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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  December 11, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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i do not believe there was a subpoena involved. the next is, no one is above the law, is that including immigrants who enter illegally? of course, it doesn't work with their narrative. send me your thoughts, and keep them short. that is all the time we have tonight. shannon bream and the "fox news @ night" team take it from here. shannon? >> shannon: learned something new every day. word of the day, laura. >> laura: had a great show. >> shannon: hello, welcome to "fox news @ night," shannon bream in new york. we begin with a fox news alert. the democrats impeachment push goes a prime time, judiciary committee debating the articles of impeachment against president trump just minutes ago, wrapping up. top republican on the committee, congressman doug collins, joins us live. the doj inspector general live on capitol hill with his findings, saying no one shoots consider themselves and vindicated if they were connected to this. his detailed report outlines 17
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instances where the fbi made significant errors, saying he understands why people have a hard time talking all of that up purely to incompetence. let's go to our chief rating news correspondent, trace gallagher, with the latest on the impeachment mark up. good evening, trace. >> the so-called markup session in the house judiciary committee of the committee's 41 members 5 minutes each to make opening statements, and it offers lawmakers a chance to shape the final version of the articles of impeachment, which, in this case, is a partisan proceeding. as evidenced by these remarks from the committee chair and ranking member. watch. >> one indisputable truth has emerged. if we do not respond to president trump's abuses of power, the abuses will continue. >> he on the abuse of power is the majority racing the clock and the calendar, determining what impeachment looks like. that's the abuse of power appeared to of the market will continue tomorrow, and the vote on the house floor could happen as early as next week, although
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vote totals are still in flux. democrats in districts president trump won are pushing for a center instead of impeachment. even michigan democratic representative elise slotkin is now undecided, and she acknowledges getting big time pressure in her swing district. watch. >> the phones are ringing off the hook. we literally can't pick up the phone fast enough, and its people on both sides of it. it's people who are strongly against, and people who are strongly four. and i assume that will persist. >> in the meantime, progressive house members lashing out at moderates, calling censure boneheaded and one of the dumbest ideas. alexandria ocasio-cortez called it a slap on the wrist, quoting here, "i have 15-year-olds in my district they get sent to rikers island because they jump a turnstile and they can't afford $2.75." that, of course, would be news to officials.
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impeachment is in talk of the town, but there is very little talk about the house passing the u.s.-mexico-canada agreement, or usmca, being touted as a win for house speaker nancy pelosi, but also a victory for president trump, which means democratic senators running for the white house would not touch it with a 10-foot monmouth poll, which, by the way, shows public opinion on impeachment has not budged. shannon? >> shannon: trace gallagher live on the west coast, thank you. blistering testimony from the justice department watchdog michael horowitz, the inspector general. decrying what he called a failure of the entire chain of command in the fbi's rupture probe. here's chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel of what we heard today from horowitz. mike? >> shannon, good evening. justice department inspector general says candidate donald trump at his 2016 campaign were never notified about possible russian infiltration. in fact, horwitz says the only briefing they received was an
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investigation in disguise. >> was that fbi agents spying on donald trump when you went in there? >> the agent was doing the briefing, but also using it for the purpose of investigation peered >> justice department watchdog michael horowitz testified before the senate judiciary committee about the findings in his 434 page report. chairman lindsey graham pressed horwitz on the alleged abuses regarding the fisa warrant to surveil trump aid carter page. >> they lied to the court about what the interview was all about. is that a fair summary so far? >> the generate 2017 -- it was misleading to the court. >> president trump has insisted the fbi spied on his 2016 campaign, and while democrats maintain horwitz's report says that is not the case, horwitz did note the bureau sent agents to interact with and even record trump associates. >> they spen sent spies to recod senior members of a campaign in the middle of a presidential campaign. >> they sent a confidential
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human sources to do those. >> the justice department watchdog says his team uncovered troubling actions. >> so many basic and fundamental errors were made by three separate, handpicked investigative teams. >> ask about his reports finding of 17 significant errors or omissions in the fisa application for carter page. >> a lawyer at the fbi creates fraudulent evidence, alters an email. that is, in turn, used as the basis for a sworn statement to the court that the court relies on. am i stating that accurately? >> that is correct. >> lawmakers on both sides of the aisle called for fundamental reform to the fisa application process. >> we have to address the underlying problem. the system in the hands of a few bad people can do a lot of damage. >> let's have a fulsome conversation after this about the future of the fisa court and the representations made to it. >> judiciary's ranking democrat downplayed the significance of
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the errors, suggesting to republicans it is time to move on. >> we did not find a deep state conspiracy against candidate or president trump. >> we found no bias -- >> horowitz was asked about criticism coming from attorney general barr, but he did not engage. >> my defense of our team and i will work as we stand by the report. nothing i have heard changes our view. i did not take the ig bought no my job to be popular and did not have my feelings know my feelings hurt. >> fired fbi director james comey says this vindicates him, but horwitz says his work does not vindicate anyone involved in the process. shannon? >> shannon: mike emanuel on capitol hill, thank you, mike. ♪ this is a fox news alert. a prime time markup of impeachment playing out tonight, almost immediately, the proceeding broke into a fiery debate pick one of the key players in the committee room, the ranking republican on the house judiciary committee panel, congressman doug collins joins us live. could have you back with us, sir. >> good to be with you, shannon. >> shannon: the house until chairman had to say about why
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democrats are doing what they're doing. here is his take. >> we stand here today because the president is continuing abuse of power has left us no choice, to do nothing would make ourselves complicit in the president's abuse of his high office, the public trust, and our national security. >> shannon: congressman, he says president trump has left them no choice but to do what they are doing tonight. >> no, the radical left has left adam shift no choice. you heard that on your earlier, ocasio-cortez will not tolerate a sense your application from some moderate democrats bear the problem is there doesn't need to be censure or impeachment becaue president did nothing wrong. adam schiff has trouble telling the truth. the interesting thing, he only has trouble talking when it is actually coming before our committee to do anything. he gets in front of a tv camera or has a gavel in his hand, he has no problem spreading his version of the truth. the problem is the democrats promised to their base of
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something they have to deliver on, whether they believe it or not. >> shannon: moving forward, tomorrow you are back at the table. what happens next? can republicans offer amendments? you have a voice in this process, because a lot of people are saying you are complaining about not having a seat at this table, but will you have a chance to have an impact? >> we're going to make amendments and talk about the facts. here is something to think about about, shannon. this is only the third hearing in judiciary to present the facts, and the facts aren't really there. there was nothing between -- there was a phone call. no pressure or a quid pro quo or pressure or extortion of bribery, as the democrats have tried, against president trump against president zelensky. at the end of the day, they got the aid, did nothing to get the aid, everything went forward. the interesting issue is they do not want to deal with those facts. tonight from a couple democrats -- even the press said they are not dealing with the facts of the case. we dealt with the facts, but they're pretty simple. nothing happened. when you have truth on your side, it's really easy to
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debate. when you have to make up the facts and get them -- as the law professor said last week, infer something may have happened -- then you have a real problem with impeachment. >> shannon: what you say to the folks on jerry nadler, who have said, essentially, the chairman of the house judiciary committee, that listen, if we don't allow the president -- if we don't move forward with this, we will allow a situation in which the president disregards a coequal branch, meaning congress, by not complying with subpoenas and other document requests, republican or democrat, it's not something congress should allow to be established that type of precedent. >> that is not for chairman nadler to say, he is exaggerating a point. chairman nadler has not negotiated in good faith with this administration. i was in the judiciary committee when president obama was in office, and we have had this problem running with the attorney general holder at the time. your member the fast and furious negotiations. there is always tension between the executive branch and from one of the articles of impeachment to be obstruction of
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congress is just simply a joke. 72 days to get here, in which they never negotiated -- here's an interesting point. chairman nadler could not get anything from the department of justice on the administration. schiff negotiated and got documents. chairman eliot engel has gotten most everything he needed. this administration has committed to being part of investigations in which they are properly done. chairman nadler has never tried to engage properly and how you actually get documents on how you get requests from the administration. >> shannon: i want to ask quickly, you were at the white house today with the president rolling out an executive order dealing with anti-semitism on college campuses, saying essentially that colleges don't crack down on the bds movement -- boycott, divest, censure movement against israel -- they could lose federal funding. responded, saying speech criticizing the israeli government or any government is protected by the first amendment. if the administration attempts to undermine that freedom using this order, we will see it in
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court. your response? >> the aclu has to have a fund-raising letter from somewhere, i guess this is their fund-raiser today. i would love them to defend anti-semitism. this is the same organization that goes after others who defend -- or go after people based on race, color, national origin, or anything else. this is where we deal with one of the hottest topics on most campuses right now is auntie's anti-semitism, the bds movement from a focus on israel. it's interesting that the aclu would want to go after those who are hateful and targeting the jewish community and the israelis with anti-semitic language, but then really come as no surprise because with anti-semitic congressmen who do it all the time. >> shannon: all right, listen come on that note, we will watch, we know you have another early morning, you will be marking up again. we watched tomorrow. thanks for joining us. >> take care, shannon. >> shannon: the house approving a $700 billion defense package authorizing the creation
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of president trump space force. , rising with the majority to provide 12 weeks of paid parental leave for federal employees. the bill also includes a 3.1% military raise and to the repeal of the so-called widows tax, on military death benefits. it will now go to the senate. reports tonight that harvey weinstein has reached a tentative settlements with dozens of his accusers. under the proposed $25 million settlement, weinstein would reportedly not have to admit any wrongdoing or pay his accusers directly. his studio's insurance company would be on the hook for the tab. all the major parties to the deal will still have to sign off on it, and it will need court approval. federal prosecutors asking a judge to revoke an associate of rudy giuliani for failing didn't he was indicted back in october on campaign finance charges, and his attorneys say they are reviewing the claims.
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james comey taking a victory lap, but did i do michael horowitz tell them to pump the brakes? our power panel, national security attorney bradley moss and fox news can you beat her mollie hemingway and andy mccarthy, all on deck. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ >speaker does your report vindicate mr. comey? >> it doesn't vindicate anyone who touched this, including the leadership. >> shannon: former fbi director james comey taking a victory lap after the inspector general report to which michael horowitz says, not so fast. let's bring tonight's power panel, national security attorney bradley moss. fox news contributor mollie hemingway and andy mccarthy, great to have all of you with us tonight. >> great to be here. speak a good evening, shannon. >> shannon: mollie, i will start with you.
8:18 pm
we immediately have the op-ed from mr. comey in "the washington post" saying the facts are all out, this is the truth, the fbi got it right. there were so many lies about us, and he is vindicated. >> yeah, that is typical behavior for comey. i think he also did something similar, literally, when he was referred for terminal prosecution from he demanded apologies. he has an amazing pride in his behavior, given the bad things that came out about it. this couldn't have been more definitive, with this inspector general came out and said, that no one was vindicated who had anything to do with this. he laid out so many problems with this fisa process, not just the 17 errors on the warrant to spy on carter page, but everything else to do with the process. one of the things that is most scandalous i think is learning the fbi knew that the dossier was complete and utter rubbish, by january 2017. yet they continue to beak about it, suggesting they took it seriously, and comey himself
8:19 pm
quite recently was suggesting that it was a legitimate document, when of course, they knew the sub sources for denouncing it, denying it, saying it was not accurate information and should not have been taken seriously. >> shannon: to that point about the 17 significant errors or omissions, this is what the inspector general said today before the senate testifying. >> i think it is fair for people to sit there and look at all of these 17 events and wonder how it could be purely incompetence. >> shannon: you know, bradley, it raises a question for a lot of people about how can you say there is not political bias, if you're going to have somebody who doctors a document to say exactly the opposite of what i did say and use it for a fisa application? the average person out there is not going to buy it. >> i will give the president and his allies credit, they threw about 200 different conspiracy theories of political bias and critical conspiracy theories, and they managed to land one or two, that the entirety of it.
8:20 pm
what do we have? a whole bunch of theories that president obama tapped his wires, no. the dossier was used to create the investigation in the first place, no. political bias launching the investigation, no. confidential informants were used improperly, no. you have one -- you have a fisa warrant against one individual, nobody, a bit player the campaign says they didn't even know who he was, yes, there were issues with how this fisa warrant was done. this kind of stuff should not happen. but nothing in this record, in this massive report from the ig, found that it was political bias. nothing found that the site anything to do with the larger issue of the russia investigation. carter page is barely a footnote in what robert mueller ultimately laid out in volume one of his report. >> shannon: okay, andy, to bring you in here, we are saying the 17 mistakes, errors, omissions, whatever they were, if they were simply incompetence, is that a bigger problem than saying we are not going to define this as bias, it's just a tough equation for a lot of people to make sense of.
8:21 pm
>> shannon, first of all, he doesn't say there was no bias, he says he can't make a determination one way or the other. he doesn't have positive evidence that there was bias, but he did say that when you move from the question of opening the investigation to the misrepresentations in the fisa warrant, it becomes much more murky, in terms of determining bias. one of the things i complain about with the way this all plays out and the way the inspector general, who i have known for a number of years and i think highly of, but i think one of the real problems here is if you were to try a case as a prosecutor, or any kind of trial lawyer, to a jury of justice department lawyers, and they all thought the way that horowitz presented it today, you would never convict anyone. thank god we actually try cases to common sense people, because you never get positive evidence.
8:22 pm
you never get testimony of somebody who says "unbiased," or there is some document that says "i'm biased." what ends up happening as you evaluate the conduct before you enter all rational inferences from what people say and what they do, and as horowitz himself said on the fisa stuff, the bias question is an open question. >> shannon: i want to do a little bit of a lightning round, because i want to make sure i hear from all three of you on this, but i want you to weigh in on this conversation about whether or not -- or to what level surveillance was used, or confidential humans, intelligence was used, those kinds of things. because there's been a lot of back and forth of whether it is semantics or not. mollie, i will start with you on that point. was the trump campaign spied on? or as his opponents say, it's totally phony? >> this is one of the most ridiculous arguments we have had in recent months. wiretaps, national security letters, confidential human sources, overseas intelligence assets, is that spying or not?
8:23 pm
of course it is spying. you might not use the term if you are a lawyer or somebody come up with the rest of us can use the normal term for these things, which is spying. iit is absurd to say otherwise. >> shannon: bradley? >> they spied on carter page, people on the peripheries of the campaign. they weren't spying on donald trump or michael flynn, they weren't spying on donald trump jr. or any other senior members. >> shannon: andy? >> shannon, i did wiretapped cases for 20 years, and i felt like if the defense lawyers didn't accuse me of spying, i probably wasn't doing my job. you know, it makes no difference what you call it, monitoring, spying, electronic surveillance. the question is, is it properly predicated under the law? if it is, that's what we ought to be focused on. what you call it is besides the point. >> shannon: just a "yes" or "no" from each of you, do you think there will be major
8:24 pm
changes to the fisa court system? mollie, bradley, an anti. >> i hope there are, even though they are admitting there are problems with an unregulated spy court, that is good news. >> shannon: bradley? your concerns? >> i certainly have been willing to give reform. at lindsey graham wasn't there for reforms in 2017, hopefully he is there now. >> shannon: andy, you practiced in these arenas, what do you say? >> i'm a 25 year naysayer on fisa. it was a terrible idea and should never have been enacted. you need oversight, but it should be congressional oversight. this is a political responsibility, national security. the court does not belong in it. >> shannon: andy, mollie, and bradley, always great to see you. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> shannon: breaking of elements in a deadly jersey city massacre that left six people dead, including a police officer. what we have learned about the suspects and their possible motives, next. ♪ with advil liqui-gels,
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>> shannon: officials calling the deadly shooting in a jersey city kosher market a targeted attack. as report service that one of the suspected gunman was connected to a fringe group called the black hebrew israelites, correspondent gillian turner with more details as men cover them tonight. >> law enforcement is now revealing the suspect kick started that marathon firefight in jersey city that left six people dead, including a police officer, has links to a fringe hate group known as the black hebrew israelites. the suspect published anti-semitic and antipolice posts online, and investigators are now saying they believe the attack was motivated by those beliefs. >> this remains a very fluid and fast-moving investigation. >> governor phil murphy briefed reporters today on tuesday's shoot-out that began at a local cemetery and wound up at a kosher deli in a jersey city neighborhood. detective joseph seals was the first victim of the attack, shot
8:30 pm
and killed by a pair of suspect inside a van. those suspects, david anderson and francine graham, then drove a mile to a nearby jewish grocery store. surveillance footage shows the pair exiting the van with large guns, barging into the store, and opening fire. [gunshots] >> a two-hour gun battle ensued, and ended dramatically when cops in an armored vehicle ran into the stor storm front and shot te suspect. >> law enforcement worked to address the threat, does the community came together to grieve, and care for survivors, we also saw the very best. >> the victims inside, 31-year-old lindsay fringe, 24-year-old moshe deutch, and miguel rodriguez, 49. now authorities reportedly learning david anderson appears to be connected to the black hebrew israelite movement. a fringe group with no connection to mainstream judaism. >> is a very, very hard to point
8:31 pm
to any reason other than hate ar motivation, and i think we need to call it out for what it is. >> the group came to the nations attention last january when covington catholic high school students were confronted by the black hebrew israelites, and later a native american activist in washington, d.c. >> the israelites beliefs are tricky to nail down, shannon, but in essence, they view the jewish people as imposters under legitimate, at their core beliefs are founded on hatred, ignorance, and anti-semitism. shannon? >> shannon: gillian turner in d.c., thank you. president trump is a message for universities. if you want federal dollars, you must reject the anti-israel boycott, divest, and sanction movement. critics calling this a direct attack on free speech. correspondent leland vittert with more. good evening, leland. >> as you pointed out, the aclu has already weighed in on this one. effectively, change is how the u.s. government looks at what
8:32 pm
being jewish means. and now says judaism is not only a religion, but a nationality. providing sweeping protections for jewish students on college campuses under title vi of the civil rights act. >> if you want to accept the tremendous amount of federal dollars that you get every year, you must reject anti-semitism, it's very simple. we have also taken a firm stand against the so-called divestment and sanctions movement. to speak of the boycott, divest, and sanction movement, bds for , calls for action against israel for jewish settlements in the west bank. israel and much of the american jewish lobby says it is nothing more than anti-semitism by another name. the president's order would allow the withholding of federal funds to universities seen as too friendly with the bds movement. similar measures had bipartisan support in congress, but got bogged down. david crone worked as chief of
8:33 pm
staff to democratic senator harry reid and praised the presidents, telling "the new york times," have to give credit where credit is due. but some democrats see this as potentially silencing reasonable criticism of israel. my nationality is american, said democratic senator brian schatz of hawaii, in a tweet citing a "new york times" story about the coming executive order. ilhan omar, an outspoken critic of israel, retweeted him earlier this year, proposing resolution in the house that affirmed all americans have the right to participate in boycotts in pursuit of civil and human rights at home and abroad. and listed a number of movements come and clean the boycott of nazi germany, the moscow olympics, and south african apartheid. that earned her a sharp rebuke from congressman lee zeldin. this new pro-bds resolution by omar has the clai nerve to claim moral equivalency with boycotting israel and boycotting nazi germany. disgraceful. >> the american jewish movements are already praising president trump on this, and
8:34 pm
more of the conservative ones saying this proof of how pro israel trump is. could also solidify his popularity in israel, especially with the right and center right of that country, represented right now from benjamin netanyahu. >> shannon: yeah, we will see how long that lasts. a lot going on in israel, and we're going to talk about that. leland thank you so much. a record-breaking win for president trump as his 50th applet court judge is affirmed. in california, a law preventing law-abiding citizens from buying ammo. that is coming up. but first, where in the world? back to israel, heading for the third general election in less than a year, with prime minister benjamin netanyahu and challenger benny gantz still unable to build a coalition government by today's deadline. the election will likely be held march 2nd. it is now election day in great britain, where prime minister boris johnson apparently hid in a refrigerator in order to avoid an interview. johnson was approached by good morning britton's piers morgan on his final day
8:35 pm
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(loud fan noise) (children playing) ♪ (music building) experience the power of sanctuary at the lincoln wish list sales event. sign and drive off in a new lincoln with zero down, zero due at signing, and a complimentary first month's payment. >> shannon: time now for the legal lightning round. in california, strict new gun-control law leaving thousands of lawful gun owners unable to actually buy ammo. we start tonight with the 50th federal appeals court judge to be confirmed under president trump, despite the justices -- the judge is not
8:40 pm
qualified rating from the american bar association. let's turn to carrie severino, and also author of the book on the kavanaugh proceedings. such an intriguing moment in our history. let's talk about this, part of the presidents really record-breaking speed he has been able, along with the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell, get a number of judges from the district, the appellate and supreme court levels. not everyone is happy about it. >> oh, yeah, there's a lot to be excited about from our perspective. this is the 50th appellate judge that donald trump has had concerned in eight years, obama only had 55 appellate judges confirmed, so this is an incredible accomplishment, and a lot on the left are really angry to see what success he has had, because these are just a lot of judges, they are young, so smart, so talented and experienced, and they are so much more courageous and have
8:41 pm
this record of standing up for their beliefs, than any previous republican president that i can think of. this is really an outstanding group of men and women, and we are just excited to keep going with more judges. >> shannon: even his critics will say these are people with outstanding resumes, young, principled, even if they don't agree with them on a number of issues are what they perceived to be disagreements with them. in a piece on, the headline "what trump has done to the courts, explained," it says it is a safe bet that a joe biden or elizabeth warren administration wreaking havoc on the agenda. it'll be a long time before democrats can undo the effects. >> you know, it's not really about turning the judiciary right word, it's turning them to be faithful to the law, the rule of law, the constitution. the problem is for so long, the
8:42 pm
left has been incredibly successful at weaponize in the courts, using them to achieve what they couldn't get done through the electoral process. so something congress for the president couldn't get done, they would run to the courts on the courts would be happy to give them whatever liberal wish list they wanted. now we have judges who are going to follow the line the the constitution. the american people can decide what laws they want -- it's not always going to be conservative results, but it's going to be results keeping with the rule of law. >> shannon: let me quickly ask you, the judge confirmed today, lawrence vandyke, people point to him and other recent confirmed judges, who say listen, aba is giving these is not qualified, calling them arrogant and lazy and not fit for the bench. what do you make of those assessments? >> i know lawrence vandyke, we went to law school together. the idea he is being portrayed -- someone who has been on the law review, on not one but targa states in the ninth circuit, would be
8:43 pm
portrayed as lazy and incompetent? that is laughable. i'm glad the aba finally let the mask slip in this case. we all know they are a liberal special interest group. they try to play neutral on judges, but we know, empirical studies have shown, they are biased against conservatives, against women, against minorities in these ratings. this time, it was so ridiculous, the way they tried to smear him, i think it made it very clear. this is absolutely just a smear, not anything to do with his real qualifications. he is going to be an outstanding member of the ninth circuit, and this court that was once one of the most liberal in the nation, is well known for being the most likely to be overturned by the supreme court, now finally almost back to even balance, with ten trump nominees on there, 13 republican nominees all told, almost half of the ninth circuit. that's an incredible accomplishment. >> shannon: it really is at breakneck pace. we will continue to track these and the other goings-on of the supreme court. you and i have a lot to discuss
8:44 pm
on that front, as well, a very busy turn. brand-new polls on impeachment and the 2020 democratic field. the surprising results, next. ♪ reaking hard. like quitting every monday hard. quitting feels so big. so, try making it smaller. and you'll be surprised at how easily starting small... ...can lead to something big. start stopping with nicorette for a limited time, get a outb4-course meal your holidays even better! starting at $15.99. treat yourself to the perfect gift today, because the aussie 4-course won't last long! and now, get a $10 gift with every $50 in gift cards. they can save you these. in fact, if you had a dollar for every time they said it, you'd have a lot of dollars. which makes it hard to believe, especially coming from a talking lizard. pip, pip, cheerio! look, all i, dennis quaid, know is that esurance is built to save you dollars without skimping on service. and when they save, you save. the only way to know how much is to get a quote.
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[crowd chanting] >> shannon: progressive activist following mayor pete buttigieg on the upper west side, tracked him down between big-ticket fund-raisers. they have been going after his fund-raising and his ties to the mckinsey consulting firm. tonight, former vice president joe biden denying a report he is considering only serving a single term if he wins presidency. the democratic front-runner campaigning in nevada in the wave of new poll numbers. correspondent peter doocy is in vegas with more. >> joe biden insists he is not too old to be president this cycle, but what about next cycle? "politico" reports, "if elected, he will be 82 years old and four years and won't be running for reelection." fox news caught the 77-year-old today in las vegas. >> have you ever talked about a one term pledge? >> i never have. i don't have any plans on one term. i'm not even there yet. >> his new immigration proposal
8:49 pm
seeks distance from a barack obama's record on deportations. the campaign explains it joe biden understand the pain felt by every family across the u.s. that has had a loved one removed from the country, including under the obama-biden administration. last night in pennsylvania, president trump picked on biden and warren. >> she rose and became strong, but then she opens that fresh mouth of hers, and it stopped. >> hours later, warren pushed back. >> i think the president is sounding really nervous. >> warren has fallen to fourth in a new wbur poll of new hampshire democrats pick of the layer is pete buttigieg followed by biden and bernie sanders. michael bloomberg had 2%, even though he is not on the ballot in the granite state, so he can concentrate on super tuesday, like california. >> californians understand nothing is simple. the former mayor's campaign also announced mike bloomberg is donating $10 million to house majority pack to protect house democrats being attacked by republicans over their support
8:50 pm
for impeachment. rivals see all of bloomberg's big checks and aren't expressing concern, as long as he is stuck at 5% in national polls like quinnipiac in monmouth. >> the both of you as the clear front-runner, and michael bloomberg, despite all of the ads and millions of dollars, 5%. what does that tell you about what democrats are looking for? >> michael, keep spending. [laughs] >> in las vegas, peter doocy, fox news. >> shannon: okay, 2020 polls to impeachment balls, democrats and one said they needed impeachment hearings in order to convince the american people. is it working? and we now, former press secretary for former house speaker paul ryan, ashlee strong, fox news contributor leslie marshall. great to have you both with us tonight. >> thank you. >> shannon: a couple of things for monmouth, first with impeachment support among independent voters, break down, 55% opposed, 36% support. for now, it looks like the house
8:51 pm
democrats attempts to woo the independence and working on this topic. >> absolutely. as you mentioned, the polling going either slightly less in favor of impeachment or staying static. i think today's news was yesterday's news and today's news, the ig report coming out, showing clear, blatant problems at the doj, and targeting the president, will only help solidify those numbers for him. but at the moment, the democrats have failed to make their case, and clearly, the polling is showing that, it's very static in nature. >> shannon: another part of the democrats trouble, probably, possibly in the monmouth poll, with a ask people what they think democrats are after, pursuing the fact, 33%, but bringing down trump, 59%. leslie, that seems to suggest people think this is more about a takedown then it is about acting on principle. >> i think -- you know, i actually wrote an article today about how it is patriotism and not politics, and a lo i got a f
8:52 pm
grief and pushback. the polls show it is not political. if your speaker pelosi in the polls are either stagnant or it is coming down, and you see swing voters, independent voters more opposed to it than in favor of it -- well, if it is political, you would completely back off, and we just don't see her doing that. >> shannon: do you think she is too far down the road? it seems like come at this point, there are whispers about censure, but no way, we are not doing bad, so far down the past, it's impeachment or nothing. >> i do the good so far down the path. she took her time, and there was a reason she took her time. originally, she said she wanted bipartisan support, and i think she thought she would get that, it's clear that she won't. but i really feel that she, as the house speaker, is doing with the house needs to do. that it is their obligation to uphold the constitution and to keep those branches of power equal and to keep the president and check with the house over the executive branch. >> shannon: we have had a number of democrats the last few days say things like, listen, we
8:53 pm
have to stop otherwise he will get reelected, or there is a chance he could get reelected. that suggest interesting take on why moving ahead with impeachment right now is so important. this comes as we look at another poll going into next year's reelection, a quinnipiac poll, are you better off now -- that question people are always asked before they head to the ballot box. 57% of people say they are better off financially than they were in 2016. 22% said they were soft, 90% saying the same. my math is not great, but 76% of that say they are the same or better. how do democrats run against that? >> it's really hard to run against an incumbent president as is, and particularly hard against an incumbent president with a good record. we saw last week the job report coming out, blowing out of the water any expectations we have had on new jobs, on wage growth. we are seeing the trickle-down in the middle and lower income demographics. it is certainly going to be tough for anyone to try to take on the president in that environment. let alone in an environment
8:54 pm
where all we are talking about his impeachment. i think this is an unforced error by the democrats. i think it is a politically unsavvy move. unfortunately, for them, it's taking all of the oxygen out of the room as it relates to the presidential race right now. >> shannon: leslie, what about that? whether it is democrat or republican in the white house, when there is a good economy, it's tough for the opposing party to make a good run at the white house. >> a couple of things. first, yeah, there are people watching the hearings but the hearing is not changing their mind, they didn't think it would. but when you look at what matters to them -- even though the economy, everyone says in the past, the clinton years, it's the economy, stupid. through the health care now. such as health care, its immigration, some of those other issues, although health care comes under the umbrella of economy, and a lot of americans to look at it is that. things were so great, then president trump would be leading in and a lot of states that he won, he is not leading, or if he is, just by one percentage point, and some of these battleground states we are
8:55 pm
seeing them across two very well in. >> shannon: final word to you as we look now at the democratic field in flux, people peeking in and ebbing and flowing. we are still a few weeks out from the first official vote by the primary voters, but what do you make of the field as we know it? >> sure. we are six or seven weeks away, tackle debates away from the iowa caucuses. we still have plenty of time for the field to mature, but as of right now, it shouldn't be confidence inspiring, seeing additional candidates jumping in the race at this stage. hopefully for the democrats, some coalescing, but as of right now, it's a pretty desperate field. >> shannon: i would be irritated if i was running for a year at the veil's jumped in, but that's the way politics works. ashlee and leslie, thank you. carbonite hero, the patrol spotted what they thought was a disturbance argument at the dmv, but the offers are realized the situation was a migrant barrier. using a merrick in sign language to communicate with a deaf woman, assisting her trying to apply for an i.d. card, and even
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