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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  December 5, 2019 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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the only way to know how much is to get a quote. chances are you'll save time, paperwork, and yes, dollars. when insurance is affordable, it's surprisingly painless. if have a great night, everybod everybody. >> ♪ dc welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." the president is going to be impeached. that's the word from the house speakers nancy pelosi who confirmed it during a short address this morning. the news is no surprise at all. approximately 100% of msnbc viewers demanded impeachment before donald trump was elected president. they will be enraged if democrats pulled back now. they believe trump works for vladimir putin and had an affair. something the party now claims to oppose. if pelosi wants to prevent these
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people from staging an open rebellion, she has no choice but to continue with impeachment. yet there is a problem with that. as much as jeff zucker supports impeachment normal people find it bizarre. they don't understand what the crime is. something about ukraine and hunter biden. it sounds shady. is it worse than the opioid epidemic or the war in afghanistan or healthcare costs? fill in the blanks the issues that congress could be handling if it went for impeachment. impeachment didn't rate on that list. isn't the election 11 months away. wait until then to switch presidency? those are the questions that pelosi and her party will have to answer at some point probably not too far from now. impeachment will turnout to be a
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political disaster and donald trump will benefit. pelosi seems to know this. but she can't acknowledge it out loud. she is trapped by the lunatics to her left. like the british army she puts a brave face on a doomed mission and fights on. here's her explanation this morning. >> let us begin where our founders began in 17 fix. -- 1776. it's necessary for one people to dissolve the political bonds that connect them with another. our founders began our declaration of independence from an oppressive monarch for the king refusing to follow laws. today it becomes necessary for us to address among another
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grievances the president's failure to execute the law. >> tucker: it's mesmerizing on many levels. what does it mean. trump is the orange version of king george iii and democrats are threatening to overthrow him with violence. pelosi said 18th century slaveholders would be in favor of what she is doing. >> james madison warned that a president might betray his trust to foreign powers and feared the president might be bribed by a greater interest. this is not a king. the people are the king. >> tucker: so james mads has
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given nancy pelosi his personal seal of approval. remember that the next time pelosi people try to pull madison's statue off its pedestal. for a brief moment they are presented as heroes. the framers pelosi said they were worried they might take money from foreign powers. trump didn't take money from ukraine. hunter biden did. if you are not sold yet and sense there might be links missing from the logic chain nancy pelosi has an answer. not an argument but a cliche
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bomb. important facts are being delivered. it's like the old song i drove my chevy to the levy but the levy was dry. it doesn't mean anything. listen to nancy pelosi's rendition of it. >> a republic we can keep said benjamin franklin. the president leaves us no choice but to act because he is trying to corrupt once again the election for his own benefit. the president has engaged in abuse of power undermining our national security and jeopardizing our elections. >> tucker: what is she telling us? in order to honor the spirit of franklin we must suspend our democracy in order to preserve it. there was a time when america the left was sharp and clear enough to see irony in that. torch the village to save it.
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sure. makes sense. liberals in 1975 would have laughed pelosi off the stage. democracy means deciding things in elections. the left lost interest in democracy and gave up on it. when obama arrived they were beyond winning over voters with promises. going forward demographics would win elections for them. out of nowhere donald trump proved them wrong. he beat them in a presidential election. they have didn't see that coming. the shock was so profound it shattered them. they never recovered. the left turned against the country and the system that made it possible. open the border and erase the past. whatever it takes to regain power that's what they resolved.
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like a reform drum, the democratic party got religion. nancy pelosi started talking a lot about prayer. >> today, i am asking our chairman to receive the articles of impeachment. i commend our committee chairs with her somber approach for which the president had not made necessary. in signing the declaration of independence, our founders invoked a firm reliance on divine providence. democrats too are prayerful. >> tucker: is anyone else enjoying this? adam schiff's somber reproach? that's what nancy pelosi would like you to recall for the past couple of weeks and appreciate the dignity that bug eyed lunatic from burbank brought to this process. you watch the proceedings, it was like being in the room as alexander hamilton compose "the federalist" papers, a tribute government. >> i would just say to people watching here at home and around the world and the words of my
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great colleague, we are better than that. adjourned. >> tucker: a tsunami of falseness that threatens to drown us all, save that tape. when donald trump gets reelected, we will have tangible evidence showing exactly how it happen. the other somber and serious person's house judiciary chairman jerry nadler who actually fell asleep yesterday during the hearing he was supposedly overseeing, watch this. >> there is no doubt it will be an unfair and partisan effort. this on the american people ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: hard to judge that
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many people felt that way, she judge jeanine pirro, we are always grateful to have you on the show. is it wishful thinking or is it true, what it seems like to me that this has the capacity to boom to make boomerang and hurt the people staging this show. >> everyone is assuming it's going to boomerang and hurt them but the proof is they have this rush to judgment. why are they rushing, why are they not waiting for the material witnesses that they might be able to bring on to give more insight, more facts. if you are a member of the so-called evidence they showed us, none of those witnesses, so-called witnesses in the intelligence committee had any evidence about a quid pro quo, none of the professors knew any of the facts. what we have is a bunch of people who hate donald trump,
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and yet people who have some information about this, like john bolton, like mick mulvaney, they don't want to wait for them, why? because they are losing their impetus now. the american public is starting to get tired of this, it makes no sense, there is no smoking gun, now nancy pelosi is like let's get this done, let's get this done right away. i hope they get it done right away, i hope they start a trial in the senate and they put on nancy pelosi and adam schiff and joe biden, and all the players. you want a show, let's put on the show. here's the problem, i've been a prosecutor and a judge, it's my will house a little bit. the bottom line is there is no evidence, you have a bunch of truncating people with this female professor who is going after barron trump and people who couldn't passion english course who says when the
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president do us a favor because our country has been through a lot, he's really saying to me, the king a favor. >> i feel like a lot of cable networks are abetting this sideshow. i did see one thing i wanted to ask you about, one of the nuggets to emerge from this i think that is significant is the fact that adam schiff's committee somehow wound up with phone records of the president's lawyer. >> i think it's only fair, i think it's constitutional, i think it's what our framers intended, it's everything they wanted. this is a game of words, this is how everyone invokes prayer, the constitution, they are into taking "in god we trust" out of
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every court room in the country, they take prayer out of the classroom, now all of a sudden these bozos, we have to say a prayer for all of this. none of it has any substance to it in the fact they want to dust off the mueller report. they know ukraine has no evidence, no substance to it, this is pathetic. my concern is if we don't impeach him, he will get reelected. this is a sad commentary, they are taking away the american public's ability to vote for the president. alexander hamilton, federalist 69 describes impeachment as a crisis, as a release valve from a crisis of a national revolution -- we aren't in a national revolution, they just flip their lid. >> tucker: great to see you tonight, thank you. judge jeanine has an exclusive interview with the vice president committed errors
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this saturday. democrats seem determined to hurry through impeachment and maybe even finish through christmas, why the rush? chuck holmes' campaign manager for senate majority leader mitch mcconnell, thanks so much for coming on. if you wouldn't mind, sketch out for us where this goes from here, what is likely to happen? i think that is the most confusing part of this, where do democrats think this ends up? >> i can understand why it's confusing, they are trying to impeach the president of the united states for withholding aid that was ultimately delivered in exchange for a favor and some kind of investigation. >> tucker: aid we shouldn't be sending in the first place. be that as it may, it never happened, now we conduct all of these hearings and however you thought the intelligence committee proceeding went, yesterday was an abject disaster for democrats.
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they had three of the most unpersuasive liberal professors that you could probably ever come up with try to make the case for impeaching president trump, there's no way the politics work for that. in case you are doubting your allegiances at any point, if you are at all right of center you took a look at those folks and said i can't believe this. i think what nancy pelosi did today in an announcement, she's got to move it quickly, she's got to do it before christmas. >> tucker: is there anyone who looked to the tape of her briefing this morning -- i think we are back on track now. we are convincing people. >> the sycophants within their own congressional world, the faux intellectualism, the original as him, isn't fun to talk about with a democrat, the original construct of a constitution and
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"the federalist" papers? it was all just so absurd, it certainly doesn't work for them which i think you are right in your model law, speaker pelosi understands which is why she is trying move this. >> tucker: it's why this is a hostage video. i think she's smarter than that, maybe we give her too much credit. during a press conference today, simply reporter james rosen asked nancy pelosi whether she had any ill will toward the president. >> i don't hate anybody, not anybody in the world. as a catholic, i resent you using the word hate in a sentence that addresses me, i don't hate anyone. i was raised in a way, a heart full of love and always pray for the president. i still pray for the president, i pray for the president all the time. don't mess with me when it comes to words like that.
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>> tucker: don't mess with me when it comes to holiness because i accused him of working for vladimir putin, doesn't mean i hate him, i'm a catholic. what is this? author and columnist mark steyn joins us to explain what we just saw -- i'm not quite sure what to make of that but i know it when i shake my finger in your face it emphasis to words that otherwise make no sense. >> she is praying for the president, we all know that. i know that observing the ritual niceties of american politics requires stomach and a boatload of industrial strength hokum but you and i and 300 million people across the country know that nancy pelosi isn't praying for the president as judge jeanine was saying, this goes to the pious foe original is him, when you're going to impeach a guy come you stand up there, you say
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blah, blah, blah blah and ben franklin, james madison, federalist paper, madison paper, the moment i wake up before i put on my botox and say little prayer for you. that is nancy pelosi strategy for attending that a three year effort to subvert, not accept the 2016 election is finally coming to a meaningful impeachment. barack obama said elections have consequences, he gloated about that. the democrats are in this situation because they refuse to accept that elections have consequences, they now planned for two years that trump was colluding with russia. now they are claiming he's colluding with ukraine. russia just invaded ukraine -- the enemy of the enemy, they are all trump's friends, it doesn't make any difference.
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that is the situation the democrats have brought themselves into, you compared it with the retreat from kabul by the british army in afghanistan, you can compare it to tennyson and the charge of the light brigade into the valley of dea death. into the valley of the schiff, the entire democrat party has run and it's not going to work out for them. >> tucker: can i say very quick, i prefer the obama approach where you say we won the election we are doing what we want. i prefer that strongly to the false piety, my christian left i'm praying for you even though i try to destroy the routine, why the self-righteousness? that makes it unbearable. >> i think that's a conscious strategy. you have jerry nadler have a natural reaction to this when you showed him basically falling comatose and dropping out of the bottom.
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this fake religiosity is one of the reasons that you know this whole thing is a scam. she's coming on like tammy faye baker leading impeachment. >> tucker: i prefer tammy faye baker. >> i do too, tammy faye for speaker of the house. >> tucker: i think she has passed away. great to see you, thank you. a boater question joe biden's fitness for the presidency at an event, biden responded by calling the voter fat emma literally. he is reaching the end of his patients, will show you that plus another testy exchange with pete buttigieg, amazing. next. ♪
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♪ >> tucker: the first democratic primaries are just about two months from now end of the shrinking number of democratic candidates are fighting hard for every vote. today in the state of iowa, joe biden who at one point with the vice president erupted at a man who asked him about his son's former job with burisma in ukraine in his own physical fitness to be president, here's what happened. >> the reason i'm running is because i've been around a long time and i know more than most people know and i can get things done, that's why i'm you want to check my shape, let's do push-ups, let's run, let's do whatever you want to do.
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[applause] number two, no one has said my son did anything wrong, not on any occasion. you said i set up my son to work at an oil company, is that what you said? get your words straight, jack. here's the deal. >> you don't have any more backbone than trump does. [boos] >> tucker: what did biden call him? list for that again. look, here's the deal. lisa boothe has been watching, i don't think i've ever seen a presidential candidate turned to a boater and say look, fat, here's a deal, and my for or against it? there's a lot of candor. >> let the audience be the
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judge. i have worked on multiple campaigns and i can tell you with absolute certainty is it not a good campaign strategy to faction potential voters.1 >> tucker: biden at one point also accused the guy of being sedentary. if the guy said he watches tv and he said's you're sitting around watching tv. >> he challenges to a series of challenges, we've seen him challenge president trump to a push-up contest, i have not seen video of him doing push-ups, i don't think he can actually do them, he's throwing them aroun. when he's not telling little kids, he's out in the campaign trail challenging potential voters to a push-up contest but on an actual substantive level, this is how he responds when he's challenged or he's asked about his son hunter biden. how was he going to do on ap debate stage with president trump when he is challenged with burisma, with
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his son, we know obama's own state department had concerns, they pressed ambassador yovanovitch about burisma -- john kerry who was secretary of state that time, his own stepson raised concerns about burisma, the state department officials, how is joe biden going to do when he's actually pressed on thisis issue? >> tucker: we don't even know what hunter biden was paid for the iranians. >> he is not the only person who was challenged on the campaign trail as well, there was an event recently in iowa -- in south bend, rather, it was african-american supporters of pete buttigieg and look what happened. [shouting] [shouting]
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this is ath farce! >> those are black lives matter protesters who were at an event for african-americans for pete buttigieg, the campaign is distancing themselves from theat event saying they aren't affiliated despite the fact that they put up a press release saying there were numerous staffers at the event including his own campaign manager, nonetheless this comes on the heels of -- he's gotten a lot of heat from african-american voters which is a challenge because if you look at a state like south carolina where he was this past week, he's at 0% with black voters there who make up over 60% of the primary electorate in the state. this is a challenge, he is doing well in iowa, doing well in new hampshire were he's got wwhite liberal voters, he challenges and obata as well as south carolina? >> tucker: the white guy with the black lives matter
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protester, correct? bazaar. >> there are a lot of things that have been bazaar, challenging people to push-up contests, iq tests. >> tucker: americans experiment in constitutional democracy has been the most successful in world history, one component of thate success is e electoral college which discourages sectionalism, it works very well exactly as intended. it keptt democrats out of power in 2016, the party wants it gone immediately. senator elizabeth warren is leading the push for that. >> what are your thoughts on the electoral college? >> i want to get rid of it. [applause] here is my goal, michael is to get elected and then to be the alast american president electd by the electoral college.
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[cheers and applause] i want the second term to be that i got elected by direct vote, i'm ready, popular vote. >> tucker: jamil davidson took this idea seriously, thanks a lot for coming on. unlike most people on the right, i sympathize why democrats are frustrated with the electoral college, they won the most votes but they didn't get the presidency, so they're mad. you just explained why it would undo the entire country to get rid of the electoral college. some that up if you would. >> the electoral college is inextricably bound up with the idea of federalism which is a linchpin of the constitutional system. we have the federal government and the states and both have sovereignty, it's why every state gets two senators. it's why we use the electoral college to elect the president. the section of the constitution
9:31 pm
that described electoral college, is the longest sectiont they spent a lot of time thinking how they would elect a president who would be a national president and avoid sectionalism. if we went to a direct popular vote, new york and california which was the president. >> tucker: that would be bad because he's parts of the country would be not represented at all. >> that's right. the democrats at the same complaints about the senate. they don't like that small states with low populations get two senators. they don't think that's fair, they want a direct democracy, they don't want to republic. i think in part because they don't quite understand what a republic is sometimes. what they are describing is tyranny of the majority, it's what james madison warned us against. >> tucker: who they now claim to love. in one sentence, would you keep a senate without an electoral college? >> no, there would be no point, there would be no point for a lot of things if we get rid of the electoral college if we do
9:32 pm
away with federalism. why have states? let's just have the administrative units of the federal government to. >> tucker: as you argue be in effect would be, it's a great piece and i hope our viewers would pull it up on the internet and read it. great to see you tonight, thank you. bill de blasio is off thee campaign trail, he's back in new york in new york city full-time sort of, he's trying to clean up the streets by off-loading new york city's homeless onto its neighbors. we'll speak to one of those neighbors after a
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>> from america's news headquarters, a possible u.s. troop buildup happening in the middle east. the pentagon considering sending several thousand additional troops to that region to help deter iranian aggression. this comes amid reports of escalating violence in iran and continued meddling by tehran in iraq, syria, and other parts of that region. no final decision has been made yet but there are talks of 5-7000 troops. a black hawk helicopter bearing three crew members crashed in central minnesota, all three on board were killed. the minnesota national guard said it lost contact with a helicopter shortly after takeoff from st. cloud. it was on a maintenance test
9:38 pm
flight. governor tim walz who served in the national guard for 24 years is heading to the crash site right now. now back to tucker carlson tonight. >> tucker: now that his vanity presidential campaign is over, new york mayor bill de blasio is back at work. according to analysis, he works just two hours and 20 minutes a day during his campaign. he has returned to his city full-time, what is he doing with the extra hours? one man who knows does joe piscopo, great to see you tonight. what is the mayor doing out these back? >> he goes to the gym every morning, we track it. my producer who's a big fan, hee said tell tucker high i don't like to say anything bad about anybody, he goes to the gym and brookland, he takes off and is on a leisurely -- i want this objob. >> tucker: he's smoking a ton
9:39 pm
of weed too, i'm dead serious, it's obvious. >> i don't want to make that accusation here on the show. you hear things, i heard things. >> tucker: i heard that too. >> one of the things he's doing, stoned or not is shipping the homeless into your state ofyo new jersey. >> isn't that the best? people are moving out in droves in the state of new jersey. the property taxes are crushing it. we can't keep them all, people want to stay in their communities, now they are sending people into the state for free and paying them to move in there. people in the streets of new york are saying what exit? >> tucker: homeowners are leaving new jersey and fleeing to florida and texas but new york is making up the difference by shipping their homeless in. is that a good deal for you? >> everybody gets everything for free. in new york, new jersey, california, those of us want to stay in our communities, i have
9:40 pm
to tell you about a jersey. it's great to have you here in new york, thanks for noticing my tuxedo. >> tucker: we ran into each other back stage, you are wearing a cummerbund, i was so impressed. >> that was my favorite moment of the day, i'm going to do a show, you got a charity, i got a tuxedo. in jersey, we love it, we stay where we are, my mother is still there, god bless her. i like to hang around in the community. i raised my children there, it's getting tougher and tougher because of the property taxes and estate taxes, new york says we are going to give you more people, homeless people and the mayor is doing a great job. newark is experiencing a spectacular renaissance come on the spokesperson for the boys & girls club of new jersey, i'm so proud of those kids, it's a great town now. now we are suing mayor de blasio, can't make
9:41 pm
this up because you can't send us your people and give us a couple dollars. it's not fair to the homeless and it's not fair to newark, new jersey. >> tucker: it also tells you an awful lot what is to progressive bill de blasio things a majority black newark. the opioid epidemic kills more than 100 people every day in this country. purdue pharma made billions of starting that epidemic and they face no consequences, how? in part by buying positive coverage by a think tank in washington, a remarkable story next.
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>> tucker: close to 50,000 americans died from opioids last year, that's one death every 10 minutes. you almost never hear any one in power talk about what's happening but it's changing this country forever, communities are collapsing, and tire zip codes are being depopulated. opioids have fueled the single deadliest public health crisis in our lifetimes by far. how did this start? it started with men in lab coats, purdue pharma, the maker of oxycontin. when it was introduced to my purdue claims without any evidence at all of the users of it were unlikely to become addicted to the product, that was a lie, though by the cause and epidemic. they turned out to be terrifyingly addictive, many hundred thousands of americans entered a death spiral of addiction after being prescribed these drugs by doctors. only now is purdue pharma collapsing under a weight of a wave of lawsuits, how did the company get away with this for so long? the answer tells you so much
9:47 pm
about how the propaganda machine works in modern america. having made billions destroying an entire generation, purdue pharma used some of the profits to pay for publicity and did they get it. at some of the p.r. budget went to nonprofits in washington. according to reporting from propublica, from 2003 until recently, purdue pharma gave $50,000 a year to the american enterprise institute. it's a conservative think tank in washington, one of the richest. the money turned out to be very well spent. for about the price of a car, purdue pharma bought years of positive coverage from aei that helped the company escape scrutiny for the many deaths it was causing. in 2004 for example an aei scholar published a piece in "the new york times" fermenting the plight of doctors that risk jail time for overprescribing painkillers, the article cited a study showing oxycontin abuse was almost nonexistent. the study was conducted and paid
9:48 pm
for by purdue pharma researchers. the article didn't mention that fact. it also didn't mention the fact that the piece had been coordinated directly with the drug company. emails show aei scholar who piece sent a draft of the article to purdue pharma's chief lobbyist a month before the article came out seeking his approval and making certain it didn't seem to blatantly pro purdue. in 2007, that same scholar wrote an article for "the wall street journal" entitled "oxymoron," the piece chastised purdue for overprescribing its drugs but then it prescribed oxycontin as a godsend and worried physicians might not prescribe the drug in sufficient quantities. the problem with oxycontin is that america doesn't have enough of it. as for many people who were starting to drop dead from oxycontin, the article dismissed them as a committed substance
9:49 pm
abusers. the year that article appeared, 18,000 people died of opioid overdoses, the epidemic was raging out of control. according to the expert scholar, the real public health damage comes from the campaign by zealous prosecutors and advocates to demonize the drug itself. according to aei, the real crisis was not enough americans were takingg oxycontin. this was in effect ad copy, no different from a glossy insert counting the life enhancing benefits of consumer products, in one key way it was very different. if readers had no idea it was an ad for oxycontin. they assumed it was what it claimed to be, scientific research by a well respected free-market think tank. there was no mention of funding from purdue pharma, aei kept that information to itself. meanwhile, thousands kept dying. many ironically in this country's reddest states. so a conservative think tank ran
9:50 pm
interference for a company whose products were disproportionately killing conservatives. just another day in washington. if you're starting to suspect the conservative establishment doesn't represent your n'interests, there's a reason fr that. they are every bit as corrupt as you think they are. feminism is one of the dominant ideologies in modern life, every democratic presidential candidate swears allegiance to the theory but is feminism actually making women, real women, happy? onee woman says no, she's here next. - do you have a box of video tapes, film reels, or photos,
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♪ >> tucker: hillary clinton's presidential campaign was a h celebration of third wave feminism but if elizabeth warren gets the nomination in 2020, her campaign is promising something more, a full blown attack on men as a gender. watch this. >> i am especially glad to be here in washington square park. i wanted to give this speech right here and not because of the arch behind me or the president that this square is named for, nope. we are not here today because of famous arches or famous men. in fact, we are not here because of men at all. >> tucker: because biology is not real. men had no role in our being here. the question is, does all of
9:56 pm
this rhetoric and politics actually do anything for women, are they better off, are they happier than 50 years ago when it all began? great question rarely asked. author of the book "women who win at love," she says they were for lies that feminism tells and instead of liberating women, making them miserable. thank you so much for coming on. so why does no one ever asked that question, if this liberation movement which has been pretty transformative to the country, is worth doing in the first place, are they happier? >> they are not happy here and we had that study several years ago that came out and showed that women are decidedly less happy than men after this last 40 years of supposedly so-called liberation. and that drumbeat, that constant drumbeat of feminism -- feminist lies, which is what this article i wrote was about, is
9:57 pm
absolutely having an enormous impact on our culture and on women and specifically on their relationships with men and our ability to build happy families. >> tucker: it is certainly noticeable. i don't think anything has changed our society more for the worst. tell us what some of the lies are. >> there are actually more than four, to be honest with you, but those four that i named there were the ones that were the biggest ones that came to my mind, which was, number one, women don't need men, and that is of course espoused left and right in all kinds of ways throughout the media. the second one is that men and women are the same or that gender is a social construct instead of biologically driven. the third one is that there is no such thing as a biological clock, so we are not allowed to even talk about that because god forbid women have babies and get derailed on their careers and we want them to be in the workforce full-time, all the
9:58 pm
time and if you step out, you'll ruin the feminist agenda. we don't like to talk about that. the fourth witness, career is more important than marriage and children. those of the four i wrote about in the article. >> tucker: so what you are describing is a movement that is at war with nature, is at war with physical reality and with biology itself, what does that say? it sounds like a kind of delusion.ik >> it is a delusion, a complete delusion, and it is based on that very idea that gender is again, this social construct, that if we just change the way we raise boys and girls, men and women eventually, or males and females would eventually become interchangeable and so we know of course that that is ridiculous and that flies in the face of common sense and evolutionary biology, and one of the things that really makes that obvious is when women hit around the age of 30, because prior to that, it is true that men and women live very similarr parallel lives, but right around that age of 30 is when women get
9:59 pm
angst-ridden and realize, wait a minute, i have a biological clock i'd better adhere to if i want to have a family, how my going to construct -- where have all the good men gone? you may have heard that study just about a month ago that came out and showed there is a lack of "economically attractive men" for women to marry. if you don't need men, why would that even be a thing? obviously, it is still a thing. >> tucker: it is all such a horrible lie that has shafted all of us and particularly the young women. it's bitter to behold, thank you for explaining it as clearly as you did and i hope that you awaken people to what's going on because it is important. great to see you tonight. that is it for us tonight, back the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink. dvr it if you can figure out how that works.
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sean hannity is next. see you tomorrow. ♪ >> sean: welcome to "hannity," we begin with many fox news alerts. an unbelievable day, a lot of buckle up. news to cover tonight, so many breaking stories, includinb details from the fisa abuse report. we had a train wreck press conference with nancy pelosi that left her seething with rage. we have that tape and also, more fallout from yesterday's disaster and kangaroo court for the democrats and not a nadler. first, the 2020 election only 334 days, you have the power, i do have hope, i do have optimism. because a radical, far left, socialist democratic party is now in a shambles tonight from top to bottom. that is because it is filled


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