry. >> tucker: it's going to be weeks before i can digest this segment. thank you both gentlemen.hi we interrupt this program with a special request by the national game show commission in billings, montana. they suggest, no, demand, they would like a selection of our best animal-themed questions. we would never think of defying a national game show commission so we are going to go ahead anda
9:31 pm
give them to you. we want you to know that our animal questions are pretty great read here are our best ones. by order of the national game show commission located in billings, montana, we must begin this quiz with an animal question. and it is this. the most expensive bird a ever sold at auction was purchased this week for an amazing $1.4 million. what kind of bird was it? >> how do you know that? >> it's armando, the page end. >> tucker: you know his name? >> yes, armando. >> tucker: is it armando the page and? >> only one person knows that, and it is lauren.n >> did you know pigeons were actually like -- but a very expensive?e? >> a european racing pigeon was only sold for a world record $1.4 million. before this story, i wouldn't have believed you if you set the world record price for a pigeon was $6. >> you know, i'm kicking myself because i did scroll past that story. >> tucker: i t have the answers on my cards, and armando is not
9:32 pm
even on here. that guy didn't answer them, either, so we're just going to assume. camazing. a central pennsylvania men is getting attention things to his strange attachment to an animal that emotional support animal, 60 pounds, 5 feet long, and is called wally. what kind of animal did this? >> it's an emotional support alligator. yes. >> tucker: that's my reaction, lawrence jones. >> my friend got to meet it. >> tucker: is it an alligator? >> wally is my emotional support alligator. we are invited everywhere. i do take him to lowes and home depot, and he is alwaysys welcomed there.. [laughter] >> this is getting out of hand. >> tucker: i loved how he braised that. it's my support animal for my home use. they spotted an actual russian spy in their m waters. this time, it's an animal with a recording device attached to his body. what kind of animal is it? >> a whale.
9:33 pm
>> tucker: a whale? a whale can't be a spy. >> i'm telling you, it's a whale. >> tucker: is it some kind of whale? >> fisherman discovering a beluga whale wearing a russian-made harness. on it were written the words, a "equipment st. petersburg," fueling all kinds of speculation about spying. one newspaper reporting the russian military report of the mammals. >> tucker: so you are saying the whales are not spying for the russians? >> i'm sorry, did you say he wanted to concede now? >> tucker: a popular video on the internet shows a farm animal singing like a human. what kind of animal was it? a, a goat, b, chicken, c, a donkey? ed henry. >> c, a donkey. >> tucker: this is one of those questions, you either know it or you don't. does he know it? >> finally, we have a musical donkey. yes, you heard it right. >> how did you know that? >> i saw it.
9:34 pm
>> i was off on monday and tuesday. >> i have another idea, but i'm not going to tell you. >> tucker: frontier airlines, the airline of the west, kicked off an orlando woman from one of its flights this week after she boarded the plane with a prohibited animal. this is multiple-choice. what kind of animal was it? was it a, python -- >> no! no! >> tucker: kristin loses a point, and it goes to bret. in this case, we need a tiebreaker. >> this is horribly unfair. >> tucker: i'm sorry, they are unfair, but these are the rules. it's like the electoral college. did she refuse to fly without a, python, b, a squirrel, or c, a raccoon? >> a squirrel.
9:35 pm
>> tucker: was it b, a squirrel? >> a woman was kicked off a flight after bringing an emotional support squirrel on the frontier airlines only allows dogs or cats. >> tucker: i say it was self-larceny. i said it's multiple-choice. you got so excited. the craziest video of this weekk shows an angry animal chasing a group of snowboarders down a mountain in colorado. what kind of animal was it? was it a, a moose, b, a bear? b congressman? >> it would be a moose, tucker. >> tucker: i would've guessed a mountain lion. is it a moose? >> a moose is on the loose and charges at skiers and snowboarders. look at this video. wild video showing the giant animal chasing the group in aspen, colorado. they say it followed them for half a mile. >> tucker: police in houston, texas, received an unusual call
9:36 pm
this week from a man they thought was hallucinating. the man called to tell them he had entered an event and home to smoke marijuana and found what kind of wild jungle cat inside the house? lauren blanchard. >> it was a caged tiger. >> tucker: come on, now. was it a tiger?? >> two houston men stuck into an abandoned house to smoke some reefer, and they wound up seeing a tiger inside. luckily for them, they got out of there before the tiger and the crouching tiger caught the munchies. >> tucker: here in new york city, researchers are about to begin work on a new senses. this time they are not counting people, however.ey they are focusing on a small furry creature in central park. what kind of animal is it? >> no, are they counting? you've got to read the script.
9:37 pm
>> she's reading the teleprompter! >> tucker: you're not allowed to read the teleprompter. >> yes, i am. >> i win by default! >> tucker: wait a second. i'm going back to something i said earlier, which is that when you have cable news anchors on your show, things tend to fall apart. let me just check with the judges really quick. the judges say the host of the program is allowed to add lid on his own scripts. i think.s >> she's reading it! >> tucker: what is the answer? >> it is squirrels. >> tucker: you know it, but you answered it. why would it not be rats? is it squirrels? >> new york city is about to conduct its first official squirrel census next week. volunteers are needed. >> tucker: this is literally the most contentious show we've ever had. so what happens when two of the
9:38 pm
very smartest people at fox hq in new york city face-off with questions about the most hated mayor in the united states? it's kennedy versus janice dean on our final exam special, next. ♪ for a cold sore,
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i don't use some waxy cover up. i use herpecín l, it penetrates deep to treat. it soothes moisturizes and creates a spf 30 barrier to protect against flare ups caused by the sun. herpecín l. it does more for a cold sore. ♪ >> tucker: we've got an awful lot of sharp people here in fox news, as you know, and sometimes we can get them to match wits on final exam. one recent show, we brought together two of the top minds at our fox news fox business host, kennedy, and fox meteorologist, janice dean. topics included the demise of grumpy cat and the great white
9:42 pm
shark headed straight for new york city. here's what happened next. okay, question one. this is multiple-choice. grumpy cat, who is exactly what it sounds like, frowny face feline, had her own lifetime movie and died at the age of seven. at one point, o she was reputedo be worth $100 million. not sure how that works, but that's what they said. what was grumpy cat's real name? was it a, gizmo, b, tartar sauce, c, cabbage patch? >> i have no idea. >> i'm not risking it. >> me, neither. >> not going to lose a point. >> tucker: you know, it's never happened before, but we are going to just -- i'm just listening for the judge's instructions. >> do we dance. >> tucker: we are going to give you one hint, and the first one
9:43 pm
to buzz in. here's a hint. it's like a condiment. kennedy? >> tartar sauce. >> tucker: you're not going to go gizmo? okay. tartar sauce. >> tartar sauce, known globallyk as grumpy cat, passed away this week peacefully in the arms of her mommy. at one time, it was estimated p the famous feline was worth $100 million. >> tucker: according to the judges, we can't let a question go unanswered. >> well, this is a first, tucker. it's exciting >> tucker: these are the rules. this is a first. i don't know. i don't make the rules. i carry them out. question two.he according to a new poll in the quinnipiac, joe biden is the most likely democrat in the presidential field. the most disliked candidate has an unfavorable rating of 45%. who is that? kennedy? >> bill de blasio. >> tucker: you're just saying that because you live in new york.
9:44 pm
is it bill de blasio? >> i bet you it is.e >> mayor bill de blasio is finally ahead in one category. he is the winner in the most disliked candidate running for president, according to a quinnipiac poll, 45% just like bill de blasio. >> who is now in heaven with tartar sauce. >> grumpy the cat and tartar sauce. >> tucker: i get that joke.. we played that video the other night. too good. all right. question three. question three is our daily double, so it's a two-point question, and also multiple-choice. here we go. in an interview this week,o. democratic candidate kamala harris said that her ideal running mate in 2020 would be which historical figure? b, it a, mahatma gandhi, susan b. anthony, or c,
9:45 pm
cassius clay, a.k.a., muhammad ali? >> i don't know. >> tucker: kennedy? >> you know, i might be throwing all this way because this would be my ideal, i would say cassius clay. >> tucker: is it muhammad ali? >> if you could have anyone, living or dead, as your perfect running mate, who would it be? >> oh, muhammad ali. >> i'm sorry, tucker, she wiped the floor. >> tucker: sting like a bee. all right. that's impressive, and it is non too late. it's not too late, janice dean. the universally beloved janice dean. the days of being stuck in an l.a. traffic jam with nothing to do are over. there is now a fast food chain that will send out motorcycle courier through the gridlock and bring your burger right to your
9:46 pm
car. which is it? janice dean? >> burger king. >> tucker: not in and out, but burger king? >> it is a real thing and yes, burger king wants to solve this problem. once you place your order, you get updates, and then through a motorcycle courier, your burger, whatever else you want to order from burger king, that will be delivered to you. but are you that hungry and traffic that you need to eat inside your a car? >> on the 405, 4:00 on a friday, yes. >> i'm still standing. >> tucker: okay, so this last question, i'm hearing this now from my judges. and as you know, this is the way the game works, they make up rules as we go along with no rhyme or reason. >> can we have a cocktail? >> tucker: they are like the federal government that way, and they are telling me this final question is a three-pointer, also multiple-choice. speak of the is on. >> tucker: here we go. some people in the northeast are very excited because a 10-foot great white shark is heading their way.ry
9:47 pm
he was seen last week in connecticut. it could be heading toward martha's vineyard where the shark has been given a name. what is the name? is it a, lydia, b, charles, is it c, cabot? kennedy? >> tucker, we are going to need a bigger boat. it's c, cabot. >> tucker: [laughs] i wonder if our audience gets that reference. >> i hope they do. >> tucker: very good. is it c, cabot? >> this great white shark named cabot has been detected in waters near the long island white is named after the named after the florida john cabot. >> tucker: i could think white cheddar but not great white shark. kennedy, seven points. that's the highest point total in the history of final exam.
9:48 pm
>> oh, my gosh, that's amazing. >> tucker: janice dean, this does not diminish in any way your goodness as a person or our profound and undying love for you so thank you very much. >> by the way, this would have been a win-win. if janice would have won this whole thing i would've celebrated her greatness. >> tucker: cabot? that was good. we have an erik wemple mug for you. it's on the way. maybe you will get a whole set of them. >> interoffice mail. >> tucker: interoffice mail. we will send it. >> can i come back? >> tucker: of course, you can come back. we showedac you how the jesse watters effortlessly destroyed countless final exam challengers but someone was finally able to beat him in one of the stormiest final exams of all time. who was it? we will show you as our special continues next. ♪ want to brain better? say hello to neuriva, a new brain supplement with clinically proven ingredients that fuel five indicators of brain performance:
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focus, accuracy, memory, learning, and concentration. neuriva.
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♪ >> tucker: welcome back to our final exam special. as you just saw earlier this hour, jesse watters looked unstoppable for much of the year. we need a real hurricane as a contender, if you catch our drift, someone who can blow watters away. finally, we found him. here itan is. this week's first contestant is the chief meteorologist here at fox, our friend, rick right knee. the question is, how much does
9:53 pm
he know about things that are not the weather? we are about to find out as he takes on our defending champion, the cohost of "the five," the post of "watters' world," graduate of hartford, connecticut, jesse watters, everyone. everyone has been wiped out by watters, and rick might turn the tide. >> nice analogies. i love that. >> tucker: are you ready, rick? >> hopefully. seven is too many for this guy. >> you're very laid-back, we will see. >> tucker: i know you know the rules. i'm going to repeat them for the sake of our viewers. the first one to buzz gets to answer the question. you must wait critically until i finish asking it before you answer. you can answer once technology by saying your name.t every correct answer is worth a single point. each incorrect answer subtracts a point from your total. best-of-five wins. are you prepared?ct
9:54 pm
>> yes. >> tucker: all right. here we go. question one. which democratic presidential candidate says he's willing to take on the president of the united states in a push-up contest? >> oh, my goodness. >> tucker: jesse? >> that would be former vice president joe biden. >> tucker: is jesse watters correct? is it joe biden? >> joe biden is here in iowa saying that he might tell the president to drop and give him ten, if the president of her questions joe biden's mental or physical capabilities. >> i was waiting for him. i was like, come on, donald. come on, man. how many push-ups do you want to do here? [laughter]in >> tucker: in other words, joe biden is trying to prove he's not senile by challenging trump to i'm not weighing in on that but a pusher contest. jesse watters, he got the answer. question two.. this one is multiple-choice so wait until all questions have been asked until answering. this bizarre app takes a photo
9:55 pm
of you and ages you by 50 years. what is the name of the app? is it a, face app, b long in the tooth app, or c, no spring chicken app? rick? >> face app. >> tucker: face app. >> i didn't fall for it. >> tucker: you didn't fall for it. is it face app? >> the internet sensation called face app taking over social media in just the last 24 hours. celebs like dwyane wade and lebron james, the jonas brothers, and kevin hart, all hosting their face app picks. a preview what you might look like in 50 years. the recent popularity now making it the top trending app in the itunes app store. >> nobody gained weight. >> tucker: it's a merciful app. congratulations.
9:56 pm
okay, 1-1. moving into question three. another multiple-choice. an event online is calling for people to storm area 51, the military base in nevada, sometimes called nevada, so they can find proof of alien life. the air force which runs that base is telling people not to come. how many people have signed up for the raid? is it a, over 20,000 people, b, over 50,000 people, c, over 1 million people? rick? >> over 1 million people. >> tucker: you really think over 1 million people?ve seems like a lot. let's find out. is it 1 million? >> the air force is warning people again storming the top secret military beats. this after more than 1 million people pledged to quote, "see them aliens." >> i'm nervous.. >> tucker: wow. this is amazing. okay, this has not happened.
9:57 pm
>> why is this amazing? >> tucker: a lot of us thought jesse watters was unbeatable but now moving to question four. a two-point question. here it which tech billionaire believes he's discovered a way to download the human brain by inserting a microchip inside your skull? rick? >> elon musk. >> tucker: is it elon musk? >> i was going to guess that. >> tucker: i love the name. >> he wants to hook up your brain to a computer. >> he said why not implant chimps into your brain so it helps you cognitively function better and to battle the artificial intelligence that's coming your way? >> no, thank you. >> tucker: yeah, that's not creepy or anything. not at all. elon musk sounds like he's in touch. okay. this is crazy. okay. final question, also two points. i mean, this is -- jesse watters. okay. all right. you ready?tt
9:58 pm
the game show commission in billings, montana, would like us to end on an animal-related multiple-choice question, so here it is. people in chicago were mesmerized when an alligator was seen hanging out in the city park there. authorities spent the better part of a week trying to catch the gator, and the reptile became so popular he received his own nickname. was his nickname a, allie the alligator, b, chance the snapper, or c, rock the crock? rick? >> chance the snapper? >> tucker: was it chance the snapper? >> we are back now with a search for an alligator on the loose in a chicago park. first spotted a week ago. >> the gator is so popular itt even has a nickname, chance the snapper. he is not taking any chances. bringing inhe an expert from florida to help find and catch the cold-blooded intruder. >> we've been trying to catch him all week. this is ridiculous. >> tucker: amazing.
9:59 pm
>> i can't believe it. >> tucker: jesse watters, you have been -- i never thought you were going to be dethroned, but it just happened. congratulations.ou unbelievable. >> i lost to the weatherman. >> tucker: okay, so we are fresh out of our traditional erik wemple mugs, so we have a show polo shirt for you, rick. after getting the weatherman weatherman umbrella from you, i'm happy to have that sent to you. you can get it on our website or at if you want it at home. rick, congratulations. great to see you both. that's all for tonight's special final exam edition of "tucker carlson tonight." pay attention to the news every week, tune in thursday to catch new editions of final exam and see if you can outperform our news pros here at fox news. thanks for tuning in tonight and every night for the show that is this sworn enemy of lying,
10:00 pm
>> sean: welcome to the special edition of "hannity," and happy thanksgiving for the hour, we will be bringing you some of our biggest interviews from the past few months. tonight we start with my most recent interview with president trump. take a look. >> sean: mr. president thank you so much -- >> thank you. >> sean: i've interviewed you a lot over the years. going to do something i've never done. i want to read the transcript because everyone talks about whistle-blowers, not whistle-blowers. >> president trump: that's fine. >> sean: okay, it says, i'd like you to do us a favor. your first talk about congratulations, relationship like you to do us a favor though


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