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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 30, 2019 1:00am-2:00am PST

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mike: thank you for watching special report this thanksgiving week. i am mike emanuel, good night from washington, have an awesome weekend. an awesome weekend. b . ♪ >> welcome to this special edition of "hannity." i am gregg jarrett sitting in for sean tonight. at this hour, europe is reeling after apparent terror attacks in two major cities. coming up we will bring you the very latest out of london. but first, more fallout from the inspector general's apposite abuse report. those findings will finally be made to the american public. already some on the left are beginning to panic. bureaucrats in the deep state are leaking nonstop and the media mob of course is spinning in endless circles. the democrats, meanwhile, are
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complaining that the ig will not cater to their own conspiracy theories and anti-trump rage. watch this. >> what democrats are concerned about is they feel like he is avoiding the tough fights. they say that he did a lot of really fraud investigations under president obama, including, if you remember, that gun walking scandal known as fast and furious. and he took on then attorney general eric holder. he did some really hard investigations. democrats are not seeing the same thing done when it comes to what they see as the politicization of the justice department under william barr. >> gregg: despite what democrats want, inspector general michael horowitz has been focused on very real misconduct. the trump campaign associate was spied on by our own federal government with a pfize fisa wat with the help of christopher steele. on verified largely phony dossier. of course, christopher steele wasn't feeding his so called
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intel to the fbi. he was also prodigiously leaking it to the press and according to a new report, christopher steele allegedly handed his anti-trump propaganda to the media as political revenge. he was angry that hillary clinton's email investigation had been reopened and made public. a few days ago, president trump said the findings of the upcoming report would be historic. those are his words. in just a few short days we will know exactly why. joining us now is the former trump campaign associate targeted by the fisa warrant, carter page along with fox news contributor sara carter. good to see you both. carter, those named in the ig report get to see it in advance and comment about it. you are the target of it so you are obviously named in it, yet you haven't seen it. so you filed this federal court motion demanding to see it. why not just wait ten days?
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>> i think, as we've been with the left and the fact that people like andrew mccabe, cnn analyst, gets to see it and provide all kinds of input, so it's exactly what we've seen from the very beginning in 2016, where there is no input from the people who actually know what's going on, and these deep state people on the left who are very much paid for by the democrats, such as christopher steele, as you are alluding to. i think there needs to be some steps to ensure a balance and accuracy. so far, we've learned a tremendous amount from your book, "witch hunt." but there is a lot of big questions based on some of the leaked tweets and i just want accuracy. >> gregg: absolutely. you are the victim here, no question about that. you should've seen it. what concerns me is in paragraph three of your motion, you say
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you were going to seek an emergency injunction, and i think what, in two or three days, if they don't let you see it, what i'm concerned about is, are you trying to actually stop the public release? >> no, absolutely not. i've been a an in-depth communications with the senate judiciary committee, who will then, on december 11th, then have a hearing about it, and i just want a fair hearing. as long as we have a fair hearing and some real input from both sides, then i'm going to be happy. >> gregg: fair enough. >> we will have to see. >> gregg: sara carter, i want to go with you. glenn simpson is now saying that christopher steele only released to the media, or leaked to the media, his phony dossier because he was angry that when comey
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release that hillary clinton email case before the electio election -- glenn simpson is not telling the truth, which is rather typical of him. all you have to do is read the timeline in my book. it was simpson who set up meetings with the media two months earlier in september to leak the dossier to the media, to influence the election. >> that is absolutely true and your book was right on target with that. another thing that is really ironic is that christopher steele himself admits that he never verified anything in his dossier. the fact that he became so angry and enraged and wanted to leak his dossier that he never verified. and by the way, the fbi never verified, is kind of a joke in and of itself. christopher steele even admitted, i am not a journalist, i just collect information. i don't verify it. that is up to the people i deliver my report. that is up to them to do. the fact that this even came out was just glenn simpson once
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again, and christopher steele, by the way, trying to cover their tracks. and it is something we are going to see in the pfizer report. i believe horwitz is pushing forward, doing the right thing, he has to lay out the facts of what happened. he is limited. >> gregg: here are the facts, and what concerns me is that horwitz will say, they were sloppy, reckless, the fbi was unprofessional, errors and omissions galore. but, no criminal referral on the fisa warrant abuse. there were six material misrepresentations, lies to the fisa judges and here they are right out of my book. page 101. they were not told of the clinton campaign paid for the dossier. not told that steele had lied to the fbi. not told that their source, steele, had a severe anti-trump bias. not told the evidence was unverified. not told of exculpatory evidence and that would've helped carter page. and not told that the wife of a senior doj official helped
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cultivate the information. in my book, that's fraud and that's lying to the fisa court. >> absolutely it is. and they were also, now they were aware of this. an fbi lawyer, kevin glassman, apparently did not apply, fill out the application correctly, that he misled the court on the application in an effort to spy on carter. this is very significant. horwitz has to be hard-hitting in this report. and if he's not, i think the american people are going to see right through this. then we have to leave it up to john durham, and john durham's criminal probe. he had much more leeway here, he can subpoena almost anybody he wants, any documentation, as well as panel a grand journey. it's going to be december 9th and i think we are just in a wait-and-see game right now. to be a carter page, if there is not a criminal referral against people like comey and sally
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gates and andrew mccabe or lying to the fisa court, how disappointed will you be? will that deter you in any future lawsuit against them? >> i am still very much in wait-and-see mode right now. we have very little information. all i get is what is leaked to "the new york times" and other questionable media outlets, so the big question, all i know is mr. kleinsmith, for example. i reported to him death threats i was getting based on these false stories in april 2017. and not only did he do nothing, but they had more leaks and more subsequent terror threats. which was pushed by the deep state and their democrat colleagues, so real sad situation. >> gregg: comey in the first by the warrant accused you of being a spy. he said, you are a spy. and he knew you were not and you
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had written to him saying, i would be happy to sit down with you and tell you everything i know. and he wouldn't do it. he ignored you and instead, he got a secret warrant to spy on you. it's unconscionable. it's unprincipled. typical of the unscrupulous james comey. carter page, sara carter, thank you both. let's turn now to some very troubling news out of europe, just a few hours ago. two were killed, three more were injured after a terrorist wearing a fake explosive device went on a stabbing rampage near the london bridge peer the terrorist was ultimately shot and killed by british police. authorities identified the attacker. he is a 28-year-old and guess what, he had been just released on probation last year after serving six years for terrorist offenses.
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this is just two years after terrorists killed eight people at the same location. in the meantime, in the netherlands, three were wounded and another knife attack earlier today. an investigation is ongoing, but this is the second such attack in the netherlands since august of last year. all this coming on the heels of president trump's surprise visit to afghanistan on thanksgiving where he thanked american troops for their service and announced that peace talks with the taliban have now been resumed. watch this. >> tell a man wants to make a deal. we will see if they want to make a deal. it's got to be a real deal but we will see if they want to make a deal. and they only want to make a deal because you are doing a great job. that is the only reason they want to make a deal. but there is nowhere i would rather celebrate this thanksgiving with the toughest, strongest, best and bravest warriors on the face of the earth. you are indeed that. our citizens know that you are standing guard, killing
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terrorists, crushing our enemies, and keeping america safe. it really safe. but you are also mighty and free, strong and proud and i am here to really just to say happy thanksgiving, but also thank you very much. great job. thank you very much. we appreciate it. >> gregg: we echo the sentiments. joining us now with analysis of what is happening in afghanistan and around the world is foreign policy analyst, fox news contributor and former cia chief of station, dan hoffman. fox news contributor john joey jones, who served in afghanistan. johnny, let me start with you. netherlands as well but especially in london because we know now that is a terrorist attack. the terrorists never really stopped. and with the threat of violence continues, doesn't it? >> absolutely. they call these things long wolf if they are not in concert
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with a greater organization. i hate that term because what we should say is they are inspired. they are inspired attacks because we now live in an age of information where someone in their own mental or just overall situation is in peril, and they feel inspired by some other action that some people are doing to lash out and do things like this, and i think to understand it rather than fear it is important, so we should call it what it is. these are people inspired by these great organizations. so there is a link there in that sense. >> gregg: i want to shift to afghanistan. terrorism is the reason we went there 18 years ago. it is still the reason we are there. taliban talks have resumed. what is the likelihood, in your judgment, of reaching some sort of a court? >> i don't have a lot of faith and optimism in some kind of deal with the taliban. a brutally evil islamist terrorist organization. we have to fight islamic
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terrorism in london, we have to fight them in afghanistan, we have to fight them in iraq and syria. i have to say i think the prospects of some kind of peace deal with the taliban are very, very slim. it is vitally imperative, i think, that we do maintain a very strong rebuff, u.s. military presence in afghanistan, continue the fight against not only the taliban, but also against their al qaeda allies and other organizations operating in the country, including isis. this is a global war that we are fighting against the islamists. as we saw today on the streets of london, there are a large number of islamist terrorists operating in europe. these terrorists have to be emphatically defeated. >> gregg: the taliban is such a disparate and lawless collection of groups. would an accord to be worth the paper it's written on? >> i think we would be on a mistrust and verify on a regular basis kind of scenario with them. the deputy of the taliban, the
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leader of the infamous, notorious economy group, which has been responsible for suicide attacks against united states and our allies in the united states and afghanistan, they've allowed al qaeda a homestead on their territory. there's a lot of terrorist threats out there in afghanistan. we need to be there to preempt those threats before they visit on our shores. going forward we are going to need to maintain a presence there for some time, even if some peace deal is signed, so that we can make sure we've dealt with those threats sufficiently before we withdraw our forces. >> gregg: johnny, you know this region very well so what is your view on it? >> i think that any peace deal with the taliban is something you do for today, not the long run. the real talks need to be between the afghan government and the people that live within the borders of afghanistan. more portly, those places like pakistan, where they allow people to have influence within the borders of afghanistan. the big problem is that afghanistan does not have a
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national identity the way we do in the west. it is a geographical regional area. there just isn't a fabric sound together the way we think of our country and that is why the taliban and is able to be successful. i think what we need to understand is, is the taliban's goals within the country of afghanistan and pakistan, or do they have goals and intent beyond that that really would threaten us? and that is the decision we have to make. but to call it peace talks with the taliban, to me, just as political fodder and it's more about an election in a year than anything else. as a trump supporter, going into that election, i just want things to be called what they are so that our troops on the ground there understand what they are in for and why they are there. i think they serve a great purpose. i think having their presence there together human intelligence to keep attacks at bay makes a lot of sense. >> gregg: the president said we are either going to stay there until we reach a deal or total victory. his total victory even possible?
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the british couldn't do it, the soviets couldn't do it. we've been there 18 years. >> yeah. >> well, i do think that we have to stay there as long as we need to stay in afghanistan in order to serve u.s. interests, actually. we have to protect the united states. we have to protect the homeland here against islamist terrorist threats across the world and we cannot allow afghanistan, once again, to fall into the hands of those who would harm the united states and its allies directly. this is certainly a very long war that we are engaged in. we have to have the resolve and the determination to defeat our enemies in afghanistan, in europe, and across the world. we have to really remain as long as is necessary in order to see this through. >> gregg: trump critics say we
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are not making any progress, as if that is his fault. that is not something the afghan president agreed with when he said today that the killing of al-baghdadi was more meaningful in so many different ways than the killing of bin laden. would you agree? >> i think it's awfully hard to compare the two, frankly. but listen, i think one thing we need to keep in mind is that afghanistan has not been used as a place to plan attacks against the united states since 9/11. we haven't been hit with any attacks since then, so if we are asking whether it is a success or not, we've been successful. there's a difference between an ongoing presence, as joey mentioned, and an endless war. joey also made a really good point i think about what is ultimately of greatest importance here in determining how well this is all going to shake out, and that is the intraafghan dialogue. i think viewers should pay attention as to whether afghans are able to sit down amongst
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themselves and hash out a meaningful agreement between the taliban and the government in kabul and all those disparate elements. >> gregg: gentlemen, many thanks for being with us today. we appreciate it. directly ahead, we are going to tell you how impeachment is backfiring big-time on dems. you're not going to believe the videotapes we are about to show you. we will be right back. - 10 years ago, we started legacybox. if you're like us, you have a box of old video tapes, film reels, and photos, just degrading away in your closet.
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some things are too important to do yourself. ♪ get customized security with 24/7 monitoring from xfinity home. awarded the best professionally installed system by cnet. simple. easy. awesome. call, click or visit a store today. ♪ >> gregg: welcome back to this "hannity" special. i am gregg jarrett. trump versus the swamp. the impeachment charade is a political disaster for democrats, and now even some in the media are beginning to take note as the associated press today pointed out, there are striking similarities between
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the push for trump's impeachment in the 2012 wisconsin gubernatorial recall effort, which ultimately ended in order failure for the left. and as this program has been warning for months now, impeachment is politically treacherous those swing district democrats. 31 of them, one democratic congressperson found this out firsthand at a town hall on monday. take a look. >> are you going to go along with the impeachment, or will you have the courage like the congressman from south jersey to say let's get on with the work for our people? we have so much we need to get done. we can't spend the next year investigating. >> as most of you know here, i did not run for office to impeach the president. >> gregg: they were both boos and cheers there.
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despite what you just saw, cnn is going all in on impeachment. no surprise. i believe it or not, they are framing it in patriotic terms. take a look. >> we have nearly two and a half centuries of examples where the checks and balances of constitutional system have worked. the framers designed to the constitution for a moment like this. we weren't supposed to just give a pass to somebody who's team we decided to be on. we were supposed to actually think for ourselves. that is why we fought the revolution, that is why we've struggled again and again to make real those promises. >> gregg: we fought the revolution to impeach. idiotic, of course. mind-boggling. democrats are planning to hold a new impeachment hearing this coming wednesday when president trump will be at the nato summit in london. great timing, jerry nadler. this is yet another instance of
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tone-deaf democrats trying to undermine the president while he is abroad. in july of 2017, you may recall president trump was at a bus steel day when democrats introduced articles of impeachment against him. february 2019, the president attended a summit with president kim jong un, and in july of 2019, the president attended a dj celebration in france and that is when congressman jerry nadler chose to pursue more russia which foud hearings. joining us now for reaction is senior legal advisor to the trump 2020 campaign, jenna ellis. house freedom caucus chairman, congressman andy biggs. and fox news contributor roy murdock. congressman bigs, let me start with you. is it your sense that democrats are catching an ear full back home among their constituents and that they may suddenly get a
1:26 am
case of the 4-real or less and reconsider their drive to impeach? >> in some districts they are. if you are in a swing district like the state you just showed a clip of, they are feeling some heat, some discomfort about pursuing impeachment. especially in light of what came out in the last two weeks of the open hearings. so first of all, it is obtuse. nobody can really explain what the charges are. so the people there who have said, we want impeachment, who are members of congress in a swing district are now feeling the heat about, you can't even tell us what the issue is. so yeah, they are feeling it in some respects. that is why i think they are looking for an off-ramp in some respects, if they can get on and off ramp. >> gregg: yeah, well, there are plenty of off-ramp's on that
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freeway. deroy murdock, you penned a column that will be coming out shortly. you shared it with me in advance. you write that the democrats are on the verge of getting what they wanted and they will be sorry. how so? >> i think they may have learned to hate their little impeachment toy, which they just unwrapped. among other things, their timing is horrible. we are not just finishing up thanksgiving, we've got the hearings of impeachment, the articles of impeachment, the debate on impeachment, all that stuff will be going on while americans are trimming christmas trees, going shopping, enjoying egg now, going to christmas parties, getting ready to light the hanukkah candles, doing all these warm, loving things in the democrats will be on tv dividing the country, and if they do decide to hold these hearings, the trial will be taking place at the same time of the nevada caucuses, and may be in the south carolina caucus taking place where senator sanders, and warren and booker,
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kamala harris, amy klobuchar will basically be tied up on the senate floor unable to do anything while they would much rather be out there campaigning. it is turned the democratic primaries totally upside down. >> gregg: in battleground states like wisconsin, i note according to the polling data, 40% support eight. 53% are against impeachment. but what is important is how independents are breaking against impeachment by an 11-point margin. what does that tell you? >> absolutely. i think independents are excellent here because you can't accuse independents of political tribalism. the fact that these democrats are going home to their districts and they are being faced with independents who are saying, we are not for the speed we didn't put you in office to do this. the average american, and the reasonable american are seeing that this is just a complete sham. this is not what the founding fathers intended by the separation of powers whatsoever. and for msnbc to run that kind of added is completely antithetical not only to what our founding fathers fought for,
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bled for, and died for, but it is completely misunderstanding and completely navigating what president trump is all about and how he has made america great again and how he is a fighter. he is an american who has advanced so much for you and me, and for the voters to put him in office, he has accomplished so much in spite of all of this opposition because he is moving forward and making america great, and i think that the independents are seeing that and they are just so sick and tired of this witch hunt and this sham. and that should tell the democrats, back off. >> gregg: congressman biggs, i've said before that if the democrats are foolish enough to impeach they have terribly miscalculated because the trial in the senate will not be anything like adam schiff's impeachment forest. it's going to be just the opposite. trump won't be on trial. joe and hunter biden will be on trial along with adam schiff and
1:30 am
the fake whistleblower. what do you think? >> absolutely right. every day six days a week from noon until they finish in the evening. that is the requirement of the senate rules. second of all that is going to be open, and thirdly, they are going to be able to bring in witnesses just like you said. to look for hunter biden, joe biden, adam schiff, the whistleblower, the schiff team of staff who worked with the whistleblower. look for a redux of colonel vinh men. you've got klapper, you've got a whole series of witnesses that can come in and lindsey graham has t he will bring in these types of witnesses and this will go for quite a length of time and indeed, the primaries are going to turn topsy-turvy for the democrats. this is not the way they want it to go. this is one of the reasons they are looking for an off ramp as well. >> gregg: you are nodding your head over here. >> i think it's possible that if this meltdown continues, this
1:31 am
may not even come to the house. nancy pelosi is very smart about counting votes and she sees 16 of these democrats get cold feet, she will find a way to say, merry christmas, come back in january. vote on the trade deal and move on just to get away from this. >> gregg: if the inspector general report comes out and really dirties up obama's fbi justice department, intelligence agencies, that may give nancy pelosi, schiff, and jerry nadler pause in the idea to impeach. indeed, he may look more like a victim here and they will be re-victimizing him. all right, jenna, congressman biggs, deroy murdock, thank you all. coming up next, more chaos for the 2020 democrats running for president. former president obama doesn't sound too terribly happy about it. we are going to have the full story. when we come back. stick around.
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♪ >> gregg: welcome back to this special edition of "hannity," trump versus the swamp. the divided democratic party doesn't seem to have a very clear leader strong enough to defeat donald trump in 2020, and the prospect of losing yet again seems to be worrying the former president barack obama. he is urging the candidates to stay away from the far left policies, hinting that a moderate candidate may be the golden ticket. but still, won't he endorse his bff, former vice president joe biden. no longer the shoo-in for the nomination, biden hasn't been polling while in iowa or new hampshire, leading his firewall of support, if you will, in south carolina, hanging in the balance. democrats of course it will never be on the trump train but
1:37 am
some seem to be realists in recognizing the obvious. for example, bet founder had this to say about our president. >> i think the president has always been in a position where it is his to lose. he is bringing sort of a disrupted force into what would be called political norm. his ability to dominate the news cycle and get the narrative going about what he said, to me that has a double effect to the democrats. they get all agitated about what he said, and then they go beyond just him, they extended it to his voters and the voters say, wait a minute, i voted for this guy, why are you picking on me and saying, i am not smart enough? >> gregg: and notorious trump hater, filmmaker michael moore even admitted trump was right. take a listen to this. >> people voted for trump, the
1:38 am
people who came out for trump, i'm not talking about the racist, white supremacist part, i'm talking to those people who are sick and tired of the system. trump told them h it was rigged, and he was right when he said that. >> gregg: joining me now to talk about "small pores "author, and a young americans for liberty analyst, christian. good to have you all. jeffrey, let me begin with you. obama is still an enormous influence in the democratic party when he says it is a mistake to go too far left. i.e., medicare for all. isn't he really talking about bernie sanders and elizabeth warren? isn't he saying they are unelectable? >> yes, he is. you know me, history counts let me go back quite a ways, the general of d-day, the hero president, the most popular
1:39 am
president of the day. in 1964 he was a former president. he could not stand the idea of barry goldwater being nominated. he was opposed. the republican party nominated him anyway. barack obama is no dwight eisenhower. the day is over. the key word in the title former president is "former." it's over. however much he thinks he can direct advance, it's not going to happen. >> gregg: yeah, what's amazing, rachel, is how conspicuously silent obama has been about biden peered on the campaign trail, every speech, biden says, obama was my bff. political magazine is reporting that obama made derisive comments about biden. one quote was, you know who really doesn't have it? joe biden. what do you make of it? >> i don't agree with anything as far as the former
1:40 am
president obama's policies but i will say this, he is a great politician. he sees that it is going to take a very formidable and strong person to go up against donald trump, who is a fighter and has a record, has a booming economy to go up against. he is warning the liberals here, he is a socialist. in my heart i believe obama is a socialist. he agrees with everything aoc and bernie sanders stands for but he is a smart politician who says, listen, you can't take the mask off during the campaign. you have to campaign like i do, or as i did, to win the middle of america and when that mask was taken off after that first campaign, when he accidentally told joseph plummer about spreading the wealth, he quickly walked that back and he co-opted the media to help him hide his radical past. in fact, only sean hannity was looking into obama's past and that is why he won in 2008 and again in '12. he knows they will lose if they
1:41 am
show their hand too early. he is saying, be quiet. play things right. you can do these things after you win. >> gregg: as we mentioned, bottobiden is not doing well. he is losing a new hampshire, really important contest. and of the hill, which is your publication, had a story out today stating fears are mounting about biden's south carolina firewall. if he loses badly in iowa and new hampshire, does that firewall evaporate? >> the man who is one gaffe away from losing everything and voters are starting to realize that biden might not have the stamina to be donald trump, let alone to be president. say what you will about trump, this is a guy who has boundless amounts of energy and enthusiasm. he held 130 rallies between august 1st and election day back in 2016. he was making stops in multiple
1:42 am
states a day sometimes, so when you compare him directly to donald trump, biden seems even more old and tired. the best hope is that his primary challenges will do it again by seeming to radical for voters, but as we know, these primaries tend to favor the more radical candidate. so joe biden is really in trouble. >> i would just add, i just wanted to add that the impeachment process has been horrible for biden. it has exposed the corruption not just in the ukraine but also in china. >> gregg: it's only going to get worse as more evidence comes out. jeffrey lord, david axelrod, who was a top strategist for obama, has been very outspoken about joe biden, suggesting he is unsteady and mentally weak. there is something to that, isn't there? all the gas and the debate
1:43 am
performances? >> there absolutely is. i contest i am shocked at your biden's appearance and the way he has conducted himself, and rachel is exactly right. one of the things hillary clinton lost, one of the reasons she lost -- i mean, i went back in the day and i did my research, and her staff had talked when she was a first lady about how she was doing the campaign trail and she collapsed, she was so exhausted. by the time she was running for president, she was a mess, in a physical sense. she was just exhausted, and donald trump was running her racket all over this country. this is going to count. when you get down to those crucial last weeks of an election and joe biden can't get out there, this is a big deal. >> gregg: sometimes joe biden doesn't even seem to know what state he is an. >> exactly right, he was a new hampshire, he said he was in vermont, he is just so confused.
1:44 am
the whole primary field is just a dud. you have joe biden, who was a gaffe machine. elizabeth warren is lying about everything, but how to pay for her plan. p judy judge pete buttigieg has a real lack of experience. there is no candidate embracing left of center opinions and also has the leadership skills and charisma to take on donald trump. we all call biden the modern in the race but keep in mind, this is a man who is becoming radical himself. he proposed a $5 trillion climate change plan. his health care plan is obamacare on steroids so there is a real gap in the field in terms of the moderate lane and trump has a lot to run on in 2020 but i think the best thing he has going for him, his biggest asset is the democrats. he should talk about how extreme they are for the next year and i could win him the election right there. >> gregg: thank you all for being here with us. when we come back, you will not believe what franklin graham and his charity were doing this
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christmas. sean hannity recently sat down sean hannity recently sat down with graham talk all about it
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♪ >> gregg: and welcome back to this "hannity" special. for over 25 years, operation christmas child has spread christmas cheer to children in need all over the world. the project is part of the christian relief organization, samaritans verse. and unbelievably, it has collected over 168 million gifts for children in more than 160 countries and territories. sean recently sat down with ceo of samaritans first, franklin graham. here it is. >> sean: here it is now, the ceo of samaritans first. our good friend franklin graham. good to see you.
1:50 am
do you think you were such an incorrigible child to your poor father. you turned out okay. i had the pleasure one year of going on a trip with you and what was amazing about it is that in this box is like, heaven for all these kids. and it makes a difference. he can't believe what a difference it makes. >> what we ask is when a personr girl, but pray before you send us the box. pray for the child who is going to get the box. i don't know who is going to get the box. god does. but i want every child to know that god loves them. i want every child to know that god is real, that he cares for them, and i want them to know the true meaning of christmas and that is that god sent his son jesus christ to this earth to save us from our sins. >> sean: look at this, is this for a boy? >> this is for a boy purity of the soccer ball, you have the
1:51 am
pump >> gregg: to pump up the ball. >> just some toys. >> sean: crayons, cars and stuff. and then you also put in simple stuff like a toothbrush. >> and a letter in there for the child. put your picture in there because we want the child to see who gave them the box and this happens to be my youngest son who just got out of the military after 16 years of special operation. he's come to work with me, so we are proud of that. these are just a simple items but it means everything in the world to these kids. at the same time, it opens up a door for us to be able to share god's love with them. you and your family went with us. you saw for yourself. >> sean: i will be honest, to see the reaction. i mean, my christmas, it was a bicycle, something really big. but to see the reaction on the kids' faces, i mean, it kind of takes your breath away in a lot
1:52 am
of ways. i guess we take for granted, right, maybe it's natural, all that we have. >> we do. we are a very blessed nation. but this is a way that a family can do something for another family halfway around the world and it is so simple. these are not expensive items. but for most children, it's the only gift they've ever had in their life. >> sean: it's crazy. >> it just opens up a door where we can talk to them and care for them. >> sean: they light up like nothing i've ever seen. how many boxes do you think you will deliver this year? >> this year we will be a live e north of 11 million boxes. >> sean: what is the record? every year it grows? >> it grows every year. maybe a few hundred boxes, may be more. >> sean: you can buy a box, maybe one like this one here. do you provide the boxes? >> we provide the boxes, we also have paper boxes for the plastic
1:53 am
ones are better. because it is a gift and long after these toys are worn out, they still have the box. >> sean: you get a gift for a kid and all of a sudden they like the box more than the present. so how do people do this? >> they can go to go to our website. we show them how to pack a box. the items to put in a box if they are a girl, or a boy. just suggested items. then we have the instructions on where to take the box, how to mail the box. >> sean: how many countries do you go to yourself? do you deliver a lot of these? >> i will go to a handful of countries. we go to over 20 countries. >> sean: and you have representatives in all these countries? >> every country we have a national leadership team that is responsible for taking the shoe boxes and distributing them out to the churches. we deliver the boxes to the churches in these various countries, so let's say a country gets 100,000 boxes.
1:54 am
a particular country. the national leadership team is responsible for than dividing those 100,000 boxes among the various churches. then we have a suggested program, but more importantly we have another program after this is over with, a discipleship program for the children who want to learn more about god. it's a 12 lesson disciple program in this past year we had a little over 4 million children take a 12 lesson course. at this year we will have a little over 5 million taking this course. >> sean: you are trying to make up for all the trouble you caused your dad. this is your way of saying, i'm trying to make up for being the incorrigible troublemaker that drove reverend billy graham nuts. >> my mother didn't let me get by with nothing. >> sean: i hate to tell you but i was a lot more incorrigible than you, but that is for another day. this is a great cause. go to thank you for what you do to
1:55 am
for these kids every year. great to see you. >> thank you, god bless. >> sean: merry christmas. >> gregg: on this black frida black friday, it's important to remember what christmas is all about. speaking of black friday, just when you thought it couldn't get crazier, now protesters are crazier, now protesters are saying it is all causi - [announcer] the following is an urgent holiday appeal
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from the international fellowship of christians and jews. - right now in the former soviet union, there are thousands of jewish holocaust survivors trapped in relentless poverty. there's no heat, no electricity, no running water. they're cold, hungry and sick and they're suffering and dying needlessly. christians and jews together stand obedient to god to listen to his word. god gives us a special calling to help the orphan, the widow, the weakest, the survivors. and he makes a promise that if we stand with them, so too will god stand with us. - [announcer] please, open your heart and ask now. you can save lives and honor god by helping elderly jews in dire need
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>> welcome back to hannity. post thanksgiving deals draw crowds everywhere. it's fun and game until something gets hurt. a brawl broke out in pennsylvania last night. a fight so dangerous, security had a tough time breaking it up. it's not just shoppers that get hurt. black friday greed is contributing to the climate crisis inspiring protests in chicago, new york, d.c., indiana and even abroad. before we go, if you like tonight's show, pick up a copy
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of my best-selling book, "witch hunt, the story of the greatest mass delusion in american history." sean will b s s s s s s s s s s. ♪ ♪ >> dana: hello, everyone i'm dana perino, dana mcdowell lawrence jones chris shah lieu and doug jones. ♪ this is the "the five." >> this is a fox news alert. we are following two separate stabbing attacks with multiple victims overseas. we don't know yet if they are related. first, in london, police revealing that two people have died after that attack is being treated as a terrorist incident. and breaking in the lost couple of hours a second stabbing incident. this time at the hague. details are still unknown on the motive on that one. let's go to gillian turner. she has more for us. gillian, what do you know now? >>