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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  November 29, 2019 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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of my best-selling book, "witch hunt, the story of the greatest mass delusion in american history." sean will be back sunday. laura ingraham is next. good night. >> hi, everyone. i'm tammy bruce in for laura ingraham. this is a special edition of "the ingraham angle" from new york city tonight. democrats are preparing for their next big chance to embarrass their party on impeachment when nadler starts his version of the inquiry next week. left, the left media bias on full display when they try to shame trump for tweeting on thanksgiving. what he was really doing had them with egg on their faces. and democrat martin o'malley verbally assaults a top trump official at a pub on thanksgiving eve. we have a hot debate on that.
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also, an msnbc analyst compares trump supporters to -- wait for it -- isis fighters. the worst in media is back tonight. raymond arroyo is back. and first, democrats are gearing up for another round of hearings in the impeachment inquiry wednesday as another opportunity will present themselves to further themselves with desperation. what can we expect? where doesn't trump stand on more testifying? we go to washington with kevin corke. >> it's effectively a race against the clock for the white house with a number of deadlines quickly approaching for them to tell the committee how they wish to proceed. let me take you inside the numbers, if you will, as we lay out what will be happening from this way forward as we understand it. we have all heard, as you know,
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about the sunday 6:00 p.m. deadline where the white house must declare their intention to participate. from there, a tick tok, december 1, 6:00 p.m. to declare counsel for the proceedings. you know that. how about december 6? that's the deadline for the white house to introduce evidence and witnesses. same deadline for gop lawmakers on the committee to declare witnesses and evidence and december 9 the committee gets a chance to consider the matter. the white house is greatly concerned that what happened in the adam schiff-led intel committee hearings will be replicated in the nadler hearings, which as they have said repeatedly, this will be a grossly unfair process. the white house has to submit witnesses and evidence and then nadler gets gets a chance to approve or disapprove of them. this phase should be a little bit different in that the gop should have more levers to pull in the process. as they have noted repeatedly, it's not a level playing field.
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now, the democrats would like to have some sort of a decision, tammy, made on this process, whether that will be impeachment or a censure between now and christmas. as we know, if it's a former, there will be a senate trial that will probably begin in january. tammy? >> thanks, kevin. now, as we prepare to hear more testimony from witnesses on the impeachment inquiry next week, i can't help but wonder, is this a repeat of schiff's sham hear something we know the answer to that. >> that was my presumption, my personal presumption. >> did you talk to president trump in 2019? >> no. >> and you were not on the call? >> i was not on the call. >> joining me now, guy lewis, former u.s. attorney and david rifkin. thanks for joining me tonight. >> good to be with you. >> you guys have been watching
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this a lot of americans as we learned started watching it and drifted it away when there wasn't much there. guy, let me ask you in this kind of a case, when you see this dynamic and we have the history of nadler and the debacle with mueller and that hearing. can we expect any seriousness in this effort coming up? >> tammy, i don't think so. look, i was a career prosecutor. there's no way if i'm on the other side and i don't get to call my own witnesses, i don't get to conduct some discovery, i don't know who they're calling. it's just so one-sided. i couldn't even convict a simple marijuana case. here we're talking about impeachment of the president of the united states. it's just not fair. >> it's not fair and i think that that's the key. americans really started out wondering what could the results of this be? we should look. they expect that congress is serious about a very serious matter. what is unfolded is an unseri s
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unseriousness that we've seen. we think about the possibilities constitutionally. there's no requirement even, is there, that they send this to the senate when they're done? is it possible if it's not a censure. governor granholm suggested this, that they hold on to it. what do you think we can expect when it comes to the requirements the constitution puts on the house. >> actually if the house impeaches the president, if he's impeached, it will go to the senate. it's not a question of sending it to the senate. the constitutional architecture here houses impeachment and goes to the senate for trial. i expect that the president will be acquitted. the question is in what format that will take place in the senate. hopefully there's some counts like the obstruction counts.
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the notion that the president is obstructing the house by insists on his constitutional prerogatives to withhold witnesses and documentary evidence. most things can go down about a trial. i'm looking forward to the senate trial. it would put the democrats on the trial. >> that's the nervousness about losing control of this. the president would have an actual opportunity and his supporters and defenders would have an opportunity to make things clear. i agree in current process is not going to offer that. listen to what you could to see what they said about republicans insisting this entire process is unfair. >> they're just trying to attack the process. i think the attacks on the process are frankly silly. they're saying we don't have all the rights of a criminal defendant and so on. haven't been able to call every witness we want. we're at the indictment stage in
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the investigation. at the senate trial, they'll have the right to call all the witnesses we want. >> look, guy, this is obviously -- you can look at it as an indictment. this process is supposed to actually persuade people. supposed to bring the american people along, persuade their colleagues. in the polls since this started, it's not just remained stable. the support has gone down. do you agree this is something that is okay at this point but would change in the senate or do you think they're off -- out of their lane at this point? >> i agree 100% with davis. i'm in chattanooga on thanksgiving. the bellweather for me as i talk to my 84-year-old dad who says -- i can't say on tv what he describes this as. in essence he says it's unfair. congress should be getting back to the work of the people. he's frankly a conservative democrat. he does not think, my dad, who i
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listened to all my life, doesn't think there's anything to this and they're wasting time. >> it's funny. we watched this unfold. it seemed like it's a framing of the president. it's been described by myself and others as a kangaroo court or a star chamber. we know they were talking about impeachment about think -- wasn't it like 20 minutes after he was sworn in to office in 2017? they've counted the votes already. this is clearly a case of deciding what the outcome will be. you know, interviews and hearings in private. isn't this exactly what they shouldn't be projecting to the american people? if they had a strong case, sir, wouldn't they want the president to be participating so they can own it even more and be more successful? >> i agree. they don't have a strong case. look, what is -- we should take with it some seriousness. like i said, it would backfire politically on the democrats. the way they're unfolding this
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process, unfortunately they're setting a precedent that trivializes, vulgarizes impeachment. as many things that have happened in our history in the past, the problems with independent counsels, i'm a phrase is going to reset some of a baseline. it's not just the process that is bad. the fact that they're trying to impeach the president for his responsibilities. like it or dislike it, but notion is high common misdemeanor is utterly impossible. >> this says it all what representative nadler is saying about the impeachment and why it's necessary. let's listen to that. >> personally i thought the president ought to be impeachment. impeachment is imperative not because he's going to be removed from office. the senate won't do that. because we have to vindicate the constitution. >> extraordinary. he's admitting here that they're doing something that they know they haven't convinced anyone
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about and they say they're doing it for the constitution with the action is an affront to the constitution. guy? >> one point that he makes is this is a moving target the entire time. when this first came out, most certainly they had convicted before they heard the evidence. before the first witness testified, everybody, the democrats were ready to convict. the first thing is the the quid pro quo. and then bribery. when that polled poorly, then they started saying abuse of office. it's ridiculous. a person ought to know, especially in this context, what the charges are, what the facts are and there ought to be something other than just one side pursuing it. >> yeah, it's an extraordinary time especially with nadler who is supposed to be looking at the evidence to assess it is already stating that he needs to be
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impeach. this is the ultimate in a star chamber when it comes to outcomes. gentlemen, thanks very much. i appreciate you joining me. obviously this will continue on. as americans were preparing turkeys and traveling, the media was concerned with something much more important. >> leaving the white house and spend thanksgiving in florida. >> west palm beach where the president is spending his thanksgiving holiday. >> president trump has arrived at his golf club that is here hand seems that's how he will spend the day today. >> all right. it didn't stop there. news week published an article with this headline. how is trump spending thanksgiving tweeting, golfing and more? but what the media didn't know is that the white house planned a top secret top to visit u.s. troops in afghanistan. >> there's no where i'd rather celebrate this thanksgiving than right here with the toughest, strongest, best and bravest warriors on the earth.
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we thank god for your health and all of the things you've done. you're special people. you don't even know how much the people of our country love and respect you. >> well, this forced the media to sort of backtrack. newsweek updating their headline to tweeting, golfing and surprising u.s. troops in afghanistan. joining me now to react, caley and jennifer, democratic strategist and former campaign staffer for hillary clinton's 2016 presidential campaign. ladies, thanks for joining me. >> good to join you. >> it was a great thanksgiving for the troops in afghanistan. it was an action i wasn't surprised to see the president take. but caley, there almost is this confirmation bias that the media
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see what's they want to see, that go with the negative no matter what. almost irritated when he doesn't fit in within that narrative. what is your take on -- it's not news for us to see this. it's been three years. what is your take on where this is leading? >> we've seen it repeatedly, tammy. every day, some rendition of a fake news story. they report softly something habit president trump or his administration. they update it or correct it, if we're lucky, if they have one iota of honesty. they do so on thanksgiving evening at 6:17 p.m. as this correction was given. another a.p. story corrected on the friday before the fourth of july weekend. you're right. they see what they want to see. always the negative. people see through it when abc posts video from kentucky and act as if it's from a syrian war zone. this is what exposes the media and the more they do it, the more people wake up and get
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behind president trump. >> this is, i have to say, jennifer, it's an interesting dynamic. this is an industry that all americans have relied on. it's an important american industry and it seems to be destroyed. they're destroying their own media as we move through this. a good democracy needs people to question power and to be taken seriously. are you -- obviously i'm guessing you don't like president trump but isn't it important for no matter who the candidates are to have a media that can be trusted? >> yes. the president has spent the last six years denigrating any media source that isn't this network and other -- >> with this kind of thing can you blame him? >> newsweek told the truth. the media was not told that the president was going to afghanistan. it's a security measure. there was no way that news week would report that before he showed up. the rest of that headline is true. the president tweeted and he
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played golf on thanksgiving. he traveled to mar-a-largo. he's acting presidential for once when he goes there and greets our troops. it's not about shaming this president. this president doesn't steal shame. otherwise he would have resigned years ago. i'm proud that he went to afghanistan to spend time with the troops. the media didn't lie. they said what he did when they were able to say it. >> it's possible and i know you worked with hillary and she had trouble with the media as well and does still to some degree. isn't it possible that while you might not like the president's style that he does care and that things that surround this country and affect this country that it does matter to him, that maybe -- maybe you don't agree with style or the nature of some of the things he's done but it's so important this notion that if he doesn't feel shame. how can you really know that about someone? unless it's red ri-- rhetoric f
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you. there's a reason why the president, caley, goes after the media. i would love him to have a normal relationship with the media. but they made it impossible when they see how they respond to every single thing he does. is there any way we can bridge this gap when you hear things that are so personal that are also so untrue? >> the only way to bridge this gap is for the media to stand up and do what they're there to do, which is to report facts, honestly. not to attempt to shape public opinion. that won't change. the american people love this president is he calls out institutions that have long betrayed this country. he called out the republican party and said neither of these parties are working for the people and then he changed the republican party to be a vehicle that works for the people and
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answers to their demands of what they elect people to do he's challenged institutions that have betrayed the american public. they see that and i guarantee you this president wins with overwhelming support. that map will look redder in 20 2020. >> that is one of the issues that democrats don't like. but then we see something else going on. ladies, liberals revealing their true selves. jennifer, one second here. >> rely -- >> excuse me. we're going to move on for a second. we know you don't like him. you're a young woman. this is no way to live life. it's thanksgiving. we're moving into the holiday. politics can be rough and tumble but most of us that have seen this unfold remain shocked at the level of the vitreal. it's not going to help your party next year.
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this case is an example of that. as governor martin o'malley publicly harassed acting security secretary ken cucenelli, yelling about the administration's immigration policy. he told fox news, o'malley pushed his way through the small group to confront me face to face. still cursing me. the president, my italian ancestry. he got up in my face, bumped up against me, invited me to take a swing at him at which point i said martin, one of us has to rise above this and it's obviously not going to be you. jennifer, was that appropriate? is that all right? >> well, i can't speak to first hand knowledge of what happened. to me that sounds wildly inaccurate from the story released. i know governor o'malley. i know he's passionate about what he was talking about. if this administration can't
7:19 pm
take being spoken to about their policies that are hurting people, then i suggest -- >> jennifer, this is obviously the other problem. even o'malley is not denying the nature of what occurred. there's multiple witnesses, bartenders, the wait staff, other people that were there -- >> he spoke to him in a loud bar. >> excuse me. it was an invitation to start a physical fight using obscenities and insulting his italian heritage. we've seen the encouragement to confront and attack trump supporters. we've seen it happen in public. caley, this is a former governor. seems to think this is appropriate behavior. >> that's right. the "washington post" reported it as you know, martin o'malley not denying it. as you said a former democrat governor engaging in this behavior. shows you there's a vile animosity on the left that cannot get over the fact that president trump won. it's why sarah sanders was not
7:20 pm
allowed to eat diner in a restaurant, why kirstjen nielsen was chased out of a restaurant. >> you don't see this on the right. this is not what republicans do. this is what the left does. we go to the ballot box. >> americans are seeing that. jennifer, i've been told an "the ingraham angle" producer was in the pub and confirmed with the witnesses there and the wait staff. would it be so difficult to say that was wrong as opposed to denying it and pretending it didn't happen? >> i'm going to take your word that violence is never the answer. if an administration official can't take being spoken to -- >> that's not what happened here. this is the issue. >> this is not -- >> i wasn't there. i didn't speak to governor o'malley. >> neil: see, this is why the
7:21 pm
democrats have such trouble. ladies, thanks very much for joining me. i appreciate it. this is the problem, right? this is the nature of what we've got happening in society. there's a refusal to admit it. for caley, many of you don't know, she's just had a baby, a new mom. congratulations. i saw it on social media. beautiful event. little blake, isn't that right? >> that's right. and i saw your message on twitter. thanks so much. we're so blessed. >> congratulations. you know, with everything going on, this is the entire -- a good reminder with this segment. life matters, enjoying your life, being able to deal with certain elements of reality, being political is fine but it's also the fact that family matters and being able to deal with the nature of what's occurring and embrace the wonderful things and condemn the things that aren't so wonderful. coming up, raymond arroyo is
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>> tammy: london is on high alert after a terrorist attack on the famed london bridge that left two people dead and several injured. for more, we go to benjamin hall in london tonight. what do we know? >> this comes a few weeks after britain reduced the terror threat level from severe to substantial. it followed a period of relative calm. the attack began at 2:00 p.m. local when a man began attacking people on the london bridge with a knife. two people have died. the whole area was quickly
7:27 pm
locked down, evacuated and remains a crime scene. it was a quick response to passersby and being credited from preventing this from being worse. members of the public grappling with a man and holding him down before armed police arrived. they were on the scene five minutes later, isolated the man before he opened up his jacket to show what looked like an explosive device. it was a hoax. the man was shot dead. police learn that he was part of a network and see if there is an on going threat. boris johnson took time to oversee the response. >> the message that we send to them is one that will be familiar that is that this country will never been divided or intimidated by this sort of attack. >> just a few hours later, news broke of another stabbing. this time in the haig in the
7:28 pm
netherlands. multiple stabbings on a busy shopping street. the attacker is still on the loose and a man hunt is underway. no indications that the two are suspected. the suspect in the london bridge attack was a recently released terror prisoner and believed to be wearing a tag. the president arrived london to attend the nato heads of state summit. everybody will be on heightened alert. tammy? >> tammy: thanks, benjamin. back here at home, it's easy to become numb about media bias these days. so "the ingraham angle" is keeping track of the worst offenders of the week. here now is charlie kirk, one of your favorites from turning point u.s.a. along with chad moore for spectator u.s.a. here in the studio with he. thanks for joining me tonight,
7:29 pm
fellows. >> thank you. >> tammy: let's begin. not the politics end until the media gives us a break. let's be beginning with a msnbc's interpretation of a trump supporter in the midst of this battle. >> the behaviors here are very similar to the way that isis members are. they are true believers and this is their reality and they will not surrender it. they're dead-enders. >> malcolm, i love your attitude. as we say in philly, attitude, you got it. >> tammy: he loves the attitude there. just like isis supporters. charlie, what is your take on that? >> it's stunning, you think they can't go lower. i can't comprehend how chris matthews thinks that that is
7:30 pm
positive. they want to use isis and trump -- >> tammy: chris matthews wouldn't like your attitude. chad, what is your take? >> i hang out with a lot of trump supporters and i'm glad that i have a rare medical condition that when i bounce off of buildings, i laugh. i think he's right, to be honest. >> it's remarkable. the gas lighting that happened. now, the media is salivating over a "new york times" report today that trump is briefed on the whistle-blower complaint before releasing aid to the ukraine. >> the only reason he released the aid is he got caught in this scheme. >> the president decided to release the aid when he knew his cover was blown. >> once they knew the gig was up and about to be discovered, they took steps to have this final defense we gave up the aid, no harm, no foul. >> tammy: wow. charlie, let me ask you here,
7:31 pm
it's like it's fan fiction. nothing you can believe. what is your take on their conspiracy frame work there? >> yeah, that's the word i was going to use. conspiracy frame work. get caught. in order to get caught, you have to do nothing wrong. he released the aid. he gave ukraine deadly armory that president obama never gave him. all we have here is a former vice president's son that saturday on a ukraine gas board because his name was biden and had no experience. >> tammy: chadwick, is this a guy that got caught being president? is that his crime? >> yeah, not sitting on certain boards and having certain friends in the democrat party. charlie is right about that as well. >> tammy: remember, people are listening only to that. it's troubling. gentlemen, what about this comment?
7:32 pm
from cnn disparaging trump supporters. >> i'm referring to trump's organization and followership as a destructive cult where people are being fed propaganda and not encouraged to think for themselves. >> tammy: charlie, this is the second time we've seen this. this is new. now media not just attacking president trump but going after the supporters, whether it's isis fighters and this kind of nonsense. how far can this go, you think? >> add that to the list of deplorable and flyover country and walmart spelly people. the left thinks we're bad people. they think there's something morally wrong with conservatives. we look at the left and say they're wrong. they look at us and they're we're bad. like they're continuing -- i don't know what kind of strategy this is. insult 60 million people and hope to win them back. if this is their strategy, continue to do it.
7:33 pm
i'm not sure it will work. >> tammy: i don't think they intend to win us back. >> i think you might be right. first, i thought they were acting like a cult in the state of the union where all the congressional members wore white that looked culty to me. >> tammy: americans get passionate about politics. there's no bones about that. this dynamic of not disparagement but condemnation is extraordinary. thanks so much. thanks for joining me, guys. coming up, jon voight goes from actor to raymond arroyo's fashion designer. really? raymond is here with a friday follies you don't want to miss. we'll be right back. i am totally blind. and non-24 can make me show up too early... or too late. or make me feel like i'm not really "there." talk to your doctor,
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>> tammy: it's friday. that means it's time for friday
7:38 pm
follows. toxic masculinity and art. what to avoid on black friday and jon voight help raymond's couture. joining us, raymond arroyo. i thought we were done with this toxic masculinity issue. apparently its making its debut at a museum? what is happening? >> the baltimore museum of art said they will only purchase art created by women. fred michael angelo, renoir, out with them. here's how the museum director, christopher bedford, explains the decision. he says i would say the 2020 vision is the code of ethics that have been deeply embedded the museum. building a permanent collection is building a story for all-time. a story without men, apparently. how do you help women by
7:39 pm
exempting men from the museum? this is crazy. >> maybe i should to an entire show with just women. just see -- imagine if i announced that. i mean, what is this? everyone is supposed to be just judged on their own merits, their own value in make their own choices. and now you are actually having your worth determined by the sex that you were born with. >> one of the artists, alisamore head has great hopes for this gender exclusive approach. she says i'm hoping that we can think about how hierarchy has diminished museums and cultural centers, this will enliven the audiences. the right thing to do. well, it's the wrong thing to do. the right thing is to let art
7:40 pm
stand on its own and let people judge what is worthy about not worthy for inclusion and what audience it can draw -- >> raymond, back in college, my college newspaper, we put women in history and african americans in history and literature. now it's studies. every group has a study. women's studies et cetera. it vulcanizes people. >> exactly. >> i don't like it. >> and segregates thoughts, which is critical. on this black friday, we thought we would offer a cautionary tale as we start the holiday shopping season. as you hit the stores, make sure not to touch the merchandise. particularly if it's on a high shelf. this comes from the gulf exchange in northern kentucky. a employee tried to squeeze one more bag on the shelf and this happened.
7:41 pm
>> sounds like dominoes. golf bag dominoes. that would be a fun game. >> the golf exchange made the best of the catastrophe. they posted the video online and wrote "we'll be dropping the price of almost all golf bags this weekend", almost every single one. at least they have a happy approach to it. >> do you shop a lot? like the weekend. do you do you small business saturday? don't you love how we have to name every day? just if you want to shop, shop. >> i agree. >> it's marketing. are you doing that tomorrow? small business saturday? >> no. i'm doing online sunday. >> that's catchy. >> yeah. >> all right, raymond.
7:42 pm
before we go, i'll say that raymond has a tendency of doing -- he's usually sitting here next to me when he's doing his segment. he's has been known to take his iphone out and adjust his tie. >> i do do that. >> and check the light for various parts of his head that might be shiny. i was told by the producers that when you sat down with jon voight the other day, there was a moment. let's watch. >> can i stand or no? >> can you stand? >> i don't know. i was going to grab him, fix his tie. >> put the damn thing over. that's it. push it all the way over there you have to do it yourself. >> way over to the left. way over to the left. >> you never go to the left, jon. why are you making these. >> is this what i came to see? push it. >> i know. i know. i'm trying. i'm using -- >> you're not doing it. >> pull it tight. >> okay.
7:43 pm
>> pull it tight. you got it. >> okay. he fixed it. i do need powder. now i'm sweating. >> laura -- >> you're so punk. he totally got you. >> this went on for five minutes. with silk ties, they move on you. they move. you have to adjust them. jon got frustrated. he's a great pal. >> tell raymond -- i have a question. is this the first time you've attempted to not the -- what was that? like i'm dealing with my sons. >> this is the first time i had an academy award winner adjust the tie. this is a great christmas tip for you. you can get me clip-on ties that don't move. >> i have those. my sons have them for school. they have to wear a tie and shirt every day. they have the tie with the expand a band behind -- they
7:44 pm
have it like hanging over their necks and a zip feature. it's awesome. >> you should get me a clip-on tie. i'm going to get you earrings that go over the years. >> i'm going to tell the story about the earrings at some point, this is the longest tease ever of why the earrings always fall out. we have too much shopping anticipation building up. we can't discuss it all in one show. >> can't do it all. >> thanks, raymond. have a great weekend. great to see you. >> tammy: they were having way too much fun. up next, gianno caldwell and why he says president trump failed the black community. stay right there. hey, come on.
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>> even if you did get the job, you have to get to the bus. while you're getting to the bus, you could be killed. >> [bleep] catch you on public transportation. you got your gun and doing [bleep] and [bleep] doing for you. >> chicago native gianno caldwell putting names and faces to the victims of the liberal city overrun by crime. it's part of "the new battle for chicago." inspired by our "the ingraham angle" town hall there in september. gianno joins me now. he the author of the new book "taken for granted." gianno, let's start with chicago. you say that president obama failed the black community there. he was from chicago. >> certainly the black community -- >> he's from chicago. >> absolutely. >> how did he fail chicago? >> the president has the platform. he can be -- talking about the crisis that you have and i give you great credit for sharing the
7:50 pm
same sentiments that i have about my hometown. president obama had the opportunity to raise the nation avenatti wearness of the crisis and provide federal resources. he hasn't done that. donald trump ran for president and alerted the world to who i knew many years ago. you can walk out on the streets of chicago and literally be shot. people have said, no, that's not true. we see what the numbers are. if we just look at the recent numbers, over 2,400 people have been shot. the new mayor there that has refused to met with president trump or ask for help has been a complete failure as well. she's brand new to the job. you can see what she writes on twitter about the president. it's all about politics. it's disappointing. especially with people dying every day on a the streets. >> gianno, it's a good time to remind everyone what she said, this is the kind of thing she says regularly about the
7:51 pm
president. the up has tough words for the failures of some of these cities that have been run traditionally by democrats. watch? >> the president's rhetoric is part of a perpetual re-election strategy where he demonizes and dismisses cities where he's not going to get a substantial vote. he's picked the democratic strong holds. >> is he picking them because they field their people? >> she's a disgrace. i had a friend that was killed last month on his front porch. seven bullets shot. not involved in a gang. she said he's using it as an election strategy? good real. this is an american city and shouldn't be happening. the people that feel totally hopeless. for her to remention this is a smack in the face for the people that continueow
7:52 pm
in fear walking out of their houses daily. she's a disgrace. >> gianno, i want to play part of your fox nation show. i'm so glad you're doing this. you get in there and you talk to the people who are living. and these neighborhoods block by block of crime. a lot of it is drug-fueled crime. this is part of what you found. watch. >> the only thing -- the only difference today is this right here. the world to see it every day. chicago has been a third world country. >> that was wild. he said for basically 30 years. >> absolutely. >> it's gotten worse but now you have the phones to document it as it's happening. >> absolutely. i talk about that in my book how conservatism can win. these issues have been going on for many years.
7:53 pm
you have individuals there, politicians that will continue to come in year after year, talk about the violence in chicago. they go to all the churches, the chicken dinners and say what they're going to do but nothing changes. now we have a president and in the white house who is willing to extend his hand to chicago. we've seen drastic improves with black opportunity, the first step back. donald trump has a unique opportunity with the city of chicago and he has a list of deliverables of what he's done across this country, whether it be for the black americans or for the folks in the appalachian region. we have a true partner that can get something done. if the city leaders will work -- >> this is the thing that everyone watching tonight has to understand. they don't want him to go in these cities. they know his message of peace and prosperity, that is connecting with people. they do not want even 5% shaved
7:54 pm
off of that african american vote that is why she has to demonize him as a racist. it's all part of their re-election strategy or i should say election strategy. this is -- gianno, before we let you go, we have to show our viewers some b roll of you as a young boy. there you are. some photos. you as a young boy in chicago. you look the same. what are those? goggles? >> things are different. i grew up on the south side, poor. mom addicted to crack cocaine. i learned after i got in politics at the age of 14 because i thought i was safing my money what the liberal politicians were doing. >> you lived it? >> i lived it. i lived in the projects. when i joined the life of conservatism, i found the life of opportunity.
7:55 pm
i wouldn't be here today if i stayed in that liberal mindset of victimhood. >> preach, preach, gianno. keep preaching this. take care. congrats on the back and congrats on the fox nation show. gianno, thanks. >> thank you. >> tammy: great stuff there. be sure to check out gianno's special "the new battle for chicago" on fox nation. when we come back, my final thoughts on this thanksgiving week. stay there. p of things a faster laptop could help. plus, tech support to stay worry free. worry free...boom boom! get free next business day shipping or ...1 hour in-store pick up shopping season solved at office depot officemax or
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>> tammy: that's all the time we have for tonight. you guys out there are the best there is. thank for watching this special edition of "the ingraham angle." i'm tammy bruce in for laura ingraham. check out my show on fox news and the president of independent women's voice. you can learn about me and everything i'm up to at a great group that bring this program to you.
8:00 pm
hope you have a great weekend. laura will see you back here monday night. good night, everybody. thanks a lot. >> good evening. welcome to washington. i'm mike emanuel in for brett bear. a pair of stabbings in europe turn black friday into a black day. officials in london are calling a stabbing attack near the city's iconic bridge a terror attack. the suspect was killed by police but not before slaughters two people. we have fox team coverage. benjamin hall is in london for the second major terror attack at the bridge in three years. we begin with gillian turner and the on going search for the suspect in the netherlands. good evening. >> thi


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