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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  December 19, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PST

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recycled this gift. heather: research shows 20% of office party gifts are regifted without ever being used. that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first". "fox and friends first" continues right now, goodbye. >> legislation approved by the rules committee will enable us to decide how we will send over the articles of impeachment. so far we haven't seen anything that looks fair. >> it doesn't feel like we are being impeached. rob: this is a fox news alert, a busy day and yesterday, a day that will go down in infamy are history depending which side of the aisle you are on after the house vote to impeach donald trump. >> the next steps are unclear because nancy pelosi pumped the brakes on a senate trial. we are live with the latest in washington. >> a new one for winter
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travelers. >> the state department is sounding the alarm about mexico. made a in miami. >> the celebrity who washed his $7 million yacht go up in flames. "fox and friends first" continues right now. shannon: you are watching "fox and friends first". rob: thanks for starting the day with us. we begin with a fox news alert, nancy pelosi considering bypassing a senate trial after the historic vote to impeach donald trump. jillian: the president now but impeachment thought him, rallying thousands of supporters in the battleground state of michigan. rob: we break this down.
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>> it fell on party lines, nancy pelosi making history with a gavel, struggling to quiet her fellow democrats cheering when she wanted this to be serious and solemn. >> the you as are 230, and as are 197, present is one. article 1 is adopted. >> reporter: 600 miles away in battle creek, michigan the president reacting in real time was anything but quiet. >> i know one thing, americans will show up by tens of millions next year to vote pelosi the hell out of office. they have nothing. they are the ones that should be impeached, every one of them. >> reporter: article 1 abuse of power, 230-197, two democrats
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defecting, one is switching to republican, collin peterson, moderate from minnesota, told the gabbard voting present, article 2, abstention of congress, 229-198, three democrats defecting, jared golden split his vote on impeachment, gabbard present. not a single republican voted for either article. the partisan divide was on full display. >> several colleagues in a row, interesting to see how few of them want to address the fact of the president's misconducts nor do they wish to defend, apparently, i have struck a nerve. >> reporter: history will note republicans remaining united behind donald trump. >> the president is driving these guys crazy because you getting things done, doing what he said he is going to do but guess what. when you drain the swamp this one fight back. >> reporter: the question is what comes next and the answer is not clear.
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nancy pelosi shocking folks at a press conference, not immediately sending articles of impeachment of the senate where mitch mcconnell indicated he want a fast and fair trial but that can start until she send them over and there's no indication of when that might happen. 21 years ago with the impeachment of bill clinton they went immediately to the senate. rob: what is the motivation for that? we will examine that in 10 minutes. jillian: democrats say they were driven to impeach donald trump because he undermines national security on his call with ukraine. rob: bradley byrne is a member of the house armed services committee and he is dismantling that argument. >> what we did was an outrage to the american people and now they will compound the outrage by saying it is national security. send articles over to the senate. are you kidding me? are they serious about this? the american people should be outraged.
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our national security is good, stronger with the national defense authorization act, the president is doing exactly what he should do in making sure the american military aid is spent wisely and well in countries like ukraine, particularly countries that have corruption and the fact that hunter biden had special deals with one of the oligarchs over there are we supposed to sit back and say that is okay why we give you hundreds of millions of dollars, just let you do that? the president did what he should do. jillian: earlier this month donald trump facilitated a historic renegotiation of nato defense spending and since taking office has announced a series of executive orders to bolster our borders at home. rob: as he was being impeached the president rallying thousands of supporters in battle creek, michigan, highlighting the economy and trade while blasting sanctuary cities. >> i have the greatest economy in the history of this country and nobody talks about it.
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if crooked hillary would have won your economy would have crashed and we just made the us mca, we are getting rid of nafta which i think is the worst trade deal. far left politicians support deadly sanctuary cities which are deliberately released dangerous, violent committal aliens out of jail than directly to your streets. these sanctuary cities are a disaster. we took good care of our farmers, that i can tell you. we made the largest ever investment in our military. $738 billion, all made in the usa. rob: the president later tweeting keep america great. jillian: michael bloomberg blasting his democratic rivals
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before tonight's debate. >> the presidency -- you've got to hit the ground running. we cannot wait after what has happened to our country. jillian: the former mayor of new york has an experience for the rest of the democrats and they are prepared hit the stage tonight in los angeles. "cavuto" candidates qualified, the fewest of the election cycle. mayor bloomberg will not be on the debate stage tonight. rob: an urgent travel warning, the state department says there is increased risk of violent crime in parts of mexico as americans pack their bags to escape the cold. aishah hasnie with where people are told to stay away from. >> reporter: highway robberies on the rise, illegal roadblocks set up by drug cartels targeting americans visiting family for the holidays. you are being asked not to
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travel to these five states in red and being asked to reconsider travel to areas in orange which is a big chunk of mexico. violent crime like murder and kidnapping is widespread and they warn if you decide to go the us government has limited ability to provide emergency services to us citizens in many areas of mexico, travel by us government employees is prohibited or significantly restricted. you will remember three american women and six children from a mormon community were slaughtered in november apparently caught in the crossfire of a cartel feud. despite all of this a private border wall to protect americans in south texas is tied up in the courts. on wednesday a federal judge issued a new restraining order temporarily stopping any more work on a $40 million wall in the second this travel warning.
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the next hearing for this wallace on january 3rd. for those wondering about going on vacation to the cancun area, that is not in the clear. the state department says you will need to exercise increased caution in that area as well. rob: thanks so much. jillian: a texas mom and her newborn daughter are missing and police open a hotline, anyone with information on heidi broussard's whereabouts call 512-974-5100. community members in austin are organizing a massive search for heidi and margot. police are not sure of broussard left on her own or something, was going on. they have been missing for one week. rob: the yard sizes after catching fire in miami. watch this video.
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the massive vote belonged to grammy winner mark anthony who was not on board at the time but several of his crew members were inside the boat when fire started, they managed to get off, the $7 million yacht was ruled a total loss and down it went. that is too bad. from sunshine to snow in seconds. an amazing site in new york city after a fast-moving snow squall blanketed the big apple. the videos are quickly going viral. look at how cool that is taken from the empire state building. jillian: people in pennsylvania experiencing this as well, sudden snow turned deadly, a dozen cars piling up on his pennsylvania highway were two people were killed. rob: janice dean joins us with what we can expect for the end of the work week. i was driving down seventh avenue, it was beautiful and it
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was a locust invasion, no. >> can't believe how many haven't heard of a snow squall. the national weather service made it official in 2018, a snow squall alert in new york city, very cool phenomenon in terms of white out and it can be dangerous because it can come so quickly and if you are on the roadway and have white out conditions it can be a problem obviously but looking at the past 24 hours it moved into new jersey and new york towards philadelphia. fast-moving snowstorm, a quick moving blizzard caused problems on social media, quite incredible. the past 24 hours this is originating from the cold air sinking from canada and snow coming off the great lakes, current temperature cold, 17 in new york, 15 in green bay, windchill in single digits, below 0 in some of these areas. the good news is temperatures rebound in the weekend.
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next storm system moving into the west, heavy rain in northern california and good amount of snow across the mountains. if i could give you some good news, this is incredible moving into the northwest, flash flooding, as we get into the weekend and will travel next week things are pretty quiet so that is good. historical white christmas typical where we see white christmas, here's where we have snow cover right now and for christmas, sorry, new york city. rob: the colorado mountains could have a white christmas. >> if you want to go there. jillian: 12 minutes after the hour, nancy pelosi talking about impeachment. >> i would say to any future president whoever he or she may
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be democratic or republican our democracy is gone. >> why is she pumping the brakes now? what are senate trial be that politically damaging? our next guest says it might be. >> impeachment turning democrats against each other, what aoc has to say about tulsi gabbard and it was not nice. ( ♪ ) at chevy, we're all about bringing families together. this time of year, that's really important. so we're making it easier than ever
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>> we have legislation approved by the rules committee that will enable us to decide how to send over articles of impeachment. so far we haven't seen anything that looks fair to us. hopefully it will be fair. when we see what it is we will send it over. jillian: nancy pelosi says she may not send the articles of impeachment to the senate right away. rob: she claims she's worried about a fair senate trial but
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could there be another motive for this was the vice president of the institute for constitutional government, john malcolm. why do you think pelosi is doing this? >> i think she's going to try to control the senate processes much as she can. even though house republicans were deprived of the opportunity to call the witnesses they want, a lot of people say what happened in the house is a rigged system she wants to make sure the same rigged system isn't going to take place in the senate. the constitution gives the hospital power to impeach and gives the senate the sole power to try impeachment, she's trying to control the process as much as she can. jillian: let's look at the breakdown of these starting with sadiq khan, abuse of power, 230 yets, 237 names, one present, that is altogether, article 2, certain of congress, 202098s, 198 nées and tulsi gabbard. and democrat defectors as well, jeff then drew, collin peterson
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as a née and tulsi gabbard present. do any of those surprise you? >> i was surprised by tulsi cabinet. the others announced ahead of time what they were going to do. there was a third democratic congressman who voted against the second article of impeachment from maine. what surprised me was in 1998 a number of prominent democrats especially jerry nadler said this was an extraordinary step and we must never happen impeachment that breaks down along party lines without any support by the other political party. but that is what has happened. democrats proceeded down the road. there wasn't a single republican who crossed over and now having leveled these charges they want to be able to say we have tarred and feathered you but we want to make sure the trial suits our needs and we will see if we can
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bring it into court with this witness but not that witness. that's not the way this is supposed to be done and if i were mitch mcconnell i would say you make the report and we will come up with our rules. rob: supporters down, moving in the wrong direction. is there a chance she just says we don't want to do this, blame this on an unfair process in the senate and walk away from it? >> she might do that. i think that would be a bad miscalculation. with the democrats will suffer as a result of what they have done and they might remains to be seen. things are not going their way in terms of these polls in certain swing states. if she said we brought these charges but are not going to present them in court, it would be seen as being hyper-partisan beyond anything that has happened so far and grossly unfair and democrats would suffer.
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jillian: a couple seconds left to go. who do you think in the end would benefit from a delay here? >> i'm not sure anybody would benefit from a delay otherwise the senate would say enough of these shenanigans and would summarily dismiss the matter. the president would not get to present his defense beyond what is available. beyond the christmas break, to the trial. >> the iowa caucuses coming up. we appreciate it and we will be right back. happy veterans day.
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happy veterans day. happy veterans day. happy veterans day. student veterans of america champions those who have served and also prepares them for their next chapter in life. please take a moment this this veterans day to remember service members, who put their education and careers on-hold to give back to all of us. we thank you. feliz día de servicio. happy veterans day. happy veterans day. please visit julie: city of brotherly love
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getting tough on tobacco, philadelphia's mayor signing vaping products in the sold only stores, vaping and city property and certain flavors. montana jumping on the bandwagon. to temporarily ban the sale of all flavored vaping products. jillian: apparently people who don't eat meat, vegetarians and vegans could have more intense anger overs. >> that was one crazy party. >> tell me about it. jillian: a new study shows eating meat can help you recover from a night of drinking because animal products contain vitamin b3 and is included helps i just alcohol and reduce nausea. rob: maybe if you didn't drink so much.
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instagram influencers can no longer -- the social media crackdown on paid advertising. jillian: tracy carrasco explains the new restrictions. >> reporter: they ban ads for ease cigarettes and weapons but they are closing the loophole allowing social media influencers to pitch the product. both sites, facebook and instagram have come under fire for allowing these products to be pitched to people on the platforms who might be underage. facebook putting out a statement the changes will be happening in the next coming weeks and there will be restrictions on other pages for dietary supplements as well. we will see if this makes any change, prohibits people from being influenced by these products. jillian: if your flight is
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delayed you are not hungry. >> reporter: burger king has a new way to promote its impossible whopper called the delay your way. if you are stranded at any us airport from now until december 30th you can get a coupon for a free impossible whopper. enter your flight information, see if you are delayed and you will get the coupon. this is not the first time burger king has come up with a complete promotion for their apps. they had one that would let you buy a whopper for one sent. if you are within 600 feet of mcdonald's they had a real meal poking fun at mcdonald's happy meals. rob: my flight is canceled and i have to eat this. impossible. thanks. jillian: republicans, kevin mccarthy say democrats signed their own pink slip by voting to
2:27 am
impeach. do voters agree? >> whether he gets impeached or not he will win 2020. >> a lot of people what we believe prove them wrong. rob: pack the house last night. we are checking with todd pyro checking with voters after the president's big rally in michigan. and what this all means for 2020. we will be right back. ♪ i'm your curious cat,
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and you know what they say about curiosity. it'll ruin your house. so get allstate and be better protected from mayhem, like meow.
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>> this is political suicide march for the democrat party. when democrats are obsessed with impeachment we are focused on jobs jobs jobs. our first duty and one true allegiance is to use the
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american people before anybody else. jillian: donald trump was far away from capitol hill firing up the crowd at a merry christmas rally in the battleground state of michigan. rob: what did the voters think of this? live at griffin grill and diner in michigan. >> reporter: you have often heard the atmosphere at a trump rally described as like a sporting event. if a moral trump rally is like a normal season game last night with impeachment happening at the same time last night's rally definitely had a playoff atmosphere. take a listen. >> it is a waste of taxpayer time. they are doing something productive instead of playing petty games.
2:32 am
>> impeachment is for serious high crimes of which none happened. >> democrats don't want that so they are afraid. >> they are desperate. >> do you think impeachment will backfire on the democrats? >> the russia collusion is gone. any evidence they could file is not possible. there is no evidence. >> we don't necessarily want our leaders to get rid of other leaders we elected and want them to focus on issues that are important to us. >> whether he gets impeached or not he will win 2020. there really a lot of people. >> we will prove them wrong. >> what message does this send to washington dc? >> we are still behind the president and don't want our votes being taken away. >> they -- we are here to have a
2:33 am
good time and support donald trump. a spectacular three years and four more to come. >> reporter: what will they say this morning? we are live all morning long from griffin's grill and pub in battle creek, michigan. can't wait to hear what the opinions are. rob: the president rallies battle creek, republicans fighting to stop impeachment in washington. jillian: polls on the democrat side so did democrats sign their own pink slips like republicans suggest? deputy communications director, good to see you this morning. jillian: donald trump is at 45% to 151 weeks into the presidency.
2:34 am
we look at that difference, look at everything going on this year and a couple years and look at the crowd that donald trump brings to these rallies. what does that say to you? >> we continue to see the stark contrast and vision and leadership between donald trump and house democrats, donald trump rallying thousands of supporters in michigan, a key victory in 2016 and again in 2020 and we saw nancy pelosi and the squad, the people that gave her the speaker's gavel for the second time into an early retirement, not only is donald trump at record high approval rating, has approval for himself against impeachment. we've seen a shift in polling on impeachment and a high disapproval, it is 5 points,
2:35 am
democrats have abdicated their leadership. we cannot see a clearer contrast than we got last night. rob: the swing districts run by democrats since 2018. what do you see as far as impeachment? it is really unpopular in those districts that could be flipped back in 2020. >> 31 district held by donald trump and held by house democrats. the support for donald trump is at a high and the disapproval of impeachment is up by double digits. we are seeing that reflected in state polling in key states like wisconsin, michigan and pennsylvania, support for donald trump at a record high,
2:36 am
disapproval of democrats in the impeachment at a record high. it is continuing to fire up our base and bring more supporters, democrats giving up -- a partner in leadership for the sake of partisan politics. they are smirking and laughing on the house floor. that will hunt them all the way to november 3, 2020, not only when they lose their seats, their majority but donald trump wins a second term. jillian: what this tweet from kevin mccarthy, breaking democrats sign their own pink slips. voting to undo the results of the 2016 election and impeach the duly elected president of the united states. let's not let them forget what they have done. many are concerned what this will mean going forward for impeachment. >> reporter: the first completely partisan impeachment in american history. and the first speaker to serve twice. she will be remembered as
2:37 am
speaker of the house who let a partisan impeachment, a duly elected president of the united states, this will continue to give us, to push back against democrats and donald trump in the face of all of this, historic obstruction and abuse of power by democrats delivers day in and day out for the american people, we thought paid family leave past the senate, become law of the land because of donald trump, usmc a, record economy, worked for our veterans, you name it donald trump delivered, democrats pander partisan politics. the contrast is clear, democrats are set to leave in 2020. rob: it unify the republican party like nothing else. >> tulsi gabbard defending her decision is the only house number to vote present on both articles of impeachment against donald trump.
2:38 am
>> when i cast my vote in the support of the impeachment inquiry three months ago. in order to maintain the integrity of the solemn undertaking it must not be a partisan endeavor. tragically that is what it has been. a house divided cannot stand. today we are divided. jillian: alexandria ocasio cortez saying we are sent here to lead. rob: michael horowitz slamming failures in the fbi during testimony on capitol hill. >> so many errors we couldn't reach a conclusion or make a determination on what motivated those voters. rob: that senate hearing comes as fisa court demand changes in fbi operations.
2:39 am
>> in the case initiation area, more predication of what they had in this case and seems to think that is enough. >> the fbi says ordered 40 corrective steps in light of the horowitz report. >> congressman out green using child separation photo as impeachment evidence. the only problem it is not real. >> you are fraudulent. >> a big lesson on spending. carly shimkus has the social media reaction coming up. we present limu emu & doug with this key to the city. [ applause ]
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>> in the name of democracy on behalf of the republic and the sake of many who are suffering i will vote to impeach and i encourage my colleagues to do so as well. rob: congressman out green reviving an old debunked photo of a little girl crying separated from her parents at the border. jillian: carly shimkus is here with the overwhelming reaction this is getting on social. >> reporter: the impeachment debate centered around the phone call the president had with the president of ukraine texas congressman out green used this photo of a little girl crying at the border to make his case on impeachment. this picture became a symbol of the trump administration child separation policy but was found to be misleading because that little girl was never separated from her family. a lot of folks on social media calling out, want to user says out green is the main
2:44 am
cheerleader for impeachment and this debunked fake news picture typifies all he stands for. on twitter, pretty much confirms democrats are impeaching not for anything they are putting forth for impeachment, it is their dislike for him. the congress and has been calling for the president's impeachment since may 2017. jillian: numbers don't lie. >> the big question is where will the president's approval rating, the latest gallup poll shows the president's approval rating now is 3 points higher than where former president obama's rating was at the same point in his presidency. this come as a surprise? and twitter user says the impeachment will make 0 difference. 's base is not shifted at all during any of the impeachment attempt in this twitter user slams the media coverage that if they were fair, his approval rating would be higher.
2:45 am
there you have it. his approval rating is 6 points higher than it was when the impeachment inquiry started in september. >> i can't believe this is unreal. let's listen. >> hello. >> battery. $700. you are fraudulent. >> two kids in michigan couldn't wait for christmas, they ordered $700 worth of toys using amazon's alexa. there mom was like did you get anything for me? the answer is no. they bought a barbie dream house and other toys.
2:46 am
amazon refunded her the money and that video has been viewed 500 million times on facebook. the whole thing hilarious and that is why those alexas are dangerous around children. >> that would have gotten me a wallop. that mom is real cool. thank you so much. jillian: christmas list than a week away, toys, gift cards, a little sparkle, last-minute gift ideas up next. rob: we will see what is coming up on "fox and friends". >> last minute shopping ideas, it's not christmas eve yes, i don't have to go shopping yet. everybody can use one of those air fresheners. now complains, nobody talks to me after that.
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another slow news day. did you notice the president of the united states was impeached according to the new york times, we will talk all about that with senator ted cruz, ron johnson, and yavanovitch, judge engine napolitano. jussie smollett, the college admission scandal, we will look at legal stories that rocked hollywood. we have a busy three hours, kicks off 13 minutes from now on the channel you trust for last-minute shopping coming up next. this time of year, that's really important. so we're making it easier than ever to become part of our family. that's why our chevy employee discount is now available to everyone. the chevy price you pay is what we pay. not a cent more. family is important to us. and we want you to be part of ours.
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>> procrastinators ever will be looking for last-minute gift options. >> thanks for coming on. we have six days. >> a quick turnaround between thanksgiving and christmas. if you have prime you can get free next day delivery on millions of items in free same-day delivery on christmas eve. they have the latest toys including hot items on their toy list including a surprise we have here, very popular for kids this year. jillian: it is kind of a good idea. >> you can send an electronic gift card from the website, the meal plans start at $61 we can people get weekly delivery to choose what they get and how many servings of meals. an easy gift you can give people. jillian: who doesn't love sparkle?
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ jillian: that has definitely been busy in washington to say the least. live look on capitol hill on this thursday morning, right, thursday? rob: it is thursday. jillian: welcome back. house speaker nancy pelosi scolding fellow democrats for cheering as she announced the vote to impeach the president. watch this. >> article 1 is adopted.
2:58 am
[gavel] [applause] jillian: you might remember pelosi and other ranking democrats telling democrats prayerful decision made with heavy hearts. rob: don't make mom mad. even many in the media got in on the celebration watch. this this is not a dream. this is really happening. >> president trump was impeached for one reason, because he deserved it. >> it's a sad day for america, but it's a great day for constitutional democracy. rob: and then there was "the washington post" reporter writing in a now deleted tweet merry impeachmas from "the washington post team. jillian: the celebration will be short-lived. >> should probably check with the senate first. >> and fred tweeting, quote: watching americans rejoice in the actual erosion of their own protections is sickening. rob: time for the good, the bad, and the ugly. start with the good. a group of high schoolers run into rocky balboa to see
2:59 am
the iconic rocky statue. ♪ not ♪ rob: such a good movie. taking picture wfs the students where he filmed that famous scene. he was there to work on a secret project. jillian: i have never seen it: police in oklahoma accusing eddie elf of a crime spree allegedly turning radios into a nursing home to grandma got run over by a reindeer. his bail 300 candy canes. >> today is national regifting day. >> i think this is the same one i gave him. he recycled this gift. he is a regifter. rob: research shows about 40% of office party gifts are regifted without ever being used. jillian: oh, manual.
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really? that's my claim to fame. i'm from phillys. any of the rockies. everyone in philly is about to disown me. rob the president has been impeached and pelosi doesn't want to send it to the senate. pete: we begin with a fox news alert. 2020 vision. president trump rallying thousands of supporters in michigan as the house votes to impeach him. steve: i think we saw that coming. but it appears speaker pelosi is pumping the brakes, perhaps on sending the articles to the senate because, if she doesn't do that, he doesn't have a trial. ainsley: griff jenkins joins us live from washington to explain. griff? >> good morning, ainsley, pete and steve. what a remarkable cop contrast for the his industry books. speaker pelosi gaveling the vote to impeach while 600 miles away in battle creek, michigan, the president reacting in realtime. >> by the way, it doesn't really feel like we're


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