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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  November 29, 2019 12:00am-1:00am PST

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about us, we did not get locked up in substance abuse but it was eye-opening for the entire team that was present with these women, really dedicated to improving their lives. i hope everyone enjoyed the special. i want to thank everyone, kristin and everybody who worked so hard on this and we will see you back here tomorrow night, good night from washington. >> donald trump x a surprise visit to a strip something's giving and says he believes the taliban is open to a cease-fire. the secretary of the navy slams the commander-in-chief saying the president does not understand how the military works and china warns the us over american support for pro-democracy demonstrators in hong kong. this is special report. welcome to washington, happy thanksgiving. donald trump is not home for the holidays tonight.
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he made a surprise trip to afghanistan for thanks giving me with troops and he has news about peace talks with the taliban. the trip comes as his administration is dealing with major developments in several hotspots both at home and around the globe. we have fox team coverage tonight. benjamin all in london as china criticizes what it calls the sinister intentions of the us in hong kong. jennifer griffin at the pentagon as the former secretary of the navy has a scathing critique for his old boss, the president and we begin with kevin cork near the president's florida resort. >> reporter: call it operational security. by any definition the president's visit to afghanistan was a very welcome surprise for many american troops stationed abroad this thanksgiving holiday. >> i hope everyone enjoyed the fantastic meal. >> reporter: after secret 13 mile flight, 13,000 feet above the frigid wild blue a warm welcome in afghanistan. >> we love them. happy thanksgiving. >> the surprise trip the us
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service personnel this thanksgiving holiday, a treat for troops on a day when we all pause to give thanks. >> this evening as millions of families sit down and their dinner tables back home they will be saying a prayer to the men and women serving our nation in afghanistan and deployed all around the globe. >> he was in many respects a week like before, photos of good-natured banter and service by the commander-in-chief to those who in being here have already sacrificed so much. his remarks hit on familiar themes, stronger than ever military, the removal of terrorists from the battlefield and the like was the president also uses for strip to afghanistan to meet his presidential counterpart, announcing the us and taliban have restarted peace talks, the us insisting on a cease-fire. >> the taliban wants to make a deal and we are meeting with them and we are saying it has to
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be a cease-fire. they want to do a cease-fire, now they want to do a cease-fire. >> this after the was withdrew from bilateral peace talks in september and the president said he was following through with his campaign promises to draw down american troop levels, quote, substantially to about 8600. >> that is a number people are talking about. >> that we can do much further than that. >> keenly aware the future will fend for itself this was a day to remain very much in the present. a chance to a journey shrouded in secrecy with a public declaration of support. >> there is nowhere i would rather celebrate this thanksgiving than right here with the toughest, strongest, best and bravest warriors on the face of the earth. >> us for strength in afghanistan is between 12, and 13,000, down a couple of thousand since this time a year ago, the president making it very clear today the us will remain in the country unless
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there is a deal where we achieve total victory. >> a visit from the commander-in-chief, live in florida, thanks very much. ousted secretary richard spencer says the commander-in-chief has little understanding of how the military works. the burgeoning conflict over donald trump's intervention and military discipline, national security correspondent jennifer griffin has the latest from the pentagon. >> reporter: the pentagon and navy special warfare community are reeling from the case surrounding eddie gallagher after the president advocated for gallagher who was acquitted of murder but still faced punishment for posing in a photo with a dead iraqi militants in a scathing op-ed, navy secretary richard spencer attacked the president for intervening in the case, quote, this was a shocking and unprecedented intervention in a low-level review. it was also a reminder the president has very little
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understanding of what it means to be in the military, to fight ethically or to be governed by a uniform set of rules and practices. >> i don't think he understands the definition of a war fighter. it is a profession of arms and the profession of arms has stated they have to be held to. >> gallagher who deployed eight times 2 intense combat zones was charged with multiple war crimes including murder but acquitted after the navy prosecution bungled the case in july. donald trump in two separate war crimes cases ordered gallagher retain his trident. >> you can get away with it. we have to have good order and discipline. >> i stuck up for three great warriors against the deep state. >> sir, i don't think you should do that. people have to be able to fight. >> reporter: the head of the seal defense secretary and others believe the process should be allowed to play out without interference from the
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white house. spencer and did this with a message, americans need to know the 99.9% of uniformed members always have, always are and always will make the right decisions. our allies need to know we remain a force for good and please bear with us as we move through this moment in time. the trident peer-reviewed board was dropped for the 3 seals connected to the gallagher photos. now the controversy moves to the army where the soldiers donald trump argent once his distinguished service cross back. chrismac the president signing legislation supporting pro-democracy protesters in hong kong will undermine cooperation between the world's two largest economies. reaction on the streets of hong kong was quite positive. benjamin paul shows us tonight. >> reporter: hundreds of american flags waved on the streets of hong kong today, protesters thanked donald trump for backing them.
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>> united states citizens. >> on wednesday donald trump signed into law the human rights and democracy act and export of tear gas, pepper spray and rubber bullets. a second bill, more significant, the state department carrying out an annual review saying hong kong has enough autonomy to justify favorable us trading talks. donald trump explained the decision saying i find these bills out of respect for president xi, china and the people of hong kong. they are being enacted and hope leaders will be able to amicably settle their differences leading to long-term peace and prosperity. china summoned the us ambassador telling him to stop meddling in hong kong affairs and threatened retaliation. >> reporter: hong kong is china's hong kong. hong kong affairs are china's internal affairs, no for an organization, foreign government
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or for an individual has the right to interfere. >> reporter: is the two nations get close to signing phase 1 of their trade deal analysts say retaliation would hurt china more than the us. >> they are huffing and puffing using all sorts of over-the-top language, they're not really going to do anything. >> in hong kong police continued operations moving into the polytechnic university, scene of recent major classes, there is still believe to be 20 students hold up inside with molotov cocktails, this may yet escalate. it remains to be seen of china will retaliate but certainly's tensions between the two countries. chrismac thanks. south korea's military says north korea has fired two short range projectiles, the weapons will probably send from what it says is a superlarge multiple rocket launcher, the move comes 3 days after the north and its troops conduct artillery drills
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near its disputed sea boundary with south korea. in tonight's democracy 2020 report some of the democratic presidential candidates are spending the holiday trying to connect to the voters will determine the political faith in just a few weeks. others are getting ready for the big push. jillian turner shows us tonight. >> not every 2020 candidates that the day eating turkey, kamala harris and amy klobuchar putting facetime in iowa where the first caucus is weeks away. paris talking to seniors about drug pricing. >> my focus is on healthcare and making sure seniors have access to the healthcare that you need and prescription medication is not unaffordable like it is. >> front runners taking the day off still trying to get their
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messages out to supporters. it was before and we did a thanksgiving story and said she's thankful for her family and the grassroots movement that is fighting alongside me. so biden stocked the trail saying he reminded voters his campaign is about restoring the soul of america by recognizing our differences are precious and are similarities infinite. pete buttigieg who is celebrating in michigan says today i'm especially thankful for the sacrifices of those in uniform, protecting us abroad so we may celebrate at home but the holiday wasn't without drama. buttigieg facing blowback after releasing comments in which critics say he unfairly compared his experience as a game and to the plate of black americans. >> i do not have the experience of ever having been discriminated against because of the color of my skin i do have the experience of sometimes feeling like a stranger in my own country. >> one councilman in his own
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constituency substances when you see me you would know that i'm african-american from day one. when someone is gay or lesbian, unless they tell or are seen in certain situations know what is going to know that. a senior campaign official who resigned two weeks ago is coming back to the 2020 trail with newcomer michael bloomberg. bloomberg's campaign confirms to the new york daily news the aid has joined as deputy coo. chrismac thanks a lot. a bittersweet thanksgiving for tens of thousands of people in east texas. they are not home for the holiday because of a mandatory evacuation sparked by a massive fire at a chemical plant that injured three people. christina coleman has our update tonight. >> reporter: firefighters are hard at work battling an inferno that began wednesday morning in southeast texas. 50,000 people were forced to evacuate ahead of the holiday due to a mandatory evacuation order after an explosion at this
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chemical plant, up in flames. >> we didn't suffer significant loss of life. >> reporter: the chemical plant produces 900 million pounds of material year including a gas used for a variety of synthetic materials like rubber and nylon blue state environmental officials are working around-the-clock monitoring air quality near the site. >> i can confirm this but we are not completely out of the woods yet. >> reporter: officials say the initial blast from the operation site could be felt up to 30 miles away. a second explosion wednesday afternoon center tower into the sky. >> the following hours it burned off like a rocket. >> reporter: 200 people work at the facility but only 30 employees were reportedly at the plant at the time of the explosion. amy laura let her family live nearby and had to evacuate
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thanksgiving eve but say they are still going to pull off a holiday dinner at a friend's house. >> we are taking the senate taking some other people in too so we will have fun. chrismac which president has deported more illegal immigrants, trump or obama? we have the answer. first here's what our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. fox 14 in west monroe, louisiana as residents in northeast louisiana and central mississippi clean up and assess damage after apparent tornado hit the region. officials in mississippi say 8 to 10 houses were damaged, distraction was reported from an earlier storm near bascom, louisiana, a rural town southeast of monroe. fox 10 in phoenix, firefighters find a 17-year-old girl stuck in a chimney after a failed attempt to sneak back into her house following the late night. a friend of the victim says the girl was stuck for an hour and a half before rescuers arrived. what about the girl's parents?
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friend says they were so mad. this is a live look at new york from fox 5. the big story, the beloved the balloons flew, lower than usual, as the macy's thinks giving day parade, sustained winds were 22 mph with gusts up to 39 and certain points. the balloons are not allowed to fly if it is too windy. that is a look at the beltway. we will be right back. ing what', not what's easy. so when a hailstorm hit, usaa reached out before he could even inspect the damage. that's how you do it right. usaa insurance is made just the way martin's family needs it - with hassle-free claims, he got paid before his neighbor even got started. because doing right by our members, that's what's right. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. usaa nyquil severe gives you powerful relief for your worst cold and flu symptoms, on sunday night and every night. nyquil severe. the nightime, sniffling, sneezing,
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>> mike: a liberal act >> a liberal activist group launching a digital campaign ad targeting the federalist society, a conservative the globalization that has championed judges appointed by donald trump. the add-on link toin on facebook resize major law firms that sponsor the federalist society's recent annual dinner for brett kavanaugh, 2000 people as washington's union station. the american civil liberties union is criticizing donald trump's plan to put mexican drug cartels on the government's list of terrorist organizations lose the director of aclu national security project says the policy would be cruel and counterproductive and the administration should end what
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it calls the forced return to mexico of cartel victims. it is true donald trump has made cracking down on illegal immigration a centerpiece of his first term in reality his administration lags far behind president obama's pace of deportations. >> anyone who illegally crosses the border will be detained until they are removed out of our country. >> that was candidate trump's promise in 2016. supporters believed him and critics feared it was true. but three years in some observers say trump looks like a slacker compared to president obama. >> we call from deported and chief. >> he deported 1.1 million migrants in his first 3 years compared to an estimated 800,000 under president trump. >> at the height of the crisis, it exceeded 5000. >> what is different week you 2 things, under obama, vastly "outnumbered" other migrants.
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today central american asylum seeking families are entitled to judicial review and must be released after 21 days. under obama county jails indiscriminately funneled millions of migrants to ice for deportation. today sanctuary cities cut off the pipeline stopping agents from enforcing the law in poorhouses. >> this will affect the broad spectrum of individuals especially communities of color and immigrant communities who have been the target of ice operations. >> reporter: that hasn't stopped the trump administration from holding more migrants in detention. on average 50,000 the day, 40% more than obama. >> the system is so bogged down, some of these cases take a great amount of time. >> reporter: those in detention come from two places. 80% arrested by ice have a little record. most migrants in custody today arriving from the border don't.
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>> actions by this administration aren't just morally reprehensible but illegal. >> it appears donald trump remove fewer migrants than president obama, filed more deportation cases than any president in 25 years. court orders and lack of space forced him to release 250,000 families. mike: thanks a lot. up next the rise of anti-semitism in europe, first beyond our borders. iraqi officials say 40 protesters have been killed in the last 24 hours amid spiraling violence in baghdad and southern iraq. protesters operating three key bridges in a standoff with security forces. they meet with the fortified green zone, the scene of iraq's government. 350 people have died since october 1st wednesday of the protesters took to the streets to decry corruption and services. hopes of finding survivors are fading in albania after a deadly quake struck the adriatic coast.
12:22 am
46 people are dead and more than 2000 injured. the main quake has been followed by hundreds of aftershocks hampering rescue efforts. reports in germany say the $1.1 billion of jewelry stolen in a brazen heist at the dresden green vault is not insured. they are offering $550,000 for information leading to their recovery. other stories beyond the borders, we will be right back.
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♪ >> mike: dozens of french activists blocked an amazon warehouse south of paris on the eve of black f >> thousands of french activists blocked and amazon warehouse south of paris today on the eve of black friday. this increased opposition in france to oppose including sales phenomena. some french want lawmakers to ban it all together. or demonstrations are expected tomorrow. a spike in hate messages for italian holocaust survivor comes as alarm bells go off about a rise in anti-semitic acts and expression across europe. italy has been considered on the low end of the spectrum but a recent study found that a full 11% of italians harbor anti-semitic attitudes. amy kellogg has more from milan. >> holocaust survivor finally broke her silence telling an italian newspaper we must stop those who hate. i will not give up.
12:27 am
she was sent to auschwitz at the age of 13, became a target of hate messages after she proposed a commission to study hate in the italian senate. it was a series police decided she needed protection. the 89-year-old spent decades educating others on the holocaust and she was made senator for life. a national treasure now under attack with widespread concern in italy that racist and anti-semitic expression is on the upswing. >> the fact she needs protection is a serious matter which is obviously the government's duty but also a defeat. >> reporter: this is italian police thursday rate 19 locations across the country, fighting guns and swastikas to people setting up a nazi movement. another moment that has shocked many, african born soccer star was cheered with monkeys sounds
12:28 am
on the field, this antidiscrimination lawyer said racist incidents are on the rise in italy. >> there is greater freedom in the use of aggressive language. in the first place that manifests itself is in sports. >> this garden is dedicated to those who have stood up to hatred and injustice. it was reopened recently by liliana shortly after its opening note at the entrance and throughout. the messages scrawled were not necessarily those of hatred but does represent the degradation of an important symbol. that is shaken up those who tends to this garden. >> the first time in my life i have a fear that something is changing in society. >> thousands gathered in milan recently in solidarity on the train tracks which took her to auschwitz. the message of the demonstration milan is not hate.
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♪ mike: tonight at stokes on faith, an event of the united nations focusing on religious persecution. religion correspondent lorne greene tells us violence against christians in particular is on the rise. >> reporter: striking christians on their holiest day of the year. >> i entered through the main gate of the church and suddenly i heard the explosion. black smoke was everywhere. iran towards the church and i saw dead bodies across the floor. >> a few months earlier two catholic churches in the philippines bomb leaving 20 dead and dozens wounded. >> charred bodies of people i personally knew for the past 20 years. >> victims telling their personal stories as the vatican's mission to the united nations held a conference to
12:30 am
bring attention to the fact that christianity has become the most persecuted religion in the world and it has become a deepening crisis. attacks against jews and muslims are also on the rise but according to the latest statistics eight out of 10 victims of religious persecution are christians. >> we call this event to hear from survives a religious persecution so the un could be informed and from this pulpit start a throughout the globe. >> according to a newly released report to the church in need, a catholic charity that brings aides questions around the world 11 christians are killed every day because of their faith. the report also says in east asia, notably china, sri lanka and the philippines there is an unholy trinity of threats. islamic extremism, populist nationalism and authoritarian regimes that threaten christians. here at the united nations, great britain is looking to introduce a resolution on the persecution of christians and other faiths. mike: thanks a lot.
12:31 am
up next, the focus on impeachment, we will talk to one of the senators who could be on the jury. now and forever more. inside these buildings in jerus throughout israel there are many elderly jews who suffering daily. and they need our help now. as christians and jews we know we have a scriptural mandate to hungry. and here there are thousands in need. 17 years ago edna was in a horr terrorist attack. she's still in excruciating pain and she can't even afford her m. i've lost my will to live. all the time i suffer alone wit and pain. your help is urgently needed. please call right now and make $25
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we need your help more than ever before.
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>> mike: the u.s. court of appeals >> the us court of appeals for the dc circuit issued an administrative staff a lower court's ruling ordering don mcgann to appear before congress. the court says it will continue issuing a longer stay, several arguments for hearing january 3rd. a federal judge ruled monday he would have to appear before congress in response to a subpoena rejecting the trump administration's argument that absolute immunity shielded top aides from congressional questioning. congressional lawmakers are back home for the holidays. when they return to washington next week impeachment will be the big issue. let's get some perspective on that tonight. bret baer spoke with west virginia republican senator shelley capital earlier this
12:36 am
week. >> reporter: thanks for being here. obviously the focus in washington has been and will likely be for the next few weeks at least impeachment and it seems like it is heading towards your side of the capital with you as a juror. as you sit here tonight having watched what you have watched how do you see this? >> i see it as a political blunt instrument, that it has been through the entire process. when the hearings were private it was pretty obvious the democrats were using this as a way to be destructive to donald trump himself and when it comes into the public arena the last several weeks i think it has shown itself again to be a very divisive, very partisan exercise, discouraging to the american public but it will be coming to the senate, i will be a juror so i'm all ears to try to figure that out once it comes to my plate.
12:37 am
>> to the point one of the people making the case is house intelligence committee chair adam schiff. here's his closing argument at the end of that committee hearing. >> when the founders provided a mechanism in the constitution for impeachment they were worried about what might happen if someone unethical took the highest office in the land and used it for their personal gain and in my view there's nothing more dangerous than an unethical president who believes they are above the law. >> there are some republicans, willard from texas and others who said what the president did and how he did it was inappropriate but not impeachable. are you in that camp? >> i think probably his inquiries could be construed as such but all the evidence we have seen have been second and third had evidence. i will take adam schiff in his
12:38 am
own words, the seriousness with which he said it, he protests too much in his closing statement because he knows the facts are not there, the president hasn't been able to defend himself and the process has been very much not what our founders wonder what rule of law is founded on but is being used as a divisive partisan exercise, not doing justice to the system. >> the washington examiner this week had this in an opinion piece saying republicans should admit trump's demands were improper. they are not convinced impeachment is the remedy they should take other actions to steer trump towards putting national interests over personal interests. is censure something you think the senate will look at? >> i think you can see that drumbeat beginning to develop in the house of representatives. several members of at least one member has mentioned that already.
12:39 am
i think it is going to be predicated on what the house brings over to the senate and what is layered on the senate's plate in terms of the articles of impeachment. i think if you look at the whole transcript of the phone call, within a few minutes or so that the president made a statement about investigating corruption and mentioning an opponent, maybe that wasn't the exact proper way but the corruption issue is a viable issue in ukraine and something that we know that if we just fund countries, where the money is going to go, without looking at corruption we are going to get what we deserve back which is not that faction. mike: if you look at the latest poll, should trump be removed,
12:40 am
impeached and removed from office it is upside down now, 48 now, 45 years from october. if you took a poll in west virginia what what would it be? >> we took a poll in west virginia, 65% now impeachment and it would be 100% why don't you do the job you are sent to do which is to fund the government, support the military and move forward on really important issues of the day. >> you think this process so far has impeded big legislative efforts? >> it has. we haven't gotten the national defense authorization past, we haven't passed the trade package with our neighbors in mexico and canada which we know would be very useful to my state. i can't figure out why that hasn't come forward except the house of representatives doesn't want to give the president a win going into the election. we have an election in november. that's what elections are for. >> you were just on a congressional delegation overseas and went to afghanistan. we've been there on the ground for a long time. your thoughts about that and the effort to get us troops back home. >> we have 14,000 troops there right now.
12:41 am
it was not lost on me that the area we are working on in terms of counterterrorism whether it is the taliban or isis or al qaeda, exceedingly important that we help the afghan national forces and afghan national police and the government of afghanistan to secure more and more of their territory because if we don't, and if we don't work in that invite and assist capacity they are going to be overtaken again by very violent terrorist groups which then endangers our homeland. it is about what is good for own security and while it has been long and hard and costly and a lot of lives and treasure i think in the end keeping to support them the morale of the troops is great, so proud of the when we get to see them. >> for people who say 19 plus years, we have done our duty? >> i understand that and there are times i feel that way myself
12:42 am
but i think we can do a lot more with a lot less and put a lot less lives in danger if we follow the course we have put forward. we are planning to draw down. that is obvious and the military leaders along with our nato partners feel that is very much in order, afghanistan government, we have gotten to strengthen that. that is a week point because an election under question and so i think as frustrating as it isn't difficult as it is for the american public we have got to look at our homeland security and stabilizing that region of the world as part of our own homeland security. mike: thanks for the time. >> happy thanks giving. >> next up the panel on the president's holiday trip to afghanistan and a handful of domestic and foreign policy challenges.
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♪ >> they want to make a deal, we'll see what happens. >> mike: president trump, the commander-in-chief with an unannoun >> they want to make a deal so we will see what happens. if they make it fine if they don't that is fine. mike: donald trump with an unannounced visit to afghanistan to visit our troops to thank them for their service, being a long way from their families on this all-american holiday and
12:47 am
talking about the big picture for afghanistan. let's bring in our panel, the chief congressional correspondent of the washington examiner and white house reporter for the associated press and democratic strategists leslie marshall. your thoughts on the president turning up in afghanistan today. >> critical moment clearly for the peace deal in afghanistan that is long eluded the united states. the president wants fewer troops, there are 13,000 troops, he wants to down to 18,000 but you can't do that if there is no peace deal and we haven't been able to achieve that. that was called off a couple months ago with the explosion that killed an american soldier, no more talks, now he is saying let's start again, let's start this up but it is still a real long road to get from just talking to american troops leaving and i think the president is becoming aware of the fact that if all the troops leave the terror threat will
12:48 am
build again, potentially threatening the united states. seems to me from listening to him today he made a comment about total victory which i don't think anyone thinks is possible right now but he did talk about the idea that if we get a deal fine, if we don't that's fine and if we don't that means the troops are going to stay there. that is the message i got from the president. mike: the commander-in-chief visiting the troops on a holiday. >> the cloak and dagger of these things, that the president is going to visit, flying to afghanistan and no one will know about it but it happened that way. it is always kind of cool how these visits come down. the other part of this, you are absolutely right about, how important this is particularly going into 2020. if you can get a peace deal and start working towards a drawdown that is the sort of bumper sticker foreign-policy moment that he needs as he goes towards november.
12:49 am
mike: your thoughts on the images coming from afghanistan seeing donald trump with the troops thanking them for their service and giving them pat on the back, a long way from their families. >> it is the right thing to do is commander-in-chief, democrat or republican, this is a nonpartisan issue that i give the president of thumbs-up on. what i would not got him thumbs up on his thinking he can achieve a peace deal with the talent and how you can trust them. we've seen it before. when we walked away from the table they said we will start bombing people and they did just that with what they did and kabul. i hope there can be peace. i would agree it would be a feather in his foreign-policy but i don't think it will be possible. commander-in-chief, visiting troops fighting for our freedom when they were away from their families i will give him a thumbs up on that. mike: sticking with our foreign-policy theme north korea wishing us a happy thanksgiving up to its bad tricks. listen to the japanese prime minister on north korea. >> translator: we haven't
12:50 am
confirmed anything, falling into our territory exclusive economic zone the frequent lunch of ballistic missiles by north korea is a serious challenge not only for japan but the international community. >> are the north koreans not getting enough attention? >> the north koreans are doing what they have done regardless of republican or democrat in the united states, in the white house and the president now is seeing what other presidents have in recent days, whether it is kim jong un, his father or his grandfather which is unless we remove troops from the korean peninsula they will not stop what they are doing. isn't it a test? we are looking at super lunches here. this is a nation not to be trusted and we are seeing that not only today but we cannot be calling this man or this nation our friend as the president so frequently does. >> this is a relationship the president has put a lot into trying to take a different
12:51 am
approach than other commanders in chief, your thoughts on north korea. >> when he came into office this was the most difficult and dangerous position on the foreign-policy menu he faced. as he is going toward the end of his first term it returns to being the most difficult position he faces and it is tricky, he went from fire and fury to beautiful liners, you can't go back to fire and fury and kim jong un is not an idiot as the president has pointed out. he knows what is going on with impeachment, he knows what is going on with an election and he will play to pressure the president. >> no one is talking about how impeachment plays into this, makes it hard for the president to move on a serious foreign-policy initiative with north korea right now when he is being undercut in america and all foreign leaders know this and see this everywhere around the world that this is a huge issue because the president thought he could achieve a deal in north korea than everybody
12:52 am
knew north korea was impossible to denuclearize and they want sanctions remove, they want troops to stop. our troops to stop holding exercises which is not happened so this is out of frustration for that. nuclear talks are not restarting, sanctions are still in place hurting north korea and joint military exercises are still happening. therefore kim jong un will keep up with these short range missile tests. the 2-year anniversary of the icbm lunch. mike: hot topic number 3. let's listen to the people on the streets of hong kong. >> silent majority express their voice by their vote. but there is still a long way to go. it is an uphill battle. we will fight until the day we get free elections.
12:53 am
>> hong kong obviously quite happy the united states congress passed several bills, standing up for people there and going against to beijing, the president signed it into law. your thoughts on this issue? >> they were celebrating today in hong kong, american flags, photos of trump, excited he signed the bill. he didn't have much of a choice. it was passed nearly unanimously in the house and senate which means they would easily override a veto. that is not a battle trump wants to get into right now. he did signal he wasn't sure he would sign this in part because we are trying to negotiate a big deal with china on trade. that is his priority. i believe, it does support the people of hong kong he was forced into signing this but it looks good for him right now. >> trying to get a trade deal with beijing. >> something that surprised me is for the unconventional president, this was a conventional way to approach this, wednesday night when most of washington was tucked into
12:54 am
thanksgiving announcing this, at the end of the day there is too much at stake for beijing and washington to do anything. there will be really tally a in. they are having a pork shortage, they need american shortage, we have a deadline going on protecting things like toys and iphones, american companies are concerned about this as well. >> let's bring in leslie on this issue. >> regardless of wall street and the stock market and a trade deal which this could avert i'm surprised the president came to the table despite the fact you have unanimous approval in the senate and only one republican who didn't in the house vote for this you are seeing not only our elected politicians want this but america wants this and we have to do this. if we are going to ring the bell of freedom and democracy throughout the world this is something as the leader of the free world the president has to do but i'm surprised he didn't
12:55 am
push back more and i'm glad he did this. mike: thanks very much. when we come back, a small boy's thanksgiving mission. ñ?w we made usaa insurance for members like kate.
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usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. usaa >> bret: tonight, a 6-year-old boy and a >> the 6-year-old boy on a thanksgiving mission gathering loads of gobblers. >> my mom showed me a little boy sleeping on a rock so i thought maybe they aren't like us. maybe they just need something to eat. my goal is to fill the back of my mom's car. mike: raised the call for turkeys for the homeless and heartfelt video facebook message with his mom's help, he collected 32 turkeys, 600 pounds of poultry for the homeless in his las vegas community, sharing
1:00 am
generosity on a day we give thanks for our many blessings. congratulations to his proud parents. thank you for watching special report. happy thanksgiving. a special treat tonight, charles krauthammer in his words. >> the third time we have wanted to make a deal so since then we hit them so hard they have never been hit this hard in history of war. heather: happening at 4:00 am donald trump says the united states is coming back to the table with talks for the taliban. rob: that is during the surprised thanks giving visit to troops in afghanistan was we are live in washington with a new push to bring those soldiers home. carley: winter weather batters the country blanketing even california with snow.