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tv   Hannity  FOX News  December 9, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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and groupthink, all of which are high abundance in washington. good night from your capital city, the one you pay for every year. we go out to new york and take control of fox news right now with sean hannity sitting in the seat. hey, sean. >> sean: oh, sorry -- kidding. buckle up. welcome to "hannity." breaking, the fisa abuse report out and the deep state need to understand they are all in deep legal jeopardy. premeditated fraud perpetrated repeatedly on the fisa court with all the unverifiable lies from hillary clinton, bought and paid for dirty russian dossier. put together by christopher steele who had only one source. yeah, a guy that was an egomaniac known to live. nothing but outright lies, abuse of corruption, political bias, omission on multiple occasions
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of exculpatory evidence. it is now, right here, in black-and-white for all to see. 434 pages, 17 identified significant failures that'll make it one single source that steele had and even he said as an unreliable liar and maniac, source said none of this information should be used by anybody and even we on this program, can even mention it, or ensemble cast, everything we told you about hillary clinton's unfair bible bought and paid for dirty russian dossier is untrue and told you without the dossier, without the dirty dossier, no fisa warrants, it was basically all of the application. but for three minor other details to get this one against
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carter page to backdoor into all things trump campaign transition. then the trump presidency, deep into the trump presidency. as we told you, it was one massive coordinated effort by comey's corrupt fbi -- by the way, comey's corrupt. you want to come? full hour tomorrow night. wide open for you. three hours on a radio show. six or 25 stations. come on come a super patriot. i've got questions for you. lies, you may be so ignorant you might not even know you told them. all things trump transition candidacy and then presidency. everything we've been reporting for years was dead on accurate. we were right every step of the way. look at this. according to the attorney general william barr today, the inspector general's report makes clear that the fbi launched an intrusive
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investigation in a u.s. president shall campaign on the thinnest of suspicions that in my view were insufficient to justify the steps taken. the rush to maintain, maintain is the key word in this, the cnn surveillance barr surveillance, officials knowingly misled the report, they knowingly suppressed or ignored information the reliably availability of their only source for the malfeasance detailed in the inspector general's report reflects a clear abuse of this fisa process and this is just the tip of the iceberg. inspector general horowitz does not have the power as we told you to empower a grand jury. or conduct warrants. or press charges. nor did horwitz have the ability to reach beyond the confines of the doj and fbi for an answer.
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remember in the previous supports, we told the team before, he referred comey to they were all referred to. nothing is happening. as for you attorney general barr, and john durham, they took a very powerful stands today. they both have the power to do all of that. in this case, it is now in their hands. as we speak, the doo durham probe is now ongoing and a very rare public statement, jm earlier today disagreed with the fisa's conclusion on criminal intent for this is a preview of coming attractions. "i have the utmost respect for the mission of inspector general and the conference of work that went into the report prepared by mr. horowitz and his staff." key line here.
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"however, our investigation is not limited to developing information from component parts of the justice department." in other words, he's basically saying that harwich had a very narrow purview with which you could work. "our investigation has concluded developing information from other persons, entities, both in the u.s. and outside the u.s." italy, great britain, australia comes to mind. while our investigation is ongoing, last month we advise to the inspector general that we do not agree with some of the report 'his conclusions as to prediction how the fbi's case was open. what is mr. durham saying here? they found evidence of the criminal conspiracy with the intent needed legally to warrant a prosecution. that statement there coupled with attorney general barr statements, coupled with the speech we told you about the
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attorney general gave should send a shiver up the spine of each and every high-ranking official responsible for this disgusting, despicable abuse of power and corruption. john durham is now very strongly hinting that the origins of the russia probe were not fraught with inaccuracies and errors. but instead downright unlawful. in other words, let me sum it up even more quickly. if i were jim comey, jim comey, andrew mccabe clapper, brennan, strozk, page, i would be struck by the comments of durham, is very important not to overlook the damning findings inside of this inspector general fisa report. let me start with the very basis of fisa abuse, we told you for some time. it's true. nunes got it right, grassley,
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graham got it right. according to the report, that dossier "played a central an essential role in the fisa investigation in carter page." you will see, you don't have the dirty dossier, you didn't get the fisa application and the fisa warrant. the report is clear about that basically saying, no dirty dossier, no warrant. we long have reported that's being 29 so-called intelligence garbage. that was confirmed today as steele told the inspector general that this dossier was not a finished product. remember the interrogatory in great britain, i have no idea if any of it is true? based on one single source, a compromise of, an unreliable source with a massive ego apparently who likes to make things up. it was uncorroborated intelligence, all of it. we now know it was unbearable
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unverifiable.all three of the we of which comey signed, top of the fisa application verified. gets worse commenced between himself was not the originating source for any of the so-called factual information in his reporting. steele instead relied on a primary sub source for information for use his or her network to gather information. there is only one source. pay close attention. this is huge. the fbi conducted interviews of that primary sub source, the one source that was used for the dossier by christopher steele pier that was in january. march and may of 2017, that raise significant questions about the reliability of the speech 29 election reporting. the primary and only sub stores told the fbi that he, she had not seen steele's reports until they became public that month and he/she made statements stating steele misstated or
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exaggerated the one primary source, statements, multiple selections of the reporting. this primary sub source felt that the tenor of his p29's report is far more conclusive than justified. and the sub source, primary, only sub source for the most part, stated he or she never expected steele to put the primary sub stores' statement in reports or present them as facts. the primary sub source explained that his or her information came from "word-of-mouth and hearsay." here we go again. conversations that he or she had with friends over beers in a bar and some of the information such as allegations about trump central activities, two hookers, moscow, those are statements he or she heard in a bar made in jest. i'm not making that up. the primary sub source said that
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the primary was zero -- zero! on the second and third remova removals, comey at the fbi wrote that they found it to be truthful and cooperative. that's a lie. the second and third renewals were out light rise. i would argue that so is the first. period by the way, you can find that on pages -- let's see, 186 to 190. this information alone, we have now criminal conspiracy to commit fraud on a fisa court to deny one american, carter page, turns out who actually served his country who works likely for the cia and cooperated to help the country he loved him as he told me in multiple interviews. remember the top of the speech 26 application, gm, pay attention, comey, play closed attention. you signed three times.
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the top says verified. we know that the vast majority of information, the bulk of information was unverifiable. according to a former deputy ag, rod rosenstein, remember, he said this? he must swear that it's true and correct. none of what rosenstein says happened here. he saw it the third renewal warrant. take a look. >> there is a lot about fisa applications and lot of people talking about seem not to recognize what a --dash a fisa application is like a search warrant, you need an affidavit signed by a career federal law enforcement officer who swears that the information is true and correct to the best of his knowledge and belief.
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that's the way we operate. if it's wrong, sometimes it is, if there is anything incorrect, that person's going to face consequences. >> face consequences? you signed the warrant, the fourth renewal. you signed a three of them. super patriot. signed off on the initial warrant on carter page -- going to fix my time here. and, by the way, signed off on something that was unverifiable. he knew it wasn't cooperated. he knew the primary sub source refused to deal with intelligence. he knew christopher steele had serious crude ability issues and they lied about that. he knew he had sketchy ties with russian oligarchs. he knew steele was funded by the clinton campaign and they had that fact. front and center right before
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the judges? they also knew that. and they hated it, just as we have been reporting. speaking he have to be a complete anduttt they were leaking to the press. oh, they are fed information. they don't cooperate it, they run with it. great reporting, michael isiko isikoff. christopher steele was the lone source for that yahoo! news report by michael isikoff. political hack that he is. steele was ultimately fired as a source for leaking. but he had ability. even as late as 2018, the super patriot jim comey calling for a reliable source. take a look. >> christopher steele, is he
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considered reliable as a source agent? >> yes. >> what's your assessment of that dossier? >> as described, it was a series of reports from a credible person with a reliable track record and a known source network in russia. something to be taken seriously. didn't mean it was all true, but it was to be taken seriously. and its core assertion was corroborated by other intelligence officers. the core intelligent being the russians having a campaign going on to interfere in the election. >> tucker: that was then and remains today a total live. one of many from mr. super patriot jim comey. this is important. we haven't discussed the glaring omissions. that's a big deal too. on multiple occasions, comey's fdi exculpatory information from
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the fisa court. people he assisted a u.s. government agency, our cia. the fbi attorney actually altered an email so that it stated the opposite about carter page. that page was not a source of the government agency when in fact he was. they omitted damning information that the sub source, they bolstered an egoist, and the excluded two statements for george papadopoulos who spent two years in jail. when he was being expelled, saying outright no interference at all, they kept that out with the trump campaign. one intermission after another, one lie after another. why lie about the sub source to get trump? why lie about the true status of carter page perley who helped work undercover risking his life to help the cia, fully cooperative all points to get trump.
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why lie about unidentified single sources, that dirty dossier for russia? of course, to get trump. why not tell the fisa court that the clinton campaign paid for it, right in the grill because they wouldn't deny the application. you've got the dirty dossier, you've got a got omissions, exculpatory information withhe withheld, circular reporting, the surveillance of campaign officials. it was a means to when end. ranking member of the intel community, congressman devin nunes along with congressman jim jordan. your memo accurate. they went just fine on two americans, they were spying on for americans. let's start with you. >> the steele dossier, using that to create fake news, that wasn't the worst of it. i said something equally as bad.
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they get to know the truth, is being glossed over. here's what it was. the fbi ran spies, you can say spies because it was people recording the conversations of both papadopoulos and carter page for their ready spying before the fisa. and there was a sculptor evidence and that was never given to the court on the very first. to me, that's even worse than using the clinton paid for dirt. what horwitz found the, like with cherry on top of the ice cream, we have wanted to top lawyers doctoring the evidence but he doesn't get any worse for the fbi and a lot of heads have the role and i hope jerome can get under it. >> tucker: the only thing they report there are only three
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other minor details. it wasn't the bulk, it was it. we got the comments of barr and durham. yes, they were limited to what they could do because it was limited to the doj and fbi. our investigation has taken us overseas and sources in the areas where horwitz could not go to get what we found. >> even if you accept that there was a proper predication of starting this, by january they should've stopped. this is what bothered me the most. they never stopped. all the information they got, all the information they learned, that steele relied on, all the lies to the court, because they didn't stop, we wind up getting the bob mueller investigation. what that put our country through for over two years, that's the real take away here. remember, on may 9th, jim comey, when we disposed
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him they'll make them like deposed him after he was fired, by may 9th they still didn't have anything and that's what michael horowitz told us in the report. but they didn't care appeared because they cut the going we got the mueller administration. >> tucker: one after another. why lift a finger to help people's safety, security, peace and prosperity? not an option. devin nunes, let's ask you. when you go to the comments, particularly barr and durham. hard-hitting, when you couple it with the previous statements, i don't believe any attorney general would be saying that unless he knew dead on accurate is perfect that they've got it. they've got it all. >> the difference here with the horwitz report which the means to report is loving that from the information we've seen, they
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met the standard to start the investigation. the low standard, probably needs to be changed. why were they spying before jule spying? that's the problem here. horwitz couldn't find it. >> tucker: apparently a lot of time spent in italy, great britain, a lot of conversations with the australians. very good likelihood, very prominent people, likely outsourced the spying on americans to circumvent american law. do you believe that happened, jim jordan? >> i assume they are hanging on those places. he's the one guy who lied to the fbi never charged with a crime. including a three star general michael flynn who they were spying and investigating clear back when this thing started. i assume that's why they are
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there. >> this is how we treat 33-year-old veterans? last point. >> i want to ask the spies who got the dirt on general flynn back in 2014 are the same spies that were spying 3:30 1st of july, saying that were spying in august 2016. none of that evidence never made it to the fisa court. that's what they got to get to the bottom of, who is running the spy rink? >> both have been over the target. thank you for your hard work and spite of a time, an avalanche of criticism by liars in the mob in the media and democrats i don't care about truth anymore or civil liberties apparently. joining us now, texas senator ted cruz. by the way, what a beat down of poor chucky. it's like -- sit him down, pull them up again, hit him again.
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great job. >> that was fun. >> tucker: this is serious stuff you we've got a dirty dossier paid for. everybody seems to care about russian interference but not that. you hear the comments of both durham and barr. >> it's chilling to hear the inspector general's report. the abuse of power we saw in the obama administration and it continued in the deep state for the first couple of years, you saw the abuse of power at the fbi, the abuse of power at the department of justice. i've got to say, as an alumnus of the department of justice, i am angry. i think there are a lot of good men and women who serve at the department of justice who are angry reading this report. the very best interpretation of the inspector general report is that the fbi and departing of justice were manifestly incompetent, the ig report
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outlines 17 factual misstatements that they made to the fisa court and they were negligent in ordering the surveillance, spying of a presidential nominee and a sitting president. that's the most favorable interpretation for the most real interpretation is these were hardcore political partisans who hated donald trump and they were willing and complicit to abuse the power of law enforcement and intelligence and spy on a political opponent. >> tucker: civil liberties and cause additional rights, something we both care about. what you see this heading? >> that's the second pete why it's encouraging. i think this ig report is the first step in the wrongdoer is being held accountable. i was very encouraged both by attorney general barr a statement and durham statement that more countability will come and those who abused power will. i'll tell you why why i'm also
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encouraged. because the entire democratic show trial in the house is collapsing. we are seeing the media panicking. talk about chuck died yesterday. the media is in full on panic because what they hope to this impeachment would prove hasn't been proving it and it's like rats fleeing sinking ship. the house i assume is going to have a partisan vote. it's going to the senate and it's not going to go anywhere in the senate. we are going to throw it out and reject it because it's based on no facts and no evidence. >> sean: senator, good to see you. coming up, i've got to change my tie because everyone's annoying mount it's tonight did we come back, more on the breaking news night. senator lindsey graham, he'll have the committee on wednesday. carter page, wow. exculpatory? i wouldn't want to be on the other and make of his coming lawsuits. they are coming. straight ahead.
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>> sean: today's president was asked to react to the fisa report and he said, it was far worse than he even believed. take a look. >> they fabricated evidence and they lied to the courts and they did all sorts of things to have
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it go their way. this is something that we can't allow to ever happen again. the report, and especially look at it in the details of the report, far worse than anything i would even imagine. this was an overthrow of government, and attempted overthrow. a lot of people were in on it. and they got caught. they got caught red-handed. i look forward to the children report, which is coming out and not a few distant future. >> sean: by the way, now they are going to have their impeachment vote. they don't want no one to pay attention to this report and what's coming. that's lindsey graham's committee. he'll join us in a minute. tonight, the stereotype doesn't slow down. the republicans are expected to draft two democrats are expected to draft impeachments against trump for
6:30 pm
what question mike nothing! i want to point out specific pages because i think we have a predicate. the first warrant its unverifiable source to now we know that even steele thought had no credit ability, and steele, he didn't believe his own report. as i look at pages 186 to 190, when you get to hear, what do we know that's different here? >> you can argue that there is a legal predicate to start the investigation, it doesn't really matter to me. what i'm here to tell you and the american people, if it started legitimate, it became criminal pretty quick. here's what i'm going to say to horwitz. do you agree with me that in january 2017 after the sub source told the fbi and department of justice everything
6:31 pm
in the dossier is a bunch of b.s., that's when it became the criminal they told the court that they were truthful and credible. at that point in time, the people at the department of justice in the fbi, they trample on the constitutional rights of carter page and continue the surveillance, it became as if j. edgar hoover came from the grave and took over the investigation generate 2,017th. it when did they know and when did they know it, and i want to know when the vindman knew about th this. >> sean: i want to know all about this too. a bulk of information to obtain the fisa warrant is the dirty
6:32 pm
bought and paid for -- he said it, don't know if any of it is true. sub source saying i didn't expect this guide use it in the report, did not know if it's true. they never verified it. comey signed his name three times to it. also hilary paid for it, that should be front and center, dead on, judge, look at this bit we know without the dirty dossier, they don't get the fisa warrant, do they, lindsey graham? >> i want every democrat and republican the come together on, that it's wrong for the fbi to not tell a court exculpatory information, that once the fbi was told by the primary sub source that all the stuff i gave steele, i never meant it to go in a report. it's a bunch of hearsay, gossip, bar talk. it's not reliable. i hope every american would agree that the proper thing for the fbi to do is to inform the court of exculpatory information. the wrong thing to do is to lie
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to the court about what the sub source told you and i hope every american would agree that from their own that this would become very dangerous to democracy. >> sean: you know, senator, you are going to have horwitz in on wednesday. >> yes. >> sean: it's interesting what barr and/or him are saying that his privy was limited. it was sort of in a bubble, the way i interpreted it. the bubble was to investigate within the doj and fbi. they are not restricted in the sense of fashion. the investigation is taking them far and wide foreign countries and clearly they must've discovered some very significant findings to say it as adamantly as they did today, you did not right in the conclusion here, you knew they knew. >> that stomach frankly that durham would come out and took issue with that. i assume that there would be a predicate that everyone would agree that quickly turned into a
6:34 pm
criminal, sinister conspiracy to defraud the fisa court and defraud carter page but i hope he sues them. one thing i want to announce tonight, i want jim comey to come to the judiciary committee. >> sean: slowed down! i want him to come to my show first. i'm offering him four on error hours. an hour here tomorrow night and three hours on my radio show. >> i doubt he'll take you up on it but i hope he does. the former head of the fbi says this report vindicated the fbi and him. please, don't say things like that. unless you can back it up. >> sean: last thing. senator, if i committed fraud on the court, you are a good lawyer. smart guy. you think you can prevent me from going to jail? >> the five people who heard the sub source disavow the dossier need to be investigated criminally. and i want to know who they told if anybody what they found but why didn't they tell the court
6:35 pm
about the exculpatory interview, why did they lie to the court? those five people need to be looked at in terms of a carrier mental conspiracy by the deferment of justice and fbi to defraud the fisa court. if they don't do anything about this bad behavior, should they still be be in business? >> sean: why haven't we heard from the judges that were lied to? >> until today, i don't think there was any report that concluded they were lied to. whatever you think about horwitz, i think is a great man. i think is a good american, and he laid out a damning report. >> within the constraints that he's had. >> he asked me how bad it is, i said eight, it's really ten. this is what j. edgar hoover used to do. they used to make stuff up. they used a lot of people to get what they wanted. here's the question but why didn't they tell the court about
6:36 pm
exculpatory information? it would stop the investigation. why would they want to stop the investigation? they hate donald trump's guts and any other conclusion is pretty ridiculous. >> sean: senator, great job you're dead on accurate and took a lot of heat for it. we appreciate it. the horwitz report find significant errors and omissions and carter page's fisa application, 173rd carter page joins us now. how many interviews deal with you, carter page? i pressed you. when you went abroad to russia and these places, did you come back and would you sit with our intelligent people and give them every knowledge that you knew? yes. did you work for them? you dodged and ducked, didn't you. i said to you, you figured it out, you work for one of our agencies. all right. i take it on myself. and then i found out it's even more important than that. then they totally took a piece
6:37 pm
of information about you, altered it, to say the opposite. basically that you are betraying your country when you were helping your country. >> absolutely, sean. >> sean: and i pushed you hard. >> you are so far ahead of the story with chairman graham, congressman nunez, congressman jordan, the team. they uncovered so much of this. you told the american people the truth while the american people were being told lie after lie after lie, very deeply document it throughout this report today. it's extremely troubling. >> sean: exculpatory information about you was not given to the court! if you don't have a massive lawsuit that will pay you hundreds of millions of dollars, i don't know who would. do you plan and going after all these people that did this to you? >> absolutely, sean. there is a team, always working
6:38 pm
on this on my own for the last few years. i kept getting doj run rings around me. right now, as we speak, we have our teams of attorneys going through that document in great detail. look forward to sharing that with the initial thoughts with chairman graham in the senate judiciary committee with our initial thoughts and preparations. >> sean: you did work for our cia. you put your life at risk in foreign countries and you obtain information that you shared with the government because you love this country. is that true? >> yes and i typically do not like to talk about it. >> sean: i get it. i push you 400 times and you wouldn't answer it. do you feel vindicated tonight? do you feel vindicated? >> partially. the words at senator cruz said, the first step, this is the very beginning. there is so much more. every page there is tons of
6:39 pm
additional information which we can then provide. i think the coming lawsuit will definitely help get to the bottom of all this. >> sean: you were an asset for a three letter agency that put your life at risk, cooperated with the intelligence agencies, and they personally took that out and changed it to screw you, spy on you, and take your civil liberties away. sad day. >> again, director ray finished his letter by saying protect the american people against threats and uphold the constitution. unfortunately it was the absolute opposite. i had tons of death threats related to these false media reports, which were also cleaning up -- >> sean: welcome to my world. carter page, i'm glad you are in the process of getting a good name back. but you lost a year of your life, civil liberties denied to you. thank you for being with us. joining us now, fox news fox's conservator john solomon, author of the best-selling witch hunt,
6:40 pm
fox news legal analyst jeff jarrett. you need to take a bow, you are slandered, smeared, besmirched, character assassination. welcome to my world. that's what we've been through but you were both right. john solomon, 17 were his failures and accuracies of missions flagged in the report. 17 of them. 51 violations. nine false statements. nine inaccurate statements. 33 statements without verification or evidence to support them. four informants targeted at the trump campaign and one giant conspiracy for unlawfully surveilling a trump campaign when they had no basis for doing it. that's the paint by numbers that michael horowitz gave us today. >> sean: gregg jarrett they'll make him a euro to go best-selling books about this. now that we've got this, coupled
6:41 pm
with the comments of durham and barr, why do i feel why this is a preview of coming attractions at a result in grand jury is convened, indictments to follow, do you see that? >> i do. you can tell from the comments of barr and durham claims this isn't performance failure as per this is lawlessness and corruption and as lindsey graham said, criminal enterprise, criminal conspiracy. my columns and my books, i always identified half a dozen lies and misrepresentations to the fisa court on carter page. turns out it was three times as bad. 17 of them. again committees are not just innocuous, reckless, sloppiness. no. it can only be deliberate. this was intentional. to violate carter page's civil liberties and constitutional
6:42 pm
rights. and the real target was donald trump. >> sean: how is it possible? >> they are not buying horwitz's claims that, yeah, there's a legal predicate to investigate donald trump in the beginning of 2016. barr and durham are saying not even close. >> how is it possible, james comey who is already referred to lying, government information, fbi goes to his home, claiming he's vindicated. he signed three of the warrants himself! he said it's verified. it's unverifiable! how does he bifurcate his messed up brain to not realize what a screwup he's been? >> that's a great question, sean. if this was any organization other than the fbi, mob, corporation, political organization, there would be an enron size criminal case already
6:43 pm
begun. >> sean: if it was hillary clinton and not donald trump, everyone and the mob and the media would be all over this. >> is extraordinary. i think senator graham said it right. >> sean: great. >> four to 76 pages of damning evidence, abuse of power, abused wait until wednesday. democrats in the mainstream media are going to see their hair lit on fire as lindsey graham goes after him. >> sean: they are going to focus on the new ukrainian wit witch hunt. they'll ignore this, trust me. they'll never want to admit they are wrong. that would take some sulfurous selfreflection, inflection, andt would blow up their psychosis, which is irate at trump every minute of every day. take a bow.
6:44 pm
you guys were right, the mob was wrong. thank you. when we come back, it seems you're biting is starting to feel the pressure. another testy exchange with a reporter all about his son hunter's experience in the million-dollar gate that he tried to protect with your tax dollars. 1 billion of them. straight ahead. woman: my reputation was trashed online.
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♪ >> sean: all right commit media realizing they cannot ignore the blatant corruption by the bidens any longer. periods we become a creepy crazy uncle joe 3:30, not taking well to a few tough questions. for once, take a look. >> what is your understanding what your son is doing? >> i don't know what he was doing. i know he was on the board. i found out he was on the board after he was on the board, and
6:50 pm
that was it. >> we don't have a lot of time. isn't this something you want to get to the bottom of? >> no, i trust my son. because you think everything was kosher? you know there is not one single bit of evidence, not one tiny bit that you did anything wrong. you know that. but you keep asking me these questions. speed to know, we don't know that actually. we have a quid pro quo and you knew someone would be investigating and you leveraged 1 billion tax dollars. fire, you get the $1 billion. zero experience and keep to make a million for nothing. the impeachment charade moves forward and democrats are planning on announcing two articles of impeachment tomorrow. reaction fox news contributor, carter, jim, sara carter and dan bongino. it was in the prompter, you
6:51 pm
know, i'm just reading the stupid thing which i never like to read anyway. >> it's okay, i don't mind being ari fleischer. >> sean: okay, from the very beginning that we talked about and peeling the layers of an onion. now we got to the point where all of it turned out to be true. create meditative fraud with the fisa warrant and worse than we thought. on one hand we had christopher steele. i don't know if any of it is true. sourcing, this was like bartok. we never met any of it and i never thought it would be used in a report. that was the basic for all of this? >> right and they don't expect anyone to question them. john, look at this. we have statements coming up from john brennan who, by the way, is implicated as well in the ig report because of the intelligence assessment where he told congress that no, we didn't attach the steele dossier, which is completely debunked, which was never verified to the
6:52 pm
intelligence assessment on russia. what do we find out in the horowitz report? it was attached. these people lie to the court, who left out exculpatory information from the fifth court that would have never allowed them to spy on carter page telling us we need to listen to them, we need to accept their analysis of everything. and we should not question it. no, we should question everything they have done. everything that they have touched, not just with regards to president trump, but i wonder how many more times they violated the fisa court. and i think this is something that needs to be investigated. >> sean: and dan bongino, look, it was basically the whole fisa application was the dirty clinton bought and paid for and i know everybody forgot about the real russian dossier which no one wanted to talk about. >> yeah, the horowitz report, the dossier was central anti-central.
6:53 pm
i know the left wing media lunatics wanted to avoid that but it is crystal clear to me. john my reading this report and combining with what we already know, sarah, you, jonathan and others it is crystal clear a crime was reversed engineer. think about what happened. horowitz took the bait on this that this whole thing started because of a check from australia about papadopoulos where they were playing the telephone game. the story seems to change if the russians made papadopoulos a suggestion or offer. no one seems to know if certain russian agent and the start of the most prominent inc. counter intelligence human history? >> sean: that is all b.s. they were running this spy network. >> they could not get the spy network to investigate page and they use the dossier to reverse engineering, it is clear is that. >> sean: well said, rush limbaugh next. we will continue. ♪
6:54 pm
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♪ >> sean: all right come on the radio show earlier today, america's anchorman rush limbaugh went off on the democrats for their impeachment sham, exposing exactly why they are putting the country through this misery after, oh, it 2.5 years of the treasure witch hunt misery, take a look. >> this is about the fact that 2016 election was a legitimate because the russians meddled in the 2020 election is going to be illegitimate because trump is meddling in it. so what these people are doing is casting aspersions on the integrity of the elections and the election system. they, not russia, not ukraine, not the tri- cons but the democrat party is destroying the perception of honor and
7:00 pm
integrity of the elections. >> laura: so much more to come here appear the mob and the media lied to the country. this was the biggest abuse of power corruption scandal in history. we will follow the truth, not the mob, let not your heart be troubled and never miss an episode. laura ingraham, awfully filthy they are tonight. >> laura: okay, a footnote 473, had to stop because i was getting so infuriated. the fact that i'm so glad you had carter page on tonight. your show was terrific, by the way. i believe carter page we were talking about a year ago, year and a half ago and he was, i mean, anyone who thinks carter page, god bless him is some russian accent running an operation, you don't even have basic judgment to be running a preschool let alone a high