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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  December 18, 2019 12:00am-1:00am PST

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last year and went through hell and back to get my citizenship and now they want to give illegal immigrants licenses and other rights. let them go through the right process. i used to think i was a democrat, not no more. something like a country music song. keep the emails coming. shannon bream and the fox news at night team. take it from here. shannon: tell me there is no video of that. >> it is between us hostesses. we begin with the fox news alert. a rare public order, the presiding judge slamming the fbi calling the agency's contacted mccarter page case troubling noting it now needs information contained in other fbi applications is also in question and a deadline from the fisa
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court to the fbi to explain how plans to clean up the abuses end soon and we are just hours from the top vote on the impeachment articles against donald trump. the president fighting back turning the tables accusing democrats of abusing their congressional powers and saying history will prove him right. we will debate. we kick things off with trace gallagher, the public smacked him from the courts on those carter page warrants, now we find out based on faulty information. >> reporter: this court operates in almost total secrecy for this public order from the presiding judge of foreign intelligence surveillance is not only rare but could lead to sweeping changes in the relationship between the fisa court and the justice department. does rosemary color call the fbi handling of the applications are surveilled former trump campaign advisor carter page, quote,
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troubling adding, quote, the frequency with which representations made by fbi personnel turned out to be unsupported or contradicted by information in their possession and with which they withheld information detrimental to their case and the question whether information contained in other fbi applications is reliable. judge collier now wants the doj to explain by january 10th the steps being taken to prevent this from ever happening again. senate judiciary chair lindsey graham was pleased to see the fisa court condemn the actions of the fbi and then said he would work toward finding a bipartisan solution to reform the fisa process, donald trump also responded to the judge's order quoteing wow, in a stunning rebuke of the fbi the fisa court severely chastised the fbi for fisa abuses brought to light in the inspector general report. there were 17 significant errors, statements by the court was long and tough, means my case was a scam.
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james comey acknowledged he was wrong and the ig report was right and also said it is incredibly hard to get a fisa warrant which is not true. last year there were 1081 requests, only one of them was denied. >> also tonight lisa page appeared on another network, i think the first time we have seen her sit down and have a lengthy conversation about what has gone on involving her which takes us back to the origins of this whole thing. >> he gave her first media interview to the daily beast a few days ago and now her first tv interview goes to liberal host rachel maddow and as expected maddow didn't really challenge page absences, she was asked about the text message exchange with former fbi agent peter stzrok, trouble never
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become resident, right? no, no he won't, we will stop it and here's lisa page's explanation. >> this is a snapshot in time, carrying on a conversation that happened earlier in the day that reflects a broad sense of he's not going to be president, we, the democratic people of this country are not going to let it happen. >> page went on to say she wishes he hadn't sent it but then the interview moved on. shannon: good to see you. for house on the democrats articles of impeachment now just hours away. tonight the president trying to flip the script accusing nancy pelosi and democrats of abusing their power. mark meredith has the latest. >> we are learning how the debate will go on the house floor. debate will be limited to 6 hours with time divided equally between both parties but before debate begins donald trump has strong words for house democrats.
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>> is a total sham. >> reporter: donald trump lasted democrat that of wednesday's impeachment vote in a scathing 6-page letter to nancy pelosi. the president writes more to process to those accused in the salem witch trials and this is nothing more than an illegal partisan attempted to. pelosi call the president's letter ridiculous and in a message to democrats she writes if we do next we will be derelict in our duty. on the hill democrats vigorously defended the decision to impeach. >> donald trump famously said that he could shoot someone dead in the middle of fifth avenue in new york city and he would get away with it. anyone who turns a blind eye to behavior like this is providing that right. >> house democrats appeared united in supporting impeachment
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but one member, congressman jared golden of maine city will split his vote tomorrow, voted yes on impeaching the president for abuse of power but not for obstruction of congress. while tomorrow's vote should be historic it does not end the impeachment debate. >> it is clear mitch mcconnell wants to use the senate to participate in a cover-up. >> chuck schumer is furious mitch mcconnell has no interest in forcing for white house officials to testify in the senate trial. mcconnell says it was up to the house, not the senate to investigate and at the end of the day -- >> i'm not an impartial jury, this is a political process. >> mcconnell says he expects the senate trial to begin in january and he is willing to meet with much senator schumer to dissociate how some aspects of the dry will operate but so far no data the meeting has been set. >> that meeting will cover a lot of things.
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impeach president rallies taking place in cities coast-to-coast tonight. a group of progressive organizations including indivisible, the women's march and moveon were among the organizing behind the hundreds of rallies dubbed nobody is above the law. trying to spark a larger actual grassroots mass uprising against the president. the judges in the fisa court never speak about the work they do but tonight that scathing letter ripping into the fbi for the way it handled the carter page case and demanding changes. right now republican congressman mike johnson who sits on the house judiciary committee, you have been very busy recently. >> great to be with you. >> a lot to talk about. you and i are both lawyers. the fisa situation raise a lot of concerns, the government is there, no one is making the other side of the case. it's almost always approved, this order struck me as very rare and very pointed and powerful because you so rarely hear from the judges on the fifth court.
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>> it was a stirring rebuke and from our perspective way we do, republicans in cognitive and railing against the fisa abuses for a long time. we can own this is the case. it is a unique kind of court. there is a heightened level of due process that should be afforded because they have this carte blanche authority. this is spying on supposing foreign agents who may be working against the interest of the government when an american citizen is involved. it requires this extra level of scrutiny and when they are handing them out like candy and some high-level officials in the department of justice for the fbi are presenting information that is not verified this is a pretty scary thing. >> i wondered how these judges felt because they are acting on information sworn to them be fbi officials so they have to rely on that and we have talked about they say this calls into question the applications we have gotten and we want to know how to fix it and the aclu in
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saying they need to refine the crisis to ensure meaningful opportunity to challenge government allegations in fisa applications which we can't trust a secret intelligence court for the process which is the fisa court system getting reformed or is a the reform will properly paste on the fbi? >> there is both. this has shown corruption in the highest levels of the fbi. comey and what he was presiding over is ridiculous, he said this sunday, basically waved it away, he was at the helm of this thing. we need reform and we have a bill to do that. this republican legislation that would add an amicus court to the proceedings and an objective - to be there to advise it. if there is information that is not verified there will be a requirement that they disclosed that to the court so they can make a recent opinion on this. too many of these are allowed, 99%. shannon: you should be concerned
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about this could because it could be any one of us. you saw congresswoman torres talking about how the president bragged he could shoot someone and remain in office, not get prosecuted. she said basically if you support this guy you are allowing that kind of behavior. and salon they have reported that republicans were in this present, they are not cowering in fear of trump, they are exulting in his shamelessness was watching republicans at impeachment hearings where they perform outrage for the cameras, live with obvious glee and clarify conspiracy theories it did not appear they were intimidated by their president or anyone else. how do you respond to that characterization? >> it is ridiculous. the democrats have had it in for donald trump since the day he got elected, 95 house democrats voted to impeach donald trump before july this year. why is that important?
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july is the month when everything supposedly happened as far as the impeachment effort. they are not objective about it. they have been saying from the beginning they load him and everything about him and for that matter his supporters made clear, many democrats have spoken very candidly about that. they just want him out of town but that's not the way our constitutional republic is set up. you can't get rid the president just because you don't like and if you're a member of congress. they weapon iced impeachment and that is the problem. the founders warned us specifically you can't, you should never have a single party impeachment because it will divide the country and people will lose faith in their institutions and that is the problem right now. shannon: they are alleging abuse of power, production of congress, the world will be watching and we will as well. an important, monumental vote. thanks for stopping in. new tonight the third ranking house republican taking the washington post to task, the post running an opinion piece attacking gop congresswoman her bringing her son to last week's judiciary committee vote,
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lessons about southern slavery and civil rights struggle writing she showcased the boy as her impeachment vote partner reminding us this long civil war is a national inheritance. in response lose cheney tweeting this is despicable. washington post is attacking her for bringing her tenure maxon to work, you owe her an apology. the house passing 12 spending bills whoever the government shutdown by the end of the week. democrats of long opposed funding a wall. the bill now heads to the senate were a vote is expected later this week was a russian spy ship spot about the east coast appears to be heading towards the bahamas. the coast guard is a warning thing the ship has been operating in a, quote, unsafe manner, not using running lights and low visibility weather and engaging in what called other erratic maneuvers, operating off the coast of florida and south carolina in recent days.
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representative maxine waters saying she knows donald trump is trying to help vladimir putin and whatever other favorite targets, doctor ben carson joins us next to respond.
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♪ >> i believe even though i don't have >> reporter: i believe i don't have the facts to prove that i believe vladimir putin wanted to lift the sanctions. he always wanted to live the sanctions that were placed on him because of his interfering with and incursion into crimea. shannon: maxine waters was the first democratic lawmaker to call for donald trump's impeachment in 2017 admitting she can't prove donald trump colluded with russian president during the 2016 election but still believes it.
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let's turn to doctor ben carson who has been exchanging thoughts lately with chairman waters, great to have you with us. you have had a little bit of a dustup as the administration plans to rollout new rules with regard to harmless, chairman waters does not think you're the best person to be doing that. >> this guy just doesn't have the background, the capability, the intelligence to do the job. he doesn't know what he's doing, doesn't care about this issue. shannon: what is your response to those accusations? >> she would be the expert intellectual prowess but any rate i don't want to get into tit for tat because it is silly. i would simply say look at the results and that is what we worry about. we worry about the fact that we have in her district a large number of homeless people,
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unsheltered homeless people on the street and was we need to be considering his what can we do to put these people in a better situation. part of the problem stems from the fact that people have a misguided concept of what compassion is. they think compassion is just take people and leave them out on the street, let them camp out in public places and not provide them with the kind of assistance that will get them out of the situation and perhaps have them be able to share in the american dream. that is what real compassion is. shannon: a lot of speculation with regards to what you plan to do with homelessness and policy. in the washington post, diane yandle, president of the low income housing coalition saying we are worried about all the things the white house is hinting it may do. it is worrying that the administration is using
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homelessness as a political wedge issue and pray on people's fears. can you tell us what the plans are moving forward? >> i don't see any reason for the kind of fear expressed in that statement. but we are looking at the reasons for the homelessness and we are going to the source of the problem. rather than just throwing money at it one of the problems is supply and demand, we don't have adequate supply of affordable housing. another issue is we are not treating people the way they should be treated based on what their pathology is. a significant number of people have mental disturbances. those people have to be placed in a setting where they can get regular medication and regular counseling. we need to understand the large number of people are drug addicted and the solutions for them i different and they are
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much more chronic in nature. unless we deal with the source of the problem we are going to be chasing our tails. heather: your focus has been on something with bipartisan agreement across the ideological spectrum, aim at helping our veterans, something everyone can get behind when the issue is homelessness. >> absolutely. 1% of our population provides the freedom for the other 99%. there should be relatively few times we aren't willing to do to make sure they are appropriately sheltered and one of the things that has helped tremendously has been a program in which hud provides housing vouchers and the va provides clinical services and case management and this has allowed a large number of veterans to become independent and this is what we want to do, not only for
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veterans but everybody and that is why we emphasized the concept of wraparound services even for all those people living on the streets in san francisco and los angeles and other places in the country, not just placing them in a shelter by providing wraparound services so we can empower them to live a happy life. shannon: moore is coming on that front. we are united on making sure our veterans have a place to call home regardless of their circumstances. >> the numbers are still going down, down 2% more year over year for veterans and over the last 10 years down under 50% and this is something that has been helped by both administrations. we should revel in the fact that we are making good progress but it will not be completely satisfactory until there are no homeless veterans.
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shannon: thank you for the work you have done on this front and so many others. men and women of the military, it is what else is tapped into a massive spending bill. that is up next. where in the world, pope francis abolishing the highest level of secrecy and sex abuse cases, a move applauded by victims and advocates. the decision opens up lines of communication between civil law enforcement and victims, the pope making an announcement of calls for transparency in the catholic church over years of sex abuse scandal. a live that bans local authorities from the boycott israel movement which many british lawmakers, anti-semitic. the move comes just a week after donald trump and a similar executive order to protect jewish students on american college campuses. brazil's environment minister mocking climate activists
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>> shannon: admitted the fear over impeachment, president trump making shannon: the bureau for impeachment donald from making a deal with nancy pelosi on a $1.4 trillion spending bill, the biggest uncle that going to the pentagon, tonight passing that $738 billion defense spending package and sending it to the white house for the president's signature. the republicans worried about the cost, pointing out congressional budget watchdogs believe this will add significantly to the national debt which is running at $23 trillion does include a pay raise for our troops, paid parental leave for federal workers, border security and a new sixth branch of the armed forces. kristin fisher has that part of the story.
12:29 am
>> reporter: this means for the first time in 70 years there's going to be a new branch of the us military. the senate voted overwhelmingly to pass a $738 billion defense policy bill for donald trump's space for us. it has to the president's desk and he said he will sign it immediately. the new space force is going to be housed within the air force similar to how the marine corps resides within the navy and that is different from what donald trump originally proposed. much of the personnel within the air force currently work on space will simply be transferred to the new space force but the white house says it still achieve the goals of prioritizing space within the pentagon and uniting the different space missions spread across the military at a time when russia, china and other countries are becoming increasingly competitive and competitive in space. >> one of the most important
12:30 am
branches, we will have our own representative. it will have its own representative on the joint chiefs of staff. it is a big deal, something a lot of people thought couldn't be done but very important for defense and offense. >> it is just one way the trumpet ministration is trying to ensure us dominance in space, the white house but up in unified combatant command within the military called us space command. they also announced plans to return american astronauts to the moon by 2024 with the artemis program and now we have the space force. this is a win for the president, one of his top military priorities, one of the biggest applause lines at rallies across the country and now he's going to be able to point to it in 2020 as an example of promises made promises kept.
12:31 am
>> hours away from the impeachment vote meaning it is go time for democratic lawmakers who represent districts donald trump won in 2016. are they falling in line with party leadership or something else? garrett tenney is tracking lawmakers as they take sides tonight. >> reporter: for a lot of lawmakers this is the vote they will be most remembered for, and is an extremely politically risky vote which could ultimately be one of their last. ahead of the house's impeachment vote all eyes have been on the democrats in districts donald trump won. and 2 dozen of those lawmakers have announced they will vote to impeach the president among those are some of the most vulnerable democrats including kendra warren who won her seat by a single percentage point last year, in oklahoma's fifth district which trump won by 13
12:32 am
points. today horn announced with a heavy heart the oath i took to defend the constitution requires a vote for impeachment, a yes vote could be even more politically risky for anthony brindisi, freshman congressman from upstate new york and also turned his district. by a single point after trump won it by 15. in an op-ed this morning he said i know some people will be angry but i was elected to do what is right, not politically safe. senior democrats are insisting their members are not being pressured by leadership to support impeachment. >> the solider undertaking any member of congress can have. every single member has to make that decision as they have been doing, anchored in principle. >> not every trump district democrat is jumping on board. minnesota congressman collin peterson his district trump won by 30 points that is leaning towards voting against impeachment. as for house republicans, retiring congressman francis
12:33 am
rooney is the only undecided vote though he's leaning against impeachment and today donald trump touted that unity. >> this has been a total sham from the beginning. everybody knows it. i have never seen the republican party so united. our last vote got 100% of the vote. >> even without any gop support house democrats appear to have the votes they need to impeach donald trump, 216 is the magic number at last count there are 218 votes in favor of impeachment. shannon: which mcconnell triggers the left. to his critics have a point. mike braun joined us next to respond but next the real news roundup. jersey city board of education trustee joan terrel page accused of putting some of the blame on the jewish community for deadly shooting rampage at a kosher supermarket last week. the facebook comments, quote, where was all this faith and hope when black homeowners were
12:34 am
threatened, intimidated and harassed by brutes of the jewish community? are we brave enough to ask for the answer to the shooter's message? jersey city mayor called for her resignation. a dt cocktail host for women for america first allegedly disrupted by a, quote, high profile democrats wedding hosted at the same hotel. according to the proton group a guest speaker was allegedly attacked by wedding guests. dc police did arrest one of those guests. i county in southwestern virginia emphasizing its right to a militia, reportedly allocating funds for one. the democratic control general family prepares to take up gun legislation next year. colorado is one of the first states to legalize human composting returning human remains into soil in lieu of traditional burial or cremation. lawmakers plan to take the bill to the legislature next month. - in the last year, there were three victims
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>> this is a political process. there is not anything judicial about it. impeachment is a political >> this is a political process, nothing judicial about it, impeachment is a political decision. >> a frank same from the majority leader outraging democrats tonight. chuck schumer accusing mcconnell and attempting to make the senate trial cover-up for donald trump. let's discuss with mike braun. good to have you with us tonight. the democratic critics of that say this is the guy who's going to be leading the trial, helping set the rules and everything else and he says i already know what my vote is in let's get this thing over with, he can't be impartial. >> what i like about leader mcconnell is a parlor game tactic with schumer trying to make that public when he knew it probably wasn't going to work because the whole issue of witnesses is a double-edged sword and when you poll the hit parade of who we want versus them he knew that and for me i
12:40 am
just thank goodness we are finally getting to the point of resolution, this christian did a month or so ago and i think democrats were really trying to build their case on the fly and it has to be excruciating when pulling has moved the other direction especially in the swing states and that is why i think nancy pelosi has been caught in a real bind here but it looks like they are going to go through with it and we will get the articles of impeachment and when we get back in january, sixth is the date we are thinking, we will finally get this thing put to rest and we will all be there listening to see if there's anything new but don't expect any of that. >> chuck schumer says the bottom
12:41 am
line is our republican friends have a choice, not just mitch mcconnell but all of them, do they want the facts to come out or do they want to cover up the truth, why not have witnesses, that our trials were, let's do it and you could maybe call hunter biden, adam schiff, people you want to hear from, why not? >> you can say that but he knows that would only happen if we would get our list to call and he already said it would not involve hunter biden. that is just all part of the back and forth. we've been listening to this in the house for a long time and i don't -- we will all listen if there is something new to be gleaned it will be taken into consideration but they are at the point they know the case has been made, the behind the closed doors version, the public version before constitutional experts and nothing new has been gleaned through that. shannon: do you feel you and your other counterparts in the senate truly can be impartial jurors, do you have concern they
12:42 am
would be republicans who would vote for removal, do you hope there democrats who would join you and say no we are not going to go along with this? >> the same thing, did an op-ed on that. how do you think the 5 senators running for president could be impartial when they have been campaigning against the president all this time using a lot of terms bordering on malicious. this is not a court of law. it is a political exercise that many people think needs to have the characteristics of what you do but there wouldn't be probably any juror, democrat or republican that would be accepted in a regular court so it is political and i think that is what is bothering the democrats, they thought political support through focus grouping, polling, building the case, would be there. it started going south about a month ago. >> we've seen the numbers have stabilized or moved in the president's direction, very tight when you look at the average falls but you think the end result is knowing he will not likely be removed in the
12:43 am
senate, the 2020 race, battered and bruised, running as someone who has been impeached? >> i got to know the president decently and battered and bruised, i gave him a call a month and a half ago, on some things other and impeachment, turkish issue and so forth and he sounds upbeat, a guy who can take the pressure in this has a real impact for democrats of backfire politically and we will see that in 2020. don't think there will be a lot of desertions among borderline democrats. i think there is more solidarity in the senate. shannon: it does energize him and he predicts it will help
12:44 am
republicans next year. thank you for coming in, good to see you. thursday's democrat presidential debate back on, resolving issues with the labor union. peter doocy in new york as the candidates head west. >> now candidates can chicken for their flights to lax. >> reporter: dans my way onto the debate stage. >> reporter: they don't have to worry about crossing a picket line to get to the debate stage, took a 25% raise, 50% cut in healthcare costs for striking each service workers. >> democratic debate scheduled for thursday, december 19th in los angeles is on! >> reporter: bernie sanders arriving in california as a new fox news poll finds socialism rising in popularity, 31% view socialism favorably up 6 points since february but less popular
12:45 am
than capitalism with 57% favorability. >> it costs a hell of a lot less money to send it kid to the university of california than to put him in jail. >> reporter: sanders is the only 70 something running for president who hasn't shared a military -- medical history after suffering a heart attack because joe biden finally put down a summary of his which does not include any assessment of biden's cognitive ability but the stress he hasn't dealt with the effects of brain aneurysms, he hasn't had melanoma but remains under close terminological surveillance after spending significant time in the sun as a child and doesn't drink or smoke but does exercise 5 times a week, the doctor concludes biden is a healthy, vigorous 77-year-old male who is fit to successfully execute the duties of the presidency. a few weeks ago deval patrick had doubts about biden's ability to beat donald trump and decided to run against him but that has proven tough.
12:46 am
>> he is still the front runner and you've not made the debate stage. how's it going? >> it is going great. if you are asking about polls, polls don't mean much except name recognition. >> reporter: peter doocy, fox news. shannon: the key to impeaching the president are the swing districts, how many are making a political calculation with the vote just hours away? our panel debate after the break.
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♪ >> shannon: are democratic lawm >> democratic lawmakers who won in districts carried by the president two years earlier putting their political futures on the line with a vote for impeachment? do they care? let's bring in the founder of turning point usa charlie kirk, welcome to you both. they say every freshman democrat in the trump district is backing impeachment going on to say the near unanimous decision is an act of political bravery or foolhardiness depending on who you ask. these democrats recognize backing impeachment is a risk but all of them are doing it anyway. there had been hopes among the gop there would be some defections in swing district
12:51 am
democrats but doesn't look like that is happening at all. >> in politics they say short memories. this vote will be remembered for very long time and the fact these red state democrats in deep trump district think this is going to have the political future is stunning to me. it shows the energy of the democrat party is out of the mainstream and gone so radical, we see in recent polls that even mainstream democrats approval has dropped by 13% down to 17% of democrats that support impeachment and removal. the president at this moment is supposed to be somber and reflective, he seems like he is succeeding more than ever before, so different from where bill clinton was, going up in the polls and stronger than ever before despite what the democrats are trying to do. >> this letter from the president to the speaker, people loved or hated it, he outlines
12:52 am
all the things that have been accomplished in the midst of impeachment, talks about successes, things he has been able to accomplish. how to democrats run against that? >> if donald trump would stick to talking exclusively about his accomplishments whether it is usmc a or the strength of the economy he would be in much better shape. democrats, i have said this time and time again, came out against donald trump, they have to stand for something and that is one of the reasons they were successful in the midterm elections, focusing on bread-and-butter issues like healthcare and creating a policy contrast where they can and reflecting the needs of individual district. i agree impeachment vote will be remembered. it is a political risk for a
12:53 am
number of these marginal district democrats, these freshmen, and i think they are doing it in spite of their potential political risks. they are not doing it because they think it will help them. they are doing it regardless of the political outcome because in their mind at least what they have seen has risen to the level of having no choice but to vote for impeachment. i'm not saying it is right or wrong but that is my judgment because i don't think it is politically expedient for democrats to vote for impeachment. >> the vote now hours away, almost a certainty the house will impeach and send it to the senate. look at polling from usa today putting donald trump left a head with his possible matchups depending on who becomes the nominee and in every case, biden, sanders, warren, pete buttigieg, he has a lead according to the latest poll numbers. that has to be encouraging to
12:54 am
the white house and the president but i imagine you like others express caution when polling in favor or against. you don't want to be overly confident. >> exactly right. you have to play like you attend points down. what is president has been able to do, look at the rnc, the donors they have been able to add, feels as if the president is taking a victory lap with all the successes and ignoring the impeachment nonsense from the house of representatives like a brett kavanaugh vote. this vote will be remembered. when his representatives go to their district, in battleground states that are consequential for electoral college victory donald trump is trying to achieve, hard to justify to voters in the middle saying vote for me again because i impeached the president even though i didn't run on that. the president is delivering results while democrats are dividing the country. heather: reaction to the polling numbers.
12:55 am
>> what i would say is i agree we need to be very cautious about it but the divisive nature of what is happening in washington is making those independent voters in the middle sit it out meaning this will be a base election and impeachment is energizing both the base of democrats and republicans. shannon: turnout is everything, thank you for being with us tonight. we love tonight's hereafter 500 days, bonita has found a forever home, the pit bull was the longest resident of the shelter but after a year and a half is gone home with her new owner, sending her off with a big celebration, they will miss her so much. ray loves to share pictures on instagram. for the most popular dog in the shelter, you are our midnight he rose.
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really sweet dogs. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us. i am shannon bream. stopping drivers from: liking. selfie-ing. and whatever this is. available to the public... never. smartdogs are not the answer. but geico has a simple tip. turn on "do not disturb while driving" mode. brought to you by geico.
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heather: it is wednesday, december 18th. at 4:00 am a fox news alert, all eyes on washington dc, just hours before the historic house vote to impeach donald trump. the partisan divide couldn't be more apparent. >> they did not run a fair process. it means the opposite. they called exactly 0 of our witnesses. how do you have a fair trial,


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