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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  December 16, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PST

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owner has removed all of his cameras. that's scary. well, that wraps up this hour of "fox & friends first", thank you so much for joining us, "fox & friends first" continues right now. jillian: monday december 16th, fox news alert. rob: new information about 13-year-old suspect that has police taking another look at his side of the story, breaking overnight, jerry nadler calling for president trump's removal of release of impeachment report. >> at least one democrat cold feet could turn to a party change. >> i've heard rats jumping off a sinking ship but very few jump on a sinking ship.
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[laughter] >> you want to take it off? take it off. >> all right. rob: all right, it's the thought that counts, right? jillian: the gift not to give this holiday season, "fox & friends first" continues right now. ♪ ♪ rob: okay. jillian: all right. rob: live look outside. we get snow around here, to get into the spirit. jillian: is that what you need? the lights don't do it for you?
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rob: we need it all. good morning, you're watching "fox & friends first", i'm rob schmitt. jillian: i'm jillian mele, thank you very much for starting your day with us, breaking overnight house judiciary committee releases full report on the articles of impeachment, chairman jerry nadler calling president trump a threat to the constitution saying he should be removed from office. rob: ellison barber joining us live from washington as the full house now prepares to vote, ellison. >> hey, guys, yeah, the report came out a little after midnight over 600 pages in general democrats say that senate republicans are now subverting the constitution and refusing to be impartial jurors, republicans say this is about partisan politics, not the constitution, not justice. >> i think what's best for the country is to get this thing over with, i am clearly made up my mind, i'm not trying to hide the fact that i have disdain for the accusations and the process,
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i don't need any witnesses, i am ready to vote on the underlying articles. >> the question is why are republicans placing the president above their oath of office, i have to hope, george, that if i was were barack obama i would impeach him. >> in january all eyes on senate for a trial, subpoena several senior trump administration officials, many who failed to show up for testimony in the house despite subpoenas, here is who democrats want to hear in the senate, mick mulvaney, former national security adviser john bolton as well as the associate director for national security at the office of management and budget and senior adviser to the acting white house chief of staff. if the senate fails to impeach and remove the president from house, the house intelligence chairman told fox news sunday he will not consider a failure at least not in the sense of the
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constitutional duty, fox news poll in late october found that 49% of respondents favored impeaching president trump and removed him from office with margin of error that number remains relatively steady today according to latest fox news poll, 50% favor impeaching and removing president trump from office. rob, jillian. jillian: ellison barber live from washington, thank you. rob: special white house counsel pam bondi agreeing with james comey admission that he was wrong about the fisa process. jillian: the so-called sloppiness falls on him. >> he's right the men and the women of fbi deserve much better than what they had, much better than what they had in james comey, the man was fired in disgrace, he must have read a different report than we all read, he presided over the fbi in times worse than what jay edgar hoover was at the fbi, that man led the fbi and it's unbelievable. the steele dossier was essential
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and essential to this report, it was fake, we know it was fake and he says that his people did nothing wrong and first of all, he was the leader, he was the one charged with briefing the president when in fact, he was spying on the president, that guy needs a lawyer, by the way. rob: right now unclear if the white house will pursue legal action against james comey, we will see. >> inspector general michael horowitz gearing up for new round of testimony in capitol hill, he will be grilled for second time on wednesday of his probe into the fbi's russia investigation, he found no political bias but as you know did uncover evidence of serious where shalls made by the bureau when securing a warrant to surveil trump campaign adviser, all eyes shifting to federal prosecutor john durham, his investigation into the probe will reportedly wrap up by the spring. rob: fox news alert, hundreds gathering to remember college student murdered in public park
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in new york city, right now a 13-year-old is in custody in charge with that murder. jillian: police search for more suspects, aisha. >> people want to know how this young woman could have been murdered in a public park, hundreds of people came out for candle light vigil on sunday, the place where tesa majors was brutally stabbed to death on wednesday with robberies and burr garys up this year in that same area, community leaders are using this case to call for more security. >> we are working to seek not just additional lighting, not just additional cameras. >> that's right. >> but that we need officers foot patrol walking the park 24 hours a day. [cheers and applause] >> who is thinking about killing someone, how someone reached that age and having -- we have
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the responsibility. jillian: slammed local leaders for bringing politics into a memorial that was meant to remember tesa. >> i'm just here to unify with the others in the community and look for some healing and to send a message to the family that we are deeply, deeply saddened and we wish you peace, love and life. jillian: meantime, new information coming out about 13-year-old suspect who admitted to playing a role in this attack apparently locals around the park say he attacked another young girl and chased her into a deli just days before tesa's murder, he claims he was not the one who stabbed tesa, police are also -- had arrested 14-year-old boy last week and had to release him over the weekend due to lack of evidence, investigators still
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looking for a third suspect. back to you. rob: little kids, unbelievable. to extreme weather now. let talk about the forecast, at least 6 people killed on dangerous roads as winter storm pushes across the united states, slick roads and near zero visibility causing hundreds of accidents in the midwest. >> take a look at the tractor trailer. janice dean to tell us where the storm is heading, good morning. >> toward us and the problem is going to be the ice on the road, so people need to really listen to their local forecasts because the ice is what causes big problems on the roads, you can see where the temperatures are and you can see where the cold front is, centered across portions of mississippi valley, relatively warm ahead of the front and we are going to see the potential for the freezing rain and ice over the next 12 to 24 hours, there's the past 24 hours, you can see the storm system move ago cross ohio valley into mid-atlantic, northeast as well, we could see
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a change over here in new york city, parts of new england as well, winter weather advisories, winner storm warpingings from the rockies all the way up to mid atlantic and northeast, there's your forecast as we go through time, see the pink stuff, that's the ice, that's what i'm concerned with as we go through the next, you know, day or so because that's going to cause problems on the roadways, travel delays, cancellations, all of that and that's going get into the new york city area tomorrow morning for the commute, we are going to be right on the cusp of the freezing so will it be snow, rain, people really need to pay really close attention to the forecast. jillian: dangerous. rob: could ice skate to work. >> i'm not going advice that. jillian: you can. rob: i'm trying to see the bright side. we have to watch for the ice. jillian: thank you. it is 9 minutes after the hour,
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boris johnson's victory has mike al bloomberg concerned for 2020 back here at home. >> i think it's sort of a catastrophic warning to the democratic party that you are just going to have somebody that can beat donald trump. jillian: next guest says a former advise e to margaret thatcher says not many parallels should be drawn except one, we will find out what that is next. rob: starbucks says sorry again, controversy that the coffee chain is brewing up now after police officers are refused service.
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>> the public clearry wanted a change in the uk and i think it's a catastrophic warning to the democratic party that you are going to have to have somebody that can beat donald
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trump. rob: warning for far-left candidates here at home. jillian: not the only one drawing parallels, what does that mean for 2020? rob: joining us live former adviser to margaret thatcher, neil. what do you say the warning is for the far left? >> the labour party led by jeremy corbyn is essentially a far-left socialist, corbyn has been described as a marxist here in the uk and british voters did not want to embrace the kind of far-left big government essentialism that jeremy corbyn had and not only in britain but across many parts of britain, voters have rejected socialist policies and british -- british voters really in this case
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embraced conservative ideology, they embrace free markets, limited government, they embrace also a strong national defense, strong british foreign policy but above all they embraced brexit, the ideals of sovereign and self-determination that they had endorsed in 2017 referendum and they wanted brexit delivered but certainly the uk general election was massive defeat for the far left and jeremy corbyn also deeply antiamerican politician and british voters did not like the kind of america bashing that jeremy corbyn represented, also the labour party as well was deeply antisemitic thinking as well and british voters did not like that and they didn't like corbyn's constant bashing of israel, british voters said enough is enough and 5 years of strong, robust conservative leadership. jillian: let's take a look at
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what joe biden has to say warning democrats of far-left policies following the elections in the uk, look what happened when the labour party moved so far to the left and comes up with ideas that are not able to be contained with any rational basis quickly. my god, boris johnson, clone of the president is able to win. is it fair to draw parallels? >> well, boris johnson is a very charismatic figure, i think he's immensely likable prime minister and british voters warmed to boris johnson. i think that one of the great strengths that boris johnson has his ability to reach out to voters that have been ignored for decades and generations actually especially in the northern cities t midland cities as well, voters -- rob: let me cut in, because that's the big parallel that we are seeing, you see the red wall in the uk, the
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same thing as rust belt in the united states when you compare the two political movements, they are so similar, it's really something. >> well, i think there are in united states and across europe that have felt ignored for so many years and boris johnson came along and took a real interest in the issues that they faced and also a lot of these -- a lot of the voters in northern industrial cities, heartland of the labour party were also probrexit, they wanted britain to leave the european union, boris johnson promised to deliver that, jeremy corbyn had a very mixed policy on brexit which voters did not embrace, but above all, you had huge chunk of the british electorate that felt abandoned by the political elites for so many years and they said enough is enough and boris johnson pledged to embrace these voters to deal with the issues that they really care about and that really mattered in this election. jillian: i was reading articles
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this morning saying a lot of voters voted strictly for brexit. rob: we do appreciate it from london this morning. >> my pleasure. jillian: we go behind the scenes of a christmas classic. >> what is your favorite thing about being a rockette? >> i would say my favorite part is sisterhood. >> many little girls dream about. [laughter] rob: can't wait to see todd do high kicks. here they come, sneak peek. [laughter] [ dramatic music ]
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this holiday... ahhhhh!!! -ahhhhh!!! a distant friend returns... elliott. you came back! and while lots of things have changed... wooooah! -woah! it's called the internet. some things haven't. get ready for a reunion 3 million light years in the making. woohoo! -yeah!
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jillian: good morning, welcome back, look at this, radio city christmas spectacular has been in our hearts for decades. rob: todd and carley to radio music hall and what it makes to make an iconic music classic. carley: todd wound up being better at a rockette than me. take a look. >> we are right outside radio city music hall and it is christmas time, let's kick it into high gear and see what it takes to become a rockette. >> wait, kick. >> you guys bring so much joy to so many people around the holidays, what's your favorite thing able u.s. stock market futures about being a rockette?
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>> we are forming here at radio city in front of 6,000 plus members, you see smiling faces, you get the feel the joy. >> we rehearse for 6 hours a day, 6 days a week for up to 6 weeks leading up to first performance of christmas similar. we are athletes. >> how emotional is it for the both of you when you see a going girl looking at you as their idol. >> what many little girls dream about. >> my most memorable definitely going in for my wooden soldier custom fitting, every rockette that has ever been one has worn the costume. >> do you keep them in the studio? >> yeah. so many beautiful costumes, tell us about your favorite? >> we look like we are candycans
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wrapped in presents. >> that is so beautiful. >> parade of wooden soldier. has been in the show since 1933. >> the outfit comes with a hat, doesn't it? >> it does. [laughter] >> how do you think we did? >> awesome. >> enjoy this season, enjoy this christmas and enjoy making your dreams come true because this has to be a dream come true for all of you. >> absolutely.
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>> thank you so much for visiting us. >> thank you so much. [cheers and applause] [laughter] >> i don't know if i quite understand my outfit. >> i thought you looked great. [laughter] >> perfectly wonderful outfit but the girls are talented people, they work so hard and have great attitude and they are making history, part of historic dance show every single year. >> 300 kicks per show. that's 1200 kicks a day, you need to be a physical -- rob: absolutely, all right. >> we are not a physical -- rob: right across the street radio city musical, thank you so much. >> i'm fine. rob: don't kick anybody, todd, james comey admits the fbi's mishandling of the fisa probe. >> he's right, i was wrong, i
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was overconfident in the procedures that the fbi and justice had built over 2 years, it was not acceptable and so he's right, i was wrong. rob: bias did exist in the fbi, former assistant fbi director says that comey's tenure there will leave bad taste regardless. jillian: field perspective illegally filming opponents, brand-new spygate, we are coming right back on monday morning. everything your trip needs
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for everyone you love. expedia.
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rob: welcome back, fox news alert, overnight hundreds gathered to remember a college student murdered in park in new york city, right now a 13-year-old is in custody charged with her murder, he reportedly told police he watched as his friends killed the young woman. police are still looking for
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those friends. jillian: breaking overnight, house judiciary committee releases full report on articles of impeachment, chairman nadler calling president trump a threat to the constitution, saying he should be removed from office. it comes as democrats demand mick mulvaney and john bolton testify ahead of full house vote on the impeachment inquiry this week. rob: some sports now, week 15 in the nfl, bills clinching playoff spot, can you believe that after beating steelers 17 to 10. race by rallying past the redskins 37 to 27 and the falcons stun 49ers by scoring with 2 second left in the game. and the jaguars win 20 to 16 spoiling the raiders final game in oakland before they moved to las vegas next year, also the giants beating the dolphins, the giants on 36-20. jillian: a man charged in connection to the deadly jersey city shooting is due in court
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today, charged with being a felon in possession of a firearm, the fbi found weapons and amo in his home after finding his phone number on a note if one of the shooter's pockets, the relationship at this point is unclear, victims including detectives joseph was killed in shooting. wake is today, he will be layed to rest tomorrow. illegal immigrants could soon get driver's licenses in new jersey, state lawmakers will vote today on a bill to allow undocumented people and former prisoners to drive legally. democrat governor phil murphy says he will sign the law which could benefit 719,000 people. today's vote comes days after new york passed a similar green light law. a sixth aide resigned in new jersey democratic congressman jeff vandrew will become a republicans, democrats blasting the alleged move calling him a
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trader. >> i've heard rats jumping off a sinking ship but very few jump onto a sinking ship. they will have a congress in the minority who can't get anything done. lowest thing that there's in the congress is somebody in the minority side who is a trader to the majority. jillian: president trump met with vandrew friday. rob: all right, former fbi director james comey making stunning admission amid the fallout of ig report. backtracking from what he told investigators last year when he said he didn't have any concerns about the fisa process. >> he's right, i was wrong, i was overconfident in the procedure that is the fbi and justice had built over 2 years. i thought they were robust enough. it's incredible by hard to get a fisa, i was overconfident, real sloppiness, 17 things that should have been in applications
2:33 am
or discussed and characterized differently. it was not acceptable. rob: so did the ig prove that there was bias? thanks for coming on today. first off, i want to ask, it was a big interview, what did you make of james comey's performance on fox news sunday? >> yeah, i thought it was a very clever deflection of responsibility from him to the, quote, fbi and the case agents, the agents didn't do their right job and i should have watched them closer. i was shocked at his lack of sense of accountability from the ceo, 38,000 person organization that deals with the most sensitive things that you can deal in people's lives and he puts his name on the fisa, he verifies the content, he certifies the content and he made a lot of other personal decisions like not to do a defensive briefing, to do
2:34 am
pretext interview of general flynn that was sneaky, open up political investigation and doing the defensive briefing, his hands on the steering wheel, he'll not willing to admit it. rob: here is a tweet from the president, comey is admitting he was wrong, wow, only doing so because he got caught red handed, he was caught a long time ago, what are the consequences for unlawful conduct, could it be years in jail, where are the apologizes to me and others. >> yeah, well, that's hyperbole as usual. rob: yeah. >> she should resigned, if he were the director he wouldn't resign. he has no concept of accountability at the leadership level. rob: what did you make of comey -- chris wallace points out that the dossier was fbi and
2:35 am
continued to use it to keep getting these fisa warrants, continually on after that, comey really didn't have much of an answer to that and kind of deflected in a weird way, wallace couldn't believe what he was saying. >> yeah, i thought so too. he admitted at some point that the the dossier was salacious and unverified and what i think is a real key decision that he made in this investigation was to brief only the solicitous parts of the dossier to the president, instead of doing a defensive briefing which -- and i've consulted with some counterintelligence experts that know far well more than i, do i was a criminal agent, they say that they've done defensive briefings of congressman, senators, iconic congressman and senators an a lot of more serious activity on the part of staffers and turn to these people on the russian agents to fulfill the counterintelligence mission which is to prevent bad things from happening on behalf of the russians. rob: let's listen to james
2:36 am
comey, response to attorney general william barr saying a lot worse things than what comey thinks happened, let's listen to his response. >> he does not have a factual basis as the attorney general of the united states to be speculating that agents acted in bad faith, the facts aren't there, that doesn't make it any less consequential, anyless important but that's irresponsible statement. rob: you have all of the mistakes and they all seem to go in one direction and that was against carter page and against the administration, how is it that all of the mistakes went the same way if there was no malintent? >> i think he has the benefit of far reaching, more thorough investigation with john durham, i think that would be the last word on the topic, you know, absence of bias, you know, i don't think the ig is capable of making the hard call there, he's proven that, he does a good
2:37 am
investigation, he did a good job with resurrecting the strzok and page text which the fbi couldn't find but i don't think he has the nerve or the backbone to make that very difficult call that you have to make. rob: sure. >> i think that's coming and i'm not saying i don't want to see bias, that's my organization, 38,000 good men and women of the fbi, i don't wish ill will, this was the leadership of comey inner circle. rob: he couldn't disprove it either, we will see what john durham comes up with. thank you for your time, we do appreciate it. jillian: 37 minutes after the hour, how do voters feel about impeachment process? brand-new shows the president's approval rate asking rising, so some wonder if this is a waste of time, the debate coming up next.
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jillian: good morning, welcome back, president trump's approval
2:41 am
rating is on the rise, according to brand new fox news polls, weeks of testimony is congress wasting our time, here to debate that joe barelli and democratic political analyst anthony. >> good morning, jillian. jillian: anthony, good morning, start with you, is this a waste of time? >> no, i don't think it's a waste of time. i actually seen the fox news poll that had 51 or 50% of the country wants the president impeached and removed, that's not good numbers for the president, that's not good news. i mean, i know there's different polls in the swing states but that's not good numbers when clinton or obama, they never got 32% and bush as well. so we are seeing dramatic shift and we are not even at the trial yet, when we get to trial phase who knows how high it could go. i don't think it's a waste of time. jillian: impeachment at 50% right now as of late october,
2:42 am
49%, so, yes, there's an up tick in that, interestingly enough it seems like more people want him impeached and removed, the 1% but more people also look at your screen like the job he's doing, joe, what does that say? >> i'm not surprised. this is more evidence of the great divide between what people actually talk about at their dinner tables, at water cooler at work and what the blue check mark twitter elite are saying about president trump, the american public sees success on usmca and see a trade deal with china and they see the economy booming and they see a whole bunch of nonsenses coming out of house democrats, jerry nadler released a 600 page report, no one is reading the book, they already know the ending to, they have been calling for impeachment for a long time, no one is surprised at the flimsy evidence they are now bringing. >> before we move on to the next topic, anthony, we do want to
2:43 am
get your opinion on that, when you look at the numbers about the job he's doing, there's a spike there? >> i have seen the poll that has the president at 35% among african americans, i'm not criticizing the job approval that the president is doing, that's separate from the impeachment and whether or not it's merited and looking at the polls and the fact that when 51% of the country wants you removed -- jillian: 50%. >> that's not good news for the president. let's talk about this now, antiimpeachment democrat jeff vandrew met with the president to discus party switch as we know. when you look at, this you look at the messaging of what this could potentially mean, it is one person but the democratic party has seen a shift going further left, what does that say to you, joe? >> this is the exactly the
2:44 am
opposite of what people told us was going to happen with impeachments, they said republicans will be fleeing the republican party and the other thing is significance because vandrew represent district that won 5% margin for president trump and his internal polling obviously had him down, what about the other districts, there's 12 or 13 where trump won way higher than 5%. i have to imagine the polling is equally bad for those house democrats there. jillian: anthony, final word to you. >> my understanding is he's leaving the party for more so for the fact that he won't get the -- the democratic support if he doesn't vote for impeachment and remember, we had justin amash who left republican party and became independent because he was proimpeaching the president, this goes both ways. jillian: we will certainly see how this plays out, joe, anthony, thank you for your time. >> thank you, jillian. rob: 44 minutes after the hour, 9 days until christmas. jillian: i barely started my shopping. rob: that's all right.
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are you still looking for best stocking stuffers like jillian is? jillian: yeah, help me. [laughter] rob: she's on the show every day. [laughter]
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steve: so glad you are up and hope you get dressed. huge topic to discus, impeachment week, happening on wednesday and one may be switching parties, what was james comey thinking yesterday? we will discuss it all with the great roster including nut gingrich, stuart varney on the company, two big trade deals, bret baier to talk about historic week and denise prager,
2:49 am
his movie is out and getting great reviews, speaking of movies clint eastwood film hitting box office this weekend as portraying true story of security guard falsely accused of bombing the olympics and getting smeared by the media, listen. >> fit it is profile of the lone bomber. >> frustrated white man who is a police wanna-be. steve: wow, the widow of richard reacts. back to "fox & friends first" already in progress. jillian: thanks, brian. rob: with holidays around the corner like this one who will be brainstorming gift ideas. jillian: best stocking stuffers. how are you?
2:50 am
>> good, huh are you guys? jillian: the mall is crazy, everyone is last-minute shopping. >> last-minute shopping. these are all stocking stuffers. we have a swiss army knife. had 16 different tools, limited edition one but i'm obsessed with this one. army knife but fits into your wallet. jillian: wallet. >> really cool and really great. nice slim way to put -- yeah, i know. the plane doesn't like swiss army knife. they have a bunch of different options as well. jillian: what's a smart plug? >> basically any device, like a lamp or coffee maker and turns it into a small device, you can power it with alexa, google, app on your phone and if you're someone that's always forgetting something or losing something,
2:51 am
these are new stickers that you can stick onto anything and then app on your phone and locate it and makes sound which i will not make right now, beeps and you can find it and get the at lowes. rob: who doesn't want dynamite? >> 6 different -- 5 different hot sauces in shape of dynamite, it's really fun. rob: okay. you can get that at bed, bath&beyond. socks for the guys, harry potter, marvel, i'm obsessed with the color-changing mug, looks like a pacman board, when it hots looks -- jillian: we will ignore him. [laughter] >> frozen 2 toys, accessories for little boys and girls, necklaces or hear ties.
2:52 am
jillian: that takes me way back. >> great prices under 10 bucks. jillian: how about for the kids? >> baby first christmas, stocking, you can get obviously maybe you don't want to get toys but you want to get cute adorable clothes for them. rob: look at that. >> i know -- rob: how on earth you walk around like that? >> you don't walk around with that. that's to hold the bottle of wine, wine stopper. rob: it's what a heel looks like. there are women who wear that heel. >> plenty of women that wear that heel. i like the ear muffs, they are fun. you can get those at marshal. rob: i can't hear. [laughter] >> those at marshals, everything was less than $20. jillian: above it, what don't we want to give? >> the things that you don't
2:53 am
want to give, maybe a dating subscription, that might be somebody that, you know, would be something that you think would be nice gift, something that you really want to clear off. so, for example, if you are someone that always works out maybe a peleton bike and not someone that works out maybe a gym membership is not the best. jillian: could inspire someone. >> could inspire but could offend. anything that's done on the line to steer clear of. rob: people just want cash, we know what they want, they want money. >> people have good intentions and they might buy stereo system for their car but don't think about installation. jillian: true, 6 minutes until the top of the hour, the patriots caught cheating again. >> please stop using -- do not
2:54 am
aim a laser at the field, coaches, players, stop. rob: plus garbage good-bye, the raiders leave and the fans were less than impressed with their final performance. stay tune. ♪ ♪ does scrubbing grease feel like a workout? scrub less with dawn ultra. it's superior grease-cleaning formula gets to work faster. making easy work of tough messes. dawn takes care of tough grease, wherever it shows up. scrub less, save more... with dawn. .
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i didn't jill good morning to you many will mark
2:58 am
channel apologizing for pulling an ad for a same sex couple many hallmark says it will put tv ads with same sex couples on the channel. the commercials were removed last week after hallmark received backlash from a conservative grown. the ceo writing in part quote this is the wrong decision. we are truly sorry for the hurt and disappointment this has caused. rob: starbucks apologizing again after being accused of mistreating police. incident involved two sheriff deputies that say they were refused service while in uniform. the treatment of the deputies is inexcusable. >> this is the third incident with police in just six months. last months an a.o.c. police officer received an order with the word pig ton. jillian: time for the good, the bad, and the ugly. did i say that right? rob: we have done this once or twice. jillian: donations helped lay 250,000 wreaths at arlington national cemetery.
2:59 am
wreaths across america joined "fox & friends first" earlier this month. >> to see an organization come together and the communities all across the country all come together to help honor not only my fallen friends but members who have paid the ultimate sacrifice means a lot to he movement. jillian: great thing. more than 238,000 volunteers helped place the wreaths. >> fox nfl sunday exclusive reveals the moment security confronted the patriots' video crew for illegally filming on the bengal's sideline. >> damage done my friend. rob: coach bill belichick denies being involved with the patriots' latest cheating scandal. the cameraman has been suspended. the patriots did beat the bengals 34-13.
3:00 am
jillian: raiders get a smelly sendoff. trash on the field after blew lead to jaguars. move to las vegas next season. have a good day. ♪ ♪ small town ♪ throw down. brian: #fox all-american christmas is the red, white, and blue christmas. no one has ever tried to do this to a tree. ainsley: someone hasn't had a tree red, white and blue i got it we are first. steve: first time we have had a giant christmas tree right here on fox square. you saw us light it about a week ago. welcome aboard, folks. it is the week before christmas. and all through the studio. brian: james comey disagrees it's red, white, and blue. we begin with a fox news alert. this just happened while you were


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