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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  December 16, 2019 1:00am-2:00am PST

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all the issues we talked about here. impeachment, ig, whatever twitter @howard kurtz. we're back sunday morni heather: monday december 16th, happening right now at 4:00 a.m. fox news alert for you, shocking new details in the brutal murder of new york college student as hundreds gathered to remember tesa majors, is failed leadership to blame? is hatred, insanity, house committee releasing full report on impeachment of president trump but with several lawmakers jumping ship are democrats in
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for deep disappointment, could spygate 2 spoil the rest of their reason? "fox & friends first" start right now n. ♪ ♪ ♪ heather: good morning, you're watching "fox & friends first" on this monday morning, i'm heather childers, live look of new york city for you, thank you so much for starting your day and your week with us, we do begin with a horrible story for you this morning. fox news alert, hundreds gathering to remember a college
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student murdered in a public park in new york city, right now 13-year-old, 13 year's old is in custody charged with murder, aisha joins us now as police search for more suspects, good morning. >> good morning, heather, people want to know how this young woman could have been murdered in a public park, hundreds came out for candle light vigil, tesa majors stabbed to dead on wednesday. community call r for more security about the area. >> not just additional lighting and not just additional cameras, but that we need officers, boot patrol walking the park 24 hours a day. [cheers and applause]
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>> we are the responsibility. >> here is the thing others who attended the same vigil are slamming local leaders for bringing politics into a memorial that was supposed to remember tesa. >> i'm just here to unify with the others in the community and look for some healing and send message to the family that we are deeply, deeply saddened and we wish you peace, love and life. >> new information about the 13-year-old suspect who admitted to playing a role in this whole thing, police arrested a 14-year-old boy last week, he was released apparently in the meantime locals around the parent say the 13-year-old attacked the girl and chased her into a deli days before tesa's murder, investigators, heather,
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are looking for suspects, this is far from being over. heather: thank you so much, appreciate it. >> sure. heather: new york to new jersey man charged in connection with a deadly shooting there in jersey city is due in court today,amed a felon in possession of a firearm, fbi found weapons and amo in his phone after finding phone number on note on one of the shooter's pockets, the relationship is unclear, four victims, you will recall including detective joseph was killed in the shooting, overnight vigil held of fallen officer in hometown, his wake is today, he will be layed to rest tomorrow. and saudi college student at the university of méxico arrested with illegal handgun, someone tipped off the fbi that man was creating a hit list of people that he wanted to kill before
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leaving trust, now the student was due to graduate on saturday and instead he was put behind bars and due back in court for detention hearing today. and breaking overnight, the house judiciary committee releases its full report on the articles of impeachment. chairman jerry nadler calling president trump a threat to the constitution saying that he should be removed from office, ellison barber joins us now from washington as full house prepares to vote, good morning, ellison. >> good morning, heather, democrats say senate republicans are subverting the constitution refusing to be impartial jurors, republicans say this is about partisan politics, not the constitution, not justice. >> i think what's best for the country is to get this thing over with, i am clearly made up my mind. i'm not trying hide the fact that i have disdain for the accusations and the process, i don't need any witnesses, i'm ready to vote on the underlying articles. >> the questions are why
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republicans are placing the president above the oath of office, if it were barack obama i would vote to impeach him. >> full house expected to take up articles on impeachment on wednesday and likely impeach president trump before christmas, in january all eyes will turn to the senate for a trial, the top senate democrat wants to subpoena several senior trump administration officials many who failed to show up for testimony despite subpoenas. acting white house chief of staff mick mulvaney, former national security john bolton, associate director for national security, michael duffy, robert blare, if the senate fails to impeach and remove the president, house intelligence tells fox news he won't consider it a failure, fox news poll in late october found that 49% of respondents favored impeaching president trump and removing him from office with margin of error
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the number remains relatively steady today according to latest fox news poll 50% of respondents said they favor impeaching and removing president trump from office. heather. heather: ellison barber, great to have you with us. >> you bet. heather: congressman john ratcliffe says that democrats should be word about losing support from lawmakers in republican districts. >> the big question is how big will jailbreak be, we have one democrat switching parties and one saying he will vote against it, really the question is how many more before wednesday's vote, the democrats have made the mistake of staking the credibility on adam schiff, now there's an inspector general report that comes out that says during the last impeachment hoax, the trump-russia one, adam
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schiff repeatedly made false statements to the american people and that's why democrats have been rushing from keeping this from unraveling, i wouldn't want to bank my -- heather: inspector general michael horowitz gearing up for new round of testimony in capitol hill, he would be grilled for a second time on wednesday about his probe into the fbi's russia investigation, he found no political bias but he did uncover evidence of some serious errors made by the bureau when securing a warrant to surveil a trump campaign adviser. and now all eyes are shifting to federal prosecutor john durham, his investigation into the probe will reportedly wrap up by the spring. well, president trump hinting at jail time for james comey after the former fbi director admits he was wrong for the fisa process, comey appearing on fox
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news just days after the inspector general report was released detailing 17 mistakes the fbi made when applying for the warrant. >> he's right, there was real sloppiness, 17 things that should have been in the application, discussed or characterized differently, he's right, i was wrong. heather: president trump tweeting, quote, from now comey is admitting he was wrong, wow, but he's only doing so because he got caught red handed, he was actually caught a long time ago, so what are the consequences for his unlawful conduct, could it be years in jail, where are the apologies to me and others, jim? well fox news contributor trey gowdy says admission of mistake in his department mean absolutely nothing after all we know now. >> sometimes it's better late than never and sometimes it's too damn late, two years too
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late, we could have use his objectivity, head of the fbi helping republicans instead of obstructing us. he said it was a policy and procedure issue, it's not, that's not new. those aren't new policies, this is a personnel issue. it's the wrong people in the wrong positions of power, that's not going to be fictioned with -- fixed with new policy or procedure but replacing people -- heather: how about some football now, week 15, the bills clinching a playoff spot after beating steelers 17-10 in defensive battle. the falcons 29-22 by scoring with 2 second left in the game.
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wow. seahawks grab first place and jaguars win spoiling the raiders final home game in oakland, by the way, before they move to las vegas next year. and giants quarterback eli manning gets cheered on after what is likely his final home start before he's to retire. win over the dolphins. dozens of navy pilots demanding the right to be armed on bases after the deadly attack in pensacola, a former army special forces member jim hanson says there's no reason not to have
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someone armed and he joins us up next and making porch pirates walk the plank, the state where stealing christmas packages is now a felony. ♪ right! connemara it is! there's one gift the whole family can share this holiday season, their story. give the gift of discovery, with an ancestrydna kit.
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heather: in a letter obtained exclusively by fox news, navy to be armed, we aren't doing enough to protect american heros, he joins us now to weigh in, thank you very much for joining us, jim, appreciate it. >> good to be with you. heather: let's look at the portion of the letter, navy pilots to be armed on base,
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reprehensible of civilian life enforcement whose physical fitness and training falls short of the standard service members, so what is your take on this? >> i think it's absurd for military bases to essentially be gun free zones, it would be hard to find a place where more people are trained to properly use firearms, to give you an idea how silly it is, when i was stationed at fort lewis parent i could carry a concealed arm on base, i don't think that makes sense at all. you add additional training because it's a different type of use of weapons for personnel safety and you make sure at least one person in every group of military personnel is armed. heather: so i was going to say, you don't mean that everyone at every base should be armed, right? >> no, i don't think you need to do that but i think it's crazy to go ahead and have groups of
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military folks who we know are targets for terrorists, unarmed in the face of that kind of a threat, there's no reason for it, there's no justification for it and we need to do better. heather: who do you start with? >> you can take anyone from comes from combat mos, the ones that do most of the actual point of the spear, fighting, give them additional training as to how to use a weapon, how to conduct yourself when armed in a more civilian circumstance which is a military in the u.s. is more civilian than a war zone, and then go ahead and have one person, nco or officer in every group of people, whether it's a classroom, whether it's a training site or whether it's just at the unit at large. heather: what type of steps need to be taken as well, though, to keep this from happening to begin with when you take a look at the person that did this shooting, the manifestos that he wrote supposedly he hated americans for crimes against
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muslims and humanity? >> obviously the vetting procedures failed on the saudi side and trust side. we don't want to stop training with foreign troops because we get a lot of benefit from that but we absolutely cannot allow someone who has ill intentions that were demonstrated somewhat publicly to get into the united states and that proximity to our troops. heather: speaking with foreign troops, the trump administration expected to withdraw up to 4,000 troops from afghanistan, that could begin as early as this week. do you think the president can achieve his goal of withdrawing all of these troops by the 2020 election? >> the president can achieve that goal by ordering it to be done, the question is it a good idea and i think it is. at this point, the military is far too invested on a war that's closing in on the second decade. we have made no real noticeable achievements since we deposed the taliban almost 18 years ago,
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when you have no plan for victory and no real way to achieve it and you are trying to avoid losing, you need to take the tide and go ahead and get out. heather: 12 to 13,000 troops, they expect withdrawal 4,000, that will leave 8 and 9,000 still there. jim hanson, thank you very much for joining us, we always appreciate your expertise. have a great day. time now is about 19 minutes after the top of the hour and behind the scenes look at a christmas tradition. >> what is your favorite thing about being a rockette? >> i would say the sisterhood. heather: radio city rockettes and they take us backstage on this christmas spectacular
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heather: welcome back, stealing a package off someone's porch is officially a felony in michigan, today a new state law goes into effect punishing so-called porch pirates with heavy fines or up to one year in jail. the new law is meant to deter thieves like this one taunting a minnesota woman with a note, thank you for stealing your package, very nice of you, thank you. unreal. early christmas surprise from a group calling itself the breakfast santas, 16 people and handed a 1,400-dollar tip to two waitresses at restaurant in ohio, the single mom shared the
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tip with a coworker in the kitchen. the group chose the diner because they were hit by tornado in may and they are not done yet. the radio city christmas spectacular has been high kicking its way into our hearts for decades so we sent todd and carley backstage learn what it takes to make an iconic christmas classic. carley: this is a lot of fun, not only did we learn a whole lot about rockettes. a few of the teachers trying to teach us how to become one. [laughter] >> we are right outside radio city music hall and it is christmas time, so we are kicking to high gear and see what it takes to become a rock rockette. you guys bring so much joy, what
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is your favorite thing about being a rockette? >> i would say the sisterhood, we both have dreams and performing in radio. you see all smiling faces, you get the feel joy. >> we rehears 6 hours a day 6 days a week leading up to first performance, we are athletes. >> how emotional is it for the both of you when you see a young girl looking at you as idol. >> being part of legacy is something that many girls dream about. definitely going in for my wooden soldier custom fitting, every rockettes has worn the custom. >> do you keep the autofits in the city.
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>> yeah? >> this is where the magic happens, tell us about your customs. >> we are candy canes wrapped up in a little present. >> iconic classic since 1933. >> comes with a hat, doesn't it? >> it does. >> now that we look the par do you think you can show us how it's done. >> absolutely. 5, 6, 7, 8, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. >> how do you think we did? >> awesome? >> amazing work. >> beautiful, talented and nice. [laughter] >> enjoy this season, enjoy this christmas and enjoy making your
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dreams come true because it has to be a dream come true. >> thank you for visiting us with. >> thank you so much. [laughter] >> it was like a full body thing for us. they make it look so easy and they take 300 times a show, 1200 times a day. >> quite a workout for sure. you have to be a certain height. >> right, you cannot shorter than 5'6 and cannot be taller than 5'11. >> maybe they should have some guy rockettes at some point. [laughter] carley: a lot of fun. heather: time now is almost half past the top of the hour and james comey admits that there were mistakes in the fbi's handling of the fisa probe. >> he's right, i was wrong, i was overconfident in the procedures that the fbi and
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justice had built over 2 years, it was not acceptable and so he's right, i was wrong. heather: is this proof that bias did exist in the fbi, our panel will debate next, jumping ship after a democrat against impeachment plans to become a republican, growing backlash from colleagues on capitol hill. . pick an order, print everything you need, slap the label onto the box, and it's ready to go. our costs for shipping were cut in half. just like that. shipstation. the #1 choice of online sellers. go to and get 2 months free.
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>> welcome back half past the top of the hour, look at the headlines, starting with fox news alert, overnight hundreds gather today remember a college student murdered in a public park in new york city. tesa majors brutally stabbed to death, right now a 13-year-old charged with murder, he reportedly told police that he watched as his friends killed her. police are still looking for them. also breaking overnight, the house judiciary committee
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releases full report on the articles of impeachment, chairman nadler calling president trump a threat to the constitution saying that she should be removed from office, well, this comes as democrats demand mick mulvaney and john bolt tone testify ahead of full-house vote ahead of impeachment inquiry. at least 6 people are dead from weather-related crashes, hundreds of accidents in the heartland including tractor trailer, the storm is now headed east. overnight a senior american diplomat says that the u.s. will not agree to north korea's year-end deadline for nuclear talks, steven beagan, u.s. special representative for north korea is urging pyongyang to return to the negotiating table.
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>> let me speak directly to our counterparts in north korea. it is time for us to do our jobs. let's get this done. we are here and you know how to reach us. >> announcement came a day after north korea conducted what it called a crucial test and overnight defense secretary mark esper arriving in belgium that's where he will attend 75th anniversary with the battle of the bulge, h will honor american soldiers who fought 6-week battle that stopped german offensive during world war ii, expected to start in just a few minutes. also happening today new york city bill de blasio be honor advocates that convinceed compensation funds, he would present them with bronze
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medallions b, highest civic honor. went to congress over the past decade to share how critical the funding s finally last summer congress extended the funding for all 9/11 first responders through 2092. well, former director james comey now changing his views on how the fisa report was handled by the fbi during a tense interview on fox news sunday. >> i was wrong, i was overconfident as director in our procedures, it's incredible by hard to get a fisa, real sloppiness, 17 things that should have been in the applications or discussed or characterized differently, it was not acceptable. heather: is there proof that there was bias in the fbi, principals project terry and democratic political analyst kelly, thank you both for joining us, we appreciate it this morning.
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heather: does this proof that there was bias? >> absolutely, this is so embarrassing for our nation, you know, the fbi is supposed to be the nation's top cop, leading law enforcement agency and this entire report is so damming, the two things that horowitz said at his hearing that really stuck out to me were that these mistakes were due to either gross incompetence or -- gross negligence. >> that's not the case. >> we need to do full review of the fbi and all the other mistakes that they have been involved with. heather: horowitz did say that his report, ig report does not vindicate anyone. >> well, i think what he said was false narrative, when we look at ig report shows 400 page report debunk president's opinion that there was some kind of bias, that there was no bias,
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was there mistakes, absolutely, things should have been done differently but that doesn't mean that there's anything wrong with the report itself. >> kelly, that contradicts exactly what horowitz said, he said the mistake -- >> that's in the true. >> he used those words in the hearing. >> he did not say that there was intentionality, mistakes made, he did not say any intentional ity. that's not the case. heather: clearly -- >> false narrative. heather: clearly there was evidence that was not included, there was evidence that perhaps could have either shortened the investigation or perhaps the fisa warrant would not have been repeated 3 times over. >> well, what it shows at the fbi there was sufficient evidence for it, that just because the ig report basically established that there was sufficient legal evidence for the russian probe. >> no, no, hold on, i feel like it's opposite day, comey was
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just on -- we should require much more of the fbi, they are the top cop,s if this is the mistake with the impeachment of the united states, imagine how many other people that they are screwing over here. heather: kelly, i will ask you that, does that bother you that we are talking about the impeachment of the president of the united states and that it was found in this ig report and there's still more reports to come including john durham's report which could result in criminal charges and clearly said the ig report that the use of unverified information compiled by christopher steele in the dossier was used for
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these fisa warrants and as i said 3 times. >> right, well, as i stated before the ig report basically says that it was valid and legally sufficient and ironic now that trump is going after comey and comey basically helped trump get elected. kind of ironic. [laughter] >> look, i want to go back something, so horowitz said the other day that no one that touched this case has been vindicated but i think that in all this coming out with the mistakes that comey has owned up to, there's one person that was vindicated and that's president trump and -- >> so not true. >> his decision to fire james comey was the best decision and it was one of his first decisions he made coming into office and abundantly clear now that that was long overdue, james comey should have had nothing to do with the fbi and that's what this ig report makes abundantly clear. >> i totally disagree with you. heather: thank you so much for joining us, we appreciate you both joining us and both of your
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viewpoints. thank you. >> thank you, happy holidays. heather: merry christmas. feeling the burn, 2020 candidate bernie sanders facing backlash at one of his rallies. >> we now have a president who is kind of admiring -- >> come on. heather: this isn't the first time he's been called out by a trump supporter, plus the patriots playing defense add videographer caught filming their opponents, the new spygate in the nfl.
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heather: welcome back.
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democrats blasting the alleged move calling him a trader. >> i've heard rats jumping off a sinking ship but very few jump onto sinking ship. somebody in the minority side who was a trader to the majority. heather: president trump who met with vandrew met, all democrats know you are right but they don't have the guts to say so. >> we now have a president whose kind of an admirer of -- hold it, hold it. excuse me. [inaudible] heather: man was quickly escorted out of that venue, third person, the third time
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that someone has disrupted a sanders rally in 3 days. well, stock futures are up as u.s. and china are agree on phase 1 of a trade deal, tracee carrasco from our sister network fox business is keeping a close eye on the markets for us. tracee: good morning, futures are pointing higher this morning, perhaps early holiday gift for investors this season, we did see all 3 major u.s. averages ending on friday, s&p 500 and nasdaq both hitting record closes, the dow just shy of record close, we did see the dow gaining 3 points, the s&p 500 up less than a point, nasdaq up by 17 and and a half. as you mentioned phase 1 of the trade deal both china ministry and president trump touting the deal saying that they did close this deal, they are -- there are a few things that are still being worked out, some of the highlights include china
1:45 am
purchasing $40 billion of u.s. crops, tariffs on $120 billion of chinese goods that was cut in half and the tariffs that were supposed to take effect yesterday, the 15% on $160 billion worth of chinese goods, that did not happen. president trump tweeted on friday that this was an amazing deal for all. heather: all right, so all eyes on wall street again today. also happening today, boeing said to decide whether to suspend or cut production on 737 max jets? >> officials from boeing, they are meeting, they met yesterday and continuing those meetings today but we could hear them about cutting production of the 737 max jet that was the one that was involved in the two fatal accidents, cutting that even further after they cut production back in april or temporarily suspending production of these planes, they did cut the plane production by 20% in april, now, the ceo of
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boeing he did warn back in july that this could be something that happens if it takes much longer, then the end of this year to get the plane back into the sky, we know that's not going to happen, all of the u.s. carriers that do fly the 737 max planes, they've suspended them, cleared them from their schedules through next march. heather: all right, tracee carrasco live for us, thank you so much. 15 minutes until the top of the hour and day 6 of 12 days of giving and today we are featuring a special organization that has placed 1500 service dogs with children and veterans. we will find out how you can give back or give someone their life back this holiday season up next there's little kaiser and training, stay tune for that
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heather: well, this holiday season you can help children with disabilities by making sure that they get assistance and the friendship that they need, nonprofit for paws does that by matching kids with service dogs trained to specifically help their everyday needs, here to tell us more about for paws is jeremy and kaiser, there's kaiser, 15 months old. thank you very much for joining us, we appreciate it so much. >> you bet, thanks for having me. heather: overall, tell us about what your organization aims to do, we talked about helping children with special needs, you also help veterans? >> yeah, we really game aim to give people their independence back, whether it's children or veterans, everybody desires independence, and for some of the rooms to sleep in the room by themselves or sleep in a bed
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by themselves, very, very often we hear families talk about how mom and dad have to sleep with the child in fear of a seizure and when we train the dogs to do to prealert of a seizure. heather: the dogs are strained very specifically, you talked about seizures, autism, hearing, dementia. how much does it cost to train the dogs and how does that happen? you have been training with 4 paws for 18 years? >> 18 years, the cost is right around 40 to $60,000 to actually get the dogs to a point of placement, we only ask our families to help us out and fund raise $17,000, it's awesome that you have us here because that's a lot of missing money that we need a lot of help with. >> people can participate, log on and for more information at 4
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paws >> it's life saving, absolutely. heather: where is kaiser at the point in his training? >> she's a veterans assistance dog in training. he will be up in one of our upcoming classes working with a veteran. heather: is he currently undergoing training? >> he's in training. heather: so sweet, sweetheart. can you share with us maybe a personal story, some thanks that you've been getting? >> to pick one is super, super difficult because as individuals, you know, we
1:53 am
always, again, seek independence but a lot of times they fall into the same kind of two stories, one before placement and one after placement, before placement a lot of times we hear about a lot of fear of seizures, of children aloning out in the store, children with autism that will disappear from the parents and the parents can't find them and we train the dogs in tracking. >> wonderful. >> we hear about veterans that will run through the store and get through the store as quick as they can, they lock the doors and pull the shades and now they can spend hours and hours out in public. heather: truly giving people their lives back? >> absolutely. heather: hope a lot of people hear your story, hear about your organization and help you out, thank you, kaiser, thanks for coming in too. appreciate it. >> thank you. heather: we will be right back, stay with us.
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heather: welcome become, congresswoman omar accuses republican party of being party of hate. >> it's very dangerous and becoming synonymous with the republican party, they have refused to condemn from members within their party that have threatened my life and the lives
1:58 am
of others. heather: taken fire for her own rhetoric regarding israel, she has denied accusations of anti-semitism. refusing to run antiimpeachment ad, created by a propresident trump group and took aim at new hampshire congressman urging readers to call his office, featured a christmas sweater with the caption sweaters aren't the only ugly thing you will see this december sham impeachment, the ad did not leaf acceptable standards, what do you think? now it's time the good for the bad and the ugly and up first the good, this looks good enough to eat, communication's employee at san diego police department decorating her entire work space as a live-size ginger bread house, unfortunately it is not edible but sure looks yummy. now bad, fox nfl exclusive reveals the moment that security confronts the patriots video
1:59 am
crew over illegally filming the bengals sideline. >> wewe are trying to -- [inaudible] >> the damage is done, my friend. heather: head coach bill belichick denies being involved with the patriots leading scandal, the camera man is defended, the patriots beat the bengals 34-13. finally the ugly, the hacker mock it is home owner through security camera. >> do you hack into the cameras that are inside the house too? all of them. heather: that's scary, didn't even quit when police arrived. >> cops are scared of me, i've seen them billions of times. >> you will stick around -- >> i will stick around, i don't care. heather: by the way, the home
2:00 am
owner has removed all of his cameras. that's scary. well, that wraps up this hour of "fox & friends first", thank you so much for joining us, "fox & friends first" continues right now. jillian: monday december 16th, fox news alert. rob: new information about 13-year-old suspect that has police taking another look at his side of the story, breaking overnight, jerry nadler calling for president trump's removal of release of impeachment report. >> at least one democrat cold feet could turn to a party change. >> i've heard rats jumping off a sinking ship but very few jump on a


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