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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  November 29, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PST

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hit them so hard. rob: it is friday, november 29th. happening right now at 5 am donald trump said the us is coming back to the table for talked with the taliban and. jillian: that announcement during the surprise thanks giving visit to troops in afghanistan. we are live in washington with a push to bring those soldiers home. kim jong un travel nightmare is winter weather batters the country blanketing even california with no. jillian: and jillian: sparks flying in the midwest. we are tracking the storm. rob: it is only 5 am on the east coast but black friday shopping in full swing. carley: the deals and disasters already making news this morning. "fox and friends first" continues right now.
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♪ everybody's working for the weekend ♪ ♪ carley: everybody is going to be shopping this weekend because it is black friday and a lot of people swiping a lot of credit cards. todd: maybe this is a new audience not used to "fox and friends first". stores for your holiday deals, we will get you -- what is the name of the show? carley: "fox and friends first," you are watching that show on black friday morning. todd: thank you for starting your day with us. donald trump on his way back to the us after that surprise trip to afghanistan after he served our troops. carley: he is reopening peace talks with the taliban. allison barber has more on the unannounced visit and renewed peace efforts. >> reporter: a busy couple days for the president, donald trump
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left in the middle of the night, his trip unannounced, his first visit to afghanistan, his second visit to a combat zone is president. he visited iraq last year around christmas time. this trip was kept secret for security reasons. a small group of press traveling with the president. air force one stayed off the shade, seemingly never opened, flew for 13 hours landing on pitch black tarmac. the largest us military base in afghanistan, an hour and a half north of kabul. donald trump visited with the troops serving turkey, he met with the president of afghanistan. donald trump spent 31/2 hours on the ground, he talked about the elusive peace deal until the us and the taliban are back to talking. listen here. >> the taliban wants to make a deal and we are meeting with them and saying it has to be a
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cease-fire and now they want to do a cease-fire. >> reporter: the taliban is saying something different. the taliban and says it is, quote, too early to discuss resuming talks with the us. in september donald trump canceled peace tax with the talent and claiming he canceled them because of an attack in couple that kill the us servicemember. before the stocks were canceled the plan according to a draft accord was to withdraw 5000 us troops in exchange for guarantees afghanistan would not be used as a launching base for military attacks on the us and its allies. carley: thank you, meantime extreme weather crippling travel on thanksgiving and it could be even worse for some people headed back home. in california a sinkhole opening your los angeles collapsing a road after heavy rain, snow snarling traffic in other parts
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of the state. in wisconsin and officer's body camera, power lines exploding in high windss. did you see this? marcher knocked to the ground by a parade float in windy new york city. that is exactly what they were trying to avoid. winter weather traveling throughout the weekend, blizzard conditions are expected in the northern plains. heather: tenanimals destroyed after a fire in an african exhibit. look at this chilling video showing a giraffe frantically sprinting in front of the flames. >> heart wrenching this could happen. our team works so hard every day to care for these animals. heartbreaking.
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todd: wild hogs and antelopes, some managed to escape. none of the staff were injured. it is unclear what started the fire. carley: new test of north korea's superlarge multiple rocket launcher. state media releasing these photos of the fire relaunch on thanksgiving. a show of force of kim jong un's deadline for nuclear talks with the us rapidly approaching. it is two sides don't result talks before then we could see an uptick in military testing from the rogue regime. the university at the center of a standoff with hong kong will reopen today. staff at hong kong polytechnic university cleaning up trash and debris following 12 days of unrest. it comes as thousands of pro-democracy protesters gathered to praise donald trump for assigning two bills in their support. many people waving american flags. others held a picture of the
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president tweet this week with his head, you see it right there on rocky's body. todd: a federal appeals court will hear don mcgann's peta cake after blocking him from testifying, house democrats getting the former white house lawyer on capitol hill as part of their impeachment inquiry earlier this week. a lower court rules he must comply with that house subpoena. the doj argues it is covered by executive privilege that the court will take up the case in early january. a high profile bar fight in the nations capital knocking the deputy homeland security director ken cuccinelli, saying he was forced to leave an event when former maryland governor martin o'malley launched a brutal assault. o'malley criticized him for donald trump's immigration policy. instead of fighting back the director telling the washington post, quote, i said martin, one of us has to rise above this and it is obviously not going to be you. carley: staffers from new york city to california hoping for holiday deals and steals.
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todd: black friday man has an early start, with black friday deals hitting sales. carley: is it worth it? >> reporter: have you done black friday shopping? carley: i shop like it is black friday every day. >> reporter: a friend the thanksgiving morning and it continues now. shoppers across the country lining up for hours to take advantage of black friday sales. that started last night and like every year there was a mad dash, skipping turkey with the family is worth it. >> it is worth spending the entire thanksgiving day in line? >> i'm saving $700 so i don't have anything else to do. >> been knows what's up. this is the year of tech, meyer offering a 55 inch samsung smart
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tv for $179. that is a great deal. best buy and target discounting laptops, cameras, gaming consoles. did they did go to the stores? a lot of people shopping online. so much so they were crashing websites for cosco. a lot of people got on twitter to complain about that. even airlines are jumping on board, delta, united, americans, southwest, cutting prices. i checked it out earlier, you can fly delta from new york to amsterdam, even rome, for $300 round-trip. todd: are you going black friday shopping? >> yes and then rome. i like shopping online. black friday shopping getting rid of the tiny phone rob schmidt makes fun of me for all the time. do a little football. thanksgiving football the saints
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cling together third straight title, 26-18. carley: the quarterback feasting on the lions defense, 3 touchdown passes in a 24-20 win. todd: they are carving up the cowboys, you will watch it right now. >> a little trickery in the past to boot, wide open, single terry with the buffalo touchdown. todd: what is that called? that is -- buffalo wings 26-15. carley: this one definitely is. america's favorite alien returns home to earth just in time for the holidays.
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>> you came back! my son, my family. >> a heartwarming reunion between etn and elliott in a brand-new comcast commercial that premiered on thanksgiving. todd: elliott has a family of his own and these he has one too but he didn't age where elliott did. time, 10 minutes, restarting talks with the taliban and. >> never been hit this hard. we will see what happens. if they don't make it that is fine. todd: what are the chances of doing a deal. joey jones says we need peace with the taliban and. we need to be careful with negotiations. >> the actress lori laughlin preparing for her court date in the college admissions scandal. - [spokeswoman] meet the ninja foodi grill. get the perfectly grilled flavors of an outdoor grill indoors, and because it's a ninja foodi, it can do even more,
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>> taliban wants to make a deal and we are meeting with them and saying it has to be a cease-fire. if they don't make it that is fine. we will stay until such time as we have a deal or we have to little victory. carley: the us will resume peace talks with the taliban during a surprise visit with troops on thanksgiving. todd: retired marine corps bomb technician at fox news contributor joey jones, happy day after thanksgiving. what does a visit like this from the commander-in-chief mean to those who are serving? >> good morning. something like this is the president at his best, these men and women have access to the tweets and news media and they see things happening in dc even among their own commanders, disarming to say the least. everyone is at odds and has forgotten there are people fighting. the president shows up
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unannounced on thanksgiving, let them know we have not forgotten about them. we understand the sacrifice they are making and it is for a purpose and if that purpose is to create leverage, to one day get rid of threats like the taliban and, that is optimal, the best opportunity. if nothing else, having a presence there is our leverage and they understand the troops that we appreciate that. carley: the big news is the president announced peace talks with the talent and resumes. are you on board with that is us presence in afghanistan necessary to prevent al qaeda resurgence? >> anyone in the us who hasn't been involved in this, this is the right thing to do or not. all the wisdom in the world goes out the window the minute the taliban leader decides to set off a car bomb. i can't tell you if it is the right thing to do.
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some considerations i would like to see as we do this, first and foremost afghanistan is a tribal country, doesn't have a sense of nationalism like we do in a neighbors so the idea that one entity is going to coalesce the entire country is simply not true. even the taliban and. if we go to peace talks with a group we have to understand it is a group, regional power at best even in its own country. everything from borders that are established to the culture, the afghan people are not necessarily looked at as a holistic group. as we work with the taliban we are trying to illuminate the terror they are trying to impose. we can't guarantee they will have say in 5 or 10 years. much less next year. we have to work with the afghan government and other leaders to establish any semblance of peace or treaty but it the end of the day we are talking a group of people who outlasted the soviets
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and outlasted us for 20 years. as long as they want to be with themselves or their neighbors or to host people that would be at war with us our presence is the best thing we can do to stop that. todd: how concerned are you that a reduction in numbers in that region will lead to a power vacuum that will be felt not only by isis and groups like that but also by iran, russia like you mentioned earlier? >> it is all about its own. in a bubble microcosm to say less troops means that, we had 100,000 troops from 2008-2012, 100,000 troops and the rest of the world, as safe as it is today as far as terrorist attacks and things happening. what has happened with intelligence gathering, and
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working with people like entities like their neighbors in afghanistan and the government of afghanistan. the amount of troops only matter how we are using them and what we are able to do with troops that are there. as long as i can see operationally we are getting things done and keeping the taliban from growing or at least keeping active war with the afghan government. >> the president wants to bring the number of troops from 13,000 down to 8600. thank you for being with us. we appreciate it. todd: it is 18 after the hour. holidays, time for celebration but many people don't feel so joyful. how do you meet the holiday blues? carley: three tips to get you smiling all season long.
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todd: authority accused of hazing and drug use, the university of central florida taking action against high beta 5 after report that it was to take shots and chug and get blacked out. representatives don't believe the full chapter was involved. the school will hold a hearing next month. jillian: michigan marijuana laws going up in smoke. residents of the great lakes state can legally purchase recreational marijuana. regulators worn it won't be a busy by for consumers, only three retailers will open up shop this weekend meaning residents with the high prices, long lines and product shortages. michigan will be the 10th state
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to begin legal recreational pot sales. todd: the 2019 holiday season in full swing with putting up christmas decorations can make you happy but it is easy to fall into this holiday blues. carley: here with tips to keep us smiling, board-certified neurosurgeon doctor paul safire. happy black friday. the holiday blues are a real thing. why do some people get sat around the holidays? >> a stressful time of year. a couple different elements go into why people get depressed or blue during the holiday season and a couple things you can do to help avoid it, to decrease stress. people are consumed with buying gifts for their loved ones, plan ahead, think about what you will get for people, don't wait until the last minute, make a budget
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statement, not one person in the family needs to buy all the gifts. rob: that is your first point. you need to decrease the stress. your next what is one that you should do all year long, specifically things you need to do during the holiday season to stay healthy. >> there is a tendency to overeat during thanksgiving. having achieved days fine, but you want to maintain a healthy regimen of exercise, stay off of social media, don't do too much, moderate alcohol consumption. todd: you think alcohol makes you happy but medically what does it do after the buzz wears off? >> everyone can feel tired, drained, that hangover type of feeling, can make people feel emotional and isolated if you have too much alcohol and that
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serve the negative thing, having one or 2 cocktails livens the mood so to speak but going too far off the deep end is a bad thing. carley: people should avoid isolating themselves, be social even if you feel lonely. >> you want healthy interaction and avoid the toxic stressful social interaction. during the holiday people go through divorces, separation, loss of a loved one, loved one deployed overseas, you want to be out there with people to enjoy the celebration. todd: if you don't have anybody, moved to a new state or town or your loved ones have passed away something that could help those people is volunteer. >> absolutely. get out there, have positive interpersonal relationships. that's a great thing to have. todd: if you reach a point your holiday blues are going to the next level make a call to
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somebody to make sure - >> you want to be there with people and help other people out. carley: all very important tips. the time is 25 minutes after the hour. a new winter storm sweeping across the country with millions of people traveling for the holiday weekend. what you need to know before heading home. todd: democrats colin powell over a fake university run by ice but do they know it was started by the obama administration. a reality check for the left when "fox and friends" returns. boom! get free next business day shipping or ...1 hour in-store pick up shopping season solved at office depot officemax or
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peace talks with the taliban, after an attack in kabul that killed a us servicemember. heather: north korea could deploy a multiple rocket launcher, the rogue regime showing this in a thanks giving day test seen as a show of force, a year end deadline for nuclear talks is rapidly approaching. todd: students around the world hitting the streets to protest climate change. the event called friday for the future inspired by teen activist greta thunberg. 7 million people participated in a similar strike in september. todd: extreme weather crippling holiday travel and it could be even worse for some people headed back home, snow absolutely snarling traffic on the five in california. carley: a trail of damage across the midwest. a massive taco bell sign blowing over. todd: adam klotz is tracking the weekend weather.
2:31 am
we are not in it so not as focused on it but the second half of the country, the left half of the country is getting swept. >> it has been that way the last several days, more snow is on the way across the plane states and we are talking blizzard conditions the next couple days. it will be nasty. a lot of folks continuing to travel. you have to deal with this over the course of the weekend and next week. temperatures feeling more like winter across the region. you saw temperatures in new york city, 50, down closer to freezing but all of those rounds of heavy snow out west. these are the areas we are paying attention to, winter storm warnings and watches in the northern plains, the dakotas, that is a blizzard warning meaning visibility a quarter of a mile, absolute white out. the past 24 hours this is the system we are paying attention to over the southwest, that will
2:32 am
be lifting into the planes from now through your friday. that can be a time you are talking a lot of traveling on the back half of this weekend. heavy snow moving to the southwest to the planes into sunday. todd: i almost talk to you as alan even though we were office mates for 3 years. >> you joked about knowing my name. todd: black friday underway and shoppers are out. todd: they hope to score major discounts on hot holiday items. carley: in north carolina, live at the charlotte premium outlet. is the rush really worth it? >> reporter: good morning. folks have been out here, the
2:33 am
lull before things pick up but from what i'm told, i am standing in between michael coors, a coach store and inside the store pretty busy right now and we are outside starbucks because people are getting their coffee because they are ready for these deals which have been going on and going to continue until late tonight. now is a good time to come out, 40% full which means throughout the day, continue to go up and we are continuing to see a lot of deals. they are going to be reopening pretty soon. it is going to be a good shopping day, you can knock out the entire christmas list by coming to the outlets. >> i hope you get some holiday shopping of your own done.
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>> i plan to. carley: 50,000 families could return home after a massive chemical plant explosion forced evacuations. officials in texas will reassess that order hours after firefighters finally got the flames under control. the tpc plant caught fire early wednesday sending a blast of flames into the air and rocking homes as far as 30 miles away. 3 employees were injured, thankfully they are all okay. todd: the supreme court protecting confederate money was, judges ruling in favor of the state which sued the city of birmingham for blocking a confederate statue. the new ruling reversing a lower court decision that claimed it was a violation of free speech to prevent memorials from being changed or moved. birmingham is considering next steps. carley: laughlin holding mock trials before heading to court.
2:35 am
a source says her lawyers are grilling her about charges in the college admission scandal. laughlin and her husband are accused of paying $500,000 to have her daughters admitted to usc as fake sports recruits, both pleaded not guilty. laughlin's trial has not been announced. todd: a super pac, cory booker is sitting down, the founder of dream united, the group struggled to raise money for the new jersey senator. in a statement, quote, remain firm in our belief that senator cory booker is uniquely qualified to unite and heal americans across the country at this critical point. it should be noted booker has publicly denounced super pacs. todd: cyber monday is just around the corner so where can you get a 75 inch smart tv for cool 300 bucks? todd: i'm pretty sure this guy can answer the question, kurt the cyber guy is here with the best deals coming up next.
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todd: democrats renewing calls to abolish ice, the outrage stemming from 250 arrests, set up by the sick homeland security department. it was opened in 2015 as a way to fight visa fraud when president obama was in the white house. elizabeth warren tweeted this. this is cruel and appalling, the students simply dreamed of getting the high-quality higher education america can offer. >> starbucks is apologizing after a police officer is handed a coffee cup with the word pig printed on the label. a police chief in oklahoma says that apology wasn't the initial response. >> offered to have us come back
2:40 am
- that is quite all right. >> the officer was buying coffee for 911 dispatchers working on thanksgiving. the starbucks employee who made the label claims it was a joke. they have been suspended. todd: if you are stuck in a turkey coma, i still am and i'm working, can't make it out to shop, don't worry. carley: we have you covered with the top deals to watch. todd: the cyber guy, thanks for being here. happy thanksgiving. before we get to the items give us some tips because everybody has a deal these days. >> it is black friday, do i wait for cybermonday or is today the day? the fact is wherever you shop you want to be sure if the price does go down on monday you want
2:41 am
to correct the price so wherever you transact make sure it's not a final deal. the obvious tip, never, between now and christmas pay full price. do not pay full price. another little trick online today or monday, go in and abandon your cart. add some stuff to your cart, whatever online store you are shopping and logout because chances are within 24 hours you check your email box, you will see an offer. we noticed you have some things in your cart, we will give you an additional 5% off for whatever they tried to do to entice you. carley: the best shopper trip i ever heard. >> not always a guarantee but were trying. don't necessarily think you will find the best deal online. it is possible, you have brick and mortar stores that want to
2:42 am
survive. it is possible to get a deal that is better at a local store. carley: what should people be buying? >> this is a time for electronics, home goods, fashion, home accessories, automobiles do not look for big-ticket items like exercise equipment. that is usually later in january or even outdoor furniture stuff is labor of the year so you won't find that but you will find for example i checked this out at best buy, a 75 you should tv, regularly $600, it is on sale for $400 but look at the price, $299.99, 50% off starting on monday so it does pay to wait for the better deal. had you purchased that today and we noticed it was on sale we
2:43 am
have some inside information, you would be able to contact them saying give me a price adjustment and even better that best buy is doing, you find your deal, do i need sound and audio and they have a service, home consulting, best buy sends somebody to your home instead of talking about the chaotic environment and they will say it sounds fine, we can make it work this way or you may want to consider lowering your overhead by going this direction. todd: it is a good time to get deals on gaming. >> number one time of year. and really cool, the x box console this will drop further on monday. $150 off, roughly what you look at, or the
2:44 am
microsoft store which owns x box. >> what is the biometric lock? >> this is great. i lose keys a lot. the biometric lock, a trend we are going to the industry, it unlocks, thousands of times for you. carley: the beginning of the robot take over. >> this is to lock the robots out actually. carley: it is less expensive because it is almost cyber monday. >> great website to track prices, you give me that look and flip with two ps for price checking and tracking. monitor the prices, don't buy stuff because it is cheaper. buy it because we got smart today, what we might want to get. got to have the camels.
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>> happy after thanksgiving. did you fly 8000 miles to afghanistan? donald trump did and we will bring it to you on "fox and friends" this morning. geraldo rivera, mark stein getting up early for us, diamond and silk. can democrats in congress walk and chew gum at the same time? charlie kirk says no and has the
2:49 am
proof coming up on the program and an ivy league graduate says overlook how important the family is on whether you succeed in life. we will bring it to you on "fox and friends". happy thanksgiving, eat your leftovers and join us. carley: oh my gosh, what? thank you, pete. stuck with thanksgiving leftovers you don't want to go to waste. we keep you covered. todd: chef and founder christina cook. that worked out well. i love the leftovers and you have are some ways to do it starting with those veggies. >> we take leftover vegetables from the evident. them with
2:50 am
oatmeal into a bisque. i am a 35 year vegan. open a because it is really rich and purée it. taste it anyway. it is nice and sweet. >> this is called sweet vegetable. >> sweet potato winter squash, with onions, when you roast them all the sugars come to the surface. and then we took leftover roasted brussels sprouts, pomegranate seeds and olive oil and orange juice to make a nice vinaigrette. >> this is a very pretty salad. of vegan waldorf salad. what we did was read it up and add a little salt and apple grapes, celery and pomegranate. i love salt so this makes me use it. use your leftover turkey.
2:51 am
the joke in our house is throw it out. or don't cook it in the first place. todd: because it is waldorf salad. >> using everything. a lot of people have leftover fruit so this makes a vegan mayonnaise. you mix this together and while i mix it. this is my favorite. these are hand pies. when they made them for minors, i made a pie crust and a cranberry, apple and fake relish. carley: i feel like i have been transferred to england. it would be easier.
2:52 am
todd: the cookies. >> those are leftover pumpkin pies. i made oatmeal raisin pies. >> the sandwich -- >> you can do that too. carley: i will have 12 of them today. todd: check more recipes, christina, thank you very much. todd: that was so much fun. 52 minutes after the hour, the trump family and the white house. donald trump would be golfing, a call from a ligand. carley: a grand slam for a hard-working denny's waitress, from a couple of her customers. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ carley: looks like a hallmark christmas movie. everything so cozy. people are shopping. getting ready for the holidays. todd: do you know who it would star if?
2:57 am
the gentleman who is hosting "fox & friends" today dean cain and danica. speaking of football. ing thanksgiving football the saints clinching a southeast title by stuffing the falcons 26-18. that is a thanksgiving. bears quarterback mitchell beats on the loing the lions det 1, not 2, but 3. 24-20 win. carve up the cowboys with a trick play you will see right now. little trickery and a patch to boot. wide open. single terry with the buffalo touchdown. todd: the buffalo bills win 26-15. speaking of that game cowboys under jerry jones after leaving the game early. he is not happy. is he clearly fed up as he gets up from his seat.
2:58 am
dallas down by 9 with less than two minutes in the game when he got up and left. cowbsz now fall 6-6. holding a slim lead over the eagles. carley: what if he just had to go to the bathroom. the president fires back at "newsweek" for publishing a false story claiming the president was golfing in reality. made a surprise dinner to serve soldiers in afghanistan. i thought "newsweek" was out of business along with an image of the article next to pictures from his trip in afghanistan. and white house press secretary stephanie grisham tweeting standing by for you to delete this completely false tweet. "newsweek" issued a correction saying this story has been substantially updated and edited and fixed 6:17 p.m. eastern time to reflect the president's surprise trip to afghanistan: shellie weighs in how awesome is this. you a are a good man. thank you for bringing back
2:59 am
honor, class and dignity to the american soldier. todd: they are not real journalist, think are enemy of the truth, they are enemies of the people. coffee girl says most amazing president to date. that is something to be thankful for. carley: walks to work every day gets a car as a tip. >> this morning the first thing i did when i woke up was woke out my wind dough to see if it was actually there or if i dreamed it. carley: customers surprising adrianna edwards hearing about her 5 hour commute to texas. that car will cut that time to 30 manipulates. todd: breaking into a house and getting stuck in a bathroom. flush. >> come on, come on. todd: joking about reindeer. christmas decorations should be put up after thanksgiving.
3:00 am
>> show hits a snag. power outage cutting off performance by brothers osborne. lots of social reaction to that of course. the lions are so bad we can't get even get through a halftime performance. todd: bi"fox & friends" starts now. bye, everybody. ♪ say ♪ geronimo ♪ sara ♪ geronimo. pete: interesting song choice. throwing curve balls this morning. look who is here dr. nicole saphier. thank you for being here. nicole: i'm happy to be here. pete: how are you feeling you? went to visit your son is in town? dean: my son is in town. we went to his girlfriend's families house. great


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