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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  December 11, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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while they can't be home with their loved ones. >> bret: i've been over there for the holidays. it is something. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for "special report." fair, balanced, unafraid. "the story" with martha maccallum starts now. >> martha: good evening. we have less than 48 hours after former fbi director james comey took a victory lap claiming the ig report had proven that he was right about all of this all along. >> it was all nonsense and the fbi finally has its day with the american people in the hope -- i hope they pay attention. steel and fast-forward to today. the inspector general begs to differ. >> former director james comey said that your report vindicates him. is that a fair assessment? >> you know, i think the activities here.
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nobody. >> martha: today we have a chorus from unlikely places that cross fire hurricane, the investigation into the trump campaign in 2016 was anything but normal. "the new york times" called it "ugly, secretive, system for carrying out national security surveillance on american soil." referring to what happened to carter page. matt taibi wrote "if the report constitutes a clearing of the fbi, never clear me of anything. what a clown show the trump-russian investigation was." matt taibbi at rolling stone. tonight, kash patel along with his former boss devin nunes
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vindicated in this report. what he was saying and was vilified for saying all along. also tonight, karl rove and juan williams. lawmakers are fine-tuning the president's articles of impeachment. jesse watters is here as well. a special maxine waters addition of "wednesdays with waters." first i am joined by trey gowdy. always good to see you. great to have you in new york tonight. what did you think about the fact that places like places like "the new york times" and rolling stone are saying "holy god, what a clown show this whole thing was." >> two years too late. they have vilified everyone. those of us for two years have been saying we like the department of justice. we need a good department of justice. what they did was wrong. i don't know what report comey
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read. it's the third ig report that's on his conduct to be substandard. if that's a victory lap, if he wants to take a victory lap because he's not indicted, more power to him. don't write anymore books on ethics. don't tell me what the ethical standard is if you think this report vindicates you. >> martha: i have followed the story very closely, covered it for years. there were things i learned in the past couple days looking at this report and i know that you were privy to a lot of it before it all came out. to sort of put a fine point on some of this, you have carter page who was in the navy, then was an asset for the cia, for a floral asset to give them information over time. they had a relationship and he was traveling and doing events and giving information. the fbi says to the cia or to all agencies, is this individual we are looking at an asset of any of yours and the cia comes back and says yeah, he's one of ours.
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they change it because they want to put a tail on this guy. that's a travesty. how does that happen? >> wrong people doing the wrong job. it's the most damning part that came out of horowitz. i didn't know that it fbi lawyer, someone we have incredible powers and authorities and responsibilities to would change someone's status. keep in mind the counterintelligence investigation is because you think carter page is working on behalf of russia. the reality is carter page was working on behalf of the united states of america and you change it from he is a source to he's not a source which is a manifestly unfair thing to do to carter page. when horowitz says there was no bias in the inception, no bias, there was a lot of bias from every point thereafter including an fbi lawyer manufacturing evidence to give a surveillance warrant against an american
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citizen. martha, that is not the fbi. i want your viewers understand that that is not the fbi that i worked with. it's not representative of 99.9% of the bureau agents i know. they've got a problem and if you are changing emails, manufacturing, altering evidence which is a crime, because you want to get at somebody and you want them to be -- you don't want them to be president of the united states, not only d do not have any business being in the fbi but you should probably be wearing an orange jumpsuit. >> martha: the question is why. why would you change it. in the best-case scenario if you think maybe he's a double agent or something, aren't you going to bring somebody in at the cia. we are concerned about this guy. john brennan was running the cia. why did he reach out and protect his guy? carter page, hold on. >> he has had ample opportunity.
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these interviews he gives about how trump ought to be in the dustbin of history and how treasonous he is, it would be nice if he would stick up and say you are doing surveillance, intercepting phone calls of someone working for the country as opposed to against the country, it would've been nice if he had spoken up. he also denied in a congressional hearing that the dossier was used in any court pleading. those of the moral authorities the left are citing. >> martha: another question i would have for jim comey, chris wallace is going to do a great interview. he will speak with him this weekend, the whole question of president trump as the subject of their investigation because one of the things we have spoken a lot about is the fact that the president was never given a heads up, not given briefing. the fbi says we did but it was really general. they weren't telling him that they were actually concerned that there is people in the campaign that might be a problem. now they are saying the reason
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we didn't tell candidate trump when we briefed him was because essentially we thought he was the subject of the investigation. james comey told him three times he was not the subject of the investigation. >> only went to the doj and asked that very question, you give a defensive reef into candidate clinton. did you give a defensive briefing to candidate trump? the fsx donation was yes we gave one to candidate trump because the target of the investigation, in this case, michael flynn was sitting right beside him, we couldn't give him the exhaustive briefing we wanted. the follow-up question is the next day when you called them and said he will want to meet with you alone or better yet your former united states attorney chris christie, we would like to talk to him, what was the response? they never went back. >> martha: they clearly didn't want him to know. >> it is worse than that. they sent not a debriefing specialist. they sent an agent who was
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working on cross fire hurricane. they viewed it as the interrogation of the subject knocked the defensive briefing of the candidate. i like mike horowitz. but if that's not a bias that you would send an agent and not a defensive briefer, that you would not follow up and say we need to talk to you but we don't want anyone else around. if this was really about protecting the trump campaign from russia. >> martha: now they keep saying the next campaign is in so much trouble we have to make sure we impeach the president right away but when they had an opportunity to stop something they were concerned about, they let it roll. it wasn't happening but they thought it was at that point. this question of compromise, that the president because of this salacious terrible gossipy thing that happened at a moscow hotel that the russians had it on the president and he was compromised and if he became president of the united states, they were going to have
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something they could hold over him and that obviously would be very dangerous. tell everybody wait this little story came from. >> it came from a conversation in a bar. i probably spent more times and bars and you have. there's a lot of lies told in bars. it's off a rumor, if it even rises to the level of a rumor, it's repeated in a bar and the person who hears it doesn't even believe it. they think it's just talk, rumormongering. it is corroborated according to the fbi by none other than sidney blumenthal because his reputation for authenticity and trustworthiness is legendary. that is clinton's right and left-hand corroborates this rumor and did points up being in a dossier. so when you get to the points that a conversation in a bar can
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be used as part of the federal government's filing in a court proceeding and you take no efforts to go identify whether or not it's true, the times that i've been around president trump. he is germ free. that thing of the moscow hotel, that's not happening. >> martha: did you pass it along in the report and the source according to the report said he did? i didn't think he was going to put that in anything. trey gowdy, always good to see you. to be continued. nearly two years ago, then chair of the house until committee, devin nunes published the nunes memo which raised a lot of concerns about abuses within the fisa process. it was ridiculed by critics that now people are praising michael horowitz for saying almost exactly the same thing. kash patel, authored the memo. he joins me now.
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>> martha: keeping an eye on what's going on on capitol hill. democrats are drafting the articles of impeachment tonight and if there's any news out of there, we will let you know. it's going to go late and they're going to start again in the morning. many of the weeks revelations from the inspector general report does not come as a surprise to republicans like devin nunes. he released the memo in 2018 and it outlined a lot of the same things that the ig has presented in his report which corroborates it. nunes and company were lambasted by their critics.
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>> it is authored by the staff of trump's chief congressional defender, devin nunes. the battle lines are as clear as they are astounding. >> it's not about making up a false memo based on a false premise. it's not even true. it's not even true. they have made up a memo that isn't even true. they are lying to the american people. >> what are you going to do about it? >> take the dossier out of it. i disagree with trey gowdy. they probably had enough to establish probable cause without it. >> martha: joining me as kash patel, special assistant to president trump and he offered much of that speed 24 memo in 2018 has a staffer for the intelligence committee. what's it like for you when you watch what the inspector general says about how the dossier was central and essential to these fisa applications and that the fisa applications were sort of
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made by a continually patched up dossier that was falling apart, like a leaky boat and they kept not mentioning the leaks as they kept pushing it along and you knew that all along. >> martha, we had a great team on chairman nunes' staff and they were warriors i was privileged to work with them and in their shadows. it's not about me and our validation. our job, when i signed up with chairman nunes, i told him whatever we found, i will come to congress to do constitutional oversight and that let us through the investigation. we knew we were going to get pummeled boy wanted to get to the point down the road where we can show the american people via abuses that occurred in the department of justice can have some accountability which is worthy inspector general and attorney general barr are at now. we are thrilled the american people can see it for themselves. >> martha: the person being vilified is attorney general bill barr. he speaks out continually. he says i think there was spying going on and i think it was a
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very serious thing to spy on a presidential campaign. and basically the same people that we just showed in the intro say he is sort of, he will do whatever president trump wants him to say. it's disingenuous, that it's political. what do you think? >> that's just another example of the mainstream media moving targets. once the target was over james comey, andrew mccabe, then they turned the tables on us and put them on trey gowdy and devin nunes and john ratcliffe that so many other people. they keep constantly moving the goal posts and now since they can't pound the facts because they don't have any and they can't pound the process, they are pounding people. characters in american history such as attorney general bill barr. if i've got a go up and take to time attorney general bill barr versus james comey and anti-mccabe who ran the fbi and were fired for lying and leaking classified information,
4:19 pm
i'm going with president trump's pick, attorney general bill barr every day. >> martha: where is this going and what is the next shoe to drop? >> i think we're going to get to u.s. attorney john durham's full accountability. with the american people need is fisa reform that can only happen from congress and the white house would have every president trump an and the inver will deliver on that for us. devin nunes and i have one of the american people to read the documentation and we hope someday soon we can release it and everybody can read it for themselves. >> martha: that would be great. you are at the white house now so maybe you can move that ball along because we would all like to read those fisa applications. this is a story that so deep and so thick. we thank you very much for being here tonight, kash patel. good to see you. the house judiciary debating articles of impeachment tonight. more on that coming up and shocking new video.
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>> with one heart, america weeps for the lives lost. with one voice, we vowed to crush the monstrous evil of anti-semitism wherever and whenever it appears. >> martha: president trump calling out anti-semitism in the wake of what is believed to be a targeting attack in new jersey. it was a kosher market injures the cd. six people were killed. we are learning the details about the suspects. one reportedly had ties to group known as the black hebrew israelites. posting antipolice and anti-jewish writings online.
4:26 pm
senior correspondent rick leventhal joins us tonight. >> the jersey city mayor says it was a hate crime, targeting the attack on the jewish community and said he could have been far worse. we want to take another look at the surveillance video which shows the two suspects rolling up to the curb and a white rented van getting out with those two long guns and ignoring other people on the street, walking straight into the jewish grocery where they shot and killed three people. the suspects had multiple weapons, according to authorities, lots of ammo and a pipe bomb which they had no chance to use after the police pinned them down in the store. they were killed by cops who rammed into the story. the suspects, 47-year-old david anderson and 50-year-old francine graham. they were spotted in a cemetery before the shooting by an undercover police detective named joe seals who recognized
4:27 pm
the vehicle he ran as being possibly connected to another homicide committed last weekend. he approached the vehicle and that's when authorities say anderson got out and shot and killed the veteran detective and father of five. the pair drove here to this grocery store which is right next door to a jewish school with some 50 kids upstairs and across the street from a catholic school with hundreds of kids. both locked down during the two-hour gun battle. here is more from the new jersey attorney general. >> yesterday when two gunmen opened fire on civilians and police officers, we saw the very worst of humanity. but in the response, as law enforcement worked to address the threat and as the community came together to grieve and care for survivors, we also saw the very best. >> the victims who were killed inside the store, mindy, the
4:28 pm
31-year-old mother and wife of the store owner. moshe deutch. and store worker douglas mcgill rodriguez, 49. officials have not designated a hate crime yet but the jersey city mayor says it certainly was and the government reportedly was a member of the black hebrew israelites and had posted online anti-semitic and anti-cop statements on facebook. authorities are investigating him and trying to figure out the motive. >> martha: heartbreaking for that detective, his family, and those innocent people in the store. thank you very much. we are keeping an eye on what's going on on capitol hill as we have done throughout the week and these hearings over the impeachment of president trump. now you have the deliberations and we are going to keep you posted on what goes on there. it turns out hunter biden's love child situation may force him to fess up about his earnings from bre's mom.
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>> martha: a paternity suit involving hunter biden and the mother have his child could shed light o on the vice president ss business dealings. she is seeking reimbursement in child support which could force biden to disclose his earnings from his time on the board of the ukrainian gas company burisma. trace gallagher has the details. >> hunter biden they have to turn the information over sooner rather than later because the judge in the paternity lawsuit has already scolded him for not giving up more financial documents. now the judge wants five years of financial records from both biden and lunden roberts, the former exotic dancer and mother of his child. ms. roberts and her lawyers want more than just biden's documents from his time on the board of
4:34 pm
the ukrainian energy giant burisma where biden reportedly earned $50,000 a month. they also want information about any money biden or his various investment firms gained from china. biden's position on the board of burisma is partially what led to the democrats impeachment case. last month the former polish president who is on the board of burisma as well said biden was indeed placed on the board because of his last name. but for former vice president joe biden, burisma is a sore spot. watch. >> what's your understanding of what son was doing for an extraordinary amount of money? >> i don't know what he was doing. i know he was on the board. i found out he was on the board after he was on the board and that was it and there's nobody -- >> not a lot of time, isn't there something you want to get to the bottom of? >> no. i trust my son. if you want to talk about problems, let's talk about trump's family. come on. >> after separating from his
4:35 pm
wife of 24 years, hunter biden began dating the widow of his brother who died in 2015. it was during that time that hunter biden met lunden roberts at a strip club he frequented. he initially denied fathering the child until a paternity test confirmed it was him. lunden roberts wants hunter biden to reimburse her for the dna test and provide child support. >> martha: thank you very muc much. the biden campaign pushing back on a political report that biden has signaled that he would serve only one term if he was electedn 2020. quoting an advisory saying if biden is elected he's going to be 82 years old in four years and he won't be running for reelection. here's the former vice president's response when asked about that today by our own peter doocy. >> about a one term pledge. >> no, never have. >> martha: all right.
4:36 pm
the host of the american enterprise institute's podcasts and fox news contributor, austan goolsbee. he knows what's going on. let's start with you. this appeared to have come from someone in the campaign, that it's something they discussed that if he were elected he might only serve for one term. >> yeah, i don't know where that comes from. a lot of times there are trial balloons that floated and a lot of times there is just extraneous information that gets floated as if it's a fact. who knows. i think the downside of promising a one term thing is in no way, it kind of makes you a lame duck before you even get there. i would be surprised if they come out with that position. >> martha: apparently chris coons said today on fox news and he is a supporter and friend of joe biden, he said joe biden made it clear to me he's ready and able and willing
4:37 pm
to serve two terms if necessary. that's an interesting way of putting it. >> exactly. the last president who was elected promising to serve only one term was 175 years ago. james k polk and he died three months after leaving office. it's not a very effective strategy. it's not surprising biden is pushing back on it, but what is clear from the story is that his advisors are talking about it. they are not just talking to each other. they are talking to politico three prominent senior advisor to the biden campaign who said it. it's pretty devastating because what it's saying is even his own advisors don't think he can serve eight years in the oval office. people who seem up close feel that way about him in the american people are going to see it eventually. >> martha: it's one way of looking at it. >> it was not named. we don't know that they are senior.
4:38 pm
>> martha: let's put up this poll that looks at new hampshire. pete buttigieg at 18%, biden right there. 17% in new hampshire. if you look at it from the other side, he presents himself as the sort of former vice president, eight years in the white house. if you don't like president trump, just give me four years and they will provide a transition. next the country and we are going to have fantastic young democrats take over when i'm done. i could imagine a scenario where it's presented like that. >> if it were, it would put a lot of emphasis on who was has picked as vice president. joe biden's greatest strength is that he's well known by the american people and well loved and has lots of experience and his biggest downside is a lot of people look and say he seems o old.
4:39 pm
that problem faces president trump. he's only a year or two younger. >> martha: i think they are about five years apart, aren't they? >> is it five? mid 70s and above. >> martha: joe biden's late 70s. >> he would be the oldest president we have had. >> joe biden has to confront this issue. he has to convince people he has the energy to do it. i think he's much more likely to go down the path of let me show you i'm energetic and i'm with it. >> martha: he may get the chance to do that one-on-one with his other septuagenarian friend, donald trump. we will see. thank you very much, gentleman. let's go take a look at live look. there is a markup session going on and they are forming articles of impeachment as we speak.
4:40 pm
why some say this fight might end up bolstering president trump in the end. that's a report of "the washington post." karl rove and juan williams next. man: sneezes skip to the good part with alka-seltzer plus. now with 25% more concentrated power. nothing works faster for powerful cold relief. oh, what a relief it is! so fast!
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>> one day this majority will back in the minority and they'll be crying and screaming for minority rights and i will point to 2019 and say this is the year you put a dagger in minority rights. >> martha: strong rebuke a moment ago from republican doug collins has a house judiciary committee continues its debate. probably going to go late into the evening of the articles of impeachment. this hearing expected to go into the evening. picked up tomorrow morning. where is the story headed? and op-ed in "the washington post" predicts trump will survive impeachment
4:45 pm
and be stronger for it. karl rove, former senior advisor to president george w. bush and fox news contribute her. juan williams, cohost of "the five." let me read more of a piece. she says "when people examine the lineup of the presidents congressional prosecutors, mother superior nancy pelosi, the prim adam schiff, and grumpy jerry nadler, it's easy to imagine why some might rather take their chances with a player like trump." >> i thought it was an interesting piece. i've written about this independently for "the wall street journal" tomorrow morning. i spent the last bullet trying to get a handle on the people who are really up for grabs in this election, the moderate independent or less were swing voters and might vote for trump or might vote for the democratic challenger. in polls and in my own
4:46 pm
scientific focus group as i've traveled the country, my sense is independents are moving against impeachment. we are seeing it in the polling and reflected in key state polls. wisconsin, pennsylvania, wisconsin. it's a modest change and it's an election in which modest changes could have significant results. i think they think the impeachment process is a sign that washington is broken, that the parties can't get along, that they're wasting their time is of the unimportant and because the democrats started it and are pushing for impeachment, i think they're the ones are going to suffer the most. marginal, small. we haven't seen the full effect just yet but we do see that independents are moving against impeachment. >> martha: juan, how do you feel? >> the numbers indicate we are stagnant in terms of support for or against but the key point to my mind is it's a high number right now, even as people point to today's polls that have i think majority opposed to impeachment.
4:47 pm
45, 47% to support impeachment. as you go back to bill clinton, the highest point was 29%. what we see is we have a highly polarized country and a lot of people already in support are not in decline. if you look at president trump's approval numbers right now, he is still locked into the mid-40s. karl worked for president george w. bush. at this point george w. bush was in the high 50s. barack obama almost 60. it's a big difference. if you're saying everything is about impeachment in terms of reelection, i would differ. the thing there's lots of issues that are going to come between now and then. but we are seeing right now was feeding and enthusiasm a part of the democratic base that i think we saw reflected in louisiana, in kentucky, virginia legislation elections, the suburbs of pennsylvania. i think the democrats are fired up over this issue. >> martha: let's take a look at this latest iowa poll.
4:48 pm
head-to-head, the president beating bernie sanders, elizabeth warren, joe biden, pete buttigieg in iowa. how significant is that poll to you? >> let me correct juan. quinnipiac poll for example in late september was 48%. to impeach the president. today it's 45. a three-point drop. the growth in those that said they shouldn't impeach the president went from 46 to 51, it's a total of an eight-point shift in favor of not impeaching the president. i don't think juan is factually correct that it's improved for those that want to impeach the president. >> i said it was stagnant, karl. >> an eight-point shift is pretty significant. we've not to be careful about the individual state polls. we have these three poles. wisconsin, pennsylvania, michigan. we have this iowa poll showing the president moving to the lead in iowa. i would feel better if we had
4:49 pm
more than one poll and if we have some confidence they are run by respected nonpartisan groups. the three polls that show him moving ahead in wisconsin, pennsylvania and michigan are of good polling operation but it's a republican polling firm. got to be a little cautious. it does seem to be additional evidence, like the quinnipiac poll. monmouth poll showed no movement from the height of the controversy about the ukrainian telephone call to today. it seems to me the internals are showing that independents are tending to move against impeachment. the president may emerge from this but let's remember we are a third of the way through the drama. we have the house floor debate and the vote. we have the senate trial in the senate vote and the key test is going to be in both chambers whether more democrats vote to keep the president then republicans vote to remove. >> martha: good to see you.
4:50 pm
thank you very much. coming up, democratic congresswoman maxine waters was one of the very first a long time ago to say she wanted president trump impeached. >> they say maxine, please don't say impeachment anymore and when they say that, i say impeachment, impeachment. >> martha: what was she saying about president clinton's impeachment in 1998? one sees with waters. hi, jesse. (children playing) ♪ (music building) experience the power of sanctuary at the lincoln wish list sales event. sign and drive off in a new lincoln with zero down, zero due at signing, and a complimentary first month's payment.
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4:55 pm
party inches closer to a vote on the articles of impeachment against president trump. the california democrat has been in office nearly 30 years, they are for the impeachment of president clinton in 1998 which she was calling then a republican coup. >> this is indeed a republican coup d'etat. mr. speaker, all the republicans, will count this extremist, radical anarchy and pious language which distorts the constitution and the rule of law. bill and hillary clinton are the real targets. >> jessica: here now is jesse watters, cohost of "the five" and waters world. so now what do you think about that then and now maxine waters? >> i guess when republicans do it, it's a ecu. did i ever tell you my maxine waters story? a buddy of mine was having
4:56 pm
brunch at the four seasons in beverly hills about two years ago. maxine waters walks in to brunch. things are going well for her. they sit down, they are at the next table, the ♪ ♪ so start flowing and he leans over and she has no idea that he's a conservative. she tells him that donald trump will be reelected because of the good economy. so she said that two years ago, which is why we know now that she is only trying to peak impeach him because she knows she can't beat him. and she's been screaming about that for two and a half years. >> martha: so she's known all along. she's had two interesting tactics. remember when she was calling for people to just stand up at the restaurant, so if your friend could have just stood up at the restaurant and said she had to leave, that's what she suggested to come watch this. >> if you see anybody from that cabinet at a restaurant, in a department store.
4:57 pm
at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd and you push back on them and you tell them they are not welcome. >> martha: that literally gives me chills, i don't care what side of the aisle you're on. that just creeps me out, you can't say that. >> i mean it, let me finish my lunch maxine. that's why when i go to lunch in the liberal neighborhoods i like to order my dessert first so that if they chase me out, i'm already there. i had someone throw a drink at my face on election night when i was saying, trump won wisconsin and michigan, boom. drink to the face. >> martha: did you throw back or punch back? >> i was shocked. i liked it, i had like a vodka tonic.
4:58 pm
[laughs] here's alexandria ocasio-cortez are lined up pretty closely with maxine waters and says she isn't disappointed there aren't more articles of impeachment. she says i'm going to camp where i feel there should be more articles. obstruction of justice should have been an article. i'm also supportive of the monument being supported, and it took so long for us to get to this point and i'm glad that we have two of them. >> what articles does she want? i hate him, i can't beat him? these are the thinnest articles ever. turley said it, it's the smallest impeachment record ever. there's not even a crime there. and the whole thing is a difference of opinion. this is why you don't give aoc the keys to the car. nancy did this. she let schiff, aoc, maxine waters no relation drive this thing and it's like when you give the key is to your teenage son without a license. he's going to crash it. it's your fault for giving them the key is and that's what happened. this is all going to backfire.
4:59 pm
>> tucker: so tom brady, it's his last season. he gave up the best buddies charity which i think it's one of the surest signs that he's thinking about moving on. it's a charity in boston that he's been closely of affiliated with for years and years. >> you are so sad. >> i'm sad about what's going on, i watch the last four games and that makes me a little sad. >> they are like ten and three and it's panic in new england. >> the eagles beat the giants the other night. >> i know. we are barely hanging on. >> maybe you'll be wearing a patriots jersey. >> that will never happen. that's the story this wednesday night, but you know what, the story just keeps going on and on and on. so we will be back tomorrow night at 7:00 and we look forward to seeing you then at the impeachment hearing. they will start off tomorrow morning after a late-night of
5:00 pm
all that tonight. we will see you back here tomorrow. tucker carlson takes over an hour from washington, d.c. thanks for watching. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." here in cable news we try not to overpromise at the booth set beginning of the show, but the house of representatives is doing a markup of its impeachment resolutions. we are monitoring data and we will bring the highlights as they happen later in the hour. plus we got the top moments from the doj inspector general's testimony to the senate which is also ahead. first tonight, thanks to the department of justice ig report we now know for certain what was, for those paying attention, fairly obvious for a very long time


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