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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  December 19, 2019 3:00am-6:00am PST

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i'm from phillys. any of the rockies. everyone in philly is about to disown me. rob the president has been impeached and pelosi doesn't want to send it to the senate. pete: we begin with a fox news alert. 2020 vision. president trump rallying thousands of supporters in michigan as the house votes to impeach him. steve: i think we saw that coming. but it appears speaker pelosi is pumping the brakes, perhaps on sending the articles to the senate because, if she doesn't do that, he doesn't have a trial. ainsley: griff jenkins joins us live from washington to explain. griff? >> good morning, ainsley, pete and steve. what a remarkable cop contrast for the his industry books. speaker pelosi gaveling the vote to impeach while 600 miles away in battle creek, michigan, the president reacting in realtime. >> by the way, it doesn't really feel like we're being
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impeached. being doing better than ever before. we did nothing wrong. we did nothing wrong. and we have tremendous support in the republican party. >> the vote fell down mostly partisan lines. surprise coming after the voting. that was speaker pelosi not sending the articles to the senate. >> we have legislation approved by the rules committee that will enable us to decide how we will send over the articles of impeachment. so far we haven't seen anything that looks fair to us, so hopefully it will be fair and when we see what that is, we will send it over. >> no indication this morning when she plans to send and what happens next really anybody's guess. as for the vote here is where it broke down. article one abuse of power 230 to 197.
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tulsi gabbard voted present. obstruction of congress. three democrats defecting again van d drew and peterson and jared goldman. gavin again present and issuing a video statement explaining her vote. >> when i cast my vote in support of the impeachment inquiry, nearly three months ago, i said that in order to maintain the integrity of this solemn undertaking it must not be a partisan endeavor. tragically, that's what it has been. a house divided cannot stand. today we are divided. griff: history will note not a single republican voted for either article. as for the senate trial, we will hear more, perhaps, at 9:30 when majority leader mitch mcconnell speaks on the senate floor. guys? steve: all right. griff, thank you very much. take a look at how the papers in new york are covering him. all right. the "new york times" trump impeached becomes third president to face trial in the senate. daily news, impeached.
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by the way 50% off at modell's. swmp mistress pelosi dresses in black for historic vote. it's your funeral. look at banner says house democrats vote to impeach trump. it was not the entire house. it was divided by party lines. steve: no. it was bipartisan in opposition. ainsley: three that voted against it. exactly. but the democrats voted to impeach him. pete: when they say it's historic, precisely on what you are talking about. historic along those lines. a completely partisan vote the ohio state democrats alone voting to impeach the president. they said just months ago we would never go forward with this process if we don't have bipartisan support instead steve as you said bipartisan against. you mentioned nancy pelosi dressed in black. she had to shush her conference on that vote. no, no, this is a prayerful
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solemn process. stop, no cheering. ainsley: we will play that video later in the show. she says basic live she is saying, all right. it's passed. he is impeached. and the democrats start cheering and start to get loud and she gives them that look like my mom used to give me when i was in church and was too loud. steve: your mother was the speaker of the house. ainsley: you know when your mom gives you that eye like be quiet or you are in trouble when you get home. steve: after the house historically voted with the democrats voting to impeach the president on two articles. the president, before the -- he actually spoke, he sent out this people. take a look at this. >> article 2. the question is on the adoption of article 2. steve: i don't think this is exactly where you are talking about. ainsley: that's where she did it. that's why i interrupted you. after the historic vote in the house where the democrats vote i had to send the articles to the ultimately to the senate although we don't know when
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that is going to happen. the president post you had this picture with a caption. they're not after me, they're after you. and there is more at the bottom that we apparently have framed out of it. he also says they are after you. i'm just in the way. pete: yes. steve: in other words, donald trump went to washington to drain the swamp and yesterday the swamp tried to bite back. pete: bing guy. that was the split screen last night if you were watching that vote. watching basically the grinch who stole christmas, nancy pelosi trying to/her try r caucus. in battle creek michigan with the merry christmas christmas criminally with the people says doesn't feel like i'm being impeached. joyous rocks occasion. he basically of that people as well. here is what the president said recommendation. >> the democrats are lousy
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politicians. they really r they have horrible policies, open borders, crime is fine. drugs pouring through. sanctuary cities. they love sanctuary cities. [crowd boos] >> they are lousy politicians but they have one thing -- two things. they are vicious. they are the most vicious people. the republicans aren't as vicious. but the other thing the democrats always stick together. now, think of it. three democrats went over to our side, no republicans. it's unheard of. [cheers] >> i'm the first person to ever get impeached and there is no crime. like i feel guilty. do you know what they call it impeachment light. it's impeachment light. >> you know, when the democrats won the control of the house in 2018 recommendation one of the things they ran on was nancy pelosi said we will hold this president accountable. we will investigate his misdeed. so, last night, with the impeachment vote in the house, she was essentially
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fulfilling a campaign promise. ing that is what lindsey graham said last night to sean hannity on his show. watch this. >> the reason they are doing it is nancy pelosi would lose their job if they did not move toward impeachment. in march we need ton thoughtful and bipartisan. impeachment should be a grave decision made in a bipartisan manner. what happened? the mob took over the house. if she did not move to impeach this president, she would not be speaker. so she picked her job over what's good for the country. and i hope at the end of the day it cost the democrats the house. and it's going to do a lot to reelect the president. pete: that's the irony everyone is talking about the newspapers as well. the stain on the presidency asterisk. steve: permanent mark. pete: in the history books. wait until he is the first president impeached by house democrats very important distinction to be reelected by the people at the ballot box. and that's the unintended
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cons sequence of this process is a lot of people look at it and say you treated this guy incredibly unfairly. ainsley: absolutely right. a lot of americans feel that wait a minute last knight when he was at the rally he was reminding folks what he has done. tax cuts. baghdadi in is dead. usmca. jobs. the economy. trade deals. negotiating with other countries. meanwhile the democrats have been in washington for, what, three years now, pushing impeachment, pushing impeachment. not allowing this president to do what he was elected to do. watch this. >> donald j. trump sacrificed our national security in an effort to cheat in the next election. >> you have the greatest economy in the history of the world. >> if we cannot impeach a president who abuses his office for personal advantage, we no longer live in a democracy. >> illegal crossings are down 75% since may. >> the president's north star is russia, not the
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constitution. >> the work we could be doing on lowering drug prices on getting rid of these horrible, horrible situations, you know on the border. >> today we have a president who seems to believe he is a king or above the law. >> the republican party is the party of the american worker. the american family, and the american dream. pete: we are certainly a country. we are two americans right now, definitely. steve: so when people go to vote next year, you know, how big a factor will this be? keep in mind, we have seen some polling, the president's approval number is up. the number of people who thought he should be impeached went down. i wouldn't be surprised if with that vote yesterday, nancy pelosi effectively reelected the president of the united states. because there are a lot of people out there who are watching and they are all stirred up. it's like, you know what? they went to washington to impeach him. they eventually found something, they tried to tag him with that.
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don't be surprised if he is the first president who was impeached who was reelected. ainsley: glad you brought that up gallop in october 57 wanted to impeach. in november 48% wanted to impeach. in december 46%. pete: did you watch them say the pledge of allegiance. the democrats only now seem to have found their patriotism. only when they are impeaching impeaching donald trump. ainsley: in a prayerful way. pete: exposed for the sham that it is. that's why it is so politically problematic for him. steve: did the people in michigan buy it? todd piro at the griffin grill and pub in battle creek. and, you talk to some of the folks and some of the folks are there this morning. todd. >> that's right, steve, ainsley, and pete. good morning to you from the heartland. battle creek, michigan, like you said. and speaking of battle, there was a sense last night at the rally that while nancy pelosi may have won the battle for impeachment
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in the house, in the end, president trump is going to win the war. take a listen. [cheers] todd: what message do you have for those in washington tonight as we speak that are impeaching president trump? >> stop messing around and take care of business. i am so tired of seeing the poor treatment that this president has received. >> there was a time in the united states where we respected our president, where everybody upheld our president and honored him. but today it is nothing like that. >> they need to stop. they need to get back to the bipartisanship and work like they used to work. that's what we want. todd: does impeachment hurt or help his reelection chances in 2020. >> i think it's going to helpenned he is going to win big and republicans are going to win big. >> people like me upset because the president is
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doing a great job. >> people acting the way they have acted over this impeachment thing. i think it's going to be a stronger election for him, hopefully. >> if you take a look around, i mean, people say michigan is a democratic state, but looking pretty republican to me. >> he is a good president and he is going to be in there another four years. >> four more years. todd: we have a crowd forming already. we're going to talk to them. coming coming up in a half an hour live coming up on "fox & friends." we will be doing this all morning long. back to you guys. steve: makes sense that todd would be in battle creek for brearst because that's the home o kelloggs. ainsley: president kept saying you make the best cereal. jillian: let's begin with a fox news alert. mark meadows is leaving congress. the north carolina republican telling politico he will not seek re-election and he could even leave in
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the middle of his term. meadows has been a staunch supporter of president trump and says he may try to work for his administration or re-election campaign. meadows has served in congress since 2013. another fox news alert. a search intensifies overnight for five suspects connected to a mall shooting. people sent running for their lice when bullets started flying at a shopping center in san antonio, texas last night. at least four people were shot as they were leaving the mall. investigators still don't know if it was a targeted attack. the police chief says there were, quote: shell casings all over the place. family, friends, and strangers say their final goodbyes to a police sergeant killed in the line of duty in texas. [babagpipes] jillian: the honorable guard leaving a motorcycle they'll carried sergeant kayla sullivan's body. she was killed last week during a traffic stop when
3:14 am
ason ran her over with his car. sullivan leaves behind family, a young son, police presented them with an american flag in her honor. sullivan was a 16-year veteran of the department. and americans are remembering the legendary high school football coach who inspired the film remember of the titans. >> i'm going to tell you all about how much fun you're going to have this season. jillian: denzel washington portrayed coach boom in the film. in the real life he led the football of a newly incident grated high school in virginia to a state championship in 1971. he passed away after a battle with cancer. boone was 84 years old. send it back to you. steve: what a legacy. ainsley: if you haven't senile that movie, i highly recommend it. pete: the coach that changed lives. steve: he did indeed. thank you, jillian. ahead, attorney general bill barr on impeachment. his message for democrats.
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>> they put in a hurdle of high crimes, treason, bribery and other high crimes. the articles of impeachment here do not allege a violation of law and it looks as if it's going to be
3:19 am
along partisan lines. i'm concerned about it being trivialized and used as a political tool. steve: is he talking about impeachment right there. the attorney general bill barr back against democrats push for impeachment cautioning against using it as a political tool. our next guest warned this will weaken the constitution as we know it. here to explain department of justice spokesman ian prior joins us from d.c. good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: how about the suggestion in griff jenkins' report at the top of the hour that nancy pelosi is floating this idea that has been she doesn't send the articles of impeachment to the senate because then they can't have a trial because she feels like it might not be fair? >> yeah. it's absolutely ridiculous. and this further backs up the point that attorney general barr made which is that democrats have taken the power of the constitution and the power of congress that impeachment power, which is supposed to be break glass in case of emergency and they have turned it into a political tool. and in doing so, they have
3:20 am
weakened the impeachment process. they have weakened the constitution. and they really have weakened the power of congress itself. everybody looks at this thing now as a partisan joke. steve: right. exactly. over the last 10 days or so we have heard from the inspector general. he has released his 500 page report. we have heard from james comey he was on with chris wallace over the weekend. here is the attorney general pushing back at the former fbi director. listen to this. >> the tact being taken by comey which is to suggest that people who are criticizing or trying to get to the bottom of the misconduct are somehow attacking the fbi, i think that's nonsense. we're criticizing and concerned about misconduct a few actors at the top of the fbi. steve: exactly. and the attorney general has probably a pretty good idea what mr. durham has dug up in his investigation. so perhaps that's a little of the back story there.
3:21 am
>> he certainly does. one of the things that i found interesting about comey's interview how he talked look there is no evidence there was no evidence of intentional wrongdoing by individuals at the top of the fbi. that's not true. there may not have been direct evidence of bias, but there is a ton of circumstantial evidence. if you look at all the mistakes, the mistakes made by the fbi in getting that fisa warrant, every single mistake went against trump. every single one. so if you are looking at the circumstantial evidence, i find bias right there. steve: no kidding. they asked a bunch of agents. they either couldn't remember or they said no, not that. so, in other words, noble admitted to the political bias. you are absolutely right. ian, thank you for joining us live today from d.c. >> thanks for having me. steve: you bet. meanwhile president trump promised to crack down on food stamps and nearly 6 million people are now off of the list. our next guest says that is more proof that trump's economic policies are working. and imagine driving down the highway and seeing that.
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ainsley: we have quick headlines for you american airlines mechanic with ties to isis pleads guilty. admits to tampering with the navigation. he wanted to make additional overtime for maintenance on the plane. he faces up to three years in prison. and a teenager sneaks into an airport e steals the plane, and then crashes it into a fence. you can see the plane moving in a circle before hitting a building. this is in fresno, california. police found a 17-year-old girl sitting in the pilot
3:26 am
seat. she was not hurt buff she is under arrest. pete, you can't steal a plane. pete: not a great idea. president trump has been pushing to lower the number of americans on food stamps since the beginning of his administration. >> 47 million americans are in poverty and 45 million americans are living right now on food stamps. hard to believe this is our country. pete: since president trump took office, nearly 6 million americans are off of food stamps. our next guest says this is more proof that the president's economic policies are working. joining us now chairman, lawyer and political consultant marc little. good morning. thanks for being here. >> good morning. pete: this is number is staggering the number of people who have left the roles of food stamps. why has this happened? >> well, it's happening, pete, because trump aknock aaoms works. doing well. the work ethic has been restored. and while the democrats, the party of slavery, went low
3:27 am
with their impeachment yesterday, the american workers went high and they came off of food stamps and they are back to work. and that is a good report card for america. pete: trump aomics the idea is cutting taxes, losens regulations and empowering people. when it comes it food stamps hey if you want to receive the benefit. if you are willing to work for it you need to work. >> that's right. pete. the reality public assistance is a bridge and not a destination. to ask the american worker or the american recipient of snap to spend 20 hours a week doing job training, work, or even volunteering qualifies, is not too much to ask in exchange for the receipt of that benefit. pete: why does the left have a mindset that it should be the other way around? you had barack obama saying i would need a magic wand to bring these jobs back. we saw 266,000 added in november. what is the mind set that you know what?
3:28 am
government again sensei is just a reality. >> that is exactly right dependents nanny state keeps people on the couch and poor. when uncle sam taking care of your family and becomes your way of life and destination, then this is a good thing for you. that's not the american dream. that's not what we promote and cure around the country as we are changing communities. personal responsibility and taking care of your family should be your goal. under snap, you can't take care of a family of four for $500. so personal responsibility is what we are promoting and that's what we are seeing happening now with people going back to work. we are so excited. pete: that's fantastic. when you look at this economy. you look at how our country is prospering, why is the democratic party still attempting to peddle
3:29 am
socialism? >> i have got to tell you it's a frightening thing. the reality is that we have got two things happening in america. we have one side that wants liberty and freedom, and limited government. and the other side that wants just the opposite. they want the nanny state to take care of the family. they want to control our lives and you have to choose we're in the middle right now. we saw it last night at the impeachment choosing liberty or slavery. pete: we are going to have a choice. marc little thank you for your time. >> appreciate it. pete: what are they saying this morning? tv's todd piro is in battle creek having breakfast with friends. we will check in with him next. who has wings when you have a pair of dancing shoes. meet the little angel feeling the christmas spirit going viral ♪ ♪
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♪ they said oh, they think we are going into a recession. i said tonight worry about it. now for the last cup of weeks we set brand new records in the his industry of the various stock markets i see tremendous job growth. see what i also see? 401(k)s up 97%. up 82%. steve: big crowd in battle creek, michigan. the president wanted to wait until after the vote. they were close to one hour long but the folks obviously got what they paid for. pete: waited all day in the freezing cold they could wait one more hour. could not wait for tv todd piro.
3:34 am
battle creek, michigan, getting the reaction of the folks. todd: good morning, steve, ainsley and pete, you guys know we cover these rallies all the time. last knight was different. there was a different feel in the air definitely because of impeachment. let's talk to the voters about what they thought about last night and the issues of the day. we begin with bruce and his lovely wife barbara. both nea vets. thank you for your service. bruce, you stood in line six hours in the freezing cold. what was the rally like. >> a lot of dedication and energy. todd: what do you make of impeachment? >> i'm tired of it. it's enough you know it's going nowhere. it's not going anywhere. tired of it. todd: bruce, thank you. let's go to israeli. israeli, you called impeachment, quote: laughable. why? >> because it's the best economy i have ever seen in my life. why would you want to impeach a president that is doing so wonderful for everyone in the country? todd: do you think the impeachment hurts or helps
3:35 am
trump in the 2020 election? >> absolutely helps trump. the democrats, they are going to be done. it's political suicide. shall. todd: you told me you attended that representative slotkin meeting. describe the atmosphere in there this is a representative who said she was going to vote for impeachment. has voted for impeachment. the rally or the thing that she held, she wasn't received too well. >> no. she even admitted that it might hurt her political career. there was plenty of protesters there. and they definitely made it known to her that they were not happy with her voting for impeachment. todd: israeli, thank you,valeri. you said you thought impeachment was sham why? >> pelosi traps parent. i cover the country. unity bridge. all 48 states. the democrats are seeing right through it. these people in congress don't represent the people i'm meeting on the streets
3:36 am
there is a lot of independence and a lot of democrats that are switching over to supporting president trump. todd: the impeachment vote last night, does it help or hurt donald j. trump in 2020? >> i'm going to smile ear to ear because it's going to help him. it's going to put him over the top. as long as we -- they keep doing it, i think the damage is already done. they can do anything they want. i don't think they can fix it. the people are so smart, they know what's going on. they're using common sense and judging president trump by his achievements and accomplismentsif you use commonl can you say is trump 2020. todd: going to be so interesting to see how impeachment plays going forward. ainsley: got to eat corn flakes. pete: the point they are making put on a show and fiction show and people are
3:37 am
smart enough to watch and realize it's fiction, you are in big trouble in an information age. ainsley: the schiff show. pete: it's not working because we are not done. steve: it was a schiff stor storm. steve: you saw him speaking he was really riled up. ainsley: i'm watching sean hannity's show he keeps saying blank show. she said is he allowed to say it that on tv i said it's the schiff show. jillian: story following out of texas. a mother and newborn daughter are still missing. and now police open a hotline for tips. anyone with information on heidi broussard's whereabouts is asked to call this number 512-974-5100. community members in austin are organizing a massive search this weekend for heidi and 3 week old margo. police aren't sure if she
3:38 am
left is on her own or something criminal going on. they have been missing one week. double take when a car speeds by backwards. look at this. >> i said why does it seem like his headlights are going towards me? jillian: the driver going 40 to 50 miles per hour during rush hour. a relative of the driver posted on social media that the car has a bad transmission and that's the only way he could get around. the police are investigating. a family gets an apology note from a porch pirate. teenager admitting to the crime after his dad caught him in the act on a surveillance video posted online. >> he was devastated that he had to come and apologize and his dad was there. >> i didn't have any bad feelings. i didn't want to press charges. i just wanted to have a good outcome of it and we did. so it worked out perfect. >> all of the stolen items were returned to the utah family just in time for christmas. i'm sure there was a big
3:39 am
lesson learned there. then. this hearing the herald angel dance. a little girl can't helping herself from busting a move at a church program in indiana ♪ o come let us adore him ♪ o come let us adore him. jillian: isabella's mom posting on facebook in part when the holy spirit hits you, just dance. got to love that isn't that adorable. ainsley: the little ones always steal the show. pete: best part. most amusing child. steve: tomorrow for the home for the middle school series. you will see one of my children back in the day was the christmas dog in church. ainsley: how did that child do? steve: you will find out tomorrow. ainsley: is it a boy or a girl? steve: it would be sally. 20 minutes now before the top of the hour. and janice dean joins us from fox square where it is freezing and that's why nobody is there.
3:40 am
janice: no one is here. ainsley: i will be. janice: i don't blame them but dress appropriately if you are coming to fox square. take a picture with our beautiful christmas tree, red, white, and blue. fox all-american christmas. hash tag that and we might put it on the tv set. isn't that beautiful? i love it. take a look at the maps. you know what, my friends, we had a snow squall that everyone in new york city was talking about. i actually have video. everyone out in the snow squall that was walking about were taking videos. and this is, you know, this is an action shot in new york city taken by a viewer at miss breton of the snow squall. they happen. you need artic air like a thunderstorm except in the form of a snow storm. it lasts very quickly or relatively speaking and it causes a lot of problems if you are on the roads. we actually had a pile-up across the northeast yesterday. severaby ups because of the snow
3:41 am
squall. we had a 40-minute warning in new york city that it was coming so it was pretty cool. behind that very cold air, i think it feels like 1 out here so i'm coming inside. steve: i don't blame you. janice dean the dashing machine. it is cold. that snow squall really did roll in like that. pete: we all got alerts on our phone. i don't know what a squall is. steve: bright and sunshiny, no way, 3, 2, 1. ainsley: squall. steve: like something out of a movie. ainsley: is this why you stopped doing weather now you don't have to go out in the weather when it's really cold. house democrats impeaching president trump on abuse of power and obstruction of congress. but neither were mentioned in the constitution. steve: so, are they really upholding their oath of office? take a look. he is in from the cold. the judge is coming up next. most?
3:42 am
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♪ jillian: hope you are having a good morning. welcome back. time for quick headlines. the search is on for a serial shrimp bandit. stuffing 30 bags of frozen shrimp down his pants. police say he made three trips to a grocery store in southern california. his loot is worth about 500 bucks. and california police also searching for this sketchy suspect. he sat to have a caricature donte festival before robbing the artist 500 bucks. police hope this picture lead to an arrest. they know the features are exaggerated in case you are wondering. steve: all right. look out for that hat. ainsley: the democrat controlled house voting to impeach trump on article 1
3:46 am
abuse of power and article 2. obstruction of congress. >> our oath of office requires us to impeach a president that abuses his power. >> this abuse of power also jeopardizes the integrity of our election. >> and he obstructed the investigation. >> he obstructed congress every step of the way. steve: you heard a lot of that yesterday. here with reaction fox news senior judicial analyst and host of liberty file on fox nation judge andrew napolitano. judge, the democrats set a low standard for impeaching a president yesterday. >> you know i have been arguing there is a legal basis for impeachment because it's really a political judgment on the part of the members ever the congress. now i want to argue that the house has a moral and constitutional obligation to send those articles of impeachment to the senate. steve: nancy pelosi said she wouldn't send it over unless a fair trial.
3:47 am
>> the senate writes it own rules not under the approval of the speaker of the house or the majority of house. ainsley: they could take it up without nancy sending it over? >> i don't know. it's never happened. the president is entitled to a trial seek ex-son-in-lawner ration. a lindsey graham suggestion where mr. chief justice we move to dismiss the charges and the chief justice will decide whether or not to dismiss or could be a full blown trial. but he is entitled to that forum in which to defend himself. if these articles just sit on the speaker's desk and go nowhere, that would be a profound and grave injustice to the president. steve: you ar. pete: you are talking about something that's never happened before. something else that never happened. house democrats only impeaching the president of the united states. liz cheney was on the floor and quoted one of our founders on why this is dangerous. listen. >> that is why in federalist 65, alexander hamilton wrote, quote: there will always be the greatest
3:48 am
danger that impeachment -- the impeachment decision will be regulated more by the comparative strengths of parties than by real demonstrations of innocence or guilt. pete: judge, how dangerous is it? the precedent has been set. >> it would be dangerous to remove him from office without a substantial and broad national consensus to do so. we all know that that cob census does not exist. at best 5050. probably slightly favoring him now. i haven't seen any polls this morning. steve: is that why it takes a super majority in the senate to get rid of somebody. >> yes. and of course we know that has never happened. the clinton trial wasn't a real trial. senator graham, then congressman graham was one of the house prosecutors. and they basically read for the senators transcripts of the testimony from the house judiciary committee. so it could be that. it could be a trial with people testifying. the president of the united states could testify. or could be this, mr. chief
3:49 am
justice, would you please dismiss the charges. whatever it is, donald trump is entitled to that forum in which to defend himself. irrespective of what the house thinks. the house is finished with this now. steve: if she doesn't send it over. >> you look skeptical. are you thinking she is going to try to pull something? pete: last vestige the democrats control. they don't want to give it up to republicans. >> judge: she probably won't surrender those articles to the senate until she gets a commitment to what trial is going to be. steve: it's not her choice. >> correct. just as the constitution says the house writes its own rules. the senate writes its own rules. steve: do you know what? you can walch him on your phone every day. liberty file is on fox nation. download the app. today. judge, thank you very much. >> a pleasure, guys. merry christmas. steve: begins to look a lot like what talking about frank sinatra and bing
3:50 am
cosby. what to watch aside from the judge on fox nation during christmas time ♪ jingle bells, jingle bells ♪ o what fun it is to ride in a one horse open sleigh ♪ jingle bells, jingle bells ♪ jingle all the way o what fun it is to ride in a one horse open sleigh ♪ tburn, steven could only imagine enjoying a spicy taco. now, his world explodes with flavor. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day all-night protection. can you imagine 24-hours without heartburn?
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pete: more than 20 years since the sentinel park bombing. are
3:54 am
bomb. >> 110 people were injured. nearly a dozen hospitalized. officials believe the bomb was filled with nails and screws to inflict as much harm as possible. >> security guard richard jewell is a hero after spotting the backpack flipped with 350eu7 bombs and alerting police to evacuate. ainsley: hero for a movement the richard jewell story is one specials can you watch on fox nation this week. steve: here with more ideas fox nation personality casey mcdonald. >> thanks for having me. i always look forward to spending some time with you. this story i'm sure many people remember like it was yesterday. i can't believe it was 1996 already. the olympic games in atlanta. and you had this richard jewell story. clinton eastwood movie came out as well. definitely fresh in people's minds if they have seen that wrongly accused, of course. this was kind of like a last shot for him in law enforcement for his law enforcement career. let go of previous jobs for sting operations of kids on
3:55 am
campuses. it's really in-depth. it really gives you a peek behind the curtain as to what actually went on but very, very interesting. a quick watch. 26 minutes, i believe. steve: great thing is you see the actual video. it's not clinton eastwood's versions it's the actual footage. meanwhile since it is less than a week from christmas. get in the spirit with bing and frank. >> i just moved to new york recently the first thing did i was buy a record play and bing cosby. steve: you bought a record playing? >> i have been pumping those in the house. they set it up as they go to each other's homes and drinking some christmas cheery drinks and go back in time here as carolers and that's how it closes out. it's about 45 minutes and it's just singing and a little bit of dialogue in between. steve: who knew there were movies on fox nation? >> there you go. great movies. we actually have new series rolling out soon called who can forget. really going back to 1969 i
3:56 am
believe is going to be the oldest year that we are going to cover. we have 1977. we have got 90. let me go to my note here. i can't remember. here we go, 97, 87, 94 and 2008. rolling out the day after christmas on the 26th. take a look. >> do i remember seeing "star wars"? i don't know. do you remember the day that changed your life? >> the son of sam in '77 had all new yorkers on edge. you think you knew about jimmy carter, a big smile a peanut farmer. >> interesting stories. repulsive stories. it's of give or take the 10 craziest stories from that particular year. pete: who did the i love the 80's and i love the 90's. concept. remember the year in realtime. >> 2019 coming out at the end of the year new year's eve. steve: a year ender coming up. check it all out on fox nation. casey, thank you very much and merry christmas. >> merry christmas.
3:57 am
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ainsley: we are back with a fox news alert. 020 vision. president trump rallying thousands of supporters in michigan for this merry christmas rally as the house votes to impeach him. pete: nancy pelosi is pumping the brakes on sending the articles to the senate. steve: wait a minute. can she do that? the judge says she can't. get the latest from griff jenkins live in washington. the judge made it very clear he said after they pass the articles of impeachment then they have got to send it to the senate. it sounds like nancy pelosi is taking a pause for political reasons if true. griff: steve. good morning. got to do it at some point. when that's anybody's guess. what a remarkable contrast we may never see live in our
4:01 am
lives. nancy pelosi gaveling to speech while democrats celebrating in the moment she has hailed as sad 600 miles away in battle creek, michigan, president trump reacting in realtime. >> by the way, it doesn't really feel like we are being impeached. [cheers] >> the country is doing better than ever before. we did nothing wrong. we did nothing wrong. we have tremendous support in the republican party. >> the vote fell down almost straight party lines. only surprise pelosi refusing to say when she is sending those articles to the senate. >> we have legislation approved by the rules committee that will enable us to decide how we will send over the articles of impeachment. so far we haven't seen anything that looks fair to us so hopefully it will be fair and when we see what that is, we will send -- >> we have no idea hot managers are here is how the vote broke down.
4:02 am
article 1 abuse of power. two democrat defecting: tulsi gabbard voting present. article 2 obstruction of congress. 22-198. tulsi gabbard explaining her vote in the video. >> when i cast my vote in support of the impeachment inquiry, nearly three months ago, i said that in order to maintain the integrity of this solemn undertaking, it must not be a partisan endeavor. tragically, that's what it has been. a house divided cannot stand. today, we are divided. griff: history will note not a single republican voted for either article. as for when this articles are going to the senate. that's anybody's guess. we may hear more at 9:30 because majority leader mitch mcconnell tweeted out he will be speaking about that on the senate
4:03 am
floor. we will just have to wait and find out. for what it's worth 20 years ago it went almost immediately straight to the senate. pete: griff, thank you. steve: it's a crazy story. thank you very much. pete: nancy pelosi wants to talk about fairness and a fair process? what alternate universe? does she think anyone can listen with a straight faces a she talks about fairness. look at what they did in the house how they rigged the entire says and she is going to yell about fairness. steve: they stacked it and wrote resolution 660 which established the ground rules. they stacked the deck against the republicans. she would would like. ainsley: fair trial. steve: we know the president is not going to be removed by office from the senate because there are not 67 u.s. senators that are going to say you are right, he has got to government she is in a pickle. keep in mind, she won the speakership by promising essentially the caucus that she would investigate the president. she would find his misdeeds
4:04 am
and hold him accountable. she did it yesterday. stands right there after the trial, ultimately. but then when she is able to go back to her caucus and say, look, you can go out there and say we ran on this. we told you we would do it. we did it. we also did and later today they are going to vote on usmca. so, in other words, he is the world's worst person, donald trump is. so we impeached him. but, at the same time, he is somebody we can work with. ainsley: what's next. after it does go to the senate, what's next? pete: as far as the house is concerned? steve: is he reelected. ainsley: try to make sure he is reelected. pete: that's right. it's the feeling like it never ends. ainsley: exactly. what are they going to do him next? what's going to happen next week. what's going to happen in january and february and what are they going to accuse him of then. try to impeach him again. it never stops. pete: exactly right. steve: that's why the president put out this meme, did you see this? it has been retweeted a
4:05 am
gazillion times. in reality they are not after me. they're after you. and at the bottom i'm just in the way. pete: bingo. ainsley: thank goodness he is. pete: this is where democrats missed it. they said we are impeaching trump. we are impeaching this guy. we can't stand him. we are deranged about it. voters who voted for him 63 million people said no, no, no. he is reflection of our values. a shield for us in this country. putting america first. you impeach him you are impeaching us. ainsley: what a message it sent yesterday they are in washington impeaching him. he is at a rally and he calls it the merry christmas rally. after so much backlash not allowed to say merry christmas. is he bringing it back. doesn't it feel like we're being impeached. he didn't say i'm being impeached. we're being impeached. listen to some of the comments he made last night in battle creek, michigan. >> after three years of
4:06 am
sinister witch hunts, hoaxes, scams, tonight, the house democrats are trying to nullify the ballots of tens of millions of patriotic americans. [boos] crazy nancy pelosi house democrats. >> booze. >> have branded themselves with an eternal mark of sham. it really is. it's a disgrace. democrat lawmakers do not believe you have the right to select your own president. this lawless partisan impeachment is a political suicide march for the democrat party. have you seen my polls in the last four weeks? they have been trying to impeach me sings day one. they have been trying to impeach me from before i ran. okay? pete: that's exactly what nancy pelosi said in an interview recently. listen, i have been do you go this for 22 months. we have been declaring we wanted to impeach him "the washington post" said it 19 minutes after he was inaugurated. when you gather up the evidence people see right
4:07 am
through it. people are not dumb. they recognize when they are being hood winked and got a chance to go to the battle box. battle creek looking at washington. grimples up there doing your things behind closed doors and everything, this is how we really feel. ainsley: everyone likes to get more money, to make more money. he said these trade deals i have done, i'm standing in battle creek, michigan where a cereal is made. kellogg's is there, right? i love to give you more money. that kind of resonated with me we hear about the trade deal how is that really affecting you. when you have gotten your paycheck and gotten a raise, it feels great. especially at christmas time. give more to others and give more gifts to the people that you love. that's what he is doing with these trade deals he is allowing these companies to hire more people to give pay raises to individuals, tax cuts. more money in your pocketbook. steve: the fact that as the "new york times" proclaims trump impeached, that's about the most unsurprising thing of all. pete: yeah. steve: keep in mind. how many -- i remember the stories just before the
4:08 am
inauguration, something like 60 or 70 democrats were not going to go to the inauguration because this was an illegitimately elected president who had help from russia. of course they pushed the russia thing until, you know, the mueller report came out and there was no there there. so then they got to phone call. ainsley: then they went with ukraine. steve: no kidding. pete: what will they go with next to your point, ainsley. never ending. pure partisanship. steve: it hasn't happened yet. you look at how the reaction has been in mainstream media. "the washington post" and the first column of their lead story talks about how this impeachment is up delegable mark on donald trump and his presidency. and so, you are going to hear a lot about marks and stains and this is really a bad thing for a bad guy. watch some of this from last night. >> this is an indelible stain on the record, the legacy, of donald trump. >> on the 1,063rd day of his
4:09 am
presidency, donald trump was impeached. that now becomes the single most important fact about the trump presidency. he was impeached. this is the single most important day in the trump presidency. >> president trump was impeached for one reason, because he deserved it. >> you are not asleep. this is not a dream. this is really happening. this is your life. this is our country and our time. it is wednesday, the 18th of december and the year 2019 and president donald trump is impeached. pete: oh. steve: mike kelly, yesterday, a republican from pennsylvania. he said today, december 18th, 2019, is another date that will live in infamy. ainsley: oh my gosh. pete: it's all fake. ainsley: all political. pete: whole thing is fake. investigation was fake. trial was fake. everyone knows what the outcome is going to be. the solemn nature, the sadness, the prayerfulness
4:10 am
it's all fake. everyone sees through this. this is historic day with their 10 viewers that are watching. steve: political base, nancy pelosi's political base you wanted her to impeach the president and so yesterday she delivered. that's what they wanted. she gave it to them. he is not going to be removed but she can say look we did our part and then the senate let us down. ainsley: when she is standing in front of the house and counting the votes and she realizes we have enough and is he impeached and she makes that announcement and they start to hem hawaii. watch this. here it is. >> article 1 is adopted. [gavel] [applause] ainsley: don't you cheer. i told you not. to say. steve: we know you waited three years for this but don't. ainsley: don't do it in public. can you cheer when did you go back behind closed doors. don't cheer everyone is watching. brit hume has covered three
4:11 am
impeachments and as a reporter, correspondent, analyst, here is his observation about what happened. >> it hasn't moved and captured people's imagination. you know, you heard all this rhetoric today on the floor. i'm sure you geraldo, the founding fathers got a complete workout. our lives are fortunate. our sacred honor was discussed. some of it quite eloquent. the problem is that the matter under consideration didn't match the rhetoric. we are talking about the temporary withholding of aid that was ultimately provided in exchange for an investigation that wasn't conducted. and while it was, i think, improper for the president to raise joe biden's name in that now famous conversation, it really didn't go anywhere. and people look at it and they just kind of, you know, not interested. pete: big i word impeachment. still nothing there i'm still hung up on don't you do it. don't you know this is a patriotic moment. ainsley: i told you not to
4:12 am
do it. listen to your momma, don't do it. pete: incredible. steve: what do you think about what we saw yesterday. the president will be held accountable and won't l. not be reelected or will he be reelected? send us an email at we are also on the wildly successful and popular facebook. pete: yes, we are. ainsley: what are you going to say? jillian, life still goes on. we have christmas next week. jillian: am i allow towfd read the headlines now? i uchted to be sure. ainsley: don't you do it, jillian. jillian: we do have big news though and this is a fox news alert about mark meadows. is he leaving congress. the north carolina republican will not seek re-election and he could even leave in the middle of his term. meadows has been a staunch supporter of president trump and says he may try to work for his administration or re-election campaign. in a statement, meadows says, quote: this president has accomplished incredible results for the country in just three years. i'm fully committed to
4:13 am
staying in the fight with him and his team to build on those successes and deliver on his promises for the years to come. meadows has served in congress since 2013. one woman is dead and several injured after a stabbing spree in oregon. police say a man attempted to rob a bank in weaverton and stabbed several people inside. he then stole two different cars and attacked both drivers. police eventually arrested this man, salvador rivero. he faces charges for murder and attempted murder. a motive is unknown. a celebrity's yacht capsizes after catching fire in miami. sources say this massive boat belonged to grammy winner marc anthony. he was not on board but several crew members were inside and managed to evacuated safely the 7-million-dollar ship was ruled a total loss. a group of students run into rocky balboa himself on a field trip to see the iconic rocky statue.
4:14 am
♪ rocky theme song. [ ♪ jillian: sylvester stallone taking pictures with the students where he filmed that famous scene in philadelphia. he says he was there to work on a, quote, secret project. ainsley: maybe another rocky? jillian: guys, i'm from there and i have never seen it. pete: never seen the statue. jillian: i haven't the movie. i have seen the statue. steve: download it on phone and watch it between now and the next newscast. ainsley: it's a good one, jillian. steve: coming up on this thursday. nancy pelosi threatening to hold off on sending the articles of impeachment to the senate. wait, can she do that? is it a political strategy? we are going to talk to senator ron johnson about that next. pete: plus, on probation? no problem. one state just gave those people the right to vote.
4:15 am
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♪ >> we have legislation approved by the rules committee that will enable us to decide how we will
4:19 am
send over the articles of impeachment. so far we haven't seen anything that looks fair to us so hopefully it will be fair and when we see what that is, we will select our managers. steve: last night the democrats voted to impeach the president. in one of the bigger surprises of the night, nancy pelosi indicated as you heard right there not immediatelying sending the impeachment articles to the senate. what's up with that? republican senator ron johnson from the great state of minnesota joins us right now live from the russell rotunda. what is she doing? well, first of all, merry christmas to you. steve: merry christmas. >> apparently she is not going to gift wrap that package and send it over to the senate. this has been a completely political exercise from the get-go. i guess she has some kind of political strategies here. seems kind of stupid to me. i have no idea what she doing here withholding the articles. they are highly flawed in any event.
4:20 am
steve: well, you know, you are right. by the way, the senator is from wisconsin not minnesota. apologies. we had the judge on a little while, senator, he said it's not up to her. she doesn't get to write the rules for the senate and she is going to send them right over. >> well, that i really can't comment on. when we get those articles start kicking. in until we get those articles i'm not sure there is anything we are going to do. steve: yesterday, in front of your committee, the inspector general michael horowitz appeared and it became very clear that the fbi has got a lot of explaining to do, right? >> it really does. when you combine basically the underscoring of the 17 inaccuracies and omissions how serious that was combined with the stunning rebuke by the presiding judge of the fisa court. steve, one mistake or omission, that's a mistake. two, maybe it's a
4:21 am
coincidence. three, you are starting to develop a pattern. 17, it's a legitimate question. is that a plot? and we still don't have the answers to that also, the inspector general, you know, we really talked about the fact that, you know, that one statement that he had no testimonial or documentary evidence that bias affected decisions. he admitted there was bias. there was political motivation. he just doesn't have evidence where he can conclusively say it caused and influenced their decisions but, again, it's up to the american public continue to father what all that bias, you know, how that could have affected things and we also saw the little cabal, i know that lisa page and peter strzok, you know, poohed the fact when they used this phrase didn't apply to them. certainly a cabal between andrew mccabe, peter strzok and lisa page. steve: we hope that the investigator, mr. durham, gets to the bottom of it because there is still a lot of questions we have. senator ron johnson from the great state of wisconsin. senator, thank you very
4:22 am
much. and merry christmas. >> merry christmas to you. steve: 7:21 here in new york. conservative author heather mcdonald shouted down on the speech college campus. the college dean is now defending those students.
4:23 am
4:24 am
4:25 am
pete: time now for news by the numbers. first 80,000. that's how many convicts will now have voting rights restored in new jersey. democrat new jersey governor phil murphy signed the bill, which effects people who are out of prison on probation or parole. next, the, that's how many of america's 20 wealthiest counties get this are in the washington, d.c. suburb, pays to be on the government dole. the u.s. census reports the areas have average yearly
4:26 am
income of up to $140,000. and finally $90,000. that's the return on $1 of a bit coin investment if it was made at the start of the decade. bank of america reports the crypto currency was the most profitable investment of the 2010s. one bit coin worth about 7 grand. thankfully, i have a few coins and let's hope 2020 is good for bit coin. ainsley down to you. ainsley: i hope. so you talked me into investing in that. i hope we make some money on it. thank you so much. conservative author heather mcdonald asking why privileged college students are afraid to let her speak after being protested on another college campus seen in this video from campus reform. >> my oppression is not a delusion. >> my oppression is not a delusion.
4:27 am
ainsley: but the dean of the college of the holy cross is now defending her student's behavior writing education requires them to wrestle with a wide range of ideas which sometimes means engaging speakers with controversial messages as with miss macdonald. sometimes it means making use of their own free speech to combat objectionable ideas. joining us to react is fellow and author of the diversity delusion heather macdonald. >> thanks for having me on, ainsley. ainsley: tell us what happened at the holy cross school. >> i was there to say to students you are the most privileged individuals. have you unfettered opportunity to learn. 50 minutes in my talk as i was talking about renaissance humanism and canine appetite for language. half of the auditorium stood up and started chanting my oppression is not a delusion. your racism is not welcome. your sexism is not welcome. your homophobia is not welcomed. none of which i talked about. you are not welcomed which i figured out by then. they chanted for many minutes. i tried to engage with them.
4:28 am
at that time they filed out. their plan has been to occupy the entire auditorium so that nobody, among their fellow students, would be able to come and ask me questions. instead they filled it about half. there were dozens of people, students and professors who were waiting outside to come in who will never allowed in. so, i addressed what had just happened and said this is a perfect demonstration of the closed mindedness that is being cultivated by adults, frankly, on campuses. and then proceeded with my talk to half empty room. ainsley: so they filled up the venue before you got there so that the students who really wanted to hear you speak and get your ideas weren't able to have a seat. and then they stay for 10 minutes, yell at you and get up and leave and then have you an empty venue. >> exactly. they were so proud of themselves afterwards. one of the organizers said i'm just so charged. i can't believe what we have accomplished. they destroyed. they didn't accomplish something.
4:29 am
ainsley: i know you disagree with their message. why do you think it's dangerous for them to feel like they are oppressed and not privileged? >> well, for one, it prevents them from seizing the boundless opportunities for learning that they have if they go around with a chip on their shoulder. two, truth matters. it's simply good to accurately analyze your environment. for them to not understand that there is no bigotry on a college campus is simply a profound misunderstanding of their world. if they can think that they are oppressed on a college campus, which they chanted again and again my oppression is not a delusion, they carry that idea with them into the country at large. and they are also going to fail to take advantage of the opportunities. ainsley: what does real oppression look like? >> real oppression is getting your head beat in if you disagree with the government. it is being truly misogynistic culture whereas you female you have no opportunities, where you are maybe murdered for driving a
4:30 am
ainsley: driving a car. >> exactly. engaged in tribal warfare where you destroy the perceived other. we have had civil peace in this country because we have transcended our differences. we ventricle gauged with ideas in a rational manner. and that has given us freedom. what we see now is a welling tide of frankly it is hatred. i mean we hear this in our campaign system season today, ainsley of hatred towards the american project the "new york times" has a project saying the very essence of america is slavery. we have never overcome that that we were founded. that is in our d.n.a. that is not true. we are a land of opportunity. people are coming from the world over. ainsley: i know. we are so privileged. >> in order to take advantage of our freedom. the students do not see that. ainsley: we are so grateful to be americans. so many wonderful privileges. thank you so much, heather.
4:31 am
i hope you will continue to talk and they won't shut you down. >> you know, they are showing a good example of why people should be concerned of what's happening. thank you. ainsley: thank you. "fox & friends" reached out to the college of the holy cross and the dean, michelle murray but did not get a response. we did tell you that quote that they did send over though. president trump rallying voters in michigan last night. what are they saying this morning? todd piro is in battle creek having breakfast with friends. todd? todd: ainsley, meet ralph, he has a unique skill he showcased on carson. now is he going to showcase it on "fox & friends." ralph, take us to break ♪ [national anthem] when we see you enter through our doors,
4:32 am
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4:35 am
>> how do you beat what we have done. economy, vets, choice. have been trying to get it for almost 50 years. [chanting four more years] steve: i had a feeling they were going to do that. you know, that took place in battle creek, michigan. and that is where we find the dude at the diner, todd piro or as pete calls him tv's todd piro is at griffin grill and pub in downtown, battle week. todd: i love all the nicknames. keep them coming. you said battle creek, michigan. that's 100 percent correct. michigan is a battle ground state which means a lot of diversity of opinion. we have that diversity of opinion coming up right now. let's start with bill. bill, you called the rally like a michigan state game. why? >> i did. because there was a lot of energy. there was a lot of electricity just because of the encouragement and the excitement on the people that were there.
4:36 am
todd: bill, what's your view on impeachment? >> i do not think it's going to go anywhere. if it's according to historical standards, when bill clinton was impeached, he got reelected. i believe the same thing is going to happen this time. todd: all right, carol has a difference of opinion. carol, what's your view on impeachment. >> i think it's necessary evil. i think if the democrats are going to preach constitution, they have got to walk the walk. so, they got to go through with it. todd: all right. thank you. mike, army vet. thank you for your service. what's your view on impeachment? >> well, i have actually don't think that either article of impeachment reaches the level of constitutional impeachment. and it's basically exposed the gross hypocrisy of the democrat rulers. todd: thank you, mike. barbara, does impeachment help or hurt trump in 2020? >> i think it helps him a lot when people realize how unfair it was. there is no way they are not going to vote for him.
4:37 am
todd: all right. quickly back to carol. does impeachment help or hurt trump in 2020? >> i think it will help among people who don't care about facts. >> bill, last word. does impeachment help or hurt in 2020. >> it's going to help him. my wife was on the grand jury which bill clinton was impeached. he lied to the grand jury. what has he done? how has he lied? pete: buried the leave. his wife was on the grand jury? steve: a grand jury. steve: i do believe bill clinton was already in the second term. ainsley: he was impeached in the second term. steve: thank you todd for that meanwhile jillian has some news for us. jillian: good morning to you. man charged in granddaughter's falling death on a cruise ship will reject a plea deal. salvatore will reportedly fight to clear his name. holding 18-month-old chloe when she fell out of a cruise ship window in puerto rico. the family blames royal caribbean and filed a
4:38 am
lawsuit last week. they are also demanding an investigation after leaked video of the incident was shown on a puerto rican tv show. the coast guard is hard at work fighting car telephones on the water. take a look at dramatic work showing guardsmen intercepting a smuggling submarine filled with 3,000 pounds of cocaine. all the coast guards seized $312 million of cocaine over the last several months. >> this is hard, dangerous work for these crews to actually gain access and control of those vessels and then there is a lot of hard labor. jillian: the navy, federal law enforcement, and international partners also involved in the counter drug missions. a police officer rushes to rescue a student who fell into icy lake erie. body camera video showing the officer tying a rope around the boy in ohio. with the help of a teacher and student, they pull him to safety.
4:39 am
> okay. >> we are out. >> oh, thank you so much. >> oh, man, with those frigid temperatures the boy was at risk of hypothermia. he was given a clean bill of health. thank goodness. the little boy has a very literal interpretation of the song silent night. ♪ ♪ silent night ♪ holy night ♪ jillian: that's liam looking extra grumpy while refusing to sing at his church in davenport, iowa. this video you can see why is going viral. steve: not happy. pete: don't make me sing. ainsley: no "american idol" in his future. he is so cute. steve: bitterly cold in new york city. earlier there was nobody behind her. now she has a cap and there is five -- i see six people.
4:40 am
ainsley: i know i'm so impressed. you guys are from florida. how roux. >> i'm from paris, tennessee. >> i'm from florida, my name is greg. janice: very nice to meet you. >> from m rp, georgia. january. >> macon georgia. >> jen from tennessee. i'm. >> i'm jeff from tennessee. >> i'm kirsten from ottawa. janice: my hometown. >> what's the weather right now my love? >> really really cold. janice: you got the job really really cold. the wind chills are in the single digits. let's take a look at the maps and i will show you who he cold it is. current temperature 16 here new york. 10 in marquette. you factor in the wind chill, it feels like one here in new york city. feels like ottawa, canada that's for sure right now. we had -- did you guys see the snow squall yesterday? >> yes. janice: oh my gosh in new york city it overtook twitter. it was crazy that won't happen today. it is very cold. bring temperatures up this weekend. waive to pete and steve and
4:41 am
ainsley and thank you all for coming. can we do a hug? lots of people to hug. steve: to stay warm. there you go. ainsley: all right. we welcome you. pete: might get a hug if you come by. jeffrey epstein scandal dominated the headlines this year. we just learned a key vape from prisovideotape from prisonw missing. pete: what? emily compagno breaks down the case and this scandal ♪ let me know ♪ (danny) let me get this straight. after a long day of hard work... have to do more work? (vo) automatically sort your expenses and save over 40 hours a month. (danny) every day you're nearly fried to a crisp, professionally!
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ey jillian: good morning, welcome back. time for quick headlines and say it ain't so. puppies could be making people sick. the cdc is limping the young dogs to a drug resistant infection been reported in 13 states around 70% of the 30 people sickened were in contact with a pet store
4:45 am
puppy. the source of the outbreak has not been identified. that's terrible. and also terrible, i guess for me and others like me people who don't eat meat vegans and vegetarians could have more intense hangovers. >> that was one crazy party. i am hung over. >> oh, tell me about it. jillian: a new study shows eating meat could help you recover from a night of drinking that's because animal products contain vitamin b 3 and zinc which helps digest alcohol and reduce nausea. send it back to you. ainsley: see, you neat to eat meat, jillian. jillian: i will eat meat while i watch rockie. pete: great news. ainsley: 2019 almost over and clearing the docket from some of the craziest stories from the court this last year. pete: here 20 give closing argue. on 2019 attorney and fox news contributor emily compagno.
4:46 am
good morning. >> good morning. thanks for having me. pete: there were some crazy stories this year on the legal front one front and center jeffrey epstein. >> we are covering three this morning. the latest you will recall, this is a wealthy man with ties to royalty, celebrities, the wealthy. and he was charged with sex trafficking and kind of revealed this really elaborate scheme that involved his private island and very young girls. really traumatic case to hear about. he was denied bail. while in jail, he committed suicide. as ruled by the new york city medical examiner. pete: as ruled. >> and otherwise conclude would another pathologist hired by his brother said no it's a homicide. the guards who were supposed to guard him at that moment. have been subsequently charged. including falsifying records. now the video with him in his cell of his first suicide attempt has gone missing. now, the fbi is still investigating this. prince andrew has all of a
4:47 am
sudden been connected to. this he has stepped back from royal duties. it remains to be seen. pete: the tape is missing? did someone lose it. >> all we know thus far it's gone missing. one in a whole host of missteps clearly but led to unfortunately the death of someone that could have been held accountable in the justice system. steve: also the guards have been disciplined as well because they falsified some records. jussie smollett one of the stars of the tv show empire on fox. as it turns out he was not attacked by some people. it sounds like he staged it all what's the very latest. >> that's read like its own fictional series as well. he staged his crime essentially, right? he said he was the victim of a hate crime. in january he weighs charged by his own city by chicago for staging that crime. and remember there was really a national uproar. he said that the two men that beat him and put a noose around his neck were wearing maga hats, that they were trump supporters. subsequently he was prosecute you had with staging a crime. then the charges were dropped in exchange for
4:48 am
community service and his bail forfeiture. he was then sued by the city of chicago to the tune of $130,000. they said no, no, no. we spent these resources investigating your fake crime. you owe us. then, a special prosecutor was assigned to investigate the city for dropping the charges. remember, that elected d.a. equivalent she ran on a platform ever restoring ethics to the city of chicago. he maintains his innocence to this day and we just learned yesterday a parentally he might be coming back for the season finale. ainsley: i saw that how about the college admission scandal. >> varsity blues. that rocked the nation unveiled scheme wealthy parents were paying to have false admission packets for their students for their kids. everything from fake test scores to super imposed photographs that these were athletes getting. in the doj charged them with elaborate scheme. the update is that 15 of those parents holdouts refused to admit their guilt. no date set yet.
4:49 am
they now say that the schools were not the victims and that they were the victims of the ringleader ring singer who they say defrauded them. steve: stay tuned for that. ainsley: thanks, emily. how do my daughter hayden and i decorate for christmas? pete: how do you? ainsley: we are going to go home for the holidays coming up next ♪ ♪ snowing and glowing ♪ fun ♪ now the jingle hop has begun ♪ to block the virus and protect healthy cells. abreva acts on it. so you can too.
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♪ pete: welcome back. it's christmas time and we are going home for the holiday season. steve: yesterday we saw brian getting picture with his dogs and santa. next stop new york city to see how ainsley prepares for
4:53 am
christmas in the big town. ainsley: let's take a look. okay. merry christmas. show is over and it's time to decorate. gorgeous dodge durango srt. look at all that room. i guess i'm going to have to do more shopping. i can fit more presents back here. >> we're home. what's one of your favorite things we do at christmas? we put up your? >> christmas tree. ainsley: your pink very own christmas tree. which one is your favorite? >> the ball remember reena. ainsley: why do you love bar len reena's very much. >> they are beautiful. they are fun. ainsley: that's so sweet of you. one of my friends made me an ornament and it says through your eyes and that's a book that i wrote with you in
4:54 am
mind. ainsley: put that on top of the tree, there you go. are we ready to plug in the christmas tree? >>tree? [cheers] >> merry christmas. >> we have a lot of friends coming over to decorate the big tree. [doorbell] >> merry christmas. ainsley: y'all come in, we are going to deck core rate the tree. this is paige, this is lori. i'm from south carolina as you know. and these are my girls that are my heart, my life, my family in new york. we have gone on trips together and we are raising our kids together. and our kids go to the same schools and their sons are hayden's big brothers. >> they have to go on the tree. ♪ ♪
4:55 am
♪ >> you can put it right there. ainsley: that's really high, teddy. great job. beautiful to wake up in the morning and see the tree lit and all the ornaments reminded that jesus christ was born. that's so pretty, hayden, that's a good spot. peter is going to put our special cross on the tree. guys, you are doing a beautiful job. this is so nice. will you all come every year and decorate my tree? good job. yea. the star is up. ainsley: they are drinking hot chocolate we are drinking our drink of choice. we love all of you. so from our family to yours, we wish you a very merry christmas. [cheers] steve: how much fun is that? ainsley: that's the way to
4:56 am
do it sit back with your champagne and watch the kids direct core rate your tree and it's done lickety split. pete: you know you are going to get v. broken ornaments. ainsley: i have been ornaments and if you drop them they break. we probably had 10 on the floor on hardwood but whatever. we had so much fun. it was great. you know, we are so fortunate to grow up in new york, you know, we are -- none of us grew up in new york. you have these great friends here and they become your family. it's pretty special. pete: very cool. steve: tomorrow head home for the holidays with the doocys. ainsley: i can't wait. steve: find out which one of my kids was the christmas dog. oh, look, there is the famous tv correspondent. ainsley: your lawyer? steve: she is my lawyer indeed. they grow up so fast. and there is the christmas dog right there. pete: i can't wait to see that tomorrow. tulsi gabbard breaking ranks with democrats on impeachment her explanation on that at the top of the hour.
4:57 am
steve: plus, we have dana loesch and ted cruz both here live in the next hour of "fox & friends," the impeachment post game show ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ...
4:58 am
honey, can you get the snacks? (laughter) (cat meows) (dark barks) ♪ guess who's early? (cat meows) good thing walgreens is right around the corner with last minute holiday supplies. get in. get out. get jolly.
4:59 am
5:00 am
>> donald j. trump sacrificed our national security in an effort to cheat in the next election. president trump: this partisan impeachment is a political suicide march for the democrat party. >> if we cannot impeach a president who abuses his office for personal advantage, we no longer live in a democracy. president trump: they cheapened the impeachment process. >> the facts show that the president's north star is russia , not the constitution. president trump: while democrats are obsessed with impeachment, we're focused on jobs jobs jobs. >> today we have a president who seems to believe he is a
5:01 am
king. president trump: the country is doing better than ever before. >> steve: after 11 hours of debate you saw much of it yesterday here on the fox news channel. donald j. trump became the third president impeached by the house of representatives, and the big question is, where does it go from here as we're about to detail for you in a couple of minutes, nancy pelosi doesn't sound like she's ready to hand it directly over to the senate, it sounds like politics could still be involved. ainsley: she's avoiding the possibility of not getting the articles of impeachment. she wants a fair trial. pete: yesterday you saw that split screen that was here at the fox news channel the president rallying voters, house democrats impeaching the president. that's what historic as we break down the actual vote on article one abuse of power, the vote 230 -197 on obstruction of congress, 229-198 what is historic about this is that it's
5:02 am
completely along partisan lines, only democrats voting for this impeachment. all republicans, every single one, voting against. ainsley: who broke ranks? congressman collin peterson, he's from minnesota, you have congressman jeff van drew from new jersey and jared golden he actually voted ney for obstruction of congress but yea for abuse of power and tulsi gabbard voted present, in both votes and she said she could not in good conscience vote yes or no. >> steve: you saw yesterday on the channel, the defense of the president, partisan obviously, and the people who went after him were in the president's words, vicious. at least that's what he told the 10,000 people who waited in the really cold weather in battle creek, michigan. he went out on stage after the house had impeached him, he was
5:03 am
steamed. president trump: the democrats are lousy politicians. they really are. they've got horrible policies, open borders, crime is fine, drugs pouring through, i mean, think of what they do. sanctuary cities, they love them they are lousy politicians but they have one thing, two things. they are vicious, the most vicious people. the republicans aren't as vicious, but the other thing the democrats always stick together. now think of this. three democrats went over to our side, no republicans, it's unheard of. >> [applause] president trump: i'm the first person to ever get impeached and there's no crime. like i feel guilty. do you know what they call it? impeachment light. it's impeachment light. pete: yeah, the president talked about fake news throughout his presidency and that's how a lot of people feel about it. fake investigation, fake trial, fake whistleblower whose really just a leaker, fake evidence, fake show votes, the whole thing staged before you to make you
5:04 am
believe that the president has committed some sort of a crime when he says it was all about russia, exonerated and then a phone call, now i'm impeached? where are we? >> steve: it was bait and switch. pete: totally. >> steve: keep in mind it was russia and then the mueller report and there wasn't any russia there so then there was that phone call and we heard through the news sources that there was quid pro quo so democrats said we're going to get them on quid pro quo until their focus groups showed people didn't understand that so they changed it to bribery and that didn't work, and then it became treason. none of that stuff -- pete: then it was abuse of power and then obstruction of justice but they didn't have that so it had to be obstruction of congress. ainsley: there was racism in there too. pete: of course. ainsley: so russia didn't work so they had to go with ukraine. so nancy pelosi now after they voted for impeachment, now she's saying we might not give the articles of impeachment over to the senate, because they might not give us a fair trial. listen to this. >> this is what i don't
5:05 am
consider a fair trial. leader mcconnell has stated he's not an impartial juror, that he's going to take his cues from the white house and he is working in total coordination with the white house counsel' office. [indiscernible] >> well we're not sending this tonight because it's difficult to determine who the managers would be until we see the arena in which we will be participating. >> steve: she's still playing politics with it and what she's trying to do is now that it's out of done with the house they voted to impeach, she's trying to gain some sort of leverage as it heads through the senate. obviously we've heard from chuck schumer they want to be able to call witnesses which is something they did not allow the republicans to do in the house. but mitch mcconnell made it very clear that in a 90 minutes from right now he's going to layout
5:06 am
what we know so far. he has tweeted out this at 9:30 tomorrow morning, that's this morning, on the senate floor, i will speak about house democrats precedent-breaking impeachment of the president of the united states, and probably, about how he's anticipating she's going to just send them right over. ainsley: so is she saying it was fair in the house? she's one to talk. i mean, the house wasn't fair. they have three witnesses to the one republican witness. pete: the arrogance and the irony to now point to the senate ainsley: it should be out of the house and now it goes to the senate and she shouldn't have a say. she's not a senator. pete: she says mitch mcconnell is not an impartial juror. is bernie sanders going to be? is elizabeth warren going to be? is corey booker going to be? is kamala harris? she can't even talk by the way but when she does talk what she says, that doesn't make sense. >> steve: well we had the senator from the great state of wisconsin, ron johnson, on a little while ago, and for him
5:07 am
this is a head scratcher as this develops, watch. >> this has been a completely political exercise from the get- go. i guess she has some kind of political strategy here, it seem s kind of stupid to me, so i have no idea what she's doing here withholding the articles. they are highly flawed in any event. when we get those articles, then our rules start kicking in but until we get those articles i'm not sure there's anything we will do. >> steve: one of the republicans who spoke on behalf of the president yesterday was b arry lowdermilk a republican from georgia in regarding the proceedings earlier in the house he said when jesus was falsely accused of treason, jesus was given the opportunity to face his accuser and during that sham trial, in the house, he was afforded more rights to jesus than the democrats have afforded to this president. ainsley: judge napolitano was saying he needs to have the rights as part of the constitution to defend himself as well. pete: well he does get a chance to defend himself and it's
5:08 am
coming up in about i don't know, 11 months when he gets to go to the ballot box with the record of what he's donald he said he would do and what he has donald listen everyone is talking about a stain on the president. >> steve: a mark. pete: he gets a chance to create a second one which is the first president ever impeached by house democrats to run for re-election and win and i think if you're honest, fair-minded person as a political analyst today and looking at where the president sits right now after this sham impeachment, you see him in a better spot than he was when they started this whole thing. >> steve: sure and look at the 63 million americans who we have talked about in the past, voted for donald trump last time. ainsley: yeah. >> steve: will this impeachment actually energize them where they go the democrats can't take away my vote and essentially that's what they are trying to do. will this lead to the president being re-elected? i'm sure the president would say so, and a lot of people this morning are saying maybe with nancy pelosi's impeachment yesterday, she just helped get him re-elected.
5:09 am
ainsley: the gallop poll 51% said they wanted him impeached and in november 48% and decembe. pete: because the preed had a great point when he said you cheapen impeachment when you use it in this partisan way. it's such a big word so people who aren't political, they look at the word impeachment and they take a moment to say what's the evidence? is there good evidence and then they go this is what you're doing it about and that's why they've lost so many independents. ainsley: this is what the attorney general bill barr had to say. as a general matter we have to be careful about trivializing the process and they put in a hurdle of high crimes, and of treason, bribery and other high crimes. the articles of impeachment here do not allege a violation of law and it looks as if it's going to be along partisan lines i think, you know, i'm concerned about it being trivialized and used as a political tool.
5:10 am
>> steve: you've got to figure that if the democrats impeach president trump over this, how many other presidents down the road are going to be trivialized and impeached over things that are cooked up by the opposition party? pete: careful what you wish for same thing. who was it? the leader of the senate schumer , when he got rid of the filibuster he opened up now we got more judges -- >> steve: that was harry reed. pete: he opened up a flood gate and here we are with president trump putting in more justices than any other president has, i would also note state of the union address coming up for the president whenever he wants to do it or he's invited in january or february, so if you have this trial, the presidents going to get a chance to hold court before the nation as well. ainsley: the former doj spokesperson says that democrats have weakened the power. listen to this. >> democrats have taken the power of the constitution and the power of congress that
5:11 am
impeachment power which is supposed to be break glass in case of emergency and they have turned it into a political tool and in doing so, they have weakened the impeachment process , they have weakened the constitution, and they really have weakened the power of congress itself, because everybody looks at this thing now as a partisan joke. >> steve: many do and now the democrats have set a really low standard for impeaching the president. once upon a time it was high crimes and misdemeanors as we heard from the attorney general and that was something really big. ainsley: less than a year ago it was supposed to be bipartisan remember? nancy pelosi in march? pete: the whole thing was supposed to be sad and solemn too which is why -- ainsley: when they all started cheering. pete: all the democrats were clapping. we're going to go back and pray after this vote. ainsley: you hold your laughter and cheering from behind closed doors. okay, gillian has headlines. reporter: good morning let's begin with a fox news alert, mark meadows leaving congress,
5:12 am
the north carolina republican will not seek relationship and he could even leave in the middle of his term. meadows has been a supporter of president trump and says he may try to work for his administration or re-election campaign. in a statement meadows says, " this president has accomplished incredible results for the country in just three years, and i'm fully committed to staying in the fight with him, and his team to build on the successes and deliver on his promises for the years to come. meadows has served in congress since 2013. >> also breaking police reportedly make an arrest in the san antonio mall shooting. authorities are still searching for up to four other suspects. people sent running for their lives when bullets started flying in texas last night. at least four people were shot as they were leaving the mall. investigators still don't know if hit was a targeted attack. >> overnight a driver is rushed to the hospital after smashing through an airport wall, and crashing into baggage claims.
5:13 am
the pickup truck finally stopped when it hit into a counter for a rental car company in sarah sarasota, florida. no one inside the airport was hurt but the crash caused about $250,000 in damage. it's unclear what caused the driver to crash, or if they face any charges. >> and santa delivers on a little girl's number one christmas wish. watch this. >> look over there. >> santa! santa! >> oh, how cute, the three- year-old and one-year-old running into their father's arms for the first time in seven months. air force staff sargent jose fernandez will spend the next three weeks at home in massachusetts before heading back to korea but what a three weeks that is to be able to spend the holidays and christmas >> steve: that's what they really wanted for christmas: ainsley: thank you. >> steve: our top story democrats push tok oust president trump heating up on capitol hill, but will it
5:14 am
cool down their momentum on the campaign trail? we'll break that down, coming up >> ♪ the heat is on, the heat is on ♪
5:15 am
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5:18 am
descended on the capitol for yesterday's impeachment vote it appears there was some unwritten rules for the democrats including wear your dark colors, appear solemn and definitely, do not celebrate. >> there are 230 and ney is 197 , present is 1. article 1 is adopted. >> [applause] >> steve: here to react is nationally syndicated radio talk show host dana lash joins us from texas. good morning. >> good morning, merry christmas. >> steve: indeed. dana on the cover of the new york post president trump impeached, swamp mistress pelosi dresses in black for historic vote, it's your funeral. >> that sounds like an epic halloween costume. that just gave me ideas for next year. i don't know why so much effort
5:19 am
was spent onward robe when so little effort was spent on actually finding fact and truth in this investigation. they spent more effort coordinating their colors than they did on efforting this investigation and everyone in america sees this. this is what i don't think democrats realize. first off they still don't understand why trump won and they still don't understand the electorate and they think that by dressing by appropriating johnny cash and appearing in black that that's going to distract from the fact that there were actually gleefull for all of the talk of being somber, adam schiff was celebrating with a steak dinner the night before and i saw that the photo that was circulating last night where washington post reporters were celebrating what they called "me rry impeachment" in a tweet delete deleted but the internet remembers so america sees this and they aren't seeing a serious investigation. in fact they didn't call any witnesses forward. it's a complete sham. what americans see though is that these people are the grinch trying to rob them before
5:20 am
christmas is what they see. ainsley: we have heard this since day one, i'm sure behind closed doors they are jumping for joy. this is what they wanted forever and then nancy pelosi gets up there to announce impeachment and some people start to cheer. and its got to be solemn and democrats begin to applaud impeachment until pelosi gives them a look. and you remember that look, right, dana? we were talking in church? >> oh, yeah. oh, my gosh, my mom's face turned into an american eagle's face. she would glare at me and you knew that if you did anything else like the second coming was going to happen right then. that was the look that nancy pelosi gave everyone. ainsley: she told them do not cheer. pete: why are they doing that dana. explain that. why are they trying to hide the fact that we all know they hate the president and are excited to want to impeach him but why are they trying to play it off as
5:21 am
it's prayer full and somber? >> because they think americans are stupid. they think the electorate is stupid. the same one they call racist because they didn't vote for the elderly white woman they think that those individuals all those same people many of whom were democrats proud to pull the lever for clinton but because they didn't vote for his wife sudden suddenly they are racist and because they talked about the jobs and manufacturing instead of bathrooms and pronouns suddenly they are bigot s and racist so i guess you support collusion with russia even though it's only one party who tried to conspire with russia if you want to inject criminal it into it, and still lost. how do you cheat and still loose that is how much americans were against the democrats and their presidential candidate. so again i just want to tell everyone out there, they are getting robbed before christmas. don't let your mandate get stolen. pete: merry christmas, thank you so much. we appreciate it. >> merry christmas.
5:22 am
pete: well democrats push to ous t president trump is heating up on capitol hill but will it cool down the momentum on the campaign trail? do they have any already? we'll break it down. before nexium 24hr mark could only imagine... a peaceful night sleep without frequent heartburn waking him up. now that dream is a reality. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn? us. it's what this country is made of. but right now, our bond is fraying. how do we get back to "us"?
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5:26 am
facing a federal extortion trial called the hearing a complete joke. pete? pete: thank you, ainsley. president trump taking a swipe at 2020 hopefuls while rallying voters in michigan last night. president trump: you see their debates are dying. who wants to watch it? you know what i'm not going to say bad things about him. i'd love him to win. i thought i knocked off pocohont as. i did it a year or two early. i give her credit. i don't think she's going to make it. pete: this coming as a new poll shows impeached or not. the commander-in-chief leads in a head to head matchup. here with his reaction is radio talk show host tony cats. good morning, so that poll is quite stunning you consider the moment we're in right now, this is a recent poll showing he leads everyone on the democrat side that wasn't even the case a year or two ago. impeachment really hasn't gone their way has it? >> no, no, and i think that the
5:27 am
democrats are stunned by the luke warm reception that they are getting and they are stunned everything they keep telling us the american people doesn't resonate with us, the american people. they have misread the people, and misread the midwest, for sure they'vevery misread the swing states undoubtedly and now , they are miss reading when they are thinking about holding back the articles of impeachment from the senate because they are worried about fairness. every single place they've gone, they totally don't understand the table. it's like a poker game. they got clearly a straight flush on the board and they are still going all in thinking they can bluff us out. it's madness. pete: why is that? is it because you've seen that photo where the impeachment managers in the house are all from california or new york. these are coastal elite members who have been in washington a long time. have they just lost touch with forgotten men and women with the average people, with what people are dealing within their lives? >> what does nancy pelosi know
5:28 am
about the average person ever from her time in baltimore when her father was basically a king in politics to her time in san francisco, she has no connection to we, the people, but the bigger story here is as representative collins and other s have brought out it is the hate story. they hate donald trump so much and what they really hate is you and me for not listening to them and to our betters not listening to the elites and they are going to tell us how wrong we were, no matter what they have to do and what constitution they have to trample. pete: absolutely tony there's a debate tonight amongst democrats they figured out their labor dispute and they will debate at least they got that one right but a lot of the members of that debate are also u.s. senators who will be a part of the trial if nancy gets along to sending the documents over to the senate you say there are winners and losers in the senate of this impeachment process. who are they? >> well, when you take a look at winners, if it ever gets to the senate for trial, if nancy pelosi actually does the right
5:29 am
thing, there is no real winner here and those senators running for president who may not be able to campaign but the big losers amy klobuchar. last poll in iowa had her at 10% she has an opportunity to lead in the vice presidential sweepstakes and if she's kept off the sidelines this is a big loss for her. the person least effected i think is bernie sanders, the name id is super high. elizabeth warren has been imploding and they actually think bernie sanders is a better socialistic which is surrealism at its best, so he, i think, is the most uneffected it's amy klobuchar who takes the biggest hit but there's no winner in this thing happening. pete: they thought it would be a winner overall now they can't even get a single winner out of this entire process, we'll be watching that debate tonight covering it tomorrow morning, tony thank you very much for your time we appreciate it. we might be the only ones watching based on the ratings. nancy pelosi threatening to delay sending the articles of impeachment to the senate. >> so far, we haven't seen
5:30 am
anything that looks fair to us and we'll see what that is. pete: now she's talking about fairness. what happens next? we'll ask senator ted cruz, coming up. >> ♪ ♪ i'm finding it hard to stay on top of things a faster laptop could help. plus, tech support to stay worry free. worry free...boom boom! get free next business day shipping or ...1 hour in-store pick up shopping season solved at office depot officemax or
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president trump: you watch some of these people get up and speak today, they say you have violated the constitution. well what has he done wrong? we don't know that. they don't even have any crime. i'm the first person to ever get impeached and there's no crime. like i feel guilty. do you know what they call it? impeachment light. steve: he was actually the third president impeached by the house let's talk to texas senator ted cruz a member of the senate judiciary committee, he's been watching it all, he's on capitol hill. senator, good morning to you. ainsley: good morning.
5:34 am
>> good morning, good to be with you. steve: what do you make of nancy pelosi yesterday late in the day after the vote floating the idea she might actually not send the articles of impeachment over to the senate because the senate might not be fair because they are a bunch of mean republicans running it? >> i think the democrats are in a total panic. yesterday was a very very bad day for democrats and it was a bad day for the house of representatives and for the country, when it comes to political, her threat is really quite remarkable. her threat to the senate is do exactly what i want, or i'm not going to impeach the president. i'm not going to send over the impeachment articles. my attitude is okay, throw us in that briar patch. don't send them that's all right we actually have work to do. some of us are showing up fighting for more jobs, for higher wages, for the working men and women who elected us, and it's actually if nancy wants to delay delivering the articles i have a date, a delivery date. how about november 2, 2020?
5:35 am
there's something going on then that actually should resolve this question. answer senator the president is tweeting that i got impeached last night, with the do nothing dems on their continuation of the greatest witch hunt in american history. he says now, the do-nothing party wants to do nothing the articles and not deliver them to the senate, but it's the senate 's call. >> well listen the democrats are in a panic because in the last month their case collapsed. rewind back to a month ago. a month ago every democrat was saying over and over again, bribery remember that was their talking point? the reason was the democratic campaign committee, they polled that and their focus groups told them that bribery is bad. the american people don't like bribery so in one day every democrat began saying bribery and here is the problem. the facts the actual evidence doesn't support bribery as they heard the evidence and they've now backed away from bribery
5:36 am
from the quid pro quo that was their favorite phrase. ainsley: and then there was extortion. >> and they've now taken the position they can impeach the president without alleging he violated any criminal law whatsoever, without alleging he violated any federal law, not even a speeding ticket, that is a remarkable position, it's an extreme position, you played a clip from the president a moment ago where he said he's the first president impeached without alleging a crime. he's exactly right. this has never happened in the history of the country. the prior impeachments every one of them the articles alleged a federal crime. this one doesn't. it is exceptionally weak and it doesn't meet the constitutional standard for high crimes and misdemeanors and that's why pelosi knows when it goes to the senate there's going to be a fair trial in the senate but this is not going to succeed because the house hasn't proven its case. pete: it's the first fully partisan impeachment as well and they said months ago, we would never do it unless it's
5:37 am
bipartisan but senator let's just say in an imaginary world that nancy pelosi actually moves the bills over to the senate. what's your view on how it should play out in the senate? >> well i think we're likely to see a trial that will start in january. if i were to guess a date i'd guess january 6 which is the first monday in january and the very first thing that happened is all 100 senators are sworn in to the chief justice will administer the other and we sit as jurors. then what happens, the house managers will present their case , and that will last likely several days, they will present whatever evidence they have and whatever arguments they have and we're going to do substantially better than the house. it's going to be a fair forum and that means both sides can present their case, we'll respect due process and listen to what they had to say so the managers will present their case but then unlike the house the president gets to present his case, his team gets to defend him, we'll listen to those opening arguments, listen to the president's team layout evidence , and the next stage will be senators asking
5:38 am
questions. now this is not going to feature say elizabeth warren and me going 15 rounds asking questions , because the senate rules don't let senators speak in open session. which means we're all sitting at our desk but not allowed to speak while the cameras are on our questions have to be written so we write our questions submit them to the chair and the chief justice will ask the questions. pete: wow. >> at that point, i think there's going to be a debate about whether to shift to a second stage of the trial, of bringing in witnesses. i imagine the white house is going to have to assess as a legal matter do they want witnesses, and my view is that if the president wants to call witnesses, if the president want s to call witnesses like hunter biden or like the whistleblower, the president is entitled to do so and the senate should allow him to do so but that's the question for the white house legal team to make. steve: and of course it all depends on whether or not nancy pelosi sends the article and lists the managers as well. senator ted cruz from the great
5:39 am
state of texas sir thank you very much. pete: merry christmas. >> my pleasure. steve: 22 minutes before the top of the hour. ainsley: gillian has headlines. reporter: good morning in a story out of texas where we've been following a texas mom and her newborn daughter are still missing and now police open a hot line for any tips so anyone with information on heidi brouss ard's whereabouts is asked to call 512-974-5100. community members in austin are organizing a massive search this weekend for heidi and her three week old daughter. police aren't sure if she was left on her own or if something criminal is going on. they have been missing for one week. so this guy just cemented his spot on the naughty list. a home intruder is under arrest after a family finds him hiding in their closet when a woman tried to open the door he held it shut, and said ho ho ho and warns they were about to ruin their christmas surprise. he ran away but wisconsin police
5:40 am
followed his footsteps in the snow and tracked him down. and a group of students run into rocky balboa himself on a field trip to see the iconic rocky statue. >> ♪ ♪ >> sylvester stallone taking pictures with the students where he filmed that famous scene in philadelphia. he says he was there to work on a "secret project" and now earlier i revealed i've never seen any of the rocky movies despite being from philadelphia, and you have a lot to say about it. someone tweets, "and you call yourself a philly girl, for shame." another says philly equals rocky and i have two sets of all of them in the dvd if you want to borrow and become an american. and pete, i posted pete on my
5:41 am
instagram, he said this is unamerican. pete: it is! from philly, i mean -- steve: you still have not seen it? >> no. steve: ladies and gentlemen, take a look. santa came early. >> ♪ ♪ pete: we're trying to do a nice thing, i don't have a dvd player. >> [laughter] >> oh, my gosh. steve: you made a pledge to us by 2020 you will watch rocky i. >> i'm going to watch it next week. pete: you're going to want to see 2, 3, 4 and 5. steve: they go up to 19. >> i've seen the statue and i've run the steps so that accounts for something. >> ♪ ♪ steve: janice dean is out on
5:42 am
the road, how is it going today? >> janice: hello, what's your name and where are you from? >> colorado springs. >> what's your name? >> beth. >> it is my birthday. >> happy birthday, who else has a birthday birthday birthday right here, what's your name? >> chris. >> where are you from? >> raleigh, north carolina. >> hi you guys! are you from south carolina? >> yes, ma'am. >> what's your name? >> riley. >> and what's your name? >> hayden. >> do you want to be on tv? >> yes! look right there. let's take a quick look at the maps it is cold in new york, that's the big takeaway, it doesn't matter because we're warm at heart out here and we did have some snow in the new york city area, did you see snow yesterday? >> yes. >> janice: it was awesome wasn't it? >> yes. >> forget the rest of them, oh, my gosh, thank you guys all for coming say hi to pete and ainsley and steve, merry christmas to all of you. beautiful pemex.
5:43 am
ainsley: they held up a gamecock s sign, pete: look at that. pete: all right ainsley: president trump rallying voters in michigan last night so what are they saying this morning? steve: todd piro has gone to battle creek, michigan to have a free breakfast and also, he's sporting some t-shirts. >> ♪ ♪ if your glasses aren't perfect, we'll fix them.
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steve: well last night the house of representatives voted for impeachment and president trump was half a country away, firing up a crowd at a merry christmas rally in the battleground state of michigan, in particular, battle creek. ainsley: so what do the voters think? todd piro is talking to some of them live in battle creek, michigan where the president was
5:47 am
, hey, todd. todd: hey, guys, good morning to all of you, you remember ralph, right? well it turns out he actually uses words as well. and the word that he used to describe impeachment is "joke." why? >> it's a hoax. it's another hoax and he's done nothing wrong and they can't prove anything. i mean, it's nuts. >> thanks, whistler. appreciate it. now bill was at the rally. bill first of all how long were you in line in the cold waiting to get into the rally? >> about nine hours. todd: nine hours god bless you what was it like inside when you got warm and got to listen to the president? >> it was very exciting and just filled you with a purpose and inspired to keep fighting. todd: what did you make of that position? you're at a rally in battle creek, michigan, and then half a country away in washington d.c. at that very moment they are impeaching the president, what did you make of that? >> well when he announced the
5:48 am
impeachment, you could just feel a sadness, and then just moments later, says it doesn't feel like we're being impeached, and so it's very important especially when you said "we" because he's really a part of the people. he's for us. todd: now, michigan, battleground state. this is going to be such an important state come 2020. the question on everybody's mind does impeachment help or hurt president trump in the 2020 election in battleground states, like michigan. >> i think it really helps and it gets people fired up because just like ralph said, it's more than fake. it's they keep moving the bar, and they made up things, and it keeps going on and i think it really helps, on both sides, and the independents. todd: last question to you. you explained to me that when you travel around this state, you're not just from battle creek. you're not just talking to employee p in battle creek but going around the entire mit en as you described it. you think based upon what those conversations tell you president trump is going to win michigan? >> yes, i do. you see signs everywhere, jobs
5:49 am
jobs jobs. we passed three on the way from the hotel where there was jobs, an it's hitting home. todd: bill, thank you. that's it. from griffin grill and pub in michigan back to you guys in new york city. pete: thank you, todd what's the specialty? what are you having this morning todd: i saw a guy, the first guy we interviewed corned beef hash, so i'm going to get some in about 30 seconds. ainsley: eat cereal with it too since all of our cereal, pretty much, is made there. todd: corn flakes. ainsley: thank you. our next guest is a college republican and is so inspired by the party she could make a political runoff her own. you'll meet her, next. steve: but first let's meet with sandra smith with a preview of coming attractions what's going to happen on the channel sandra in 11.5 minutes? >> you never can tell that's why you have to stay tuned the next three hours we are awaiting mitch mcconnell. he is expected to take to the senate floor, next hour. he tweeted that he will be speaking about house democrats precedent-breaking impeachment of the president of the united
5:50 am
states. so as we await that, coming up, white house impeachment advisor pam bondi will be joining at the top of the hour, and the wall street journal and michigan democrat debbie dingle will be our guest shortly. what is nancy pelosi's next big move? join us live from america's news room, top of the hour. ♪ ♪ ♪ everything your trip needs for everyone you love. expedia.
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5:54 am
hi, megan. >> hi, thank you so much for having me on. ainsley: you're welcome. we're so proud of you. you're young and you are considering whether or not you'll run for house of representatives. you made that announcement on tuesday. when will you make your final decision? >> i'm absolutely running for house in 2020. i'm super excited to represent the 57th house district possibly it's going to be a great race. i'm just advocating for a lot of individual economy and personal freedom, because that's exactly what makes my home community thrive. ainsley: are you the youngest person in your state to ever run for this office? >> i think i honestly am a little bit older by about 30 days, when i looked into it actually, so you know? we almost made it. we almost made it. ainsley: why do you want to run? >> i want to run because i've seen bureaucracy in big government on my college campus and i've seen what it does, and all it does is stifle free speech and silence a lot of voices, and i think that
5:55 am
intellectual diversity is really important. my community definitely thrives on individual autonomy and i personally believe that people in my community, they can make better decisions for themselves and for their families than the government can. ainsley: megan, tell us about yourself. >> yeah, so i'm a college student graduating in may from the university of minnesota, and then i will be starting my campaign for house. i work for, i write for as a correspondent the leadership institutes campus reform. that's just been key to helping me build my confidence and find my voice on my college campus speaking out against liberal bias and abuse and i brought this confidence to my campaign and i fully intend on winning in 2020. ainsley: i was reading a little bit about you and i think that it's so sweet what you do, with your first grade teacher. tell the folks at home about that story. >> yeah, absolutely. so my first grade teacher, she also taught my two older sisters in elementary school and my family has just maintained close ties with her, and so i actually have been told over the years that i kind of look like the disney princess elsa, so my mom
5:56 am
decided to make a dress for me and i dress up in my community and go around reading to elementary schools, i attend church events and birthday part ies as well and it's just a great way to give back to my community and channel my inner e lsa. ainsley: i wish i'd known that back in november when my daughter turned 4 we could have had you at her birthday party. >> absolutely. ainsley: you're so cute and we wish you all the best. so you haven't filed the paperwork yet though, right? >> no i have not but you can go ahead and check out my website at to get my information about the campaign and volunteer and possibly donate as well. ainsley: more fox & friends moments away.
5:57 am
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>> bill: good morning, everybody. we'll take it a step at a time as we always do. welcome to thursday. i'm bill hemmer. >> sandra: good morning, everyone. i'm sandra smith. what's next with the president's impeachment? that's the question at this hour. after a marathon day of debates yesterday speaker pelosi refusing to turn over impeachment articles to the senate at this time. in mo


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