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tv   Fox and Friends Saturday  FOX News  December 14, 2019 3:00am-7:00am PST

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♪ ♪ ed: did. j this morning. i wonder who picked that on one. pete: either will hit me or hold me. rachel: is that the lyrics to the song? pete: those who like me love me but those who don't like me don't like me so much. [laughter] ed: welcome back, i was about to say welcome, rachel but maybe not. how are you? rachel: good, very good.
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ed: fantastic. we will be playing dj this morning. maybe the fourth hour we will let you play? pete: send us a song. ed: army navy game today, pete? pete: we are ready to go. i'm not going but the army has won last three years in the row. ed: five and seven this year and navy is 9-2. pete: we have been there before. we like a good underdog. we will talk about it all morning long. i won't waste my material right now. ed: months allege nancy pelosmonths ago nancy pelosiwas. instead the house judiciary committee yesterday in historic vote but also party line votes approved two articles of impeachment against president trump. pete: out of the judiciary committee the first article of impeachment for abuse of power, party line vote as ed said. 23-17. second vote on articles of impeachment, obstruction of
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congress. ed: not of justice. pete: 23-17. we saw this coming. rachel, here we are. rachel: what's interesting, is the president is taking this in stride. you know what? i don't care how they decide how they carry out this impeachment. it can be long. it can be short. i know i'm innocent. here's what he has to say about that. >> it's a scam it's something that shouldn't be allowed, and it's a very bad thing for our country. and you are trivializing impeachment. we did nothing wrong. so i will do long or short. i have heard mitch. i have heard lindsey. i think they are very much in agreement on some concept. i will do whatever they want do. it doesn't matter. i wouldn't mind a long process. i would like to seat whistleblower, who is a fraud. ed: when he says long or short he is talking about a senate trial. short trial you have senator lindsey graham saying maybe there should be a motion to dismiss where according to the rules you only need a
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simple majority, which the republicans might have in that case. you would have to make sure you keep all republicans like mitt romney on board that's why there is some indecision. have a motion to dismiss and get this over with quickly. rachel: is that good or bad? ed: the president is really itching for a trial. i will do either one in. he likes the idea of a long one. get the whistleblower. let's get hunter biden and adam schiff as a witness. all the people that he has wanted to call like democrats like jerry nadler and adam schiff would not call in. pete: either way a president undeterred. okay setting stock market records. passed usmca. nancy pelosi trying to take credit of it. no way she will lose that china deal. pass naa which includes the space force and paid family leave and increases for the military. pay for the military. he steps back and says if you are looking at what i was sent here to do, this was a week where i delivered. let them do their thing.
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ed: that may be getting why democrats are getting nervous. polls in battle ground states like your home of wisconsin that suggests particularly independent voters turning against impeachment. look at this monmouth poll should the president be impeached and removed from office 45% yes, 50% no. so no president wants to have 45% of the public saying you should be impeached and removed from office. but, based on the division in the country it's not unexpected that 45% would say that the key is the 50% is saying no. pete: again, that's a national poll. rachel: national poll. it's not in the battle ground states. but also we know these polls can be wrong. a lot of people who like donald trump will never tell a polster they like him because trump voters have been smeared as racist. and so i think that you any, polls can be wrong. pete: ohio, wisconsin, michigan, pennsylvania, in those swing states, impeachment is tanking. amongst independents and, of course, amongst republicans
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in a place that is motivating his base. ed: right. pete: in a way democrats never thought would happen through this process. rachel: meanwhile democrats say this entire process is solemn. the media is going along with this, too. it's such a sad day. >> these proceedings have been conducted in a solemn, fair, dignified manner. >> you could just tell from the looks on all of their faces, nicole, that this is a moment in history that none of them really wanted. >> our chairman would remind us of the solemnity of the moment. >> no victory lap here. whatever they feel privately they're taking it seriously as it warrants historically and constitutionally. >> very solemn. you feel the weight of the present but you feel the weight of the past. >> today is a solemn and sad day. ed: how could you say they are taking it so seriously when one democrat was caught on the watching golf on his
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laptop. this is impeachment. this is rare. this is historic. this is what you claim to be solemn. so, close the laptop, put the phone aside, focus on your work. do your job. but, instead, it's a big political game. rachel: because they have known they wanted to do this all along. that's what jim jordan was saying. take a look. >> we'll know the real feeling next november when the american people get to decide. but the whole thing was ridiculous. this is really about what nancy pelosi said three and a half weeks ago when she called the president of the united states an imposture. they have never accepted that 63 million of us voted for this guy to come to this town and drain the swamp. won an electoral college land slide. they have never accepted that fact and they have been looking for any way and every way to take him out of this town and take him out of office. now it comes down to impeachment where all the facts are on the president's side. they don't care because they have never accepted the will of the american people. pete: nancy pelosi recently confessed. she was asked why are you
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doing this so fast? she says no we have been doing this for 22 months. this is something that they have been laying up. they were hoping it was going to be bob mueller. then they ran into this called whistleblower and ran with the ukraine thing. that face you see. that somber face might be the pucker face of someone saying oh, we're screwed. we're down this road. we can't go back. we have got democrats jumping ship. we will see how many of those 31 democrats ultimately don't vote for impeachment. they are seeing the polls and realizing this is utterly unpopular and we can talk with having prayer groups. do you think nancy pelosi is leading prayer? nobody is buying that this is a prayerful process. they can say it all they want. the godless democrats are praying through their entire impeachment. i gotcha i'm sure that's true. no chance that's true. they are putting on that face, the media is letting them do it. and the rest of us know -- rachel: if a republican had done this and said we are praying through this process
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imagine how secure united stated they would all be. ed: truth accidentally revealed. no, we have been doing this basically his entire presidency. the ukraine phone was cass a couple months ago if you have been doing this for a a couple years, that's odd. truth revealed on the campaign trail. remember what al green said about. we can. the democrat has said this since day one. weave can't beat the president at the ballot box so basically we will have to impeach him. what are the democrats doing out on the trail. look at michael bloomberg. maybe is he repeating one of the same mistakes in 2016 when she said i'm going to kill all those coal jobs. watch. >> how to fight donald trump. we beat him a number of times. we took on donald trump after he said he would pull us out of the climate paris agreement. as president, i will accelerate america's transition to an all carbon economy. we have as a goal 2050. we have to work as soon as as we clean a clean energy
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economy. because the alternative is just too bad for all of us. ed: can you believe how he is reading the paper? what are we? pete: this guy is not going to be president. what in the world? he is doing exactly what hillary clinton did. to your point, you mentioned it. when she said well, remember those jobs, those coal mining jobs, maybe they should be gone. >> i'm the only candidate which has a policy about how to bring economic opportunity using clean renewable energy as the key in to coal country. because we're going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business. ed: and she never recovered from that in some of the key battle ground states where coal jobs matter. rachel: i love these moments because they are so revealing. because a lot of times they try to hide where they really are at. every now and then the truth comes out. it's interesting, $40. an extra $60 in someone's
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electric bill means nothing to bloomberg. if you are on a fixed income, if you are a working family. that's disaster for you. and so he is completely out of touch. and by the way perfect contrast for trump. what does trump call coal? beautiful coal. pete: beautiful clean coal. we get 60% of our energy right now from fossil fuels. 30% from coal. they are going to that i can jly. somehow that's going to be replaced by wind mills that kill birds. also shutting down nuclear power which is the cleanest power we had if we wanted to shift to that. that's evil, too. if all your power is evil. do we put mice on bikes and hope they power for us. rachel: only rich people can afford to heat their homes in that economy. well, here we are we are going to turn to headlines. 13-year-old boy murdered in chaa
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murder of an student. she somehow crawled up a flight of stairs to get help at a guard potus but she ended up dying at the hospital. the nypd picked up the teen for trespassing when they say he confessed to the murder. he was carrying a knife, but it's unclear if that was actually the murder weapon. police are questioning another teen and looking for one more who may have been involved. the battle over president trump's tax returns now heading to the supreme court. the court has agreed to hear president trump's appeals in three separate cases on releasing his financial records. the president's lawyers have argued he and his family have blanket immunity which lower courts have rejected. actress sally field is arrested while protesting climate change with jane fonda in washington. the hollywood star throwing her bound hands in the air while being escorted by officers. sally field one of several celebrities who have joined jane fonda for weekly fire
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drills friday. fonda who recently claimed climate change is leading to refugee crisis has been arrested multiple times. oscar nominated actor danny has died. >> come on, let's go to work here. we ain't standing here doing nothing. hit the oven. >> that's the address is that what he said do the. >> do the right thing and michael says hello in the godfather part 2. he died in new jersey where he was being treated for a sudden illness. danny aiello was 86 years old. i loved him in moon struck. those are your headlines. ed: ambush attack on an arkansas officer that sadly took his life. police now honor carr.
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are you ready? ask your doctor how prolia® can help strengthen your bones. pete: welcome back. new video released of the night an arkansas police officer was ambushed and executed in a police station parking lot. the officials revealing officer steven carr a two year vet of the faithville fayee police force shot in the head while sitting in his vehicle. hundreds turn out to honor the fallen vehicle. joining us now is leslie rutledge. thank you for being here this morning. >> good morning. pete: tough morning for you, for those officers, for his officers, the state of arkansas. share with us first of all the current state of that police department and what you are doing about this case. >> it's been a very difficult week here in arkansas for our law enforcement as we have
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honored the life of officer steven carr. any time have you an officer killed in the line of duty, it impacts everything arkansasen. it resonates every corner of the united states whether it's new jersey or arkansas. i spoke with the police chief. i was there at the service. talked to the family. such a strong family we have. our men and women in blue who stand in the gap every day. this individual who committed this evil act came to commit that act and to harm others. it has been revealed that, yes, he shot officer carr 10 times in the head execution style. he had on his person almost 99 rounds of ammunition. he had 99 bullets and he had already fired 16. and he was aiming to carry those out somewhere else. there was a large festival in the area. so whether he was going to direct it at civilians or other law enforcement officers, this individual was disturbed and fortunately, justice was swift.
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pete: leslie, any time someone shoots at a police officer is insane to me. to go up to a cop car and shoot someone in the head execution style is almost another level. president trump want to make killing a law enforcement officer a capital crime, a death penalty. would you support that? >> absolutely. any time that you have individuals who attack those who are charged with protecting us, these law enforcement officers go out every single day, every single night not knowing whether or not they are going to come home. their families don't know whether or not they are going to come home. again, it resonates with all of us and all of our officers across the state that that could have been their family member whose service they attended on thursday. that's why it's disturbing to us. but we must protect our peace keepers. we must raise them up. we must thank them for their service because quite honestly they are not paid enough. they do this because they answer the call to serve. when you have someone commit an act such as this individual did last saturday night, walking up, again,
3:19 am
execution style and was prepared to fire more ammunition, whether it was going to be at other officers or at innocent civilians who were attending a christmas festival just right around the corner. pete: pure evil, no doubt. >> absolutely. pete: we want to go to another case. a teenager is charged in your state as well in the shooting in 2017 death of a police officer in newport, lieutenant patrick whether ford. he was shot while investigating a vehicle break-in. there he is there he is in the line of duty investigating a vehicle that had been broken into. a 16-year-old shoots and kills him. he is now being tried as an adult. do you support that? >> we do. and our office -- my office is hand links that case. the court of appeals upheld the lower court's decision to try the teenager as an adult in this case. i actually had the opportunity to meet lieutenant weatherford. he was named the law enforcement officer of the year. i had an opportunity to meet him and shake his hand and
3:20 am
he grew up and was raised right down the road from where i am from. this was, again, devastating a 16-year-old fire and kill a 15-year veteran of the police department there in jackson county there in newport, arkansas. another example of an incredible life lost senselessly to someone who just fired, again, at a police officer and so that individual who is now 18 i am pleased that the court has decided and to uphold the lower court's decision. he should not be tried in juvenile court. pete: absolutely. >> if you take a firearm and shoot at anyone, you should be tried as an adult. it's an adult crime and deserves adult punishment. pete: deterrent as high as humanly possible. leslie let ledge, thank you for your time we remember this morning and god bless these officers. >> thank you. pete: illegal immigrants who want to get a driver's license they can now get one right here in new york. not all county clerks support the new law.
3:21 am
and now some of them are taking action. one of those clerks joins us next. grandpa, can you tell me the story again? every family has their own unique story. give your family the chance to discover theirs this holiday season, with ancestry.
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ed: next week's democratic debate in jeopardy african democrats threatened a boycott. 7 qualified democrats set to
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take the stage at lola mayor mount university all say they will not cross a picket line of the school's food service workers. they are now pushing for a new contract. ironically the debate was moved to lmu because of labor disputes at the original venue and michael bloomberg's 2020 campaign has a hilarious response to this viral video. an improv comedy group pretending to be bloomberg heads and dancing at a fake bloomberg rally. look like a bunch of nerds. right. bloomberg's campaign confirmed the dance was not created by the campaign saying that the man who posted it does not have, quote, unquote, moves like bloomberg. the video was made in response to the pete buttigieg dance which went viral in november. rachel? rachel: thank you, ed. starting today, illegal immigrants can get a driver's license in new york state. several county officials have been sounding the alarm over what they say is a rocky rollout of the new
3:26 am
policy. our next guest says that this raises safety concerns and is now posting ice tip line signs outside the dmv offices encouraging people to report suspicious activity. michael kearns joins us now. welcome. >> good morning. rachel: good morning tell us what your concern is with this law? >> my concern is after 9/11 new york city put a prohibition on illegals having drivers licenses and now with the real i.d. in 2005, after we were attacked, there will be a gap from today until october 1st, that anyone who is here illegally can get into a federal building and can fly on our airplanes and can cross our borders. rachel: you are concerned with the policy but i also understand you are concerned with the implementation. you say that it's been kind of rocky and very minimal training for your staff. tell us about that. >> we have had an hour
3:27 am
webinar. when you go to the auditor, it's a very particular particulr technical transaction. we are now new york state people are here illegally will make a choice whether they can register to vote that used to be done by the front line clerks. i'm now going to have to accept a report cashed from a foreign country and foreign documentation, a foreign passport as authenticated documents. i, myself, as the clerk am going to have to do that. we used to rely on a third party, the federal government, to do that. so, they have diminished a new york state driver's license and we're very concerned for our safety and security because western new york is a border to canada. rachel: how do the members, i'm assuming that you have been getting feedback from the community about your signs, about the policy. how do they feel? do they feel like your position is going to help make them safer? are they comfortable with what new york state is putting forward on providing residences to illegals?
3:28 am
>> well, the sign was trademarked after 9/11 mca one of the most corrupt new york authorities. we have been discussing with them. they wrote a letter to me to cease and desist. we will keep signs up. >> we will let the public know. it's an anonymous tip line. we have been meeting with law enforcement. and new york state, this is all a power grab for the ballot box in new york. trying to give illegals the right to vote. we are not -- today, we are less secure than we were. and a driver's license is a privilege, but, also, it's for identification. and we know after 9/11. so my staff, i'm going right after there, we are going to be opening today. they are very concerned. but i, as the clerk, have to authenticate and validate that document. and i'm going to do that. i am going to personally review each and every one of those applications. rachel: in theory, are you saying with this driver's license somebody could go and vote in the election in
3:29 am
2020? >> absolutely. new york put front facing technology where they are asked if they are a citizen or not. it used to be done by the front line workers. if you did not have the proper documentation, we could stop you. now it's up to that person. so we are going to have border fraud in new york state and new york state -- voter fraud in new york state and given edict to stand down. i'm not standing down. i will do whatever i can to stop voter fraud. rachel: thank you, michael. very important topic. one i think a lot of people in new york are talking about, especially in your area. thank you for joining us and merry christmas to you. >> thank you so much. rachel: you got it. all right. well, remember a starbucks employee gave an oklahoma police officer a cup with the word pig on the label? well, now another starbucks refuses to serve sheriff's deputies in california. and it's one of the greatest rivalries in college football. army taking on the navy today in their 120th matchup. president trump will be there and so will impartial
3:30 am
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♪ rocking in the u.s.a. ♪ nowhere i would rather
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stay. pete: shot of the morning. president trump set to carry on one of the military's oldest tradition today when he attends the 120th army-navy game. rachel: last year president trump took part in the coin toss before honoring our nation's heros. ed: president obama first attended the games in 2011 with vice president joe biden. and in 2004. gave an honorable talk. reminding them of the mental and women fighting in afghanistan. at that time. pete: let's bring in joey jones u.s. marine corps bomb technician and on the sidelines. >> good morning. pete: you are a marine so you call your guys the men's department of the navy. i get it. we have to note the fact that president trump has been president for three years of this game and army has won all three. >> yeah. that's going to change this year, guys. they're will be a victory. enjoy that and keep pushing along.
3:35 am
rachel: i knew you weren't impartial on this. this won't be the first time president trump has been at this game, correct? >> yes. so today we have got a pretty good list of guests. we don't have president trump on our list. maybe we will get a chance to see him. vichs are the player. go on and lead battalions and platoons and in the combat. first today navy is going to win a football game. ed: navy is 9-and 2. and army is 5-7. acting navy secretary thomas modally. roger staubach, of course, heisman trove winner u.s. naval grad long before the cowboys. jason van camp. warrior rising and ryan manion president sister of travis manion. a lot of there.
3:36 am
what's it like the anticipation. i know hours before the afternoon game and stands will be empty behind you are just getting lined up. it has to be exciting. i have never been to one of these games. i have to get to one the next few years. >> on the field by myself right now. it's amazing. to look around and see in a few minutes probably 100,000 people here and two big football teams going to go out and really do us proud and show us the real football game with a run game. not just, you know, gunslinger offense we see from some of these i'm excited for it. pete: all the folks ed just mentioned will be on the program. you will be interviewing them super cool. honor the victims of the pensacola attack. correct? >> yes. yes. and so, you know, there is a lot of things going on in the world. a lot of tragedy that's hit this country and in a couple -- couple weeks ago two big tragedies from pearl harbor and pensacola those things will be in the forefront of everyone's mind. that's why we have this game
3:37 am
and that's why we have all the pomp and circumstance that goes along with it. it's not just for show it's to honor the fact that there is actual physical sacrifice and life given to serve this country and these football teams represent that when they take the field. pete: absolutely. ed: that's right, joey. pete: check in with you all morning. i have my army hat ready to go. we will continue this conversation. >> i have my navy scarf right here. pete: a little scarf. that's north going to work. you will have to update that. ed: we had this story in oklahoma a few weeks back where police officers pick it up and written pig on there and big controversy. thankfully the employee was fired. this is no way -- you sigh it right there on the screen -- to treat our men and women in blue. now chad bianco is saying two of our deputies were refused service as the starbucks. the anti-police culture repeatedly displayed by starbucks employees must end. we will get their responds
3:38 am
in a moment. what's your thought about this time right now just a couple moments ago we had the attorney general of arkansas on. one of their officers just killed. we see this all around the country at a time when we should be respecting men and women in law enforcement. they are treated shabbily. >> yeah. you know, if something like this happens once in an organization. it's an incident. when it happens over and over again, it's a culture problem. starbucks has a culture problem. these kind of actions are either overlooked or awarded from the corporate office down or at least not corrected when they happen. this is something that that organization needs to look at. colin kaepernick, not because he was protesting but because of the way he was representing the men and women trying to serve this country and keep us safe. and so here on the football field today, i'm reminded there are men and women outside this gate, keeping us safe, checking cars. making sure everyone here is safe. and those are the men and women that people at starbucks are disrespecting for no good reason.
3:39 am
and so, the juxtaposition of keeping us safe today in this story really shows you what these men and women go through. rachel: i think i remember there was a racial incident. i think starbucks shut all the starbucks down for some sort of training. ed: they did after an incident in philadelphia. rachel: starbucks did give a statement to abc news. they say there is simply no excuse for how two deputies were ignored. we are deeply sorry for that. ed: joey, we will be checking in with you all morning long. we appreciate you being there. we look forward to hearing from roger sta staubach and all the rest. ed: attacked by a gunman as he responded to a call about a potentially suicidal person. police say bradley cousinnens immediately opened fire on the officer. backup returned fire, killing the suspect. officer yo is in critical condition at this hour. he has a pregnant wife. in north korea, announced --
3:40 am
is now announcing a new long range rocket test overnight. test was crucial to improving its nuclear deterrence. gave no further details. it would be their second test just this week alone. north korea has repeatedly pushed the u.s. to offer new negotiating terms before the end of the year. but now says dee denuclearization is off the table. guess what? former vice president joe biden set to become a granddad again. hunter biden's new wife is reportedly pregnant with his fifth child. melissa cohen. biden has been spotted around l.a. sport ago baby bump as she runs errands. pregnancy comes as biden is caught up with a paternity case with a woman in arkansas. london roberts is suing financial support of a 16-month-old child. biden reportedly denied he was a father until a d.n.a. test proved otherwise. and microsoft unveiling its fastest and most powerful x box ever. the series x. the video game console will
3:41 am
be released next year. social media is already marking how big it is. the onion compare caring it to a skyscraper. also poking fun ought microsoft with dave series 10 comparing the console to a giant stack of burgers. pete: they are supposed to get smaller. that's what technology is supposed to do for us. ed: iphone got smaller and then it got giant. brian: you don't type on the x box. you have to find a place to put it. ed: i want to know what rick thinks of all of this. rick: burger looked good. something is going right. rachel, i never texted you pack. sorry. suddenly i walked around the corner oh i never texted rachel back. pete: now the world knows. rick: dipping in across the far northern plains. couple cold days right here across areas very far towards the north. minus 24 is what it feels like in chicago.
3:42 am
51 in boston. warm air with a lot of air going along the east coast. get the right clicker. my maps moved there you go. pete: your clickers are not universal. rick: specific ones for different studios and i could go into a long story. rachel: fyi regarding the text, i have nine kids and you don't have time to text me back. [laughter] do you to respond? rick: nothing can i say. i was wrong on that. pete: try again next hour. stocks hit new records as the u.s. strikes a trade deal with china. so how can 2020 dems compete with the trump economy? that's coming up next. rachel: as we look at all the american christmas trees on fox square, we want to see your picture. please share them with us on the #fax all-american christmas. ♪ have a cup of cheer ♪ have a holly jolly
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christmas ♪ and when you walk down the street ♪ say hello to friends you know ♪ and everyone you meet ♪
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which could need hospitalization; skin problems; and severe bone joint, or muscle pain. are you ready? ask your doctor how prolia® can help strengthen your bones. ed: you have democrats laser-focused on impeachment. president trump trade deal with china. this is a large deal. it covers tremendous manufacturing, farming, a lot of rules regulations. a lot of things are covered. it's a phase one deal but a lot of big things are covered. i say affectionately the farmers are going to go out and buy much larger tractors because it means a lot of business. a tremendous amount of business. ed: this as the stock markets, as you can see all the indices there hitting major new records. will the democrats be able to compete with the president over the economy. joining me now senior fellow at the heritage foundation
3:47 am
steven moore. >> good morning. ed: start with china first. we have heard, this it seems to me before, that phase one is this close. now they are saying well, actually, we have the framework and it's moving forward. how real is this? >> first of all, let me just step back and say, you know, having worked for donald trump during the campaign, i think this past 8, 9 days has been the best week for donald trump that -- since he has been in the white house. think about this, ed. a week ago friday we have this blockbuster jobs report with 300,000 jobs. then tuesday, don't forget what happened then. donald trump announces he has a deal with nancy pelosi, with the u.s., canada, mexico trade agreement. workers' compensation, the stock market hits an all-time high and then thursday, he announces this trade deal with china. i mean, that's a pretty good week. and, it does make it very, very difficult, i think for democrat to compete with trump with this booming economy. the china trade deal i think is a first kind of baby step in the right direction to
3:48 am
get china to start behaving itself. this is not the end all and be all of what we are going to see with trade relationships with china. but it's good news. ed, you mentioned it. the markets love the news that at least for now we have a bit of a truce with china. that's a good thing for trump going into 2020. ed: look at the 2020 democrats scrambling to figure out how to talk about the trump economy while you look across the pond and what happened in the u.k. this week. even joe biden maybe woke up and said hang on, guys, here's his warning about what happened with boris johnson. look what happens when the labor party moves so, so far to the left. it comes up with ideas that are not able to be contained within a rational basis quickly. steven, seems like an obvious point to make. but is the democratic party going to listen? >> you know, one lesson of what happened when those british elections is once again, ed, how wrong the polsters are.
3:49 am
you remember what a lot of the polsters were saying in a couple days leading up to the election, oh my god, it's tightening and this could be razor thin. they were wrong on the election and wrong on boris johnson. the fact that boris johnson and trump are very much in alliance in terms of their agenda is another victory for trump. and i do hope that democrats learn a lesson. look, i hate to see this left ward direction of the democratic party. i would like to see two parties that are competitive on the economy talking about good ideas. but, frankly, i listen to elizabeth warren it's all about raising taxes and government take over the healthcare system. i don't think that's where the people are. ed: $52 trillion for medicare for all. as you laid it out last week and a half pretty strong for the president. we will see how it plays out in the days ahead. appreciate you coming in on a saturday. >> thank you. ed: still ahead, the countdown to christmas officially on. kurt the cyber guy is up
3:50 am
next. with this year's best gifts for the tech guru on your list ♪ ♪ ♪ spread a little love today ♪ spread a little love my-y way ♪ ♪ spread a little something to remember ♪ philadelphia cream cheese. made with fresh milk and real cream makes your recipes their holiday favourites. the holidays are made with philly.
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[laughter] pete: just 11 days until christmas. if you are behind on your shopping and you know you
3:54 am
are, kurt the cyberguy has you covered. rick: he is here with the best tech gifts everyone would love. rick: i'm start toggle feel the panic. halfway through shopping. rachel: that's pretty good. >> i feel like i'm okay. how many days do we have left, 9, 10? >> 11. >> roku sound bar just come out in october. it is one of the best sounding sound bars you can add. ed: what do i mean i have a roku and could replace cable. fox is on there. >> roku makes a sound bar and then also have the roku express. ed: sound bar gives you a better audio. >> better audio and includes streaming inside of the sound bar. so you have it all in one. pete: you can make a dumb tv smart with that. >> true. bingo. >> it sounds really good. and this is a perfect. it's 179. and, by the way, 179.99. then they also have a subweaver with thasubwoofer wit.
3:55 am
i this is a company i went who was so smart to create this. this is from cinamood. it's great for kids and the whole family. take a wireless movie projector stream through it. put your own content through it and create up to a 1 foot screen of movies. it's got a 2.5 watt speaker built inside. bluetooth it to your other audio. rick: to your sound bar. >> brilliant. that is on sale 20 to 25% off. usually it is about 499. 399. the junior one is another $100 off. end of the year is the best time to buy a phone. wireless carriers really want you to have sign on to their service. t-mobile has an amazing deal right now where you can trade up from your existing older iphone and see which qualifying ones are there. it's like the 10 and.
3:56 am
rick: 4 or 5? >> i want to get this one? rick: great iphone deal. this one is the aqua day monday from the shark tank picked up on. this and this is an amazing stocking stuff. dry bag for any size cell phone it. will work for the entire year. and then look at this. high sense roku tv only today on sale at best buy. which is a phenomenal price. i'm going to get it right. 55-inch smart 4 ktv priced today only is $229..99. you are saving $120 off the regular 34. put it all at ed: thank you. merry christmas. ed: senator mitch mcconnell zero chance the president will be removed from office. what are the democrats doing now? they are targeting him. congressman michael waltz reacts to the new tactic against mcconnell. that is next
3:57 am
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so, you can really promise better sleep? not promise... prove. and now, 48-month financing on all smart beds. plus free premium delivery when you add a base. ends monday. ♪ small town ed: anchor is playing dj today. rachel: who do you think this song? ed: by process of elimination. rachel: this song reminds me of my husband. when i got married to him i lived in los angeles and i moved to a little town in northern wisconsin. and no regrets. ed: listen, small town america is beautiful. rachel: it really truly is. pete: i think of small farming town in minnesota where my parents. veterans day, memorial day,
4:01 am
fourth of july parade. you blink and it's gone. three minutes long. the whole town is out there and such a display of prism and love of country. people have each other's backs in small towns. ainsley: you get to see all of the parades being a political spouse. pete: do you like. rachel: i love parades. i do. ed: it's funny hearing you talk about america and all the beautiful things coming together because the contrast to what we have seen play out on capitol hill, when you have got nancy pelosi as speaker say hing she is prayerful and focused on the constitution, all about america. and then it appears to be falling flat for democrats. she promised bipartisanship, but, instead, two articles of impeachment passed by the house judiciary committee yesterday along party lines. pete: yep. you know the vote. abuse of power, whatever that means. 23-17. second articles of impeachment obstruction of congress. not justice, congress. apparently congress is mad that the president wouldn't submit every witness they wanted.
4:02 am
23-17 as well. entirely predictable. the president had a press conference yesterday. totally undeterred and said what do we want for the senate? let's see. >> it's a scam. it's something that shouldn't be allowed. and it's a very bad thing for our country. and, you're trivializing impeachment. we did nothing wrong. so i will do long or short. i have heard mitch, i have heard lindsey. i think they are very much on agreement on some concept. i will do whatever they want to do. it doesn't matter. i wouldn't mind a long process because i would like to seat whistleblower who is a fraud. pete: wouldn't it be great to he soot whistleblower? by the way we know who he is. you can google it if you want at the very least he should be forced to come out and testify. rachel: do you think whether it's long or short that he will be -- >> i hope. so you probably won't get adam schiff, i get it or hunter biden, i get it.
4:03 am
the poison tree that began this should have to come forward. you have a right in this country to confront your accuser and in this case that's hot whistleblower is. what do you think? ed: certainly if you are going to get justice here. the president has said he wants to face his accuser from the beginning. the whistleblower started this whole thing we were told at some point we would hear from the whistleblower behind the screen. pete: at the beginning they said we definitely would. right, ed? the democrats said you will hear from the whistleblower. >> let's go to somebody who capitol hill. mike wall waltz. u.s. army former green beret commanders served in afghanistan for this great country. good morning, congressman. >> good morning. ed: i'm also struck weigh in on what pete was saying. adam schiff was talking for days maybe weeks about alleged bribery. they poll tested that among house democrats that it would sell better, they thought than quid pro quo, because they didn't think the american people could get it. then we get articles of impeachment. bribery is not mentioned. no crime is mentioned. >> right. what is the underlying
4:04 am
crime, right? so if there is no substance, then they rigged the process. no substance with the mueller report. so now yo you have rigged this process and go after personal attacks. you look at what they did to my colleague elise stefanik, the youngest female republican elected called her trashy. it was trending for days. now you are starting to see that shift to the senate where they are going to after personal attacks there as well. teivesd, we were elected here to get things done, to roll up our sleeves. i'm very excited about the defense bill i'm very excited usmca is coming to the floor. i think politically speaker pelosi knows she has to send her moderates home for christmas with something to point to besides years of nonstop investigation. pete: congressman, you asked the question and you know the answer. what's the crime in the crime is that president trump got elected in 2016 and they is been searching for a reason to undo it ever since.
4:05 am
>> in my view, the american people get to decide who the next president is. they decided hot president was in 2016, not pelosi, schiff and nadler and, at the end of the day, if you understand the good things that the president is doing for the country if you just don't like him personally, let the voters decide. that's our system. rachel: congressman, there is a new tactic, it's to undermine whatever is going to happen in the senate, specifically the strategy that senator mcconnell is going to use. take a listen. >> the case is so darn weak coming over from the house. we all know how it is going to end. there is no chance the president is going to be removed from office. ed: now democrats just to kind of tie that up into a nice little bow, they are jumping all over what mcconnell said about how he thinks the president will not be removed from office. listen to some democrats, some of your colleagues and we will get your reaction, watch. >> mitch mcconnell is a juror. so for the juror to be
4:06 am
coordinating with defense counsel doesn't make any sense. >> for mcconnell to be basically saying that the president is going to set the terms of the trial, that the president is going to get to decide the timetable and who is called? our founders would be rolling over in their grave. >> he should really take himself out of this kind of coordination with the white house. meeting with lawyers. he is undermining the credibility of the senate not just himself. ed: basically the majority leader of the senate can't lead the senate? >> here's what's interesting. is that, you know, the constitution calls for the vice president to recuse himself for obvious reasons. but, i have seen legislation moving that will call for the current senators, the democratic senators who are looking to run against the president and to recuse themselves. there is no way they could be impartial jurors. look, at the end of the day, they were talking about our founding fathers. our founding fathers intended impeachment.
4:07 am
intended the bar to be incredibly high and intended it to be bipartisan. that's why they put in our constitution that it requires two thirds of the senate, not this party line voting that you are seeing coming out of the house. and it clearly is not bipartisan. there is no underlying crime. and that's what leader mcconnell is getting at. there is just no way that 67 senators see this as worthy of being a high crime and misdemeanor, treason or bribery. pete: do they really think this is going to work? one of the last guys in that clip is richard blumenthal. do you remember when he served in vietnam. >> no. pete: i don't either. that's as legitimate as this process democrats pursuing in the senate. democrats in the house tried it. they thought prospects for impeachment were going to improve. do senate democrats think that the spaghetti a they are throwing against the wall is going to improve their case? >> no. they will see what the house democrats are seeing. independents, in particular, are fed up. they are frustrated. i think the dems are cried
4:08 am
wolf one too many times between mueller cohen, lewandowski, if it's not this, then it's that again, at the end of the day, what's going on with healthcare reform, with immigration, with transportation and infrastructure all the things the american people elected us to tackle up here, none of that is getting done. i think the senate is about to hear that, the senate democrats, in particular, loud and clear, just as the house has. rachel: congressman, did you go back into your district. you talk to the people there you are seeing what they are seeing which is democrats talking impeachment. sometimes climate change, things that really aren't affecting their lives. republicans trying to push for policies that actually help people with their bottom line, with their kitchen table issues. the house passed the national defense authorization act which established the space force which paid for family leave, for federal workers. talk to us about that and what that -- how that is translating back in your district. >> so i'm so excited to be at least a small part of
4:09 am
creating the sixth branch of military. army, navy, air force, marines, coast guard and now space force. people can make their jokes but this is serious. just as we created the air force in the 20th century to dominate air power. we need space to space power. every war game now the first shots are fired in space. and the russians and chinese know that we are vulnerable up there. and they have created the capability to take those assets out. this is very serious. and the president knows it and we are going to create this new branch additionally i'm very excited about what we are doing for gold star families. there was a provision in the tax code called the widows tax that taxed their benefits unfairly. these are families that are sacrificed literally everything for all of us. and they should get all of the benefits they deserve. but, importantly, there are
4:10 am
a lot of progressive liberal policies taking out like closing down guantanamo bay, ties the president's hands on the border and theories. often washington -- our veterans don't get what they deserve out of washington. but this bill we should be proud of. ed: show respect to those gold star families. congressman, i want to show respect to you. i know you are going to the army navy game with the president today. know army doesn't have much of at chance today. >> i have to tell you go army. beat navy. pete: we didn't even coordinate this. ed: someone has to root for navy today. have you players on both teams willing to die for this country. >> everybody on that field is ready to die for everybody watching. it's truly a special tradition and i'm fired up to be there today. rachel: awesome. pete: we appreciate it. thank you. ed: thanks, congressman. rachel: all right.
4:11 am
well, why are going to turn now to your headlines. a community mourns four people killed in the horrific jersey city attack. vigil honoring the three civilians and a detective killed in the domestic terror attack which was fueled by hate. the mayor of jersey city believes video footage and the amount of ammunition the shooters had indicates they were actually planning to shoot up the jewish school next to the store. new zealand's navy joining the search for the missing victims of a deadly volcanic eruption. police divers have been scouring the sea around white islands for two bodies it. struggled with near zero visibility in the ash-filled waters. six bodies were recovered before the search was cancelled due to fears of a second eruption. monday's blast injured dozens and killed 16 people including two brothers from chicago. their parents are still missing. turning now to extreme weather, a cold blast, major winter storm, moving from
4:12 am
the west to the east coast bringing a wintery mix of rain, snow and ice this weekend. heavy snow blanketing minneapolis and more is on the way. 10 states under winter weather alerts. this as temperatures plunge from north carolina to pennsylvania. vanna white sharing promising news about fellow game show host alex trebek who is battling stage pancreatic cancer. he looks good. i talked to him recently and he has a very positive attitude. white has been filling in for pay say jack who himself has had a health procedure. those had your headlines. steve: 13-year-old accused of murdering a college student attacked while walking in the park in new york city. next guest used to be a police commissioner and says the mayor's reversal of giuliani's policies are to blame for this horrific
4:13 am
crime. bernie kerik joins us live next. (woman speaking french) are you crazy/nuts? cyclist: pip! pip! (woman speaking french) i'm here, look at me. it's completely your fault. (man speaking french) ok? it's me. it's my fault? no, i can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars on my car insurance with geico. (pterodactyl screech) believe it. geico could save you 15% or more on car insurance. i'm finding it hard to stay on a faster laptop could help. plus, tech support to stay worry free. worry free...boom boom! get free next business day shipping or ...1 hour in-store pick up shopping season solved at office depot officemax or ♪for the holidays you can't beat home sweet home.♪♪ we go the extra mile to bring your holidays home.
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ed: this fox news alert. a 13-year-old suspect has been identified in connection with the fatal stabbing of a barnard college student tessa majors. the brutal murder leaves students at nearby barnard college on edge. this as murder investigations spike to 9.4% this year. former nypd commissioner bernie kerik blames reversal of anticrime policies for making new york city nor dangerous. good morning. >> good morning. ed: you believe it's liberal policies that have reversed what mayor giuliani did. why? >> i think it's a couple things. i don't blame the nypd. i blame the mayor. i blame the city council i
4:17 am
blame the people that promote this anti-cop rhetoric. they took stop question frisk away from the cops. they took enforcement out of law enforcement. the quality of life in new york city is diminishing. all you have to do is walk around the city and see it. their homeless is rampant. there is pan handlers everywhere. i was actually stopped about three months ago for the first time in 15 years, 18 years, 20 years, at the tunnels coming in to new york city all over again. ed: washing windows. >> going right back to where we were. when i saw this homicide. this homicide is reminiscent of the things that went on back in the 1970s, 80s and 90s and people ignore it. i just think the city is reversing. ed: michael bloomberg run for president he is running from the stop and frisk
4:18 am
policies he apologized. never should have done it? >> he promoted it right up until the day he left office. i honestly feel bad foray kelly. they continue the policies that giuliani put in place. it was aggressive policing and i do understand that mayor bloomberg enhanced the stop and frisk, those numbers substantially. probably too much. there wasn't enough oversight there. they can be abused. but, at the end of the day, the men and women in the nypd have to have the ability to do the job that they are here to do. and when you take the tools away to do that job, crime is going to rise. ed: coming at a time when law enforcement around the country, we have seen one law enforcement officer after another tragically killed. and that's very, very serious and tragic, obviously. and then what's almost a smaller thing in comparison is police officers rhetoric they face. go into starbucks, saw it in oklahoma, pig written on a
4:19 am
starbucks cup. disgusting and despicable. riverside county, california, the sheriff there writes two of our deputies refused service at starbucks, the anti-police culture repeatedly displayed by starbucks employees must end. i raise it because, like i say, it's much more tragic for someone to be killed. this kind of rhetoric it allows people to feel like they can just pick on the cops. that they don't matter. >> sheriff beangs bianco is rigt this anti-cop rhetoric part of the culture being promoted in our schools and mainstream media. young kids today have no respect for law and order and they have no respect for the men and women in the police departments around the this country. and i blame this leftist, socialist, communist ideology, psychology that is being promoted. ed: starbucks put out a statement saying they are working through all of this. >> this is constant.
4:20 am
every week, every two weeks starbucks. do you not get it? >> yeah, real quick, your son joseph, he is new jersey police officer is he doing well? he was involved in helping to protect to make sure the community in that incident. >> he is doing fine. the focus right now is on joseph seals, the detective that was shot and killed. i want people to remember him and the sacrifice he made every one of those jersey city cops are heroes. ed: best to you and your family this christmas. come up, can community initiative big incentive to move there thousands of dollars. why they are paying residents to come to town. historic day for the military. president trump will be there. so will marine vet joey jones. a live report from the stadium of american heroes. that is next.
4:21 am
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4:25 am
are expected to fly over the christmas season. good luck. next, $15,000. that's how much topeka, kansas, is willing to pay you just to move there. part of a new pilot program the city formed to boost economic development; however, it will only be available for 40 to 60 new residents which doesn't strike me as a massive policy. finally, $1,200. that's the generous tip a party of 12 gave their waitress at a georgia cracker baylor. the server says it's the biggest tip she has ever received and help pay her taxes. the christian church group that left the tip hopes to continue surprising strangers with the christmas blessing for years racism rach thatson a awesome story. i hope it spreads. today is historic gain for the military for the 120th time army will take on navy this time at lincoln financial field in philadelphia. ed: today's game will be have a serious tone.
4:26 am
special special tribute to the three service members killed in that tragic shooting at a florida naval base down in pensacola. pete: that's right. joining us now is fox news contributor and retired bomb technician joey jones. on the field, joey, on the field all morning long. you have background on the game and great guests for us this morning. >> absolutely, guys. this game is not only a football game between two teams, but, as soon as that whistle blows in the fourth quarter. these two teams that are fighting all day will become one team. this is america's game. it's pretty amazing to have these future naval marine corps officers that will go back and lead units in combat. do amazing things for our country. i don't think there is any better way to represent the fact that once this game is over, the camaraderie will be there. and one team. we have ryan ban i don't know, who is here to honor her brother and the foundation that you guys have. marine officer killed in 2007. then we have jason van camp
4:27 am
a good friend of mine army west point graduate and also army football, right? >> that's right. army football 01. >> tell us about travis men i don't know foundation. >> so the travis minion foundation started in 2007 as we lost my brother travis manion. and we work to empower brothers across the country bringing them together. biggest program is to make sure we are educating our next generation, teaching them about character and leadership. >> tell us jason about what you are doing with warrior rises. >> absolutely. first off, thanks for having me on, joey, appreciate that. if it ain't raining we ain't training. tomorrow will be brothers. great to see you. warrior rising. we help veterans hem themselves. we do that by helping veterans become veteran entrepreneurs. start their own businesses. >> take up with west point grad to come up with a new
4:28 am
name veteranpreneur. >> it's going to be a big spread and navy is going to win by a lot. >> i agree. what do you think. >> i like navy. 21-20 army. close game. injuries this year. going to be a battle, it's going to be a fight. 21-20 army. >> outside the score, jason, what's the real meaning behind this game. >> it's about brotherhood. it's about team. this is a special game. i would even say it's a spiritual game. you come to this game for a lot of people once in a lifetime. you know, i had the privilege of being on the field four years at west point. and it was a battle. and end of it we hugged it out and want to see it last this year at the academy. >> at the game with him. >> did he get to enjoy the navy winning all those years. >> yes. there was a long time where we won for many, many years. he pass part of that you know, it's a great tradition as you said. and, you know, we host one
4:29 am
of the largest tailgates here and our tailgate is not for just the navy. we say we all come together. we celebrate. we raz each other a little bit. but, like you said, it's a brotherhood and it's about us just being here together and knowing ultimately these men and women will go on and serve and protect our country. >> absolutely. i think the meaning behind this game is what you guys are doing for these men and women still serving and getting out and this game is just a great way to show that and represent it. thank you, guys, for being here and all you are doing with warrior rising and travis manion foundation. >> thank you. ed: joey, appreciate it, we will be back to you shortly. democrats like adam schiff and jerry nadler go full speed ahead on impeachment. will moderate democrats backtrack and vote no on impeachment? a panel of millennials to discuss all of that next. >> also known as a pelinnial. >> johnson buys his mom a
4:30 am
maserati because she earned it. how this became a two-year gift in the making coming up next. ♪ ♪ when i was diagnosed with dupuytren's contracture, i waited to get treated. thought surgery was my only option. but then i found out about nonsurgical treatments. it was a total game changer. learn more about the condition at now and forever more. inside these buildings in jerus throughout israel there are many elderly jews who suffering daily.
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4:32 am
like food boxes to the elderly t most. inside each food box we put a hanukkah holiday note letting t recipients know that this is a gift from christ jews who love them. it means so much to me. your help will bring food to th and much needed peace into thei whether you can help one time o month you will recieve god's blessings when you bless these children o. i pray that god will speak to y now. we need your help more than ever before.
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♪ joy ♪ [squeals] ♪ joy [laughter]
4:34 am
ed: that is your shot of the morning that is josh surprising his mom with a maserati for christmas. why? because she quit smoking. rachel: check out her priceless reaction leaping into the arms of her son overcome with joy. pete: it is a result of a pact she made with the free agent third baseman two years ago. he promised her a $70,000 ride if she quit smoking. she clearly delivered. ed: that's awesome. is maserati really only 70? more than that. pete: maybe the base model. rachel: that is amazing. [screams] rachel: if you raise a baseball player, this could happen to you, too. pete: get out the yard right now. ed: very cool stuck with this and quit smoking. those are your headlines. google's new political ad policy. the tech giant is getting blasted after politicians
4:35 am
and campaigns cannot target specific groups of people with their ads. the trump campaign manager brad parscale called it, quote, unquote, a removal of free speech, addined aing it its a voter suppression activity. ticket broker live nation could soon find itself in court with the u.s. government. the "wall street journal" reporting the department of justice is preparing legal action against company over allegations it strong arms concert venues into using its services that would be a violation of the antitrust agreement live nation made with the doj when it merged with ticketmaster back in 2010. live nation ceo has denied the allegations. and a porch pirate in minnesota taunting his victim by taking the time to leave a note. the suspect thanking her for the opportunity to steal her packages off her doorstep. >> angry and confused and quite flabbergasted that somebody would actually leave a thank you note when they steal a package.
4:36 am
ed: first time they heard of a suspect leaving a thank you note. those are your headlines. >> someone got so tired of these porch prior rats filled a bunch of packages on their stoop with trash. when they stole it, kitty litter and other things like that. pete: i don't get it. rachel: things that don't happen in small town, america. pete: fair point. rainy out there. rick: doesn't happen in an apartment where people can't get your stuff either. talk a little weather out there. big storm moving across the eastern part of the country. take a look at the map. really cold air across the far northern plains and in across canada that won't dip down too far to the south. not moving anywhere too quickly. see a few bouts of that across parts of the northern plains next few days. one line of storms moving across florida. some severe weather possible with this. definitely some very strong winds and a lot of lightning this morning. that's party of this same system that's moving up the east coast. bringing a lot of rain and a
4:37 am
little bit of snow behind it. not major problems with snow in the short-term behind it. we start seeing a new storm that's moving in across the west, and that by tomorrow, heads in right across kind of the i-70 corridor. we will see some snow accumulating across parts of kansas and missouri. that storm kind of moves out across parts of the mid-atlantic eventually. here are your temps today cold air across the far northern plains. a little better tomorrow 8 degrees in fargo. monday 10. you get the idea. we stay just cold right there across parts of the dakotas and minnesota and wisconsin over by you, rachel. all right back to you inside. rachel: nice umbrella there, rick. pete: the weather man umbrella you can't beat it. rick, thank you very much. as articles of impeachment move to a full house vote, some moderate democrats in trump districts are still weighing their decision. >> as soon as i came out in support of an inquiry, there were people saying, you know, that's the end of your political career. sometimes you have to make calls that aren't based on a
4:38 am
poll or on some political consultant and if this is the end of my political career, at least i'm doing what i think is right and i'm basing my decisions on integrity. pete: here to debate is wilkes, attorney, g.o.p. strategist robert patillo and jason meister. trump 2020 advisory board. thank you all for joining us this morning. >> thank you. pete: alexandra, i will start with you, what does it say about the case democrats are made if members of their own caucus are still this weekend trying to figure out how they are going to vote? >> i think it shows a weakening case for impeachment. we see that playing out in the polls as well. that, you know, impeachment is now under water with independence. i think that some of these democrats in trump districts are really feeling the heat. a good example is my own congressman scott, jersey district. plenty of trump voters voted for trump in 2016 r plus three republican districts. is he really hearing it from
4:39 am
constituents back home. even after just voting for the inquiry. so i think that's why, you know, he is really looking at, you know, what played out in these hearings. seeing that there wasn't a lot of there there. and saying to himself, i do want to risk my seat on this vote? pete: robert, you look at the process. it's not just nancy pelosi but adam schiff has said in the past. if it's not bipartisan it's destructive. not only is this not bipartisan but democrats have already crossed over and have said they will be voting with republicans. are not alarm bells going off amongst democrats, including looking at the polls in swing states saying that this process is not going well for us or our country? >> i disagree. what we have to understand is you have 31 districts that president trump won that democrats were able to take those seats in 2018. even with that you are only seeing five to six democrats who are even considering crossing over and not voting in favor of impeachment. what i do think democrat leadership should have done better is articulate elevator pitch where people can understand and wrap this
4:40 am
in a constitutional framework. like republicans did in 1998 where they were not able to articulate the constitutional framework that justified the clinton impeachment and left the talking point what is the definition of is or this was about an extramarital affair with an intern and not about lying to congress. democratic leadership has done. if what we will see if this resolution passes and people go home to districts they will be able to explain to their voters why. pete: why are they explaining? these are the most ambiguous articles of impeachment we have ever seen and what is the case they are going to make? we don't like trump? >> there is absolutely nothing ambiguous about these articles. you take section 2. if the president is allowed to quash subpoenas and they do not have to turn over documents that means forever into the future you are abro gating congress' power of oversight over the president. pete: no other president has ever done that, of course, many other presidents, republican and democrat have taken issue with ways in
4:41 am
which congress has attempted to subpoena members and bring in members of the white house. but, jason, i have got to get to jason meister. speaking of a jason, if you tuned into c-span which no one does we caught this on the internet. jason also called in alabama. a democrat this is what he had to say about impeachment. listen. >> after watching the brett kavanaugh hearings, that was the most disgusting thing i seen. and now we have this impeachment crap. my party has now made me a democrat for trump. i'm going to back donald trump all the way. pete: jason, i have been to these rallies as well which are a political phenomenon of our moment. and when you talk to people, independents and democrats are pointing out and saying not only is the president getting things done but who am i going to vote for on the left? >> pete, it's unbelievable. that call that jason made was really summarized where we are. and there are 31 house democrats in trump-won congressional districts. those house democrats are
4:42 am
going to have to answer to their constituents come november 2020. and if you look at the facts, there is no crime, there is no witness. there is no evidence. there is no victim. president zelensky said there was absolutely no pressure. okay. i don't know any crime that was ever committed where the actual victim wasn't aware of it. and, they got the call. they got the meeting and they got the money. so this is unbelievable what's happening to this country. the democrats have weaponized the impeachment process. they have trampled on our constitution and they have done irreparable harm to our republic. i think the american people are going to speak up and speak out against this. i think it guarantees trump's re-election in 2020. pete: senate will get its voice where not rigged by democrats but instead controlled by republicans. we shall see whether it's a long or short process. alexandria, robert and jason, thank you all for being on the program. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. pete: elizabeth warren's medicare for all plan would
4:43 am
cost $25.5 trillion. who is going to pay for it? well, businesses in red states. that's coming up next. ♪ plus, newborns at one hospital take on the ugly christmas center trend. it said center what i meant was sweater. it's an ugly sweater on cute babies. meet the nurse who is outfitting these adorable babies. plus a new outfitted baby and mom coming up next ♪ ♪ i wish i had gone into aspen dental much sooner.
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4:47 am
americans and large corporations. ed: she has a plan. that's what they say, senator elizabeth warren has a plan for everything. trillion dollars medicare for all. could that target groups other than justth wealthy, particularly conservatives? rachel: new op-ed warns that warren's medicare for all could have side effects for g.o.p. leaning states. joining us now to discuss is national taxpayer fellow maddy. >> good morning good morning. ed: what is the big picture. >> the big picture is what you said elizabeth warren's plan is not going to be. broad based taxes needed to pay for this plan. i will give elizabeth warren credit. she has given the most details on how she would pay for this huge takeover of healthcare. that means 15 trillion with a t dollars in more taxes. and those are taxes that are not just going to hit the wealthy. you know, one of the reasons this tax increase is going to hit people in red states
4:48 am
is that the tax on employers. so, we know that a tax on employers is actually a tax on wages and that means low income workers actually bear the brunt of this kind of taxation more than even a higher income worker. so if you look at a state where job creation is fairly robust, there's a lot of opportunity for brunership, those are the states that are going to feel the burden of this new tax. every new employee for a business is going to be a big tax liability for that business less hiring and activity as a result. rachel: another feature of the plan she seems to be focusing on inequality. >> yep. rachel: do you think that inequality is the main problem with our system and is that the right way to fix all the things that we see that are wrong with our healthcare system here in america? >> this is a popular talking point for democrats. democrats are perfectly happy that if everyone is equal, even if they are worse off, they think you are better off just because that means inequality doesn't exist. this is the problem with healthcare, right? if you nationalize some of
4:49 am
the problems in healthcare, they get bigger, not smaller. rare than importing some of the free market reforms at the state level. medicare for all would take the worse problems we have and make them a federal problem. ed: when you look at the big picture as well, she keeps saying that the middle class will not be impacted. yet, when you are talking about a plan that might be costing something like $5 trillion, that's some of 5 -- $52 trillion, that's some of the estimates on warren's plan are there enough rich people to tax to pay for that. >> not even close. took 100 percent of the income millionaires are making in this country wouldn't be enough to fuel medicare for all. the real challenge for elizabeth warren has said repeatedly this won't hit the middle class and it absolutely. we it would in the form of this new employer tax. wealth tax, of course would have a huge impact on the stock market and people who have their pensions and retirements in the stock market would certainly feel that impact. so elizabeth warren says it's going to be targeted tax increase what she actually means tax increase on average americans and
4:50 am
widespread. ed: elizabeth warren has a plan as we said. mattie duppler has the facts. reappreciate you come. >> in thanks. ed: remember in a starbucks employee gave oklahoma cop pig on the label? now another in trouble refusing to serve deputies out in california. the outrage coming up. rachel: it doesn't get any cuter than. this babies in south carolina's nicu decked out in ugly christmas sweater's for santa's visit. the nurse who made them along with new baby and family next ♪ ♪ one of the products i helped develop at 3m was a more secure diaper closure. there were babies involved... and they weren't saying much. that's what we do at 3m, we listen to people, even those who don't have a voice. we are people helping people.
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♪ ♪ rachel: these adorable newborns are bringing christmas cheer to a south carolina hospital. the newest edition to the summerville medical center are staying warm and warming our hearts in their own ugly christmas sweaters. all hand made by aca healthcare nicu nurse shannon. she joins us with brand new
4:55 am
parents savanna and nicholas holmes and baby oliver who just went home after spending 11 days in the nicu. welcome to all of you. let's start with you, shannon. tell us why you decided to do. this. >> i think it's important. having a baby in the nicu can be very, very scary for parents. i would be scared and i'm a nurse. so seeing -- coming in and seeing your baby dressed in an ugly christmas sweater or having a cute little name tag on their bed it means a lot. parents really appreciate it. rachel: absolutely. savanna and nicholas, i just had a baby in the nicu for a month and a half over the fall here. i know how difficult it is. those who haven't had a child in the nicu, tell us about the challenges and that it meant for you to know that the nicu nurses took time to do this little cute thing with your child? >> oh, well, it was -- they were amazing. the staff was really great. they helped us a lot and to
4:56 am
know that he was okay. they had a little camera where i could watch him all the time -- it gave me a lot of peace of mind to know that he was okay. rachel: can you prop him unjust a little more so i can see him. i'm dying to see his little face. he is just so cute. thank you. tell us, nicholas is going to be home for the holidays, correct? he has just been discharged -- i mean oliver is, right, nicholas? >> yes, ma'am. he was in the nicu for 11 days e he came about five and a half weeks early. six weeks early. we weren't ready for him but he was ready to be here. but he is doing great now. and they were great over there at someville medical. they took good care of him. rachel: shannon, thanks for all you are doing at your hospital. i have a new appreciation
4:57 am
with nicu nurses. right up there with our military. doing such good work. thank you for all you are doing. wish all the best for baby oliver and, again, glad he is home for the holidays. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. (client's voice) remember that degree you got in taxation? (danny) of course you don't because you didn't! your job isn't doing hard work...'s making them do hard work... ...and getting paid for it. (vo) snap and sort your expenses to save over $4,600 at tax time. quickbooks. backing you.
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♪ beautiful day ed: rachel says it's ironic because it's not a beautiful day. rachel: it is a beautiful day. ed: it's a great song. rachel: good workout tune, also. pete: ed, you have been redeeming yourself since first. the 1950s. he played 50's music for like his first three picks. i said ed this is a morning
5:01 am
show. ed: i didn't realize it was modern music. by the way update to this story about josh tomlinson buying the car for his mom. dick coughlin a viewer writes in. she quits smoking he buys her a car. isn't that quid pro quo? pete: where did you read that. ed: twitter social media platform. pete: what's it like to be on twitter? ed: it's beautiful. rachel: are you still banned? pete: i'm still banned for twitter for posting the words of a terrorist. that's thought here with talking about right now. what's it like? i will find out maybe some day. ed: let's get to the news. pete: we have other news. president trump slamming house democrats after two articles of impeachment passed through the committee. ed: the house prepares for the historic floor vote now. rachel: rich edson is live. >> house of representatives is on track queeching
5:02 am
president trump on that he power of the presidency and obstructed congress. if that vote stands president trump would stand trial in the senate. the white house says it's ready for that. >> it's a witch-hunt. it's a sham. it's a hoax. i think it's a horrible thing to be using the tool of impeachment, which is supposed to be used in an emergency. i wouldn't mind a long process because i would like to seat whistleblower, who is a fraud. >> the president and allies are working through their strategy for a trial. white house officials and the president have called for the whistleblower and the house intelligence committee chairman adam schiff to testify. also, former vice president joe biden and his son hunter pushing to broad then process to include the recall examination of the biden's conduct in ukraine. that would also open up the president for the democrats to call their own witnesses. perhaps the white house budget director mic mulvaney, secretary of state mike pompeo or vice president mike pence. back to you guys.
5:03 am
ed: all right, that whole quid pro quo is interesting. that's where we started, the idea there was a quid pro quo. that was the allegation by democrats. then they poll tested that and said well the public doesn't understand that but bribery. that's something they can understand. and all of a sudden they come up with the articles of impeachment. bribery is not mentioned. no crimes are mentioned at all. this broad brush. rachel: bribery is not mentioned because people start thinking about hunter biden. pete: that probably is part of the calculation. rachel: it's interesting the president saying he doesn't mind having this be extended process in the senate. he wants these witnesses to come forward. especially the whistleblower. and i was talking to you about it. they brought the whistleblower up. and you think the others won't but they could at least. pete: i think. so first of all, he is not a whistleblower. he is a leaker. always had a partisan. can you google and look at it. ultimately bringing him in fronts of the senate is bringing the source of an entire impeachment process in front of the senate. we will see if you get the
5:04 am
other witnesses. rachel: what will happen when they put him up there, what does that prove that the president is a good -- pete: based on what we know about the person, people believe is a whistleblower, there are plenty of partisan motivations there which yet again shows this isn't a patriotic individual doing the best for his or her country. it's someone that had motivations to begin with you would think the democrats did this whole thing in church. they have been praying the whole time. thoughtful. rachel: it's the most laughable thing. you know, ed, i say this to you as a journalist. if republicans had gone into a process like this and started touting how they are praying about this and how prayerful and solemn, i mean, they would be ridiculed and mocked. ed: not just by the democrats but by some in the mainstream media. meanwhile not being called out enough over the fact that not just speaker pelosi but we checked the tape, adam schiff as well said this has to be bipartisan.
5:05 am
watch. >> i think the speaker is absolutely right. in its absence, impeachment becomes a partisan exercise doomed for failure. and, i see little to be gained by putting the country through that kind of wrenching experience as i have often remarked in the past. the only thing worse than putting the country through the trauma of an impeachment is putting the country through the trauma of a failed impeachment. pete: that was nine months ago. you might say adam schiff gave birth nine months later to a partisan impeachment that is the exact opposite. you take every word that he said and it's false what he laid forth in his process and now handed to the judiciary committee which now goes to the full house for some. ainsley: does that mean that he actually thought nine months ago it would be a bipartisan vote that there was something in the political era at that time that they thought that. pete: they thought they had the game in their side of the field.
5:06 am
it turns out nope, they had it all wrong. rachel: once you put it on tv people can see how unfair. ed: nancy pelosi had her more moderate members who helped her deliver the majority in 2015. flipping districts that voted for candidate donald trump in 2016. now the president of the united states, so she had been holding back on moving forward on impeachment but was facing the competing pressure from liberal democrats who wanted a pound of flesh. wanted to go after the president. so now some of those moderate democrats are back home, maybe hearing the wrath of the voters. watch. >> election of 2016 has been concentrated on impeach president trump. we want congress to get back to work for the american people, please. duly elected president. and i feel it is not your responsibility to take somebody that was duly elected out of office. i think you are in a lot of trouble if you vote for this impeachment. >> where was it ever fair to
5:07 am
our president, the one we put in -- that i voted for? are a we're mad. we are mad as hell. ed: mad as hell as they say to horn moderate democrat in oklahoma. these are the districts that helped deliver a majority for nancy pelosi. it may end up being the districts that deliver a majority for kevin mccarthy if he becomes speaker. pete: pelosi trying to be cute about this trying to put usmca on the same day it came forward and take credit for it? how do you meadumb do they thine voters are. not to mention job growth and china deal which would bring even more exports for our country. not to mention increases in pay for the military and the space force. by the way, they mocked ronald reagan about fdi as well which helped bring down the soviet union. the space force is looking forward at threats like china. you can make a joke about it now this is really serious stuff as michael waltz talked about.
5:08 am
rachel: what i found interesting about that video is watching how she took it, the congresswoman there. she is sitting there, listening, not arguing back she knows that crowd is not in favor. she is taking it all. in i assume go back to nancy and say hey, this is not going well in my district. i'm having really tough town halls. rush limbaugh has some advice for moderate democrats like this. take a listen. >> if you want to get reelected, all 31 of you democrats in trump districts is going to run again going to get reelected come out and support him. you don't have to go on campaign visits with him. you don't have to go to rallies. but come out and support him. and you will be reelected. now you are going to get reelected and i understand the leadership nut house is thought going to be happy with you. you will be reelected if you come out and support trump. do not doubts me on this. ed: he is almost daring them. if you are not going to do this, you are going to lose in a moderate swing district when president trump is on the ballot in 2020.
5:09 am
a warning to democrats. guess what, even some of the 2020 democrats are now warning them about what just happened in the united kingdom. pete: look at what happened in the u.k. what boris johnson just accomplished. i remember the original brexit. they actually did it. three years later they haven't done it yet. boris johnson the leader of the conservative party there has had a simple message for six weeks let's get brexit done finally. the people voted for it. give me a majority. not only did they give him a majority. they gave him a margaret thatcher overwhelming majority. ed: when all the pundits said no way he can win big. rachel: remember the first brexit as you mentioned, pete, it was donald trump. he happened to be in scott land at the time. he is like this is a harbinger of what is to come in our election on maybe this again is another harbinger you have what is to come if the democrats don't make a sharp turn. i think it might be too late for them with impeachment. ed: now michael bloomberg gotten into the 2020. pete: a lit late?
5:10 am
ed: hear from him. he has gotten a warning for his fellow democrats. watch. >> the public clearly wanted a change in the u.k. the change was much more rapid and greater imagination tuesday than anyone had predicted. and i think it's sort of a catastrophic warning to the democratic party that you are just going to have to have somebody that can beat donald trump and that is not going to be easy. pete: this is going to be a warning, so who is going to beat donald trump, not me. i mean, that guy? rachel: competition for the quote, unquote moderate wing of the party is joe biden. he is taking advantage of the results from the boris johnson's win to say this. ed: look what happens when the labour party moves so, so far to the left. that is his message. fascinating. joe biden at that first debate in miami in june, he was more cautious about the whole like should we give
5:11 am
healthcare benefits to illegal immigrants. he did the half hand. because he didn't know which side he was on. now he has surveyed the field as you say and looked to the left and said well, there is a bunch of people on the left outspending each other on medicare for all and all the rest. he has to go for that moderate lane. mike bloomberg is spending all the money. is the left wing of their party listening? we don't know. pete: is anyone looking for finger in the wind politician right now. rachel: so interesting. they are not acting on their values. they are acting out of polls for what thee see happening across the pond. to me, that's not a recipe for success. pete: contrast that with donald trump raise your hand if you won't abide by the republican endorsement? he is dead. no, it's amazing and we will bring it all to you on "fox "fox& friends," especially on the weekends. rachel: absolutely. pete: we will turn now to a few other headlines. autopsy now reveals the officer killed in his station's parking lot was shot in the head 10 times.
5:12 am
arkansas cop steven carr was ambushed by the gunman while sitting inside his patrol car. arkansas attorney general leslie rutledge told us earlier the suspect had plans to kill more. >> he had on his person almost 99 rounds you have ammunition. he had 99 bullets and he had already fired 16 and he was aiming to carry those out somewhere else. there was a large festival in the area so whether he was going to direct it at civilians. pete: surveillance video shows the suspect approaching the car before taking off with other cops right behind him. the officers chased him into an alli before shooting and killing him. he got what he deserved. illegal immigrants can get driver's license in new york state starting on monday. this after a federal judge tossed out a lawsuit against the plan. but several county officials are sounding the alarm over what they say is a rocky rollout of the terrible new policy. one of them joined us earlier. >> at new york state, this is all a power grab for the ballot box in new york.
5:13 am
trying to give illegals the right to vote. we are not -- today we are less secure than we were. pete: the modern left in our country at work. new york county clerk michael kearns now posting ice tip line signs outside of dmv. encouraging people to report suspicious activity. one way to do it. former nfl quarterback making a bold prediction saying this will be tom brady's last season. espn analyst matt hasselbeck telling the "new york post" i have a wild projection based on no facts. sounds like the democrats in the house, but i know this first hand, your family is most important. wife, kids and health. brady is currentfully his 20th season with the patriots. his contract ends this season. he also puts his massachusetts mansion up for sale earlier this year. ed: his skills have been going down a little bit, too. when they count tom brady out is when he ends up taking them back to the super bowl. we shall see. 11 years agricultural gore
5:14 am
made this ominous warning about climate change. >> the entire north polar ice cap during summer -- during some of the summer months, could be completely ice-free within the next five to seven years. ed: then he turned up the ac at his mansion in nashville. the reality check of where we are today that's coming up. rachel: a terrifying invasion of privacy. hackers get into a family's camera system and talk to their children. the mom joins us coming up. ♪ who is that? >> i'm your best friend. i'm santa claus. ve someplace warm. but he wanted snow for the holidays. so we built a snow globe. i'll get that later. dylan! but the one thing we could both agree on was getting geico to help with homeowners insurance. what? switching and saving was really easy!
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ed: president trump has been blasting president trump's handling of impeachment and setting the stage for what's to come after next week's full house vote. have democrats set the bar too low on impeachment? here to discuss republican house judiciary members debbie lesko and mike johnson. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. ed: congresswoman have they set the bar too low that if there is a democratic president in a few years from now and republican house we are going to be here again? >> yeah. they definitely set the bar too low. this is a really dangerous precedent. first of all, they started saying there was collusion with russia, then, you know, obstruction and then quid pro quo and then bribery, extortion, witness tampering. you name it. then they came up with abuse of power and obstruction of congress? i mean most people don't even know what obstruction of congress means? and so, yes, definitely set the bar too low it's a
5:19 am
dangerous precedent. ed: i have heard critics say this week congress does a good job of obstructing its sufficiently as you know full well not getting anything done. the president got a bunch done this week congressman johnson. does that send a signal to nancy pelosi okay you are focusing on impeachment. i'm going to get a whole bunch of important things that i promised the american people done? >> absolutely. we were with the president last night at the white house. he is in very good spirits. he knows the record is outstanding. he can't wait to get back out on the trail and talk about all the greatest achievements. we are almost tired of winning as he said in 2016 on the campaign trail. this is ultimately going to backfire on the democrats. as you said a moment ago, ed, the founders warned against this single party impeachment because they knew that it would divide the country bitterly, and that's what's happening here and that's the great peril of all of this what is left in the wake of it. ed: short on time. 30 seconds each. congresswoman lesko coast first. now we see them going an senator mcconnell because he has talked to the white house about how a trial may
5:20 am
play out. they want him to recuse himself. what say you? >> well, you know, the democrats have no credibility left. this whole thing has been really unfair railroad job. and, you know, i don't know how anybody can believe what they say, quite frankly. it's very unfortunate. ed: congressman johnson, what about the democrats who are in the senate running for president and are supposed to be impartial jurors? >> yeah. i guess everybody has to recuse them selves. i think what mcconnell was talking about was the scheduling aspect of that how that is going to go down and how many weeks will be given to it. we will see how it plays out. ed: congresswoman we appreciates you spending part of your saturday with us. thanks for coming. >> in thank you. >> thanks, ed. ed: hackers got into a family's camera system and started talking to their kids. the mom is coming up next. most? > >> who is that? >> i'm your best friend. i'm santa claus. managing type 2 diabetes?
5:21 am
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seales, a police officer killed in new jersey when talking about the story of a fayetteville officer killed in the station's parking lot. this is the arkansas police officer killed, steven carr.
5:25 am
he was ambushed by a gunman while sitting in his squad car back on december 7th. the suspected shooter was killed by police after the shooting. god bless that man. we always strive to get the hero's names right. rachel down to you. >> thank you, pete. more parents than ever are using cameras to keep an eye on their kids. imagine watching the video and seeing this. >> who is that? >> i'm your best friend. i'm santa claus. >> mommy! >> i'm santa claus. don't you want to be my best friend? rachel: that missouri family now warning others that their camera could be hacked, too. joining us now is the mother of the girl whose ring camera was hacked ashley la may. ashley, welcome. walk us through what happened here. >> so my daughter normally isn't in her room, you know, unless she is like asleep.
5:26 am
she heard music coming through the upstairs camera and the downstairs camera. so, she went upstairs to kind of figure out, you know, where the music was coming from. and after a few minutes of that, and they weren't getting the reaction, i guess, that they wanted from her, they started saying hello there. and, you know, she walked outside to say i can't hear you, because she thought it was her dad. and, you know, obviously it wasn't. and, you know, he started saying, you know, what you hear about santa claus and so, you know, at that moment you can see like her whole demeanor change and she is just like -- that's when she screams for me. even hearing me now gives me chills hearing her scream mommy like that. rachel: ring says no it's not us. it's yahoo and weak password. what's your response to what they are saying? >> i think my main response is even if it was -- it
5:27 am
wasn't a weak password, first of all, but the thing is, you know, even -- i have had a lot of people reach out to me that work in tech and things like that. even if, you know, a lot of people have weak passwords and it shouldn't be that easy to get in with a security company that has a name like ring. that's my main response is even if it was, you need to have more of a response because this is like happening to people all over. rachel: a quick read of the statement from ring. while we are still investigating this issue, we are able to confirm this incident is in no way related to a breach or compromise of rings security. let me ask you this, you had the camera in your daughter's bedroom. is that something now that this incident has happened that you are like, you know what? maybe parents should rethink the idea of having the camera in the bedroom. i'm a parent, too. that is scary. what happened to you? >> yeah, it's terrifying to me. i mean, i own -- i have a daughter with a medical condition, i really wish
5:28 am
that i could, you know, even still have the cameras, you know, i wish i could feel secure enough to do that, but i definitely think they need to re-think that. and if you have to have it in the bedroom, i feel like you should -- if you are not -- if they are not asleep or something like that, unplug it, turn it towards a wall unless you absolutely have to have it on. because you just never know. i only had these for four days. rachel: er incidents in nebraska that people have had similar experiences. thanks for sharing. this there are a lot of parents a lot more aware now because have you done. this hopefully ring and whatever else is happening there that's making this incidents happen will fix it because it's certainly frightening to any parent to know that strangers could come in to their house via these cameras. so thank you so much and good luck with everything. >> thank you for putting it out there. thank you. rachel: thank you. merry christmas. >> merry christmas. >> he is leading the charge to impeach president trump.
5:29 am
what was he doing criticizing president clinton's impeachment? dan bongino is calling out the hypocrisy next. stay tuned ♪ ♪ we're carvana, the company who invented
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♪ i'm going to do my best jimmie johnson impression. how about those cowboys? it's your shot of the morning. this cowboy arrest is going viral. rachel: car thief trying to run from the cops when he got lassoed by a professional cattle roper. i love it. ed: got on the suspect. held him down until las vegas police arrived. the witness said the best part was when the police helicopter flew over and officer said good job, ropers. how often do you get to say that. rachel: arizona, las vegas, southwest, still doing it right down there. ed: i wonder if dan bongino ever used to say that form are nypd, secret service agent. you never got to say something cool like that, did you? >> nah, never. i'm not a cool guide, ed. i don't have the cool gene. that skipped a generation. pete: you know how to lasso? could you rope somebody, dan? i bet you could. >> no. i' m really not. i have no cowboy skills. i'm a city kid. the only swimming i ever did
5:34 am
growing up was in a fire hydrant like this where you were standing on the ground. i have no skills like that at all unfortunately. ed: we have got get dan bongino on a horse that will be a good segment down the road. >> i'm game for that that would be funny. i am totally game. let's do a fox nation special. [laughter] ed: in the meantime impeachment captivating the nation maybe not in a good way for democrats. we decided to look back at adam schiff and something people have passed over when he was first running for congress and run against republican incumbent jim rogan one of the prosecutors in the clinton impeachment. schiff said i think impeachment for most people in this district is only the most graphic illustration of an incumbent who has put the national partisan ideological fights ahead of representing his district. people want to decide this on the basis of who is going to serve our community. do you think the trump campaign should take that and use that as a template for their ads? let's get something done, folks? >> yeah. i would say that, ed, under
5:35 am
normal circumstances but the thing with schiff is you have to triage his lies. like this lie, he is a hypocrite on impeachment. where does this rank on schiff's lies? his lies are so produce found there are better schiff lies to use against him. this may be the least of schiff's lies. think about it. he's only lied and gotten busted, nailed to the wall on three of the biggest lies possibly of our generation. schiff told us and swore that spy gate a total hoax. he was wrong. he told us collusion was real. and he had evidence. he was wrong. he initiates an impeachment against the president we had no contact with this whistleblower. he was wrong. this guy is a liar. and even worse, he attacked people who told the truth. remember when he -- he verbally attacks devin nunes for the nunes memo my? now we have the ig report
5:36 am
and found out devin nunes memo was right and adam schiff's was totally wrong. pete: so many we can't keep track it. had to be bipartisan otherwise it's divisive. started the committee hearing by readings from a transcript that was totally made up about the phone call. i mean, it never ends with this guy. no wonder the numbers are where they are. >> pete, and the media never holds him to account. why are they still having this guy on and take him seriously? in normal times this guy, i'm not kidding, would be a pariah in his party. he is on tape saying openly i have evidence of collusion. he was on fox nation on tucker carlson looking into the camera. i have evidence -- he had none, he made the whole thing up. memo read in the media. schiff memo about how the dossier was substantive. how that's not only the thing the fbi used. it was all a lie.
5:37 am
it was a some fable. the media takes him seriously. record of profound dishonesty, he would be laugh you had off the air. welcome you had in open arms in his d plus 23 district in california. ed: also chairman you have a committee. unbelievable. >> powerful committee, you are right. rachel: i will move to a topic here, dan, one that will resonate with you. that's what's happening at starbucks. we know it was a little while ago that there was an officer who went in to get a cup of coffee and they wrote pig on the cup to name him. and now we have another incident where officers were, you know, sort of not given service while they went to go get a -- or refused service when they went into a starbucks. so now we have another incident, here's what the riverside county sheriff chad yank co-had to say about this. he said two of our deputies were refused service at starbucks. anticulture repeatedly.
5:38 am
by starbucks employees must end. we have been talking about this during the show. i brought the fact hey starbucks shut down the store, all of them over a racial incident. it seems like their response is a little weak. >> yeah. starbucks better clean this up. i mean, this is really disgusting. i was on the air here on "fox & friends" not that long ago. and i told just a quick story. i said, rachel, pete, ed, you guys are in the same business i am now, can you imagine -- can you imagine getting up maybe once or every three or four months and getting a text and in that text finding out that one of your colleagues, god forbid had died in the line of duty? what are you talking about? well, i have a friend a new york police officer friend just retired a few weeks ago, actually. i'm telling you every three months he texts me and text me about an nypd cop either we went through the academy where or may have known or worked with or maybe not it doesn't matter who has died in the line of duty. what other job in america do you get a text every few months about a colleague that literally died in the
5:39 am
service of others? and you are going to write pig on their coffee mug? i mean, if you really thought this through, i don't want to get in the middle of your busy burris thabarista day. but have you thought that through that some kid is not going to have his dad and it probably next week sadly or the week after because some police officer working for 40 or $50,000 a year took one in the chest responding to a call to help someone else? i don't think you really thought that through in the middle of your busy barista day where you were busy writing pig on somebody's cup. pete: might it be time for retraining at starbucks where we have seen incident after incident after incident maybe their employees should be taught to respect law enforcement? >> rachel nailed it right there. how about a day off there how about a day off for national training symposium on that. hey, we don't disrespect law enforcement, our military, our first responders in our store, guys. these are american patriots.
5:40 am
not only that i mean, these are customers, too. but i don't think we will see any of that. sadly. rachel: they should bring new, dan, to do the training. >> i will do it. i'm down. i nominate myself. ed: might get a little tough. tough guy that dan bongino. >> you know me well, ed. ed: dan, take care. we appreciates you coming. >> in you got it. rachel: merry christmas, dan. ed: 13-year-old boy charged in the murder you have a college student. tessa majors was robbed and stabbed in a park near her school barnard in new york city. she later died at a hospital. the nypd picked up the teen for trespassing, they say he confessed to the murder after they picked him up. former nypd commissioner bernie kerik joined us earlier. he suggested it's the city's liberal policies that are contributing to a crime wave. >> this homicide is reminiscent of the things that went on back in the '70s, 80's, and 90's and people ignore it. and i just think the city is
5:41 am
reversing. >> police now questioning another teen and looking for one more who may have been involved in that murder. remember when former vice president al gore gave this doomsday warning about climate change? >> >> the entire polar ice cap during some of the summer months could be completely ice-free within the next five to seven years. ed: well, gore claimed there was 75% chance the entire north poll would melt at a conference in denmark. well, here we are 11 years later, the north pole still there. last time we checked. [laughter] nike meanwhile facing new backlash over their vapor fly sneakers because they might give runners an unfair advantage. athletes wearing them run up to 5% faster than others wearing average sneakers. the $250 shoes are made with carbon plates and springy
5:42 am
mid sole foam. they help them save more energy during races sparking several complaints. i think, you know, nike might have funded that study because they want to sell more shoes. pete: if they have springs in them. ed: a little spring in your step. rachel: thousands of medical tests delayed and cancelled jeopardizing patient's help. next guest calls it unacceptable. pete: plus, you could call this one a downer. canada goose jackets flying south for the winter. we will explain. i don't know. we will find out together ♪ ♪
5:43 am
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5:45 am
♪ rachel: some quick headlines starting with a real downer. the price of canada goose jackets are reportedly coming down this christmas
5:46 am
according to the "new york post" flying south for the winter. jackets typically sale for about $1,000 that's a lot of money. are about to get slashed by 13%. canada goose denies the report and says the jacket is still selling for full price. and microsoft is getting cut down on social media. the company unveiled its fastest and most powerful x box ever. the series x which is set to be released next year. but many are mocking how big it is. comparing the console to a giant stack of burgers. pete? pete: we will see. people will probably stiviano love it, rachel. thank you. a wide ranging new audit detailing major issues at the department of veterans affairs. the inspector general finding mismanagement at every level of the organization claiming tens of thousands of orders for diagnostic tests were improperly cancelled. jeopardizing the health of some patients. here to react, former veterans affairs advisor on
5:47 am
president trump's white house domestic policy council darren sell mic. thanks for being here. let's dig into. this the audit found 115 exams ♪ completed on time. one in four outpatient immanueling requests deemed urgent were delayed. one waited for days fo 42 days . what are we looking at here, darren? >> pete, thank you for having me on the show this morning. appreciate it. let me first by saying the president and secretary wilkie have done a great job we forming v.a. the last couple years. this is very discouraging to see this report in recent fox news op-ed i mentioned the need for more reform. in terms of this situation, still a systemic situation thought administration and the president and secretary is cleaning up. from the previous secretary and the previous
5:48 am
administration. it is unacceptable but and needs to be fixed but lots of things need to be done to fix it. pete: darrin the point is well taken. the president accountability standards and choice standards. has the ability for veterans to get expanded choice. still not full choice but expanded choice changed in some ways the culture of the v.a.? is it working? >> well, it's working. so the ig report, which was a relatively weak report in the recommendations were just more, more memos and more plans. it was weak. but the difference is the problems 2015-2016, the audit with 2017. all pre-mission act. the president fulfilled his campaign promise on more choice. and now with the mission act, it's a totally different ballgame because, with join generality and best j.
5:49 am
if they have any problem distance, weight time getting these done. they can send them into the community which was not done previously. pete: buried the lead change. this audit occurred before choice was a real choice for veterans. >> correct. pete: i have also heard from people across the country say their choice is still being stifled by the bureaucracy. are you seeing improvements in the access vets can get to getting private care if they can't be seen? >> yes. i talk to veterans all over the place. and there are problems around the country where veterans are not getting choice. overall, it's working. but, yes. any place that veterans are not getting their choice as the mission act and the the new access standard is a problem. and that must continually be audited and fixed. this problem needs to be fixed. so, here's the difference between a v.a. and mayo clinic is how quickly you fix. so waiting until july is not
5:50 am
acceptable. these things have been in progress the last few months. they should be fixed now. 25% is unacceptable rate. it should be like zero. and these things need to be fixed now. they should not be waiting. pete: certainly veterans deserve it. i know you have been involved in this policy. nobody knows it better than you darrin sell nic, thank you for breaking it down for us. >> thank you for having me on. pete: you got it, brother. the boston marathon bomber, he wants his sentence overturned claiming oh boohoo he got an unfair trial. we will tell you what possibly his argument could be. coming up next. ♪ plus >> plus, historic day for the military. army takes on navy. president trump will be there and so will joey jones and roger staubach who is polishing up the helmets because it's dicey weather. american heroes next. ♪ everybody gets to dance
5:51 am
♪ only in america ♪
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5:55 am
philly. rachel: today's game is paying a special tribute to the three service members who were killed in the tragic shooting at the florida naval base. pete: that terrorist attack. joining us now fox news contributor and retired bomb marine technician joey jones. joey, you have the hymn that'helmetthere. they do a great job customizing them for this game. the weather is dicey. >> the weather is all right. it's football. if it's raining we are training. pete: that's true. >> 120 year anniversary of this game. army with the first cavalry division. they call it the first team. and then the navy, they are celebrating the 1960s. we had two heisman trophy winners including number 12. and nfl hall of famer roger staubach joins us. tell us what does it mean to play in this game? >> well, i played in the first one '62 army-navy game. it's the most nervous i have ever been before any game i ever played in.
5:56 am
i was her here in 1961. you couldn't play varsity football 0e7b8 three years back then. sitting in stands oh my lord i don't think i could be in this game. president kennedy was there. next year there i was and i was a nervous wreck. we had a good game we won 35-14. >> do you think we will have a similar score today? and you brought a coin with usaa; is that right? >> yes, i did. usaa has been a sponsor for the service academies. >> this is the coin that they will use today. >> this is to be the coin toss today. >> awesome. >> and it's 120 years. so it's pretty neat. army-navy on it. >> that's awesome. >> great history here. when i was a plea i met number 27 joe belino. >> thank you so much for bringing the coin and showing the helmets and being here today. >> yeah. well, it's a real pleasure and real honor. >> yes, sir. back to you guys.
5:57 am
ed: appreciate it. more "fox & friends" on the other side. eran made of doing what's right, not what's easy. so when a hailstorm hit, usaa reached out before he could even inspect the damage. .. because doing right by our members, that's what's right. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. usaa
5:58 am
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6:00 am
♪ but what i really want to know -- i just go my way ♪ i got to know ♪ >> whoever did. >> but i liked it. >> producers story is all it means. the whole show moving right along.
6:01 am
good to have you here. >> so excited to be back. >> with impeachment it will be interesting to see who goes the president's way. you have 31 democrats in trump house district many still equivocating, calling their dear leader prayerful, searching their souls on whether they follow the constitution, take a courageous vote. >> the speaker said was going to be bipartisan. >> it might be bipartisan in that some of those democrats will vote against impeachment. >> the committee vote that came out yesterday out of the house judiciary committee had nothing to do with bipartisanship, it was a bipartisan vote on both counts, so-called abuse of power and obstruction of justice both coming out 23-17, all democrats voting for it, all republicans voting against. >> didn't see anything about bribery which adam schiff and others were pushing, one of them is instruction of congress, they didn't like the president didn't send top officials, the president fired back. >> it is a witchhunt, it is a sham, it is a hoax, nothing was done wrong, 0 was done wrong.
6:02 am
it is a horrible thing to be using the tool of impeachment which is supposed to be used in an emergency and it would seem many years apart to be using this for a perfect phone call. >> i'm the one that put the phone call transcript out, was transparent about that and you claimed it was a quid pro quo but they poll tested quid pro quo and it didn't hold so well and they went to other ones like bribery and said that paul's better and they were going to come up with that but when they drafted articles of impeachment, no bribery, no specific crime allegedly committed and their these big articles of impeachment that probably proves nothing, you get the hard-core democrats on board, some of the moderates, the president has the republicans. he also in that press
6:03 am
conference talked about how democrats are you've got to do me a favor, look at the transcript, do us a favor is what he points out, nothing wrong with asking a favor to be done for your own country and look at folks in the white house, all this nonsense going on in the house if you look at the last week usmc, china trade deal, space for us created military pay going up, paid family lead, anti-semitism executive order, the job numbers, the stock market and across the pond at brexit as a preview of people taking their sovereignty back because they don't want unfettered immigration or control from the elite, you look at the last week and you are democrat in an honest way there is no way this was a good week for democrats and the president continues punching back the way he always has. >> you talk about the accomplishments and the contrast of democrats talking
6:04 am
about impeachment and all the success, promises taken and another point really upsetting the american voter, the hate, what they are seeing is the hate not just for donald trump but are starting to personalize and i don't think republicans are united and angry. when you go back to the district they are not just saying this is unfair, they are angry and i think it is because it feels like a leaf, democrats, media hate them for voting for donald trump or putting him in office and now i think that is what we are sensing. >> the key players like adam schiff, adam schiff spent two years or so claiming he had evidence as the house until chair to prove russian collusion, never produced that evidence, that was never proven and mentioned use to ukraine but in the middle of all this as the gears were being shifted he said it would be failure that was not bipartisan. here's what he said, watch. >> the speaker is right. in his absence, impeachment
6:05 am
becomes a partisan exercise doomed for failure. i see little to be gained by putting the country through that kind of wrenching experience. i've often remarked in the past the only thing worse than putting the country through the trauma of an impeachment is putting the country through the trauma of a failed impeachment. >> how do you explain it to voters in 2020, he said in march i don't see putting the american people through a spectacle like that and then he did. >> in doing this diminishes the importance of the impeachment process. this is not worthy of this entire process and we've talked earlier, dan says schiff has no credibility. >> schiff told us and swore
6:06 am
spygate was a total hoax. he was wrong, he told us collusion was real and he had evidence, he was wrong. he initiates an impeachment against the president, says we had no contact with this whistleblower, he was wrong. this guy is a liar and even worse he attacked people who told the truth, the media never holds him to account. why are they still having this guy on and taken seriously? in normal times this guy, i'm not kidding, would be a pariah in his party. >> it is -- it actually is said and you can say it in a somber way to see the sham in which democrats try to pretend like it was a sad and somber process but the depth of hatred you can see dripping from their lips but these house republicans, your husband has always been a fighter but these house republicans were 3 years ago never would have thought the way they did in these impeachment hearings, donald trump has taught republicans across the spectrum how to fight, how to counterpunch and not just step back and let it
6:07 am
happen. kudos to the house republicans for creating a counter narrative -- >> i don't think democrats counted on that kind of unity. they always counted on republicans reacting to something said by the media and cowering and you are right that donald trump is a fighter and he is teaching them how to fight and stay united, the only way to fight back. >> they have tried everything, you heard about collusion, spygate is not real, the ig report comes out and there may have been spying it turns out and now they go after mitch mcconnell because they don't have any other way, they realize there is likely to be a senate trial, he made comments on sean hannity's show suggesting he talked to the white house how this may play out to democrats and various people in the media are targeting mcconnell. >> mitch mcconnell is a juror. for the jury to be coordinating with defense counsel doesn't make any sense.
6:08 am
from mcconnell to say the president is going to set the terms of the trial, the president is going to get to decide the timetable and who is called, founders would be rolling over in their graves. >> he should take himself out of this coordination with the white house, meeting with lawyers. is undermining the credibility of the senate, not just himself. >> they just -- everything that happens at the white house becomes a scandal. >> how about schiff coordinating with the whistleblower which is why he doesn't want to get on the stand. >> where were the process arguments from democrats in the entire process was rigged by schiff and nadler in the house, republicans control it, 0 chance that mitch mcconnell recuses himself in this process, this guy knows how to do the infighting in the senate whether it is a long process or short process which everyone makes sense but either way the so-called whistleblower -- >> two republicans who have
6:09 am
been front and center join us and push back about those attacks. >> the democrats have no credibility left. this whole thing has been really unfair railroad job and i don't know how anybody can believe what they say quite frankly. it is very unfortunate. >> everybody has recused themselves. what mcconnell was talking about was the scheduling aspect of that and how many weeks will be given to it. we will see how it plays out. >> he is referring to the fact that you have multiple democratic senators who were supposed to be impartial jurors in the senate trial who are running for president. they want to take on donald trump in 2020. if you want to attack mitch mcconnell ascot ability how could cory booker or bernie sanders or others before and, how could they be fair? >> this will be the most boring next week you have seen, so predictable and so scripted the only interesting part will be how many democrats leave the scene, whether it is up to 10
6:10 am
or less, that will be indicative that we know precisely what is happening where it is going in the senate. >> i was going to say, that is what people are concentrating on. the economy is great, i've got to make sure my tree gets decorated. they are not paying attention to this. a boring tv spectacle. >> we will go to some headline some of which might be boring. this is really important one. community mourns four people killed in a horrific jersey city attack. a vigil last night honoring the 3 civilians and detectives killed in the domestic terror attack fueled by he. the mayor of new jersey believes video footage of the amount of ammunition the shooters had indicates they were planning to shoot at the jewish school. they are asking for help tracking down a white and belongings one of the killers but won't say how it is connected to the investigation. the battle over donald trump's
6:11 am
tax returns now heading to the supreme court. the court agreed to hear donald trump's appeal in three 7 cases on releasing his financial records. the president's lawyers argued he and his family have blanket immunity which lower courts have rejected. 2020 hopeful michael bloomberg unveiling his plan to combat isis, no, climate change, the billionaire sitting series of deadlines to achieve a clean energy economy that includes cutting emissions in half over the next 10 years and closing every single coal plant in the country. now word on how much the plan would cost or where he would get the rest of the energy from. honoring our nation's heroes, a live look at arlington national ceremony, cemetery where today reads will be placed over 253,000 headstones, the annual read across america tradition
6:12 am
is a tribute to sacrifices made by fallen servicemembers and their families at arlington national cemetery and its cemeteries across the country. amazing amazing job. >> all around the country. i have to know, loan survivor and a loyal viewer of the program one of thousands of volunteers and they read the names of every servicemember, last time part of not being a member's last time -- they want to say the name in a year to remember. >> the kinds of things that happen. >> call it the fusion fiasco. the fbi reeling from the wake of the inspection general report that shredded their key source for steel. did the fbi have its worst week ever? we will discuss next.
6:13 am
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>> a central and essential role in the decision to seek a 5 the order. leadership relied on steel's reporting to seek a fisa order after being advised of concerns expressed by a department attorney that steel may have been hired to buy someone associated with a rival candidate or candidates. >> michael horwitz exposing the fbi and their decision to use discredited steel dossier to seek a fisa warrant against the trump campaign. does this devastating revelation contribute to what was a brutal week for the fbi.
6:17 am
judicial watch's president, talk a little bit about christopher steel in particular and how devastating the horwitz testimony was. >> it shows that christopher steel was being paid $95,000 by the fbi at the same time judicial watch reported how he was paid by the fbi, now we know that is the number and this is at the same time the clinton dnc gang is painted to get dirt on donald trump. this is a joint operation. the fbi leaking the fact that they were spying on the trump operation to christopher steel a month before the election while he is still working for hillary clinton's fusion gps so you have the fbi intervening in the campaign. when you have that type of criminal unprecedented activity you have a lot of errors and omissions to put it charitably. >> what about what james comey told bret baer that he didn't think the steel dossier was the
6:18 am
central part of getting the fisa warrant, it was one little thing but they had this other corroboration. >> information by people like james comey on this issue another leadership of the obama administration further suggests they had something to hide it is further impetus in my view for significant criminal investigation. the last ig report confirmed james comey use the dossier to confront donald trump or president-elect trump in a spy operation. he wasn't providing him a heads up in a defense even briefing like the fbi was supposed to have done with the trump campaign in 2016 he went to the newly elected president to see how he would react, comey personally was doing this type of spy operation on the incoming president of the united states and he knew at the time the dossier was bunk.
6:19 am
>> comey is out there without ans doing an interview with fox news sunday people need to watch but a few days back he claimed he had been vindicated and it is interesting, final point that michael horwitz was asked come and the rest are not vindicated. >> he hasn't been vindicated. it said he terribly victimized donald trump. donald trump was a crime victim and the question is who were the purpose going to be prosecuted and i hope something happens. >> john durham is a prosecutor and he will -- appreciate you coming in. at high school student blocked from starting a christian club at her school. that student joins us with her fight to make it happen. the reaction, priceless. how this became a 2-year gift in the making straight ahead.
6:20 am
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6:24 am
groups of people with their ads. the campaign manager sounding off on the policy he says hurts america. >> it is a voter suppression activity, it is what shutting off the phone number does. >> twitter has gone even further banning all political ads from their site. of cyberattack forcing the mayor of city hall declare a state of emergency. ransomwhere was found that there no ransom demands. they were taken off-line as a precaution. it is not believes any confidential information is compromised. >> a 14-year-old student fighting for her face after a school repeatedly rejected her application to start a christian themed student club. >> the school district officials denying her request because it was religious and, quote, not generic enough. >> there fight might be paying
6:25 am
off. for city council's keisha russell joining us with an update. before we get to the update, they stall this application, denied it and because you caused a ruckus and are on "fox and friends" maybe they might change their mind. >> because of first liberty's letter the school district said they would allow her to have her club so the school board will vote january 13th and after that the club convenes. >> the school board, out in the daylight have to stand by your beliefs, not just a principal and assistant principal, when you had the idea to start a christian club did you think it would get blocked? >> i thought it would be postponed. i didn't think it would be outright blocked. >> are there -- is a green club? >> there is an environmental
6:26 am
club, drama club. >> why did you decide i want to start a christian club? >> i felt it was something god wanted me to do and if other christians were in the school we should be able to get together and support each other. sometimes i feel it is just me. >> you feel it is just you and you have this national attention and spotlight on what happened in the school. what has been the reaction by other students towards you in this crusade if you will to get this club going? >> not everyone is happy but my friends have been overwhelmingly supportive and i have been getting people saying i support you, i saw your article, this is a good thing you are doing. i got a random text message from a girl who is interested in coming, really exciting. >> if you had stepped in, maybe this hasn't happened, wire school district still saying we want to block faith? >> hard to say.
6:27 am
school districts are inclined to block religious-based clubs for some reason but equal access is pretty clear, if you have student clubs you have to allow religious clubs too. >> what was the rationale? what did your principal say to you specifically about why they wouldn't let you start this club to begin with? >> the message was a public school couldn't support a religious club and if it was on school grounds they would be supporting and it could be seen as exclusive. >> is what the school district said to us when we asked for a statement, the district recognizes the rights of student initiated non-curricular groups to organize and meet him coordinate with the equal access act, we anticipate this matter will be resolved as per the equal access act so ultimately you will have a chance to have a christian club in every country, this is freedom of religion in this country and that's all you want. >> i think you are a brave girl and your parents should be proud of you and thank you for having first liberty that
6:28 am
allows students to express their constitutional rights. >> if your viewers want to read the letter. >> you don't know it but you are a culture warrior in ninth grade, awesome, standing up for your beliefs. voters telling moderate democrats they don't want impeachment. >> the one we put, that i voted for, we are mad. >> our next guest is slamming for impeachment of session calling it an embarrassing day for america congressman steve scalise joining us next. what does help for heart failure look like?
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or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto. ♪the beat goes on yeah! >> trivializing impeachment and i tell you someday there will be a democrat president and a republican house and i suspect they are going to remember it because when you use impeachment for absolutely nothing other than to try to get political gain -- >> the issue may be on the other foot pretty soon if power shifts in washington.
6:33 am
let's get to steve scalise joining us from louisiana, good morning, sir. >> good to be with you. >> what is your sense of where we are because democrats started with the idea that there was bribery, quid pro quo, they poll tested all of that and here they are with articles of impeachment, broadbrush, no specific crimes allegedly committed. >> the biggest problem is they never started with facts, that the every other impeachment began where there was an actual crime committed, there has never been a crime in this case. they tried to find a crime starting with the mueller investigation. it has been very clear that you are seeing through it this whole impeachment inquiry, this is a political vendetta, this is all about them not liking the fact that donald trump was duly elected president in 2016 and they are scared he is going to win again because he has been delivering on his promises but that's not why you impeach a president. that's why we have an election next year, let the voters decide. if there are no facts there's
6:34 am
nothing to impeach this president on. the articles of impeachment that just came out confirmed that and instead of moving on to things people really care about like lower drug prices in securing the border, like the radical base has demanded this the day donald trump elected to office and they can't help themselves. >> nancy pelosi got her speakership by having a lot of moderate democrats get elected in trump districts. here is a congresswoman out of oklahoma, kendra horn getting the wrath of voters. >> 2018 has been concentrated on impeach donald trump. we want congress to get back to work for the american people. it is not your responsibility to take somebody that was duly elected out of office. i think you are in a lot of trouble if you vote for impeachment. >> where was it ever clear to our president, the one we put,
6:35 am
that i voted for, we are mad. >> she is not fighting back. she is taking it and we wonder where democrats will vote, what does it say about the veracity, the strength of the case democrats have made? >> kendra horn, and the same thing a lot of other democrats are hearing, hearing from people who say you ran things were going to be different, you work with everybody and all you have done is have this obsession against donald trump, he didn't do anything. the phone call, volodymyr zelinsky said there was nothing wrong but because you don't like the result of an election and are more afraid of your radical left base in washington then constituents who elected you back home. that is the real reckoning. every one of these democrats, the clear vote is now, you vote
6:36 am
against impeachment on these articles because there was no law broken. the constitutional standard is high crimes and misdemeanors, this is not even a traffic violation but they are going to do it not because of the crime but because they are afraid of the repercussions from the radical left like aoc up in washington. it is a sad day that it has come to this. >> you are trying to get things done with the vote and figure out how to move the president's agenda forward. a pretty good week with the defense though we have been talking about, family leave and other issues he has been pushing but the fact that nancy pelosi within an hour of announcing the way forward on impeachment crushed to take credit for usmc a and that trade deal is that a sign democrats are desperate to try and show they've done something other than impeachment? >> not only desperation but fabrication. donald trump worked for over a
6:37 am
year to negotiate a better trade deal with mexico and canada. he's the one who negotiated that, not nancy pelosi and that should've been law months ago. the beginning of this year it should have been law and over 160,000 new jobs would be created. people wonder what the price of impeachment, it is trampling over the constitution in the standard of impeachment at all the things that have not gotten done like usmc a, like lower drug prices and that is the problem that they haven't delivered for the american people that donald trump has delivered and continues to. >> maybe passing usmc might be one of the only good things to come out of all this. wouldn't have happened if not for impeachment and they felt the pressure. >> you mentioned parking tickets, motorcade but are not violate any policies or we might get a third article of impeachment. thanks for your time, we appreciate it. america christmas. we are going to turn out to your headlines.
6:38 am
boris johnson vowing today to leaving the european union. >> devoted to repaying the trust and what are we going to do? get brexit done. >> johnson talking to supporters after he and his conservative party got a majority in parliament. more parents turning to cameras to keep an eye on their kids but imagine watching video and seeing this! >> i'm your best friend. i am santa claus. >> totally creepy. taxes or accesses a mississippi ring camera the little girl's on joined us with a warning for other parents. >> i really wish i could still have the camera. i wish i could fill secure enough to do that. unplug, turn it towards the wall.
6:39 am
you never know. >> the incident is not related to any sort of data breach. donaldson surprises his mom with a maserati for christmas because she quit smoking. check out her priceless reaction. i love this. [screaming] >> mom leaping into her son's i'm that she is overcome with joy. she made a pact with the third baseman two years ago. he promised the ride if she quit smoking. >> i have a friend i want to quit vaping. >> maybe she is vaping to quit smoking. could that be? not so simple now. >> imagine you just did that.
6:40 am
let's talk a little weather out there. a lot going on, some rain, some snow, cold temperatures, not cold across the east coast, things are going really good, there is your cold air in the northern plains, we have the tail end of a cold front moving across florida bringing severe weather overnight, storms weakening a little bit. a little thunder will wake you up this morning. big rain moving up the eastern seaboard. get ready, another system moves across the central plains by tomorrow bringing snow to some people. >> leave it on the field today, the army and navy facing off in their 120th. the army won the last three, donald trump will be there with joey jones, joined by the acting navy secretary coming up next.
6:41 am
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>> welcome back, democrats want to boycott next weekend debate in around debate, the 7 qualified candidates say they will not cross the picket line where food service workers were pushing for new contract. the debate was moved there because of labor disputes at the original venue. bloomberg's campaign has a response to this viral video. and improv comedy group pretended to be bloomberg heads and they were shown dancing at a big bloomberg rally. bloomberg said the man who posted it does not have, quote, moves like bloomberg, the video was made in response to pete
6:45 am
buttigieg's dance which went viral in november. >> is it viral? america is gearing up for the 120 army versus navy game at lincoln financial field in philadelphia. >> today's game paying a special tribute to the 3 servicemembers killed in a tragic shooting at the florida naval base in pensacola. >> joining us is joey jones who is out on the field. >> the lights are on and i see some people running behind you and maybe warming up. you have a great guest as we preview the 120th army-navy game. >> they have the cover off the field. the weather will hold up, we are getting ready for a navy victory and you get a healthy dose of navy, we have acting
6:46 am
navy secretary thomas mosley. we are here for america's game. a joyous occasion and we are honoring three people. the question i have for you is people at home see these young men who are 18 or 20 years old and they don't understand they are serving in the navy and when they get done with the game today, in a few months they will graduate and go to you and go to work so people understand these men are in the navy and serving. >> pensacola is a horrible tragedy that came on the heels of two other tragedies. we lost someone in littlecreek, and we lost several people in hawaii as well. i am pretty sure there will be
6:47 am
honest deals and women at both academies. >> we have the president of the united states here, and bring a kind of luck today the navy will come out on top. do you have a foreign that? >> i did not bring them a lot of lunch. i hope this year the acting secretary will get a victory for navy and we will have a lot of fun. >> a healthy amount of men, it will go on to the marine corps, future marines on the team. a secretary of the army, but you are. you have a prediction on score today. >> i will not make a
6:48 am
prediction, the army spirit team near my office yesterday trying to harass me and the first two words that i learned at the naval academy, and i thought it would be beat army but turns out guys a lot smarter now than they were back in the day so a lot of them -- none of them said beat army but we are really excited about this game. and everyone watches this game wherever they are. >> we had that robbery, we are going to figure out with these services from cadets in the midshipman and you understand the connection only the midshipman have, it is america's game. as soon as the game is over today we are back. >> i told the army kids how
6:49 am
many of you are seniors here. >> that is in of navy. we have a message for you. we are ready to go. he won't give a prediction. 21-20. >> hello. >> thank you both. to a tough story here 49 minutes after the hour. he killed three people and injured hundreds more when he set off a bomb at the boston marathon, now the convicted killer wants his death sentence overturned. our next guest saw the attack firsthand, the chief of boston police joining us live after this. hello mom.
6:50 am
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6:53 am
>> the boston marathon bomber wants his death sentence overturned. lawyers claiming dzokhar tsarnaev hickle three people and injured 260 more had an unfair trial because it was
6:54 am
held in boston with a biased jury. joining us is someone who saw dzokhar tsarnaev what he did firsthand, incident commander for the boston marathon bombing. we know what happened. this bomber wants a new trial because he thinks he didn't get a fair one. >> he picked the legs of an 8-year-old little boy. he might have picked one of my police officer and military age member of the crowd. he placed a device behind an 8-year-old child. a remote control device which he did not have to initially 8 that device, he could have bailed out, he pushed the trigger. they killed five in the hunt on
6:55 am
their way to bomb times square he would continue his terrorist attack with his brother, they murdered a police officer and in the ensuing gunbattle one of my offices received the head injury he died of 6-month later. >> there was that car chase and running over the officer and when he went -- he didn't rice i am sorry. he wrote an anti-american islamic message. this is a guy who did what he did. to make a case only folks in boston saw seems like the flimsiest case. >> they have been kind enough to allow my team to go to 47 states. the 5 countries i have been to to train on this, all the individuals had friends, family or relations in america. all of them watched it live on tv. you could have this trial in london or timbuktu.
6:56 am
the evidence is the evidence, behind an 8-year-old child, he continued his murderous rampage, tried to murder the police officer, didn't try to escape and as you say it wasn't i am sorry my brother made me do this, it was an explanation as to his declaration of war on the united states. we gathered evidence. one of the things we discovered was an individual who was apps dealer associated with and we found out dzokhar tsarnaev had purchased the firearm in order to do home invasions to do his drug operations. it wasn't the brother getting the gun. it was this defendant getting the gun and he did that. >> thank you for your service then and your clarity this morning. more "fox and friends" just moments away.
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it's versus the other guys.eese (cheering) clearly, velveeta melts creamier >> sent pictures of the all american christmas tree.
7:00 am
>> we did a story earlier, thanks for all the help you gave us. >> have a great saturday. neil: impeachment week. what if i told you it might have been the president's best week, he scored a trade deal with china, worked with nancy pelosi to get an even big trade deal with mexico and canada and just got the highest court in the land to hear his tax beef with democrats. that does not mean he will win but it does mean right now he is winning with investors. market averages racing to new highs and average folks racing to the stores,


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