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tv   Fox News Reporting  FOX News  December 13, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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great to see you. thank you for joining us. i'm dana perino, we will see you on "the five" and a couple of hours. in the meantime, here's chris wallace. >> this has been a wild week and if you have any questions, please go ahead. >> chris: might have one or two pair of the present today had something to say after a house committee two articles of impeachment. we will hear his reaction and explain what happens next rate of across the pond, ruling but britannia buried him what messae does the big win send the democrats here at home? and a 13-year-old boy arrested in the killing of a college student here in new york, what we've learned about how it all unfolded. i am chris wallace in new york, the news starts now.
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the stage is set for another is to work vote in congress after the house judiciary committee adopted two articles of impeachment against hear his democratic chair jerry nadler of new york shortly after that big vote. >> today is a solemn and sad d day. the house judiciary committee has voted articles of impeachment against the president. for abuse of power and obstruction of congress. the house will act expeditiously. thank you. >> chris: the panel split along party lines, 23 democrats voted yes and all 17 republicans voted no. the full house expected to vote on the articles of impeachment next week. president trump says he is ready for trial in the senate.
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>> i will do whatever i want. we did nothing wrong. so i will do long or short. >> chris: mitch mcconnell tells fox news there was no chance the president will be removed from the white house. first of our producer for congress, chad pergram. explain what's going to happen next for us. >> next week they have to go to the house rules committee and will establish the contours on the house floor for the articles of impeachment. that come on tuesday and then the debate on the actual articles of impeachment wednesday and possibly thursday. i asked a senior source within the past hour here how much time will they devote to that debate and no one quite knows if you let history be your guide, go back to president clinton than 283 members talked on the house floor during the debate regarding the articles of
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impeachment for president clinton back then. and you're going to hear a lot of the same lines of what we've heard democrats criticizing president trump and the trip administration. republicans calling this impeachment light, saying there were only two articles of impeachment. impeachment is impeachment. in 2006, the st. louis cardinals at the worst record for any world series team to win the world series but still the world champion. echoes the same way for impeachment. you are impeached, you are impeached. >> chris: and it stays in your record forever. let's talk about those 31 democrats, won in districts that donald trump won in 2016. how many of them might jump ship? only a certain number, if all 31 go, president doesn't get impeached. what do we know about the moderate democrats and how many major effect from speaker pelo speaker pelosi? >> a lot of those numbers are
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going to be doing some soul searching, some might vote yes one article of impeachment, they can finesse this in their districts and kind of make the case. don't forget a lot of these members really know their districts and know if they can vote for impeachment are not but at the end of the day, it is a vote of consciousness. they're going to say i'm going to vote this way because i think it's the right thing to do for the wrong thing to do, not because it would help me get reelected. in 2009 with obamacare, there were a lot of democrats who lost their seats in the 2010 midterms and they think about the right vote. this is the vote of higher gravity than that and they're going to vote their conscience. >> chris: if they do vote to impeach, it would come to a trial in the senate and the early next year and you heard president trump say i could go with a long trial which would mean witnesses being called on both sides were shorter trial where both sides, house managers present their cases and then vote without hearing witnesses.
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what's the latest thinking on capitol hill? >> that was the key in the president clinton trial, that there was an agreement to setting the parameters of the debate. i talked with the former senate parliamentarian about what the possibilities might be. >> the potential is as yet the lines are not on the field yet, don't know if it's going to be 100-yard field over 200-yard field and a series of first downs and keep going. >> making a lot of noise saying is this going to be a fair trial? there is some suggestion by house democrats that they think the field is tilted in the favor of the president and the republican senate, listen to a democrat from maryland. >> and wanted to see it for my own eyes because i couldn't believe that when i was told
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he's at the senate is working directly with the white house to set up the rules that they want that is a complete surrender of the constitutional duties and prerogatives in the senate. >> it's important to note that he could be one of the house impeachment managers. one of the prosecutors that comes over from the house to present the case in the senate. >> chris: chad pergram on capitol hill, thank you for that. fox team coverage continues now, chief white house correspondent john roberts live on the north lawn. >> good afternoon to you, i was with the president and the oval office earlier on today. he told the pool as it is known that he watched some of the proceedings today and said he watched a lot yesterday, the president again insisting he did nothing wrong and warning about the process of the democrats are engaged in on capitol hill could come back to bite them one day. listen to what the president said. >> it is a scam, it is something that shouldn't be allowed, and it is a very bad thing for our
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country. you are trivializing impeachment and i tell you what, they will be a democrat president and the republican house and i suspect they're going to remember it because when you use impeachment for absolutely nothing other than to try to get political gain. >> pretty much resigned to the idea that these articles of impeachment likely will pass the house. sometime next week, that it will be on to a trial in the senate. as to what you are talking with chad about just a moment ago, a long process and the senate for a short process in the senate. senators mcconnell and graham have said they would prefer a short process because they don't want to legitimize what the democrats did in the house, they asked with his preference would be. >> will do whatever they want to do, wouldn't mind a long process because i like to see the whistle-blower who is a fraud.
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there was nothing done wrong to use the power of impeachment, it's an embarrassment to this country. the president just said it. is an embarrassment to our country. >> the president was talking about the president of paraguay who was seated there beside him in the oval office. in one of the other potential problems is that it presents a long list of witnesses that includes the whistle-blower and includes adam schiff and nellie ohr and people of the republicans would like to hear from. the democrats might counter with a list of their own and when you start getting into all of these witnesses, that trial could go down some rabbit holes that the republicans would probably rather it didn't. >> chris: as you pointed out, he was meeting the president, so there is other business getting done and one of the things the president announced was is one of a trade deal with china.
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what is that all about? >> the chinese on the president of the united states today announced they have come to an agreement. we don't know the exact language of all of this, it still needs to be legally worked out but they have come to an agreement on phase one of the trade deal that is the first in a long road to resetting the trade relationship between the united states and china. under this new agreement, they will not impose tariffs on some $160 billion worth of chinese goods that were scheduled to go into effect on december th december the 15th. they will reduce current tariffs from a current 15% to 7.5% but they will maintain 25% tariffs on some $250 billion worth of chinese goods. why? was into what the president sa said. >> in agriculture, they will hit
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$50 billion. >> that is not the sound we were expecting. was the president saying that he is going to leave those 25% tariffs on as a negotiating tool because they are going to get into phase two and while phase one we are told addressing some of the thornier issues like intellectual property theft which is rampant in china, currency manipulation and some other things, much of the bulk of the meat of that left for phase two. the chinese said today they will start negotiations on phase two right away but how phase two goes depends on how phase one is implemented. so this is still far from a done deal. >> chris: john roberts reporting from the white house, thank you. as democrats defend the impeachment process, one congresswoman says she be open to impeaching the president a second time if he is reelected in 2020. hose representative karen bass
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>> chris: back now to the fox top story, the house judiciary committee has voted to send articles of impeachment against president trump the full house. the vote split along party lines, we will talk to republican in a moment but first congresswoman karen bass from california, democrat on the judiciary committee says she has rock-solid confidence they have enough votes to impeach the president defending the case to the senate. congresswoman, let's start with a comment this morning from the top republican on your committee doug collins, take a look. >> they wanted to impeach this president since the day he was elected and has been doing nothing but conduct this
12:16 pm
investigation to this point this year, it is just a travesty and it will show up next november. >> chris: if you had not been talking about impeaching this present even before he took office in 2017? >> i do think they were a number of my colleagues that felt that way very strongly and as a matter of fact, when he won the house, i would say the number one reason we won was because of health care but there were a number of districts where impeachment was a very big issue and i think some of my colleagues came in and that was important to them. i think the process that we have gone through in the house and all of the other committees that have been involved in an investigation has been conducted in a very important open methodical some thoughtful manner. wins reelection in 2020, you can
12:17 pm
see impeaching him again in a second term. >> let me just tell hugh, that would be the last thing that i would want to see happen. i was responding to a hypothetical which was impeachment is not like a criminal trial in double jeopardy, the last thing in the world he would want to see is for that to happen, i would just believe if mcconnell follows through and the way in which he says he's going to follow through which is completely inappropriate but why this administration has been so terrible. >> chris: you don't have control, the people have control
12:18 pm
but even in a hypothetical about impeaching them again, would that be that you would impeach them again for the same alleged crimes or that something new might come up and can you understand where some people might hear you even responding to a hypothetical and said this isn't about justice, this is about getting donald trump. >> i do understand that, so let me just also explain that you know we will complete the impeachment process this week in the house to eat if you know that the committee that have been investigating providing oversight would continue to do their work. when we send the articles impeachment over to the senate, it is possible that we find out more information especially court cases that are making their way through reports, we would send that information over to the senate.
12:19 pm
how did you feel when you voted this morning to send an article of impeachment to impeach the president of the house floor for only the fourth time in our history? >> do you want to know how i honestly felt? i felt very sad. i felt sad, felt scared, because i feel frightened for our nation and what we have been going through over the last few years, the only reason i feel afraid that is i think sometimes he can be so erratic that you never know exactly what he's going to do. is he going to make another decision like he made in syria and pull the troops out and the kurds get slaughtered because he's mad at us? i felt sad and i felt fearful.
12:20 pm
but i also have the confidence in the american people. >> chris: congresswoman karen bass, thank you so much for talking with us. reaction from the other side of the aisle next, we will talk with republican congressman chip roy from texas who says democrats failed to present solid evidence of high crimes and misdemeanors. ok everyone!
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12:25 pm
allowing progressive democrats like a alexandria because cortez to take her mantle. let's bring in a republican congressman from texas, you said they have "utterly failed to provide evidence of an impeachable offense. is there nothing the president did with ukraine that bothers you? >> thanks for having me on, glad to be on your show. this is one of those things where i believe that it's important to remember the founders didn't give us recall elections, they didn't give us votes of no confidence, they gave us a process of high crimes and misdemeanors. the democrats have not presented a case in which you have evidence of high crimes and misdemeanors. we do join with them americans and sing wasn't a perfect call? you can say it wasn't a perfect call but still come to the conclusion that the president didn't do anything that rises to a high crime or misdemeanor. i think it was rightly looking into what was going on in
12:26 pm
ukraine. but we saw were elected officials in ukraine like the sitting ambassador at the time putting off beds in "the new york times," getting behind hillary clinton. ukraine court that found there was meddling in our election in 2016 and president trump is simply saying would you do something about the fact that ukraine is interfering in our elections? all my democrat colleagues at say that is a debugged theory are trying to hide behind russian interference and i say to them welcome to the club of targeting russians, we've been against them for years let's look at what ukraine has done. of >> chris: let's talk about the other aspect of the people find more troubling. you say there was a quid pro quo in this conversation but it was for president trump asking president zelensky to investigate corruption. how do you explain the fact that president trump in that famous
12:27 pm
july 25th phone call never actually mentions corruption and the only americans he asked ukraine to investigate just happen to be his chief democratic rival joe biden and biden son hunter? >> did president trump mention any other democratic candidate? no. you mention the former vice president who we know has put pressure on ukraine to remove the prosecutor general and so they wouldn't get a billion dollars. in fact, he bragged about it. and his son was making $83,000 a month for sitting on a board of a company burisma which had known corruption problems in the past. >> chris: the only person that he talks about was at that point in july of 25th of this last summer, his main rival, democratic rival in the presidential election at 2020? do you think a coincidence? >> do you believe vice president biden should be immune from
12:28 pm
scrutiny because he is running for president or should we be looking at what vice president biden was doing in terms of his pressure that he was applying and not recusing himself, not removing the conflict of interest, but very specifically engaging with what was going on when his son is making a million dollars a year with no experience in energy. >> chris: the only point i'd make as the president said he will be in touch with you and bill barr and the justice department never followed up about joe biden. >> what we know is he is looking into all of the interference of what was going on in 2016 and that i think is fundamental here. the people debugged are missing the point that a highly corrupt nation and corrupt history taking hundreds of millions dollars of taxpayer money and the president saying wait a minute, you are taking this money, new reformer president zelensky, we need you
12:29 pm
to stand up and demonstrate that you're going to take our money and use it effectively and help us root out corrupt individuals in ukraine targeting the 2016 election. president trump was right to look into that and right to be concerned about what vice president biden had in terms of engagement with buris burisma. making a million dollars a year on the board. here's the point. had a very good reason to be concerned about these entities. for that to be labeled a high crime and misdemeanors turns the entire point of a high crime and misdemeanor on its head and it is clearly politically motivated effort by democrats who for two years as you pointed out and i appreciate you asking the questions of my colleague, it undermines all credibility for democrats who have been into this forever and searching for something to answer their desire to impeach the president. on>> chris: thank you so much for talking to us. developing now, live pictures
12:30 pm
out of london where it is going on 8:30 at night, demonstrators marching in protest of prime minister boris johnson's conservative win. johnson ran on the promise of bringing about brexit no matter what. we have seen the protests turn violent up points, hitting protesters with billy clubs and some of the people lying bloodied in the street. senior foreign affairs correspondent greg palkot reporting live now from london. >> there is a bit of reaction in the streets of london and elsewhere in the u.k., a big win, the area around his office as well as the houses of parliament shut down by police as they deal with the isolated but it sometimes violent protests in london. for the most part, the public in the u.k. seemed pleased about the results appear to they won
12:31 pm
365 seats in the parliament which is whopping landslide majority to 203 for the opposition labor party. after a rancorous campaign and a bit more rancor tonight, here is what boris johnson had to say today. >> i frankly urge everyone on either side after three and a half years of an increasingly arid argument, i urge everyone to find closure and to let the healing begin. >> as we can see again by these images, a little more healing may be in order. >> chris: some people are drawing comparisons between what happened last night in britain and the u.s. election, and they are suggesting boris johnson was not the most popular person in the world but ultimately it
12:32 pm
seems british voters decided that jeremy corbyn was just too far to the left. is that a comparison but is being drawn in britain that this might be a warning sign of what could happen in the united states in 2020? >> exactly, people are drawing their own lessons, whatever they want from these elections, jeremy corbyn leader of the labour party had some pretty radical views both in terms of foreign policy and domestic policy. we have heard from joe biden today morning the democratic fail not to stray too far to the left. on the other side, has been pleading and commenting about how great it was that his friend boris johnson won and that it might be a good sign for his own campaign. back to you. >> chris: thank you. we are waiting to see if the supreme court decides to hear several cases regarding president trump's financial
12:33 pm
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12:38 pm
committees, the other for the manhattan district attorney. with the high court does not take up the cases, house committees could try to get the documents as early as this mon month. former federal prosecutor now a defense attorney, the basic issue is whether or not the president has immunity from federal and local subpoenas. one of the arguments on both sides people issuing the subpoenas? >> one is on the president tsai, he can say i'm actually immune to prosecution while i'm in office and that's when his attorney was raised against one of the three cases here. they also tend to argue this is frivolous and witch hunt fishing when the committees go after his
12:39 pm
records. that is less of a court for they don't require much of a justification from the house to get this information, so i think it's going to be very interesting to see if the supreme court takes this case or not because they really could cut some new case law here in terms of how the powerful the president is vis-a-vis subpoena powers from the committee. >> chris: to make sure i understand, you have three lower court rulings that say he has to turn over the records, though those lower court ruling stand and they have to turn over the records, is that correct? >> essentially we are on a fast-track for that information to be turned over and in some instances it is by his accountant but they will be under obligation under court order to turn this over in the house and the d.a. can use it as they see fit. >> chris: one of the key issues i know in the cases of what the house is doing with his subpoenas is whether this has a
12:40 pm
legitimate legislative purpose, a reason that congress needs to see the president's tax records and whether it's just a fishing expedition to try to find some crime. with the sense of the merits on both sides of that? >> the court doesn't want to second-guess congressional reasoning, so when the house oversight committee subpoena, they basically said -- but they don't like to crawl behind the reasoning, so if there is an explanation that could work as the basis for oversight, the courts can be very loath to overturn that. so i think the president has a better chance of winning in a broader stroke that he is immune to process while he's in office than he does on the narrow issue of whether they've given a legitimate reason.
12:41 pm
>> chris: in 30 seconds or less, what are they going to decide? >> that's a tough one to predict. is a pretty good chance they will take it but even if they take the cases, doesn't really tell you where they're going to go ultimately on a ruling so it is pretty murky i don't think anyone can say with any confidence what's going to happen. dramatic new case law to say he is officially immune from litigation during his office but that's where we end up, so they may take it, not sure what the result will be. >> chris: thank you. the shooters allegedly responsible for that deadly attack in new jersey may have been targeting a jewish school. what dozens of children inside. that according to the mayor of jersey city just across the hudson river from new york city. the feds investigating the attack as an act of domestic terrorism, also looking for a white ford van they say belong to one of the shooters. at a news conference today, the
12:42 pm
mayor announced a plan to pay the mortgage for the home of the police officer killed in the attack. >> the fbi is still investigating but says it is his opinion that the jewish school and synagogue to my right was the intended target of tuesday's attack and not that grocery store right next door. is his belief the two officers who quickly engage the shooters as they ran out of the u-haul van likely force the attackers into a grocery store instead potentially saving the lives of 50 kids inside. >> we believe it is fairly clear that he walks to the door directly adjacent first and then pivots. as you all know, it is directly adjacent attached to that building number one and people should know this could have been far worse. this could've been the
12:43 pm
equivalent of a sandy hook type tragedy. >> this is the inside of that bullet riddled grocery store. the attackers had five weapons including an ar-15 style rifle, there was a pipe bomb inside that u-haul van which was retrofitted with ballistic panels. the shooters also left a note. investigators say the shooters were motivated by anti-semitism and antipolice sentiment, this is being investigated as an act of domestic terrorism and hate, the shooters posted anti-semitic messages on social media and were interested in a fringe religious movement. the community has held vigils for the three civilians killed inside that store the co-owner 31-year-old mother of three, 24-year-old customer and 49-year-old douglas mikell rodriguez, an employee. the tunnel to towers foundation announced it will play off the mortgage for the family of
12:44 pm
jersey city police detective joseph seals who was killed by the shooters at a nearby cemetery before the attack. >> i don't want to speak for their family but they are grieving and processing everything. has five children to take care of so with the lot. was tunnel to towers, this is a burden that they shouldn't have to deal with anymore. it's what makes it a little bit easier. >> chris: the viewing is on monday on his gofundme page has raised over $420,000 so far. thank you. a teenager arrested in the stabbing death of a new york city college student, details on that ahead. and lawyers for the boston marathon bomber are trying to overturn his death sentence. could some social media posts help their case? all of that coming up. i try to find companies that turn these challenges into opportunities. it's these unique companies
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>> chris: police in new york city arresting a young teenager in the stabbing death of a college freshman. also questioning a second young person and looking for a third. that's what a police source tells fox news. 18-year-old estimators, cops say the killing happened around 5:30 wednesday night in manhattan. is an all women's college affiliated with nearby columbia university. david lee miller live in our new york city newsroom. >> it seems increasingly like this was a robbery that went tragically wrong. this afternoon to come on one of the accused teens is due to be arraigned in family court. appears at this stage of the legal process, he is being treated as a juvenile. all three of the suspects are either 13 or 14 years old, authorities have not said what
12:50 pm
they are charged with. the fox affiliate in new york says one of the teens has confessed to taking part in the crime. this deadly attack has shocked and angered new yorkers. for some, it is reminiscent of the city's troubled past. the victim had only been in new york city three months. she was here attending barnard college, one of the most prestigious schools grade she was stabbed to death just off campus while walking wednesday evening in nearby morningside park. this is a park that was once considered to be the most dangerous and all of new york city but in recent years has improved its reputation. during the attempted robbery, she was stabbed multiple times but despite massive injuries, she managed to climb a flight of stairs in the park where she collapsed. a security guard from the school called 911 and died a short time later at a local hospital. in the wake of the death, the nypd has now beefed up security at the school, but the finger-pointing here has already
12:51 pm
begun, some critics blamed city hall for an uptick of assaults and robberies in the area, mayor de blasio defending his administration's policies said they would not be a return of the high crime rate that new york experience decades ago. as the investigation continues, tessa's family mourns her loss. her brother posted online and i quote "rest in peace, the best sister and friend someone could ask for. ">> chris: terrible story. attend former nfl players charged in a multimillion dollar scam, justice department officials say they stole millions of dollars from a health care fund for retired nfl players. investigators say they identified them by filing false claims for medical equipment and some of those machines weren't even meant for humans. they apparently submitted claims for a device designed for horses. prosecutors say they targeted a fund that reimburses players for
12:52 pm
medical costs, not covered by insurance. convicted, the former players could face decades in prison. did the admitted boston bomber get a fair trial? 's lawyers say he didn't know that they can prove it. that is next. is that ireland...1953? how did you know? mom...that was taken at the farm. it was in this small little village. in connemara? right! connemara it is. honestly, we went there- oh, oh look at that! look at that.
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>> lori is for the boston marathon bomber says their client did not get a fair trial. now they want federal court to overturn his death sentence. joe harris, convicted up 30 charges linked to the 2013 attack that killed three people and injured hundreds more. defense lawyers say several jurors should've been kicked off the case because of comments they posted on social media. prosecutors say it's not about what jurors have seen or heard about the case, but whether they can set aside and make a decision based on the evidence presented in court. laura ingle joins us now with
12:57 pm
more. >> this all comes down to the social media posts we are talking about twitter and facebook. defense lawyers is clearly two of these jurors on the case were biased and that their client did not get a fair shot. yesterday a panel of federal judges raise serious questions about why these jurors were allowed on the trial in the first place. dzhokhar tsarnaev was found guilty and sentenced to death for his part in the boston marathon in 2015. three bill dodd, seven people lost limbs, and 300 were injured after tsarnaev and his older brother set down to pressure cooker bombs in the crowd lined up to cheer on marathon runners. his brother was killed in a shoot-out and the younger tsarnaev, who was 19 at the time, was taken into custody and eventually charged. before the trial a local woman who eventually became the fourth woman of the jury, retweeted 22 post about the bombing which included one that is being used in this request to overturn the
12:58 pm
death sentence, which describes tsarnaev as a piece of garbage. his lawyer also question the choice of venue for his clients trial. >> in our view, many of the factors that made boston in inappropriate venue for this trial persist. the nature of the crime and the extraordinary impact of the crime on the people of this community. tsarnaev is attorney singh is also controlled by his older brother. >> are some of the victims speaking out about this appeal? >> many of them were in court yesterday. one woman, liz norton, mother of two lost legs and the bombing told "the new york times" that a reversal of the verdict or the sentence would be a bitter disappointment. adding that tsarnaev's execution is their only hope at life. one woman at the hearing yesterday, the wife of a survivor, doesn't buy the argument that he was under his brother's control. >> he was 19 years old.
12:59 pm
he wasn't just turned an adult. he had been a dull thing for a while. i don't think that shows that his brother was controlling him or manipulating him. speak of the three-judge panel did not make a ruling yesterday. it could be months before they render their decision. >> laura, thank you. major league baseball making big changes to its drug policy. the league announced it is removing marijuana from its list of banned substances but will start testing players for cocaine, fentanyl, and opioids. players will only be disciplined if they fail to cooperate with treatment plans. under this weekend and a show i like called fox news sunday 11 exclusive interview with former fbi director james comey about the justice department inspector general report. also more on what is next for impeachment with white house special counsel, pam vann d, and the house intelligence committee chairman, california democrat
1:00 pm
adam schiff. all of that this sunday on fox news. and coming up at the top of the hour, "your world with neil cavuto." all of that next. ♪ >> for the third time in a little over a century and a half, the house judiciary committee as voted articles of impeachment against the president. 14 hours yesterday and a few moments this morning, this anticlimactic end to this whole charade was fitting inappropriate. there wasn't much they are. >> this is a really weak case. that's why i think you're going to see bipartisan opposition to the articles. >> the impeachment is a hoax, it's a sham. it started a long time ago. >> we've had the phones ringing off the hook. we had to install a third phone line yesterday in the off


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