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tv   Fox and Friends Sunday  FOX News  December 15, 2019 3:00am-7:00am PST

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♪ ♪ i want to wish you a merry christmas from the bottom of my hart. ed: all american christmas tree. pete: it is red, white and blue. you can say merry christmas. rachel: or feliz navidad. pete: or that. rachel: guess which song this was. pete: i didn't know this was part of well-done. feliz navidad.
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pete: i took spanish for six or seven years. rachel: all american christmas song too. ed: use a hashtag. fox all american christmas. show us your tree at home. pete: i will admit, i shouldn't bring it up. ed: what happened ad the game. pete: 31-7, navy won. a running back ran for over 300 yards. ed: everyone gets a trophy. pete: not in the commander-in-chief trophy. ed: more trouble for democrats. as they worry about moderate democrats what they may do. jeff van drew is switching parties it appears. one of two democrats who voted against the original inquiry along with colin peterson of minnesota. jeff van drew a moderate democrat. from southern new jersey a
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district voted for president trump in 2016. he had a five-point margin. he is now planning to switch parties as a sign of this democratic process may be falling apart. rachel: he has been showing signs of being unhappy with the impeachment process for a while. i'm surprised he decided to switch parties. i wanted to say, this is a man who understands what his job is as a member of congress who represents a district. he says my job isn't to like or dislike trump. my job is to exact as much goodwill and help for my district. ed: he has been outspoken about that. rachel: that is somebody who understands the job after congressman. pete: want a symbol how bad, how rigged this impeachment has been, democratic party lost a member of a caucus. i don't want a d next to my name. i want an r next to my name because of how unfair and dishonest this process has been. president trump tweeted overnight. thank you for your honesty, jeff. all the democrats know you're
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right. unlike you they don't have the guts to say so. listen to turn to your staff and your constituents and democrat party, saying i'm done. i will be a republican, is a huge move and a huge risk for someone to do. if you're at the democrat side looking at this process, not only not gaining votes but we're losing members? that is a bad sign. ed: will democrats learn from it. maybe we should momoderate it? , no. they're lashing out. rachel: imagine what it will be like walking into the democratic chamber. governor of new jersey said he chose his political career over our constitution. this party switch is cynical and desperate. i'm confident a democrat that shares the values of our democratic party will hold this seat. i'm not so sure that is a good prediction.
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ed: the governor and other democrats did a private poll, if he voted no on article of impeachment, he would not invite a democratic primary challenge, he would lose big time. they're saving he is saving his political hide, not reacting in principle. pete: look at statement from democrat governor of new jersey, cynical and desperate? people look at impeachment saying this is cynical and desperate. before the ukraine call half the caucus was committed to the impeachment. they're using the call as rationale, height of inthat system. ed: kevin mccarthy was on jot justice last night. democrats helped make nancy pelosi speaker and they may have buyer's remorse. >> he is welcome to join just as others have before when the party has left them. anyone who believes in freedom,
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anyone who believes in the constitution, anyone who believes this new socialist democrat party has left them i want to tell jeff van drew he is welcome in the republican party. not just by me, by our conference. we would support him. we would welcome him to join. pete: remember when justin amash left the republican party. he didn't become a democrat. i am not defending him. he said i'm a democrat. water is warm for the republican party when you look at president trump delivered upon. if conservative democrat feels comfortable being a republican -- find me a republican feels comfortable being a democrat in light of that party. ed: democrat voted against initial inquiry, is colin peterson of minnesota. doesn't sound like he will vote for the articles of impeachment. rachel: no it doesn't. here is clip of him what he actually thinks about this process. >> the biggest problem i have with this is that you had people that have decided they're going to impeach him.
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now they spent a year trying to figure out how they can make a case for it. that's backwards. you know. i just, don't agree with this. we don't have any first-hand information about what happened on that phone call. it is all secondhand information. the president has not committed a crime. ed: is that devin nunez or colin peterson? pete: quick reminder he is a democrat. he has been there for 20 years in western minnesota. he is an institution. he is tough to beat. a hugely pro-trump district. it is part of the reason why the trump team minnesota is on the table in ways national folks haven't believed. he has a tough challenger, michelle fishback who was on this program as member of the conservative squad. they're trying to create the alternative tiff to the so-called "squad." pete: very rural district in western minnesota. scales entire piece of the state. and, but listen, looking at tea leaves.
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realizing this is a bad idea. ed: the question whether peterson, van drew, a one off or two off if you will or are there more democrats turn against impeachment, vote against the two articles. corey lewandoski a big trump supporter says more are coming. >> the democrats will lose between two and five members to vote against the impeachment proceedings. members in districts that donald trump won. there are 31 democrats sitting in the districts that donald trump won in 2016, that democrats won in 2018. so some of those members are going to vote pens the impeachment. which means this would not be a bypartisan effort. donald trump will not be convicted. there was no crime. he is going to win in larger margin of electoral college than 2016 america will continue to go forward with the largest economy in. pete: small correction, cory.
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there were 31. now there are 30. democrats want ad wave of some republicans who are worried so bad it is impeachment. instead the wave is going in the other direction. you know see that. as we see resistance from the left which has not stopped since the day president trump got elected, we had a different picture yesterday. the outcome was not what our army folks wanted. army played navy. when the president of the united states, the commander-in-chief, the ovation was as strong as you can get. there he was walking out on the field for the coins to. rachel: i don't watch other networks besides fox news. ed: i believe that. rachel: when he went to the nationals game they made a big deal on all the other networks kind of reception he got. there were boos. i wonder if they play this clip with this kind of -- ed: tend to doubt it.
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this is the third year in a row that the president has gone and he tweeted about how he will welcome navy because they got the commander-in-chief trophy coming after the big win. mark esper, the defense secretary talked to our own joey jones about protecting our servicemembers, what it all means. watch. >> are we doing enough to make people feel like we're securing this for our heroes? >> we're looking at this right now. we can always strife to do better. at the same time. these are communities. we have to balance out all the interests. we should, can do better. we're looking at that i work closely with the service secretaries, the service chiefs to get that right. ed: more of joey jones interview with defense secretary mark es per. he will be here 7:30 a.m. eastern time. you won't want to miss that. pete: there were chants of usa. chants of trump. chants of commander-in-chief. even chants of four more years. you wonder whether the military supports this president?
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look at that game young people and their families decided to put their lives on hold to serve their country, get a top education, go put on the uniform. they love this guy. rachel: rather get booed in d.c. and loved outside like this. pete: i think he has formula down. rachel: we'll turn to headlines a set back in the murder probe of a 14-year-old boy being questioned by police has been released. he was not charged. he is now believed to be the person who stabbed tessa majors. she was attacked walking through a park. a 13-year-old boy is still in custody after police say he admitted to being involved, claimed his two friends and attacked and killed her. divers are combing a nearby pond hoping to find more evidence. extreme weather a pair of tornadoes tear through parts of florida. ef-1 twister ripping through coastal communities between jacksonville and orlando.
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at 110 miles per hour. tearing off homes roofs, knocking down trees and power lines. that is tornado overturning a camper at a state park. up the keys a kitchen counter warehouse was also severely damaged. no injuries have been reported. surprising twist at a bernie sanders rally when a trump supporter grabs the spotlight. >> mr. donald trump, keep going, man. you're doing a good job. you know what? i'm a liberal. i'm a union man. i don't agree with anything you say. i voted for you in 2016 and i've been to vietnam and seen what socialism has done. rachel: the brave man in that crowd. the crowd booing and mocking the man during an iowa campaign event. he and the vermont senator showing over each other before security hauled him out. record breaking vote,
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heisman trophy goes to lsu, joe burrow. you just do it. pete: we love you. getting 90% of the first place votes, getting choked up while thanking his coach. >> you have no idea what you mean for my family. i didn't play for three years. you took a chance on me. not knowing if i could play or not. ed: transferred from ohio state in 2017. will now lead lsus in the college football play off this month. just kidding. lsu. tease you. it shows we love you. rachel: thank you. ed: coming up a moving story with angels watching over them. new town high school wins the state football title vii years after the sandy hook shooting. won it on the last play of the
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game. the team was so insist extent playing on the anniversary. ed: we'll talk politics as well. elizabeth warren and pete buttigieg trading barbs on the trail. >> should release who is bundling for him. >> would be a god -- good idea for her to release tax returns. ed: but there is one candidate they're not attacking. bernie. ♪ lo que necesitas. only pay for what you need... only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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this holiday season, us. it's what this country is made of. but right now, our bond is fraying. how do we get back to "us"? the y fills the gaps. and bridges our divides. donate to your local y today. because where there's a y, there's an us. ♪. >> he should open up his fund-raisers. he should release who his bundling for him. >> would be a good idea to release her tax returns, as i have covering your entire career in the private sector. ed: 2020 democrats, elizabeth warren, pete buttigieg trading
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barbs to the private sector back in the day. bernie sanders who poses a threat to both of them mostly unchallenged. democratic candidates think attacking sanders is not quote, a smart strategy. here to react former social justice director for the 2016 bernie sanders campaign, tesla figueroa. >> good morning. ed: what is the strategy? are they tiptoeing around the idea they don't want to offend sanders supporters in case he dropping out and wind supporters over? >> number one, sanders will not drop out, for sure we know like 2016. to me not smart but scary. certainly scary business. if they have an issue going after bernie sanders that tells me how will they go after president trump. his supporters are just as loyal as bernie sanders supporters, it also shows they have a problem attacking his 30 year consistent record.
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whether people like bernie sanders or not he has been extremely consistent that should be a problem with warren, buttigieg or anyone else becomes the nominee, they will have challenge going against trump. ed: trump supporters believe if social i is on the ballot they believe they will win that in the general election. do you think bernie sanders is better for the democratic party because he would take the fight directly to the president unlike say a buttigieg? >> even though i worked for senator sanders i lien moderate. and most of america does, i can't say ben bernanke is best person to go against president trump or not. if democrats don't have courage to go after bernie sanders how can they possibly go after president trump. trump would like to go after socialist bernie sanders it. >> works in his favor. at the same time it says a lot about the strength of bernie sanders campaign of the his supporters are loyal for him. they will not switch to go to another candidate that something democrats have to look at, how
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they can get not just the nomination but with a win. ed: break that down. democratic primary for president held, "qunnipiac poll" found, 29% for joe biden nationally. sanders 17%. buttigieg 9%. those who chose sanders, their second choices are warren, 31%, biden 11%, buttigieg 4%. we've known this all along, sanders and warren are coastest perhaps in terms of actual policy like "medicare for all." so i fest my question would be, does warren need, since, the second choice of sanders voters is her basically, does she need to go more directly after sanders supporters to try to get this nomination? >> yeah. i don't think that will do her any justice because again those supporters kind of overray. if they don't support warren they support bernie, vice versa. you see what warren and bernie did last time, go after
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joe biden. couple debates back both piled on joe biden. later on when senator warren took the lead, they focused on her. you will probably see more attacks on joe biden to break down his campaign. obviously his campaign has not went down according to the polls. polls don't know what they're talking about clearly since 2016. if we go with the polls i think they would do better trying to defeat joe biden but joe biden will have to step up to go after bernie sanders as well. he has to show he has the guts to do it. ed: to your point, president trump has not believed the polls since 2015, 2016. why he might be president. thank you for coming in. >> thank you. ed: joel osteen, kanye west, may take the special sunday service out on the road. jonathan morris was at one of the services with kanye. we'll ask him what he thinks about the two joining forces. that is next. >> the opportunity to show companionship in the christian
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moscow. it is unclear if they were planning a attack. authorities say they were planning attacks on schools and police stations. had guns, ammo, a bomb and instructions from isis in their homes. big win for president trump in the trade war with china. beijing suspending a new round of tariffs, agreeing to a phase one trade deal with the u.s. the tariffs would have again into effect today and hit u.s. goods including corn, wheat, and auto parts. rachel: research shows that millenials are abandoning spiritual life and they're not coming back. new poll shows that four in 10 millenials now say that they are religiously unaffiliated. ed: as a new survey from the american enterprise institute shows many millenials never had strong ties to religion in the first place. pete: are re losing religion for good in theologian, ethicist, jonathan more is joins us now. >> good morning. i brought one of your 1976.
3:26 am
pete: dropped the black. go snazzy. looking good. talk about millenials, do these study worry you. >> millenials are unaffiliated with almost anything in the sense they are not joiners. so i get it. in the pew polls they say, which one do you feel most attached to? they give a list. they basically say, none of the above. that doesn't mean they have lost a thirst or interest in god or spirituality. i worked both in universities as a chaplain as well down in lower manhattan, which is very young, hip area. without exception young people say tell me why i should believe. they were interested. but why? it wasn't a i'm religious because my parents are catholic or my parent are evangelicals. i think it is a kind of nice
3:27 am
they're not joining just because it is tradition. they want reasons for believing. i think it's a very positive sign. rachel: but i also think they're not being told by their parents or by culture about the benefits of religion. we see that young people who have weekly, go to weekly services have a prayer life, end up being more mentally well-adjusted adults. there are a lot of mental benefits, psychological benefits to spirituality. how much is parenting? maybe they weren't introduced to it. therefore they're saying -- >> rachel you would know. you have a -- rachel: nine. >> that is obviously -- rachel: 10 next week. >> which would be amazing. obviously young people are not moved that you have to go to church because you have to argument by their parents. i see what it is done in your
3:28 am
life. i see how it is motivating you to be nicer to mom or nicer to dad and that is the great motivation. ed: interesting one thing might motivate young people, kanye west, what he is doing in music, traveling around the country. you were in california and houston at the mega church with joel osteen. they might do the show on a national tour. what impact. >> that is interviewing kanye and joel. i believe kanye west's faith is legitimate and sincere. people criticized him. maybe this is commercial thing. he has clothing line he is wearing. kim kardashian is there as well. i believe it is very sincere. i give him kudos, respect for trying to connect with somebody who actually is a pastor. who has some theological background. now you might -- rachel: you think this is the next american spiritual revival al? >> i wouldn't go that far. it is like appetizer.
3:29 am
even joel osteen obviously not eadvantage fell call, i'm catholic, it is an appetizer. introduces you to the person of jesus christ. that is very positive thing. go for it. i'm looking forward when they come to new york city in may. ed: how was your christmas party? >> they were not invited to my christmas party. ed: i heard it was great. >> it was for my closest 500 friends. pete: 503, 504, 505. >> doesn't mean i don't love you. 501, two and three. ed: merry christmas. we love you man. pete: conservative party in the uk wins in a landslide. should that be a lesson for the left in the u.s.? former uk independence party leader nigel farage reacts. that is coming up. rachel: sandy and danny are the ones that we want.
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rachel: oh the summer nights. good morning. sandy and danny from grease unite. we never had a sing along like this. pete: you know the words because you love it. olivia newton-john, john travolta are together again as they together first time in 40 years. they were there for a meet-and-greet sing along in florida. watch. >> ♪ there is nothing left for
3:35 am
me ♪ ed: john travolta bringing back old dance moves. ♪ ed: andy and an any. will dress up tonight in jacksonville. pete: that is 40 years. they look fantastic. rachel: they look amazing. and by the way, this will make a lot of people go back and you know, download the "grease" dvd. whatever. they are baby boomers, these two. ed: they are. we always hear millenials are super sensitive, there is study out suggesting baby boomers are more sensitive than millenials. the associate professor of psychology at michigan state led this study. in science daily he says one of the es most surprising findings also contrary to what many people think, individuals who
3:36 am
were born earlier in the century, started off with higher levels of hype every sensitivity or the type of narcissism where people are full of themselves as well as willfulness which is the tendency to impose opinions on others. so the question is, whether or not boomers are more sensitive than millenials. we're always picking on millenials. rachel: wanting to impose their opinion on others. i think this is all matches. i think boom every generation, who are other boomers besides john interest -- john travolta and olivia newton-john. hillary clinton. pete: they have an opinion. schools when they taught people things. listen a generation of kids who didn't, they got participation ribbons and trophies for everything. kids, i'm told, from a well-placed source in my ear that kids these days, they're not getting their driver's license. they get uber or lyft. independence doesn't matter. that is generation z not
3:37 am
millenials, i don't know know what to make of these studies. ed: what do you think of this. friends at who is more sensitive. talk to one of my favorite millenial janice dean. >> that is great compliment. i think i'm more closer to boomers. rachel: you're a gen-xer. >> what is the age group? rachel: you're a gin xer. we're both gen-xers. janice: nice to see you on a sunday. i hear we have more fun on weekends. ed: we'll dance. janice: we'll look at current temperatures. cold across northern plains and upper midwest. 43 in new york city. better day today. temperatures will drop. we have a new storm system we'll talk about.
3:38 am
across the plain states we have flow flying. this is december. kind of thing we see, winter weather advisories from the rockies through the plain states st. louis, cincinnati. all this mess will move into parts of the southeast and mid-atlantic, the northeast. there, if you're looking at plans on sunday across the ohio river valley, could see icy mix and snow. this all moves towards the east coast on tuesday. we could see some ice in the forecast as we get into the tuesday morning rush hour. we have a few days to plan everything. and i am very excited to be here on a sunday. ed: welcome on a sunday. jd. in the house. pete: next let us know how it will be on christmas. janice: i can do that. to the hour? pete: anyone can do it it is you. janice: the pressure. ed: some other headlines, the fbi found a van linked to that deadly jersey city shooting. was registered to one of the shooters who killed three
3:39 am
civilians and a police officer. it is not clear how the van is directly connected to that investigation. meantime, one of the victims, douglas rodriguez was laid to recent yesterday. he was working inside of the jewish supermarket and helped a customer escape. the attack has been labeled domestic terror, motivated by hate. both shooters were killed by police. movie mogul harvey weinstein is trying to prove he is not faking an illness. released a photo inside of a hospital after being accused trying to gain sympathy ahead of his criminal trial. he had been seen limping even in a walker, using a walker in recent weeks. spokesman claims he underwent back surgery about injuries caused by a car accident in the summer. weinstein is facing several charges related to a sexual assault. he was spotted in a target without at walker. people wonder if it is fake.
3:40 am
nine candidates cosign adler calling for a lower threshold in light of the stage becoming less diverse but a dnc spokeswoman says they are not changing the rules. booker has not qualified for next week's debate. he isdown -- is downsizing his campaign. exactly seven years after 26 young people were shot and killed in sandy hook, new town high school wins the state football championship very dramatic fashion. [cheering] ed: the ball flying through the fog makes even more dramatic, 36-yard touchdown giving the nighthawks a 13-7 win, the first state title since 1992. some of the players actually attended sandy hook school. one player's younger brother,
3:41 am
tragically was killed in that horrific attack. those are the headlines. see a little bit of joy. very tough anniversary. seventh anniversary. joy after this. pete: insisted on playing anyway. when that ball is in the air, you're that wide receiver, i've been there, i wasn't good as that guy, that is not easy catch to win the game. rachel: with the meaning behind all of this. a lot of pressure. will the words abortions are magical written on candles handed out as party favors. pro-choice group behind it defending the message amid the outrage. pete: going to v to hear that one. conservatives win big in britain. should that be a lesson for the left. the man behind the brexit movement, nigel farage, joins us next. ♪.
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♪. rachel: some quick headlines. a breakthrough in battling breast cancer. a doctors at a conference in texas say the disease could soon be beaten in just a week's time. radio therapy over five days instead of six weeks, combined with tumor blasting x-rays could mean no chemotherapy. great news. call this story a christmas miracle a mom says a florida homeowner's christmas lights inspired her non-verbal autistic daughter to speak. her daughter was looking at the lights when she said, look at blue lights. look at the snowmen. santa is coming. what a beautiful christmas story. pete: look at those lights too. thank you, rachel. democrat hopefuls warning conservative party victory in the uk should worry some of their more left-wing rivals.
3:46 am
watch. >> the public clearly wanted a change in the uk. the change was much more rapid and greater magnitude than anyone had predicted. and i think it is sort of a catastrophic warning to the democratic party that you're just going to have to have somebody that can beat donald trump. pete: joe biden telling california supporters look what happens when the labour party moves so far to the left? former uk independence party leader nigel farage launched the brexit campaign in the uk. he joins us to weigh in. thanks so much for being here. nobody better to comment on this before we get into the merits of brexit what is happening there, what do you say to democrats in the states, whoa, whoa, jeremy corbin and labour went too far left too fast and they're paying the consequences? >> they're right. i never thought i would say this i agree with joe biden. he is right. jeremy corbyn represent ad very hard left-wing form of
3:47 am
socialism. that may be popular in university campuses or one or two big cities, but out in middle england it was not popular, they said what will happen to my taxes? who will pay for all these crazy ideas? i think the parallel is absolutely the same. you can get a left-wing democrat candidate who may be very popular in los angeles but go to the fly-over states, people will feel the same way. so there is a big potential take-out here for the democrats in their selection process. pete: nigel you see this like brexit was in 16 to president trump's election. is this harbinger of things to come? >> i think, there are two factors here. the first, corbyn went way to the left and people feared, what would happen to their income, what would happen to taxes all of those things. but the other thing of course, are unique situation is that 3 1/2 years ago we voted to leave the european union yet, parliament has defied the will
3:48 am
of the people with 3 1/2 years. what you got on thursday were ordinary people giving the metropolitan elites, giving the swamp a really good kicking. pete: nigel is brexit going to happen? is this win for boris johnson a sign it will finally happen? >> yes, i'm 99.9% confident we will leave the european union on the 31st of january which for me after over a quarter after century of campaigning for this, it will be a big day. there will be many things to sort out in the future. the future shape of a trade deal with the eu, hopefully one with the usa but i think the big historical break is coming at the end of january. this country, where we have three general elections and one referendum in the space of the last five years, we're headed towards a period i think of political stability. that is just this morning, out in london meeting people a slight sense of optimism is in
3:49 am
the air in england this morning. not before time. pete: nigel, congratulations without you i know this would not have happened. leads to optimism here in country big things are possible as well. nigel farage, appreciate your time. >> thank you. pete: get this, candles with the words, abortions are magical? given as holiday party favors. our next guest calls it an outlandish campaign to normalize abortion. "saturday night live," taking on political conversations during christmas. >> they did it. they're impeaching trump. >> dad, stop. >> i'm sorry, it's a disgrace. what crime did even commit. >> crime of alpha male who actually gets things done.
3:50 am
and everyone has dad's eyebrows! we chose eleanor. it was great-grandma's name. so apparently, we come from a long line of haberdashers, which is a fancy word for... they left everyone, and everything so they could get here. and start this family. every family has a unique story. this holiday season, help your family discover theirs. (danny)'s voice) of course you don'te because you didn't!? this holiday season, your job isn't doing hard work...'s making them do hard work... ...and getting paid for it. (vo) snap and sort your expenses to save over $4,600 at tax time. quickbooks. backing you.
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♪. rachel: texas pro-abortion group is doubling down after an outcry over its abortions are magical holiday party favors. image of the candles was posted on social media. the group called, texas equal access fund, putting out this follow-up post on facebook, quote, abortions are magical for most people who have them and refuting that increases stigma around abortion. they are health care, self-care,
3:54 am
and community care. joining us now is pro-life advocate, founder, president of live action, leila rose. welcome. >> good morning, rachel. rachel: good morning. tell us, what is the message they're trying to, what is the point of these candles? why are they trying to do this? >> this proabortion group in texas, sells or gives abortions to low income women, somehow abortion will be empowering, positive, we know abortion, no matter how you spin it is a violent act that destroys, dismembers, kills, innocent vulnerable preborn child. women are not served by this. to call it magical, to put positive marketing terms on it, just a blatant attempt to try to hide the greatest human rights abuse that our country is facing behind positive-sounding words. rachel: regardless how you feel about the issue one side or the other, this message candle seems
3:55 am
repellant. why do they think this is the kind of thing that would actually work? >> people realize, according to polling, most people are uncomfortable with abortion in this country. they want laws ban it at least in the first trimester or second or third trimester. they want significant restrictions on abortion. that is the vast majority of people both democrats and republicans. so the abortion advocacy movement in our country is very nervous about this. they don't like the fact that abortion is losing popularity, losing favor. rachel: right. >> they resort to these outlandish tactics. magical abortion candles. campaign to shout your abortion. this was something that was pop aized a year or two ago. lighting up empire state building pink in new york when they celebrated abortion through all nine months practically, which is infanticide. when you see this extremism coming from abortion advocates, because they realize they're losing. so they're doing anything possible in order to normalize
3:56 am
abortion. >> i was going to say that you're on the ground. you see it. you're fighting this battle on the pro-life side. you're saying these tactics are a sign the other side, the pro-abortion side, is losing? >> absolutely. there especially losing among young people. look, live action organization that i lead, we represent over four million people online, most of them young people, millenials, gen-z, we see people changing their mind on abortion every day. when you find out the scientific facts when life begins it is very clear, technology has revealed that life in the womb. when you realize the beautiful development of human life in the womb, you understand what an abortion actually does, whether first, second or third trimester, people are horrified and they think it should be banned. they think women deserve better, girls deserve better, we need to do better for our children. rachel: great message. we reached out to texas equal access fund. we did not hear back. thank you, leila, merry christmas to you. thanks for bringing this
3:57 am
important story. coming up he is afraid, he is a very afraid. joe biden says that is the explanation for donald trump bringing up ukraine. that is at the top of the hour. l the opportunity gap with education programs for all. for a better us, donate to your local y today. and my side super soft? with the sleep number 360 smart bed you can both adjust your comfort with your sleep number setting. but can it help keep me asleep? absolutely, it intelligently senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both effortlessly comfortable. and snoring? no problem. ...and done. and will it keep me in the holiday spirit? yes! with comfort and joy
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which could need hospitalization; skin problems; and severe bone joint, or muscle pain. are you ready? ask your doctor how prolia® can help strengthen your bones. ♪ ♪ have yourself a merry little christmas -- ♪ let your heart be light pete: it is the all-american christmas, and you know whose pick that is. ed: that is me. [laughter] why? rachel: listen -- pete: you've got a deep soul,. ed: ed you always want me to go more modern. pete: all the people watching right now are in bed, and they're going to stay in bed. rachel: you're so wrong, you're
4:01 am
so wrong. ed: thank you. rachel: this is the fox all-american christmas, and that's a christmas song. ed: thank you, rachel. pete: i didn't say it was wrong. ed: now the anticipation is building for the next hour. because pete's favorite -- pete: i didn't actually send in a christmas -- [laughter] ed: so it will be a producer pick. pete: maybe i'll send mine in, and it'll be the 9:00 hour. ed: no, the deadline's passed. [laughter] in the meantime, the president wants to get a lot done by temperature end of the year. house -- by the end of the year. house democrats want to focus on impeachment, but if you look at what's happened in the last week, a whole lot has actually gotten done in washington against all odds. pete: right. while washington's crowing about impeachment and how thoughtful and prayerful and difficult this whole thing is, take a look at the accomplishments. if you blinked, you missed it because it happened so fast.
4:02 am
the government shutdown was averted, they passed an ndaa, a spending bill that includes -- also a spending bill that includes money for the border wall. you've got the space force, which is actually going to happen, pay increase for the troops. you've got the anti-semitism executive order. oh, that trade deal with china which is now going to happen. oh, the usmca as well, and the justices, this is a huge one. senate confirmed the 50th federal appeals court judge. that's a year's worth of work that happened in a week, and most people aren't covering it. rachel: they're not, but the democrats are actually criticizing it. they never did anything on china in all the years, they were sort of the party that was talking about these unfair trade deals. never did anything. donald trump gets the first part of this deal done, and they're criticizing the deal. weird. pete: yeah. remember that china pivot that obama did as they were building artificial islands and asserting their influence? now we say we're going to reorder or that whole
4:03 am
relationship, and china is finally taking notice. we didn't even mention nato which is now spending $500 billion more on their own collective defense -- ed: because of the president. rachel: and doing all of this while under attack, while being undermined by the democrats. here's a morning tweet from president trump saying he feels a little bit like brett kavanaugh. he says after watching the disgraceful of way that a wonderful man was treated by the democrats and now seeing firsthand how these radical left, do-nothing dems are treating the impeachment hopes, i understand why so many dems are voting republicans. referencing, of course, representative van drew who's now -- ed: hooking like he's going to switch parties. pete: yeah, there's a democrat in a pro-trump district who said enough of this impeachment nonsense, i'm just going to become a republican and join the president in addition to a congressman in minnesota who has now announced he's going to vote against impeachment.
4:04 am
hook at democrats fleeing their own party, and you might have a hint. rachel: and the republicans on this -- ed: as house democrats move forward later this week and actually approve one or two of the articles of impeachment through the full house, they should have the votes to do that if they want, there will be a trial in the senate. we hear the president is saying, look, if you want a long trial, great. we'll call in hunter biden, joe biden, the whistleblower, adam schiff, a whole bunch of witnesses. and a key player, of course, will be the senate judiciary chair republican lindsey graham who says this whole thing is a crock. watch. >> what you're doing in the house is bad for the presidency. you're impeaching the president of the united states in a matter of weeks, not months. you had a two-year investigation, that wasn't enough. i think this whole thing is a crock. you're shutting the president out. the process in the house, any partisan group could do this in the future. you're weapon nicing impeachment, and i want to end
4:05 am
it. i don't want to legitimize it. i hate what they're doing. pete: the other thing that happened right in the middle of this week is horowitz going before the senate detailing how the fbi in 17 different ways were slanted against the president. he couldn't admit bias because he's the inspector general -- ed: that was lindsey graham's committee. pete: exactly. everyone looking at it said of course the system was rigged to spy on the trump campaign, and we're going to learn even more when durham comes out with his report later on this year. it got almost completely overshadowed. it's amazing to see how the tide has under the. rachel: when does durham's report come out? ed: well, he may have sort of a rolling situation where it's not specific report. i've talked to people in the government who basically say that durham may just start with indictments that roll out over the next few weeks and months into 2020. the justice department expects that he would be finished largely with his work by, say, the spring because you don't
4:06 am
want it to happen too close to the election, those kinds of indictments. but there are a lot of people inside the fbi, inside the justice department who are involved in that surveillance who are concerned about what durham -- pete: oh, you wouldn't want to mess with an election, and you might want to notify a campaigning if you're spying on them? rachel: so here's jill biden who says that trump's call with ukraine proves that he's actually afraid. take a look. >> when joe and i decided to run for president, when we made that decision, you know, we knew it was going to be tough. our family knew it was going to be tough. but we could never have imagined that it would turn into that donald trump would be asking a foreign government to get involved in our elections. and i think, you know, donald trump has shown us who he is, and this has been a real distraction. i think it just proves that he's afraid to run against my husband, joe biden. >> when hunter's name was first
4:07 am
mentioned, how to you deal with the fact that it seems so unrelenting? >> well, you know, i know my son. i know my son's character. hunter did nothing wrong, and that's the bottom line. pete: where's the follow-up? ed: he did nothing wrong, we don't really know what he did. how did he make the money? getting over $80,000 a month from burr -- burisma without any energy background? how did that happen? rachel: it's really perplexing. i mean, nobody would put that kind of trust and money into somebody like him. pete: and the president says, where's hunter? where is hunter? what explaining can he do for this particular situation? if he had anything useful to say, you know with his father running for president he would run to a camera to do -- he did one interview which was considered a disaster, so he hasn't been in the public view ever since. you can't just say i know my son, he did nothing wrong and that's the bottom line? rachel: they absolutely never
4:08 am
anticipated that this would come up. ed: yeah, no doubt about it. we mentioned a moment ago all of the things the president got done just in the last week alone? well, his counselor, kellyanne conway, says it's not the president being afraid of joe biden, it's actually the democratic field being afraid the president is going to beat any one of them. >> if i were a 2020 democrat running for president, i'd be hopping mad. nobody pays attention to them because if they thought any of them could really beat the president, they would put all their energy, issues and manpower behind that person. because the modern democratic party is so hell bent on getting the president rather than getting you a job or military funding, this is one of the most successful weeks of the trump presidency. usmca, china, the third consecutive military pay raise, investment in our military, over $700 billion, they have more resources, more respect, ndaa, paid family leave, and it's only friday. who knows what he'll do
4:09 am
tomorrow. ed: you've got to give the president some credit, but is it also because democrats are trying to make up for the fact that impeachment is blowing up in their face? nancy pelosi, within an hour of saying they were moving forward with the impeachment, held another press conference. she wants to tell her base we're trying to impeach him, we're moving forward but then realized, wait a second, we've got to give something to the voters. pete: is it really about trying to save their hide at the last minute, but then they have to bring it to voters who have to decide whether or not it really was their idea to begin with. if there's border wall funding money in there, space force money in there, if the trade deal changed -- none of those are things that democrats have done. yet they're going to try to take credit for it? rachel: it's a change of strategy because the original strategy was do nothing trump wants. here they are having to change. will it make it the media into other networks that are
4:10 am
reporting the news, and will they only see impeachment? that's the question. pat: thankfully, we have a big network here that more people watch than any of those little guys. ed: the trump administration reported to bring thousands of american troops home. ing the president intends to pull 4,000 troops out of afghanistan. the move, which could be announced as soon as next week, would still leave more than 8,000 troops in the country. u.s. recently restarted peace talks with the taliban in afghanistan. take a look at this surveillance footage. police say it shows the vandal behind a hate crime at a california sin -- synagogue. he's accused of ransacking the site, damaging several jewish artifacts. authorities say though nothing was stolen. 16 people now confirmed dead from a volcanic eruption on a new zealand island. after a victim dies in the hospital. latest death announced during an unsuccessful search for the last two missing victims. police say it's possible the bodies washed out to sea.
4:11 am
recovery efforts have been slowed by toxic air and near-zero visibility in the ash-filled waters with looming threats of a second eruption from that volcano. and those are your headlines. all right. media outlets hype the steele dossier which sparked the russia probe. >> well, trump has shown us who he is, and this has been a real distraction. i think it just proves that he's afraid to run against my husband, joe biden. pete: now that it's been debunked, how can no one is apologizing? former dea official coming up on that next. ed: and a baltimore ravens player paying a big price for chugging a beer after breaking up a pass. [laughter] ♪ ♪ stand with his people israel
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4:15 am
♪ ♪ >> so far nothing in the dossier has been disproved because, again, nothing has been to overtly disproved. >> there is a lot in the dossier that has yet to be proven, but increasingly allegations are checking out. >> my focus today is how many things in the dossier are looking more more likely as though they are accurate. pete: democrats raved about the accuracy of the steele dossier which was used by the feds to justify spying on american citizens. the inspector general's report confirming the allegations in the debunked dossier could not be corroborated, so will the media apologize for getting it wrong? here to react is former attorney
4:16 am
for the u.s. department of justice and president of the public interest and legal foundation, christian adams. christian, thank you so much for being here this morning. do you expect any apologies generally or for carter page? >> well, maybe, but who will pay for all the lives that they -- lies that they peddled? who's going to pay for that? i mean, it's cnn and msnbc, it became their business mold to report on the fairy tales of russian collusion built around this dossier. i don't expect anybody will have the courage to stand up and say i made a mistake, i shouldn't have written this article, and there's plenty of people out there who ought to do it. pete: yeah. just look at the report itself. here's one of the findings from horowitz. he said we further determined that the crossfire hurricane team was unable to corroborate any of the specific, any of the specific substantive allegations regarding carter page contained in the steele election reporting. they can't corroborate any of
4:17 am
them. yet we're, they're just sort of moving on to the next thing. how do you get a reckoning on this in. >> well, you start naming names, that's how you get a name. jane mayer at the new yorker, she was one of the leaders in defending the dossier, making it seem credible. she went on all the other networks, and she wrote 15,000-word articles for her very sophisticated readership at the new yorker. and, pete, when you go back and read this stuff now, it reads like a farce. i read it last night. go read about all the defense of the dossier, how credible christopher steele was, how he was highly respected, all of the sourcing inside the government at the time backing him up. i mean, really jane mayer at the new yorker deserves special attention for what she did to this country for two years peddling a lie that there was russian collusion. pete: christian, you know if you work for the new yorker and use fancy words or you're the foreman fbi -- former fbi
4:18 am
director, you must have been on to something. what will their defense be at this moment? >> well, you're starting to see a little bit of that. the first is silence, the second is denial. the third defense is to say, hey, we were just going off the best informing we had, and our very sophisticated readership at the new yorker wanted to hear about this. i mean, look, it was a lie, that's the bottom line. russian collusion was a lie. we know that now with absolute certainty from the i.g. report, it was built on a lie and it subjected this country to two years of division. and people at the networks that aren't this one deserve special wrath, deserve special attention. they need to be held accountable. pete: kris eking chan, you still -- christian, you still hear democrats saying, no, this is not about partisanship, this is about patriotism. jake comey use -- james comey used the same defense, i'm just a mega-patriot. >> well, it shows you how divided as a nation we are. we not only have disagreements
4:19 am
on policy, we see the world differently. and people like jane mayer, they just don't see the world the way people watching this program do. after two years of lies about russian collusion -- pete: not to get into the politics of it too much, but it's been pointed out over half the democratic caucus was for impeachment even before the ukraine nonsense. so they were all for impeachment on something we now know to be demonstrably false. yet they move forward anyway. >> pete, they were for impeachment before or the president even took office. i mean, that's how crazy they are. pete: that's true. j. christian adams, you are not crazy, and we appreciate you being on the program. all right, one dem is considering switching parties. is this proof the left's rushed push is starting to crack? we'll ask congressman lee zeldin, that's coming up next. and ron gronkowski first and
4:20 am
only team he played for was the new england patriotses, as you know. what was the first imfor example? >> rob was kind of a shot in the dark. we put him in a room, came back, and he was a asleep on the floor. ♪ pete: big first impression. that's coming up up. ♪ ♪ drivers just wont put their phones down. we need a solution. introducing... smartdogs. the first dogs trained to train humans. stopping drivers from: liking. selfie-ing. and whatever this is. available to the public... never. smartdogs are not the answer. but geico has a simple tip. turn on "do not disturb while driving" mode. brought to you by geico.
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♪ ♪ rachel: time for your news by the numbers. first, almost six million, that's how many people are out of boot camp, and that number could be growing after a new rule requiring able-bodied -- off food stamps. pretty good idea. next, 234,000, that's about how many people are being removed from the voter rolls in battleground states. a wisconsin judge delivering the ruling because voters failed to update their address within 30 days of notice. president trump won by less than 23,000 votes.
4:25 am
and finally, $14,000, the fine slapped on a baltimore ravens' player for chugging a fan's beer. marcus peters was celebrating after a big play. ed: he was just sort of -- do you see how it doesn't really go in his mouth? pete: oh, come on. i want to tart a gofundme page. ed: i think he can afford it. pete: come on. let the guy have a little fun. great play. he's a fan favorite now, i'll tell you that. ing all right, well, a freshman democrat who strongly opposes impeachment now expected to switch to the republican party. congressman jeff drew has made it clear he thinks impeachment will backfire on democrats. rachel: and overnight, president trump reacting. thank you for your honesty, jeff. all the democrats know you're right, but unlike you, they don't have the guts to say so.
4:26 am
ed: here to react, congressman lee zeldin. good morning, sir. >> good morning. ed: what kind of shot in a army could this -- arm could this be for the president and your party? >> i think it would be fantastic. jeff has seen the forest through the trees, calling out this impeachment sham for exactly what it is. you have 31 house democrats who are in districts won by donald trump in 2016, and those trump voters in those districts when they were sending these house democrats to washington, when they were voting for them in 2018, they were voting for these house democrats to go to washington and work with the president, not to go to washington and to impeach the president. and so jeff van drew is someone who wants to be working with his republican colleagues across the aisle in the house and the senate, and the president in the white house as he's arriving to washington, yet what you're seeing is from the far left of the party these other freshmen way to the left who have really taken over a lot of the
4:27 am
democratic party. they've rolled nancy bloats -- pelosi, and they've gotten them to do this impeachment charade. jeff van drew is shaking his head and saying this isn't why i came here. a lot of voters are saying, hey, we you to be focusing on substantive wins. pete: collin peterson of minnesota has declared he will vote existence these impeachment arms -- against these impeachment articles. i've got to imagine being in the house you know what it would feel -- i mean, what would it take to switch parties and the reaction and the blow black jeff van drew's going to get? >> yeah, that comes with it. with eyes wide open as you're making a decision like this, there's going to be blowback from democrats. the new jersey governor going after him. you have so many democrats, and this adds to the issue, is that they are looking at 3% of the facts.
4:28 am
whenever adam schiff tells them a story, it's a story. they're relying on presumptions, lies, hearsay, they're trying to connect dots not actually connected while someone like jeff van drew is looking at 100% of the facts. he wants to see the entire story. so the issue is not only are these people going to be upset with him for wanting to switch parties, they're not even going to be honest about it because they totally bought into the schiff narrative as if he ever tells the truth. [laughter] ed: congressman, we shall be watching. we appreciate you spending part of your sunday with us. rachel: say hi to diana. [laughter] pete: a scary scene when gunshots ring out inside a mall. [gunfire] >> oh! oh! they're shooting [bleep] pete: how it unfolded and how it ended, that's coming up next. ed: and president trump welcomed by a roaring crowd at yesterday's army/navy game
4:29 am
yesterday. coming up next, secretary mark esper at the game -- [inaudible] you're not going to want to miss that. ♪ ♪ apparently we come from a long line of haberdashers. we chose eleanor. it was great-grandma's name. so we're in this little town near salerno and everyone has dad's eyebrows. help your family discover their unique story, with a gift from ancestry.
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4:33 am
dawn's early light -- ♪ what so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming. ♪ whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight -- ♪ o'er or the ramparts we watched were is so gallantly streaming -- ♪ and the rockets' red glare, the bombs bursting in air -- ♪ gave proof through the night that our flag was still there. ♪ o, say does that star-spangled
4:34 am
banner yet wave -- ♪ o'er the land of the free and the home of the brave ♪ [cheers and applause] ed: how beautiful? we could play that all week. pete: then they played the game. navy ending army's three-year win streak last night with a 31-7 win. rachel: and president trump kicked off the army/navy game with a coin toss, and he even stopped by both team' locker rooms -- teams' locker room. ed: and this alongside the president was secretary of defense mark esper, and he did an interview with -- [inaudible] got an exclusive with secretary esper. he joins us live from philly.
4:35 am
good good morning to you, joey. it must have been amazing to be there on the field. >> reporter: good morning. yes, this is america's game, probably one of the most patriotic days of my life. i had an amazing time. pete, i'm glad you got to read the score there, 31-7, it was a good game -- [laughter] pete: i wore my blue and yellow for you. when we go fight wars, you guys give us a ride there, it's great. [laughter] ed: let's take a listen to what you did with secretary esper, and we'll talk about it on the other side. >> it is a great game. it's america's game. it's 120 years old, but they are teams from two great schools. it's just a fantastic rivalry, and as somebody once said, it's the only game in america where
4:36 am
everybody on the field is willing to give their lives for everybody watching the game. >> you know, i was in the marine corps, we have navy midshipmen, army cadets, how important was it to have the president here today? >> oh, it's great to have the commander in chief because he's the one that leads the armed services, dictates our policy and how our folks will be deployed and employed. so for them to have a chance to meet with him and for him to have the same chance is just fantastic. it's good to have that connection between the troops and the commander in chief. >> we have 70,000 people here today, it's like an nfl game or an sec game, and we have millions of people tuning in, and we honored the three victims from down in pensacola. so i know that meant a lot to you, to me, to people back home. but these players on the field, they're not just in a football uniform, they're in a navy or army uniform as well, and i know it meant a lot to them as well. >> it's horrible what happened, it's a great tragedy, and we
4:37 am
mourn the victims, those killed, of course, those wounded as well. but as you said, people all around the world are watching this game, army, navy, marines, air force, you name it are possibly watching this game, and it's just a fantastic example of the rivalry between these two good schools. you know, in a few short months the seniors from each school will be out there on the front lines, defending our freedom in iraq and afghanistan or korea, you name it. they'll be out this. >> i went to marine corp. from the chattanooga depot, so the tragedy that happened there a few years ago. and people don't understand exactly what happens on bases, are we doing enough to secure these bases? should we do more to allow personally-owned weapons and licenses where people live on base? are we doing enough to make people feel like we're securing these bases for our heroes? >> we're looking at that right now. we can always strive to do better. but at the same time, these are communities, we've got to balance out all those interests.
4:38 am
but, yeah, we should and do better, and we're looking at that right now, and i work closely with the service secretaries and chiefs to get that right. >> absolutely. and when it comes to supporting our men and women in uniform, you know, the ndaa just passed, there's a 3% pay raise, i'm sure many people are happy about that. there's also funding for the u.s. space force. how important was it to get that bipartisan bill passed through congress? >> well, first of all, you made a good point, it's a bipartisan bill. it shows the support of congress for our fighting soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines. and you're right, 3% pay increase. but the space force is phenomenal. it's going to make a big change in our ability to fight and win in space, which is where i think the first fight of the next war will be in space or cyberspace, and we need to be ready for that. >> you know, this game is morale. it is absolutely enjoying and celebrating the men and women that serve on the battlefield of the green behind us and also abroad. what is the morale in the armed forces now? are our men and women happy, and
4:39 am
do they feel supported by the country and their commander in chief and all involved? >> i think so. we got good support, bipartisan support from congress. our commander in chief loves them, so everybody's enthused about what we're going. we have putting a brand new generation of cutting edge weapons, so it's an exciting time to be in the mill care. i encourage all -- military. i encourage all young people out there to consider serving in one of our armed services. rachel: hey, joey, really quickly, when the president went to nats game during the world series, media made a lot of hay about the mixed outfrom the reaction. you were there yet, what was the reaction from people in the stands when our president showed up? >> you know, the crowd was probably evenly split, but they were all big fans of fox news and president trump. i couldn't go 5 feet without getting stopped. [laughter] you know, the president of the firefighters union in philadelphia stopped me, i --
4:40 am
and everyone there really supported the president and loved seeing him there. pete: joey, that's wonderful. based on your interview with the secretary of defense, the whole idea of arming members of the navy on base or other military personnel. a bunch of naval aviators sent a letter to congress requesting that they have the opportunity to be armed. based on your answer and what you've heard from folks, where do you think that's going? >> young, defense -- you know, the defense secretary didn't shut it down, he didn't say not. one thing people don't understand, so many of these base have communities, homes, people live on these bases. the question isn't will they carry their service weapon, it's whether they have a license to have a personally-owned weapon. you really don't have access to it. so we're looking can these men and women carry their personally-owned weapons in their vehicle, this their homes. and i think that the vast
4:41 am
majority of military members want that right. ed: joey, on a personal note, i know it's been a difficult week for you, you've been very open about losing your father. certainly, everybody here at "fox & friends" and on fox has been thinking about you, we hope your family's doing well. >> thank you very much. we really appreciate it. ed: best wishes to you, joey. pete: great american. ed: gunfire erupts inside a gamal. >> oh! [gunfire] oh [bleep] ed: police say the gunman opened fire during a fight at the fall's food court. one -- mall's food court. the shooter somehow still on the run. governor gavin newsom isn't giving an easy out to the power company blamed for deadly wildfires, rejecting a $13.5 billion bankruptcy settlement from pacific gas and electric saying it falls woefully short of the requirements needed for the company to get state funds.
4:42 am
pacific gas, which is accused of starting 2018's camp wildfire with a faulty or power line, has until tuesday to revise the deal. and new england patriots' coach bill belichick says the first time he met rob gronkowski, he wasn't sure if he'd last in the nfl. >> rob was kind of a shot in the dark. he came up on his predraft visit, had a bad visit. we put him in a room, came back, he was asleep on the floor. [laughter] ed: despite that, the team bet on gronk. he went on to win, yes, three super bowls already retiring last year. he's since been named one of the nfl's 100 greatest players ever, so first impression is not always right. he's now, of course, part of the fox sports team as well. pete: he wears it on his sleeve. he's the real deep. you could see him be like, well, no one's here, i'm tired. rachel: kind of like marriage,
4:43 am
you just never know how it's going to end up. [laughter] pete: for sure. all right. first, hillary clinton made a big mistake promising to take out coal pleatly. now 2020 democrat michael bloomberg is joining in, even making it a slogan. >> i will accelerate america's transition to an -- [inaudible] economy. we have as a goal 2050. rachel: exactly why bloomberg's goal is ridiculous. he's on deck, stay with us. ♪ we made usaa insurance for members like martin. an air force veteran made of doing what's right, not what's easy. so when a hailstorm hit, usaa reached out before he could even inspect the damage. that's how you do it right. usaa insurance is made just the way martin's family needs it - with hassle-free claims, he got paid before
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4:47 am
>> we took on donald trump after he said he'd pull us out of the paris climate agreement. as president, i will accelerate america's transition to an all-carbon economy. we have as a goal 2050. we have to start work as hard as we can. ed: is bloomberg making the same mistake hillary clinton made back in 2016? joining us live, west virginia governor jim justice. good morning. >> good morning, ed. ed: what do you think about this big picture, michael bloomberg? he's tried to make climate change a central part of his campaign, of course, but does this go too far? >> it not only goes too far, but i'd like to speak to you from the standpoint of speaking to the nation. it'd be catastrophic to west virginia, but all he's doing is pandering to the uninformed. and, you know, today all of us want an all-encompassing energy structure whether it be the alternatives, whether it be gas,
4:48 am
coal or whatever it may be. but nevertheless, today in america we cannot do without coal, and we surely can't do without natural gas. and to pander to the uninformed is just plain wrong. i hope he spends hundreds of millions of dollars in his campaign because it will, the effect will help the economy, but i hope he loses beyond belief. rachel: it's interesting, we talk about the benefits of being energy independent for the bottom line for people's electric bills and heat, but we don't talk a lot about what it means in terms of our foreign policy when we're not depending on other countries for our energy and how that impacts decisions that are made for us. >> well, just go back, you know, i'm old enough to remember jimmy carter. it took four years to almost totally destroy this country and gas lines and everything else,
4:49 am
solely dependent upon, you know, outside energy sources and everything. 100 plus hostages in iran and gas lines beyond belief -- rachel: right. >> and then along came barack obama. we spent eight years reeling in no man's land, and we got a president who's truly rebuilding our strength and rebuilding america the way we believe in america and everything. you know, absolutely, we all want clean air, clean water and all the greatness of that and everything. but at the same time, we have to exist here. and america has to exist here. and people's electric bills don't need to triple and quadruple. absolutely don't need to cripple this country in every way, shape, form or fashion, and that's exactly what bloomberg's talking. ed: governor, as you know, bloomberg is using a script that hillary clinton tried in 2016. let's listen to what she said, and we'll give you a chance to react. watch. >> i'm the only candidate which has a policy about how to bring
4:50 am
economic opportunity using clean renewable energy as the key into coal country. because we're going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business. ed: governor, we've got 15 seconds. that didn't work out. [laughter] >> of course it didn't work out. we love our coal miners here. and only 5% of west virginia's, 5% of our total revenue today is generated with severance taxes and everything. so the bottom line is we're a diversified economy in west virginia today and doing all kinds of greatness. we're glad as hell what happened to hillary happened. rachel: thank you, governor. ed: appreciate you coming in. rachel: a real contrast. up next, the holiday wreaking havoc that's taking the internet by storm, and it'll make your lives -- [inaudible] ♪ ♪ ♪oh there's no place like home for the holidays.♪
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♪ ♪ rachel: [inaudible] all-american christmas. take a selfie, pit on social media -- ed: when you come out to fox square. rachel: i'm so excited to be here today. janis janis the deal was if i was going to be in for him, i was going to host a whole session isment, and the segment today is wrapping. pete: what don't we know about wrapping? janice: look at this. is so you've got a box, you don't have enough wrapping paper, but there's a little trick you can do that this person is displaying right now, and we're going to do it right here in the studio. are you ready? pete: try it the old school way, there's not enough paper. >> that happens all the time. rachel: it does.
4:56 am
janis: like this and like this, what this hacker is saying turn it diagonally and wrap it like an envelope. pete: this is my gift for ed. it's a lump of coal. [laughter] >> so it kind of works. of it's not the greatest. i'm going to tell you, they probably measured it beforehand for that beautiful video. pete: the point is just covering the box. >> exactly. i'm not sure why they asked me to host this, because it's not the greatest, but i do enjoy wrapping. ed, are you a wrapper? rachel: i'm a little bit of a perfectionist -- >> you know what? it's not bad. it kind of works. you just put a little bow on that and -- that's not bad, right? listen, i just need somebody to fill my glass up, and then i'm good. [laughter] rachel: fox business' mafia bartiromo -- maria bartiromo
4:57 am
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ed: straight to a fox news alert. dozens of navy pilots pleading with lawmakers, top military brass, they allow them to carry firearms on bases. pete: the letter coming after two deadly shooting incidents at naval bases is including in pensacola. rachel: lucas tomlinson in washington with the latest. reporter: they are demanding to be armed on bases, write, quote, reprehensible, that military installation much less the fighters based there be faced with immediate threat to their lives. military bases across the united states have become, quote, soft targets.
5:01 am
they add, on base security often by contracted civilians whose physical fitness requirements and specialized training fall far short of the standard servicemembers. one of the three victims was a recent graduate of the u.s. naval academy. naval captains wore patches in honor of all three victims. they point out irony, joshua was small arms instructor and captain of the naval team, when charged with standing watch, equipped with a nothing more than a logbook and a pen. secretary esper was asked about "fox & friends" about base security at army navy game. >> we're looking at that. we can strife to do better. these are communities. we have to balance out all the interests. we should and can do better. we're looking at that right now. i work closely with the service secretaries and service chiefs to get that right. reporter: not just navy pilots, isn't it ironic 18-year-old private can fire anti-take
5:02 am
missiles and combat but told to shelter in place when getting back home on bases. ed: lucas tomlinson bringing urgency to the show. we appreciate that. pete: not often active duty of members of the military are submitting letters to members of congress and want a big change in rules. why should the bases be gun-free zones. if you're locked in armory if you're going to war. another thing if you go to bork, want to protect your family, you don't have a second amendment right to carry. rachel: i am a military brat. i grew up on a air force base. when did this happen you couldn't carry gun and defend yourself on a base? when did that happen. pete: i have to look that up. it is changed now. we're in a place where whole new world of insider attacks from terrorists inside bases especially training foreign national as. ed: they should be able to defend themselves.
5:03 am
if you can go to work have one in your home why can't someone serving our country. it makes common sense. ed: another big story developing this week, of course impeachment. is it backfiring on democrats? only two democrat voted against the original inquiry. colin peterson, from minnesota. he is going a step further will vote against both articles of impeachment. that man, jeff van drew a moderate democrat from new jersey, best what? now becoming appears a moderate republican from new jersey. switching parties. something the president is pretty happy about this morning. rachel: absolutely tweeting this morning, saying thank you for all your honesty, jeff. all the democrats know you are right but unlike you they don't have the guts to say so. ed: widely reported now as this impeachment circus moves forward you think about it a democrat who voted against the inquiry was ready to vote against impeachment. he said his party has gone so
5:04 am
far on hatred for trump. he is leaving the party all together. we talked all the time about 31 democrat in house distributes. it is 30 now. change all the full screens across the network. one say i'm done with it together. i'm becoming a republican. look at evidence before you. you can have all the editorials you want. all the networks resisting here in this town but that is evidence. rachel: not at all what the democrats had expected. they thought they would get republicans to come along with them. now they're having democrats voting against it and now defections coming from their party. here is an interesting tweet by brian dean wright. turns out people get tired of defending a party that spent the past three years embracing socialists, anti-semites and hysteria. ed: what conservatives will say. pete: he is a democrat, bryan dean wright. a lot of people feel that way. ed: i will get to lee zeldin, a frequent guest on the show. someone in the middle of action
5:05 am
on house intelligence committee. pushing back on adam schiff. what he says is going on as impeachment is backfiring on democrats not just in this new jersey district but around the country. watch. >> 31 house democrats in districts won by donald trump in 2016. those trump voters in those districts, when they were sending these house democrat to washington, when they were voting for them in 2018, they were voting for these house democrats to if to washington to work with the president. not to go to washington to impeach the president. so jeff van drew is someone who wants to be working with his republican colleagues across the aisle. i think this is also indicative of where a lot of voters are across this entire country. hey, this isn't what we want. we want you to be focusing on substantive wins, working with each other to move our country forward. ed: he says that is the mood around the country. pete: listening to voters. that is what jeff van drew is
5:06 am
doing. i argue it takes a lot of criticism with all the focus on you to say i'm out. rachel: there is cloakroom, one for democrats, one for republicans. it will be interesting go to the democrat or go to the republican cloakroom? ed: make a turn to the right as opposed to other cloakroom. we'll watch that. meantime we're talking about listening to the voters, imagine that, a novel concept president trump reminded people about in 2016. what are folks in the mainstream media doing? they may not be listening to voters. "new york times" join agroing list of liberal newspapers around the country saying he should be impeached. look back at some of papers in 1998. "washington post" editorialized back then during the clinton impeachment. the house judiciary committee completed its task. it failed miserably. four articles of impeachment of which two are ill-defined and
5:07 am
two are unsubstantiated. pete: replace four with two, direct quote. ed: same newspaper with editorial. rachel: "washington post" editorial board on trump impeachment on charges brought by the house judiciary committee on tuesday are clear. he abused his office. he willfully obstructed subsequent congressional investigation. it is our view more than enough exists for trump for the house to impeach mr. trump and for abuse of power and obstruction of congress. maybe it has been the democrats in congress who were sort of following the lead of the media, instead of media reporting on what the democrats. pete: they're the same thing. talk about collusion, "new york times," "washington post," democrats, there is no difference whatsoever. here is the headline from the "new york times" editorial board. they cut to the chase.
5:08 am
that is what you're reading opening up paper on them weighing in. talk about listening to voters. remember when "new york times" sent a few reporters out to middle america to the zoo to meet the trump supporters? who are the people we never met, they came back, didn't know what to think. maybe we'll change the way we report just a little bit. instead they have gone even further. i think this is the -- rachel: as a results of going to the zoo you say, checking out what happened. they initially said we'll maybe change our point of view. when they got home, they decided we'll hate on those people. that is it what happened. ed: mollie hemingway does this tweet as she does so well, call it out. impeachment was always a media effort they bullied democrats into doing even when mueller failed to deliver goods. it began with editorial board support. it did not build to it t was almost like a narrative. they wanted it to happen as you referred to a moment ago. pete: what is it like to tweet? i don't really know.
5:09 am
ed: you're not on there? pete: i'm not on there. kellyanne conway was on our network raised a great point. was this about ukraine or phone call or about impeachment all along? watch. >> go back to august 1st. why is that date important? the media did a good thing, keeping tabs how many democrats committed to impeachment inquiry by august first one-half of all the democrats had committed. august first, six weeks before the so-called whistleblower complaint. it is so nobody even knew about that. and they had already committed to impeachment. let's stop pretending this has to do with ukrainian call. pete: that is what the american people have seen through. that is the frustration. is the mueller report now has been fully discredited especially after horowitz the dossier what we learned there. half their caucus was committed to impeachment based on that. they latch on to a phone call and here we are.
5:10 am
they're losing members and losing in the polls. rachel: we have videotape showing so many different members before he was even inaugurated or shortly thereafter saying the word impeachment. this is very clear, this is what they wanted to do. they were trying to find something. ed: remember when they got the mueller report, didn't prove collusion. we'll get mueller before jerry nadler's committee, about ukraine. this is the movie version. american people will get it. mueller didn't seem to know what was in his own report. that fell apart. that gets to mollie hemingway's point. pete: sure does. two big hours remaining on the program. we now turn to your headlines. setback in a murder probe of a college student a 14-year-old boy questioned by police has been released and is not charged and believed not the one who stabbed tessa majors. she was attacked walking through a park. 13-year-old still in custody
5:11 am
claiming to be involved claiming two friends attacked and killed majors. disgraced movie mogul harvey weinstein trying to prove he is not faking an illness. he released this note he inside of a hospital after being accused trying to feign sympathy ahead of his criminal trial. he was seen limping, using a walker in and out of court as spokesman claims he underwent back surgery to fix injuries caused in a car accident. others say they have seen him without the walker. pair of tornadoes tear through parts of florida. ef-1 ripping through coast call communities between jacksonville and orlando, at 110 miles per hour. tearing off a home roof, knocking down trees and power lines. the tornado overturning a camper in a state park as well. up the coast a counter top warehouse was injured. from tragedy to try all. exactly seven years after 26 people were shot and killed at
5:12 am
sandy hook, newtown high school wins a state football championship in dramatic fashion [cheering] >> all right! pete: 36-yard game-winning touch down giving the nighthawks a 13-7 win. no need to kick a field goal there. their first state title since 1992. some of the players attended sandy hook and one of the player's younger brother was killed in the horrific attack. sometimes truth better than fiction. ed: certainly uplifting moment for the community there. pete: can't beat that under the lights. ed: are you ready for awkward political conversations around the dinner table we talked about at thanksgiving? guess what, "saturday night live" is back. they have an update. check it out. >> they did it. they're impeaching trump. >> dad, stop. >> i'm sorry, it's a disgrace.
5:13 am
what crime did even commit. >> the crime of alpha male who actually gets things done. of sa" what, we're just gonna swap over? yep. pump the breaks on this, swap it over to that. pump the breaks, and, uh, swap over? that's right. instead of all this that i've already-? yeah. what are we gonna do with these? keep it at your desk, and save it for next time. geico. over 75 years of savings and service.
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when bipolar i overwhelms, vraylar helps smooth the ups and downs. ♪. ed: democrat maybe, republican congressman jeff van drew making it clear the impeachment push could backfire on democrats. he is now expected to switch officially to the republican party. president trump tweeting quote, thank you for your honesty, jeff. all the democrats know you're right. unlike you they don't have the guts to say so. here to react, presidential historian doug wead. good morning, doug. >> good morning ed. ed: what do you think of the significance of this party switch? this happens from time to time. the fact it is happening on the week the house is about to
5:17 am
approve articles of impeachment? >> this is big news. it has happened in history. in modern history in the 21st century, three times happened with a senator. very different in two cases much the senator decided to meet with a different caucus, not actually switch parties. the third time it was jeff percent. he switched from the republican party to the independent party. so ed, to give you an idea how dramatic this is, imagine if jeff flake i have differences with donald trump. i'm now joining the democratic party? or mitt romney says i'm now embracing socialism, i have had a change of heart? that gives you an idea of the drama behind this move from the new jersey congressman. ed: you're absolutely right. no doubt it is not the message that nancy pelosi wanted going into these big house votes. on the other hand he is getting blow back of course as you would expect from democrats. here is the governor of new jersey, phil murphy. jeff van drew has chosen his political career over our constitution despite knowing full well the president abused
5:18 am
powers of his office. congressman van drew is willing to enable donald trump to salvage his own election. what about the fact now leaked that jeff van drew had a poll conducted recently he couldn't win as a democrat by voting against impeachment is? is this more about saving his political hide than actual principle? >> this is about nancy pelosi unable to control the socialist wing of her own party. that is why van drew had to make the decision. she couldn't stop socialist and soros money mounting a challenge against him. stop and think of this. one day, aoc says publicly that the real problem is not the man in the white house. the real problem is our democrat leaders who won't stand up to him. the next day nancy pelosi announces there is going to be impeachment. so it is this, nancy is inability to control the socialist wing of her party. i have give you an idea. my own book i learned yesterday from my publisher, it cannot
5:19 am
advertise on twitter, second largest publisher in the world. they published a anonymous. it can advertise. my book, too pro-trump, cannot advertise. what will happen win the election in if they win the 2020 election if nancy pelosi can't control them now? will rogers said i'm not an member of organized party. i'm a democrat. ed: always good to start sunday morning with a little wisdom from will rogers and doug wead. check out his book. it might not be on twitter but thank you. >> thank you, ed. ed: honoring our heroes. something our people should be doing. pete teams up with the florida georgia line, done it many times to give members track chairs. find out how you can help that important story is next. ♪.
5:20 am
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5:24 am
administration and watched as china ripped off the united states. he and do nothing democrats did nothing as money carnage took place. now without even seeing it he snipes at our great new deal with china. too bad, cryin' chuck. schumer shot back on twitter himself. mark esper heading to belgium to mark the 75th anniversary of the battle of the bulge. nearly 90,000 american troops were killed in that world war ii battle. we remember them today and every day, rachel. rachel: thank you, ed. we've been telling you about to honor our heroes. pete: this summer, country music stars florida georgia line teamed up with the independence fund to give a brand new member a track chair. i was honored to be part of it. watch. >> [inaudible]. [cheering] >> usa.
5:25 am
usa. >> this is a wheelchair. rachel: joining us how you give back is the ceo of the independence fund, and along with retired u.s. army specialist, jp lane, bravely served in afghanistan hunting down ieds. inspirational speaker and recording artist. welcome to you both. tell us a little bit about your service, what you're doing now? >> so i joined the army in 2008 and i was one of those crazy guys that went to the recruiter sayre, what is the most dangerous you can give me. you want to search for bombs? so i said yeah. that sounds like a blast. and, so i went to afghanistan. i did route clearance, ultimately searched for ieds every day. eventually one got me. and took off both my legs. since then it has been amazing,
5:26 am
blessed journey. god's opened so many doors. i have performed at the last two presidential inaugurations. my book, walking again, is out on amazon. my, i got married. everything. it has just been amazing life ever since. i'm an inch taller so. pete: telling you. i have gotten to know jp and his wife crystal off-camara here. they're amazing what he is doing with the next chapter of his life. here at fox we get a chance to partner with the independence fund. share with our viewers what you guys do? >> it's a blessing. fox news is the founding partner of the independence fund. we work together to give mobility back to our bravest population. those catastrophically combat wounded. people like jp, who have given so much. literally body pieces of themselves. get around independently, enjoy the own backyards, because of fox viewers, fox anchors, we awarded more than 2400 veterans.
5:27 am
parts of the all-terrain track wheelchair program, it has been very special to have the support of fox. there is not a more patriotic viewers than fox viewers we know that who want to salute our troops this holiday season. rachel: how did you get involved? it was very personal to you. >> very personal to me. my husband was catastrophically wounded in afghanistan. had his 120th surgery. the fight is lifelong. the family absorbs the battlefield at home. it has to relief the service member of duty. the independence fund we're proud to walk along heroes on the home front. pete: you're a talented guy. had a chance to see that first-hand in las vegas with you. what has the independence fund, what has it meant to you? >> honestly another sign of honoring those who have served. it is just, an extension of family to be honest. i mean that is what these organizations do. they take veterans and have
5:28 am
served and sacrificed, they give as you big hug. just show us love. that is an amazing thing. pete: sara, you have even more to give i think. >> we do. we're really excited. j. , this is chair number 2432. pete couldn't be more committed to do this with you here today. very excited, thanks to our fox family, we're going to award a chair in time for christmas. i think you will put it in great use. >> speaking of iron man, this thing is great. >> on behalf of fox and independence fund, merry christmas. >> my goodness, thank you so much. rachel: thank you from all of us here. thank you so much. fox employees, we have done a great job working together. this is from all of us. pete: nobody more deserving. take it around. if you hit a camera. that is fine.
5:29 am
track chairs allow them to go mobile. hunting. take a walk with your kids. >> we have a freight veteran uses his chair. attach ad snowplow to the front of it to help his neighbors. the chairs are $16,000 apiece. they're considered a luxury item by the government. we depend on patriotic americans to to the independence to give back. rachel: website again? >> pete: jp you can sing. if you want to learn about your musical career. go to jp's you find my whole journey. thank you so much. pete: i can see your face. >> is there a mountain in new york i can climb now? pete: we'll find one. the take the elevator. are you ready for awkward political conversations around the christmas dinner table.
5:30 am
"saturday night live" gave it a shot. >> say a secular blessing of thanks. kevin would you like to read it to us. >> i would love to. gender neutral spirit, to the original americans. ♪ . - do you have a box of video tapes, film reels, or photos,
5:31 am
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♪. >> so happy everyone flew here for the holidays and i'm even more happy they get it. they're impeaching trump. >> mom, come on, we said no politics tonight. >> i don't know what took them so long. trump is a criminal. >> it's a disgrace. what crime did even commit? >> i guess a crime of alpha male who actually gets things done. >> democrats lost the election and now they're attempting a coup. >> guys, maybe we should put on some christmas music to help everyone relax? >> maybe you're right. >> alexa, play, "baby it's cold outside. >> alexa, play the politically correct version of baby it's cold outside. ed: they can be funny when they go on both sides instead of one particular person. pete: i think every once in a while. ed: mike huckabee might have gotten a few chuck tells. former governor of arkansas. good morning, sir.
5:35 am
>> comedy is at its best when it makes fun of rest of things everybody understands. pick on everybody. i like to see "saturday night live" come out narrow focus and president and supporters showing there is lot to laugh at in america. pete: absolutely. here is one more clip from the segment we how the thought you would enjoy. >> why don't we all say a secular blessing of thanks? kevin you wand to lead us? >> i would love to. dear, gender neutral spirit. dear original american jesus. >> deer historically correct black jesus. >> thank you for no more kneeling in the nfl. that was very hard for me. >> thank you, lord, for not one, not two, but three black quarterbacks who beat tom brady this season. colin kaepernick. you move in mysterious ways. >> thank you for the super bowl halftime show. >> amen.
5:36 am
>> amen. >> awoman. rachel: what did they say? ed: awoman that is pretty awesome. >> they're poking fun at political correctness that ruined people to have conversations with those who they disagree. used to be in america even in a family you had people you didn't agree with but when it came to holiday time, look at each other and have a prayer that didn't defend anybody. the prayer was not focus of controversy. it was a focus of coming together. i think "saturday night live" amazingly did a good job saying political correctness is silly. ed: families whether black, white, left, right, they all said in the end they think president trump gets reelected. that was a interesting message from "saturday night live." rachel: speaking of prayer, look
5:37 am
at video clip of all the prayerfulness going around the democrat side around impeachment. >> yesterday, it was a very somber, prayerful stay. article ii -- so again, with that responsibility, we go forward sadly, prayerfully. >> impeachment of a president is solemn responsibility we under take prayerfully. pete: governor on issue of impeachment, the democrats, they found god. >> you know, i don't want to be cynical about this but i just find it a little disingenuous on part of some of these democrats whose party took god out of their own convention, for them to talk about how they're praying about this. this is all a matter of spirituality. this is a sheer political move on their part. they don't like donald trump. i think they hate him. and they're showing it. for them to say that this was something they engaged in after
5:38 am
much prayer, i find that a little hard to believe and quite a stretch but if it's true, then i'm glad their prayer life is finally getting back into sync. maybe they can pray for the country, pray that it does better. rachel: governor, it is pretty ironic, they're the ones earlier took the oath to god out of the witness oath. all the people they were swearing in during this impeachment, never said god, thanks to them. >> yeah. as i say, i just think it's less than sincere for them to be talking about how this much they have been praying about this. i'm not even sure why they included that language in their discussion because, one of them sitting there watching golf. i think he is praying his favorite golfer wins the golf match. ed: it is sunday. you will pray to gender neutral spirits in church. as "saturday night live" said, have a wonderful sunday. rachel: we'll turn now to some of your headlines.
5:39 am
2020 hopeful cory booker is leading the charge to make it easier to get into the democratic debates. nine candidates cosign adler calling for lower threshold in light of the stage becoming less diverse but a dnc spokeswoman says they're not changing the rules. booker has not qualified for next week's debate and is downsizing his campaign in new hampshire. lori loughlin lawyers are accusing the justice department of hiding evidence. they're demanding that the doj turn documents related to the college admissions scandal will prove their donations to usc were legitimate. the "full house" star and her designer husband are accused of paying half a million dollars to get her daughters admitted as fake student athlete. a group of strangers finds a wedding ring after hiker losing it on snow covered mountain in new hampshire. >> they found it. found the ring. rachel: hikers set offing out
5:40 am
with a metal detector after the man posted about his lost ring on a facebook group. they reunited him with his wedding band last week. cats make the best friends and turns out americans are rewarding them for it. >> i'm up. i'm up. rachel: according to the american pet products association 2/3 of american households own a pet and spent a combined $75 billion on them. ed: what? rachel: the biggest expenses for pet owners are food and veterinary care. those are the headlines. ed: pete loves spending money on puppies. pete: how much i spent on pets this year. ed: we have a sunday treat. out on fox square the one and only janice dean. good morning. janice: i brought my crowd with me. look at this! this is simon and -- scarlet. where are you guys from?
5:41 am
>> new york. janice: new york city. you're wearing your p.j.s. that is fantastic. i want to do that too. >> we live in -- janice: thank you for coming. who do you want to say at home? >> my husband jason. janice: look at this crowd. north carolina girls love frock and friends. thank you for coming out. quick look at weather headlines. it's a little warm in new york city. we have a storm system moving across the central u.s. we'll have to watch for cooler temperatures across the northern plains. this big tomorrow could move into atlantic parts of the southeast next couple days. it could cause travel delays. there is the future radar if you're traveling especially on tuesday as it gets towards the east coast. let's look at all these beautiful faces that came to see us on "fox & friends" on a sunday morning. i love it. you guys are amazing. thank you for coming. say hi to ed, rachel and pete.
5:42 am
[cheering] ed: someone in the crowd told me they were at another morning show before. there were five or six people. rachel: they're all here. ed: crowd size matters. janice: crowd size matters. whoo-hoo! rachel: the bill of rights is turning 228 years old today but do americans know their rights well? ed: guess what? we're sending pete on the street to get some answers. pete: we are? rachel: go, go. ♪. do you have concerns about mild memory loss related to aging? prevagen is the number one pharmacist-recommended memory support brand. you can find it in the vitamin aisle in stores everywhere. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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5:45 am
ed: we sent pete on the streets so i'm doing headlines. a north carolina bank employee posted this photo of himself holding 88,000 bucks that he stole from the bank's vault.
5:46 am
really? authorities say he used the money to brag in several online posts. no surprise. he is now facing several criminal charges. oh, boy. a dallas bank can only blame themselves after they mistakenly deposited $37 million into a woman's account. the bank says a clerk entered her account number in dollar amount section of the deposit form. the woman's sudden fortune was short-lived. the bank quickly realized the error, and removed the funds. rachel? rachel: thanks, ed. a wisconsin judge ordering 200,000 voters to kicked off voter roles ahead of the 2020 election. some democrats are not happy. the state democratic party chair blasting the move as product of a right-wing legal and political strategy to prevent eligible voters from voting. but our next guest calls it a common sense decision. protecting election integrity. former doj official, hanz van is
5:47 am
here to explain. >> hey, rachel. this is common sense decision. what the judge said is, wisconsin you have to take registered voters off the list because you have gotten official records from the u.s. postal service saying they have moved out-of-state, or, wisconsin has gotten information from other states saying oh, this former wisconsin resident is now registered in our state. so basically they're taking people who are not eligible to vote anymore off the voter rolls. rachel: is 30 days enough? should you grant more time to them? >> well look, every single one of these voters has gotten a written notice from the state telling them, look, we're taking you of the rolls because we have got information, records showing you're no longer living in the state. they have got time from now
5:48 am
through the election, to tell the state, this is a mistake. i can show you i still live in wisconsin. no one will lose their right to vote who is actually eligible in wisconsin. rachel: this is interesting time period, especially in light of the last election, trump won the state of wisconsin. >> right. well, yeah, this is really important because, look, there are plenty of cases out there, we've got some in our database at the heritage foundation where i work, of people who are illegally registered in more than one state and illegally voted in more than one state. rachel: right. >> we want to make sure that does not happen in the next election. rachel: thank you so much for giving us more information on this. pushing back on what you think is actually a common sense legislation. so thank you so much. >> thanks for having me. rachel: merry christmas. right now pete is hitting the streets, seeing what americans know about a important day in our nation's history. pete, are you putting them to the test? pete: rachel, bill of rights
5:49 am
today. so what will we do? we will ask the people what they know about the bill of rights? are you guys ready? >> yeah. pete: give me a merry christmas. >> merry christmas. pete: we're coming back in a moment with the quiz. we'll see how they do. ♪. ♪ us lives here. where we can be surprised by others. and ourselves. for a better us, donate to your local y today.
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♪. ed: yeah, 228 years ago today the first 10 amendments were ratified to the american constitution, confirming our most fundamental rights as american citizens. rachel: to commemorate bill of rights day, pete is hitting the streets to see how much americans know about this historic document. pete? pete: that's right. bill of rights day. [cheering] janice dean is an amazing hype woman. she does a great job. [cheering] so it is bill of right day. we'll do a little quiz here, all right? we'll talk to these lovely young ladies. where are you from? >> jacksonville, florida. pete: that's what we love about fox square, america comes to us. thank you for coming out here. first question for you, which founding father was responsible
5:54 am
for proposing the bill of rights in the first congress in 1789? was it george washington, james madison, thomas jefferson, alexander hamilton or donald trump. the list right there, washington, madison, jefferson, hamilton. >> going with jefferson. >> we go with madison. pete: madison is correct. james madison. what was your name ben? >> sarah. pete: sara so far the winner and -- >> ashley. pete: ashley does not get a vote. what is your name? >> kristin. pete: where are you from? >> lexington, north carolina. pete: i've had lexington barbecue. it is fantastic. name three of the five freedoms protected under the first amendment. three of the freedoms. >> speech. pete: bingo. >> religion. pete: bingo. >> fred of press? pete: yes. correct. those are well done, people
5:55 am
think about the most. any other folks think about? >> arms. pete: skipping amendment mass. first amendment only? how about assembly? that is in there and petition the government. well-done. you win. another winner here on the square. here is another one. which amendment, ma'am, what is your name. >> betty hunter. pete: betty hunter from where? >> nashville, tennessee. pete: is this your daughter. >> granddaughter. pete: daughter. try yo. this is for all of you, which amendment guards against unreasonable searches and seizures? second, third, fourth, fifth. >> fourth. pete: fourth amendment is correct. [cheering] absolutely. the fifth is one you plead when you're guilty you don't want to tell anybody. this is for the whole group. this is last run. we're running out of time. what is my favorite amendment in the bill of rights? first, second, fifth or 10th?
5:56 am
>> second. pete: two is really high. i will say. but actually my, should be the first, since we have free speech right now. but i actually love the tenth amendment which gives rights to the states. nothing the federal government doesn't have goes to the people and to the states. we forget that too often. so one, two, 10. we love them all. i plead the fifth. on everything i've done this year. back to you. [cheering] thank you all. ed: great job, pete. great job to the wonderful fans on fox square. rachel: absolutely. ed: new poll released shows president trump's approval rating, guess what? it is going up despite democrats focusing on impeachment. we'll break down the numbers. is impeachment backfiring? the exclusive "fox news poll" just minutes away. ♪. excuse me a minute...
5:57 am
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>> ♪ ♪ ed: if you're out on fox square guess what you'll get this, you got the red, white, and blue christmas tree but we kind of want you to bring your own fox christmas, your all-american christmas at home to us, by putting it on social media with the hashtag fox all-american christmas. to your christmas tree, we'll be focusing on it all month long so we don't get to it today next weekend we'll feature it. rachel: that's right so send those pictures to i'm sorry,@ fox all-american christmas.
6:01 am
pete: hashtag, foxallamerican christmas and if you have a picture of us in the background it's extra bonus points. it's like a proof of life to show it wasn't taken a week or two weeks ago. ed: we need to see the receipts and guess what there is receipts coming out in the form of a new fox poll breaking this, and president trump is pretty happy with, because this shows that his job approval is going up, amid the impeachment push, and look at this. approved now at 45%, disapproved 53%. why is that? up three points from october when impeachment was really just starting to rage, he was at 42%, now up to 45%, and guess what? the actual impeachment push looks completely stalled. should the president, we asked in the poll, be impeached and removed from office right now 50 % say yes and in late october, 49% said yes, early october, 51% said yes, so essentially it's within the margin of error. it hasn't moved at all is the point, impeached but not removed
6:02 am
is now at 4% so basically, the house can impeach him this week, with their vote, and it's going to go to a senate trial that everyone kind of gets the idea that he's not going to be removed from office, but the key is that it is unmoved in terms of the public wanting him removed from office, but his approval rating his job approval is going up as nancy pelosi turns the heat on him. rachel: of course this has been an incredible week it's ironic. he's impeached in this week at the same time win after win after win and even though right after the vote to move the impeachment forward by nancy pelosi, she tried to take credit for the usmca, now you have chuck schumer, you know, kind of monday night quarterbacking the china deal, and trying to act like oh, we could do it better but they never did it and i think the american people get that democrats are working on impeachment, while donald trump and the republicans in congress were working on things that actually matter in their lives. pete: if you'd shown numbers
6:03 am
like that to democrats three months ago i wonder if they are now reconsidering their decision listen he looks like what he is which is teflon don based on every arrow, every round they have in their magazine at him, this is after an entire investigation where they spent millions of dollars in that agents all over whether he had connections to russia and found nothing. there's polls that show even higher approval rating in the 50 s and lower disapproval rating than this poll and all the swing state polls that we've seen. ed: right. pete: amongst independent voters where this really matters in the states that we hailed from not here in manhattan they show that it's wildly in popular. ed: the question is impeachment backfiring, bad news for nancy pelosi, speaker pelosi, and democrats in that new fox poll, and more bad news in what's breaking today, which is that jeff bandrew, a democrat against the impeachment inquiry from the beginning of it, along with collin peterson of minnesota, now going a step further and
6:04 am
switching parties, planning to become a republican, and the president is pretty happy about it. rachel: he's tweeting about it saying thank you for all your honesty, and all of the democrat s know you are right but unlike you, they don't have the guts to do it. pete: you know there's thinking about it. there's putting a president trump: about it. there's floating the idea. there's saying being prayer full about it and maybe i'll vote for the inquiry but not the impeachment but then i'm switch ing parts. i'm done. i'm out. and i'm going over to the republican party where the water is warm, the presidents delivered for my district so there are no longer 31 trump districts we've heard now there are 30 because one of them has become a republican, as you said , ed, another democrat whose declared their vote against impeachment. this is now bipartisan against impeaching the president and again if nancy pelosi is being looking at this all you have to do is look at the evidence. ed: and guess what, are democrat s going to learn a lesson and say maybe we've gone too far or beat up on jeff?
6:05 am
new jersey governor democrat phil murphy immediately on the attack, and this party switch is cynical and desperate and i'm confident that a democrat who shares the values and priorities of our democratic party will hold this seat, in fact the democratic message today, is that jeff van drew had polling done recently that showed being in favor of the president and being against impeachment was going to bring him a big primary challenge he would likely lose from the left and so they say the democratic line is that he's saving his political hide, not trying to do the right thing. rachel: that's the cynical way of looking at this. maybe he's just doing this because he's actually representing his district and his district is very happy with the results. pete: wait so they are doing the group think impeachment yet we're supposed to listen to them and believe they are being prayer full, and patriotic? ed: after they poll tested quid pro quo or bribery would be better. pete: they are prayer full and patriotic and now accusing him of being the cynical political
6:06 am
one. rachel: that's correct. pete: oh, man. ed: we had representative lee z eldman on earlier and he said van drew is actually an indication of what's happening across the country. >> you have 31 house democrats who are in districts won by donald trump in 2016. those trump voters in those districts when they were sending these house democrats to washington when they were voting for them in 2018 they were voting for these house democrats to go to washington and work with the president, not to go to washington and to impeach the president. so jeff van drew is someone who wants to be working with his republican colleagues across the aisle. now i think that this is up to where a lot of voters are across this entire country saying hey this isn't what we want. we want you to be focusing on substantive wins working with each other to move our country forward. ed: you see republicans are pretty excited about this. there may be a rose garden ceremony the next couple days where jeff van drew will seal it pete: you talked to a
6:07 am
presidential historian too who pointed out this is not something that happens often. rachel: no. ed: especially this is not the message nancy pelosi wanted that somebody is running away from the party. pete: yeah. ed: that's why the president jumped on that with a tweet last night and in the meantime another part of this exclusive fox poll breaking this very hour that the president is going to be watching closely. it says among democratic primary voters, who do democrats think can best beat the president 77% say joe biden. 60% bernie sanders, 59% elizabeth warren, bloomberg 55, pete buttigieg 48, and back in october it was biden at 68%, sanders 54, warren 57, you get the idea i think the point is that joe biden despite all the stumbles, the struggles, the hunter biden story has actually moved up among democratic primary voters as the more likely person to beat the president. my point is that may not be true that's just the sentiment among democrats. the president might like that because they are saying look joe biden is pretty wounded.
6:08 am
if the democrats think that's their best shot, their best hope , the president maybe just fine with that. rachel: and it may actually solidify his support because i think the information that we're getting from these polls, how impeachment is being received by the country, the wins that the president is having policy wise, i mean, i don't know. maybe they just say do you know what? biden is our best choice even though he's the weakest candidate. pete: the only takeaway is that 77 number for joe biden and you alluded to it is how weak the rest of the field is. this guy can't string a sentence together. he doesn't know what state he's in or whether he supports obama or whether he will endorse him or not where is hunter biden no one knows he won't answer those questions. he is a wounded frontrunner at best. ed: right. pete: low energy, weak they've taken him off the trail, he can't get crowds like the president is even close. ed: look at pete buttigieg now at 48%. rachel: yeah. ed: he's leading in iowa and one poll has him leading in new hampshire even though biden is
6:09 am
leading nationally. rachel: if you're hillary you see an opening perhaps if you're hillary. pete: oh, boy are you going to throw that balloon into the show right now. rachel: [laughter] pete: well the problem doesn't it become logistical though? you've got to be able to file in early states and delegates so there is a time constraint but bloomberg wouldn't be getting in either if he didn't think his billions could buy him an opportunity. i think, let me say this, we're headed for a brokered convention just a guess, one man's proking nasty indication but if you're splitting it up in an early state and there's a lot of energy but biden is the one that can go with trump i don't know where they land. e-mail us what does the poll say to you, what do you make of the state of the democrat presidential primary. all right we've got a few more headlines for you this morning, a fox news alert, dozens of navy pilots pleading with lawmakers and top military brass to allow them to carry firearms on bases. the pilots calling it
6:10 am
reprehensible that they are at the mercy of off-based civilian law enforcement who don't have to meet the physical and specialized training that they do. in a fox & friends exclusive, defense secretary mark esper says he's exploring the idea. >> we're looking at that right now. we can and always strive to do better but at the same time these are communities we have to balance out all those interests but yeah, we should and can do better and we're looking at that right now and i work closely with the service secretaries and the service chief to get that right. pete: it comes after two deadly shootings at naval bases in just the last month, including the islamic terrorist attack in pensacola. 60 people confirmed dead from a volcanic eruption on a new zealand island, after a victim dies in the hospital. the latest death announced during an unsuccessful search for the last two missing victims police say it's possible the bodies washed out to sea. recovery efforts have been slowed by toxic air and near zero visibility in the asheville waters, with looming threats of a second eruption.
6:11 am
>> and santa, [laughter] , just ended up on the naughty list? i don't know. this might not be true. shocking footage showing two men , dressed up as santa, fighting at a mall in russia. as children watch, it's unclear what exactly sparked the brawl but it reportedly started as a territorial dispute over where the santas were supposed to sit in side. ed: i think those two santas were colluding. rachel: they definitely don't have the christmas spirit. pete: no kids that is not santa and sandy and danny from the hit movie greece, they're back together. >> ♪ ♪ pete: john travolta is together again for the iconic duo for the first time in 40
6:12 am
years and the two stars reunit ing for a special three- night screening of the 1978 classic in florida and those are your headlines and if that's 40 years later they are succeeding. ed: i'm excited, i've got chills they're multiplying. pete: i'm losing control. ed: that was me losing control. rachel: [laughter] we all know it! ed: best part of the show. let's turn to some news. disrespecting the badge. first it was pig, printed out on a police officer's cup, at starbucks remember that? now, two deputies denied service at another starbucks. the sheriff of their department says the disrespect of law enforcement must end. he joins us with a blunt message , coming up. rachel: and are you tired of winning yet? president trump: we're going to win so much you may even get tired of winning, and you'll say please, please, it's too much winning!
6:13 am
rachel: a breakdown of president trump's big week of wins, despite impeachment, that's coming up next. >> ♪ don't leave me just why, come on! ♪
6:14 am
6:15 am
6:16 am
president trump: we're going to win so much, you may even get tired of winning,nd you'll say please, please, it's too much winning. ed: well there's an oldie but goodie from 2016 and president trump is following up on it and he had the biggest week of his presidency. rachel: the president is set to avert an anti-semitism order and trade deals, all getting inked. so why isn't anyone talking about these major wins?
6:17 am
the heritage foundation is here to break it all down. ed: good morning. >> good morning, great to be here. ed: what do you think this says about the president at this point in the presidency democrat s thought they had him on the ropes not only is he likely to escape being removed from office but maybe he's getting stronger. >> absolutely he's getting stronger. things are looking pretty good for a president whose in the process of getting impeached and if you look at the media coverage of this, washington post, new york times yesterday all of the headlines covering impeachment which of course is historic but they refuse to put the impeachment process into context. what else happened this week? wall street was the only major news publication to do that and context is so important because i think so many americans are reaching impeachment and investigation fatigue and what they care about are the policies that the trump adminitration and congress are putting forward and finally democrats agreed to work with the trump adminitration on moving forward to landmark the
6:18 am
usmca, the trump adminitration got a phase i of the china trade deal, and there was so much good news coming from the trump adminitration that actually will effect americans back home unlike this impeachment saga. rachel: does it even matter what the media says because in the end people are out christmas shopping and feeling the results , right of the trump economy of the gop policies that have made this the strongest economy in our lifetime at least >> absolutely and i think that this is part of the reason why you're seeing so much success from conservative news organizations like the daily signal where i work, and i think that it's, the fractured state of the media gets a lot of criticism these days but when the mainstream media refuses to actually report on the good news coming from the trump adminitration, the policies that are effecting americans back home, that really shows the need for these smaller news organizations to come forward and of course fox news is cover ing most other major news networks, if you flip the channel around you're only hear
6:19 am
ing about impeachment investigation. ed: all impeachment all the time , calling it out this morning thank you, kelsey she mentioned a moment ago the china trade deal as well as usmca and we'll have peter navarro on 12 noon eastern today exclusively, talking about those wins for the president, tune in, noon eastern in the meantime? rachel: thank you. so for someone printed the word "pig" on a cop's coffee cup at starbucks and now starbucks is under fire again for staff disrespecting the badge. we'll talk to the sheriff taking a stand and defending our police that's up next, stay with us. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. i wish i could shake your hand. granted. only pay for what you need.
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6:24 am
week, and on thursday, the next democratic debate is scheduled to take place in california at loyola university. but all participants are threatening to boycott the event the candidates say they are standing in solidarity from the schools food workers currently on strike. pete? pete: so in bed with the unions that can't even figure out if they will debate. it's unbelievable. so we told you about a starbucks employee last month, giving an oklahoma cop his cup of coffee with the word "pig" typed out on the label but the outrage doesn't end there. in a tweet a california sheriff revealing two of our deputies were refused service at starbucks and the anti-police culture displayed by starbucks employees must end. that sheriff, chad bianco of riverside county, california joins us now. sir, thank you so much for being here this morning we really appreciate it. if you would, now some people may look at this and say well maybe starbucks was just a little slow and they didn't mean to snub these officers.
6:25 am
share the story with our audience if you would. >> that's the unfortunate part about this is it has nothing to do with the wait and that was part of my frustration with the response from starbucks although they've been very apologetic and wanting to apologize to the deputies and the response they gave to the public made it out like it was just a way that the deputies were frustrated with the wait that they had to, you know, before they ordered or got their coffee and it had nothing to do with that. there should not have been a wait. there was no one in line. they stood there for quite some time. they repeatedly asked if anyone was going to help them. one of the baristas kind of chuckled and said "maybe." the rest of the employees laughed and giggled. it was uncomfortable for the deputies. it was uncomfortable for the other patrons in the store at the time. they all realized what was happening, and so eventually, i mean, one of our officers, one of our deputies said that okay i see what's going on here and
6:26 am
then she grabbed her partner and they left. pete: sheriff good on you for sticking up for your guys and you and your tweet describe it as an anti-police culture repeatedly displayed by starbucks and you talked about the other stories and there have been others. what is it that starbucks is getting so wrong in their culture here? >> i really don't know. it's something that has to be addressed and there is a little bit of it that is, you know, in our culture, that it's turning anti-police and whether it's media and whether it's things like this that get broadcast across the country, and social media, i really don't know what the answer is, but there certainly is something that is causing this. and i mean, i don't want to pick on starbucks. this is not sheriff bianco or riverside county sheriff's department against starbucks but something is happening with starbucks. it's not other outlets that are repeatedly in the news like this so i don't know if it's a younger culture. i don't know what it is.
6:27 am
pete: it's a great point there's plenty of places you can get coffee in america it just happens to be one of them continues to have this problem. now here is what starbucks said in a statement to abc. they said there is simply no excuse for how the two deputies were ignored, we're deeply sorry for that and you'll remember there was a perceived racial incident at starbucks a number of months ago and they did an entire day of retraining of all of their employees. don't you think we're at a point where maybe they need to do more than just a quick apology to a local affiliate? >> i do believe there should be something more and that has to come within starbucks and the oops seem to be, they are very good at apologizing. i really do believe that corporate starbucks is very sorry that this happened. of course they are sorry, you know, they are in the news about it again, but i don't know what it is internally that they're doing to try and prevent this. it certainly isn't happening with anyone else. it's not like there's a racial, you know, two hispanics or two blacks were not refused service
6:28 am
and it wasn't any other, it was two uniformed deputies. pete: it was the blue. >> that just could not get coffee. pete: it was the color of the blue. you're right if you've got a culture problem you know it, i know it, leadership on the top has to take it back. starbucks it's about time they do something about it sheriff thank you for your service and for all your law enforcement officers and what you do we appreciate it. >> thank you very much i appreciate it. pete: well a quarterback, he had a great night last night captured lsu's first heisman trophy since 1959 wasn't even close. our next guest won the heisman and plays for six nfl times, ty detmer talks about this year 's record breaking vote. >> ♪ ♪ i wish i had gone into aspen dental much sooner. when you're not able to smile, you become closed off. having to live with bad teeth for so long was extremely depressing. now, i know how happy i am.
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chest pain, mouth or tongue swelling, problems urinating, vision changes, or eye pain occur. think your copd medicine is doing enough? maybe you should think again. ask your doctor about once-daily trelegy and the power of 1, 2, 3. ♪ trelegy, 1,2,3 woman: save at >> it's a great prize and a great honor to welcome our commander-in-chief, president of the united states, president donald j. trump. >> [applause] pete: and rocking the new hat, it's your shot of the morning a packed stadium erupting in cheers to welcome president trump at yesterday's army navy game. rachel: the president getting the ovation when he was introduced for the coin toss. ed: the head referee also thanking the president for all he does for america. pete: i did notice that it was
6:33 am
pretty cool. ed: he made the big entrance after meeting with both teams in their locker rooms i saw the army locker room had trump 45 setup. pete: did they really? well he's been good luck to them ed: until this year. no doubt about it but comes another big announcement last night. a record breaking landslide, not an election the heisman trophy, the quarterback earning 90% of the first place votes to capture lsu's first heisman since 1959. pete: it's an experience we know nothing about but our next guest knows all about it former nfl quarterback ty detmer joins us thanks for being here. >> good morning. pete: so that moment what's going through his head when he hears his name called? >> well it's kind of one of those great surprises that's still out there. you never know until your name is actually read. you might have an idea, but at that time, it's kind of surreal, so a little bit of an outer body experience. pete: i bet. but he kind of knew, 90% first place votes the most votes
6:34 am
anyone has ever gotten, everyone kind of knew, what was special about him? >> you know, i think growing up in a football family his dads coached for a long time, brother s, older brothers that played and when you grow up around football, my dad was a high school football coach for over 50 years so you understand the importance and the significance of that award. rachel: and you're doing that now in gilbert, arizona, you imagine being on that high school football team and you're helping out. [laughter] yeah, i've coached high school, college, you know, high school level is a lot of fun because the kids are multiple still a little bit. ed: the journey, he had transferred from ohio state, you were not there when you got the award because you were playing a game far far from new york where they gave out the award. talk about that. >> i was. we had to play hawaii that night so the announcement came about 2:00 or 3:00 in the afternoon and then we had to go play a game unfortunately. didn't go so well, but it was really special because i was
6:35 am
able to have my teammates around and coaches and not many guys have that opportunity, and as a quarterback, they are as big a part of it as anybody because they are the guys that make you look good so it was special to have them around, but you know, at that time, it's emotional. i didn't have my parents there to give a hug and all of those things, but i got a chance to do that later the next weekend when we came to new york. ed: you mentioned the importance of a quarterback. there's a quarterback named tom brady pretty special in the nfl, there's a lot of chatter he put his mansion in massachusetts up for sale some may think this is his last season but i also feel like when he's counted out is when he often comes back and gets them in the super bowl. what's your thought about all of this? >> i think it'll depend on what they put around him in the off season a little bit too. i'm sure, you know, as an older player, it gets to be a grind having to groom the young guys every year, and it'll depend on his relationship with the teammates around him and how he feels like next year will go as
6:36 am
far as the guys. pete: that might have been part of a reason why they took a risk on antonio brown bringing the talent around this guy. >> he's got edelman, but that's the piece he's always had so i know, you know as a quarterback you like to have some experience around you, and so as these young guys progress, you know, throughout the end of the season here, maybe that'll change his mind a little bit, but you know, i think he's still got time and he doesn't really have any limits as far as physical limits that are preventing him. ed: any big predictions on where we might be headed? lamar jackson is giving new england a run for their money. >> lamar is making it tough on defense so they've got a great shot running the football late in the season when the weather gets bad you got to be able to do that so they are as hot as anybody right now. pete: your nfc pick who is it? >> i like new orleans, drew brees and shawn peyton doing
6:37 am
great things. ed: 49ers might have something to say about that. how special to have you today, thank you. rachel: merry christmas. >> same to you. rachel: we'll turn to your headlines, and a fox news alert. a new arrest in connection to the deadly jersey city shooting, police say they found a handwritten note in the pocket of one of the shooters, with a phone number and the address of a pawn shop. the pawn shop owner now in custody on weapons charges. but what is related to the shooter is unclear. four people including a police detective were killed in the shooting and officials labeled it domestic terrorism, motivated by hate. a man claims he might be this missing boy who vanished 25 years ago. michigan police say he gave his dna to see if he is duwan sims reported missing by his mother way back in 1994 and sims mother says she's spoken to the man but doubts he's her son as he couldn't answer key questions like when was his
6:38 am
birthday. this is what authorities believed he would look like now. >> a surprising twist at a bernie sanders rally when a trump supporter grabs the spotlight. take a look. >> mr. donald trump, keep going , man. you're doing a good job. you know what? i'm a union man and a liberal. >> i don't agree with anything you say. i voted for you in 2016 and i've been to vietnam and seen what socialism has done. rachel: the could you mocking this union man during an iowa campaign event. he and the vermont senator shouting over each other, before security calls him out. pete: he said socially you've destroyed my wife's country. i've seen it. rachel: kanye west and joel olst einfl may be teaming together for a nationwide tour and they came together at the houston church earlier and fox news contributor jonathan morris applauded the work that has the rapper, that the rapper has been
6:39 am
doing. >> i believe it's very considerate and i give him kudos , respect for trying to connect with somebody who actually is a pastor. i think it's a very positive thing so go for it. >> kanye and osteen selected yankee stadium as the first stop on their tour next may. pete: wow. ed: hopefully, he'll do better at the yankee stadium than the minnesota twins do. pete: why do you keep bringing that up ed? baseball is over. ed: janice dean sounds like you've got a big crowd on fox square. >> janice: we have a great crowd on fox square. hi, everyone how are you first trip to new york? >> yes. >> janice: do that again. very nice what are your names? >> jodie and ed. >> janice: you got my attention very well donald here we've got birthdays, right, birthday here? what's your name? >> this is my mom tony. >> janice: is it your birthday >> 65th.
6:40 am
>> janice: i'll have what she's having you look amazing. >> we are from texas. >> this is janice my girl. >> we love you! >> janice: thank you all for coming to fox & friends, hi you guys listen let's take a quick look at the maps because i want to tell you about a storm that will cause travel delays with cold air coming in from the northern plains across the great lakes and along the cold front that's where we could see the potential for snow over the plain states over the ohio and tennessee river valley and some ice as we get into tomorrow, and tuesday, so just be prepared and listen to your local forecasters and trying to keep you safe as well as the threat for tornadoes tomorrow across these areas so keep that in mind and know what to do if there's a watch or warning in your area. i'm so glad you guys came today for fox & friends, will you stick around? because we're doing some fun christmas gifts and we're going to be doing pictures and selfies near the tree. the red, white, and blue tree. >> [applause] >> janice: fox all-american christmas you come see us here on fox square look at these beautiful people here.
6:41 am
here is the ed and rachel and pete! >> [applause] ed: all right, janice. pete: love it. she knows how to deliver. ed: some fun out there. they had a little fun on saturday night live last night and taking on politics at the christmas dinner table, watch. >> they did it, they are impeaching trump. >> dad, stop. >> i'm sorry it's a disgrace, what crime did he commit? >> well a crime of being an alpha male who gets things done. pete: [laughter] remember, when snl took on maria bartiromo? ed: oh! pete: she does and she joins us on the couch next to weigh in on the christmas conversation. >> ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪for the holidays you can't beat home sweet home.♪♪ we go the extra mile to bring your holidays home.
6:45 am
pete: a couple of quick golf headlines for you. the caddy for pro-golfer patrick reed has been dismissed after an incident with a fan and he said he got off the cart and shoved a spectator heckeling him. he said he respects the decision , kind of a happy gil more-type moment you might say and at the president's cup, team usa captain tiger woods leads the americans to a come back win and the u.s. trailed by two points on the final day before beating the international team, as we always do. 16-14 in australia. president trump tweeting " congratulations to tiger and the entire u.s. team on a great comeback, and a tremendous win. true champions." rachel: saturday night live taking on political conversation s around the holiday table, take a look. they're impeaching trump. >> mom, come on, we said no politics tonight. >> i don't know what took them
6:46 am
so long. trump is a criminal. >> it's a disgrace. what crime did he commit? >> well i guess the crime of being an alpha male who actually gets things done. >> guys maybe we should put on some christmas music to help everyone relax. alexa, play "baby it's cold outside." >> alexa play the politically correct version of baby it's cold outside. rachel: [laughter] our next guest knows all about those political sketches. it was nearly four years ago when snl took on maria bartiromo over her role as a debate moderator. pete: there she is, saturday night live style and now live in the flesh, "sunday morning futures" host maria bartiromo joins us now. rachel: you know you've made it well. maria: i love that so much when she played me and it was the debate and i felt like okay, i have arrived. i love saturday night live. pete: wait, wait, we have a clip from that that we should share with our viewers this is maria on saturday night live. >> i'm maria bartiromo, a reminder, we've lost a few competitors since the last
6:47 am
debate with only seven joining us tonight so remember candidate , if at any time to night your poll numbers drop below 3%, you will hear a loud g ong, and then be escorted off the stage like showtime, at the apollo at which point you'll take a seat in the audience next to that sweet rose of the carolina senator lindsey graham. >> [laughter] maria: what a moment in time that debate was the primary debate and first the start of 17 and it was all about jobs at the end of the day and the economy. ed: well who do you got michael horowitz hearing this week is something you've been ahead of the curve on and it sort of exploded this week. maria: i feel like i tweeted out , we've got the truth tellers coming on this morning. we're going to talk about china trade and usmca with larry kudlow, talk about the white house economic policy, but then we've got john ratcliffe, representative devon nunes, former representative trey gowdy , and george papadopoulos, one of the people at the center
6:48 am
of the illegal spying, and also, we've got a big show coming up. rachel: you really do. ed: is it three hours or one hour? maria: yeah exactly in terms of what happened in 2,016 your and of course it's a big week i'm hearing that on tuesday you'll get the spending vote, on wednesday you'll get the impeachment vote and on thursday , you'll get the usmca vote so we're previewing all of that so it's a really big week next week, the final week. pete: and then they take a vacation. maria: exactly. ed: have a good show. throwback games are making a comeback this christmas we'll take a look at the hottest ones on the market. that's up next. >> ♪ it's the most wonderful time of the year ♪
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>> ♪ ♪ rachel: the comeback ahead of christmas, and we are on fox square. ed: and editor in chief with a
6:53 am
preview of the hottest toys flying off store shelves good morning to you. >> good morning, yeah, i know, we're throwing it back today so we'll start with i was a kid in the 90s this was like the hottest toy out there. so yeah, you guys three simple buttons but what you're doing is taking care of your pet is a whole digital experience. pete: i do remember it. i remember not understanding it, but some people do. >> [laughter] so this was the hottest thing and it's just as hot today so now you have a full color screen and tons of interaction so you can take them to a restaurant. ed: how much does it go for about? it's about 59 point 99 and you can connect two together. ed: pete and i are going to go to dinner. there are so many different ones to collect all different types of dogs and you get an adoption certificate and you can even write his name in on his collar.
6:54 am
i love that the box doubles as their little pet carrier, so you can keep it and have your little carrier. >> you don't have to feed them really. >> exactly and they are just 19.99. >> speak & spell. yeah, this can teach kids up to 200 hard to spell words. >> not just kids. >> really, anyone. >> yes all those tricky words with the silent consonant like listen and ocean and things like that. ed: pete never listens. >> i love how it's a great travel toy. >> you can take it anywhere. >> how could you spell collusion. no collusion. >> [laughter] >> that's a little above the 7- plus age range. >> you can have a full arcade cabinet in your home and it doesn't take-up a lot of room. >> it's exactly like the game. >> you get the full game. >> you can play video games but they aren't on the internet.
6:55 am
>> yes it's totally old school or retro. >> i would buy this for my husband. >> for sure, we also have centipede to choose from too. >> that's a good one. >> okay, so this is kind of like a cross between the rubiks cube and two players can take turns and add in a little cube, or you can spin the cube, or twist it, so you're really constantly changing the game. >> i grew up with these at my house. >> with my brothers. star wars action figures. >> these are vintage collection s modeled after the originals from the 70s worth literally thousands of dollars. >> you're giving away my age. >> [laughter] >> you've got the classic characters, the new characters, from the new series and they really are so much fun to collect and at just 12.99 you can. all of these toys and more on
6:56 am
our website at the toyinsider .com. >> are you girls having fun? >> ♪ ♪ ♪ all i want for christmas is you ♪
6:57 am
. .
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6:59 am
♪ pete: post your pictures. hashtag fox all american christmas. >> ed: see you tomorrow. james comey big interview. a whole lot noon eastern. pete: we're done working.
7:00 am
you're not. ed: you need to wake up early. janice: i will be here on "fox & friends" tomorrow. pete: everybody. go to church. ♪. maria: good sunday morning, everyone. thanks for joining us i'm maria bartiromo. coming up a big show ahead on "sunday morning futures." we have breaking news this morning. new jersey democratic congressman, jeff van drew expected to switch party affiliation to become a republican three weeks after he joined me here on "sunday morning futures" said he would vote no to impeaching president trump. >> i imagine i will be voting no. maria: are you hearing concern amongst your colleagues? are you sort of a lone wolf in all of this? >> there is some discussions among some of them. maria: breaking this morning, house intel committee ranking member


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