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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  December 3, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PST

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queen. when we are on tomorrow, we have got a hearing at 10:00 a.m., and we got a live press conference for the president monday. >> join us tomorrow morning and we will take you through all of it. thanks for joining us, "outnumbered" starts right now. >> melissa: a fox news alert, we are awaiting the remarks from president trump who has already had an eventful day meeting with nato leaders and london. moments from now he is due to sit down with prince charles. in about an hour, the president will attend a reception. then another reception later this evening, with british prime minister boris johnson. this is a "outnumbered" and i'm melissa francis. here today with kennedy composed of "kennedy," dagen mcdowell, fox news contributor jessica tarlov, and in the center seat, fox & friends
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weekend cohost pete hegseth. we will cheat on mike tat in a bit but let's get right to benjamin hall. benjamin? we see president trump, and we are awaiting the arrival. in fact we have a convoy coming in at the moment, and he is on his way to buckingham palace. before that he's meeting prince charles next-door around the corner. significantly meeting prince charles for the bilateral rather than the queen. that's really taking on her mantle and is taking on her role but the day is only halfway done. he has a major meeting with other nato leaders alongside boris johnson. so what we see so far as a jam-packed today and it's only going to get busier over the next couple days. >> melissa: that was about
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president trump meeting with francis president macron today. i watched it live today, there was a lot there. >> it was absolutely remarkable. and it was the second 45 minute plus bilateral that they had together. usually you expect disagreements between leaders to be kept behind closed doors but not in this case, they both spoke openly about the respective differences and opinions and they defended them. you had president macron being pushed on nato and you remember recently he said nato was brain-dead and needed to be revisited. russia soviet union had died down and he also fought back and said, we pay france, we pay what we have to pay. president trump saying thanks to him nato is now getting another $130 billion per year and he is very much taking credit for that. president trump also made it very clear that he would act and
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take a listen. >> those people are now fulfilling their commitments. there are some countries that are fulfilling their commitments and those will be dealt with. maybe i will deal with that from the state, cut-rate standpoint. or maybe i will deal with that in a different way. >> so some interesting exceptions there. it president trump may try to put some levy on those countries that weren't paying in full. next up, it was the turn of trudeau, the canadian prime minister. they spoke at great length about how close the two countries were but again, differences there and president trump talking about how canada was pursuing climate change in a big way. how defense spending needed to also be higher. it was an amazing news day, and we expect more to come out of this certainly in the days ahe ahead.
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>> melissa: both of those are so fascinating because they were disagreeing in public but it also wasn't terribly tense. it's like the world has adjusted to this is who president trump is. tell me about the protests, because there was supposed to be a lot and boris johnson's office may be wanted to a little distance. but then, -- >> we just left where the protests was supposed to be held. and they really haven't materialized it. i have covered a couple of protests, and in some of the previous cases there were over 100,000 people. that was a totally different set of people. everyone from the muslim association to the u.k., the palestinian association, climate change and, no one -- and
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frankly the protest is not really materializing. very interesting though that there might won't be a bilateral between boris johnson and president trump. we are ten days out from the general election here and of course boris johnson did not want any talk of the u.s. perhaps investing in the nhs, national health service. and that's a key part of the election campaign. the opposition party coming out, with elite documents which they say prove the u.s. was in talks with the u.k. about investing in the nhs. just this morning we thought that was in fact, they actually have the fingerprints of russia all over it that that leaked document he had been planted them. so boris johnson, no bilateral with president trump for this trip anyway. >> melissa: although boris johnson is hosting an event that the president will be out so we will see that. in the meantime come back here at home, democrats plowing ahead
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with their impeachment inquiry. the house intelligence committee expected to release the report making the case for impeachment against president trump following the vote tonight. tomorrow the house judiciary committee is that to hold its first hearing with more law professors as witnesses, just one of them change the mic chosen by republicans. president trump slamming the investigation while at the nato summit in london. >> i think they are making a mistake if they do that but that's okay. if they do it, they do it. i think democrats should be ashamed of themselves. i would love to have mike pompeo, i would love to have mitch, i would love to have rick perry. and many other people testify. but i don't want them to testify when this is a total fix. >> melissa: i think we know how he feels about it. pete, what are your thoughts? >> pete: i think the most important part of that conversation is open one being had with the facility of nato.
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you can look sideways at the way the president talk sometimes but what they are having is a very serious discussion with nato. nato serves a fantastic function if everyone is involved and if it's used properly. and he has triggered that conversation. they won't be the piggy bank of the, what truly are our enemies. both of those leaders saying truths openly that need to be set if nato is going to be relevant in the future because, look what's happening in the european countries? the radical islamic threat that they are facing. turkey saying, we won't play ball with you even though we are supposedly a member of this alliance, all useful conversation which is why he was elected to disrupt things. so the careful status quo goes
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away. >> melissa: that's a good point because if you look at turkey for example, sort of a lot of lip service paid to turkey and here they've been doing a lot of things for a while that are not okay. and, we would clutch our pearls in the past but this is the new normal. >> it is the new normal and i think you were right to point that out. if you think another world leader sitting next to an american president, and as he calls the head of the intel committee deranged or whatever it was he said about adam schiff, that would raise a lot of eyebrows and there might even be a push back. now it's par for the course and we are moving on. the conversation that resident to go and president trump had, he has his 2% commitment now.
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that will certainly continue to evolve there but as for turkey, turkey has gotten himself in this bit of trouble. it's not just because our attitudes have shifted, they have been -- evil and clouding -- they are also making us. they have left this little choice in their open alliance with the russians which makes it very clear that they are actually not an ally but an enemy of ours. >> melissa: and that's something that in the past would have gone on sladek, degen. now everybody is being honest, >> dagen: i want to say also, macron is full of himself and full of it. he sees himself as the new napoleon. >> pete: let him try.
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speed power but the pushback you get from speech 17 is because he's delusional about the amount of money that france in any way, shape, or form could spend on defense and contribute to an e.u. army because of the socialist state that they operate. russia wants nato split to be replaced by the e.u. "paper tiger." >> melissa: it before we run out of time though, you are looking at buckingham palace for the nato reception and at the same time here in the u.s. they are working on impeachment and talking about impeachment. here's what jim jordan had to say about that. >> there is a softening, the facts are on the present side and the truth is on the pheasant side, present side. i don't think they can stop it, i think they will move forward with this. >> melissa: so impeachment, nato, and what do you think
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about what jim jordan says? >> pete is absolutely right. nato is a critical discussion and the fact that we are thinking in terms of a postmodern picture, and i think it's much better. this is something that the united states can actively take apart, but you do have partners that can do that is more meaningful than say the u.n. security council. russia is a permanent member work and at everything. it's incredibly dubious and turkey has become such a bad actor that i think they have no place. >> it would be ironic if the president made a better nato his legacy when he stepped on so many toes coming in and that was something he was so criticized over. it is possible they move in that
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direction that it becomes a more meaningful body. all eyes on london where we are awaiting the presidents meeting with st. charles just days ahead of the release of the highly anticipated ig report on alleged fbi abuses. this is speculation about a possible risk between the attorney general and the doj watchdog over the conclusion and president trump weighs in. >> president trump: i think we have to read it and we have to see it. there's a lot of devastating things out there but we will see what happens. ♪
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>> melissa: this fox news alert, we could see and hear from president trump who is currently on his way to meet with prince charles in london. this here at home as republicans
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pushback on a report in "the washington post" saying that attorney general bill barr disagrees with a key finding in the department of justice is report writer if the fbi did have enough intelligence in 2016 to justify launching an investigation, the members of the trump campaign. "the post" reports, people familiar with the matter say, he believed information from other agencies such as the cia could change the ig's finding. they've been trying over time to spend this thing to diminish its effect, to downplay it. i can tell you without any hesitation, attorney general barr has every confidence in the world and mr. horowitz. >> melissa: the
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inspector general's report is set for release on wednesday. >> pete: we were covering this on fox & friends two weekends ago the leaks that were coming out from "new york times," characterizing the report in ways that were favorable to the president. "the washington post" in "the new york times" will do their best to set the table to look like there is dissension in the ranks and nothing nefarious has gone wrong. the inspector general sees one part of it, and let's just wait to see what it is. and then, digest it for ourselves. then we have another report coming out later on which has an even more holistic look. >> can i just add something to that? jessica and i were talking about this before the show but what do you think about this in the report? everyone, especially hyperpartisan people have written a report, the report is in their head.
9:19 am
they have already internalized what it says regardless of the actual facts inside. that is really upsetting because we could be missing some key subtleties about the fbi and department of justice and a surveillance in general in this country, people instead of a for the extremes and there are some real structural programs that hopefully this inspector general has addressed. did you see that? >> pete: i did see about the holder will pass the 15-yard for outnumbered now. >> melissa: what kennedy is saying is that all of these things have turned into rorschach paintings were people on that side look in and see exactly what they were expecting ahead of time and pull out the parts. i wish we could look at the process rather than the people,
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that would be too good to be true. >> kennedy: i'm happy to wait for the report but there is i believe well-earned skepticism of bill barr and his partisanship considering that four-page speech that he gave out. there have also been a series of speeches that he has given in the past few weeks where he has gone after a significant portion of the population that i belong to, calling the progressive secular left being responsible for the moral decay of the country. >> pete: i agree with bill barr. >> kennedy: really, are responsible for the moral rot of the american society?
9:21 am
and, -- >> if bill barr came out and made a statement about the mueller report which we all got to read at a later date and said -- >> kennedy: it but it was inaccurate. >> melissa: it wasn't inaccurate in this way, there is no coordination between the trump campaign and, he actually read from the mueller report and it was their judgment that they weren't going to bring up obstruction of justice charges. >> if you think you've got it then bring impeachment articles based on obstruction of justice. and good luck getting reelected next year. >> kennedy: while i will just be sitting here.
9:22 am
we will bring you both sides of the heated debate. plus president trump is on his way to meet with britain's prince charles as the royal brother, prince andrew, comes under intense scrutiny for his connection to jeffrey epstein. what andrew's accuser is now saying. >> i want the people to stand up beside me and help me fight this fight. not accept it and be okay.
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>> melissa: fox news alert, president trump is set to meet with britain's prince charles in london where they will have tea, ahead of a buckingham palace reception and i was not invited. this amid controversy surrounding charles and his brother prince andrew and his alleged connection to convicted sex offender jeffrey epstein. last night, and they spoke to the bbc in a televised interview where she challenge the british royal who denies her accusation. >> people on the inside are going to keep coming up with these ridiculous excuses. like his arm was elongated or at the photo was doctored or he came to new york to break up with jeffrey epstein. i mean come on, i'm calling b.s. on this because that's what it is.
9:28 am
>> melissa: buckingham palace responded in a statement saying "the duke of york unequivocally regrets his ill judged association with jeffrey epstein. the duke is willing to help any appropriate law enforcement agency with their investigation if required. in the meantime, the bbc reporting that he plans to subpoena prince andrew to force him to testify in all five of their cases. >> those are civil cases and if you parse the statement out of buckingham palace, they are talking about actual law enforcement proceedings and that stonewalling. they can't -- sending this jerk to mars wouldn't be far enough to sent him away because this is not going away. these people are finally talking and i hope more of them feel comfortable coming out and discussing the, the now dead
9:29 am
jeffrey epstein and elaine maxwell, his madam and his of rubber his partner in crime, she is the center focus of the law enforcement investigation is going on here in the united states. just a couple quick things. the libel laws in the united kingdom are much more stringent than those here in the united states. the fact that the bbc ran with this in this way is telling. and that is unbecoming among other appalling things that he said it, and it's also another email exchange that the bbc revealed from the duke of york in 2015. let me know when you can talk, thought some specific questions to ask you about virginia robert said that's her rib maiden name. so he clearly knew her.
9:30 am
>> how would he be able to access that? he has been no meeting with this lady on and off for years because obviously now that jeffrey epstein is arriving in hell and didn't kill himself, maxwell is the one who knows where the information is buried. there were cameras all over island. andrew was a frequent visitor here. so my question is, does the president addressed this with prince charles? does your brother cooperate with federal law enforcement? >> that's fascinating. i know it was ruled a suicide and you don't believe that but, to me, what's so interesting about this is, when you watch virginia talking, she is very compelling.
9:31 am
and it reminds you how -- it's really hard to watch that and think she's making any part of that up. >> it was the same as when we saw the young woman that jeffrey epstein when he found her at 13 or 14 years old, and suddenly the story became something more that we unfortunately expected. we knew about lolita express and island and a lot of top ranking new york socialite types had gone for dinner at epstein's house. >> after he was labeled sex offender. >> kennedy: you can see buckingham palace moving away from him. first of all he's not prince andrew in that statement, he is the duke of york. the queen canceled his birthday party in february. >> i'm laughing because the royals make themselves more irrelevant by the day. it's disgusting. they are clinging to relevancy,
9:32 am
and people look at these artificial words that worlds that they live in, and i don't know what to say about it other than these are privilege people trafficking in humans for their own enjoyment who have no real reason in public life anymore. i'm laughing because the queen canceled his birthday party in february. who has a clean scheduling their birthday parties? why are we revering these people? >> melissa: that's a question. if he did what she says, he belongs in jail. does anyone think that will ever happen? >> kennedy: no. someone else has to take the blame for this. if epstein is dead and prison guards have been indicted, maxwell has been accused of sexual assault herself. and where is he.
9:33 am
>> jessica: we have a judicial system that i would hope would be more fair about this. what would we do about it? now we had jeffrey epstein in jail and how he departed us is up for debate but there's more to be done in our own justice system about that. >> melissa: thank you for julie kate brown at the "miami herald" took up the story alive and continues to. >> a high-profile ally of president trump now are going donald trump's impeachment effort will backfire in the senate. is he right? we will debate that, next. that limit a company's growth. i try to find companies that turn these challenges into opportunities. but by going out in the field, and meeting management, suppliers, competitors. in the end, it's these unique companies
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9:38 am
the senate hearings will wash away anything the democrats accomplish in the house and by the time it's all over, trump will be vindicated. he will not be convicted. he will still be president. >> kennedy: that was former house speaker newt gingrich predicting how the push against president trump is bound to backfire on the party once it moves to the republican-led senate where the judiciary committee will be able to call witnesses. listen to gingrich, and the senate will convict. where do you think nancy pelosi is right now. they haven't drafted the articles yet, it seems like the goal was to sort of try and
9:39 am
damage the president and get it out there if you can't take them out of office, which as you said is not a real possibility or to be so persuasive that you get the republicans over to her side and make it bipartisan. but she said very early on that impeachment has to be bipartisan and she would go ahead and less there was support across the aisle. there isn't at all. i don't know how she stopped the runaway training. they talk about hunter biden and bringing him into the senate. and the reason that's relevant, when you have offspring that is on your payroll constantly and someone takes them off of your payroll, that's the same as giving your money. from a financial perspective, this is why it matters. vis-a-vis joe biden. >> kennedy: okay, it's about kids on the payroll, we know that most of th the trump kids e on the payroll. it's not okay for hunter biden
9:40 am
but it's cool for the trunk kids? >> the trunk kids are qualified. people with expert titles who live -- they've been doing so great, trump comes in and says we've been doing it differently and you turn around and think what hunter biden and joe biden did was okay? it's a cheap shot by you to say that ivanka trump having a trademark makes are qualified to be in the white house. >> kennedy: i'm saying you are completely comfortable with jared kushner. >> and we are following money into the biden family and in exchange for what?
9:41 am
>> and we should also investigate that. the question is, why was the ukrainian family funneling money into the biden family? >> the problem for joe biden's charisma, and democrats get very uncomfortable when democrats want to ask questions about burisma because they are naturally asking questions about the biden's. i don't know if there was anything illegal or unethical but, maybe there should be ethical guidelines. i don't have a problem with them uniformly being followed by both sides. but i would like to see some of these people under oath questioned because i would personally like to watch the senate trial because it sounds much more interesting than what has happened so far in the house.
9:42 am
is this going to be -- i've even heard some people saying that there are democrats who will not side with democrats. and like joe manchin and people who have to defend the republicans. >> and, go back to early march before the mueller report, before the bill barr announcement. the support today is lower for impeachment then it was in early march. but if you look at the democrats it's higher. it's seven points higher. already three quarters of democrats supported impeachment even before that came out.
9:43 am
independence, it's up about four points. but here's the rub, it isn't bipartisan support and the democrats have to deliver on what the basis demanding. and, through republicans have to do the same. the outrage is trying to remove the president now that they are closer to the election they made it more likely that he gets reelected because of how they conduct it. >> kennedy: i disagree and no one will be shocked by that but we have to move on. [laughter] yes, the economy is great on the president is terrible. the trump campaign slammed bloomberg reporters.
9:44 am
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>> kennedy: welcome back. president trump blasting michael bloomberg and firing back at "the new york times" after the executive editor of the paper condemned the trump campaign's decision to ban "bloomberg news" reporters from rallies and events saying it restricts fair coverage of the president. president trump, and to go after president trump, and hatred and bias is so great they can't even see straight. it's not okay. pete, is it okay? >> pete: i agree with the president. a big surprise. and here's why. it's because if if "bloomberg news," if your foundry is running for president you will do no investigative
9:49 am
reporter, and they have rallies with your supporters to smear you because that's your only goal and will be your only goal. everyone understands, and we still keep doing that anyway. >> unfortunately keep some things away from the bad decision in terms of the blue ridge editorial board. your decision is not to cover any of democrats for mike bloomberg. b3 that is the most relevant part of this. that is the absolute worst decision. the solution is for bloomberg -- they have some of the most talented generals who can be fair and objective and, including all fossil us and the
9:50 am
as a champion of the first amendment. let them do their job. >> , that's one of them developed his people in business getting into politics. >> melissa: i would be over there reporting investigative reporters. >> and if i worked there -- >> melissa: i'd be sliding into those dms. if i was told i couldn't investigate any democrat candidate -- it might be a meaningful, hard-hitting reporter for "the new york times." and ultimately -- >> are you kidding me? actually, that came from "the new york times." your favorite conspiracy theory
9:51 am
came up of "the new york times." >> melissa: but then "the wall street journal" has a group of kick butt reporters. >> i would say that we are into the full nickname's season again. you know the campaign is in full swing when we are handing out titles. >> michael mike because he has the energy of somebody who's had some nyquil. >> kennedy: i won't think he would have as many unnatural as joe biden. bloomberg is 78. we are a year away from election day. i don't know how that lovely fruit -- >> his jerkiness will come out though. >> that's a problem, he's already pulling at 6%. >> how does bloomberg -- can i bring it back to topic for a second? how does bloomberg the news organization get out of this because now they've been lucky in it for a while. they have to say the only way is
9:52 am
take the cuffs off and say, we made a bad choice. we will allow them to castigate everybody and that's the only way that we can stop what should be a lot of bleeding as the reporters leave. but then, -- >> may be it's completely intentional and maybe they are doing this. michael bloomberg is saying he is running so they can use the news organization to go after the president like a battering ram so they don't have to go democrats because if that's all he wants to do is inflict damage on the president and not be distracted by any other politics then it's a great plan. >> pete: there's a lot of coverage that's been negative about the president and that's why people view it that way. >> melissa: i will give you some inside baseball, bloomberg as an organization has always been a little bit cold to you because they have really wonderful facilities. it's very hard to leave because it's like what working for leah
9:53 am
check company. >> kennedy: i will say i don't think bloomberg is getting into be hammering president trump through a news organization. >> no. you are obviously being a candidate there are now different campaign finance laws that apply and he can get more. in a $30 million weekend he looks like he will have often more. in three days he spent 21.9 so bloomberg who is dedicated to ensuring that with apple i'm in change and the gun violence epidemic in the country is now doing that not only as a billionaire philanthropist but a candidate which is allowing even lower. but here's the problem with that there are already those who are going after those saying it is your newsletter ionization to hammer only your main point but that is campaign finance violations not sure -- >> i genuinely believe that
9:54 am
michael bloomberg thinks he would be a financing, the fact that he came in at 6% -- >> but he has to get other people to think he would have been tough. >> he came in and i think you surprise a lot of us at 6%. there were a lot of moderates and some republicans who were back him. a lot of republicans don't like trump. >> jessica: there are plenty of republicans in the world. are you one of them? where we fall among other nations common core, next. thanks to your va streamline refi benefit, at newday there's no income verification, no appraisal, and no out of pocket costs. activate your va benefit now. one call can save you $2000 every year.
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>> melissa: at u.s. teenagers are far behind their chinese counterparts on an exam taken by students worldwide to covering math, reading and science and targets 15-year-olds in private and public schools. china had the highest scores in all three subjects. while the u.s. moved up in global rankings experts say it's
9:59 am
mostly due to other nations doing worse. kennedy, what's the solution to this here in the united states? more money doesn't seem to be solving the problem. >> kennedy: no it doesn't. number one at school choice and number two we have to stop treating kids like they are factory workers. and we should allow people to have areas of expertise and passion when they develop hessians at a young age. that's how you develop a true artist. i think the united states leads the world in creative and innovative thinkers, those are education systems and they -- more than one system should reflect that. >> we shouldn't be so worried about a nation that test well because they do have a lot of things. >> common core and teachers unions are two huge problems in our country that hold students back. >> this is part of the general narrative right, that's going on with china. we say factory working, trying to completely bifurcate that way. some people take these tests and go on and go to school abroad
10:00 am
and a lot of people are left to live in destitute conditions. we have to do better here and they have to do better there. now here is melissa, in for harris. >> melissa: fox news alert, right now president trump getting set to attend a nato leader is a reception hosted by queen elizabeth at buckingham palace as impeachment looms back home. i melissa francis in today for harris faulkner. as we await the reception in london, and, that was over defense policy tariffs. also he will meet with prime minister boris johnson despite the concern the president could complicate upcoming elections. in the meantime, president trump slammed house intelligence committee chairman


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