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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  December 15, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PST

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war less than 5,000 months, 75,000 soldiers were killed, we honor them today and every day. we will see you here back noon eastern next weekend in the meantime the news continues. ♪ ♪ >> former fbi director james comey saying today that he was overconfident in the fisa process adding on fox news sunday that he agrees with parts of the ig report released this week and there was, quote, real sloppiness in the fisa applications, welcome to america's news headquarters, i'm arthel neville. eric: i'm eric sean, mr. comey in the interview this morning also defended the fbi saying there was no intentional wrongdoing and he slammed the charges from the president and his supporters that the agency opened the investigation into the trump campaign and the president himself in an effort to try to stop him from becoming
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president or unseat him. kevin corke in the lawn of the north lawn, kevin. >> i thought fbi director was fairly candid in the job that the agency he once led did in particular to the runup to 2016 campaign and beyond in particular. he talked about the fisa application process. i want you to listen carefully to what he told chris wallace this morning about the job he thought they did leading up to the campaign. >> he's right, i was wrong, i was overconfident in the procedures that the fbi and justice had built over 2 years, i thought they were robust enough, it's incredible by hard to get a fisa, i was over yours very truly in those, he's right, real sloppiness, 17 things that should have been in the applications or at least discussed and characterized differently, it was not acceptable and so he's right i was wrong. >> he's right as in the inspector general michael
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horowitz who had that relatively scathing report about fisa application problems from the bureau. meanwhile over an capitol hill house chairman adam schiff said this morning if there's a senate trial following impeachment in the house he should not be called as a fact witness despite the fact that his office made contact with the alleged whistleblower. >> contact you or your staff does make you fact witness. >> doesn't make me fact witness, this isn't act fact witness, there are, in fact, members of congress who are witnesses. >> a lot of debate about whether that's actually the says, as for the president, he continues to define and idea of impeachment in this particular matter is
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embarrassing for the country. well, most haven't really changed much. let me share the latest fox news survey, it suggest that is the nation remains fairly split on impeachment but virtually no change on latest survey when compared to early october, however, it's important to point this out, a majority of those surveyed by fox news believe the president abused his power in his conversation with the president of ukraine. very interesting numbers there, we do expect a quite day here at the white house which is a very good thing but if it changes, i will let you know, for now back to you. >> all right, kevin corke, thank you very much. over on capitol hill lawmakers are gearing up for a full house vote on impeachment, the vote set to come this week and could set the stage for impeachment trial in the senate, mark meredith joins us with the look at next step on the impeachment
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inquiry, mark. >> lawmakers do have a busy week ahead of them, house vote wednesday or thursday this as democrats make their case to the public one last time, why impeachment is nice. >> the president's conduct is far worse than anything nixon did, far more sweeping in obstruction of accountability, far more damaging to national security than the cover-up that was watergate, the question is why are republicans placing this president above their oath of office? >> last week house judiciary approved articles of impeachment against the president, abuse of power and obstruction, looking ahead of tuesday, house rules committee will set parameters on house floor, debate comes as president trump blast house democrats for the vote, he claims impeachment has been opposition's goal since he took office, now some house republicans fear impeachment will become almost a routine fight here in washington. >> my fear is that they
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recognition impeachment in the future, now we have budget debate that is become weponized, voting for supreme court justices become weponized and for me it has always been violation of the law. >> democrats maintain solid majority in the house, simple majority, 218 votes to approve impeachment, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell sees zero chance president trump will be removed from office but he expects a trial will take place come january, republicans say they don't expect to see many fireworks. >> we have seen the evidence, we will hear the evidence repeated but we will not see any new evidence, i think all of american has seen this. in the senate all republicans will vote against the house, two democrats have a very god chance to voting against impeachment also. senate democrats are demanding republican senators keep an open mind and rule out deciding how they are going to vote, arthel, after the trial takes place,
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arthel. arthel: mark meredith, thank you very much, eric. >> we don't need permission to go -- to use our constitutional rules. if president trump is allowed to refuse to comply with requests for information it would gut the house impeachment power and undermine our bedrock principle of separation of powers. eric: democratic pennsylvania congressman from philadelphia madeline dean, some democrats in districts the president carried a total of 31, they are now weighing their impeachment vote this coming week and whether that could cost them their seats, what could we expect this coming week and next month in senate trial, joining congressman madeline dean and she voted for impeachment articles, congressman, welcome. good to see you, you know what the president and supporters say, the hearings are one-sided, sham, a hoax, they say the fix was in, the democrats want to
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run the president out of town because they couldn't do that at the ballot box, how do you respond to all that criticism? >> i appreciate that and certainly have heard it but the evidence shows the exact opposite to be true. the hearings both intelligence hearings and our committee hearings in judiciary i thought were profoundly serious and thoughtful, layed out a fair chance for the president to come forward and what did we see over the course of many, many, evidence of the president seeking to interfere in the election for his own personal gain. what if i in my leadership in congress and what if i ask bogus investigation on my opponent and withhold desperately needed aid
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to that foreign country, imagine, would i be worthy of office if i had done any of those things and in this case president evidence and evidence of his own mouth did all of those things. this is about our national security, constitution, sanctity of our elections, i want americans to vote not foreign influence in our elections. >> you talk about the prosecution, what about the courts, maybe democrats should have waited for court rulings on whether mick mulvaney, john bolton, some of the witnesses being summoned by the committees would testify? >> there's two problems with that which sounds for reasonable argument, wait for the courts. the two problems is the president of the united states who has blocked the folks from coming forward in what is a legitimate investigation by the house.
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it is our responsibility. the other fallacy in the argument is we need permission of the court, we don't and, in fact, the constitution only twice uses the word sole, lays out that it is the house that has sole power of impeachment. we don't go to court to ask permission, we don't ask the president for permission and it's the very fact that the president has put a blanket block obstructing congress at every turn from documents to testimony that we don't have those folks, so we have an urgency about what we have to do, we have to exercise this break the glass provision that the framers here in this very city a couple of centuries ago were so thoughtful in putting in to say in the face of such corruption, abuse of office, abuse of power, you must hold the president accountable and
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impeachment is that accountability. eric: when we look at some of the polls, let's look at recent fox news poll, 54% of americans according to poll support impeachment, 4% as you can say impeachment but don't remove, 41% say not impeachment. if you look at battleground states, in pennsylvania, they are 10 points apart of 52% say don't impeach and it seems the majority in wisconsin and michigan say don't impeach, so how do you feel this will split the country and boomerang potentially on the democrats because when it goes to senate trial it seems like it's basically almost already been decided there? >> well, i have to say the polls are going to be important to political scientists and -- and those who think in those ways but if there was ever a vote that should be fry -- free of review or filter, this is that vote. i'm home this weekend for the
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first time in a couple of weeks and i have two brand-new grandchildren, i had the chance yesterday to hold the brand-new babies and reflect on what we've just been through down in washington. this is not about polls, this is a generational duty that we have as members of congress and assent over to the senate as -- as members of the senate, a generational duty to uphold our constitution for the children who will inherit it like my grandchildren, so i won't be looking at the polls, i will be examining my conscious and what i know to be the truth. that's the only filter through which i want to make my vote. eric: we just showed ella and soyer. >> oh, you did? eric: just now. a picture from your facebook. the grandmother yields to distinguished gentle lady ell and distinguished gentleman soyer, future generations, final your your thought, momentous
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historic occasion when you step into the well of the house senate, take your seat and vote, what will be going through your mind? >> well, what would be going through my mind is the conversation i had literally the week of july 25th on the floor of the house as i sat next to elijah cummings and he told me, he said i've seen people come and go and madeline, 300 years from now your ancestors will remember that you were here, i'm only now beginning to understand what he meant, what he meant was they will remember we were hire, they won't remember my name, they will remember we were here and what we did here, did we uphold our precious constitution to make sure that the next generation and the generation after that gets it in a stronger fashion or did some stand behind indecent man not worthy of support and loyalty. i know and i have confidence that our constitution is up to this, those are the things i'll
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be thinking of, the continuum that's amazing american experiment. eric: congressman madeline dean from district outside of philadelphia, thank you, congratulations on your grandchildren and you are about -- >> thanks for showing them. eric: of course, this is what the country is all about, family. >> thank you. eric: faith or democracy. >> the very best to you and your family. eric: of course. arthel: too cute not to show. now turn to republican member of the house judiciary committee pennsylvania congressman guy, thank you congressman for joining us. >> thanks for having me. arthel: let's get to your side of the argument, why should president trump not be impeached? >> well, if you look at it, the democrats still cannot make out what we as lawyers call primafacia cases, aren't facts where the elements of underlying crimes, just say take articles one by one, abuse of power, that started as quid pro quo, they
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changed it to bribery, when the democrats fail today make the case there was bribery because they couldn't show pressure, they couldn't show that the ukrainians didn't know aid was being withheld they moved to abuse of power. then you have obstruction of congress, this is not what we would as lawyers would call right, meaning this hasn't played out in the courts, the democrats talk a lot about the constitution but they forget that we have 3 branches for a reason, when the executive and legislative branch have a disagreement, that goes to the courts, that has not happened here and they will not let it go to the courts, this is all about politics. >> well, let me ask you this, you pointed out you're a lawyer, you're also an experienced judge who served as a district judge and then the navy's jagcorp in iraq war, any intel in judiciary hearings that concerns you about
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how president trump conducts himself and conducts business as president? >> what concerns me that hunter biden was getting paid -- arthel: i asked you about president trump, please stick to president trump. he's the one -- >> nothing about -- there's nothing about president trump that concern me. remember, zelensky didn't file pressure. i read the transcript, the actually primary source, there's no connection between the 2020 election and the investigation, the investigation never took place, never took place and aid was released, aid was released in form of missiles. obama sent well wishes and blankets. president trump sent missiles to take out russian tanks, this entire process has been a sham from the start. if you want to talk about obstruction of congress, how about the fact that i was unable to get a subpoena on the whistleblower, that would have been helpful. he was a factual witness. arthel: congressman, so you know that there are reasons and laws
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in place to protect whistleblowers but let me move on -- >> i push back. arthel: president trump is still fight to go keep his financial records hidden from you and the american people, he refused to let former white house counsel don mcgahn to testify, blocked national security john bolton from testifying, people with intimate firsthand knowledge about the inner workings of the trump white house, disney of that prompt you to ask, why? >> well, let me push back real fast in the whistleblower. the whistleblower does not have the right to be anonymous and i ask for the whistleblower to appear in executive session, meeting would have been closed door and member only. so let's just take that off the table. as far as the subpoenas, only letters were sent to get those folks to testify, subpoenas have to be sent -- arthel: come on, congressman, you know, pardon me, you know that president trump could have allowed mr. mcgahn and mr. bolton to testify. would that prompt you to ask
10:17 am
why? these are the people that would be -- they have the -- intimate knowledge of what's happening in there and if nothing is going on that is -- should not be revealed to the american public you would want those people to go out and defend the president, wouldn't you? >> well, it's because a subpoena has to be issued they weren't, remember, when this happened to president obama, he did not send folks to testify before before congress, subpoenas were issued, that's how the fast and furious scandal happened. how fast -- how quickly we forget that that's how president obama handled this. so again subpoenas should have been issued and the court should have resolved this. arthel: okay, again, we are not going to go back and forth, you made good points there. let me move onto this. you along with all 435 seats in the house, you're up for reelection in 2020, what do you say to your constituents or to the american people regarding the claim that gop lawmakers refused to go against president trump for the fears of the president's political wrath in
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fear of losing political seats? >> that's nonsense. it's hard to go against the president that is doing so well, we have the lowest unemployment rate in over 50 years, red-hot economy, finally a president that's holding china accountable, no other united states president has done that, finally is pushing back on china, so we are doing incredible by well under president trump's leadership, so going against him is not necessary. arthel: is party loyalty more of a reason not to impeach or are you concerned that impeachment is bad for our country? >> well, the democrats have certainly weponized impeachment. arthel: how so? >> because they cannot make out again a prima facia case, also this is -- arthel: they would beg to differ but i understand that you won't see it that way. >> you take politics off the table and you look at the law,
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both the law and facts are on our side and the democrats again have politicized this, if you don't believe me, look at what al green said before, he said we have to impeach the president or he's going to win reelection. the democrats -- most of the democrats voted to impeach before the phone call took place, so, again, this is totally politically driven but it's going to come back and hurt the democrats because the president is polling incredible by well in my home state of pennsylvania, wisconsin, michigan. arthel: you're right that no one knows what's going to be the political backlash to all of this and i don't think the democrats know and, you know, it could backfire, we don't know that, we will see it play out but i have to leave it there, congressman, leave it on a positive note with you and say go navy. >> thank you, beat army. arthel: all right. thank you. eric: well, on the campaign trial several of the presidential candidates were out in force today. among them former new york mayer mike bloomberg he's opening campaign office in charlotte, north carolina, we will be right
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eric: freshman democratic congressman jeff vandrew expect today cross party lines and join gop on impeachment vote, vandrew met this week with president trump to discuss plans and the president on twitter called him very smart, vandrew strongly against the impeachment of the president and also happens to be 31 house democrats who represent swing district that the president did win in 2016. arthel: will, two top polling democratic presidential candidates back in campaign trail in iowa including
10:25 am
massachusetts senator elizabeth warren and vermont senator bernie sanders who will be hosting a town hall this hour, marianne join us with more. >> good afternoon, arthel, fox news poll show joe biden still on the lead amongst democratic voters and 77% of them think he's their best chance to beat trump in 2020 but bernie sanders isn't far behind among democrats polled, he's at 60% and pete buttigieg at 48%, that's an 18-point jump from october. at the urging of new jersey senator cory booker who did not qualify for the next debate, 8 democratic candidates signed onto a letter urging the dnc chair to lower the threshold for qualifying for upcoming debates, right now, though, candidates must meet requirements for both polling and campaign contributions, a standard candidates agreed to is onset but now some saying it's creating unintended consequence of limiting diversity on the debate stage, massachusetts senator elizabeth warren thinks lower the debate threshold is a
10:26 am
good idea. >> while we are still in the democratic primary debates, that we ought to have a more open field and hear from more voices and narrowing it too soon means we will not hear from everyone and i'm -- i'm sorry to see that. >> the dnc is calling their debate standards fair noting that the requirements will get tougher as the race continues. responding to booker's letter they write in part, quote, dnc will not change the threshold for any one candidate and will not revert back to two consecutive nights with more than a dozen candidates. qualification criteria is extremely low and reflects where we are in the race. now amid the debate drama ongoing union negotiation threatened to derail thursday's debate at the last minute, we heard from representatives where cafeteria workers union in loyola university and they hope to reach an agreement before thursday's debate, arthel.
10:27 am
at art -- arthel: marianne, thank you. eric: you know it took more than a year of test negotiations for that. coming up what this means for your wallet and what we can expect in the next round, former u.s. trade representative carla hills is with us and she will explain right after the wow!
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whoa-hoa-hoa! 30 grams of protein, and one gram of sugar. ensure max protein. eric: more protestors turned in hong kong today as the city's executive carrie lam meets with china's president xi jinping. they fired teargas outside another mall, lam and xi are set to meet tomorrow in beijing. arthel: eric, china announcing today that it would halt additional tariffs on several u.s. goods including
10:32 am
american-made cars, this comes after trust and china announced a phase 1 trade agreement which put a stop to additional u.s. imposed tariff that is would have affected more than $150 billion worth of chinese goods, jacqui heinrich joining us with all the details. >> hey, arthel, friday brought a deescalation being called phase 1 agreement the two sides hope to sign in january, as part of the agreement china called off additional retaliatory tariffs that were supposed to kick in today, u.s.-made cars as well as auto parts and corn, tariffs already in place on other u.s. goods will remain. on friday both sides agreed to halt additional u.s. tariffs and nearly $160 billion worth of chinese electronics and also toy that is were set to kick in today, also agree to go reduce economic penalties, the u.s. imposed in september by half, in return, china agreed to a substantial increase in purchases of american goods, increased access to chinese
10:33 am
markets and also promised a crack-down on intellectual property theft. now, president trump tweeted friday the penalty tariffs set for december 15th will not be charged because of the fact that we made the deal, we will begin negotiations on the phase 2 deal immediately rather than waiting until after the 2020 election, this is an amazing deal for all, thank you, but critics of -- say agreements, details are still unknown and they doubt will have much of an impact on business that is were hit hard by the trade war. >> you don't know very much about it because all we have is a skimpy term sheet that the administration has issued, but from that it doesn't look really that good because as you point out, you know, we gave up a lot. yes, the chinese will buy more u.s. ag, they have to do that anyway because they have a severe food crisis. >> on friday beijing said it welcomed the agreement but insisted a final deal is a long
10:34 am
way off saying u.s. fail today view china from an objective and rationale perspective and can't acknowledge china's rapid developing, while president trump said phase 2 talks are soon, unclear how long it would take to get done. arthel: jacqui heinrich, thank you. eric: joining us to break it all down and what we can expect in next round of talks, ceo of hills&company, carley hills join us now. ms. hills, you have decades of experience with top level of our government in dealing with trade with china? >> i applaud the fact that we reached it, i heard that it was, quote, not a good agreement but it was a first step forward and honestly, the tariffs are just wrecking our economy. i think we have studies that show that we have loss, this is moody analytics by the end of the year as a result of our tariffs and the retaliation
10:35 am
that's occurred. up more than 400,000 jobs, so the fact that we are moving forward to try to find a solution is a good thing. eric: china announced this morning that they are delaying and removing tariffs on cars and corn, that'll be good news for the farmers and for other goods, do you see this as a standoff or a standdown? >> i think that this is a first step forward. it isn't an agreement that -- that fictions all -- fixes all of the complaints the united states has had but it is a step forward and we will see what phase 2 brings. i would honest i will say i wouldn't have taken the approach that the administration has taken, but i'm glad that at least they're making some progress. eric: what type of approach would you have taken as opposed to the administration? >> i would have joined hands with europe, canada, japan, south korea and gone to china to
10:36 am
say, look, we represent roughly 70% of global gdp, you want to be in the world trade organization because you have benefited enormously from it. these -- the discrimination and nonnational treatment violate the very basic norms of the wto. let's have a blueprint of how you're going to fix the discrimination with percentage caps on our investment, you don't have on domestic investment, how are you going to protect intellectual property and how are you going to deal with state-owned enterprises, you can have a state-owned enterprise them, singapore has them, even the united states has them but they don't discriminate and get unfair subsidies and i think china would have responded because they could not afford to turn their back on 70% of global
10:37 am
gdp. eric: they say they are going to crack down but in every movie and trying to grab every computer technology that we have, you think they can really be trusted? >> well, that's a concern, i think that we need to focus on enforcement and -- and listen to our businesses, you know, regardless of whether you're talking about china or trade in general, the strongest pillar to hold good rules and tell governments what is going on is the business community and so working with the business community, i think we cannot only focus on what needs to be done but how the -- we can carry out those needs. eric: speaking of the business community, wall street journal editorial, they say this in part, let me read it to you, quote, the problem with china trade is that beijing and state protected industries routinely
10:38 am
cheat that makes especially useful, mr. trump has done more to address chinese cheating than any previous president and he's smart to step back and test if china will honor these new commitments, do you expect china will honor the commitments and do you expect that we can move to a phase 2 of this agreement? >> one problem that we have not only with china but with other governments is loss of trust, you know, the trust is extremely important, but i've -- when i travel and i travel a lot, i have government officials say we are we've will not sit down and negotiate with you for months and years because we can't be sure you are going to stay in the agreement and i can recall negotiating in the first intellectual property agreement and the first tariff reduction agreement with china with vice premier hui and we lost the election and i said to her, how
10:39 am
can i trust you that you will carry out what you have agreed to and she grabbed my hand and said, carla, you can trust me and so when they were seeking to get into the wtoi asked the -- wto, i asked and had they abided by tariff reductions and 5,000 lines, they had complied, so i think trust means a whole lot. eric: that's fascinating, what a great insight of what happens behind the scenes, one would not necessarily think of that. carla hills, thank you, you're a legend in the trading community and in washington, d.c. and you have served this country with distinction. >> thank you very much. eric: of course, arthel. arthel: ms. hills, thank you, shooting in naval base in florida and prompting this as we
10:40 am
remember the 3 american sailers that died in that attack, we will have more next.
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♪ ♪ ♪ arthel: dozens of u.s. navy pilots are asking to carry weapons on military bases as in the wake of the shooting at naval air station in pensacola, florida where 3 sailers were killed and 8 others were wounded by a saudi national. lucas joins us now with more details, lucas. >> arthel, in the letter obtained by fox news navy pilots demanding to be armed on bases, it is reprehensible that military installation much less war fighters be at mercy of civilian when faced with threat to their lives, military bases across the united states have become, quote, soft targets and add, on-base securities provided by contracted civilians who physical fitness requirements and training fall short of
10:45 am
standard service members. one of the 3 victims was recent naval academy graduate, one of the navy football captaining wore a patch in honor of the 3 victims. charge with stand to go watch, equipped with nothing more than a logbook and a pen, the defense secretary mark esper asked by "fox & friends" about security at the army-navy game security in philadelphia? >> we are looking at that right now, we stride to do better, these are communities and we have to balance out all the interests, but, yeah, we should and can do better and we are looking at that right now and i work closely with service secretaries and chiefs to get that right. >> speaking of base security new york times is reporting 2 chinese diplomats were able to drive on the base used by special operation forces a few months ago outside of virginia before being caught. it's the first time in more than 30 years the u.s. has kicked out
10:46 am
chinese diplomats accusing them of being spies, arthel. arthel: thank you for the update. eric: a lot of people have seen netflix movie the irishman, i was in las vegas last week at the mob museum speaking about the hoffa case, television news legend who broke story of disappearance and who he thinks the guy that really killed hoffa, that's next for a better us, donate to your local y today.
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arthel: alabama celebrating 200th birthday this weekend with multiday celebration including a parade, concerts and tonight's encore finale, joined union in 1819, alabama is home state to american icons like rosa parks and jesse owens. ♪ ♪ eric: well, exclusive investigation of what happened to jimmy hoffa, you can watch our series riddle, the search for james r. hoffa, fox nation, i went to the city that officials say was first built by the mafia's money with loans from hoffa's teamster's union, las vegas, two prominent hoffa
10:51 am
experts, the event appropriately was held at the mob museum. las vegas is not just gambling and shows, there's also the mob museum. the nation's for organized crime and law enforcement, that's where fact, fiction and the irishman was held and the hoffa murder, television reporter vince and hoffa expert joined me and hoffa vanished on the night of july 30th, 1975. >> looks like it may be a kidnapping. and so then i join the camera crew, we exceeded the speed limit a little bit and police arrived and we got as much film as we possibly could. eric: we debated over who really shot hoffa, the focus of our
10:52 am
most recent fox nation reporting >> they wanted a bargaining chip. can you get me a deal? i can give you jimmy hoffa's body. >> the guy who killed jimmy hoffa -- [inaudible] >> nothing else. [inaudible] >> trying to come out for the nation. they deserve to know, we deserve to know what happened. the hoffa family, one to have suspect's families they want to government to finally release the fbi files fully and review what is still secret, i think the government should release
10:53 am
those files so we can see the truth because i think the truth is in those files, the man that vince wade believes, he was never charged in the murder because he was shot himself 3 years after hoffa disappeared, by the way, i want to thank the mob museum, staff, jeff and the moderator and director at the museum, if you're in vegas, just don't play the craps and blackjack, you can go to mob museum, fascinating place, more for hoffa case go to fox nation and riddle the podcast, you can search riddle, streaming on fox nation now. ♪ ♪ eric: do you know you jimmy
10:54 am
hoffa is buried? >> absolutely, i'm the only person that knows where he's last resting place. arthel: if you haven't seen it, you should see it, so well done, you worked really hard on it and it's really fascinating. eric: thank you, the music really scares me. arthel: who knew there was a mob museum in vegas? >> in old federal courthouse, where we spoke is where the hearings were held, the historic hearings about the mafia, just a fantastic place. arthel: all right, thanks, eric, well, it is a happy day for the bengals with lsu quarterback taking home college football's biggest award, more on his record-breaking heisman win coming up.
10:55 am
. .
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♪. >> lsu quarterback joe burrow winning the 2019 heisman trophy
10:59 am
and did it in a landslide vote. the first tigers player to take home the award in 60 years. received a record breaking 90.7% of all the first place votes. burrow's margin of victory broke the record previously set by, oops, o.j. simpson, back in 1968. arthel: go tigers. overnight victory for team usa they win the president's cup in australia. tiger woods leads the team, making him the first captain to also play in 25 years. woods claiming a personal victory, taking home his 27th match win. the next president's cup will be here in the u.s. at quail hollow club in north carolina in 2021. >> always great to see team usa to win. arthel: good for tiger. victory for him. do you know how to spell geaux.
11:00 am
>> g-o. arthel: no. geaux. that does it. "fox news sunday" with chris wallace is next. we're back. >> louisiana girl. can't take the girl out of louisiana. can't take louisiana out of the girl. chris: imchris wallace much the house of representatives set to vote on impeachment this week. the fbi faces fire from an inspector general's review of the trump russia investigation. ♪ >> so many basic fundamental errors were made by three separate hand-picked investigative teams on one of the most investigative investigations. chris: ig finding no political bias opening the probe of the jump tam cain. but laying out plenty of blame. we'll discuss findings with former fbi director james comey who says the report clears him. it's a "fox news sun


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