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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  December 10, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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>> dana: my dream is to get you on a horse. >> jesse: i get on a horse, i get right off. >> juan: i would think of a cleanup on aisle five. >> greg: "special report" is up next. hello, bret. >> bret: i cleanup on aisle five all night. breaking tonight, covering several major stories. the images, two wildly with incredibly high skates. mike emanuel is at the capitol where house democrats have unveiled articles of impeachment on the same day they gave the president a major political win on trade. john roberts at the white house has the president's reaction to both developments, but we begin with correspondent david spun at the justice department tonight where the attorney general isn't taking major expection to the inspector general's report finding major bias in the russia probe. >> not even 24 hours after the
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ig released his report, attorney general bill barr found some major problems with those findings. just as president trump is criticizing his fbi director who does not use the word "fighting" for his take on the report. >> i think our nation was turned on its head for three years. based on a completely bogus narrative band and hyped by an irresponsible press. >> since the inspector general port, attorney general beer bar told what he told congress back. he believes the trump campaign was spied on and the fbi may have acted in bad faith when it opened an investigation into the 2016 campaign. >> these illegal rarities, these mistake men's, they were not satisfactorily
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in the fisa application of trump campaign aide carter page. barr says the investigation was opened on the thinnest of suspicions. in the 476 page report, inspector general michael horowitz road, we did not find document three or testimonial evidence that improper motivatin influenced the fbi's decision to seek the authority on carter page. >> all he said is that people give me an explanation and i didn't find anything to contradict it, so i do not have a basis that there is improper motive. but he did incite the issue of improper motive. >> did you? >> no. >> his comments under harsh criticism by democrats. >> here he goes again for he's clearly taken a position that he represents only one man and one person, the president of the united states. >> barr blamed the fbi of using the steele dossier of obtaining
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a fisa warrant. president trump today was critical, tweeting in part, quote, i did not know what the "current director of the fbi" reading but it wasn't the one given to me. wray announced >> i think that's the kind of label that's a disservice to the 37,000 men and women who work at the fbi. >> the focus shifts to the findings of john jerome, the u.s. attorney charged with probing the origins of the russian investigation. >> able to not only look at the evidence in the fbi, able to require people to testify. >> barr says durham should be wrapped up with his probe early spring or late summer. inspector general michael horowitz will testify on these findings from yesterday in front of the senate judiciary committee. >> bret: you'll see that testimony on fox new fox news c.
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to what the president is saying that only about the trade deal and impeachment but all the stories of the debris chief white house correspondent john roberts has that part on the north lawn. good evening, john. >> good evening. president trump today said he doesn't know when democrats will vote on the articles of impeachment. they are still thought among some people at the white house white house that democrats may not have the votes, but it is increasingly looking like on his way to a campaign rally in hershey, pennsylvania, president trump this afternoon dismissing the articles of impeachment written against him. >> the articles that are frankly very weak and they are very weak. >> the president insisting again he did nothing wrong this communications with ukrainian president volodymyr zelensky, tweeting, read the transcripts! us is a reference of usa, not me. a "wall street journal" forum this evening, mick mulvaney again regardless of the
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administration politics and foreign policy are inextricably linked, and disagreed with state department witnesses saying that politics shouldn't affect policy. >> what they meant is foreign policy is much too important to allow politics to play any role. we have to have this professional career staff sort of to make these decisions so it doesn't get dirtied by american politics. i have to completely disagree with that. i think that's dangerous. >> at the same for them, attorney general william barr said that when it came to ukraine and rudy giuliani, he was hands-off. >> fact is i was smart enough not to get involved with ukraine. at least put it very low. >> president trump was incensed about impeachment in the helter-skelter world of washington politics, he also had reason to cheer nancy pelosi's announcement that she would put the new usmca trade agreement to a vote, even if pelosi claimed that most the credit for it. >> in terms of our work here, it is infinitely better than what
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was initially proposed by the administration. >> i call that the silver lining to impeachment because without impeachment they would have never approved it in my opinion. speaker pelosi's decision hands a major trade victory to president trump, though the irony that often echoes in the hollow congress, the senate may not move to ratify the deal until after an impeachment trial over the ukraine issue as he completed. ukraine was high on the list of issues as president trump met with russian foreign minister sergey lavrov today. but also election interference. early today, secretary state mike pompeo making it clear that interference in the 2020 election will not be tolerated. >> i made our expectations of russia clear. should russia or any foreign actor take steps to undermine our democratic processes, we'll take action in response. >> insisting russia did not interfere in the 2016 election
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and suggesting russia and the u.s. have evidence to prove it. >> we propose a published correspondence and i spoke about that. we are prepared to do that as soon as russia confirms their agreement to publish these important documents that were important for the community. >> still no idea what the documents are that lavro is talking about, president trump warned lavrov against any interference against the 2020 election and urged lavrov to resolve its conflict with ukraine. >> bret: will he be watching the ig at all? speak i think you will as the president is interested in the proceedings that go on and he'll look at the hearing to take away any evidence he can to back up the idea that there was some sort of spying as the attorney general put it going on against his campaign. >> bret: ag saying it pretty clearly. john, thank you. house democrat have settled on
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two articles of impeachment on the president, the administration calling it a pathetic attempt to overthrow the results of the 2016 election. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel reports tonight from capitol hill. >> house democratic leadership says it is time to move forward, arguing the next election is in jeopardy. the house committee is introducing two articles of impeachment charging the president of the united states, donald j. trump, with committing high crimes and misdemeanors. >> the two article is' abuse of power, abuse the powers of the presidency by ignoring and injuring national security and other vital national interests to obtain an improper personal benefit and obstruction of congress. donald j. trump has directed the unprecedented, categorical, issued by the house of representatives pursuant to its sole power of impeachment. judiciaries' ranking republican says what's interesting is what
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is not in there. >> quid pro quo, bribery, and those will not be in these articles of impeachment. i think that's very significant and what they are trying to send to the american people and showing how they failed over the past three months. >> some of the left wanted more to be included plus what they see as examples of extractions of justice from the special counsel mueller report. but speaker pelosi and her team went with a narrow focus. >> it's wise to make this a concise case rather than a broad case so that americans were following this can track the arguments and we can deal with it directly. >> a group of about ten moderate democrats is pushing for the president to be censured instead. still, how's leadership is trying to emphasize unity. >> not a single one of our members have ever said to me that they are concerned about proceedings because of the potential impact on their elections. >> the last republican leader called up your politics. >> we have such great potential in this nation. but to have wasted a majority on this is an embarrassment to this
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congress. >> the only other living president to be impeached away didn't had a saying american should go on with their lives and let lawmakers work. >> lawmakers do what they believe is right. the american people will see. >> house judiciary gets ready to work on these articles of impeachment. iowa's senator chuck grassley is not impressed by the charges democrats are offering, calling them diluted. brett? >> bret: there is not a concise yet how the senate will play out if the house should move it over there. speak voluntarily. all indications are there is a christmas break and sometime in january will work things out to make sure there's a trial. >> bret: mike emanuel on the hill. going to bring in our panel early tonight. steve hayes, editor of the dispatch but mollie hemingway, senior editor at the federalist. a lot of editors on the panel tonight.
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mollie, let me start with you and we will start with this barr interview. a couple of them today. pretty striking if you look at what he said and laying it out and how washington perceived, at least, that ig report initially. >> sometimes it feels like attorney general william barr is one of very few of those who are in washington, d.c. i think that he laid out a case in multiple interviews today looking at the actual facts in this inspector general report, looking at the dozens upon dozens of errors that all happened to be in the same direction, harmful to the trump campaign, talking about this in such a systematic way. this is not about the frankly narrow thing the inspector general looked at, the violation of civil liberties for carter page and other things attendant with the surveillance of the trump campaign. the whole scheme of operations. one of the most interesting things of the inspector general report is that the fbi department of justice knew by january 2017 that the dossier was complete rubbish, complete
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unadulterated rubbish. we learned this yesterday. for three years, these departments leaked out information making it seem like they were taking it seriously. they started a special counsel probe. they continue to get warrants to spy on trump campaign affiliates. this is a scandal. the greatest scandal of this generation but whether people want to wipe it away or not, this is something serious. >> bret: to your point, one of the things he talks about, the attorney general today in this interview with abc and the washington journal, steve, is this steele dossier and how it's used in this process. take a listen. >> when they finally got around to talking to him, he said, i do not know what steele is talking about. at that point, it was clear that the dossier was a sham. they don't tell the court and they continue to get fisa warrants they actually filed with the court, statements they say we talked to the sub source and we found them credible and cooperative. they put that in to bolster --
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>> in the sub source had said -- >> what he was being truthful about is the dossier was garbage. the explanations he received were not satisfactory. >> bret: when asked about the ig finding there's no political bias, is essential answer is that he didn't have the whole picture, couldn't talk to other people. your thoughts on these statements? >> it's interesting he's choosing now to say that. if i were the attorney general, i would be waiting until the results of the durham investigation comes in with a wider scope. those allegations might in fact be borne out. but what i think you see over the past 30 hours in washington, d.c., is this a choose your own reality moment that we are at in american politics where you have people on one side cherry picking information, resenting it in a conference of way at ignoring the things to cut against the arguments made for a better part of the year and on the other side you have the same kind of behavior. the bottom line here is none of the wildest conspiracy claims that the president himself made
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and a lot of the supporters made were borne out. but at the same time, anybody, including james comey, who is presenting that this is a good report that this is is sorely mistakenand mollie is, the process on the carter page fisa repeatedly, there are a number of errors and i'm using the they all go the same direction and it's a problem. it's very difficult to explain. the ig use of the phrase "documentary and testimonial evidence of political bias," i think documentary and testimonial are doing a lot of work in that assessment. >> bret: molli molly, i'm goingo come back with you. chris wray, another focus in the interview yesterday. >> the inspector general did not find political bias or improper
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motivations impacting the opening of the investigation. they are a number of things in this report in my view fall well short of the standard of conduct and performance that we -- that i expect of all our employees and we will be taking a number of steps to address that. >> bret: obviously the president said he's not reading this and report on reading, questioning his fbi director he put in this position. i think tomorrow is going to be fascinating with the ig testifying in front of the senate judiciary. >> this report reminds me a lot of the mueller report, people jumped very quickly to decide in a binary way that it was either confirming their views are not confirming their views. i went and i read a lot of this report today. it's very long. the complexity of it and what you see, to let stephen molly said is a messiness in the process that the predicate of opening the investigation was not out of the ordinary for the fbi and there was not political bias in that step.
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i think that this is important and what we are seeing, you know, i would anyway disagree with mollie, i do not think attorney general barr is the adult in the room, i think attorney general barr is predetermining because of whatever bias he is showing where durham, the next report may go, and it's also showing the american public that they don't wait for evidence. this report is damning in many ways of what the fbi did and how it handled it. but it gave them cover and said that the beginning of the investigation was not improper. >> i think it's important to look at it again -- >> bret: this is to mollie's point, if the ag is watching all this coverage, everything that happened over the last two and half years and saying, we are getting it wrong because he's knowing some that we don't know, let's play another sound bite. >> there has to be some basis before we use these potent powers in our core first amendment activity.
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and here, i felt this was very fun. >> do you still agree that the campaign was spied upon the? >> it was clearly spied upon. that's what electronic surveillance is buried going up, talking to people and making recordings of their conversations is buying. i think going to peoples' emails which what they did as a result of the durham six >> bret: they had sources wired talking to people in the trump campaign or senior trump officials. >> i'm one of the people who read the report. it outlines such tremendous amounts of spying. the use of confidential human informants that replaced people in the campaign -- two years ago your competing members, who had devin nunes say that there were problems with the fisa process, that was abuse. you had the response in adam
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schiff who's leading the impeachment effort, never trumper media and liberal media disparage the nunes memo and supported the schiff memo. everything in this memo reported to be true. and meanwhile, things that were claimed by schiff that people took seriously, the people excepted uncritically, were shown to be false. there were no material missions in the fisa warrants. >> bret: and that the dossier was okay. >> remember that adam schiff read the dossier into the congressional record, hijacked a separate hearing in order to do so. there should be consequences for this and they should be consequences for media that got it wrong as well. >> bret: thank you, panel print will come back and talk about impeachment and usmca a little bit later. breaking tonight, six people are dead including a police officer and two suspects after a shooting spree in new jersey. at least three new officers were
3:19 pm
wounded. ryan gimenez live tonight following all the breaking news today. >> good evening, the slain detective has been identified, he's been on the force since 2006, a married father of five. dead in the line of duty today in the major gun battle that involved multiple scenes. take a look at this map. at least two scenes at a grocery store and also at a cemetery. we are told by authorities that he was a plainclothes police officer today and was somehow killed at that cemetery by one or at least two of those active shooters. >> two officers were shot. one recently gave his life and was pronounced at jersey medical center. the second officer was shot in the shoulder. he should recover. two other officers receiving medical treatment due to
3:20 pm
shrapnel. >> police describe it... if you just listen to some of the high-powered gunfire that took place here in jersey city. a major gun battle in an american city, hundreds of rounds fired. from what we understand, there are six dead including the police officer. three other officers were wounded. three civilians killed and at least two of the active shooters have been killed in the shoot-out. there is no motive that has been set and there has been no link to terrorism. a u-haul truck was a potential incendiary device and has been checked out by the new york city bomb squad. president trump has tweeted offering his thoughts and prayers to the victims in this horrific shoot-out. >> bret: we'll go back for breaking news bid brian, thank you. up next, on the same day the president faces impeachment articles on ukraine, the foreign minister of russia pays a visit.
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>> bret: breaking tonight, a major move by the defense department in response to last week shooting at a naval base in florida. national superiority they are making changes in the wake of that shooting. good evening, jennifer. what can you tell us? >> good evening, bret. mark esper just released a review of military training in the u.s. paid until further notice, all 150,000 saudi students will be confined to classroom training. the saudi government has agreed to the decision. and the officials had roughly
3:26 pm
300,000 saudi pilots including pensacola have been grounded and definitely after a saudi air force officer shot and killed three americans at the florida naval base, wounding eight others. "a safety stand down an operational pause commenced monday for saudi arabian aviation students." classroom training is expected to resume this week for those students. training for international aviation students from other countries has already resumed. the 140 saudi students training in pensacola are grounded while the fbi investigates whether the shooter acted alone. u.s. trainees claiming they should be allowed to carry firearms to protect themselves as well as their aircraft. they do not want to rely on local law enforcement to protect them, bret. >> bret: what's the fallout then? >> ? >> the defense secretary and joint chiefs chairman will be
3:27 pm
pressed on this by the armed services committee on a hearing tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. the post and others are comparing the leaked documents to the pending on papers, which show the u.s. government lied about the u.s. winning in vietnam. u.s. defense officials have pushed back saying that no one had said the u.s. was winning in afghanistan, but the report claims of pentagon talk of progress in afghanistan, distorted reality on the ground for years. members of congress did not ask a single question about afghanistan during defense secretary's most lawmakers were resigned to the fact that afghanistan, like vietnam, had become a quagmire. to be asked just that in classified briefings tomorrow. >> bret: live at the pentagon. we will cover that hearing and the other hearings and a lot of news in washington tomorrow. up next, elizabeth warren makes changes to her campaign.
3:28 pm
we will explain. first, beyond our borders tonight. wildfires have engulfed part of the australian city sydney, haze 11 times worse than the level considered hazardous. some offices in the downtown area were evacuated. local health officials are advising people to stay indoors as much as possible. thousands of union activist marched through french cities today as airport employees and teachers joined nationwide strikes to demand the government scrap upcoming changes to the national retirement system. this is the sixth strike day for mass transportation disruptions in france. using planes, ships, satellites are coming arctic seas, hunting for chilean air force transport claim carrying 34 people. adventist en route to base on the frozen continent. seven hours after contact was cut off, officials called the
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>> bret: wasn't a quirk of scheduling today or the speed of somehow stirring the democrats' pot? either way, the same day the house interest articles of impeachment relating to the foot of former soviet state of ukraine. made a call on his american counterpart and president trump. correspondent rich edson shows us what happened. >> as house democrats and build articles of impeachment accusing the president of soliciting interference in the upcoming presidential election, the state department hosted top officials from the country that interfered in the last one. >> we should have a better relationship, united states and russia. >> secretary of state mike pompeo and russian foreign minister sergey lavrov disagreed on the election in the ference , venezuela, and ukraine.
3:34 pm
>> open sequence that we have open different opinions on different things. >> the shared goal is to convince north korea to surrender its new york weapons as north korean officials warned of a christmas present for the united states. >> chairman kim made the commitment to denuclearize. >> after the next u.s. inauguration in february 2021, a major nuclear arms treaty between the u.s. and russia is scheduled to expire. the trump administration says it wants to involve china in discussions to extend the new strategic arms reduction treaty. >> there's real concern as weapons and systems move in advance, as new countries develop these cube abilities, there is a real risk that there is a reduction in strategic stability just staying right where we are today. >> the chinese government has refused to participate. russia says it would renew the current treaty without china. secretary pompeo raised the case of paul wheeling and american and former marine rested a year
3:35 pm
ago and russia on espionage charges. lavrov says his case is moving forward and accused wheeler of threatening prison guards. >> he makes all kinds of arrogant accusations but he says he'll put a drill to the head of the officer. may be these tactics are his lawyers of aiming to make him the image of a martyr. >> no case that wheeling is a spy and refuses to provide him a translator while he's in court. we've just got in a photograph of president trump meeting with the foreign minister sergey lavrov. the last time they met was may of 2017 right after the president had fired his fbi director james comey. he picks his days certainly to come to washington. >> bret: rich admin live at the state department. the u.s. supreme court heard arguments today whether insurance companies can collect
3:36 pm
$12 billion from the federal government to cover their losses in the early years of the obamacare law. companies contend they are entitled to the money under a provision that promised the company's financial cushion for losses they might incur by selling coverage to people in the marketplaces created by obamacare. stocks were down today. the dow lost 28. the s&p 500 finished off three. the nasdaq dropped six. in tonight's democracy 2020 report, big changes were democratic presidential candidate elizabeth warren. many see the move as a response to fading paul numbers. just weeks before the first ballots are cast in iowa. what a road trip tonight for one of the contenders. peter doocy has the latest from los angeles. >> there is no u.s. credential primary in spain, but michael bloomberg is there anyway. >> i'm here because
3:37 pm
president trump is not. >> all the voters were fast asleep in the u.s., bloomberg the altar believed there was across the atlantic seeking solutions for climate change and looking >> his demonstration refuses to lead on climate change so others must do the work. >> the $100 million worth of tv ads has earned him 5% support nationally in two new polls in quinnipiac and monmouth. both polls find biden leading followed by bernie sanders. and both polls show was with warning shetries to reclaim a spot closr to the top showing early state voters her softer side. >> do you need some help? >> thank you. >> andrew yang qualified for the december 7th debate. tulsi gabbard gave up, tweeting
3:38 pm
regardless or not there are qualifying polls, i instead choose to spend that precious time directly meeting with and hearing from the people of new hampshire and south carolina. as the next election approaches, some influential democrats are still wistful about the last one. >> my candidate did not win. i think it's a big mistake for america. >> and trump could win again, which is why michael bloomberg decided to open his checkbook. >> i think trump is getting stronger and i think he'll just eat alive the candidates because they don't have plans that i think are practical, that can be implemented. they do not have management experience and the president's job is a management job. >> within the next 10 minutes or so, joe biden will be here at the nevada desert for a tour of the solar campaign facility. tonight, he is focused tonight is on the sun.
3:39 pm
>> bret: ted yoho will not seek another term. he never meant to spend more than eight years in congress. he joins at least 27 house republicans announcing their departures. of those, 23 are not seeking reelection. three have resigned and already left congress. and one, california congressman duncan hunter jr., says he's resigning and will leave after the holidays. he has pleaded guilty to a corruption charge. up next, the panel comes back on the north american trade deal, the articles of impeachment on the same day, and what could get done this week and next. first s, your mammoth masterpiece, and whatever this was. oscar mayer is found in more fridges than anyone else, because it's the taste you count on. make every sandwich count.
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i think she finally relented and said she'd bring usmca up, but the only reason she finally relented is because of the unpopularity of impeachment itself. >> it's not a coincidence when
3:44 pm
we get to the end of a session we have to get some things made. >> i know they were very embarrassed by it and that's why they brought up usmca the hour after because they figured it'll help a little bit. because we can run, chew gum, do cartwheels at the same time because we care about the well being of the american people. >> bret: it was quite the image when we started the show. about an hour later, the speaker back out with this deal and the passage of the usmca, the biggest trade deal the president has been trying to get across the finish line for the past eight months. we've been talking about the democrats and trump districts, 31 of them. they come from districts that president trump won in 2016. there they are on the screen. meantime, political had a story today saying that a small group of democrats realizing there are
3:45 pm
no options, this is no option, but there are ten of them. democrats can only lose 17 votes on impeachment over all. let's bring in our panel again. stephen hayes, senior editor of the federalists. steve clements, editor at large for the hill. thoughts on this day and the contrasts? >> we been watching usmca for months knowing it was going to have to come up in the recent dance ability pulled up and nothing do with impeachment it that her constituents would lose of this deal was not done. not a gesture of being nice or distraction, labor unions have come around, achieve what they wanted, now they are pushing it and when you hear the president of the united states law the richer trunk of the afl-cio, it's a notable day. >> and they all needed the w. there's also this. the left, mollie, is hammering
3:46 pm
pelosi hard and some of these leaders are giving the president a win in this environment. >> first of all there's a huge disconnect of the impeach being messaging that we need to remove the president because he such a threat but also giving him the win. impeachment happened not because it is generally popular but because the base demands it. if they do the impeachment that's completely impotent and handing donald trump victories and they don't have any legislative accomplishments of their own, that might upset people who said we sent you to washington, d.c., for a reason and you are accomplishing anything of what we wanted you to accomplish. >> the republican impeachment of clinton wasn't going to go anywhere and they still did it. >> people seem compelled to do things that might not be in the playful interest. >> bret: here's the >> we been in negotiations with china for how wrong? what american not be stronger if we had the usmca agreed to prior prior to negotiations with china questioning everyone would tell
3:47 pm
you yes. why did we have to wait this long to have these many more jobs that are going to be created? why do we have to wait this long to have the gdp grow? maybe because she wanted to give as much time as possible before the next election. >> on the issue of the economy, and there are all kinds of expirations by the republicans for the timing, but on the economy, the real clear politics of this president is way above water, on how he deals with the economy. it seems like this will be in that column despite facing impeachment. >> that's right. the strongest issue, look at the economic indicators that can teach us on the growth and strength and no doubt that president trump is going to make that the centerpiece of his argument. i think this was a political win for the president. usmca complicates his argument that the regrets aren't working with them because they're so focused on impeachment, but i think it's a political win for
3:48 pm
him. the question for me is whether it's going on a foreign policy level and there are a lot republicans concerned about the policy vocations of this, the kind of thing that would make richard trunk is not a thing that makes free trade-the ares happy. there would be considered >> bret: before the holidays and everybody getting on planes to go back home, they've got to pass a deal that keeps the government open. there is concern that there might actually be a shut down as you get closer to this cliff. always one step away from a fiscal cliff. >> i think the president right now is feeling challenged by the impeachment and is frustrated about that. he's frustrated about the wall, a whole variety of things. it wouldn't be surprising to me if he didn't move forward with it. i need to make one comment about the usmca passing because it would be i think the real
3:49 pm
dereliction not to mention that today is the day that america's killing the wto. it's one thing to do an arcane deal with people looking at the usmca saying, they aren't going to read the details and know whether it's good or not. but we have not allowed the appellate members to be appointed to the wto, no longer will be a place where america can pursue its economic interests. >> bret: wto, thank you for bringing that up. panel, thank you. next up, christmas politics and a controversial nativity scene. [ indistinct chatter ]
3:50 pm
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>> bret: you probably know, christmas is two weeks from tomorrow and as usual the politics of the holiday are making use in various parts of the country. she corresponded jonathan holland with the controversy over some unusual displays. >> they are certainly not traditional nativity scenes in los angeles and at claremont united methodist church east of l.a. where reverend karen is gettingthe public debate sheg for when she posted pictures of the unusual nativity on facebo facebook. >> this is public theology, or raise the awareness of compassion and kindness and hope
3:54 pm
that it might change their hea heart. >> the reverence as depicting jesus, mary, and joses as a refugee family separated and caged is about long-standing family immigration policies, not current politics. she points out that the church made similar statements there is an tiffany scenes in both 2009 and 2012. but it has infuriated some theologians. >> it's a charge betraying the most incredible story of all time. instead, talking about another issue. >> others inspire it about what they heard and came to check it out for themselves. >> i think it makes a great statement of what's going on. if jesus were to cross over in his day, i'd probably be in a cage right now. >> whether they are changing hearts and minds or simply
3:55 pm
reinforcing already strongly held views on immigration on the one hand, on the sanctity of the traditional nativity on the other, it's an open question. bret? >> bret: jonathan, thank you. when we come back, santas are everywhere. [sneezing] cancel your cold. the 1-pill power of advil multi-symptom cold & flu knocks out your worst symptoms. cancel your cold, not your plans. advil multi-symptom cold & flu. (man and woman) [burst of t♪lking to animals] (vo) it feels good to give back. (attendant) thank you so much. (woman) oh, you are so welcome. (vo) you can choose the aspca to get two hundred and fifty dollars from subaru when you get a new subaru, like the all new outback. (vo 2) get 0.9% on a new outback during the subaru share the love event.
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with a strong repair they can trust. plus, with most insurance a safelite repair is no cost to you. >> customer: really?! >> tech: being there whenever you need us that's another safelite advantage. >> singers: safelite repair, safelite replace. >> bret: finally tonight, here comes santa claus. 24240 sanchez hit the slope for a good cause, helping raise money for recreation, they collect the highest amount in history. pretty cool. today at the washington bureau, i got a visit from santa too. he delivered a gift from the special report staff that was extremely cool, a golf ball from dwight eisenhower when he played here in the area when he was president from 1953. i spent a lot of time researching and writing about eisenhower, santana, if you are
4:00 pm
watching, all three books to make a great christmas gift. i'm just saying for that's it for "special report." fair, balanced, unafraid. here is martha. >> martha: that is an awesome gift. i love it. did he sing to you too? >> bret: it had bells. >> martha: i love it. thank you, bret. good evening to you. i am martha maccallum in new york city and we begin with a live look just a couple of hours from here, hershey, pennsylvania. that's where president trump we understand has landed and minutes away from the valley. today, he was essentially indicted by the house of representatives. they are not letting any grass grow under their feet on that front. chairman nadler now saying they are going to do the markup 24 hours from now. they will get underway and a vote to follow shortly after that. remember this? this isn't really happening so quickly after all. th