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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  November 29, 2019 1:00am-2:00am PST

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his las vegas community, sharing generosity on a day we give thanks for our many blessings. congratulations to his proud parents. thank you for watching special report. happy thanksgiving. a special treat tonight, charles krauthammer in his words. >> the third time we have wanted to make a deal so since then we hit them so hard they have never been hit this hard in history of war. heather: happening at 4:00 am donald trump says the united states is coming back to the table with talks for the taliban. rob: that is during the surprised thanks giving visit to troops in afghanistan was we are live in washington with a new push to bring those soldiers home. carley: winter weather batters the country blanketing even california with snow.
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todd: high wind sending sparks flying in the midwest. we are tracking storms for you. carley: it is 4:00 am on the east coast but black friday shopping is in full swing. todd: the deals and disasters making news this morning. "fox and friends first" starts right now. ♪ ♪ todd: we could have a different audience today. people who don't necessarily get up at 4:00 am to get the black friday -- we want to welcome those people to the next two hours. carley: i hadn't even fought about that.
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todd: you are watching "fox and friends first". carley: thank you for starting the day with us. donald trump on his way to the us after a surprise trip to afghanistan where he served our troops thanksgiving dinner. todd: the president announcing he is reopening peace talks with the taliban and. allison barber has more on the unannounced visit and renewed peace efforts. >> reporter: donald trump left in the middle of the night, the trip unannounced, his first visit to afghanistan, his second visit to a combat zone as president, he visited iraq around christmas time. the trip was kept secret for security reasons. the small group of friends traveling with the president, they stayed off the shape. let's -- they flew for 13 hours landing on pitch black tarmac.
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the largest military base in afghanistan. donald trump visited with the troops, and met with the afghan president. donald trump spent 31/2 hours on the ground. may be a peace deal would finally come. the us intel and back to talking. >> the taliban wants to make a deal and we are meeting with them. has to be a cease-fire. they want to do a cease-fire. it will work out that way. >> reporter: the taliban and has said it is too early resuming talks with the us. donald trump abruptly canceled peace talks with the taliban in september.
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and attack in kabul killed the us servicemember before the talk was canceled. the plan according to draft a accord was to withdraw 5000 us troops in the following months in exchange for guarantees that afghanistan would not be used as a launching base for militant attacks on the united states as well as its allies. todd: extreme weather crippling holiday travel on thanksgiving and it could be the worst for some people headed back home. in california a sinkhole opening up near la collapsed in a road after heavy rain. snow snarling traffic in other parts of the sunshine state. in wisconsin an officer's body camera catching power lines in high winds. a marcher knocked to the ground by a parade float in the windy city. notice new york.
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winter weather threatening travel, blizzard conditions expected in the northern plains. of fire tore through a barn at an african wildlife exhibit in ohio, chilling video showing a giraffe sprinting in front of the flames. >> it is heartbreaking. todd: killing giraffes and antelopes. the managed to escape. it is unclear what started the fire. >> praising new tests of it superlarge multiple rocket launcher. state media releasing these photos of the fire relaunch on thanksgiving. it is seen as a show of force of nuclear talks with the us
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rapidly approaching. if they don't revive talks before then, we could see an uptick in military testing from the rogue regime. the university at the center of a police standoff in hong kong will reopen today. staff at hong kong polytechnic university cleaning up trash and debris following 12 days of unrest. thousands of pro-democracy demonstrators gathered to praise donald trump for signing two bills, many people waving american flags. others had a picture of the president, you see it that -- with his head on rocky balboa's body. todd: a federal appeals court will hear the subpoena case after temporarily blocking him from testifying. trying to get the former white house lawyer on capitol hill as part of their impeachment inquiry. a lower court ruled he must comply with the house subpoena. it is covered by executive privilege, the appeals court can take up the case in early
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january. carley: a high profile bar fight in nation's capital, former maryland governor martin o'malley launched a verbal assault against ken cuccinelli criticizing him for donald trump's immigration policies. instead of fighting back the director tells the washington post, quote, i said one of us has to rise above this and it is not going to be you. in restaurants and all that. todd: shoppers in new york city hoping for holiday deals. carley: black friday madness hitting sales before eating their turkey. todd: she has been on the sales and shopping beat. is it really worth it?
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>> reporter: the frenzy started thanksgiving morning, continues right now. shoppers across the country lining up for hours to take advantage of black friday sales that started last night. like every year there is a mad dash for deals to get those doors opened, people leaping for joy. the customer said skipping turkey with the family was worth it. >> it is worth spending the entire thanks giving day in line? >> i am saving $700 so not bad. my brother is cooking food at home. >> reporter: heavily brings me a plate. >> reporter: this is the year of tech. meyer offering a 55 inch smart tv for $179. best buy and target offering discounts on laptops, gaming
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consoles and didn't have to go to the store. people were shopping online so much so they were crashing websites for costco and plenty of people getting on twitter to complain about that. even airlines are jumping on board. delta, united, american, southwest, cutting prices. i have to check it out. you can fly delta from new york to amsterdam, $300 round-trip. carley: delta is the best airline out of all the us airlines. to thanksgiving football. the saints clinch a third straight title by stumping of our falcons, 26-18. todd: that guy does it all. and also to detroit, first of the day on fox. mitchell prevents the throwing three touchdown strikes in a
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24-20 win. carley: they carved up the cowboys. >> a little trickery at the pass. singleterry with the buffalo touchdown. todd: that is what we call trickery. carley: i never heard that. i like it. todd: winning the game 26-15 and that led to this. cowboys owner jerry jones going viral after leaving the game early. look at his face. he is not happy. he is set up as he gets up from his box seat. carley: he didn't have a good thanksgiving, dallas was down by 9 with less than two minute, clock. todd: the cowboys holding a slim half game lead in the leap because that is what it is because all the teams are bad. >> i know he didn't have a good thanksgiving but he has a fabulous life.
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social media going crazy over this, one person tweets jerry jones leaves early to lay the smack down on the coaching staff. todd: someone else saying taking his queue from the redskins playbook, jerry jones leaves the game early to take a selfy. carley: this fan rights jerry jones up and leaves. todd: 11 minutes after the are, donald trump saying peace talks with the talent and are back on the a surprise trip to afghanistan. >> the taliban wants to make a deal and we are meeting with them. it has to be a cease-fire. we will see what happens. we made tremendous progress. todd: what are the chances of getting a deal done? our next guest calls these talks a good gamble. >> controversy at starbucks, the outrageous message for a police officer on thanksgiving. ♪
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>> they want to make a deal. if they make it fine, if they don't make that is fine, we can do more damage with fewer troops. we are bringing it down substantially. we have a deal or total victory. todd: donald trump and accounting negotiations with the taliban and back on during a surprise visit with troops in afghanistan. carley: is a end the longest war in american history finally incite dq todd: the foundation for the defense of democracy, thank you for being here. what impact if any will this trip have on ending the war in afghanistan? >> happy belated thanksgiving. the impact remains to be seen.
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the taliban may capitalize on the president's decision about peace talks or sit them out and troop numbers will go down no matter what happened. for the taliban to sit on the sidelines, and the longest war, 19 years and counting. the president and this administration campaigned on ending endless wars. there is a responsible way to do that and a responsible way is sitting the battlefield predicate for negotiated withdrawal, not a withdrawal on the political timetable. jillian: do you think the president will start bringing troops home before a negotiation with the taliban is completed? >> much depends on how the taliban reacts to this offer as well as the territories the taliban is controlling. there is dispute on dod numbers,
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and other open-source reporting that contests that information. it remains to be seen. the taliban is on the sidelines, it may not happen. todd: do you think the president can fulfill the campaign promise to extract us as much as possible from the region without creating a power vacuum that will be filled by let's call it what they are, our enemies, iran, russia? >> you hit the nail on the head. countries on the sidelines and on the periphery of afghanistan are simply waiting for america to make the mistake it made in syria on another side of the globe and afghanistan is the other side. russia has interest in afghanistan, pakistan to afghanistan at least, all these countries are looking to capitalize on american power vacuum. if they see the numbers drastically declined, the taliban has an uptick in attacks, they have an incentive to work with the taliban and make it look like america was driven out of its longest war.
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carley: donald trump called of peace negotiations after the bombing that killed 5 people including a us soldier. what has changed from then to now? >> perhaps there is a political desire to go back to the idea of a negotiated settlement with the taliban. it will be tough to make peace with such folks but there is an overwhelming political desire there is again going to have to be a battlefield predicate and i don't see changes in us force posture that strengthen the ability to get that predicate. if anything, the desire to get troops out is so strong we may end of hurting ourselves at the negotiating table if we withdraw regardless of what the taliban and says because the enemy gets the vote. we have to watch closely how the taliban reacts. todd: flash forward to thanksgiving 2020.
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what is our presence in afghanistan? >> it will be somewhat diminished but us forces will still be there. how those neighboring countries, russia, pakistan and iran will be key. carley: thanks for being with us, we appreciate it. 18 minutes after the hour, decorating for the holidays can be dangerous, just ask clark griswold. [screaming] todd: the greatest holiday movie but that is not why we are talking about this. doctor manny alvarez is here with safety dos and don'ts before decking out your home. ♪
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>> welcome back. lori laughlin is holding a mock trial before heading to court. her lawyers are growing her about charges in the college admission scandal. she had her husband are accused of paying $500,000 to have her daughters admitted to usc. both pleaded not guilty. her trial has not been scheduled yet. todd: alabama supreme court protecting confederate monuments, judges ruling in favor, suing the city of birmingham for blocking the statute. a lower court decision claimed it was a violation of free speech to prevent older memorials from being changed or moved. >> thanksgiving in the books, less than 30 days from christmas.
1:24 am
make sure you don't do it like this. ♪ todd: a great excuse to show christmas vacation. fox news senior managing editor doctor manny alvarez. thanks for being here. you are not giving us decorating tips. >> i did my house. the kind of family that does decorating before thanksgiving so everything is set. todd: let's focus on safety. the top safety tips, a bunch of them here. keep christmas tree away from heat, double check your lights. use unbreakable ornaments, work
1:25 am
as a team and beware of poisonous plants. christmas tree and heat don't go together. >> the big thing about the safety of decorating is fire, this is a good time to check your fire alarm batteries. i tell people to do that because fire is one of the problems especially if you are using older lights. they have a lot of heat and if you have a dry tree or stuff like that it can catch fire. newer lights don't have as much heat. that is something to keep in mind. carley: the number one injury as falls. >> of course. that is why you have to work as a team. when you are decorated, putting lights, and have one person with you.
1:26 am
>> >> one of the problems with ornaments is the traditional hand-me-down ornaments. if you have ornaments from the 1950s you got from your grandmother you have to be careful. they break easy but are also very topic. they make them out of plastic or different fibers or carbon fibers. they are not as toxic. if you have small children with pets. >> beware of poisonous plants and the number one holiday plant, the poinsettia, is poisonous. >> they are not so much poisonous for people even though if a small child were to eat a poinsettia they could get nausea
1:27 am
and vomiting but pets very problematic. when i talk about poisonous plants, even christmas tree, the oil from it. if you have a lot of pets, cats, dogs. todd: people treated for holiday decorating related injuries, there were five deaths. >> don't forget allergies. a lot of people put nuts outside. peanut allergies -- always keep that in mind. >> drinking a decorating selleck a good idea but stay off the ladders. >> you didn't say off the drinking. carley: don't get on the latter. todd: old man winter making a
1:28 am
mess for millions across the country and it is not over yet. carley: adam klotz is tracking the storm's path. ♪
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>> extreme weather crippling holiday travel on thanksgiving and could be worse for people heading back home. snow snarling traffic. todd: strong winds leaving a trail of them is across the midwest. this is upsetting to you. a massive taco bell sign blowing over in central illinois. carley: adam klotz is tracking the weekend weather. >> more winter like weather spreading across the country. we side and portions of the northeast yesterday, filling into colder temperatures in the
1:32 am
going to feel like winter. here are early morning temperatures, 33 in new york, back across the country those temperatures right around the mid-30s getting into the upper 20s and that is enough to support winter weather. we had a big system lingering and lingering across western states for the past couple days. that continues, winter storm watches and warnings, everything in deeper and darker color reds are blizzard warnings and that is getting into the upper midwest across the plane states. this is going to be a slow mover we have to pay attention to the next couple days. this is our radar, you see where snow currently is, not horribly widespread but if you're getting it it is heavy at times and that is something to pay attention to and one of the things that will slow us down, future radar. if you are traveling today or saturday or sunday these, it is really out west. todd: 50,000 families could return home after massive
1:33 am
chemical plant explosion forced evacuations. they will reassess the order today after firefighters finally got the flames under control. sending a lot of flames into the air, rocking homes 30 miles away. >> a sorority is suspended accused of hazing, drinking, and drug use was the university of central florida taking action against pie beta 5 following an anonymous report, to take shots and chug and get locked out. national representatives for the sorority do not believe the full chapter was involved. todd: democrats with cost to abolish ice, from a fake university of michigan set up by the homeland security department. 254 and students were arrested, 2020 candidate elizabeth warren,
1:34 am
this is cool and apologizing -- to get the high quality education america can offer. ice deceived and entrapped them just to deport them. jillian: a police officer is handed a coffee cup with the word pig printed on the label. that apology wasn't the initial response. >> and she would relabel the cup. that is quite all right. carley: they were working on thanksgiving. the starbucks worker who made the label claims it was a joke. not funny. one of the oldest dog shows in the us, there is a new dog in town. todd: look at this guy, a bulldog taken home, the top prize at the national dog show. watch.
1:35 am
>> it is a bulldog. [cheers and applause] carley: the owner dropped to the ground in happiness. todd: over 2000 dogs from 193 breeds, able dog is close to the pug which means we could see a hug winning this title. it has to happen. carley: that is the thing that you want to happen? heather: super bowl pug winning the dog show. time, 35 after the hour. newsweek in the rough, not a dog story. it is a dog story. the president on thanksgiving, the president and his press secretary teeing off this morning. carley: you don't have to go to the mall, top bargains live in studio with wireless headphones. we are going to go shopping next.
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>> if you need help sorting through the best deals before you brave the black friday chaos. todd: conway is here to break them down. thanks for being here. >> reporter: the first thing is the beats, headphones, you can find them at target for $129, normally $300. $170 worth of savings. carley: i see so many people with those headphones so they are really popular. you have some nail polish and make up. >> there is also beauty products, check those out.
1:40 am
it is half off, the nail polish is half off. and the beauty sponge and 2 for 20 at macy's. todd: icy eggs. >> tabletop appliances are very popular. coles has the best deals this black friday. $6.69 after a coupon, everything from lenders, a good time to stock up on kitchen essentials. jillian: you know better than that. and on thanksgiving day, plug in door buster deals.
1:41 am
lowe's is offering a $10 off coupon. stock up on holiday essentials, $.99. a smaller side, with good options. todd: you know don't -- move down here. >> the gaming stuff is exciting. i work for these deals, they are on their voting on good deals and they love these tech deals. the x box, the playstation number 4, $199, target or best buy. it depends what your preference is, the apple watch 3, $129 the target discounted prices, $160.
1:42 am
todd: i was doing that in pennsylvania a couple weeks ago for "fox and friends," a majority of them wanted these. >> they are very popular. walmart has the best advertised price which is $129, amazon's price catching them right now. >> shoes and sweaters. >> used to be cyber monday when you would buy online. that is all blended for one big shopping - >> mid well has 30% off. target, $10 a piece and sign up for those email newsletters and you might get some extra bonus offers. todd: are these officially -- >> don't know if they are the official pair. carley: we believe it there. we appreciate it, thanks for
1:43 am
saving us some money. todd: shoppers out in full force across the country. carley: our affiliate in philadelphia joins us live. what kind of deal are these people looking for? >> it is busy out here. not taking necessary - some people are just starting, you really can't get them online. the director of marketing. thanks for coming out. so many deals here, people lining up with other kids. 25% off, not something you can get anywhere else. >> we offer great discounts,
1:44 am
65%, every retailer is trying to entice people to come in with the best deal to kickoff holiday shopping. >> reporter: even before 5:00 am you saw the biggest one this morning after the thanksgiving meal last night. >> between 8:00 pm and 1 am our biggest crowd, it tapers a little bit, people stayed all night long. we are starting to see new people coming in who are coming out for the first time to get the deal so they are excited -- you think the second rush is starting in the next hour. >> we are seeing more people coming out until 10:00 pm. >> reporter: a lot of dedicated shoppers out here but can't wait. todd: loving life. >> a lot of boxes and bags. the time is 44 minutes after the hour.
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tomorrow is small business saturday and many support our veterans but it is not just about the money. rob: veteran business owners on why returning to the workforce is so important for our heroes coming up next. ♪ what are you doing back there, junior?
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>> tomorrow is small business saturday. 80% of businesses support hiring veterans while 50% already have but returning to the workforce means so much more than the money and we brought a veteran owned business panel to weigh in and joining us now, founder of pocket square hero christopher
1:49 am
costa, ceo of grand style, and ceo of natosha standard. thank you for your service. let's start with you. tell us why you started pocket square heroes. >> it is a way to connect with other veterans out there and the networking community in the workspace. it was my way to get them out and social when we return from deployments. >> it was more about pocket squares. >> it is very unique. >> a name familiar to some viewers because pete and brian they all support the company. daniel, you have a great clothing company but you struggled with transitioning from military to civilian life. tell us about that. >> i was encouraged to get out
1:50 am
at the time, the whole pregnancy bit, they left me with two problems. i love that connection to pride and patriotism and didn't know how to feed my family. i solve both problems with one solution and that is about wearing it back and in my car the next few years and where we are today, about 300 awesome people. >> your mission is to both the most patriotic clothing company and their shirts are here, doing this on the side as well. clothing and bourbon, what could be better. tell us about your service and how you started. >> i am a retired major, did 20 years in the army, i was a logistics officer, served most of my time at fort bragg. after each deployment, i had a
1:51 am
luxury item. i said there has to be a better way. >> my shoes are more comfortable because i will never design a shoe, this is a 3.7 inch heel. the bed of the issue is wider so it is more comfortable. all my shoes are for the working woman. >> sounds awesome. you have been successful in the military and starting your own businesses but what would you say to someone watching who is a veteran struggling, can't find a job and can't start their own business? >> there's an enormous amount of veteran incubators that can guide them around the way. they start online and proceed. they utilize education benefits. that is the first start, they learn different business
1:52 am
tactics, several sources can help them grow. >> what will you tell veterans who have been struggling? >> you are not alone in this is not a unique encounter. if you can realize that and be humble enough to reach out, whether it is on social media, you can reach out to customer service or whatever, there's a lot to help you go down that path, here are the mistakes i made. one of the biggest don't haves is learning to sell. start your own business or not sure what you want, don't do that. >> from conversations with other veterans it sounds like one of the things people struggle with when they transition to civilian life is they can't find people that can relate to them. working for a company that hires veterans like yours could be a great place to start.
1:53 am
>> exactly. it was a turning point in my entrepreneurial journey, entrepreneurship, it was phenomenal, a weeklong course. if you are a veteran look that up. get in contact with those guys and they can take you to the process. >> getting to news of the day donald trump made a surprise visit to afghanistan and served them thanksgiving dinner. what is that for the more row of the troops they visited? >> it made them feel very excited and honored, politics aside, that is an honor. >> just knowing we are not forgotten. carley: could you imagine getting a visit -- >> when i was deployed the president came, you are not left
1:54 am
behind, or america has your back. >> you are thinking about your kids and your life being at home and you are not there. so many people are doing that. did you have to experience that. >> we deployed it wasn't under combat conditions we deployed to okinawa and it was hard to be away. my father passed before we left. carley: tomorrow is small business saturday. remember to shop small business and more importantly a veteran owned small business. thank you for being with us. heather: president firing back at newsweek for publishing a false story claiming the president was golfing on thanksgiving, donald trump tweeting i thought newsweek was out of business, next to pictures from the trip to
1:55 am
afghanistan and white house press secretary stephanie grisham tweeting standing by for you to delete this completely false tweet. newsweek issuing a correction, writing the story has been substantially updated and edited at 6:17 p.m. eastern time, the president's surprise trip to afghanistan. social media weighing in on this, rich tweeting this takes fake news to a whole new level. judy on facebook saying and yet i bet they still wonder why they are called fake news. jr tweeting happy thanksgiving and thank you for standing for our warriors. 55 minutes after the hour. extreme weather causing holiday travel havoc. roads shutdown across the country with millions of people trying to be on the move. we have got the latest track top of the hour. todd: nearly 40 years after appearing together on the big
1:56 am
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>> for a third time we have been wanting to make a deal and we pulled back and since then we
2:00 am
hit them so hard. rob: it is friday, november 29th. happening right now at 5 am donald trump said the us is coming back to the table for talked with the taliban and. jillian: that announcement during the surprise thanks giving visit to troops in afghanistan. we are live in washington with a push to bring those soldiers home. kim jong un travel nightmare is winter weather batters the country blanketing even california with no. jillian: and jillian: sparks flying in the midwest. we are tracking the storm. rob: it is only 5 am on the east coast but black friday shopping in full swing. carley: the deals and disasters already making news this morning. "fox and friends first" continues right now.


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