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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  December 6, 2019 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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again. it was down a little bit this week. we hope you have a great weekend. i'm trace gallagher in new york, "your world with neil cavuto" and the rest of the day's business news starts right now. ♪ >> neil: an impeachable precedent versus an unimpeachable economy. welcome everybody i'm neil cavuto. republicans say the whole impeachment publishes a piece of work. now they are saying democrats are wasting their time because more americans than ever are finding work. 266,000 more americans to be exact. that's how many jobs are added to the economy in november. by the way, way more than anyone thought. striking employees returning to work, they helped. they weren't the only reason jobs jumped because virtually every sector of the economy was humming as the unemployment rate itself was falling. 3.5%, that's a 50 year low. that had wall street teasing new highs.
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in this backdrop for a president under impeachment fire but blessed by an economy that is on fire. does any of this ring a bell for you? it shed. these are the same conditions that bill clinton, who also faced impeachment but enjoyed a stock market boom that many said saved him then and stands to save donald trump now. more on that in a moment. >> bacon number, any number, and it is all very good news for ths white house. quite frankly it's an early christmas present for a president that has been under a bright great deal of pressure from congressional lawmakers who are still hell-bent on impeaching him despite the overall numbers. to me take you back inside the numbers. they are quite remarkable. he talked about the 266,000 in november that far exceeded expectations and you mentioned that gm strike, i'm glad you did. part of a 54,000 job boost in manufacturing alone. i also had another number you
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will find interesting. average hourly earnings up by 3.1% from a year ago, that is great news across the sector and while unemployment really is the story, down to 3.5%. lowest rate in 50 years. if you were born in 1969 it hasn't been this low since then. all told, about 7 million new jobs added to the u.s. economy during the president's two plus years in office. that is something, as you can imagine come he wanted to talk about today as he welcomed business leaders to the white house for a roundtable on deregulation. >> we have the best unemployment numbers in over 54 years. we are by far and away the most successful economy anywhere in the world. we are doing better than any other economy in the world. we have created many trillions of dollars of wealth since the election. >> neil: incredible story no matter how you slice it.
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earlier today the president quipped on twitter, it is the economy, stupid, sharing the off used political expression. not-so-subtle reminder to 2020 voters that no matter what happens in the impeachment saga of the u.s. economy is the envy of the world. also that he doubted he is been in contact with relevant leaders in pensacola florida offering the full weight and support of our government. he also noted that he had spoken to king solomon of saudi arabia this afternoon who expressed his condolences to all of the families affected. >> neil: thank you, kevin, meanwhile house speaker nancy pelosi is denying that democrats are trying to punch through on impeachment. in other words they are not trying to rush it through. jeff on capitol hill with more on that. >> they are trying to punch this through, really trying to get this done before christmas. there was some talk a couple of days ago that they might try to delay that.
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nothing is settled. there is an old expression on capitol hill, the endy william tsonga is the most wonderful time of the year historically december has been about the worst time of the on capitol hill and there i'll be going to be dealing with impeachment right up until christmas. the very first impeachment trial in 179 1798 started on christmas day. a lot of democrats swing district democrats want to get this off the table as quickly as possible. they would rather be talking about the economy and talking about a prescription drug bill which would be in the house for next week. we talked to two of those swing distant democrats, joe cunningham from south carolina. >> he wants to do the right thing and if. >> we are hearing from both sides. there are some people that want us to move forward and get through this. as other people that are pressing us to go forward with impeachment. we are taking all that into consideration. >> all the focus is on 5:00 this
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afternoon, that's when the administration has to respond to say whether or not they would participate in the impeachment process. if that is the case there could be a separate hearing sometime next week where they would come and present their evidence but we have no indication that the administration is going to play ball and that is why the other bit of focus right now is on monday morning 9:00. that's where the judiciary committee will hear from the intelligence committee. they will present their report and we will hear again from the two councils who handle the impeachment hearings a couple of weeks ago. dan goldman, the democratic council, and also the republican counsel. that's the next up and then they go to a markup session later in the wake and everybody wants to know what those articles of impeachment might look like. >> thanks as well for the andy williams reference. you and i were the only one who got that. thank you my friends. happy weekend to you. that stunning jobs number wasn't the only thing that had walled street bouncing.
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certainly the president smiling. reports that are trying to trade deal could be close. they were a welcome one to punch for investors today. the dow finishing up at 370 points. we have steve moore back with us. all right steve, this is just the kind of argument you're making when people were in the throes of recession talk that the trend was the friend in the underlying economy was sound. what do you think? >> since we are dealing with music today and the neil cavuto show you know the famous beatles album, abbey road, right? because that's a different decade. >> the last time the unemployment rate was that love that's when that element came out. that's amazing. should i tell you about jay-z? >> there is nothing to complain about.
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all that talk two or three months ago where the recession is around the corner that the democrats were talking about. i'm looking under the desk, i'm looking outside, there's no recession to be seen. one other thing that i love and drum talks about all the time, lowest black unemployment rate, lowest hispanic unemployment rate, what's not to like about this? >> this is also a report card were good news is good news because we are not expecting an interest rate hike. most people think we're going to hold steady at this point given the blowout jobs number. i want to point the wage gains because they are up 3% for a 16th straight month. that's higher than inflation. it means that americans should feel wealthier if you are making more faster than how much prices are going up at this point. i think this is a stellar job to report that shows america's economy is still growing despite the slow down we are seeing around the rest of the world. >> neil: it's interesting because you talk about the backdrop that this provides the impeachment talk. i always argue about
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richard nixon he was going to go one way or another. it didn't help that we are were in in a recessionary period probably saved bill clinton that we were having a jobs bill an end this president enjoys an even bigger one for the time being. what you make of it? >> i think a lot of people are going to be waking up thinking about their own lives, what kind of jobs they have. i think impeachment is both low all that and i think you can see that in the cup down next months. i do not think pelosi and nadler and schiff had a phone call saying maybe we should table this. when all is said and done when people go to sleep november 2nd they are going to be thinking about their own lives and their wealth and their future. if the numbers are like this, 2,024 for president trump. >> it is the economy. we put together a great tax
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package, tax reductions, the regulations. better energy policies. this didn't happen by accident. it's a result of good policies. i listened to joe biden yesterday. he's saying if i'm president i'm going to repeal all those tax cuts. i'm going to race the 21% corporate rate back up to 35. >> neil: he is actually one of the more moderate proposals out there. he's looking about 3.2%. so is it a tougher sell now for those who are out to get the president to make the case that the economy is not great? you have to move to something else. i guess they talk about disparity here. >> inequality. i was looking at history and i do see some of it because the only two incumbents in modern history that i've lost
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reelection, george h bush and also carter. when they suffered a late cycle recession heading into the vote. that doesn't seem to be happening here. >> neil: george bush senior we were coming out of it. but nobody was reporting it. mckinley though was reelected with a recession going on so there is doubt. >> i will give you that. when i was in the green room my good friend steve moore walked in going like this. we knew it was good numbers. imagine if there was a debate tonight and you had sanders, warren, and biden. sanders would say i'm going to raise taxes on people making 29,000 and higher and trump would say wait a minute i'm lowering taxes. warren was like i'm my job is
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causing 2 billion jobs to be lost. biden comes and says i'm going to roll everything back but they could to 20%. but a financial drugs on its contacts and trumps going to come out and say wait that hurts mary and uncle bob in the middle class and is going to be smiling away. it comes to that. again, i come back to it. donald trump will be sitting pretty. >> neil: you're not talking about this. the president should be up ten points based on the economy. of course he says and tweets things. when you were with him into working, obviously you're still close, right? do you ever see mr. president just let the economy speaks for itself. you're on fire. >> donald trump is going to do what donald trump want to do. >> have you ever asked him? >> it's not worth it because he's going to do it. you make a really good point. if people go to the polls and people vote on the economy trunk
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is going to win in a landslide. there's a lot of people that doesn't like trump. by the way the betting markets commit because those are better than the polls. they have met 66%. that was before the new job numbers. >> i think wall street has about 75% for the election. they are very scared of warren and the rest of course. >> the market seem to be ignoring impeachment is an issue. >> i think you have the best of both scenarios right now for the market in that you have these numbers and you just have mr. wonderful, jay powell, who trumps to be giving a lifetime membership. more liquidity then 9% unemployment. >> neil: thank you for mentioning the fed. it's a 12 that we have going here. thank you all very much, great seeing you again.
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meanwhile we are getting still more developments on this pensacola air station shooting. more coming into the newsroom right after this. speak of is obviously going to be a lot of questions about this individual being a foreign national and a part of the saudi air force and then to be here training on our soil. ♪ applebee's new sizzlin' entrées. now starting at $9.99. wean air force veteran made of doing what's right,. not what's easy. so when a hailstorm hit, usaa reached out
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and juicy on the inside. the ninja foodi pressure cooker, the pressure cooker that crisps. i'm finding it hard to stay on a faster laptop could help. plus, tech support to stay worry free. worry free...boom boom! get free next business day shipping or ...1 hour in-store pick up shopping season solved at office depot officemax or ♪ >> neil: new details on that saudi national who officials say was indeed the shooter at pensacola air station that killed three and injured several more today. jonathan at pensacola with the latest. >> neil come investigators believe the gunman acted alone and the threat has been eliminated. however the base remains closed while they investigate the events that led up to this violent shooting this morning. naval air station pensacola went on lockdown's report came in this morning i have an active
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shooter in one of the classroo classrooms. the deputies responded, shooting and killing the gunmen. the navy confirms four people have died including the gunmen come at least seven others were hurt. the facility which is host to the blue angels also host military students from around the world and military officials have identified the gunman as a saudi national. florida governor spoke with us about the incident. >> the governor of saudi arabia needs to make things better for these victims. i think that they are going to owe a debt here given this is one of their individuals. >> president trump spoke with the saudi king earlier today. here's what trump told the reporters. >> the king says the saudi people are angered about the barbaric actions of the shooter and that this person in no way, shape, or form represents the feelings of the saudi people. it's a horrible thing that took place and we are getting to the bottom of it.
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all of the investigators are there now and they are studying it very closely. terrible thing and our condolences go to the families and to everybody involved. >> the fbi is now leading the investigation. at this point authorities are not ready to call this terrorism. the amount of remains under investigation. >> thank you jonathan. is it really that common to have allies training right under military bases? how aggressively do we vet them? let's get a read on this and how we can prevent them from happening again. fox news contributor julia jones. it's always good to have you. >> thank you for having me on. >> neil: help me with this. how common is this that foreign nationals come and help train? what is the procedure? >> i know quite a hit about it. i've been to to the military's most technical schools as well
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as the explosive disposal schools down in florida not far from pensacola. both of those schools there were four lord nationals around the entire time. not only do we have for national train with us but sometimes we have partners and countries involved that don't share information with each other so we have to go so far as to say this group of people can learn this much but this group can't. maybe will say south korea doesn't want to know this. it gets, located. it's not uncommon whatsoever to have foreign nationals in one of our schools learning and training. they're not exposed to everything we know we do but for example if we're going to sell planes to saudi arabia we would need to train their technicians how to work on them. train communications operators how to communicate with the planes and so on and so forth. when the president makes a deal to sell equipment or planes a lot of people don't understand this is a big part of it. there are almost always up to hundreds of foreign nationals
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training and working on military bases for that purpose. >> neil: the reason i ask is because after the shooting this guy went nuts and there was shooting at everybody. he had been disciplined. there were some issues that came up. i don't know the case of the shooter here whether there was but you would think that there would be some extra caution or procedures in place. maybe they were come i'm not here to monday morning quarterback what happened. how do you prevent this going forward? >> the first thing to do in the right thing to do is say we don't know what happened. we don't know anymore than they've told us, and that is a lot that we don't know. with fort hood that was an active-duty u.s. soldier, with pearl harbor at looks like the same and that person seems to have had issues and was still put in a position with a loaded weapon so there are questions that will be asked there. what happened at pensacola is a completely different incident.
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we vet people that come into our country to train this way but we do that a bunch of different ways and one of those is through the partnership with our country and their defense department and we have a good faith effort that anyone they send here is a member of their military has met all of the prerequisites and background checks that we require of our own people. at the end of the day when you create these partnerships there is some information sharing that you have to trust. the big point here is that when something like this happens we have the right honorable and heroic people in place to respond. this does not happen percentagewise very will often at all and i would hate for the people that train with us to get that reputation based on this one incident. >> neil: well said. we look forward to hearing more. memory support brand. you can find it in the vitamin aisle in stores everywhere. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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[ dramatic music ]ing ] ahhhh! -ahhhh! elliott. you came back!
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>> neil: what is it going to be mr. president? it's been 40 minutes from a house judiciary deadline. for you to decide whether your lawyers will participate in monday's impeachment hearing. at the very same day the inspector general is to report the origins of the russia probe itself. the republicans say it's a deliberate distraction. let's get the reader from the prosecutor, jim trusty. good to have you back. odd confluence of advance, don't you think? >> a lot is going on. >> neil: let me ask you about
1:26 pm
whether the president will or even show to provide legal representation or other white house officials there. at least to speak in his defense. >> i don't think i would dignify it at this point. it's hard to know the process is going to look like when it gets to the senate level but everything we've seen so far on the house side has been utterly foreign to due process. nothing remotely like a typical criminal civil trial. no such procedure. he has people that are released onto the fact that this is a very shaky foundation for impeachment. i would let the folks in congress keep pushing back. there is no reason to dignified at this point if you are coming from the white house perspecti perspective. >> neil: let's take a couple of leaks. it's a foregone conclusion they are going to at least voting and impeachment. that's as far as it goes. do you subscribe to? >> i think that is right. there is some possibility that
1:27 pm
they get the buyer's remorse going early and realized maybe we should bow out and do this center thing that is what we had with bill clinton. i suspect that everything we have seen from the leadership that they feel pretty obsessed with getting to the bottom out line of singers impeachable offenses. with those law professors gave them was this fig leaf of being able to say well we can't put our fingers on a crime and of course doj says there was no crime but we are going to go ahead and send notes an abuse of power. the broader you get in the softer you get the easier it is to prove your case. >> neil: it's got to be pretty explosive or is so black-and-white that it is beyond doubt, right? >> that's what it's supposed to be. if we look back 20 or 30 years from now are going to say this was the moment that impeachment was cheapened, that it was turned into a referendum or a recall vote when really it ought to be something that's taken
1:28 pm
about by a very grave. if you are serious about getting to the truth you wouldn't say it's got to be done by christmas. you say are going to get to the truth if we have to go to court to get information were going to do that. all that is being sworn off by this trend and left the station to try and get finished within the next two weeks. >> neil: doing it the weekend before christmas, timing is a little awkward. jim, thank you very much and have a good weekend. while the democratic field for president is still wide. >> i watched all the candidates and i thought to myself donald trump would eat them up. and get your interest rate right so you can save big. get a no-fee personal loan up to $100k. get a no-fee personal loan as a doctor, i agree with cdc guidance. i recommend topical pain relievers first...
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in tuition assistance, education, and career advising programs... prof: maria ramirez mom and dad: maria ramirez!!! to help more employees achieve their dreams. >> neil: the president of the united states is 30 minutes to decide whether he's going to have representation arguing that his behalf in the next impeachment hearing. we will know soon. like really soon. aftert this. (vo) automatically sort your expenses and save over 40 hours a month. (danny) every day you're nearly fried to a crisp, professionally! (vo) you earned it, we're here to make sure you get it. quickbooks. backing you. (employee) half a millionar sales preowned vehicles,er most with tech features like blind spot detection, back up camera... [kristen gasps] (employee) because you never know what might be behind you. (kristen bell) does the sloth come standard? (kristen bell vo) looking to buy? enterprise makes it easy.
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for a limited time, get a outb4-course meal your holidays even better! starting at $15.99. treat yourself to the perfect gift today, because the aussie 4-course won't last long! and now, get a $10 gift with every $50 in gift cards. but allstate helps you. with drivewise. feedback that helps you drive safer. and that can lower your cost now that you know the truth... are you in good hands? >> neil: what is it going to be mr. president? will you participate in the impeachment hearings slated for monday morning? we should know sin. in fact we might know now. john roberts at the white house with the latest. >> good afternoon to you. you do know right now and you're hearing it here first on fox, the president will not participate in the hearings next week and the house judiciary
1:33 pm
committee. the white house counsel sending a letter up to capitol hill in which he says, you are impeachment inquiry is completely baseless and has violated basic principles of due process, nevertheless the speaker of the house yesterday ordered house democrats to proceed with articles of impeachment before your committee has heard a single shred of evidence. you should end this inquiry now and not even waste anymore time with additional hearings grade whatever course you choose is the president has recently stated, if you impeach me do it now fast so we can have a fair trial in the senate. i came out of a briefing with senior administration officials which they walked us through the thinking about all of this. basically here's what we can tell you. from senior administration official, we don't see any reason to participate because the process is unfair. i think we can put that up on the screen. speaker pelosi has already announced the predetermined results. they will not give us the ability to call any witnesses.
1:34 pm
on whether or not there will be a trial in the senate, senior administration officials are saying we don't think they should ever leave the house. if they choose to do it we are prepared to start immediately. as we all know, neil, the white house did not send anyone to that first hearing on wednesday at where the four constitutional law professors were giving their thoughts on impeachment and now we know that the white house is not going to send any representatives and will not participate at all in the process going forward because they think it is fundamentally unfair, that the outcome is already been predetermined by speaker pelosi when she said that she has instructed the house judiciary committee to start drawing up articles of impeachment. where we go from here it is not exactly clear. i think there is some thought at the white house that she may not have the votes to actually approve those articles of impeachment. speaker pelosi is a tremendous
1:35 pm
vote counter and would not go ahead with it if she didn't know she had the votes. it could be that we are going to be in the senate in january for a trial. the white house has not tipped its hand as to how it will proceed in the sun at trial. we will get walked through the process if and when it looks like this is going to the senate. the headline at this hour, no participation from the white house in any more of these hearings going forward with the judiciary committee. >> neil: if there is to be participation, and assuming the house goes ahead and does find the numbers to impeach him, not until the senate trial would the president provide defense. >> let's put it this way, if they do share your committee does vote on articles of impeachment in the house approves them, it is likely that that would be on a party line vote at best. there is still some thought that some of these democrats that were elected in districts that president trump one may not vote for it and then it goes to the senate.
1:36 pm
the white house will have full participation and it will come out with cannon's blazing and ready to present at side of the case and will insist on calling witnesses, like hunter biden. insist on calling other witnesses that were not allowed in the house intelligence committee and likely wouldn't be allowed in the house judiciary proceedings. that's one of the other big reasons why the white house will not participate, they believe that they will not have the opportunity to call any of the witnesses that they would like to call and one of the witnesses they would like to call for the house judiciary would be hunter biden. >> neil: we will watch very closely. john roberts, thank you very much. breaking the news that the white house decided not to participate in monday's impeachment hearing. we are going to extend this a little long on the dramatic news. we have where this goes.
1:37 pm
this isn't a stunner as much as it is a reminder that the president and the white house in general and this whole process is unfair so why bother being a part of it essentially? >> it is true when it does call to mind the president's attitude towards them mueller investigation because he refused to give testimony except in writing that mueller. it parallels that and it goes along with the white house his whole attitude towards the houses process their plan to save all of their hard shots for the full senate trial. to be when you have to think about the timing of all of this. if it comes down to a vote, the recent figures and timelines that i was given from chad pergram is that the weekend before christmas is when you could have an impeachment vote, which would be technically also the first night of hanukkah. not a good environment for the american people watching whether you like the president or not to
1:38 pm
be going knee-deep into the stuff. what's the fallout? >> i think there will be followed but it we have to have to remember nancy pelosi as speaker has never lost a vote. you can't underscore enough she is probably the most successful speaker in modern american history. >> neil: she knows her votes. >> she knows her votes like the back of her hand. >> neil: she knows the numbers are therefore impeachment and this is my concern for the president not participating. unlike in the miller case, these people are drawing up articles of impeachment. if the white house is involved there is a way in which they both save republicans from having to do the defense in the house because you have republicans on the line in 2020. they also have a role in what those impeachment articles are. they have now decided we are going to let the democrats go ahead and we are going to fix all of these articles. they could fight on some of the i'm not sure if that's a good
1:39 pm
strategy. >> neil: the white house has argued that it is a kangaroo court and a raked process so even if we have people there they are not going to let him speak and there are going to be limits on what we can say so it's a wasted effort. we will save our powder for the senate. >> that's been the line from the white house and i agree it is a kangaroo court and not to mix up the animal metaphors too much but you really can't soar like an eagle when you have to deal with turkeys. that's how the president sees what's going on. >> neil: it's a risky strategy. it's going to get wall-to-wall coverage. i don't think the ratings are as big of a deal if they think. they are not going to be able to defend themselves. they're going to have republican questions and all that but is there a risk in sort of absolving yourself? >> i don't think there is. impeachment may pass in the house but there is no way on earth is going to pass in the senate. what's going to happen in the senate i think it is already
1:40 pm
predetermined. nothing the president can do and nothing republicans can do in terms of witnesses and testimony is going to change anything. i think the president's right to stick to his guns. i think is right not to get involved. this is going nowhere. >> takes away the argument from the president that he hasn't been able to participate. he has decided not to participate and that is been a mark against him. there is a strategic risk. i'm not going to say is right or wrong at this point but there is a risk of deciding to just take a hands-off approach. >> i think the president has been in control of the situation from the very beginning. >> he will end up that there president in america impeached. >> he will be the first one to be reelected. >> neil: i think a game changer for this decision, i could be wrong, was the stunningly good employment report. it was so strong in the market reacted so strongly in the confirmation that economic recovery is gathering steam
1:41 pm
rather than losing it. maybe that provided a little bit of wind at their back to saying we're going to fight this like hell. >> i think you are right. i had a similar thought and i do think that if the white house was more afraid of the risk of being removed from office i think they would be fighting in the house and the senate. they would be fighting all the way. because they are confident in the senate vote to let him finish out the term, that is why they are letting the house do its thing in the job to helped. >> neil: to your point it is still going to hurt them. >> let's not forget the charges are coming out of the house. they have to answer those charges. the more charges they are in the more they have to answer. >> neil: they say they're going to answer in the senate. >> there are going to try but they're going to have to answer more now. >> neil: thank you very much. a lot of breaking news and we want to keep you up-to-date on
1:42 pm
this. the white house has decided that with the deadline fast approaching, no we will not send any representatives or legal counsel or anybody up to the kangaroo court. that's the definition they described of these hearings going on in the house judiciary committee. they will not be a part of it and even expecting the impossibility of impeachment in the house. they are going to argue in the senate. we will have more after this. the magic moment. congress really democratized wall street... i wanted to have a firm that wanted to get everybody in. because people couldn't access wall street. we wanted to be agents of change. for the better. ♪
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♪ >> neil: the administration is already made it very clear that it is not and will not go ahead and be a participant in the hearing that starts on monday in the house judiciary committee or any other white house. real clear politics on all this moving developments. >> i think what we are seeing is a continuation of the white house strategy. they think this was not a fair process from the very beginning and they have made that much clear. they aren't going to participate in an impeachment inquiry that they think is a net negative for them. they would rather wait until or if this most of the senate to bring their own witnesses and make their case there rather than playing according to the rules that a been set up in the house by nancy pelosi and adam schiff. >> speaking of adam schiff i wonder if he helped this case. he referred to the president is
1:47 pm
not giving a -- about what is good for the country. is that really proper to be saying is the chairman of the committee that is looking into impeachment? >> it certainly makes you wonder what his own motives are. this is an escalation in political rhetoric and the sums up what the mood isn't watching washington it's d.c. because both sides see their political put opponents and come to the conclusion that their opponents don't want what is best for this country. >> neil: where does this go? if the administration has concluded that it is a stacked deck we are not going anywhere near the house. we will roll the dice in the senate. that seems to be the approach. >> they have been defended on the intelligence committee and the judiciary committee by a lot of house republicans who are trying to question the witnesses and question the process and question adam schiff. the type of rhetoric that he just used is something we will hear a lot of on capitol hill
1:48 pm
from house republicans were saying this is the guy who is setting the rules and the guy that's supposed to be doing the investigation. this isn't fair. they've been well defended there. meanwhile you've seen president trump talk constantly about impeachment so he's been able to make his case on twitter, in front of reporters at the white house, and nonstop. they think that is a winning game plan. if you look at the polling, obviously support for impeachment is up across the board but if you look at bowling or independence you see that independence oppose impeaching the president by about 1%. those independents, those are the ones that are going to turn 2020 in the white house thinks they are winning this argument. >> neil: philip wegmann, real clear politics, thank you very much. we are going to be looking at the time line to bill's point about how they go through this. monday the judiciary committee kicks off with the second hearing. on the same day as inspector general releases a report on what starts this whole investigation to begin with. not this one but the very first
1:49 pm
one. there's a lot going on. the latest from capitol hill after this. ♪ spread a little something to remember ♪ philadelphia cream cheese. made with fresh milk and real cream makes your recipes their holiday favourites. the holidays are made with philly. their holiday favourites. where people go to learn about their medicare options before they're on medicare. come on in. you're turning 65 soon? yep. and you're retiring at 67? that's the plan! it's also a great time to learn about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. here's why...medicare part b doesn't pay for everything. this part is up to you. a medicare supplement plan helps pay for some of what medicare doesn't.
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>> neil: hell no we won't go, the president making it very clear that there will be no white house representation or any white house officials at all on the white house impeachment
1:53 pm
hearing slated by the judiciary committee. the obvious question is what happens now and where it is the time i go from here? chad pergram of the capital with more than that. >> this probably accelerates the pace of impeachment and here's why. the administration is not going to participate and that means a markup session where they actually read the articles of impeachment most likely comes late next week. they would have the hearing looking at the intelligence committee report on monday that it's already been on the books. if you're not going to have a hearing or some type of presentation by the administration then you don't need to chew up wednesday or thursday with that. that was a step in the process in 1998 with president clinton so they could go immediately to the markup sessions next week. that might be the most important step in the process because that is where members go through and write the actual articles. markup sessions on capitol hill, they do them all the time for almost every bill that has the house floor. they are usually not to sexy.
1:54 pm
democrats will make proposals, republicans will make proposals. they debate and then they vote up those articles. democrats and republicans are like are going to be very interested to see what those articles of impeachment are going to be here it again, from the administration standpoint and the speaker standpoint, i spoke with nancy pelosi a few hours ago right here in the hall and she was asked at that point what would happen if the administration does not come forth present its case. she indicated that they have a chance to present their evidence, exculpatory evidence and she said that if they don't they have her words consciousness of guilt. >> neil: thank you very much. the hearing is still on just without white house participation to be very clear, right? >> that will happen monday and here's how that will look. at the little bit like an opening argument here. what we've had in these other hearings before, that's kind of like discovery. this will be the opening argument for the democrats and
1:55 pm
the republicans. >> neil: chad pergram in washington at the capitol. the hearing is still on and we are getting more details on that shooter at the florida military base, a saudi national. jennifer griffin was the one that broke the story. she is with us after this. when you shop with wayfair, you spend less and get way more. so you can bring your vision to life and save in more ways than one. t way more.
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♪ >> neil: all right, more details on the label of a shooter in florida, apparently a
1:59 pm
saudi national, first reported by jennifer griffin who joins us right now. jennifer. >> neal, we are expecting a press conference from the fbi to happen soon. and we will get more details, but we can confirm from u.s. officials that this was a saudi national, a member of the saudi air force who is here in the u.s. training at pensacola. he was 1 of 20 saudis who were on base of about 200 or so members of nato air forces as well as middle eastern air forces who typically have trained without incident at pensacola. we do know that the crown prince of saudi arabia has said that his country will participate in any investigation and fully cooperate. senator rick scott of florida has called for greater -- full review of these military programs that bring foreign nationals to train with the u.s. with terry on u.s. soil. what i can tell you is that this is an 18 month program and that
2:00 pm
it is usually the saudi government that would vet their officers, than the state's department would clear these individuals. clearly this comes at a very awkward time with the u.s. sending more troops to the middle east to try to protect saudi arabia from any iranian threats. back to you. ♪ >> hello, everyone. i am one williams, along with emily compagno, jesse watters, martha maccallum, and gregory. it is 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." ♪ a lot of breaking news to get through, so let's begin. a major showdown over impeachment, the white house telling democrats it will not participate in next week's hearing. michael bloomberg calling out his 2020 arrival, and joe biden picking another fight. we will get to all of that, but first -- ♪ a fox news alert, at least three people are dead and several


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