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tv   FOX Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  December 1, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PST

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>> you are impossible. [applause] greg: thank you so much for watching. we will see you not i i i i i is buried in what happened. arthel: fascinating. we will be back here tomorrow one. the busiest travel weekend of the year turned to chaos a powerful winter storm grounding flights and making driving nearly impossible in some areas. good evening i'm jon scott and this is "the fox report". jon: the system making his ways from california blanketing the midwest with up to a foot of snow before heading northeast tomorrow. the storm blamed for at least three deaths. forecasters urging drivers to proceed with caution. jackie heimert joins us in our studios with more. suh is thanksgiving travel brought you to 30 cities in the northeast for another two dozen in the midwest it might have arterton asked to change her flight. 55 million americans are traveling this weekend the most
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in since 2000 by the nationwide pc more than 600 flight cancellations in 3000 delays and three half past 60 cancellations for tomorrow. her monday night three areas of heavy snow california mountains the upper midwest and the northeast which could see a nor'easter by monday. in california one couple 1-800-thanksgiving dinner in her car when snow covered their hometown. they sat there for nine hours. more snow is expected in the mountains this weekend. meantime in arizona blizzard-like conditions in the grand canyon caused power outages and even a tornado near phoenix. the system brought deadly flash flooding. the bodies of two children were found after their rv was swept away in a creek and a third child is still missing. for more of the city of toulouse calling a storm historic.
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heavy rain a mess tennesean hala -- ohio valleys. the northeast corridor bracing for severe weather into monday from providence to boston 6 inches of snow possible starting tomorrow. drivers need to be off the road by 3:00 p.m.. new york could see a dangerous mix of snow and rain and it looks more like rain down there too. if you are lucky enough to get to your holiday destination you might want to get cozy because getting home could be a challenge. >> unfortunately when you have these conditions with storms coming. you are going to see a pileup of delays that will have a domino effect going forward. santa national weather service is warning people in the path of the storm not to be on the road if you don't have to. jon: and if you're going to the airport's pack your patience. jackie heinrich thank you. for more let's bring in senior broadcast meteorologist for accuweather lauren ransom.
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>> good evening. we continue to track that powerful winter storm system with the lizard on the backside including rapid city to denmark's one to 2 feet the total snowfall by the time it's all said and done until monday. your accuweather local storm axis forecast up to 36 inches of total snowfall. the bulls-eye across the dakotas back through the upper great lakes region also seem enhance lake effect snow fall and michigan and lake superior. blizzard warnings remain in place are the areas shaded in purple. winter storm watches warnings and advisories are also in tact. the same system we are talking about here the tail end of all this mess with the coldfront on the leading edge of cold air through the storm protection center is a slight severe weather risk out. it's not a textbook severe weather set up. we are not anticipating a widespread tornado outbreak however a tornado watch has been extended eastward through
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north-central mississippi going into this evening. what this means is conditions are favorable for a few tornadoes to develop. with any severe storms your main concerns are going to be damaged wind gust with at least 60 miles per hour isolated large hail. we party seeing quite a few severe thunderstorm warnings across northern louisiana southeast arkansas carrying into northern mississippi. as this entire system draws into the northeast to longer you wait into saturday night to travel the more in trouble you are going to be. in addition to the next round of significant snowfall ice accumulations will be likely from central pennsylvania back into western upstate new york into sunday morning. i wouldn't be completely surprised if we see not only a couple 10 of inches of ice that up to half an inch of ice accumulation on top of your accuweather 24 inches of total snowfall across the hudson
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valley into northern new jersey. keep in mind those are going to be the same areas dealing with the ice. we will continue to follow this for you right here on "fox news" jon: lauren rainsome thanks for that said. isis is claiming responsibility for the stabbing rampage in london that killed two people and injured five others. the group said the stabbing spree was responding to calls for attacks targeting global coalition member states. this comes as british investigators release information about the man behind the attack and decides to tear. the latest from our london bureau. police in london said the man responsible for the knife attack in london which left two people dead was a non-extremist with a terrorist connection. several passersby intervened and wrestled into the ground. police arrived on the scene within minutes then shot him
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dead. he spent six years in prison for planning to his bombed the new york stock exchange. was released last december under probation under strict conditions which he abided to so far but many are questioning why kahn was released so early per by mr. boris johnson said it was a mistake allow violent criminals out of prison earlier. to me it does not make sense for us as a society to be putting people convicted of terrorist offenses as serious violent offenses out an early release and we argue people should serve their term of what their sentence. police are searching as part of the investigation. they are trying to establish how the convicted terrorist was allowed to strike so easily in the heart of london. isis has claimed responsibility for the attack but that claim has not been independently verified at least in the uk
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police are saying they believe the suspect acted alone. john mackey the logan in london thank you. the attack in london has many questioning by the suspect had been released from prison after being convicted on terror charges. doug mckelway has that part of the story from our washington bureau. >> now for the crime scene investigation is winding down focus is shifting to how they convicted terrorist like usman kahn could observe such a limited part of a life sentence for plotting to blow up the london stock exchange. >> it's extraordinary that you have a convicted terrorist who was sentenced originally to life and then released after six years and then allowed to attend a conference by cambridge university in london on rehabilitation. acting secretary of homeland security can cuccinelli told "fox news" that leniency stands in sharp contrast to the united states.
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>> that something president trump's ever been willing to tolerate from the very beginning in his oath of office and executing that policy annoys some people that's what elections are about. jon: president trump told american troops in afghanistan on thanksgiving day that the u.s. has hundreds of terrorist prisoners in custody who are citizens of european countries and nuance and taken back to europe. those words spoken for yesterday's terror attack. meanwhile people on both sides of the atlantic are praising heroic actions of individual citizens of preventing further carnage yesterday but is not the first time citizens have sprung into action. it happened on 9/11 with when they tried to storm the cockpit of flight 193. two u.s. military members tackled unarmed terrorist on a train in belgium. those citizens remain a vital
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component to combating terrorism. jon: doug mckelway in washington. meanwhile dutch police arrested a suspect in the stabbing in the hague that unfolded hours after london attack. authorities described him as a 35-year-old homeless man is accused of stabbing three teenagers on a street crowded with black friday shoppers pay the victims had all been released from the hospital and the motive for the attack remains a number retirees are joining forces with student activist to score a new round of pro-democracy protests in hong kong. one rally organizer stressing the importance of supporting the under generation and fighting against police brutality. the government wants those who are in favor of protest to desert frontliners and young protesters. you'll never do that because mistakes made by the government have been far greater greater. jonathan protesters looking to
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maintain momentum after last weeks week's election marked a victory for pro-democracy candidates. joe biden looking to regain momentum in the key early voting state of iowa and with less than three months ago until the first caucuses officials say the threat of election hacking is worse than ever. who doesn't love a deal? i do. check out the united explorer card. savin' on this! savin' on this! savin' in here. rewarded! learn more at the explorer card dot com. it is nice. his haircut is "nice." this is the most-awarded minivan three years in a row. the van just talked.
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how'd he get out?! a camera might figure it out. that was easy! glad i could help. at xfinity, we're here to make life simple. easy. awesome. so come ask, shop, discover at your local xfinity store today. jon: 2020 democrats campaigning across the country this week including former vice president joe biden is kicking off an eight-day tour through iowa. he's taking along his wife jill with hopes of forging a bond with voters in boosting his sagging poll numbers in the key early caucus state pictures tina coleman is following our west coast news.
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>> jon biden is then council bluffs iowa. he just slammed president shall begin by telling a crowd of voters that trump -- dictators around the world. titan is the front-runner nationally but he has ground to gain in iowa against other democratic presidential hopefuls and is trying to do so with his bus tour. his campaign just announced organizers are now unionized and the teamsters and explain to voters the significance of his name. >> no malarkey because the other guy is all lies. we want to make sure there's a contrast we are talking about. not to touch on what we think is a forgotten part of most campaigns. the rural part of the state. amber: america. latest polls show biden in fourth place behind mayor pete buttigieg and bernie sanders and elizabeth warren is for harris and i would today she's pulling in fifth place for the iowa caucuses but she told a group of
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voters that she is optimistic. >> the polls go up and down and the only polls the matter is on election day. california was in west des moines iowa for small business saturday. her sisters the chairwoman for her campaign which has been making headlines this week. her flag with campaign is in turmoil. a staff member writing in a letter for arrested nation polk this is my third presidential campaign in the ever seen an organization treated its staff so poorly with less than 90 days until iowa. we still do not have a real plan to win. that same staffer was hired this week for michael bloomberg's campaign as deputy chief operating officer. despite, curses local numbers in iowa and reports of disorganization and discontent within her campaign staff she did talk 100 teachers iowa this
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week. jon: as we move closer to the elections next year the need to protect voting machines against cyberattacks becomes more critical to washington state officials say there've been tens of thousands of attempts to hack the system. dan springer has more from seattle. report 37 as ballots were counted this month in local races election officials have one eye on 2020. hackers have started to try to influence next year's presidential election. we have seen a 70s from addresses we suspected were for an act or is and we now are partnering with federal agencies much more actively than we were in 2016. washington secretary of state said there've been tens of thousands of attempts to get into the state's election system with new once daily. in nearby redmond washington microsoft's digital crime unit monitoring bomb threats around the world. in september the company detected a month-long attack
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iran. among the victims members of the trump campaign. they make of undetected they would successfully invoke traded the e-mail accounts of these key individuals and from there they could extract information which is espionage or use their control to launch attacks on others. election security has been a political football or for since the 2016 race when russia tried everything to influence the outcome packing e-mail spreading disinformation and trying to change actual votes. states are gearing up for another cyber onslaught adding a paper trails and vote audits. experts say systems are still too vulnerable. their thousands of small jurisdictions across the country that know for a fact they need to improve security and accountability. democratic bill that would give states $600 million to help the modernized pass passed the house but stalled in the republican-led senate. >> we appropriated 9 million
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dogs. their election systems, they haven't spent the money appeared secretary of state mike pompeo just said america should leave no stone unturned to protect the election but no system is hacked proven it will take government tech companies and the public together to stop those of trying to undermine or democracy. republican who is challenging democratic minnesota congressman elan omar 2020s blasting twitter for banning her after she tweeted that omar should be hanged for treason if it's proven she passed sensitive information to iran but there has been no evidence produced to back the information bridge of the candidate danielle estella defended the posting on a trigger cat revving up delete follow golf should be thoroughly investigated. i did not threaten anyone. you are making this into something it's not that you are making about race and about religion anything but the truth.
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jon: president trump spending the holiday this mar-a-lago resort after busy week on capitol hill for the house judiciary committee kicking off a new phase of the impeachment inquiry on wednesday that the panels give the president until friday to decide whether his legal team will take part. kevin corke has the latest from west palm beach. >> jon you're right the proverbial call was the storm that changed the call for the president particular. beginning on wednesday lawmakers will have a chance to hear from academics and others about the constitutionality of the ongoing impeachment inquiry.
2:25 am
that's hitting the week rolling because it really heats up on friday. i'm excited what's coming down the proverbial pike on friday but i wanted the white house's decision to participate or not including evidence by witnesses. the same deadline applies for republican lawmakers on the committee and they will have a chance to clear their witnesses and then on december 9 is when we expect the chairman of the judiciary committee jerry nadler to consider the matter. white house officials tell me they are concerned what happened in the atom schiff led an subcommittee will be replicated in the nadler led judiciary committee which is to say to say an unfair process. they point out the fact that jared never nadler can approve or reject evidence by the white house and the gop. still democrats as you well know would like to make a decision vis-à-vis impeachment or censor by christmas. the white house should take the opportunity to take part in the next phase of the hearing.
2:26 am
>> i hope the president does participate in the judiciary committee. he has as counseled their. so we see a fair and open and transparent process. >> if impeachment is the choice for democrats a senate trial will kick off in january. jon: kevin corke traveling with the president thank you. the afghan government and the taliban signaling surprise and confusion after president trump announced an apparent breakthrough in peace talks during his thanksgiving day visit to afghanistan. >> the taliban wants to make a deal and we are meeting with them. we are saying there has to be a cease-fire. they don't want to do it cease-fire but they want to do a cease-fire of belief. we will see what happens. we have made tremendous progress. jon: the taliban is not said it wants a cease-fire. let's bring in judith miller with the manhattan institute for
2:27 am
policy research pulitzer prize-winning journalist and author in a "fox news" contributor. the president is saying the taliban wants a cease-fire and the taliban is denying any such offer was made or they say their terms are still the same. whom do we believe here judy? >> you are going to believe me or your lying eyes. know when knows what the president has in mind. what is clear is two months ago after he said there was going to be a four-part deal he scratched scratch that deal by saying immediately after the taliban had an attack that killed one american and 12 other people that the deal was off. negotiations were off. now the president i believe is seeking a foreign-policy achievement that he can point to
2:28 am
during pre-election and election season and once those talks to begin again. that's only thing that makes any sense here jon. let me just break this down for you in terms of what's going on on the afghan side and in afghanistan. the afghan taliban are on the dash controlling 50% of the territory of afghanistan. to come the newly-elected government of afghanistan is headed by ashraf ghani the president that's in dispute so there's no real head of the afghan government associated with even though it should be gone in if talks began by president ghani said he didn't know the taliban had changed their position. three, the united states is already withdrawing troops which
2:29 am
president trump wanted to do from afghanistan so there's no incentive for the taliban to come to the table to encourage that process. in other words it doesn't make any sense for the taliban to change their position on what has been a key chip for them which is a cease-fire. that is what ashraf ghani has wanted and that's what the americans have wanted that it's not what the taliban wants and they say they haven't changed their position so i must say it's a bit mysterious. obviously the united states would like to bring an end to its longest ever wore. why would the taliban not want a cease-fire? >> because i think they think with the americans with drying they are going to win or at least secure more territory anyway. you are right 18 years americans in this war is truly due for an end of president trump would
2:30 am
like to claim credit. the problem is as we were told again and again when i was in afghanistan you have the watches taliban has the time. they are in no hurry and they intend to stay and fight. if they can get what they want through negotiations i am sure they will do that but this is a true foreign-policy challenge for the united states. not clear -- it is clear there doesn't seem to be a military victory in afghanistan for the united states and its allies in the afghan government but it's also not clear that there is a diplomatic solution that is possible. it's a very very challenging problem for any president and especially president trump who is just making his first visit to afghanistan this past weekend jon: also military involvement by the president this week but i want to play what he said to a crowd and summarize florida
2:31 am
earlier this week. >> just this week i stuck up for three great warriors against the deep state. and you know what i'm talking about. i had so many people say sir i don't think you should do that. people have to be able to fight. these are great warriors. jon: the president issued pardons for some military servicemembers who have been accused of war crimes and also got involved in the case of eddie gallagher the navy s.e.a.l.. it ultimately led to the firing of the navy secretary. that naval secretary, former naval secretary richard spencer wrote this in an op-ed in the "washington post" the day after the president made those remarks. he said this was a shocking and unprecedented low-level low
2:32 am
level review meaning a review of the sealed case. it was a reminder that the president has very little understanding of what it means to be in the military to fight ethically or be governed by a uniform set of rules and practices. it's probably pretty obvious why that naval secretary no longer has his job. >> exactly and the problem is that navy secretary was brought in by former defense secretary jim mattis who also resigned on the position of principled disagreement over policy with the president. one of the many things they disagreed about was the withdrawal of troops from sensitive areas where we still have fighting ongoing such as syria and afghanistan. it's no secret that mattis and navy secretary spencer were closed, were friends and were thinking in the same way but i think the secretary in his
2:33 am
extraordinary op-ed in the "washington post" was far more harsh than secretary mattis had been when he resigned. i think the issue is one and you are talking about a former marine, or at least i guess you are always agreeing but he felt what the president had done was so untoward ends so out of line with naval procedures and tradition that it couldn't be accepted. he also acknowledged that he had made a mistake in going around the secretary of defense. he had not told the secretary of defense mr. esper that he was negotiating with the white house to try and do a separate deal for eddie gallagher, the navy s.e.a.l. and he said he had made a mistake.
2:34 am
once again yet another high-level trump administration official resigning or being fired just points to the chaos that has gone on in the administration since the very beginning of president trump's term. his unwillingness and inability to settle things amicably and in a graceful way. jon: judy thanks. impeachment inquiry proceedings scheduled to pick up again when congress returns from its thanksgiving break. as the saga plays out there is still no way to determine at this point who stands to win and who stands to lose but as the fallout continues throughout washington some say there is already a winner president vladimir putin. >> thank god no one's accusing us of interviewing in the u.s. elections anymore. now they are accusing ukraine prefer almost three years russia was the talk of this town.
2:35 am
if the president wanted russian salad dressing on a salad site somehow it's a russian connection. >> if there's evidence of collusion. now the mueller report seems like years ago and an impeachment inquiry to the presence dealings with ukraine is front and center. while the focus has moved to ukraine lawmakers are warned don't forget about russia. >> i'm nation is being -- chaos in ukraine is one first. report issues with the center washington d.c.. she said the winner between united states and ukraine is russia. ukraine's future is being denigrated and it means the word of the united states is being undermined and all of those are good things for russian good things are vladimir putin who wants a bigger seat at the
2:36 am
table. when the u.s. withdrew from the iran nuclear deal at them or put in was waiting in the wings. the u.s. failed to sell the missile defense system to turkey they made a deal with turkey's president. now the u.s. wants out of syria and russia's all end with him to become a power broke her in the middle east. >> why it always is put in the winner? this kind of shredding of american credibility will do lasting damage. >> that the president insists putin is not the winner. >> i'm been tough for unrushed event any president ever. the two last met face-to-face in japan in june where trump was accused of russian interference in 2016. developing news it appears on your apple i phoned map.
2:37 am
there's still a war between the two countries there. there are reports russia demanded the change and apple apparently agreed. washington david spunt fox "fox news." press and/or his accuser giving her first uk interview on their alleged sexual encounters plus a record number of guns taken off the streets in chicago. what the police superintendent has to say about it and wha i'm your 70lb st. bernard puppy, and my lack of impulse control, is about to become your problem. ahh no, come on. i saw you eating poop earlier. hey! my focus is on the road, and that's saving me cash with drivewise. who's the dummy now? whoof! whoof! so get allstate where good drivers save 40% for avoiding mayhem, like me. sorry! he's a baby!
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jon mckinnon at the wide receiver jarrell prior is in stable condition after he was stabbed in his pittsburgh apartment overnight. the 30-year-old reportedly stabbed in the shoulder and chest. police have arrested a woman in connection with the incident. pryor display for several nfl
2:42 am
teams was a free agent after being released by the jacksonville jaguars in september. virginia djou frei who says sexual predator jeffrey epstein force her to have sex with prince andrew when she was 17 years old and is speaking out. >> it was a very scary time in my life. he knows what happened and i know what happened. the now 35 rove was interviewed by the bbc for an upcoming hour-long special. this follows prince enters much criticized bbc interview this month in which he denied the allegations and said he had no recollection of meeting you for a previous and since stepped away from his official royal duties. chicago police announcing they seized 10,000 guns off the street so far this year far more than another big cities and a record number for a city known for violent crime and tough gun laws. the latest from chicago.
2:43 am
>> chicago police say they have seized 10,000 guns so far this year an uptick from last year and the annual average of 7000 guns. now averaging one gun recovery every 40 minutes. that's ridiculous but chicago's top cop tells "fox news" lenient gun laws like wisconsin and indiana bringing back the full gut -- duffel bags with guns. it's a hotbed for gun crime. cynically pick up somebody that's used an illegal gun and fired it off. on the books they say to felony but the end of the day when it's all said and done that guy is treated like a misdemeanor until the third time. chicago's police union says officers seize as many guns as possible from suspects but they aren't fully prosecuting. a statement the cook cook county states attorneys office pushes back against the criticism writing her office has approved
2:44 am
92% of the illegal gun cases brought to us and if convicted over 7800 offenders. they'd attorney foxx has taken office in 2016. compare chicago's gun numbers with other cities. chicago police seize more than 10,000 guns in the city of about 2.7 million people. nypd reports during the same time 2953 guns nearly four times the population and lapd a city with at least 1 million more people than chicago sees past the guns 5038 and chicago police are slamming the case of the suspect released last month on 500-dollar bond for assaulting a police officer and has been charged with murdering another man with an illegal gun. joan this quick programming note tomorrow fox nation presents the real search for james r. hoffa. host eric shawn walks us through one of the greatest mysteries in
2:45 am
american history with new information on jimmy hoffa's disappearance. here's a preview. >> do you know where jimmy hoffa is buried? >> absolutely. >> would the family met i found a demolition contractor living in florida and leaving behind his jersey accent and attitude. what's clear he reveres his dad he's overwhelmed by the secret he says they share. >> did your dad say who shot jimmy hoffa? >> absolutely. soon at the real search for james r. hoffa at 10:00 p.m. eastern right here on the "fox news" channel. with the economy booming we have some number straight ahead plus how you can stop grinch like porch pirates from running this porch pirates from running this festive season. only one thing's more exciting than getting a lexus...
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jon: are the days of shoppers busting the doors of retailers out numbered? if the data by data analytics is correct it could be. 80 of the 100 a record $7.4 billion the second on line sales they ever behind last year's cyber monday when consumers pen spent $9 billion. tis the season for porch pirates by this time of year there are countless stories about yves snatching deliveries from people's front doors. evan lampert of our affiliate wg tga explains how you can avoid becoming a victim this holiday season. >> today a lot of people have these doorbell cameras. you think you would prevent package that's what we have seen patzek beats hard at work.
2:51 am
>> put it down. go away. sara porch pirates have targeted communities all across the dmv but the holiday season prevents -- presents even more opportunities. have you ever ever had the package stolen? >> i've not that my neighbor did sara please spend a few minutes asking people if they've been visited by package thieves and it didn't take long. >> i'm sitting on the porch resting and i go back inside after the pact which was delivered and i come back outside 20 minutes later the package is gone. >> somebody stole it from my front porch and i never got to see those things. i was pretty heartbreaking. don't think people should take things from other peoples houses even if it's not inside the house but according to the top or metro areas most target i package pilfers include san francisco, salt lake city portland oregon and baltimore. d.c. was number six on a similar list last year so here's what you can do to help avoid losing
2:52 am
packages according to prince george's county police. back if you are able to leave specific instructions with the delivery service on line, that could save you a package theft because you are able to leave your packages behind a flower pot or shrubbery. that will help prevent package that. doniger neighbors to left and baltimore were on the top 10 list so if you have friends or family up that way warned them that porch pirates have been active. back to you. jon: if you're shopping for freshly cut christmas tree this year you'll have to dig deeper into your pocket. prices are going up this year because of a nationwide shortage due to drought fires and farm closures. many farmers planted fewer for starting in 2010 during the recession. if true act of kindness a generous couple gives down wages the surprise of a lifetime. that story a straight ahead. this morning the first thing i did when i woke up with look out my window to see if it was
2:53 am
actually verified it is nice. nice? this is the most-awarded minivan three years in a row. the van just talked. sales guy, give 'em the employee price, then gimme your foot. hands-free sliding doors, stow 'n go seats, man, y'all getting a hook up and y'all don't even work here. pacificaaaaa! seriously? well, it's free checking, and they pay you back for atm fees, which is pretty special. that's surprising. yeah, but it's not a surprise. good. i. hate. surprises. hey sis ?..?! oh my god! you know i hate surprises! free checking account options that pay you back. just one of the perks of membership. navy federal credit union our members are the mission.
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(danny) 12 hours? 20 dogs?asy. where's your belly rubs? after a day of chasing dogs you shouldn't have to chase down payments. (vo) send invoices and accept payments to get paid twice as fast. (danny) it's time to get yours! (vo) quickbooks. backing you. >> congress is considering bills that would legalize bank working with marin businesses. but in colorado for instance, marijuana is legal and hundred of cannabis companieses there already deposit cash in banks. thing is marijuana is still illegal under federal law. so this could be a risky business for financial institutions. alicia explains. >> more than 10,000 banks and credit unions in the united states only about about 700
2:56 am
currently do business with the cannabis industry. >> do you spend a lot of time looking over your shoulder? i do. still about -- i've come to be very paranoid as to who is watching and why wouldn't they? >> cindy has one of the first credit unions to allow marijuana companies otherwise operate in cash place to deposit and withdraw funds and marijuana is 6.5 billion industry. most financial institutions avoid publicity because drug remains illegal under federal law. about >> very definition of money landering is taking proceeds from an illegal activity and making them appear legal. the very acceptance of a deposit by a bank basically does that. why take the visk? under federal guidelines issued in 2014 cannabis company as that met state compliance could seek a bank account if they found a willing institution. most banks refuse. there's no guarantee against prosecution that any guidance could be reacceptedded with new
2:57 am
administration. >> and process of validating every single dollar in monoor toring accounts is pretty complex compared to normal consumer banking. trains other credit unions and banks and also works with cannabis businesses on how to not get on feds bad side. >> no business should have to pay its employees in cash or pay its taxes in cash. they should be able to pay just like anyone else. the u.s. house of representatives agreed when it overwhelmingly passed the safe banking act that protects institutions that awaits action by the senate. in a statement, idaho republican senator mike chair of the senate banking committee said all of this could be delayed should there be an impeachment trial. in denver, ali is a, fox news. >> a texas woman who was commuting 14 miles a day on foot to her waitressing job at dennies gets a surprise gift. her own car some customers who want to remain no, ma'am bought it for her. she said she is still in disbelief. >> my head i was like pranks are
2:58 am
cool but this one is a tad bit cruel i can bo to college sooner than anticipated. what was four hour commute for her now cut down to 30 minutes. and a mix of christmas and halloween in austria as crowds gather opinion annual parade. this spooky tradition comes from european folk tales they say it is st. nick evil twin that punishes to scare them into being good and that's how "fox report" this saturday i'm jon scott we'll see you again, tomorrow.
2:59 am
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